Epic Hunt Giveaways

7 Epic Hunts Giveaway

Seven Hunts — Seven Winners!

Member Loyalty Hunt

Simply Join or Renew an Epic Outdoors Membership and be automatically entered in the Alaska Dall Sheep drawing. (You CANNOT buy tickets for this hunt.)

The entry period closes February 28, 2019. If you have already joined or renewed for 2019, you are automatically entered in the drawing for the Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt.

Other 6 Epic Hunts

You can purchase tickets for any of the other six hunts or get a FREE ticket for each new member you refer to Epic Outdoors. The entry period closes February 28, 2019.

Entry Deadline: February 28, 2019

Ticket Options:

  • 1 ticket for $25
  • 5 tickets for $100 (save $25)
  • 10 tickets for $200 (save $50 plus get a FREE KNIFE)
  • 30 tickets for $500 (save $250 plus get a FREE KNIFE and a FREE PHONE SKOPE)
(Knives are premium Outdoor Edge replaceable blade knives, custom engraved with the Epic Outdoors logo.)

Hunt Details

Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt: MEMBER LOYALTY HUNT! Join Epic Outdoors or renew you membership and you will be entered into a 10-day Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt. You cannot purchase tickets for this hunt. This hunt will be fully guided with Litzen Guide Service from August 10-20, 2019. This is a fully guided hunt in an incredible hunt area in the Alaska range. The winner has a great chance at harvesting a trophy ram!

British Columbia Stone Sheep Hunt: This British Columbia Stone sheep hunt is guided by Full Curl Stone Outfitters. Hunt dates are August 1-14, 2019. This hunt is with a premier outfitter in a great concession. You will be the first hunter of the year to hunt sheep in this area. They are killing some great, dark colored Stone sheep.

Alaska Brown Bear Hunt: The Alaska Brown bear hunt is guided by Alaska Trophy Adventures. The hunt dates are May 10-25, 2020. This area is halfway down the west side of the peninsula, between the towns of King Salmon and Cold Bay. We’ve booked the entire spring season, which is the best opportunity to harvest a huge bear!

Nevada Mule Deer Hunt: The Nevada Mule deer hunt in unit 231 is with 8 Mile Outfitters. This is a choose your weapon hunt held during the fall of 2019. This fully guided hunt will include a landowner tag that is good for the entire unit. This outfitter has been producing some of the best bucks taken in the state! This is one of the best Mule deer opportunities in the West! This hunt includes guide service, food, and lodging.

New Mexico Archery Elk Hunt: The New Mexico unit 15 archery elk hunt will be guided by David Mathews Outfitters during September 2019. The hunter may choose 7 days of the hunter’s choice, in either the first or second archery season. This hunt will include the guaranteed unit wide archery landowner tag, as well as guide service, food, and lodging. This is one of the best archery elk hunts you can buy and with a top-shelf outfitter!

New Mexico Antelope Hunt: The New Mexico antelope hunt is held on a private ranch with Land of Enchantment Trophy Hunts. The hunt date begins in mid-October 2019. This is an incredible trophy rifle hunt on the outfitter’s best ranch where there have been several bucks taken in the past couple years that score over 85″, including bucks up to 91″! This hunt includes guide service, food, and lodging.

Colorado Mountain Lion Hunt: The Colorado mountain lion hunt will be with Black Timber Outfitters. This is a 5-day, fully guided hunt. The hunt dates are variable, during winter of 2019/2020. This outfitter has taken some fantastic lions in this area. We expect this to be an incredible hunt and will include food, lodging, and guide service.

Entry Period: December 1, 2018 through February 28, 2019

Call 435-263-0777 with any questions.