EP 118: Applying in Nevada, Montana, and Kansas. In this episode of The Epic Outdoors Podcast we go through the April issue of the Epic Outdoors Magazine and discuss its contents. The April issue covers Nevada, Montana, and Kansas, in depth. From application deadlines to important changes to regulations in each state.

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Limited resource, which means limited tags.

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Some of ’em also have a November archery hunt, which is a unique opportunity Mount

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Residents can now apply for Unit 1 62, 1 63.

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Get more out of your license, purchase,

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Anything to do with Western Big Games.

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Hey everybody. Jason Carter and Adam Bros. And coming at you from Southern Utah here in Cedar City. So anyway, starting off this podcast, we kind of wanted to go over the April issue, which everybody’s just getting in the mail right now. Contains Nevada, Kansas, Montana, of course, has a bunch of different stories and all kinds of things in there. We do have some guaranteed hunts, meaning guar hunts with guaranteed tags. Of course, Jeff John here in the office deals with our outfitters that have those tags. And so anyway, we do have a little section on that. You can kind of see what’s coming available. Before we get started, we’re gonna thank Under Armour for sponsoring this podcast. We appreciate them and their support. They’re getting cranking. I’ve been talking to ’em at length and and planning their hunts and got a lot of things in store, far as products coming at you here in the next, next few months. So anyway, be watching on ua.com and you can kind of check out what they’ve got going. So anyway, Bronson, what are we gonna start off this podcast?

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Well, let’s talk about Nevada. It’s probably the most exciting since it is a legal gambling state. The one, I guess downer is that they’re drawing. Odds are about like gambling. They’re

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So, I mean, they’re, they’re rough, they’re

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Terrible. But you just gotta keep putting the money in and pulling the handle. The

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Upside to Nevada is when you’ve got something, when you get something, you’ve really got something good. Usually. There you go. For all species. I like that. Deer, elk, they’re, or stellar desert. Big horn sheep are awesome. I love it. California, big horn sheep, even antelope. Those of you that like to, huh? As Jason calls it, the truck chasers, they’ve got ’em for you.

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We could be chasing some of them. I even applied for ’em.

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Did you already apply?

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It’s true story. Oh yeah. I

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Crushed it. Okay, good. Well, by the end of the podcast, Jason will, I’m sure will let us know all the units he’s applied for. Come, come on. Because I have not applied, so I, I’m not withholding anything ’cause I haven’t done it yet. But now, anyway, agree.

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We go. But the one thing worth pointing out, it seems like we’ve gotten more calls earlier this year in Nevada. They opened their application period. Well, maybe two weeks earlier it feels like. Oh yeah. Rocked and rolled, got things out the door and pushed live. Even though they extended their application deadline two weeks later. Yeah,

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It goes till April 29th now. That’s

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Right. So it’s barely April and people are, you know, hungry, hungry to put in. They,

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They kind of got a new system where they’re working with what we call calie. I don’t know how you pronounce it. But anyway, we, we talk about calie here in our office. It’s an awesome new system. It kind of sucked there for a minute, but once you got used to it, it’s new. It’s nice. One thing about it, Adam. Oh, I mean

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Plug and play. Is that what you’re gonna say?

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Well, yeah, we get to plug and play. We can amend at free of charge at wheel every day if we want. Yeah. I go in and change units all the time.

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Doesn’t charge you a fee. You don’t have to even withdraw and reapply. It’s just no sleep on it. Yeah. See how you feel the next day about it. One

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Of the things that I really liked was they have your units that you played for last year come right up up so you can see where you’re at and you’re like, well, I wanna change this, I wanna change that. But it’s not like, oh, I gotta go look up what I applied for last year and try to remember. It’s all right

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There. Yeah, yeah. It kinda,

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It’s a feature that

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It is kind of nice if you were just gonna do the same old thing. Yeah. You can plug and play. Right. In fact, in the very end, they even have your card there. You can, if you’re too lazy to get out your new card, you can use your old card. Just

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Hits another if it goes. Another thing is, last year, by default, they put you on Autorenew for their hunting license.

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How about that?

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So a lot of people are calling and say, Hey, it’s

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So nice. That’s so nice of them.

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You know, what am I getting these charges for Nevada? It’s March 14th for, I don’t know,

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You might want to hunt a cottontail. I don’t, I don’t know.

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But you know, you bought a license and they do have, there’s a, a dropdown, auto auto new options. You can unclick that after you’re done applying, you can go unclick it. So you have the control of your own destiny. That

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The one thing we did, you, you can unclick it on your checkout, but then we find when you reapply it, it already has it checked for you for the next year. So

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When you,

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When you That’s so nice of them.

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When you check out, you better go back to the autorenew and put and hit that. Yeah.

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And that’s on the left side of the screen. As you scroll down onto your account, it has the autorenew option. You click on that. Yep. And then boom, that pops up and you need to uncheck it right

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There. And to, and to point it out. They do have, they’ve gone to these year-round licenses, but unlike Utah, you cannot get a two for one with their hunting license.

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I know you always say two for in the office. Six.

00:04:37:13 –> 00:04:37:25
I said two for

00:04:37:25 –> 00:04:40:25
One. I know, but I hear two for when you say two for one.

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Okay. Well I, so anyway, I said two for one today,

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So, but it’s true. That’s true. It’s good for one application period. So even though it’s a 365 day license thing, freaking gonna let you get a twofer. So That’s right. I don’t know, it’s pretty awesome. One thing I do like about it, it’s really friendly. Okay. For non-resident youth in the respect. Yeah. And I guess that means it’s friendly to us dads. Yes. In the price wise, we’re at 15 bucks to get ’em a hunting license. How nice is That’s awesome. Instead

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Of 155 for us, 18 plus. That’s

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Right. That’s right. Instead of a hundred. And they did, it is a fishing hunting combo. They don’t want you to, they wanted to kind of put it all in one package so you, you know, they didn’t catch you up there doing something

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Casting blast in Nevada. That’s right.

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The casting blast. Yeah, that’s right. So anyway, pops jumps, flies, it dies. All right. So anyway, my kid hunted Nevada last year. He drew a deer tech. Yeah. Went out there and hunted just out there a little bit North Ely. It was awesome. Of course, we hunted about a total of three or four hours. So anyway, SSN

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Down, there’s a four point kill.

00:05:39:27 –> 00:05:42:13
He’s like, I’m trophy hunting dad, I’m gonna kill that one.

00:05:43:29 –> 00:05:45:26
It got four aside. Fuck your ears.

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That’s a, he’s a killer. Lot of fun. One thing we’d love about Nevada, just doesn’t matter what species we’re talking about, you’re out there in the middle of nowhere by yourself. It feels like now some of those laid elk kinds and and whatnot, you do see the congestion people are in their trucks. Of course it can be negative 10 degrees around December 1st out there. But anyway, you do, you do feel like you’re by yourself compared to a lot of states. It’s limited resource, which means limited tags, big country, limited people.

00:06:14:04 –> 00:06:17:06
Yes. I don’t know more to say to that.

00:06:17:16 –> 00:06:18:01
You nailed it.

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Alright. All right.

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It goes back to what we talked about the first, when you draw something in Nevada, it they are hard, but when you get something, you’ve got it. Ge generally low tag numbers per the ratio of the animals you’re hunting. Chris

00:06:30:20 –> 00:06:31:28
Drew a late tag. I did.

00:06:32:16 –> 00:06:33:23
It was, it was, we

00:06:33:25 –> 00:06:38:08
Talk about bad drawing odds, but we in the office we have beat the odds. That’s right.

00:06:38:20 –> 00:06:38:24

00:06:38:24 –> 00:06:43:12
Only had, I think I only had seven points. Like it wasn’t, and it’s a great deer tag. Like

00:06:43:20 –> 00:06:45:06
I felt super, super lucky

00:06:45:06 –> 00:06:49:16
To get it. And it was a fun hunt and I’m, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Yeah.

00:06:49:16 –> 00:06:51:14
Who wouldn’t kill a 34 engine? Yeah.

00:06:51:14 –> 00:06:54:19
Yeah. I’d kill 34 renter again in a heartbeat. If I was forced to.

00:06:54:21 –> 00:06:56:22
Yeah. I mean I won’t complain about

00:06:56:22 –> 00:07:13:08
That. One thing they do have is they have p i W tags and, and there’s three for non-residents, four deer. They have other, a lot more tags for residents, but for non-residents they have three for Deere. You can plug in on that. It’s $10 extra fee if you’re not successful in the regular dollar. They put you in for the P i w

00:07:13:16 –> 00:07:30:13
Nevada’s kind of, they’ve invented lots of terms for lots of additional tags. Partner, partner, partnership and wild. That one is one of them. They’ve got the silver state tags that you can pay per species that are 20 to 25 bucks. Yes. Or species. Just like the P i w. You only get one in the name of the hat for a silver state if you apply.

00:07:30:19 –> 00:07:32:17
And that’s a governor tag. That’s basically,

00:07:32:23 –> 00:07:33:10
Yeah. Unlike,

00:07:33:10 –> 00:07:33:16

00:07:33:16 –> 00:07:33:18

00:07:33:18 –> 00:07:34:11
Hunting. That’s

00:07:34:11 –> 00:07:35:04
Right. P i w

00:07:35:08 –> 00:07:38:23
August 1st to December 31st. Where P i w You’re hunting specific season.

