In this episode of The Epic Outdoors Podcast we sit down in the studio with “ShedCrazy” Ben Dettamanti. We talk to Ben about his Shed Year as and how the journey has been. We also swap many previously UNTOLD hunting stories that just happened to come up. We talk hunting and spend plenty of time laughing. From Canada to Wild Strawberries sit back and enjoy.

Disclaimer: this podcast has been transcribed from the original audio and likely contains errors. This transcription does not reflect the views and opinions of Epic Outdoors LLC. Please consult the original audio with any concerns.

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Yeah, it’s, it’s been a fun journey. It’s been a fun ride for sure. He comes out, he comes out at 35 yards. This is a hilarious ride. They basically, random story I never thought I’d tell really, but anything to do with Western big Games.

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Hey everybody. So we need to do an enforce a formal, let’s do a formal, let’s do a formal, here we go. All right, take one. We we’re only gonna do one take, right? Hey everybody. Jason Carter here with the Epic Outdoors Podcast, as well as Adam Bronson. We got him on horn with us right here in the office. And Chris Peterson, we’re gonna let him talk a little bit today. So, besides recording and editing and putting out these podcasts in such an awesome way, he’s actually gonna be able to visit with us and we’ll give him a little grief as well. So anyway, got a special guest with us sitting right here in the office. It’s kind of rare. We usually do these over the phone just because people are busy, we’re busy and, and we like to, you know, crank these out in a timely fashion.

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So, you know, it’s one of those things. But Ben here, shed crazy. He’s made the trip. It’s a long trip. It is. But anyway, we did get him here in the office. Before we get started, we want to thank Under Armour, and we don’t want to thank any of your sponsors. Just our sponsors, okay. Just do what you gotta do all. So anyway, we wanna thank Under Armour for sponsoring this podcast, as well as everything we do here at Epic Outdoors. They’re a huge partner of ours. We love ’em. They’ve got a lot of products and we all know that, of course. But they’re doing some awesome things in the hunting industry. So we appreciate them and just shout out to ’em, let ’em know how much we appreciate ’em here in the office. So this particular podcast, we’re gonna give away a pair of Fat tire boots from Under Armour.

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Anyway, they’re a $200 value on Or you can be given a free pair by entering to win epic back slash podcast. This is the time of year that all the different conventions are gonna be taking place. People will be gathering, prepping for next year’s hunts here in Utah. We have the Hunt Expo. It’s one of our biggest conventions of the year. It’s a time where it seems like the entire state of Utah gets together, as well as surrounding states and just visits about hunting. A lot of boosts there. A lot of different tags to buy. There’ll be tags to apply for. There’s a bunch of D different conservation tags that are available for five bucks a piece. And you can come and you gotta validate ’em in person. And then it’s a good excuse to come around and visit with everybody at the booth.

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Thanks for coming today. Happy to be here.

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Yeah, I was really busy. I had a lot going on today.

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It is December today.

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He just got flower beds. He is trying to raid so he can do sheds for

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Santa. There’s no browns. There’s no Browns out there. So it’s all white right now. So he’s

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Doing these sheds for Santa and we’ve always, we’ve all seen this on Instagram. There is no way he is taking ’em out of his personal stash. You don’t go out in the hills, find him and give ’em away. He’s not doing that. He’s stealing them in. I, this is my theory. Stealing ’em from, from Flowerbeds.

00:04:56:11 –> 00:04:58:10
He’s robbing Hooding sheds. Yes.

00:04:58:12 –> 00:05:01:17
Well, I only take ’em from really nice houses, you know, I don’t want,

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They won’t miss them. Or maybe they just buys their sheds from the shed buyer and put ’em in their yard. That’s, you’re those type of people, right?

00:05:07:25 –> 00:05:10:00
Yeah. I’m just trying to spread the shed wealth a little bit

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Or, or he’s talking to little kids that, that aspire to be a shed hunter for life. Right. And so he, where

00:05:17:27 –> 00:05:19:04
Do you look for shed Show me

00:05:19:04 –> 00:05:22:07
The latest. Oh, I’ll buy that off you. How? I’ll give

00:05:22:07 –> 00:05:22:14
To you

00:05:22:21 –> 00:05:23:26
For $5. Try

00:05:23:26 –> 00:05:28:16
The corner of Cobble Creek Drive. That’s do there off. That’s good. Yeah,

00:05:28:16 –> 00:05:30:20
That’s, you can find them. I’m little boy. And

00:05:30:20 –> 00:05:32:02
Then bring ’em to me and I’ll give you five bucks.

00:05:32:16 –> 00:05:37:08
Yeah. And he gives ’em five bucks, throws ’em up. He’s now donating shit for Santa. Hes a guy and hero

00:05:37:08 –> 00:05:39:16
For five. And the kid has Christmas money for his

00:05:39:18 –> 00:05:44:02
Siblings. Guys are shattering my whole PR image. I’ve worked so hard, worked so hard to, to grow here.

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We’ve really got off to a good start here today. Right. So we haven’t even introduced this guy for, everybody doesn’t know you. We know you Ben. We live in the same town. But you gotta tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? Yeah, usually.

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Usually we’ll introduce our guest, but I’m gonna gonna let you introduce yourself. Oh, thank you. ’cause I don’t know who you are.

00:05:59:00 –> 00:06:19:17
What an honor. Yeah, I, I was born and raised here in southern Utah in the, the best big buck and big bull country on earth in my opinion. And yeah, I grew up here, local kid. And I moved to about a half hour south now, so I could be closer to the Arizona Strip. That’s what I tell people is actually, so my wife could have a job, but

00:06:19:24 –> 00:06:21:12
Have you been on the strip? I just wanna know.

00:06:21:14 –> 00:06:30:13
Yeah, I’ve spent several hours out there looking for, for sheds and stuff. It’s kind of discouraging country, but there’s not enough elk out there for me, so I don’t,

00:06:30:19 –> 00:06:31:08
No, not enough.

00:06:31:08 –> 00:06:32:01
I don’t poundage.

00:06:32:06 –> 00:06:43:12
Right. They don’t, they don’t weigh up quite as well out there. So, but yeah, I was raised around here in, in just southern Utah, just trying to, trying to find some deer and elk. It’s a good spot to be.

00:06:43:18 –> 00:06:59:11
Yeah, it is. Southern Utah is awesome. We’re kind of in that central location where within 12 hours you can be to Montana or New Mexico or about anywhere you want to go. I don’t know why you’d wanna go to California. I guess we could go that direction, but nah. But maybe for the beach or something about

00:06:59:11 –> 00:06:59:24
No, thanks,

00:07:00:01 –> 00:07:00:23
Dodgers. Can,

00:07:01:27 –> 00:07:09:29
Anyway, we did talk to you back at the expo, did a little podcast. Yeah. And you, as you were starting your new venture. Tell us a little bit about that.

00:07:10:12 –> 00:07:26:00
Yeah, so I basically started off almost a year ago now I’m calling it, I’ve been calling it the shed year, just making YouTube videos about shed hunting and kind of detailing the journey of going from basically full-time nine to five guy to, to try to hunt for a living. So, so,

00:07:26:10 –> 00:07:30:02
So from going from being a provider to being retired,

00:07:30:08 –> 00:07:35:13
To being a hunter, a provider to being unemployed and a hunter gatherer to paying

00:07:35:13 –> 00:07:37:10
The bills and putting food on the table

00:07:37:19 –> 00:07:39:22
To Not anymore Yeah. To what

00:07:39:22 –> 00:07:45:08
We, to what we read about in the history books of the ancient ones that were hunters and gatherers. Right. Yeah.

00:07:45:14 –> 00:08:03:16
You could say definitely. I’m definitely, I try to gather. I don’t always get it done. But yeah, it’s, it’s been a fun journey. It’s been a fun ride for sure. And it’s, I don’t know, I feel like, I feel like it’s gonna be bigger from here on out, but this last year has been definitely learning experience. It’s been a lot of fun. Yeah. And we

00:08:03:16 –> 00:08:04:14
Have nowhere to go but up.

00:08:04:24 –> 00:08:07:01
Right. I have nowhere to go. I, I have nowhere to

00:08:07:01 –> 00:08:07:05

00:08:07:26 –> 00:08:10:26
But yeah, all I can do is, is grow from here, so.

00:08:11:05 –> 00:08:14:01
Awesome. So let’s see, you’re, you got a year under your belt

00:08:14:07 –> 00:08:15:13
Pretty much. Yeah. Do

00:08:15:13 –> 00:08:15:26
You have a job?

00:08:18:01 –> 00:08:20:29
Yeah, I think my job mostly is just keeping my wife happy these days.

00:08:21:10 –> 00:08:28:22
So, so you maintained that you’re a professional shed hunter for a full year. You’ve done it. Yeah. I You’ve done it, you got a year under your belt. Yep. You’re still married

00:08:29:17 –> 00:08:29:25

00:08:29:25 –> 00:08:32:28
Days even. Yeah. Okay. Wife’s happy.

00:08:33:01 –> 00:08:34:06
Yeah, she is. Okay. Yep.

00:08:34:09 –> 00:08:38:26
So for 2018, you’re gonna continue down the shed, hunter, professional shed hunter journey. Yeah,

00:08:38:26 –> 00:08:49:23
That’s the goal. I think I’m gonna go at it from a little bit different approach. The first year was all trying to fund it, just picking up sheds, you know? Yeah. And then I ended up buying some atler, selling some atler, doing all kinds of stuff like

00:08:49:23 –> 00:08:50:22
That. I saw that. Yeah. That’s cool.

00:08:50:25 –> 00:08:56:06
Yeah, and picked up some good sponsors I’ve been working with, so hopefully it’s just gonna actually pay me something in the coming year. That’s

00:08:56:08 –> 00:09:02:18
Alright. So, so on the sponsors, we’ll give you a little press here. Who are they? Throw a little shout out to ’em. I

00:09:02:18 –> 00:09:22:10
Work with quite a few good companies. I work with. Scree Camel is one that I’ve been working with quite a bit for a few years. And they’re kind of a up and coming camel company stationed outer right where I live. So they’re, they’re really good to work with. And then I’ve been working with Vortex Optics quite a bit, do some stuff with mountain ops and you know, just where I’m trying to get my gym pump on. Yeah, Joe, looks like

00:09:22:10 –> 00:09:23:05
You’re pretty buff.

00:09:23:06 –> 00:09:30:20
Yeah, dude, I’ve been getting swollen lately, so Yeah. I work with, with a handful of good companies, canvas Cutter, just some, just some good people out there.

00:09:30:25 –> 00:09:43:22
So a lot of times these are, you know, sponsorships entail product, but you can’t eat product. So you’re talking in 2018, we’re gonna, you know, build that up a little bit where it’s kind of fun and hopefully you get

00:09:43:22 –> 00:09:50:13
Some crazy, some checks coming in, right? Yeah, yeah. I can, you know, you can sell product online. I just get mountain ops and sell it on Craigslist. And do you

00:09:51:17 –> 00:09:52:00

00:09:52:05 –> 00:09:52:16

00:09:53:06 –> 00:09:55:19
It’s kind of like the old adage, buy low and sell high. Yeah,

00:09:55:21 –> 00:09:56:17
There you go. So,

00:09:56:17 –> 00:09:57:19
Or get it for free and sell high.

00:09:57:21 –> 00:09:58:00

00:09:58:00 –> 00:10:01:16
Smart. It’s smart. Yeah. Make a lot of money on garage sales and that kinda stuff. So if

00:10:01:16 –> 00:10:02:13
You guys need knee hunting gear

00:10:02:16 –> 00:10:03:25
That’s right. Come to one of my yard sales,

00:10:04:02 –> 00:10:04:24
Facebook yard sales even,

00:10:04:27 –> 00:10:06:02
Right? Yeah. Yes.

00:10:06:23 –> 00:10:15:00
Well, oh, that’s awesome. And so, so you were basically, you know, you, you gotta pick up a lot of sheds to be able to provide for the family

00:10:15:08 –> 00:10:22:24
For sure. Handle are high. No, yeah, you picked a good year to do it. I will commend you that you didn’t good, you didn’t do it when Browns are five bucks a pound. No,

00:10:23:01 –> 00:10:32:22
No. It’s definitely been, the price has helped out a lot and I’ve been able to have a pretty good year. I think I picked up somewhere in the ballpark of 150, 160 elk sheds on the year. Did

00:10:32:22 –> 00:10:33:19
You? Good for you,

00:10:33:23 –> 00:10:38:20
Man. So that, that helps get some of the bills paid and stuff. Yeah, I’m gonna try to crack 200 for the year’s

00:10:38:20 –> 00:10:40:12
Over. We’ll see. Okay. So you got numbers, like your

00:10:40:24 –> 00:10:45:10
Monthly goals. Yeah. So you got 30 something to do by in the next month. Yeah,

00:10:45:10 –> 00:10:45:22
It’s a lot.

00:10:46:11 –> 00:10:47:13
So is it November? Especially coming

00:10:47:28 –> 00:10:48:20
December 1st. Snow is coming.

00:10:48:21 –> 00:10:51:23
It’s December 1st. Yeah. How was November? Did you meet your goal?

00:10:52:03 –> 00:10:59:11
No, I didn’t. I spent way too much time just doing family stuff and you know, handling other stuff. I didn’t pick up up hardly any shit after

00:10:59:11 –> 00:11:01:22
Thanksgiving. You pumped up or pumped up For

00:11:01:22 –> 00:11:03:05
Sure. I had pumped up. You were out on

00:11:03:05 –> 00:11:04:02
The hunting trail too?

00:11:04:07 –> 00:11:11:29
Yeah, little bit. Yeah. We, we did, yeah. We spent a lot of time chasing deer and elk in November, in October and stuff. And got to go down to Arizona with Chris. And so we’ve been,

00:11:11:29 –> 00:11:12:17
That was awesome.

00:11:12:21 –> 00:11:15:25
Been busy, been chasing it live ones for now it’s time to suck

00:11:15:27 –> 00:11:24:00
The sheds. So. And so with that, you’re, you’re not just a shed hunter, you’re obviously the shed hunting crazy came from being a hunter.

00:11:24:04 –> 00:11:25:16
Oh yeah. A hundred percent. You’ve

00:11:25:16 –> 00:11:26:08
Been a hunter your whole life.

00:11:26:09 –> 00:11:49:01
Yeah, I’ve always been obsessed with it ever since I was a little kid. You know, my every family function we’ve ever had, was everybody talking hunting, you know? Yeah. My grandpa, uncles, everybody. So I think my love for shed hunting mostly just came from not being able to hunt as much as I wanted to hunt. So it was another way Yeah. To get out in the hills, find the animals, see what they were doing. So that’s kind of where that even sprouted from. But yeah,

00:11:49:02 –> 00:12:04:24
I think I met Ben like, I think it’s been like nine years now or something like that. It’s been a long time, but yeah. But I’ve always known Ben loved hunting. Their whole family did. And one of my favorite stories that I heard from his brother was the, the football team story that, that kind of showed me. Ben loves to hunt. Oh yeah,

00:12:04:24 –> 00:12:17:20
That was, it was definitely probably where I decided that, you know, you kind of have to turn a corner at points in life where you’re like, all right, this is the way I’m going from here on out. And for me, that was in a locker room probably my sophomore year of high school. So

00:12:17:20 –> 00:12:18:28
Locker room story. Yeah, I,

00:12:18:28 –> 00:12:20:04
Here we go. Watch

00:12:20:04 –> 00:12:20:08

00:12:20:25 –> 00:12:33:19
Censor yourself. It’s not like the locker rooms in the movies. Oh, little more mellow than that. But what happened was is I started playing football. I say playing football, watching football from the sidelines with the jersey is mostly

00:12:33:19 –> 00:12:36:05
What I was doing. So they allowed you to dress down?

00:12:36:05 –> 00:12:37:19
Yeah, I wasn’t, I wasn’t much a

00:12:37:23 –> 00:12:38:17
Movie player.

00:12:38:23 –> 00:12:41:00
Movie Water boy. And you resonated with that?

