EP 133: Hunting Season Is Here! Finally it’s time to get back out and make it happen. Adam reports on his recent Stone Sheep hunt and the success he had up in the North Country. With several days under his belt and after passing on many legal rams Adam finally set his sights on a ram worth bringing home. Hunts across the west are getting started. We talk about preparing for the upcoming season and share some quick stories of whats been happening here as we get ready to dive in.

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As we’re topping out on the ridge, we had three rams right in front of us. You know, like 150 yards

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And just, you know, ton of inside spread. Big OG fours, big O Beam thing. Just a great frame. Anything to do with Western big Games.

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To the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour.

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Hey everybody, Jason Carter. Adam Bronson here with the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Been a while since we’ve been on the air. Kind of felt good actually, but now we’re back in, back in the studio and this feels good too. So, anyway, I know Chris has missed us, right, Chris?

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Wow. It’s course.

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And anyway, Adam’s been out hunting. We’re gonna jump into that. Killing sheep and gotta kill more sheep. And I’ve been scouting Mulder, of course. So anyway, kind of exciting times here in the office. We’re not here very often now. It’s kind of fun, but at the same time, stressful, come back to a desk full of work. Don’t want to anybody be offended out there. Any members of Epic outdoors. We do get back to you. It’s just, just a little tough this time of year. So Hunts are on.

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Yeah, I mean, here it comes fast and furious. Pretty much one after another. It’s kind of crazy, you know, we’ve been watching Nevada Bucks get tipped over for the last four or five days that’s getting

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Old and

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Tired of,

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Tired of seeing dead Nevada Fox.

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Yeah, because I don’t get a

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Tag anymore.

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You know, I, I think I did earlier. I think I announced that, but I had, I, you know, pulled some tags and had some things change in my schedule that I elected to punt and, and move on down the road and do put more into what I had than, than spread out too thin and not do anything as good as I maybe want to do it. So anyway,

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Yeah, that happens. I did the same thing. Get, get a landowner tag, get excited, you don’t have anything going on. Pretty soon you got landowner tags going and, and then you draw a few tags and, and different things happen. Your schedule changes. And so then we adjust and change and sell tags and whatnot. So anyway, before we get really cranking, we wanna thank Under Armour for sponsoring this podcast. They sponsor everything we do here at Epic Outdoors. We also like to thank our other sponsors that work with us there in the magazine portion, as well as some on the podcast, namely phone scope as well as M o A rifles. What good guys they are. Both companies are awesome. We work with the best of the best. And anyway, phone scope’s kind of on my mind ’cause we’re proving what we’re seeing, huh? You

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Just phone scope, time

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Of year you phone. So phone scope, some sheep. Sheep

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And caribou and bears, I don’t know, had a good trip. So it’s, I don’t know, the days of holding something up to your spot and scope are over. If you’re doing that, upgrade it. Come on, get yourself a phone scope any, no matter what phone you got, no what, no matter what optic you got, they got something to hook you up. It’s that time of year and it’s actually a pretty cool way. I got some really cool life footage of my Ram the day before I killed him. Skyline betted on a ridge. It’s freaking awesome. And I have have it forever now. Even though I was a mile away or more. 60 power plus your phone stretched the whole way. I was maxed out.

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We’ll bet YouTubeing this stuff and

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It was good. You got, did you take some other good video camp and different things? Yeah,

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Little little bit of that stuff. It did not get the kill. It happened really, really fast. But some, you know, it was either kill him or try to get stuff set up to kill him and had about 11 rams be beaten down on us at, you know, two 50 or something like that. Did

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You use Sheila to smoke this ram? Huh?

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Yeah. Little Sheila barked once down. He went

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M o a rifle than the new Ascent rifle. Smoked a Ram. Yeah.

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Six five P r c. You know, it was kind of a chip shop, but hey, I’d rather those than Yeah, one you’re crossing your fingers on and Kentucky windage and, and so I

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Wonder why they call it Kentucky Windage, huh?

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For you guys in Kentucky. Anybody in Kentucky email? Chris set up outdoors.com. Why if you know windage know it came from why you maybe you guys perfected something. We westerners still don’t know about it. Remember

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Those old mo guns where they had the sites that were expandable

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Quickly down down under stuff?

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Yeah. All of this kind of stuff. It’s something to do with that probably.

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Probably. Yeah.