00:07:38:23 –> 00:08:05:12
Any unit in the state that’s with the weapon in the, in the season. That’s right. That’s, and then they also have dream tags, which those are a separate raffle tag program for generating money. You can buy $5, I believe it’s $5 plus some 75 cent ticket fee per ticket or something. And buy as many as you want. That is a statewide raffle tag type it. It’s comparable to P I W tag. Yeah. So it’s not a, you don’t get a hunt early, you’re late. No,

00:08:05:12 –> 00:08:06:01
It’s open season.

00:08:06:05 –> 00:08:15:10
But you can hunt any unit in the state when you draw the tag. Yeah. So they’re kind of, those are just fun options. That’s all broke down in the magazine if you want. But as far as going play,

00:08:15:10 –> 00:08:17:19
Dream tags are available in multiple species as well. They’re

00:08:17:19 –> 00:08:17:25
All of them.

00:08:17:28 –> 00:08:26:20
That’s right. Kind of fun. Available to anybody. No necessarily non-resident quotas, but they’ll take anybody’s money right there. How about that? Alright,

00:08:26:23 –> 00:09:01:06
So jumping into applying real quick. We already talked about the hunting license. That’s the biggest maybe deterrent for people. $155 non-resident hunting license. That’s a prerequisite. If you’re an adult, if you’re gonna make the commitment to apply Nevada, much like in Arizona, much like a Utah, we recommend applying for more than one or two species. Get more out of your license purchase, you know, if you’re interested in deer and elk or sheep or if you’re not, maybe just build points for the ones that you’re not as interested in. ’cause it’s gonna gonna be cheap at 10 bucks. So get more outta that license purchase by applying for everything. If you’re gonna make the decision to even apply in the first place.

00:09:01:06 –> 00:09:15:24
Yeah, that’s right. You will have $15 for elk. They always seems like they’re just a little more proud of their elk. But anyway, we’re gonna dinging you a little bit for that Cool thing about Nevada. You can kill as many animals you had tags for. You buy two or three NAR tags, draw a couple tags, whatever,

00:09:15:25 –> 00:09:18:10
Draw a tag, draw a silver state and dream tag

00:09:18:10 –> 00:09:18:22
And drive

00:09:18:29 –> 00:09:19:10
To act.

00:09:21:15 –> 00:09:49:20
So anyway, it’s awesome. Let’s start off with desert sheep. We don’t wanna really go unit by unit, crank out every single thing. You can tell in our desert sheep odds, the odds are terrible. They give you all five choices. All five choices count. There’s so few guys that draw as far as non-residents, you know, even if they drew their third choice and the fourth and fifth aren’t truly valid, there’s so few tags that you could not, there’s not a mathematical difference in my Yes. You know, enough to even note within our table. That’s right. So

00:09:49:23 –> 00:10:23:23
They do allow you to do all five choices. That’s like Jason said, it’s worth pointing out. We highly recommend you do that. Maybe not for every species. If you’re only an old, you know, antelope. For instance, if you, if you only want the top couple units, you might only do the top two or three units, but you’re already able to put for five and they look at all five your choices before going to the next applicant. So rank them in order of usually best to, you know, worst. But even though it might be just number one through number five, and they’re all great options, but pick ’em in the order that, that you want ’em. That’s the, that’s the take on this.

00:10:23:23 –> 00:10:35:11
We’re pretty high on a lot of those southern units. Unit 2 62, 2 63, 2 68, 2 71 even, which, you know, as recent as 15 years ago, no, it sucked. It was probably one of the worst in the state. About

00:10:35:11 –> 00:10:37:00
40 and one fifties Rams seems like

00:10:37:02 –> 00:11:43:05
Smoked 179 inch or almost 180 last year. So anyway, great opportunities in those units. 2 67 always has something in there. Sometimes you access that by boat and some of the aggressive guys and there’s always a little cross over there between the blacks and muddies. But anyway, great opportunities almost doesn’t matter what unit. There’s a couple of new things non-residents can now apply for Unit 1 62, 1 63 out there at Warm Springs. We’ve seen the Rams just chilling right there. And, and they’re scattered right there from there North. And you know, high kill rates, good solid sheep, good solid rams. Mid one sixties, generally the biggest. But you know, Adams, we’ve talked about a lot of these guys, you know, haven’t really put their hands on a lot of sheep, but sheep are hard to judge. I don’t know how much time necessarily they have to devote to it. And, and so, you know, it’s different. Everybody knows what a big deer is. They, they know that if it’s got eight points on a side and 35 inches wide, it’s giant. It’s harder to judge sheep. And so anyway, they did smoke 170 inch or last year. So just proves that there’s great rams there. So,

00:11:43:21 –> 00:12:18:16
And then there’s a whole lot of, I think there’s 2023 or four total non-resident desert sheep units. None of ’em are bad. Some are tougher than others, but there’s something for everything. If you just need a hundred forty five, a hundred fifty five inch ram, every unit in Nevada can produce that. There’s really not a bad one. Some are tougher than others, but glean through the comments there, find one that fits what you’re looking for. And you know, some people, a lot of people will put at least a one trophy unit down and, and three or four better odds units down there. But if you’re gonna be playing for deer, elk, throw it in for sheep California. Big horn. Another

00:12:18:19 –> 00:12:39:06
One. Well, one other thing. Oh, one other thing. Oh, there was, there’s another new option that oh 4 5 0 1 5 3 of course doesn’t have giants necessarily that did kill 172 inch or back in 2015. But, but it’s clear up north high kill rates. I mean we’re talking a hundred percent on every year, but way up north up, not just under those Cali big horns. That’s

00:12:39:06 –> 00:12:42:18
Right. You cross the freeway and you’re magically a California big horn.

00:12:43:01 –> 00:12:43:24
All right, jump on

00:12:43:24 –> 00:12:48:07
In in Nevada, you cross the freeway, you’re magically now Cali, there’s

00:12:48:07 –> 00:12:51:13
A line and they don’t cross. Huh? How about

00:12:52:01 –> 00:12:59:19
They’re mainly segregated by habitat, but that’s their line in the sand. So, but this year, I guess if there is a bright point on the cali’s, we

00:12:59:20 –> 00:13:02:18
Got, we’re just teasing by the way, we’ve got a couple of may cross. We we’re

00:13:02:18 –> 00:13:23:18
Just teasing. They’ve got, they’ve, they’ve been normally only having three or four options for non-residents. Now they’re six. And so there’s literally gonna be, you’re able to fill up all five choices. Oh five one and oh six eight are now available for non-residents, which have been really producing some great sheep, frankly. Oh five one is probably the best unit period. Residents or non-residents for California Bighorn in Nevada. And

00:13:23:22 –> 00:13:38:07
Actually that, yeah, that 175 inches that’s listed is, is actually got a photo of him on page 22. Ron Kearney, good buddy of ours. Adam Kearney, his dad smoked that ram an absolute monster. And that was at oh five one. It’s good to know that he, he doesn’t,

00:13:38:20 –> 00:13:42:22
You know, has cool running through his veins. Unlike Adam can finish the job on a buck.

00:13:44:03 –> 00:13:50:06
You think old Kearney’s listening to this? I hope so. Yeah. He, he does get a little excited. Alright,

00:13:50:13 –> 00:13:51:28
So anyway, great,

00:13:51:28 –> 00:13:53:02
Great options on California.

00:13:53:02 –> 00:13:53:24
Bighorn tough but tough

00:13:53:24 –> 00:14:00:12
Again, they, the points are separated. You got desert points, California big horn points for an extra 10 bucks be applying and

00:14:00:12 –> 00:14:19:14
They, and they call the Nelson sheep. We get a lot of calls for, for from people. Hey, where’s the desert sheep? I got California and I got Nelson. Where’s the desert? The Nelson are the desert sheep. It’s the subspecies Nelson Bighorn that’s right in, in Nevada’s call. They call Nelson. And, and, but that’s a desert sheep, don’t let that throw you off. So let’s jump to Elk. Cool.

00:14:19:16 –> 00:15:16:29
Let’s do it. Yeah, the elk we’re, we’re a fan for sure that there’s a lot, it doesn’t matter. The elk unit in our publication, we list ’em all that are available to non-residents. There’s a few that are resident only type units. We don’t list those, but anything that’s available to non-residents, we do have the odds obviously. And this pertains to all species, a resident and non-resident on the units that we list, of course on our website, the hunt planner section, you can see every unit, resident, non-resident, whatever. And, and you can kind of check that out if we don’t have it listed there in the publication, that’s course with a hundred dollars membership. But as we jump into elk, we do want to do wanna say there’s, there’s, I had a good buddy draw that oh 6 2 0 6 8 on muzzle. Yeah. And it was off the charts and he’s, he’s like, and he’s the luckiest sucker freaking Paul Marshall is unbelievably lucky. And he’s like, well, you know, should I apply for, I don’t want the best, I probably can’t go. I’m like, dude, do that. Oh 6 2 0 6 8 muzzle, of course it’s on fire. Draws

00:15:16:29 –> 00:15:17:18
It. Oh,

00:15:18:07 –> 00:15:18:26
The fire’s

00:15:18:26 –> 00:15:25:07
Happening. You have fire with loose pyro decks in your pockets and stuff. Is that a good combination? I

00:15:25:07 –> 00:15:25:17
Don’t know.

00:15:26:20 –> 00:15:34:16
We’re not talking about on fire. We’re not talking about, it’s hot for big bulls. We’re talking, it is literally burning with flames all over in the unit growing the hunt. It was gross. Yeah.

