EP 136: Taking Advantage of Late Season Hunting Opportunities. In this episode of the Epic Outdoors Podcast we talk about Late Season hunts. this week Colorado 3rd season begins as Mule Deer move closer to winter ranges and rut territory. Theres nothing quite like a Mule Deer rut hunt. We also discuss Late season Elk and some of the challenges it provides to a hunter. Good luck to all who have late season tags, we hope you make the most of it.

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How do we hunt late season versus early season?

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Fueled air typically are gonna pull down in the lower country like we’ve been talking about,

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Can talk about tactics. And when it comes to glassing though, it’s very individual.

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Anything to do with Western big games.

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Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour.

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Hey everybody. Jason Carter and the Epic crew. John Peterson, Wyatt Bulls, Adam Bronson and Chris Peterson at the mic. Everybody’s got a mic today, right? Yeah. Everybody’s got a mic. Wow. Geez. Oun just ordered more mics. It seemed like we only had four.

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Well, that’s what happens when the staff keeps growing. What’s

00:00:39:05 –> 00:00:39:26
What happens when we die?

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Everybody’s not even here. So we people buy stuff. Not even here. We still got people out in the field.

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Yeah, people are out in the field.

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And we’re lucky to have Wyatt here. Yeah. Right now we’re lucky. Lucky

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Wyatt hasn’t had anything going for the last week and a half, two weeks, right? Well,

00:00:53:13 –> 00:00:54:16
Pretty busy here. Oh,

00:00:54:23 –> 00:00:55:27
He has had a couple things going.

00:00:56:27 –> 00:01:03:00
I’m just talking about Yeah. We’re lucky to have him here. He’s been prostrate pros. Not, not

00:01:03:27 –> 00:01:04:05

00:01:05:09 –> 00:01:08:24
Not prostate prostrate. There’s a difference. Basically. He

00:01:08:24 –> 00:01:09:26
Look, he’s been flat on his back.

00:01:09:26 –> 00:01:11:10
He’s been on his back. That’s

00:01:11:10 –> 00:01:12:18
Right. In layman’s terms. That’s right.

00:01:12:21 –> 00:01:13:06
You’re still

00:01:13:06 –> 00:01:13:22
Looking gray

00:01:14:00 –> 00:01:14:12

00:01:14:12 –> 00:01:17:17
To recover from a kidney stone here, but have you another or Colorado

00:01:17:17 –> 00:01:18:16
Another? Have you got another one?

00:01:19:03 –> 00:01:20:08
I don’t know if I’ve got rid of the first one.

00:01:21:03 –> 00:01:21:16
I never had

00:01:21:16 –> 00:01:23:24
One of these before. It’s a whole new, whole new thing

00:01:23:24 –> 00:01:29:05
For me. Why don’t tell us how it’s going down for you or coming out or whatever. Yeah.

00:01:29:06 –> 00:01:30:27
I’m sure everyone doesn’t want to hear about all that so,

00:01:31:13 –> 00:01:32:21
Well, I don’t know. We’ll, just

00:01:33:01 –> 00:01:39:16
You’re good company, John. Hey John. You’ve had one, right? Hey, these are kidney stones. John. I’ve never had one. I can’t,

00:01:39:26 –> 00:01:40:15
I can’t even talk.

00:01:41:18 –> 00:01:48:04
And I’m ask Adam, I’m, I’m really close to drinking a 12 pack of diet Coke every day and no water, Adam

00:01:48:13 –> 00:01:56:05
And, and Wyatt is the best hydrator in our office. Meaning he only drinks water, bottled water.

00:01:56:14 –> 00:01:58:02
And I thought plenty of it. A

00:01:58:02 –> 00:02:00:05
Lot of tons of, I’ll always see you with a bottle. Bottled

00:02:00:05 –> 00:02:19:09
Water. He went off pop. I don’t know. How long has it been? Two years ago? Yeah. Two years ago. Two years ago. Just healthier than a freaking horse until he is prostrate. And we’re now starting to wonder if there is really benefits to just drinking water. We’ve been wondering around the office and

00:02:19:23 –> 00:02:22:22
Let’s, let’s put it this way, I’m not gonna start drinking water. Yeah.

00:02:24:00 –> 00:02:24:24
I don’t know. And

00:02:24:24 –> 00:02:26:18
I’ve thought about going to monsters. That’s right. I

00:02:26:18 –> 00:02:31:29
Don’t blame you on 45. I have no problems. Maybe these monsters are

00:02:31:29 –> 00:02:38:27
Dissolving some things. Well, that’s what we’re, I think they’re so strong. They, they never let the stones be able to form.

00:02:39:22 –> 00:02:40:09
I believe that

00:02:40:26 –> 00:02:48:20
They just, they break ’em up. If they can eat concrete on a cement floor, they can break up a kidney stone before it gets too big to pass.

00:02:49:26 –> 00:02:51:20
And they will take the finish off your con ground.

00:02:52:23 –> 00:03:01:19
So that’s our theory and we’re sticking to it. But what, in all seriousness, we hope, we hope the worst is behind you. And you’re, and there’s not,

00:03:03:02 –> 00:03:06:28
I can’t quit laughing. How much pain is there? Is it like having a baby?

00:03:07:04 –> 00:03:10:06
It was miserable. I, I don’t know what having a baby’s like. There’s no

00:03:10:06 –> 00:03:13:13
Woman that’s in en endured the pain you’ve endured. The lady at

00:03:13:13 –> 00:03:15:12
The doctor’s office did tell me that it is similar.

00:03:16:07 –> 00:03:17:14
No, she’s passed.

00:03:17:22 –> 00:03:23:14
Do women yesterday do women? She did say that women have these. Right. Did she, has she done, had both? Has she had a kid and passed some? She

00:03:23:14 –> 00:03:25:01
Said, she said she had done both. Yeah.

00:03:25:13 –> 00:03:27:12
Wow. And she said they’re comparable.

00:03:27:17 –> 00:03:32:18
I don’t wanna sound like a whos, but I did crawl out to my truck two nights ago to go to go to the er. I mean, she,

00:03:34:07 –> 00:03:59:06
Well, and this is what’s interesting is I show up to work and I just get the notice that Wyatt’s not here. And he made a trip to the er and I’m like, wow. I don’t, did he cut himself making dinner? Or I have to get, I don’t know. And nobody knew. Not even your No. Your roommate. But we’ll just call Chris. You live at, at Chris’s house. Chris didn’t even know you were missing. Well, I didn’t hear a sound. So you made a pretty quiet crawl. You really crawled out.

00:03:59:06 –> 00:04:01:20
You’re talking about about three in the morning. Yeah. Everyone else was probably,

00:04:02:05 –> 00:04:05:00
I would’ve crawled my cell phone and called nine one one. That’s what I done.

00:04:06:10 –> 00:04:08:10
Wow. Geez. Well

00:04:08:14 –> 00:04:09:13
You could have been airlifted.

00:04:10:01 –> 00:04:10:23
Yeah. Huh.

00:04:10:28 –> 00:04:11:13
I should have hit that.

00:04:11:13 –> 00:04:14:23
There’s been people air os button. There’s been people airlifted for a lot less than that.

00:04:15:04 –> 00:04:16:14
I have that. What do they

00:04:16:25 –> 00:04:25:01
InReach S os inReach. I think that’s covered under most cellular or Garmin plans. Just a, a helicopter ride. Well,

00:04:25:01 –> 00:04:31:28
Isn’t it’s kind like towing insurance on your car. It’s just a little a premium. Be like kidney stones Add two bucks a month to your plan. Yeah.

00:04:33:13 –> 00:04:37:02
Oh, when I had it, I thought, if this happens while I’m in the field on a hunt,

00:04:37:14 –> 00:04:38:29
You would rather die. Yeah. You’d

00:04:38:29 –> 00:04:41:04
Rather die. It, it’s just so painful.

00:04:43:04 –> 00:04:44:17
Speaking of painful, oh, go ahead.

00:04:44:17 –> 00:04:53:00
Yeah. John filled this in. Wyatt. So we, we kind of we’re feeling for you now that you’re backing in front of us. We’re, I guess we’re just in a teasing mode. But it’s

00:04:53:00 –> 00:04:58:19
Kind of funny. He’s got a Gatorade today. Yeah. I haven’t even seen you drink any

00:04:58:19 –> 00:05:00:13
Colored drinks at all ever. No. Either. Why you need

00:05:00:13 –> 00:05:01:24
Those electrolytes. Too much water.

00:05:02:04 –> 00:05:04:24
Did she say that? Did the gal say that? No. Electrolyte. She said that.

00:05:05:13 –> 00:05:07:13
Yeah, they told me that yesterday. Okay. Really?

00:05:08:01 –> 00:05:11:00
Water’s not good enough there. You heard it right there. Not good enough for you.

00:05:12:19 –> 00:05:13:17
Water’s not good enough.

00:05:15:05 –> 00:05:16:28
Well, all right. Well, so

00:05:17:02 –> 00:05:19:08
Anyway, how long were you, who’s

00:05:19:08 –> 00:05:20:11
Trick or treating tonight? Oh

00:05:20:11 –> 00:05:23:08
Yeah. I’m gonna get father of the year award and

00:05:23:11 –> 00:05:27:01
Husband’s of the decade, month, year in

00:05:27:05 –> 00:05:32:10
12 hours. Yeah. ’cause I haven’t been home, but 12 hours. And we’re gonna do it. It’s gonna happen. All

00:05:32:10 –> 00:05:32:12

00:05:32:28 –> 00:05:35:29
So I’m, I’m dishing out treats tonight. How about you? Yeah,

00:05:36:11 –> 00:05:38:04
Yeah. No, I’ll let that.

