EP 126: The Scouting Season Begins. In this episode of the Epic Outdoors Podcast Jason and Adam discuss Summer scouting as they drive to Oregon. Every year each hunter has to take a look at his or her schedule and make a plan of attack for the hunts. Which tags to focus on, which areas to scout the most, and how to scout each individual unit for the season dates that you’re faced with. There are a lot of factors and a lot of things to consider. You’ll get some great ideas from this conversation.

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Be aggressive. The more you put into your hunt, the more you’re gonna get out of it. Where

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Deer migrate, they move lower. In that case, you just need to know the concentration areas, the deer wintering areas, the direction deer are moving in the unit.

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Anything to do with Western big games.

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Hey everybody. Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, Chris Peterson coming at you from the middle of nowhere here in southern, Northern Utah, southern Idaho. We’re trekking up through here. Chris is making us work, trying to multitask. We’re

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Wanting to drink, pop and eat sunflower seeds. And we’re supposed to talk now. We gotta talk

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Some now we gotta talk hunting. Geez. As we get started, we wanna thank Under Armour. We appreciate them. They’re sponsoring our podcast, all that they’re doing. Ordered some Under Armour gear last night. Got a big old jacket coming. Yeah, wow. A couple little things, a couple jackets, getting prepared, cranking. So anyway, you can go online, ua.com. I just type in Baron in the search, and up comes all the hunting gear. But you can go under men sports hunting and kind of crank through it. Women sports, hunting, whatever. Of course they’ve got accessories, gloves, hats, all kinds of stuff. Sunglasses. They’ve got a lot of lifestyle type products as well, whether it be shirts and pants and golfing and whatnot. So anyway, it’s, it’s awesome. We appreciate them. They’re a great partner of ours. Been with us from the beginning, and so thank you for all that. Like I say, don’t be afraid to go on there and check out some of their latest, greatest products. They’re gonna be really rolling out heavy June July, the end of this month, July, August. I mean, it just comes out in force. And so anyway, scouting start, gonna begin. We got a, what? We got our applications coming due June 14th for our hunt giveaway. That’s

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Right. That’s one of the, I guess something dream big on couple. Those hunts are for this fall. That’s why we had to give it away on such a quick turnaround. That’s only about a six week membership drive giveaway that we’re doing June 14th. The, the giveaway for that few of those hunts, the mule deer in 2 42, Nevada, the Elk, New Mexico stone Sheep are all this fall, actually, the 2 31 tag as well. Four of the six are all this August, September-ish, you know what I mean? So we gotta give ’em away. And we also got a doll sheep and a brown bear for 2020. But anyway, give us a call or jump [email protected] if you’re interested and, and purchase some tickets or just joining our service or referring somebody that joins our service by June 14th will get you entered.

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Everything comes down to the next couple weeks, and then we’re done. You know, we, we talk about being done. We’re not really done, but we, you know, the busy office seasons coming to a close, which means application seasons coming to close. I for 1:00 AM grateful. I’m tired of the application season. I’m ready to start scouting and hunting and helping some of you guys out there that are looking to do things and, and start your scouting process as well. So anyway, like we talked about, we got the Arizona deadline coming, and then we’ve got, of course our membership drive. And then after that, it’s just a matter of helping. So, what I kind of thought, maybe we talked about a little bit, Adam, and tell me what you think, but I was thinking about like, let’s say I’ve had a lot of questions about, and you have to, is let’s say you drew a elk tag or a deer tag and a unit you’ve never hunted before, start to finish, what’s the process of going about that tag now that everybody’s starting to get their tags and it’s on their minds? Oh yeah, now what? Now what?

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Well, one of the, one of the things you gotta, you gotta have in your mind to start with is if you’re gonna go guide it or outfit it, don’t mess around. Get, get on, get on the horn with this or call an outfitter and get booked. Every year we talk to people that it’s 2, 3, 4 weeks after the results are out and they’re just still, they’re just thinking about what they’re gonna do. Then when they get around to thinking, yeah, I’m gonna go guide, and they start calling somebody, what happens? They’re, they’re booked. The, the guys in these better units are booked up. So you gotta kind of have your mentality set early on. And if you’re gonna go guided, don’t mess around. Get, get a good one booked. Now, if you’re under the assumption, you know, most of us, Jason, we do our deer counts, all of our lower 48 step, pretty much all on our own.

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A few exceptions I guess. So yeah, we’ll talk about our guys right now. You draw a tag first, you gotta get some base maps of the area, you know, found and located. You can get those either off of our website, epic outdoors.com, get the base maps there. You can also use the Hump Planter feature on our website to another digital way to, you know, put some layers on and off talk, look about, you know, different habitat coverages, you know, land ownership, things like that, just to really start boiling it down. But then you’re gonna probably want to talk to some people done hunted there before, right? I

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Mean, yeah, a hundred percent. So we have that member draw feature where you call in and say, Hey, I drew this tag. Send me a list of all the other members that have drawn the past. Mindy’s sending those out every single day. So she’s on it, they’re not sitting on her desk for a week or two weeks. I mean, that way you can get going right away. You get a little extra time after work or whatever. Give these guys a holler. These guys, the only they, they’re in the database because they also asked for this list and they in turn and you in turn would agree to help other guys in the future. And a lot of these tags, and we’ve had these questions before, you know, people are sensitive and don’t want to give out info and it’s hunting. And hunters are hunters and they’re tight with info and well, that may be true in their backyard. And some of the things they can do every year. Most of these tags are a little tougher than that to draw maybe outta state especially. And you’re talking to guys that may never hunt again. Yeah. Or maybe they hunt it two or three times in their life, not,

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Not predict. Predictably always something you’re gonna get over and over and over. But usually

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Get your, well, like Adam said, get your maps, call us, get the list, get your maps coming, recommend the very least. Get the one to 100,000 type maps. Basic. Yep. B l M type map. If you went down to the B L M or ordered A B L M map online, a regular B l M map that’s one to 100,000 gives you a broad overview. You can get a unit specific, you’d order up the unit, you click on the unit and that whole unit comes on one map. That’s so nice off

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Our website. It’s nice feature about doing ’em on our, on our website is you don’t have to get two or three or four of the B l m ones and see ’em together, run into that. You got one map with your boundary centered on it, you know, then you may end up wanting to talk to a game and fish manager biologist or something like that. You know, realizing that that, you know, some of your, some of the other members that you’ve talked to that hunter there probably have a little bit more of a similar mindset perspective about per you perspective. Yeah, similar mindset of view. Not all biologists are created equals most, or Yeah,

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Give you a hundred thousand foot view, huh?

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Yeah, they talk to a lot of people and some of them you can tell when you get ’em on the phone, you’re, you’re, you’re, you know, you’re not getting a lot outta ’em, but you need to have a series of questions. What I’ve generally found, and this is coming from, I guess having been experienced as a wildlife biologist and getting hundreds and hundreds of these types of calls back when I was a biologist, biologist for Utah Division of Wildlife, is you tend to probably give people a few, a little bit more that have helped themselves if they just simply call and say, Hey, where’s the best place to shoot a three 80 bull on the Mount Dutton unit? I, I mean, where do you even start with that? That type of question. A that’s not real. There’s not really a, a one answer to that anyway.

