EP 99: The Next Generation of Hunters with Jason Carter and Jeff John. In this episode of the Epic Outdoors Podcast Jason, Jeff, and Chris talk about the hunting season so far. Chris was successful in New Mexico on a great bull and Jeff tagged out on a 29″ Idaho Mule Deer. Jason and Jeff have been hunting non stop with their kids and have had some great success stories. The younger generation is the future of hunting and its extremely fun to see them growing up in hunting and learning the ropes.

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Speaker 1: And when you’re there with a 12 year old and you’re trying to get him dialed in on a, on a buck,

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Speaker 2: We take some time and he ends up making an incredible shot. Rarely do you go scout and make a plan, and that works perfectly. Anything to do with Western Big Games.

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Speaker 3: Welcome

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Speaker 4: To the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour.

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Speaker 2: Hey everybody, Jason Carter. Jeffrey and Chris are all here today coming at you from Southern Utah. Just right in the middle of hunting season. Really shouldn’t be in the office. Don’t know why we are other than the phone keeps ringing and these guys are tired of answering it, that’s for sure. So I come in to give ’em a little two hour reprieve, I guess.

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Speaker 1: There you go.

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Speaker 2: So anyway, we’ve been out hunting all across the west, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, a little everything. And so anyway, just thought we’d kinda give you an update Before we do, we want to thank Under Armour, appreciate them tons and tons of awesome gear on ua.com. You can type in, I like to just type in Baron ’cause that’s the camel pattern that works for me. And up comes a lot of options. Everything, you know, hunting, hunting wise. So anyway, the Raider Pen, we’ve had incredible reviews. The Alpine jacket, the stuff of a puffy type jacket is incredibly warm. It’s one of my favorites. Plus that in info, what is

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Speaker 1: It? In info in info ops. Wind stopper jacket is what it jacket. That’s

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Speaker 2: An amazing Jacket.

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Speaker 1: Jacket.

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Speaker 2: It’s great. It’s a good one. And so what other pieces of gear do you like, Jeff?

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Speaker 1: That early season jacket’s really nice. I’ve had a lot of good compliments on that. It’s awesome. I, you know, I got a little pair of those thin gloves even. I like, you know, a lot of times the liners. The liners, yeah, the liners. I use ’em all the time on the outside. I mean, there’s so many different, they have, they have some awesome lines right now. The Raider line, the in info inops line, the Alpine jacket, the Parka, you know, they’re just nice. They really are. It’s a, it really is a step up in gear, I think com, you know, compared to a lot of the other gear you can try, you can use, they are, you know, they’re hitting the top shelf stuff, you know, this, this stuff they’re using. So I’m, I’m really excited about doing. I’ve loved it. I love the stretch and the pants.

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I love the easily, you know, good mobility. The reversible wool shirt and and Bottom are awesome. Really like those. I mean, I, I got outta the truck, so I was up in Montana, we’ll talk about this in a minute, but I’m up in Montana. I get outta the truck. I’m wearing my Raider pants, I’ve got my, you know, it’s snowing and blowing and nasty. I got my wind stopper jacket on and I just used my Raider pants and, and threw the reversible wool underneath. And I, I felt like I walked out in pajamas. Hmm. It was so comfortable. I was warm too, but it was just comfortable. It, you know,

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Speaker 2: You’re right. Those Raider pants. The Raider pants are extremely comfortable. They’re, they’re amazing. I haven’t used that combination yet, but I should. That’s sounds amazing, Jeff. It is.

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Anyway, yeah, I just wanna throw a shout out to them. They’ve got a lot in, in on in stock right now on their website. Of course, you can go to your local sporting goods store. Good chance they carry Under Armour. But having said that, it’s kind of nice. We all are used to online shopping nowadays. And so anyway, it does come to you within three or four days. It’s crazy how fast it gets there and, and whatnot. So anyway, we’re constantly ordering gear and checking it out. It’s pretty awesome. So anyway, let’s start it off. We, we kind of went through, we’re right in the middle of hunting season, got a lot of hunting left and done. A lot of hunting. Some killing, but a lot of hunting and so

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Speaker 1: Amen to that.

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Speaker 2: Anyway, so, well, let’s see. Chris or Jeff, why don’t you kick us off with,

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Speaker 1: I don’t know, I, I’m almost thinking Chris should start us off here. Oh yeah, he’s had, he’s had kind of the biggest success there right, right off the bat here in October. I’d imagine. I mean, killed

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Speaker 2: A big old bull. Tell us about it.

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Speaker 5: Yeah, had a good time. Decided to go down to New Mexico a few days early. And I went down probably

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Speaker 2: Same unit. Let’s see, I drew it when it first opened and

00;04;07;06 –> 00;04;08;08
Speaker 5: Yep. Been there. Hunted

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Speaker 2: It a couple of times with you as the videographer. Yep.

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Speaker 5: And then I, I’ve also done probably two deer hunts down there. Never killed anything, but I spent quite a bit of time down there, so I knew, I know the unit pretty well. And anyway, I decided to put in there, ended up drawing a tag and went down there, decided to go four or five days early and ended up finding a bull, probably three days in that

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Speaker 1: I liked. You had a, you had a few bulls, had your choice.

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Speaker 5: I had three good bulls, but the one just looked the best to me. Just built really pretty, just not, wasn’t like weak anywhere. Some of the other bulls had small fronts and big back ends. And this bull just was pretty solid. Had good fronts, good thirds, good backs, and just a pretty bull. And so ended up trying to get on him, opening morning, made a plan and it worked. Like rarely do you like make a plan, you go scout, make a plan and it works perfectly. While it worked perfectly while I was scouting, I went up, filmed him, got good footage of the bowl. He was with some cows on in this little ravine. You

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Speaker 1: Went right back to that

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Speaker 5: Spot. Right back to the exact spot where I had filmed the bowl. And he wasn’t a hundred yards from where I’d filmed him, just feeding with the cows and Wow. I whipped out the gun and made a shot just, yeah, it was good. Turned out great.

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Speaker 1: It’s nice you put in your work, you did some preseason scouting and you saw him before the season. You had a few bulls that you had in there.

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Speaker 2: Yeah, that’s, that’s the way you do it down there. It’s good, it’s good Short season. So Chris and I went in there last year at least, I don’t know if you’ve told me exactly where you killed it, but you’re a little secretive on that.

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Speaker 5: No,

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Speaker 2: I told anyway. I told you did. See, we did see elk in there last year and so I told

00;05;54;25 –> 00;05;56;01
Speaker 5: You in text exactly where

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Speaker 2: It was. Anyway, yeah, so we spent some time in there last year and it was good. We saw bulls last year, in fact, one that Chris thought I should have killed and or was, you know, heavily leaning toward being a good bull and he was a good bull. But we were after, you know, maybe that next layer up. So,

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Speaker 5: And ended up working out. I wasn’t quite as selective. Jason, Jason always holds out to the last day and waits for, it’s terrible, the top end. And I, I just, I saw this bull, it was a nice bull and I thought he’s course no reason waiting. I’m just gonna shoot this bull. Yeah. But it paid off for Jason. ’cause on the last, very last day we’re basically done hunting and we ended up finding the bull that he killed. Yeah.

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Speaker 2: We were leaving to go pick up trail cameras. Call it a hunt. It’s only five day seasons down there in New Mexico. Most of you know that. And at least for the rifle and muzz order hunts. And so anyway, five days isn’t that long and that’s why Chris went down and did some pre scouting and, and you try to do the best you can to put yourself in a great position right off the bat. And it’s awesome. It works out good. Anyway. Good times

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Speaker 1: And well in New Mexico this year, I mean that’s,

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Speaker 2: It has a great bull. Especially for the year being such a drought. Oh man, just brutal, brutal.

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Speaker 1: Just talking to guys, you know, bulls that they, you know, known bulls. These guys are going back and seeing again and they’re just, they’re smaller. They’re just smaller than they’ve ever been, you know, or not ever been, but you know, smaller than they’ve been in the past couple years. So pulling a good bull outta New Mexico this year is a big deal, I would say. Yeah. You

00;07;29;05 –> 00;08;10;16
Speaker 2: Know. Yeah. Huge. I mean, some of the guys did, did see some good bulls in 16 a and, and killed a good bull or two and, and whatnot. And there was a good really gt killed a great bull outta unit 13, knows what he’s doing. Gr great outfitter. And anyway, they killed a stomper there. And so there, there was a, there’s still a handful of great bulls that are gonna be killed, but for the most part it just seemed down a little bit. So still well worth going. It’s hard to, you know, you can get a tag into Mexico and no point system’s. Not like you’re using 10 or 15 years worth of points or 20 Yeah. You’re, you know, you can kind of apply every single year and you

00;08;10;16 –> 00;08;13;05
Speaker 1: Draw there, you don’t turn it back. Yeah. There’s, there’s no reason to turn back. There is

00;08;13;11 –> 00;08;14;25
Speaker 2: No turning it back. So it’s

00;08;14;25 –> 00;08;16;10
Speaker 1: Just, you go hunt. Yeah.

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Speaker 2: So anyway. That was awesome. Well, we’re, we’re next. Jeff, tell us about, we can jump to some of your hunt. Tell us about Montana elk.

00;08;25;18 –> 00;08;43;28
Speaker 1: Well, so let’s see. We went, I did, I haven’t hunted Montana, I don’t think since I was, I think I went when I was a kid, like maybe 13, 14, 15 ish, somewhere in there. I might’ve gone up with me or my dad, honestly, I can’t even remember. I have

00;08;44;01 –> 00;08;45;00
Speaker 2: To look at the family photo of,

00;08;45;10 –> 00;08;46;13
Speaker 1: I know. I mean, but I,

00;08;46;19 –> 00;08;47;28
Speaker 2: I hope that counts. I don’t,

00;08;48;14 –> 00;08;59;03
Speaker 1: I don’t dunno if it does either. Anyway, so I was like, you know, we talked in the office, I wanted to try it. So ran up there and hunted. The general knew I wanted to go a little bit later. I was on out. How come, how,

00;08;59;05 –> 00;09;00;10
Speaker 2: Why, why were you thinking later?

00;09;00;10 –> 00;09;32;03
Speaker 1: Just to avoid pressure. Okay. I talked to the biologist and I talked to you guys and you guys had talked to people and, and no pressure, archery, archery in September up there is, there’s a lot of people and there’s a lot of people working hard Yeah. For, for bulls, you know what I mean? And so, and this year the rutt was a little bit later. Everything worked out. It just made sense to hunt a little bit later. And I ended up getting pushed off a couple later days than I even wanted to because nah, I didn’t replace tires on my truck and just, just too though. Just too low.

00;09;33;08 –> 00;09;33;26
Speaker 2: Just too

00;09;34;07 –> 00;09;34;22
Speaker 1: Oh geez.

00;09;34;23 –> 00;09;36;20
Speaker 2: And my, should we just jump right into the tires?

00;09;37;04 –> 00;09;38;04
Speaker 1: No, we don’t. We anybody,

00;09;38;16 –> 00;09;41;16
Speaker 2: Unless we knows Jeff, especially family members, give him such a hard time.

00;09;42;29 –> 00;09;45;05
Speaker 1: I I, I’m scared to even bring it up. Most of the time,

00;09;46;03 –> 00;09;51;10
Speaker 2: Jeff, let’s just say Jeff likes to wait till the tires are ruined and off the rim before they get replaced.

00;09;51;14 –> 00;09;53;04
Speaker 1: That’s not, yeah.

00;09;53;04 –> 00;09;55;25
Speaker 2: Yeah. Your brother-in-laws will vouch for that. They’ll

00;09;55;28 –> 00;09;56;27
Speaker 1: Vouch for that. They rode with

00;09;56;27 –> 00;10;03;26
Speaker 2: Me. At least that’s their opinion. And you know, we know what Yeah. About their opinions. They’re, they’re aggressive. Very hard on both of us. I promise. So

00;10;04;03 –> 00;10;05;08
Speaker 1: Anyways, anyway, so

00;10;05;21 –> 00;10;06;25
Speaker 2: Gotta get tires replaced.

00;10;07;08 –> 00;10;15;15
Speaker 1: I’ve been on an elk hunting in Utah with a buddy of mine that wrote that went a little bit later. And so it ended up being a little bit later than I even wanted to be. Beaver,

00;10;15;15 –> 00;10;16;07
Speaker 2: That’s a muzzle.

00;10;16;09 –> 00;10;32;29
Speaker 1: Yeah, the beaver muzzle loader hunt. I, I was on that a little bit later. And so it was just like, get done with that Hail Mary, get everything together and, and you know, launch up to Montana. And I’m telling you, you don’t even realize how those good those guys have it up there.

00;10;33;01 –> 00;10;33;28
Speaker 2: Yeah. Spoiled.

00;10;34;00 –> 00;10;40;07
Speaker 1: They’re spoiled. I went up there in two days. In two days I found bulls to hunt.