00:05:38:14 –> 00:05:39:02
Are you dressing up?

00:05:39:12 –> 00:05:39:20

00:05:40:08 –> 00:05:40:22
As a hunter?

00:05:41:04 –> 00:05:47:17
No, no, no, I’m not. So I will let John take care of the kids. My

00:05:47:17 –> 00:05:51:16
Wife’s in France, so I’m off the hook. You’re totally, I only have to dress up if

00:05:51:16 –> 00:05:56:07
She’s here. You’re gonna go downtown and turn off the lights at your place? Absolutely. Are you not? Be bothered.

00:05:56:10 –> 00:05:58:20
Do you not buy any candy? No. Such a jerk.

00:05:59:03 –> 00:06:03:12
Oh, that’s a ba hum book. Take a Christmas term to Halloween. That’s a ba hum book.

00:06:04:14 –> 00:06:07:05
Nah. And I just send him to the local church in parking

00:06:07:07 –> 00:06:09:18
Lot and say Trunk or treat. Yeah, go there

00:06:10:01 –> 00:06:31:05
Gene. Trust their candy. That’s what you’re doing. It’s only Saints go to church. Right. I Jason will be there. So, well, we’d like to think under our sponsor in this podcast. We appreciate them and their support and everything we do. I guess we’re still on, right? Yeah. I’ve been in the hills. Oh yeah. Outta cell service. I mean, yeah. Who knows what’s going on here.

00:06:32:21 –> 00:06:37:25
That’s right. The lights are still on. The power meters. Still clicking back there we’re, yeah,

00:06:38:02 –> 00:06:38:12

00:06:38:15 –> 00:06:42:07
We’re crushing it. We’re getting ready, ready to start crushing deer. Who’s ready to go to Colorado?

00:06:43:12 –> 00:06:44:10
What? Yeah.

00:06:46:13 –> 00:06:48:29
Try, try to recover from my kidney stone. That would be,

00:06:48:29 –> 00:06:49:23
That would be me head

00:06:49:23 –> 00:07:00:14
Out there to Colorado. Me today in here. You guys caught me at a moment of weakness.

00:07:01:11 –> 00:07:08:23
Hammering me right here. Stand up straight. Who’s butt you gonna kick? Quiet. Quiet ahead. Stand up straight. I is.

00:07:09:05 –> 00:07:10:05
Wow. He’s not

00:07:10:05 –> 00:07:10:20
Even got

00:07:10:29 –> 00:07:15:00
Energy. He’s drinking no sugar. Gatorade. There’s not even a calorie there. But

00:07:15:00 –> 00:07:20:10
There’s only a teaspoon gone. I mean he’s like, I know. She says I’m supposed to drink this. I don’t feel like nothing. Right? No, I’m

00:07:20:10 –> 00:07:22:26
Great. Maybe I should have pulled the doctor’s note and just skipped today.

00:07:24:01 –> 00:07:24:10

00:07:24:26 –> 00:07:30:13
Well we’re appreciate you. Here he is. He’s taking one for the team. He didn’t need to be here under the circumstances.

00:07:30:22 –> 00:07:33:00
Do we give our employees sick leave or anything like that?

00:07:33:14 –> 00:07:38:10
I have to read the fine print. I need to talk to the HR department myself about a few things, but I’m not sure.

00:07:38:25 –> 00:07:56:05
John, let’s, let’s pull that provision. Alright. Somebody’s gonna use it. Let’s pull it. Alright. Where are we at? Colorado. You brought up Colorado. Our predictions. There’s gonna be a few big deer killed. ’cause second season was terrible. The very few big deer

00:07:56:05 –> 00:08:07:20
Killed got really cold the very last couple of days, right? Yeah. Of second season. And then this week’s been record cold. I know. For Utah, I think. I don’t know about Wyoming. Wyoming. Can you

00:08:08:24 –> 00:08:09:14
Wyoming’s just

00:08:09:14 –> 00:08:22:08
Called it. It’s, yeah. I don’t know what it’d take to have a record broken into Wyoming. I don’t know what it would take. People would die a hundred, 114 below before it approached record status. Right. But anyway, it’s been crazy cold for October. I know that. And

00:08:22:23 –> 00:08:31:07
Dude, we, I mean we purged our watering system on our yard. Like October 10th or something. I mean, it was a almost a month earlier than last year. Yeah.

00:08:31:16 –> 00:08:31:28
Oh yeah.

00:08:32:26 –> 00:08:37:14
It was the first week in November that we quit watering lawns in here. In Cedar City. Yeah. Last

00:08:37:14 –> 00:08:40:08
Year. They’re belling hay the 1st of November. I don’t know.

00:08:40:23 –> 00:08:42:01
We’re freezing pipes and

00:08:43:27 –> 00:08:44:07

00:08:44:15 –> 00:09:06:08
Boats and whatever else John’s got. Huh? How about that? All right. So anyway, this Colorado, we’re excited. We want you to kill giant stuff. Send us photos. We’re excited to see what hits the ground. There’s been big stuff killing killed all around us here in southern Utah. Nevada, Arizona. Couple in Idaho. But Idaho’s been a little off. Kind of tough to find. Big deer up there.

00:09:06:29 –> 00:09:11:00
Wyoming seemed to be a little off this year for sure. Yeah. Wasn’t

00:09:11:00 –> 00:09:11:24
It? Why? Yeah.

00:09:11:24 –> 00:09:13:14
Yeah. There’s a hole. Yeah, definitely off.

00:09:16:20 –> 00:09:17:00
It was

00:09:17:05 –> 00:09:21:25
Terrible. I forgot about that. It was terrible. I just did talking collectively. Didn’t, it was cold. It

00:09:21:25 –> 00:09:22:08
Was miserable.

00:09:22:19 –> 00:09:27:29
I didn’t mean to talk to you guys. Like you guys hunted rocks for a week and a half, right? Well, so

00:09:28:02 –> 00:09:28:14

00:09:28:14 –> 00:09:30:02
Your kids shot some bugs. I mean, yeah,

00:09:30:02 –> 00:09:38:28
They DIDs, right? And And I thought five bites. Well I’ll kill a couple of little kid bucks and this and that. And it was wonderful. It was a great experience. They were the best bucks we saw.

00:09:39:28 –> 00:09:40:05

00:09:40:05 –> 00:09:44:12
Stayed till the very end. Yeah. And there was nothing even, huh? Why what?

00:09:44:16 –> 00:09:49:13
Why? Wyatt was starved for a kill pick, if I’m not mistaken. You had to to

00:09:49:13 –> 00:09:55:17
Send Well, yeah. He kept bugging me about Ashley’s picture. And I’m like, how bored are you? Geez. It was just,

00:09:55:26 –> 00:10:02:23
It’s a five by five. It’s crap. Have to see something to pass the time. Yeah. There was inlines Inlines in the front. Double inline. I mean, that’s a cool bug.

00:10:02:26 –> 00:10:08:11
Oh, it was cool. The, the body was giant. It was double the size of Justin’s. Which is kind of funny because

00:10:08:26 –> 00:10:13:24
Now they’re, now she’s got, she’s using that as a bragging thing. I got way more meat off mine than yours.

00:10:13:29 –> 00:11:21:09
And her buck was bigger than Justin’s not wider, but it was better deer. And they were arguing, I guess. So Jana had to bring him home to do football and volleyball. Right. And Sean and I were staying hunt big deer. And so we thought, and Justin and Ashley get in an argument on whose buck’s bigger, you know, on the way home. Oh yeah. On the way home and on speakerphone. Sean just crushes it. Ashley killed the bigger dears. No question about that. You know what I, so you know, Ashley, I mean, I just wish I could see her face because she’s just, she’s the youngest and she’s the only girl. And so you don’t stand much of a chance in our house. Yeah. So anyway. That’s awesome. So yeah, Wyoming wing stuff. Hopefully maybe something will come, something will give on, on some of these November hunts that are coming up. But there was, and there was a few big deer early, don’t get us wrong. Few absolute monsters. And there always will be just numbers of hunters and people in the field. But overall it was a little bit lacking. Idaho’s been tough. And then, but Utah, off the charts, Arizona, off the charts, Nevada’s just off the charts as far as quality. Although hunts haven’t been easy. No.

00:11:23:03 –> 00:11:36:17
We’re seeing the highlight reel and the high re highlight reel’s amazing. But there’s a lot of people eating tags including people within our own parties, you know? That’s right. Tough tough. That’s right. That’s right. So what are we talking about today, Chris?

00:11:36:18 –> 00:11:38:02
Tough kind of changes. I thought we’d talk about,

00:11:38:06 –> 00:11:45:16
You know, late season hunting since that’s where we’re at right now. We’re just about to start the third season in Colorado. Just figured we’d talk a little bit about that.

00:11:46:18 –> 00:11:53:26
So we’re getting outta the hard time bucks. Right. And we’re moving right into the Rutt Bronson, how do you hunt the rutt?

00:11:54:00 –> 00:11:55:10
Well, you take pyro. Putty.

