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I don’t know how a guy couldn’t be obsessed with deer hunting.

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You know, I started shooting with a, a single shot, 20 gauge braco.

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For me, it’s kind of an easy decision

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As a lifelong hunter and somebody that’s passionate about it.

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Anything to do with Western Mid-Game.

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Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour.

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Hey everybody, it’s Jason Carter with Epic Outdoors. We’re visiting today with Scott Smith of Under Armour. Anyway, just to kind of start this off, we do want to tell everybody how much we appreciate Under Armour and the sport they give us. Been working with those guys for many, many years, 10 plus years, and doing different projects with Ridge Reaper TV show and as well as just other different items hunted with a lot of the Under Armour guys, including Brian Offit, KIPP folks, and, and some of the other staff. So super happy that they’re on board, super appreciative. Such a great company and, and they provide a lot of great products and continue to be some of the, you know, produce some of the best products out there. So I love, and I’m not shy about it, I love their Ridge Reaper, you know, UA Hunt Bear and Camel Pattern. It’s awesome.

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It’s best in the West. It’s

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One of the best, isn’t it, Scott? Yeah,

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No, we love that pattern. I mean, we got a lot of science and technology behind it, how it got developed. And rather than use science words when we get into it, we can talk about how that, how that manages concealment for a hundred better than any other pattern out there. Yeah,

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You bet you. So anyway, Scott’s somewhat, relatively new to Under Armour. That’s right. But not new to the outdoor industry. That’s right. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Give us a little background.

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Yeah, for sure. So I grew up out in Texas, Southeast Houston. So I grew up about half an hour, 15 minutes from the Gulf. Spent a lot of time on a center console, a lot of time down south outta Corpus, a lot of fishing, salt marsh down there, going after reds, chasing specs off of the reef. But really started hunting when I was young, so probably shooting about six. Dad got me out there going after Dove and, and duck and geese out in, in between Houston and Beaumont when we were young. So hunting flooded rice fields for geese, and little corner sloughs over for ducks. So spent a lot of time in the woods and in the fields growing up. So for me it was, it was an, an incredible start and something that’s been a passion my whole life.

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And so tell me a little bit about some of the Texas hunting and different things you’ve been involved with down there. Yeah,

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Yeah. I mean, you know, like I said, I grew up bird hunting, so most of my experience was, was in the field or in a blind and, you know, I mean some, some great hunts growing up down on the border in Macallan hunting, dove with the Rio Grande on one side and a tree lined on the other. And geez, had some incredible hunts laying in, in flooded fields on, on muddy levees waiting for snows to drop in. And so, yeah, we had a lot of fun down there. I mean, I grew up with a dad who was much more comfortable on, on a boat or in a field than, than he ever was on a ball field, so Wow. We spent as much time as we could. I, I like to think I was, I was a bootleg Phil Robertson because I actually quit football one year to, to hunt duck season. Wow. I, I didn’t do as well as he did, but yeah. But yeah, I had a lot of fun growing up

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Doing that. You know what’s crazy is I’ve never really duck hunted. Is that right? I have never really duck

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Hunted. Oh, it’s ’cause you’re obsessed

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With deer. Oh, I know it. And well with here in southern Utah, you know, we’d have, we have some duck hunting and some goose geese hunting, whatever you call it. Yeah. I mean we’ve got a little bit of it. Yeah. But you would have to really seek it out. It’s not something we just grow up with. We did grow up hunt and chucker a little bit over there on the eastern side of Utah, remember? No, I

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Heard that’s just frustrating as all crap.

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Oh, well, you know, I was frustrated as a little kid, but I let lead fly no matter where they were, how high they were, how far they were, ground, air, anything.

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That’s right.

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Yeah. So,

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No, that’s great.

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Yeah. Anyway. And there of course we have a lot of, you know, quail and chucker and some of that pretty close to us in Nevada. And they even have good duck hunting in Nevada. That’s right. Even in the southern desert stuff. So, that’s right.

