Giants Bulls of Idaho with Hoby Gartner. In this episode of the Epic Outdoors Podcast we talk with Hoby Gartner a longtime Outfitter in Idaho. Hoby has a depth of experience in guiding that started in Alaska and has taken him all across the United States. Today Hoby owns and operated Deadline Outfitters in Idaho where he owns a concession on one of the best Elk and Moose units in the State of Idaho. Jason and Hoby discuss Moose,  Elk, Idaho, and much more in this episode.

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You know, we’ve had a couple close encounters.

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Your area has some of the biggest bulls in the state. I think

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A little bit of sacrifice right now. In the long run, you’d get back 10 times.

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Anything to do with Western big Games.

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Hey, what are you doing?

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Oh, I don’t got much going on today. I gotta do just a bunch of get ready for my lion hunts coming up, so I’m making sure all my snowmobiles are running and stuff like that.

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Well, yeah, appreciate you spending some time with us today. Just kind of wanted to go over, you know, everything that you do. Kind of tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became kind of the guide that you are. Of course, you’re there in southern Idaho, but how did you get to that point and you know, a little bit about your childhood growing up and, and being in the outdoors.

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Gotcha. Well, you know, I, I started working for United States Outfitters about 14, I think 14 or 15 years ago for George Tolman. And I, I dreamed about being a guy my, since I was probably nine or 10. And I was lucky enough to know a guy named Darryl Nunes. And when I was about 18, he told me he’d hooked me up with a guy out in New Mexico and went down there when I was 19 and met him and they let me start working for him when I was 20. I worked for George for about, I think three years, and he introduced me to a guy named Jeff Burwell.

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And he owns Alaska Height Peak Adventures.

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And he told me that fall, that maybe he’d be needing me the next fall in Alaska. And he said, I’ll, I’ll call you. And I said, yeah, we’ll, that’d be awesome, but we’ll see. And sure enough, he called me in the spring and said he needed me in the fall the next year, and I had to do apprenticeship with him. And

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That started my Alaska career.

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So what does apprenticeship mean? Does that mean Packer? Like you just pack all the, you’re just a freaking strong back.

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Yeah. You know, basically just kinda learning, learning the ropes and,

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And abuse you, you know, kind have you abuse people, abuse you physically.

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That’s right. And and we did, you know, the first year I was there, we didn’t have enough horses for, for me and another guy to, to ride. I, I walked everywhere, you know? Yeah. Was happy to do it too. We walked, walked hundreds of miles that year

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In the, you know, I probably started year in the Tundra, like just out in the tundra or up in the

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Yeah, we were, we were a lot in the tundra, you know, to the bottoms. And then, you know, obviously a lot of shell, shell hike peak ridges and geez, you know, through, through everything. But I think I started that year at 190 pounds and I finished at 1 62 when I got

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Home. That’s unbelievable.

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Wow. It, it was, I probably the first time I’d ever got my butt kicked hiking in my life, and I went to Alaska and got schooled for the first year and a half, and then I, I figured it out.

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So when you’re out there, like, is he telling you, you know, you’re gonna be a packer, but I wanna I want you to watch the guide and of course you’re gonna learn how to judge these animals. I mean, what kind of, how does he go about doing that?

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Yeah, so I gotta work under some really good guides, especially Jeff himself. And yeah, I, I just basically paid attention and seen what to do and, you know, I mean, to me, actually she put is definitely not the, not the hardest, not the hardest hunt maybe to figure out, you know, come from the top and have your, have your wind right. And make sure you’re not peaking too high. And yeah, the hardest thing I thought for me was judging. Yeah. You know, judging them sheep. There’s a lot of things to, to walk for and I slowly but surely got pretty dang good at it. But

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You’re trying to, to judge age and age and length Yep. And full curl or not, and you’re within a half inch or whatever.

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Exactly. And, you know, to be legal in Alaska is, is full coroll or eight years old or double broomed. And most of the time when we shot Rams, I made sure it had both of two, two outta three. You know.

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Did you ever, did you ever shoot one? You were kind of half scared to walk up on it?

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You know what, I knew 110% on every one, but I still beat the a hundred there by 20 minutes every time,

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You know? Yeah. I mean,

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You know, I never actually even had one that was close. And I’ve been pretty fortunate. I’ve been on 41 Dolhi punts and 38 of them we killed on.

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Wow. That’s crazy.

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Yeah. It’s been, you know, as when I went to Alaska, the, the dream since a kid was to be a, a brown bird guide, you know? Yeah. I always thought that would be what I really would live for. And turns out, you know, that was probably actually my least favorite to, to guide in in Alaska. Of course the, the 15 seconds of shooting time is, you know, quite the trill of bear hunting, but Got it. The setting and waiting for hours on end wasn’t always the funnest thing for me. But what what surprised me became my, probably the, the funnest thing I’ve ever hunted in my life was the doll sheep.

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Wow. So I,

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Go ahead. Well just, I’ve just, I got so many questions, so I’m just thinking about these brown bears. I mean, did, did you, how many of those did you guide? How many did you kill? Did you close, close encounters? I mean, any cool stories on that?

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Yeah, you know, we, we do have some pretty exciting stories. I, I should have wrote some of these down a little bit more, but, you know, I’ve never kept track of how many brown bear hunts I’ve been on, probably around 25. And I’d say 90% of them were that we killed on

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Pretty good.

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Yeah. I mean it’s, and it’s, it’s bears to me are probably the hardest thing out of anything to judge, you know, and, and especially a lot of them big boars that come out right at night and everything looks bigger in the dark and, you know, a lot of stuff to pay attention to. But yeah. You know, we’ve had a couple close encounters where we just about got eight a couple times. I mean, I think for the first, probably the first seven years I worked there, I ba I used 3 38 as a backup gun. And we just about got munched a couple different times that we ended up killing bears that were, you know, that were already wounded and hit that died, you know, 10 feet from us.

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Oh my god. And

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So the client wounds a bear and now the apprentice gets to go in first.

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That’s right. You know, and it’s, and it’s, it’s really, it’s really hard to take a, a client in the, in the field. You never know how somebody’s gonna react. Yeah. In a, there were scary situations. I mean, I think he’d be the toughest guy in the world and, and still be a little nervous going into the, you know, southeast Alaska, probably the worst place to wound a bear. There’s, it’s like a jungle in there, you know, there’s blown over trees. R root sticking up all over the place. It’s, it’s a, a nightmare to wound a bear through there, but that’s the game. Geez.

00:09:24:29 –> 00:09:32:12
Geez. And so, I mean, about getting munched, is that five yard encounters, I mean, 10 yard, 15 yard, or just

00:09:32:13 –> 00:10:18:04
Yeah, we, so we, we’d shot a bear, me and my boss actually one time that was, we’d had already been hit by the client two or three times. We’d each shot it once a piece and we ended up shooting in the dark. You know, we, well, what happened is we, we, the two of us went in there after it’d already been hit X amount of times, and I was leading the way most of the time, and we got right to where I thought the bear was gonna be, and we’re on about a thir 30 degree angle climbing in there. And, and Jeff jumps in front of me right at the end there, and this bear stands up and he just starts running down the mountain. And Jeff held his ground really good. There’s not much I could do. It was, it was between two big huge boulders where he was coming off the, off the mountain.

00:10:18:17 –> 00:11:07:12
Yeah. And Jeff shot him about 10 yards from him, and he ended up veering right of us and coming over a cliff. And, you know, when bears are hit, they normally roll really good. And I figured it’d roll right to the bottom. Well, when he came off that 10 foot cliff, he, he just grabbed all that vegetation right there and held right there. And he was only about seven feet from me and I had a scope on, so I just pointed the gun center of his back and or center of his body there and shot him right through the back. And he rolled all the way to the bottom of the mountain then. And I thought, oh, there we go. That’s the end of it. Well, we got down to the, got down to the alders, big patch of alders, and we get down there and I’m listening, and I can hear that sun of again, breathe out one lung going back up the mountain, you know, a little, a little farther to the right of us and up high above us again.