00:11:55:20 –> 00:11:55:29

00:11:56:23 –> 00:12:17:02
So that you can, when you get cold, that’s interesting. You can build a fire and stay out there all day long. ’cause it’s gonna be cold. You guys are gonna experience some cold weather, which is what you kinda asked for, what you kind of begged for. But last year it was cold for you and I Yeah. And Colorado. We had no snow, but it got cold. But anyway. Oh, we were in, oh, it was cold sucker.

00:12:17:17 –> 00:12:19:00
I was like you and I where were,

00:12:19:29 –> 00:12:29:13
Yeah, that was 12 months ago. Anyway, all joking aside, but it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be cold and chilly. It looks like third season. Who knows what the fourth season will look like. So I went

00:12:29:14 –> 00:12:31:10
To Sportsman’s and bought a new hat.

00:12:32:27 –> 00:12:33:04

00:12:33:04 –> 00:12:35:28
Turtle fur. I don’t know if that’s what they call it. It was soft

00:12:35:29 –> 00:12:36:23
Turtle fur.

00:12:37:14 –> 00:12:38:16
They called it turtle fur.

00:12:38:16 –> 00:12:39:24
They’re not mammals. They don’t have

00:12:39:24 –> 00:12:52:07
A fur. I know, but I don’t know what it is. It’s 98% spandex and 98, 90 2% polyester or something. And then I got a little neck gator and I got some big wazoo gloves with insulate. Dude, I’m telling you. I’m just telling. Did

00:12:52:07 –> 00:12:53:06
You, did you get some for your wife?

00:12:54:28 –> 00:12:55:22
She doesn’t need anything.

00:12:57:09 –> 00:13:02:24
If I’m not mistaken. She’s going with you and she’s got a tag. She’s So you’re decked out and what she got. You’re secondhand.

00:13:02:24 –> 00:13:35:20
Well, I’m decked out because I’m back to Nevada and it’s been so cold. My fingers are still tingling from two days ago. And so we’re going back as you know, and I’m gonna probably be sitting water on kind of a weird thing to do. Breaking eye, breaking ice. Yeah. Breaking ice. And I’m like, I’m getting warm. I’m tired of being cold. I’m tired of being cold. I lost a little weight. Yeah. And so I’m cold. I’m cold, I’m cold walking back to the truck. I get colder as I walk now. So anyway. Got some warm gloves. Jan’s like, so in Colorado, like I’ve got some warm stuff, but,

00:13:35:29 –> 00:13:38:05
And you’re just, are we gonna be in the truck? You’ll be, are

00:13:38:05 –> 00:13:51:13
We gonna be in the truck a lot? And I’m like, oh yeah. Right. We’re gonna be covering the numbers. Yeah, that’s right. I mean we’ll get out and hike a little bit, but when, when you need to. But Colorado and cold weather, you’re in the truck a bit.

00:13:51:26 –> 00:13:53:00
Window mounts. Huh?

00:13:53:00 –> 00:13:53:13
Window mount.

00:13:53:13 –> 00:13:54:26
Window mounts. Window mounts and

00:13:55:09 –> 00:13:58:10
Window mounts. A kid killed more big deer in Colorado than anything know.

00:13:58:20 –> 00:14:00:07
Huh? Put that in your book.

00:14:02:07 –> 00:14:16:29
Well it’s not, it’s not a sexy, you know, way to kill deer per se. But it’s true. So just covering the numbers, not necessarily what we do. We tease a lot. But Jenna is coming on this hunt. We’re super excited. I’m super excited for that. Can’t wait. She’s excited. Can’t wait

00:14:16:29 –> 00:14:35:18
To see what she’s wearing. Your camel from 15 years ago. Cotton, cotton stuff probably. And you’ve got Wazo you just called it Wazo. Wazo stuff from Sportsman’s. Well, net gators turtle fur caps, wazoo gloves. And she’s got your holy jerseys from under the seat that are,

00:14:35:20 –> 00:14:38:28
She’s got No, she’s got some wazoo on armor stuff. Okay,

00:14:39:06 –> 00:14:39:14

00:14:39:20 –> 00:14:45:00
And I do too. I just, at this moment when I needed it the next day I was like, I gotta go down and get something

00:14:45:00 –> 00:15:02:00
Real quick. Good. Alright, well looking forward to seeing John, you’re going over there too. Going over taking my wife. You and your wife hunting fourth season bucks. Yep. In the snow. We have lip curling. Yeah. It’s always an interesting hunt. You’re hunting with your, I know spouse on a hunt like that you

00:15:02:00 –> 00:15:02:29
Pray for snow and then

00:15:03:15 –> 00:15:04:19
You wonder if you shouldn’t have

00:15:04:19 –> 00:15:17:05
Pray for snow. You want the snow, but it’s miserable. Speaking of lip curl and I was kind of thinking, oh, so well it just one more little something and then let’s just dive into this thing. Okay.

00:15:17:23 –> 00:15:18:29
What have we been doing? I thought we,

00:15:19:22 –> 00:15:43:13
The other day, Ashley, we’re deep dive. I was teasing Ashley. So we’re driving to St. George. Okay. My converter and my camp trailer went out. Ashley’s in the back and I’m, I’m like, Hey Ashley, you got any boyfriends or any, just teased her, right? He’s no dad. No dad. And I’m like, well if any of them boys start lip curling around you just let me know because I’m gonna, I’m gonna treat ’em like Colorado deer. You know what I mean? Jana’s over there rolling her eyes, Ashley’s rolling her eyes. And I’m like, I’m dead serious.

00:15:47:09 –> 00:15:49:25
That’s a good daddy-daughter lip curling story. All right.

00:15:50:05 –> 00:15:51:08
All right. So let’s move on.

00:15:52:13 –> 00:15:55:12
I don’t know how we segue to anything after that, but

00:15:56:00 –> 00:16:05:11
Late season deer hunts, we’re hoping they’re in the rutt. One thing I do, let’s bring up a little bit the change in season dates. We’re excited for next year, two years and the year after. Especially the year after.

00:16:06:01 –> 00:16:16:04
Yeah. A lot to look forward to. However, I think the biggest thing to emphasize is you’re, you’re gonna see point creep of epic proportions

00:16:16:07 –> 00:16:16:26
Coming up

00:16:17:14 –> 00:16:25:05
When that happens. And That’s right. You don’t expect something takes three points to even maybe take five or you might not get her six or seven. Something

00:16:25:05 –> 00:16:34:13
That took 10 might take 15. That’s right. Depending on if you’ve got low tag numbers, everybody’s like, man I’m point creeped a lot. If you’ve got low tag numbers tag, it takes nothing to point creep. Yeah.

00:16:34:13 –> 00:16:40:26
You give 10, 10 tags and you get three or so of non-residents. Yeah. It doesn’t take very many people to switch. Yeah. All of

00:16:40:26 –> 00:16:55:29
A sudden you’ve got point creep, you know, one or two guys with high numbers of points that decide they have to go this year and and on. One thing I want to talk about just a little bit, everybody’s waiting for this late season. They’re waiting for this late season. Well if it’s late and you happen to get no snow,

00:16:56:16 –> 00:16:57:13
Oh you That’s right.

00:16:57:18 –> 00:17:04:19
It’s still no snow. So my point is, just because it’s late doesn’t mean it’s gonna be amazing. Oh, that’s right. It’s a better chance of it having weather

00:17:04:25 –> 00:17:25:01
Just because you’re deeper into November and daylight’s getting shorter and you’re fighting with Mother nature and what these deer are wanting to do. But we’ve all been on Colorado third and fourth seasons the last two to three years especially. Yeah. That have been no weather and it’s been terrible for rutt. Terrible. And so weather will Trump calendar.

00:17:25:13 –> 00:17:26:22
That’s a hundred percent right?

00:17:26:29 –> 00:17:38:28
It will. I’ve been there in Colorado back to back years. The first year I went was like third season October 30th or 31st to like November 5th or sixth. Okay. That’s pretty early third season. Yeah, it’s,

00:17:38:29 –> 00:17:40:16
I mean it’s as early as it gets. Yeah.

00:17:40:17 –> 00:17:51:12
And that year, November 2nd dumber, I, I bet we saw ten one eighty plus bucks that day and I killed the 200, you know, Rutten November 2nd where dumb. Where

00:17:51:18 –> 00:17:53:02
Send, send me that. You’ve got

00:17:53:02 –> 00:18:06:06
It. Oh, you did cheaters on both sides. 33 entry. Oh yeah. The next year it moved the, the six days later. You remember like Colorado does, you know, five days or six days depending on leap year. So it started like November 5th

00:18:06:13 –> 00:18:08:16
And you’re like, this is gonna be off the tracks.

00:18:08:16 –> 00:18:15:16
We all got tags and went there. It sucked. Yeah. That’s now we shot one deer outta three of us and we hunted the whole season.

00:18:15:24 –> 00:18:17:24
Yeah. And not everybody’s waiting for 200

00:18:17:24 –> 00:18:20:05
And it was sunny. No, I mean it was, it was a second second

00:18:20:05 –> 00:18:21:18
Choice. It was a second cho it

00:18:21:18 –> 00:19:05:20
Was a second choice tag. Yeah. You’re not burning points. And so I, I always remember that whether that, that year before it crushed Utah, crushed Colorado three or four feet in the high country. The deer had no choice but to be down low. And when they all get down there, they start rutting when they’re there because you know, that’s what they’re there to do. Yeah. But so whether, whether will trump a calendar, keep that in mind. There’s gonna be a lot of strategy involved in Colorado next year. ’cause the dates are a little bit later. Yeah. But they don’t kick way late till two years from now. 2021. Yeah. There’s gonna be a lot of strategy involved. And do you go try to strike some of these units while you can get ’em, while you can draw ’em and before they maybe get crushed some of these four season hunts. November 24th to 28.