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But if you start talking about access, you start talking about where do the majority of the hunters hunt? Where do the majority of the hunters not hunt that might still find, be a good place to find a bull, you know, questions or things like that. They’re a little bit leading that show that you, you know, have a little bit different take on it. I mean, you’ll get, you’ll probably glean something from it, even if you have a, I mean, we talked to dozens and dozens and dozens of biologists as biologists over the year, Jason, as we write the magazine, you know, as we’re researching and all that. And you know, so we know what hunters are gonna get when they call these same people. And they’re not all created equal. Some are golden, they’re hunters themselves, they’re avid. They love to just hear spew information that, that’s more rare. I, I will probably say than it, than somebody that’s just a little bit more standard answer, like you said, the a hundred thousand foot view. But don’t, don’t neglect that. But I think you’re probably gonna get more from either talking to us at the office or our members than you are gonna get biologists by and large, don’t ignore ’em, but just don’t, don’t think you’re gonna get the, the hidden gem of your unit always from bio. Well,

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And I think that a hundred percent right? And I think too, hunters are the same way. The more you’ve kind of helped yourself, you get the maps prior, don’t call ’em up without having a map in front of you. You know, if you, if you, if you’re engaging with them, you know, the members are the same way, and pretty soon they start to get excited about their hunt. They’re reliving their hunt a little bit and they start getting excited for you. And pretty soon, you know, one thing’s leading to another and, and it’s just like a host of whatever radio talk show or a podcast or whatever. If you’re good at asking questions, you know your questions and the quality of questions. That’s right. And, and the direction of those questions, you’re gonna get that an the better answer back out of ’em. Now that’s, if you’re just asking very simple, maybe you’re not asking

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Where’s the, where’s the 1 90, 200 inch deer? I mean, yeah,

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I don’t know, you know, but well, what have you tried this and how about this access? And it looks like this is a little less roaded and, and you know, this is what I’m showing is winter ranges and summer ranges. Of course you can see all that on Colorado’s website especially, you can kind of tell where some these animals are wintering and whatnot, and they give that out to the public. And so, you know, anyway, you can, you can kind of, one thing leads to another and pretty soon you’ve got real quality information. Whereas like what you’re talking about with the biologist and the biologist, you were exception Adam. Like you, you were a biologist, but you were a hunter first really at heart. And I think that’s rare. It’s just, it’s rare. You information coming out to an a client or a hunter, you know, you know, would’ve, would’ve been different than maybe the average biologist.

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A lot of these biologists we talked to, I mean, well yeah, I did an aerial survey. Well, how did you know? And they’re not even looking at size. They’re, they got categories of, you know, a class three ram class, two class fours or whatever, you know, and they don’t really, you know, anyway, there’s just leaves a lot to be desired. And, and so these hunters coming from a hunter’s perspective and you know, is, is gonna be your critical piece of information, and not all hunters are created equal. You’re gonna find guys weekend warriors that are gonna go out and, and said it

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Was the worst hunt they ever had that, you know, they didn’t seem burn any deer. Too many people. And then you talk to another guy, it’s all about perspective. You know, what you put into it isn’t always what you get out of it, but, but to the large extent it is, the more somebody puts into it researches and effort they put in Colorado specifically, we’re talking back to that seems like we feel more Colorado calls on milder than any other state. And it’s mainly because there’s so many options. But you can talk to people in the same unit, Jason Hunt the same unit the same year, and have a hundred percent opposite perspectives. One would never go back. Too many people hated the elk hunters there. Other guys, you know, grind it out, know how to hunt in and around people use, use the G p s or an Onyx type system to navigate private land if needed. And they grind out a couple of great bucks. And, you know, that’s what it takes.

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People are gonna kill you off in Colorado if you go hunt Colorado second, third season. And, and that’s just this Colorado has standardized season structure, so, you know, second and third is same dates for elk and deer both and over the counter for elk second and third. And so you end up just dealing with a lot of people. There’s just a lot of recreator user, you know, people out in the field. So anyway, you kind of gotta get used to that. Of course, we’ve gotten used to it over the years, but yeah. Yeah, there’s a lot, lot to it. And so, you know, we’ve had also guys, you know, hit us up and hey, about Google Earth and, and of course you, you know, everybody’s calling that an ESC scouting, you know, I e scouted it, you know, and, and basically you just plug and play it at home on your computer, which is fine and good, but it’s sure a long ways from being awesome. I think I like to use, personally, I like to use Google Earth to, you know, when I’m looking at my maps and if I, I did my research as far as my homework with hunters, fellow hunters, biologists, whatever, tax dermis, whatever assets you can come up with, then I, you know, and you get a few basic areas, then go on and check out Google Earth, check it out. Yeah. You can see the end of trails and four wheeler trails or other access that may or may not be on some of these maps.

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Well, on some of the, it may, it allows you to visualize, you know, not just, not just canyons and topography with contour lines and whatnot that you get from your paper maps, but visualize, you know, burns and the openness of an area and a ridge and a glassing knob. And it’s like, yeah, if I get here, I can see looking straight north into there, I’m gonna be able to see that, you know, really good. It allows you to identify places that you want to go to try to glass or is this area, you know, too thick to glass at all? Is it too tree? You know, am I gonna get what I want out of it if based on the type of hunt or species you’re actually hunting there. So actually a great tool, a lot of people play a lot more time on it, I would dare say Jason, than you or I. Yeah. But what it does is it, it does shortcut you a little bit when you go to your unit, you know, you, you generally, you glean the areas that you out of it that you don’t want to go to, and the ones that you think you do want to go to. So you’re not just sitting there for the first time saying, well, let’s drive the whole perimeter of our unit, see what it even looks like.

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Well, I think a hundred percent, and I’ve got the Google Earth, you know, app on my phone. Yeah. And so even in the field, it’s when I use it, probably the most, of course, we all take a laptop and different things, you know, back at camp, whether we’re dealing with trail camera cards or Google Earth or even work, you know, at times returning emails and stuff, we can get onto our phone, Google Earth or whatever. And you can say like, I want to go to that, but where’s the nearest road? And the end of that road will g p s it maybe even the turn turnoff, the little two tracker. You can’t see a faded two tracker. Here’s the start of it, plug that into your G p s, go to that point, go to the end of the road and then climb to this point.

00:14:30:23 –> 00:15:25:29
And you, and we g p ss the top of the knob. And you can do all that in the dark. And so, man, you just never know. You need to be able to use it. You need to be familiar with it and fact, and be able to really be able to grab onto the opportunities that that would afford you. And so be able to use that. Don’t, you know, learn it as you go when you’re at home, learn how to use Google Earth. You’re gonna need it. And if, and it may help you kill that deer, elk or whatever. And so, you know, it’s a tool need to be able to know how to use it. Do we live by it? No. Not even close. We’ll go and check out a co some country, and then we’re seeing it, we’re going around that entire unit. We’re accessing the, you know, as much as we can of it and visually is how we’re figuring out where to hunt. We’re not e scouting and saying, I checked this out in July and by heck, this is where I’m gonna be sitting in, you know, mid-October. That’s not even close to what we, to, to the way we utilize Google Earth. Or you know, quote ESC scouting.