00:11:08:07 –> 00:11:58:02
And you know, I, I told my boss, I told Jeff, I said, Hey, he, he’s up here. So we start following this, we’re on a ledge, and we ended up realizing we’re on the same ledge that he was taken the whole time. There’s, there’s blood going over these rocks, and as we’re walking along, you know, Jeff’s been blasted so many times, he can’t hear that bear breathing. But I can, I know we’re getting close and now it’s, now it’s pretty dark. It seems darker than what it is ’cause we’re in the trees. Yeah. But, you know, we end up getting, getting in there pretty close, and I wanna stop right there and see what’s going on. And Jeff says, just a little farther, just a little farther. So we’re sitting on about a, there’s maybe about a 20 foot cliff above us. We’re sitting on about a eight foot ledge, and then there’s about 20 feet underneath us, you know, and, and this bear’s on this ledge somewhere with us.

00:11:58:28 –> 00:12:47:13
And we, we, he says, no, just a little far there. So we crawl under this, this tree that’s growing outta the cliff here. And we get on the other side, and I tell him this as far as I go, I know this bear’s just right here. I mean, I’m, I’m talking so quiet, my lips are in his ear, you know, and anyways, this, I pick up this rock and I, and Jeff holds my gun wearing it on our knees. And, and Jeff holds my gun and I throw this rock off this cliff as far as I can. And, and just like I would imagine happened, as soon as that rock hit, that bear came alive. And, and he, he came at us just as hard as he could and made it got awful roar. And we ended up shooting three times and we ended up, he probably died about, you know, eight, eight to nine yards from us.

00:12:47:27 –> 00:14:01:09
And it was just dark enough in the trees that, that muzzle blast winded us. And I couldn’t see, I just remember, you know, kinda blinking my eyes a million times trying to, trying to see again. And, you know, all of a sudden I feel my, somebody tugging on the back of my shirt says, if that son of a gun ain’t dead now, he never will be, will come in the morning. You know, and we came back in the morning and he, he was standing, he was right in front of us and we just didn’t even know it that night. You know, we got out of there and geez, you know, that was, that was my last real close encounter with the 3 38. And, you know, we had, two years ago, I had another real close encounter of looking for a wounded bear and bear charges that charged me that wasn’t wounded. You know, he’d actually just, I must have just scared him out of his bed. And he whooped at me. And I, I turned around and I already was ready for a wounded bear. And so I had my scope down on One Power and, and I thought he was gonna a false charge. And he, he went to go right. And he faked. Right. And he just came and I, I shot him, I shot him at 12 feet and he, I shot him with a 4 58, 500 grain bullet, and he stopped right there.

00:14:02:06 –> 00:14:02:13

00:14:02:21 –> 00:14:19:15
But I shot him right through the, right, through the right next to the nose, through the jaw, and into the shoulder and out the back. And geez, he just, he rolled to a stop, but Wow. That was, that was really close. Holy

00:14:20:02 –> 00:14:24:26
Cow. That’s crazy. Yeah, I’d probably like dol sheep hunting too, if I were you.

00:14:27:00 –> 00:14:34:27
You know what, them, them times when you make it through it, they’re, they’re a lot of fun. I mean, I see how the guys get addicted to that dangerous game, you know? Yeah.

00:14:35:01 –> 00:14:35:09

00:14:35:20 –> 00:14:38:03
It’s just fun to make it home at the end of it. Yeah.

00:14:39:01 –> 00:14:43:21
Well, and it makes for a good time with the client too. Something they’ll never forget. Ever.

00:14:43:27 –> 00:14:44:13
That’s right.

00:14:45:00 –> 00:14:52:28
That’s right. So, and so, and, and so you were in Southeast, were you down there by, you know, know Sitka? Or where were you at on that?

00:14:53:29 –> 00:15:22:08
You know, we were, we were outside of Juno a little ways. We were actually based out of a place, or close to that was, you know, we stayed on about a 50 foot boat and then we take skiffs to the shorelines and hunted like that. And a lot of times just, just waited for it. The bear big bears traditionally can’t come out of the same spot at that time, you know, to looking, looking to breed, looking to maid at that time. And every year the same spots, big bears come out of it. So it’s kind of a waiting game.

00:15:22:17 –> 00:15:31:00
Yeah. Yeah. Wow. That’s awesome. And so then you, and, and so did you do any moose or was it mostly sheep and bear or,

00:15:31:21 –> 00:16:07:19
You know, I did a lot of moose. I probably did somewhere around 20 moose while I was there. And, and moose was a lot of fun. It was only at the end of the season, you know, we, we’d already been there for 40 days, so Yeah. You know, you’re, you’re tired by then. But it, it was a fun change. You know, the moose, the moose hunt the least in gas area was not, not probably as hard as a, as a lot of Alaska, you know, he has a really neat setup where we crawl up on the hillside and call and you could see him coming from a long ways away. And yeah, it was, it was a really fun hunt, you know, one I’d like to go back and do, do myself someday.

00:16:08:01 –> 00:16:17:04
Yeah. That’s great, man. Well, good. And so, over the course of time, how long were you in Alaska or did you just go to Alaska while you were there? Or were you coming down to lower 48 as well?

00:16:18:06 –> 00:16:31:06
I was still coming back to lower 48 for about, about five years there that I was still working for George also on the rest of the season. And you know, so for, I think for about five years, I had a guide license in seven states.

00:16:31:18 –> 00:16:35:01
Oh, okay. And ’cause I know George was, he was everywhere. I mean,

00:16:35:16 –> 00:16:36:12
He was, yep.

00:16:36:21 –> 00:16:42:07
I mean, it was Kansas or New Mexico. I mean, I think their headquarters were in New Mexico, it seemed like

00:16:43:01 –> 00:17:03:13
Yeah. Was out of Taos there. And I, I did a lot of hunts in the Gila. I guided Arizona, I guided Kansas, I guided Nevada for ’em. Okay. I, we, we kind of traveled everywhere. I mean, I don’t know if you knew this Jason, but, you know, my, my wife had took it all my camp since we started, since day one,

00:17:03:21 –> 00:17:04:03

00:17:04:12 –> 00:17:25:17
And yeah, so we were, we were a, a valuable team, you know, we were, it was, they let us go a lot more places ’cause they needed to cook and they needed a guide and Yeah. And we were willing to go wherever, you know, and she was such a trooper to do it, you know, and when she started this, you know, she obviously started it as of my dream, but it didn’t take too long to turn into hers, you know, she, she loves this.

00:17:26:08 –> 00:17:35:14
That’s awesome. Wow. Yeah. So how did, well how did you meet her? Was did you meet her in, in guiding or did you meet her prior to that? No, I did introduce her to hunting.

00:17:36:12 –> 00:17:52:12
Yeah. That’s a little more how it went. We’ve, I’ve known Asha since the fifth grade, and we started dating when I, she was 15 and I was 16, and we’ve been together ever since. And this year we’re celebrating her 15 years being married. And yeah, it’s been

00:17:52:26 –> 00:17:53:11
That’s awesome.

00:17:53:16 –> 00:18:00:05
She’s been amazing asset to, you know, obviously the business, but to my life. I mean, she’s, she’s been the ticket, you know.

00:18:00:14 –> 00:18:11:08
Yeah. So let’s see, you said about when you were 20, you kind started u s o ish or whatever, 14 years ago. I’m thinking you’re around mid thirties then, years old.

00:18:11:08 –> 00:18:14:11
Yeah, I’m 34. I’m just about turning 35 this next month.

00:18:14:13 –> 00:18:34:28
Okay. That’s what I had you pegged at. Well, good. All right. So, and so how, I guess you started with George, you went up to Alaska, and then you’re still working with George, so you’re just gaining a ton of experience lower 48, 7 states, seven different guide licenses. I mean, you’re just, you just, I mean, jumped in both feet. That’s it. Full-time.

00:18:35:08 –> 00:19:17:19
That’s right. That’s, that’s what I’ve done. Don’t get me wrong. A couple of them winners, I framed and did whatever to pay the, pay the bills and make ends meet. But yeah. But, you know, this was, this was the main goal, you know, and I, I felt very blessed. I worked for two great outfitters and they both had a lot difference of opinion or strategy, how to do stuff. But it was, it was great to see both sides. And I learned a pile from ’em, you know, I mean, you know, George is actually a really hardcore hunter. I mean, I will hand it to him and he, it probably took about a year or two before I even met George. I worked under another guy named, named Travis, was my main boss. And but it wasn’t until I met George that I realized what a hardcore hunter he was.