00:19:05:21 –> 00:19:06:24
Oh, I know right. Thanksgiving.

00:19:07:16 –> 00:19:12:11
I know. I mean I know. Do you want to tag the year after that in that unit? Well, are you gonna want one?

00:19:12:23 –> 00:19:14:10
Possibly not. It depends on the weather. That’s

00:19:14:10 –> 00:19:17:24
What I mean. But don’t, maybe not. Maybe

00:19:17:24 –> 00:19:19:01
Not. Well you’re almost

00:19:19:01 –> 00:19:19:26
Hunting to December. But

00:19:19:26 –> 00:19:58:16
Here’s also what’s gonna happen in my estimation. So when this happens, who’s who of mule deer comes out in force? Everybody that likes a mule deer will be in Colorado. Yeah. You know what I mean? Everybody. ’cause it’s gonna be the talk of the talk. So I guess my point is we got a foot of snow like hunt now, hunt right now. Everybody that’s out there just enjoy these hunts. Don’t be looking forward to two years from now. Although we’re looking forward to next year already. ’cause we got our butt kicked on a bunch of hunts. Having said that hunt right now, like right now might be amazing. You know what’s interesting, we will be hunting a new unit this year. And, and so a lot of guys are like, how do you go about hunting a new unit? Like what do you do to hunt a new unit?

00:19:58:22 –> 00:20:25:20
And, and then also late season like you talked about Chris and how do we hunt late season versus early season? When I’m early season, I like to spend all my, I like to have something like my two month summer to really hone in on one or two hunts my early stuff, crush it, enjoy it, and have a great chance at killing something special compared to, you know, an an October hunt that you didn’t scout for. And then late season, I love the late season. I’m ready for a late season gift. You know what I mean? Yeah,

00:20:26:04 –> 00:20:28:10
But you mean like last year standing out your

00:20:28:15 –> 00:20:28:25

00:20:29:11 –> 00:20:30:18
Last year at 80 yard slip curling?

00:20:31:14 –> 00:20:31:20

00:20:31:21 –> 00:20:34:05
Like that? Yes. Okay.

00:20:34:23 –> 00:20:35:00

00:20:35:20 –> 00:20:36:08
For a half hour,

00:20:36:08 –> 00:20:37:29
24 minutes on my phone.

00:20:37:29 –> 00:20:40:10
On, on video. That’s right. Yes. On your phone scope.

00:20:40:13 –> 00:20:52:25
Yeah. I even sent a, sent a little screenshot to a buddy. I’m like, is he 200? He’s still alive right here. 82 yards. Yeah. Only then I heard a side by side above me on the ridge and I’m like,

00:20:53:21 –> 00:20:54:14
Put the earplugs in

00:20:54:20 –> 00:21:00:20
Ridge and I’d be really sad if that guy saw this deer and shot him. And I’m sitting here in my orange 82 yards away from him.

00:21:01:00 –> 00:21:02:00
Kapow kapow.

00:21:03:20 –> 00:21:13:29
So anyway, but let’s talk about the early season versus late season and what, what tactics are we gonna use? Bronson. Wyatt, what are you gonna, what are we gonna do John? Chris?

00:21:14:19 –> 00:22:06:11
Well the biggest thing and and we’ve said this a lot before, but a lot more time, a lot more scouting can be beneficial on your early hunts. Obviously archery, muzzle loader and even to some extent some of the earlier rifle hunts that like Nevada and some places that start October 5th and things like that that don’t normally get a lot of deer movement yet. But part of the reason we like staggered hunts in different states is like Colorado, we just, most of the time we pick a unit that we either can draw or we pick up a land or tag in and just show you get your maps and we’ll talk about that in a minute. How do we approach hunting a new unit? But you go hunt and to some extent, yeah, you look for a gift or you just go hunt and, and every day you got maybe a little influence of the rutt or a little bit of migration. And so any scouting you would’ve done is kind of irrelevant by by November. Yeah.

00:22:07:07 –> 00:22:27:24
It is nice. You know, w when we were in Wyoming you were talking about going and swinging down through our unit and checking it out and, and that would help. Although you’re not, I think it, it can be mentally defeating for a lot of guys to go pres scout a, a rutt unit, a rutt hunt, I’m gonna go into this unit, I’m gonna hit the winter range and I see nothing, you know, should I turn

00:22:27:24 –> 00:22:28:10
My tag back?

00:22:28:16 –> 00:23:09:10
Yes. To have the ability to really think this will change, this will change. I’m seeing wazoo sagebrush and bitter brush down here, but I seen no deer. I seen not one deer. I’m nervous, I’m sweat. My palms are sweaty. I’ve spent 10 points on this or whatever couple of grand or whatever it costs to get a tag. And I got 30 days prior you can make a change and get your points back. And so people get antsy, they get worked up. You, you know, you can’t tell what the weather’s gonna be in 30 days and you gotta have confidence that they’re deer are gonna migrate. So part of this we get maps and we sell maps on our website. Epic outdoors.com. You can do a dropdown and order maps. Right. Is there anything else to say about that? No unit specific.

00:23:09:14 –> 00:23:32:11
There’s a lot of different customizations you can make. But I think the unit, you know, I like to have both the digital and the map. I can’t tell you how many times I’m there. Something happens with the phone and it doesn’t, it doesn’t work. And I’m without a map for until I get back to service and then I can redownload or whatever it is. So I like to have the printed map as well. Yeah,

00:23:33:03 –> 00:23:41:05
You gotta X out of all your social media apps, John. And then you don’t lose the phone battery and Right Chris? Yeah, millennials and free

00:23:41:11 –> 00:23:41:20

00:23:42:04 –> 00:23:45:01
That’s the one challenge with millennials using Onyx on their phone.

00:23:46:02 –> 00:23:47:12
Too much running in the background.

00:23:47:19 –> 00:23:50:14
Oh, there’s background. Yeah. So you know you

00:23:50:14 –> 00:23:53:13
Got hamsters spinning like something bes in the background.

00:23:54:07 –> 00:23:59:25
Speaking of hamsters, what about, what about sheep camp? Huh? What about sheep camp and 50 something lights? I did

00:23:59:25 –> 00:24:02:05
Not know where you’re going with, speaking of hamsters.

00:24:05:26 –> 00:24:07:05
Alright, so we,

00:24:07:09 –> 00:24:11:20
Yeah, our camp trailer, we parked in a bad spot apparently this year.

00:24:12:09 –> 00:24:14:24
50, like 51 mice we’ve caught

00:24:15:05 –> 00:24:34:06
Over the course of about three weeks. It’s getting later this time of year. So it’s dark at 7, 7 30. Like you can’t just go jump in your sleeping bag at seven 30 and sleep till 6 37 in the morning. I mean somebody might can, I can’t. I’ll be up at three 30 or four refreshed, reinvigorated and it’s pitch black for four more hours.

00:24:34:16 –> 00:24:35:16
So, so we get bored.

00:24:35:25 –> 00:24:39:05
So we’re just fart around camp, you’re setting your trap line and you’re hearing them go off.

00:24:39:24 –> 00:24:47:06
We’re hearing them go off John. So 10 feet away. And so we start shining our lights on the traps and we watch soon get caught. Pretty

00:24:47:06 –> 00:24:48:08
Just caught. Now we’re just watching them.

00:24:48:15 –> 00:24:55:02
Where are they coming from? I don’t know. I don’t know. So let’s see. We went from Matt Hamsters to mice. How are we going back? I’m just gonna

00:24:55:02 –> 00:25:03:18
Start throwing out random words and see where it goes. I don’t know Carter, that’s what happens when we’ve all been gone too long and we’re back and we gotta cover every

00:25:03:19 –> 00:26:11:17
Bit of non Yes, I got it. Speaking of late season, so speaking of, speaking of late season, Chris, what I was thinking about is, so the, the Onyx has a layer and, and we’re not sponsored by Onyx, although we should be. There is a layer that is the winter ranges, the travel corridors from summer range to winter range and and winter, winter range and then concentrations for winter range. And so you can go on there and overlay that with your maps and it kind of gives you an idea, dear winter here, this is good dear wintering ground. Pretty darn accurate. Wouldn’t you guys say Yes? Yeah. Pretty darn accurate. It has been pretty accurate. And so starting second season now keep in mind first season is not for milder and it’s draw for elk. Second season is over the counter for elk. Generally speaking, most units and and limited entry for deer, you know, and then you’ve got third and you’ve got fourth. Those, there’s three rifle seasons available, two for sure in every unit. Second, third, yeah, some and then fourth, some of them where it’s wazoo buck do ratio. That’s right. So we’ve got the onyx, we can see where the winner,