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Anyway, yeah, I got, I got into mammals a little bit after college. Actually shot my first deer when I was 25. Just happened to have a buddy with land who said Let’s go and bought a center fire. Had only ever shot shotguns really up to that point. Yeah. Really. Went out to his land and took my first deer. And then I moved to Omaha, Nebraska. I was in Nebraska for three years and hooked up with some guys from pa. We leased about 400 acres Wow. Outside of Lincoln. And they taught me how to deer hunt and, and, and I’ve been obsessed ever since.

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That’s awesome, man. Yeah. Well, awesome. Yeah. I don’t know how a guy couldn’t be obsessed with deer hunting. That’s pretty much what I’m obsessed with. Yeah. And I, I, I don’t know, I’ve shot my first white tail this year, you know, I heard 2016.

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I saw that. That’s impressive. Well

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I guess I don’t know

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That you’ve made it this far killing big deer and you haven’t taken a single white

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Truck. Yeah. You know, and I was thinking, everybody says that that’s impressive and I’m thinking Yeah, it is kind of impressive. No, that you’ve never shot one. Right. That’s

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What’s impressive. That’s what we mean. Not the deer. It wasn’t the deer you shot was that you shot a white truck.

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Oh, I know. And I know they’re everywhere and whatnot, but you know, when you just don’t grow up with them, you know, you actually have to say, well, I’m gonna leave my house, I’m gonna drive 15 or 20 hours. Yeah, that’s right. To get into a whitetail or I can find some hunt going on for a big old mully. I mean that’s right for me. It’s kind of an easy decision.

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Yeah, I get it.

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But having said that, you know, when I, when I do hunt whitetails, I want it to be for a giant. Sure, sure. I mean, even though I’ve not killed hardly any. Sure. I mean, you know, I guess when you go from, from seeing and hunting, you know, 180 to, you know, 200 plus inch mul deer, you look at 150 inch whitetail, which is big. I understand that. And 1 60, 1 70. But I mean, they don’t do a lot for me just ’cause I’ve been raised with mild.

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Well, but you hunt cos

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Yeah. Oh yeah. I hunt co

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You get after the cos down in Mexico.

00:05:52:25 –> 00:05:54:20
Yeah, I do. And I’ll And I like cos

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That’s like a small white tail.

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I know, I know. Really small. Yeah. Like

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Really small. It’s like that Zika that I took this year, it’s kind of little runt elk.

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Okay. So tell me about that a little bit. So where, tell me a little bit about that story. I really know nothing about that.

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Yeah, no. We had, you know, so me being new in, in Maryland when I took the job coming over to Under Armour to lead the outdoor team, for me it was kind of an interesting season because I was having to establish where I could go hunt. Yeah. You know, I mean this is all new territory, new people, new rules. Back in Texas I had, I had some friends that had land and we had pigs and coyotes and deer. And so we got after it in Texas. But when I got to Maryland, it was like, well, I don’t know where to hunt. You know, I don’t, I gotta meet people. Yeah. I gotta start making some relationships and sucking up to get access.

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And it’s not like you guys have tons of public land to just go hunting like we do out here in the west.

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Right, right. But, but what I found out, you know, is we’ve got some incredible hunting land out there, world class waterfowl. We’ve had some great goose hunts, but a really, really good white tail. And, and, and I didn’t even know Zika existed out there Yeah. Until I got an invite to go out to a property and spend some time out there. And, and we had this awesome hunt. You know, I mean I, I, I sat that morning and in the stand I was in, I had probably eight Zika come through. Wow. I had 12, 13 turkeys run through. I ended up taking a Zika that morning and then that night in the afternoon took a white tail. So Geez. It was a pretty good day.

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Yeah. It’s a great day. Yeah. So how big are these animals?

