Meet Our Newest Staff Member, Devin Archibald. In this episode of the Epic Outdoors Podcast we introduce you to Devin Archibald our newest hunting consultant. Devin has many years of experience as a guide as well as many years in the Long Range Shooting business. Devin brings more depth to our hunt consultants and will be helping a lot with our hunt bookings and guided hunt opportunities.

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It is the time of year. We’re back full-time where all of our hunts are over. All of us

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Got a pre-planned. They are extremely tough to find.

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You know, everybody has different values, what makes their hunt great? Anything

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To do with Western big Games.

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To the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Well, hello, everybody out there, Adam Bronson here, Wyatt Balls, Chris Peterson, and Devon Archibald here with the new episode of the Epic Outdoors Podcast coming at you from Cedar City today. And we got a special guest today. We’re actually gonna call Mr. Jason Carter, so we’ll see if he answers the phone. But we first off, wanna thank Under Armour for sponsoring this podcast as they do all the time. Great partners of ours and appreciate them being a part of the Epic Outdoors crew and our team and what we’re putting together here. So let’s see if we can get Mr. Carter on board.

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What’s going on?

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Not much. Sounds like you got four big tires rolling down the highway.

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Yeah, more like eight truck and trailer.

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Well, where you headed, boss? We just had a quick introduction and you’re, you’re m i a today. Let everybody know where you’re at.

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Yeah, well I’m my niece Drew a sheep tag down here in Nevada. So anyway, she’s 19 years old and I’m cruising down to help her out. It’s one of these late hunts anyway, you know. Yeah. It’s, I guess the last hunt of the year.

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Yeah. As if, as if missing Thanksgiving was wasn’t enough. You’re gonna try to miss Christmas and see how that goes with Jana, huh?

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No, no, no, no. I in fact, Jana pretty funny. She’s like, last night she was like, Hey, so I guess Christmas Eve is, is off, huh? And I’m like, no, Christmas Eve isn’t off. I’m gonna be back for Christmas Eve. And she’s like, oh, okay. I just didn’t know how important the Sheep Hunt was. Like, dude, I ain’t missing this.

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You’re like, well, I’m with your niece. I, she’s my niece in-law. She’s your like blood niece. However that works. But it’s your right. Her brother’s daughter. So you’re like, I’m helping your niece son. What do you want me to do?

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I’m with family. Yeah, that’s right. All right. Yep. Serve and give, not receiving tape. So.

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Alright. Well, we’re all here. We got, I guess as far as the podcast goes, we just wanted to introduce our listeners to one of our new Epic Outdoors hunting consultants, Devin Archibald. You may have read in the December issue, had a good introduction there, but let’s get to know you a little bit. Devin, ev, everything, everybody pull the gloves off. Let’s go. Let’s

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Do it.

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So first off, I guess, tell us a little bit about yourself for those that maybe aren’t members of Epic Outdoors. We’ll get into it here at the end about what you’re gonna be doing here for us primarily. But tell us about your background, who you are, where you came from, and what I guess what you stand for. Yeah,

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Probably should say I, I probably what I stand for, have a couple of names. Devon Archibald. But Wyatt calls me Archie Archibald, so,

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Okay. That’s probably, you don’t, that’s

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I had friends for years that didn’t know my name was really Devin.

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They thought it was Archie. Huh? I’ve always called you

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Archie who’s Yeah. Still something today that probably don’t know.

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Oh, really?

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Did you know

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That Chris? Yeah, I knew. I knew, but I sometimes call you Archie. Oh,

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Okay. But no, I been hunting my whole life. I, I was lucky as a kid. My, you know, we, we had a little bit of property in Utah and we, I’d follow my dad around and we had any bull, any bull unit. So we

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Got the tag every year. Right, every

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Year? Yep. Yep. Ever since I was a little kid. So

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What part of Utah you born and raised in? Small

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Spanish Fork.

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Spanish Fe. All right.

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Utah County there. Yep.

