EP:125 Q&A Part 2 Listener Questions Answered by The Epic Crew. In this episode of the Epic Outdoors Podcast The Epic Crew continues answering questions submitted by listeners. We have a range of questions from all topics. Enjoy the insight and our perspective on many subjects pertaining to hunting the West.

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He’s got at least a couple cheaters outta each side. He looks like a 30 inch frame. I’m like, oh.

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You’ll generally do better. You’ll learn more country, you’ll learn more. Deer tend to move as pre hunting pressure increases

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Anything to do with Western big games.

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To the Epic Outdoors Podcast,

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Powered by Under Armour.

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Well, first off, let’s thank Under Armour for sponsoring this podcast. Of course, they sponsor all our podcasts here in southern Utah. Finally, got some sunny weather. Looks like it might be 80 degrees this next week. Of course, it’s been 60 up in Anchorage. I’m headed up there soon. And it’s been warmer in Anchorage and down here. Can you believe that, Bronson? Do you wanna talk, talk to us about the latest hunt that you’ve been on and a lot of fun that you have.

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Chasing some bears. When I say chasing, I should say looking for or glassing for bearss.

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Been a ton of bear hunt for everybody. Even up in Idaho. Well,

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Cold. I think they’ve been half in, half out of the ground. Ding up. I mean, it’s been a crazy, unprecedented winter and spring here in southern Utah. We’ve, we’re not as old as some, but I know in my lifetime I’ve not seen one that just continually gets wave after wave of cold, rainy, snowy weather on top of a big winter. Most of the places we’re looking at it today we’re 175 to 275% of normal.

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Yeah. Plus

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600%. We, our graph John changed the graph to show like 500 and greater. Yeah. 600 and greater percent.

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’cause one unit didn’t register and we had to up the top ceiling Right.

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By Phoenix. Think

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About that is an unreal. Oh, I mean,

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Anyway, was snowing at my house on Monday. Yeah. Come on. You don’t live very far from our houses.

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No. Yeah, but there’s something across the valley

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That changed snow. I’m pretty sure. No, it was, it snowed. I told bro, it snowing out. No,

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It snowed on us over. There’s snowed on us a couple times. It was, it was crazy. Usually late May end of, end of May. You’re hunting shade during the afternoon to glass bears from, because it’s, it’s, you know, hitting’s 80 degrees. Maybe nowhere near that right now. So I wanna

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Talk about this comment you made Adam, about we’re not as old as some, but I wanted to add onto that we’re older than most. ’cause we’ve got people asking us for younger participants on the podcast.

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Yeah. That I don’t know how to take that. People that

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They, wait, what does that mean? People

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That they assimilate with? I don’t know.

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They know. I take that. Does that mean they think we’re over the hill and, and we’re sick of listening to you guys? A hundred percent. I mean,

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Oh yeah.

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That’s the way I took it

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At 45. And Jeff, are you 40

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Hitting? Not yet. Just about. I’m closing in on, oh, I’m closing in. I’m closing in.

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All right, Chris, we know you’re your ways to go from there, but that’s, that hurts.

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It was offensive.

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Chris is our connection to the younger generation.

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I mean, because we think

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It was a nice request. Very respectful to just, you know, I just just like to listen to people that we understand a little better. That’s

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You know, our vocabulary is, you know, we do use it probably a different kind of vocabulary. We’re in a lot

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Of things. We’re using six and a half grade vocabulary,

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Like talking about glassing.

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Glassing. Now that can be a relative term, right, Chris?

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No. I’m pretty sure most guys listening to this particular podcast, probably not what that is.

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I don’t know. We had a, but everybody, we had some guys went, you know, kinda wonder about what we mean when we talk about g glassing and, and what we mean is gla looking through your binoculars covering the country. Right? Yeah. And so kind of talking about covering the numbers.

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Covering the numbers, and what does that mean? There have a lot

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Of questions about that. So what does

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Covering the numbers mean? Yeah, let’s, let’s dive in.

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All right. So

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Think down armor. We, we we’re moving

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Threw, we threw out a Toby, Toby Keith saying, okay,

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We did.

00:03:45:11 –> 00:03:45:26
I thought you said,

00:03:45:28 –> 00:03:47:23
Oh, not as young as I once was. I, yep. But

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I’m not as good as,

00:03:48:23 –> 00:03:49:07
Not as good as

00:03:49:07 –> 00:03:49:28
Well, basically

00:03:50:01 –> 00:03:52:16
As good as I was. But, but I was good as, I

00:03:52:23 –> 00:03:54:13
Was as good as I ever was.

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One time. Another thing today we can, we could have a red solo cup tribute today

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Too. You’re having a red solo cup with a monster and a Mountain Dew mix. Well,

00:04:04:20 –> 00:04:05:08
Carter, this

00:04:05:08 –> 00:04:06:24
Is Jason’s worried about tooth and hamel.

00:04:07:29 –> 00:04:08:12
Well, we,

00:04:08:13 –> 00:04:09:16
We split some more

00:04:09:16 –> 00:04:14:00
Teeth, we split one and I needed a solo cup. He kept the can. I was, then I added new mind. Something about

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A can, something about a can.

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You know, some days just get through the day. You just get it in your gut.

00:04:18:27 –> 00:04:25:14
I’m trying to wean myself off of it. And so anyway, they say the monsters way more potent in Canada than in states.

00:04:25:26 –> 00:04:30:17
We have heard that way more. Oh yeah. Yeah. Some bear hunter hunters up there told the set. Oh yeah, you said, look at the labels. It’s

00:04:30:17 –> 00:04:35:07
Insane. Well just go double check up there. And you know, we all know Canadians, ss are all he healthy.

00:04:35:07 –> 00:05:09:08
John Jen Rivett says, dude, you look on the back, it says, you know, like vitamin B six, ours says 100%. Okay, there’s a 600% B 12, 600%. She’s like, dude, we grow fingernails up here. Fingernails and hair grows like crazy when they’re drinking bear monsters. Like they drink them. Really? They buy ’em by the case. Yeah. Yeah. Cases and pallets. So anyway, they gotta thank Monster for all their bear success up there. And we’re gonna move on. So let’s talk about covering the numbers. We’re gonna jump down here. There’s a question about what do you mean by covering the numbers? Where’s the question? Throw it out there. Bottom

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Of the page.

00:05:10:02 –> 00:05:18:20
Let’s see. Yeah. Jason talks about covering the numbers a lot on rutt type deer hunts. Does he mean driving and-ing, driving glassing

00:05:18:26 –> 00:05:26:16
Or checking different remote basins? Yes. Yes. Yes. All of that. Cover the numbers. Get ’em as fast as you can if you’re gonna cover the numbers. Meaning

00:05:26:19 –> 00:05:27:29
If that’s by roads, I

00:05:27:29 –> 00:05:30:08
Don’t care how it is. Yep, yep. Cover the numbers. Sooner

00:05:30:08 –> 00:05:33:23
Or later, there’ll be a big deer standing with the dough. Dumb ready to Yep.

00:05:34:01 –> 00:05:42:24
Let you take, if you see a hundred bucks, you got x percent chance of seeing a big deer. If you cover a thousand bucks, you got x x percent chance of, have you ever

00:05:42:24 –> 00:05:45:02
Covered a thousand bucks on a hunt, Jason? I don’t

00:05:45:02 –> 00:05:45:12
Know about a

00:05:45:16 –> 00:05:51:01
Thousand. I mean, that was a very, very, I know high number to pull out your eye. The

00:05:51:01 –> 00:06:02:10
Only thousand I can think of is there was a member that hunted an antelope unit in Wyoming, and he says, we saw a thousand different bucks. And I’m thinking, okay, that’s a lot. A a how do you know they were different because animal

00:06:03:03 –> 00:06:03:10

00:06:03:10 –> 00:06:04:06
Got, I mean,

00:06:04:08 –> 00:06:06:16
There’s no dropper. No droppers and cheaters.

00:06:07:12 –> 00:06:17:26
Okay. Okay. B B bullshit. But that does mean there was a lot. And they do, they have the most tags in the state and yada, yada, yada. Anyway, it’s nice to hear about

00:06:17:26 –> 00:06:40:10
That. And you know, when Jason’s excited about, like, so I went hunting up with, with Jason in Idaho the first time we went up there, probably the first time I hunted Idaho with you and, and Jason. I mean he all but grabbed me by the collar and stared me in the eye, shaking me saying, Jeff, don’t stare at deer. Move on if he’s not a giant move.

00:06:40:15 –> 00:06:45:08
Well, Jeff is, Jeff is glassing off his window. Oh. And and, which is great, right? That’s what I wanna do.

00:06:45:17 –> 00:06:46:17
And I’m looking at good box.

00:06:46:27 –> 00:06:47:06

00:06:47:29 –> 00:06:48:28
Twenty eight, thirty inch

00:06:48:28 –> 00:06:52:01
Box. He’s phone scoping a one seventy five bucks with a little cheetah.

00:06:52:08 –> 00:06:54:23
Oh. I mean, it’s got a inkling.

00:06:55:05 –> 00:06:56:28
I’m like, I’m like, Jason, you got, maybe we outta,

00:06:57:17 –> 00:07:08:24
It’s more like this quick. I said, what do you, what do you got? And he goes, dude, I’m looking at about 180 inch. I’m like, awesome, awesome. Well, let me know if you see a big one. You know? And he goes, and so pretty soon I call, I call him back. I call him up and

00:07:09:05 –> 00:07:09:12

00:07:09:12 –> 00:07:18:14
Like, he answers the phone. And I go, what are you doing? And he goes, well, you know, I, I’m looking at this buck. And I go, which buck? Like, well, the buck I told you about. I’m like, what?

00:07:19:14 –> 00:07:20:28
That was hour and a half ago,

00:07:21:20 –> 00:07:33:26
Dude. I said, okay, lemme just explain something to you. You could’ve seen another 15 bucks. You might cost us a giant instead. We’re gonna let that guy live. You have to move. It’s true. If it’s not the deer, it’s true. You’re gonna know if it’s the right. Not true.

00:07:34:00 –> 00:07:34:11
It’s true.

00:07:34:28 –> 00:07:37:26
If it’s the right deer, you’re gonna know it until then. Drive,

00:07:38:02 –> 00:07:39:16
Drive, drive. Lock

00:07:39:22 –> 00:07:40:08
For driving

00:07:40:08 –> 00:07:53:05
Lock. Look for deer. And meanwhile I see Jason’s truck, it’s just dust heading in the distance. And then all of a sudden I get the phone call. I just saw Buck. Yeah. And, and when he says that, that means saw a big deer. Yeah. He’s like, he

00:07:53:05 –> 00:07:53:25
Was, I think I,

00:07:54:08 –> 00:08:02:26
I think he’s got like, like I only got a chance to see him going over the hill. He’s got at least a couple cheaters outta each side. And it looks like a 30 inch frame. I’m like, oh yeah.

00:08:02:26 –> 00:08:04:08
Well he’s a big deer. This

00:08:04:09 –> 00:08:08:10
The one I did. I did figure out. He’s got a base light guard, Jason, this one over here.