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Oh man, those zika’s, you know, males I think what they cap it about 90 pounds. Wow. They’re kinda like, like Eric k deer. Yeah. About a kous deer. Yeah. Maybe bigger. They got, they got little more manje hairy necks and, and the hinds, the, the females I shot a hind and you know, they’re about 60 to 70 pounds, so Wow. They kinda little funny looking deer, but man, did they taste good? Do

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They? Yeah. Oh, that’s awesome man. Well, good. And so tell us a little more about your background, like how you initially got started with ua Sure. And maybe, you know, where you worked just prior to

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Ua. Sure, sure. So, you know, my background is a little, it, it it’s traditional for the brand marketing route, which is the role that I’m in. But, but a little non-traditional for most of the folks here in the, in the hunting community. You know, I did undergrad and came outta undergrad into a marketing world. Went back and did my M B A down in Houston at Rice University. And then coming outta my M B A I started in the brand management track in, in an industry called consumer packaged goods. So I spent seven, eight years between Florida, Nebraska and then ultimately Dallas, where I most recently moved from leading food and beverage brands and, and really driving those marketing strategies and plans. So most recently I was at Dr. Pepper Snapple group managing the Crush and the Dr. Pepper brand. So Wow. Had a lot of fun. We worked on some great projects. Yeah. Got to do some really cool,

00:08:50:17 –> 00:08:51:05
But it’s not hum

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Activation, but it’s just not hum. Yeah, no, exactly. I mean what happened was, you know, know I’ve had my eye on Under Armour for a long time. I’ve been a brand fan forever. Actually. My first Under Armour product, the first product I ever bought was a hunt hoodie. It was a camo hoodie. I still have it. My team gets mad at me ’cause I still wear it when I hunt. And they’re like, dude, you gotta wear the, the new stuff.

00:09:10:26 –> 00:09:11:24
Get with the times. You gotta

00:09:11:24 –> 00:09:37:05
Wear the new stuff. You can’t wear that old stuff. Yeah. You know, my first introduction to Under Armour was through the hunting team. Yeah. And, and as, as a lifelong hunter and somebody that’s passionate about it for me, I always had my eye on it. And when the position came open and I saw it, I said, look, I gotta chase, I gotta chase. Let’s try it. And I ended up on the phone with Brian, you know, who you’ve got a lot of history with. Yes. And, and talked my way in the door and, and, and made it happen. So

00:09:37:05 –> 00:09:49:24
It’s pretty amazing, you know, to, to get into a company like Under Armour and to be able to, you know, get into a position like you did. Yeah. I mean, it’s one in a million. It is. They deal with a lot of people in their hit up daily by hundreds.

00:09:50:08 –> 00:10:07:12
Yeah. I mean, for me it was, it it’s incredible to get to come every day to work That’s And talk hunting and fishing’s. That’s right. You know, I spend my time here. We’re, you know, we’re at Western Expo right now, walking around, talking to hunting partners, talking to, to gun manufacturers, talking to bows. That’s, I mean, this is all stuff I do on my spare time, so now I get paid

00:10:07:13 –> 00:10:22:16
For it. That’s right. But, you know, I know for me it’s awesome. But know, I know it’s not just all fun and games. You guys are definitely, you know, innovative and working on new products and new projects and Right. And you do have to answer to people and you do need to make sure you’re moving forward and moving this industry forward. That’s

00:10:22:16 –> 00:10:24:04
Right. And trying to be, I gotta answer to guys like you.

00:10:25:12 –> 00:10:38:08
Well that’s pretty easy. I let you off the hook most of the time. Right. But, but anyway. Yeah. So let’s see what, like, maybe what are your biggest influence in the, in the influences in the hunting industry like?

00:10:38:26 –> 00:11:18:13
Yeah, I mean, it, it, it starts with my dad. That’s how I got into it. You know, that was, he and i’s time. So my dad has always been in a big influence for me on the outdoors. I think from, you know, moving over and really kinda getting ingrained in the culture, you know, I mean it was, it was a very personal thing for me always. But, but really kinda broadening and getting ingrained in the culture. There’s a couple of guys that I, that I look at that, that kind of embody the what I want to do, you know? Yes. And so, coming from Texas, you know, growing up bird hunting, but getting into big game, you know, later in life is, I look at guys like a Remy Warren who’s out there, you know, just nonstop gnarliest dude. That’s

00:11:18:13 –> 00:11:19:00
Right. You know,

00:11:19:07 –> 00:11:40:28
I, I walk in and, and, and I’m not leaving until I get an animal on my back. You know, like that mindset is just incredible to me. And, and so guys like that, you know, guys like you that show the patience and say, look, I’ve got a specific, I’m not out there just to kill. Yeah. Like, I’ve got a specific reason why I’m out there and if I Yes. If I leave that hunt and the animal’s not on the ground, it’s still a great hunt. Yes.