00:19:17:24 –> 00:20:05:16
I mean, Georgia hunter’s hard as anybody, you know? And I sure he never misses a week of guiding personally himself. Yeah. You know, and I always respected a lot of that from him, and he did a lot of things right. I mean, I, I learned a lot of good stuff from George and, you know, working for under Jeff Burwell. It’s, you know, Jeff’s a guy that will spare no expense, whatever it takes to have a successful trip. And, you know, that taught, taught me a lot. I mean, and he’ll, he’ll do, I mean, we break an Argo and the Hunt’s hunt’s going, obviously the next day he, he’d fly back Anchorage by brand new Argo, and he’ll be there in the morning by the time we get there. Wow. I mean, just whatever it takes. And, and that, that sure taught me a lot. I mean, it always comes back when you do it, do it the right way.

00:20:05:17 –> 00:20:20:11
Well, and that’s the best thing about being an outfit or a guide, is justifying all the purchases of hunting gear. You know what I mean? That’s right. Nonstop justifying everything. Everything you buy is, is fun and exciting, yet you’re using it for business. So it’s awesome.

00:20:21:04 –> 00:20:26:11
Yeah. Sometimes I have a hard time explaining that to the wife. You know, she gets tired of hearing It’s for the business. It’s

00:20:26:11 –> 00:20:32:28
For the business. Yeah, that’s right. Well, she made money cooking, you know, it’s like buying a new pot, honey. Just like buying a new pot. That’s all it is. Oh,

00:20:32:28 –> 00:20:33:18
That’s right. Of course

00:20:33:18 –> 00:20:34:18
They don’t that she finally got

00:20:34:18 –> 00:20:40:12
Me back. She has, she has her fancy trailer and her, whenever she wants cooking, she don’t even ask. Yeah,

00:20:40:18 –> 00:21:50:07
That’s right. That’s right. Yeah. So, well, good. Well, that’s an interesting side of George. I know. You know, of course there’s varying opinions. He’s made quite the waves in the hunting world. Of course, he was big. Yep. And anytime you’re big, everybody knows you and they form an opinion whether they know you or not. And, and, you know, I know I’ve known that personally, you know, and dealt with some of that. But interesting because he made quite a change. He did. He was, he got into the outfitting business and became giant, you know, before there were giant outfitters. I mean, he was kind of a pioneer in the industry. And then of course, he, you know, was famous for fighting for non-resident, you know, hunting rights, so to speak, and, and took on Arizona game and Fish and a few other states. And, and some of that seemed to backlash. People didn’t, you know, jump behind him as much as I thought they would or whatever. But, but anyway, interesting to see from a sub guide, quote, sub guide perspective on George and his hunting and his hunting abilities and his, and his enthusiasm for it.

00:21:51:04 –> 00:22:33:19
Oh, he is, he absolutely lives for it. I mean, you know, George asked me one time, you know, he, he don’t really get the sheep hunting like I do, you know, and, and Alaska, you know, he, he told me one time, he says, I cannot believe you’re hunting sheep there instead of guiding every single week for elk. I mean, he, he loves, he loves what he does. And, and he is very, he is very good about it. But the, the, the passion is there. I mean, I, I, I developed a whole new respect for George hunting around him, and I didn’t hunt around him a lot. I probably spent all six or eight weeks maybe with him, different, different weeks hunting. But it was always the same guy that showed up. I mean, the first guy to leave and the last guy to get back every single day. He put everything out there every day.

00:22:33:27 –> 00:22:44:00
Yeah. Hell, he ran a bus. He was quite a businessman, you know, so interesting stuff. And then Jeff, he, you still stay in contact with Jeff and he’s still cranking.

00:22:44:01 –> 00:22:59:05
Oh yeah. And I still work for Jeff this fall again. You know, we did, I did $3 sheeps with him this year. And, and you know, we, I go to Reno and meet up with him and help him on his booth every year. And, you know, and Jeff’s not just a, a boss. He’s a, he’s a great friend of mine.

00:22:59:16 –> 00:23:06:21
That’s awesome. All right. And so then bring us to bring us to Idaho in, in Nevada. How did, how did that come about?

00:23:08:01 –> 00:23:29:22
So, you know, I guess the big thing, I looked around and I, I I just a little bit of the personality that I, I, I really do look around and see how everybody’s doing stuff. And I realized that I could take something from each one of them guys I work for, and I could do it, I could do it just as good or better in some ways, you know? Sure. And I, I wouldn’t necessarily say I’d done it better, but,

00:23:30:13 –> 00:23:33:13
But better for what you like, you know, better for you. Exactly.

00:23:33:20 –> 00:24:22:16
What, what worked good for us and what was important to me, you know, I mean, one thing that was important to me is we kept this, this business, family based, I mean, my kids are in camp every single week. My wife’s the cook every single week. And we, we make that very important in our camp every week. And, and you know, some guys may not care for that, but them guys don’t hunt with me. I, I have a lot of guys that hunt with me every single year, but that’s why they’re there. They love that the whole family’s there. They love, they love how passionate we all are about it. Yeah. And, you know, most of these guys are, are texting me and calling me throughout the whole year, seeing how everything’s going. And, and that, that’s what, that’s what I wanted in this business. I mean, obviously if you’re doing this business for money, you probably should have been in another business. Tough, you know, tough.

00:24:22:16 –> 00:24:24:04
You’re doing it tough, tough for the experience

00:24:24:08 –> 00:24:24:18
In life.

00:24:25:02 –> 00:24:27:06
Yes. Yep. Yep. But,

00:24:27:09 –> 00:25:45:24
But, you know, I, I was, I was very, very fortunate. I found find that, found out who had my favorite unit close to my hometown. I, I grew up in, in filer Idaho there. And Unit 54 was one of the units that I always hunted with my grandpa as a kid. And I personally never drew a tag, but he drew one often and I went with him, hunted with him until he was 83, is when he drew the last tag up there. And I didn’t even know who had that unit. And I, I approached the guy that had it. I knew he didn’t, he didn’t really push that outfitting business real hard. So I thought maybe I’d have a chance of purchasing it. And the guy was, I caught him on the right day, but I believe in fate. And this was definitely fate. He thought he had a heart attack the week before. And, you know, he says, you know, hobie, I, I do think I’m the age that I’m ready to let somebody else do this and maybe I need to do something different. And he ended up agreeing to sell that to me. And we made the purchase and everything. Actually in the long run, he had more tests done, and he didn’t have a heart attack. It was something else. And I don’t think if he would’ve known that at the time that he’d just told me that business. So I’m pretty thankful for that.

00:25:46:10 –> 00:26:32:20
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, yeah, he’s, you know, sometimes things, it’s just timing is everything, no matter what business you’re in. And That’s right. And that’s, you know, that’s been proven true a hundred different times, just even the people that I know. But what I think’s interesting is, is what’s a little different, well, I mean, same in some states, but is that Idaho has basically concessions similar to Alaska, where you can buy in and, and somewhat not compete with very many other outfitters. Whereas like, like for example, here in Utah, anybody can get a forest use permit. It’s getting a little bit tougher. Anybody can get a B L M permit and you can guide in any unit you want in the state. Whereas Idaho, that’s not the case. Tell me a little bit about that and expound upon that. Well,

00:26:33:12 –> 00:26:40:02
No, that’s exactly right. I actually, so unit 54, I have the Forest service and the b l m permit for all guiding in the unit,

00:26:40:14 –> 00:26:43:08
And nobody can compete. You have a monopoly in 54.

00:26:44:04 –> 00:27:44:00
That’s right. Yep. And the good thing that I will say about it is I, I believe that it, it, it probably in the, the interest of the public and everybody else that it doing that keeps a guy very honest. I mean, if you’re out there and you’re not being a good representative or outfitter as far as ethics and attitude and everything out there, small little towns, you’re never gonna last. You know, so I, I believe that when they can only point the finger at one outfitter instead of 30 outfitters, it makes a guy do the right things. And, and, you know, we really, really try to be as good as we can. I feel like it’s a privilege to have that permit and we go out of our way to make sure that we’re, we’re doing the right things on the mountains if that’s not, not trying to rule the area or, you know, if we see people with bulling tires or whatever, you know, outta gas, whatever, we just do whatever we can to help ’em to help ’em.