00:08:09:23 –> 00:08:17:08
So by the time Jeff and then Jeff, you’re still, I don’t know what you were doing screwing around. And I’m like, I’m looking at this deer videoing this deer at,

00:08:17:16 –> 00:08:18:22
I leave the truck. And at that point I just,

00:08:20:01 –> 00:08:27:25
I leave the truck, I get him on the phone. I said, Jeff, drive to my truck. Get in the door. Shut it softly. And the scope is on the deer. I’m walking.

00:08:28:10 –> 00:08:28:17

00:08:28:26 –> 00:08:30:04
I saw. It’s shaking my guts out.

00:08:30:18 –> 00:08:33:26
Remember? Yeah. By the time I got over there you were. You were already gone. You’re like, oh

00:08:33:26 –> 00:08:36:06
Yeah, well, you know, this is a pretty good deer.

00:08:36:20 –> 00:08:39:20
And Oh yeah, he was a nice deer. I got that whole on video

00:08:39:21 –> 00:08:44:19
Too. I think we’ve covered that. Covered it. Covering the numbers means just that cover and move on. And

00:08:44:19 –> 00:08:45:05
It’s fine. Remote

00:08:45:23 –> 00:08:46:13

00:08:46:13 –> 00:08:48:10
Glean and move. Glean and move. Yeah. Glean

00:08:48:10 –> 00:08:51:01
And move. Yeah. Hit it hard as you can hit it. Sometimes those are

00:08:51:01 –> 00:08:52:16
On whatever, not for every hunt.

00:08:52:26 –> 00:08:53:23
Not for every hunt for sure.

00:08:53:23 –> 00:09:02:06
Some hunts. You’re gonna be lucky to see. You see a 180 buck during a hunt, Jeff. And even if that’s not what you want, maybe the only 180 bucks. You see

00:09:02:09 –> 00:09:13:00
You guys covered the numbers. Let’s talk about that. Up in Wyoming. You were covering the numbers hard. Oh yeah. Remember? That’s true. And Jeff was watching 145 inch deer out the window. He’s like, dude, they were coming up licking my tires at times.

00:09:13:04 –> 00:09:15:14
No, it was wild. It was wild That, that

00:09:15:20 –> 00:09:20:24
We nicknamed the hunt wild kingdom. Yes. Many of you, you guys remember when I was a kid?

00:09:21:00 –> 00:09:24:13
Okay. How long ago was that? Because we’re talking to millennials. Well,

00:09:24:13 –> 00:09:27:20
I know I was a kid. These kids have, these guys have no idea. Remember the

00:09:27:20 –> 00:09:31:10
Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom? It was on like P b s or whatever. Yeah.

00:09:31:13 –> 00:09:32:08
Oh, mutual. And that was

00:09:32:11 –> 00:09:37:10
The show. You’d watch cheetahs run down stuff you’d run, you know, it was awesome. That’s what we had back then.

00:09:37:11 –> 00:09:38:16
Is this on Hulu or

00:09:40:00 –> 00:09:42:17
This is on Google. P b s.

00:09:43:25 –> 00:09:48:08
Okay. Funny if you don’t know what that is. Yeah. Sorry. We don’t relate. Well people.

00:09:48:28 –> 00:09:50:18
So yeah, I don’t know. That was it.

00:09:50:21 –> 00:09:52:02
Well, no, I mean, you guys were wild. There

00:09:52:02 –> 00:09:52:04

00:09:52:17 –> 00:09:53:00
Wild kingdom.

00:09:53:05 –> 00:09:59:18
We had sheep, we had deer out the wazoo. Antelope. We had white tails and mule deer. Yes. We had elk everywhere and yeah,

00:10:00:08 –> 00:10:17:17
Herds of elk. Like man, I videoed sheep. One group of, well in the same, the elk herd was moving around the herd of sheep. Like there, like there’s big horns on the mountain and I’ve got a, I’ve got a video around like the elk were all around Sheep mixed with elk mixed. It was wild. So

00:10:17:17 –> 00:10:18:24
I have a question about this hunt.

00:10:19:09 –> 00:10:21:10
Wolves, moose. I’ll add those two.

00:10:21:17 –> 00:10:27:20
So, but having said that, did you have a hard time Adam, getting Jeff to engage in covering the numbers?

00:10:28:17 –> 00:10:32:12
No, I’d been whipped. I’d been bull whipped by Jason Carter

00:10:33:17 –> 00:10:36:02
A while. And you were getting at going, uncovering the numbers. And

00:10:36:02 –> 00:10:47:11
We were actually in a lesser unit, I would say, than the unit you guys were in Idaho. So it was plain for Jeff to see where we were Here in Wyoming. Yeah. I gotta move on. This is just, they’re just box you.

00:10:47:11 –> 00:10:48:06
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:10:48:12 –> 00:10:49:19
Okay. So anyway. All right,

00:10:49:22 –> 00:10:52:08
Huh? Yeah. And there was a few, I’ve had a few texts. Well we were up against

00:10:52:14 –> 00:10:55:05
The deadline too. We were up against, we only had like three days to

00:10:55:05 –> 00:10:57:19
Hunt. Right. It ended at the end of October. We were in a hurry.

00:10:57:22 –> 00:10:59:22
Yeah’s. True. Alright, we covered the numbers on that one.

00:10:59:22 –> 00:11:36:10
Let’s do an etiquette question since we’re all sort about etiquette. Hey guys, what’s the etiquette with scouting units during open hunting seasons? For example, I know I’m going to draw unit X next season. I’m thinking of scouting it this open season to work out rutting patterns, behaviors, and areas. Is it frowned upon to be in a unit without a tag and interacting with the animals while other guys are hunting or scouting for rifle tag when it’s open archery season as another example? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on, or if there’s some unwritten rules of etiquette.

00:11:36:24 –> 00:11:39:01
I would say observe. Don’t interact with the animals.

00:11:39:01 –> 00:11:45:04
Yeah. Don’t go walking into the wallow. I probably would avoid that. You know what I mean? Blowing up a archery hunt. I

00:11:45:04 –> 00:11:46:28
Deal, I’m just gonna sit in this wall right here and

00:11:46:28 –> 00:11:48:19
Setting up ground blinds and

00:11:49:02 –> 00:11:49:19

00:11:49:21 –> 00:11:52:04
Not the triple chuckling and you know, and

00:11:52:06 –> 00:11:53:16
Getting your mood on screaming.

00:11:53:16 –> 00:12:06:04
Screaming through every bugle. I mean, don’t start playing with the elk bugle bulls. Don’t try help. Don’t do that If you, if you gotta make sure Yeah. That those are probably some of the basics there, but, but it is, it happens a lot. Utah.

00:12:06:19 –> 00:12:07:18
Oh, go to the Henry’s.

00:12:07:24 –> 00:12:11:29
Yeah. Henry’s they archery muss loader. Oh yeah. Well

00:12:11:29 –> 00:12:21:18
Yeah. When I had my tag down there, oh, three-fourths of the people I saw met on the mountain hiking didn’t have a tag. They were just there. ’cause they had one in the past. How

00:12:21:18 –> 00:12:23:23
About on my hunt opening day? Yeah.

00:12:24:08 –> 00:12:24:17

00:12:24:25 –> 00:12:30:19
We were trying to kill the muzzle loo guys. Hey, wonder who’s hunting this box? Yes. Oh, there’s somebody here hunting this buck. We probably haven’t.

00:12:32:09 –> 00:12:47:07
And that’s okay. As long as they keep on moving. Yeah. You know what I mean with when they start screwing with you, it gets, gets to be a problem. Yeah. I did. I, you know, I did go check out, I was gonna use my max points there in Arizona and I went down there to 12 a west and went on the late, you know, I mean, during the hunt, just

00:12:47:07 –> 00:12:50:20
Driving roads day you got 200 inch bucks on tailgates.

00:12:50:20 –> 00:13:03:01
Oh, I saw. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I saw a 2 0 6 buck that got smoked. But, you know, and I was glass. That’s how I met Kevin call first time out there in the middle of nowhere, just kind of cool. There was trucks and people everywhere. It was fun. Yeah. I mean, people we get to visit, but

00:13:03:01 –> 00:13:18:26
You didn’t do anything but drive roads and glass from there. But because at the time, I mean, there’s still people 10, 12 years later that are still 10 to 15 years or 20 years from drawn 13 b. Yeah. So you, you’re looking for, I wanna hunt a big deer,

00:13:19:02 –> 00:13:31:00
But I might wanna go somewhere different than the strip 13. So what’s this 12 way west got? And just, just so just looking at it and anyway, and then I realized, yeah, I kill a 200, your here, you know, I felt like at that particular time in history. Yeah.

00:13:31:14 –> 00:13:35:19
So there is a lot to be said with we’ve, we’ve all done that at times. Go to a unit during,

00:13:35:25 –> 00:13:38:00
I, I don’t think it’s a bad idea. Like I think it’s a good idea,

00:13:38:23 –> 00:13:40:06
But there is etiquette. Yeah.

00:13:40:06 –> 00:13:46:16
Cover the numbers type approach. That’s right. Probably don’t stray too far from roads. Don’t get out hoofing too much. I

00:13:46:16 –> 00:14:08:00
Glass for a couple guys, even like learn your difference. You know what I mean? Yeah. No big deal. But Right. But it’s awesome to see it during the season. I mean, it is, it, it gives you all the confidence in the world. You need to know. Same thing, Colorado. I mean you, what are you gonna add? You got, you got over the counter elk hunters for the most part. Second, third season you got go hundreds either s hunters, usually hundreds of, of deer

00:14:08:00 –> 00:14:11:00
Hunters. Well, and what it might do is you might get there and you might be like,

00:14:11:12 –> 00:14:11:29
This is, I

00:14:11:29 –> 00:14:21:24
Don’t wanna burn 15 points on this. No, thank you. You might just see that and realize the deer tags. There’s one thing, the over the counter elk tags is another thing and you’re like major out

00:14:21:27 –> 00:14:23:23
Factor. Yep. Right. It’s a major factor. So,

00:14:23:23 –> 00:14:29:02
But if you’re out there trying to dump coyotes and predator calling in between, you know, glass and deer and whatnot. I mean, come on.

00:14:30:11 –> 00:14:31:07
During the midday.

00:14:32:17 –> 00:14:37:18
Yeah. I mean, you’re dumping a pot gut or something. I mean, it’s just not gonna work. You know,

00:14:39:09 –> 00:14:50:22
You know what Chisler, I mean chisel p I don’t, you know, there’s, there’s a lot of people right now wondering what are they, a pot gun? Does that mean a fat guy on a four-wheeler? What does that mean?

00:14:50:28 –> 00:14:53:22
Is that a northern Utah thing? A chisler, I don’t know what Chisler, like

00:14:53:23 –> 00:14:56:10
Chisler. Southern Utah Pot gut is Northern Utah. Oh yeah.