00:15:26:11 –> 00:16:12:20
That’s right. Yep. It, it just allows you to shortcut it a little bit. There’s, there’s no substitution for getting, getting on the unit yourself with your own boots. But we realize even, even ourselves, there’s, there’s units even living in, in Utah surrounded, I guess by all the other states that we generally hunt. We don’t always make it to our unit before opening day in every single tag on every single state. To the extent possible or to the magnitude of the tag that we have. We try to make that a priority. But we realize we’re talking to people all across, you know, United States. And it’s, it’s different. The further you live from the west, the harder it makes it to come out and actually set boots on the ground. So some of the things that we’re talking about are just to try to help give you as much of a headstart when you actually do get there.

00:16:12:20 –> 00:17:03:20
If that’s two days before the hunt, or the night before the hunt, or Yeah, a week before the hunt. It gives you, gives you some, some headstart because it’s just a different world I guess we live in. It’s a lot more at your disposal, a lot more you need to use. And we take advantage of it if you, if you usually take it for granted and show up, which we occasionally do on a Colorado third or a fourth season deer hunt. Because that in years like that, that’s usually when we’re like, all right, I can fit something in late and you can get away with it in a unit like that where deer migrate, they move lower. In that case, you just need to know the concentration areas, the deer wintering areas, the area, the, the direction deer moving in the unit prior to your season. And you can probably go wing it once you get there a little bit more earlier in the year. Deer, elk, you know, obviously sheep or goat or things like that. Totally different story.

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One thing I wanna talk about just a little bit, Adam, as we were talking, we were yaking as we were coming up here and stuff, is we were teasing about, you know, maybe helping a guy, you know, on the unit I drew for sheep in Arizona or whatever and some of the units that you’ve been affiliated with here in Utah. But you know, every year is different. Last year, you know, in 2017, sheep unit X in Utah, you know, they were all concentrated on water. It was dry in the fall. Dry. Yeah, it was dry in the, my deer country. They were pounding trail cameras. They were pounding guzzler Nevada springs.

00:17:35:24 –> 00:17:36:25
Remember the Nevada sheep last year?

00:17:37:12 –> 00:17:37:19

00:17:38:06 –> 00:17:42:29
I mean, yes. In different, in, in some of these last couple years they’ve had sheep pounding water in November

00:17:43:05 –> 00:17:57:29
In 17. And then at 18, remember 18 we had wet everywhere, spread everything out. Well and, and we were teasing about my sheep unit. There’s 30 or 40 sheep running together and it seems easy. Yeah, no big deal. We go in there. No, you go back here

00:17:58:02 –> 00:18:00:17
Giant. They’re just scattered because it’s dry and

00:18:00:20 –> 00:18:02:05
Hot or whatever. Be the toughest of your life, maybe.

00:18:02:05 –> 00:18:04:05
Yeah. You don’t know. There’s a lot of truth to that.

00:18:04:09 –> 00:18:54:00
And the feed and, and there’s goes so much that goes into it. Water feed, we had a lot of burrows. I mean, who knows if that if there’s more water, it spreads them out and which in turn displaces the sheep ’cause they don’t wanna be around ’em. There’s just a ton of different factors and variables. And so when, my point, I guess is talking to biologists, talking to hunters. Man, that was the worst time of my life. And it got me thinking when you said that, that’s one guy says it’s the worst time of his life. The next guy you might have called from 2012 Yes. Had the best time of his life. You gotta kind of filter environmental conditions. Could be a lot of it. Yeah. And maybe there was two feet of snow in Colorado on the second. The second season was, it was awesome. Best hunt of this guy’s life and the next guy’s like you couldn’t pay it go back, back. In fact, I’m feeling like suing the state of Colorado for lost wages and, and expenses because I went and participated in a hunt that they shouldn’t have offered to tag in.

00:18:54:11 –> 00:18:55:18
I might as been hunting camels.

00:18:55:29 –> 00:19:29:26
Yeah. You know, and so anyway, you know. Yeah. Anyway, so that’s my point about some of this stuff is you gotta, it is hunting and, and, and I hate that. I hate hunting is hunting. You never know what’s gonna happen. ’cause outfitters and hunters like to like to say that. And I always feel like you gotta control the variables where you can. And if you can do that, you know, everything else is hunting. The weather is the weather. We can’t control that. But I can control what kind of food we eat. I can control how much I scout. I can control my maps. I can control effort. My overall

00:19:30:05 –> 00:19:37:20
Preparedness my effort. Yeah. Hunting. Hunting all day long instead of just going and, you know, hitting a couple hours in the morning. If you can control the things, you can control. What

00:19:37:20 –> 00:20:07:13
About this client that we had that drew Nevada deer mid two twenties. I meet him over there in Panka. Totally help him out. Crush the maps. I found out, I find out he doesn’t even go out and hunt that night. Every other night. It feels like he’s back hanging at the motel, eating dinner early, not even going out. And then he feels like it was a total unbelievably crappy hunt waste of his points. Disgusted waste of his points. Then we draw him a tag over there in Colorado for elk. We give a, you just killed

00:20:07:13 –> 00:20:13:07
A on a unit 360 bull a year before myself. It’s not like just somebody, I mean, but it is

00:20:13:07 –> 00:20:15:26
Weather dependent. It is. We prepped all that. Right.

00:20:16:01 –> 00:20:27:17
But, but also, where you gonna use 10 to 14 points for elk in Colorado? You’re, there’s only a set number. You you, that’s right. There’s no sense of even looking at the top four or five units. Just ignore ’em all, you know,

00:20:27:19 –> 00:21:14:08
A hundred percent. So, so then he goes and has a crappy hunt there, which he, he deems as crappy. I’m thinking a, I remember you didn’t hunt the evenings over here in Nevada half the time. I’m wondering when you got up and when you went to bed and how this Colorado hunt really went down. Plus he had friends over there in Grand Junction. So, you know, it wasn’t just, you know, our information. Then he, we draw him a tag into Mexico in arguably one of the top, you know, definitely top 10, probably top seven units in the state. Goes down there, sees a three four. Yeah. Wants a three 40, sees a three 40 opening day. But from then on, just hated his hunt. Started winding to me on the phone. I just got done killing a three 80 bull in a crappy unit and picked, took all my truck cameras down and I said, and he says, you know, it just, it sucked and this and that.

