EP 104: Mule Deer Recap with the Epic Crew. In this episode of the Epic Outdoors Podcast the Epic Crew talks about this past season of Mule deer hunting. The extreme drought westside had significant impacts on horn growth and it was evident throughout the fall. Many states experienced a year tougher than has been seen in a long time. We recap our personal hunts and talk about the successes and a few failures. We also answer several listener submitted questions on Mule Deer.

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Buck’s rutting. He’s rutting a dough. I gloss him up and I’m like, holy crap, am I gonna get this right now? And

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They’ve got no snow pack. And so you got, you know, summer range that got no snow.

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Anything to do with Western Big Game.

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To the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour.

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Hey everybody, it’s Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, Jeffrey John. He’s been talking, we don’t know how much longer. We’ll let that happen. He’s a little mouthy today. Oh, John and Chris Peterson, appreciate y’all out there listening. We’ve got a lot of different listeners that have hit us up and we sure appreciate you. Some of the things they retain are a little interesting.

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Then Jeff’s getting hit out a guy. And then Jeff’s getting hit up to be Camp Cook at somebody’s hunt because we talked about it on the Sheet podcast

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Since. And there’s another name for Camp Cook. But since we have all kinds of, oh, we’re gonna leave at that. I think we covered that. Did we cover that?

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What the Camp Cook is really called?

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No, we didn’t cover that. We’re gonna keep her, keep her G Moving

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Along. All

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Right. All so not yet approved. So anyway, I appreciate y’all out there listening and just want a little shout out to Under Armour for supporting us and all we got going on here, including our Epic Outdoors podcast as well as the magazine. By the way, the magazine’s cranking it out. We’re cranking an issue a month for the first six months of the year, if not seven December through June, talking about all the Western states, drawing odds, kill percentages, and all the important stuff here in the west. That’s

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Right. We’re cranking on the January now. We should have it done within, since roughly a week. We should have the emag up at least and you know, then go to the printer. But it’s always exciting to start talking about the next year’s stuff. ’cause it’s December. Not a lot of hunting left. If you’re a big game hunter, not a whole lot going on. So it’s Arizona and Wyoming on tap first, on the January issue. Yeah,

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We’ll throw in a few little articles here and there. Jeff’s gonna throw one out there about guided hunts. Of course we’ll talk about wolves and all kinds of fun stuff. But anyway, yeah, so that’s coming out soon. Adam talked about a week. We always like to push John, make him make him a little nervous. He likes it. He wish he’s telling us our deadline past a week ago and fish hasn’t even come out with their stuff yet. So Adam and I always push it doesn’t speed you guys up at all. Well John, Adam will look at me and he’ll go, John said our deadline was last week. And I’m like, that means it’s next week.

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That’s a graphic designer for you. Yeah, they, they want it done and not at the printer before the states approve the regs. But no, it’s not, not really. But we do have a tight turnaround because literally we’re, we’re begging from state fish and game folks, you know, as we speak to get, get stuff before, you know, it’s on the web or anything else. And so we can’t go to print until we got something in our hands that we know is reflective of 2019 info. So that’s what we kinda weighed on. But stay tuned. Be out

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Soon. Stay tuned. It’ll coming, coming shortly. Of course, Adam and I have been up for long periods of time, probably on our second, third, fourth monster in a diet Coke.

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Huh? Yellow Rock star. Hit me today too. Between the eyes that go Good.

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’cause the Epic office is out. We’re allowing people, Adam, that we’re allowing everybody in the office to partake in monsters. And we need to cut that down.

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Wait, wait, wait. Well

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A strike. The problem is, the problem is we had about three cases of them here. We’re blowing through a case today and now we got all eight or 10 of us back here full time. And it’s like they became recreational drinks instead of ne necessary drinks. You know, Hey, I just, I, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m thirsty. I’m just gonna tap, drink a white mo you know, instead of I prescriptive. I need a pick me up.

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It’s two 30 and I’m writing a magazine. That’s so pretty much get outta my way. Alright. Anyway, let’s

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Talk about mules. Dears, yeah.

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Let’s talk about some deer. Mule deer. So anyway, we do wanna talk about mule deer today. We, it’s one of the, well, we’re right in the middle. We’re talking a lot on elk in Wyoming, a lot on sheep in Wyoming. Getting a lot of those questions. We’re

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Not writing about any deer this, this magazine. ’cause there’s nothing to talk about in the January magazine, at least for,

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Deadlines. For deadlines. So,

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But, but we are fielding a lot of questions. But we do want to kind of give you maybe a, I don’t know, 10,000 foot overview of

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What happened West wide approach for this year. Yeah, it was, it was tough. No question about it. You start talking about the southwestern states, Nevada, Arizona, Northern Arizona, Southern Utah, Northern New Mexico, Western Colorado. How, in one word or less, let’s go around the room right now. How would you describe the deer hunts? Three words or less. Okay. How about three words or less?

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Jeff? Me? Yeah. Jeff killed a

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Great bond. Jeff killed the 30 inches. That’s not sure. Your opinion doesn’t matter right now.

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No, and I didn’t have enough deer tags this year. Maybe

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Adam, let’s, let’s talk to you.

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Mine. I’ll go last.

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Okay. Alright.

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Alright. I’m trying to candy the word that came to my mind, I’m trying to think of a synonym that I can say on live podcast.

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Let’s just put it this way. I had a fistful of tags and I didn’t kill a single animal till November. And I started August 10th. How about that? That’s right.

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So put that into three words or less.

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And I tried to justify it by saying, oh, my kids had all these tags and they did smoke a lot of animals. Six of ’em to be exact. I mean, we got meat coming out our ears. But

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Times it’s cold and famine right now.

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Dad needed to kill something and it was a, it was, it was a tough year. Let’s say that we, we ate a lot of tags.

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Well, and I think it was, I mean, I think basically as soon as you drop below maybe the Montana border cutting down. I love

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How Jim

00:05:48:10 –> 00:05:49:28
Is down, maybe Wyoming but border, if

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You guys could all picture his hands. He’s, he’s

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Carving off the Yeah. Car it out like, like pretty much you move south there, Southern Idaho, Southern Wyoming and, and moving south, it was like, let’s

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Call it it south of Saskatchewan. It sucked. Is that what you’re saying?

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Well, well I was in Wyoming, I was in Montana, and I’m telling you the vegetation was unreal. I mean, it really was loaded up. I I was quite shocked at that up there. But, but

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You’ve, you’ve forgone you for went your deer tag up there. Why? I

00:06:20:23 –> 00:06:22:13
Know. Well, it’s hard

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To get excited about pounding of 1 35 bucks,

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Man. Happy. Ain’t nobody happy. And by the time you hit November and you’ve already done Alaska and Utah and Idaho and Wyoming and da da, on and on and on, and

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With an Arizona hunt pending in December 1st. Yes. Even though you were Camp Cook. Yeah. You you were.

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He was a heck of a camp

00:06:44:12 –> 00:06:45:11
Cook. Yeah.

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And we rocked it, man. Oh. But, but no, it was just like, and I think the proof is is like we’ve talked about a little bit, like even governor tag guys and stuff, they’re still out there trying to find a buck worth killing. And we’re talking about, I mean, it’s second week of December 3rd. Second week of December. Yeah. And, and it’s like they haven’t seen anything. Well, that just goes to show you there ain’t a lot of bucks out. There’s not,

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It’s not only have they not seen anything, they’re not getting calls either. And that’s just, and these are good hunters. Of course. A lot of you guys are listening. I mean, a lot of people spend a lot of time in the hills. And it’s just, just goes to show you, and we talked about earlier in the year is it was just, it was shaping up to be a tough year. And it was a tough year.

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We’re talking about two 10 to 200 to two 10 deer or non-existent. Yeah. In a lot of these places. We’re not talking about go, oh, nothing. Two 40 plus we’re talking Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada,

00:07:38:03 –> 00:07:39:10
Nevada, Idaho,

00:07:39:17 –> 00:07:39:28

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Wyoming. I mean, there was a couple of good bucks in each state, but honestly for the numbers and hundreds and thousands.

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Yeah. But these statewide raffle and auction hunters that are still hunting right now, just going crazy. Not not, not getting a call and not having a buck hunt. So the dry year, we’ll just call it a drought. It was, it was widespread on these southwestern states. No question about it. So, I don’t know. I think there was a question on here somewhere about that. Chad Knuckles appreciate you sending this in to us. Just says, enjoy your magazine research as well as your podcast and have a topic for discussion or q and a. I’m an avid hunter throughout the west. Could use, you could say certified mule deer junkie. I hear so often about precipitation, rainfall, moisture affecting ant the growth in big game animals from year to year. Completely bin theory. But wonder, wonder, this, his question is why is in it the, the driest, most drought stricken region, Southern Utah, Northern Arizona, southwest Colorado, and even Mexico, without question, the greatest meal deer locations in the world, year in and year out produce the largest out in their deer without arguably the least amount of rainfall.

00:08:45:09 –> 00:09:36:05
Some areas are seen sig receive single digit inches of rain annually and visibly at least to the untrained human eye. Little lead flying on the face of flying in the, the face of drought and produce massives every year. There is truth. It, it fills. He’s trying to decide whether he buys into that, I guess is what he’s saying. Yeah. And it, there is truth to that. You look at a lot of those areas, you look at, you know, northern New Mexico, Northern Arizona, southern Utah, southern Nevada, it does look like Wow, how come they can, can they produce it? But so when you’re talking about eight to 12 inches and you go to four to five, it’s monumental. Yeah. That’s, that’s kind of what I would say to that is it’s, you can’t, you can you go from 25 to 20 in some of these mountain units, it doesn’t matter. You go from eight to 10 to four and it’s like off the charts, you know, drought. Yeah.