00:11:40:28 –> 00:11:41:06
You know?

00:11:41:23 –> 00:12:02:23
Absolutely. And, and for me, that’s what’s really important in our industry and and what I aspire to, is just having that mentality and making sure that when you’re in the field it’s because you’re in the field. Yes. It’s not because you’re out there to kill. Yep. And, and, and the killing is part of it. And getting an animal and getting meat in the freezer, I love it. Yes, absolutely. Love it. But, but I have a good day just, just in the field,

00:12:02:23 –> 00:12:20:16
Just being out in the field. That’s right. Absolutely. And even though sometimes I know like in my, my own situation, I’m out so much it can feel like a job at times. Yeah. You know, and you do want to go home. Yeah. And, and sometimes you do wanna quit early and just like anything, but, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. And I’m sure you feel the same, same way. Oh,

00:12:20:18 –> 00:12:23:20
I, I feel incredibly blessed to get the opportunity that I have. Absolutely. I

00:12:23:20 –> 00:12:35:00
Love it. That’s awesome. So like, tell us a little bit about Under Armour and maybe what the overall goal is under like what you guys are working toward and Right. And maybe look somewhat of a mission statement. Sure. Like what are

00:12:35:00 –> 00:12:35:16
You guys Yeah.

00:12:35:20 –> 00:12:36:25
What are you guys doing back there?

00:12:36:27 –> 00:13:37:19
Yeah, I mean, for us, everything starts at, at the top with what our brand mission is, which, you know, it’s about making all athletes better. And, and for us in the outdoor category in the hunt space, you know, we truly view our consumers and hunters as athletes. These are, these are people that want to perform at their peak. These are people that want leading technology. They want to get an advantage because they’re invested in being successful. And, and that speaks to the d n a of our brand. And so when we think about how that translates over into our vision for the category, you know, we want to take that, make all athletes better, even a little step further. And so the way we articulate it is really empowering sportsmen and women to live at the edge of their potential. We wanna make sure that through design, through technology, through innovation, that we are bringing products to the market that are gonna give our consumers the absolute edge to perform the way they want to. That’s awesome. And so, you know, we’ve got a lot of new tech, a lot of new innovation. We’re always working on it. Always

00:13:37:23 –> 00:13:42:06
You guys are working on stuff for two or three years down the road. That’s right. You know, nonstop. That’s right.

00:13:42:06 –> 00:14:22:02
Well, and one of the benefits that we have of, of having, you know, what I would argue is the best roster in the industry is, is guys like you guys like Cam Haines, guys like Lee Koski and, and, and, and gals like Tiff and Eva and Rihanna, and then re you know, Remy and Tim Burnett and you know, we’ve got the opportunity to not just look internally about what we think is great and what we think is needed. Yeah. But tap the expertise of you leading edge users. You know, guys that are spinning like you’re talking about, you know, hundreds of days in the field a year. That’s right. To make sure that we’ve got the absolute best product, the best patterns, you know, the most durable and, and and performing equipment that we can create,

00:14:22:04 –> 00:14:35:22
You know, that’s awesome. So Yeah. Well I know we appreciate it as a consumer. Good. And there’s a lot of new stuff always coming out and lots of new things we’re always thinking about. And of course I’ve been in some of those meetings. It’s pretty exciting. You know, it’s always exciting to be part of something awesome and progressive.

