Adam is a lifelong resident of southern Utah, having been born in Monticello. As early as Adam can remember his dad, David, hauled him and his brother Aaron into the hills, as often as he could. Adam started hunting multiple states in his high school years. He pursued his education in wildlife related fields receiving a B.S. in Biology from Southern Utah University and a M.S. from Utah State University, in Wildlife Biology. As part of his Master’s thesis, Adam mapped and inventoried scarce water sources in Desert Bighorn sheep habitat on Utah’s Kaiparowits Plateau. This is where Adam’s strong affinity for Bighorn sheep and the places they live really began.

After university, Adam was hired as a wildlife biologist with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, in southern Utah, where he managed many of Utah’s high profile big game units. He was later promoted to the position of Big Game Project Leader, which oversaw the statewide Bighorn sheep programs and other special big game and once-in-a-lifetime species projects. Adam enjoyed his time as a wildlife biologist, making his office everywhere outdoors.

Adam began researching and applying for hunts in 8-10 western states during his college days as he came to understand the big picture—gaining points and applying for hunts outside of his home state was a necessity to get on some of the quality hunts around the western U.S. that he wanted to do someday.

In 2006, Adam chose to leave state employment and go to work with Jason Carter as a hunting consultant for The Huntin’ Fool Magazine. Adam used his knowledge and research of western states to help write the magazine, book hunts, acquire landowner tags, and consult with thousands of hunters about how, where, and what to hunt in the West. He continued to hunt as many western states annually, as he could. This added to his experience and ability to give sound advice to the hunters he consulted.

For the past 13 years, Adam and his brother Aaron have also operated Bronson Outfitting, a big game guiding business, based in Utah, which has expanded to offer hunts in Nevada and Arizona. They specialize in Bighorn sheep hunts as well as a limited number of hunts for trophy Mule deer, elk, and other big game species. They focus their time on a limited number of client’s, primarily in top trophy units. Adam’s experience as an outfitter has broadened his hunting knowledge and allows him to put his hands on some of the biggest animals harvested in the West each year, including dozens of 200″+ Mule deer and over 100 sheep.

For many years Adam served on the board for Utah Wild Sheep Foundation (UWSF) and also served as President of the organization. Adam’s love for Bighorn sheep and drive to keep and put them on the mountain, is the reason he got involved and has thoroughly enjoyed serving with UWSF.

Adam and his wife Becki have 3 kids all of hunting age. Adam enjoys spending time in the woods with his family and loves finding good opportunities for his kids. Some of his most memorable hunts have been with his kids and close family.

Eight years ago, Adam helped start Epic Outdoors License Application Service. He and the other Epic crew members have helped hundreds of clients develop application strategies and apply in the West. In 2016 they launched Epic Outdoors Magazine with the full services available today of publishing, consulting members, booking hunts, and helping members with crucial hunting decisions.

As a lead researcher for Epic Outdoors, Adam spends hours and hours researching the best hunting opportunities each year. Understanding animal populations, habitat and trends enables him to put the big picture together and make educated recommendations to help Epic Outdoors members create a personalized long-term plan for hunting success.