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Anyway, we appreciate these guys. M o a is and, and phone scope. M mo a rifles. You can go to m moa rifles.com 5 4 1 5 2 6 18 20. Tell ’em we sent you, maybe they’ll give you something free. Who knows? And Cheston a phone scope. Good friend of ours, of course, changing digit scoping. He changed the world there when he, when he come out with that. And of course, ton’s great at marketing and let the world know. And he’s been very successful and, and good guy as well. Good company, father-son team there. So anyway, as we get started, Adam, you headed north. I’m gonna do the same hunt you just did. I’m gonna do it next year and, and, and I’m booked. So I’m committed. We had to, how was it? It

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It was great. You know, we had a, we had a brainchild, you and I, I guess we’ll call it that, okay. To go do a hunt like this together because, you know, frankly, you don’t get to do hunts like this together. And so we had a plan to book back to back hunts, like a first and second hunt,

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Go together and hunt for 20,

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Go together and hunt for 22 days. I don’t know what we thought our wives were gonna say to that plan, but you and

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I thought, well, that’s a miserable concept anyway. 20 so days plus plus days on the front and back to get there.

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Oh yeah, you, you’re, you’re the better part

00:05:21:09 –> 00:05:21:22
Of a buck.

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Okay? But our, our idea for that was, you know, growth an outfitter, maybe it’s slightly smaller to where they take 100 a time and then another hundred to where you probably are both gonna kill a ram in 10 or 15 days. But, but rather than try to, we’re not looking for some, Hey, let’s kill two rams in 10 days on a two on one. That’s not, it’s a lot of money to, and an expectation to try to get out of a stone sheep hunt. So that was our brainchild, but that was our initial plan for this year to go do, to do that. But due to some, you know, environmental factors last year, some big wildfires in northern bc some of the hunters got bumped from their hunts last year that had to get canceled to this year. And it didn’t allow two hunts to be back to back. So somehow you nominated me to go first. I don’t know really

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How well, well I was thinking I’ve already wrapped up in these deer tags. I think that what I mean was part of it, you’re right. And a wet year deer tags. And I’ve just got like, I can’t change my focus. I can’t, I’m like, we were, we were gonna go, were we going this year anyway, I can’t remember

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It was gonna be this year. But,

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And then when it was an option of, we, we, you know, the guys who were gonna come back who were booked go with during the fires and they couldn’t go, then it

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Changed. It’s gonna be won this year.

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The dynamic won the following. So dynamic, so bookings

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Dynamic. So long story short, I, I went this year. Jason’s planned to go next year. And it was a, it was a great, great trip. It was a grinder. I definitely haven’t been on a more, I don’t know, physical sheet punt. We grinded it and it wasn’t all just the miles, which was right around 80. We gained and lost and gained and lost so much elevation. I mean it was, it were grinding miles. It really was. My guide was awesome. He’s six or eight years younger than me and proved it. He, yeah, he’s, he’s an animal. He was great. Miles is awesome. But it was, we, we earned it. It was a lot of stuff below Timberline. And if you’ve bend below Timberline in bc, which is around 4,500 feet, 45 to five depending, but 45 to 4,800. It’s thick. I mean, it’s a jungle.

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I mean, it, it, it, you’ve got poplars, you’ve got spruce fir and mosquitoes are bad. And we had a lot of ground to cover in, in that amount and that country to get to some of the mountains he wanted to hunt. And it was, it was a grind. And then even when you’re in sheep country, when it’s all backpack, you and your guide, everything’s on your back. It’s a you, you earn it, you’re sore. It doesn’t matter if you prepare. I was pretty well prepared. I was definitely by three or four days into the hunt, I, I think my legs were even better just ’cause, you know, we went a couple of days early and you get five or six days where it’s every day grind

00:08:13:01 –> 00:08:14:07
Good in shape as you go. You,

00:08:14:13 –> 00:09:03:19
You do. Yep, you do. But we saw, we saw a 15 rams in that first five or six days, a couple of which were legal. I don’t normally, I I don’t normally tell people pass legal sheep right on a stone sheep hunt. I mean there’s a lot riding on these hunts from a commitment, time, financial, everything standpoint. But it was just kind of a situational thing. They were, they were rams. One, one was probably not eight years old. I I’m very confident he was not, he was definitely long and very slender, A young ram that, that made legal that I think is really gonna be a good ram in, in a couple more years. But it was, was mainly where we were. It was, it was a, we’re in a untaught untouched spot, what are we maybe gonna find? And that was a second or third day.

00:09:03:20 –> 00:09:59:16
It’s like if you do that, you’re done. Yeah. You’re done looking for what might be there. Yeah. And also now you’re committed to three days out probably because now you’re really heavy with the sheep and cape and horns and all that. And it’s a grinder getting out. You’re heavy already and you’re gonna be even heavier. So I just, it wasn’t the kind of ram, but hey, end that, end the end the hunt no matter where you’re at. And we’ll eat this thing on the way out for five days if you have to. It wasn’t one of those rad. So we ended up, after, you know, on the sixth day, we, we decided we’d hunted this, this spot out really well. We’d seen those fif 15 total rams, two of which were legal and elected to move out. And that was a big moving day. We got picked up and, and flown to a different location where we resumed our hunt, went in on a new, new mountain range that, you know, has more sheep definitely on it.