00:21:14:08 –> 00:21:43:29
And I said, well what did, how many, what do you mean you did everything you could do? Yeah, I did everything I could do. Well you told me that in Nevada and I was so frustrated and I kinda sp spelled it out for him and then said, well how many truck cameras did you run? Well I didn’t run any. Well you know how much pres scouting did you do? Well, you know, I was there a day before and you know, I just thought this would be different and I thought it would be better and this and that. And he was just really disgusted in us and at least I took it as that. And so, yeah,

00:21:44:01 –> 00:21:53:00
Well and we don’t wanna seem like we’re that critical of an individual and effort and you know, that we’re the beating our chest that do it like us and you won’t, y’all, you’ll be

00:21:53:00 –> 00:21:54:18
Perfect, but control the variables. You can control.

00:21:54:18 –> 00:22:25:19
That’s, that’s what we’re emphasizing is not, not everybody does that take, take information you get with a little bit of a grain of salt, realizing that perspectives of everybody are different. So perspectives are so different anyway. Some things are big to others. Big, big to some people that aren’t even a non-factor to me. I mean, yeah, I mean some people want to know they got great restaurants in the unit they’re putting in in Colorado so they can have a good meal every night. We don’t even think of that stuff. Not, I mean, we’ll just whatever, you know that. Yeah. You know, but to some people

00:22:26:19 –> 00:22:30:20
We do have a place to sleep. Yeah. Like you need to know if you’re gonna take your well tent, you know, or your

00:22:30:20 –> 00:22:30:23

00:22:30:28 –> 00:22:32:26
Course. You don’t need to worry about that this year.

00:22:34:20 –> 00:22:40:16
I will. I’m gonna try to find a hidden gem somewhere. Somehow.

00:22:41:25 –> 00:23:25:20
You will. But anyway, I think, but yeah, that’s kind of, it goes in, you know, there’s just so much that goes into the, the end result of the hunt and tag that you’ve drawn. And so, you know, I think part of it too is like, so you got your maps, you google earth the crap out of it. You talk to everybody you can talk to. I think some of the, the key factors too is like when you look at a unit, you know, you get to decide which part of the unit you’re gonna hunt. And, and if it’s early season, you’re probably gonna be a pie. If it’s late season, there’s guys, I watched a YouTube episode of a guy that freaking started up at 10,000 feet and there’s snow on the ground, there’s no deer tracks. Pretty soon he’s about getting the truck stuck and he not seeing any deer and they go ahead and decide to go where the deer go.

00:23:26:00 –> 00:24:16:06
Wherever all the other hunters are probably hunting anyway because that’s where the deer are. They migrate. And so I think that’s part of it too, is you can come up here to Idaho of course. What a beautiful state this is treated us well for the few years that we’ve been hunting in the last five years, we’ve done fairly well up here. But you know, I think part of it is, is, is knowing what part of the unit you’re gonna hunt. You can, I mean, Adam, we can know a hunt deer right here, right? I mean there’s not a freaking knob above five feet. No. For miles. And, and maybe next to this hayfield out here, there’s a giant deer. I don’t know. There probably is, but only the locals would know that most likely. But you know, it’s not the first place I’d go. I mean we can see, we can look at that mountain right there and just say, well geez, it looks like there’s an old chaining over there and a burn and then there’s some mosaic, meaning they can come out and feed and then go back into bed into some live trees.

00:24:16:23 –> 00:24:39:18
It’s what about water in there? And there’s pretty soon it’s just kind of a natural on some places to look. And I think don’t try to outsmart the deer a lot of guys, and that’s guess my point a lot of guys, I’m gonna go high. Nobody goes high. Third season in Colorado. Okay, go high. But kind of the part of the reason they go high or the deer, they, the hunters don’t go high is ’cause there’s no deer there.

00:24:40:02 –> 00:24:50:11
Yeah. You know, just be, be prepared to adapt when you get there because you might get an 80 degree plus weather in October and stuff’s tough to grind out. What

00:24:50:11 –> 00:24:52:06
About November when you were 10,000 feet?

00:24:52:16 –> 00:25:09:01
Oh yeah. Killed in four season over 10,000 feet. Couple bucks. Not just like one, I mean we killed a couple and it’s just, you know, you don’t want to have to do that. It’s gonna be a grind, but that, that can be the way it is. So keep in mind, I guess that could’ve been classified as an alpine deer hunt.

00:25:11:23 –> 00:26:06:20
You guys, I got crushed on an email guys like, Hey, you know, you guys didn’t give much for the alpine question on our question and answer podcast. You know, it’s kind of funny. Beaver’s out your back door, you don’t even know what you’re talking about as far as that goes. And I’m like, well, I’ve killed a couple nice ones there. One’s two 20, one’s two 50. But hey, and that was in the beaver unit. But yeah, you’re right. Some, you know, we haven’t done everything. And, and, and that’s okay. Yeah. We don’t profess to it. We like doing what we like to do. I want to hunt the biggest animals in a unit and if that’s not in the alpine country, I’m not going up there. But you’re right, there’s, there’s, everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. What we’ve been doing’s been working for us and we’re happy to help everybody doing podcasts, consoling over the phone at Epic Outdoors. Whatever we can do to help guys be successful, we love it. We get to continue to learn. We have a lot of serious hardcore hunters in our membership that we learned from

00:26:06:21 –> 00:26:15:01
As well. That’s right. It’s great to hear from so many of them because the last few weeks we’ve heard from a lot, it seems like Nevada was off the charts this year.

00:26:15:08 –> 00:26:15:17

00:26:15:23 –> 00:26:41:11
On I I mean we said that about a couple other states. So the New Mexico was off the charts it felt like with the amount of tags we drew in our license app and our membership. But a lot of, lot of people in Nevada with some pretty special tags, both, you know, sheep, deer, elk, antelope, I mean everything. I mean, it was, it wasn’t good to me either. But that doesn’t really that matter. A lot of, a lot of, I mean it matters, but I mean, I’m over it. So.

00:26:41:17 –> 00:26:45:04
Yeah. So your life matters too. Yeah. Your hunting life matters.

00:26:45:06 –> 00:26:47:10
I can’t too much. Yes. You can’t have ’em all in one year.

00:26:47:10 –> 00:26:50:01
Your, your wife’s happy today. You haven’t told her you haven’t drawn yet.

00:26:50:02 –> 00:26:54:23
Oh yeah, she knows. Oh really? She knew the morning. The emails were all there. Remember I told ’em I’m gonna be up in the middle of the night

00:26:55:00 –> 00:26:56:06
Checking I what about Colorado today?

00:26:56:17 –> 00:26:57:26
Oh no, I haven’t told her that. Yeah.

00:26:57:26 –> 00:27:00:05
But yeah, she’ll be happy. Just

00:27:00:11 –> 00:27:05:22
Come, she’ll know the schedule will be written in sometime in July when it formalizes. But if you

00:27:05:22 –> 00:27:07:02
Can one way or another it’ll be full.