00:26:12:15 –> 00:27:08:13
Where they want to show up. I was talking to somebody about that today. They had a Gunnison basin tag and I don’t know if they had a turn back tag or bottom line or tag, but they were just, I mean it’s two days before it starts and they were, they were talking to ’em and basically, yeah, I was pointing out some of these very things you gotta eliminate, I guess you could never truly eliminate some country, but by process of elimination you’ve gotta eliminate some parts of your unit. And, and naturally if you’ve got a unit with a lot of high country and you’ve had some kind of weather and cold, you just eliminate that from possibility and you start going to the highest probability areas. And the overlays that you talked about with critical mule deer, wind range or mule deer concentrations that that Colorado has on some of those layers. Those have been great. That tells you where the deer want to be, where they’re coming, where they’re wanting to go. If, if it’s normal or if it’s above normal snow or cold, that’s where they’re gonna show up. And then

00:27:08:13 –> 00:27:23:17
Having said that, I wanna say we could look it up, but in the unit that I killed the big deer in last year, I don’t think it was showing as heavy deer concentration in the winter, but it was winter range or something. So anyway, it’s not perfect, but it’s definitely showed it as winter range as

00:27:23:17 –> 00:27:25:08
Long as you to eliminate some, some stuff

00:27:25:08 –> 00:28:36:16
It does for sure. Yep. And then also the travel corridors. So second season they’re gonna be traveling to winter range. So don’t forget some of the travel corridors or a warm third season, if they haven’t really moved in in force yet, you’re gonna have a, you know, you’re gonna have ’em traveling. And so you watch those travel corridors meaning, and we’re not talking like two little 12 inch trails that they’re traveling down. We’re talking about a big area, you know, like this five mile area or 10 mile or whatever. And so anyway, we do talk about covering the numbers and I’ve had a lot of guys hit me up on Instagram and different things. Not asking for a bunch more private messages on Instagram per se. However I’m, I’m always willing to help. But they, you know, what do you mean by covering the numbers? Like I, you know, and covering the numbers. I mean like late season hunting, you’re again, right, we’re not hunting specific deer. We’re hunting deer in general and, and then, and so you want to cover the numbers. The more bucks you see, the better chance you have of finding a big deer. And, and the more bucks you see in weird places that hasn’t been pounded by all of our friends here in Utah, the better chance you have of finding an over older age classier and

00:28:37:09 –> 00:29:04:02
More groups of do you can locate in little tucked away places and things like that, that you check every day or two, the better those are. That’s what we’re talking about. ’cause this time of year stuff changes overnight. You go to bed, nothing’s there and you go, I killed the deer like that and call it out. That 61 buck remember had a group of do down low and I went and checked it like four days later. 2 0 7. You’ve been standing with them with the same group of do. Yeah. It was in a weird spot like you just said. It was like, I’ll bet no one is gonna come back here.

00:29:04:10 –> 00:29:05:14
One other guy I think was there.

00:29:06:25 –> 00:29:07:22
Oh yeah, we told that story.

00:29:09:13 –> 00:29:10:09
But he was, but anyway,

00:29:10:14 –> 00:29:17:15
A bit random. Random. It was a bit random. Yeah. I was looking over his shoulder at my buck and praying. He kept walking the other way. We already talked about that story. He

00:29:17:15 –> 00:29:23:20
Did. So anyway, but generally speaking, yeah, you have it to yourself. And those deer, they’ve gotten a little aged because they were overlooked. Like

00:29:24:08 –> 00:29:43:10
Especially if you got deer on the lower winter range and you’ve got six or eight doughs in a tight little draw somewhere. There’s no way they’re, they’re not on their way anywhere else. They have arrived. Yeah. If you feel like that’s a situation you’re dealing with, they’ve arrived, then you need to check them. Kinda like sheep in the rut, you know, desert to

00:29:43:10 –> 00:29:52:22
Rockies ’em almost every day. We, we very rare are we see in the same buck two days in a row. Yeah. Wouldn’t you say, Chris, you’ve hunted Colorado third season,

00:29:52:27 –> 00:29:54:29
You better kill ’em when you see ’em. Yep, yep. I mean I had,

00:29:55:06 –> 00:30:14:11
I remember one in particular, I hunted a late season. That was the only good deer I saw. I had a four season tag and I hunted the entire hunt. I went days early. I ended up being there like nine days total. And toward the end I saw this one buck and he was a giant and wasn’t able to get on him. Never saw him again.

00:30:15:18 –> 00:30:15:26

00:30:16:11 –> 00:30:16:24

00:30:16:24 –> 00:30:16:28

00:30:17:17 –> 00:30:23:23
Sometimes that goes in the ru Yeah, they wake up. I, you know him be a blessed can curse see him. Because you,

00:30:24:02 –> 00:30:30:12
With nowadays though, with all this new technology thousand yard rifles, amazing. Yeah. Equipment. Would you have killed him? Oh

00:30:30:12 –> 00:30:41:29
Yeah. I would’ve set up right where I was and shot. I, I wasn’t that far to begin with, but I knew I could get closer. Yeah. And so I went down to get closer and then lost the deer. ’cause you’re too close and you can’t see ’em anymore.

00:30:42:02 –> 00:30:42:11

00:30:42:20 –> 00:30:43:17
Timber and stuff.

00:30:43:17 –> 00:31:28:16
Yeah. But anyway, so yeah. Anyway, late season. Covering the numbers, finding stuff that maybe other people aren’t just We do, we do check where the masses hunk to too, but, but we don’t over overlook anything. I mean it just takes one. So you kind of go back to the Yeah, you need to cover the numbers. More deer, better chance you’re gonna find one. And deer change positions every day. They’re moving around. These bucks are looking for a hot dough. They’re looking for a hot dough starting part partly in second for sure. In third and fourth. And then, and so they’re moving around. You need to be moving around. But then also finding these little hidden draws. Don’t overlook the the old rotten two track that’s never getting traveled. Take that one. Take that one. Let it scratch your truck.

00:31:28:22 –> 00:31:31:28
I put a lot of pin stripes on mine last year. Yeah, yeah.

00:31:32:26 –> 00:31:37:06
And it didn’t pan out last year. No it didn’t. But it does pan out. Oh yeah,

00:31:37:26 –> 00:31:42:19
It did for you. It didn’t for me. But that’s just, it does 50% on 200 inches. You take that every time.

00:31:42:27 –> 00:31:45:25
Yeah. But it does at times. Like, I mean it’s just part

00:31:45:25 –> 00:31:48:06
Of Oh yeah. Just does. Yeah, exactly Right. Part of it.

00:31:48:14 –> 00:32:24:06
So anyway. And then also I want to talk just a little bit about being willing to, being mentally willing to eat your tag. Being going to the last day, right now, I just got back outta Nevada. It’s the last day. It’s October 31st. It’s the last day in area 24, 2 41, 2 45. It’s the last day. And there’s nobody out there. There’s nobody out there. You know what I mean? It’s a, it’s midweek B people are tired and they’re mentally defeated. And what’s gonna change for tomorrow? Today I saw bucks with those. Wouldn’t leave them walking to the truck. Like, just, just, it’s just the last

00:32:24:06 –> 00:32:30:15
Thing. Just a little, little bit of just that. And they probably not, probably they pick up on that. Yeah.

00:32:30:17 –> 00:32:31:03
Deer pick

00:32:31:03 –> 00:32:49:17
Up. There’s a lot less trucks and headlights coming in here. Yeah. And they’re like, oh, I’m start, this is kind of starting to go back to normal. And so they hang out a little bit more after the sun comes up and then, then they catch that whiff of a dome. Wow. That’s I’m kind of, yes. We’re going down that road and then boom, you’re the next one to put around the corner and you toast him.

00:32:49:17 –> 00:33:52:05
That’s right. That can happen. That, that happens. And so, yeah, I just think it’s important to be able to hunt to the last day. I had a buddy that killed a great buck on the opening day there in Colorado on second season. And it was a good deer. It was just a solid mid eighties deer. But he had one of the tags that really had great potential. And, and I said, you know, I said, that’s a great deer. But dude, I was hoping you would wait till the last day. Like, just wait. ’cause ’cause the storms were lining up. Things were happening. And, and he’s a heart hunter. He, he would’ve really vetted it out and figured out what was there, you know. And he goes, I know he says, I told, he says, I told my brother, I told my dad, he says, everybody’s gonna think I killed a great buck and everybody’s gonna be happy. And he says, except for Jason, he’s gonna say you should all it was right then. And, and I said, no. I mean, and he did killed a great buck. He killed a great buck. Super proud of him. He hunts hard, but he, I was hoping he would hold out so we would know. Right. How

00:33:52:05 –> 00:33:53:20
Good is that you? How good is

00:33:53:20 –> 00:33:56:20
It? You know, do we need to be doing that next year? So

00:33:56:20 –> 00:34:03:23
Yeah, that’s one thing in guiding, I’ve seen it come together in the last, you know, few minutes of the hunt is more often than I have on the first day of the hunt.

00:34:04:06 –> 00:34:05:24
How about that giant kill on the Henry’s?

00:34:06:04 –> 00:34:07:23
Yeah. Probably the only guy

00:34:07:23 –> 00:34:21:17
Left the second, the deer. One of the deer this year that literally about every, there’s probably five, at least five hunters on all three hunts out there that targeted him as primary number one. I mean, I would say you’d probably say that number one deer or four or five

00:34:21:17 –> 00:34:22:27
Ford. Number two deer. Yeah. Yeah.

00:34:22:28 –> 00:34:42:08
Yeah. And he got shot at a bunch in the archery shot at a bunch in the muzzle loader hunt that’s a little close to home for Wyatt’s team and our team. I mean, it just is what it is. Stuff happens and then went, went dark. Went dark. And last day or two, what it was last day of the hunt. Yeah.