00:14:56:11 –> 00:14:58:02
Yeah. I’ve called them pot guts myself.

00:14:58:03 –> 00:15:00:26
You call ’em. So obviously an Eastern Utah thing too. Well just

00:15:00:26 –> 00:15:03:07
Little Marmon and Chis, you know, little ground rats

00:15:04:13 –> 00:15:08:11
Except for southwestern Utah. That can get you in federal prison. Yeah. Yes

00:15:08:23 –> 00:15:09:01
It could.

00:15:09:20 –> 00:15:10:12
Okay, let’s stop that.

00:15:11:08 –> 00:15:19:07
Don’t know what, what we just said. We do have a projected strain of prairie dog here in southwestern Utah. So that

00:15:19:11 –> 00:15:21:00
We’re talking about. So the black tail is like the black tail. I

00:15:21:00 –> 00:15:22:25
Don’t know. It’s just called the Utah Prairie dog. It’s,

00:15:23:01 –> 00:15:36:01
Anyway, so yeah. Anyway, don’t go out and screw it guys. Just go observe, don’t interact, you know, maybe interact with some people here and there, but be, be respectful. Help ’em glass, who cares. Just, just go and see what you’re up against. Yep.

00:15:36:06 –> 00:15:36:20

00:15:36:22 –> 00:15:57:10
Helps a lot. All right, let’s move on. Let’s see. Talk about how to properly set up kids for success in the current point schemes among the different states. I have a nine year old that loves to hunt, wants to be totally, and I, and want to be totally prepared. I’m 35 years old and at times seem too late at the game to fully capitalize on great tags. We’ve proven that not to be true. There’s plenty of, yeah,

00:15:57:10 –> 00:15:57:26
You’re young enough to

00:15:57:28 –> 00:15:59:29
Throw more tags and we can stand, there are,

00:15:59:29 –> 00:16:02:16
There are some that feel daunting. Some

00:16:02:26 –> 00:16:04:04
There, there are no questions. But

00:16:04:04 –> 00:16:14:01
You just have to block ’em out and either don’t apply for ’em or change your mentality in some of those states. Like, like look at Colorado and Wyoming for instance. Are we

00:16:14:01 –> 00:16:19:26
Talking Montana sheep? I get it. And now if we’re talking about deer in Wyoming or elk, even elk in Wyoming. Yep. No,

00:16:20:10 –> 00:16:45:07
Go for it. Get it. 10 bucks of pop, you’re gonna do it. Deer in Colorado, most kids especially, you know, when they’re right outta the gate, 10 or 12, what do they want? They just want to go on, have on a successful hunt. And you know, we want to try to squeeze every bit of maybe quality or trophy potential outta some of the tags we get. ’cause obviously we’ve hunted longer than them. But we gotta just, you know, well

00:16:45:07 –> 00:16:45:13
This year

00:16:45:13 –> 00:16:46:02
Just get ’em on

00:16:46:02 –> 00:17:04:18
Hunts, for example, this year. Jeff, you’re taking your kids to Wyoming, elk, deer, antelope, potentially. Yep, for sure. Antelope. And, and I’m taking my kids to Wyoming this year’s. The Wyoming, last year we did Wyoming elk for, for Colton of course. And then, you know, Sean had tags that felt like everywhere. You know, Colton had a, an tag here. He

00:17:04:21 –> 00:17:05:05
Jaw’s lucky.

00:17:05:15 –> 00:17:10:28
You know, Ashley had Idaho. Who else? What other kids had what tags? I mean there was brother.

00:17:10:29 –> 00:17:18:19
Oh, Nevada. Yeah. My daughter had kids. Idaho Antelope. My kid had, they both had Utah then they boy had lake coups in Arizona. I mean we were in six, all six.

00:17:18:19 –> 00:17:20:08
There’s a lot of fun. There’s a lot of

00:17:20:08 –> 00:17:20:11

00:17:20:15 –> 00:17:23:22
Sean had the Mexico, it’s New Mexico archery deer. I mean it’s

00:17:23:22 –> 00:17:30:00
Comparatively it is so much cheaper than you Oh yeah. Than an adult. Applying in building points. It’s good to get those kids

00:17:30:00 –> 00:17:36:04
Rolling. Applied. My kid in Idaho, we’re talking a $31, you know, mentoring, hunting license and then a 1475 application fee.

00:17:36:17 –> 00:17:49:19
And that’s something’s coming up. This guy’s got a nine year old. He should think about getting ’em title because we’ve experienced this. We all have, who’ve hunted with kids. How hard is it to get them on a deer or on a it? Well

00:17:49:19 –> 00:17:51:19
In Idaho’s is 10, right? You can start

00:17:51:19 –> 00:17:53:22
At 10. Idaho and New Mexico. We went down there.

00:17:53:29 –> 00:17:55:18
New Mexico killed was

00:17:55:18 –> 00:17:59:00
First buck down there when he was nine. We went down there, Jason, we picked a crap

00:17:59:00 –> 00:18:01:05
Year. It was terrible. 23. Do not go to

00:18:01:05 –> 00:18:03:12
23. We saw one buck to shoot. We shot

00:18:03:18 –> 00:18:07:07
A spike. Okay. One was a spike by two and you have to have a fork. Antler deer. Yeah.

00:18:07:07 –> 00:18:14:07
The other one we saw. ’cause you were with your boys. We saw like a three point driving into the, we did unit the day before the hunt or something

00:18:14:07 –> 00:18:17:25
Like that. Remember along the highway? It was so thick. Yeah. There’s no way we couldn’t relocate him.

00:18:17:28 –> 00:18:28:08
No. That was a day or two before the hunt anyway. Yeah. So, but we saw two bucks. One was a spike, you can’t, was not legal. And the other one, one’s a forkey that my boy smoked.

00:18:28:16 –> 00:18:28:29

00:18:29:11 –> 00:18:31:23
And he shot a coyote down there too. And it was, that’s awesome.

00:18:31:27 –> 00:18:33:00
You know, it was success.

00:18:33:13 –> 00:18:38:05
It was just success to go. But now, I mean Idaho’s since changed their age.

00:18:38:08 –> 00:18:39:17
Yeah. Now we’re 10 years old.

00:18:39:22 –> 00:18:43:02
At 10. You know, you start looking at New Mexico, you, you can look at

00:18:43:02 –> 00:18:46:04
Kansas, you can do New Mexico, you can look

00:18:46:04 –> 00:18:46:26
At Kansas if you’re ready

00:18:47:17 –> 00:18:47:29
In Kansas.

00:18:48:12 –> 00:18:49:16
And then Idaho and then

00:18:50:14 –> 00:18:51:24
Arizona is 10 where Yep.

00:18:51:24 –> 00:18:55:08
Arizona tend to get going. Then where would we say the no-brainer kids

00:18:55:08 –> 00:19:00:12
States, no-brainer. Like Nevada’s a no-brainer with the cheap, cheap build. $15 hunting license. Start

00:19:00:12 –> 00:19:01:11
Those points. $5

00:19:01:11 –> 00:19:06:14
Hunting license in Arizona. $31 in Idaho. Those are just no-brainers. Wyoming,

00:19:06:29 –> 00:19:08:07
Colorado, and Wyoming. Cheap point.

00:19:09:08 –> 00:19:09:14

00:19:09:14 –> 00:19:40:12
You to go every year. Ashley just barely got, we got another guy that’s won that’s gonna overuse his points. He’s got more points than the unit takes. He’s gonna point booster. She’s gonna get a tag. I mean, so that’s another reason Adam. We’re talking about our wives and getting, and with this point, boosting options as far as applying together and group applications. And then even mentoring tags is now we’re going, well maybe we should apply our wives a little bit more just because, so our kids have a few more options and whatnot. Yeah. And point boost ’em a little. We’re not talking about going to theirs on a strip before they’re,

00:19:40:12 –> 00:19:45:19
We’re talking about just getting them a region K or H check. Right. A year or two earlier. That’s it is all we really talking about.

00:19:45:19 –> 00:19:55:06
That’s what we’re talking about. And really getting them some, you know, adhering to the hunter’s lifestyle. So anyway, what el what else are there for kids that we’ve been, that’s

00:19:55:11 –> 00:19:56:06
Probably it. Like, I mean,

00:19:56:06 –> 00:19:59:01
Washington is super cheap to apply. We do it just

00:19:59:01 –> 00:20:08:02
To do it. Oregon’s cheap to apply for kids, for kids youth license. It’s cheap. Once they become adults or in the case of Washington 16, we pull the pen, we’re done. Yeah,

00:20:08:11 –> 00:20:16:18
I mean it’s, but what if they got a sheep tag or aod a moose or something like that. That’s right. So we both applied our kids, you know, for that never purge or whatever. And so,

00:20:17:21 –> 00:20:33:22
So anyway, anyway, definitely do it. You do just, you have to have a little bit of, it’s definitely different than when we started applying in high school and college age than it is right now starting to play our kids. It’s just be a little bit more, a lot more realistic about what you’re really building points for. And that’s to go hunting. Okay.

00:20:33:27 –> 00:20:47:13
I’m gonna put you on the spot now. Break out your pen and papers, podcast listeners. All right. Top five ranked in order states to apply for kids. I hate to put you on the spot like this. No dude. Just off off the cuff,

00:20:48:15 –> 00:20:54:20
What would, what would the top be defined as opportunity to get tags and go hunting or build

00:20:55:04 –> 00:20:55:07

00:20:56:04 –> 00:20:56:17

00:20:57:02 –> 00:20:58:07
Well, I mean, well, well

00:20:58:11 –> 00:20:59:11
I guess probably not top five. Building

00:20:59:21 –> 00:21:01:28
Hunting. Getting hunting experience. Well, getting

00:21:01:28 –> 00:21:09:28
Experie. I just think Colorado is a no-brainer because one thing is with, and Chris, you know this Adam, Jeff, we all have got zero to one point type tags.

00:21:09:28 –> 00:21:10:16
Yeah we

00:21:10:16 –> 00:21:11:24
Do tons of, we love them. There’s

00:21:11:24 –> 00:21:15:05
A turn. We love tags. There’s a no so many options. Right. No brainer. Colorado’s a no brainer.

00:21:15:14 –> 00:21:17:20
Colorado, probably Idaho. We’ve all had

00:21:18:02 –> 00:21:19:10
Kid tag fees too and no

00:21:19:10 –> 00:21:20:07
Points but

00:21:20:09 –> 00:21:30:17
No point youth hunts. But they got some youth hunts and or they got generals or unlimited. There’s stuff you can, we’ve all had our kids there in the first year or two of their hunting. Oh absolutely. You can’t even get, Utah actually

00:21:30:17 –> 00:21:40:12
Killed her first buck up there. Justin killed his first buck in New Mexico. Colton killed his first buck, buck. Sean killed his first elk. His first big game animal was an elk in New Mexico.