00:12:41:04 –> 00:12:58:12
Oh yeah. I definitely, that was, I played left out. That’s what I tell everybody. But yeah, I, I was playing football and I was trying to be a football player, but I just kept wanting to hunt and then I drew a, a Dutton rifle tag that year. And so I told my coach I’m gonna need a few weeks off practice. He wasn’t,

00:12:58:28 –> 00:13:00:04
You’ll see how that’ll go over

00:13:00:22 –> 00:13:01:18
Too fond of that idea.

00:13:02:01 –> 00:13:06:06
Hey, I’m gonna be packing out quarters. I’m mean, I’ll be tougher when I get back. Just let me go.

00:13:06:08 –> 00:13:11:29
Well he tried to make a big point of kind of calling me out in front of everybody, in front of the whole team in the locker room. And he told me thinking, shame you. Oh really?

00:13:12:03 –> 00:13:13:17
Yeah, in the locker. Just like

00:13:13:17 –> 00:13:23:28
All, here we go. He said, you need to choose right now. What’s it gonna be gonna be football or hunting? I said hunting. That’s not even a choice. And he was kind of quiet for a little bit and everybody kind of gasped and that was it. Walked

00:13:23:28 –> 00:13:25:06
Out and never put the pads

00:13:25:06 –> 00:13:38:07
On again. I still, I finished. You retired, I finished the year. You did. Sitting on the sideline. Came back from elk cunning. But yeah, I never played, I don’t know if I ever got in a game after that and said after that I said, screw it, I’m just gonna hunt. Yeah. That was awesome. Became my fall. I remember hobby

00:13:38:07 –> 00:13:43:17
That did get in the way. I did play football in high school, of course a little town. Monticello it in the way

00:13:43:17 –> 00:13:45:18
Of my kids. Like it’s Sean’s

00:13:45:22 –> 00:13:46:05
Get in the way.

00:13:46:05 –> 00:13:48:06
Sean Sean’s looking at deciding soccer

00:13:48:10 –> 00:13:50:11
And is soccer in the fall? I don’t know Jake.

00:13:50:17 –> 00:14:12:18
No, no hockey. But it’s not necessarily, but but nowadays you’ve got, you don’t just have school sanctioned sports. You’ve got year round stuff with clubs and traveling teams and, and you just, you know, it’s basically like, what do you wanna do? And I’ve told him on a psych could care less. Yeah. If he wants to do it, do it. But if you wanna hunt, let’s go. Yeah. You know what I mean? By the way, I don’t care, Sean, but, but let’s go hunt. I

00:14:12:18 –> 00:14:14:04
Don’t care. But lemme choose for you.

00:14:14:17 –> 00:14:30:18
So anyway. No, I think, I think school athletics and high school athletics is great for building characters. Great for these kids and everything and, and I support it and everything, but it’s so hard to do everything in life and, and so they do need to, you know, do need to decide.

00:14:30:18 –> 00:14:32:10
Sometimes you just gotta pick the thing you love the most.

00:14:32:14 –> 00:14:39:05
Yeah, for sure. I figured I had about a 1% chance of becoming a pro hunter and a 0% chance of being a pro football player. Geez, that’s

00:14:39:19 –> 00:14:40:05
Like double

00:14:40:22 –> 00:14:43:00
1%. Yeah, you chase a hundred percent better odds. That’s right.

00:14:43:03 –> 00:14:44:08
Hey, you made it, you’re a

00:14:44:08 –> 00:14:45:06
Pro. I guess dude,

00:14:45:06 –> 00:14:48:13
Professional means you feed the family with it and that’s what

00:14:48:13 –> 00:14:49:19
You’re doing. Well yeah. Close enough.

00:14:51:02 –> 00:15:03:02
You made it, you beat the 99%. There you go. So you shed hunting is your career, you obviously the hunting, is that like, do you take vacation to go hunting or do you call that your career too?

00:15:03:09 –> 00:15:20:11
Well, I, I don’t know, I guess it’s all kind of the same thing for me. ’cause I’m just trying to make videos about everything. So I guess it’s like a vacation. But it used to be like when I was working full time, I would spend all my vacation time and then some hunting. Yeah. So now I can say, okay, I’m gonna take a vacation, I’m gonna hang out with my family, spend some time.

00:15:20:29 –> 00:15:21:04

00:15:21:19 –> 00:15:25:01
It’s, it’s actually good. I actually probably get a lot more time at home than I did before.

00:15:25:07 –> 00:15:29:23
It’s semantics, you know, with your wife and it’s just semantics. I’m on vacation, I’m staying home for the week.

00:15:30:02 –> 00:15:30:08

00:15:30:20 –> 00:15:31:25
I’m gonna stay on the couch. It’s

00:15:31:25 –> 00:15:31:29
Kind of

00:15:31:29 –> 00:15:35:02
Backwards. No, I’ve gotta go to work. And the work is in Wyoming today. This is

00:15:35:02 –> 00:15:37:16
Work, sorry. Yep. Works in Nevada. Only

00:15:37:16 –> 00:15:40:10
Problem is when you’re on vacation, your wife wants you to fix the rain gutter. Yeah,

00:15:40:15 –> 00:15:41:17
She, that’s, oh

00:15:41:19 –> 00:15:41:28

00:15:42:02 –> 00:15:52:07
Yeah. That’s the whole thing. Hey kids, dads. I neglect everything at home. The best thing I ever did for my wife is find a good handyman because that stuff’s definitely getting neglected. I’m not, I’m not that guy.

00:15:53:08 –> 00:16:01:05
Alright, so you’re hunting, tell, tell us, I mean, you did, did you do more hunting this year than you’ve ever done before or?

00:16:01:15 –> 00:16:26:08
Oh, definitely. Yeah. I had about, I think I had six or seven big game tags. Wow. What were they? Mostly over the counter. Tough stuff. I spent a lot of time on the open bowl here in Utah with a bow, trying to get that done. And I actually shot a pretty good bull on. Didn’t end up finding him. It was kind of a crappy deal. I put a whole video of about it on YouTube, but Bull’s alive though. He showed back up on my trail camera after the hunt. So I’m gonna try to shoot him next to Yeah, but

00:16:26:14 –> 00:16:27:12
Get your broad head back.

00:16:27:15 –> 00:16:35:28
Yeah, he, I, yeah, it went right through him. Gear failure. Oh it did. It went, yeah. Slipped through. I don’t know what the deal was. I shot him at 2020 yards. See, see

00:16:35:28 –> 00:16:36:22
A star on him in the picture.

00:16:36:28 –> 00:16:41:12
You can. And it looks good. It looks like it’s right dead center in his lungs. I’ve had, I have no idea.

00:16:41:19 –> 00:16:51:08
I’ve had people, it happens. I know it happens. Those elk are strong. Tough freaking. You don’t feel like, did you lose the blood trail after 200 yards or do you feel like you trailed him for a mile after that?

00:16:51:08 –> 00:16:54:26
No, I wa I lost it like 150 yards. Oh,

00:16:54:27 –> 00:16:55:17
So he’s dead.

00:16:56:01 –> 00:17:47:25
He’s alive. He is back on my camera. He’s alive. Oh, I missed that. So he went to the top of the hill right after I shot him. I shot him right before dark 20 yards, everything perfect. Your dream scenario. Smacked him, turned on my butt. I’m like, that’s dead bull. We’re done. And he went to the top of the hill, stood there and at about, actually I shot at him again at about 60 yards, but I didn’t compensate for the angle I shot under him. And then he stopped at about a hundred yards top of the hill. Just stood there. His front legs were crossed like this, you know, just had him and he was wobbly. I thought, he’s gonna die. So it was dark. We pulled out, we’re like, we’ll just go, we’ll come back. And gave him a few hours. Came and found that blood pot where he was standing. There was a good pile of blood there. Like, oh, he’s gonna be dead in the morning. So we went, slept, came back and we didn’t find blood past that point. And we spent the whole, I spent six days doing circles and everything I could think of. And I never found where he went from that point. So

00:17:48:03 –> 00:18:08:17
Crazy. You know, know we had a guy, I’m trying to remember the story, but basically one lung, single lunged, an animal like that. And the, the animal lived and then they killed him like the next year and they gutted him. And the, the lung that he had hit was black and shriveled and he’d lived on one lung. That’s crazy. And was, and was healthy.

00:18:09:23 –> 00:18:10:26
Maybe you’ll have a story like that

00:18:11:04 –> 00:18:11:29
For next, next year. Hope.

00:18:11:29 –> 00:18:13:19
Yeah. Wow. That’s

00:18:13:19 –> 00:18:14:02
Crazy. Might be bigger.

00:18:14:02 –> 00:18:14:24
Was it a good bull?

00:18:14:29 –> 00:18:20:18
He was about a 300 bowl. He wasn’t Yeah, good for general. Yeah, for the general. He was a good bull. I’d have been happy with him for sure. So after

00:18:20:18 –> 00:18:23:02
That you went general deer? Probably he one of the others.

00:18:23:03 –> 00:18:45:10
Yeah. I had a, a muzzle loader deer tag here in Utah and I killed a little, you know, just a good looking four point. Nothing crazy. But I also hunted Idaho general archery, elk and rifle elk and rifle deer. So I’d been at that point on the trail for, you know, a couple months without killing anything. So first morning Utah. Little thirsty. Yeah. Oh, I smacked down about three minutes after first light.

00:18:45:15 –> 00:18:49:06
So that’s fairly typical of your Utah general though?

00:18:49:21 –> 00:19:09:02
Oh yeah. I have a itchy trigger. Oh, I definitely get after ’em quick. I, I think the last two deer I killed in Utah were both, I mean maybe 10 minutes of total hunting over those last two years to Wow. But I was telling Chris before I, I passed three bucks this year, so I was watching through the scope. I That one’s too small. That one’s too small. That one’s too small. I’m like, boom, that one’s good. That’s

00:19:09:02 –> 00:19:10:01
Good. Huh? That’s

00:19:10:01 –> 00:19:12:11
Good. So I’m still trophy hunting, just,

00:19:12:20 –> 00:19:13:13
Well, 10 minutes

00:19:13:17 –> 00:19:14:18
An higher speed. Yeah. I mean,

00:19:15:07 –> 00:19:16:06
Good hunter. And then

00:19:16:06 –> 00:19:16:17
Where’d you

00:19:16:17 –> 00:19:17:10
Go after Utah?

00:19:17:14 –> 00:19:41:12
So I went back up to Idaho after that. I hunted up there for, for deer and elk. And then I’m hopefully gonna put together a few more hunts here. I tagged along on some hunts with some buddies in Colorado and then hopefully be putting together a late archery deer tag in Arizona. And then I haven’t filled either my Idaho tags. I haven’t found anything that I really wanted to shoot up there. Yeah. But I’m, I might head back up there and hunt one of their general late archery.

00:19:41:13 –> 00:19:50:20
Did you like who got, you started up there? Like how did you know where to go? Like let’s say a guy that’s listening wants to do an over the counter Idaho hunt. How did you go about doing that? Well,

00:19:50:23 –> 00:20:06:29
I, the best way that I know about is just through social media. I just reached out to some guys that I knew that lived in that area. Yeah. And they were kind enough to show me some spots and help me kind of learn the lay of the land up there. Okay. It was still, you know, I still had to kind of figure it out on my own, but I was able to see quite a few animals just through that. And,

00:20:07:19 –> 00:20:14:28
And it’s not like you have to backpack it all. Like there’s plenty of country that’s got good access in it, you know, and guys can do this on their own. Oh,

00:20:14:28 –> 00:20:26:14
A hundred percent. Yeah. It’s kind of expensive. It’s kind of a risk, you know, you’re gonna spend a few hundred bucks on a tag, but it’s one of those opportunity type deals. And I could’ve killed animals on every hunt up there. I just, you know, decided to wait for something a little better.

00:20:26:16 –> 00:20:28:06
That’s awesome, man. That’s

00:20:28:06 –> 00:20:30:00
Awesome. What do you, what do you like to hunt the most? Like

00:20:31:13 –> 00:20:47:18
I I’m an elk guy. Oh yeah? Yeah. I, I always have had a, just, I don’t know, I love elk and I killed the first bull I ever killed. I killed it when I was about 14 and it was about a, a three 40 bull. And I’d just been in love with them ever since. I want to kill big deer of course. But I think they’re too smart.

00:20:48:18 –> 00:20:53:22
They’re too hard. I dunno, dude. It’s taking you 10 minutes. Yeah. We it up your game and in 20 minutes you might double the size.

00:20:53:23 –> 00:20:57:14
That’s what I need to do. I was hoping hanging out with you guys some of that big buck killing mojo might

00:20:57:14 –> 00:21:02:02
Roll off something. No, we’re gonna steer you wrong because the competition’s gonna be fierce. Oh yeah.

00:21:02:22 –> 00:21:02:29

00:21:03:26 –> 00:21:04:05

00:21:04:05 –> 00:21:04:18
I believe it

00:21:05:01 –> 00:21:13:01
Anyway. And so keep going with all this. How keep moving forward till you to Chris’ Hunt? Archery

00:21:13:01 –> 00:21:14:02
Elk. That’s where you like the mount.

00:21:14:13 –> 00:21:24:00
Yeah, I’d, I’d say that’s my, my bread and butter is elk. I’ll hunt ’em with any weapon. I love to hunt ’em in the rutt. I also like to hunt ’em late like we did on Chris’ Hunt. That was a lot of fun too. Yeah. Grass

00:21:24:00 –> 00:21:24:14
Him up up.

00:21:24:26 –> 00:21:25:18
Yeah. It was a good time.

00:21:25:19 –> 00:21:31:22
And you’ve killed a lot of bulls on the, the Utah general. Yeah. I’m always impressed with how well you do on that.

00:21:32:01 –> 00:21:57:10
It’s been, I’ve, I’ve got lucky quite a few times and then I’ve had some that I’m proud of and it’s been a, it’s a fun hunt. I, I got lucky in 2013 and killed a really good bull up there on that open unit a a three 50 class bowl. And that was, that’s awesome. That was awesome. I, I’ve just always hunted it with family and kind of taken that a little bit easier. And then over the last few years got kind of more hardcore about scouting it and finding out where the bulls are gonna be and figuring out the elk a public

00:21:57:10 –> 00:22:01:10
Land or do you have some private little bit of private access because you’re pretty connected here.

00:22:02:05 –> 00:22:18:25
Most 99% of it’s public stuff. This last year, I think there’s one piece now. One little piece of private. I’ve killed one bull on, but everything else has been all public, so. Wow. Yeah, I like That’s awesome. I like hunting that public up there. I like the challenge of trying to, trying to figure those elk out. There’s so few of them and so many people. It’s a, it’s kind of a

00:22:18:25 –> 00:22:22:08
Fun thing. Have you ever tried baiting in Utah? Like, you know, take a haystack up there,

00:22:22:23 –> 00:22:23:01
A whole

00:22:23:01 –> 00:22:24:00
Haystack because you can

00:22:26:11 –> 00:22:27:13
Carry a hay bale. Horrible

00:22:27:13 –> 00:22:27:29

00:22:29:11 –> 00:22:38:20
Yeah. My whole kind of life’s a spiral. It’s all right. So, but yeah, I, the baiting’s getting to be kind of a popular topic around, I run into some piles of apples out in the hills and stuff. Yeah.

00:22:38:22 –> 00:23:07:22
So it’s, well Utah, you know, there’s not a lot of baiting the states that allow baiting. I think Oregon’s one. Utah’s one. What else? Is there any others that anybody can think of? Most of ’em don’t. Yeah. Most of them don’t. And so they’re, you know, obviously killing some deer off some bait and doing good and, you know, pull some of these animals outta that thick country. But anyway. And so you go to Chris’s hunt, tough hunt. Yeah. From what I understand, pretty tough.

00:23:07:27 –> 00:23:09:10
It wasn’t until I showed up. Yeah.

00:23:09:10 –> 00:23:14:16
It was, it was real, real, real tough. And then Ben showed up and we, we started to figure things out about the time Ben showed up.