00:34:42:11 –> 00:34:43:20
Was it the last day? Last couple days?

00:34:43:23 –> 00:34:46:13
Or last one or two. But by then you’re probably one of

00:34:46:17 –> 00:34:47:20
Day eight or nine, one

00:34:47:20 –> 00:34:48:11
Or two

00:34:49:15 –> 00:35:29:19
People out of 25 left. And I don’t know if that had anything to do with it. It’d be interesting to know whether, you know, just, just the lack of, I mean that mountain for 25 deer tags and a rifle hunt, you’d never know There was only that few tags. It’s, it’s where there’s 200, right. When you’re the number of people that are down there helping, assisting buddies, friends, family. And that’s, that’s just what kind of once in lifetime deer tags do you wanna be a part of them? I mean a lot of people want to cuss guides in that for bringing that many people. And I can’t afford to pay as many people as I see in Capsa company and regular people. And I’m not saying that as a dis to them. I’m just saying it’s a big deal. People bring family, people bring friends. And that’s just the way it’s,

00:35:29:23 –> 00:35:42:05
I see what you’re saying. So you’re saying, and when that starts to go at times, get a bad rep. However, some of these teams of families and friends that go for free actually may be potentially doing more damage than a guide would.

00:35:42:11 –> 00:35:56:12
I didn’t wouldn’t use the word damage. I’m just saying it, there’s a lot of people brought there. Yeah. And it’s not just 25 people gotta go home. It’s 25 people, all their family and friends. And when that relaxes, that mountains back to normal how it was all summer.

00:35:56:19 –> 00:35:57:24
Yes. The deer comes out and

00:35:57:24 –> 00:36:12:01
After two, three days somebody’s deer and just like your deer Nevada story a minute ago, they’re just, they start acting like they want to act. Yeah. Instead of reacting to all the headlights and people and everything else. They’re just reacting to that. And they’re like, I’m going to the cedars and I’m not moving.

00:36:12:11 –> 00:36:26:13
And by the way, when I go in there, there’s pine nuts this year. Yeah. You know what I mean? And they don’t have to come out. There’s bitter brush and pine nuts. Yeah. A lot of ’em this year with all the early storm and stuff. Yeah. Pine nut crops off the charts out here. I have relatives.

00:36:26:13 –> 00:36:28:01
Did you bring any in for us? No. Oh,

00:36:28:01 –> 00:36:33:13
Okay. No. Sunflower seeds are amazing. You can buy ’em in bulk and

00:36:33:20 –> 00:36:36:01
You don’t have to pick ’em up one at a time off the ground. No.

00:36:36:01 –> 00:36:43:11
You’re immediately chewing probably been cleaned and pasteurized and everything. All of these f FDA A approved versus you have drought in the wild.

00:36:43:16 –> 00:36:52:23
No. ’cause when they put salt on stuff, I don’t think it has to pass f d a. ’cause they figure salt kills enough of the stuff. Oh, okay. But you’re giving them a lot of credit for just a seed that gets shaken

00:36:52:23 –> 00:37:10:04
Of the car’s a point. Because I, I, once in a while I pull out a piece of bark, like, you know when you just throw a handful in, you’re like, then you’re, oh, here’s a two inch piece of bark in my mouth. That’s right. But anyway, I’ve got relatives that hunted out here in Southern Utah. General. I mean, some people didn’t see a deer, I’m gonna say it, some people didn’t

00:37:10:04 –> 00:37:11:17
See the deer. They, but they got 10 pounds of pine

00:37:11:17 –> 00:37:37:29
Nuts. Right. And then some people saw three deer or their parties. These are good hunters. I I know they’re good hunters, you know, couldn’t fill all the tags of, you know, just kids and moms. And they’re not being picky. They’re just deer hunting, providing meat. And so when that happens, you know, and they’re blaming it on pine nuts, of course everybody like to see more deer, you know. But generally speaking it was a tougher, there’s other, there’s other variables too. Yeah. Pine nut.

00:37:38:01 –> 00:38:02:01
Well it was a pine nut. Yeah. You can’t predict that one. But that, that specific one was warm this year. Full moon. I mean it was like, had a lot of things going wrong to have, you know, you had pine nuts. In some cases it’s acorn and some of our units in Utah, you get a lot of acorns in our gamble, oak or other states. I know, but, and they’re just, they don’t need to move. They don’t need to move a 10 square yards. They, they don’t. Yeah. And they get a patch like that. They

00:38:02:01 –> 00:38:31:14
Don’t have to. So I think back to what we were talking about on some of these late season, finding the D like, you know, now, I mean in October you find the doze, they’re doze, we don’t shoot D. Right. So, or generally speaking. And so, or we’re not looking to, and so, you know, you, you just don’t think a lot about it. Now you’re thinking where are the do ’cause the bait, the do are gonna Yeah, the bait. Yeah. Right. It’s bait. Are we reducing dose to bait?

00:38:31:29 –> 00:38:36:20
Well it’s attractants. What do you want to call ’em?

00:38:36:24 –> 00:38:37:11
I don’t know.

00:38:38:14 –> 00:38:42:18
They’re, that’s weird. They’re just, well that’s it’s other thing. Your bait honey.

00:38:42:20 –> 00:38:42:29

00:38:43:02 –> 00:38:45:10
It’s just des the’s. Same thing with Cowel. Well maybe

00:38:45:10 –> 00:38:46:04
Some live decoys.

00:38:46:04 –> 00:38:56:17
Yeah, live decoy. Yeah. Des whatever. Okay, well it’s same with Cowel, same with Es on a sheet pump before the rams start thinking about ’em. You’re like, yeah, all right. There’s 15 Es and lambs. I’m gonna, I’m gonna remember those.

00:38:56:19 –> 00:38:57:16
It’s true though. You know

00:38:57:23 –> 00:39:30:05
It’s true. And you give it the right time. Boom. They’re all of a sudden 2, 3, 4, 6 ram standing with them in a matter of weeks and it all changes. So yeah, it’s kinda what we’re talking about. And these deer, when these, some of these bucks get to the winter range in Colorado, they’re there and when they get there, they’re not just out of the snow and they’re not just, okay, I survived a summer up there. When they get there, they start thinking about what you’ve been, they start thinking about those. And it’s not always stupid because when you got people running around, they haven’t quite always let go of their, all their inhibitions. But that’s what they’re there to do. It feels

00:39:30:05 –> 00:39:34:19
Like Colorado hunts deer in the rutt for three seasons. Right? That’s right. Second, third, and fourth.

00:39:34:19 –> 00:39:40:13
It’s kinda like Utah’s elk hunt from, you know, archery to merly rifle. The muzzle order. Yes. Every day in September.

00:39:40:20 –> 00:39:46:05
And they never have a hard rutt. Like they, the deer in Colorado are never ruddy, dumb, dumb, dumb. Very

00:39:46:05 –> 00:39:46:20
Rare. Feels

00:39:46:20 –> 00:39:50:11
Like sometimes I, I found one last year. Yeah, okay. I get it. But

00:39:50:11 –> 00:39:56:24
Not across the unit. That was like by, and it was weird. The biggest deer we saw by far was the dumbest in the rut. But

00:39:56:24 –> 00:39:57:17
He was also, but he just

00:39:57:17 –> 00:39:58:01
Tucked away also

00:39:58:01 –> 00:39:59:08
In an obscure draw. Very

00:39:59:08 –> 00:40:03:14
Obscure with one or two deer. I don’t remember do, but nothing one or two do. I don’t remember what he had.

00:40:04:10 –> 00:40:22:16
So anyway, you know, so there you have it. I think it’s just a matter of finding the dough and then, and finding the good decoy in a tucked away little spot, you know, or whatever. And check on those decoys, you know, check on ’em. Pretty regular the bait. Right, right. What,

00:40:22:28 –> 00:40:23:01

00:40:23:16 –> 00:40:34:24
And so anyway, the nice thing about hunting these later seasons is, is it’s anybody’s game in Colorado on third and fourth season. It’s anybody’s game, wouldn’t you say? Yeah,

00:40:34:24 –> 00:40:48:08
Exactly. You just kind of gotta be in the right place at the right time. You’re hunting deer. They’re, they’re moving off into searching different groups of doughs and they’re looking for, you know, places to spend the winter. They’re, it’s kind of a crapshoot, just all about being in the right place at the right time.

00:40:48:27 –> 00:41:04:10
What I enjoy is the guys that really, that want to go to 10,000 or 11,000 feet with a foot of snow. It’s like you’re, it’s one thing you’re wanting to do it because you love the high country, but there is a time and a place to hunt the winter range. And that’s usually on these late winter hunts

00:41:04:12 –> 00:41:05:07
Third and fourth season

00:41:05:14 –> 00:41:15:11
Typically. You know what I mean? Typically, right. Yeah. Now are there gonna be deer up high? There’s gonna be some deer up high, but you might be wasting your time. You’re definitely not gonna be covering the numbers up there.