00:27:07:20 –> 00:27:12:17
Yeah, it’s pretty full now. But there’s a few gaps and I’m gonna fill ’em up. So

00:27:12:22 –> 00:27:18:08
Chris, what have we missed on the scouting or, or anything that you’re thinking about? What are you thinking about back there? So

00:27:18:08 –> 00:28:00:06
The, the thing that I was thinking about is everybody’s different. Everybody’s situation’s different, everybody’s skillset’s different. And I think what you’re talking about a minute ago is take what you have and make the most of it. Everybody doesn’t have to be exactly like Jason Carter or the Alpine doesn’t have to be my thing, but if it is your thing, go make the most of it. So find out what your strengths are, go find out what you’re good at, hunt where you can be most successful. And that’s kind of what I, what my perspective on it is, is take those principles that Jason’s talking about and apply them to your life, but in your own way. And I think you’re gonna be more successful that way. Being able to hunt your own way in your own area and just doing what you enjoy.

00:28:00:17 –> 00:28:03:05
You mean you’re trying to say you, do you That’s

00:28:03:05 –> 00:28:03:22
What I’m trying to say.

00:28:03:23 –> 00:28:06:00
Basically. You do. You don’t worry about me. You do you. Yeah. You be

00:28:06:00 –> 00:28:06:18
You, be you. I mean,

00:28:07:04 –> 00:28:07:24
Yeah, take,

00:28:07:24 –> 00:28:15:26
Take, take the, take the the things that you learn from somebody else but don’t think you have to be exactly like them to be successful. Well

00:28:16:00 –> 00:28:54:24
You’ll get a tag eventually down the road with that. That type of advice or that type of information is gonna mirror up more closely to you. Draw a, you know, 2 41 or any, any, you know, southeastern Nevada deer tag and information there and tactics and ways to hunt and scout are gonna be completely different than Colorado third season or Wyoming region, g r h. So just, just realize, yeah, when we’re yaking or where you’re reading stuff, put it in the memory bank. Know where do you find it, make some notes, whatever, pull it out when you get a tag of comparable status, stature, season dates, terrain, all that. So

00:28:55:17 –> 00:29:22:28
Yeah, I like that. Chris, you’re talking about some of that stuff too. It’s, you know, you don’t have to do what, what you do. You right. Okay, so Chris, you have the same tag as 13 other people in our office and families, right? Yeah. And you’re already doing something totally different planning on doing something totally different the rest of us. Yep. You’re gonna be doing horses and back in the middle of nowhere where you can get as far away from the rest of the office as you can and their kids

00:29:23:14 –> 00:29:23:20

00:29:23:20 –> 00:29:23:26

00:29:24:05 –> 00:29:29:28
Grandkids and their relatives and in-laws and outlaws. You know what I mean? And so, and and and smart.

00:29:30:15 –> 00:29:30:24

00:29:30:27 –> 00:29:47:29
Smart. And my thinking behind that is I’m gonna, I’m gonna do what works for me. So I have a background in horses and that’s something I feel like it’s gonna be an advantage to me to get, maybe get into it a little bit different country than everybody else. And so I’m taking what’s what I have and, and making it work.

00:29:48:08 –> 00:29:54:28
Just don’t dump a rag five in there, 12 miles in and then have to ruin your deer hunt. So just

00:29:55:01 –> 00:29:56:07
Remember, get an over the counter speak

00:29:56:07 –> 00:29:59:00
Of, maybe I should get an over the counter you just

00:29:59:00 –> 00:29:59:19
In case, but

00:29:59:21 –> 00:30:01:28
Provide for, you said your 1400 kids

00:30:02:04 –> 00:30:07:29
Maybe I just said maybe, but just dump a rag five 12 miles back and your deer hunt’s sober for a few days.

00:30:08:06 –> 00:30:11:13
Yeah. Instagram warrior Instagram. The shit’s out

00:30:11:13 –> 00:30:21:19
Of it. I have, I will say I have seen a couple three 30 plus bulls in Colorado on deer hunts. I know. Yes. And, and you’re like, I wish I would’ve bought an over the counter tag. Yeah.

00:30:21:29 –> 00:30:22:06

00:30:22:25 –> 00:30:26:08
You’re gonna have some have with certified wheat free hay, make sure

00:30:26:08 –> 00:30:27:08
You pellets

00:30:27:20 –> 00:30:30:01
It probably depends on where I end up going. Yeah.

00:30:30:08 –> 00:30:45:18
But anyway. And I guess you could, you don’t have to. I think you’re going hunting with somebody else, Chris, so you could just talk. Well it depends on if you wanna shoot the elk or not, but Yeah. But you also got a, do you wanna pay the, what’s an elk tag? Six something. Yeah,

00:30:45:23 –> 00:30:47:02
It’s fairly pricey. Yeah.

00:30:47:11 –> 00:30:47:26
So, but

00:30:47:27 –> 00:31:05:17
That’s, that was the case I was in last year is I, I actually did, I drew an elk tag on a, on the unit I was going deer hunting in and I, at the end of the day, I decided just to turn it back because the $600 wasn’t worth it to me. ’cause I, and that’s probably the case this year. I already have an elk tag and I don’t think I’m gonna wanna,

00:31:05:26 –> 00:31:06:26
I forgot you drew that.

00:31:07:05 –> 00:31:14:04
Yeah. I don’t think I want to deal with a Colorado elk when I’ve got another elk tag. That’s the elk is my sole focus. Yeah,

00:31:14:07 –> 00:31:17:18
Yeah. You’re household the one, you don’t need two elk a year to eat.

00:31:17:20 –> 00:31:18:10
No, no.

00:31:19:12 –> 00:31:20:14
That kind of where we’re going,

00:31:20:19 –> 00:31:26:04
That’s pretty much where I’m at. Plus the, the whole pack out. If I’m packing out a deer, oh yeah. I don’t wanna deal with an elk.

00:31:26:26 –> 00:32:19:07
We’re, we’re going to a lot of different units this year and every year all the guys at Epic Outdoors are going to new units and researching and learning and this learning new units and using maps and using Google Earth and visiting with people is not new. It’s something we’ve been doing for years and years and years and perfected, we’ve walked into units we’ve never even touched before and killed, you know, very respectable animals, if not some of our best animals. And, and so anyway, we’ll be hitting Wyoming deer and all kinds of different stuff that’s brand new for us. Just kind of being what we feel like are the epic Guinea pigs and stuff we might hear is good or could potentially have, you know, good animals in it. And so all the time, I think part of this equation is being willing to risk, risk your points is taking a little risk here and there.

00:32:19:07 –> 00:33:23:17
Like you have to know everything. You don’t have to hunt specific named animals to go ahead and feel good about utilizing your points or trying something. A little bit out of the box for you is jump in, jump in and do it. Don’t be don’t be scared, don’t be shy. We’re willing to help you, you know, get started and just be aggressive. The more you you put into your hunt, whether it be on the phone and out in the hills and, and you know, the more you’re gonna get out of it, you, if you come heck or high water, I’m gonna freaking do the best I can do. And you give it all you got, you’re gonna walk away with a whole different experience as if, well, you know, I drew this and I hope it’s good and I pray that weather’s good and if it’s not, it’s because of the weather I didn’t succeed, you know, type mentality that you’re probably gonna walk away with a less than great experience. And so, you know, treat it as if it’s your last tag. I mean, just hit it with everything you got, especially if it is all you got this year. A lot of guys, you know, one, two or three tags pretty much takes up their vacation time or the time their wives are willing to let ’em go. And so make the absolute most of it.

