These hunts were specifically chosen by the Epic Outdoors staff for their exceptional trophy potential. Most are tough to buy, because they are either booked out for years or they include landowner tags that are very scarce. Each of these hunts offer a great chance to harvest a giant!


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World Class Hunts

We have selected truly EPIC hunts for this giveaway.

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(Knives are premium Outdoor Edge replaceable blade knives, custom engraved with the Epic Outdoors logo.)

Purchase the 30 ticket package for $500 (a $250 savings) and get 30 tickets in your choice of the 7 giveaway hunts and also received the custom knife ($40 value) and 1 ticket (for each $500 you spend) for a Nevada Unit 231 Landowner Tag for 2020. There is no way to buy individual tickets for this tag.

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Hunt Details


Win this 5 day Mule deer hunt, fully outfitted and guided by the members of the Epic Crew. (Valued at $20,000)

(Winner will receive a landowner tag good for all three seasons. Epic Outdoors Crew will provide guide services November 1-5, 2020.)

Those of you who refer friends, who join Epic Outdoors, will receive an additional ticket for each friend who joins, for entry into any of our hunt giveaway drawings, or you may choose to enter to win this Trophy Mule deer hunt with the Epic Crew! This is the first time we will be personally guiding a Mule deer hunt for the membership drive and the only way to be entered is to refer friends who join Epic Outdoors! There is no limit to how many friends you can refer, and every new membership will get you an additional name in the hat.

Full outfitter and guide service along with the unit-wide, landowner tag is included in this hunt. Should be a great time and an incredible hunt for the lucky hunter who wins!

Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt ($25,000 value): Win this 12 day Alaska Dall sheep hunt with Ultima Thule Outfitters,
August 22-September 2, 2021!

This is one of the very best Dall sheep operations Alaska has to offer! Hunt takes place in 2021, which will give you plenty of time to prepare. This outfitter is booked several years in advance. The hunt area is next to the Wrangell-St Elias National Park, on the Yukon border of Alaska. The quality of rams, in this exclusive guide concession, is unsurpassed. We expect the harvest rate to be 100%. A few giants are taken here nearly every year. We have personally been on this hunt and harvested a high 160’s trophy ram! It’s hard to even buy a hunt of this caliber, but you can sure win it in this membership drive!

Yukon Moose Hunt ($22,000 value): Win this 13 day Yukon Moose hunt with Deuling Stone Outfitters! Hunt dates are September 17-29, 2020. We’ve personally hunted moose with this outfitter! He runs a great operation, in some very remote country, in the Yukon Territory, covering over 10,000 square miles. This is a horseback hunt for great bulls. Without a doubt, this area covers some of the most remote and beautiful country in the north. Base camps are located at key points throughout the area and give access to all of the mountain ranges. Hunters fly into Whitehorse and then charter out from there. The outfitter usually runs high success rates on trophy, Alaska/Yukon moose! What an incredible hunt this will be!

Alaska Grizzly Hunt ($20,000 value): Win this 15 day Alaskan Grizzly hunt with Freelance Outdoor Adventures
Hunt dates are June 1-15, 2020. Freelance Outdoor Adventures is one of the best Grizzly outfitters in Alaska. This spring Grizzly hunt is a backpack hunt, after being flown into remote country, you will be spike camping from there. Hunters will be glassing, looking for a trophy boar. We booked this spring hunt because the bears will be mating this time of year; which in our opinion, is the best time to hunt. Great opportunity for a giant bear!

Nevada Mule Deer Hunt ($15,000+ value): Win this 7 day guided hunt with Silver State Guides and Outfitters in Nevada. Winner chooses the season. This hunt includes the landowner tag (good for the entire unit) for one of the best units in the state and will take place in 2020. Hunt Mule deer with one of the best producing outfitters in the state of Nevada! Over the years, they have produced many bucks exceeding 190” gross, on this unit. Hunters may choose to hunt the archery, muzzleloader, or rifle season, for 7 days, fully guided and outfitted. The tag will allow the winner to hunt any open season until their tag is filled which could amount to nearly 3 months in the field! These tags are a rare find.

New Mexico Elk Hunt ($15,000+ value): Win this 5-7 day elk hunt with Premium Hunts in New Mexico! This is a 7 day archery or 5 day modern muzzleloader hunt. Unit 15 in New Mexico is one of the better units in the state! This hunt includes the landowner tag, that will be valid for the entire unit. The winner can choose to hunt fully guided for 7 days during one of the archery seasons or may choose to hunt 5 days during any of the muzzleloader seasons. We’ve personally hunted with this outfitter and know them well! This hunt should offer a great chance to harvest a trophy bull!

Utah Mtn Lion Hunt ($6,000 value): Win this 5 day Mountain lion hunt with Alpha Outfitters in Utah! Win this hunt with one of the best lion outfitters out there! Hunt dates are during the winter 2020/spring 2021 time frame. You will most likely harvest a great lion on this hunt as the outfitter boasts nearly 100% success rates! Incredible hunt for mature lions!

Hawaii Axis Hunt for 2 ($7,600+ value): Win this 5 day, archery or rifle hunt, in Hawaii, for Axis deer with Hawaii Safaris, June 15-19, 2020. This is an excellent archery or rifle hunt and Hawaiian experience for you and your spouse or friend. Hunt Axis deer in Hawaii for 5 days! A great vacation hunt with plenty of game and includes $1,500 toward lodging and accommodations. We have been on this hunt and it was great! They have been operating a full-service outfitting operation since 1992 and have over 100 years of combined hunting experience on the Big Island, Maui, Molokai, and Lanai. Great family hunt!

Ticket Package Bonus Items: Purchase the 10 ticket package for $200 (a $50 savings) and get 10 tickets in your choice of the 7 hunt drawings and a CUSTOM Epic Outdoors series RazorLite replaceable blade knife ($40 value.) Purchase the 30 ticket package for $500 (a $250 savings) and get 30 tickets in your choice of the 7 giveaway hunts and also received the custom knife ($40 value) and 1 ticket (for each $500 you spend) for a Nevada Unit 231 Landowner Tag for 2020. There is no way to buy individual tickets for this tag. This is only a tag and does not include a guide. However, these tags are tough to get and are worth $12,000-$13,000. Hunters may hunt the archery, muzzleloader, and rifle seasons. In theory, the winner could hunt giant bucks in Nevada every single day from August 10 through October 31.