00:23:14:23 –> 00:23:16:06
I’ll take credit for that. Yeah. Yeah.

00:23:16:13 –> 00:23:20:07
I rode around. Well you’re an elk guru and you know, it’s a natural right Chris?

00:23:20:14 –> 00:23:20:19

00:23:21:29 –> 00:23:33:23
Well yeah, it was. But we had a good hunt. It was a lot of fun. And I’d love to get to know, you know, that unit a little bit better. ’cause there’s some, there’s some big bulls there, but the, the weather made it tough and it was, it

00:23:33:23 –> 00:23:34:00
Was a good time

00:23:34:00 –> 00:23:44:07
And the moon and everything else. But yeah, the last three days were actually good. We finally started seeing some bowls and figuring things out and it just got, just ran outta, ran outta ran outta time.

00:23:44:21 –> 00:24:12:11
So before we go into any crazy stories, ’cause I just want to kind of go back to you’re doing, you’re doing YouTube, which is, that means basically, you know, you can make money YouTube in your life, you’re hunting adventures, all the shed adventures, anything and everything. Yeah. And then And social media. And social media is what’s really feels like in my mind, has kicked you off as, I mean the humors, I mean, you are pretty funny, I gotta admit. You are pretty funny. And

00:24:12:19 –> 00:24:15:07
You’ve always been, you’ve always been the clown in the family. Oh,

00:24:15:07 –> 00:24:20:07
A hundred, a hundred percent. Yeah. I always thrived on it in school. I was always getting kicked outta class for screwing around this stuff.

00:24:21:17 –> 00:24:26:10
So you were, if we go back to Cedar High, what year did you graduate?

00:24:26:16 –> 00:24:27:12
I graduated oh three

00:24:27:27 –> 00:24:32:23
2003. And most likely to be a standup comedian someday. That would

00:24:32:23 –> 00:24:32:26

00:24:33:12 –> 00:24:45:13
I got, well I actually had those yearbook debt things, you know. Yeah. And I wanted best hair ’cause I had a killer mullet. Like that’s, that’s when I was gunning for. But they gave me most talkative. I’m like, great talkative. It’s almost a slap in the face. Like, this kid never

00:24:45:13 –> 00:24:46:26
Shut up. Somebody’s gotta get the award,

00:24:47:12 –> 00:24:49:11
Somebody’s gotta get the award, whatever. I’ll take it. I was just cla that’s

00:24:49:11 –> 00:24:52:23
One of those everybody’s participation award. Everybody gets labeled something,

00:24:52:23 –> 00:24:54:01
Here’s a trophy. What are we gonna put?

00:24:54:01 –> 00:24:55:08
Most talkative, friendly, kind,

00:24:55:17 –> 00:24:56:22
Cheerful, you

00:24:56:22 –> 00:24:59:19
Know, one of the boy boy scout motto. Right. Yeah. Run through the

00:24:59:19 –> 00:25:11:13
List. So yeah. So what are your goals like with the, with the, obviously the social media, like Jason said, that’s where, you know, I’ve got to feel like I’ve got to know you without even knowing you. Yeah. Better but, which

00:25:11:13 –> 00:25:12:17
Is what happens on social media.

00:25:12:20 –> 00:25:18:06
It’s awesome. With that and YouTube, what are your, what are your goals through that? What do you got planned or what do you just, what do you see it going for you?

00:25:18:13 –> 00:26:03:16
Well, I hope it’ll just continue to grow. You know, I think the humor has always been the thing that helped me grow the most. I was trying to do a fairly serious shed hunting thing in the beginning. You know, I started out just as an Instagram account about shed hunting and, and it grew at a decent rate, but it really blew up. It was actually my wife, it told me, she’s like, if you don’t get your personality in there, you just could be like everybody else. So yeah, she told me to kick it off and try to make some funny videos and, and I made a couple and they caught on and, and it’s been, it’s been good. I’d like to see it kinda, I don’t know, I’d like to show people both sides of it, you know, I think keep it light, you know, the feeling of hunting with your buddies and joking around. But I like to show people that I’m a serious hunter too. I take it seriously. You know, I’m, I’m not notching my belt with a 200 inch buck every year. But I hunt hard, spend a lot of time at it and i’s like, I kinda want people to know that you can hunt hard and, and still screw around and have a good time. You

00:26:03:16 –> 00:26:23:06
Know? Yeah. ’cause I never know how to take it. Like, don’t, you’ll send me a text and he’ll be like, dude, is this a good one? And I’m thinking, okay, should I jab him a little or is he really want to know? You know? And that’s what I’ve learned about you is you are a serious hunter. You’re not a serious hunter. You’re a good hunter that spends a lot of time in doing it in a lighthearted fashion. You’re not so serious. You know what I mean? And so

00:26:23:06 –> 00:26:28:18
You’re not always laser focused. Right. Tunnel vision. Get outta my way and, you know. Yeah. Maybe it gets that way. And it’s not all

00:26:28:19 –> 00:26:31:05
Just a joke either, even though you’re having fun doing it. So,

00:26:31:08 –> 00:26:36:08
But it’s one of those things that I’ve, I’ve come to appreciate is because for so long the hunting world has been so

00:26:37:03 –> 00:26:38:01
Boring. Boring.

00:26:38:05 –> 00:26:52:08
Well it’s just been like really cutthroat. Serious and, and a lot of jealousy and people mad at each other. And all of a sudden you have somebody that’s that’s there to bring some humor and makes fun of it all. It kind of changes it. Yeah. Just makes fun of it all and makes it real realize people can lie. You can laugh. It’s okay to laugh.

00:26:52:11 –> 00:27:04:08
Well, you can tell somebody, you can talk about Jim selfies or something to somebody. Sure. And and they don’t hate you for it. And I could say it and they’re like, he just cut me, you know? And you cut ’em and they’re like, oh, Ben’s such a good guy.

00:27:05:19 –> 00:27:06:24
That’s kind of what I try to do. I’m

00:27:06:24 –> 00:27:09:18
Just grateful he liked my post, you know? And I’m like, geez.

00:27:09:29 –> 00:27:19:16
Well I’m not trying to be malicious. I don’t have any, I don’t have any angry towards anybody in this whole deal. I like to make fun of people. I mean, I got started working with mountain ops ’cause I was making fun of him. And you

00:27:19:16 –> 00:27:27:07
Made fun of mountains. I know. When you said, oh, that’s all he said a couple of things. He says this couple of things and and I was like, oh, this could get ugly.

00:27:28:14 –> 00:27:41:22
Yeah. There’s a few of them that it could gone either way for sure. Like Yeah. The whole mountain ops thing, I was poking fun at ’em, poking fun at a hunting supplement company, you know, and it was never out of anything malicious. And they contacted me and they’re like, Hey, we think it’s hilarious, man, let’s work together. I’m like, oh, okay. Alright.

00:27:41:25 –> 00:27:43:13
Good deal. Sweet. So do you use their stuff?

00:27:43:15 –> 00:27:48:11
Yeah. Yeah. I do actually. I’m, I’m not a, I’m not a lifter. That’s no secret. You know? Yeah. But

00:27:49:01 –> 00:27:50:19
Well you’re lifting, it’s just not lifting

00:27:50:19 –> 00:27:52:29
Weight. Yeah. The sheds and stuff. I don’t mind. I 10 to 14

00:27:52:29 –> 00:27:53:20
Pounds. Right, right.

00:27:53:23 –> 00:27:54:08
One at a time.

00:27:55:27 –> 00:27:56:06

00:27:56:06 –> 00:28:21:23
If I can lift those, I’m doing good. Well I just, I don’t care what I look like. I, it’s not something that’s ever bothered me, you know? Yeah. And I, I just, I wanna be able to do what I need to do in the hills. And so I like some of their energy and focus stuff to get me up in the morning. Yeah. And I like some of their, I like a meal replacer, if you don’t got time, you drink some of their shake, you know? Yeah. I’m, I’m not getting pumped up on their pre-workout and stuff. Yeah. It’s not stuff that I use on a daily basis, but something that makes sense, you know? Yeah.

00:28:21:28 –> 00:28:36:20
That’s awesome. Cool. So, and, and so goals, you just want to grow it. You wanna grow your following. Where are you at YouTube followers, what’s your goal for that? Or how, how are you gonna attain those goals? And partly we want to know so we can work on ours as well.

00:28:37:03 –> 00:28:37:12

00:28:37:12 –> 00:28:43:16
You guys are doing good. You guys. What you need to keep doing is posting those wolf hunts. ’cause those things will blow up. Wolves,

00:28:43:16 –> 00:28:49:24
Sheep and everything blow up. And that’s when you and your family get death threats. Exactly. That’s the most hate we’ve gotten is off the wolf

00:28:50:27 –> 00:28:53:18
Pretty soon of events. Putting alarm systems everywhere.

00:28:54:20 –> 00:29:17:10
That’s the way it is for sure. They come out, the crazies come out the woodwork on that stuff. Yeah. On, I’d like to just kinda bring on, continue to grow it just through collaboration. That’s kind of the best thing you can do is just get together with other guys that are doing well. Hunt together and kind of share off each other’s audiences. But mostly I just wanna show people what I’m doing. I hope they like it. I hope it grows organically and naturally. And Yeah. If it doesn’t, I can always be a janitor again.

00:29:17:15 –> 00:29:24:12
And so are you true friends with these people? Or are you just friends for likes and followers? The

00:29:24:12 –> 00:29:25:24
Whole thing, I dunno. It’s

00:29:25:24 –> 00:29:25:28

00:29:26:09 –> 00:29:26:29
It’s a balance.

00:29:27:07 –> 00:29:30:23
No, I have a lot of, a lot of really good buddies. Like I’ve been surprised

00:29:30:27 –> 00:29:33:20
How many the Hushing guys. Yeah. Some of these guys that have got huge following.

00:29:33:20 –> 00:29:34:12
We’ve got to know better. Yeah,

00:29:34:15 –> 00:29:47:28
For sure. Yeah. The hush guys are, I can’t even tell you how much those guys have done to help me out. Just come out, you know, and, and just been like, offering help left and your right. Giving me all kinds of advice on the Yeah. On the YouTube deal. They’re great dudes. There’s been a lot of these guys.

00:29:47:28 –> 00:29:48:25
You even hunted with them a little bit

00:29:48:25 –> 00:30:01:13
This year. Yeah, I hunted a couple times with them. Went to Canada this year with them. And then I also went to Colorado with them. And I can’t say enough good about those guys. Like I know like people have their opinions about everybody online, people they don’t like people they like, but those dudes I started

00:30:01:13 –> 00:30:17:04
Out making fun of too. But the years as they are, you’re gonna have, there’s gonna be people with opinions. Right. Adam and I have dealt with a lot of different criticisms over the years, you know, killing stuff or doing this or doing that and, and people are gonna develop an opinion one way or another. You hope it’s good. But it always, you know, I text, it’s not always perfect.

00:30:17:04 –> 00:30:20:29
Huh? I got, I got the text about your, when you kill that giant deer and,

00:30:21:27 –> 00:30:24:06
Okay, so let’s rock we, and we can talk about that. We

00:30:24:06 –> 00:30:24:13
Should talk

00:30:24:13 –> 00:30:26:26
About that. Okay. We can talk about that. So we’re talking, that

00:30:26:26 –> 00:30:33:01
Was kind of, that was before social media. That was before, that was during text, viral text. That was

00:30:33:01 –> 00:30:35:28
When viral emails and monster MUEs ruled before viral

00:30:36:03 –> 00:30:41:17
Text. It was text, it was when text messaging really emerged. Like yes, there were, I mean before that it

00:30:41:20 –> 00:30:42:20
Text, it was before cell phones.

00:30:43:02 –> 00:30:48:07
It was viral on right in the beginning of when everybody had a cell phone and everybody started text

00:30:48:07 –> 00:31:25:05
Messaging and, and I was on a lucky roll. I’d hit a couple of years in a row where I was doing well and, and and, but people don’t see behind the scenes. Right? What? It goes just like, I don’t see behind the scenes of what you got going on. You’re finding 160 sheds or whatever your goal’s 200. Well I should be able to do that. Well I don’t, I don’t know what you’re putting into that. Sure. You’re scouting sheds. Oh yeah. I mean, you know, there’s a lot that goes into it. So anyway. Yeah. I guess we gotta go down that road. Road. You go down that road, there’s a Brutus, a 250 inch velvet deer. And, and guys came out saying that I had shot over a guy with a bow. Mind you Yeah. Shot over him. I was at 75 yards, he’s at 25 yards.

00:31:25:06 –> 00:32:09:10
I shoot over him to kill this deer. Luckily, you know, Chris was filming the whole thing. That’s good to have. We have proof and, and it goes viral because Jason, this guy that think, you know, in the hunting industry professionally shoots over the little guy and crushes him. You know? And it’s, and it was something where it went viral. A negative viral, it wasn’t a positive viral, a negative thing. And I lost a lot of sleep. It was really hard to take that one on the chin. ’cause I’d hunted this deer for two years in a row. Yeah. And he did a lot to me, you know, and, and the guys here in the office spent a lot of time helping me, you know, glass for him. And they, they put their own time into it too. And so it was really personal. It wasn’t just like, Jason’s a jerk. It was like, just

00:32:09:10 –> 00:32:11:07
Like, shut up guys and leave me alone. It

00:32:11:07 –> 00:32:29:18
Wasn’t that simple. It wasn’t that simple. Right. And then Monster muley bros up. I’ve gotta answer to Brian La Turner. And here I can say nothing. You know, I don’t owe anybody anything. Right. I could do that if I wanted. Yeah. But I want, I don’t want to be known as that. And so I’ve gotta answer to, to some people, and it was just like, man, why do I have to do this

00:32:29:18 –> 00:32:31:12
Just away is just show the video. Well, I show

00:32:31:12 –> 00:32:31:18
The video,

00:32:32:01 –> 00:32:34:00
But back then we put it on DVDs. So it’s like,

00:32:34:00 –> 00:32:39:00
At the time you didn’t have YouTube and you didn’t have social media where you could clarify immediately. So I

00:32:39:02 –> 00:32:39:23
Told my dad, your

00:32:39:23 –> 00:32:44:10
Text rep reply is not gonna go viral. No. Yeah. It went for a week. So the negative goes viral, but the positive

00:32:44:10 –> 00:33:24:28
Doesn’t. And so, yeah, I was like, eh, it’s kind of a bummer. So I had to, I did a little public statement and te you know, do the best you can. And it, and it helped a lot. But once the D V D came out and people watched it right then, I had to manually send them out to certain naysayers and be like, just watch it. Call me. Yeah. Check it out and you owe me a callback. Yeah. You know, and, and so it was interesting. But it actually, like they say, and you’ll find this out and you probably already have, but there’s no such thing as bad publicity. There really isn’t. No, there’s not. And it did catapult, you know, I guess, you know, if you, in this industry, all you’ve got is your name. Right. And, and, and Adam and I know that with Epic and the different things that we’ve done and his guiding business and all that.

00:33:25:02 –> 00:33:58:28
So your name is everything. And, and so you take care of it. For sure. And that’s why another reason it was so hard is you’re trying to take care of your name. You’re trying to build a weight of provide for your family in an industry that is judging you in, in the court of public, you know, perception. And so it, it was sensitive. And then, and I joked with my dad back then. I was like, I wish we could do a, a pay to download and see the video, the kill scene. Watch Jason shoot over this guy pay, you know, and here $5. And I mean, it would’ve, we would’ve been freaking, that would’ve been a hundred thousand dollars idea right there.

00:33:59:03 –> 00:34:10:20
So now being here, I want to hear, I mean I was there, but I wanna, I think you should tell that, like, the real story of how it actually went down, like at the end. Like, ’cause it was pretty cool how, how we finally got our hands on that deer.

00:34:11:27 –> 00:34:13:05
Okay. Alright. Just,

00:34:13:12 –> 00:34:14:12
Just two 50. Right?