00:33:24:17 –> 00:33:40:20
That’s right. November 15th, 20th, whatever, when it’s all over and done. It’s, it, it happens sooner than you thought and then it’s hard to, you know, you don’t get re redo dues on these tag very often, so. Well it’s a good story. Well, we’re headed to Oregon. Do you have any stories up there? Oh, lucky

00:33:40:25 –> 00:33:41:05

00:33:41:19 –> 00:33:41:29

00:33:42:24 –> 00:33:44:11
You remember that one pretty good. I

00:33:44:11 –> 00:33:45:08
Don’t know. Yeah. That

00:33:45:08 –> 00:33:47:10
You need go read your journal or you got that

00:33:47:10 –> 00:34:32:23
One? No, it’s just, I don’t know that’s worth telling. But for, I don’t know, I guess we are going to Oregon. Both, both of us have been up here hunting sheep before once in what? 2004 and the other one. 2008? Yeah, just four or five years apart. Got lucky. Jason and I both drew sheep tags. I’m sure we’ve said that about 1500 times. Either in the magazine or on the podcast. Grateful for it. Those draw results have been coming out here around June 20th along with like Montana sheep, moose and goat and things like that. Washington. Washington sheep, moose and goat, Wyoming, deer, deer, elk and antelope for residents. Deer and antelope for non-residents. So anyway, but yeah, it was, I dunno, desert country. But remember how cold it got the 1st of September? Oh,

00:34:32:23 –> 00:34:44:03
When we were sleeping under the double four-wheeler rack in the bed of your truck. Freezing froze. Our guts. Anybody who’s ever slept in the bed of a truck with no air mattress, so to speak, you freeze man. Yeah, well you freeze on warm days.

00:34:44:07 –> 00:35:17:24
It was summer, right? It was, it was, we went up there August 27th or something. It’s August and it’s usually a hundred degrees still, right? Yeah. And it, it wasn’t, remember it got a cold front first one of the year blew through and we had a little light chincy. I don’t remember what we had for bags, but it wasn’t enough. No. And we froze it. I spent five days up there, looked over 50 or 60 rams on my unit and opening day decided to be on the best one, which was nicknamed by the locals. Blackie we’re pretty sure we don’t know, but we just said it was, we said it was Blackie. There

00:35:17:24 –> 00:35:33:23
Was a local that kept talking about Blackie. We realized this is a unit that it just genetically age class. I mean it just doesn’t have giants. And so we’re thinking what do you, how can tell tell what is Blackie? I mean it’s another 156 or eight inch ram. Like what do you Right,

00:35:34:12 –> 00:35:34:21

00:35:34:28 –> 00:35:37:20
Mean which one could be Blackie? We, how many sheep did we see?

00:35:38:08 –> 00:36:07:24
Hundreds. A lot. Yeah. 50 or 60 rams. I, I can’t remember. But that was just the rams. So we had seen a lot, I don’t know what percentage that had to be pushing what, 80% or more of the rams. We probably fell on the hundred 90. Who knows a lot of them. But it was a great time, great hunt ended well opening day and then came home smoking. That’s probably the last time. I’m trying to think. I think I did go on a family vacation up in the, you know, northwest Oregon coast once with my, my

00:36:07:25 –> 00:36:08:11
Wife. Well I

00:36:08:11 –> 00:36:11:07
Spent some time, but I don’t know that I, Jason did. Yeah. Let’s,

00:36:11:12 –> 00:36:12:16
Well I’ve spent a little time,

00:36:12:18 –> 00:36:14:13
Spent tons of some blacktail. He had a little,

00:36:14:15 –> 00:36:14:28

00:36:15:19 –> 00:36:19:19
He had little, I thought that’s where you’re going. Come on. I was teeing it up. I thought that’s where you,

00:36:19:19 –> 00:36:20:28
You’re gonna bring that up. That’s

00:36:21:00 –> 00:36:22:04
Actually the hunt I was referring

00:36:22:04 –> 00:36:23:28
To when I saw word long.

00:36:24:18 –> 00:36:28:23
I thought you were going there. I mean, Jason had a little blacktail fetish before. For a minute

00:36:28:23 –> 00:37:12:08
Before we, before we talk about the, let me, let me, let me tell you, I want to just a little something that I remember about your hunt. I learned something huge on your hunt. So we went in, we’ve pre scouted these sheep and I glassed up these sheep and we got into ’em. Of course, we’re spread out before it starts. We are spread out trying to video as many rams as we can. And, and so we’re covering different stuff and whatnot and talking to each other on the cell phones and whatnot and just, just crushing the place. And I got up on these group of sheep and I, and one, one of ’em looked like a good ram, right? And so we, we belly crawl to where we can see these rams and their bed had just sitting there basking in the sun. And all of a sudden they just all are alert, looking the other direction.

00:37:12:16 –> 00:37:46:14
And I’m like, what is going on? Like, what are they looking at? We’re gonna blow these rams. We don’t even know it, but they’re not looking at us. There’s probably a coyote or something. And all of a sudden I see this little glint of sunlight and it’s, it’s like, it’s, it’s like bouncing off of a wristwatch over there. And I put up the scope and I look and there’s dude’s belly crawled on the other side of these sheep. And the dude’s wristwatch, they caught the, the sunlight, glistening, glistening off his wristwatch. And they were, and they had him pegged forevermore. I’ll never forget that forevermore, when I’m watching, we

00:37:46:17 –> 00:37:47:00
Never wear a

00:37:47:00 –> 00:38:38:10
Watch. I never wear a watch. I take off my wedding ring, put it in my, in my bino harness. Like, because I realized like all those, those are the littlest things. Those guys have no idea why those rams caught him. They think, well, geez, wan must have swirled. Somebody made a noise. George a fricking guy. I knew I shouldn’t have brought him. He was freaking broke a branch with his knees, you know. And no, it was a simple wristwatch, simple wristwatch. His, his long sleeve shirt didn’t cover the wristwatch. And anyway, I watched that, watched them, of course they blew out. And we all stood up. They stood up, we stood up, we all walked in different directions. And I was disgusted, but I learned a huge lesson. All right, Chris, do you want to, why don’t you talk about this black tail one? ’cause I’m ready to throw up in my mouth just anticipating the re reminiscing about this stupid

00:38:38:10 –> 00:38:39:24
Stupid, which, which, which trip

00:38:39:24 –> 00:38:46:10
Do you talk about? Well, we went twice, which is so dumb. So we went up, I I I wasted an applegate. They the sub

00:38:47:12 –> 00:38:55:18
SubT species of mule there. And that’s, we know that’s where heart is fondest, you know, thinks of it’s the mul there. It’s so they’re a, they’re the little