00:10:00:08 –> 00:10:44:29
And got a new camp set up and things like that. And the first day out hunting the next day after we got moved, we were committed out on a big plateau hunting it out and glassed, bunch of 11 rams over on a, on a, the next, next mountain, you know, a couple miles away too, too far to get to that day based on the fact that elevation we had to lose and get theres, but we basically hunted the plateau out when we got off the plateau, we cut the distance in half and I got some really good, that’s the night I got really good look. Phone scope footage, really good sun on ’em. And you know, that was day, that was day eight of, of the, of the 12th day. Yeah. Of 11 hunting days. You know, 12th day, you’re basically right now on the 12th day you’re not, not really hunting on day 12.

00:10:45:04 –> 00:11:25:20
It was the 12th was the day you’re, you’re leaving to go out and you know you want to shoot one. And he was long, he’s pretty, he’s kind of a wide set ram, clearly legal. Anyway, the next day we hatched a plan to get up on the backside of the mountain with him. And we got into position, got as we’re topping out on the ridge, we had three rams right in front of us. You know, like 150 yards that we had to just lay down and get pinned. And they were feeding and they fed all the ridge. We gave them probably an hour and a half because we knew that’s probably our group. So you don’t wanna just walk over the ridge and have a bunch of sheep stern at you and blow. ’cause you know it’s day nine now, right? Yeah. You got that day and two more kind

00:11:25:20 –> 00:11:26:11
Of a big deal. You

00:11:26:11 –> 00:11:27:18
Blow these ones out. These are

00:11:27:18 –> 00:11:27:26
Big boy

00:11:28:01 –> 00:11:29:08
Decisions. Yeah, this is this, I

00:11:29:08 –> 00:11:33:12
Got 40 to 50 K in this hunt. Okay. And I’m at day nine and

00:11:33:12 –> 00:11:35:29
Day nine and I’ve got a, this is clearly around, this is my,

00:11:36:06 –> 00:11:36:25
This is my ram.

00:11:37:02 –> 00:12:01:02
He’s dark and he’s long, he’s pretty. And I’m like, yeah, this is around my, you just, you don’t wanna start over on day 10 and 11 trying to make something happen somewhere. So we were very conservative that day and by the time we crept up and got up over the ridge, it was an hour and a half to two hours later as we worked our way up to where the sheep went over and they were nowhere to be found. It’s one of those cresting hills that everything slopes away from you barely open

00:12:01:02 –> 00:12:02:18
When you see ’em, they’re gonna be 60 yards.

00:12:02:18 –> 00:12:39:02
Yeah. And if you see ’em and have to lay down, there’s no cover. I mean there’s nothing over six inches tall. And so we elected to stay on the, on the edge of the ridge where it fell off into a sharp canyon and just basically poke our heads out every once in a while hoping they’d pop up on, on the ridge that you could see 600 yards one way, 500 the next, but you could only see a hundred yards off the ridge top. And so about, you know, six hours into that weight, three rams here, they came feeding up, we’re like, here they come. But it was only three. Like is that the only three that was here? Is that the three from this morning? And

00:12:39:10 –> 00:12:40:14
How many did you see that morning?

00:12:40:17 –> 00:13:19:26
Three is all we saw, but they were going over the ridge. We just assumed we call. So here they are coming. So now we’re like, was there only three? Did they break up in the night? And then behind us, there’s 10 back here with a legal ram, you know, on the next mountain over. Like did they, I’m like, they surely they didn’t move mountains overnight. They were so content, you just gotta go with your gut. And long story short, we’ve sat there for eight and a half hours and it’s eight 30 at night and it’s, it’s time to do something. And so how far are they? Yeah, well, well they were, they, they fed up and then they went back over the crest and I’m like, so kind of like they flirted with all coming into position, but then they went right back off the crest away from us. And so now it’s like the big boys could, could

00:13:19:26 –> 00:13:20:25
Saw one if you had been ready.