00:34:15:17 –> 00:34:27:22
No, it’s a good, yeah. It’s a giant deer. And, and so we did end up getting on this deer. And, and I well do we, do you want to go down that road right now? Well, I

00:34:27:22 –> 00:34:33:08
Just, I just want, I just want you to say basically like in the end how it actually happened. I mean, ’cause we’ve said well,

00:34:33:08 –> 00:35:17:14
Yeah. How it actually happen. I mean, I, I bumped this deer. I was in the thick trees. This deer comes up to 19 yards. He’s staring at me. I’m in super thick trees. I’m holding my bow. Have you ever been on your knees where you’re holding your bow three inches above the ground and you don’t dare move? And so you gotta hold your bow with your arrow three inches above the ground for four minutes. Pretty soon it starts to shake a little bit. Your aerial starts to shake against the rest. It’s making a little bit of noise. He’s staring at you. He stopped, he’s staring at you. And, and it was a freaking crazy, you know, experience because I’m looking at a 250 inch deer at 19 yards. And I can’t kill him. Yeah. I can’t kill him. And so then he blows, goes out through the bottom and, and goes over into, out through some wide open country.

00:35:18:04 –> 00:35:57:20
And of course, this is general Utah. So we got hunters everywhere. I don’t know where they’re all at, but they’re everywhere. Yeah. And then he goes out into this island of trees, just a short little island of trees. And so I go over there and get 35. I’m out beds down this bed’s down in this island, I assume. Yeah. That’s, I can’t see ’em, but I assume never comes out. And guys are up on point, big eyes, you know, glass and, and of course Chris. And he’s videoing from a distance. And, and, and then we, they go over in these thick group of trees and there’s some deadfall. It’s like a chaining. They chain some and there’s a great big log in Deadfall. And I go kind of get behind it and I’m, I’m sitting there and it’s hot. Keep in mind it’s, it’s August.

00:35:57:23 –> 00:36:59:08
It’s 90, 95 degrees that day. And he goes in there and I, and I sit there from 10 30 or 11 in the morning. And, and at some point they’re gonna get up and feed. They just do. Right, right. Not this day. He decided to stay in those trees until five or five 30 at night. I sat there with my bow, full camo, no water, no nothing. Sitting there waiting for this deer to come out. And, and it’s a small island of trees. It’s probably a hundred yards across. And, and I’m assume I’m hoping I’m on the right side and he could go out the other side, you know. So I sit there and I’m glassing the trees with my range finder and I glass, I can see a piece of velvet. So now I know, you know, and he’s in there with the other bucks. But I know they’re there. They’re bedded. And I’ve kind of got him and I could tell he is bladed out. But anyway, 5, 5, 5 30 comes out. I’m freaking parched. Sun sunburnt. He comes out, he comes out at 35 yards and I air and I air the deer. And, and so

00:36:59:08 –> 00:37:01:06
That means the other guy was at about 10

00:37:01:06 –> 00:37:02:06
Yards. He must have been,

00:37:04:06 –> 00:37:43:22
I shot over some things. I think it was mostly grass truck, maybe a piece of bitter brush. But anyway, smoke the deer. Well I had to get another round or two and him another arrow. But anyway, ended up getting the deer. The guys that I supposedly shot over came up, congratulated us. They had, had been on lunch and then came back out and, and were glassing. And they saw him after I had initially put the arrow in him. And then, you know, of course I finished him and they were super good. Cousins of mine came up, Hey dude, do you mind if we go put our hands on him with you and, and just see him and stuff? And, and everything was great. And then that came out and it kind of, it was just kind of a bummer. Yeah.

00:37:43:23 –> 00:38:17:04
Just kind of an asterisk, like, I don’t know, it seems like that stuff happens a lot on, on social media. Like, I don’t know what it is. If it’s jealousy, like I’ve talked a little bit about on Instagram about people being detectives. Like they’ll look at a picture on social media and then they’re trying to figure out anything wrong. Yeah. Just to try to tarnish what you’ve done. But I haters like that. I don’t, I call ’em haters. It’s just like a cliche thing to say. But they always win the short game. You know, they’re always loud in the beginning. They always have something to say in that moment. But over time, I mean, your accomplishment will stand on its own. Yeah. The fact that you’re able to kill a lot more big deer and stuff. It just silences all those critics in.

00:38:17:13 –> 00:38:19:07
Yeah. Yeah. But how, how

00:38:19:07 –> 00:38:38:25
People, we talked about a minute ago. But with your humor, the people we kind of know you, we know you kind through Chris and we kind of personally know you. So we know when we watch your, your stories or posts, we know when you’re joking. Yeah. There’s gotta be a lot of people that watch it like that guy’s at Prick, you know, they don’t know you. That’s

00:38:38:26 –> 00:38:46:06
Well Especi with us too. Even on these podcasts, sometimes Jan is like, you know, people that don’t know you don’t understand what you’re saying. I’m like, I don’t know.

00:38:46:08 –> 00:38:51:16
So, but do you get, you get the haters jumping out at, you’re like, you know, that was mean rude. You, you’re, you’re sure

00:38:51:20 –> 00:38:56:02
Pump us. Oh, there was guys that think you’re serious. Hey, if you need some help with that, I, I’ve got a few tips.

00:38:56:20 –> 00:39:03:01
Give us a couple of examples. Especially in the beginning. I know it was that way. Yeah. But I think it’s gotten a little easier. But I think most people

00:39:03:14 –> 00:39:10:13
Get Yeah. Now, but in the beginning and I, those are still my favorite comments to get when people take it. Completely. Seriously. I love that. I love that better.

00:39:10:21 –> 00:39:12:07
You got a couple you can think of. Well,

00:39:12:07 –> 00:39:20:24
I posted something the other day of an elk shed behind a tree. Just blatant. Right. I saw that. Yeah. And I was like, people who suck at shed hunting probably won’t be able to find the shed in this picture. But

00:39:20:24 –> 00:39:22:17
I see shit. All these people are like, everybody else sees trees.

00:39:22:18 –> 00:39:24:25
Right? Everybody’s like, I can see it. I see it. It’s right there.

00:39:26:12 –> 00:39:28:26
That just makes thought It was one of those. Find the shed. Yeah.

00:39:28:26 –> 00:39:29:26
Find it. It’s, but

00:39:29:26 –> 00:39:32:05
It’s engagement with your fans. Yeah. It’s

00:39:32:05 –> 00:40:01:24
Good. And that’s engagement’s what it’s all about. Like you, I want people commenting. I want people having a conversation on those posts and stuff. But I’ve had people get real mad at me. Like I did a back and forth thing with the Hush guys a while ago. Yeah. And it was been a long time. It was was and yeah, I just kind of said like, oh yeah, I’m hanging out with these guys. And then they went on their deal and they’re like, we don’t know this dude. Like, he’s telling everybody he’s hanging out with what’s he doing? I know. And they’re like, go give him some crap. And I got, man, that day I got probably a hundred dms of people being like, quit being an a-hole. You’re, you’re trying to get famous off somebody else. And I loved every minute of it. I mean,

00:40:01:28 –> 00:40:06:18
Laughing so hard. Well, you’ve done it with Cameron Haynes too. And even Cam’s now liking your stuff. Comment. I mean,

00:40:06:29 –> 00:40:29:29
Yeah. Cam. Yeah. I actually talked to Cam every once in a while. He’s a pretty, pretty good dude. I made a post at the Expo last year. I met Cam and I took a picture with him and I put, when you finally meet your hero, congrats Cam. It must feel pretty good. And, and he, he reposted it and everything. And so most people have a really good, really good sense of humor about it and stuff. And this hasn’t been too big of a deal.

00:40:30:02 –> 00:40:56:22
So that’s the thing about social media anymore. And Adam and I, and of course the guys here at Epic, I mean, it gives everybody a voice. You everybody can say what they’re thinking. Everybody can do whatever they wanna do. And, but the good guys that have a plan and, and a good following and have some good content, obviously rise to the top a little bit and then end up getting sponsored and a few things. Sure. And get, you know, a lot more doors opened. And so what are anything else you can tell us about what you’re looking at doing in the future or?

00:40:56:29 –> 00:41:31:18
Well, I just want to, I wanna maintain the fact that I’m a normal dude. You know, like there’s a lot of guys out there that are pro hunters that are, you know, legitimately at the gym four 30 every morning and they’re spending a ton of money and doing all kinds of things that I’m not doing. Like I’m just a normal dude who’s trying to do what he wants to do. I don’t try to portray, portray that I’m like an expert at anything. Like, I like to hunt, I like to shed hunt. It’s my passion for sure. But I’m gonna screw stuff up. I screw stuff up all the time. I blow deer out all the time. Like when you’re telling me that story about you killing that deer, I just think that deer would’ve heard me open a little Debbie at some point in the afternoon. It would’ve been long gone when I

00:41:31:23 –> 00:41:35:14
Crouched down. It would hurt, man a car in my cargo pocket. Well

00:41:35:14 –> 00:41:37:26
I just thought, I just thought a cargo a car in a little Debbie,

00:41:39:26 –> 00:41:44:04
I probably would’ve avoided before I ever got into the crouch position. Like, I’m not gonna be crouching. Yeah.

00:41:44:23 –> 00:41:48:17
Pretty senior night. It’s not worth it. I gotta open. Yeah. A little Debbie. It’s just

00:41:48:17 –> 00:41:49:20
A two 50 bucks. Right?

00:41:49:23 –> 00:42:05:00
Well I’m just, I’m just a normal dude out there. I’m kind of a cla ass and I trip and fall and I just out there having fun trying to do what I wanna do for a living. And I think people get a little bothered when they see me get sponsors or they see me working with big companies. ’cause they’re like, I’m way more legit than that dude. It’s like, yeah, you probably are. It’s a,

00:42:05:09 –> 00:42:24:00
But you’re also real and authentic. That’s one thing about it. And I think, you know, the example you gave about mountain ops, they probably saw that. It’s like they could have been pissed off. Yeah. And so that Jack Watt or whatever Sure. Never talked to you again. But there’s other people that we all know that they think they’re, I can’t say that.

00:42:25:02 –> 00:42:37:06
Okay, nevermind. So you we’re super excited for you. We’re, we’re we, we for one. We’re excited for you and we like what you’re doing. Let’s, so you, you mentioned Canada. Let’s talk about it. How did it go?

00:42:37:08 –> 00:42:38:05
Canada was a blast.

00:42:38:05 –> 00:42:38:28
You’ve been there just once?

00:42:39:17 –> 00:42:41:12
Yeah. That was the first time I’d ever been up there. You is gonna

00:42:41:12 –> 00:42:41:23
Go back.

00:42:41:24 –> 00:42:44:02
Yeah. We’re planning for this year. We got it all set up.

00:42:44:05 –> 00:42:48:04
Adam and I just entry and exited. That country has not been our, Chris,

00:42:48:19 –> 00:42:50:04
Could you put some light on?

00:42:50:04 –> 00:42:52:26
Chris was Chris. Chris was kicked out of the country for

00:42:53:03 –> 00:42:55:01
Booted for a year. Oh. And

00:42:55:02 –> 00:43:01:02
Yeah, I think we’re gonna get down that road. They put a mark on his record. No longer could he go into Canada for a year.

00:43:01:03 –> 00:43:03:04
I’m, I’m free to go back in now, but if,

00:43:03:08 –> 00:43:06:29
If Chris tries to go carrying a maple leaf flag, they won’t let him in.

00:43:07:16 –> 00:43:12:12
I just figured flirted out about, I was kind of thinking he must have flirted with the wrong agent up there or something was going,

00:43:12:28 –> 00:43:14:28
How did they kick people out in Canada? The

00:43:14:28 –> 00:43:16:07
Nicest people. Well, they kick people. They walk you on the

00:43:16:08 –> 00:43:17:06
Plane like, sorry sir,

00:43:17:10 –> 00:43:19:20
Sit you down in the a seat and watch you fly away. Apologize

00:43:19:27 –> 00:43:20:07
In the hallway.

00:43:20:10 –> 00:43:23:08
Stand to their door again on their hip and say, don’t move.

00:43:24:20 –> 00:43:25:08

00:43:25:17 –> 00:43:28:06
They don’t even give you, get on that maple syrup for the road or anything.

00:43:28:16 –> 00:43:30:10
No maple syrup. Man. No. Maple

00:43:30:10 –> 00:43:32:05
Syrup seemed like they’d be so polite. I don’t know.

00:43:32:24 –> 00:43:33:28
I need to try to go back now. Do

00:43:33:28 –> 00:43:38:01
You know what the residents are polite is the government. It was not that pleasant. Go ahead Chris.

00:43:38:15 –> 00:43:40:01
Oh, it was rough. It’s kind of a random,

00:43:41:00 –> 00:43:42:16
This is a hilarious story.

00:43:42:16 –> 00:43:45:16
Random story I never thought I’d tell really. But here

00:43:45:16 –> 00:43:48:13
We are. Basically.

00:43:48:24 –> 00:43:49:23
I wasn’t prepared for Brutus

00:43:49:26 –> 00:43:55:13
In 60 seconds or less. They basically, Chris shows up accomp Jason on one of his stunts. Yeah.

00:43:55:13 –> 00:43:58:13
Get a video. One of the, it’s not a real low key deal. Well, it

00:43:58:13 –> 00:43:59:18
Wasn’t, it wasn’t. I was,

00:43:59:28 –> 00:44:00:01

00:44:00:01 –> 00:44:00:12
Don’t know. Yeah,

00:44:00:21 –> 00:44:14:20
It wasn’t really, it was before. Before I was like, we hadn’t even started Epic yet. And no, I was kind of just going along and I, but I had my camera gear and obviously it’s a lot of camera gear and that’s a red flag to them. They thought

00:44:14:26 –> 00:44:16:26
He was a Hollywood filmmaker, basically

00:44:17:16 –> 00:44:28:07
Looked at him. You can’t hire, you can’t, you can’t bring your own people to do a project if it’s for commercial project. If somebody, if a Canadian, if you could have hired a Canadian to do that same project. Oh, okay. Or you

00:44:28:08 –> 00:44:31:05
Didn’t have the working visa or whatever other documentation. Yes.

00:44:31:10 –> 00:44:54:17
So what’s nice about that is they’re protecting other Canadians to keep them in work. Sure. Like if you’re gonna bring your own people that could, you could hire a Canadian to do, you have to hire a Canadian to do it. Okay. And so you’re like, well, no, I know Jason. He doesn’t want a a, a guy he doesn’t even know in a blind with you. Sure. He wants me in the blind because I’m gonna catch the kill scene. Right. But you, you know, how do you explain all that? And

00:44:54:17 –> 00:44:55:25
They don’t, they don’t understand that. And,

00:44:55:28 –> 00:45:02:25
And so they’re like, oh sir, you’re here for personal reasons and there’s no business. $20,000 of gear right here. Yeah. You’re a liar. Yeah.

00:45:02:25 –> 00:45:19:04
Right. So. Well, and so the thing was though, like I sent in all my information to some people who were gonna take care of the paperwork. Well, I sent them all my information and I show up at the airport and come to find out they didn’t do any of it. Hmm.

00:45:19:19 –> 00:45:25:06
So here’s Chris trying to just sell a story on the fly that he’s up there as, Hey, this is my friend. I’m I’m,

00:45:26:00 –> 00:45:26:16
We’re going

00:45:26:16 –> 00:45:27:04
Hunting’s and

00:45:27:04 –> 00:45:28:12
We are friends. Chris. That’s what it was. Chris

00:45:28:12 –> 00:45:39:04
Film all my stuff. Yeah. Anyway, the guy that I didn’t buy the story, the guy that I happened to get lined up with, he had a kind of a chip on his shoulder that day or maybe all days. You guys didn’t

00:45:39:04 –> 00:45:40:13
Like the same sports team or something? No,

00:45:40:15 –> 00:45:43:20
No. He was got off. He didn’t like the way I was talking. Currently I

00:45:43:20 –> 00:45:45:12
Have a, you guys didn’t flirted with the coworker and it ticked.