00:14:35:29 –> 00:15:20:04
Yeah. And I, you mentioned something progressive. I think something that’s really relevant now also, and, and something that we’re really working on is, is ensuring that, you know, we are a company that is founded on driving the performance of our athletes, but we’ve also got, you know, a foundation in our soul soul of wanting to make sure we’re building the community we’re a part of. Yes. And so, you know, I’ve had it, it’s been great being at Shot Show and being here at Western Expo and getting the opportunity to sit down with some great partners in the category, spend some time with conservation groups, with brand partners and, and really start to build out, not ready to announce yet because we’re still baking details, but, but really build out a plan for Under Armour to come in a big way and, and invest in the community to grow the community of our, our hunt space.

00:15:20:09 –> 00:15:47:13
So Yeah, I know, I know that I’ve been privy to a few of those conversations and I know there’s big things coming. Yeah. And I know you guys are super supportive of our community as well as conservation organizations and different things that are good things that are happening, you know, in our industry and, and we as Hunter Sure. Appreciate that. So, well, let’s see, we came out with the Ridge Reaper Baron. That’s right. UA Baron. Yep. Camel Pattern. And then recently there’s been the forest pattern tells, tell us a little bit about that’s

00:15:47:23 –> 00:17:12:19
Yeah, so I mean our patterns, our proprietary pattern is founded on a couple of key scientific principles and, and they’re kind of big words with coincidental disruption and zero background algorithm. But really what it boils down to is concealment. And the, the two factors of the concealment we’re really trying to attack are outline in depth. And so when we talk about coincidental disruption, what we’re really talking about there is, is using shapes, patterns, and, and colors to create a breakup of our outline through the eyes of our animals. And so whether it’s our forest pattern, which we created to be really dialed in for deciduous forest, for green Canada moose, Alaska moose or whitetail out east. Right. Like we’ve got or our barren pattern that we talked about that you use a ton out west. Yes. And in South Texas and in late season tail, you know, that coincident coincidental disruption really is just about breaking the outline up. And then zero background al algorithm is a, is is a little bit of a technique for us to layer. And that layering creates a depth, you know, so the intention there is to ensure that, that an animal can’t get sharp focus on you. So both of those things, you know, are, are scientifically based and why we created the patterns we did and how we built them. And it’s really about driving the concealment of our hunter to make sure they’ve got every edge they can get in the field.

00:17:12:29 –> 00:17:18:22
That’s awesome, man. Well, I know from personal experience, it’s been amazing. Yeah. And you guys have seen on Ridge Reaper tv

00:17:18:24 –> 00:17:19:28
Yeah. You don’t take Little Deer.

00:17:20:07 –> 00:18:07:19
No. Yeah. I try not to kill a little deer, but, but I, but you know, you do wanna be involved with some of the best products out there and it, and it does make you better. And, and I love it. Some of, a lot of the country that I hunt, of course. It’s just, it’s a perfect natural fit. And then, and then I’ve used some of the forest patterns too in Southeast Alaska and some of our other high alpine hunts. I know that’s right. It match well in like Northern Utah or some places in Colorado and different things. That’s right. And so it’s such a natural to be able to, to use either one and, and they look good. I mean, you know, like even hunters do have some kind of pride and they do wanna look good. Right. You know, even, even though we we’re out in the field or whatever, we wanna feel, you know, we wanna look good, you know. That’s right. And fashionable. And it is, it’s a very attractive pattern as well as, you know, a lot of functionality. Yeah.

00:18:07:29 –> 00:18:14:25
So no, we, we love it. And, and you know, for us it’s really about making sure that, that we’re driving environment solutions for our

00:18:15:00 –> 00:18:24:29
Consumers. And so what is, tell me a little bit about what Under Armour’s doing to develop and improve their product. Like what are Yeah. Some of the steps and some of the different things that you’re doing and Sure, sure. You

00:18:24:29 –> 00:18:25:00

00:18:25:03 –> 00:18:25:25
To improve that

00:18:26:01 –> 00:19:14:10
And Yeah. I mean a, a couple of key things. You know, when I came on board last summer, you know, we, we made a couple of leadership changes on the team and one of those was bringing in a really technical savvy product builder. So we brought in a guy from the outdoor industry and Jordan Wand who came over from outdoor research really as a technical expert product builder. And so he’s adding skills and acumen to, to our business that’s gonna benefit us, you know, for the long run. You know, we talked about spending time with athletes like yourself, spending time with the pros and really understanding what is needed, what is not needed. Because one of the things that’s really important I think is, is building what’s required. Not building because we can Right. You know? Right. And so I think having that integration with you guys a couple times a year Yeah.