00:27:44:01 –> 00:28:17:02
And I think that, that you get that in a, in a permit, kinda like what we have, you know, Nevada’s a little different across the border. And I, I do guide there also. I kind of choose the select hunt that I like to do. It’s a little more competitive and, and a lot more people racing the bulls. And it’s just been nice to not have quite that. And, you know, it also, Idaho to me is pretty drama free. I mean, we, we don’t really have very many problems ever on the mountain, you know, and well,

00:28:17:29 –> 00:28:58:20
A lot of that is you got, so you got, you know, people are drawing tags and there’s different people drawing tags every single year. There’s no point system in Idaho. And so you’ve got guys that are, it’s just a random draw. And so there is no drama because you don’t have guys that have specific bulls thereafter and competing with you. You don’t have other outfitters competing with you. You don’t have clients every single year with one outfitter and then competing against clients of another outfitter. I can totally see that, how, how it’s drama free and some not maybe totally stress free because just guiding in and of itself is kind of stressful. But, but I can totally see what an awesome opportunity that is having a concession like that.

00:28:59:19 –> 00:29:32:06
It is, it’s, that’s, that’s the most enjoyable part about it, you know, I mean, we, we’re not a huge outfit. You know, I take 20 to 35 hundreds maybe a year between there. And so we’re not so big that we’re ever dominating an area. I mean, I think a lot of residents don’t even hardly know that we exist up there. And that was kind of the idea just to kind of blend in and we’re taking a few nice animals out of there a year and just, just enjoying it more than trying to, trying to do absolutely as much as we can.

00:29:32:14 –> 00:29:54:06
Yeah. Now if, now when you, going back to what you say, it makes you be honest and take care of your clients, it, it almost would feel the opposite to me. No, you can’t be be touched. There’s no other competition. I can charge you what I want. I can do what I want. I mean, is there some of that on, in some of the different concessions or could Game and Fish or Outfitter Association boot you and, and take your permit from you?

00:29:55:03 –> 00:30:52:16
No, they, they, you’d have to really mess up period to take the permit. Okay. And you could definitely take advantage of the situation if you wanted to. Yeah. But that, that ain’t us at all. Yeah. I mean, we, you know, talking to a guy on the phone, I’m more about the experience that I’m gonna have with that client than I am, how many, how much I can get out of them. Yeah. You know, I mean, I talked to a guy that, that’s been working hard his whole life to come on one of these hunts and you know what, he’s $500 for making the cut. You know, I’m, I’m pretty good about working the deals. Yeah. You know, I wanna see them guys be out here, and them guys are so enjoyable. I mean, they come out here and they never been in the west before, and the whole time they’re, all they’re doing is looking around. I mean, sometimes I gotta gotta tell ’em, Hey, we’re looking at a big deer here. And they’re, they’re looking at looking at the country and they just can’t believe it. And, you know, that’s, I appreciate that a lot because I think us living in the West, we, we forget how lucky we are to be out here every day.

00:30:52:23 –> 00:31:39:13
Oh, yeah. Yeah. Well, I try, you know, when I’m in the office doing a podcast, I don’t forget about it because I’d rather be out in the hills right now. I mean, I’ve had, I’ve had a, you know, we just got out of the, just got outta the hills and now we’ve been in the office and, and I’m already wanting to be out in the hills, you know, I’m in the office so I can be in the hills. Yeah. So, yeah, I try not to forget about it. And usually they get about a six month reminder, you know, when we’re out, when we’re sitting here in the office. But, but we are researching the things we love to do and continuing to make plans and help people apply and whatnot. But one thing I think’s interesting, you know, and I, and, and it’s, I don’t know how long ago, how long ago did you, did you pick up this concession?

00:31:41:02 –> 00:31:41:27

00:31:42:03 –> 00:32:31:03
2009. Okay. Just so happens your area has some of the biggest bulls in the state for both moose and elk. And I just find that interesting. You, you, I mean, if it were me, I would want your concession because you’ve, you are a little bit removed from the wolves. You’ve got giant bulls, you’ve got both giant bull elk, giant shiru, moose and, and, and the potential for state record, both in both categories, plus you’re coming onto some big deer, you’re in the right location. I know you’ve, you’ve had bigger deer in the past and, and there’s great potential and, and, and maybe you’re seeing a little bit of shift into some better quality than you’ve had in recent years. But tell me a little bit about that, what it feels like. I mean, it’s just gotta be a great feeling to be guiding some of the best critters that’s taken in Idaho.

00:32:32:07 –> 00:33:43:26
It has, it’s been, it’s been an absolute dream, really. You know, my, my lifetime dream was to, to guide a 400 inch bull, especially in the state of Idaho. And you know, so far we’ve, we’ve done it, we’ve done it twice is all actually now. But we’ve, we’ve knocked on the door several times and you know, the first, I’ll never forget the first 400 bull that we knocked down, we were hunting a muzzle loader hunt with Shelly Sayer. Yeah. And she made a tremendous shot. And we, we, we were hunting animal that, you know, I never actually told any of my guides what we were hunting until the day before, because I just knew it was something, it was something special. Yeah. And I, I stayed on that. I found that, that bull the first time when I, I was taking my, my, my little girl cadence out with me, and I think she was three years old at the time. And I remember I said, I said, that’s that’s a big one right there. And I let her look through the scope and she was having a hard time, obviously seeing it. Finally, she’s like, I see it. She says, I said, that’s a big one. And she says, dad, that’s a baby. You know, she showing me with her fingers how tall it is in the stroke,

00:33:43:29 –> 00:33:44:22
You know? Yeah,

00:33:44:22 –> 00:33:50:15
Yeah. She thinks it’s three inches tall. Yeah. And I said, no, that’s a big one. And she said, it’s a baby.

00:33:51:11 –> 00:33:51:26
And I said,

00:33:52:02 –> 00:34:20:11
You know, I, I just laughed. But you know, that, that whole thing was, yeah. I’m not gonna lie, it stressed me out. I, I wanted that bull so bad. Yeah. And everything didn’t go perfect to get it, but we finally ended up with it. Yeah. And like I say, Shelly did a, a great job, and that bull ended up going four 16 and it, it was to walk up to that bowl is at that time, the best moment of my guiding career for sure.

00:34:20:16 –> 00:34:23:20
Wow. So four, is it four 16 inch gross or?

00:34:24:19 –> 00:34:30:26
Yes, gross. Bull gross. I, I’m a, I’m a gross guy. I, you know, I always say nets are for fish

00:34:30:29 –> 00:34:34:16
Know. Yeah. So what, how many points did it have? Six.

00:34:35:14 –> 00:34:46:21
You know, it had, it was six by seven mainframe with a cheater, you know, and actually this year it’s on the front of front cover of King King’s calendar. Okay. Which was pretty, pretty neat. But yeah,

00:34:47:06 –> 00:35:12:22
This year it’s, it’s awesome. An Idaho public lamb bull on the cover of, you know, King’s calendars. It’s pretty impressive. I mean, usually you’re, you know, you got the Arizona, of course Utah’s been known for years where, you know, we’ve seen better years than we’ve got now. But the, and, and Mexico, you know, I mean, usually you’ve got these kind of bulls coming out of those places. An Idaho bull. That’s pretty, pretty impressive.

00:35:15:10 –> 00:35:49:02
Well, we, we thought so for sure at the time. And, and we still do, you know, we were fortunate this year we killed a, a couple really nice bulls again. We took a 3 81, and then we took another 4 0 4 this year. Geez. And I, you know, I’d actually found at least one that was quite a bit better. And he, he slipped away from us. Actually, I hadn’t seen him since the, the day, I guess two days before that muzzle loader hunt opened this year. And I’m pretty sure he didn’t get taken. I think he just did what he, what he always does and he slipped away.