00:21:40:20 –> 00:21:44:01
Some amazing youth hunt opportunities in New Mexico for

00:21:44:01 –> 00:21:51:25
Sure. New Mexico’s not, again, not a non-point state. Utah we love, like especially with Deere, you have a point system for general. They, they do give some limited entry. They

00:21:51:25 –> 00:21:58:08
Do give some 20% to the youth. But from an honor perspective, Utah wouldn’t be high on a list. It wouldn’t be. But what if

00:21:58:08 –> 00:21:59:18
You went the general, pretty regular

00:21:59:18 –> 00:22:11:28
General would be, but but really would you rank that higher than a one point Colorado? No, no. I’d say yeah, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico. Of course you can’t ignore some of those. Idaho, Arizona we

00:22:11:28 –> 00:22:19:24
Love Arizona’s cheap $5 for the hunting license. Come on. Of course you should do that. There’s plenty of opportunities down there. And just with four or five points, six points

00:22:20:28 –> 00:22:22:28
For a place with a point system or youth deer

00:22:22:28 –> 00:22:23:05

00:22:23:05 –> 00:22:29:02
They’ve got youth deer hunts antler in units we’ve never even heard of 20 a whatever, you know what I mean? I’m just throwing that out there. I

00:22:29:16 –> 00:22:37:12
I like the, the story we ran in our last magazine for Arizona. Yeah. With Wayne Brown Wayne and took three kids down there and they killed three cos deer.

00:22:37:23 –> 00:22:38:17
One trip trillions that

00:22:38:20 –> 00:22:39:24
Yeah. Backpack. They had decent

00:22:39:24 –> 00:22:40:12
Little bucks too.

00:22:40:12 –> 00:22:56:01
Yeah. And they’re nice bucks. I mean something to be had Arizona, unlike New Mexico gives New Mexico, gives awesome rutt hunts for mul deer and elk to youth. They’re better than the adult tags. You can’t really say that about Arizona. They’re just, they’re just different season. They’re

00:22:56:01 –> 00:23:15:10
Opportunity. Lot of antlerless elk and then some antler deer off the wall units. The best one being like unit 10, you know what I mean? Yeah. So and 18 B by the way, where we hunted sheep. Exactly. So anyway, a few opportunities there. We love the over-the-counter Turkey hunts in Arizona. It’s off the charts really for kids. They are give kids a little break and you know, give us

00:23:15:12 –> 00:23:16:16
Outta the office for a day.

00:23:16:23 –> 00:23:19:29
And I would say Nevada Nevada’s cheap. It’s $15 worth getting.

00:23:20:21 –> 00:23:31:18
It’s worth doing it. It’s just that, that was just a year ago that they instituted that. So changed up the licenses. But the one thing a little bit like Utah, the drawn tags thing is gonna be rare in Nevada.

00:23:31:23 –> 00:23:37:17
Well they give their residents junior hunts for the deer. They don’t give anything for non-residents other than a price break. Yeah,

00:23:37:17 –> 00:23:38:26
That’s it. So it’s kind, you know,

00:23:39:03 –> 00:24:08:02
Far as a hunting license. That’s right. Yep. So, but we love it and so we do it and you know they’re gonna thank you you for it. Hopefully if they continue to hunt when they’re 25 years old, they’ll glad to have some points. So anyway, we probably missed something. But anyway, that’s just off the cuff again. When we do these podcasts, these are off the cuff. I haven’t even read that question prior to getting here. So we’re just, you know, we jump from the phone into the podcast room for a minute and so here we are. Well maybe we’d get a different answer here in a day or two. Who knows.

00:24:08:06 –> 00:24:10:13
This maybe is for Jeff and I haven’t read the question,

00:24:10:16 –> 00:24:11:20
But which one are you looking at?

00:24:11:27 –> 00:24:21:02
I’ll, I’ll read it. For someone who works full-time and doesn’t have a lot of time to scout, what is the best advice and options to hunt general season units for trophy deer?

00:24:21:27 –> 00:24:22:10
First thing,

00:24:22:10 –> 00:24:23:22
General. I would say

00:24:24:03 –> 00:24:26:23
The general CC with no time. Wow.

00:24:27:07 –> 00:24:32:23
So not asking. So I’d say the first thing is that person should be hunting Colorado third season. Why

00:24:32:23 –> 00:24:32:28
Is that?

00:24:33:05 –> 00:24:34:18
Why is that? ’cause you

00:24:34:18 –> 00:24:35:26
Don’t need, I agree. Need to scout

00:24:35:26 –> 00:25:22:23
It. You don’t need to scout it. You’re, you’re coming in between, I don’t know, the first to fifth. It always kind of varies in that range of November, those bucks for nine days after that, for nine days after that. So you’re hunting bucks that are coming into the rutt. You don’t need to prec scout or hunt like that. You don’t need to, you don’t need to know where they’re watering. You don’t need to do all that extra work. You don’t need to run cameras for sure. You know, you basically are showing up as the bucks are showing up into areas and you’re hunting it that way. So that’s gonna be your first priority is finding units and hunts that are kind of geared toward that. Where, where it does you almost no good to hunt, honestly. Let, let’s say Utah limited entry elk rifle. Boy, it doesn’t do a heck of a lot of good to prec to run cameras on that. Right? And, and to really grind bulls that

00:25:22:23 –> 00:25:23:29
Up and change all of the place they’re

00:25:23:29 –> 00:26:04:13
Moving, right? So, so anytime you can show up right at, at the rutt that that’s gonna be the best way. That’s why I’ve always hunted Colorado because I had a full-time job cranking, like you have to show up ready to hunt the best way you can. Now granted it’s always good to know the roads, whatever, but, and, and no access, different things like that. It’s always good. Yes, I, I get it. All the preseason scouting can help that. But maximize your time. If you got five days, go five days at the end of that Colorado, third season instead of the first of it or different things like that. There’s a lot of different things you watch the weather, pay attention to that. Don’t waste time going. If it’s gonna be snowing for three days and you know you’re not gonna be able to see anything, don’t go then wait till right when the snow’s breaking, hit it. Different things like that.

00:26:04:25 –> 00:26:41:25
One thing that I would probably offer if, if you were gonna try to tailor it to a general season unit and, and maybe we’ll talk about it like as Utah, Idaho, which have general season type hunts is stick with the same unit, assuming the unit’s worth a darn hunt, the same unit repetitively over and over. You’ll generally do better. You’ll learn more country, you’ll learn more deer tend to move as pre hunting pressure increases, things like that. Now if you pick a, a random unit to start with, let’s say, I don’t know any oak or stansberry, let’s say you, you picked that one. The the ochers. Alright. Okay. And I know there’s people in

00:26:42:13 –> 00:26:50:20
Northern Utah turning my tag out. I’m tapping out just like, just like back, just like you had me at Ochre. I’m tapping out. I’m done.

00:26:51:05 –> 00:27:00:23
Just like, and I’m gonna put this out for all you Salt Lake and T Valley people in northern Utah like the the Llama podcast we did. Come on,

00:27:01:07 –> 00:27:02:20
Come on. Somebody’s gonna

00:27:02:20 –> 00:27:05:07
Call call and send us a picture of a 30 inch buck

00:27:05:07 –> 00:27:10:10
Off the, I wanna see it. Okay, so send, it’s probably a freak send it. The thing is ingested somewhere shows from out

00:27:10:10 –> 00:27:22:17
There. But I just picked that one out ’cause it would, I don’t know as much about it and it would probably not be the one I pick. It’s I see a million or 2 million people off the top of it and I’m like, I don’t feel like counting deer this close to 2 million people I love. But my,

00:27:22:26 –> 00:27:26:06
The pictures that pour in from these podcasts, I love it. Send them in.

00:27:26:10 –> 00:28:03:17
So, but my point is, if you happen to pick a bad unit, don’t just grind in one out just to take the advice that I just gave you about hunting the same unit forever until it happens. But if you’re a unit with good deer numbers and a decent age structure, decent net buck to door ratio and you’re seeing bucks, maybe it doesn’t happen. You don’t kill a big deer every year on public land, on on general season units unless you, you aren’t hunting very many other hunts. And what I mean by that, if that’s, if it’s your only hunt of the year and you can sink all your teeth into it, a lot of guys can really excel on general season hunts doing it that way. But my 2 cents would be hunt familiar areas over and over and over and you’ll learn more and you’ll do better that way.

00:28:03:25 –> 00:28:22:10
I agree. I think you guys did it well. I think you covered it. I don’t know what I could add to that. So it’s just, you gotta hunt close to home and scout as much as you can, even though you can’t scout a lot. General season trophy deer. Those are, I mean those things generally don’t, I mean with time it could. And so anyway, you do need a little time. So

00:28:23:20 –> 00:28:25:06
How about one for Chris? Let’s

00:28:25:06 –> 00:28:26:06
Do, let’s have, oh there you go.

00:28:26:25 –> 00:28:27:29
I got the, okay,

00:28:28:20 –> 00:28:29:00

00:28:29:00 –> 00:28:35:00
See. I have a dedicated hunter dag for Pine Valley one’s. Why you chocolate Chris?

00:28:35:11 –> 00:28:36:19
This is for you Chris. I know.

00:28:36:19 –> 00:29:19:22
What is the best time to scout for the archery and if I find bucks, should I stick to the same area for the muzz lit and both the rifle seasons? So dedicated Hunter, for those of you listeners that don’t know what that means, it, it only applies to the general season deer hunts in Utah, it’s a program that you can enroll in. It’s a separate draw that allows you to hunt all, all seasons within that general season unit for the year. You have to do some service hours and some different things like that on wildlife related project or buy those service hours. And you can only kill up to two deer in a three year period. You’re in the program for three years. You can only kill two bucks in those three years. So this gentleman wants to know, all right, when’s the best time to scout? And then when you find something, how long can you count,

00:29:20:05 –> 00:29:20:19
Count on

00:29:20:20 –> 00:29:20:29

00:29:20:29 –> 00:29:25:20
Deer, how long that, how long is your scouting info good for? And then when you make the change, I usually tend

00:29:25:20 –> 00:29:59:05
To really start getting into it. I mean, I’ll go out earlier than this at times, but actually scouting deer, I usually start later toward the end of June when the, when the bucks are starting to look like something you can kind of tell what they’re gonna be, see their genetics. And that’s when I start really hitting it. And then that serves for your archery season hunts. And then the first part of your muzzle loader, you can generally have those deer in that general area. After that, after your muzzle loader season, those deer are gonna start moving. And a lot of times they won’t be there for the rifle. So, well

00:29:59:15 –> 00:30:03:05
Especially that later rifle. Yeah, that later rifle. He’s actually about Pine Valley. Especially

00:30:03:09 –> 00:30:04:14
On Pine Valley. That is people

00:30:04:14 –> 00:30:05:04
That know highly, highly

00:30:05:04 –> 00:30:06:06
Migratory unit.