00:15:34:29 –> 00:15:58:18
A lot of the part of the units was closed, of course opened up and they were killing a few big bulls in the black of the burn. Awesome unit. Unbelievable September 1st to the 16th muzzle little hunt where a lot of these hunts are. October 22nd, November 5th, generally speaking, especially like those Ely units. I mean, you’re got a little bit different season date there after the rut, but before the winter, you know, hits or even close to it. So yeah.

00:15:58:20 –> 00:16:59:18
Unlike some of the other states like, you know, Arizona, Utah that grow big bulls, you know, New Mexico even doesn’t have very many, you know, early hunts. October 1st is about the earliest you can hunt with the firearm. Nevada, they’re very rare. They have a rifle hunt in 1 61 through 1 73 table mountain and all that. That, that used to be, frankly, in our opinion, a whole lot better than it probably is right now. It’s a unique hunt September 17th to 30th because of the axis and the remoteness. And you know, frankly, I wouldn’t wanna be there in late November either. So giving you that opportunity and then, like you alluded some of the muzz letter hunts up in the northern part of the state early September. But for the most part, let’s just say 80% of out of the archery hunt go first. They start the end of August, I think the 25th and go till like what, 16th, 16th, 17th of September. And about 80% of the state. That’s, and then you move into the muzzle loader hunts in most of the state again, late October to early November. Then you get into the rifle hunts for most of the state. Again, they’re in November. Then

00:16:59:18 –> 00:17:05:14
We’ll put on there early. Early means no, early November. That’s right. Late is late November, early December.

00:17:05:21 –> 00:17:06:04
So pay

00:17:06:04 –> 00:17:06:18
Attention to that.

00:17:07:05 –> 00:17:14:05
When you, when you pick an early hunt, you might be thinking, ah, that’s my September early. That’s what I’m after. The early hunt means November 6th to 20th.

00:17:15:05 –> 00:17:23:23
Just, it’s just before the late one. That’s right. That’s all. It’s so anyway. Yeah. Other than, other than, Adam alluded to the area 16, 1 6, 1 6 4 and 1 71 73.

00:17:23:23 –> 00:17:24:06

00:17:24:06 –> 00:17:44:08
Right. So anyway, yeah. And the archery hunts do go August 25th to September 16th. This is, this is just generally speaking, there are some that are August 16th to the 31st before the rep really gets going. But if it goes till the 16th starts August 25th, we see a lot of these big bulls really starting to rutt September 1st. It’s a little bit early compared to a lot of states. Yeah, they

00:17:44:08 –> 00:17:46:01
Do. They are, they do rutt earlier in Nevada

00:17:46:01 –> 00:18:22:11
Course. The one 11 to one 15 continues to be incredible. The two twenties. Great, great opportunity there. 1 31, 1 32 is coming on. There’s, there’s been some big bulls at 1 21. 1 21. Yeah, man. I mean we had a buddy hunt it and it’s, it was kind of off the charts. He loved it. Any, any tag you get for elk in Nevada is a trophy tag. It’s, it’s meaning rare to come by. Tough drawing odds no matter what. There’s so few in non-resident tags, there’s just limited resource to begin with. It’s not necessarily endows fault. They’re not, they’re not, yeah. Screwing us per se. It’s just, just tough. They, they, they really manage well and they’ve

00:18:22:11 –> 00:19:12:06
Had a huge increase in opportunity. If you look at the tags now versus 10 or 15 years ago for elk, they’ve been able to maintain quality there for a few years that feel like their tags got higher than maybe what quality could sustain. But it feels like that’s not the, I mean that’s balanced out. And for the most part, these are one or two tag in your lifetime. You got a seven year weight after you draw an elk tag. And then we generally tell people plan on 10 to 20 years to draw an elk tag. That’s just a general, you know, it’s not something you plan on quick Nevada, if we didn’t mention it already, they square your bonus points, which means you simply just get a bunch more names in the hat every year, the more points you get. But you can never predictably know when you’re gonna get drawn. It just happens. And so we generally tell people it’s a long wait, 10 to 20 years, then you got a seven year wait. So it’s a one or two in your life

00:19:13:01 –> 00:20:06:08
More intense. And that seven year wait only pertains to elk. There’s three years on antelope. Nothing for deer. Thank, thank you. Nothing. Okay. That’s right. Heatless, keep it at that. And then as far as sheep, we got a 10 year wait, which in our opinion maybe should be once in a lifetime. Of course we got fried for it last time we mentioned that. But we just feel like Nevada, there’s a lot of residents even, and I’m, I’m speaking for residents. I mean non-residents obviously, but residents are dying of old age, not getting their sheep tag and applied for 30 years. So anyway, we’re a little bit sensitive to that. We, we feel bad for these guys. We want ’em to, you know, while their buddies may have killed two sheep, 30, maybe two deserts and a C three three. Yeah. There are some that have done three. Yeah. And so anyway, Chris, I wanna, I’m a young spot. Okay. Give us a fun, give us a fun elk story up on Mariah. Geez, how about that? How about that?

00:20:06:28 –> 00:20:08:10
Oh, hunted a lot of elk

00:20:08:10 –> 00:20:44:05
Up there. Dude, you’ve hunt a lot of elk up there. You’ve hunted a lot of different places. You know, even in 2 31, in fact 2 31 I hunted with my brother-in-law. Been giving you just a minute to think for a second. Yeah, sure. Anyway, hung with my brother-in-law in the late rifle this last year. Had a blast. He ended up killing a 350 inch class bull. Spent a lot of time with him, of course. Have to give him a little hard time. Matt Wolfley freaking needs new tires. There’s a guy right there that buys a lot of vehicles and, and he had factory tires and I think he ruined three out of the four of ’em. But anyway, had a good time with him. And of course it was crappy weather. I mean it was crappy.

00:20:44:09 –> 00:20:45:25
Oh, rain, snow, cold,

00:20:46:08 –> 00:20:53:13
Long distance glass and long distance shooting if you can and hike your guts out. Yeah. So, all right there I was,

00:20:55:04 –> 00:20:55:11
I just

00:20:55:26 –> 00:20:56:14
Backpacking all

00:20:56:25 –> 00:21:11:08
I would just say Nevada is one of the funnest places I’ve ever hunt at elk. And it mostly in the archery, but it’s one of those states that you can get there and you can be there during the crazy rutt like prime time. Yeah. It

00:21:11:08 –> 00:21:13:04
Feels like Nevada bulls do are crazy.

00:21:13:23 –> 00:21:16:25
Yeah. Oh yeah. They get, it’s what happens when you don’t have the pressure.

00:21:16:27 –> 00:21:34:01
Yeah. They get, they get, you know, only to the 16th of the bow, but which most people say, ah, it’s not great dates. It’s not much different than Utah’s dates. But they ru different in Nevada than Utah. They, they, they do. Utah dates are only maybe end the 12th or 13th this year. I would take a Nevada Archie over

00:21:34:05 –> 00:21:55:24
Utah every year. Well, Jared was, was a giant non-typical points everywhere. And he moved clear from the top wilderness country, came out to the roaded country sitting on a wallow, hammers him ha sits there for like the first evening or whatever, hammers him and ends up being a bull that we had on trail hammer, what, eight miles away? Yeah. Nine miles away. Killed, moved

00:21:55:24 –> 00:21:58:00
Into rough end of August. Yes. But he was froth.

00:21:58:03 –> 00:21:59:13
Yeah. Oh yeah. So that’s,

00:21:59:13 –> 00:22:26:22
That’s to me is, is why I love that archery season in Nevada so much is it’s, it’s just a true, when you imagine elk hunting in the rutt, that’s what I, my experience has been with it, is you get bulls screaming and fighting and you can get in there and one of the funnest things I ever saw was, or sitting there on the hill and you start to just hear these bulls fighting and couldn’t even see ’em yet. Yeah. Just you can hear the horns clashing and rush

00:22:26:28 –> 00:22:27:08
’em. Yeah,

00:22:27:09 –> 00:22:47:28
Yeah. We basically, that’s what we did. We rushed them and we, we crept in there and they’re preoccupied fighting and we were able to stock in, didn’t end up shooting one of the bulls, but, but it was just fun to be able to get that close to these bulls just going head to head. Wow. Just a crazy experience. And, and I don’t know many places that you really get that opportunity.

00:22:48:03 –> 00:23:34:05
And what I think what I find interesting is when we’re talking about the archery in a lot of the units, dude, people are seeing three 80 class bulls. We’re not, you know what I mean? It’s not, it’s kind of common lingo over there. And, and it’s just kudos to endows management. You know, they changed up the three season structure mid two thousands and we were, everybody was hammering on ’em, but then the bulls kind of get used to being hunted during those new season dates and, and structure. And, and of course, you know, you just tag numbers and whatnot. But now we’re back in big bulls again. It’s where we feel like Utah we feel like has kind of seen its glory days. Although there’s gonna be a few big bulls. Not, we’re not, we’re not gonna lie. There’s gonna be some giants killed this year. But it does feel like Nevada’s kind of, it does. Coming back, Adam, you spend some time in, in Nevada

00:23:36:02 –> 00:23:46:17
Elk cutting. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well I was supposed to be looking for deer at the time, but I got preoccupied on elk, so, you know, but I’ve always, I’ve been labeled a nonconform most of my life. So

00:23:46:25 –> 00:23:59:29
Good fun inside stories. We’ve got a lot of history in Nevada. I I drew a tag clear back in early 2000, ate my tag. Of course I ate a lot of tags. So anybody that’s eating tags out there don’t feel too bad a dang near choked and diet on my tags, so.