00:09:36:22 –> 00:09:52:10
And you’d even think with elevation, like you take the Henry’s, you know, we’ve talked a lot about that. Take the Henry’s on a drought year, even though, I mean, you’re over 10,000 feet, you’d think, oh, there’s just gonna be enough moisture there. Things are gonna grow. It’s not true. There’s not the nutrients in those, in those plants that

00:09:52:10 –> 00:10:22:18
There should be. They’ve got no snow pack. And so you got, you know, summer range that got no snow for all intents and purposes. And it’s a mountain range that jets out out of the desert. It’s not on, you know, the no nice, you know, flow of a lot of storms anyway to begin with. But yeah, I just think it’s just exacerbated when you got a dry area that’s capable of producing big deer like these genetic areas. Like we, you rattled off Chad, I would just say when you add a drought to it, it just magnifies it tenfold. It feels like over a mountain unit that gets 20 plus inches of moisture here.

00:10:22:25 –> 00:10:42:24
Well, I think not only that is, we’re talking about when he mentioned Southern Utah, Northern Arizona, Southwest Colorado, Mexico. But some of these areas, like let’s just take Northern Arizona. So basically let’s talk about the strip. You’re so limited in tag numbers that it does seem like it, it produces better than anywhere else. And, and, but it’s a lot of it management practices, it’s 30 deer,

00:10:42:29 –> 00:10:43:07

00:10:43:07 –> 00:11:28:28
30, 40 deer, total dead, you know, 40 tags, 50 tags, 60 tags depending on the year and, and during the rutt with no muzz or season on the strip and things like that. And so I think a lot more plays into it. The Henry’s the ponson carefully managed. Yeah. You know, and that’s where the animals are coming from. We do have our general seasons because you have thousands of people. There’s one or two great ones killed. But generally speaking, you know, I think there’s, there’s a much broader, there’s a much more in depth answer to all of these little intricacies within this question. You know, if you take, like you look at Idaho’s bucks, the bucks that they’ve taken back in the day when it was amazing is there’s, it’s unsurpassed, the crazy 40 inch freaking major I guards, droppers, inlines. It’s, it’s retarded.

00:11:28:28 –> 00:11:33:05
Well, if you took those units and managed them as conservatives, as the Henry’s that would be talking, or

00:11:33:05 –> 00:11:33:12
There was on

00:11:33:12 –> 00:11:37:19
A strip would be talking about them right now. That’s right. Instead of a That’s Right. Books solid general season auction. You

00:11:37:19 –> 00:11:38:08
Trust the books. Yeah.

00:11:38:11 –> 00:12:10:07
And so, yeah, exactly. And I, and I and there, there is something to be said, but like you said, you double the moisture and, and whatnot. It just, it it, it, it’s a percentage thing. You know, it’s a, it’s, yeah. We, we are in a drought. We’re getting half the rain, rain we’re normally used to, it’s a total different feed. The deer feeding ’em different things versus, you know, 11, 12,000 feet and whatnot. And so anyway, and you got like places like region G and h Adam, I think we’d all agree if they managed that and wasn’t over the counter for residents, what do you think would come out of there? Yeah.

00:12:10:11 –> 00:12:10:26
Oh, it’d be

00:12:10:27 –> 00:12:13:04
Scary. It’d be retarded. Yeah. It be scary.

00:12:13:15 –> 00:13:06:00
So it is a product, these areas that we all think of the meal deer mecca, the reason they’re they’re good is they’ve been hunted under general season status forever. Henry’s gon the strip back in the day and they had to close them down because they lack the ability to throw out hundreds and thousands of deer every year. You know, I don’t mean hundreds of thousands, I mean hundreds and thousands of extra deer a year. They’re just not like that type of unit under general season. They got crushed to where they had to get closed down. Yeah. And now they’re a product of very limited harvest. That, that’s basically, so it’s hard to compare those with units in Colorado. You get thousands of tags out there in second and third, fourth seasons and they kill a few big deer out of those. No question. But you’re just kind of comparing, you know, a 50 or, or Henry’s 50 total tags on the whole unit. You can’t really compare that with anything out. Nothing

00:13:06:05 –> 00:13:44:07
That way. Well, why would you wanna, you’re never gonna draw. Why would you want That’s right. And that’s I think part of why we, we keep going to Colorado and, and and whatnot and you hear about the big bucks and with social media there’s five killed and we all hear about every one of them, you know, that are, that are, you know, significant deer. But anyway, it’s just a lot of it’s product and numbers of tags, numbers of hunters and, and the downside, like they could be so much better if they would limit tags. And here we are hunting, you know, a third seasons of rutt hunt starting November 3rd this past year. Four seasons of rutt hunting. We have rutt rifle hunts like we did away with muzzle to ru rutt rutt hunts back when I was in high school. Yeah. You know? Yeah, we did.

00:13:44:20 –> 00:13:52:02
Might as well talk about Colorado. Had a lot of questions. So most Jeff, you’re the one that didn’t, I guess didn’t

00:13:52:07 –> 00:13:52:25
Colorado. This

00:13:52:25 –> 00:13:54:11
Is like, so mute Jeff’s mic for

00:13:54:19 –> 00:13:55:12
20 minutes. You as

00:13:55:12 –> 00:13:56:02
Well mute it. I’m

00:13:56:02 –> 00:13:58:02
Just kidding. Well, no, just tell us how bad you wanted to hunt Colorado.

00:13:58:07 –> 00:14:00:00
I wanted to hunt Colorado. Why did, I did,

00:14:00:07 –> 00:14:00:13

00:14:00:13 –> 00:14:02:23
Didn’t you? You know, we, we were looking at

00:14:02:23 –> 00:14:04:28
Sheep hunts and we work at a hunting business. Makes

00:14:04:28 –> 00:14:06:06
The problem. I know, I know,

00:14:06:10 –> 00:14:07:25
I know. I do not see the problem, Jeff.

00:14:08:29 –> 00:14:18:26
Anyway. Yeah. You know, you get down to it and it’s a time management factor. And you know what, we, we had the sheep tag. We ended up turning it back in when you know you’re gonna be,

00:14:18:26 –> 00:14:21:02
Be she hunts thinking about doing Montana deer making. Yeah. When

00:14:21:14 –> 00:14:53:20
You say we, when you say we, your dad drew a sheep tag Yes. In Utah. He is a max point applicant and drew a, I don’t wanna call it an oddball unit, but do a unique unit with very low tag and very low sheep numbers. Yes. And you know, ended up, that was planning on being your November. Yes. Yeah. You know, and then when things didn’t pan out, you know, didn’t find the kind of rams you’re after he decided to turn his pack tag in. And by then you’re at the mercy of whatever hits the leftover list or whatever hits some grungy, you know, landowner list on a, on a, on a piece of paper at Sportsmans

00:14:53:25 –> 00:14:54:16
In Grand Junction.

00:14:54:23 –> 00:14:58:08
Pull off. Oh man. Buy a private land. Only 33 tag. And

00:14:59:08 –> 00:14:59:24
You know, that

00:14:59:24 –> 00:15:01:04
Would hurt something like that. Yeah.

00:15:01:21 –> 00:15:02:25
Yep. That’s what I would’ve been left.

00:15:02:25 –> 00:15:06:13
25 is better than that, but I don’t dunno. Anyway,

00:15:07:17 –> 00:15:14:16
So Yeah, you didn’t make it. But I didn’t go. Everybody else had had a tag over there. I’m the odd man al with their name on it. Three of ’em got punched.

00:15:14:23 –> 00:15:18:17
Yep. Three outta the four got punched. John, Chris. Chris, we haven’t heard a word from you.

00:15:19:21 –> 00:15:20:00

00:15:22:13 –> 00:15:23:26
He talked about there. Huh? He’s hiding

00:15:23:26 –> 00:15:36:02
Over there. You know, sometimes you just tell podcasts gonna be really fun. This is one Chris might not wanna talk and get teased like crazy. Really. No. Just the way should we be teased? You guys are on one today. That was a fun one.

00:15:36:25 –> 00:15:38:11
Well, tell us about your hunt, you guys.

00:15:38:29 –> 00:16:01:14
Well, I, I, I kind of planned mine around. I knew John John had drawn a tag and so I thought it would be good to go with him and you know, it’s kind of fun to go with somebody. And so he drew a tag and I ended up fi finding a tag in the same unit. And so bought a tag, John drew it and we went Colorado together and it sucked. Oh. It was the one

00:16:01:14 –> 00:16:02:01
900 last

00:16:02:01 –> 00:16:42:26
Year. I was waiting for you to say I’m selling you. It was bad. No, it ended up great. But it’s funny how a hunt you got five days. Day four. I told Chris, I don’t care if we killed giant bucks, this hunt sucked, you know? Yeah. And that, and it was just, we saw hundreds of deer a day and nothing good. Just i, hundreds might be a stretch, but, but not every day we, we saw, we saw, we did see two or three little four points every day. You know, it was, we were seeing deer, but it was, it was bad. Like I, I was telling John I’d rather hunt the Utah general. Like there’s so many people here. You

00:16:42:26 –> 00:16:49:12
Mean the, the same hunt that John has. All the stories about the guy sitting under him and shooting all over him, telling him he’s gonna shoot.

00:16:49:27 –> 00:16:50:04

00:16:51:03 –> 00:16:52:14
Are we talking that Utah general?