00;10;40;08 –> 00;10;48;01
Speaker 2: Well you were thinking about hunting a lot of grizzly country until I sent you that little meme of that guy getting raw. I mean he was getting, I get lit,

00;10;48;02 –> 00;10;49;09
Speaker 1: Crushed up over my

00;10;49;09 –> 00;11;00;18
Speaker 2: Text. So I send you this text and you’re going, you’re going by yourself. And I’m like, I sent him this little, and I mean this guy’s getting eight. And I’m like, Hey, how about this one? Is this where you’re going? Well,

00;11;00;18 –> 00;11;11;01
Speaker 1: And it’s even worse ’cause how many bear attacks? But they were like two or three bear attacks within the last, like two weeks before that. Yeah, yeah. And so anyway, it just worked out where I went. There just happens not to be a lot of grizzlies

00;11;11;01 –> 00;11;15;24
Speaker 2: There. Well, and I think, yeah, I think a lot of it was the w was your snow conditions and weather. Remember the weather was bur

00;11;15;24 –> 00;11;17;24
Speaker 1: Brutal. Brittle. Yeah. It was terrible. And

00;11;17;24 –> 00;11;23;08
Speaker 2: You’re like, you know, a little pup tent Yes. In the middle of this kind weather. Like why at some point, right.

00;11;23;08 –> 00;11;31;23
Speaker 1: It’s just, it’s not, you’re not gonna be an effective hunter if you’re, if all you’re doing is trying to dry out clothes. Yeah, I’ve done that in the Colorado back country. I’ve done that and it’s just So you

00;11;31;23 –> 00;11;33;03
Speaker 2: Worked on the block management a little

00;11;33;03 –> 00;12;11;01
Speaker 1: Bit bit. So I worked on the, yeah, there was areas that, you know, I could hike into four miles, try to work that way, but I kept getting in that high stuff. You can’t see it’s snowing, it’s fogged in. Yeah. So I went down, hit the roads, kind of regrouped and did some traveling. But the block management program in Montana is, it is amazing. Like, I I can’t explain what a wonderful job the Montana Fish and Wildlife Parks has done on putting that program together. You’re talking detailed maps that you pick up at the sign in box. I mean, just all these little things that are just you’re, and there’s and there’s critters. Yeah. And there’re, I mean, and there’s

00;12;11;01 –> 00;12;11;12
Speaker 2: Access.

00;12;11;21 –> 00;12;18;06
Speaker 1: And there’s access and you can get through that to get to the state ground or the B l m or forest behind it and, and you’re just like,

00;12;18;23 –> 00;12;24;01
Speaker 2: Is there ever limited, did you ever come across any that were limited to a certain number of people or anything like that?

00;12;24;02 –> 00;12;57;01
Speaker 1: Certain species? Now you have to read the regulations on those. Like, and, and the nice thing is it’s very detailed. Yeah. It tells you exactly. Okay. There are this animal here, this is open to this. There is an exception. You can’t hunt this during this time. Like, like, so one of the block managements that I went on, you cannot hunt that during the rifle. Like basically as soon as the rifle hunt, like there’s, it shuts down to elk hunters, but in archery it’s open. So it worked out great. I was able to go in there, I was able to hunt bulls and now I was not able to connect. The wind was blowing pretty bad. And I just, you

00;12;57;04 –> 00;12;58;18
Speaker 2: You, you were, you were on ’em.

00;12;58;19 –> 00;12;59;23
Speaker 1: We I was on ’em. You text

00;12;59;24 –> 00;13;00;20
Speaker 2: Us video clips.

00;13;00;26 –> 00;13;11;08
Speaker 1: Yeah, I was there. I just, you know, maybe a little bit more help. Maybe another couple days. And I feel like I could’ve made it happen, but it was a quick five day trip. Four

00;13;11;08 –> 00;13;12;10
Speaker 2: Day, four days with driving.

00;13;12;10 –> 00;13;45;22
Speaker 1: Yeah. Four days with drive. Yeah. Five days with driving. Okay. So it was like, you know, you’re really only hunting four days and it’s snowing and blustering the whole time. Half the time you can’t glass it pretty aggressive, but the feet up there, you take, you take what we’ve dealt with down here and you go up there and you feel like you walked into the garden of Eden. Yeah. The grass is three feet tall and it’s lush and all the animals are just rolly fat. I’ve never seen anything like it. I mean it’s just, it was a phenomenal feed. Yeah. Phenomenal feed. Wow. I mean, just the difference. I can’t believe it.

00;13;45;24 –> 00;13;49;12
Speaker 2: So going back up there, no hesitation. Great opportunity.

00;13;49;17 –> 00;14;03;09
Speaker 1: Great opportunity. Absolutely good. Didn’t see like, you know, I wasn’t chasing three 40 bull, the three 40 plus bulls, but I mean, in two days I found six point, I had five, six point bulls that were coming into one group every night, you know, and you’re just like, that’s

00;14;03;11 –> 00;14;08;15
Speaker 2: Better than a lot of guys kill up there. We’ve been watching on social media. Yeah. I mean some guys, I mean first year sixes.

00;14;08;27 –> 00;14;09;25
Speaker 1: Oh not, yeah.

00;14;09;27 –> 00;15;05;00
Speaker 2: And, and we know, we know guys that are consistently successful on Great Bulls too. Yes. And I think once you get going, it’s just like anything we talk about on these tags is tags and time equals success. And I think it’s just a matter of hitting it multiple times. You know, your first year you’re getting your feet wet. You, you probably knew you good chance you wouldn’t kill one, but you’re learning. Yeah. And then, and then next year you’re gonna hit the ground even harder. Yes. And then, and once you get rolling with that then and you’re hunting the same, it, it is just like Chris has some of his go-to hunts or we have our go-to hunts. I mean, you’re building knowledge upon knowledge upon knowledge. And pretty soon, you know, and then we found that that block management’s interesting program. I got that access Yes. There in Idaho and how it allowed, and we’ll get to Idaho and, and how it allows for guys to hunt Awesome country. And even units that may be 50% private are really 70% huntable.

00;15;05;15 –> 00;15;06;10
Speaker 1: Yes. Yeah. You

00;15;06;10 –> 00;15;07;00
Speaker 2: Know what I mean? There,

00;15;07;00 –> 00;15;08;13
Speaker 1: There’s, it’s much more huntable than you.

00;15;09;16 –> 00;15;10;07
Speaker 2: It looks on paper

00;15;10;12 –> 00;15;39;24
Speaker 1: Then it looks on paper. Well, and, and that it’s the advantage you have to, you have to do your research, you know? Yeah. There you have to put in a little bit of time into the backside of things to be successful on the front side. It it’s a must, you know, on the access. Yes. In Idaho, on the block management and in Montana, these are things you, if you just drove down the road, you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t be dialed into what’s, what the opportunities that are there. It you, you know, you gotta do a little bit of research. You gotta get it out in front of you. Yeah.

00;15;40;12 –> 00;15;45;03
Speaker 2: Awesome. Awesome. And so, well let’s talk. So how was this beaver elk hunt?

00;15;45;22 –> 00;15;54;23
Speaker 1: The beaver rail hunt was a blast. The beaver is known for limited tags. Lots of bulls. Big bulls. Yeah. Big bulls. And that, that’s

00;15;54;23 –> 00;15;56;14
Speaker 2: But a little bit of an off year, didn’t you? I

00;15;56;14 –> 00;16;31;09
Speaker 1: Mean, it was, it was, I think for sure it was a little bit of an off year. I think there was a lot of pressure and there was a lot of broken bulls. I think the way things worked out between the drought and everything, boy, there were, there were a lot of big bulls that were just broke. I mean, ma I saw so many main beams of swords, you name it, and just broken right off and, and you were just, you know, it was really obvious that something was off. Yeah. You know what I mean? Yeah. Now quantity of bulls, it was ridiculous. Yeah. I mean, you just don’t, you don’t feel like you can walk into an area very often and just see six points and six points and six points. But

00;16;31;09 –> 00;16;33;06
Speaker 2: You’re competing with the general deer hunters too.

00;16;33;12 –> 00;16;55;07
Speaker 1: And that’s a big deal. I, I wish Utah would change that. Yeah. I mean that’s, you, you get a two day head jump head start what, two three day Two day head. Yeah. Head start on those guys. You start on Monday, they start on Wednesday. But when you have a general hunt with how many hundreds of attacks busted loose here and, and I’m telling you, I don’t know if it’s, I’m noticing it more and more.

00;16;55;14 –> 00;16;55;22
Speaker 2: Yeah.

00;16;55;28 –> 00;17;03;11
Speaker 1: People hunt hard. Yeah. Much harder than they used to. Oh yeah. It feels like to me, guys are hiking, they’re crushing the mountain.

00;17;03;11 –> 00;17;08;07
Speaker 2: Especially Utah. It’s really, I get tired of Utah guys. They’re good. They’re good at what they’re

00;17;08;07 –> 00;17;09;05
Speaker 1: Doing. They’re good. They have,

00;17;09;13 –> 00;17;17;15
Speaker 2: It’s like they don’t drink, you know, when you don’t drink and have bad habits, you put all that energy into glassing with tripods.

00;17;17;25 –> 00;17;18;02
Speaker 1: Yes.

00;17;18;06 –> 00;17;28;03
Speaker 2: And all that money you’d spend on sm smoking or fricking chewing or alcohol, you’re putting right into optics. Yes. And it’s competing with guys like us. And it’s very

00;17;28;11 –> 00;17;30;29
Speaker 1: Frustrating. And you’ve been going to the gym and working out, so you gotta have, you know, so

00;17;30;29 –> 00;17;31;23
Speaker 2: You’re, oh, you gotta healthy hooked healthy

00;17;31;24 –> 00;17;47;19
Speaker 1: Up to walk up there. You know? So I’m gonna prove it. So these guys are just crushing them out. And you’re sitting here like, you know what used to be, I was sitting here by myself, you know, I, I’d hike out along this ramp, down this place and I was by myself. And now you’re sitting there, you’re like, I’m surrounded. Like I know, like I’m the lazy guy on the mountain.

00;17;48;01 –> 00;17;57;17
Speaker 5: I went on a couple three hour hikes last week right here. Yeah. Three hours. And I’m hiking. I started at four in the morning. There wasn’t a hill that I went up that I didn’t find boot tracks on. Yeah.

00;17;58;05 –> 00;18;02;02
Speaker 2: Yeah. It was insane. And keeping, and it was probably raining every day. Washing the boot tracks out. Yeah,

00;18;02;02 –> 00;18;03;20
Speaker 5: Exactly. So they were here yesterday,

00;18;04;20 –> 00;18;18;07
Speaker 1: Like, guys are ago. It, it, it’s amazing. Guys are working and it’s good, you know, I mean, it’s good. Like, you like seeing people who are earning animals, you know, I mean, I, I hope they’re killing something. And all the work they’re putting in, maybe they’re not,

00;18;18;08 –> 00;18;54;02
Speaker 2: Who knows. It’s just like this morning I take my kid out and I’m thinking, oh, you know, it’s general Utah general hunt, the ar the rifles going on. We just got back from Wyoming elk hunting with Colton, my son. And, and so I take him outta school for an hour or two and we go out there and, and all we did, we just drove to the glasson points and there’s a truck here, there’s a four-wheeler here, there’s a four-wheeler here, there’s a truck here. And I check my Instagram messages and this guy’s like, Hey, Jay just saw you by the way, there is a 20 inch, four point if your daughter wants to shoot it. I’m like, well it’s my son that has a tag. And you know, I appreciate it. We just made a quick loop, didn’t wanna bug anybody. And I mean, it’s like you can’t

00;18;54;02 –> 00;18;54;12
Speaker 1: Do nothing.

00;18;55;08 –> 00;18;56;18
Speaker 2: How do you know? How do you know it’s me?

00;18;57;07 –> 00;19;04;22
Speaker 1: You know what I mean? It’s, it’s time to go back to the days when you were, when you had to roll trucks to keep people from following you. I know. I mean it’s just that it gets expensive.

00;19;05;01 –> 00;19;05;08
Speaker 2: It

00;19;05;08 –> 00;19;05;12
Speaker 1: Gets

00;19;05;12 –> 00;19;39;22
Speaker 2: Expensive. Well I get tired of paying the sales tax on the trucks. It’s not that rolling trucks. It’s the problem. It’s the sales tax here in Utah. At least in like Nevada, you don’t have that sales tax every year. So Yeah, it’s true. Or every single purchase, you know. And so can you imagine a little off the subject, take the tax you would, that truck gets sold how many times in its life? Ooh. Like 15 or 20 average? I don’t know. Possibly. I’d be interested to know. Yeah. And you pay sales tax every time. How much sales tax was collected on that particular vehicle? Vehicle compared to the original purchase price? Yeah, retarded. A retarded amount. It really does piss me off.

00;19;40;14 –> 00;19;40;21
Speaker 5: But

00;19;41;00 –> 00;19;46;14
Speaker 2: Let’s keep going. So we talked about this elk hunt. He ended up killing a great bull, Jeff.

00;19;46;15 –> 00;19;48;04
Speaker 1: Yeah. On on Beaver. Super

00;19;48;05 –> 00;19;48;22
Speaker 2: Good guy.