00:19:14:11 –> 00:19:52:07
You know, it throughout our development cycle is, is really important. You know, we’ve got wear test programs which are pretty standard, but it’s making sure that when we go build something it works like we want it to. Yeah. Oh yeah. And we put it on consumers in the field and we go find out what’s right, what’s wrong. You know, we’ve got multiple rounds, rounds of development to make sure that we’re really dialed when we come to market. So, you know, for us it’s a, it’s a full team process. You know, we got, we’re stuck staffed with hunters in the back end, making sure we’re building the right stuff, we’re talking to the right hunters along the way. And then, you know, we’re, we’re hopefully delivering a product that consumers can be really proud of, something we’re really

00:19:52:07 –> 00:20:17:07
Proud of. Definitely. And I’ve actually witnessed you guys basically working on an entire line of product and then it never sees the light of day. It might be scrapped at a moment’s notice over just something that maybe That’s right. Just wasn’t quite working right. And you just Yeah, I know. There’s just thousands and thousands of dollars put in That’s right. Innovating something and, and yet it could be scrapped, not just because it didn’t quite fit what you were looking to do. It maybe it didn’t quite perform as well.

00:20:17:29 –> 00:20:43:00
Well, and that, that investment hopefully is what gives us the ability to bring to life the best product we can. You know, I mean that, that to us is not something that’s a negative, honestly. We learn from every one of those rounds. And so that, that’s investing in the product, investing in the process. And so for us, all of that just makes us better. You know, every season we bring new product, every season we bring new technology like our Threadborne technology that we’re bringing out this

00:20:43:00 –> 00:20:50:04
Year. You know, I did want to talk about Threadborne a little bit. Let’s talk about that. Let, let’s do that. Like give us a little background on that and then kind of where you’re headed with it.

00:20:50:08 –> 00:21:35:29
Sure. So, so Threadborne from us for us is a technology platform across our brand. So multiple categories in our business are gonna be leveraging the idea of Threadborne or the system at Threadborne, which really boils down at its root to, to thread level technology. So we wanna start at the very granular level at the absolute base and really understand are the fibers we’re working with performance fibers, because if they’re not, we’re gonna end up with a package that doesn’t deliver the benefit that we want. So, you know, we’ve got a de a design philosophy that’s fast, light, durable and versatile. And what that means from fast. You know, when we talk about we’re an athletic company, we wanna make sure that our product delivers Yeah. Performance in the field. And so we use fast. I mean, we want it to move with us the way we need to move.

00:21:37:02 –> 00:22:21:20
Durable makes a lot of sense, right? Sure. We gotta make sure that our product stands up, particularly in our category where you guys and, and and us we’re working over rocks, through brush, through thickets. You know, we gotta make sure our product stands up. ’cause especially out in the back country, you can’t have your product fail. Right. You know, that serious challenge, if your product fails light, we wanna make sure that we’re delivering the best package we can with that feature set. That’s just what’s required and not anything extra. And then versatile, we wanna make sure that we’ve got pieces that, whether it’s layering in, layering out, you get a broad range of use out of, so when we talk about our threadborne platform and specifically the wool that we’ve got coming out, you know, for us that’s our opportunity to bring the next generation of wool innovation in the market.