00:24:00:01 –> 00:24:01:28
That’s right. Let’s talk about deer. Yeah.

00:24:01:28 –> 00:24:02:26
Something fun, Jason.

00:24:04:23 –> 00:24:13:18
So, wow. Plethora, that’s the word that comes to mind when you talk about deer options in Nevada. So many options or plethora depending on what the correct pronunciation is. ’cause frankly, I don’t know,

00:24:15:07 –> 00:24:25:17
Plethora. Okay. Alright. I, I have no idea either. I, I don’t, I’m pretty sure it’s plethora. Yeah, we, we’ve just written that word once or twice laughing here. And if you see something in the magazine, sometimes we’re just on a tangent. It’s

00:24:25:17 –> 00:24:27:05
A three in the morning comment and it sticks.

00:24:27:17 –> 00:24:55:02
I’m mad. Well, one thing I one thing I want to talk about just a little bit off the subject, but it really pertains to deer is season dates, is season dates make or break hunts across the west. We’re talking, if it’s Colorado deer in November, late November, early November, October, rifle hunts, whether it be archery muzzle that makes or breaks deer. We got late archeries in, in Nevada that, that are rutt hunts that are incredible that nobody even thinks about of very, I take very few calls on that.

00:24:55:09 –> 00:25:47:12
No, that’s true. Yeah. You don’t, they don’t have very many of the super late ones in Nevada. Couple over by Reno. Yeah. You know, the oh eight one’s always the one that comes up there. Both, you know, not just the rifle, but even archery and muzzle, rubies, you know, rubies when it comes to, you know, archery deer. Yeah. You know, you get some of those there. But Nevada, I think that’s the way they maximize and maintain pretty good quality is they don’t cream deer on very many rat hunts. They, they have August to early September archery hunts for the most part. That’s right. A few exceptions. Some of ’em also have a November archery hunt, which is a unique opportunity, but not the bulk of the tags then. Right. Then you got, you know, September 10 to October four in most places is the muss loader season. These are long seasons, you know, month long archery, almost a month long muzz loader. And in most cases, you know, a two to four week long rifle hunt. You know, some units have two or three rifle hunts, so these are widow

00:25:47:19 –> 00:25:51:11
Maker type tags. But, but I mean, if you spent the whole time you’re gonna get divorced, huh?

00:25:51:14 –> 00:25:55:13
Oh, I see. I was wondering where we’re going. Widow maker, like a, I mean

00:25:55:13 –> 00:25:55:23

00:25:56:09 –> 00:26:01:16
You’re on a ski slope. They have a widowmakers, a double black diamond in certain places like that. No. No. Okay. These

00:26:01:16 –> 00:26:04:23
Are times being selfish. You drill once in a lifetime tag, you’re

00:26:04:23 –> 00:26:07:12
Being literal that they’re widow makers.

00:26:07:12 –> 00:26:07:24
They’re makers,

00:26:07:24 –> 00:26:08:23
Literally. I

00:26:08:23 –> 00:26:28:00
Gotcha. Well, yeah, pretty literal. Like, anyway, so Yes. August 10th, you know, they’re barely, they’re barely finished bucks aren’t even finished growing. But that’s what’s awesome about Nevada. What else is going on? You’re gonna, the first step, you’re gonna be hunting sheep somewhere and I’m gonna be texting you on the inReach hunting deer in Nevada. I’ll

00:26:28:00 –> 00:26:38:11
Be home by the 10th. Okay. So that’s my prediction. So we’ll go on that. But some of, yeah, you look at social media, wherever Nevada starts blowing is the first stuff to die.

00:26:38:16 –> 00:26:47:00
Oh yeah. They, this year, this year, people’s social media’s gonna be off the charts. I’m not, not posting a ton this time of year. It’s just, it’s a grind here in the office.

00:26:47:05 –> 00:26:51:25
But August the fuzz is gonna be everywhere this August. The big bucks are gonna be there. And

00:26:52:00 –> 00:27:10:23
I’ll probably still be a little quiet that time of year because we’re trying to kill the stuff we found, but That’s right. Anyway, of course another thing, Nevada makes us quit running truck cameras at the end of July. Can’t run ’em after August 1st, which, hey, I don’t, I don’t care what a state does all, all good and dandy, they wanna do that no problem. We, we, we conform

00:27:10:23 –> 00:27:11:04
And cook,

00:27:11:04 –> 00:27:30:01
Conform and play by the rules, but it does make guys hunt. You know what I mean? Yeah. You’re not gonna go check one thing. I love freaking trail cameras because it’s always like Christmas. You walk up to ’em and if you had your deer water the night before, it keeps the momentum going on a such a grind. Some of these hunts can suck so bad. Of course Chris, you know, we’ve, Adam, you

00:27:30:01 –> 00:27:39:16
Know, well we’ve had hunts. One you’re hunting one deer. We’ve had hunts. We would’ve basically given up. ’cause we’re not seeing you still freaking here after five days he hits. Oh my gosh, he’s still

00:27:39:16 –> 00:27:42:10
Around. And we wasted 20 more days because he kept watering

00:27:42:17 –> 00:27:43:05
And we never

00:27:43:05 –> 00:27:43:25
Killed him. Yeah.

00:27:44:02 –> 00:27:45:16
Tell us Buster, tell us about buster.

00:27:45:28 –> 00:27:54:17
Buster sucked, but we’re talking a mid thirties, upper thirties inch type, 230 inch with cheaters going everywhere. And when he waters every other night or every third night, he

00:27:54:17 –> 00:27:56:07
Gotta stick around that country. Yeah.

00:27:56:09 –> 00:28:03:10
Yeah. And there, you know, five grand later in gas and food and lodging, pretty soon you’re just, at some point you have to give up a couple

00:28:03:10 –> 00:28:06:24
Near death experience with stallions walking out in the dark. I mean, my

00:28:06:24 –> 00:28:07:22
Gosh. Come on

00:28:07:29 –> 00:28:12:02
Up on their hin legs. It’s true though. Carter Carter run like the wind.

00:28:12:06 –> 00:28:13:07
Come on, come on.

00:28:13:11 –> 00:28:18:11
Well, I, it’s here is rattlesnakes. How’s that in the dark coming out? Greens,

00:28:18:13 –> 00:28:20:28
Mo Greens. I, I’ve been dealt, I’ve dealt my ho greens,

00:28:21:03 –> 00:28:21:12

00:28:22:20 –> 00:28:23:02

00:28:23:02 –> 00:28:23:26
Greens nonstop.

00:28:23:27 –> 00:29:09:05
Like I go to Wikipedia and I’m like, dude, that’s what I saw right there. How about that? But yeah, the the, the horses are unbelievable. We’re tired of wild horses out there. They’re ruining the springs. Nevada will tell you, anybody that lives in Nevada will tell you that there needs to be, I mean, we’re friends with government agencies. I’m not trying to say that it’s anyone’s particular fault, but the b l m, if they’re gonna force end out a manage wildlife, they need to be managing wild horses. And, and, and we need to shut the liberals down to let ’em manage, you know, we can’t anyway to go out and fly round ’em up and then, then they end up, you know, making ’em so they can’t get pregnant for a few years or whatever. That’s not cutting it. It’s just not cutting it. And so, well

00:29:09:11 –> 00:29:10:13
It’s, I mean,

00:29:11:29 –> 00:29:12:29
Very frustrating.

00:29:13:12 –> 00:29:14:10
Yeah. They’re,

00:29:14:27 –> 00:29:19:22
How do you say it politically correct, Bronson? Ah,

00:29:20:02 –> 00:29:27:00
Yeah, that’s a tough one. The Wild Horse Horse and Burrow Act protects them like more like an endangered species. They literally are like that. Oh,

00:29:27:10 –> 00:29:27:24
You’d be better

00:29:27:24 –> 00:29:28:23
Off for all intent purposes

00:29:29:02 –> 00:29:30:06
Shooting a person than shooting a horse.

00:29:30:10 –> 00:29:47:28
Pretty much so, but, but they’re, yeah. The mustangs that have been here a long time, but a lot of these have now been diluted the b l m and places out that would throw out, you know, studs and that to help get some genetic diversity going in there to make these things worse. So

00:29:47:28 –> 00:29:50:20
Now we not only do taken got lots of horses, we got pretty horses. Yeah.

00:29:50:25 –> 00:30:02:23
How about that Now? So somebody would want to take ’em, and I’m not that bashing the B lmm, but I just think the, what we have out there are not the Spanish mustangs from, from a thousand years ago. And that’s keep ’em preserved. They’re everybody’s turnbacks.

00:30:03:10 –> 00:30:04:18
You get an old horse in a crowd.

00:30:04:23 –> 00:30:39:08
Yeah. You’re down, you’re, you’re down in the muddies. You’re down in the muddies and they got wild horses down there burs. Just people kick loose. ’cause hey, that’s costing me 300 bucks a month to feed that thing I’m done. Or, or board it or give it shots or you gotta get coggins blood every time you cross a state line with, I mean, they’re like, they’re done. It’s just like an old lemon that they drive out to some wash and jump off. They do that to their horses. And over time, that’s, that’s contributed to it. It’s not the source of all the horses in Nevada. Please hear what I’m saying. But it’s beyond a joke in other states. It’s beyond a joke like Utah and Southwest Desert.