00;19;49;03 –> 00;20;02;22
Speaker 1: Great bull. The bull was, you know, he’s only like a 355 inch bull. But he’s got the, I mean, some of the best mass I’ve ever seen on a bull, you know. Yeah. You get those, his brows on his, you can’t touch your fingers around the brows. Even three-fourths the way up the, oh,

00;20;02;22 –> 00;20;28;11
Speaker 2: It’s true. The, i I held brows. They’re brooms stickers, man. Even maybe bigger double broomstick. Like they come out and there’s something to be said for mass. It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about. If it’s an animal, which we don’t really want talk about animal, but if it’s deer, if it’s elk, if it’s sheep, there is something to be said Yes. About mass. We all like length and pretty and all this, when it’s freaking mass there is just jaw

00;20;28;17 –> 00;20;28;20
Speaker 1: Dropping.

00;20;29;00 –> 00;20;44;13
Speaker 2: Yeah. It’s got a wow factor even width on deer for me. I mean, mass is number one. Multiple eye guards, number two width after that. And then we can talk about all those fine little details we like to talk about. But anyway, so Awesome. So the our, that elk hunt was awesome. We’re gonna check that

00;20;44;13 –> 00;20;45;00
Speaker 1: Out. Way fun.

00;20;45;16 –> 00;21;37;22
Speaker 2: And then, anyway, we did, I love talking about Nevada. I don’t know why I love the state of Nevada. ’cause I used to, going back to this whole guy’s drinking and having other hobbies other than hunting. You’d be out there by myself in the middle of nowhere and now you’re in the middle of nowhere with everybody else. And but this particular year it was just tough. You know, the desert units didn’t produce, didn’t put on the antler growth. There’s a few key units that did. And the units up north, you know, had some great deer that people were seeing and governor said, killed one of ’em. And anyway, so some significant antler growth up there. But anyway, a little bit tougher this year. I’ve had a lot of guys hitting me wanting to go back with outfitters, Outfitters not having space, just things like that and looking for other options and whatnot to make good on these texts. ’cause you’re not getting that, those tags very often. It’s tough to draw.

00;21;37;23 –> 00;21;38;25
Speaker 1: No, it’s real tough to draw. Yep.

00;21;39;03 –> 00;21;49;12
Speaker 2: So when you draw on a tough year, again, same thing with Henry’s. I know Adam’s boy had a Henry’s management deer tag killed a stud, a 28 inch fucking deer.

00;21;49;12 –> 00;21;50;10
Speaker 1: Yeah. Neat buck. Really neat

00;21;50;10 –> 00;21;56;09
Speaker 2: Buck. Yeah. Killed a stud. But you know, because he had that tag and whatnot and they, they scouted every year anyway.

00;21;56;28 –> 00;21;58;04
Speaker 1: They know what’s there. They

00;21;58;04 –> 00;21;59;00
Speaker 2: Know what’s there. And there

00;21;59;00 –> 00;22;00;06
Speaker 1: Was, and they know it was, there’s, there was

00;22;00;07 –> 00;22;41;12
Speaker 2: One pretty significant deer. But honestly it was just brutal, brutal year even on the Henry’s. And you just think, man, you know, you that these tough years are a major reset. They’re a reset for the outfitters that got that when the big bucks were coming easy and every client’s happy and I can’t blow up my Instagram enough. Yep. And then all of a sudden you have a drought year, you’re like, oh, I want to quit my job. You know, I hate guiding. In fact, these clients are whiny. I don’t get it. You know, and, and, and it boils down to numbers of big deer when there’s big deer. You can’t do anything wrong. Doesn’t matter how your food is, doesn’t matter how your camp is. You kill

00;22;41;21 –> 00;22;44;08
Speaker 1: A sloppy, they’re happy driving away. Yeah.

00;22;44;18 –> 00;22;49;10
Speaker 2: You kill you, you if you don’t show ’em good bunks on, especially on tags that are tough to

00;22;49;10 –> 00;22;52;16
Speaker 1: Get and you grind a guy out for however many tastes. Yeah.

00;22;53;04 –> 00;22;53;28
Speaker 2: And then you go back to,

00;22;54;02 –> 00;22;55;23
Speaker 1: And you put a 180 in front of ’em, average

00;22;55;23 –> 00;23;04;07
Speaker 2: Food and well tipt, they’re pissed. I don’t know, it just makes it tough and it kind of is a good reset. Makes everybody appreciate the good years.

00;23;05;00 –> 00;23;13;21
Speaker 1: But droughts are, I think the biggest thing to learn again from this year is droughts are signif. It’s a significant issue. Yeah. Like it’s a big deal. Yeah. Like,

00;23;14;01 –> 00;23;20;18
Speaker 2: But it’s, what’s funny is it affected it all different. Like even Nevada had great elk. They had great elk, but the deer in the same areas. Well it timing

00;23;20;18 –> 00;23;20;28
Speaker 1: Maybe

00;23;22;05 –> 00;23;35;21
Speaker 2: S just different timing. Yeah. And, and elk grove, they finish out faster, but they’re also, they summer in it’s different. You know what I mean? These de we talk about desert units for deer. Those same units don’t have an elk. A lot of Yeah. Yeah. Or five elk or whatever.

00;23;35;25 –> 00;23;37;20
Speaker 1: And those are your best, you know, I mean, you know,

00;23;37;23 –> 00;23;38;16
Speaker 2: In all honesty times

00;23;38;16 –> 00;23;39;05
Speaker 1: Best deer units times best.

00;23;39;20 –> 00;24;11;02
Speaker 2: Yeah. Yeah. And so, so you do have a little bit of difference. Although, you know, these guys say the antler growth score wise was good. The breakage was bad. Maybe it was the bone density was, was a little bit off a few things like that, you know, that made ’em more brittle. But those are, that’s all a little bit speculation. Nothing ever that I’ve seen, you know, proven in scientific. But man, it’s, it’s, it’s hard to refute 10 in 20 years. A lot of these guys have been doing, doing it for 20 plus years and have significant knowledge about it. And when they say I tend,

00;24;11;02 –> 00;24;14;16
Speaker 1: They’re in the same unit year after year after year, looking at those same bulls. Yeah.

00;24;15;06 –> 00;24;33;27
Speaker 2: So anyway, Nevada deer’s tough. I haven’t, I haven’t filled a tag there. Did, did take my boy Sean on his hunt there. Yeah. Went and hunted a brand new unit. And of course these kids only get, like, you can only take ’em on a Friday after school, Saturday and Sunday if mom let, and this

00;24;33;27 –> 00;24;35;15
Speaker 1: Is even the kid that lives

00;24;36;01 –> 00;24;37;09
Speaker 2: Sean lives lives for

00;24;37;09 –> 00;24;39;02
Speaker 1: It. Mr. Sean Muley Carter lives for it

00;24;39;29 –> 00;25;24;15
Speaker 2: On Instagram. Yeah. But anyway, he and he is good. He’s good. He’s a killer. But anyway, we make a trip over there Friday night, we don’t see much sleep out in the old canvas cutter, literally and storming like crazy. Next day we get up, go in there and glass and glass and glass and we don’t see jack, I mean we see elk and stuff, but not much for deer. And I’m like, well, let’s go. When we go back to the truck, let’s cut the hill below us where we can’t see under us. And then work all those fingers, these draw, run to the north. We’ll hit all these fingers on the way back. We bump a group down of bug hiking. Yeah. We bump a group of bucks at about 80 yards. One of them’s heavy in a cool ear, Sean doesn’t get to see ’em.

00;25;24;15 –> 00;25;56;02
But then, so we just kept working ’em because they busted so hard. We just kept glassing about 10 minutes, caught ’em moving out. And of course I’ve got a, wanted to get a few kills with this 3 38 Remington ultra mag under the belt. So it’s got a 25 power night force on it. And so Sean’s like, I’m like, Sean, you gotta look at him. You gotta look at him and decide, because Sean’s like, I want 170 inch deer. Well, what am I gonna say? You know, like, well, let’s, we gotta analyze every point and go through it all. And, and I said, Sean, you just gotta decide. And so,

00;25;56;16 –> 00;25;59;05
Speaker 1: And with the time allotted, can you, what’s

00;25;59;05 –> 00;26;00;11
Speaker 2: Logical here? By way, by

00;26;00;11 –> 00;26;01;00
Speaker 1: The way, by the way,

00;26;01;08 –> 00;26;13;20
Speaker 2: It’s been raining freaking buckets, you know, and you’ve got 12 hours left, you know. And so anyway, he ends up, he looks through the scope and he’s like, dad, I’m taking him. He’s giant, you know,

00;26;13;23 –> 00;26;14;06
Speaker 1: And so

00;26;15;00 –> 00;26;38;23
Speaker 2: He hammers this deer, hammers him, how far are we? It’s like 360 or 70 yards or something, you know, not extreme shot. He, he, that Utah bull, I guess jumping into that, he, he drew the Utah Youth General and you know, our general’s like basically over the counter for adults and whatnot. A little bit later. Not, not, not the September rifle season. Like we get, you know, like kids do

00;26;38;23 –> 00;26;39;16
Speaker 1: Not on the limited. Yeah.

00;26;39;27 –> 00;26;51;02
Speaker 2: And so anyway, he drew that and it’s kind of cool. But anyway, I put a little pen on a, on a phone. He, we’d been going out a little bit and didn’t see what he wanted. And anyway, put a pen on a, I sent him a pen via text. I

00;26;51;02 –> 00;27;02;19
Speaker 1: Was sitting here thi this was Epic classic. I mean, if you could, if you could video tape this classic and, and put it together. I mean, it, it was like a, it was like writing a fairytale, like how it just all worked.

00;27;03;00 –> 00;27;34;10
Speaker 2: It was brutal. Yeah. It’s just like, he’s like, dad, where am I gonna go? So I’m thinking, thinking, thinking. I sent him a pen and anyway, and he is 16 here in Utah, you don’t have to have an adult after you’re 16. So he’s 16 drives, which thankfully, good grief. And I’m, I’m in a little church meeting in the evening, so I couldn’t go with him that, that evening. And he ends up sitting or texting me and calling me and he’s like, dad, we had a couple spikes come out. I know we’re gonna get on a bull here. I know what we’re gonna get on a bull. I’m like, all right. And you’re

00;27;34;10 –> 00;27;36;14
Speaker 1: Like, shoot the spike. I’m like,

00;27;36;23 –> 00;27;40;12
Speaker 2: Why is he not dead? You know, you gotta provide for your family. So

00;27;40;12 –> 00;27;41;28
Speaker 1: It is a general attack. Like, like,

00;27;42;10 –> 00;28;25;27
Speaker 2: Anyway. Yeah. Both killing him. Just shoot him, you know, get some experience under your belt with these kids. And so anyway, he ends up calling me and I’m, and I’m, and I’m going over it with him. I’m like, Sean, here’s the deal. You have to rest under the front. So you have to have your bipod out, or it has to be on a backpack and you have to rest the back. And then, and I says, if you squeeze and he’s using his own gun, 300 ultra mag out of the box, a Zes Rapids Z 800 radical on it. And it’s Aon going 3,100 feet a second matches full power. That Zes Rapids Z 800, all the radicals match at an average elevation of, you know, 55, 6,000 feet. And so plus or minus five yards. So anyway, and it’s numbered out to the side. So it’s kid proof.

00;28;25;27 –> 00;28;56;19
Like there’s seven, that’s 700, there’s seven and a quarter, seven and a half, seven and three quarters. You can kind of get a feel. And so anyway, that’s why I set those up for him. And they’re affordable. You know what I mean? Yeah. Kid can shoot 500 and he’s affordable. So anyway, long story short, he’s got his gun and the reloads that we’ve reloaded and he and I said, so if you rest the front, rest the back and you squeeze and it surprises you, you have a, you’ll be, you’ll be a hero. If you don’t squeeze, you’re gonna be a zero.

00;28;58;23 –> 00;29;39;03
And I literally, and so anyway, pretty soon I a rag bull, the rag bull comes out and he, and he’s dead set, knows what he’s doing. Ranges it himself. Huge proud debt moment. Yes, absolutely. In fact, I shouldn’t be telling the story ’cause we’re gonna have the kids on a podcast, but I’d like to get his rendition of it. Ends up arranging him, gets the rest. He’s 500 and smokes him and his buddy’s coming up from school. His buddy comes in from school and they’re texting and whatnot and he’s like, dude. And he happens to and he happens to see the bull. Yes. And Sean’s like texting and says, get down, I’m gonna kill this bull. And he, so he sets up his phone scope and videos, the whole kill scene and everything. There’s

00;29;39;04 –> 00;29;41;01
Speaker 1: Probably, these are 16 year olds. 16,

00;29;41;05 –> 00;29;48;23
Speaker 2: 16 year olds, man. Just smoking it. Gosh. Speaking of which he kill, he goes out and kills a Kyle this morning, calls in a dog, fricking hammers him, his buddy Sean Adams hammers him

00;29;49;05 –> 00;29;54;06
Speaker 1: On his way to school. Well they have late Yeah. Late stars late. They have late stars. So they’re out Kyle hunting. Oh my, my

00;29;54;10 –> 00;30;26;08
Speaker 2: Goodness. Mean huge proud moments. Right? And so anyway, killer hammers killer his bull. So we get done with our meetings and go out there and break the bull down and, and get it out and and whatnot. So anyway, kind of fun. These kids, since this year has been the kids’ year for me. Like it’s been nonstop. Ashley, she went up to Idaho. Of course you have huge family ties as far as your traditions and whatnot. Yeah. Of hunting Idaho. You got me started going up there. Yeah. Killed Justin’s first buck. Sean kills a buck. Sean

00;30;26;08 –> 00;30;26;28
Speaker 1: Kills a buck. Yeah.