00:16:52:25 –> 00:16:55:02
Well that’s comparable. It’s how about the same,

00:16:55:11 –> 00:17:00:10
The same stories where the guy came out and just shot in the dirt to run the deer off. That’s the general you’re

00:17:00:10 –> 00:17:06:23
Talking about Chris? No, Utah general without John. For some reason. John on Utah general, he’s got the

00:17:06:23 –> 00:17:10:11
Tracks. The black cloud follows John in Utah’s. True. Bronson

00:17:10:11 –> 00:17:16:20
And I leave and pretty soon we’re listening to the Epic podcast and we got these guys talking about the Utah general at least. That’s right. And I don’t,

00:17:16:21 –> 00:17:33:07
We heard about it and I don’t hear we’re gone so much. Right then was story. I didn’t hear about those events until the podcast because I don’t see we’re for weeks at a time. I don’t see John and Chris. And then all of a sudden caught sudden, I’m like, whoa, they got into some crap in

00:17:33:14 –> 00:17:41:11
Colorado. You’re going to shoot your deer, John. Right. And this dude walks up, or was it vice versa, stands on top of you like, whatcha doing guys? Yeah.

00:17:41:15 –> 00:17:41:24

00:17:41:26 –> 00:17:43:00
This is in Colorado too.

00:17:43:10 –> 00:18:29:00
We had everywhere we went, if it was whatever, if it was public land on the map, you had a buddy. There were guys there. We had buddies and buddy. But yeah, I, I pull up to shoot the deer and guy walks right up. I looked, I looked behind us and there’s a guy walking up and I’m like, we’re shooting a deer right now. And he sat down John. So he, he down, I got, you’ve gotta come to the Jason Carter training. That deer would’ve been dead dead before we even said hi. It’s true. I need to come to the Jason Carter training. Well here, here’s John was setting up on the deer. Okay. And I turned around ’cause I heard, heard a noise. And there’s this guy walking up and he, and he, he said, I’m not messing you up am. And I’m like, we’re shooting a deer right now.

00:18:29:05 –> 00:19:08:17
So he sat down and watched them. That’s good. No pressure. That’s good. No pressure. He was, yeah, he was, he was really cool about it. Good. We had to tell him about opening day. That was funny. We hiked back in, we find a place on the map, try to get away. And we were in probably a mile and a half and mile and a half from the motel, mile and a half from, from the truck. Oh, okay. You know, just trying to paint an accurate picture there. We were probably a mile and a half and it starts getting light and we start g glassing up people. Yeah. Everywhere. You know, there’s a, there’s a group of two up top. The horses coming down below. We counted over 20 people that first morning. And we were,

00:19:08:17 –> 00:19:09:29
And we were Orange on the mountain

00:19:09:29 –> 00:19:38:20
Walking. Yeah. And we were hiked in. Yeah. And this is a fourth season tag. Yeah. And probably within about nine 19 of them were from Utah. I don’t know. Well afterwards we figured out probably most of ’em were elk hunters. Oh yeah. Okay. Yeah. But cow, elk, hunters, it was kind of rolling hills and we came over one. And how many elk were in that group? Probably 200. I mean, running out of the mountains, just, you know, bailing off there. Getting shot outta there. Yeah. Getting shot at. That’s, I like

00:19:39:01 –> 00:19:39:22
Watching stuff like that.

00:19:39:25 –> 00:19:40:04

00:19:40:04 –> 00:19:48:00
You’re out there in Colorado, you, there’s no place like Colorado when you get game running from orange, open your sandwich and sit back and watch. ’cause it’s fun.

00:19:48:14 –> 00:19:50:02
It’s a nice, I like it. Yeah.

00:19:51:07 –> 00:19:52:06
It happens every year.

00:19:52:22 –> 00:20:59:08
The problem was, first thing that morning we’d spotted a, a buck that seemed like a pretty decent buck. Had a good frame. And it was like, probably two miles away. So we’re like, let’s go over there. So we start hiking and we just started seeing people and people and people. And by the time we got there, there was 200 elk right where the deer were. Yeah. No chance of No, there’s no, no chance either. Oh. And on the way in, we had a guy following us. Yeah. And so we were pushing hard just to stay ahead of him. And we’re like, what, is this this on a trail or is he still there on a ridge? No, just, just going in, you know, and he could’ve gone other ways and, but he was just on our butts like crazy and kept looking back. He’s still there. He’s still there. So we were hiking as fast as we could. Yeah. And then finally when we got up to where we could, you know, see where Chris had had glass that deer, he was on us and he was just like, you see any elk? I’m like, oh geez. You know? And then he’s like, do you mind if I just keep going? You know? And he walked, kept going. He was a pretty nice kid. Yeah, he was a nice kid. I mean, anyway. But still, it’s like, it

00:20:59:08 –> 00:21:02:08
Was deep in your hunt then when things took a turn for the positive, right?

00:21:02:18 –> 00:21:15:22
Yeah. Well, and then to finish that off, I’ve never had this happen, but bullets were flying over our heads ’cause it was a rolling hills and people couldn’t see us. You know, once we crest it over and you proned out both of us, we dropped

00:21:16:03 –> 00:21:17:00
Proned out. We

00:21:17:00 –> 00:21:18:28
Literally, literally, we laid on the ground, proned

00:21:18:28 –> 00:21:19:25
Out in a pumpkin suit.

00:21:20:11 –> 00:21:41:01
And, and then this rag horn comes right by us, 20 yards from us, just small. Oh. And we thought he was going to, but nobody could hit him, I guess. You know, they were shooting at him up above and he ran right next to us. Right next to us. I don’t think they could see him anymore, but he, he started running away from us. That’s scary for you. And they were shooting at him right there. Probably 50 to a hundred yards from us.

00:21:41:27 –> 00:21:45:02
All right. So fast forward anyway, let’s, let’s kill some

00:21:45:02 –> 00:21:45:10

00:21:46:27 –> 00:21:49:00
Did the guy watch you smoke your deer? Yeah.

00:21:49:03 –> 00:22:00:10
Okay, let’s get to, that’s so you’re ready to kill 10 feet away from Chris has got fat day. What? But Chris, the night before killed, killed the night before on day four. And that was the day I was like, uneventful this suck. Just an

00:22:00:10 –> 00:22:04:22
Easy kill. No big deal. Chip shot with the Red Rock precision or what was

00:22:04:22 –> 00:22:05:20
It? Remind me. Yeah,

00:22:06:27 –> 00:22:22:18
It was a good buck. It had a good backend. I mean, we’re, we’re seeing nothing for four and a half days. And we had a day and a half left and I thought, you know what, if we’re gonna kill two bucks, we need to get something on the ground. So I saw this buck and, and he had a really nice backend. So knocked John

00:22:22:18 –> 00:22:22:26

00:22:22:27 –> 00:22:26:17
Ru rutting the dove? Or was he ruing those or Long He

00:22:26:17 –> 00:22:32:07
Was, he was chasing doze and anyway, ended up taking a shot. That’s awesome.

00:22:32:10 –> 00:22:33:10
Him, but

00:22:33:10 –> 00:22:38:05
People, people were watching us on that buck too. Just, there were people everywhere. So

00:22:38:10 –> 00:22:38:28
Next day, Sunday

00:22:39:17 –> 00:22:54:14
Last day, so day we hike in, I mean, it’s hiking before Dawn. We’re sitting there right as it gets starts to get light. We’re glassing up dear. And, and Chris found this buck. And so I get into position basically. And then the guy walks up on us.

00:22:55:06 –> 00:22:55:17

00:22:55:28 –> 00:22:58:04
Did he watch, so what’d he do when he smoked him?

00:22:58:20 –> 00:23:06:08
He just was like, high five you. That was awesome. Yeah. He was like, good job. You guys care if I keep going. Was he on elk? He was on elk. He kept, he kept hiking. Oh wow.

00:23:06:23 –> 00:23:12:22
Well, it ended well. I mean, it sounded like a grind. You guys killed two really solid bucks. Great looking bucks. And,

00:23:12:29 –> 00:23:15:10
And then after we’re like, that was an awesome,

00:23:15:22 –> 00:23:16:23
I can’t wait to come back. That was

00:23:16:23 –> 00:23:17:05
So fun.

00:23:17:05 –> 00:23:17:13

00:23:17:27 –> 00:23:21:16
Wait a minute. Earlier I heard, I don’t care if we killed giants. This thing sucked.

00:23:21:29 –> 00:23:24:20
We did. I still say I’m, I’m not going back. Yeah.

00:23:25:03 –> 00:23:25:16

00:23:25:27 –> 00:23:27:07
Not going back. Well,

00:23:27:29 –> 00:23:35:06
All right. Nice dark horn bucks. They are. They’re good looking deer. Yeah, good looking deer. Of course. You guys know how to take a picture. That’s awesome.

00:23:35:06 –> 00:23:35:19
They looked 200.

00:23:36:00 –> 00:23:38:04
I was like, dude, I don’t know what Chris’s is, but it’s giant.

00:23:40:09 –> 00:23:43:22
It has a dang nice backend. The fronts are a little weak, but, but

00:23:44:03 –> 00:23:54:16
That’s good. Good. Nothing wrong with a nice back end. Alright. Alright. So little plug for Red Rock. You guys smoked him with Red Rock? Yeah.