00:38:55:18 –> 00:38:59:05
Brother. They’re 120 to 30 inch mule there and they’re

00:38:59:05 –> 00:39:04:20
The little brothers that okay that, that nobody appreciates. And you have a soft spot in your heart for things like that. So take it away,

00:39:06:29 –> 00:39:07:10

00:39:08:07 –> 00:39:13:20
It, it’s seems pro save. This seems promising at first. I will say that we got up there. Okay, so

00:39:13:27 –> 00:39:54:20
Well, okay, let me preface it with this and then I want you to tell the story ’cause I don’t like it. Okay. But what what happens is I had a mu applegate muzzle tag and I ate it. I freaking, I had enough points, no big deal, could get it. And then I realized why do I want this tag? I mean, I’ve got other deer hunts going on. Things that are, I’m way more excited about. So I ate the tag. And in, in Oregon, even if you don’t buy the tag, you lose all your points. And so, you know, there’s no turning back, there’s no getting your points back. There’s no refunds, there’s no nothing. And so anyway, got it. Wasn’t as excited about it. Ate it. Well then what happens is, is they have the muzzle, the the rifle tag. And the rifle tag is in October, but it’ll extend late.

00:39:55:03 –> 00:40:24:19
It’ll, it’ll rotate with the calendar where, where things fall on the, on the days of a calendar. And once in a while it’ll kick back a week and it’ll be a week later. Friend of ours who’s an outfitter says, duke, this is the year to come hunt up here. It’s over the counter rifle. This is the year. Because they’ll start to rutt. And when they start to rutt, you got a rifle in your hands and it’s over the counter. And it’s awesome. I know it. I got big bucks. And by the way, look at this, steer this steer this steer this deer. And I’m thinking let’s do this. I’m Chris, let’s do this. It

00:40:24:19 –> 00:40:29:19
Kinda like, kind like one of those days in the office when somehow, somehow come on outta nowhere

00:40:29:23 –> 00:40:30:20
Really. Come on,

00:40:30:29 –> 00:40:55:14
Antelope become the front burner topic. And then, and then before you know it, 10 to 15 minutes go by and you’re almost, we’re getting drawn in like a black hole. You’re almost planning, planning an antelope punt or a couple of ’em and planning your whole fall around. Yes. One or two back-to-back antelope punts in two neighboring states. It’s almost like you got drawn in like this is what I’m hearing. Yeah.

00:40:55:25 –> 00:41:13:19
Yes. Okay. That kind of thing. I thought I need to go up and experience it. It’s a species I haven’t hunted. And this is the year to do it. It I, it makes sense. We have units like that in Nevada, Utah. When all of a sudden the calendar shifts and you’re like, or the rutt for elk or whatever, your calendar shifts doesn’t even, something

00:41:13:19 –> 00:41:14:19
Makes more sense. Yeah.

00:41:14:24 –> 00:41:38:01
Adam, Colorado, the muzzle dates for deer, elk in September. Something shifts like all of a sudden it kicks that muzzle day kicks late for Elks. They’re gonna be running. But that’s big. Yeah. And the weather and it’s cooler all of a sudden, this is the year to use it. Right? Our, our third season kicks late for rifle deer in Colorado. This is the year to use it. This was the year to go to Oregon. It was gonna be the most epic year ever.

00:41:38:15 –> 00:41:45:05
Did you hear what you just said? Okay. This was the year to go to Oregon. This is going to be the most epic year ever

00:41:46:08 –> 00:41:46:23

00:41:46:23 –> 00:41:47:16
Tag. Should all of those words

00:41:47:23 –> 00:41:48:19
Ever be counter attack?

00:41:49:11 –> 00:41:52:19
Should those ever be used in the same again? So this is, this is

00:41:53:04 –> 00:41:57:19
A story of one of the 50 or 60 tags that I’ve eaten in my life. Go ahead Chris. Take

00:41:57:19 –> 00:42:06:04
It away. So we get up there and I’ll admit it was some of the most beautiful country I’ve ever been in. It was, it was beautiful country. Okay, there’s a plus. I’ll give him that. I think

00:42:06:04 –> 00:42:10:13
We have some good photos on our epic outdoors website. If I’m not mistaken. I look

00:42:10:17 –> 00:42:14:13
Like’s scenery. I’m 15, I’ve aged a hundred years in the last 10. But hey,

00:42:15:12 –> 00:42:15:20

00:42:15:20 –> 00:42:16:12
A little stress in my life.

00:42:16:28 –> 00:42:21:24
Low li, low line fog, just beautiful scenery. Oh, it’s pretty beautiful. September sunsets

00:42:22:10 –> 00:42:23:11
Pretty, is there any trees?

00:42:23:26 –> 00:42:27:10
Lots of trees. Long story story. Rainforest

00:42:27:13 –> 00:42:28:18
As far as I’m concerned.

00:42:28:26 –> 00:42:34:01
Long story short, we glassed and we glassed and we glassed and we glassed and we glassed of a bear.

00:42:34:05 –> 00:42:35:20
How many days do think that was?

00:42:35:20 –> 00:42:37:00
We did a big bear. How long Big bear.

00:42:37:04 –> 00:42:38:05
How long are we talking? Was it

00:42:38:11 –> 00:42:40:10
Seven days? Yeah, I think it was a week.

00:42:40:16 –> 00:42:41:04
We came back,

00:42:41:12 –> 00:42:41:25
Came home.

00:42:42:18 –> 00:42:42:26

00:42:43:00 –> 00:42:43:24
Home. How many bucks?

00:42:44:25 –> 00:42:46:14
I don’t know if we saw. I don’t think we saw

00:42:46:15 –> 00:42:57:02
Eight buck. Maybe in the headlights. We saw a couple. But it was one of those things with this guy, we didn’t even realize it. And he just, oh,

00:42:57:20 –> 00:42:59:00
You’re tap dancing. There

00:42:59:00 –> 00:43:18:02
Was a hundred different things going on. Let’s leave it off the air for now. But at the end of the day, nothing convinced to go back. Went back smore the same. An unbelievable experience. An unbelievable experience. It only happens to me, Bronson. It only happens to me. Yeah,

00:43:18:29 –> 00:43:35:00
I yeah, you’ve had a couple of those, but you go on a lot of roll the diet, you, you know, you, you do the dice. I’ve rolled some dice. Let’s, we both hunt. Okay. We’ve both hunted the Navajo reservation for deer a couple of times on, let’s just say

00:43:35:00 –> 00:43:36:05
They’re, I ran trail cams out on the n

00:43:36:08 –> 00:43:37:06
Oh so have I. And

00:43:37:06 –> 00:43:38:22
I got goats of all colors. Oh,

00:43:38:22 –> 00:43:41:06
All shapes, sizes, colors and hair links.

00:43:42:14 –> 00:43:45:12
Unbelievable dogs. I mean it was unbelievable.

00:43:45:22 –> 00:43:53:13
Dog, coyote, hybrid co coy dogs or whatever they’re called. You got hybrids running everywhere. I don’t know if you shoot ’em or if they’re a pet. I don’t know. Mexican

00:43:53:16 –> 00:43:55:11
Wolves. I don’t know. It’s a little everything.