00;30;27;02 –> 00;30;35;12
Speaker 2: Now Ashley’s first buck, yes. Been good. And then your kid’s first buck this year, as well as your, one of your biggest buck. So we got Idaho’s, like one

00;30;35;12 –> 00;30;48;15
Speaker 1: Of our favorite. It’s been, it’s been good now, I think, I think you’re really seeing an effect this year with what the winter kill was a couple years ago. I agree. There was, there feels like there’s a missing age class of deer. I mean, and they’re just

00;30;48;15 –> 00;30;49;12
Speaker 2: Maybe missing two,

00;30;50;00 –> 00;30;50;12
Speaker 1: Two age

00;30;51;07 –> 00;30;51;23
Speaker 2: Feels rough.

00;30;52;11 –> 00;31;06;17
Speaker 1: Almost two. And and the unfortunate part is a lot of guys are shooting the little teeny two points like crazy. You know, we are seeing camps full now. Hashtag warning here. Lots of people. You gotta deal with people

00;31;08;11 –> 00;31;18;01
Speaker 2: On this time. Well it’s basically, this is basically a general season and, and unlimited, unlimited pressure really? And so you end up with a lot of pressure.

00;31;18;12 –> 00;31;19;17
Speaker 1: Oh, a lot. A lot.

00;31;19;20 –> 00;31;23;09
Speaker 2: A lot of, a lot outta seders too. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots.

00;31;23;15 –> 00;31;30;15
Speaker 1: You can talk about where you were kept. I mean it’s like, it’s like I tell em, you have doubled the size. I mean, you are the size of a small city. Yeah.

00;31;31;12 –> 00;31;45;13
Speaker 2: You’re starting each other’s generators. I mean, it’s just dumb. But, and what was hilarious, oh, this is so funny. So you know they got the pavilions. Yes. I’m camped at a reservoir. Okay. This is where people come pro and play picnic. This is

00;31;45;13 –> 00;31;46;26
Speaker 1: Know is the picnic table set

00;31;46;26 –> 00;31;47;27
Speaker 2: Up picnic fish. They, they’re out

00;31;48;11 –> 00;31;48;27
Speaker 1: Over the top

00;31;49;06 –> 00;32;01;19
Speaker 2: Pontoon boats and just, you know, kids are playing in the fire and burning each other, doing whatever. Right. Everybody uses this. You can’t make this up. Everybody uses the pavilion to hang their deer. Are

00;32;01;19 –> 00;32;01;23
Speaker 1: You

00;32;01;23 –> 00;32;12;06
Speaker 2: Serious? There’s deer hanging from every pavilion draped over propane bottles. Oh. Wide open. Freaking gutted hanging. Some of are, some deer are just laying on the ground. Tarp

00;32;12;09 –> 00;32;14;06
Speaker 1: Up. Can’t seriously, these are, these are state park

00;32;14;21 –> 00;32;16;27
Speaker 2: Canopies? No, it’s a, it’s a state park pan canop.

00;32;17;03 –> 00;32;26;03
Speaker 1: I cannot, can’t believe that. Like, oh dude. Metal, metal roofs with picnic tables underneath it. You come and you do picnic with your family around the reserv where there’s deer hanging from ’em. I mean there’s box hanging,

00;32;26;29 –> 00;32;41;28
Speaker 2: It’s a, you got a lot. It’s gorgeous thing having fores two by threes, three by threes, you know, just a little everything. And anyway, kind of cool. Went in there early, went in and pres scouted. Went in on a Monday. I think it started on a Thursday. Thursday,

00;32;42;14 –> 00;32;42;23
Speaker 1: I can’t

00;32;42;28 –> 00;32;55;19
Speaker 2: Remember. Wednesday you killed on a Thursday. And so anyway, went in and prec scouted found a great buck. I thought he was, I thought he was what he was, he was 29 and a half inch or he felt like he was that big. I called him 28 to you.

00;32;56;05 –> 00;32;58;15
Speaker 1: I’m in Montana. Jeff’s

00;32;58;17 –> 00;33;07;10
Speaker 2: In Montana driving, sent out thinking of watching the bear meme that I sent him, wondering when he is gonna get mauled and how, when he should write his last letter to his kids.

00;33;07;23 –> 00;33;11;22
Speaker 1: Do I, do I just send this? Do I type up this text and I just have to push, send this bears

00;33;11;24 –> 00;33;15;21
Speaker 2: Send, what am I gonna do here? And then I’m like, Jeff, I

00;33;15;21 –> 00;33;16;04
Speaker 1: Haven’t made a will

00;33;16;04 –> 00;33;51;28
Speaker 2: Yet. So that’s right. So our kids are in school. We can’t, again, so tired of this fricking school. And Jeff’s, Jeff’s kids are in school. My kids are in school. They’re coming up together. Of course Jeff and I married sisters. And so my daughter’s jumping in with his caravan and coming up and so she can’t get outta school any earlier. It’s not worth the drive for me round trip to go get her. So I’m like, Jeff, Jeff’s like, well, I’m gonna hunt for myself the first day. I’m like, for first day, day and a half, I’m like, alright, I gotta buck you. Let’s do it. Let’s, let’s smoke this deer. And so we go in and go ahead, I’m gonna let you,

00;33;52;05 –> 00;34;11;13
Speaker 1: I I come rolling in basically into southern Idaho there the night before the hunt. And Jason’s like, I got a buck. There’s like seven other trucks here looking at him. But he, he’s a pretty nice buck. And I’m like, well heck, that’s the best thing we’ve got. Right? Yeah. I, I know of another buck that ended up being a really nice buck. But he’s down.

00;34;11;16 –> 00;34;13;16
Speaker 2: You didn’t like him? I kinda liked him. Well, you were

00;34;13;16 –> 00;34;18;04
Speaker 1: Like, you, you did, you did mention, you were like, wow, he’s heavy. And I’m like, yeah. And I’m just like, he’s gonna, I’m

00;34;18;04 –> 00;34;23;04
Speaker 2: Like gonna gonna step up. And you’re like, well yeah. If I was interested. I’m like, what do you mean he’s not interested?

00;34;23;11 –> 00;34;34;21
Speaker 1: It’s just hard. ’cause he’s at a spot a lot. I knew a lot of people knew, knew about him. I’m just like, I don’t wanna be in there with people I know trying to smoke a buck out from underneath them. You know? I just, it just felt wrong.

00;34;34;25 –> 00;34;38;02
Speaker 2: It’s not normal, Jeff. The Utah guys will compete with anybody.

00;34;38;12 –> 00;34;38;19
Speaker 1: I know.

00;34;38;21 –> 00;34;45;02
Speaker 2: I don’t, those that thought process didn’t even register with me. I was like, what are you talking about? Let’s get in there and elbow it out. Yeah.

00;34;45;10 –> 00;34;54;23
Speaker 1: I was just like, I just don’t wanna, and we had history with that buck before. ’cause Cutler missed him the year before. And I, I should have been a little bit more wound up to kill him. ’cause he actually, but he

00;34;54;23 –> 00;34;56;09
Speaker 2: Was on a piece of private, he

00;34;56;09 –> 00;35;07;24
Speaker 1: Was on a piece of private. I never would’ve got the, the kid had, the guy I know ended up killing him. The buck never even left the private. He was, he was standing there on the private, killed him within at seven 14, you know what I mean?

00;35;07;29 –> 00;35;09;01
Speaker 2: 714.

00;35;09;04 –> 00;35;09;16
Speaker 1: No, seven

00;35;10;09 –> 00;35;10;12
Speaker 2: 14

00;35;10;12 –> 00;35;12;11
Speaker 1: In the morning. 14 in the morning. Like we should

00;35;12;11 –> 00;35;15;01
Speaker 2: Look that up. Shooting might be not shooting hours. You

00;35;15;01 –> 00;35;26;19
Speaker 1: Never know. He, he says, I looked at it, was it a minute after shooting? Illegal shooting hours and I shot him. Okay. And I’m like, well that was easy. But anyway, so we had this other buck, we go in there opening morning and it was like, I’m hiking in the dark.

00;35;27;12 –> 00;35;29;11
Speaker 2: Well, we pull up to 14 vehicles first.

00;35;29;27 –> 00;35;30;04
Speaker 1: Yes.

00;35;30;19 –> 00;35;45;14
Speaker 2: Okay. Again, access. Yes. Was awesome. Yeah. Awesome. Allowed us to get into some B l M. Awesome. I mean it ended up, he was on b l m glassing across private. So I’m, I’m running Glasser guy. I’m the running gun Glasser guy.

00;35;45;24 –> 00;35;50;01
Speaker 1: I, I, I’m hiking along, like running into people as I’m hiking

00;35;50;11 –> 00;35;53;07
Speaker 2: Jeff. Jeff ends up 14,000 feet above where he is supposed to

00;35;53;07 –> 00;36;04;16
Speaker 1: Be because I kept trying to walk out and if I walked out right here, I would walk well right underneath this guy. If I walked out right here, I’d walk right in front of this guy. So I’m like walking clear up around trying to get like, again

00;36;04;27 –> 00;36;07;17
Speaker 2: In the dark orange hunter orange is optional in Idaho,

00;36;07;20 –> 00;36;09;06
Speaker 1: But these guys wear it for, but these guys,

00;36;09;08 –> 00;36;12;06
Speaker 2: Good reason Jeff doesn’t. And I’m like, you’re

00;36;12;07 –> 00;36;13;25
Speaker 1: A dummy. I probably should have had

00;36;14;00 –> 00;36;16;08
Speaker 2: It on. They meet, they made Hunter orange so you don’t get shot.

00;36;16;11 –> 00;36;23;29
Speaker 1: Oh my gosh. You’re gonna get shot. And I shoulda have had it. I should have. There was, I don’t know how many people may, there might’ve been 30 people on that hill. On that one hillside. Yeah.

00;36;23;29 –> 00;36;37;01
Speaker 2: So I, there might’ve been three people. So I put you on that knob where he was, where he was, where he is been when we pre scouted him. Yes. Hoping some freakish opportunity arises that he would be there again. And we didn’t see him. And he’s

00;36;37;01 –> 00;36;37;23
Speaker 1: In my a Yep.

00;36;38;21 –> 00;36;52;18
Speaker 2: But we see everybody else and it’s cool. People post up and, I mean, dude, there was one guy, he’s getting a lot of action. He was chilling and I’m watching him and I mean, all of a sudden I could see deer bounding his way and he’s gotta be getting into earshot of him. And pretty soon he perks

00;36;52;18 –> 00;36;53;22
Speaker 1: Up. This is moose guy, right?

00;36;54;04 –> 00;36;57;13
Speaker 2: No, the moose guy had the moose behind me. But he wasn’t in a good spot.

00;36;58;06 –> 00;37;04;12
Speaker 1: He was kind of on the side. He had the moose. Moose, he had moose. Pinned him down. So pinned him down. There’s two bulls. Like, and on top of this guy, there

00;37;04;12 –> 00;37;07;08
Speaker 2: Was, and no and no deer guy selfie had no deer.

00;37;07;13 –> 00;37;08;16
Speaker 1: He selfie, he

00;37;08;16 –> 00;37;28;04
Speaker 2: Selfied with the moose. And I was like, okay. Well, but there was a guy above him that had all the action. I mean, everything kind of blew. I’m like, honestly, that’s a pretty good spot. You know? Yeah. Ies, but still a good spot. Yeah. And so anyway, nothing come of it that evening. We kind of separated the next day. You were like, and I mean, you know, we’re like, we

00;37;28;08 –> 00;37;29;11
Speaker 1: Didn’t have a better buck. Yeah.

00;37;29;11 –> 00;37;31;10
Speaker 2: You’re like, dude, we need to go back in there. And I’m like, ah,

00;37;33;00 –> 00;37;34;18
Speaker 1: Who’s the best buck we had? Do you wanna wear

00;37;34;18 –> 00;37;36;23
Speaker 2: Orange? I don’t want to

00;37;36;25 –> 00;37;40;22
Speaker 1: Pack you out. I don’t think I wore orange again. No, I didn’t wear orange, did I? No. No. I just went again.

00;37;41;01 –> 00;37;42;18
Speaker 2: I just thought I was gonna have to quarter you up. Yeah.

00;37;43;03 –> 00;37;44;00
Speaker 1: And packed me up.

00;37;44;09 –> 00;37;52;11
Speaker 2: So anyway, he’s, Jeff gets back in there and I glass and there’s not really, I mean we’re not seeing much, but we also didn’t see many people

00;37;52;18 –> 00;38;01;03
Speaker 1: Trucks. The people cut trucks were there. I mean it was, there was a third the amount there was the day before. Yeah. And I think the pressure might’ve just had everybody like evacuating, but there was no

00;38;01;03 –> 00;38;07;09
Speaker 2: Deer either. Like there was a few deer. But so then I went around and this is where those bt xs I got from Harrows.

00;38;07;14 –> 00;38;08;16
Speaker 1: Oh, clear down there.

