Epic Outdoors Membership Benefits

  • Membership subscriptions are $150 per year.
  • Member’s Only Pricing on Optics and Gear.
  • Access to our Hunting Consultants & Staff: Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, Wyatt Bowles, Devin Archibald, Josh Pollock, Cache Lynn, John Petersen, and Logan Marshall — As a member, you have access to our full-time hunt consultants. Our consultants are not only consultants but professional hunters and have stacked their portfolios with experience and success by practicing what they preach.
  • Research Magazine — Receive 9 issues with in-depth state-by-state, species-by-species analysis to plan your western big game hunts. A hunt application strategy is only as good as the research and information it’s based on. Today, incorrect draw odds and outdated information abound. Trust our research team to give you accurate and timely information and advice. The Publication Schedule is: January, February, March, April, May, June/July, Aug/Sept, Oct/Nov, and December.
  • Hunt Planner™ — Access to our member’s only digital research tools. Research specific states, species, drawing odds, unit specific information and customizable maps.
  • Landowner Tags — Our members will have access to our landowner tags and exclusive hunting opportunities.
  • Epic Approved Outfitters — If you’re looking for a guided hunt, you can trust our network of approved outfitters.
  • Online Magazine — We also include the digital version of our magazine as part of your membership. You can login to your account and access the eMagazines any time you want to.
  • Member Experience — When you draw a tag, you can call the office and get a list of fellow members who have had that tag in the past. You can then call these members to find out about the experience they had with the same tag.