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  • 5 tickets for $100 (save $25)
  • 10 tickets for $200 (save $50 plus get a FREE LIGHTER)
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(Lighters are custom Epic Outdoors rechargeable dual arc lighters by Pyro Putty, and also comes with Pyro Putty fire starter.)

Purchase 30 tickets and get the free lighter and one entry for a Nevada Unit 231 Mule Deer Landowner Tag good for ALL 3 seasons. Tag value is $13,000 and is fully transferrable. You will receive 1 ticket for each $500 you spend. There is no way to buy individual tickets for this tag.

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Hunt Details


2022 Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt

Win this 10 day Alaskan Dall Sheep hunt with Jonah’s Alaskan Outfitters
Aug. 9-18, 2022. ($30,000 value)

This is an opportunity to hunt with one of Alaska’s finest outfitters, Jonah Stewart of Jonah’s Alaskan Outfitters. Jonah produces some incredible trophies for his clients. This hunt will take place on the southern slopes of the Central Brooks Range out of Fairbanks/Coldfoot, Alaska. You will be flown into the hunt area via Super Cub. The last 70+ rams have averaged over 9 years old with many seasons averaging over 10 year old rams. We expect the hunt winner to have a hunt-of-a-lifetime on this hunt.

2022 Alaska Moose Hunt

Win this 10 day Alaska Moose hunt with Dillinger River Outfitters Sept. 11-20, 2022.

Hunt some of the state’s best moose country in the low-lying river bottoms and timbered foothills of the Alaska Range. This outfitter specializes in big mature bulls. Moose taken on this hunt are typically 60-70” wide and commonly have 4-6 brow tines. These are spot and stalk hunts where hunters will be glassing and calling bulls. Hunters have very high success rates on this world class Alaskan moose hunt! Epic Outdoors hunt consultants have been moose hunting with this outfitter and it’s an incredible experience.

2022 Acoma Reservation Elk hunt

Win this 5-6 day New Mexico Elk hunt on the Acoma Reservation. Winner gets to hunt with their choice of weapon – Sept 26-30, 2022.

The Acoma Reservation in New Mexico offers a unique opportunity for trophy elk! They run a first-class operation and manage their elk herds for big bulls. In years past they have harvested bulls that go over the 400″ mark! To make this hunt even better, we have scheduled prime rut dates. You can choose a 6 day archery hunt or a 5 day muzzleloader or rifle hunt. This is your chance to chase 350″+ bulls in the rut!

2022 Utah Mule Deer Hunt

Win this 5 day Utah Mule Deer hunt with Bucks and Bulls Outfitters Sept. 1-5, 2022.

This is one of the very few ways to get a spot on this first-class, trophy Mule deer ranch in northern Utah! We jumped at the chance to give this hunt away and booked well in advance. The winner of this hunt has a legitimate opportunity to have a world-class hunt and harvest a real trophy Mule deer! Rifle hunting in early September, when the bucks are patterned and vulnerable, will make this hunt one of a kind! We are looking forward to seeing the results of this adventure that has a price tag of over $21k!

2022 Nevada, Unit 231 Mule Deer Hunt

Win this 7 day Nevada Mule Deer hunt with Mogollon Rim Outfitters. Winner gets guide service on their choice of season – archery, muzz, or rifle in 2022 ($19,000 value).

This hunt includes a unit 231 landowner tag, as well as 7 day guide service with food and lodging. The landowner tag is valid for the entire unit, for every season on the unit, until a deer is harvested. In theory, you could hunt every day from August 10th through October 31st. You will hunt with the outfitter for 7 days during the season of your choice. Greg Krogh of Mogollon Rim Outfitters is one of the top outfitters in Nevada. His clients have consistently harvested giant Mule deer year after year.

22/23 Arizona Mtn Lion Hunt

Win this 6 day Arizona Mtn Lion hunt with Dieringer Outfitters during the Winter 2022/Spring 2023 season.

When the conditions are great and your schedule permits, you will hit the hills for big cats. This outfitter uses horses and mules and he sets the bar very high when it comes to competent hounds and the ability to find lions! They routinely hunt in the desert country, in the summer months, and work extremely hard in harvesting lions. The odds on this hunt will be extremely good and if you win, you will experience a first-class hunt that you won’t forget.

Epic Optics Package

Win this 7-piece optics package good for all your western hunting needs!

This optics package is the biggest and most valuable one we’ve every assembled, with a value of $14,500.

The winner of this optics package will receive the following:

Swarovski 95mm Spotting Scope Objective

Swarovski ATX or STX Spotting Scope Eyepiece

Swarovski BTX Eyepiece

Leica 10×42 3200.com Rangefinding Binoculars

Vortex Razor UHD 18×56 Binoculars

Zeiss V6 3-18x50mm Riflescope

10 StealthCam G45NG Max 2 Trail Cameras

Ticket Package Bonus Items

Purchase the 10 ticket package for $200 (a $50 savings) and get 10 tickets in your choice of the 7 drawings and a custom Epic Outdoors rechargeable dual arc lighter by Pyro Putty, and Pyro Putty fire starter.

Purchase a 30 ticket option for $500 (a $250 savings) and get 30 tickets in your choice for the 7 giveaway packages. Also receive the custom Epic Outdoors lighter and fire starter and 1 ticket (for each $500 you spend) for the bonus ticket which is a 2022, Nevada Unit 231, landowner deer tag, valued at $13,000. This tag is fully transferable. There is no way to buy individual tickets for the 231 deer tag. This 2022, Nevada 231, landowner deer tag is valid for archery, muzzleloader, and rifle seasons.