00:30:39:14 –> 00:30:41:08
Beyond a joke there too. It is.

00:30:41:11 –> 00:30:45:17
It’s unbelievable. And, and it’s, the resource is just getting crushed. And you know,

00:30:45:17 –> 00:30:59:06
Especially in arid states with very yes, very limited water sources. They’re going in, they’re ruining the springs and all and all vegetation within a mile of the spring. That’s right. Horse trails are four feet wide. I mean it’s unbelievable. Yep.

00:30:59:09 –> 00:31:04:19
That is so ran, ran over. We can’t hunt ’em and can’t ’em that

00:31:04:21 –> 00:31:08:13
Way. Just need more horse eating lions, huh? Yeah, we’ve heard of a few.

00:31:08:15 –> 00:31:10:13
I’ve heard of a few specializes. Yeah.

00:31:10:15 –> 00:31:25:08
Yeah. But anyway, season eight, where’s a good place season Dates, dates are awesome. The, the early rifle deer hunts beware. They’re gonna, they’re gonna be a grind man. There’s no question. October 5th to October 20th is the smartest time of year for a deer. But let’s

00:31:25:08 –> 00:31:26:25
Be frank, I guess on take

00:31:26:25 –> 00:31:27:23
A tag when you can get it on

00:31:27:23 –> 00:31:46:10
Being reality and getting drawn because the percentage of tags that they give in the late rifle hunts are so small. Everybody wants to draw a late hunt. That’s right. You have a lot less hunters a field. The bucks were getting a little ruddy or pre ruddy, at least in many cases. But they, you know, those are pipe dreams. My

00:31:46:10 –> 00:32:24:18
Best deer in Nevada personal best came from an October 9th type hunt. I mean, it was an October 9th, I think that was the day I killed it. I have to go back, back in 2003. But anyway, it was second, second day of the hunt anyway, but just saying, and it wasn’t a Buckhead presca, we didn’t have trail cameras back then. I knew the deer the year before and then I found his sheds that the night before I killed him. But just so happened, he grew a bunch, he was the right age anyway. And at the end of the day, all I’m saying is if you don’t have a tag, you’re not gonna kill a big deer. So you’re saying draw a tag, even if it’s an early rifle, especially,

00:32:24:25 –> 00:32:43:14
And we, we maybe haven’t talked about this too much yet, the moisture, but this year in Nevada, it’s off the tongue is it’s the driest state in the nation. Utah’s second. And we’re both in most places 150 to 200% of normal snowpack. Wow. Right. Yeah. I mean I’m not, I’m not breaking news here. It’s, I’m not breaking news here. No, that’s true.

00:32:43:23 –> 00:32:45:17
And it rained all night last night here in Cedar,

00:32:45:24 –> 00:32:46:05

00:32:46:05 –> 00:32:51:22
Is very close to Nevada. I was, can’t get up and look at the radar every time it rains here, if it even looks like rain here, we’re looking at the radar.

00:32:52:01 –> 00:33:06:02
But if there’s a year that there, you might get away with having more, a better chance to kill a 180 deer on an earlier hunt. It might be a year like this when they’re having moisture and growing more of them period than there were a year ago was brutal Nevada. I agree.

00:33:06:04 –> 00:33:08:25
It was terrible. I had actually applied for an early rifle, by the way.

00:33:09:03 –> 00:33:12:22
So another foreshadowing for him to share that lay into the, by the end of the podcast, let’s

00:33:12:22 –> 00:33:51:16
Talk about truck chasers antelope, or been doing really well in Nevada, in, in several of the units. You know, we’ve highlighted ’em in our publication. You can check it out. Great opportunity. It’s another $10 add-on, throw it in there. They’ve got, they don’t give us muzz or options for non-residents, but they do give us archery and rifle hunts. We’ve highlighted those, especially the better ones and great opportunity to kill 80, 80 inch plus goat. So again, one of those just a premium hunt. Not that, not talking species necessarily, but the hunt. I mean you’re out there in the middle of nowhere, some of that country and man, you just fall in love with it out there. So let’s move on.

00:33:51:18 –> 00:33:58:24
Yeah, Nevada, we love it, but you don’t get a hunt as often as you want. That’s the best way to put it. So Montana, apply, apply,

00:33:58:24 –> 00:33:59:02

00:33:59:19 –> 00:34:24:02
We already, we already had the deadline. We talked a little bit about the deer and elk. That deadline is coming and gone. It was March 15th. The results actually are pending here in the next 10 days, two weeks should you find out something there on the deer and elk results in Montana. But this issue of the magazine, we cover the sheep, moose, and goat, which have a May 1st applicant and bison, which have a May 1st application deadline. The antelope, we also included that. But it is June 1st for the antelope. So,

00:34:24:08 –> 00:34:27:06
And then point only July 1st to September 30th. So that’s

00:34:27:06 –> 00:35:21:20
Right. Keep that in mind if you’re sitting it out, that is new. The last couple of years you used to have to swing for the fence, put the best unit in the state for moose, sheep, and goat. And weird to say, but hope you don’t draw. And that’s the only way you could get a point. But now you can do points only for sheep, moose, and goat for 75 bucks each in the summer basic, basically you have to buy a base hunting license. Non-residents will just talk for residence is 10 bucks, non-resident, 15 bucks. Then you get a conservation stamp for 10 bucks non-residents. And then it’s a $50 application fee for sheep, moose and goat, plus for the sheep, moose and goat. 20 bucks, $20 point fee. Optional. You know, you don’t have to buy into that. It’s probably not even worth applying for it. They’re 18 years into a squared point system for sheet moose and goat. If you just want a name in the hat, I guess you can do that without, you know, but you’re paying 50 bucks plus you’re paying 80 or 90 bucks, why not pay 20 bucks more to get point.

00:35:21:20 –> 00:35:25:16
So that’s what you’re saying. Yes. To clarify, let’s pay that extra 20 bucks. Get

00:35:25:16 –> 00:35:28:22
The point. Don’t apply unless you’re gonna build a point. That’s right. It’s my, my 2 cents.

00:35:28:22 –> 00:35:44:26
That’s right. Why, you know, what’s the difference? So anyway, don’t have to front the tag fee. You can jump in, you know, it’s good to have a name in the hat. Tough to draw. But it’s also tough to quantify the drawing odds. We’re limited to 10% of a region’s quota is non-residents. And so that could be drawn in UACs. That’s

00:35:44:26 –> 00:36:02:16
Right. And we’re in the, we’re in the hat with residents. We, everybody’s in the hat together. Non-residents are limited. They say 10% of the regional cap. But if you analyze the drawing odds, it usually, it’s not like we can draw five unit six 80 tags. Right. It never happens. We never exceed 10% in the individual unit either that’s

00:36:02:16 –> 00:36:27:01
Available, not because there’s so few tags within these region, or excuse me, there’s so few units available to non-residents. So when you get their paper application on there, it prints the units that non-residents are eligible to apply for. And that changes from year to year. Year. However we’ve been able to apply for the breaks forever it feels like. Yes. But they do have new opportunities as well as opportunities that leave us, you know as well. That’s right. Units that are not available. So that we’re, last year

00:36:27:13 –> 00:36:43:14
We cover all the ram hunts in the magazine that are open to non-residents. There’s only like, you know, seven seven or eight of them not counting the unlimited hunts unlimited. It’s, it’s worth pointing out, Montana is the only state that you can just buy a sheep tag over the counter and go hunt big horn sheep

00:36:43:21 –> 00:36:57:17
Over the counter. Meaning during the application period, if you buy it over the counter, you can still apply a point in the summer. That’s right. But by law they only let you apply one time. So if you were to, you can actually apply for the unlimited, you’re

00:36:57:17 –> 00:36:59:26
Gonna get it. But yeah, that’s right. And then you can’t apply

00:37:00:08 –> 00:37:02:22
And if you participate in the point system, it’ll take your points.

00:37:02:26 –> 00:37:19:16
Yeah, it will. So don’t do that. If, if you want, try that, just buy it right now before May 1st online or if you’re in Montana, go buy it. Let’s talk about the reality of that. Because those hunts are butt kickers. They’re frankly units that they’re kickers that have sprinkles

00:37:19:16 –> 00:37:23:12
Of sheep. They, we know guys, even Montana residents that have never killed a sheep in the Montana, the hunt

00:37:23:14 –> 00:37:27:22
Maybe every year or professed to hunt most every year. You know, and maybe they do and it’s,

00:37:27:25 –> 00:37:30:11
It’s a, they’re nothing to show for. It’s tough. And so yeah,

00:37:31:04 –> 00:37:52:07
It, these are, these are units that frankly if they’re a limited quota unit and they allowed you to kill any ram, they would still have low harvest success. That’s right. So it’s just big vast back country. Some of them have park migration issues like unit 3 0 3 that you got Yellowstone Park sheep drift in and out over the border. You can still, and they have produced a coup few great rams there. Yeah. They have some of the units in the exer

00:37:52:07 –> 00:37:53:16
Including last year. That’s last

00:37:53:16 –> 00:37:53:19

00:37:53:22 –> 00:37:54:08
I mean I

00:37:54:08 –> 00:37:54:12

00:37:54:19 –> 00:38:08:20
It was awesome. But it’s one of those things you are taking a little bit of a chance. They’re unlimited for a reason. Doesn’t necessarily mean you know that you’re gonna get a sheep. I mean a lot of guys, if if it was that easy, everybody would be doing it. That’s right. However you want to,