00;38;08;22 –> 00;38;14;29
Speaker 2: Yeah. Kent’s at Ken Kent’s optics. I picked up that set of BT Xs. I went clear around, what, what was it? Three or four miles long

00;38;14;29 –> 00;38;16;11
Speaker 1: Ways. It’s a glass pack.

00;38;16;11 –> 00;38;25;06
Speaker 2: And I picked him up going under, cutting that same hill that you were on top of the day before. Yes. But it usually, there’s so much vegetation you can’t Yeah. You can’t get on it. A lot

00;38;25;06 –> 00;38;25;22
Speaker 1: Of brush and whatnot.

00;38;25;22 –> 00;38;42;12
Speaker 2: You’ve got your onyx out and you’re figuring out exactly where the property boundary is. ’cause it does jog up in there. I’m you’re, so anyway, one thing leads to another. You’re like next to, to that giant, there’s a giant pine. And I’m like, yes. Between the giant pine Yeah. And the top of the hill. He’s gonna come between that. Yes. And you’re like, I got him.

00;38;43;06 –> 00;38;59;00
Speaker 1: It was like, okay. I’m like, I just see this horn going through the brush. Yeah. And I, he was on public. He was ki he was just about killable, but not quite, just couldn’t get a body shot on him there. Anyway, we had to play with him for, I don’t know, how long did we play with him in there? Oh,

00;38;59;15 –> 00;39;09;19
Speaker 2: Long time. An hour. Probably 45 minutes or an hour. 45 minutes to an hour. Well he went in there and went into a kind of a draw, a big ravine. And you’re like, dude, do I cut above the ravine? Do I cut down the ridge? He was on, do I back out?

00;39;09;23 –> 00;39;12;22
Speaker 1: And it’s, you’re, you’re three miles away trying to, I’m

00;39;12;22 –> 00;39;15;19
Speaker 2: Like, we’re backing. I’m like, we’re not backing out. I’m like, let,

00;39;15;21 –> 00;39;16;24
Speaker 1: Let’s, let’s kill him over

00;39;16;24 –> 00;39;29;14
Speaker 2: Here. Let’s make a play. So you go down and you pick the, you pick above him and walk down it and you’re glassing into the ravine. Of course he comes up on the ravine back down to the tree. Something was bugged. He, he didn’t like you in there.

00;39;30;08 –> 00;39;43;11
Speaker 1: I think there was just enough deer, extra deer floating around that they were just, they were bouncing around. I had something jump really close to me when I was in the thick, thick trees. And so I think something bumped down, turned ’em.

00;39;43;14 –> 00;39;45;17
Speaker 2: Maybe it was the sounds of Armageddon. Ugh

00;39;46;07 –> 00;39;46;16
Speaker 1: Dude.

00;39;46;16 –> 00;39;48;12
Speaker 2: It was, it was retarded. Ka

00;39;49;02 –> 00;39;55;11
Speaker 1: Kapa come, well, like the day before I bumped those two bucks, they go over there and they’re baba boom. They’re toast. Yeah. Two of the better bucks that were over there.

00;39;55;17 –> 00;40;13;09
Speaker 2: Oh, good. Heavy three by four smoked. Yeah. And those guys, we were late. I’m like, Jeff, you gotta walk over there. This is hilarious. I mean, we watched him yelling and then walk up to the deer. The deer deer jumps up, up, jumps up and they hip shoot him and freaking smoke him at like point blank and the fence. I mean I’m like, this deer’s gonna jump that fence. Oh. And that’s private.

00;40;13;11 –> 00;40;19;20
Speaker 1: He ended up dying. Like he Well and the problem was downhill. Yeah. Was the fence. Yes. And that buck’s hauling butt downhill

00;40;19;20 –> 00;40;20;15
Speaker 2: And they smoke him.

00;40;21;01 –> 00;40;27;21
Speaker 1: It was just, it was a rodeo over there. Five guys guns, deer shots fired. Is this

00;40;27;24 –> 00;40;31;14
Speaker 2: A good one? Oh, it was great. It was great. Good times. And so,

00;40;31;22 –> 00;40;32;13
Speaker 1: So anyway,

00;40;32;13 –> 00;40;33;25
Speaker 2: Anyway, you got in on that deer.

00;40;34;09 –> 00;41;15;29
Speaker 1: Yeah. And the, the buck ended up working it down and across just a little bit of a ravine. And he was out front of the other bucks. Luckily. So there was not, I didn’t have to worry about getting interrupted there with, you know, a different bucks Hemi. I was able to work in a spot and just got a nice clean, oh, I don’t even remember how far, how far it was. It was like 300. Yeah. Or no, it was 2, 2 58 ish. Wow. I think something like that. Just across the boom. Done. And anyway, it just, it worked out perfect. Have adjacent down there. I’m like, I’m like, this is why I need a pocket. Jason Carter just to hunt with me all the time. That was awful handy. Having a guy out with you with PTX is three miles away watching the deer. It comes in awful handy. Well,

00;41;15;29 –> 00;41;19;10
Speaker 2: What’s funny, you’re like, there’s like 14 fence posts and I’m not sure

00;41;20;19 –> 00;41;20;28
Speaker 1: It was

00;41;21;12 –> 00;41;23;23
Speaker 2: Tight. My Onyx says I’m pretty

00;41;23;23 –> 00;41;44;07
Speaker 1: Close. My onyx says I was good. Like I was looking at him like, I’m good dude. I shoot him, he hits the ground. Oh, I gotta get over there and just see. I gotta stand right where he is at to make sure. Luckily I was like the, there was like an old fence line and a new fence line. And luckily the property boundary was on the new fence line. Yeah. Not on the old fence line. Which 10

00;41;44;07 –> 00;41;46;17
Speaker 2: And a half feet away. Plenty of room. Dude. I

00;41;46;17 –> 00;41;50;12
Speaker 1: Was, I was awful nervous. I I, I got a little bit more nervous when I saw this fence. Well

00;41;50;12 –> 00;42;14;28
Speaker 2: That’s what happens when you’re hunting Colorado or Idaho or Montana. Some of these places that are heavily private, you know, and, and I’m just getting, I get anal anymore. I’m even checking unit boundaries 14 times, you know, on the 10th day. Even though I know I’m well aware of where the units are. Yeah. It’s just, you know, you just get nervous and things. You wanna make sure you don’t do something stupid. ’cause they don’t want, they wanna take your firstborn and 14 kids after that, you know,

00;42;15;07 –> 00;42;16;01
Speaker 1: Make an example outta

00;42;16;17 –> 00;42;59;23
Speaker 2: Yep. Making an honest mistake. And so you just try to do the best you can. And, and that’s why Onyx, you had Onyx on your phone. Yes. I have the Onyx maps on, you know, the cards go to the G p s and you update the cards and, and you got a card for every state. Plus you, you know, you get the, you get the Onyx on your phone. It’s easier to read on your phone. It’s just sometimes it’s a hassle. ’cause you gotta download the maps if you’re outta service. And sometimes my unit boundaries don’t pull up automatically. You got a little glitch in the phone or something. So anyway, the old standby g p s always works the phone. It’s nice when it’s working and, and so anyway, you were fine. All is well. 29 and a half inch fricking stud you’re gonna see. Great. Soon you can see it on keep tracking his Instagram. Yeah. His keep tracking. Check it out. Fricking giant.

00;43;00;02 –> 00;43;02;07
Speaker 1: It is great buck. Great buck year for this. Worked out

00;43;02;07 –> 00;43;08;23
Speaker 2: Awesome. That’s the one deer. He’s talking about holes in the H class. That’s the one deer that lived in somebody’s barn and didn’t die.

00;43;09;06 –> 00;43;09;24
Speaker 1: Yes. He’s

00;43;09;24 –> 00;43;09;28
Speaker 2: Eating

00;43;10;09 –> 00;43;14;28
Speaker 1: Alfal. He was eating something good. You know, he just ended up in the right brush patch and was able to make it through

00;43;14;28 –> 00;43;17;05
Speaker 2: The water. Yeah. Brush patched. Right inside the barn door. Right

00;43;17;10 –> 00;43;21;07
Speaker 1: Inside the barn door. Whatever it took to keep him alive. ’cause ’cause in honesty,

00;43;21;22 –> 00;43;23;24
Speaker 2: We didn’t see much over a three point there,

00;43;23;24 –> 00;43;24;02
Speaker 1: There,

00;43;24;05 –> 00;43;31;17
Speaker 2: There was four points running with him. But keep in mind, remember we talked about the ones that got smoked about everything running with him got smoked. Yeah.

00;43;32;24 –> 00;43;38;00
Speaker 1: Not much time at all. It, it was a gauntlet that not many deer were gonna make, make it through. It’s just, that’s the way it was. That’s the way it

00;43;38;00 –> 00;43;38;02
Speaker 2: Was.

00;43;38;10 –> 00;43;42;03
Speaker 1: And you know, you almost feel guilty killing a deer on those. You killed. You’re killed.

00;43;42;03 –> 00;43;42;20
Speaker 2: The leader. Dude,

00;43;42;29 –> 00;43;44;05
Speaker 1: I killed, I killed the one

00;43;44;05 –> 00;43;45;14
Speaker 2: That was left. How do you feel about that?

00;43;45;23 –> 00;43;49;29
Speaker 1: I changed the dynamic of the deer in southern Idaho. That’s right.

00;43;50;11 –> 00;44;44;01
Speaker 2: So anyway, good times Ashley. So Ashley comes up, of course Jeff’s kids come up too. And, and boys, you know, it’s just a challenge. She’s 11 left eye dominant. Hasn’t shot a rifle much, but we, she has shot her 17 with a scope and we shoot it fairly regular. She knows her way around a gun. But it’s a challenge. You got Bipods trying to get ’em to find a buck in the scope and all of this and that and the other. She’s shooting my Red Rock and it’s shooting a Aon it’s a 30 nozzle anyway. Great gun doesn’t kick a lot. Just a great gun for her. Had those earmuffs. She’s so kids, kids are, kids are nervous about kick and sound and you don’t wanna ruin ’em. And so this thing doesn’t kick much. It is loud. And so we put on earmuffs that are, you know, they, you can talk. It’s the whole, and she had electronic ear, ear.

00;44;44;04 –> 00;44;50;23
Speaker 1: She had an amazing amount of, oh, I don’t know. Self-control. Like, like calmness.

00;44;50;25 –> 00;45;15;04
Speaker 2: Yeah. But I’m talking to her calm for the most part. I got wound up there for a minute. It was, but it was just so, so much going on. She can’t, she didn’t get him into a scope of 80 yards. 80 yards, you know what I mean? And then it’s thick. There’s thick trees, the burn standing burned trees. Yeah. And then just no there moves off to 467 yards and she’s dead rest. Dad, I got him and I’m like,

00;45;15;07 –> 00;45;16;04
Speaker 1: And she did. And I look at

00;45;16;10 –> 00;45;17;19
Speaker 2: You and I look at you and I’m like,

00;45;17;26 –> 00;45;18;29
Speaker 1: She’s got him. I

00;45;19;01 –> 00;45;25;21
Speaker 2: I, I’m like, dude, I don’t know. This is 467 yards. And you’re like, oh, you shoot him. And I know the gun is amazing. So I,

00;45;25;26 –> 00;45;41;00
Speaker 1: Well and she is this okay? She is dead rest. She is bipods down butt of the gun, is solid on, on a pack. Is on solid on a pack. And she’s prone. Yeah. And it’s like, if you’re gonna take the shot

00;45;41;14 –> 00;45;43;01
Speaker 2: Yeah. This is one to take. Just

00;45;43;01 –> 00;45;45;03
Speaker 1: Has to, it has to be set up like this. Yeah.

00;45;45;15 –> 00;46;18;22
Speaker 2: You know, so I dial, I hit the, the six hour for 2,400 is amazing. Just, it tells you where to dial on and it calculates angle temperature. It calculates the yardage and, and you’ve got your gun profile built from the app and your phone and it bluetooths to your phone. And so you download that and you just dial it doesn’t matter if you’re at 9,000 feet, which we, we killed a bull at an incredible distance at 9,000. And with the same range finder, but a different gun profile through the 3 38 rum, you know? Yeah. And so, anyway, dialed it and she hammers this thing, I

00;46;18;22 –> 00;46;20;08
Speaker 1: Mean, oh, hammers it right through the chest

00;46;20;08 –> 00;46;22;07
Speaker 2: Hammer. And your boys are watching and they’re like,

00;46;22;23 –> 00;46;25;14
Speaker 1: Wow, my dad’s on the hill. I had no

00;46;25;14 –> 00;46;26;12
Speaker 2: Excuses from now on.

00;46;26;27 –> 00;46;27;26
Speaker 1: My dad’s on the hill.

00;46;27;26 –> 00;46;28;21
Speaker 2: Like actually 11 year old.

