2019 Precipitation Map

2019 Precipitation Levels as of June 1

Antler Growth in 2019 Should Be Off the Charts in Many Western States!

In the West, moisture levels are the number one factor in antler growth because the quality of feed is so much better on high moisture years. In the desert type units, which cover much of Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico the impact of higher than average moisture levels has an even bigger impact.

State by State Precipitation Levels for Our Giveaway States

Let’s start by highlighting two states where we’re giving away dream hunts on June 14th.


This year much of Nevada has received 200% of normal precipitation. We’ve witnessed specific deer shrink up to 40” or more on a drought year and vice versa on a good moisture year. This year has been an exceptional moisture year in Nevada. We expect extremely good antler growth in Nevada. This year is definitely a year to try to hunt Nevada.

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New Mexico

Last year was an extremely dry year so many bull elk produced smaller than average head gear. This year will be the exact opposite because everywhere in New Mexico has received at least average precipitation and most regions have received 150%-200% precipitation levels. It should be a phenomenal year to hunt Elk in New Mexico!

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State by State Precipitation Levels for Other Western States

Precipitation levels are looking stellar for other Southwestern states as well. There are a few areas with below average moisture levels, mostly in the North and Northwest states, but we are optimistic that 2019 will result in some true giants being harvested across the West.