00:38:09:00 –> 00:38:40:22
They have legal quotas. All of them this year happened to be two ram quotas. They gotta be threequarter curl or greater to be legal. It’s not like you can just go shoot a sickle horn and call it a day and I killed one. It’s gotta be threequarter curl and you have to inspect that. And if it’s not, they’re taking the sheep from you giving you a citation ’cause and you’re, it’s just like a lot of cougar and bear hunts you have. That’s right. It’s your responsibility every day through in through satellite phone or whatever means to check the quota if it fills and you’re hunting, you can’t just say, well I’m gonna pretend I don’t know and I’m gonna hunt out here for another week, crush another ram. It doesn’t

00:38:40:22 –> 00:38:41:17
Work. Doesn’t work that

00:38:42:03 –> 00:38:43:11
The burden is on your

00:38:43:11 –> 00:39:09:25
Shoulders gonna, you’re gonna go to, you’re gonna go to jail, you’re gonna lose your firstborn. Very similar to shooting a grizzly on a blackbird tag. So as we move along here, we also covered the same thing for our moose units. We’ve covered that. We also put in bold some of what we figure is the best units to apply for. You know, just some of these moose and goat units just aren’t generally what are considered to be Montana’s best. You know, it’s just one of those tough years, I guess if you’re a moose and a goat hunter it

00:39:09:25 –> 00:39:36:16
Is. And Montana Moose, moose in general have seen better days and, and there are a few key units down in the southeastern part of the state in some of the gaps, we’ll call ’em the gap units where they’ve had some wolf removal through depredation and things like that. Yeah. That haven’t just absolutely decimated their moose. Other parts of the state, they are showing some sign of recovery as Wolf harvest has either been allowed or been done by U SS D A wildlife services. But

00:39:36:16 –> 00:39:41:08
It does feel like since we’ve been able to kill these wolves, Idaho and Montana have seen a, a

00:39:41:12 –> 00:39:42:00

00:39:42:23 –> 00:39:42:26

00:39:42:26 –> 00:39:45:12
Change better. Better than a spiraling down. Yes. Yeah. Better

00:39:45:14 –> 00:39:56:11
Elk populations better quality in a lot of this country. So it’s kind of, kind of fun actually. Wolf hunting’s actually become somewhat difficult. Yeah, they’re they’re savvy

00:39:56:24 –> 00:40:28:25
Nowadays. Yeah. But to your point, you know there there’s 20 some odd moose units available this year to non-residents. Many of which are again weren’t available last year. Like you alluded earlier. They rotate units to avail available to non-residents. We list them all. We go through five years of drying odds, five years of harvest success, things like that. And break down units that we glean from talking to biologists outfitters, other hunters that hunt these units to try to give you a true representation of what’s there. We do the same thing with mountain goats, like you’ve alluded some of the perennial favorites, you know? Yeah. Square

00:40:29:00 –> 00:40:29:14
Ute. Square

00:40:30:00 –> 00:40:37:00
Bu bridge. Some of those aren’t available this year. The north big belt mountains is, and that’s a unit that’s been reopened again a couple years ago.

00:40:37:08 –> 00:40:38:00
Great opportunity.

00:40:38:08 –> 00:40:51:05
Hardly any chance. You know one guy’s gonna get a tag. Yeah. One guy and if you’re it, you’re gonna have a great goat hunt. But for the most part, moose and goats in Montana are just representative. Good average quality. Not gonna kill very many brockett goats in Montana.

00:40:51:07 –> 00:40:52:18
You killed a goat in Montana. I did

00:40:52:25 –> 00:40:53:18
2003. There’s

00:40:53:18 –> 00:41:00:11
One the one of the rare, yeah. You know, very, very tough to draw. Adam ended up going up there, had a great hunt. Actually self

00:41:00:11 –> 00:41:03:14
Guided and did it on her own. And Wilton Grizz country. It was fun.

00:41:03:14 –> 00:41:06:25
Griz country. 2000, you were thousand eight Griz tracks.

00:41:06:25 –> 00:41:13:12
That’s right. Oh yeah. Tracked them. So it was good. We got lucky. It was like the third year they even started a point system when I drew. So

00:41:13:17 –> 00:41:19:13
Can’t wait for you to draw moose up there. Yeah, it’s gonna be awesome. I cringe every time. Max points right here buddy. How about that?

00:41:20:07 –> 00:41:23:29
Luckily they have a points on the option now because if there’s nothing that’s really, really,

00:41:24:08 –> 00:41:25:24
So you’re not sure exactly.

00:41:26:15 –> 00:41:28:12
I’ll probably put in for something. Yeah, something

00:41:28:12 –> 00:41:30:00
But throw something down. Yes.

00:41:30:08 –> 00:41:37:18
But we also cover antelope moving from moose to antelope. How’s that segue? I mean and, and yeah it’s awesome. You

00:41:37:18 –> 00:41:37:20

00:41:37:29 –> 00:42:46:28
Antelope is one of the species. They do make you pay the per permit fee up front. It’s only 205 bucks when you apply it’s, it’s nothing. But antelope in general in Montana are, are opportunity. They’re, they do grow some Boone Crockett bucks that are scattered around the state in general. They do. We we favor the, the, the central and eastern part of the state. Some of those like the unit 700 cluster, you can hunt 700 units. Yeah, that’s right. And the 900 option for antelope, you get a hunt. Two thirds of the state where there’s antelope and you know, good opportunity hunts generally not tough to draw. And we cover the best units that we fill to apply for antelope there. Do you have to front the tag fees? They don’t keep much of that if you don’t draw, they do have a point C system in general. Two to five points will get you an antelope tag. Although again it’s not predictable. They square your points for those. So you just get more and more names of the hat since it happens rather fast by the time you get five names, five points, 25 additional names of the hat. You’re five points squared. You start, you’re probably gonna draw a tag. You might draw the first year though. It’s worth bearing out any of these Montana hunts we’re talking about. You could draw the first year you put in, you could be that lucky. So

00:42:47:09 –> 00:42:47:29
How about that?

00:42:48:04 –> 00:43:11:02
Anyway, bison, a couple of hunts on the north and west side of Yellowstone National Park. We highlight those very tough drawing odds. It is a free rain shunt, very weather dependent, snow driving bison outta the park. Both on the West Yellowstone side and the Gardner side. But is one of the, one of the few states that you can have a free range public land bison hunt if you want to, if you wanna apply for that.

00:43:11:07 –> 00:43:17:18
Yeah, yeah, definitely. It’s one of those few options. Not not a one, not an incredible opportunity. Yeah. Some

00:43:17:18 –> 00:43:35:10
Years easy. It’s rough if it doesn’t snow. That’s, it’s kinda like we saw a little bit in Wyoming this last year. Bison. Bison are smart animals. No, they know where they’re safe. They know where they don’t get harassed. They like to stay in those areas until they have to leave because forage or whatever gets covered up by five feet of snow.

00:43:35:19 –> 00:44:19:19
We also have Kansas. We wanted a breeze over that real quick. I have, we have hunted Kansas. Chris, you’ve hunted Kansas. I’ve hunted Kansas. I’ve heard Kansas. Kansas. Adam, you’ve killed a freaking good buck in Kansas. Yeah. Mully mully. So anyway, great opportunity. You apply for a whitetail tag and, and then of course they’ve got mule deer as well. They’ve got muer stamps. They’re on a draw for the muer stamps without a point system. The whitetail tags have a point system. Yeah. And then, you know, so you’ll be into that. And if you don’t draw on the, on the mule deer, you’re still at the $442 whitetail tag. So it’s one of those things. There’s got, they’ve got good opportunities for deer. Especially in in units 2 1 17. We, of course my dad, when we killed a 220 inch, you’re out in the milo field, you know That’s right. Took a long chair out there and chilled out and 30 waited

00:44:19:21 –> 00:44:20:29
For him to stand up while you’re

00:44:20:29 –> 00:44:33:11
In there. Time Chris, Chris lost a lot of his water, actually drank it, gave some away and ended up being pretty parched that day. Dehydrated and smoked a buck with a muzz loader and it was awesome. So anyway, great opportunity there. It’s

00:44:33:11 –> 00:44:37:06
Private lands you’d, you can’t, you have to address that issue. I mean

00:44:37:12 –> 00:44:45:02
A lot of private in Kansas, you need a place to go call us. We’ve got outfitters we work with that. You can go, they also have walk-in areas. Chris, you’ve, you hunted the walk-in. Yep.

00:44:45:09 –> 00:45:06:02
And and it was great. It’s just one of those things, you have to be prepared when you go because it is so predominantly private land. Private land. So you’ve gotta kind of be prepared, have a good mapping system. G P s And that’s what I did is I just went with, I had the early version of Onyx maps on my G P s and that was a lifesaver. If I didn’t have that, it wouldn’t have been possible. Yeah.