00:30:06:24 –> 00:30:18:07
I mean they’re they’re leaving, yeah, they’re going into Nevada and the Nevadans think they got something hunting our general bucks. And I’m sitting here going, if you got a two fortys tag in Nevada hunt the local bucks. Don’t be hunting our Utah bucks. ’cause they’re dinky

00:30:18:17 –> 00:30:28:20
One, one of the cool things about the dedicated hunter is scout during the season for the next year. So when you’re out there on the rifle hunt scout that season for the next

00:30:28:20 –> 00:30:34:12
Year, I thought you were gonna say one of the cool things is all the dedicated service hours you have to do and the people you get to meet. Huh?

00:30:34:16 –> 00:30:35:02
Not necessarily

00:30:36:02 –> 00:30:44:14
Contrary to popular belief, it is like non-residents can, can apply and draw a dedicated a hundred. Oh yeah.

00:30:44:15 –> 00:30:45:17
Tag. It’s fairly expensive.

00:30:45:24 –> 00:30:51:02
Well, it’s expensive, but not in the real scheme of things. How much, how does land on tags? And you had three general

00:30:51:07 –> 00:30:59:16
Season. It’s about a thou, i I think it’s about a grand, isn’t it? Yeah. You had three general season tags together. You’re pushing seven 50 or 800 right there. Yeah. So I mean it’s,

00:30:59:17 –> 00:31:04:25
Well, and then you got your, you got your service hours that you can buy out at 20 bucks an hour. Yeah. You know, so you got a little bit of

00:31:04:25 –> 00:31:11:16
Expense, but you’re guaranteed, but it’s worth it. But you guaranteed, and right now there’s a lot of, how many deer tags can you draw as a non-resident on general one every two to three years. Yeah.

00:31:11:23 –> 00:31:17:01
Yeah. So while you’re gaining points for general, for everything else, get a point for dedicated, get a point for general,

00:31:17:01 –> 00:31:17:16

00:31:17:26 –> 00:31:18:12
For entry.

00:31:18:13 –> 00:31:51:01
If, if you live somewhat close enough to Utah to capitalize on using, you know, hunting it every year. Some honors can’t even come to hunt Utah every single year. So they’re fine just applying for their regular general season hunt and drawn it every two, two or three years and coming hunting. But if you live close enough or you want to come every year, you should at least be doing the dedicated hunter program. Get a point for that point. For the general point for limited entry. I know it sounds like points, whatever. Yeah. We’re the only state that has three different deer points like that, that I know of. Somebody might point out something different in Arkansas or Kentucky, but we’re talking about Western.

00:31:51:03 –> 00:32:44:17
Having said that, I think what we’re talking about here, when we’re talking about both rifle seasons, the muzzle, the archery scout early for the archery muzzles scout, your guts out. That’s when it’s really gonna be good for the first rifle. You start to get into that. I think it’s about 30% of the rifle tags go in that first rifle. And then that later rifle is what more, what Adam’s talking about when you hunt it often hunt the same place. Often if you have dedicated hunter, you’re hunting it three years unless you kill a buck. You know what I’m saying? I mean, if you, you know, you’re gonna basically hunt it. You plan on hunting it for three years, that information on where those deer go and what bucks you’re gonna see, they generally do have a pattern and they’ll migrate the same, it’s the same basic area. And so that information, you can only learn that during the season. You, you know what I mean? And once you get a feel for where those deer go, now you’re gonna go hunt deer. You know, where they, the bulk of ’em migrate to, but hunting specific deer, kill ’em in the archery muzzle and first part of that first rifle. Yeah, that’d be good, huh? Yeah, that’s

00:32:44:17 –> 00:32:44:22

00:32:45:19 –> 00:32:48:01
All right, next one, Jeff. Read, read one off. Oh,

00:32:48:01 –> 00:32:57:14
Where are we at? I I also have a late rifle elk tag for the block units in Arizona in November, December. When would be the best time to scout? Thanks for the podcast,

00:32:57:29 –> 00:33:05:06
Man. I, I, I, you know, I would tend to be scouting the year prior. You know, you’re gonna go, that’s the one thing about nice about Arizona is you can tell when you’re gonna get drawn. Yeah.

00:33:05:08 –> 00:33:34:26
And, and that’s one that you could go down. Those hunts usually start late November. Yeah. And if you could go the year before, a week in December, before the season, or even a week after the season, see where bulls are even at, you’re gonna get a feel for that. But let’s say, I guess in this case, you didn’t do that the year before you drew a tag this year, right before it starts I would go, yeah, one to three weeks before you don’t want to go. Yeah, September, October when the ruts still going on, you want to go post rutt when bulls are drifting off just to be wintering bulls,

00:33:35:02 –> 00:34:08:10
You might go in the summer and crush it and just learn it. Get feel for don’t feel bad when you don’t see anything. Yes. And then, yeah, and then like Adam says, one really, if you could hit it seven days prior and go just stay there and roll right into the season beginning, you know, that’s when you’re gonna find your best success. I mean, you’re not, you could shed hunt, you know, where you’re finding sheds and things like that. Guys are doing well. And that’s one thing about shed hunters, shed hunters always know where these, where these bulls are. For seasons like this, we, we killed a bull because we found his sheds, you know, where they’re, you know, where they’re, where they are late

00:34:08:10 –> 00:34:10:00
Season where they’re heading to. Yep, yep. That’s

00:34:10:00 –> 00:34:15:28
Right. Same thing, we have some of these late rifle hunts here in Utah and guys are killing these giant bulls. And a lot of it is

00:34:16:01 –> 00:34:23:25
They find the sheds the year, year before, sometimes they’re stumbling onto ’em deer hunting or something weird like that. And they’re like, whoa, this is a hard white set and

00:34:23:25 –> 00:35:09:17
I need a November elk tag. That’s right. You know, so if it’s just about not necessarily wanting a bugle hunt, but just a matter of killing that specific animal. All right. How do you track a deer where a deer gets water without trail cameras? Especially where I’m at the creeks and streams everywhere, as well as stock dams. Do the deer care about water quality? And how often do they hit water? Just trying to further expand my scouting regimen, Brady. Yeah, that’s a, that’s a good question. You know, a lot of times I’ll be walking the streams and, you know, there’s trails deer, like, there’s just something about it. They feel sometimes there’s places where the stream is congested and they feel vulnerable, whether a lion, bobcat choke, choke thick, so they won’t water there. But you’ll see where these trails are two feet wide going right down to a water to, to the stream.

00:35:09:19 –> 00:35:56:19
And they’re trashed with deer tracks. Well, it’s probably because there’s less foliage around maybe 20 yards. They can see 20 yards down both sides of the stream or whatever, and they just don’t feel as vulnerable. So those deer will tr trail in and out the same place, or the same two or three places along that stream. So I’m walking that stream edge, which is favorite place for rattlesnakes, because rattlesnakes eat little critters. Little critters drink water and eat little green grass and green grass grows with, there’s water. So watch for snakes. But anyway, having said that, travel up and down, see where those trails are coming in and out, and then set your cameras, you know, coming in and out of those trails accordingly there, you know, ’cause I’ll, I’ll put, I’ll, I’ll run on streams that are two miles long or three miles long, but there’s, there’s hot spots within there, within that stream. They’re not just coming randomly every single night in different places.

00:35:56:19 –> 00:36:04:25
That’s right. But it also is, there can be way too much water and there’s some cases, can’t do anything about it. Yeah. You’re just, you’re at a talk

00:36:04:25 –> 00:36:05:23
About the Colorado River.

00:36:07:11 –> 00:36:12:07
We’re gonna start from Jeffson and we’re gonna go to Lake Powell. Alright.

00:36:12:07 –> 00:36:12:18

00:36:14:07 –> 00:36:24:28
I think basically it gets down to if there’s a whole bunch of water in the area, trail cameras aren’t gonna be helpful. Yeah. I mean, to be honest, not much. Not as much as much. They can be much, especially stock ponds, different things like that,

00:36:25:05 –> 00:36:33:19
Really, but outta Salt Lake in certain states or whatever and kind of congregate ’em on the way to water, whatever. But I think, yes, I think you’re right Jeff. We’re gonna be glassing, you’re gonna

00:36:33:19 –> 00:36:34:00
Be glassing,

00:36:34:00 –> 00:36:43:17
You’re gonna be glass and heavy, but you know, stock, stock tanks are, are tough. We’re running, you know, four or five cameras on one on one stock pond, depending. Yeah.

00:36:43:27 –> 00:37:08:11
As far as water quality, we’ve seen that in certain cases happen. We j Jason where right where the water comes outta the springs tends to be the spot where they like, not where it gets mucked up. Yeah. And now there’s exceptions to that. Yeah. But you know, I’ve seen that too with, with sheep too. They’ll stick their nose right up in the crack and suck it slurping out of the, out of the mountain versus drink it after it gets down in the alkali soil and all that. Which they’ll drink. They’ll drink that before they, you know, go thirsty. But

00:37:08:11 –> 00:37:17:20
They are somewhat picky. I mean, at times they’ll, they’ll drink when they have to, but they like clean water. I I feel like they like clean water, huh? Is that what you’re getting at? Yeah.

00:37:17:20 –> 00:37:20:25
Having said that, when they don’t have a choice, they can get by with Oh, they’ll

00:37:20:27 –> 00:37:21:17
Crap anything.

00:37:21:17 –> 00:37:23:18
Yeah. They’ll drink cow crap. Yeah. So

00:37:23:28 –> 00:37:26:04
How often do they hit water? Is the next question there?

00:37:26:08 –> 00:37:38:14
That that is everything just totally depends on, on the unit and, and where you’re at. If you’re in the desert stuff, they do like to hit fairly regular. Having said that though, yeah. Yeah. Two to three days. Two

00:37:38:14 –> 00:37:54:08
To three days is, you know, in this situation. And that’s under the assumption you’re running 90 to 105 in the days or something like that. Right? Yeah. Because you start getting down in the eighties or 70 fives, it’s amazing how stuff they can stretch it out a day or two just

00:37:54:08 –> 00:38:03:11
By that. Well they, and you’d, you’d be surprised that sometimes they’ll go four or five days. Some of these, some of these deer and, and then two, it depends. Like there’s probably water in a rock or something that you don’t know about. One

00:38:03:11 –> 00:38:17:01
Mouthful, they suck it dry, like had a gallon or two sitting in a Yeah. In a, in a boulder or something weird. You know, we have, we hypothesized I guess at times like that. Like where’d he go? And then all of a sudden he’s back and you’re like, he he

00:38:17:01 –> 00:38:19:16
Found something, you know, he found something that I don’t know about. Yeah, yeah.

00:38:19:16 –> 00:38:29:24
What if a, I mean, a weird thing, a cattleman’s hauling water out there stopped up there to had to fix with his freaking water truck dumped 50 gallons there in apu in a puddle in the road that’s, and drove on. It’s, I mean, there’s stuff that

00:38:29:24 –> 00:39:14:10
Little, little leak springs up, you know, in the water line, in the water line, which is buried two feet under the road and it finally surfaces. And dude, there’s a giant buck track on it. It happens all the time. But, you know, we’ve killed deer knowing when they’re, when they’re watering, knowing that, that it’s time tonight. He will water tonight. It’s amazing how you can, you can figure that out. So anyway, you kind of know, and then, you know, when, when they can be further from water, they might be four if we killed a deer that was five miles from water and 105 to 10 degree weather and we knew he, he was fine because he was in the middle of that stint that that three day stint, you know what I mean? So, but it’s amazing how far the walk to, to come into water. So anyway, did we cover that question good enough? I

00:39:14:10 –> 00:39:16:12
Think you’re good, huh? I think you’re good. Yep.