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Southern Southern Utah County. And anyway, so you lived here your whole life for the most part. And you and Wyatt, did you meet Wyatt first? As far as our crew goes? Did you guys go to college together? Is that where you guys met you and Wyatt or did you know before that? Yeah,

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We actually met guiding for Doyle Moss. No, Archibald started a very young age guiding there for, for Dole, I guess as a cameraman is how he

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Started that. Well, the first, this the, this reminds me. The first hunt I ever did, he called me, I was 15, I think. Wow. I was building a tree house for paintball. We were paintballing and we, we were building a tree house, I still remember. And I was like, who’s calling me? You know,

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I wonder how we got, how’d he get your number? Did you have a connection or like, I mean, we’re, yeah, his, his son, and by the way, we’re not gonna turn you in Doyle if you’re listening for breaking child labor laws or anything, but yeah,

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That’s what I’m thinking is like a tree house. Doyle starts a young

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No, that’s friends with his, his son Cameron.

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Oh, okay. So he knew you. You just didn’t say, yeah. Hey, there’s a kid in a tree house. I wonder if he can film hunts. Let’s stop and ask that kid. I

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Didn’t even drive to the hunt. That’s how he, you know what I mean? So, but yeah, I met Wyatt 2007. Was that 2007 deer hunt? Yeah.

00:04:46:25 –> 00:04:48:28
Yeah. Henry Henry Mountains 2007.

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Good times.

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Met Adam. That same, same trip down there.

00:04:55:28 –> 00:05:01:16
Yep. Well we did, we had a meeting on the mountain. I think I fed you dinner the first time we met, right? You did? Yeah.

00:05:02:02 –> 00:05:02:17
I’m not that,

00:05:03:10 –> 00:05:06:18
I’m not that bad a guy. Anyway,

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I can’t, I can’t get over a dad building a tree house. It’s got a cell phone in his back pocket.

00:05:11:13 –> 00:05:15:25
Really? Did you, you you, did you have or is it, did you have your mom’s chargeable?

00:05:16:01 –> 00:05:17:05
I probably had my mom’s cell phone

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From the house. The landline out in the tree. Hutt. Well that’s pretty good. Well, anyway, so you took the job, I guess it was just to, to shadow Doyle or Yep. The first hunt. Whoever else was guiding some kind of hunt.

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Yep. First hunt was with Denny Oz. Ted I was with Han OG did. And we killed a 4 0 8. I was on a point. Wow. And I was like, this is awesome. You know, tell limited entry. It’s not the any bull unit anymore.

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You probably got to miss school ’cause 15, you were like a freshman or sophomore in high school.

00:05:46:02 –> 00:05:46:29
I missed a lot of school.

00:05:47:05 –> 00:05:47:12

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Back in the heyday of Utah’s elk.

00:05:50:07 –> 00:06:07:18
2007 was pretty much there. It was just maybe starting to fade slightly, but it was, it was the heyday. Yeah. That’s awesome. So then pretty much, I guess you finished high school, fast forward you and Yya I guess went to school a little bit together. I remember college days, but then pretty much right outta high school, you, you were guiding for Doyle, right?

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Yep, yep. Right out. So like, that was the year I graduated. And then 2008 we went to snow college. And then yeah, we, I I always wanted to go to school here in Cedar City at S U U. And here we are. So, I mean, I, I graduated, it took me a long time ’cause I never went, I, I wasn’t gonna, I was not gonna go to school in

00:06:26:08 –> 00:06:28:14
The fall. You took the falls off, so you had winter and spring and

00:06:28:14 –> 00:06:31:04
Yeah, and I probably should have done a couple more summer semesters, but that’s

00:06:31:04 –> 00:06:35:26
What I did. Took the fall off and took winter and summer. Gotcha.

00:06:36:06 –> 00:06:40:05
Yeah. That was a long process. But yeah, I did it. I finished, I was 29 years old.

00:06:40:17 –> 00:06:54:11
Gotcha. Well that’s, that’s great. You stuck to it, what have you. So where does your, where does your main interest? You, you, you guide deer and elk mainly, but what do you, what charges your batteries the most or both of those? That’s a tough

00:06:54:11 –> 00:06:57:18
One. Yeah. Deer. I mean, walking up on a big deer, you can’t beat it.

00:06:57:26 –> 00:06:58:05

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You just can’t beat it. A big, big meal deer.

00:07:00:26 –> 00:07:08:29
Yeah. That’s great. So you spend a lot of your time, I mean you started get here in Utah, but you also probably now more, spend more of your time in Nevada, don’t you? Yeah,

00:07:09:02 –> 00:07:14:14
I went to Nevada, I think the first time I went to Nevada was 2009 and I was, I just loved it. Fell in love with it.

00:07:15:09 –> 00:07:27:06
So you take birdie and late hunters over there and crush a bunch of bunks and then elk later. Yeah. Which we’ve teased you a little bit about that. Those late cold hunts around Ely in November, early December. Oh yeah.