00:23:54:23 –> 00:24:16:26
Yeah. Mine was at 700. And actually what what happened is we ended up taking down a really, really nice Red Rock rifle. It was, one of the owners actually told me to, he’s like, take my rifle. I’m, I’m done hunting for the year. Take my rifle. And so we took it and I set up on that deer and it felt like a 200 yard shot. And I’m not kidding. Wow. Yeah. Pulled the trigger and it was awesome. Who’s

00:24:16:26 –> 00:24:17:01

00:24:17:23 –> 00:24:39:00
Sweet. Well, just prior to that, we were in western Colorado. Jason and I went to a unit third season, anticipated some cold and snow. We kind of had a little bit, but I mean, it was little. I know in other parts of central Colorado, they got a lot more. We really had nothing. Yeah. I mean it was terrible for all intents and purposes. Like a eighth of an of snow. Yeah. On the unit.

00:24:40:02 –> 00:24:51:04
Yeah. So I I, we actually, we took on, took on the third season, which is nine day season. And we, Adam and I were both just busy. I was in Nevada trying to make good on a terrible tag and ate it.

00:24:51:12 –> 00:25:00:18
I was finishing some sheet hunts and with Jeff and then yeah, we met up over there probably fourth day into the hunt or something like that. Maybe the fifth day in whatever

00:25:00:18 –> 00:25:01:07
That Tuesday.

00:25:01:18 –> 00:25:04:07
Tuesday, Wednesday of the Tuesday, third season. Wednesday, middle of the week.

00:25:04:25 –> 00:26:01:00
Anyway, got in there and I had a, a buddy of mine kind of, you know, put a few x’s on the map just like, Hey, try here, try here, try here. Kind of where they winter and where he’s, you know, seen bucks in the past. I’m like, no, just tell me like, do you know about a specific big deer from last year? Because a lot of times these bucks will kind of rut in the same basic country year after year or migrate to the same winter range year after year in stuff. So anyway, it’s like, no man, I don’t, I don’t know of anything specific. I’m like, all right. So it was just a matter of just starting to hunt. So the hunt was on Adam and I, neither one had ever even stepped foot in the unit before. And that’s the one thing we kinda like about Colorado during the rifle. I guess you could call it a rutt season, even though it was barely a rutt season. But is, you can get lucky. They migrate. You don’t, you know, prec scouting doesn’t do a lot of good for, for hunting in the end of October or November. We were obviously in, in in November. And so anyway, we just started, started grinding it out.

00:26:03:19 –> 00:26:04:23
I don’t know, it’s

00:26:04:23 –> 00:26:07:18
Pretty short story. Might you might as well finish your hunt in 30 seconds.

00:26:08:25 –> 00:26:09:24
Okay. Because

00:26:09:24 –> 00:26:16:14
That’s about how long it took. Well actually 20 minutes. 20 minutes of filming, watching the deer and then you guys, and then five seconds you

00:26:16:14 –> 00:26:32:19
Good. So anyway, just started driving a glass and driving a glass and basically wanted to get a big overview of the unit and you just kinda look at stuff and see what you like to hunt and, and what looks good. And so I was just spending all day just grinding, just, just driving. How early

00:26:32:19 –> 00:26:34:11
Did you show up? Little two trackers and all that

00:26:34:22 –> 00:26:44:18
Drove Well, I set up my trailer in the, at night. It was after dark. I hadn’t even seen the unit in the daylight when I set up my trailer. It’s just on the main road. Yeah. And so anyways, the day before

00:26:44:18 –> 00:26:44:26
The hunt,

00:26:45:11 –> 00:26:48:08
No, middle of the week. Yeah, middle of the season. Tuesday, Wednesday you were there

00:26:48:11 –> 00:26:49:19
Middle of the season. Three

00:26:49:19 –> 00:26:50:14
Day. Oh, middle of the

00:26:50:14 –> 00:26:51:06
Season. Tuesday or Wednesday

00:26:51:16 –> 00:26:58:24
Night day season. But I, we started, it ends on a, what is it? End? Sunday. Sunday. And we Saturday. Saturday to Sunday. And I started hunting on Wednesday and I think

00:26:58:25 –> 00:26:59:24
I showed up Thursday.

00:27:00:07 –> 00:27:04:13
Thursday. Yeah. Adam shows up Thursday. I just gave him a pin of trade and said, dude here you,

00:27:04:26 –> 00:27:07:25
You’re five days into the hunt basically on your opening morning.

00:27:07:29 –> 00:27:21:07
Oh yeah. For you. And that’s the opening morning. And so anyway, just started just, just driving all day long. Just, just grinding through it. And anyway, it’s kind of a weird, it just Heaven sent whatever, took a road, took a road, took a road. Never

00:27:21:08 –> 00:27:23:01
Two trackers. These are little two, I

00:27:23:01 –> 00:27:35:13
Mean, yeah, Adam, not much of those. Adam knows. Yeah. I mean he, we cranked through it when Adam got there too. But anyway, hit these two trackers and just never went on the same road twice and drove to my deer. Okay.

00:27:35:24 –> 00:27:36:23
Like only Jason Carter.

00:27:37:28 –> 00:28:03:12
It wasn’t some, it was just one of those things. The buck’s rutting, he’s rutting a dough. I g glass him up and I’m like, holy crap, am I gonna end this right now? And, and okay, back up. I’ve glassed nice bucks or less than nice bucks with fifteens at a hundred yards and killed them. And I’ve been to just huge amount of ground shrinkage. So now I’m within 125 yards or whatever and I’m like, you know what does this book really

00:28:03:12 –> 00:28:06:08
Go? I might be big in this thing because I’m Yeah, too close.

00:28:06:19 –> 00:28:10:07
Too close. But they’re too far to really view just with your eyes. Right.

00:28:10:08 –> 00:28:12:23
Can put your spotting scope on ’em either ’cause it gets worse. And

00:28:12:23 –> 00:29:09:12
Swirl vinyls I guess are too nice. So they just, you see every bloodline in ’em. And so like, what am I looking at? Like what am I looking at? You know? So I’m videoing ’em and I’m kind of getting amped up and the whole time I’m thinking I can hear a side by side above me or something going down a ridge. And I’m just thinking, I mean, I would be sick if somebody shot this deer right out, right over my head or whatever. How a John experience, you know? And, but anyway, videoed him. I got an eight minute clip and a 17 minute clip on my phone and I’m like, man, and but it, his doll was between me and him. And so, and and her mannerism, she’s just feeding. And so he’s not spooked ’cause she’s not spooked and everything’s just kind of happy for a minute, right? And so I’m like, I feel, I don’t feel pressure to just end it, but at the same time, and I had a little cell service, I’m thinking I’m gonna send Bronson a fricking steel clip of this or something and get like, Hey, am I seeing what I see? Do you, do you give me your stamp of approval?

00:29:12:16 –> 00:29:31:04
It did go through my mind. It did. You know. So anyway, long story short, I just, I got, I decided, I thought this would make a great kill scene. I got ready and I freaking couldn’t get steady. I don’t know. I actually got nervous after 25 minutes. I guess. It just, I don’t know. So anyway, got steady and just as he walked out of the scene,

00:29:31:19 –> 00:29:31:25

00:29:32:12 –> 00:29:48:04
I, yeah, shot him, smoked, smoked him a little shout out to phone scope as well. Of course I videoed my, my buck. It was on s swirl. 65, little 25 yards. The the little skull. Yeah, the little one I snapped off the 95, threw on the 65 left the 95 for the B TXs. All

00:29:48:04 –> 00:29:52:04
This quick coupling going on while there’s a 2 0 6 buck staring at him. It 110. Did

00:29:52:10 –> 00:30:14:18
Did you hear the audio? It sounds like a wreck. I got chi going everywhere. Yeah, dude, he didn’t care. He, he was eye on the dough concentrating on her. She was feeding. There seemed to be no problem. I videoed it. So anyway, thanks to phone scope. Great job, great products, easy to use. And go to phone scope.com. It’s, but no, Justin’s a good friend of ours and produces good products. Yep.

00:30:15:01 –> 00:30:18:08
P h o n e ss k o p e.com.

00:30:18:27 –> 00:30:56:07
Walked up on him and of course, you know, just an awesome deer. A lot of mass. Like Jeff says, he’s dripping with mass. He does have a couple little teardrops. And he just, just is one of those heavy deer that you, you feel really fortunate to kill. And it was one of those, it was, it was eight hours into the hunt, 10 hours into the hunt. And the whole time, I’m like, and we’re staying, Brons and I are staying for each other’s hunting. We’re staying to the end. And I’m like, we’re gonna kill a freaking two 20. Bronson is gonna kill a two 20. This is just retarded off the charts. It’s cold. This buck was rutten’s amazing. Everything’s gonna be Rutten. They’re gonna be walking up to our trailer

00:30:56:25 –> 00:31:13:11
And we’re gonna freak I’m and I’m getting those as, as I’m getting to call it out. All that. You’re getting the texts. I’m like, that sounds good to me. ’cause I got Jason Carter looking for me for the next four or five days. Honestly, I’m already tried. I’m not, I tried. I’m not like, sign me up. I’m like, I’m realizing I’ve already signed up. I’m signed

00:31:13:11 –> 00:31:13:16

00:31:15:27 –> 00:31:18:18
I’m like giddy. I’m driving to Green River. You

00:31:18:18 –> 00:31:19:05
Are. I’m

00:31:19:05 –> 00:31:40:13
Giddy. I’m just, I’m waving to everybody. I see. I’m, it’s, it’s all butterflies and flowers for me driving to Colorado, you know, it’s like, this is good. We’re gonna kill it. We’re gonna kill it. Yeah. All right. And then, and and I get there, you see the deer and I’m like, yo, first thing I remember saying to you, I’m like, I’m glad I wasn’t with you that night because I have an idea of how this would’ve ended.