00:39:16:15 –> 00:39:17:12
What’s our next one?

00:39:18:14 –> 00:39:29:23
Oh, well, I guess the second part of that he’s got here additionally, will a particular book use the same water source all summer or will he use different water sources in his home range dependent on migratory patterns and pressure?

00:39:29:29 –> 00:39:32:24
They generally pattern’s pretty strong for bucks.

00:39:33:01 –> 00:39:33:19
Very strong.

00:39:34:03 –> 00:39:39:22
Unless they’re pushed by a lion or coyotes or people or something crazy happens, it’s

00:39:39:23 –> 00:39:41:07
They get in a routine. Yeah.

00:39:41:14 –> 00:40:00:01
Yeah. That’s strong. I i they might change, like if there’s so all of a sudden we get a buck that we’ve had a deer, there’s a couple particular deer that have walked 10 or 15 miles and we couldn’t kill ’em because of that. They had no pattern. But, you know, there’s cool deer like that. More exception. Yeah. That’s an exception. There’s, they all have a personality and they all have, you know,

00:40:00:16 –> 00:40:10:14
And what always inevitably used usually happens in southern Utah. It can happen in Nevada, not as much as southern Utah or northern Arizona, but is the monsoon of moistures that we get in late.

00:40:11:14 –> 00:40:12:28
Hate the monsoons. It ruins everything.

00:40:13:03 –> 00:40:43:22
And the patterns go out the window because now there’s Yeah. They, they don’t, and when that happens, they quit using their favorite water. Yeah. Because they can go use habitat. Yeah. They’ve not been able to use and stay there where they wanna live without having to come to it. So we’re talking about stuff as if they stay the same. Every summer is different. La I mean, every some years baking hot water is such a limited resource and you’ve, you feels like you got ’em by the neck. And in other years it’s like, is there a deer life

00:40:44:10 –> 00:41:04:14
We’ve had? Well we’ve had that’s a hundred percent true. What and why does it change? And then what? And then we go check a trail camera and there’s, you know, a female lying with three kittens coming all of a sudden moved in on this water and the the bucks disappear. They do not come back and it’s, they’re alive that they’re done. Things happen. Did we cover it? Yeah.

00:41:04:15 –> 00:41:05:10
Yeah. I think we’re good.

00:41:06:00 –> 00:42:01:11
What are our thoughts on hunting deer a thousand foot below tree line? Any tips and tactics on hunting deer during archery season in a transition like sage country, I guess? So this is an earlier season hunt, so we’ll just talk about August, I guess for most, well Jason and I, we don’t, we don’t hunt alpine mule deer. I mean, we’re not from Wyoming, Wyoming, that’s, you know, like that. We’re not from northern Utah with the Wasatch front and all that. Most of our hunting is done southern Utah in, in air desert. Mid Yeah. We’ll just call it five to 8,500 feet. You know, so everything’s in that mid zone as far as that. I, I mean there, there ends up being a lot what my experience has been a little bit like on, let’s talk about the San Juan. Jason, you handled Lasal a little bit growing up, but San Juan’s a little, or the bajo mountains, we’ll call it the high alpine deer that, that are up high.

00:42:01:11 –> 00:42:48:02
They’re out feeding in the parks and as soon as they start filling the sun or like, ah, I’m out, they beline it for the trees. And your hunt can be over 15 minutes after daylight. So hunting deer like that a lot of times is a, is a lot different. It’s like guessing the tree line to be right on. Because we don’t have as much, at least in some of these ranges down here. You know, you have basins in Colorado with a lot more structure and a little, you know, rock outcroppings and stunted trees filling to bed. A lot of those places I’ve hunt in Utah and parts in Wyoming, they don’t, they go to the timber. And now there’s exceptions to that everywhere in Wyoming. But I guess, so to answer the question, I think everything we hunt is below a thousand feet below below tree line. Yeah. Below a thousand foot below tree line. We’re, we’re not above tree treeline everywhere. You know, we’re having

00:42:48:02 –> 00:42:50:10
Meaning Timberline, he’s talking Timberline, right? Yeah,

00:42:50:11 –> 00:42:54:02
Yeah. Treeline timber. Yeah. Which is, it’s say 10,000 feet, whatever,

00:42:54:09 –> 00:43:13:26
You know, most people, I was just thinking about treelines, like, you know, we have a lot of chained areas. We’re burns or whatever and the treeline. So times we’ll have deer and this, and this may pertain to what this guy’s asking too, I don’t know, but like, we’re not gonna, I picture Elmer Fudd, but we’re not gonna put our, you know, we’re not gonna go through and steal hunt. It’s just not, not for trophy. Yeah.

00:43:13:28 –> 00:43:21:28
Are not in your favor. It’s not, especially if you know about a deer, you’re gonna Yeah. There’s a 99% chance you’re gonna blow the deer out. Right. And a 1% that you have coming to

00:43:21:28 –> 00:44:00:11
Yeah. To have an arrow knocked and to start walking around. I, I mean, it might work for a fork or three by four, whatever. And there’s places up here on Cedar Mountain and you could, you could almost just a hot deer. Yeah. You know what I mean? But, but really we need to be able to glass ’em. And so your glass ’em deer aren’t just gonna be in the thick all the time. They’re, they’re gonna come out, they like to be out in the open a little bit each day. And so generally you’d glos ’em and then if they hit the tree line, you know, I would be on that tree line if the wind would allow it. ’cause I usually go in and out at the same basic general area. They’ll go in, come out. Yeah. Go in, come out. And so anyway, I don’t know you, they, every deer has a pattern. You gotta figure out what it is and, and use, use it to your advantage somehow. A a

00:44:00:11 –> 00:45:05:28
Lot more glassing, I guess. And I, and I know that, I mean, glassing in a mixture of what you’d call thick and sparsely vegetative stuff. Like we’re not gla we’re not just glass and open hillsides. That’s not where you usually see a big buck for very long. You, you’re, you’re glassing the stuff that he is probably already made it to before it’s even daylight and you’re trying to pick him up and watch him bed. So those are probably tips for archery, archery hunting in transition. We’re not, we don’t, we’re not sitters, you know, whether it’s water, you know, we did that. I mean, I’ve done that in my day. Tree stands blinds water. But we just don’t, I don’t, it’s not my hunting style. I, I don’t, I don’t hunt that way. I’m a, I’m a glasser. I like to sit behind the glass. And that might mean that you’re there till 10 o’clock and then you’re got nothing to hunt. You don’t have another option. But usually they’re hunting a specific deer or two. And there’s a specific reason. It’s usually crisscrossing guys on different ridges, looking back underneath each other and all that just trying to get a break and, and frankly, you go two, three days sometimes before you even see your target buck when you know he’s living there. So just gotta keep grinding and

00:45:05:28 –> 00:45:17:08
Pay attention to the feed. Pay attention. Like if, if it’s thick pines and like, there’s not a lot of feed in thick pine. Yeah. Stuff, you know, there’s just not a lot of feed for a deer in there. There’s

00:45:17:08 –> 00:45:18:10
Vegetation needs sunlight.

00:45:18:19 –> 00:45:51:07
They Yeah. They need sunlight. They need, they need brush the right brush to get ’em out. And that’s what they’re grazing on, you know, that that’s what they’re not necessarily grazing, but browsing on. Yeah. That’s what they’re hitting. So pay attention a lot to that. Especially. And I think, I think if you’re, if you’re asking the question of, now a lot of guys most hated type of country to hunt is the p and j stuff. Like the, you know, all the, all the cedars and pinon juniper trees and all that stuff. A lot of guys hate doing that. They love that high country region, G type basins, glass and all that stuff.

00:45:51:27 –> 00:45:54:10
It’s what you’re used to probably. Yeah. We’re not, we’re not, not

00:45:54:10 –> 00:45:55:00
Used to that. You guys are used to

00:45:55:13 –> 00:45:56:14
Southern Utah, cedar cedars,

00:45:56:19 –> 00:46:00:14
Southern Utah, Cedars and dealing with that. And, and it’s just a style of hunting. Oak, thick

00:46:00:15 –> 00:46:03:10
Oak brush. I mean, LaSalle and San Juan, I mean, that’s where we

00:46:03:10 –> 00:46:05:06
Grew up on you, you’re living in that oak brush. Yeah.

00:46:05:19 –> 00:46:05:23

00:46:05:23 –> 00:46:07:14
Lot that country gear up. But,

00:46:08:01 –> 00:46:09:02
But they, they love it.

00:46:09:08 –> 00:47:00:17
61, 62 in Colorado. Some of that crazy, you know, just a lot of thick stuff. And that’s why deer big. They’re old and big because some of this stuff is tough and, and they, they’re, they’re killed on late season raffle hunts, you know, when they become vulnerable and, and move a little bit down in the open country. What’s your guys’ weapon of choice? Or do you prefer one of over the other? And if so, why? I, I mean whatever I, I like to kill stuff, you know, and so, I mean, whatever, sometimes it’s archery with elk ’cause a no brainer season. I mean it’s, you know, that’s, that’s, that’s when the, the rutt hunts occur and, and whatnot. Generally speaking, now you’ve got a few exceptions obviously in Utah and stuff. But anyway, and then, you know, rifle deer’s awesome, but you know, when you kill a giant with a bow as you did Adam on the Henry’s or I’ve done in Nevada several times, or even here in Utah, there’s no, no feeling like it. That’s,

00:47:00:17 –> 00:47:01:12
Well and that’s,

00:47:02:02 –> 00:47:03:20
But it’s sometimes

00:47:03:21 –> 00:47:39:05
It’s the hardest time, 20 days into it actually kill ’em sometimes it’s flesh fighting. But it’s the best, it’s usually the best time, at least for the way we like to hunt, to hunt a big deer. It is. And so I generally would, I will always almost pick a muzz loader archery to go sooner in the year. Some states aren’t that way. Some states don’t even have specific art or muzzle loader hunts, you know, Wyoming, things like that. But, but generally to go earlier is what I prefer when we’re hunt mule there. Now if we’re talking elk, you know, who knows our archery elk and the ruts. Sometimes we have to put in for late season hunts because there’s only so many days in September and maybe we’re hunting mule deer and elk in s just

00:47:39:05 –> 00:47:46:14
Depends on the years. But you gotta be well versed. I mean, Adam had a, a muzzled or hunt up in Idaho. Yeah. And it was a, it was a primitive open

00:47:46:22 –> 00:47:54:11
Ignition. Yeah. You know, two, number 11, no, 2 0 9 stuff. So we’ve, we’ve got muzzle loaders that are scoped for Utah, Arizona, New Mexico,

00:47:54:21 –> 00:47:56:16
Nevada. And Open sight. Open sight.