00:35:49:11 –> 00:36:22:26
Yeah. That’s crazy. So are you, have you been finding since 2009 when you, when you started in there, I mean, are the bulls getting better or was it great when you first walked in? Or how, how’s the, I know their management, I’ve talked to Game and Fish, they wanted to give a bunch more tags. The public wouldn’t let ’em through surveys and whatnot. They figured that out. And they’re, they’re under utilizing that herd. Their, their bulls are dying of old age in there, and it’s killing game and fish. But of course the hunters want it. They like to have a place that they can go and, and see giants.

00:36:23:20 –> 00:37:10:28
That’s right. And that’s very weird for Idaho to think, think that, I mean, I, I’d actually talked to the Nevada, or sorry, Idaho fishing game about it. And you know, they, they reminded me that this unit is not all about me. And I, I, I said I, I know this, but I talked to a lot of people. I said, you know, do the survey. And they did the survey and, and they came back and said, unbelievable. But you know, you were right. And they, they do feel this way. And that Op i Idaho has always been an opportunity state. Yeah. And so for, for the public to be 90% on one side that we want to grow 400 inch bulls, it was amazing to hear ’em say that. Wow. And, and, and, you know, as far as what the quality’s doing now, I’m telling you Jason, we’re just getting warmed up.

00:37:11:06 –> 00:37:47:25
I mean, Idaho has done such a fantastic job managing these bulls. And, you know, we’ve had, we had a, a good fire, I can’t remember if it was seven, seven or eight years ago, but we had a big fire that that took out about one third of this unit. And that’s just made it tremendous elk country. I mean, it’s just grown back really, really well. Big tall grass. We’ve had some great years the last couple years as far as springs and I, I really think, you know, I look around after the, all the hunts got done here the last two weeks and pretty excited about what’s left over.

00:37:48:03 –> 00:38:17:01
That’s awesome. So, you know, and what I think is awesome too, of course Idaho’s known for wolves and, and it’s really hurt game and fish a bit, you know, especially people’s mentality of the elk herds and, and ga big game herds as a whole just because of the, of the wolf population. But I think, I mean, you’re out of the mo of, of the bulk of that. I mean, you’re way south. And, and I think that’s quite a blessing for you, your guide business, you know, the area, the animals, everything.

00:38:18:03 –> 00:38:48:16
It, no, it really is, you know, what we hear the talk of seeing, you know, people seeing wolves and I think in, in the whole time that we’ve been out there, we might’ve seen one suspicious track ever. Yeah. And for all we know is somebody left one of their sheep dogs behind, you know? Yeah. But we’ve, we’ve never seen one up there. And you know, we’re hoping to keep it that way. I, I know we got some pretty ambitious wolf hunters around this area. And I think if it starts to be a problem, I think, I think there’ll be a lot of people to try to fix that problem.

00:38:48:19 –> 00:39:15:13
Yeah. For sure. Tell me, tell me about some of these giant bull moose. Like again, I got so many questions, but you know, were they always giants? Have they just been coming on and then, you know, how you’re hunting them, trail cameraing them, how you scout ’em? I mean, just tell me about ’em a little bit. I know you’ve got absolute monster bulls, of course, you’re following bulls from year to year. Just start talking to me about some of those bulls.

00:39:16:15 –> 00:39:56:03
Yeah. You know, we only had an idea really of how many bulls we had by what I kept track of in the winter. And a lot of times I weren’t seeing the bulls as much as I was seeing their tracks when I was lying hunting the whole time. And I, I started trying to pay attention of, you know, we got this many bulls over here, we got this many bulls here and, and you know, we were seeing ’em a little bit more than anything. We were just seeing a lot of tracks. Yeah. And so we’ve been talking with the fish and game and the commissioners a little bit about what we have up there. And you know, the funny thing about moose, I think is, is boy, they live in the fixed stuff. They eat in the fixed stuff, and they’re just, if they don’t wanna be seen, they don’t have to be.

00:39:56:16 –> 00:40:47:21
Yeah. And we really had no idea of how many moose we really had until we, you know, until we started really hunting them. And I do do a lot of trail cams. I’d say that’s probably half of our success in there. But we spent a lot of time on the mountain just looking, because some of them water holes that they’re, they’re going to, it’s not as, it’s not an every day. I mean, they, they still, there are some moose that I call potato chip bulls that go to the same spot every day. Yeah. But then you got the other ones that are more like a mule deer and they don’t make any sense what they do. And one of them bulls that were like, that is the one that Karen Moss shot with us last year. Yeah. And that, that moose just, I, I told, I told Karen before she got here, I said, this thing is not predictable in two and a half months.

00:40:47:23 –> 00:41:30:15
I’ve seen it six times on the hoof. And a lot of times I looked for that thing once a day when I was out there. So probably at least four to five days a week I looked for ’em. You know, it would spend an evening or, or a morning looking for ’em. And, and if it wasn’t for trail cams, there’s a lot of times that I would’ve thought that thing left the country or died of old age. Geez. You know, I just, it, it was really tough. And I think, I think Doyle was kind of doubting, doubting that’s really how it is. And, and you know, when they showed up and found out that exactly what that bull was like, you know, Doyle said, that’s just about as hard as as shooting any big mule deer that he’s ever hunted. You know? And, and there there’s a lot of residents around here that don’t really think this hunting is quite like that.

00:41:30:17 –> 00:42:13:14
You know, they think it, ah, it’s just a bull, you know, a moose out that’s, that’s easy. But some of these moose, they just don’t show theirselves. You know, there’s another bull that we’d almost shot the first year of this open and we ended up shooting another one that looked exactly like him. I’m almost positive their twins. And I call that bull the twin. Just yeah. Just a little reference on ’em. And the other bull that we ended up shooting, I thought was just a touch, touch better ended up being the, the state record that Brad Viser killed with us. Wow. And you know, this bull now we’ve only seen three times on the hoof, four times now on the hoof in two years that the, the twin.

00:42:13:27 –> 00:42:14:05

00:42:14:18 –> 00:42:36:23
And you know, I, I think that bull is just starting to maybe go downhill. He is still very, very impressive looking, but he’s, he’s starting to round off and not have as many points now, but still, you know, a 50 plus inch moose that has 15 inch wide battles and 40 inches long. I mean, he’s, he’s really impressive looking huge fronts.

00:42:37:11 –> 00:42:55:01
Wow. That is unbelievable. So I, I hate to deviate from, let’s just talk about how big this bullet. Do you feel like he’s better than the state record? Do you feel like he’s better than Brad’s bull? Or, or what’s your opinion there? I mean, obviously they’re twins close

00:42:55:01 –> 00:43:22:02
To it. Yeah. I, I think, I think that bull this year still would’ve beat beat Brad’s bull. I think that bull was a, was a probably a net mid 180 5. But, you know, to tell you the truth, I I have three or four bulls like that right now. And they, they haven’t been easy to keep track of. I mean, they’ve, some of ’em have disappeared for a long time and you know, some of them didn’t show up until even after the season this year. And

00:43:23:19 –> 00:43:23:27

00:43:24:16 –> 00:44:24:08
We have some huge potential. I mean, you know, I’ve hunted with some guys that have hunted moose all over the place. One of them guys that’s an absolutely fantastic hunter is dirt Eddie. Yeah. And as dirt came and he, he drew a, drew a tag a few years ago and he hunted with us and he comes scouting with, with me several different times. And he kept telling me, ’cause he’s a, he’s a moose fanatic, you know, this guy’s had a moose everywhere. He just, he just loves him. Yeah. And he kept reminding me every day of how spoiled we are to talk like a 1 55, 1 60 bulls just a small bull bull, you know, just full. And we, we don’t know any better. This is the only place that we’ve got a hunt Irish mix. Yeah. You know? Yeah. And we, we are very fortunate to see what we, we’ve been seeing. And I, I don’t see it going away anytime soon. I think the way that the fishing game is managing it right now, we should be shooting big moose for, for however long. You

00:44:24:08 –> 00:44:43:12
Know, it, it all, it’s one thing about it. Everything changes. And you, and we always thought that about Utah Bulls, that our big, big bulls would never go away. And, and they did. You know, and so just, I’m just saying maybe it won’t, maybe you’ll be the exception, but just, you just really need to enjoy it, you know? Well,

00:44:43:12 –> 00:45:31:14
You know, E ex exactly. One thing I do worry about is, is just like any area, you have your strong genetics and you have your weak genetics. We do have some weak genetics in here. You know, we have a lot of bulls that have them front that just have like a one dagger. Yeah. You know, even though them can turn into huge looking bulls as far as scoring Yeah. They are not scoring bulls. They, you know, we have a bull right now that’s probably 55 inches wide that just had daggers on the front. And he’s a huge, awesome bull. Yeah. But he’s just not gonna score. And the, the, the bad thing about that is you have a hard time getting a guy to shoot one of them bulls or want to shoot one of them bulls. And that bull is gonna be the bull that does along of the breeding. Yeah. You know, and so that is one of the ways I think that you start to lose your overall good genetics.