00:31:41:03 –> 00:31:42:10
You’d have killed him. I like

00:31:42:10 –> 00:31:58:19
Killed him. I’m like, I would, we’d have been there together and we would’ve both been kind of jostling grabbing, scopes, grabbing. I don’t need that. And I’m looking at bonos and you’d be like, bouncing, you better kill that butt. ’cause you, if you were hesitant at all, it’s license to go. But you knew there to two, but you knew there was two tags in there.

00:31:58:20 –> 00:31:59:16
Yes. License to go.

00:31:59:19 –> 00:32:03:07
You, I know Jason would’ve told me, smoke that there you better

00:32:03:07 –> 00:32:08:11
Shoot that. And I look, ’cause I don’t like it, I don’t like the final decision. And then just the anticipation of ground

00:32:08:16 –> 00:32:08:19

00:32:08:23 –> 00:32:09:00

00:32:09:05 –> 00:32:11:08
Whatever. And then I would’ve walked up and there’ve been like,

00:32:11:19 –> 00:32:11:28

00:32:12:13 –> 00:32:13:05
It’s a good deer.

00:32:14:22 –> 00:32:15:19
And I would’ve said,

00:32:16:10 –> 00:32:16:23

00:32:16:23 –> 00:32:19:10
Right. And you’re staying here till Sunday. And I

00:32:19:10 –> 00:32:24:08
Would’ve, and you’ve would’ve, and the rest of the week I would’ve been, you know, just

00:32:25:11 –> 00:32:26:04
Bus butterflies,

00:32:26:14 –> 00:32:36:13
You know. No, the butterflies would’ve been gone. It would’ve been the reality of there’s nothing here like that buck. And that’s, ’cause that’s basically what we ended up. So the

00:32:36:13 –> 00:32:58:04
Next, how many days would be Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. The next four days sucked. Yeah. Okay. And we were wearing vehicles out. We’re wearing backpacks out, we’re wearing boots. I mean, we’re doing everything. We’re doing everything. John, Jeff, you listening? Hey, I’m listening. I, I mean there’s, we pull, we did everything short to run truck cameras ’cause it’s freaking 10 degrees. Yeah, okay. Yeah.

00:32:58:22 –> 00:33:39:01
Right. Yeah. And yeah, exactly. And, and we’d seen, I mean, not a lot of mature bucks. I mean, when I say mature, I’m talking four, five plus year old deer. They’re, you know, one 70 plus. Not a lot of those deer. We saw a couple that they’re four by threes or weird looking, you know, bucks you just weren’t gonna shoot. But not like you’re passing a bunch of solid bucks. It was a dry spell. It really was. And I remember the last morning of my hunt, I’m, I pull up to this glass of knob. I’ve seen a bunch of doze a couple days before thinking maybe something’s moving in here. And there’s a little buck back here, back here right off the road. And I see a truck parked right there. And I’m like, oh, this is funny. This thing’s gonna get smoked. And so it goes back to the oath there. I’m like, ah, nothing’s here. I’m gonna watch a deer get smoked.

00:33:40:27 –> 00:34:11:24
So I start watching and I see, I see a lady get outta the truck. She’s got her gun. She goes up there and looks, and all of a sudden she runs over. It’s in a burned area. She runs over, gets down on the, on the dead log. You know, she’s, you know, 50 feet or whatever off the road, smokes this buck. Like, ah, it goes down. And I’m expecting her husband boyfriend somebody to get outta the truck. And she walks over to the deer, she walks over to the back to the truck. You know, it’s only 200 yards back. And I’m realizing she’s all by herself. And,

00:34:12:11 –> 00:34:13:29
And I don’t see a knife yet. And

00:34:13:29 –> 00:34:16:12
I, and I’m like, so, and

00:34:16:12 –> 00:34:17:18
This is, and it’s the last morning.

00:34:17:25 –> 00:34:19:16
It’s prime time. The last prime morning,

00:34:19:16 –> 00:34:20:24
Prime time, prime time. One hour

00:34:20:24 –> 00:34:33:12
After the night. I’m like, well, all right. So I’m like, I better at least go ask. And I see her holding the phone up to her head and I’m like, there’s not really good service right here. So I’ll go over there. And I said, do you need help? Yes, I have a knife somewhere in my truck, but it’s really messy and I can’t find it.

00:34:34:04 –> 00:34:39:07
And you’re like, and like you’re really, I was just asking to be nice for the record.

00:34:40:12 –> 00:35:11:08
I can’t get bloody right now ’cause I’ve got a hunt to do. No. So I’m like, well, maybe I can just, I’m like, well, you got help, you know, close to town. Yeah, I got help back at town, but I can’t get ahold of anybody, all that. And I’m like, well, maybe I can just help her drag it whole to and throw it in the back of her truck. It’s like, all right, go to town and yeah. Sort it out. Call it a day. Well, it’s uphill and it’s a, it’s a mature deer, but it’s like a, you know, a heavy, it’s a heavy buck. And I’m like, we started dragging. I’m like, this ain’t gonna work. So I said, lemme go to my truck. So I went and got the truck and I, I don’t know when the last time I’ve gutted a deer was,

00:35:11:21 –> 00:35:13:06
Well, we don’t, we take off the quarters.

00:35:13:06 –> 00:35:18:14
We quarter, we quarter ’em in the field. Gutless method and gutless. I, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t gut deer. And I was, we, we’ll even

00:35:18:15 –> 00:35:20:07
Reach in and get the tenderloins right under

00:35:20:07 –> 00:35:26:28
The freaking, I was just joking to Jason backdrops after this that I haven’t taught my 13 year old kid how to gut an animal.

00:35:26:28 –> 00:35:27:28
Well, me neither. ’cause you’d have to

00:35:28:02 –> 00:35:56:12
Gut it. We don’t. And that’s not fun. We quarter it and they can help. They know how to do that. He can help me do that. He knows where to find the joints and all that. But anyway, so I’m, you know, I’m over there and I’m like, I’m gonna gonna get bloody. She’s like, would you go? I’m gonna get so bloody, you know, because you gotta reach in, cut the windpipe up, that whole thing, diaphragm. And I rip ’em out in five minutes and it’s there no jacket, the truck. And, and then I’m just, I’m dripping everywhere, you know, with wet, wet blood. You know, she smoked this buck, sent her on her way. She, and you know, she was, you know, back.

00:35:56:13 –> 00:36:06:26
But the whole time I’m texting Adam, I’m like, Hey, how are you doing? And he goes, nothing. Well, finally I think he replied, I’ll have to look. And you’re like, dude, I spent prime time

00:36:07:24 –> 00:36:08:26
Getting someone’s deer

00:36:08:26 –> 00:36:09:25
Elbow deep and guts.

00:36:10:21 –> 00:36:17:17
That’s right. Yeah. I just felt, I felt better. But then I’m thinking, all right, we’re done. I wiped myself off of the truck and I’m like, alright, it’s an

00:36:17:17 –> 00:36:19:11
Awesome day. It’s foggy. A little bit of

00:36:19:14 –> 00:36:26:23
Snow has come down. It’s cold. I’m alright. I’ve done my good turn daily. Yes. And something good’s gonna happen. Well it didn’t, it didn’t,

00:36:27:27 –> 00:36:56:06
It found a buck. I sent a picture of a buck to Adam ’cause he gets a little sales service up there. And I had to drive to cell service and this was like a 28 inch buck that I wanted to make, 35 inches wide. And I’m like, Bronson, I, I’m like the dog that wants the good pat on the back. I’m like, he might have B Bronson. I caught, I caught a shooter for you. He like, send him the picture. And he goes, have you seen anything else? I’m like, we, we have been taught by John how to take pictures. We can make this look giant. He’s wide.

00:36:56:25 –> 00:36:57:12
But that’s

00:36:57:12 –> 00:37:00:24
All he was was he had that wide look. And bro was like, keep looking.

00:37:02:06 –> 00:37:37:25
Well and he was just a buck. But anyway, fast forward to that night. We, this is the last night of the hunt. Nothing during the day. We kind of, we kind of load up some of the stuff back towards camp at a sandwich and we’re gonna hunt until dark. ’cause it’s dark at five 30 or whatever. And you can still drive home to Utah by midnight after that. Yeah, sure. We were split up that night. Not very far apart. ’cause we kind of car started to converge in an area that night. We were only two, three miles away. Jason and I. And I glassed a buck up and he’s right out in front of where I would’ve thought every deer with four points would be dead by now. ’cause there’s people everywhere. Trailers and

00:37:37:25 –> 00:37:38:19
Trucks and people.

00:37:39:01 –> 00:38:15:07
And he’s out there just lip trolling, rutting this dough right out in the sage brush. You know, he’s probably 600 yards from me. I’m glassing from a hairpin kind of corner on the, on the road. And you know, it’s a big valley sagebrush. And I’m like, oh, he’s a pretty, pretty nice buck. Long beams tall boxy. I know. And then I go, ah, it’s kind of fun to shoot stuff. Right. You know, so, but I’m like, well wait a minute. You know Jason, Jason videoed his buck for a while before he shot it. So I get in, I get my, get my spot in scope out my phone scope, hooked up to it. I’m gonna a video of it. Plus I’m like, I don’t know if I’ll do 20 minutes of video, but I’m gonna get some before. So,

00:38:15:09 –> 00:38:46:08
And in the meantime I hit him up. So I didn’t even know he is videoing this book. And I’m like, Hey, what you seeing? You know? And he’s like, well, you know, I got a pretty nice buck. And I said, well what does that mean? ’cause Bronson always kind of, he’s very calm when he finds something big. And I said, well what does that mean? He’s like, well I’m, I said, no, are you thinking about shit? And he, well I’m like, alright, I’ll be there in three minutes. Okay. I roll up doing 65 and a 35 cloud of freaking dust. It develops us and everything. And I get out, I’m putting, you’ve been videoing it for how long?