00:45:45:15 –> 00:45:49:02
Yeah. I have a, like a southern Utah accent or something. And he didn’t like it. And Chris

00:45:49:03 –> 00:45:53:07
Was like, I’m here with my friends. And he goes, friends, you’re here with your friends,

00:45:53:19 –> 00:45:54:17
So I might as well tell. And

00:45:54:17 –> 00:45:55:20
We knew he was going home after

00:45:55:20 –> 00:46:47:22
That. I guess I’ll tell that story. That flipped the switch. So what happened? So I go up to the gate and the lady told me to go to in a different line from Jason and everybody that I was with. And I was like, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to go with them because I’m actually traveling with them. So I was kind of confused as where I was at. And I got up to the, to the guy and I was like, is the customs crossing? Yeah. And he’s like, what are you doing in Canada? And I said, well, I’m here with my friends. And I kind of pointed down and maybe I hesitated a little bit when I said it because I thought maybe I was supposed to be with them. Anyway, he looks at me and he is like, why’d you say it like that? And I, and I’m like, what? Why’d you say it like that? Why’d I say what? Like what? And he’s, he says, friends you said friends. And I’m like, uhoh, we got problems.

00:46:48:00 –> 00:46:58:06
Keep in mind this is when Chris is young and cocky, right? Yeah. He’s, he, you know, he, Chris has bristled up. This guy’s bristled up and I’m looking down there going, Chris is gonna leave the country soon.

00:46:59:05 –> 00:47:04:04
You guys just wave and case on the other side of the international border now looking over the

00:47:04:04 –> 00:47:08:23
Border. No. And and I’m thinking, I don’t know who Chris is. I know. Don’t even ask me. I just luck

00:47:09:10 –> 00:47:09:17

00:47:09:17 –> 00:47:10:17
Point in my direction.

00:47:10:19 –> 00:47:13:26
I you, that’s probably why they say back, I’ve got a video camera on my cell phone. I’m fine Chris.

00:47:15:05 –> 00:47:42:18
So the guy to me was being a little belligerent. I was just trying to cooperate and I literally did not try to say friends in any weird way at all. And he started telling me I was being passive aggressive. And I’m like, honestly, like I don’t even know what I did. Like I really don’t. I said Friends wrong. I’m sorry. Well, and it just kind of escalated from there. It gotta the point where I was just like, all right dude, whatever. Are you mocking me? ’cause that’s literally how I talk. Like

00:47:42:29 –> 00:47:43:20
Yeah, he

00:47:43:20 –> 00:47:47:14
Didn’t like that from there it was just

00:47:48:09 –> 00:47:50:28
How fast can we get this kid back to the us? Yeah.

00:47:51:05 –> 00:47:53:12
Then it was, what size of handcuff do you want?

00:47:53:27 –> 00:47:54:04

00:47:54:04 –> 00:48:04:08
And so when he transferred me eventually to another officer and the other officer was like, honestly, it’s really not a big deal, but that guy’s pretty mad at you. And so we have to like go through with this.

00:48:04:17 –> 00:48:05:28
I bet he was French Canadian

00:48:08:02 –> 00:48:08:05

00:48:08:12 –> 00:48:11:18
Yeah. So I got a one year ban from Canada. That’s been several

00:48:11:18 –> 00:48:12:18
Years ago. They walked you back on

00:48:12:18 –> 00:48:15:01
The plane, right? Well they walked me back across the border

00:48:15:14 –> 00:48:16:25
And said, you’re not coming back.

00:48:17:00 –> 00:48:20:08
Well, they just said for, for a year. Like you’re done for a year. A

00:48:20:08 –> 00:48:21:07
Year. Just like that.

00:48:21:13 –> 00:48:23:00
Just because of the way you say

00:48:23:00 –> 00:48:24:10
The word Hulk. Country friends.

00:48:24:21 –> 00:48:26:14
No, I don’t. I yeah, friends. Yeah,

00:48:26:27 –> 00:48:27:12

00:48:28:15 –> 00:48:40:08
See it. If it was, that was probably just a piece of what he was feeling. I’m sure he, there was his mannerisms, the way he was dressed, who he flirted with because Chris is still single. I know he’s, Hey, I know that. That’s good.

00:48:40:08 –> 00:48:40:25
Nothing to do with it

00:48:41:14 –> 00:48:42:08
To the lady. He,

00:48:42:08 –> 00:48:52:18
Another part of that was, I feel like we were in, we were in Vancouver and there is a lot of anti anti-hunting sentiment there. And I feel like that may have played a part of it as well. Yeah.

00:48:52:19 –> 00:48:52:28

00:48:53:00 –> 00:48:53:18
It’s understandable.

00:48:53:24 –> 00:48:57:17
Alright, so you was Chris’s experience. That was Chris. Mine

00:48:57:17 –> 00:49:01:14
Was a, mine was a little longer. I spent a little more time in the country just

00:49:01:28 –> 00:49:04:06
Actually You actually got to set foot. I did. In the

00:49:04:06 –> 00:49:58:14
Bushes. Yeah. We, we drove. So we crossed the border driving. We just made about a 24, 26 hour drive up to Northern Saskatchewan where we went a place called Reindeer Lake. Just a giant beautiful lake up there. Jumped in a Honda Odyssey with some friends and made the drive. And we got there and like we were hunting with a place up there, it’s called Trout Camp. They do bear hunts and they do fishing and stuff. And the first we got there right before dark, got up the next day, went fishing and then they threw us into bear stand with very little instruction. And Southern Utah guy run into bears very, very rarely. And so I didn’t know what to do, but I was like, whatever. Yeah. So they’re blind. I’m sitting in a tree stand and on over bait and get up there sitting in my tree and well, why don’t we go to pull up to the bait? There’s a good bear on the bait. And I’m, John was shoot off the front of the boat. I’m like, guy’s like, no, no, no, no, no. Not yet.

00:49:58:14 –> 00:49:59:29
You’re like, Hey don’t rock this boat. Oh

00:49:59:29 –> 00:50:10:10
Yeah. I was at full jaw, I was gonna shoot it. It’s 30 yards. And he’s like, no you, I was one minute into my hunt. And so I went and got that stand. You’re just doing like you’re, dude, I get it done. I’m not minutes. There’s

00:50:10:10 –> 00:50:11:12
A chance. Turn the engine off. Turn the

00:50:11:12 –> 00:50:47:13
Engine off. I know we drove to Canada for this, but I’ll shoot right now. But I got in my stand and that bear came back in and I looked at him and I, knowing how little I know about black bears, I’m like, well I guess I’m just not gonna shoot this one. ’cause he is the first one I’ve seen. And so I decided to try to be a trophy hunter and I let him walk away. And then a, a sow came in a real tall sow and I let her walk and then a big tall cinnamon bear came in and I liked him so I shot him. So that was the first night we were there. Killed that bear and everything. And so I was just gonna fish the rest of the week. We’re up there for seven days. And so my buddy Casey said I should come film him on his, on his bear hunt. So there’s a double stand, you’re

00:50:47:13 –> 00:50:52:04
Like, yeah, I don’t, I only charge 150 a day. Sure. I mean, whose equipment? Because that might change the

00:50:52:04 –> 00:50:54:12
Price. Yeah. Know my iPhone or your iPhone.

00:50:55:23 –> 00:50:59:04
I could work for my friend I guess under the table. I

00:50:59:04 –> 00:51:32:12
Think I would’ve got, I should have filmed it with my iPhone. I think I would’ve got better video. ’cause the video ended up a little shaky. Oh yeah. I was trying to film with A D S L R, but it was kind of the same scenario. We pulled up to that bait to sit in this double stand and there was a bear on the bait right when we got there. And you know, the first bear I saw that was on the bait ran away. You know? And so I thought this one will run away. No big deal. Yeah. So we go to get out of the boat and we start walking up there and our guide’s a Cree Indian, I think they’re called Cree anyway, and he’s falling behind us and he has a rifle and stuff. I’m like, so no big deal. But that bear doesn’t care that we’re there. He just looks at us pretty

00:51:32:12 –> 00:51:33:16
Soon. You hear him jacking around?

00:51:33:21 –> 00:51:58:08
Well he, he had one in for sure. And the bear kind of walks away from the bait and just sits on haunches and looks at us. And my guy starts getting nervous and he says, oh, that’s a bad bear. That’s a bad bear. And I’m like, oh, whatever. You know, we got a rifle, we’ll be okay. And so Casey decides he’s gonna try to sneak over there and shoot this bear on the ground with the boat. Yeah. ’cause it thought it’d be a good video. It wasn’t a giant bear. Yeah. But he thought, you know, the hunt situation was cool.

00:51:58:08 –> 00:51:59:04
Cool. Is it a one bear limit?

00:51:59:19 –> 00:52:50:18
Yeah, it is. Yeah. So we went over towards that bear and it just kind of walked away from us. And when we got over there, within about 30, 40 yards of it, he decided not to shoot it. It was a little thought smaller than he thought it was. And so said, well we’ll just get in the tree. And so the guide was gonna go refill the bait barrel, but he just turned around and got in the boat and left. ’cause he didn’t want to, he was scared of the bear with the rifle. Yeah, took the rifle. So we had our, Casey had his bow. I had nothing. So we climbed up these two tree stands that were in these two trees right next to each other. And we’re sitting down, I’m trying to, I have the D S L R, I’m trying to get set up to video, get the camera arm on and everything. And Casey says, look, I look down and that bear’s right in between our two trees and it’s looking up at me in the tree and just kinda just eyeballing me. And I wasn’t, I hadn’t had any bears be aggressive or anything the day before in all my bear experience. So I wasn’t nervous. This

00:52:50:18 –> 00:52:55:08
Is when you wished you were a lifter guy? Yeah. So you could climb higher in the

00:52:55:08 –> 00:53:12:26
Tree. Yeah. I definitely, definitely was looking for a way out of there. But, so it’s just kind of eyeballing me and it circles around in front of the stand. So it’s looking just right up my ladder at me and I’m trying to get on it and I start filming it there and then it just crouched and starts climbing up a tree that I’m in and come on,

00:53:13:00 –> 00:53:13:20
Slow fast.

00:53:13:23 –> 00:53:31:24
Oh, it was coming quick. And so me and Casey both started yelling at it and it stopped probably six feet or so below me. And then it climbed back down the tree and then it kind of came around behind us again and, and did the same thing. And we yelled at it again. And like the whole time it’s like locked eye to eye on me. Like, you know, you know how animals get when they, he’s

00:53:31:24 –> 00:53:33:12
Like, I want you big five. That’s the

00:53:33:12 –> 00:53:33:25
Guy I want.

00:53:33:29 –> 00:53:35:20
He had a big appetite that day. I need

00:53:35:20 –> 00:53:40:22
This big pile. You’re like, I wish I’d have shaved today, but I come be friends. Yeah.

00:53:41:02 –> 00:53:45:26
He probably thought I was a cinnamon. It was, it was a black bear. But maybe he had a thing for Cinnamons, you know?

00:53:46:07 –> 00:53:47:25
Yes. Could I

00:53:47:27 –> 00:53:51:07
What? I dunno what his intention I’m gonna make you were. I didn’t ask him. But like that’s

00:53:51:07 –> 00:53:51:19
A good color

00:53:51:19 –> 00:53:52:05
Face. Yeah,

00:53:52:07 –> 00:53:54:28
That’s a pretty salad up there. How do you like being a salad bear?

00:53:55:07 –> 00:53:55:25
Whatever. Whatever

00:53:55:25 –> 00:53:56:01

00:53:56:22 –> 00:54:14:29
So the third time it came around and started climbing the tree again, we yelled at it and it was like, it was predatory. It looked predatory to me. You seen how animals get when they’re trying to do something back, ready to go. And it was coming for a third time and I told my friend Casey to shoot that bear and, and not quite those words, but some similar words. Yeah, yeah. To

00:54:15:03 –> 00:54:16:00
Adjectives in between.

00:54:16:00 –> 00:54:21:19
Yeah. And it backed up to come a third time or a fourth time up the tree. And he shot it with his bow and killed it. Come on. And like

00:54:21:25 –> 00:54:23:23
Did he shoot it off the tree or at the base?

00:54:23:23 –> 00:54:42:28
It was right. It was actually behind my tree stand every time it had circle and then come up the tree and it was circling behind us again. And he turned and shot it right in between our two trees at about no way, 10 yards or less. Killed it. And I was so shook up man that that video’s on YouTube and I can’t believe how much crap I got over that one. ’cause I was shaking so bad. I can’t film. I’ve gotta go

00:54:42:28 –> 00:54:43:23
Watch that your

00:54:43:23 –> 00:54:45:20
Brothers and everybody knows you would just mock you.

00:54:45:25 –> 00:54:48:16
Oh yeah. Everybody’s giving me crap about it because there might’ve been a little bear.

00:54:48:23 –> 00:54:54:00
Well you know when you take the bait up the tree with you instead of leaving the little Debbies down the barrel, what do you expect?

00:54:54:11 –> 00:55:07:02
Well, it was funny. I got back to the lodge after that all went down. We were showing everybody the video and telling ’em the story and stuff. And my guide says, why didn’t you have bear spray? I’m like, well man, I didn’t know I was supposed to. Well where is it? Where’s the bear spray? Let’s have some bear spray. That would’ve been great.

00:55:08:02 –> 00:55:12:14
I checked that on my luggage. It had nothing hazardous in my luggage. Yeah, you’re supposed to hand that to me when I get to

00:55:12:14 –> 00:55:13:05
Camp. That’s right. And

00:55:13:05 –> 00:55:19:08
There’s a big shelf of it. The logic. Yeah. You’re supposed to have that stuff. Oh thanks. But it was, it was a trip for sure. It

00:55:19:10 –> 00:55:21:25
Was fun. But you’re going back didn’t deter you from wanting Got

00:55:21:25 –> 00:55:25:13
Back. No. Oh, I’m going back and I’m gonna take my 45 70 this year. So there we go.

00:55:26:10 –> 00:55:33:18
So see, so you got you. Chris loves bears too, I guess. I mean, you’re in the same boat like you’d love elk, but where the bears fit on that, I

00:55:33:18 –> 00:55:55:16
Love bears. This is my first, I’ve had a few little experiences with them. I’ve run into ’em. Shed hunting and saw some in Idaho this year and they’re, I love ’em. I think they’re cool. I think they’re fun to hunt and need animals that, that bear ended up killing there. Went a lot bigger than we thought it was gonna go. Really? Where’d it go? It was just over 19. It was 19 and Oh wow. It was like almost 19 and a half. I can’t remember exactly what the number was. Oh that’s a nice bear. But it was, it was a good bear.

00:55:55:16 –> 00:55:56:06
Really? Where’d square

00:55:56:09 –> 00:56:02:24
Color phase? I don’t even, we didn’t measure his height or nothing. And, but he was tall and skinny. So spring bear, he was kind of kind of old and poor.

00:56:02:26 –> 00:56:08:08
But what about this bear in the cave store? Chris has mentioned this to me. I’m like, all right, I’m gonna ask you.

00:56:08:12 –> 00:56:39:23
Yeah. So we, that one we were shed hunting in Arizona and we were in some really leggy country down there. And I’d never seen bears there, never seen bear sign. Didn’t even cross my mind really? Deserty country. Lot lower elevation than I’d ever picture running into ’em. So I glass and, and I was just glassing his face and I saw a cave underneath a, like a big boulder, just kind of a opening. And I could see where somebody had a fire in there like it was black on the top. And I thought, oh maybe there’s some Indian stuff in there. So I was gonna go look, see if there was some pottery or something in there. And I walked over there to it and I got Right. But you

00:56:39:23 –> 00:56:40:04
Knows the illegal

00:56:40:08 –> 00:56:42:20
Detector. Oh, I wasn’t gonna pick it up. Of course. Okay. Okay. And I wouldn’t be doing

00:56:42:20 –> 00:56:43:24
That. Could’ve been on private Jason.