00:45:31:22 –> 00:45:34:05
What’s an old bull? Like, what’s their lifespan?

00:45:36:02 –> 00:45:56:28
You know, them, them bulls can live to be 20 years old. I think a lot of these old bulls that were, I think I’m, I’m guessing I turned the teeth in and stuff last year, in the last couple years on these mo just for our own personal records Yeah. Just to know what we’re, what we’re doing. But I suspect some of these bulls are, are, are 12 to 15 years old Wow.

00:45:56:28 –> 00:45:59:05
That we’re in their prime. That we’re taking in their prime.

00:45:59:06 –> 00:46:20:01
Exactly. But you know what I’m finding, and, and we’re really keeping track, I do files on all of these bulls to just try to see year after year. But the goofy thing about bulls is they, these moose is, they take a long time to get big and when they decide to fall off, they just drop off. They can turn into a four year old looking bull in just a matter or a couple years once they peak out.

00:46:20:16 –> 00:46:20:23

00:46:21:03 –> 00:46:51:27
And that’s all, that’s not me reading a book. That’s just my own personal experience finding on these bulls right here. Because some of, sometimes they’re almost not recognizable the next year. And it’s such a shame sometimes because it’s like, oh, we missed that one, we missed him. And now he’ll, he’ll never, he’ll never be big again. You know? Yeah. But to have a, a high-end area, you’re gonna have some of them bulls that just die of old age, you know, and, and to a point that’s kind of neat too.

00:46:52:14 –> 00:47:27:08
It’s really neat. I mean, I, I wanna hunt where deer die of old age. I wanna hunt where elk die of old age. I mean that’s, that means you’re, you’re in the right area. You’re gonna kill a monster. Yeah. If you’ve got feed genetics and they’re dying of old age, I mean, what else can you expect? And with your burn and, and the way that unit’s built and your predation, you know, limited predation for ’em, like, it’s, it’s awesome. I mean, you know, so you miss a few, but you’re still, you’ve got other ones coming up through the ranks that you’re getting to hunt. You know, like you said, you got three or four that are giant that are alive. Yeah.

00:47:27:11 –> 00:48:17:26
So, you know, that’s, it’s been a, it’s been a lot of fun to, to learn about these, you know, we, when we hunted them in Alaska, we we’re not always necessarily, actually for the most part, we’re not hunting score in Alaska. We’re, we’re hunting big bulls. Yeah. You know? Sure. Big fronts wide, you know, was it over 60? Is it 65? You know, I wasn’t really ever wrapped up in score there. It’s just big as big. And here that’s been, that’s been probably one of the funer things for me. I, I love scoring these bulls on the, on the huff. I, I figured out some ways that, you know, I’ve been maybe lucky, but I’ve got, we a thin an inch of majority of the bulls that we’ve killed scoring them. And that, that’s been fun. I mean, I’m, I’m a little obsessive about things and, and some of them bulls. I’ve probably scored 200, 300 times different pitchers, you know.

00:48:18:00 –> 00:48:56:24
Well, yeah. And a normal guy that tells me that, I’m like, the only way that’s happening is your tranquilizing bulls and scoring ’em. But I believe you. So that brings me to the next section. I want to talk about how to score ’em what you’re looking at. I have no idea. I’m looking at moose. I mean, I, I I have no idea. I can tell one’s a big one, but tell me about the, the score system and how you’re judging ’em. How are you judging these bulls that obviously, I mean, that close takes a train down, you’ve gotta put your hands on a lot of them, but then, you know what you’re saying, a 50 inch with a 15 inch wide paddle and 40 inches long. Like, just tell me what makes up a big bull and how you’re scoring them.

00:48:57:29 –> 00:50:11:15
Well, the biggest thing on that I, that I think on a bull moose is, is the length, just like a main beam or anything else is, is you got the highest pulpation in a, in a straight line all the way to the, the front, the fronts and the farthest pulpation on there. So if you have a bull that has big, long points, but it don’t ate very far on his front panels, he, he’s not going, not gonna score as good. You want that mation to go out in front of him as far as he can. Plus on the back you can have them big high points, but if they’re not mated all the way to the top, you’re gonna lose there too. Yeah. And, and then you got, you got the width of the paddle and you go center mass to center mass mass around the back of the paddle. Yeah. And then you get your base measurement and for each side, and then you get, or your mass measurement, excuse me, and then you get a point for each point longer than it is why it has to be over an inch long. Yeah. But it has to be longer than it is wide. And each one of them is just one point. So even if you have really, really long points, that can be an impressive look, but you’re, you’re not gonna get the score for it. Yeah.

00:50:11:24 –> 00:50:17:29
You want the mation and one inch points. You’d rather have that mation go all the way up through and connect those points.

00:50:18:26 –> 00:50:37:07
That’s right. Exactly. And there are certain bulls, I call cheater bulls. You know, they don’t always have to be the biggest looking moose to score big, you know, sometimes you get where they just ate way out there and they’re just a, a double, but if it’s mated out there, they, you still get that length all the way to there.

00:50:37:17 –> 00:50:37:25

00:50:38:16 –> 00:51:03:29
You know, one, one of the ways that I I’ve been as close as I have been is I’m, I’m taking similar bowls. I have a lot had I got from Alaska plus some that I’ve picked up here. And if I don’t have a bull that I think looks like it, I’ll go down to our local horn buyer at Ron Holt at bonafide antlers, and he’ll, he’ll let me go through all his stuff and I’ll find a bull that I think’s not like him, but, because you gotta Yeah. You, you know, I know. Gotta

00:51:04:01 –> 00:51:06:20
Put your hands on them. You gotta put, you gotta put the tape on them.

00:51:07:13 –> 00:52:01:20
That’s right. I mean, some of them, if you’re questioning at all, but I mean, I have a pretty good, you know, I, I know, you know, the distance between the burrs on a moose is, is almost always seven inches. And so I can scale ’em out. So I’ll take a picture of a, of a bull, a video or whatever, still shot it, and then I’m going to get it as squared up as I can, make sure we got the right angle on it. And then I’m gonna do actually scale it based off in between his horns. So I got my seven inches there. So I’ll, I’ll take it up and I’ll, I will say I major 10 inches across the paddle, but I know that he has a pretty big bit dish in his, in the bend of his horn. And I’ll go find a bowl that’s similar to that and I’ll say, oh, well he gained in that dish, he gained two inches. So now that’s a 12 inch wide paddle.

00:52:03:25 –> 00:53:17:00
And then I’ll, I’ll, I’ll go on the, the mass, the mass is almost, almost oh seven inches, seven and a quarter, maybe seven and a half on the mass. So the mass is not a big factor. And obviously the points are the easiest ones to, to count as, as far as the tines. And then I’m just gonna do that, that length. And the length is, is sometimes the hardest because the, how, how a bold dish is in the bottom. You, you pick up so much of say as a, as a line of sight that boaz’s head down and I can see from the top of his ation to the bottom of his ation, I am, I’m getting 36 inches. Well, or, or probably more realistic would be 28 inches. Well, a lot of times on that bend I’m gonna pick up 12, 12 inches on the bend. Wow. And de depending how far he comes out and how curl he is, I mean, it, it makes a huge difference if he, if he’s a straight up and down paddle or if he has a huge bend in it. Yeah. You know, so all them things gotta take into play. And the easiest thing that I got is, is a lot of, a lot of sheds that I can go, go mess with till I got it figured out.

