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These hunts were specifically chosen by the Epic Outdoors staff for their exceptional trophy potential. Most are even tough to buy, because they are either booked out for years or they include landowner tags that are very scarce. Each of these hunts offer a great chance to harvest a giant!


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Entry Deadline: June 14

World Class Hunts

We have selected truly EPIC hunts for this giveaway.

Ticket Options:

  • 1 ticket for $25
  • 5 tickets for $100 (save $25)
  • 10 tickets for $200 (save $50 plus get a FREE KNIFE)
  • 30 tickets for $500 (save $250 plus get a FREE KNIFE and a FREE entry into the BONUS TAG drawing)
(Knives are premium Outdoor Edge replaceable blade knives, custom engraved with the Epic Outdoors logo.)

2019 Nevada Unit 231 Mule Deer Tag Landowner Tag good for ALL 3 seasons. Tag value is $10K-$13K. You will receive 1 ticket for each $500 you spend. There is no way to buy individual tickets for this tag.

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Hunt Details


British Columbia Stone Sheep Hunt ($42,500 value): This British Columbia Stone sheep hunt is guided by Full Curl Stone Outfitters. Hunt dates are August 16-29, 2019. This hunt is with a premier outfitter in a great concession, averaging 37″+ rams. They are killing some great, dark colored Stone sheep!

Luke is a very reputable outfitter in a great concession in British Columbia. The hunt winner will be the first hunter of the year to hunt sheep in his area. Stone sheep hunts are hard to come by, if you can get into sheep shape by this August, get your tickets in the hat!

Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt ($22,000 value): Win this 10 day Alaska Dall sheep hunt with Jonah’s Alaskan Outfitters August 18-27, 2020. This hunt is with an aggressive outfitter on the South Slope of the Central Brooks Range. This outfitter thoroughly scouts his area and generally runs 100% harvest rates on big rams. This sheep hunt is a backpack hunt; however, many of the areas are day hunted from the drop location.

Alaska Brown Bear Hunt ($19,000 value): The Alaska Brown bear hunt is guided by Alaska Trophy Adventures. The hunt dates are May 10-25, 2020. This area is halfway down the west side of the peninsula, between the towns of King Salmon and Cold Bay. We’ve booked the entire spring season, which is the best opportunity to harvest a huge bear! The seasons alternate between spring and fall every year and we booked the spring hunt for 2020, which is the best opportunity, in our opinion. Boone and Crockett bears are not unheard of in this area, be prepared to have the hunt of your life! He has huge bears!

Nevada Unit 242 Mule Deer Hunt ($23,000 value): Win this 7 day Mule Deer hunt with Deep Creek Outfitters. This is a 2019 hunt. Choose your season. Winner of this hunt gets a Nevada Unit 242 landowner tag PLUS guide services for either the archery, muzzleloader, or rifle season. This is arguably one of the top units in the state with one of the best outfitters in the state. Hunters may choose the season they want to hunt with the outfitter and if unsuccessful, return and hunt on their own at a later date. Legally, the tag is good for all hunting seasons in the unit and allows you to hunt with different weapons from August 10 through October 31, 2019.


New Mexico Archery Elk Hunt ($13,000 value): Win this 6 day Archery Elk hunt with Frontier Outfitting on the archery season of your choice in 2019. This fully guided hunt will also include a unit wide landowner elk tag with one of the best outfitters in New Mexico. Hunt 6 days within the September 1-14 season or 6 days during the Sept 15-24, 2019 season. Due to a great moisture year, we expect the quality of elk in New Mexico to be off the charts! If you’re looking for a bull-of-a-lifetime, this is the year!

The $500 Bonus TAG: Purchase the 30 ticket package for $500 (a $250 savings) and get 30 tickets in your choice of the five giveaway hunts and also received the custom knife ($40 value) and 1 ticket (for each $500 you spend) for a Nevada Unit 231 Landowner Tag for 2019. There is no way to buy individual tickets for this tag. This is only a tag and does not include a guide. However, these tags are tough to get and are worth $10,000-$13,000. Hunters may hunt the archery, muzzleloader, and rifle seasons. In theory, the winner could hunt giant bucks in Nevada every single day from August 10 through October 31, 2019.