00:22:21:23 –> 00:23:20:24
You bet. And, and it starts again at that thread level with, with a, a wool blend that historically has looked like this. You got kind of two fibers that go in. You got your wool fiber, which we know has incredible natural benefit, anti-microbial, anti stink, warm and wet quiet. Right. We talk about wool as the bow hunter’s original fleece. So starting with a foundation of wool, then you add that synthetic component to really build things like the durability and the moisture transfer. Yes. The management, the dry times. What what we did was we actually added third component too. And it goes back to those, those design principles starting with fast is then we took a third component added stretch to it. So, so what we believe is that we’ve got an incredible product coming to the market this fall in our threadborne wool pieces that’s gonna deliver those natural benefits of wool. It’s gonna deliver those synthetic benefits added with the durability and with the moisture management. But then we’re also gonna make it more movable than any piece of wool that’s ever been in

00:23:20:28 –> 00:23:37:26
The market. That’s amazing. So’s amazing. Well I know it’s kind of a somewhat fairly tight fabric. It’s really Yeah. Tight. You know, when you That’s right. A lot of times when wool you, I think of a wool beanie and it’s loose and got a lot of air and stretch and whatnot in it. But, but yours, it’s a tight fabric that stretches a total new feel for

00:23:37:26 –> 00:24:07:00
Wool. That’s right. Well, and, and we build our product with the idea in mind of how people are gonna use it in the end. And, and for us, you know, looking at specifically our bow hunters that are out in the back country, you know, baggy, bulky, heavy wool. Right, right. While wool is an incredible product and has, and has been generations of hunters, you know, we wanted to make something that was the most athletic, fastest piece of wool that’s hit the market. Yes. So we really feel, you know, we’ve got something special here and we’re excited about bringing it to the market this fall.

00:24:07:05 –> 00:24:19:17
That’s awesome. Well, we’re really, really looking forward to that coming out and, and among other products I know that are working on, I know you guys Boots has been a big That’s right. You know, a big push for Under Armour, right?

00:24:20:00 –> 00:24:33:11
Yeah. Footwear’s an incredible opportunity for us. You know, we’ve got a vision for our brand that, that, you know, I explain it this way is, is when a guy pulls his truck into camp, I want everything coming outta that truck to have Under Armour on it

00:24:33:27 –> 00:24:34:07

00:24:34:25 –> 00:24:35:01

00:24:35:01 –> 00:24:37:16
Look, you wanna own the hunting world, it’s not gonna happen Scott.

00:24:37:16 –> 00:24:53:08
You know? I know, I know, I know. But I want start with that vision ’cause it pushes us. Absolutely. Right. It forces us to think innovatively. It forces us to get engaged in a way that’s beyond just, I wanna have the best pan or I don’t have the best shirt. Right. You know, we want that a hundred percent gloves,

00:24:53:11 –> 00:24:54:06
Socks, pants.

00:24:54:06 –> 00:24:55:01
That’s right. Shirts

00:24:55:03 –> 00:24:55:13

00:24:55:14 –> 00:25:17:28
That’s right. So things like footwear, things like accessories. You know, we’ve, we’ve had some incredible conversations over the last three, four months about how do we really turn the volume up Yes. And make sure that we’re delivering a whole package to our consumers. Yes. You know, historically we’ve done a great job with our pants, our jackets. How can we make sure that we’re wrapping that consumer with the best level innovation they can take in the field with

00:25:18:01 –> 00:25:29:22
’em? Wow, that’s awesome. Yep. And it definitely shows, I’ve been a part of some of those meetings and whatnot and it’s, it’s pretty amazing. I’m pretty excited about it all. Yeah. And so what do you think is the most satisfying part of your job?

00:25:30:20 –> 00:26:06:22
You know, I think I talked about it a little bit earlier, but for me, you know, maybe this answer will be different next year at Western Expo. Yeah. But for me, getting the opportunity to come to work every day Yeah. To think about how can I help us build this this brand Yeah. Yeah. In the hunting space. Yeah. You know, how can, you know, we’ve got incredible partners like Hoyt, Bose, Matthews, Bose, you know, like spending time talking about Bose, spending time with you just talking to hunting. Right. Like for me, it, it just really is sort of a, a dream opportunity to come in and be able to, to, to get paid to spend time talking and thinking and building a hunting brand. So absolutely. For me that’s the most incredible part.