00:56:43:29 –> 00:56:45:00
Oh that’s right. Good point.

00:56:45:08 –> 00:56:55:13
Okay. I was just gonna look at it. But I got to the opening of the cave and I could see eyes in the back of this, this cave about you’re like, this is off 10, 15 feet away. And I’m like, oh, there’s something in there. But I thought it was like a half

00:56:55:19 –> 00:56:58:01
Turn on my cell phone flashlight. Right. If they speak English.

00:56:59:17 –> 00:57:18:06
Well there was halina tracks all over the entry, the cave and stuff. I thought there’s probably pigs in there. Yeah. And so I pulled out my camera that I had with me and I was gonna take a picture of it. So I took a picture and it flashed and I looked in the viewfinder and I’m like, it don’t look like a pig. I took the picture again and looked at it and then I could see clear as day like, oh this is black bear. How, how

00:57:18:06 –> 00:57:18:22
Close are

00:57:18:22 –> 00:57:19:18
You? 15 feet

00:57:19:27 –> 00:57:21:14
Staring at, do you have a bear

00:57:21:14 –> 00:57:23:13
Spray? No, not that time either. Still not.

00:57:24:16 –> 00:57:24:23

00:57:24:23 –> 00:57:27:08
You’re throwing a starter bright flash in

00:57:27:08 –> 00:57:41:06
The eyes. Yeah, it was a terrible situation. And it’s bobbing back and forth and looking at me, I can see its eyes going back and forth and I just, I ran for it obviously. I turned around and ran down the hill and called my buddies on the radio and they came and came and checked it out with me. But

00:57:41:23 –> 00:57:43:10
Still back in there. Did he leave the cave

00:57:43:10 –> 00:58:00:20
Or, it’s kind of cool. I went back this year to see if he was there again and the cave goes back 10 or 15 feet and it turns a big corner. Like it’s a big den back in there. And when, when they came back over, we could see part of it. We couldn’t see his face looking almost like it was. But yeah, it never came out. We went across and watched to see if it would come out there and, huh.

00:58:01:02 –> 00:58:04:14
Forever more probably be bear in there. Oh yeah. End up. Might

00:58:04:14 –> 00:58:08:02
Have. I was gonna crawl in and look this year. I didn’t, don’t need to know that bad. So

00:58:08:02 –> 00:58:09:19
Was that after Canada or before? That

00:58:09:19 –> 00:58:19:13
Was before, that was the first like real close encounter I’ve had with bears. ’cause seems like I mostly spend time in the desert country. I don’t run into ’em very much. So yeah, I dunno. I don’t have any crazy grizzly stories.

00:58:19:20 –> 00:58:23:00
We ran into one in the desert this year. It was kind of crazy. Out, down in New Mexico

00:58:24:01 –> 00:58:24:29
When Jason’s

00:58:25:01 –> 00:58:26:05
In New Mexico in your like,

00:58:26:05 –> 00:58:29:25
Which bear you guys Probably the bear whisper. I can’t even remember which bear you’re talking about.

00:58:29:27 –> 00:58:38:00
In New Mexico. Just barely were sitting there. Jason walked up over a little ridge in the sand. We’re out in the sand, elk hunting basically in on a sand dune. Elk hunting.

00:58:38:00 –> 00:59:18:02
No, I didn’t tell you this dude. So we’re out. Well it’s sand, sand dunes and there’s, there’s trees out, you know, growing up in these sand dunes and out in the desert and, and a guy, a ranch. Remember the ranchers like, yeah, there’s like three bears out here. And I’m like, okay, we’ve hunted it before, never seen a bear track. And we’re driving down the road, there’s freaking bear tracks. I’m like, dude, there are bears here. And a, a big old bull track had crossed the road and I’m like, oh, let’s go track him for a minute. ’cause I mean, we’re in the thickest crap. They’re not bugle. And it’s a tough, tough hunt. I get out, I, I would go over this little sand in which is again, full of trees. I go over this little sand in and I look up there and there’s something in a tree.

00:59:18:06 –> 01:00:12:02
Like what, 80 yards? Yeah, it was 80 yards. I’m like, dude, I think that’s a bear in the freaking tree. And I’m like, Chris, get over here. Get over here. ’cause I don’t want him to video, you know? And dude, he’s chilling in this tree, moving around, scratching his back, I mean, clear up in this tree. And I’m like, holy crap. When do you ever walk up on a bear in a tree? Let alone without dogs, let alone in desert sand dune middle of New Mexico where you, you don’t even, don’t even expect the bear to live. Don’t even expect the bear to live. Huh? That’s cool. Anyway, yeah, he went, we went over there. He hammered out. By the time Chris got his gear that he’d taken to Canada out of the, you know, and was set up to film the bear had kind of worked his way outta the tree and, and never did see us. Huh? He just kind of walked away. That’s cool. I did get a little footage with my D ss lr. It was good footage from like 80 yards. Yeah. It’s good footage. It’s just kind of far beautiful Hyatt on him. Yeah, it was freaking What color

01:00:12:02 –> 01:00:13:06
Was it? Was it black? Oh, it’s

01:00:13:06 –> 01:00:18:02
Very cinnamon. Red. Red cinnamon. Yeah. You’d have been jealous. You guys would’ve made a good Yeah.

01:00:19:17 –> 01:00:20:23
You’d been in trouble. Yeah,

01:00:21:01 –> 01:00:21:14
I he’d come

01:00:21:14 –> 01:00:22:04
Warm out. He was a pretty

01:00:22:04 –> 01:00:23:10
Bear. We’d have been a good couple. The

01:00:23:10 –> 01:00:24:24
Big sow and, yeah.

01:00:26:11 –> 01:00:31:16
So anyway. Yeah. Anyway, so what other, what kind of,

01:00:32:12 –> 01:00:34:04
What kind of rig do you have to hunt? Shed,

01:00:34:27 –> 01:00:36:22
Well that’s a funny thing because, oh, you start

01:00:36:28 –> 01:00:37:12
Laughing. I didn’t,

01:00:39:00 –> 01:00:40:05
I al I probably’s a good question.

01:00:40:11 –> 01:00:59:04
I go out a different one this week. I’ve got a different one all the time this week. I, I just bought a tundra but I, I’ve been cruising the geo trackers for a lot of years and the Suzuki sidekicks just ’cause they get killer good mileage and I’m always trying to do everything on the cheap. Yeah. Four wheel drive to go everywhere. I bought a little Chevy s tan and I blew it up last week. Did you? Or a couple weeks ago.

01:00:59:08 –> 01:01:00:10
So you had clutch problems?

01:01:00:17 –> 01:01:02:05
Yeah, I was having tranny or no

01:01:02:05 –> 01:01:02:24
Tranny. Not tranny.

01:01:02:24 –> 01:01:04:13
Tranny. Not tranny transmission.

01:01:05:22 –> 01:01:10:07
I thought it worked in both situations for you. I didn’t know. I mean, anyway. Not,

01:01:10:07 –> 01:01:10:13
I just wanted

01:01:10:24 –> 01:01:14:10
Millennials. I just want to clarify what tranny means to me. You’re

01:01:14:10 –> 01:01:14:20
Born after

01:01:14:22 –> 01:01:19:17
2000. I’m from the old days. A tranny’s, a transmission. I didn’t know there was, but, but yeah, kinda

01:01:19:17 –> 01:01:20:29
Like the flip flops and thongs.

01:01:21:02 –> 01:01:31:00
I’m Yeah, I know. And you know what? That is actually one I struggle with. I know. I do it too. They’re thongs. Yeah, I know. And Jenna looks at me and she’s like, really? Those are flip flops. Hey, go put your thongs on.

01:01:32:28 –> 01:01:35:04
Go over. Well why do you wear two though? That’s what I

01:01:35:04 –> 01:01:39:11
Wanna know. Really? It’s noon. Yeah. Don’t you, I mean put your outside,

01:01:39:17 –> 01:01:44:23
Put your thong on. We’re going to the beach. Well, all, all right. Alright. So you got a a und

01:01:45:10 –> 01:01:46:12
A tractor though? Yeah,

01:01:46:20 –> 01:01:47:10
I Well did you?

01:01:47:10 –> 01:01:48:02
That’s 10. How’d

01:01:48:02 –> 01:02:41:08
You blow it up? Well, I always fly. You gotta change oil. Fly by the seat of my pants. Like on all my vehicles, I’m always driving beaters just ’cause I’m trying to save money. But yeah, that ss 10. I pull my, my horn buying trailer around with it. It’s probably not totally made for it as was a manual transmission though. I’m like, it’ll be okay. Yeah. But I was headed over to Colorado to hunt with the hush boys there. And I was on I 70 and I, I don’t know, I guess I could tell all that I had my headphones in ’cause I was watching Netflix and that’s not, that’s probably not the best part of the story. You can cut that out for safety reasons. People shouldn’t do that. But all of a sudden my RPMs went to about Max Red lines. Thousand. Yeah. And I was in cruise control, so I heard and popped, turned the cruise off, popped it outta gear and I shed a bunch of parts on the freeway and I pulled over and I thought, well this trip’s over. And I was debating what I was gonna do, but I was like out there in between Oh, on I 70 between Richfield and Green River. Yeah. In the middle of nowhere out there.

01:02:41:12 –> 01:02:42:17
Fairfield swirl. Yep.

01:02:43:05 –> 01:02:56:20
And so I started messing around with it. I had no first gear, no second gear, no third gear. And then I tried fourth gear and it stalled out on me. I’m like, oh, I got fourth gear. We’re money. So I’m like, well let’s keep rolling. So I put her in fourth gear. I, so luckily I was on big

01:02:57:07 –> 01:02:57:10

01:02:57:23 –> 01:02:59:04
You’re heading two Colorado. You’re like,

01:02:59:05 –> 01:03:00:23
I’m not, I’m not going home. Just

01:03:00:23 –> 01:03:04:04
Make it there. It’ll sell it to a salvage yard over there and I’m rent

01:03:04:04 –> 01:03:05:11
Right home. I’m gonna rent a Subaru.

01:03:05:18 –> 01:03:34:19
Yeah. That’s how I, man, I figured I could roll it, I could sell it on Craigslist for a few hundred bucks and buy something cheap and keep going. So I got to, I milked it all the way to Grand Junction like that. Yeah. And then I met up with my buddy Wes over there and he let me stay at his place. And I, I got on Craigslist. I was on Craigslist the whole night. I was gonna buy a truck in Grand Junction or something. Yeah. And then ended up finding somebody who could take a look at it. Got a rental car, went the rest of the way to Colorado, then picked it up on way home, decided not to fix it. And drove it the whole way home in fourth gear. Did

01:03:34:19 –> 01:03:36:08
You, and so does the engine still work?

01:03:36:15 –> 01:03:39:22
Yeah, engine’s great. Oh, okay. Yeah. It’s just, just the transmission

01:03:39:22 –> 01:03:41:25
Gone. It’s not a good run around town now with the

01:03:41:25 –> 01:03:44:00
Fourth gear. It’s tough. Yeah, no reverse. That part’s hard. So

01:03:44:05 –> 01:03:44:28
Probably make a good go-kart.

01:03:45:03 –> 01:03:51:05
It does. It does. Okay. I, I debated fixing it. It’s only about a thousand bucks, so. Oh, okay. Should turn this into a ad. If it’s somebody

01:03:51:08 –> 01:03:52:06
Wants to buy, wants house. A new

01:03:52:08 –> 01:03:56:06
Tundra chair. Yes. 10. So far so good. I got like three days ago. Yeah. So it’s,

01:03:56:10 –> 01:03:57:19
Does it need any work? I mean it’s,

01:03:57:19 –> 01:04:02:18
Oh I’m gonna do a timing belt on it. It’s due for some maintenance, but, okay. Yeah. Other than that it’s, it’s good. It’s a good truck.

01:04:03:19 –> 01:04:05:28
Hundred thousand. Hope so. Most Toyotas. Yeah.

01:04:05:28 –> 01:04:08:25
That’s the came from in social media, right? We couldn’t call that the Insta

01:04:08:25 –> 01:04:12:20
Truck. Yeah, I did. Some guy just DMed me on Instagram about it, said he had it for sale. So yeah.

01:04:12:20 –> 01:04:15:24
After you, after you had your debacle of the SS 10.

01:04:15:24 –> 01:04:21:28
Yeah, I do everything through Instagram. I just threw a story up there, said I was looking for a tundra. If somebody had one and this kid had a good deal on one, someone bought it

01:04:22:05 –> 01:04:24:17
And bought probably some of his shits. Or took him out the flower

01:04:25:01 –> 01:04:30:23
Somewhere in Colorado saying, eh, just stop him for lunch somewhere. And you say where you’re at, somebody probably buy your lunch.

01:04:30:27 –> 01:04:40:28
Oh it’s kinda, yeah. That’s kinda what I try to do is just milk people for all they got. So yeah, it’s cool. The social media thing’s cool. Like that solves a lot of problems. I’d have been screwed in Colorado with no friends without it. So

01:04:41:08 –> 01:04:48:24
There’s one of these other headings that Chris put down here about miracle strawberries I or

01:04:48:29 –> 01:04:52:01
Straw or toilet paper. I mean, what are the, what are we talking about

01:04:52:03 –> 01:04:54:18
These? These are miracles that happened to me in the hills. Mean actual, they’re

01:04:54:18 –> 01:04:55:23
Some of my favorite stories. So

01:04:55:27 –> 01:05:00:05
The Miracle Strawberries, I ran out a little Davy and I found some strawberries. You’re

01:05:00:05 –> 01:05:00:29
Surprising. Wild

01:05:00:29 –> 01:05:01:10

01:05:01:27 –> 01:05:11:20
One of my favorite things to do is go to Sunday dinner at the dead Montes. Like you get all kinds of stories and these are both stories that I heard over there. So yeah.

01:05:11:28 –> 01:05:22:07
So how are you guys related? Let’s see, just a little, I just wanna put this family thing together. George Mumford, who I graduated with in high school. How are you guys related to George?

01:05:22:07 –> 01:05:24:04
George is my brother-in-law. He’s married to my sister.

01:05:24:24 –> 01:05:26:13
He’s married to your sister? Yeah. Okay.

01:05:26:15 –> 01:05:26:22

01:05:26:23 –> 01:05:28:00
George. Freaking cool dude.

01:05:28:01 –> 01:05:40:16
Oh man. George is the best. I mean, George grew, I mean, grew up hunting with George. He came on the scene when I was about 16 and yeah. Took me Kyle hunting, shed hunting, everything. Oh, okay. Georgie’s Georgie’s. One of the main reasons that I’m doing any of this stuff. So yeah,

01:05:40:17 –> 01:05:42:13
He’s a good love Ge a good dude, man. He’s

01:05:42:13 –> 01:05:44:14
A good dude. Is he involved in the Miracle Strawberry story?

01:05:44:20 –> 01:05:54:29
No, he wasn’t there that day. He, it was me and my little brother Josh is who it was. Okay. And we were on the Dutton, we were scouting for Josh’s elk tag and he had that Dutton muzzle loader in about

01:05:54:29 –> 01:05:55:20
Three, four years ago.

01:05:55:28 –> 01:05:58:07
Probably. It would’ve been 20 13, 20 14. Yeah. So

01:05:58:11 –> 01:05:59:16
Ran into you guys over there that

01:05:59:16 –> 01:06:25:19
Year. Yeah, I remember seeing you. And we were in our typical fashion out of food. You know, we didn’t pack well enough for the trip. We just threw the camper on Josh’s trailer and haul over there. And we walked down one of those steep canyons on the top of the Dutton. And no food, just, just starving and glass for bowls. It got to be about 11 in the morning. We’re like dying down there. And Josh is standing there kind of kicking his feet thinking, wishing we had something to eat. And he looks down and we’re standing in a strawberry patch.

01:06:26:17 –> 01:06:27:13
Come on. And

01:06:27:13 –> 01:06:29:14
There’s like hundreds of these strawberries.