00:53:17:16 –> 00:53:58:17
Geez. That’s crazy. It’s, it’s quite in depth and you’re lucky enough to be able to put your hands on some of these bulls. You just gotta put your hands on a lot of good ones and, and then, and then figure it out like you’re doing. What’s your, like what’s your goals for this? Like, for me, I’d want to, I mean, you know, I, I mean, I’d I’d wanna produce the world record I’d probably, you know what I mean? And you can, like, it’s obvious you’ve got that potential possibly at some point, of course, it’s gonna take the right bull at the right feed, the right year, and of his life and the right moisture year and the right genetics. But like, what’s your goals? So what are your goals for, for especially elk and moose in your country?

00:53:59:27 –> 00:54:26:07
You know, I think for the moose are, we have a very good chance of, of taking the world record muzzle loader bowl. That’s, that’s a record that, don’t quote me on this exactly, but I think it’s, I think it’s 180 4 and I think five 16. And I, we’ve already beat that bull once before. We just shot it with a rifle instead of a muzzle loader,

00:54:26:16 –> 00:54:27:01
You know? Yeah,

00:54:27:01 –> 00:54:43:29
Yeah. And we would, we would already own that record right now if we would’ve been able to do that at that one. Yeah. But there’ll be another, there’ll be another chance. You know, at the time I might’ve been just a touch bummed, you know, because, you know, as a, as an outfitter, you gotta, you gotta know that your chances of touching a world record is Yeah. Slim

00:54:44:01 –> 00:54:45:28
Is very rare, slim, slim to none. Yep,

00:54:46:16 –> 00:54:57:16
It is. Yep. And, and I, I thought about that a lot at that time. I’m not a, I’m not at all about record kind of guy, but on the other hand, it would be really neat to be a part of one.

00:54:57:23 –> 00:54:59:14
Yeah, no question. And

00:55:00:02 –> 00:55:56:08
I, I really think we got a great chance. I think I need a guy that’s very serious, muzzle loader hunter, and that that is willing to pass some of these great bulls because it, it’s not quite as easy as I think a lot of people would think. You know, you have a 180 bull that walks in front of you. I mean, the thing is just amazing. I mean, especially when you think we’re, we’re in Idaho, in these moose. I mean, I remember when we first started shooting, we shot two of the first gear. We actually shot ’em about 15 minutes timeframe apart from each other, and they were the first two moose to ever come out of that unit. And it was, it was, it was amazing feeling. But as I sent them out to a lot of my friends and past clients, you know, they, they barely responded, y’all neat, neat, neat. Well, they all thought we were in Alaska. Yeah. You know, and once the word got out that that was Idaho Moose, you know, it was a different response, you know?

00:55:56:23 –> 00:55:58:13
Yeah. Oh, that’s, that’s serious.

00:55:59:20 –> 00:56:18:14
Yeah. And, you know, that’s, that’s just been such a, such a fun thing to be, be a part of, you know, and, and, and a lot of these guys have shot these moose with us. They just couldn’t be more appreciative. And, you know, this has almost been a, just the ultimate dream for the majority of these guys that shot these big bulls with us.

00:56:18:14 –> 00:56:19:08
Yeah, that’s awesome.

00:56:19:14 –> 00:56:42:18
You know, we’ve, we’ve, as far as the elk goes, I, I think we have, I think the, it’s, it’s endless possibilities that can happen on the elk. It still takes the perfect bull, the perfect genetics as you know, that there was a huge bull that was gross four or 4 22 straight six that got killed outta my unit a couple years ago. We

00:56:42:18 –> 00:56:45:26
Didn’t know that netted like four 16 or four 17 or something net.

00:56:46:16 –> 00:57:16:08
Yes. It was absolutely unbelievable. And you know, the truth is, I, I had pictures of that bull that was sent to me, and you know what? He was so massive and so evenly spread all the way across. I knew that bull was well over 400, but to tell you that I thought that bowl was 4 22 gross. I never in a million years, but the, it had some amazing things going for it. It had 16 inch main beans. But the main thing is every point was just crazy long. And he, like I say, he was so uniform that it was hard to tell that he was quite that big, you know? Yeah.

00:57:17:02 –> 00:57:24:05
Well, and he, I, if I’m not mistaken, he’s the world record typical archery bull, isn’t he?

00:57:25:21 –> 00:57:40:05
I I, I don’t know if that got finally in there or not. You know, he he was, he was broke. Yeah. They did find that point. And I don’t know if that actually made it into Yeah, Pope and young for sure, but I think it is in SS c i

00:57:40:11 –> 00:57:50:20
That’s what’s crazy mean. He, I know he broke off the back end of his, after his sword time and the, and the, and the guy, we both know him, goes back in and finds it and tells everybody he’s gonna find it and he does.

00:57:52:09 –> 00:58:15:15
Yeah. And, and you know that that individual, that individuals a unique guy. But, you know, I have a text on my phone that says earlier that day, Kobe, where was the last place that you knew of him? And, you know, I didn’t even have time to respond. I was actually hunting that day and I, I got back and, and 45 minutes after he sends me that text, he shows me the horn.

00:58:15:22 –> 00:58:16:01

00:58:16:05 –> 00:58:19:24
Unbelievable. I didn’t find a horn like that in 45 minutes. Only that lucky guy would

00:58:19:24 –> 00:58:22:21
Ever do that. Dude, I’m telling you, I’m telling you it,

00:58:22:25 –> 00:58:28:11
There’s some people that have questioned if that was the right fit or the right point. Well, let me tell you, that bull is so big,

00:58:28:27 –> 00:58:30:09
It was Can’t make that point up.

00:58:30:10 –> 00:58:37:06
Yeah, no, it’s a perfect fit. It’s undeniably the, the the exact fit. You know, it’s,

00:58:37:14 –> 00:58:38:12
And yeah.

00:58:38:17 –> 00:58:44:09
You know, I guess he, he’s lucky he found it, you know, I mean, I might’ve made buttons out of it if I would’ve found it, but

00:58:44:28 –> 00:58:45:23
No, you wouldn’t.

00:58:46:22 –> 00:58:47:14
No, I just do

00:58:47:23 –> 00:59:08:19
Nice handles. Tell me. All right. Tell me about some of the milder, I know you’ve got some good milder opportunities there, and I just wanna briefly go over those. I know obviously you’re some, sometimes when I talk to you, you’re, oh, just, you know, there’s better potential and you’re not, and your unit’s not meeting that, you know, due to management and whatnot, but let’s talk about that.

00:59:10:04 –> 01:00:07:24
Well, I think I, there’s, there’s quite a few things going on here. I mean, pressure, like everywhere else, and, and it’s not always just hunting pressure, but you know, this unit 54 is a very sought after place for recreational biking and everything else. And I think pressure in general takes a huge toll on the, on the deer doing well. I mean, if they have an area where they’re not bumped every day, I think they would thrive a little bit more. Even, you know, not, not talking about the, the hunters, but the hunters are definitely one of the bigger issues we have. I think that the elk has, has taken a, a toll on some of the areas. I mean, you know, I, I believe that them, this is my own personal belief, but I, I believe the elk don’t mind and the deer don’t mind being around the elk, but when it’s that rut time, it, them deer just ain’t gonna put up with the noise and the Yeah. And the running around all day. They just get out of, out of dodge, you know? Yeah.

01:00:08:03 –> 01:00:08:10

01:00:08:21 –> 01:00:59:12
And I, I think there’s just been so many things to happen here. I I, I do believe that we need to cut some tags. I think that, you know, unit 54 is a deer factory. It’s, it’s an absolutely amazing deer place, but we gotta get the more mature bucks back in the unit. You know, I just finished up on a late deer deer tag and, you know, we did find quite a few 180 deer, you know, we were looking for the next step up. We were looking for a one 90 and it just, it wasn’t, it wasn’t in the cards for us this year. I mean, we shot it, we shot a nice deer, but not exactly what we were looking for. And which really kind of surprised me because, you know, the October season we took some really nice deer this year actually, we took, took a 180 4 buck and then we took a 180 9 buck. And I really figured this late season that we would have a slam dunk one 90 plus and that, that wasn’t the case this year.

01:00:59:19 –> 01:01:18:18
Yeah. Well I know an Adam’s boy drew a tag and went up there and, and hunted some of that country and, and it was a lot of fun, but same kind of thing. Never did see a giant, but didn’t, didn’t spend enough a lot of time in there. And of course, didn’t know it doesn’t know it like you guys do, but, but a lot of fun, you know, and plenty of game and whatnot, so.