00:43:55:26 –> 00:44:10:00
But, but those are another examples of we’ve, we’ve tried some, we’ve tried everything. We’ve, we’ve used their tags for other purposes, but I, they’re been on paper, but we’ve used them for other things.

00:44:10:12 –> 00:44:13:23
Instead of cutting your socks off or cutting your sleeves off. I mean

00:44:13:25 –> 00:44:24:00
Yeah, that’s right. That’s kind of where I was going. But that’s kind like in Oregon and we’re chalk it up to experience. I mean, you know what? It looks like you got some beautiful photos out of the trip.

00:44:24:18 –> 00:44:31:19
Well dude, we went through some stuff there in California to get, get up there. I mean we went through some big redwood type forests. Remember that Chris?

00:44:31:21 –> 00:44:32:04
Oh yeah.

00:44:33:05 –> 00:44:36:02
It was some gorgeous country to get in there and Mount

00:44:36:07 –> 00:44:36:19

00:44:37:07 –> 00:44:41:18
Yeah, we did see that. That’s right. Anyway,

00:44:43:25 –> 00:44:53:18
All right. So Chris, that was your, we’re heading to Oregon and those are the two, the two Jason’s been there more than I have back in day hunting. Deer and elk and you know, guiding some clients on some bigger

00:44:53:24 –> 00:45:27:05
Tags. I Omaha archery elk. My dad had a tag and I remember, so Omaha’s super, super thick. And the black bear, they have bears everywhere. And there was, everybody was skin and out a bear it seemed like. And we went in there and it was one of the first times that they came out with the GPSs and was it a Magellan, like the old Magellan huge square with this great big rock up antenna. And we relied on that for our, for our wellbeing, our life. And we got lost. And this thing wouldn’t link up the

00:45:27:09 –> 00:45:27:17
Satellites because

00:45:27:17 –> 00:45:28:10
It’s so thick. It

00:45:28:14 –> 00:45:29:29
Oh so thick. The

00:45:29:29 –> 00:45:52:09
Canopy, the, the canopy was unbelievable. And it’s got, and you’re seeing these great big satellites blinking on the screen. I mean this is back in the day the very first GPSs and you, you know, you’re not bread coming crumbing your way out through that middle of that crap. And we were bugling calling elk and dealing with elk. And then it gets dark and we’re like, no problem. We got this fancy Nancy g p s, it cost us $1,400. State of

00:45:52:09 –> 00:46:04:23
The art. And you’re not, still not sure government satellites, you’re still not sure if the government’s really letting all your stuff through. ’cause it was member when they finally let their grip off of that technology. It’s like, yes. You know? Yes. You know, you

00:46:04:23 –> 00:46:23:06
Get so yes. So I remember my dad saying, well what happens is the way people walk in, people walk in circles at night and the way they do that is one, they have a longer stride on one side than the other. And so they, you just end up walking in a circle and on and on. I’m thinking a, I don’t know if that’s true. I mean, I don’t know.

00:46:24:12 –> 00:46:24:16

00:46:24:16 –> 00:46:46:09
Dunno why people walk in circles, but it does happen. Right. And we walked in circles for hours, finally found a little bit of an opening linked up, got a basic bearing and we ended up in the flat that we had parked in like four hours later. Sopping, wet, raining, middle of the morning. Remember it’s Oregon. Oh dude. One of the worst experiences of my life.

00:46:47:19 –> 00:47:24:05
But there was elk everywhere. It was awesome to experience, that experience that went aha went to Juniper, they have that muzzle or deer hunt. That was the worst experience. Also I saw 150 inch deer max, a few nice sheds. I got a few nice sheds outta there, but I mean, dude hunted the steams. That’s some deer country right there. I’d hunt the steams Now knowing what you know, I mean, that was back when I was a kid. Now I feel like, you know, a guy could go in there and do some damage with the, what we’ve learned and how to hunt and whatnot. I, I, you could kill a big old deer in the steams. But anyway, that’s, that’s enough of that.

00:47:24:27 –> 00:47:25:08

00:47:25:08 –> 00:47:34:24
Go shoot long range up here with m o a. We do, we do appreciate our sponsors. We got Bob Beck with M o a Rifles, what’s it called? Extreme what?

00:47:34:24 –> 00:47:35:20
Extreme Outer Limits.

00:47:35:24 –> 00:47:41:17
Extreme Outer Limits with Bob Beck up here. We’re gonna go up and meet up with him. We’re gonna have a YouTube episode on this. Yeah, handful

00:47:41:20 –> 00:48:20:23
Of members of Epic Outdoors, I believe that booked the other spots. Right. That’s, we’re gonna be meeting some of them. I’m not, we don’t, I know we have their names in our file somewhere, but be good to just, it’s almost like a hunting camp scenario. They get a great lodge there. Yeah, awesome. Obviously go through a lot of basic information about shooting long range techniques, things like that. But then you get out there in the hills and on the course and actually do it. So hopefully, hopefully we don’t choke. Hopefully we don’t make complete fools of ourselves. Yeah. So it’ll be fun to get up there and you know, use a new rifle, use a new setup I guess so to speak, and you know, have some fun. Yeah,

00:48:20:24 –> 00:48:21:05

00:48:21:14 –> 00:48:24:07
New people and learn a little bit more about the business and things like that.

00:48:24:21 –> 00:48:33:29
Going out here on the Sheep Mountain Outfitters Lodge, you know, where they kill a lot of these big old rams and I don’t know a lot of big deer and stuff too, don’t they?

00:48:33:29 –> 00:48:47:16
Yeah, that’s right. Yep. And we’ll probably, Chris, correct me if I’m wrong, but we’re gonna, you’re year long to document this. We’ll probably put us out on the YouTube channel here in the coming weeks, right? Yeah, we definitely will. That’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna film it. And

00:48:48:21 –> 00:49:20:01
So anyway, it’s that time of year. Everybody’s looking at what they’ve got tag wise and we’re trying to figure out muzz order restrictions. I’m gonna be breaking out my muzzle here shortly. Drew a, drew a tag in the favorite state of Nevada, so we’ll see what that, what comes of that. I’ve gotta start shooting archery, muzzle rifle. I’m gonna put some, yeah, put some heart on some things this year. So anyway, we’re excited. There is a lot of snow up there, boys to the north. We’re coming through here headed toward Twin Falls and we’re gonna go over to Baker

00:49:20:01 –> 00:49:20:23
City, looking up there towards

00:49:21:03 –> 00:49:21:16

00:49:22:05 –> 00:49:28:17
Mackey or some of that country up there. I don’t know how far I’m seeing right now, but there’s plenty of, plenty of white in them there hills, there

00:49:28:17 –> 00:49:40:16
Is. So that’s a lot of, lot of snow and appreciate you guys listening. Go to epic outdoors.com if you haven’t joined up. If you’d like to visit with us, give us a holler. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7.