00:26:07:07 –> 00:26:12:25
So can you give us, you know, a favorite hunting memory or favorite hunting experience?

00:26:12:25 –> 00:27:00:19
Yeah, no, absolutely. I think one of, one of the most incredible ones for me, so when I was probably about 10, 11 years old and went on my first goose hunt, my dad had hired a guide and, and he and I went and we ended up with these three or four other guys that kind of were all put together with the same guide. And, you know, I got, I got my first, you know, I started shooting with a, a single shot, 20 gauge breakover. Right. And it was until you can break birds with that thing, you don’t get any, you don’t get any more than one. Yes. And, and so that’s actually, I shot my first duck with that single shot Breakover, but, but this goose hunt was one of the, the first hunts that, that I had actually gotten to take my, my Remington eight 70. Yeah. Which for, you know, I got when I was 11 years old. Yep.

00:27:00:19 –> 00:27:02:04
Yeah. That’s what I had that right.

00:27:02:04 –> 00:27:03:16
I still have it. I still have mine too.

00:27:03:16 –> 00:27:09:04
Mine was sought off, put a Turkey choke in it and weld it. Geez. There you, you go. And anyway, I still have it and that’s what we use. So

00:27:09:04 –> 00:27:54:11
Go ahead. Yeah, no, I, we used, what’s funny, we, I took a first time Hunter goose hunting out last week and he used my eight 70 That’s awesome. When I was 11. Yep. But, but so I remember we’re laying in this flooded, you know, we get to the hunt and the guy hands us a white Tyvek painter suit, you know, and as an 11, 12 year old kid, I’m like, what in the world is happening? Yes. Thought we were supposed to be, you know Yeah. Hidden here. Yeah. And, and so we, you know, suit up in this white suit and, and we go and we’re literally laying on the side of this mud levee over a flooded rice field on our stomachs and the guide’s the only one looking up. And when he says roll, we rolled on our backs and we’re shooting from laying down on the levee. Wow. And, and so just an incredible experience. Well,

00:27:54:11 –> 00:27:56:24
Good. Is there anything else you’d like to leave us with?

00:27:57:26 –> 00:28:12:28
No, I just appreciate the opportunity to come and spend some time with you, man. You know, we’re really excited about our partnership with Epic. You bet. We think you guys are the, are the best in the business out west. And so for us to, to come together and integrate as a, as a partnership’s, just a real opportunity that we’re pumped about. Well, we

00:28:12:28 –> 00:28:23:06
Appreciate that and we’re equally as pumped. I know I’ve worked with you guys for many years. I have nothing but respect for you guys. I haven’t actually been in the field with you, but I’ve definitely, you know Yeah.

00:28:23:06 –> 00:28:23:14
We’re gonna

00:28:23:14 –> 00:28:52:10
Fix that. Yeah. We are gonna fix that. Yeah. And then I’ve hunted with Brian Offit and KIPP folks and it’s nothing but awesome to be with you guys and to spend time with you in the field and understand your passion with the hunting and, and working with hunters and knowing that it’s not just being products just being built to make money, which yeah, obviously we all need to make money. Our businesses don’t do well and then we don’t do well. But, but, but, but overall it’s products built by hunters for hunters and and you’re doing a great job at it.

00:28:52:29 –> 00:28:54:17
Yeah. We appreciate that. You

00:28:54:17 –> 00:29:16:29
Bet. You and I know there’s a lot of things coming out and we’re excited for it and we’re super excited here in the west and just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate you from Epic’s perspective. Great. Love that you guys are, are sponsoring the podcast. Some of our YouTube of course we got other projects in the works as well as with the magazine. And just really appreciate you and, and just looking forward to another awesome year, man.

00:29:16:29 –> 00:29:18:16
Yeah. It’s gonna be a great season. Awesome.

00:29:18:16 –> 00:29:19:02
Well I sure

00:29:19:02 –> 00:29:20:17
Appreciate you. Thank you. Yeah, thank you Jason. You betcha.