00:07:27:17 –> 00:07:32:29
Freezing to death. Yeah. Three we this year was three, three in a row back to back to back. Ac season elk.

00:07:34:03 –> 00:07:38:04
Yeah, it sounds, that sounds like a 10 years to life sentence to me.

00:07:39:11 –> 00:07:40:05
That’s miserable.

00:07:41:29 –> 00:08:22:23
But both Devin and, and Wyatt that we’ve hired here in the last year, year and a half, they hunt a lot. And they have had a lot of exper experience in the hunting world for their age, which I would still, I mean, they’re roughly 10 years younger than me. So that’s, they’re, you know, I, I call ’em young bucks I guess because I feel ’em, I’m feeling older, but for their age they’ve experienced a lot. I guess what I’m trying to say. And that’s probably what’s drawn us to ’em a little bit. Wouldn’t you say Jason? Their depth of experience for, despite them not being 55, 6, I mean, you know, they’ve accomplished a lot and seen a lot and been around a lot of clients both, you know, from like an application standpoint and a hunting standpoint.

00:08:23:20 –> 00:08:30:17
Yeah, a hundred percent. I just passed some cops, so, you know, not supposed to be talking on, supposed be talking on a cell phone, but, well

00:08:30:22 –> 00:08:39:06
I think you’re at, you’re in that little, you’re little in that little stretch of Arizona down there. So I think it’s legal to talk for that three miles and then you’re back in Nevada. So we’re good.

00:08:40:09 –> 00:09:36:22
No, but I you, yeah, they’re gone now, so it’s all good. They’re, no, I think it’s pretty impressive. These guys have done a great job. In fact, everybody we called about, oh, Archie would’ve hired him back in three seconds if he’d do it. So he came highly recommended, highly, you know, and it’s just, it’s impressive. I think we got an impressive lineup there in the office and he’s, he’s done a great job. It’s not like we’re just out to hire guides, but boy, it sure does allow him to spend a lot of time in the hills and you know, we’re gonna lean on him there. Don’t want anybody to think he’s not full-time. He’s full-time with Epic Outdoors. Although he’ll be probably guiding a little bit in the fall and we’ll probably curb that. We’re gonna expect a lot too. So anyway, he’s, he’s a great addition to what we got going on at Epic Outdoors. No question about it. And you know, and him and Wyatt go back a long ways and even though Riot runs with a rough crowd, we got a pretty good feel about ort.

00:09:37:02 –> 00:09:51:19
Yeah, it is. We give these guys a hard time. Mainly Jason and I, and I guess, well John, just a little bit about being bachelors and wondering every weekend where we’re, where they’re going and when we’re gonna see ’em or if we’re gonna see ’em back in one piece, these

00:09:51:19 –> 00:10:11:01
Three and plus we had to kind of, you know, after all Wyatt’s kidney stones, you know, we had to kind of go look into some health insurance and I’m just wondering what kind of, you know, problems Archie’s had. You and I bro, haven’t had any problems. We’re getting old, I don’t know what it is with the younger generation. Maybe they drink outta plastic bottles too long. I dunno.

00:10:11:01 –> 00:10:17:28
Yeah, I I don’t know that plastic’s probably leaching stuff into their bloodstream. That’s right. All that bottled pure quote, pure water.

00:10:18:23 –> 00:10:24:25
Yeah. Yeah. I’m sure Archie’s got some things we need to learn about him, but so far so good. Everything seems to be good.

00:10:25:15 –> 00:11:18:19
Yeah. And as far as, I guess maybe we’ll just introduce what, what it is we’re gonna do. You guys have known Jeff John here at Epic Outdoors. Why Devon’s gonna step in and help in that, that arena there he is gonna work primarily with, with our outfitters and with, with both, you know, booking hunts in the, in the draw areas, but also outfitters that have tags of a guaranteed nature, whether that be in the lower 48 states or Canada and Alaska, stay on top of their openings, be the network contact with them so that we can have fresh inventory of current openings that, that people can book. Whether it be deer, elk, antelope, sheep, moose, goat, everything in, in Western North America. That’s gonna be Devon’s primary responsibility. Jeff’s gonna help help him a little bit there as Jeff’s got some other projects going. But that’s what we hired Devon Ford primarily.