00:45:06:02 –> 00:45:19:23
Application period up there is April 1st to the 26th this month. And so anyway, very easy to draw that. We’ve kinda listed that it’s very easy to get those tags, although you know it was a guaranteed at one point, Adam. Yeah. It’s kind of changing white with everything

00:45:19:23 –> 00:45:53:23
Else. You need a point to guarantee everything. There’s a lot that you can get with zero points, but one point when guarantee every white toe tag. Once again, emphasize the fact that if you’re only interested in mule deer, you have to put a white tail unit down first. And then if you are successful and check the mule deer stamp option for an additional whatever it is. $152, then they’ll put you in a random mule deer stamp drawing. If you don’t draw that, you’re stuck with a white tail tag. 440 bucks that you may not want if you’re just interested mul day. It’s kind of a make sure you want it. It’s kind of a tough system, frankly. I

00:45:53:23 –> 00:46:17:25
Went out there and used fifteens, how about that? Almost shot him long distance. 400 something yards. So anyway, ended up smoking him his great buck. Of course, you can see a piece of him right there at the top of the head. The header of Kansas, Chris. Yeah. Threw a piece up there. So anyway, Chris does a good job, John, his brother as well in publishing this magazine. Thank them for that. Chris, would you hunt it again? Would you, would you do the walk-ins again? I’ve heard great things where guys are overlooking that walk-in country. I definitely

00:46:17:25 –> 00:46:52:11
Would. It’s not, don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy. It’s definitely a challenge and, and you’re gonna go in there and a lot of those walk-in areas are just, have a lot of people in there, but there’s also a high population of deer and you can legitimately kill a deer on a small piece of land. Yeah. And so that’s a, an awesome thing. The other thing I really like about Kansas is if you want to go grab a rifle tag, the season dates are pretty. Oh yeah. Awesome. I mean, a lot of this stuff is ended here in the west by then. And so 1st of December you can go to Kansas and go hunt something. Oh yeah. Whether you’re interested in white till I’m not.

00:46:52:16 –> 00:46:59:08
December 4th. Yeah, December 4th to the 15th. Of course, the archery’s September 16th to December 31st. Very, very flexible there.

00:46:59:08 –> 00:47:06:05
So it’s, it’s kind of cool that you’ve got a hunt that you can do in December and go out there and even if you’ve never done it before, just go try it out and

00:47:06:07 –> 00:47:57:17
Yeah. Right on. Well, you know, we do want to thank Red Rock Precision for sponsoring this podcast as well as being a, an advertiser in our publication. We worked with Red Rock for many, many years, shot their guns for many years, killed a lot of stuff. I’ve smoked some bulls in New Mexico and, and made some pretty amazing shots with their rifles. So anyway, appreciate them. If you need a new rifle you’re looking to, to get a precision gun, definitely would visit with them. Give ’em a holler. It’s 8 0 1 4 2 5 6 5 7 4 www.redrockprecision.com. Adam and I both shoot their rifles. Chris, you’ve used their rifles. They actually even lynch you a rifle. They did when yours was kind of in limbo, you know what I’m saying? And they had it dialed. And of course you went out to Colorado last year. You and John both smoked bucks. I don’t know how far, you guys haven’t really admitted that

00:47:58:15 –> 00:48:05:28
John’s mine was seven, it’s like 750 and John’s was 400. Yeah. But it was just, I couldn’t believe how Rocks sold that thing.

00:48:06:01 –> 00:48:38:08
Was also wanted to give a shout out to Outdoor Edge. They’ve been a good support of us here at Epic Outdoors. Their outdoor edge razor light series. We’ve actually got a epic outdoors signature knife made in that, which we’ll have some details later in the month. You might be able to pick one of those up. So outdoor edge, outdoor edge.com. Appreciate their support with this great knives, replaceable blade knives with stiff upper, you know, backing on the blade as well. So you just don’t break these like you do other replaceable blade knives. So we all use them. Don’t leave without ’em.

00:48:38:20 –> 00:48:50:00
Yeah. If you’re gonna apply for all these tags, you’re probably gonna draw one. You’re gonna need to gut something. So anyway. Definitely. Awesome. Gut razor lights are in my pack door panels everywhere. Every kid’s pack.

00:48:50:14 –> 00:48:57:11
Speaking of gut something, your boys are a little older than mine, but have you taught them how to gut something? I haven’t.

00:48:58:13 –> 00:48:58:19

00:48:58:19 –> 00:49:08:17
Quarters, we quarter ’em. My kids, I find myself when we got all the meat off Cape, everything ready to go now, then they wanna carve in to see the guts and I’m like, God, that we don’t, that’s why I do it this way. So we don’t have to do

00:49:08:17 –> 00:49:20:12
That. I do, I do find it interesting. I’m not gonna, I I don’t feel like reaming a butthole every time. Yeah. You know, I don’t, and that’s part of gutting an animal, you know? And, and I don’t really feel like being elbow deep in guts anymore. Like it’s not,

00:49:20:20 –> 00:49:21:06
Don’t need to.

00:49:21:19 –> 00:49:33:17
Dude, it’s faster. You’re gonna have to skin ’em anyway. Yeah. I just don’t, I don’t quite get it. I think ripping the quarters off the back strapp, we even do a slight incision right under the backbone. You’ve got the tender one. You can get ’em out with the guts in there. Yeah, that’s right.

00:49:33:17 –> 00:49:33:28
Don’t touch

00:49:34:00 –> 00:49:39:11
’em neck meet shoulder, you know, hind corners. That’s right. I mean, why So teach our

00:49:39:11 –> 00:49:42:06
Kids to how to do it once though, just so they know how to do it. Well they

00:49:42:06 –> 00:49:43:18
Need to, they need to know. Yeah. They,

00:49:44:04 –> 00:49:44:26
We haven’t, they need, they

00:49:44:26 –> 00:49:46:22
Need to appreciate the gutless method. Yeah,

00:49:46:29 –> 00:50:03:18
That’s right. The first deer I remember I ever got a guy killing. I was 14, my brother was 11. Dad, we were on a deer hunt, archery deer. First year shot, a two point opening day. Wow. I was, I was lucky it was a two point, ’cause it was either sex back then. I might’ve shot a dough if I would’ve seen it first, but it shot a two point. Okay.

00:50:03:29 –> 00:50:04:22
Dropping a bomb on a

00:50:04:22 –> 00:50:09:06
Mom. I might’ve, but I, anyway, I let this 44 pound Carol Bow. You used to, you start off

00:50:09:06 –> 00:50:09:23
To Carol. Oh,

00:50:09:23 –> 00:50:10:28
I shot the Carol 44 Pounder

00:50:11:07 –> 00:50:14:07
From some south East mo, east Utah. Mo That’s right. Carol bows

00:50:14:15 –> 00:51:06:24
And killed this buck. And literally my dad had left me, you know, photocopies or tearing out pages from outdoor life of how to gut a deer, you know? Yes. We had it in our little fanny packs or whatever. My brother, we didn’t have it pack to bone it out or anything with this is Yes. Mid eighties, you know. Yes. Mid to late eighties. And, you know, here we were turning the page, Aaron and I, my brother, 14, 11, you know, I killed it. My dad went up in the, where the big deer were, you know? Yeah. Big hike. And we were just farting around the cabin and killed this little buck. It was awesome. But baptism by fire, so to speak. Right. It was like, there’s your dead deer. I got a knife. Die. The, we gotta figure this out. Yeah. I, I would loved to have seen a, seen a video of that. ’cause then we did it and we drug it back about half mile back to the cabin trying to hang it up when my dad got back and he’s just laughing. He’s just like, what have you done? Well, he’s proud of, of course.

00:51:06:24 –> 00:51:07:05
Proud moment.

00:51:07:05 –> 00:51:14:00
Proud moment. He’s proud. But he was just, you know, I don’t know what was left in the cavity if we got it all out or not. Yeah. But, you know, we tried. But anyway,

00:51:14:13 –> 00:51:27:04
Gut. No, I get it. The gutless method versus gutting em. They need to know they’re gonna be in a deer camp back east and they’re gonna be like, what you mean Sonya never gutted a deer. You know, I mean, I mean, you know, it is what it is. Right. You

00:51:27:04 –> 00:51:30:24
Wouldn’t believe it. Jason Carter’s boys here, he’d never even gutted a buck. That’s

00:51:30:24 –> 00:51:32:25
How we do it here, son. We freaking

00:51:32:29 –> 00:51:37:19
Got ’em. We hang them ’em by a gamble and we gut ’em into a trash can. I know

00:51:37:20 –> 00:52:04:06
It’s true. You know, it’s, so, anyway, I mean, same thing we used to, we used to hang our meat and let it age for a week to two weeks and when it got a little bit of mold on it. Yeah, that’s right. You would cut the good like, oh man. And I mean, nowadays it’s, we can’t get it to the meat processor successor fast enough. And of course we eat, it tastes good. You know, I don’t remember back then if it made a difference. I mean, I haven’t let a deer mold, I don’t know, I don’t remember the last time. And it’s not ruined. Well,

00:52:04:06 –> 00:52:04:19
Part of the problem

00:52:04:20 –> 00:52:08:20
Is we use vinegar to clean it off and to really kind of take that little bit of a

00:52:09:12 –> 00:52:26:08
Part of the problem is we’re, we’re also going pretty hard in the fall. Like yeah. Like, and we’re hunting earlier season. Seems like our deer hunt. We’re hunt late October now. We’re killing stuff in August of September. There’s no hanging stuff. Yeah. It, it’s gotta go to the locker. And if it’s in there, you might as well let ’em cut it up for an after 75 bucks. Get it cut up.