00:47:56:16 –> 00:48:08:28
There you, and then you got a primitive one with an exposed nipple ignition number 11 exposed to the elements lead bo bullet full bore. You gotta just jump through the hoops and, and have stuff in your house and haven’t used that gun since.

00:48:09:02 –> 00:48:24:08
Same. That’s right. Same thing with archery equipment. We’ve all got, you know, newer, newer bows. I’m seeing the last five years and they’re incredible. Great, great, great opportunities for archers. Having said that, you know, a lot of heartache comes with archery hunting. That’s a love hit

00:48:24:22 –> 00:48:30:24
Situation. You also could draw, can draw a tag with five to seven points. Yeah. Versus, versus

00:48:30:26 –> 00:48:31:02

00:48:31:02 –> 00:48:56:19
15 or 20. That’s right. And so you’ve got things like that to contend with. We, we generally, I guess we’ll, we’ll go with whatever it takes to be able to draw the tag the easiest. As long as it’s not the worst season to be out there. But if it’s a good season and we’ve got an angle to draw a tag, better drawing odds, we’ll take that. We’ll take it and give our chances to hunt a hundred percent. Even if we eat the tag. There you go. We just rather go hunting with whatever weapon than it is wait for only, the biggest

00:48:56:22 –> 00:49:21:06
Key is, is hunting for us is putting ourselves in a spot where we can draw tags and hunt big animals and, and usually you can’t do that fairly regular unless you’re well versed in all the weapon types. You know what I mean? You gotta be, I hate Chris Hunt muzzle or elk, but I gotta do it, you know, late season muzzle or elk. Not, not the most preferred season, but you had a tag hunt for in unit 10. Yeah, I hunt for the tag, not necessarily the weapon,

00:49:21:14 –> 00:50:03:06
You know. Well, and then every year, I mean we try to, you, you know, if you draw something earlier on that’s in late August and September, that kind of gets off limits. If it’s a high enough tag on a priority list and then then you spread it out. So that’s why we oftentimes use Colorado for later October, November hunts because we’re busy in Utah and Nevada on, on August and September hunt. So we kind of, you know, have a rotation because when you apply, not every state, you know, you, you start applying in January and go through June and you don’t have results out in a timely manner before you have to put in the next state. So you’ve gotta head your bed a little bit, but still be aggressive enough that you’ve got lines in the water. And don’t just do points only and put in for the one or two hunts that you think you wanna draw. Not draw ’em and then you’re left without anything

00:50:04:18 –> 00:50:26:04
We’re talking about. Here’s a question to cover for each species. Specific species breakdown for deer, elk, can antelope, which states overall the best for each species to draw and hunt for an average run running the mill size, not trophy per se. A lot of guys would love to know where they could go every year or every other year to kill a 1 44 0.2 76 point and a 65 inch antelope.

00:50:26:10 –> 00:50:26:29
11 inch.

00:50:27:15 –> 00:50:28:28
Wow. 11. Okay, so

00:50:28:28 –> 00:50:29:13
First off

00:50:29:24 –> 00:50:36:20
I’ll say apply or I mean subscribe to Epic Outdoors Magazine. You’re gonna get a lot of information like that. I’m gonna throw a plug in there for us.

00:50:38:09 –> 00:50:40:16
We don’t talk a lot about don’t antlerless stuff.

00:50:40:17 –> 00:50:41:20
No, we don’t talk a much, we don’t drop

00:50:41:26 –> 00:50:50:13
Bombs on moms too often. We will, however, at times here and there, whatever kids and people are wanting to do that and we do help ’em with that. But it’s not something we publish a ton

00:50:50:27 –> 00:50:52:20
Ab so times a winner famine, stuff like

00:50:52:20 –> 00:50:53:07
That. Yep.

00:50:54:26 –> 00:51:15:13
Come on, you just said that. Alright, so anyway, Utah general, great opportunity to kill 140 inch, four point course Idaho, over the counter Colorado. Again, on some of those turnback tags, easy to draw tags. Second, third, choicers, we talk about that in the magazine a lot. And so one of the best states is Colorado, Wyoming. Adam, you mentioned a little bit. Yeah, well

00:51:16:05 –> 00:51:16:16
Not really.

00:51:16:24 –> 00:51:19:00
Wyoming was easy to draw generals for

00:51:19:00 –> 00:51:30:04
Sure. Antelope for sure dear. For sure. For sure. Elk, for sure. Wyoming. What we, where we struggle in Wyoming is when people really want a trophy hunt mule deer and they got max points, that’s when you struggle where to

00:51:30:04 –> 00:51:30:26
Use ’em. That’s so it’s hard to figure out

00:51:31:01 –> 00:51:32:05
If it’s, the mid range

00:51:32:09 –> 00:51:33:29
Is made for 140 inches and,

00:51:33:29 –> 00:51:40:00
And it’s made for two 70 to three 30 bulls. I mean there’s bigger bulls on that, but that’s the great slot. But

00:51:40:00 –> 00:51:48:18
You can’t hunt’s a ton. They’re wanting to draw it every year. Every other year. And we were talking about this today, the bottleneck is elk. It was, we were talking about getting elk, ours

00:51:48:18 –> 00:52:01:01
For our kids. We can get deer. Whatcha gonna do it? It’s hard. We can get deer one or two a year or if want ’em three or four if you want ’em. Elk is elk. It’s hard. I mean, and we’re not talking to general season. We can pick up at Colorado, we can take ’em to Colorado on general season or Idaho.

00:52:01:01 –> 00:52:02:16
You can go over the counter Idaho over the counter.

00:52:02:17 –> 00:52:09:24
But generally taking a first time elk hunter wanting to shoot their first bull public land that, and you’re gonna see a ton of orange. It’s not the best.

00:52:10:10 –> 00:52:12:25
You have a quality experience limited, you

00:52:12:25 –> 00:52:23:14
Want feel like a, a little bit exclusivity, you know, a limited entry feel. And it’s hard. Jason, you took your boy last year, you had to, well he had to have six points burn his points the last year before he became a special. Special.

00:52:23:20 –> 00:52:28:18
And we had to do the special, which charged me the full adult fee, which I did it. I’m glad I did it. Yeah,

00:52:28:18 –> 00:52:30:17
Glad I did it. He could kill the great six point bull before it turned

00:52:30:19 –> 00:52:33:13
That the odds did jump and lucky we did it. Yeah, but

00:52:33:22 –> 00:52:34:23
So where

00:52:34:23 –> 00:52:37:26
Do you go? Where’d he go guys? Every, every year. Every other year.

00:52:38:12 –> 00:52:48:25
Colorado for deer. You could lump elk into that too. There’s, there’s stuff you can draw with three to five elk points to out two 70 bulls, no problem. Wyoming, Idaho. That’d be another one that you’d probably look at.

00:52:49:14 –> 00:53:16:00
No point system, but you can go fairly regular. Yeah. You know, and then New Mexico we’re huge fans of applying to New Mexico especially. They’re very aggressive. Especially use all three choices. I think this is where, you know, we’ve even got some units in Arizona, of course we think of Arizona as hunting at once in your life, twice or three times in your life. That’s true for archery. 27 or 10, 9, 23, some of these. But they do have, if Elk, Adam, you even applied your kids and drawn, laid out.

00:53:16:00 –> 00:53:59:07
Well that’s what I was talking about. You know, they had 10 points or something this year. My two girls and I kind of banked around them drawing their elk tag this year, Thanksgiving in Arizona and point creep edged him out. And so even when you think he got something, I mean that took, that’s 10 points. My older daughter’s, you know got, got more than the younger. But then you get the loyalty and some of that boosting them up. So it’s not like they’ve been playing for 10 years. But it’s, it’s tough. And that would’ve been a good quality hunt. But I’d probably lump the Utah general, if you’re talking about something you can hunt regularly, whether you’re Utah resident or a non-resident, one 40 inch four point bucks, that’s a, that can be done awesome. On a lot of Southern Utah units. I’m gonna have to say Southern Utah. Northern Utah. Some of the public land units up north.

00:53:59:08 –> 00:54:01:20
Maybe 1 30, 1 38 up there or

00:54:01:25 –> 00:54:03:08
One or or 38.

00:54:04:23 –> 00:54:20:28
How about Montana? I think the Montana general, yes. You know, you get that very regular great, great opportunity for guys that are willing to work hard in region three, Montana region, region one. So anyway, plenty of general options up there, which Jeff, you did last year and we’re gonna, Adam, we’re gonna go up there and kill it next year. And

00:54:20:28 –> 00:54:40:01
Some of these generals like Montana, that’s not a guaranteed every year it’s, it’s at least in every other year. Yeah. But same with the Wyoming General Elk. It’s not guaranteed every year, but if you get those on alternating cycles, you can have a deer tag every year or two that you want one, you know, with a Montana or a Wyoming in the mix. So

00:54:40:01 –> 00:55:02:10
Yeah. And you can hunt all that well region G for all intents and purposes north of Kemmer on General Elk and, and do fairly well. And so anyway, there’s a, there’s options out there, but they are, there is a little bit of a bottleneck on elk, deer, plethora tags out there. Antelope even somewhat, maybe not as easy to get other than, than Wyoming or Montana. Yeah, Montana for antelope

00:55:02:10 –> 00:55:14:01
Too. That’s great. For antelope. 200 bucks for a non-resident tag. That’s I think, I dunno, without doing a lot of research, I think that’s the cheapest non-resident tag, isn’t it? 205 bucks for Montana. I don’t know of a cheap one off the top of my head. Very

00:55:14:01 –> 00:55:47:20
Inexpensive. You could do over the counter freaking arche. Very few. Yes. Very few over the counter hunts for antelope, plenty for deer, some for elk, but antelope stuff. Think about ’em. So then you go, well it’s unlimited archery for over the counter guys up there in Idaho. Alright, so what would you say is more important when it comes to choosing an area to hunt Mulder carry close to home or in a place with less hunters and less pressure? Man, I, I personally like close to home. I think close to home is key. You can, you can usually, you know,

00:55:48:03 –> 00:55:49:05
Scout, invest more in it.

00:55:49:05 –> 00:56:19:01
Well yeah. And you can kind of camouflage it and call it family time, you know what I mean? Like whoa. Well when you’re married you’re given 14 kids, you next podcast you’re trying to get husband of the year award, father of the year award and still be a hunter close to home’s. Awesome. I think if you can scout it regularly and be close to home, I think it’s, I think it’s more important you get less hunters and less pressure also means people, a lot of times that means that’s a very rare tag to draw, a tough tag to try. You’ve got teams of hunters, well also guides and outfitters

00:56:19:01 –> 00:56:43:14
Also a lot of times. And I, I find myself both, you know, when I’m hunting with kids and all that, like you alluded, hunting closer to home is more important than anything because you gotta be able to run out after work and things like that. But I tend to myself wanna maybe go somewhere that’s less pressure and I, you know, your odds of seeing very many deer are gonna go down because if there’s less pressure, there’s less deer, there’s fewer deer because where there’s a lot deer.