00:11:18:25 –> 00:12:13:08
Now anybody that’s been in our office here knows that there’s a lot of cross crossing going on between cross promo, cross working, whether it be license app consulting on the phone. I mean, like we talked about Devon, I mean, you’ve hunted Utah your whole life. You’re hunted a lot of units in Nevada. There’s not, if there’s people calling to pick your pick brain on on 1 11, 0 1 15 to 2 21 to 2 23 out, you’re gonna be well equipped to answer those questions. And even some of the, a lot of the deer units over there. So it’s not like it’s just gonna be, nobody here at Epic Outdoors is pigeonholed into one little job responsibility. I mean Chris, Chris is, might be in charge of, you know, the podcast and a lot of our digital platforms, social media helping John graphically on the magazine, but then all of a sudden the phone call rings and it’s somewhere where Chris is hunted before and we love sending Chris a call just to, just because Chris I think probably enjoys a little bit too. Yeah, it’s fun. It’s

00:12:13:10 –> 00:12:14:04
Fun to, oh, Chris loves it.

00:12:14:15 –> 00:12:15:19
Chris loves taking calls.

00:12:16:07 –> 00:12:21:25
It’s fun. It’s fun. It’s fun to talk to guys and once in a while and, and in a while. I enjoy it.

00:12:22:21 –> 00:13:24:28
Well, I guess just what I was trying to impress is that everybody here is, is fairly well rounded. Nobody’s expected to just do one thing, clock out and go home. There’s a lot of interacting a lot of different places. I mean, even you, Devin, you’re gonna end up talking with guys that, that are in our license app service or clients that haven’t drawn anything or they’re waiting to find out draw results and you’re helping strategize this or that before you can book a hunt with you. Or you’re working with people in the states like New Mexico or Nevada that have guide draw tags and helping ’em get set up with somebody to apply with. So anyway, a lot of, a lot of different facets should be working on, but primarily that’s what we got Devon doing for us. So we yeah, I’m, we’re looking forward to what you can add to the team here, which the show seasons are coming up here. And we’ll be at the sheep show, the Western Western Hunting Conservation Expo. And so make sure you introduce yourself to Wyatt and Archie, I guess. And you know, coming I’m the better looking

00:13:24:28 –> 00:13:25:20
One of the two

00:13:27:20 –> 00:13:28:07
Might be true.

00:13:29:16 –> 00:13:32:20
No, you just, you just rolled over quick. Wyatt just rolled

00:13:32:21 –> 00:13:34:13
Over. Just gave it guess that’s what

00:13:35:08 –> 00:13:38:18
I better be careful. I I have known Wyatt for a long time. Yeah,

00:13:38:25 –> 00:13:41:16
Yeah. We’re kind of, kind of probably holding back a little bit here

00:13:42:05 –> 00:14:01:19
So Well yeah, that they are. And I think they were nervous ’cause I think Devon’s heard about our inaugural introduction with Wyatt. And Wyatt didn’t alluded to it a minute ago that, I don’t know how long we had him on it, maybe an hour. But he act today, he said he thought he talked for, for 90 seconds or maybe two minutes during that. Got a few words

00:14:01:19 –> 00:14:05:25
In edgewise there, but not much with you two, just going back and forth. So I

00:14:05:25 –> 00:14:13:07
Don’t remember being that hard on him. Do you, Jace? I don’t, I mean we were hard but, but I don’t think it was 98% of the talking was you and I.

00:14:13:20 –> 00:14:16:22
No, but it was probably 96 and with wild it’s pretty easy.

00:14:16:26 –> 00:14:17:08
He just

00:14:17:08 –> 00:15:08:11
Leaves himself wide open. Archie’s been reserved and Chris has prepped all these guys to, to be careful because we’ve ripped Chris for so long and basically it’s just old man living vicariously through these guys. But no, they’ve got the world by the tail and I think we’re doing, we’re doing really well at Epic Outdoors. We appreciate all our support. I wanna make sure everybody understands we are a booking agency, although we talk a lot on our podcasts about applying and drawing and theories and strategies and all of these things. We also work without there on guaranteed tags. And that’s what Archibald’s main focus will be. Of course he wears all these different hats. We all do. And, and of course Adam and I help guys book hunts too. That’s Adam, you were on the phone aggressively, you know, just last week, you know, booking people on sheep hunts and, and we do that and I’m working with guys on deer hunts and elk hunts and whatnot.