00:13:20:25 –> 00:13:27:22
Yeah. They weren’t legal wasn’t, they were not the legal rams. Yeah. Yeah. They were 500 yards. I mean you could have, if, if the ram came up. So now it

00:13:27:22 –> 00:13:29:17
Would’ve been, am I gonna waste eight and a half hours? Like

00:13:29:20 –> 00:14:14:25
Yeah. Do we, do we do, we tiptoe out with more like a bullet in the chamber, bipod extended drop and shoot. When you see ram, that’s how it’s gonna go down or what. So we elected the inch and as we’re inching, we’re inching. We’re just, man, we’re not getting a good vibe. I’m like, the wind’s not doing the right thing ’cause it’s now it’s getting late. So it’s now it’s starting to draw your back and go downhill when the morning day. It’s all right in your face. Yeah. So we actually made the decision as you crept a couple hundred yards and hence seen them. We’re like, I’m like, let, let’s back out. There’s a little bench right out here. Do I write, let’s walk off. It looks like it drops off more. ’cause any place you can get to that drops off more steep and let you see two or 300 yards is better than seeing 50 to 75 yards at a time.

00:14:14:26 –> 00:15:10:28
So we got over there just as I was cresting, I saw horns right in front of me and I said, get down, they’re right here. And I crept out there and it’s two u’s, like it’s 75 yards. And we’d seen those two u’s come over a ridge over here, walk right into those three rams and fart around. But they obviously had gone on and done their thing. And they’re, and I says, let’s get outta here. I says, they’re, here’s, they’re obviously, we could see down below ’em, they’re, they’re not, they’re not right here. So we snuck back, got up to the ridge line and we’re walking it down where we’d been sitting for eight and a half hours. We crest that knop and they’re right, right, right in front of us. Like they were two. Oh, they’d come up in that hour, hour and a half while we were down doing our little, you know, rolly poley thing. They’d come up right where we were sitting all day, right where we anticipated. And so we dropped, I got, was getting my gun out. There’s a ram that pops out 150 yards. He’s got us pegged and it’s like, oh crap. Yeah, I

00:15:10:28 –> 00:15:11:28
Was not a shooter.

00:15:12:08 –> 00:15:58:15
No he wasn’t. And there was one clear ram that we wanted. It’s the ram that I took and I’m on him and he’s broadside, but you’re looking right into the setting sun that had just gone down. But you just got bad light. You’re looking right into it and you know, you’re trying to make sure I’m talking to my guy whispering, he’s counting ring. ’cause you know, you don’t wanna shoot a big long seven year old. Yeah. You really don’t want to do that. And he’s like, well I can, I can, I can see eight for sure. He says, maybe you ought to have a look. And I’m thinking, if I look and they bust, I’m gonna be mad ’cause I should just kill this thing. But I peeked over at the scope and I you could ring him, I could ring him to eight and he still had some below it. I said, all right, I’m killing him. Get down there. He beds down, beds down facing us. Geez. All right. And another ram comes and beds down. Just

00:15:58:15 –> 00:15:59:20
Shoot him right in the throat. I

00:15:59:20 –> 00:16:21:23
Was just about to, another ram goes three feet in front of him and beds down. Come on. And I’m like, oh my gosh. And it’s, you know, it’s nine 30 ish, you know, I don’t remember. But it’s, it’s very dusky. It obviously stays light a lot later up there. And I’m like, what am I gonna do? And every once in a while that ram would move its head and expose the, the neck and chest of my ram. How

00:16:21:29 –> 00:16:22:29
Accurate is this guy? Yes.

00:16:22:29 –> 00:16:28:02
That’s what thoughts are going through my mind. If like, if this thing doesn’t stand up, what am I gonna do?

00:16:28:14 –> 00:16:33:20
And you would, you would hit him. Oh yeah. I mean, probably wouldn’t make a mistake. You’ve never made a mistake laying with that gun at the,

00:16:33:20 –> 00:17:22:23
I’m laying, I’m laying on my pack and I even have my rear rest under it. I’m rock, but I’m, you’re just, it’s a tight window. You’re missing around by four or five inches to hit the ram you want. Yeah. You know, it’s, it’s still risky. Oh yeah. And the ram that I would’ve hit was not legal, you know? Yeah. So if you make a mistake, you got a problem on your hands. Yeah. So well just then that ram is 150 yards. I’m on ’em and I’m just waiting and I’m like, if anything gets up, let me know. I had to get up every once in a while just to rest my neck. Right. Then out the corner of my eye, I see this ram bust and trott down to the others. And I’m like, okay, okay, here it goes. Get ready. And right then I get in my scope and I could see around my shot, start looking around and boom, he springs to his feet. The other one stands to his feet right in front of him. And the little one takes two steps. Boom. And I dumped him. I’m soon as he cleared, I hammered him and dropped him. It was just, it was

00:17:22:26 –> 00:17:24:05
Intense. It was intense.