00:52:26:10 –> 00:52:30:14
Can’t get to the next hunt fast enough of thing. Course we got fif 14 kids a piece and,

00:52:30:21 –> 00:52:40:07
Well, not that many. We, we are from Utah people, you listeners, but we’re not that, that’s not, that’s not us. You know, we got three or four each, right? Jason? Yeah. Three for me. Four for

00:52:40:07 –> 00:52:40:25
You. Yeah. Four

00:52:40:25 –> 00:52:43:24
For not 14. So that’s clear the air on that a little

00:52:43:24 –> 00:53:05:29
Bit. So, but anyway, each wanna kill a couple animals. A piece. Dad needs four or five and then, and it just ends up being a lot. So you gotta get ’em to lockers and processed and whatnot. So anyway, I guess that kind of does is interesting is, is you can, you know, you end up with quite a bit of hunting opportunity. People that say there’s not opportunities out there, just not, it’s not an accurate statement.

00:53:05:29 –> 00:53:12:29
And they’re not willing to just go, go do something and either, either either fail or just make something out. Nothing. You know, state

00:53:12:29 –> 00:54:33:01
Lines are an imaginary line anymore. We’ll go, we’ll go across the state line to eat dinner, Adam. And so anyway, it just doesn’t even, it doesn’t even phase us anymore. Speaking of which, maybe there’ll be a, a time where we’re all just equal citizens and we’re not non-residents. How about that? All right. As we, as we kind of close out this podcast, we wanna thank everybody for listening. We do have stories in this magazine. Of course these publications are freaking big, thick, and 150 pages a piece and we’re cramming everything we can in there. There’s a lot of information. It’s packed with stuff. We also got the hunt planner online, epic outdoors.com. If you’re a member, you can go on there. There’s all kinds of stuff. I mean, quick references to what the state regulations are as far as age, age restrictions and kids applying or weapons or whatever. There’s just all kinds of information we’ve got out there online. And so anyway, pretty awesome opportunity. Like to thank Phone scope. We appreciate their support here at Epic Outdoors. You know, we use their stuff. We don’t have, there’s not a time that we leave the truck without a phone scope device in our pack where we can video on our phone through our binoculars spot and scope or whatever. And so you gotta have one if you don’t video, it didn’t happen. Go to phone scope.com and, and get, get yours today.

00:54:33:01 –> 00:55:20:23
Yeah. If you haven’t got the apor issue, it should be arriving any day. It’s in the mail. Come straight from the printer. A lot of folks call us here at the office asking us when we mail ’em out, they, they get sent to the printer, they do their job, they get turned around, fulfilled and shipped right from there. So you should get ’em any day. It’s, you know, again, the, the Nevada deadline’s pushed back. It’s normally been about the 17th, 18th ish of the month in April. Pushing it back to the 29th leaves a little bit more room to be able to get everything in. And again, the other states that we covered Kansas due to the 26th I believe it was. And then Montana May 1st. So you got plenty of time to get it in. Give us a call if something’s not clear to you, but full, full bore ahead, green Light Central Nevada this year. Deer out, get green Light Central tag. Get a tag, man.

00:55:20:27 –> 00:55:21:19
Get a tag that’s green

00:55:21:22 –> 00:55:31:25
Light Central. And to whoever the anonymous person was that dropped these green monsters off Ultra Paradise. Who was that? I don’t know who it was, but this was yesterday. Dropped off a half a dozen of those. This

00:55:32:15 –> 00:55:32:22

00:55:32:24 –> 00:55:34:00
Brought to you by that.

00:55:34:14 –> 00:56:06:14
And if you, and, and we sp spoke a little faster when we drank, of course, I, I cheated on Monster and tried a little bit of a Red Bull. But having said that, we we’re gonna quit. Monsters aren’t good for you and neither are Red Bulls. And so we’ve actually slowed down quite a bit and got a lot of dramatic guys. Might be dramatic surprised about that. But we don’t wanna die early. We’ve got a lot of animals to kill yet. Got a lot of goals and hunting, aspirations, desires, wanna see my kids reach at least college age. And so we’re gonna try to, gonna try to slow the flow, but who did drop those by? I don’t know.

00:56:06:17 –> 00:56:07:02
Brody Bell.

00:56:07:10 –> 00:56:11:05
We appreciate you, Brody. I think we’re out to lunch when he dropped those by. Yeah,

00:56:11:08 –> 00:56:12:10
Yeah. Thanks Brody.

00:56:12:26 –> 00:56:34:07
Good job. We appreciate a little little gift here and there. It’s kind of nice. Keeps us going. Of course, here in the office we get looking at these same 14 walls and it drives us a little crazy this time of year, so. Alright, well, like I say, we appreciate everybody, all the support do, we’re gonna do any kind of a giveaway. Chris, you wanna throw anything out there? Let’s do a pair of boots.

00:56:34:29 –> 00:56:35:07

00:56:35:15 –> 00:56:52:12
Boots on the ground. There’s nothing like scouting with boots on the ground. Pair Under Armour boots. Okay, let’s do it. Let’s throw it out there. Let’s give away a pair of Fat Tires today. Let’s go onto our website. Go onto the podcast portion of the website, epic outdoors.com and let’s enter promo code.

00:56:53:09 –> 00:56:53:24
Chia Pet.

00:56:54:11 –> 00:57:01:06
Chia Pet for a Chia Pet Year. How about that? It’s Chia Pet Year. Any of you kids out there? Don’t know what a chiphead is.

00:57:01:15 –> 00:57:07:14
Watch old reruns on TV from the eighties or nineties. Yeah, late at night. And you’ll probably see this little

00:57:07:19 –> 00:57:10:20
Growing Sprouts. It was like a ceramic animal.

00:57:11:03 –> 00:57:13:24
They watered it and it grew before your eyes almost. Yeah.

00:57:14:00 –> 00:57:23:22
Sprouts came out the top and it was cheap at, they grew more ad water and they grow. And that’s what’s happening over here in Nevada. In Nevada. Utah. Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado. Is

00:57:23:22 –> 00:57:26:20
That Chi? C h i A P E T? Yeah. Look

00:57:26:20 –> 00:57:31:13
It up. Google it. Google Chi. So Chia Pet is the cheat word to get you a pair of black

00:57:31:14 –> 00:57:44:19
Tires. So you’ll, you’ll how to enter that as you go to our website, epic outdoors.com. And there’s a little tab at the top that says podcast. Click on that tab and there’s a spot where you can enter the code, which Jason has picked. Chia Pet.

00:57:44:19 –> 00:57:54:12
Well, Adam Pet, but, but we, but we tease all the time. Chia Pet. It’s Chia Pet Year. In fact, maybe we’ll go on there and order, maybe we’ll go to Amazon and get us a Chia Pet and just, just throw,

00:57:54:12 –> 00:57:56:23
Throw that in with a pair of boots there. They,

00:57:57:17 –> 00:57:59:13
Well I want one too. We order a couple

00:57:59:13 –> 00:58:03:29
Of ’em. Come on. We go to Sout the Salad. Sout. You go to the salad bar downtown, you get those Oh yeah, that’s right. Don’t need to grow

00:58:04:01 –> 00:58:13:11
’em. Pastry pub or something like that. That’s right. You get all the vitamins and minerals you need them top of, by the way, we were looking at the back of these cans and there are vitamins in here that I don’t think we get other than in Monster.

00:58:15:06 –> 00:58:15:16
I mean,

00:58:17:17 –> 00:58:34:06
Carnitine, tartrate there. These things are unbelievable. This Nyl. Yeah. Paradox. Sign Hydrochloride. Hydrochloride sounds awesome. It’s probably really good for a guy. What’s that last one right there?

00:58:34:07 –> 00:58:43:24
That one’s the last one. That sounds like cyanide. The first part of the word is cyanide. S Well, SNO I mean it’s close. Yeah, it’s resembles it. It’s

00:58:43:24 –> 00:58:44:20
Close. So last

00:58:44:22 –> 00:58:48:10
I know that Killed, killed, that killed Coyotes pretty bad, but it’s probably a

00:58:48:10 –> 00:58:49:00
Cousin or something.

00:58:49:21 –> 00:58:55:04
Anyway, don’t drink ’em. We’re we’re slowing down promise. There’s gonna be a day and age. We don’t talk about it anymore. You

00:58:55:04 –> 00:59:01:23
Look at, look at that. That is the Donald Trump chia pet that boom. I just, I just googled Donald Trump Chia Pet.

00:59:01:23 –> 00:59:06:25
There’s Golden Girl Chia heads. Gold girl. Chia Heads 24 95. Come on, Chris.

00:59:07:10 –> 00:59:08:04
I, I googled

00:59:08:10 –> 00:59:10:13
Donald Trump Chia Pet.

00:59:10:20 –> 00:59:10:29

00:59:11:10 –> 00:59:12:07
Oh, you did? Yeah,

00:59:12:07 –> 00:59:15:24
Because I knew they, I knew they made ’em. Really did. So I was like, these guys will laugh at that.

00:59:16:02 –> 00:59:16:11

00:59:16:23 –> 00:59:26:13
All right. Well, chia Pet, get your pair of fat tires. Go to the Epic Outdoors website, the podcast section. Type that in. Chris, you gonna have a deadline for that? You don’t wanna set a deadline?

00:59:26:17 –> 00:59:34:10
Yeah, that’ll be one week from today, which is the 4th of April. And the deadline for that’s gonna be seven days after that. Perfect.

00:59:34:13 –> 00:59:36:05
Okay. All right. All right. Whatever that means.

00:59:36:09 –> 00:59:37:29
The 11th apply. April 11th.

00:59:38:06 –> 00:59:47:29
Apply, apply, apply. It’s the deadline. Get get you a pair, a pair of boots from Under Armour. Appreciate them. Let’s get outta here. It’s hot. Yes. Chip it.