Whatever your hunting aspirations, we can help you accomplish your goals. We offer a range of services and information to help you have terrific hunting experiences. Want us to make the planning and preparation as easy as possible—we can do that!

Need help with anything related to hunting?

We can do that!

Jason Carter and Adam Bronson have spent a lifetime learning every aspect of the hunting industry. They can offer advice to help you with application strategy, tag acquisition, scouting, maps, optics, firearms and any other details you may need to succeed in the field. Devin Archibald, Wyatt Bowls, and Josh Pollock add additional experience and insight to our team of consultants. This crew has so much to contribute, two of them have college degrees in wildlife biology, four of them have spent years guiding hunters throughout the West, three of them have worked extensively in hunting application services, they understand the world of hunting from so many perspectives. They have been hunting when they were young and broke, older with little time to give, as client and outfitter, conservationist and hunter. They understand your situation; you should not hesitate to call and visit with them.

Need someone to help you choose units for your applications?

We can do that!

Jason, Adam and Wyatt are able to offer you the best advice when it comes to applying in the state draws throughout the West. They can help you analyze all the factors that go into applying and formulate a plan that works for you. Your points, finances, time, family considerations, employment and everything else that may affect your potential hunting schedule are important, with their guidance, the application process can be simplified.

Need someone to complete the applications for you?

We can do that!

If you don’t have the time for extensive research and getting to know the rules and regulations for every state you’d like to apply for, let us make it easy. Wyatt heads up our License Application department and with direction from Wyatt, Jason and Adam, our amazing team of application specialists can file your applications for you. Holly White, Janell Moton and Amy Jo Miller will make sure you won’t miss a deadline or apply for a unit you have no chance of drawing.

Need help getting an outfitter, landowner tag or reduced price hunt?

We can do that!

We work with outfitters across the West, as well as in Canada, Alaska and Mexico. We have done the research and can confidently recommend outfitters to fit your personal hunting needs. Devin Archibald oversees this department, working closely with hundreds of outfitters to help you find the situation that is right for you. In addition, he is the one the outfitters call when cancellations or last minute opportunities arise. Also, if you’re looking for a landowner tag, we can help. We will add you to our first-come-first-serve list for these guaranteed tags. Each year, we acquire as many quality landowner tags as possible to provide our members with additional opportunities to experience amazing hunts.

Want information at your fingertips?

We can do that!

John Petersen oversees the printing of our magazine. He puts all the research our consultants do into a publication you can reference again and again. In addition, he makes that information, along with much more, available on our website for easy access no matter where you are. John also works with Logan Marshall and Josh Pollok to provide you with a variety of supplementary content. You will find helpful and entertaining material on our podcasts, youtube channel, and web page. So much guidance and information is available to you when you are a member of Epic outdoors.

Want optics at the best prices around?

We can do that!

Epic Outdoors is a dealer for Swarovski, Leica, Zeiss, Vortex, Sig Sauer, Gunwerks and Stealth Cam. If you are looking to upgrade or replace the optics in your hunting pack or the scopes on your guns, we have what you need at the best possible prices. Give our team a call and they can get you the best glass for your hunt and price point. It’s the best investment you can make to improve your odds in the field.

Whatever your hunting needs, give us a call at 435-263-0777 and I or Wendy Larson, will help get you to the right person.