00:38:46:11 –> 00:38:56:16
Yeah, I don’t know. Not 20, but five or six. Five or six minutes. And I was putting my stuff back in my truck when Jason got 30. He’s like, what you doing? I said, you’re too late.

00:38:57:23 –> 00:39:09:22
I’m like, dude, did you shoot him? He goes, no, that pumpkin down there shot him. I’m like, you’re kidding me? He’s like, yeah dude. I didn’t even know he was here. A freaking guy. I said, I hear a gunshot. I see no buck.

00:39:11:11 –> 00:39:24:25
And he was dressed like he’d been sitting in this little canyon all day. Like he didn’t just get out, there’s no trucks anywhere near us. He’d been sitting in that draw all afternoon waiting for bucks to come out. So anyway, he, he smoked a buck and

00:39:24:25 –> 00:39:28:29
That was well then he couldn’t find it. And I’m like, dude, he can’t find it. I’m out watching him and he’s going back and forth

00:39:28:29 –> 00:39:37:26
And there’s about 30 or 45 minutes of daylight left. So I told Jason, I said, I’m leaving ’cause I might find something else down here. And Jason’s like, well, I’m gonna at least see if he finds his deer. And for a minute,

00:39:37:28 –> 00:39:43:08
For a minute. Then, then finally I’m like, I’m leaving. I mean, it’s again, prime time. Yeah. You know, so

00:39:43:14 –> 00:39:43:26

00:39:44:10 –> 00:39:50:19
Saw what one or two? Well, and I like call that deer just, I like to call him one 90, but he’s not,

00:39:51:00 –> 00:40:05:02
He’s not, Jason likes to say that if he would’ve been one 90 plus it would’ve been I’d have shot him. I wouldn’t have videoed him like Jason likes to do with his bucks prior to killing by himself. I would’ve just shot him and I’d just said, Hey, get over here. We gotta take some pictures. You know? But anyway, see he wasn’t,

00:40:05:11 –> 00:40:29:11
He was, although really, I’ll tell you this, this is what he, this is what Bronson says. And I look at the video and I agree a hundred percent, dude, he’s got freaking big G twos. His g threes are awesome, dude. His G fours, like his beams, his G fours follow the beam. They’re longer than they look. I’m like, you’re right. And his beams are awesome. And by the way, he’s got two and a half inch eye guards and decent mass. I’m like, where’s the weakness? Where’s the weakness when they don’t have a weakness? They’re bigger than you think.

00:40:29:22 –> 00:40:30:13
I got a challenge for you,

00:40:30:13 –> 00:40:32:19
Adam. He was just a boxy Colorado buck. Just a nice dude.

00:40:32:27 –> 00:40:33:14
You got five,

00:40:33:16 –> 00:40:34:08
Six minutes of video.

00:40:34:20 –> 00:40:35:05
What’s that?

00:40:35:09 –> 00:40:38:22
Let’s see a picture of this most butt posted on bronze now fitting with,

00:40:40:14 –> 00:40:40:20

00:40:40:20 –> 00:40:41:10
There’s a challenge.

00:40:41:14 –> 00:40:45:08
It’s now somebody else’s buck. And I don’t have their permission to do that. Oh, because

00:40:45:08 –> 00:40:46:14
He smoked Frenchmen. He

00:40:46:14 –> 00:40:48:23
Smoked it. I’ve still never seen a picture of this deer.

00:40:48:28 –> 00:40:49:05

00:40:49:08 –> 00:40:56:24
It was a nice deer, nice butt. It was a nice deer After this podcast. We’ll break it out. Rib him a little bit more. But so anyway, it was terrible. Almost

00:40:56:24 –> 00:40:57:16
Done. It was a tough

00:40:57:16 –> 00:41:14:26
Year. Yeah. And we, and we went to Idaho. Adam, we, we covered the west even we talked about New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada. And what, what is interesting, and I thought, I actually thought Idaho would be decent, but I, but I didn’t take into account how bad the die off been

00:41:14:26 –> 00:41:15:23
Couple years ago. Yeah.

00:41:16:02 –> 00:41:30:00
And it just crushed the deer. And they’re just crushed on top of the drought. And so it just was a, it can’t be this bad two years in a row. Adam and I are convinced, and, and as well as Jeff and John and Kristen we’re geared up and we’re gonna hit it hard again.

00:41:30:02 –> 00:41:32:08
Can’t wait to flip the calendar in about three

00:41:32:08 –> 00:41:33:06
Weeks. Yeah. Flip

00:41:33:09 –> 00:41:35:05
To 2019. Flip

00:41:35:05 –> 00:41:37:11
It, flip the calendar. I still wouldn’t put a lot of stock into Idaho.

00:41:38:02 –> 00:41:41:05
I don’t, it’s terrible. Like, but Jeff, you killed a freaking great buck.

00:41:41:11 –> 00:42:00:11
Well, I killed a great buck, but you know, and I talked to several other guys that killed, you know, just nice deer. But it feels like, like, and I, everybody feels the same way. It feels like you were killing the last buck that was on the mountain. Yeah. Like, and we had a little bit of an experience. Me and Jason had a little bit of an experience like people all over the place when I killed my buck. But, but it’s just like,

00:42:00:11 –> 00:42:13:14
Well we, we felt like we extracted one with a scalpel. It was like we went in there, shot him and walked out. Yes. Well you walked out. Yes. I was like, ev I was like, dude does his gut, his q you 7,200? And I go, yes. And he goes, he’ll be fine.

00:42:15:18 –> 00:42:16:19
I don’t know where I was. He

00:42:16:19 –> 00:42:17:11
Told me that. And I’m like,

00:42:17:20 –> 00:42:33:22
I was probably riding sheet because that was the end of October sometime or mid-October sometime. I wasn’t up there, but I’m getting to play by play. I just about to smoke it. Pretty good buck. And I’m like, all right. And he smoked it and I’m like, oh, you gotta go pack it out. And he says, not sure yet. And I, that’s what I said. He got a 7,200 Q you. Yes. I’m like, he’s good.

00:42:35:06 –> 00:42:35:25
Like, Hey, Jeff

00:42:35:25 –> 00:42:37:24
Bone. It was heavy, man. That was, that was the iest

00:42:37:24 –> 00:42:51:16
One. It was heavy. He said, Hey Jeff, bone out. I’ll meet you at the Trailhead. By the time I’d have got in there, let’s be honest. Okay. I’d help any of y’all out. And I have, by the time I’d have got to Jeff and, and I didn’t wanna waste, I gotta go round tags. This we on the private, it was aggressive. I mean, it’s aggressive.

00:42:51:17 –> 00:42:58:13
Well, we had four more tags to fill. Yeah. Like we had Jason’s daughter and my two boys and, and so you just, no, three more tags to fill.

00:42:58:17 –> 00:43:10:22
And so it like, well this, this I found a little bit early and I thought, you know, Jeff, the kids, this isn’t a kid’s buck. There’s bucks. You can kill kids this buck. If he would’ve been killable with Ash, I would’ve, I could’ve, I would’ve had to have And

00:43:10:22 –> 00:43:11:28
You didn’t have a tag here? No,

00:43:11:28 –> 00:43:45:14
I didn’t have a tag. Yeah. I would’ve had to have Ash shoot it. Like that’s just what you do. But this is a buck for adults. It was very aggressive. You had to watch your onyx maps, you had to deal with other hunters. You had to make good shots. Lots a good shot opportunity. Yeah. You know what I mean? Yeah. And so anyway, lucky for Jeff. Yeah. But having said that, he shows up at the Trailhead and I’m like, man, he looks heavily laden, heavily burdened. And I go over there and I go, Ooh, dude, that’s a legit pack. And he’s like, yeah, I didn’t even bone out the last quarter. I was too tired. And so we had a quarter with bone in, I

00:43:45:14 –> 00:43:46:12
Just, I’m just, I’m going

00:43:46:15 –> 00:43:52:10
Full meat. Full cape. Okay. Full cape and the skull. Everything. Everything was in

00:43:52:20 –> 00:43:55:06
His pack and his and his gun. All that tripod

00:43:55:13 –> 00:44:22:01
By the way, since we’re talking about Jeff’s 7,200 pack out, we really appreciate Q You. They were the first advertiser on board with us here at Epic Outdoors. Jason Harrison was a good friend of all of ours. And we appreciate Q’s support. Brendan Burns as well. Super good guy. He’s out there doing what he says he does. He’s an incredible hunter and does a great job. And so they know gear. They’re making some of the best gear out there. They produce everything. Bronson, I mean from freaking tents, sleeping bags, gear

00:44:22:23 –> 00:44:54:12
Cap, clothing, everything. G layering systems, all that from rain gear to base layers and everything. Give them a call or visit their [email protected]. Ku iu.com. You must buy direct. There’s no retailers for that. That’s part, part of their system and always has been pass the savings on to the consumer that that buys it. So ku.com, if you do wanna call, you can call ’em at (855) 367-5848. But everything’s online. Great time. We got usually have some specials going on around Christmas too. So keep an eye out for that.