00:56:43:24 –> 00:56:45:11
Let’s state like selling tax. Yeah,

00:56:45:11 –> 00:56:50:06
Let’s look at Pine Valley and Zion. There’s a lot of deer, but there’s the most taxes, lot of tax in in southern Utah.

00:56:50:10 –> 00:56:55:02
Go southwest desert. Yeah. Lot fewer techs. Yeah. And it, it’ll it’ll eat you up. Yeah, that that’s right.

00:56:55:02 –> 00:57:35:16
That, huh. You know, you go to out to the desert units and stuff like that. Same thing applies but that’s not close to home. Yeah. You either go out there and get lucky or you’ve had a lot of extra time to go scout it and still get lucky. But, but so it can kind kind of go both ways. But it also comes down to I think personal preferences. Some people to stay motivated on a hunt need to be seeing animals. Whether that’s dough, small buck, they need that just to keep em going. Most people, yeah, some people are, it take, it’s harder to go and hunt five days without seeing a deer or a buck. It’s tough. It’s very hard. Yeah, it’s tough. So you also, that’s a question that comes down to the type of expectations

00:57:35:21 –> 00:57:46:20
You are and how much time you can put in all that stuff. And I know Jason, you’ve mentioned to people before, like, you know, when you live in the right spot, don’t go chasing everything across the country. You’re talking

00:57:46:20 –> 00:58:42:11
Trinity. Yeah, well he was one he was talking about back in the day, you know, he was talking about, you know, I want to kill some bucks, I wanna kill some of the bucks like what you’ve killed. And I’m thinking about doing Nevada and Utah and all this. And he lives in Arizona. He lives right there on the New Mexico border and he’s, you know, and I said, well you got big deer down there, why aren’t you just hunting down there? Well, you know, and I said, no, you put the time in. Not him put in here, but put it in your backyard guys up in Wyoming, put it in your backyard, guys in Idaho, put it in your backyard, you put time in your backyard, you’re gonna freaking hunt giants. And here he smokes a 220 inch or whatever. And, and, and, and I think that don’t, don’t do what I like to do unless you live where I live and you have the exact same preferences I have. Yeah. Adam, don’t do what Adam likes to do unless you have the exact same preferences he has. ’cause some people you wish wouldn’t be mentally capable to hunt the, I I’m not necessarily mentally capable of the way hunting the way you do, although we hunt similar. Yeah.

00:58:42:13 –> 00:59:13:00
You know what I mean? And you know, and you gotta gauge what your hunt’s gonna be against the amount of time you have and different things like that. And, and it’s not the same for everybody. It, it just isn’t. Some guys, like I talked to a firefighter guy from California, well that guy should be doing dedicated hunter because he’s got the time to take off. He Yeah. He works two days, he’s off four. Yeah. You know, or whatever. He can come and he can scout a general season tag, make the most of it right. Yeah. Well if you’re working five days a week and you only have two days a week on the weekend to try to make pro, it’s not a good, that’s not a good investment to do. Right.

00:59:13:00 –> 00:59:13:16
Hundred percent. You know,

00:59:13:22 –> 00:59:14:11
You just gotta do

00:59:14:11 –> 00:59:27:00
It according to you. Well we’ve got guys over there in California that are applying for all the Reno units and I had a guy draw the oh three five archery and, and all that may make sense for them. I’m looking at it going, you’re not gonna catch me over there. That’s,

00:59:27:00 –> 00:59:29:04
That’s an eight, nine hour drive through Highway 50.

00:59:29:10 –> 00:59:37:25
I don’t think it’s of gas is 35 cents a gallon. I ain’t going over there’s, you know what I mean? That’s, but he’ll probably spend a lot of time ’cause it’s close to his house, it’s

00:59:37:25 –> 00:59:39:07
In his backyard. He’s gonna have fun.

00:59:39:21 –> 00:59:41:10
Well he might kill a monster. Yep.

00:59:41:11 –> 00:59:41:28
That’s right.

00:59:42:17 –> 00:59:44:17
So anyway, I, I don’t know, gauge your,

00:59:44:17 –> 01:00:05:28
Per your personal situation. If you live somewhere and you’re a long ways from mini mul deer, this question’s not even gonna matter. You gotta drive a long ways from home and you’re not gonna have as much time discounting all that. So it’s a hard one to answer perfectly, but evaluate what’s most important to you. Seeing animals, not seeing animals. Do you have time to scout? Not then kind of go from there and pick a unit. Well

01:00:05:29 –> 01:00:40:26
Guys, as we kind of, it’s fun to talk about some of this stuff, of course we’re just doing it off the cuff and, and it makes us think quick and fast. But having said that, it’s what we do for a living. It’s all we do day in and day out is, you know, consult and think about hunting. We’re developing strategies, breaking out maps. Adam and I broke out some maps earlier today starting to dry out so we might actually, you know, have a need to put out a few, few cameras on water and whatnot. But anyway, it’s getting to be that fun time of year. Actually we were talking about it at lunch. I’m kind of tired of the application season. I’m wore out.

01:00:40:26 –> 01:00:41:11
No, it’s time to

01:00:41:11 –> 01:00:46:08
Move on. I’m more out. I feel like we’ve just got done hunting. I mean, I feel I’m tired, huh?

01:00:47:03 –> 01:00:47:10

01:00:47:12 –> 01:01:03:06
I get it. You know, you get to this point in the season and you’re, you’re so wishy-washy and it comes down. You got a few big states that are, that you can draw, right? That that tags are available. You know, you got Wyoming coming up here. We’re just wishing we had Colorado results in our paws.

01:01:04:00 –> 01:01:04:13
I gotta get ’em,

01:01:04:13 –> 01:01:19:02
Guys, guys talking about region F again, another one talking about one 40 bucks. I mean I had a region F guy today and a, you know, a white tail guy wanting to kill one 50 bucks. I mean there’s a wide variety up there in Wyoming where there’s a wide variety of options. Options, different things you do questions.

01:01:19:10 –> 01:02:07:28
And both Wyoming and Idaho are always right now on everybody’s front burner because you know, Utah, Nevada just came out and if you, it’s it, you’re running out of options here. Arizona deer is not one. If you’re really restrictively going after, if you’re going after trophy deer, it’s not one you hang your hopes on. No, in Arizona, no. Now if you’re looking at mid-tier mule deer or COOs deer, tons of options down there to go. But for last, last I guess minute options to put your name in the hat, Wyoming and Idaho are a couple of them. In addition to that, you may have heard we got our epic hunt giveaway that we got going right now through June 14th. We only ran this thing for about 45 days. There’s a reason for that. Some of these hunts are, are this fall, the stone sheep hunt, the mule deer hunts, the elk hunt.

01:02:08:29 –> 01:03:02:10
This is one of those years shaping up for especially some of these mul deer. Now to be off the charts. The trophy potential on these tags that we bought. 2 42 mul dare, 2 31 mul dare, you know, southwestern New Mexico elk hunt. They’re all off the charts. And of course the stone sheep, doll, sheep brown bear. If you’ve got some time in your schedule this fall, or if you find yourself without a tag, you might consider buying some tickets or join an epic outdoors or referring somebody that joins. You can get tickets in those three ways. Joining, referring somebody that joins our service, that’s a hundred dollars a year. Or just simply buying tickets. Give us a call 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7 or epic outdoors.com. Check it out again. Deadline June 14th. That’s coming up here right away. We’re gonna make a a handful of people’s dreams. ’cause seriously those hunts, I would, I would give a little

01:03:02:11 –> 01:03:25:18
Lot for, these are hunts. Theses are serious theses. We want ourselves. And that’s the one thing we worked looking at a drought monitor map and there’s some of these places are 2, 300, 3 hundred’s more common than 200% of normal. 300 plus percent of normal. And so that’s why we really keyed up, especially on this elk in New Mexico and these deer, Nevada. That’s three of the six opportunities. And of course we have great sheep hunts. Two, two sheep hunts and a brown bear. So,

01:03:26:10 –> 01:03:31:17
So if you haven’t been lucky somewhere else, go ahead and jump in this draw. Get another chance to get on a hunt.

01:03:32:00 –> 01:04:14:01
Okay, when we’re talking about hunts, you do need to use good equipment. Good equipment. I’m talking about outdoor edge knives. They’re incredible. We’ve got the razor light. We did do a huge series in the Epic Outdoors with the Epic Outdoors logo on it. We appreciate them and the partnership they have with us here at Epic Outdoors. Super good opportunity to pick up a knife. It’s got replaceable blades and we’re not talking flimsy ones that gouge you super good. The razor light, they are, they’re a sturdy long but sturdy. They also have a backbone, kind of a oh blade looking backbone there that it hooks to. So it’s pretty awesome. Give ’em a holler at 1 804 4 7 3 3 4 3. Anyway, go to outdoor edge.com and you can take, look at all the new products.

01:04:14:07 –> 01:04:57:29
And last I guess, but not least, if you’re looking for a new hunting rifle, a western long range custom, long range rifle setup, give Curt at Red Rock Precision a call 8 0 1 4 2 5 6 5 7 4. Again, red Rock Precision Rifles. We’ve got several of these rifles amongst us in the office and actually got a new one I gotta go pick up. Pretty excited about this one. Six five P R C and anyway, great, great custom setup. They know their stuff. Very comfortable to shoot variety of different optic setups for those and caliber options for you. So give Kurt and the guys at Red Rock Precision the call if you’re looking to up your game in terms of a long range hunting rifle. These

01:04:57:29 –> 01:05:26:24
Are good partners. We do appreciate them. Appreciate again, we appreciate Under Armour all the support they give us. Of course we support them as well. So anyway, we appreciate ’em all. Headed up to Alaska. We’re gonna do some damage up there. Hopefully. Got a few applications. The boys here in the office, anybody needs some help with some of their applications, these last minute deadlines. Wyoming, you’ll be hearing about that, that a little bit. We got that coming up here on Friday, May 31st. And then of course we’ve got Idaho June 5th and then June 11th for Arizona. I don’t know, I’m probably missing 14.

01:05:26:24 –> 01:05:28:13
California June 2nd. How about

01:05:28:13 –> 01:05:36:20
That? Of course, I missed the most important state. That’s right. I think Guy was talking about unit X and I was thinking X one, X two. What’s he talking X five B. Anyway, it’s true.

01:05:37:15 –> 01:05:47:07
Done. Thanks for sending in you guys’ questions. It’s been fun. We’ll do it again sometime. Looking forward to having on some new fun guests here in the near future. Throughout the summers, get you guys prepared for

01:05:47:07 –> 01:06:04:11
Your house. Young guests. We want the millennials, I guess young. We’re gonna talk to the millennials. And so again, send me your story. It’s send me your photos of all the millennials with big stuff to [email protected]. We’ll throw you up on social media. Huh? How about that, huh? All right, well, it’s hot in here. Let’s call it a day. Pull

01:06:04:11 –> 01:06:05:12
The plug. Tap out. All right.