The drawing was held for over $150,000 in hunts and optics. These are the lucky winners.

Winners List

2023 Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt – Brian Birkhimer, Janesville WI

2023 Alaska Spring Grizzly Hunt – Ed Bergh, Helcombe WI

2022 Nevada Unit 111-115 Elk Hunt – Freddie Leroux, Doniphan MO

2022 New Mexico Elk Hunt – Lee Seacrist, Gilroy CA

2022 Colorado Unit 61 3rd Season Mule Deer Hunt – Michael Melling, Pasco WA

2022 Nevada Unit 231 Mule Deer Hunt – Craig McCallum, Rockwall TX

2023 West Texas Barbary Sheep Hunt – Thomas Rosette, Tucson AZ

Bonus Optics Package – Craig Dezell, Hamilton, MT

Bonus Swarovski NL Pure 10×42 NL Pure Binos – Curran Poganski, St Cloud MN

Bonus Fierce Twisted Rival Rifle – Dan Holm, Newhall, CA


Video of the draw and the calls to the winner will be posted soon on the Epic Outdoors YouTube Channel.