00:41:16:11 –> 00:41:43:16
Anything there. That’s right. You’re gonna be hunting the stragglers. Although I’ve done it before in fourth season, but it was in a totally different year than we’re setting up to have this year. It was in a year when it was, you know, 70 to 80 degrees through the second season and part of the third. And like, there was nothing on the winter range. Even in, you know, it’s one of those that the weather trumped the calendar. It didn’t matter what the calendar said, they weren’t down there. So we had to go kill deer over 10,000 feet just to just to have deer to hunt. But I

00:41:43:16 –> 00:42:03:13
Think we get a lot of questions at times, Adam and Wyatt and Chris about like covering the country. Like how do you most effectively cover the country? And there’s no question with glassing, you’re g glassing. Now you might be hiking to a high vantage point, but we’re not hiking Elmer Fadden at ready to kill something at 20 yards. Jumping it up.

00:42:03:13 –> 00:42:03:26
Yeah. We’re

00:42:04:05 –> 00:42:34:28
You’re hiking to a glassing knob to cover the country and covering the country high of tens, fifteens and a spotter generally. And then we’ll have the BT xss too. But generally that’s a truck tool or you pull the spotter out and put the Bt xs in your pack. But generally speaking, you know, and if you get up there and tens is what you need, you’d use tens. You need fifteens, you got fifteens, but cover the coun, like cover it. And everybody has their own style of glassing. I don’t literally like talking about glassing styles. Yeah.

00:42:34:29 –> 00:43:08:16
Well it, it’s, it’s unique as long as the biggest thing is spend time. Most people, I mean, I don’t know how many times all year long I sit in the same spot from daylight till noon before I even think about moving. And it doesn’t matter if I know that something’s there or not, it’s just, it doesn’t take much for something to come into view. And I’d rather do that and feel better about moving on than grab it for 30, 40 minutes and move on and just try to crush it. ’cause pretty soon you think you’ve hit everything and you really haven’t hit it good enough to say you’ve hit it. Yeah.

00:43:08:29 –> 00:43:36:24
And so, and and I do the same thing except for I’m kind of antsy. So my personality, I gotta run a gun, you know what I mean? And so I get antsy, which which your tactic is, is what you do. Sheep, hunters, that’s what you do. No, it’s all different. And it works. It’s different. It works on deer too. It works on deer too. So that’s why I don’t like to talk about tactics too much. It’s your personality. If you’re not a running gun guy, you’re probably not gonna run a gun very effectively. Just

00:43:36:24 –> 00:43:57:23
Like there’s a lot of people stealing Utah. There’s, they sit ground blinds or tree stands to hunt mule deer from ’em. Are you gonna do that Jason? Well, I mean, it just doesn’t fit your hunting style or however you wanna sit. No, but it works. It does work Well, yeah. You could have a great water source and, and you’re like, well you only, I’ve only got one trail camera out of 10 that he’s hitting in the daylight. Some people sit there like a white tail hunter and I’ve slept

00:43:57:23 –> 00:43:59:29
In the ground by I hated it. Okay.

00:43:59:29 –> 00:44:09:06
That’s what I’m trying to say is, yeah, it’s not, you can talk about tactics and when it comes to glassing though, it’s very individual. It’s about what you, what you can stand.

00:44:09:26 –> 00:44:53:23
And I think too, it’s like, and we’ve all, why you’ve been with a lot of clients. I’ve been with clients and stuff like sometimes, you know, if you’re local he might, the locals might out glass you, they can pick deer up in their vegetation ’cause they’re always glassing that vegetation and the color differences in every of deer versus vegetation. It takes you a couple days to get used to what you’re seeing and to see to pick the deer out. And so like when I go to a new unit or a new state, it takes me a minute and then by the end of the hunt, Wyoming, whatever it is, you’re like, you can see ’em quicker, you pick ’em out quicker. Color differences. You’re getting used to the train and, and I don’t know if you guys have noticed that as well. It’s just takes a minute to get used to what you’re glassing.

00:44:53:23 –> 00:45:05:06
Yeah, I’ve definitely noticed that. You know, in all my different glass, you know, starting in Nevada, Utah, Mexico, all completely different colors, schemes of the ground versus the deer. The way they pop out at you.

00:45:06:07 –> 00:45:14:11
Yeah. And, and, and it’s like going to Mexico, it’s amazing. Those guys as eyesight is amazing. Okay. But then by the end of the hunt

00:45:14:23 –> 00:45:15:20
You’re seeing like them,

00:45:15:21 –> 00:45:32:14
You’re seeing like them, it it just, you know, you’re starting to, you’re picking it out. It’s all new, it’s all new terrain. It’s foreign to us so to speak. You know, it might be a couple years between times trips to Mexico and that vegetation is totally different. These guys are pointing stuff out and you’re like, dude, I am blind.

00:45:32:23 –> 00:45:34:16
I think I saw an ear back up. Like, these guys

00:45:34:20 –> 00:45:35:23
Are killing me. Really? Yeah.

00:45:36:00 –> 00:45:39:25
I saw an ear naked. I had 142 yards sticking out behind a to patch.

00:45:40:00 –> 00:45:43:02
Yeah. By the end of the hunt you’re making betts with these guys. Right? That’s

00:45:43:02 –> 00:45:45:26
Right. I see it too. I bet it’s a buck dollar buck. What do

00:45:45:26 –> 00:45:53:04
You think? Right. Dollar, $5, whatever. So anyway, Chris, you’ve watched some of that betting Oh,

00:45:53:04 –> 00:45:54:10
Plenty. Huh? Plenty.

00:45:57:08 –> 00:45:59:01
Well that’s for of the podcast. You don’t have

00:45:59:01 –> 00:46:00:14
A dollar. I’ll give you, you can use one of mine.

00:46:03:16 –> 00:46:16:01
Gimme back my dollar. All righty. I didn’t do that by the way. So anyway. Good stuff. Anything else we’re missing? Do you guys think on late season tactics?

00:46:17:10 –> 00:46:22:26
There are some, you know, late elk hunts still coming up out there in Nevada. Okay. And we haven’t really touched on the

00:46:22:26 –> 00:46:24:00
Differences between you talk

00:46:24:15 –> 00:46:26:24
Light elk and light deer, I mean completely different.

00:46:27:01 –> 00:46:28:02
Jump into it. What Yeah. Jump

00:46:28:02 –> 00:46:28:05

00:46:28:05 –> 00:46:47:29
Different species there. So mule deer typically are gonna pull down in the lower country like we’ve been talking about. A lot of times those bulls, they’re gonna go find a nasty hole to, to lay up in after the rutt and they’re gonna pull into some of the most rugged country you can find on a mountain mahogany. That’s, yep. One thing I usually look for, and I’m looking for late season bulls, is big mahogany ridges.

00:46:49:02 –> 00:46:50:10
I agree with that a hundred percent.

00:46:50:10 –> 00:46:55:26
Either alone or Yeah. In little groups. Yeah. It’s like obviously the complete opposite. The ruts over and they’re, they’re

00:46:55:26 –> 00:46:56:01

00:46:56:21 –> 00:47:49:12
Wore out little bit. Like some sheep get, they just want to eat and lay down and be lazy. That’s really all an elk bull elk wants to do in November. They just want to eat and try to not move, you know, like just bed and move very little. That’s what I’m trying to say. So it’s fortunately they’re a lot better to, you know, pick those out ’cause they’re, you know, six, 800 pounds animal. Yeah. You know, sticking out, out you, but it’s a, it’s, it’s easier from that standpoint, but it’s also different than running a gunning with your bow in your hands in September when they’re bug going. It’s like you’re, you’re just covering the numbers. You’re just cranking it. It’s like you gotta pull your reins back and you’re sitting sometimes at your truck, on your lawn chair from two to three miles away. Glassing a mountain till noon. You know the sun at your back. Yes.

00:47:49:19 –> 00:47:56:22
No, I mean, they are big animals, but two of the hardest hunts I’ve ever been on were late season elk hunts.

00:47:57:02 –> 00:47:57:08

00:47:57:22 –> 00:48:03:08
Oh yeah. It just if, if, if they don’t want to be found and they’re in that thick stuff, they just lay down, you’re not gonna see ’em

00:48:03:15 –> 00:48:09:24
By nature Elk. They love, they like thick crap for security. Yeah. That’s just, that’s their security blanket. Yeah.

00:48:11:12 –> 00:48:28:28
Tough hunts, elk hunts, generally late season elk hunts. They’re miserable. Yeah, because they’re later than like right now, they’re generally later and they’re cold high elevation, like you’re talking, they’re just a little bit higher elevation and, and miserable, miserable, snowy, cold suckers.

00:48:29:02 –> 00:48:37:08
I always say like October 10th, the, the cutoff date, I don’t wanna be hunting elk any anymore after October 10th. Sometimes I find myself in that situation, but I try to stay away from it.

00:48:37:13 –> 00:48:55:02
Yes. But that being said, there’s the trade off of, you know, maybe I, I want to hunt and, and maybe I can actually draw a tag. Oh yeah. Because your, your draws get a lot better usually on those later hunts. So it’s kind of a toss up sometimes of Yeah. Do I want to go hunting, even though it might be hard.

00:48:55:27 –> 00:49:09:05
Well, and I think this goes back to this is when the glassing tactics exchange is like what Adam’s talking about. For me, I would be, I would be fine with sitting for hours and hours and hours on a, on late season elk. And I’ve done it. I’m like some

00:49:09:05 –> 00:49:12:18
Of that because what else are you gonna do? You’re not gonna jump shoot one in September.