00:17:24:13 –> 00:17:32:08
That’s awesome. It was intense. And luckily when they stood up, the little one took a couple steps outta the way and he was broadside, you know, right there for the day. He was

00:17:32:08 –> 00:17:34:23
So awesome. So anyway, 38 and a half. Yeah long, just

00:17:34:24 –> 00:17:36:24
A really dark, solid, pretty ram

00:17:37:05 –> 00:17:39:02
Text term said he hadn’t seen one darker. Yeah,

00:17:39:02 –> 00:18:13:23
It’s a dark ram for August 1st August hunt, a lot of these rams, as they get older, they get darker. And also as they get later into August and September, especially those of you used that are maybe stone sheep in, in September, the hair just lengthens and they get darker. So, wow. It, we earned it. It was a great hunt. Very blessed and you know, just of hunting sheep and you know, made it home last night. So I was gone a while. Appreciate you guys holding down the fort. I was. And any of you that were trying to get ahold of me, I’ve been trying to do my best to get back at emails and everything else. Texts. Yeah. Everything else. But it’s kind of coming fast and fruit now. Well

00:18:13:23 –> 00:18:49:28
You missed, you missed some Nevada bucks hitting the dirt. Yeah, so there was some one good one. So one, yeah, today Justin Moore, he dropped in the office and he killed a 205 inch or so, I think a five by six stud buck. It’s his first 200. You know, first archery hunt actually went, yeah, he drew the tag, got a bow this this year and then went to the pro shop. Yeah. Went to the pro shop and he goes, I got an archery tag, I need a bow. And the guy’s like, really you’re gonna, this is your first real experience with archery. And he goes, yeah, and I’m gonna kill a giant. And so anyway, he ends up killing a giant Yeah. And

00:18:50:04 –> 00:18:56:22
Put a lot of time into it. Yeah. Scouting and obviously knew the buck was targeted on it and Yeah. Had a bunch of good help from

00:18:57:07 –> 00:19:51:04
Some buddies, some silver state outfitters. Those guys are good guys. And, and they’re all, you know, he guides for him as well. And so it’s just nice to see one of the team, you know, one of the guides get one once in a while. I mean they’ve, he’s put his fair share of clients on Big deer and, and so was the silver state outfitter. So anyway, ended up having a great hunt. Dropped in the office, showed us the buck. Of course he had a set of replicas from the big deer they killed last year. They killed a two 13 with a client. And then, you know, of course his deer and just awesome, you know, he, he’s from, he’s from my in-laws country down there in Nevada. Yeah. Valley of fire. Same, same little community. And so everybody knows everybody. And anyway, congratulations to Justin Moore. What a great, what a great job. Ended up smoking that deer kind of glassed him. The deer’s going to the blind, he makes it into the blind within seconds, the deer drinks and he kills the deer. Yeah. So I mean, you know, one of those things, real pit, country

00:19:51:04 –> 00:19:56:24
Hunting, bull hunting always feels like it rides on a such a narrow window of everything. Have to go right.

00:19:57:01 –> 00:20:24:23
Have to go just right. Yeah. Tyson Nelson, he’s a good friend of ours as well. He ended up drawing a tag down there in the two forties, smoked a giant 224 inch, two 18 frame and just, you know, ton of inside spread. Big old G fours, big old beam thing. Just a great frame. Anyway, congratulations to him as well. He is freaking first deer of the year. He smoked. I mean, I don’t know if it’s the first year. It’s the first year in social media

00:20:24:29 –> 00:20:25:23
Of a big deer. Yeah.

00:20:25:27 –> 00:20:45:00
You know what I mean? And anyway, that was a big deal. The first big deer of the year, Nevada, that’s what’s kind of fun about Nevada. Opens August 10th and you’re always gets everybody excited the first big deer of the year except for, you know, like a governor tag in Arizona and they killed a giant, I mean those are 365 day seasons. So sometimes you’ll see something a little earlier, but

00:20:45:11 –> 00:20:47:26
Bulls and bucks down there carry over from last

00:20:47:26 –> 00:21:14:06
Year bucks. Yeah. Yeah. But the normal seasons, August 10 is, you know, I mean you’ve got California, it’s got a little bit earlier seasons, but generally speaking Nevada bucks are what you see first. Yeah. So anyway, congratulations Tyson as well. Kim and Taylor Price, his brother got the job done and I think there was a couple other guys there too. And, and just did a great, great job. Smoked a giant and of course he’s not new to that. He’s killed multiple 200 inches. So done a great job.

00:21:14:26 –> 00:21:30:06
Probably a time to, you know, like we talked about a minute ago, Utah’s ready to kick off. Colorado will be kicking off a week after that. Arizona archery deer hunts. At least it’ll be kicking off here this weekend or next and depending on where you’re at. But I think a lot of ’em this weekend, right?