00;46;29;05 –> 00;46;33;28
Speaker 1: Did you, did she just shoot that from across the country? Yeah, she did. Yeah. She,

00;46;34;07 –> 00;47;09;10
Speaker 2: And she’s so happy. I, it is funny ’cause we had a gal ask her, Ashley, how did you feel? Wondering, you know, if you were good. ’cause she’s not sure how she feels about hunting Right. This other lady. And Ashley’s like, it felt awesome. No crying, no nothing. She felt awesome. And it was, it was, it was awesome. It was awesome. We had three or four days together, of course, we to my camp trailer. And she got to choose all kinds of things. Snacks and dinner and teas. I, my wife hates Hamburger Helper. She hates Hamburger Helper. Is it? Why do women hate Hamburger

00;47;09;10 –> 00;47;12;29
Speaker 1: Helper? We’ve talked about this. This is a, it’s amazing. It’s a big, you

00;47;12;29 –> 00;47;17;12
Speaker 2: Got carbs and meat with a little seasoning pack and it tastes awesome. And it’s ready in 10 minutes too.

00;47;17;12 –> 00;47;18;23
Speaker 1: It’s, and you’re loaded. You’re loaded. Like you’re

00;47;18;23 –> 00;47;20;07
Speaker 2: Loaded. Can’t, you can’t even eat it all. No.

00;47;20;07 –> 00;47;21;08
Speaker 1: And it always fills you up.

00;47;21;12 –> 00;47;22;19
Speaker 2: It always tell me, Chris,

00;47;22;20 –> 00;47;26;13
Speaker 1: Every time. I love that stuff. And girls have a problem with having, and if

00;47;26;13 –> 00;47;30;11
Speaker 2: You have a salad, you have a salad that’s disgusting. Meat and carbs. How can you go

00;47;30;11 –> 00;47;31;04
Speaker 1: Wrong? No.

00;47;31;19 –> 00;48;05;15
Speaker 2: And she’s Janet. Janet just goes berserk. And the boys, they all come home. Mom, can we have some hangar helper? You know? And Ashley’s like, Ashley. So we had some other, there’s some other, like tuna creations. I don’t know. There’s some things up in the bo up in the cupboard that has made similar, you know, you add hamburger and similar to Hamburger Helper. And, and we had Rice Eroni, right. Which is made out of a box. Same thing. Comes from the same cabinet. And we’re sitting there and Ashley’s like, everything in that cabinet is awesome. I’m like, Hey, you need to tell my, tell your

00;48;05;15 –> 00;48;05;23
Speaker 1: Mom that.

00;48;06;14 –> 00;48;07;19
Speaker 2: Oh yeah. Jen’s like, oh,

00;48;07;23 –> 00;48;07;27
Speaker 1: I,

00;48;08;15 –> 00;48;14;25
Speaker 2: I get it. I’m the, you know what Janet’s takeaway is? I know I’m the worst cook in the world. Everything Hamburger helper’s better than anything I do.

00;48;15;05 –> 00;48;15;12
Speaker 1: I know.

00;48;15;21 –> 00;48;18;01
Speaker 2: And I’m not saying that it’s

00;48;18;01 –> 00;48;18;04
Speaker 1: Just,

00;48;18;04 –> 00;48;18;28
Speaker 2: But I love Hamburger

00;48;18;28 –> 00;48;21;09
Speaker 1: Helper. It’s just don’t be so down on it. Yeah. It, it works.

00;48;21;17 –> 00;48;24;05
Speaker 2: It works. And it’s quick. And I don’t have to be a cook,

00;48;24;24 –> 00;48;38;26
Speaker 1: You know, on the nice thing for me, like, I, is this a, this is, this is a terrible trade secret. I don’t pack milk with me. I don’t pack butter with meat, dude. It’s good without it. Like I know, I know. You’re supposed to put half a cup of that stuff, dude. I cook it without it. When I was in Montana, I cooked it for myself. It was

00;48;38;26 –> 00;48;39;16
Speaker 2: Fine. Like, yeah. You kidding?

00;48;39;21 –> 00;48;41;26
Speaker 1: ’cause it’s hardy, you know? Yeah. But that’s true. But

00;48;41;26 –> 00;48;45;06
Speaker 2: Anyway, that’s true. But, but put milk in it. I’m just saying

00;48;45;06 –> 00;48;48;13
Speaker 1: It’s better. Tastes a little bit butter. It takes a little bit of the seasoning.

00;48;48;13 –> 00;49;02;02
Speaker 2: Keep out the mac and cheese needs butter. It’s pretty amazing. With, with butter. But, so anyway, that was Ashley’s first deer. And then Jeff, so Jeff gets his boys course Casson. He wants a big deer. He’s killed some deer.

00;49;02;05 –> 00;49;56;09
Speaker 1: He’s, he’s, he’s pickier than a 14 year old should be. Yeah. ’cause you know, at this point he killed three deer and a, and a bull. And all of them were, you know, four by, well one was a four by freak, you know, we called him four by freak, but the other two are both four points. So he, he’s 14, but he’s like, I’m, I’m holding out for something bigger. And they just weren’t there this year, you know, just weren’t there. So we hunted hard and we just couldn’t put together. Cutler wanted to kill something, and I held him off from a few bucks that were, you know, that it was like, ah, that’s, let’s keep hunting. You know? And, and I tell my boys and I, I really only want ’em to kill one deer a year. They’re gonna have multiple deer tags every year. But I really only want ’em to kill one deer a year. Because I’m like, how many deer do you really need a year? Like, and how much room do, like your freezer is full before you even try to kill anything, Jason. It’s,

00;49;56;09 –> 00;49;59;29
Speaker 2: It’s full, but it, it, it, it, it

00;49;59;29 –> 00;50;00;02
Speaker 1: Is

00;50;00;22 –> 00;50;14;11
Speaker 2: Your elk in it. And then, and I can’t wait. It’s still, it’s still good. Now, these next year, I like getting, you know, those processed foods. So I call ’em processed meats, like all the stuff that eat, you just pull out, you pull it outta the freezer and eat it. You don’t cook it. You know what I mean? Yeah.

00;50;14;24 –> 00;50;15;16
Speaker 1: Yeah. It’s great.

00;50;16;06 –> 00;50;21;15
Speaker 2: Deer and antelope, some things like that that, of course, antelope, Colton killed an antelope. And it, I mean, it was the

00;50;21;28 –> 00;50;24;12
Speaker 1: That’s a great book. Yeah, he’s a great book.

00;50;24;14 –> 00;50;26;08
Speaker 2: I don’t want to jump off this yet. So Cutler

00;50;27;00 –> 00;50;35;00
Speaker 1: Okay, Cutler, we, we ride hard for, I mean the, throughout the days that they could hunt. Yeah.

00;50;35;05 –> 00;50;35;22
Speaker 2: Weekends

00;50;35;26 –> 00;51;11;22
Speaker 1: And weekends. And I pull him outta school on Monday and we finish up in, we finish our last night in Idaho. The hunt’s still going of course, but he’s got an antelope tag in Wyoming. We just couldn’t put it together in Idaho on a deer that, that we really like. You know, we never found one. We never found a, a good deer that we really wanted to kill with him. And so then we just hightailed it on Sunday up to Wyoming for a one day middle of Wyoming, six hours to get their antelope. And,

00;51;12;02 –> 00;51;14;00
Speaker 2: And there’s like two sections of public

00;51;14;11 –> 00;51;57;15
Speaker 1: And there’s two sections of public. It’s a tag you can draw with. I mean, one point guarantees you the tag. It’s a nothing tag. Yeah. And there’s people everywhere and everything like that. But the great thing about an an okay, the great and bad thing about an antelope on air, let’s go. The great thing about antelope on, you can see ’em, they’re out in the open. They are easily findable. It’s an all day hunt. They’re not crawling into a hole that you’re never gonna see ’em again. You are hunting from Don till dusk. There’s opportunities all day long. That’s a great thing. The bad thing is, hey, don’t quit moving. And when you’re there with a 12 year old and you’re trying to get ’em dialed in on a, on a buck and there’s 60 adults trying to get dialed in on the same buck.

00;51;57;16 –> 00;52;40;17
Yeah. Boy, it gets western in a hurry finding. Now, now, now, I mean, we had, we had Buck everywhere from, you know, 800 yards. These guys are lobbing shots into a herd. I was so disgusted with the humanity of the people hunting right then. But we had that everywhere from, we had buck, we had a buck come by at 30 yards through the sagebrush. We were set up in the right spot. The buck’s blew. They came up because of course we’re lined up on ’em at 200 ready to kill ’em. And guys come over the ridge, you know what I mean? And spook the antelope. And they, and they end up running right toward us. And here my kid is, and I’m trying to just scopes and, and you know, ’cause the puck ends up like 20 yards from ’em. You can’t have him at 14 power when he is 20 yards from him with your Thompson long range, you know?

00;52;42;27 –> 00;53;10;19
Anyway, we don’t even get a shot off. We don’t even come close to getting the shot off the, he goes out to 300 and he stops. And the great thing about that Thompson at 300 is you’re dialed in. Like that’s your main cross hair. That’s your main cross hair. So, and he’s got a dough touching his butt, and he’s got a dough and another dough touching his front. And I’m like, he’s like, I could pound him here, dad. I’m like, Nope, we are not, we’re not having this issue right here if you miss or jerk or whatever. I’m

00;53;10;19 –> 00;53;11;25
Speaker 2: Like, you dump a dough, you’re ticked.

00;53;12;03 –> 00;53;15;26
Speaker 1: Yeah. It’s a bad day. That’s a really bad day. So you

00;53;16;02 –> 00;53;17;08
Speaker 2: Sign your title over to Wyoming

00;53;17;08 –> 00;53;38;12
Speaker 1: Game. Yep. That’s what you’re doing. And it’s just not, it’s worth it. It’s just not worth it. So it was, you know, we had, he had multiple, probably he, he had buck Antelope in his scope 10 times in that day. In one day. He had that. And that’s the beauty about that antelope punt. It is getting those kids dialed in to get ’em in the scope.

00;53;38;22 –> 00;53;42;14
Speaker 2: Yeah. Lots of opportunity to learn how to learn their way around that rifle. Yep.

00;53;42;14 –> 00;53;59;02
Speaker 1: And just, just getting on them is a really big deal for, for these kids, these youth hunters. So anyway, that is, that’s a hunt that, that, you know, you gotta take your kids and go try it because it is, they’re, I mean, I felt like he got a, a couple years worth of experience, honestly. Yeah. In a day Yeah. Of, of hunting that. So then

00;53;59;12 –> 00;53;59;19
Speaker 2: We

00;53;59;20 –> 00;54;34;03
Speaker 1: Swung and missed, we drove home that night, got back to the office at seven in the morning. So, so anyway, it was just a, you know, it was a long day hard hunt as far as the travel. But Wyoming, once again, you have an opportunity there. There’s a lot of those units that you can draw that are pretty easy to draw. Like you can draw 0 1 2 points. You, you, you can get your kids out hunting. The youth fees are much, are much more bearable than the adult fees, except

00;54;34;08 –> 00;54;40;14
Speaker 2: For unless you apply the Special Elk. And $1,300 later, Colton’s wondering if he’s even gonna be able to leave school

00;54;41;02 –> 00;54;45;07
Speaker 1: Because you wanna make it happen. Because this is the year I’m like, he’s 18, you had to go

00;54;46;10 –> 00;54;46;22
Speaker 2: Anyway.

00;54;46;29 –> 00;54;58;17
Speaker 1: He had to go. So, so anyway, haul, hauled back home. And now we had hit, I had hit three states in a week.

00;55;00;09 –> 00;55;01;29
Speaker 2: Boy, those new tires were well worth

00;55;01;29 –> 00;55;13;03
Speaker 1: It. No, they, they don’t look new anymore already. But you don’t, but anyway, you can’t beat the experiences. Hunting with those kids is the most stressful thing. But one of the funnest things too, so Kohler

00;55;13;05 –> 00;55;31;15
Speaker 2: Cutler goes in and kills his first in, doesn’t Utah, you strike out in Antelope, but now he’s got a Utah tag. Now he’s, he didn’t find a buck in Idaho. He wanted, was a little bit picky, could have killed Ashley’s buck ends up in Utah. And and that’s, that’s where it comes together for him. Yep.

00;55;31;18 –> 00;55;32;22
Speaker 1: So on a, on

00;55;32;23 –> 00;55;33;01
Speaker 2: A deer.

00;55;33;10 –> 00;55;50;08
Speaker 1: On a deer. A deer. Yep. So he’s back in Utah, he’s got, so he had the two deer tags and an antelope tag this year. So ate the first tag, ate the second tag, now he’s onto the Utah deer. Luckily we got a little bit of private ground we could hunt, which you would think it would eliminate all the competition. Doesn’t

00;55;50;08 –> 00;55;52;03
Speaker 2: Everybody gravitates to the private? It

00;55;52;03 –> 00;55;55;07
Speaker 1: Doesn’t. There’s so many people trespassing and putting pressure, all those air,

00;55;55;07 –> 00;56;15;09
Speaker 2: What’s crazy is you’re kicking people off and, and you would think like if it, if somebody were to kick me off you, it would be plastered on social media. I might even hit jail. You know, and you’re kicking people up. Nothing is happening. There is no, no ramifications for doing that. Like

00;56;15;17 –> 00;57;02;13
Speaker 1: No, it just, and you can’t, you honestly, if you, if you really ground it on, on those, those particular pieces of property that we’re hunting right there, you know, like family ground whatnot is, it’s just right along main roads. Yeah. There’s just too many people on ’em. Yeah. And so it, it kind of feels like public property, but Yeah. But it’s private for sure. So, so anyway, we, we get set up open, you know, the first day he can hunt, which is actually Monday, three days after the opener, because of course we got school and we got football game in Mesquite. And then we all, then we gotta get to northern Utah to hunt deer. Anyway, first days there, you know, we get up or we’re, we’re set up and we had a, had a two point walkout that was obvious, was in bad shape.