00:49:12:18 –> 00:49:59:04
And you’d be amazed at how many animals are in there and they’re yellow school buses and you can’t see ’em. Yeah. You’d be amazed. And, and you guys know this and so, but, and you, so I I, I’ve sat there for hours and hours and hours and, and by the, by the end of the day, you end up seeing 20 bulls if you’d to quit the first couple hours of the day. You might’ve seen two. And, and so, whereas, you know, rutting deer and covering the doughs, you know, sometimes you gotta be aggressive and you move quicker. And so anyway, there’s just a time for, you know, you gotta be. And so I think that’s also where some prior knowledge, it’s nice to have local help guides, whatever on some of these late, late, late elk are hard, like you said, Chris. And so, you know, if you wanna make the most of a tag that took you 20 points to get, or 15 points to get, you might consider a guide.

00:49:59:12 –> 00:50:25:06
These guys have the confidence to sit for 12 hours and stare at this hillside. I mean, to sit there and stare at it and do it for hours and hours and hours, versus somebody that just drew a tag, they’re gonna look at it and go, I can’t kill an elk there. Even if I saw one. And so I’m not even gonna glass when there’s, you don’t really know it. But some of the biggest bulls have been killed there year after year after year, or whatever, you know what I mean? Just to, just to just throwing it out there, it’s

00:50:25:06 –> 00:50:47:26
Like two about, I think it was two weeks ago I was out and I was watching a herd of probably six or seven elk and there were periods of 45 minutes that I didn’t see anything. And they were there, they were up, they were feeding, and I just couldn’t see ’em. Had I, had I been in a hurry and just looked at it for 15 minutes and then left. I never would’ve seen ’em, I wouldn’t have even known they were there. Yeah.

00:50:48:18 –> 00:51:13:20
Where in in deer winter range, generally not, not fully, but a large part can be voided trees. A lot of it’s just wide sage. Lots of s broken stuff. Yeah. And you might have some tree pockets now, obviously ponds con’s different. There’s, there’s places that are thick freaking winter range. I’m not, I’m not saying there’s not that, but a lot of time, you know, these elk, you’re not finding ’em in wide open sage. You might, they might travel through

00:51:13:28 –> 00:51:24:06
Southern Idaho or some weird places like that. Oh yeah. You know, that’s a different, that’s an anomaly. But that’s not typical elk country. Right. That’s like, you’re not an antelope out there and Yeah. You know, but

00:51:24:18 –> 00:52:11:04
Yeah, that’s crazy stuff. That stuff that Southern Idaho is something you ought to see. I mean, everybody ought to, you’ll see a herd of 200 in yellow grass. I mean, how cool is that? So anyway, but generally speaking, we’re talking about, we’re talking about the bulk of the elk hunts. Yeah. And the bulk of the deer hunts. So anyway, cold, things like that. And then also when you’re hunting elk, like say, say you spent all day on an area and, and you saw two bulls or three bulls. You could go back and see five bulls the next day. And I don’t think, they’re not like they’re moving in from miles around. They’re just moving around a little bit. But they’re moving slow, you know, they’re stove up, they’re feeding, they they feed on one bush for a long periods of time.

00:52:11:04 –> 00:52:11:23
Yeah, yeah. They do

00:52:11:29 –> 00:52:14:12
One tree, they, they’ll feed on trees. That’s right. They’ll

00:52:14:12 –> 00:52:18:00
Feed That’s right. They’ll stand in a circle. You see 10

00:52:18:01 –> 00:52:18:24
Yard circle. Yep.

00:52:18:25 –> 00:52:19:10

00:52:19:10 –> 00:52:31:05
Super predictable. Unless they’ve been, unless they get bump or bumped out there. That’s, you knows crapshoot after that’s, but if you’re, you’re stalking one, there a good chance he’s gonna be right there. Most, most of the day. You’ll have plenty of time to get on there. Yep,

00:52:31:07 –> 00:53:19:10
That’s right. And we’ve killed late season bulls from finding sheds and hunting specific bulls. And lots of other people have too. I’m not just saying, not singling us out. I mean, that’s a good tactic. People that know I’m picking up these sheds here and consistently, and this is where they winter, and then I’m not, I’m not gonna go get an archery tag for a place I want, I want to hunt a bull where he sheds. Generally speaking, you’re gonna pick a late season hunt. So anyway, lots of fun. This time of year is a lot of fun. Every situation’s a little bit different. We just kind of wanted to throw something out there. Everybody’s looking to go to Colorado especially. That’s on our minds. It’s on a lot of people’s minds out there. And then of course, we got late season deer hunts in Idaho. We got some stuff coming up. Even Arizona. Arizona strip’s gonna knock down a whole nother pile of two vouchers or

00:53:19:10 –> 00:54:03:06
200 November ever. Maybe it is about upon us, it’s gonna happen. But if you’re, you’re getting your gear, gear together and whatnot, heading to Colorado, shout out to the guys at Pyro Putty. Some awesome stuff. Very easy. Nice little can that goes in your pack. A hundred percent waterproof. Great little fire starter. You’re probably gonna need it or gonna want it or wish you had it. So check ’em [email protected]. P Y R O P U T T y.com. There’s also, depending on where you live, some of the sportsman’s warehouses will have that if you live close enough to that. But awesome stuff, you know, wish you would’ve had that years ago and you know, I still have filling in your fingers.

00:54:03:19 –> 00:54:10:24
That’s true too. Speaking of SS Sportsman’s Warehouse, I was in there course yesterday and there’s a whole bin of pilot cars. Yeah. Right

00:54:10:24 –> 00:54:11:05
There. Yeah.

00:54:11:05 –> 00:54:24:12
Right. That’s where you’re talking about. That’s right. Yeah. 4 99. Yeah. And you know what goes through my mind because of my genetics. Yeah. I wanted one for every truck and all, and maybe every door panel of every truck. ’cause you know what I mean? That’s right. And my packs and

00:54:24:28 –> 00:54:29:04
A because what, you didn’t fill that in September when it was sitting there? When it’s 85?

00:54:29:04 –> 00:54:30:14
No, because I’m still, now it’s

00:54:30:15 –> 00:54:30:24

00:54:30:28 –> 00:54:34:23
No, my fingers are still numb and I’m thinking lots of pyro putting,

00:54:35:16 –> 00:54:37:05
I want that to burn in the palm of my hands

00:54:37:15 –> 00:54:37:28

00:54:38:29 –> 00:54:40:16
But great stuff. Check ’em out.

00:54:41:02 –> 00:54:52:02
Good stuff. Yep. You might also consider m o a rifle. We went up there and took their course. It was awesome. We were shooting 12 to what, how, what was the farthest target we shot 1260.

00:54:52:20 –> 00:54:53:07
Yeah. 12.

00:54:53:12 –> 00:54:54:11
Something like that. 50

00:54:54:13 –> 00:54:56:06
Ish. Yeah. Mid, mid twelves. I think so far

00:54:56:11 –> 00:55:39:14
I was hunting with a good client of mine, just barely. And he had his M o A there. Unbelievable. And you know what I like about m o A? They’re timely. You can order a gun and they do what they say and you can order ammo. He, he ordered more ammo. They’re, he’s like, dude, they’re building ammo as we speak. I’m getting updates like, it’s impressive. The customer service there is unprecedented in the custom gun world. Custom guns generally taken a year and a half to, to build. And you could be told eight months, you could be told a year and a half, both of which could take longer. It just is. But these guys are timely. Very impressive company to work with. MOA rifles.com. 5 4 1 5 2 6 18 20. Well,

00:55:39:16 –> 00:56:39:18
One more. Shout out to another advertising partner of ours. If you or somebody you know is looking for recreational ranch or hunting property out west, or you have a piece of property you’d like to sell that fits that criteria, give the guys at St. James Sporting Properties a call. They’re based in Colorado. Phone number (970) 596-6089. Blaine St. James. He’s a very avid hunter and friend of ours. Very knowledgeable about, you know, help helping evaluate hunting, ranching properties in Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, licensed in all those states. He’s the owner and broker again. St. St. James Sporting Properties. Great partner of ours. If you got a piece of property you need to list or sell or you’re looking for something in one of those western states to have an outdoor recreation or hunting piece, property, something like that, give Blaine and his team a call. I got

00:56:39:18 –> 00:56:43:05
A 20 acre building lot that has a few deer tracks on it. You think you’d be interested?

00:56:44:03 –> 00:56:45:16
It’d be interesting. Give him a call.

00:56:45:23 –> 00:56:50:26
Okay. And general season tags. Think about that. Huh? Not quite in city limits, is

00:56:50:26 –> 00:56:55:01
It within 440 yards of a dwelling or 600 feet?

00:56:55:01 –> 00:56:59:18
I’m pretty, it is 600 feet. So I guess that would limit to an archer that might wanna buy it.

00:57:00:26 –> 00:57:01:25
All right. There you go.

00:57:02:09 –> 00:57:04:12
Yeah. Okay. I get it. All right.

00:57:04:12 –> 00:57:05:25
Okay, so that answers the question

00:57:06:04 –> 00:57:18:10
Anyway. No. Yeah. Everybody knock down a freaking giant. Knock down anything you see, tell us. See whatever. Let us know. We wanna see pictures, stories, whatnot. Where can they go? Where do they send ’em? Chris? Send

00:57:18:16 –> 00:57:21:29
Them to [email protected].

00:57:22:08 –> 00:57:28:12
All right everybody. Good luck in Colorado and all these late season hunts. Let us know how you do. And until then, drink a lot of water.