00:21:30:08 –> 00:21:38:17
Yeah. This weekend. A lot cranks off. And then of course you got these elk hunts. Yeah. Archery elk here in Utah. Everything just, it’s, I mean it’s here, it’s coming and it’s coming hard.

00:21:38:21 –> 00:22:18:14
Yeah. And then September, that feels like y all the other states have, you know, Wyoming and That’s right. Some of the others open up, of course, August 25th, that’s next week we got Nevada elk. I mean, it’s coming fast and so might be a time that we just throw out, if you’re a member of our service or you want to consider doing a story story for us, can email us your photos at photos P H O T O S [email protected]. Obviously, you know, give us just a if, if you want to just get it in our system, that’s the simplest way. You don’t have to have your story written and all that before you send us that. Or if you’re not interested in doing a story and just want us to consider it first state section, whatnot, send us your pictures. Yeah.

00:22:18:14 –> 00:22:19:12
We’d love to see ’em.

00:22:19:12 –> 00:22:20:19
Just start putting stuff on the ground.

00:22:21:03 –> 00:22:34:17
Yeah. We love it. So anyway, yeah. Hit us with any of that. And then of course we got our member experience. Some guys are still hitting us. We’re helping guys like today was loaded. Just guys that are needing a little help on getting started. Yeah. And a few tags that we’ve had experience on.

00:22:34:22 –> 00:22:38:16
Yep. Guys in the field right now calling I’m, I’m here on my unit.

00:22:39:08 –> 00:22:39:14

00:22:39:14 –> 00:22:40:22
I get a member experience now?

00:22:40:26 –> 00:23:16:06
And by the way, you’re lucky we’re in the office. I mean it’s just, it’s that time of year. So anyway, be patient with us. But anyway, we’re, we’re excited. Of course we’ve got our own Utah archery deer, got all the guys here in the office with tags. You’re gonna be looking for sheep out ’em and hopefully I’ll come and help you guys if we need to seal the deal on something. You’re out there grinding and, and I’ll be archery deer hunting and then Arizona archery deer like you said. And then also in New Mexico Elk, I’m kind of, yeah, I’ve got an archery tag. Got lucky and got an archery tag in New Mexico. Be cranking on that. And of course you’ve got a, an,

00:23:16:20 –> 00:23:30:20
Yeah, mine’s a rifle later on early October. So that kind of spaces some of my hunts out really well. That was the window that fit me best this year. And yeah, hopefully we both, who knows, bring home a couple of witi from the land of Enchantment.

00:23:32:11 –> 00:23:57:29
I don’t know what the land is, but it’s definitely gonna be a grinder. They did have a lot of moisture, you know, and that’s the one thing about kind of our country and Utah and Arizona and Nevada. Everybody’s so excited about all this rain and I, and we are too. We called it Chia Pet Year. Right. And it’s true. We’ve never seen more one 90 to 200 inch type deer. It’s really, but the very top end deer are proven just to be as tough as they always are. Yeah. It’s,

00:23:57:29 –> 00:24:00:19
You start talking two 20 plus that are rare, rare.

00:24:01:00 –> 00:24:04:22
Even Ponson. Of course the Henry’s is off the charts looking good. Henry’s

00:24:04:22 –> 00:24:08:12
Looks good, but Yeah. But you know, not two 20 to 30 deer,

00:24:08:25 –> 00:24:10:04
They just don’t make ’em. They’re just

00:24:10:08 –> 00:24:19:29
So rare. Even in great years, even in great units, they’re, they’re not very many deer that can even have the ability to do that. Yeah. Let alone 200, you know.

00:24:19:29 –> 00:24:20:19
Yeah. Let

00:24:20:19 –> 00:24:25:19
Alone one 90 some deer got old deer as old as dirt in some of these units that

00:24:26:01 –> 00:25:22:05
Well, and some of this stuff there was too much water. Like there’s water everywhere. It’s scattered ’em, their feet is everywhere. You know, one with the projects for pine nuts are off the charts. Who know? I mean we, we got things we’ve never dealt with before in, in heavy wet years. Like we haven’t seen in 25 years. Yeah. Who knows. We haven’t hunted in stuff like this. Yeah. Since we were what, 15 to 18 years old? I mean it’s just been that wet. Yeah. So anyway, super exciting. Like Adam said, hit us up, you know, let us know what you’re killing, let us know what tags you’ve got and stuff. We’d love it. We’re keeping track of things. I mean guys, I’m writing stuff down nonstop. I use the magazine as my own little notebook and I’m keeping track of who drew what. And of course hit ’em up after the season. See how you guys did. So we’re hoping for good things. We’re hoping we kill a few too, you know. And so anyway, Adam’s on the board started the epic team off with a stone sheep and nothing like it. And of course Adam, you even got your own desert sheep tag. I mean dude yeah,