00;57;04;03 –> 00;57;41;03
We thought he’d been shot by another hunter. When we’re looking at him. It, he’s hopping, he’s got one front leg that he’s just, you know, not can’t put any weight on. He’s hopping with the other one. He’s underweight. He’s, you know, he’s still velvet, in fact. ’cause you know, I just, he’s not growing normal. And as a first year hunter, we were looking at him and, you know, his older brother always brags that he’s never killed anything less than a four point. Right. So, you know, we’re sitting there in an awkward situation. And I think we’ve all been here before where there’s been a deer like this and

00;57;41;08 –> 00;57;42;14
Speaker 2: What’s the right thing to do?

00;57;42;28 –> 00;57;44;05
Speaker 1: What’s the right thing to do? Yeah.

00;57;44;13 –> 00;57;44;22
Speaker 2: Do you

00;57;45;11 –> 00;57;46;04
Speaker 1: And I your heart

00;57;46;05 –> 00;57;47;23
Speaker 2: Go out to this deer? He needs to be put down.

00;57;48;05 –> 00;58;04;29
Speaker 1: He needs to be put down cutler’s. Like, he just flat out tells me, he is like, Hey, we got a deer right at buck here. He needs to die. And it’s better than a buck that we might not get a chance to hunt later. They have one day to hunt. It’s a, it’s Monday. They got the day off school. They have that day to hunt. He’s like, I wanna shoot him good.

00;58;05;06 –> 00;58;08;05
Speaker 2: And, and he, and he’s kind of been wanting to shoot

00;58;08;05 –> 00;58;32;11
Speaker 1: Anyway, he’s kind of, yeah, I’ve been, I’ve been holding him off the trigger a little bit on the two points. But this is finally one that, it was like, I couldn’t, I couldn’t hold him off the trigger, you know what I mean? Yeah, yeah. And he took one for the team and he killed the steer 308 yards, boom down. It was, it was a great experience. He was all smiles, he was wound up. He’s like, he’s like, dad, I’ve never been so calm when I pulled the trigger. And I’m like,

00;58;33;03 –> 00;58;33;26
Speaker 2: Wow. Wow.

00;58;34;11 –> 00;58;44;29
Speaker 1: Practice. Yeah. Not practice you doing something. He shot a bunch, but doing something Right. But yeah. Doing something right. And, and anyway, we walk on him. He’s just, just just a nice little two point, you know.

00;58;45;04 –> 00;58;46;28
Speaker 2: And then Cason goes on to shoot a

00;58;47;15 –> 00;59;35;03
Speaker 1: Later on the day and, and Cason killed a four by freak last year. It’s a buck that we’d seen for a couple years. We, you know, we were on him, we killed him. And then this year, I don’t know, I don’t know what it is. He kills a four by three, you know, kind of a heavy little buck. Yeah. But, but the three is goofy, like narrower. I mean another four by weird deer. And we are just the king of those. They call us, you know, we’re, we’re improving the herd help, I guess you could say. But, but anyway, killed, Cason killed another one of those that night, you know, that’s his fourth mule deer. And he’s, he started out really picky. Like he wanted a big deer and he wasn’t gonna pull the trigger. Will you grind through Idaho and you’re going into Utah and you got a four by three sitting

00;59;35;03 –> 00;59;36;14
Speaker 2: There and you didn’t scout all summer.

00;59;37;13 –> 00;59;37;20
Speaker 1: Yes.

00;59;37;21 –> 00;59;45;05
Speaker 2: You know, he can’t drive. Yeah. So it’s not like he’s scouting. He’s gotta go to school. He’s got a couple of weekends, how picky gonna be boy, how

00;59;45;05 –> 01;00;55;08
Speaker 1: Picky he gonna be, you know? And so it’s like, anyway, finally the last night we’re on him and we just, we glass him up. Beded in the sagebrush. We’re able to work around a sight hill, get on top of him. The dang thing blew out on us. The wind was blowing and I knew the wind was bad, but it was, you know, rain was coming in. We had to make a play right then. Didn’t have a choice. Anyway, he went at us, ran out, dude, 455 yards. Wow. Stopped, turned. He missed the first shot. Oh, he did? Yeah. Missed the first shot. Buck turns, takes a few steps, stops again, and boom, right through the right through the chest. Hits him in the second shot. Wow. That’s awesome. I don’t know exactly what happened on the first shot. I think he, he probably jerked and he probably got a little wound up and trick trigger because he did blow out on a run, which, you know, your heart’s racing and everything like that, you know, and for a 14 year old, that’s a lot for a, for an adult. It, it’s a, it’s a lot. You know, ended up just working out perfect. We were able to kill him in the middle of, you know, the downpour started right after we pulled the trigger and got over there. Luckily grandpa came and saved the day with the four wheeler and we got him off the mountain real quick and, and I got him taken care of. But yeah,

01;00;55;22 –> 01;01;00;19
Truly great hunts. I mean, hunting with your kids. It’s just, it’s hard to

01;01;01;12 –> 01;01;01;21
Speaker 2: Yeah,

01;01;02;19 –> 01;01;04;11
Speaker 1: It is so rewarding. It really is.

01;01;04;17 –> 01;01;22;20
Speaker 2: It’s, it’s unbelievable. And I know, you know, so Colton’s got this elk tag up in Wyoming and I almost, anyway, almost, you know, I know people are tired of hearing about kid hunts. I get it. Like they wanna hunt themselves. It’s hard to get tags and you know, it’s

01;01;22;20 –> 01;01;23;26
Speaker 1: Part of a time of life where we’re in. It

01;01;23;26 –> 01;02;01;23
Speaker 2: Is, but it’s also, it’s so near and dear when it’s your own, you know, it’s just kind of crazy. But anyway, we get, Colton’s got six points he’s going into this year. He’s turning 18 in the middle of December, graduating early from high school with his associates and ends up gonna go on a mission, you know, for, for the church. And so we ended up, you know, this is it, this is, this is his last Maine hoo Roth for two years. And so, yeah, so he ends up with an antelope tag here in Utah. We freaking go out for a half a day, which is all he had with his 21 credits he’s taken. Ended up smoking like the second buck we saw, which was awesome. Freaking, which

01;02;01;23 –> 01;02;02;14
Speaker 1: Was a great buck.

01;02;02;27 –> 01;02;46;26
Speaker 2: Just smokes him. It was just a great evening. You know, him and Sean and Ashley were, and myself were there, obviously. And, and smoke that here on Southwest Desert here in southern Utah. We got some good bucks. Con considering the state. It’s not one of the best states, but awesome. And then, then he’s got this elk hunt. And we can’t go for the first week and opening days, like October 15th goes to like November 4th or whatever, if I remember right. And it’s like up to your crotch snow the first day, from what I hear. I mean literally, my God. And these guys were killing elk. And it was, it sucked for a lot of dudes. It was, it was bad, bad, bad weather that way, but good for hunting. You know, snow’s good for hunting. But anyway, Lacey’s and elk up there in Wyoming, we ended up going a week late because of schooling.

01;02;46;26 –> 01;03;31;10
And of course Utah gives, gave Monday out for, I dunno what they call it, harvest holiday. Harvest, basically. Harvest, yeah. Fall break. Fall break. Let’s call it the deer hunt. You know what I mean? That’s what we always used to call it. And so anyway, ends up with that and can take Tuesday off as well. I load up him and Sean. Sean’s now 16, of course. He’s the one that’s killing stuff too. And so we go up there and, you know, we start from scratch. I mean basically, you know, a phone call to one of our outfitter buddies gave me a couple of places. Just check this, check this. That was simple. Not, not, you know, where to go, but just basic drainages. Yeah. Not that I’ve seen this bowl in here, but hey, no, just basic drainage. Just try, try that. And by the way, if you need horses, I know guy, you know, and I’m like, okay.

01;03;31;23 –> 01;04;26;03
So I grabbed the paper map and, and of course my onyx and we, and we head out and it was, it was pretty awesome. Lots and lots of people, lots of deer that we were up in the big horns. Did lots of deer, crazy amounts of deer to get deer hunts going. The elk hunts going, cow hunters, bull hunters. I mean, it was just, it was, you know, death central, pretty much. Wow. And so bullet’s flying. Yeah. Yeah. And this is a week after the a hundred started. Yeah, a week after. But there’s like 225 or 250 tags and just for bull. Just for bull type one. And, you know, so anyway, ended up, you know, getting out of some country and going into new country, which was where you need horses. And it was, I mean, it’s canyons a thousand foot, 1500 foot straight down snowy hillsides that have been frozen, warmed, frozen, warm, frozen ward for seven days.

01;04;26;11 –> 01;05;13;26
You know, so you get super slick and it’s a lot of downfall deadfall and, and these bulls, you’re not, you’re not walking up sneaking up anything on these bulls. They’ve been hunted, you know, for a week. And, and, and it’s big country and, and it’s a lot, a lot of it is roadless, you know, fair bit of it. Plenty of access overall, but, but roadless type country. And so ended up getting in there, we found a great bull and Colton kind of had his heart set on him and couldn’t get him. Went in that night, blew a couple of bulls, glassed up every other bedded bull in the world within 300 yards of where these others blew out. And, but we didn’t know if he was in with these others that blew out. We thought, well, he’s gotta be still right here. Just didn’t feel like he was there.

01;05;13;28 –> 01;05;57;00
But dude, we didn’t find him and he was passing up sixes and this and that. And I’m like, you got a day and a half. Yeah. You know what I mean? And this is your first help. You’re probably gonna have to make it happen and not like, we can live here for a week. Like normally I can go my, on my own hunts, I can go, he doesn’t have that luxury, you know? And so neither does Sean. I mean, they’re both in school and so anyway, he’s gonna hold out. So we come back in and, and in that morning, and nobody’s going out to the end of these ridges and looking into all of these big draws. Most people aren’t thinking long range. A lot of them don’t have binoculars, you know, around their chest anyway. Yeah. And so, you know, they’re just not thinking they’re, they’re dri they’re road hunting a lot.

01;05;57;12 –> 01;06;45;25
I mean, there’s some that are pretty aggressive, but not a lot. And so, you know, we’re looking long, we’re glassing long and looking into a lot of this crazy timber and big canyons and whatnot. And we glass up this bull and I, and I’m like, we didn’t look at him close. We just knew he was a great six, but he wasn’t as big as what the one we had, but he was good enough, you know? Yeah. And, and it’s Monday morning, we’re leaving Tuesday. And so anyway, we set up and, and it was looking into the sun, the sun’s in the scope. We had all kinds of issues with that. The rangefinder can’t range exactly. ’cause I can’t see ’em. It’s a, it’s a long glass with the sun in your eyes, with glare. With a heavy glare. Yeah. And it, and, and snowfall dead trees standing, standing trees.

01;06;46;13 –> 01;07;27;29
It’s a cluster to put it lightly. Okay. And we’re getting the phone scope set up. Sean’s on the fifteens, Colton’s on the gun. He can’t find him. I get on the gun to get it lined up, basically find him after about seven minutes or something, Colton gets back on the gun, can’t find him. We go through this routine for 35 minutes, 40 minutes, I mean, and they’re going to bed, you know, and it’s like, finally we get everything together. Phone scopes, set record. Sean’s on the fifteenths, Colton’s on the gun. He’s got the electronic earmuff so I can talk to him. But the, his ears rang for a week and a half after he shot his antelope. So I’m like, you know, as dad, you don’t feel good about, I, I know what my hearing’s like. And, you know, missed a lot of college tests, sleeping on the wrong ear.

01;07;28;20 –> 01;08;07;00
So literally, literally. And it gets old. And I didn’t know what was going on until I got married. And my wife’s like, you hear your alarm? I’m like, no, I got up. Put one finger in one ear, hear the alarm, put finger in the other ear, don’t hear the alarm. Wow. Then I learned that was my problem. I failed college. ’cause of my ears. That’s not true. I didn’t fail. But still very frustrated. So he ends up, we, we take some time and he ends up making an incredible shot. Two of ’em. Right. And I recovered the slugs unbelievable shooting. Whoa. And just couldn’t get closer. Couldn’t have made it happen. Big

01;08;07;00 –> 01;08;11;12
Speaker 1: Deep canyons. It’s not like you can just walk in, you know, walk it to a closer spot.

01;08;11;14 –> 01;08;57;10
Speaker 2: Yeah. Big, deep canyons. And, and he’s capable. And the equipment’s unbelievably capable. And so this six hour, 2,400 range finders, the guys at Red Rock told me, said, you need this rangefinder. You, you need it. Yeah. You know what I mean? Anybody that’s legitly serious needs it. You can all, you know, you can always, you know, print out charts and monkey with it a little bit. And, and you can, and there’s a lot of ways to shoot long range and long range, meaning anything over 300. ’cause you gotta compensate. Yeah. You gotta, you gotta aim high and either you’re gonna guess or you’re gonna do it with a calculated with mathematics. Yeah. Which tells you mathematics along, you know, with the shape of the bullet, the weight of the bullet, the speed of the bullet. It’s all math. How, how that falls. And so gravity with the range finder,

01;08;57;10 –> 01;08;58;22
Speaker 1: Gravity does it every

01;08;58;22 –> 01;09;08;26
Speaker 2: Bit of it’s math. Yeah. And the, and the range finder is unbelievable. I guess I just can’t say enough good about it, but it’ll range, range through the curvature of my front windshield. Okay.

