Wyatt was introduced to the outdoors at a very young age by his father and family friend, Mike Sperry. For as long as he can remember, everything revolved around the outdoors and hunting. When he was about 4 years old, he proudly declared that he knew all the seasons: winter, spring, summer, and hunting season. Hunting was a family affair and some of his best memories and stories are hunting stories. Hunting quickly became a passion and a serious addiction. Wyatt grew up in a small town in central Utah, where he spent every free second hunting, fishing, shed hunting. or trapping. Wyatt tagged along on every hunt and scouting trip that he possibly could, or at least the ones his mom would let him miss school for.

Shortly after graduating high school, Wyatt was asked by his friend if he would like to tag along, as a spotter, on an elk hunt his friend was guiding. The hunt took place on the Boulder Mountain unit of southern Utah—it and was all action with no shortage of big rutting bulls. This was Wyatt’s introduction to the guiding industry. 

After Wyatt’s first taste of guiding rutting bulls, he was introduced to Doyle Moss of Mossback Guides and Outfitters. Doyle offered to take a chance and hire Wyatt, even though he was still a young kid. Wyatt would need to be willing to work hard and do what was asked. Doyle told him, that the biggest secret to being successful in the industry was putting in the work, quality optics, and a lot of glassing. Wyatt quickly spent his savings to upgrade his optics. He purchased a pair of used Leica binoculars, a Swarovski spotting scope, and a Sony video camera. 

As summer approached, Doyle began to call with summer projects and scouting trips. It was “baptism by fire” as Wyatt engaged in the preseason work that was required to be successful in finding and hunting trophy class animals. That summer, Wyatt lived out of his truck, bouncing from unit to unit looking for bucks and bulls. These smaller projects quickly turned into much bigger tasks as the hunts rolled around. Over the next few years. he was fortunate to hunt alongside Doyle, where he learned a lot about hunting, glassing, and putting in the work. Guiding for MossBack soon turned into a full time gig for Wyatt. He was lucky enough to spend all his time looking for bucks and bulls to fill the coveted state-wide tags that MossBack clients purchased. These tags expanded his range from Utah to most of the western states, as he scouted for world class animals.

When Jason Carter and Adam Bronson of Epic Outdoors approached Wyatt with a job offer, he felt excited about the chance to work with clients on a more personal level again. He had looked up to these guys and followed their careers, and success for many years. After a few meetings with the Epic crew, he felt they had a company and a program that a guy would be crazy not to jump on board with. He was grateful for the opportunity to join this group of industry leading western hunting consultants. 

Wyatt has enjoyed helping clients fulfill their hunting goals by taking once-in-a-lifetime trophy animals. He has enjoyed other aspects of his career in the hunting industry as well. Anyone who knows Wyatt, knows hunting is a way of life for him. Hunting is really about quality time and making amazing memories. Wyatt loves the outdoors, spending quality time with friends and family, and getting to know clients and quickly becoming 

friends with them. He learns their likes and dislikes about hunting and what works best for them. This, along with his vast knowledge and experience, helps him deliver a one-of-a-kind hunting experience, individualized just for the client. He looks forward to continuing to assist others in fulfilling their personal goals as a hunting and application consultant at Epic Outdoors.