00:25:22:09 –> 00:25:23:00
I’ve got a good

00:25:23:00 –> 00:25:23:18
Year at some

00:25:23:18 –> 00:26:06:11
Point. That’s part of the reason I had to consolidate some, you know, you buy landowner tag or something like that early so you know you got something and then, you know, unfortunately things work out in the draw the way you’re kind of hoping they are and they do. And then you just kind of relieve yourself of being spread too thin. That’s basically what it is. You know, there’s another year for that. I’m not gonna have more than one or maybe two desert sheep tags in my life if I’m really lucky. You know, other one being a non-resident tag somewhere. This one being more of a force draw resident tag that I knew I would get at some point. But yeah, that’s, that’s later on. And, and yeah, I got some client sheep to start har hunting here in the next couple of weeks. Yeah, we’ll put a few more rams down and

00:26:06:14 –> 00:26:11:05
Start guiding a little bit. Chris, how about you? I know you’ve been out working it, huh? Yeah.

00:26:11:09 –> 00:26:14:08
Yeah, I’ve been looking for deer. It’s been fun. You and

00:26:14:08 –> 00:26:14:16
Your brother?

00:26:14:21 –> 00:26:17:17
I’ve been pretty happy this year. Just seeing

00:26:17:23 –> 00:26:21:10
Good deer. It’s a year. It’s way better than last year. Yeah. Oh yeah. Last year was terrible. Yeah.

00:26:21:23 –> 00:26:25:18
Yeah. Lots of, lots of good, just nice four points that I’m seeing. Which,

00:26:26:00 –> 00:26:28:17
Yeah, last year was a great water skiing year.

00:26:29:09 –> 00:26:29:18

00:26:30:07 –> 00:26:31:01
Last year was tough.

00:26:31:08 –> 00:26:39:05
Just tough. Just tough out in the hills. Yeah. All right fellas. Well is there anything else we should touch on? I

00:26:39:05 –> 00:27:25:29
Don’t know that you can think of. We’ll try to get on and do these a little bit as we get back in the office. Maybe it’s only gonna be one of us if I’m in and catch up something, or if it’s Jason’s in, we’ll try to do this. We know the continuity of a podcast isn’t, isn’t there throughout the fall. We, we realize that everybody’s driving somewhere and they’re good things to listen to or, or sitting and glassing on a ridge. Download it beforehand. We appreciate your sport and feedback that we get from, we’ll do the best we can as we’re in the middle of, you know, our own hunting season. This is kind of what we work and plan for all year long. And like you said earlier, plan, be a little bit patient with us. If you need something urgent and it’s really urgent, leave a message as one of the gals hill, we’ll try to get back to you or answer it remotely and have one of them get back to you. If it’s, if it’s a serious question you need just to get

00:27:25:29 –> 00:27:58:14
An info on, yeah. Drop an email to [email protected]. The gals will forward it to us and if, if we can, we can reply in the field, we’ll do it. It just, you know, just a busy time of year. And also, you know, feel free to support our advertisers. They support us and let us bring you a lot of these kind of things. The magazine, podcasts and different things. Speaking of which, I ordered a new backpack. Bronson, I’ll cue you today. I ordered up a q you backpack. I’ve got a couple of hunts coming up that are gonna be grinders and, and I know they came out with a new pack system. You gave it a test up here on this sheep hunt.

00:27:58:14 –> 00:28:28:02
Yeah. Yeah. The new pro suspension system. I used, you know, I had one of their 7,200 packs. I didn’t, when they came out with this, you know, obviously they’re not gonna just naturally, you wouldn’t just come out with something if it’s not improved or at least you feel it’s improved. Yeah. But I was, I didn’t know what more they could really improve on. I’d used their other for about five years. In fact I used it on another sheep in like 2014 was probably the first time. But yeah, the suspension, both waist and shoulder shot. It was very comfortable. I mean for

00:28:28:09 –> 00:28:29:20
And handled the weight. Handled, handled,

00:28:29:20 –> 00:29:06:10
Handled the heavy weight. I mean it’s just, it rode a little bit better on me. Absolutely did. There’s a lot of adjustment in it, but the, the way they’ve got the lumbar set and the ability to move that and change that, just, just, just get it just right. Very pleased. Very happy with that. I had the 7,800, which is obviously not a pack that I don’t even use that pack a lot through the rest of my year. This year I won’t. Right. But, but on a backpack hunt, you need all the room you’re gonna get because you’re fairly full going in. You’re really full coming. You could be really full if you get a, a sheep and you have your full camp on your back too.