01;09;09;21 –> 01;09;10;10
Speaker 1: That’s amazing.

01;09;11;04 –> 01;09;56;28
Speaker 2: I, so I’m excited to figure out on sleet, you know, sometimes you’re in a light snow and stuff and it won’t range. So anyway, we go over there, we, we end up finding a trail that allows us to bring a four-wheeler in that, you know, there’s, there’s 50 inch or less trails, there’s trails for, for side-by-sides and trucks. There’s, you know, motorbike trails in a lot of the forest up north Idaho and some of that country, Northern Utah. So anyway, luckily we can get fairly close. It was still a brutal pack out. Gave the boys a healthy respect for dad. There you go. Col. Sean couldn’t lift my pack off the ground. He’s like, he went to lift it off and he is like, that must be 200 pounds. Well it wasn’t, but it was heavy. And so anyway, but they, they can pack some weight.

01;09;57;00 –> 01;10;44;09
Boy, these kids are packing 70 pound packs getting outta there. It was kind of nice. It was, it was an awesome trip. It was one of those trips. That’s what hunting does, I think, for families and for kids and dads. You know, you get to talk about things you don’t otherwise talk about because there’s a lot of windshield time. Yeah. And, and going state to state and how blessed they are to be able to do that. How blessed we are. How lots of things you get to talk about girls and school and, and life and where you’re headed and how you’re gonna get there and what do you want in life. And it just gives you that opportunity to go over some of these things you want to as a dad, but you don’t know how to otherwise do it. You never get enough time after school. Hey, so I’m getting a chalk, we’re gonna talk about some things. You know, it never works out that way, but when you go on a long trip, you got their captive attention.

01;10;44;26 –> 01;11;26;06
Speaker 1: Well, and you’re building a bond that is, that you hope maintains for years, right? Yeah. So, so you know, I mean one of the, I mean with my dad, you know, one of the things we talk about the most do the most is it revolves around hunting. You know, that’s what, that’s a connection that we have, you know, is like last night we were up there on that hunt with, you know, on that Utah hunt. We went, we ran into Kent’s optics ’cause good friends with Dave and Jeff up there. And Casson had been hounding me. He won a 22, 2 50 last year and he wanted a scope for it. And I said, just go in and talk to Dave. Go talk to Jeff and they’re gonna tell you what the best bang for your buck is, what scope you want. So we went in there, sat down, chatted with the, those guys at Kent’s Optics.

01;11;27;02 –> 01;11;55;23
They helped him pick out, handed him a couple different scopes, helped him pick out which one he wanted. He went out, looked through ’em outside, you know, they’re super good working with a 14 year old on which scope he wants to buy. They pick a scope. And last night, first, I mean, I’m trying to unpack the truck and clean up, you know, and he’s like, I’m putting my scope on right now. And he, next thing you know, he’s got stuff, you know, tools pulling out, covering the kitchen table. And so anyway, I just can’t say enough about those guys up to Kent’s optics. They’re so helpful. So

01;11;55;23 –> 01;11;56;25
Speaker 2: What scope did he land on?

01;11;57;00 –> 01;12;07;23
Speaker 1: He ended up with a vortex. It’s just a Diamondback, but, but those guys at Kent’s buy so many of them, they get a great deal. Yeah, great deal on that vortex. You know what guns

01;12;07;23 –> 01;12;08;10
Speaker 2: He putting it on?

01;12;08;20 –> 01;12;15;16
Speaker 1: He’s got a 2250. Just the, that Remington American, it’s one that he won last year at the family party.

01;12;15;20 –> 01;12;37;26
Speaker 2: Oh, okay. The family party. Yeah, the family party. So we can’t bring up the family party without talking about, anyway, we put on this family party and there’s one big gift each year. And it was between Sean and your boy, was it? Yeah. Yeah. And your kid won it, you know, Matt gave it away. Yeah. Jan’s brother, of course. Jan and Angie. That’s awesome.

01;12;37;26 –> 01;12;38;05
Speaker 1: Awesome

01;12;38;05 –> 01;13;02;20
Speaker 2: Brother. Gave it away. And so this year it’s our turn, I guess Jan and i’s. But anyway, one big gift and the kids, it’s just kind of a white elephant thing we do for Christmas. So anyway, won that gun. Couldn’t have been awesome. Couldn’t have been better. Really? Yeah. And so anyway, ended up with a vortex. That’s awesome. Well, so that kind of brings us up to date. There’s a couple of hunts probably won’t talk about that. Were a lot less than perfect,

01;13;05;14 –> 01;13;57;03
But we will talk about ’em. It’s just gonna be when, when we conclude and are wildly successful. So anyway, that’s about it. We’ve been talking forever. Chris, Chris, what do you want? You want one th one thing I do want talk about’s on the top of my mind. And, and then I’m gonna turn the time over to you, Chris. It would be the re boots I was wearing Rex and those, those steep hill signs like I’ve had boots and either the compound of the rubber’s hard or the track, the particular tread pattern or whatever, they’re unbelievably slick. Like super slick. And, and dude, I was throwing this pack on, it was on that north face here. I’m talking about super slick and man, unbelievable. Those, those boots are unbelievable. And they’re, of course they’re made, I had the mountain extremes and they’re, they’re made for loads, man.

01;13;57;03 –> 01;15;02;13
They’re made for support loads. Rocky, nasty country. Got a great compound on the, on the rubber sole. And anyway, Jim Winham does a great job with designing those boots. He takes a lot of pride in it. Of course, it’s his company. And, and so you might get on the web, dial up Ken Trek, www.kentrek.com, k e n e t r e k.com or call him at +1 800-232-6064. But I was super impressed with it. Great gear. You know, the gear nowadays is, is letting us hunt harder. Of course I look at all those old time photos of people that were basically wearing the boots they wore to work and, you know, flannel and, and Levi’s and, and hey, I’ve hunted in Levi’s. And sometimes it is nice, but a lot of times it’s not the gear nowadays. It truly is gear. It truly is gear equip. The guys we’re working with, it’s equipment for it, the guys we’re working with, they’re not producing clothing, they’re producing gear. And so anyway, appreciate him and his support here at Epic. All right, Chris.

01;15;02;28 –> 01;15;36;20
Speaker 5: All right, so to just to end off today, I wanna do a giveaway. We’re gonna give away a phone scope and if you haven’t used one, they are amazing, super fun. You can, you can record whatever you’re looking at through your spotting scope or your binoculars. They’ve even got to where you can film through your rifle scope Now as you’re shooting whatever you’re gonna shoot, you can film it. That’s pretty awesome. That’s called Scope Division. But we’re gonna give away a phone scope kit for whatever phone you’ve got, whatever scope you’ve got. So

01;15;36;26 –> 01;15;39;12
Speaker 2: You wanna give away one or like two or three. Let’s,

01;15;39;12 –> 01;16;21;15
Speaker 5: Let’s give away two, we’ll give away two this time. But how you enter, we’ve got a post for this podcast and this is episode 99. So find that post on our Instagram page and repost it and hashtag Epic Outdoors and hashtag phone scope, P H O N E S K O P E. And you’ll be entered to win one of two phone scope setups. So we’ll give those away in the next seven days. So look for that episode 99 on our Instagram. Repost that with the hashtags and you are entered to win.

01;16;21;25 –> 01;16;42;05
Speaker 2: Right on. Well, there’s a few stories. We’ve got more stories, some stories we didn’t cover. Bronson’s out killing sheep, guiding Guiding Hunters. He’s got a few stories. Of course we’re gonna be hunting together in Colorado and got a lot more going on. Been up to Idaho general deer hunting. I don’t really wanna talk about that yet. It sucked.

01;16;43;08 –> 01;17;17;12
Okay. Shit. So anyway, a lot more coming. We’re gonna be outta the office. Just we’re learning, we’re going state to state and that’s, that’s what we do. And we got tags coming and going every which way. So hopefully you guys are doing great right in the middle of our license application renewals. Guys want us to apply you get your stuff in. It’s, you can email us at hunt [email protected], H U N T A, [email protected] and we’ll get you set up. We got Pauline here. She’s cranking through, she works full time. Of course somebody’s got to

01;17;18;17 –> 01;17;19;02
Speaker 6: Between,

01;17;19;04 –> 01;17;22;20
Speaker 2: Between Pauline and Mindy. You know, Chris, Chris works a

01;17;22;20 –> 01;17;23;20
Speaker 1: Lot. Keep the doors open. Chris

01;17;23;20 –> 01;17;31;28
Speaker 2: Works a lot too here, you know, in and out of Hunts and whatnot. And John as well. But, but those girls, you know, we make sure they put in their 40, but,

01;17;32;17 –> 01;17;32;23
Speaker 6: So

01;17;33;06 –> 01;18;14;06
Speaker 2: Anyway, feel free to give us, we wanna definitely work with you on your, on your applications. Now’s a great time. And then Adam and I go over ’em personally and we’ll give you a call if we need to. When we come in, we do have a, I’ve got a Desert Sheep hunt coming up December 1st. We’ll be out for the first week of December. Hopefully we knock down something significant in a short amount of time. Oh, I’m excited. And get back to work. That’s gonna be a good hunt. Yeah, it’s gonna be awesome. I’m excited. Of course. Kind of the last little hoorah, good weather down there. So even though it’s December, hopefully it’s great weather. But anyway, appreciate y’all out there listening. It is not powered by Monster today, thankfully trying to quit, but maybe you’re drinking a Pepsi and I’m drinking a diet of Pepsi. How about that one? There you go.

01;18;14;21 –> 01;18;17;28
Speaker 1: We’re gonna roll that. We’re gonna roll that one with my Vortex Cozzi

01;18;18;01 –> 01;18;19;14
Speaker 2: And Chris got a Red Bull.

01;18;20;07 –> 01;18;20;19
Speaker 6: What’s

01;18;20;19 –> 01;18;20;23
Speaker 2: That?

01;18;21;02 –> 01;18;35;17
Speaker 1: That’s, what’s that dude? The cranberry Red Bull. Chris, I feel like we’ve been kinda of my favorite one cheated on here. What why’s that? I mean, you go, how do you bypass the white monster? Buy that weird red can. I’ve always been a, what is that? I’ve always been a cranberry Red Bull guy.

01;18;35;21 –> 01;18;37;01
Speaker 2: It’s basically 91 octane.

01;18;38;04 –> 01;18;39;29
Speaker 6: It sucks. It does.

01;18;40;28 –> 01;18;50;24
Speaker 2: I told my kids, they’re like, well, and a, they’re not supposed to drink any of the energy drinks. So I told ’em, I said, you know, and they’re like, dad, you know, have you tried the Red Bull? And I’m like, yeah, it’s turpentine. Oh

01;18;50;24 –> 01;18;51;03
Speaker 1: It’s

01;18;51;05 –> 01;19;04;04
Speaker 2: Terrible. And so they’re like, no, it’s not that white monster, it’s turpentine. I said, white Monster is 91. No ethanol. Okay, your crap is 85 octane from the cheapest pump there

01;19;04;04 –> 01;19;04;10
Speaker 6: Is.

01;19;05;24 –> 01;19;08;20
Speaker 2: That’s the bottom line. That’s the bottom line. There’s

01;19;08;20 –> 01;19;11;02
Speaker 1: Some snowmobiler out there thinking that’s a good point.

01;19;12;07 –> 01;19;15;05
Speaker 2: Oh well Red Bull pays my bills, but I don’t drink it.

01;19;16;08 –> 01;20;05;13
We know that’s true. We know what goes on back there. All right guys, appreciate y’all. Hope everybody’s having a great season. Please send in your photos. You can send them to John’s email, [email protected]. Photos, stories. Let’s get you slated and get you set up for the issue. We’d like to cover those, put those stories and photos in the issues that we cover. Those states. Of course, we cover the state’s state by state analysis and give you everything you need to know to draw tags and to figure out where to apply for a hundred bucks a year. It’s nine issues a year, monthly, December through June, bimonthly when it’s later in the season, we’re supposed to be in the hills or scouting. And so anyway, we got you covered for everything in Western Big game, Canada, Alaska, Mexico, Jeff works with the outfitters. Guaranteed tags, draw tags, landowner tags, we’ve got it.

01;20;05;13 –> 01;20;39;05
We do it. That’s what we do. Everything Western, big game. Anyway, give us a shout, give us a try. Go to epic outdoors.com. You can join up. It goes for 12 months after the day you join up. So it’s not a yearly on the calendar, it’s, it’s from the day you join. So it’s a hundred bucks a year. And then of course we do the license, application service. It’s a separate service cost a little bit more to do that and have us actually handle your applications, choose the units if you’d like, and work with you on a specialized program and portfolio of being able to apply and get tags. So anyway, go to epic outdoors.com. Right on. Sounds good.