01:06:29:17 –> 01:06:32:16
Have you ever seen that over there? Adam? I, you’ve spent a lot of time over

01:06:32:16 –> 01:06:35:00
There. Need some notes? Yeah, I can tell. I’d like to find that patch.

01:06:35:19 –> 01:06:37:12
’cause if I find that patch I can find a good hunting spot.

01:06:37:16 –> 01:06:46:29
No, that’s better. The strawberries were better than the elk hunting that day for sure. So we found a whole bunch of ’em when we were able to make it outta their live. We were pretty calorie depleted. We probably would’ve died if so there was

01:06:47:00 –> 01:06:48:10
A load of straw where they red.

01:06:48:15 –> 01:06:56:08
Yeah, they were ripe and perfect and everything. I thought it was like something, some Bible status stuff. Wow. From heaven. Yeah. Divine

01:06:56:08 –> 01:06:57:10
Intervention had to be,

01:06:57:11 –> 01:06:58:17
It saved our lives that day.

01:06:58:24 –> 01:07:01:22
Just, are you religious? Very religious. Now that we’re talking about

01:07:01:27 –> 01:07:03:11
Manna now I am. Alright.

01:07:04:05 –> 01:07:08:28
After I found strawberries, well after the bear and Sha and yeah,

01:07:09:11 –> 01:07:10:20
I’m a religious dude. I think

01:07:10:20 –> 01:07:13:24
So. What about this toilet paper story? Is this one gonna go south?

01:07:14:26 –> 01:07:19:05
It? No, this is, everybody’s got toilet paper. It’s another miracle. This,

01:07:20:21 –> 01:07:22:10
This really is a good story though. Like, okay.

01:07:22:14 –> 01:07:26:13
I did not know if shocking. This was like, I ran outta toilet paper and this is what I did. I ran

01:07:26:16 –> 01:07:30:13
Out of toilet paper after eating a load of strawberries. Yeah. That did not

01:07:30:13 –> 01:07:32:12
Know they were related in any way

01:07:32:15 –> 01:08:03:14
Or immediately following the last one. Yeah. Then I need took, okay. Just making sure. Well this is what me and my buddy Troy were shed hunting and we rode our four-wheelers. We were on our four wheelers going down the road. And we were clear back in the middle of nowhere, like way, way back in. And we’re running and Troy’s, you know, on the four-wheeler. And Troy locks it up in front of me, piles off his four-wheeler and goes running for the trees. And he’s holding his guts. And I’m like, oh, he is got a crap. Yeah. So he runs into the trees and I’m like, you got toilet paper? And he’s like, Nope. He runs into the trees. It’s like, well, okay, I guess.

01:08:03:25 –> 01:08:04:28
But I got socks and gloves.

01:08:05:11 –> 01:08:09:28
That’s the way it is. Or a shirt sleeve. Right. It’s the only reason to buy a pocket tee. But he,

01:08:11:08 –> 01:08:13:25
Good point. What does anybody use that pocket for? That’s it.

01:08:13:25 –> 01:08:40:20
It’s just spared toilet paper. Yeah. All right, keep going. So he, so he ran into the trees and I was like, well, we’re up on the ridge. I’ll go glass, see if I can glass up a shed while we’re sitting right here. So I sat down on the hill and I started glassing. I’m looking around and I look across from me on the side hill and there’s a little flat spot and there’s something white in this flat spot. I’m like, oh, maybe it’s a shed or something, you know? And I glass and I’m like, ah, no way. So I get out my spotter and I look at it and there’s a brand new roll of toilet paper sitting on the side hill on the other side.

01:08:40:25 –> 01:08:42:13
No way. Fill outta someone’s pack or

01:08:42:13 –> 01:08:53:13
Something. I have no idea. And it hadn’t been rained on. It was still attached to the roll. Everything brand new. I walked over there and picked it up. I couldn’t believe it. I thought, Troy, that’s why, probably why Troy goes to church nowadays is that story.

01:08:53:20 –> 01:08:55:11
That was his divine story. Yeah. Yours

01:08:55:11 –> 01:08:57:13
Was the strawberry. So you went and got it and brought it back

01:08:57:13 –> 01:09:01:12
To him. Went, yeah, I went and took it to him. Just threw. And he was taken care of. Yeah. I didn’t, didn’t

01:09:01:12 –> 01:09:02:06
Do. No way.

01:09:02:10 –> 01:09:02:17

01:09:02:17 –> 01:09:04:00
Used it. He used it. And that did not, it

01:09:04:00 –> 01:09:04:04

01:09:04:16 –> 01:09:07:13
I promise it happened. And that’s Troy’s testimony story. Oh

01:09:07:20 –> 01:09:07:26

01:09:08:20 –> 01:09:10:28
So did you throw it to him or did you walk it over through I

01:09:10:28 –> 01:09:15:13
Threw it. I tossed it. I, I was trying to stay back from the chaos on that one, but it was, that’s kind like

01:09:15:13 –> 01:09:19:05
Us and the Pringles yesterday. Adam and I were out in the middle of nowhere coming.

01:09:19:11 –> 01:09:28:01
There’s a, there’s a roll of Pringles, Jason just about to run ’em over. We s slams on the brakes, says get out. And I’m like, we’re thinking the same thing. We’re hungry. Five in the evening. We’re getting dark. We’re, we’ve

01:09:28:01 –> 01:09:30:02
Run cameras since four in the morning. Three or

01:09:30:02 –> 01:09:34:01
Four hours from home. Yes. Yes. And not much else other, a little bit of bird food to eat.

01:09:34:06 –> 01:09:34:24
It was terrible.

01:09:35:08 –> 01:09:38:14
And so we get out there and we’re hoping it’s, you know, pristine. The

01:09:38:14 –> 01:09:43:02
Well, yeah. If you open it up, then you’re like, oh, game on. Yeah, we’re crushing those. Open it

01:09:43:02 –> 01:09:44:29
Up. And it was powder.

01:09:46:06 –> 01:09:52:02
They had been on the back of a four wheeler for a hundred miles on a roughest road. You can imagine if you

01:09:52:02 –> 01:09:54:26
Would’ve tilted it up and inhaled, you would’ve choked for two hours.

01:09:55:04 –> 01:10:01:24
And Adam’s like, you know what I I, we can’t do it. And I go, give you, give them to me. How’d give them to me? I look and I looked in there and I’m like, you’re right.

01:10:02:29 –> 01:10:06:18
Was it, was it sil salt? No, it had been half.

01:10:06:23 –> 01:10:07:18
But if they were whole,

01:10:07:23 –> 01:10:08:01

01:10:08:08 –> 01:10:12:05
Even on. But the, but the top lid was on and sealed. The top lid was, but the,

01:10:12:15 –> 01:10:19:12
It had been opened, but I put back on. But it had been shake shaken by a two year old for three days or rid on back and forth with, for a week.

01:10:19:15 –> 01:10:21:18
You should have just mixed it with water and drank it. You could have like,

01:10:22:09 –> 01:10:23:08
You could have made ash

01:10:23:08 –> 01:10:24:17
Cakes or something snorted or something.

01:10:24:21 –> 01:10:25:22
It reminds me of that time

01:10:25:22 –> 01:10:27:26
That I ate dry oatmeal packets.

01:10:28:14 –> 01:10:32:01
Oh yeah. Thecal. I mean, who does that? Okay, we’re in the Es You’re

01:10:32:01 –> 01:10:32:19
Outta water. Water.

01:10:32:19 –> 01:10:33:08
You’re outta water.

01:10:33:14 –> 01:10:39:17
And so you don’t wanna make your oatmeal with water ’cause that wastewater. So you’re gonna try to eat it raw. What’s gonna happen? Gonna dehydrated

01:10:39:17 –> 01:10:40:06
You. You’re gonna,

01:10:40:06 –> 01:10:43:26
Kids gonna pull water from your body, your mouth to

01:10:43:26 –> 01:10:46:24
Finish off. You’re just gonna make a perfect all off. You’re gonna get meal in your belly.

01:10:47:04 –> 01:10:50:06
So needless to say, Chris cramped up the entire trip.

01:10:50:14 –> 01:10:53:25
No, no, no, no. It was delicious. I would do it again. Yeah.

01:10:53:25 –> 01:10:55:28
Chris we’re like, what are you doing? What are you doing? And he goes,

01:10:55:28 –> 01:10:56:24
Saving water. Yeah,

01:10:56:24 –> 01:10:58:08
Yeah. I’m saving water and having breakfast.

01:10:58:26 –> 01:11:23:29
No, no. Like, no. So we’re out glassing and I was starving ’cause we packed for 10 days. That’s my life. So we had crap to eat, you know? Yeah. I had oatmeal packets with apples and dried, dried apples in it. And I was starving. And we were out there hiking and I’m like, I just stared at that packet. And I’m like, that’s going down. I gotta eat something. I’m try it. And so I opened it up and I just poured it down and I, I started chewing it. I’m like, that’s

01:11:23:29 –> 01:11:25:00
Really not too bad, huh?

01:11:25:23 –> 01:11:26:01

01:11:26:19 –> 01:11:26:26
Whatever works.

01:11:26:26 –> 01:11:29:05
Adam and I were like, oh kids.

01:11:30:21 –> 01:11:31:00

01:11:31:01 –> 01:11:34:05
Very similar to Canada. I don’t know that kid. Yeah,

01:11:34:19 –> 01:11:34:28

01:11:35:04 –> 01:11:42:06
I’ve been through some of those. I drank the juice off a can of spam before. I’ve done a lot of stuff like that. Sometimes you got to, we got enough. You

01:11:42:06 –> 01:11:46:28
Know, that stuff, if you pour it on a log and light it with a match, it’ll start really? It’s like lighter fluid. Seems like,

01:11:47:19 –> 01:11:49:24
It seems like a waste of spam. I’ve

01:11:49:24 –> 01:11:50:11
Just teasing. I

01:11:50:11 –> 01:11:51:10
Don’t dunno. Does that, but

01:11:51:23 –> 01:11:54:29
It probably would. It’s got so much grease. You’ll start a grease fire if you go out.

01:11:54:29 –> 01:11:56:29
Oh yeah. Spam iss not too bad. We had kind of a, you keep

01:11:56:29 –> 01:12:02:00
Talking about food and we’re coming on lunch. Lunch time. And Adam, I, I mean I hadn’t ate breakfast this morning.

01:12:02:17 –> 01:12:03:16
We slip in a little bit.

01:12:03:16 –> 01:12:04:11
I’ll skip it. So

01:12:04:24 –> 01:12:06:01
Let’s see. Yeah, I had

01:12:06:01 –> 01:12:17:04
A deal in New Mexico where we got super dehydrated. That was like, kind of like that, like Chris is saying. Really? Yeah. We actually, that’s the closest I ever had to a Zach Griffith life flight was, was our little New Mexico trip.

01:12:17:15 –> 01:12:17:28
No way.

01:12:18:00 –> 01:12:20:10
Yeah, it was, we were borderline. We

01:12:20:14 –> 01:12:22:13
Borderline is spending 20 grand. Whew.

01:12:22:21 –> 01:12:24:02
I’m glad I didn’t have to. I mean, yeah,

01:12:24:11 –> 01:12:27:20
I, that’s a lot of days I didn’t have That’s a lot. That’s a lot of tranny. That’s six.

01:12:27:21 –> 01:12:28:25
That’s a lot of sheds.

01:12:28:25 –> 01:12:30:18
That’s six of my trucks right there.

01:12:30:27 –> 01:12:33:26
Let’s do the math. How many brown? 10 pound elk LERs is that?

01:12:33:29 –> 01:12:40:05
That’s all each, each antler averages. Six and a half pounds. I, that’s a average is what’s the average on the elk shed?

01:12:40:23 –> 01:12:44:16
If you average six, you’re doing pretty well. ’cause you pick up so many rag horns and stuff. So you’re talking four

01:12:44:16 –> 01:12:45:19
Pound average. Yeah. A

01:12:45:22 –> 01:12:48:17
Big bowl. A big shit ought weigh eight to 10 pounds. You know, dude,

01:12:48:18 –> 01:12:52:02
I found some 15 pounders. You some raid my freaking stack.

01:12:52:05 –> 01:12:53:01
Let’s go right after.

01:12:53:17 –> 01:12:54:19
Well, I mean, I might charge you

01:12:54:23 –> 01:13:00:16
See, oh, see, he’s back peddling now. Come rate it. I’ll buy him from you if you ever wanna sell him there. There

01:13:00:16 –> 01:13:01:19
Are some heavy ones in there that’s a

01:13:01:19 –> 01:13:13:26
Hundred Almost your goal. Yeah. Okay. You find 179 brown elk antlers that weigh eight pounds. Yeah. At 14 bucks a pound. 20,000 bucks. That’s

01:13:13:26 –> 01:13:17:14
A lot. That’s a full year. Your goal, your goal is to make 20 grand a year. Yeah,

01:13:17:19 –> 01:13:19:25
Ben. Okay. That’s, that’s Amen. High. But I think that full,

01:13:19:25 –> 01:13:31:00
That’s where the sponsors come in. That is 20. What about deer sheds? Yeah. All right. All right. Very cool. So, all right, so here you are. You’re into Mexico. Yeah. Dehydrated con contemplating life flight.

01:13:31:00 –> 01:14:11:29
Yeah, it’s, it, we got to that point. We hiked up into this spot and it’s really far away from everywhere. That’s why it’s a good elk shed spot. It was with a couple buddies of mine, one from down there and one from up here. And we packed food up in there, water and everything for a couple days. But we also looked on the map and there’s a couple springs up in there and my buddy had been to ’em in the past and, and filtered water out of ’em and stuff. So we figured we’d be able to get some water in there. So we kind of under packed on the water. So we hiked up in and loaded up, just loaded up on horns. We had probably 50 plus elk sheds between the three of us. And so we were, we were weighed down heavy. We stayed one night in there coming out heavy. Yeah. And got out and we were coming down and, and we were pretty much run outta water. It was in June, so it was like 90, 90 plus degrees.

01:14:12:18 –> 01:14:13:22
Where were you exactly?

01:14:15:05 –> 01:14:17:06
You you told me where to go. You ought to know. Oh yeah.

01:14:17:17 –> 01:14:23:04
I do know where I did. I did hook ’em up. Were we on a 10% commission? Yeah. Where’s my

01:14:23:21 –> 01:14:35:05
10? Well, I don’t know. Once I tell you the whole story, I don’t think you want any. Keep going, keep going. I got down this. So we decided to go down a different canyon. ’cause there was supposed to be a spring down there that we were gonna hit water on the way out Jason. About Yeah. It wasn’t like, I

01:14:35:05 –> 01:14:36:07
Guarantee you, I didn’t tell you about the spring.

01:14:36:07 –> 01:15:11:29
There’ll be water bottles, everything. No, we got there and it was, it was totally dry of course. And it was like, well if we go down a little further, maybe that one will have water. And so we went clear out of our way and every spring up there had dried up. Geez. Just a bad water year. And so we were looking at the map we’re like five, five or six miles from the truck as the crow flies we’re a long ways up in there. And so we decided we were gonna have to turn and go up this big face and across and drop off to where the truck was. And we each had about one normal water bottle left. And so we started hiking up this and everybody started draining their water down. And we got to the top and we were all pretty much just had a little bit left.

01:15:11:29 –> 01:15:45:07
And I started, you know, to the point now I wasn’t sweating or anything anymore ’cause I was so dehydrated. Yeah. I’ve been there. I’m a big dude. I’d run outta water quick and we got moving across the top. We found a, a cow tank on the top. We’re like, oh, that a lot have water in it. Saw it on the map. So we hiked over there to it and got there. It was dry too. So by then we were totally outta water, 90 plus degrees. And we’re just dying. We’re hurting all of us. And so we found the four-wheeler trail that we’d hiked in on. We knew it was a rough, crappy one. And my buddy Isaiah, who’s a guy down there, said he thought he could make it out the four-wheeler trail and bring the Jeep back up the four wheeler trail and pick us up.