00:44:54:16 –> 00:45:07:07
Anyway, so long story short, we’re excited about next year. Can’t be too bad years in a row. We’re actually Bronson made, made a point. Good point. The other morning made me feel a little better. We’ve already had more moisture than we can remember having all of last,

00:45:07:19 –> 00:45:41:24
Well, October alone was unbelievable. I, I mean down in, I mean this doesn’t help anything for the hunts down here, but for southern Utah, Northern Arizona, southern Nevada. It rained and even snowed, but rained light crazy, everything flooding, flash, flood. I was doing some sheep hunts at the time and it was just crazy. So yeah, I think it charged the ground up quite a bit and, and our winter’s not not great, but it’s early. I mean, it’s December or early December, so we’re not, we’re not judging anything now, but it rarely is two terrible, terrible ones back to back. So we’ll see.

00:45:42:29 –> 00:46:27:07
Anyway, so we’re excited about it. We’re super, super pumped about everything that we got going on. You know, we can, anyway, so Bronson does have a hunt. His kid’s got a hunt. My kid drew a New Mexico deer tag, Archer deer tag. I’m not sure about that one. I’m kind of tired and the kid’s already killed about everything he needs to kill. He, he’s a killing, killing machine. So anyway, want to thank Outdoor Edge. We’ve used their knives extensively throughout the fall. I carved up six animals for my kids and then a couple for myself. I know Bronson and all you guys have used ’em as well. The blades are awesome. They’re stout, they’re big. There’s none of this, you know, break ’em and jam ’em into your hand. You can still cut yourself. They’re very sharp. But you know, Adam made a comment the other day is they’re hold their edge for an entire animal.

00:46:27:20 –> 00:47:10:01
Well, and they’re, yeah, when you’re caping a sheep or something, I don’t want one as sharp as some of those other knives. You know, they’re sharp enough, let’s put it that way. And they keep it an edge longer, there’s no question. So, and we do have an epic outdoor series outdoor edge knife right now the only way to get one is we’ve got a membership drive and hunt giveaway going on right now. You got six hunts for giving away and if you buy the 200 or $500 packages, you get a free outdoor edge, epic outdoors knife with, with that. So more details on our website or in the magazine, but on the [email protected] if you’re interested in picking up one of those free knives with a hunt giveaway purchase. So anyway, awesome. Knives got a couple more questions. We might as well just blow through ’em.

00:47:10:01 –> 00:47:49:14
They’re deer related. And then we’ll kind of have this deer podcast kind of for now all tied up. There’s one from Clay says, Hey guys, since it’s that time of year, I’d love to hear about how you, you go hunt about hunting a late season mule deer tag. Do you get out more into the more remote areas or focus more on the covering country as quick as possible? I think. Think we’ve talked about some of that. I mean, Chris and John, you tried to get, get back in and not always can you get, get away from people. Jason and I, our unit was, you couldn’t get away from people and remote. There was not really remote areas. It was a unit. Partly why we looked at that is it didn’t have any 10 to 12,000 foot high country. We thought we don’t, we can hunt the whole unit from start to finish.

00:47:49:14 –> 00:48:31:24
We don’t need the migration or snow. But I guess generally, depending how late, if you’re talking third season in Colorado, that’s not always like late season stupid buck standing around. And you’re gonna have to get away from, from stuff if you get a fourth season hunt. And generally the people, at least the deer hunters start letting up. You can go to the easiest areas in the unit sometimes, not maybe where you guys were, but other areas that have 10 to say 54 season tags. And you can hunt the normal easy areas because that little extra pressure, you know, subsiding bucks will start sticking their nose out. So it depends really how late I guess is probably the best answer for that. But if it’s low, low tag numbers, just cover the numbers of deer till you find a buck.

00:48:32:12 –> 00:48:43:05
I like that. And then also Adam, you know we’ve talked about this a lot is there’s limited numbers of elk hunters too. Four seasons. The positives are limited tags, limited people. That’s always great. You get a little rut. Yeah. But the weather

00:48:43:16 –> 00:48:44:28
Short five day hunts is the

00:48:45:01 –> 00:48:50:12
Negative. That’s the negative. Yeah. And whenever the weather hits, especially in Colorado second, it’s

00:48:50:14 –> 00:48:51:25
Probably third or fourth. Yeah, it’s

00:48:51:29 –> 00:48:56:13
Probably true about anywhere when the weather hits, you’re gonna have better hunting. Yes. If it’s second, third, or fourth.

00:48:56:25 –> 00:49:20:29
So a lot of people, and we’ll wait, we’ll wait for three, four years till they see the dates are gonna kick late in the unit they want. And I’ll contend, and I’ve been on it back to back years when, when the hunt’s early as it’s gonna get and the next year late as it’s gonna get on the early year was way better just because you had the snow. And so whether right prior to your hunt or during your hunt in my opinion, makes more difference than a a, you know, date on a calendar. Yeah.

00:49:21:03 –> 00:49:45:11
And it, and it depends on where you’re at. You like we’re talking Colorado there. Yeah. You know, second, third, fourth, Colorado. But you know, Jason, you’ve, you’ve worked hard in Idaho and kind of seen similar things up there. Yeah. And you know up there depending on the hunt kind of depending, like I remember when we went up there and you killed that 2 21, 221 inch buck. Man, Jason says he, he tells me like 10 times. He’s like, you just gotta cover the numbers. Cover the numbers. Yeah. You

00:49:45:11 –> 00:49:54:01
Know the writing was on the wall stare at small that year there there was writing was on the wall. There were deer everywhere. It was the end of October, the early snows had hit and it was like, cover the numbers. There’s a shooter here. Right.

00:49:54:12 –> 00:50:12:28
I had a buddy tell me, he is like, dude what are you doing? I’m like, I’m hanging out with mama. He’s like, you need to get up here now They start rutting, they rut earlier in Idaho and I don’t know what it is but you know, anyway, they rutt the 25th, they get going pretty good. You even found that with your kid. You shot a buck October 20th Jeff remember? Yes.

00:50:13:01 –> 00:50:14:01
And he was chasing and

00:50:14:01 –> 00:50:35:26
He was rutting. He, so anyway, and so yeah, Jeff was with me. I’m like Jeff, he’s not the target animal. Yeah. This is a nice fuck. I’m like, you gonna will some cheaters on him? Get going. Let’s freaking cover the numbers. That’s a big deal. And so anyway, there’s another question here. I thought this would be fun, but what’s the number one, one thing you look for in a buck mass width. Deep times. Extra points. How about, yes,

00:50:36:03 –> 00:50:48:16
There’s people, all of it. I know there’s people, if it’s got a split eye guard, it’s getting dumped. You know it’s kicker. Like if it’s got a half inch kicker, it’s going down. That’s true. I’ve got some people I’ve known like that. But yeah. What about you guys? But what’s, what’s your,

00:50:48:16 –> 00:50:48:23
I’m one

00:50:49:02 –> 00:50:53:29
Personal of those guys. What’s your personal, I wasn’t talking about you John. It’s brown, it’s down. You know,

00:50:54:19 –> 00:51:02:08
I think the one number one thing, like I’ve grown, I always, always like width. Everybody likes width. Good wide deers, fricking big frame look good, looks good. But I like

00:51:02:16 –> 00:51:24:01
Frames and they can be 24 inch or 25 inch if they’ve got a big frame. That’s just me. Yeah. I like a A frame. And I know that sounds really stupid, like who doesn’t like it? ’cause if it’s 24 or five inches and it’s got a good frame, it means it’s gonna have really long times and all that. But sometimes these 30 inches and you just got a big airy looking frame and you know, maybe it doesn’t score, you know that high. You know. And so that’s me might

00:51:24:01 –> 00:51:25:23
Kill him too. Like I mean every, I

00:51:25:23 –> 00:51:29:19
Don’t have to have cheaters, I don’t, you know. But mass and a frame, you

00:51:29:19 –> 00:51:54:17
Know I need mass. I personally need mass. You know, I’ve gone grown out of the wit thing and and part of that, and I hate to say B Crockett score, but you can get a freaking 35 inch. I got a 35 inch, he’s got a 22 inch inside spread inside the beams. And so score wise doesn’t, it’s beautiful, you know, but it doesn’t necessarily matter. And it’s not all about score. But I’m telling you the reason why I like mass is if they’re massive, they’ve got longer times than you think.

00:51:54:20 –> 00:51:58:06
Every point will be longer than you’re giving ’em credit for. That’s right. When you get, when you walk up there, that’s right.

00:51:58:14 –> 00:52:04:14
And ma and with mass, I love big freaking eye guards and if there’s three of ’em that’s better. You know,

00:52:04:21 –> 00:52:16:23
Big ones. Yeah, big or, and even basal points that don’t score just stuff down low. Yeah. That maybe isn’t even Scoreable John, you, you guys Colorado, but you had some of that, you know, every school stuff that’s not scoreable and

00:52:17:02 –> 00:52:53:07
They’re fondling your buck. I mean it’s got three or four points around the base. I’m like, dude, what’s up? You didn’t tell us about this. Well anyway, so yeah, extra points. How about yes we all, I mean nothing wrong with that, but some people like a great big old typical and, and I do too. And you know what, people always sit, you know, big typicals are easy to find. Book is nothing compared to a book. Non-typical Go kill one. Okay, go kill one to judge. A big typical, and Adam and I have talked about this a lot. They are hard to judge and try to judge a main beam. We’ve killed bucks with 29 inch main beams. We, we actually walked, saw a picture of a buck that got killed that I have trail camera pictures

00:52:53:08 –> 00:52:53:25
Of 27

00:52:53:25 –> 00:52:55:07
Or something. Dude, they’re 27, 26.

00:52:55:17 –> 00:52:56:14
Oh there’re 20 threes.

00:52:56:18 –> 00:53:01:24
They look 23. So anyway, I don’t know what, what’s the next question on there?