00:29:06:14 –> 00:29:08:25
You felt like if it was over a hundred pounds it would handle it. You

00:29:08:25 –> 00:29:38:26
Yeah, you could do it. I mean your legs are gonna take it on the chin pretty hard. Yeah. But yeah, that’s just, that’s the nature of it. But you know, great pack, they, you know, I sent a message when I got back to ’em. I didn’t think it really could be improved upon, but, but it is, it is better. I liked it a lot. And so encourage you use their new suspension system. If you were looking for pack, try it out. They got variety of bags on there, you know, for size wise, the 800 size wise. That’s right. You can go all the way down to, you know, 1800 ish up to the 50, you know, 30 fours and 60.

00:29:38:26 –> 00:29:52:04
That’s awesome. ’cause once you get a pack set for your back and, and for you that fits you, you don’t ever want to change that. Yeah. So it’s easy to throw on a different bag. Yeah. A 5,000, 7,000 or whatever based on the type I like going much under five just with all

00:29:52:10 –> 00:29:52:25
Optics. I,

00:29:52:29 –> 00:29:56:04
I know. I mean we had loaded with optics. Yeah. B T X is 15 and if

00:29:56:04 –> 00:30:17:06
You’re guiding somebody, even if you only have, you know, two or 3000 cubic inches worth of crap in your pack, you kill something down, you can send it down immediately down. Yeah, send it down. You have immediately enough you kill a sheep. They’re not giant animals. You get enough to get it out. There’s none of this. I’m gonna leave it overnight and bring my big pack in tomorrow and freight freight meat, you don’t, you don’t do that. You don’t want do that. So

00:30:17:06 –> 00:31:02:24
Anyway, so anyway, yeah, I called him up, ordered it, had had it next day here. Can’t wait to use it. And then same thing, they’ve got a vinyl harness system. I tried to buy it, it’s not gonna be available to the public until end of August. He wouldn’t even put me on a waiting list. So anyway, but that’s, I’ve heard is new and improved and amazing and so we’ll see. It’s a lot of good gear coming out out there. And of course hopefully we knocked down a few good animals. We’ve been scouting a lot. We’ve got some animals that are ready seasons that just aren’t quite open for the particular game. So yeah, we’re ready to cho ready to lay some stuff down. So anyway, good luck to y’all again, we appreciate Under Armour, we appreciate all, all these, the different people that are sponsoring us, especially phone Scope and m o A on this particular podcast. That’s

00:31:02:24 –> 00:31:14:11
Right. Also, you wanna talk about if you’re still looking for an outcome of some kind, you wanna talk about opportunity. We got for some, some folks, Jason, if they’re still looking for a, like a guided elk hunting opportunity,

00:31:15:14 –> 00:31:28:17
Contact the aria. We did a podcast with Aria. They’re super good guys down there. These are guaranteed tags. They’re available first come, first serve. They’ve got some openings. They January 1st to the fifth. What else is going on besides Mexico? If you don’t wanna go to Mexico,

00:31:29:16 –> 00:31:30:02
Go to new,

00:31:30:10 –> 00:31:59:19
Go to New Mexico and hunt the aria for January 1st. The fifth, 2020. There’s 7,000 bucks. 7,050 bucks. And then you’ve got a, a fairly modest guide, modest guide fee that you would pay there. You know, you’re looking at lots of bulls with the potential at three 20 to three 30 Class bulls contact them. Hick maria hunt.com. J i C a R I L L a hunt.com or 5 7 5 7 5 9 3 2 5 5.

00:32:00:20 –> 00:32:12:13
That’s a good, that’s a good value in my opinion for the size of bulls. You have a chance. So you’re gonna hunt low 300 class with up to maybe a three 30 plus, you know, type potential for a late season rifle. That’s pretty, that’s

00:32:12:13 –> 00:32:57:22
Pretty good. I’ve also had a lot, I’ve talked to Jeff here in our office and we’ve been out scouting a bit and of course Adam you’ve been hunting, but he’s had a lot of good deer openings. Yeah, just good solid deer openings, which you can, you know, hard to find. So anybody that’s out there that’s looking to go on, you know, a good meal deer hunt, give us a holler. We do have some openings. Jeff’s pretty good at emailing those out to our membership. It’s another membership benefit here at Epic Outdoors. You wanna become a member, you can join 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7 or epic outdoors.com. You can also email Jeff, hit him up again. He’s in the field as well. Be patient with him, but he’ll load you with the info and we’ll go from there. So I

00:32:57:22 –> 00:33:11:12
Wish you all luck. Yeah, it’s, it’s about ready to blow up here in terms of Hunts going all across the west. And we hope everybody’s safe, travel safe, hunt safe, and take great pictures. All

00:33:11:12 –> 00:33:11:28
Right, let’s go.