01:01:19:28 –> 01:02:20:28
Well, and that’s one thing about this unit, it is a really fun unit to hunt it, you know, good and bad has a lot of roads in it, but it’s not a, a real, real physical hard hunt, but it’s, it, it still has a lot of deer in the unit there. It would take nothing to bring this, this unit back. I just think it needs a little, little different management. And I don’t think it has to be forever. I think a little bit of sacrifice right now, in the long run. You’d get back 10 times, you know? And I think we’re, I think we’re a, a couple years maybe away from seeing, seeing a serious change. I know the fish and game have, have put out a lot of, a lot of surveys to possibly change maybe the way that they, that they do some of this if we’re gonna turn more into trophy hunting. I I think that Idaho is becoming more of a trophy state than, than the fish and game is recognizing right now. But I, I do think that’s close to changing.

01:02:21:13 –> 01:02:40:13
Yeah. Well, it’s hard when you’re, you know, the budgets are tough and, you know, to cut back on tags, which is a revenue generator, and I mean, there’s just, of course that’s a whole nother podcast. So, you know, I know there’s ways around that and to fix that, they’ve just gotta be willing to change. And they’re not, you know, it seems like,

01:02:41:09 –> 01:03:29:04
But I do think that we probably have the right commissioners in there right now. We have, we have some really awesome guys that are commissioners right now for Idaho, and we have had the last few years. Yeah. And I, the nice thing is these guys are hunters. They, they care. They’re not one-sided. Yep. They’re putting a lot of time in. And I think what we’ve been seeing with these guys right now is they wanna make a difference. They wanna make a change, and they’re, they’re willing to, you know, they’re, there’s no money to be made as a commissioner. So some of these guys that are, are doing what they do and putting so much time in it, my hats off to ’em because it, it’s a lot of time that these guys are spending and, and they’re doing it for the whole purpose of just trying to make Idaho better. So I think that’s pretty amazing. It

01:03:29:04 –> 01:03:39:10
Is. It’s awesome. Well, tell me, I mean, is there, changing gears a little bit, I mean, your most memorable hunt or the favorite personal hunt that you’ve, that you’ve been on?

01:03:41:24 –> 01:04:32:15
You know, I would say my most, oh my, maybe my most favorite hunt is it, it would probably be between two. I, I’ll, I’ll give you two quick stories here. You know, I, I, I wasn’t real close with my dad when I was younger and we never really did much together. And when I was 15, he took me, took me hunting, and I drew an elk tag in unit 49. And it was obviously an over the counter deer tag. And so we had it with a hunt a deer at the same time. And, you know, we probably had the best time that I can ever remember the best time I’d ever spent with him and, and, you know, to share some of them experiences. And I shot a, I shot a rag horn, I was 15 years old and Sure. And at the time I thought, I, I thought I shot the world record, you know, kinda kind of figured, you know, but what, what a great time it was.

01:04:32:17 –> 01:05:12:15
And you know, to me that’s, that’s what the hunting’s always been about. It’s been about experience and, and relationships out in the field and, and just, yeah, being able to enjoy the outdoors or to somebody that you, that you care about. So, you know, that hunt meant a lot to me. And you know what, another one, my, my wife drew a tag. She, she drew unit 54 for elk. Oh, I don’t know what it’s been. Well, I think it’s been about 7, 7, 8, 7 or eight years ago. And, you know, she drew that tag as a 3% draw. And you know, I’ve been 16 years without drawing a tag, so I might’ve been a little bitter, but we were still pretty sure pretty excited about it.

01:05:12:24 –> 01:05:14:11
Not gonna kick her outta a cook tent though.

01:05:16:00 –> 01:06:01:02
Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah. But you know, the first day out we found 27 bulls. Yeah. And this is, you know, we’ve been to Africa before and she’d hunted a few animals there, but this was obviously a different, different hunt for her. And we really hunted hard and like say we found 27 bulls that first morning we found a bowl that was between 360 and 365. And I kinda left it up to her if she wanted to shoot it. And you know, I, I kind of wanted her to shoot it, but on the other hand, I, I did want to keep hunting, you know, and Sure, you know, she, she, she, she, she said to me, I, I said, it’s up to you. And she says, you know, if I, I’m gonna pass ’em and if I ended up killing a three 20 bull on the last day, well so be it.

01:06:01:08 –> 01:07:04:28
And you know what? That’s it. What ended up happening, we killed a three 19 bull, the, oh, about five days to the last day. But, you know, we hunted some great bulls in between. She was actually five months pregnant at the time, and I found a bull right on the border that was about, he, I knew he was over three 80 and he was only about a mile from the Nevada border. And we, we had about 15 minutes of light left. I said, all we gotta do is run down this hill and catch him when it’s come, coming across the saddle. And you know, we, we had a little bit of problems getting pregnant for about five years. And she looked at me and she says, I ain’t fallen for no help, you know, and I was trying to be good. I was trying to be good and I just gritted my teeth. I said, oh, alright, well we’ll come back tomorrow. She ended up with a cold and was, was, didn’t wanna risk, you know, being sick with being pregnant and Yeah. And we didn’t get to get out there for about seven days. She was sick and opening day of Nevada season, they killed that bull on the line and it was 3 83.

01:07:05:08 –> 01:07:06:18
Oh geez. But,

01:07:06:18 –> 01:07:11:04
But that’s how it goes. I mean, it gives us something to talk about. I remind her every once in a while about it.

01:07:11:17 –> 01:07:13:13
Yeah, well there’s some, but

01:07:13:13 –> 01:07:14:18
You know what, what an experience. She,

01:07:14:18 –> 01:07:18:26
Yeah, it’s an awesome experience. And there’s some things in life that’s just more important than a bull, you know,

01:07:19:29 –> 01:07:55:09
You know what, and, and that was, you know, puts score to the side just for a minute, you know, that bull, I’ve never seen a hunter more proud of the shot that she made right then, and, and that she did it right. And it was a different feeling for her than on our Africa trip. And, you know, she realized that how hard and she worked for it and what it took to get it done. And, and you know, we, we obviously quartered up, packed it out of there, just the two of us. And it was just such an experience for us. I mean, like I say, me and Tasha have shared our lives together on everything and, and it’s fun to share for her to share some of them passions with me, you know, so that’s, that’s probably my favorite heart,

01:07:55:09 –> 01:08:32:17
Really. That’s awesome, man. Well, that’s awesome. Well, we’re kind of out of time. I just wanna thank you for spending some time with me. You know, I’ve got a lot of respect for you, Hoy. You’ve, you’ve, you’ve, I don’t know, I I wanna say revolutionized, but you’ve sure changed a lot of people’s outlook and hunting in Idaho for the better. You’re, you’re doing it right. You’re, you’re killing some giants and, and your hunters are happy. I hear ev I hear from ’em, I talk to ’em all the time. And, and of course I visit with you quite regular and, and I’ve learned a lot from you. So I just want to tell you how much we appreciate you and, and it’s an honor to visit with you on our podcast.

01:08:34:01 –> 01:08:40:13
No, that’s awesome. I sure appreciate you inviting me to do this and you know, I sure have a lot of respect for you guys over there too at Epic, so

01:08:40:19 –> 01:08:51:11
That’s awesome. Thanks. You bet. So anyway, any, any of our listeners who wanna learn more about Ho Hoby, it’s Hoby Gartner there. Deadline Outfitters, I believe it’s deadline, isn’t it? Hoby be,

01:08:53:10 –> 01:08:53:17

01:08:54:01 –> 01:09:15:06
Okay. So that deadline I had you pulled up here a minute ago, but talks about all the different hunts and whatnot. So anyway, appreciate you. Good luck for the rest of the year. Of course, it’s about over for you. I know it’s kind of over for, for most of it except for a little bit of lion hunting and, and, and different things. But good luck and everything else you got going.

01:09:16:09 –> 01:09:18:04
Well, thanks a lot for that. Appreciate that, Jason.

01:09:18:10 –> 01:09:19:05
All right, talk to you later.

01:09:19:25 –> 01:09:20:19
Okay, bye.

01:09:21:13 –> 01:09:54:20
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