00:53:02:24 –> 00:53:03:23
Let’s see. And

00:53:03:23 –> 00:53:04:21
Then let’s go to lunch. This

00:53:04:21 –> 00:53:24:01
Guy Forest is a desert southwest type guy here. He says he knows of 1 98 typical shot in an obscure unit during a January archery ru hunt, which probably New Mexico, Arizona I’m guessing. But can one big buck in a desert unit be telling of the unit’s potential and take it away, Jason?

00:53:24:23 –> 00:54:14:20
Well I don’t, yeah, you shoot that buck when you find a big buck, you shoot ’em and you don’t worry too much about the rest. But having said that, that all depends. Some of these bucks will migrate from, let’s say it’s the two B in New Mexico and it migrates from the aria, it migrates from Colorado. Colorado. It’s hard to tell what that unit’s potential was it it it or truly is it can, you can tell what the migrating bucks potential is and the genetics. But anyway, it’s a little bit tough. I don’t think you can base anything off of one one buck. We’ve seen one buck hit, one hit wonders in in some of our units, you know, and you’re like, why? Why did that happen And this and that. I mean we obviously like to go where genetically you’ve got a little bit of history. I’ve got a little red dot on my map everywhere in Nevada we’ve killed a 200 and that keeps you going. It’s the knowledge that there’s more we, we’ve been

00:54:14:20 –> 00:54:15:25
There. The blood’s there, the

00:54:15:25 –> 00:54:17:28
Blood’s there, it’s happened. You have anything to add?

00:54:18:20 –> 00:55:05:21
No, I agree. And I, I, I don’t, I mean on some of our general season hunts, whether it be a Utah general that we don’t, we frankly usually don’t put as much time into ’em as we probably should ’cause we get busy doing other stuff. Or Idaho, you can pull out something you know that maybe you don’t expect or you shouldn’t have killed or whatever. But generally we like to go where it’s, the stuff’s more stacked in our favor and that’s just, you know, whether it be a general season hunt or whether it be a state that’s got the type of genetics in that part of the state, you know, we’re trying to be a hero somewhere. If you’ve got a part of the world that you got dialed in and you’re doing it keep after it and generally doing that consistently year after year after year, five, 10 years in a row, it’ll usually peter out here pretty quick. You just, if you’re in an obscure place like that. But that’s my 2 cents.

00:55:05:21 –> 00:55:55:17
And we’d also know Adam, you know, of a buck that was killed that was like two 40 in a particular unit that we’ve hunted and we know the genetics aren’t there for that kind of buck. I mean it hasn’t been killed, one killed like that since the sixties. And I think there was one then, you know. And so anyway, just guy got super lucky, you know, it was a special deer, it was special genetics with the right dough, the right buck or whatever. But generally speaking we know that that’s known for one nineties and a very, very rare to kill a 200 inches. So anyway, hunt, hunt where they make ’em. But you know, you should hunt close to home too ’cause you can scout it often. So that’s my opinion. In your opinion, what are the best late season hunt options for mule deer? I’ve heard New Mexico can be awesome, New Mexico and awesome. Not sure I’ve heard New Mexico can be awesome, but I’m not sure where to start looking for an opportunity.

00:55:56:10 –> 00:56:42:19
I guess it depends on, you know, my, I would just call late season November hunts. But you know, Ben, I don’t know if you’re thinking December, January or what your, your definition of late is, but because if you’re talking that late, your options are really limited to, yeah, maybe New Mexico, a late archery January two B two C or going to Arizona or in Eastern Plains in December, things like that. But the best late season options, we’ve talked so much about Colorado today and part of the, of the reason we’re doing that is we can talk about late season rifle hunts in Arizona or Nevada till we’re blue in the face. And you’re not gonna draw very many tags if ever in some of those places. So we’re not talking about ’em. They, they exist and they’re awesome. The strip, the late Chiba, the, the late hunts in Nevada, but very few people are ever gonna draw those.

00:56:42:22 –> 00:57:32:08
And so you’re talking to such a few people, we talk about Colorado, if you’re a rifle hunter and you, you should go to Colorado as often as you can, whether it be on draw tags, landlord tags, or just, you know, whatever. Go to Colorado as many times as you can because just like this with Jason, I don’t know Jason, we’ve hunted most Colorado most years for 10 plus years. And you don’t kill a deer every time you go there, but it might, you come around the corner and boom, there’s a 2 0 6 and it ended great. And yeah, that’s, that’s what can happen. You go to Colorado ’cause it’s got the genetics and, and you got the, just enough of the rutt potentially if you get the right weather to make it happen. But you’ve in every unit, you’ve got some issues in Colorado, whether it be the private land, whether it be the number of hunters like Chris and Jess or Chris and John are talking about or whatever. But you’ve always got a chance, you know, always in Colorado. Well,

00:57:32:08 –> 00:57:52:22
And that’s what’s funny, Chris, you’ve killed a 200 here in Colorado, right? Yep. Adam, you’ve killed a couple 200 inches in Colorado on units that we didn’t necessarily know that much about. I’ve killed a couple. It’s just one of those things, you kind of do it, you go, you plan for Colorado and you do it, you gain points and, and we can help you gain points of their license, application, service and whatnot. And also help you choose units. It’s

00:57:52:22 –> 00:58:21:12
The only unit you can really consistently go on what I would call a late season deer hunt. Yeah. That’s why we go there. We’re usually done in October with our other stuff in Utah. And you can go to Colorado with minimum zero to two points. You can go if you want and cheaper landowner tags or watch the leftover list or whatever. Other states like late season Idaho, a few archery over the counters, but the rifle hunts are all strictly controlled draw like they are in Arizona, everywhere else. And you’re, you’re, you’re generally not gonna get a tag every, you know,

00:58:21:21 –> 00:58:23:01
10 years, right? It’s tough. Montana

00:58:23:03 –> 00:58:25:04
Has basically a late, where you’re hunting in November,

00:58:25:11 –> 00:58:29:01
It’s over the counter for residents. It’s not managed, just gets crushed. Just

00:58:29:01 –> 00:58:30:13
Deer hunting lot

00:58:30:13 –> 00:58:39:10
Lost Adam, Adam had a late season 1 28 in Wyoming, I mean, and, and killed a great buck. Like it’s, there are those opportunities. Yeah, I’m telling you we apply for it do had

00:58:39:10 –> 00:59:04:17
12 or or 13 max points. And so that’s what I’m saying though. You, you almost, you can’t say what’s the best one. ’cause yeah, every state’s got ’em, but they’re the hardest tags to ever draw. So they’re the hardest. You, you just can’t get your heart set on ’em unless you’ve got the points built up that you can do something max points in in Arizona and you’re looking at one of the late hunts or the, or the strip or the, yeah, you should talk about that if you don’t just apply for ’em and forget about that you even did it. And if it happens, deal with it then. Yeah,

00:59:04:28 –> 00:59:53:24
I had a guy hit me up yesterday and Adam and I were talking, of course we consult every day and that’s part of the membership is we consult clients, you know, all day long and anyway, and it’s awesome. We love doing it. But anyway, a guy was hitting me up, Hey, I’m thinking about a region H tag. I’m thinking about a general season Utah tag and I’m thinking about a, you know, kind of what we would consider an inferior unit in Colorado. You know, what would you do? Would you do all three or would you just do one and go to Nevada and just do one? And I’m like, you should do one and just do it like it’s the only tag you have and it’s the last deer hunt you’ll ever do in your life. And you’re gonna kill a great buck if you really spend the time scouting and, and working it. But sometimes we get spread too thin trying to do everything. And I spread, Adam and I, we hear of all these opportunities and we write about ’em and we get excited. Pretty soon I’m excited about antelope and I’m thinking, what, what am I doing?

00:59:54:08 –> 00:59:55:22
Reset, boom, hit the reset, bus

00:59:55:27 –> 01:00:35:02
Reset. Next day is a new day. And then I’m excited about antelope again because we’re doing all this research and can you believe what’s going on in this unit, in that unit? So we get excited and we’re the tag junkies and we end up eating tags and, and spreading ourselves too thin. But that’s also part of the game and learning units and hunt in the west. And that’s what we do is, you know, is to gain knowledge. You guys all hunted new units. Jeff, you hunted new units this year, went to Montana, freaking hunted elk, you know, on the general learned all about block management. Adam’s doing the same thing. I’m doing the same thing. And so anyway, it’s a lot of fun. But by doing that, you do limit your trophy potential and, and and whatnot. And so anyway, that’s a little bit of an, of a deviation from that particular question on late season hunts.

01:00:35:02 –> 01:01:38:23
But for now, let’s call it a day. Kent’s optics, they’re awesome. Speaking of Christmas, I went up there and I’ve ordered up some Christmas gifts. My relatives need a little, little, little something, something. And these guys are awesome. They have great prices, the best prices I’ve found. They have everything from optics range rangefinders, rifle scopes, everything. I mean, vinyl cases, all kinds of little knickknacks. They’re the best in the business that I’ve ever come across. These guys are hardcore, they kill stuff. They use stuff that kills stuff. They know the best gear. Give ’em a holler. It’s Kent’s optics number 4 3 5 2 5 7 7 0 1 4. Kents optics.com. They’re gonna be in a booth. They share a booth with us up here at the expo, bring all kinds of crazy amazing sheds that are world class specific bucks. And with, you know, the last couple decades have named bucks. They’ve got sheds too. Bucks that have been killed by special important people. So anyway, super good guys. And give ’em a holler Christmas season. I, I know I’ve got some stuff on order. All right boys, it’s time for lunch, but we’re out.