01:15:45:10 –> 01:16:19:28
So me and my buddy Jared sat down on that four wheeler trail just to wait for him. Well it turns out the trail was washed out in between us and him and he couldn’t get his jeep up it, he had to kind of fill the whole thing up with, with rocks. Took him like five or six hours to get back to where we were. Wow. And we sat there and baked in the sun the whole time. And Wow. It got to where my mouth was so dry that my tongue started to crack and split and I couldn’t get my mouth wet, couldn’t get anything going. And we were just laying on the ground hurting. You know, I kept having these super vivid dreams that my wife was bringing me water bottles and stuff. It was crazy. We were bad a bad way. That’s a scary point. Yeah.

01:16:19:29 –> 01:16:24:01
We, we could have a whole, we have a whole podcast on those. Dude,

01:16:24:05 –> 01:16:25:20
They’re so miserable. That’s for another one.

01:16:25:29 –> 01:16:32:19
Yeah. They’re, they. I don’t even like talking about ’em really. But having said that, he should sue the Forest Service for not maintaining that trail. Yeah,

01:16:32:29 –> 01:16:46:28
Absolutely. Absolutely. It wasn’t, it definitely wasn’t in a wilderness area. Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it was a scary thing. He ended up getting back up to us, but I think after it we started drinking water right away and I think it took me two full days dry to take a leap. Yeah.

01:16:47:17 –> 01:17:03:04
Terrible. Well, I’m terrible. I’m kind of tired of, I’m kind of tired of, of talking about hunting. So let’s talk about, let’s talk about what’s the craziest story you’ve got from social media? You know, the craziest something, oh man, that’s happened on social media to you.

01:17:03:17 –> 01:17:10:12
I’ve had, I had this dude that, he’s a creeper from YouTube. He always comments way, just

01:17:10:27 –> 01:17:13:05
Creepy stuff. I comment a comment a do you, am I a creeper?

01:17:13:09 –> 01:17:15:12
Well, I don’t wanna put you in the creeper category.

01:17:15:16 –> 01:17:17:29
So what if you like, is there a way to like too many things?

01:17:18:02 –> 01:17:20:06
No, you, that’s fine. Okay. This dude’s not like, I just,

01:17:20:11 –> 01:17:22:19
He’s not a fan about social media etiquette. Yeah.

01:17:22:19 –> 01:17:30:10
This dude’s a hater. He’s always posting comments, telling me I’m a piece of trash and all this stuff. Okay. Apparently whatever. I’m robbing the sheds from the working man.

01:17:30:10 –> 01:17:33:28
So the event guy came and, and hooked you up with some security safety.

01:17:34:01 –> 01:17:44:22
He should have, I should get that vi sponsor. That’d be nice. But this guy, yeah, he’s just a tool. Like he’s always just commenting crap and making new accounts when I block him and stuff. No way. Yeah. But I ran into him in Mesquite last week.

01:17:45:02 –> 01:17:46:23
Come face

01:17:46:23 –> 01:17:47:00
To face.

01:17:47:01 –> 01:17:49:10
You’re full of it. No, I swear. How did you know it was him?

01:17:49:16 –> 01:17:57:18
I, because I, well I have a friend who’s really good with computers, so people make anonymous accounts and then he can tell me who they are. Serious. So I know who this guy is, I know where he lives.

01:17:57:28 –> 01:18:00:24
I could use this friend. What did, would he charge us to do a few things? He’d

01:18:00:24 –> 01:18:01:01
Help you out.

01:18:01:23 –> 01:18:02:22
Okay. So keep going.

01:18:02:29 –> 01:18:12:08
Yeah. So he found out who the guy was. So he doesn’t know, I know who he is, but I was in Mesquite last week down there having some crab at the buffet. And he was standing outside the bathroom.

01:18:12:08 –> 01:18:16:13
Two shed hunting. Must be really lucrative. How, how long was the last time you had crab Adam?

01:18:17:05 –> 01:18:17:25
I can’t remember. The

01:18:17:25 –> 01:18:19:07
Virgin River’s. Like 1499.

01:18:20:02 –> 01:18:20:08

01:18:20:08 –> 01:18:20:14

01:18:20:26 –> 01:18:22:05
Have you been to the Virgin River?

01:18:22:09 –> 01:18:23:08
Yeah. Yeah, that’s,

01:18:23:11 –> 01:18:25:00
Yeah, but you gotta drive there. Alright.

01:18:25:04 –> 01:18:32:17
So I ran into this dude and, and I, I saw him that he recognized me, but he didn’t think I knew who he was. And so I just walked up to him and I said, so

01:18:33:16 –> 01:18:34:12
You did, huh? Yeah.

01:18:34:12 –> 01:18:35:18
Just caught in his face. I said, so

01:18:35:26 –> 01:18:36:25
You did not? Yeah.

01:18:36:25 –> 01:18:39:08
And he just kind of ducked his head and walked away fast.

01:18:39:15 –> 01:18:45:02
As fast as he could go way. Just So how big was he was, if he was giant, would you have approached him? I don’t know.

01:18:45:16 –> 01:18:49:13
Probably. He wasn’t that big. He had a big guy with him. Yeah. But I was, I was ready to scrap.

01:18:49:25 –> 01:18:51:24
Were you, because he’s really ticked you. Yeah.

01:18:51:24 –> 01:18:52:20
And and he’s probably

01:18:52:29 –> 01:18:53:02

01:18:53:05 –> 01:19:01:06
Over the only person who’s really got under my skin. Most of these guys don’t bother me. And he doesn’t really bother me that much. He’s just one of those dudes, you wanna shut his mouth? Yeah. That was good enough. I didn’t have to hit him.

01:19:01:07 –> 01:19:03:08
So no more problems with him. We’ll

01:19:03:08 –> 01:19:07:05
See now that he’s seen you face to face, he’s like, he knows I, maybe he lives in Mesquite.

01:19:07:13 –> 01:19:09:08
I I know where he lives. But he, you

01:19:09:08 –> 01:19:16:01
Could crush the guy if you actually got your whole fan base to, you know, to know who he is. Yeah. He could hurt. That’s, I mean it’s, that’s

01:19:16:01 –> 01:19:24:24
Why I’ve held back honestly. And the guy’s an outfitter and that’s the thing that I was like on, that’s the thing that I’ve held back on is because really just even the messages, the stuff

01:19:24:26 –> 01:19:26:29
He said is he where an outfitter where

01:19:27:02 –> 01:19:27:17
In Nevada.

01:19:28:04 –> 01:19:28:28
So he lives in,

01:19:29:02 –> 01:19:45:12
Yeah, so he lives in Nevada. So I could really, I mean I have enough on the dude, I could crush him. And that’s the whole thing is like, do I wanna go after this guy’s livelihood ’cause he is an internet idiot. Or do I want to just kind of drop it? So I haven’t really done too much, but if he pushes, pushes it anymore, I’ll just post his cell phone number and let people talk to him. If they don’t talk to him,

01:19:46:06 –> 01:19:49:18
Don’t bother my friend Ben. He’s got enough tranny problems.

01:19:50:26 –> 01:19:52:29
This dude could be a tranny. Alright,

01:19:53:00 –> 01:19:53:12
Well there’s,

01:19:53:12 –> 01:19:57:20
There’s no, I don’t know. That’s the only person that’s ever really got, I know what you’re talking about under my skin.

01:19:58:05 –> 01:20:06:23
All right. Okay. Well I, I, now I wanna go back to hunting ’cause it’s kind of a gross story. Yeah. Let’s see. What’s your dream

01:20:06:23 –> 01:20:13:14
Hunt? Hunt? What do you, you talked about elk, talked about bears. What do you, what’s on your list? I’d really keep

01:20:13:14 –> 01:20:15:00
Doing badger. Oh yeah.

01:20:15:03 –> 01:20:24:24
Badger. You know, la metal lark. Something like that. I, I really have wanted to get into the sheep thing a little bit. I’ve been putting in for desert for forever and I’d love to kill a

01:20:25:00 –> 01:20:28:07
I know your grandpa runs cows out in that country. Yeah, we hunt sheep.

01:20:28:16 –> 01:20:37:14
Yep. We, we see him out there occasionally. He had a desert tag about four years ago or so. And so we kind of got a little taste of it. My dad’s max points for sheep, so, so

01:20:37:14 –> 01:20:40:10
Make it happen. A man drops, let’s go have a party. Yeah, I

01:20:40:10 –> 01:20:41:16
Would love to do that. Get out there. Might

01:20:41:16 –> 01:20:46:12
Even do an epic, epic sanction free guided trip from from bro epic.

01:20:46:24 –> 01:20:48:26
Crazy. Let’s do it. Do the camp down there. Yeah.

01:20:48:28 –> 01:20:50:05
Big collaboration. That’d be fun.

01:20:50:16 –> 01:20:51:16
Collaboration with the hush boys.

01:20:51:16 –> 01:20:58:24
Let’s do it. Bring everybody, it’d be fun. Bring ’em all. Yeah, I’d love to do that. But anyhow, anywhere I could kill an elk over 400 is like the old 404

01:20:59:05 –> 01:21:06:13
For me. I want a 400 straight six. I really do. It’s just, but you gotta stop everything you’re doing and work on that for 20 years. Oh

01:21:06:13 –> 01:21:07:18
Yeah. That’s kind of the way it is.

01:21:08:03 –> 01:21:21:20
Well if you could go back in time, get, you know, to your prior self, maybe 12, 16 months ago, what would you tell yourself? Shed crazy telling himself, Hey, this is how you’re gonna make it in the hunting world. What would you tell yourself?

01:21:22:01 –> 01:22:09:10
Oh geez. I don’t know. I think I’d just say that. Just kind of remind myself to, to keep it me, keep it original, you know, and like not, let not get, mostly not get too caught up in what people say and other people’s opinions. Just keep doing my thing. ’cause there’s so much of that negativity online and like really it amounts to nothing. Like the people that are saying that stuff. They’re not accomplishing stuff. They’re not following their dreams. They’re just working. They’re at their jobs and they’re trying to take shots at you so that they can get through their day. So I think just ignore those people. Don’t let ’em get in your head and just keep, keep doing what I wanted to do in the beginning. Keep a clear vision. And the other thing I’d probably tell myself is make way more content. Just like film everything. Film all the dumb little stuff. Just show the whole process a little bit better. Yeah. That’s one of my goals for the coming years is to

01:22:09:10 –> 01:22:27:23
Show everything. Well I think people that make a living, doing what you’re doing, people like to follow people and it’s interesting to watch somebody else’s life. ’cause we’re kind of sick of our own life. Sure. You know what I mean? Yeah. So it’s like, all right, I’m sick of my day-to-day grind. Although it might be interesting to you, it’s not interesting to me, but I am interested in shed crazy. What’s he doing today? Sure. Oh, he’s sleeping. Yeah, of

01:22:27:23 –> 01:22:27:28

01:22:29:13 –> 01:22:31:22
I wish I was sleeping. He’s awesome. He

01:22:32:06 –> 01:22:38:10
He scattered. He’s scattered. Oh man. He scattered a tranny in the center, Phil. So that’s awesome. Yeah. Good luck with

01:22:38:10 –> 01:23:02:15
That. Well people, I, people really do go to YouTube for relationships, you know, they want feel like they got buddies out there. They want to feel, and you know, not everybody, but that’s a long, large sector of the population that likes to be involved in what you’re doing. Likes to know what you’re doing. Yeah. So people love the personal aspect of it. And I think that’s kind of what I try to tap into is just, just being a normal dude. Yeah. You know, people, people like to watch anything that’s

01:23:03:15 –> 01:23:03:23

01:23:04:08 –> 01:23:05:02
Interesting or real and

01:23:05:02 –> 01:23:05:20
It’s different. It’s

01:23:05:20 –> 01:23:06:04
Real stuff and

01:23:06:04 –> 01:23:24:29
It’s different. And I think you’re right. Going back to your, you know, not letting yourself get caught up in what people say or do. We’re all multitasking this day and age. We’re, you know, you’re at work, you’re seeing checking Instagram, you’re checking your email, you’re checking your text messages, you, you know what I mean? And then you’re working a little bit and then you go back to, and and they’re just saying it off the cuff. I don’t

01:23:24:29 –> 01:23:34:08
Mean, and 99% of ’em wouldn’t say one thing to your face. No. It’s just this, it’s just this buffer that media, social media gives people, you know, they just kind of keyboard warriors. So Yeah. They feel

01:23:34:08 –> 01:23:36:10
That it’s all good, you know, it’s all good. The

01:23:36:10 –> 01:23:37:26
Old Brad Paisley song online.

01:23:38:01 –> 01:23:39:06
Yeah. So much cooler online.

01:23:39:20 –> 01:23:41:07
It’s funny. So much keyboard

01:23:41:07 –> 01:23:41:18

01:23:41:29 –> 01:23:42:06

01:23:42:06 –> 01:23:53:23
Yeah. See, you know, a lot of ’em are just trying to be funny too. Yeah. And like, I try to look at stuff when people say crap to me, I just try to look at ’em like, is that legitimately funny? Yeah. And if it’s funny, I’ll get ’em pass. I don’t care. Yeah. If they actually come up with something good, like, ah, you got me.

01:23:55:23 –> 01:24:03:25
Cool. Well, anything you want to tell our listeners hunting wise or, or social media wise or anything? Well,

01:24:03:25 –> 01:24:39:00
Just, you know, if you, if you’re looking to do something like this, if you guys want to do the social media thing, all you have to do is start, you know, just whatever you’re doing, just start putting it out there and, and it’ll catch on. There’s an audience for everything in the world. Yeah. People are consuming everything on social media. So, I mean, it doesn’t matter if you love cats, whatever it is, there’s a million other people out there who have the same interest you do. And if you can make that thing interesting, you can do whatever you want. Yeah. And I’m not gonna stand here and be like, ah, you can get rich like me. ’cause I, I’m not getting rich. Yeah. But I do what I want every day. Yeah. And that’s, that’s something that a lot of people, you know, don’t have the opportunity to do.

01:24:39:00 –> 01:25:03:24
And that’s something that social media can do for people. Yeah. So, you know, don’t be afraid to chase it a little bit. I’m not saying quit, you know, if you’re gonna quit your job, you better have some preparation go into it, you better think it through. ’cause it’s not a big money game. Yeah. Especially not in the beginning. Yeah. So, but just, just if you want to do, if you want to do it, if you want to do your thing, if you wanna follow, you know, chase your dreams, as corny as that sounds, there’s ways to do it. You don’t have to do something you hate every

01:25:03:24 –> 01:25:10:24
Day. Well, and I think it’s too, is be careful what you’re dreaming. ’cause you know, our, our lives may look like a dream too, but Sure. You know,

01:25:12:28 –> 01:25:14:04
Where are you going with this, Carter?

01:25:15:01 –> 01:25:21:25
Well, I’m just saying, saying even hunting is work. Even everything is is work. Absolutely nothing comes free. So,

01:25:22:06 –> 01:25:24:14
I see. I was, that’s where I was maybe hoping you’re,

01:25:24:18 –> 01:25:30:04
Yeah. Yeah. And so any Adam or Chris, anybody wanna chime? Anything else? No. As we wrap this podcast up.

01:25:30:04 –> 01:25:51:12
Thanks for coming. It’s been been fun. It’s always good to laugh, be lighthearted. We get that way fairly often on these podcasts, but it’s very easy to do with you. And it’s pretty funny to come across your stuff on Instagram because it is a lot more look at me and how about this and all that. And then you’re just off the wall. It’s, it mixes it up. It’s pretty awesome. It is. Appreciate

01:25:51:12 –> 01:25:52:01
It. Thank you.

01:25:52:15 –> 01:26:18:22
Yeah. All right. Well yeah, thanks again, Ben. We appreciate you. Wish you the best. I we’re expecting good things for 2018, maybe 200, 300 sheds. You know, having done the math, I think you’re gonna need more like four or 500. So anyway, just to live. All right. Well, sounds good. Anything else, Chris? I’ll see you in Canada. Yeah, let’s go. Nice ending. All right. Thanks guys. All.