00:15:08:11 –> 00:16:12:22
But, but of course Devon’s, Devon’s main focus will be keeping us up to date on these things. And, and Wyatt, Wyatt does a lot with the license application service now as this season gets started. But, but of course he’s working on, on booking hunts too, so, so anyway, I think that’s, that’s important to remember. If you do, if there’s guys out there that don’t have points, there’s guys out there looking to just, you know, supplement their draws with guaranteed tags and, and booking hunts and, and that’s what we do here at Epic Outdoors. Anything Western big game, you know, we, we, we do it if we can do it. And anyway, so it’s awesome. We got a great team. We got young, young guns so to speak. We’ve got some younger guys mid thirties that are cranking, doing great and really have proven themselves to have great work ethic, be honest, clean, good dudes. And that’s, that’s what we want here on our team, you know, to keep things going. But, but anyway, we’re gonna definitely give him a hard time. We don’t wanna push him out the office here too quick, you know, today and have him run off. But anyway. Good, good dude.

00:16:14:12 –> 00:17:20:08
Absolutely. So Devin, you’ve been here for, oh, maybe since the Hunt’s wound down I guess full, full-time month, month and a half, something like that. But we’re already, and I don’t mean to put you on the spot too much, but we’re already getting, it’s the time of year we’re back full time where all of our hunts are over all of us. And one of the main things that you’ve been doing is, is starting to reach out to some of these outfitters and about letting them know what openings you got. You know, it’s the time of year that, that, like Jason said, some people, the draws, for some people that’s, that’s their hunting, you know, it’s the mercy of the draw. But other people, they wanna, they want to know they have something next year and whether that’s a $2,000, you know, guided antelope hunt somewhere or if it’s a $40,000 stone sheep or brown bear or whatever. Maybe if you can think of a couple of the, the hunts that we have right now, we usually send out weekly email alerts for hunts, which I know you’ve been doing. And maybe tell our listeners what might is on the front burner right now that you can think of. I mean we have, we have pretty much everything, but a couple maybe the highlights that maybe aren’t gonna last that long. Yeah.

00:17:20:17 –> 00:17:24:17
I mean we even had Mexico stuff that’s happening two, three weeks, you know

00:17:24:17 –> 00:17:25:29
What I mean? That’s right. I forgot about those. Yeah,

00:17:25:29 –> 00:17:37:28
Very few. The last email was Alaska, you know, doll sheep. You were, you were looking for doll sheep stuff last week and that’s getting tough. You know, guys will call in and say, Hey, am I, am I too early on this? It’s never too early. No. In my opinion,

00:17:38:10 –> 00:18:44:05
Yeah, the economy’s doing very well. I mean in, in general. And so the trend is generally when that’s the, the case, these hunts, especially some of the more, I guess we’d call ’em bucket list type hunts, you know, a sheep, a doll, sheep a a grizzly bear, a brown bear, Alaska, Yukon moose, they’re booking a little further out. If, if you call, if, if you called right now and say, I wanna go doll sheep hunting in 2020, like we had some calls here a few weeks ago, we got a scrambling ’cause it, it’s hard and we found a couple of openings, but it took a couple, it took a lot of digging. It’s getting harder and harder. Yeah, yeah. You know, anybody in 2020, you know, is probably full. You get a little juggling around, but, but it’s tough. Yeah. Also the price is going up every year. I mean, just, just climbing on those bucket list type hunts that Adam mentioned there, just every year, you know, seems, you know, a thousand plus dollars in increase in everything. Yeah. That’s generally the, I I I I mean it’s just kind of like anything, it’s pickup trucks. Carter, wouldn’t you say that? I mean, pickup trucks. Pickup trucks, I mean they’re not, they’re not, they’re not staying the same either. It doesn’t matter what it is, you know?

00:18:44:11 –> 00:19:41:12
Oh yeah, no, there’s no question about that. I think we’ve talked about that. Trucks are on your mind though, by the way. I guess I do think we, we’ve talked about this pretty aggressively, Adam, and, and of course with the boys, we end up these hunts nowadays. I mean even, even if you say I’ve got 45,000, it’s not available to book. And I think that’s, you know, especially for 2020. And I just think it’s, it’s critical to understand good hunts are premium a b they’re non-existent for the following year. It’s something you gotta plan. So even if you wanna buy your way in so to speak or buy a hunt, you gotta pre-plan. It’s not something you can just decide now you wanna go lie and hunt and we can help you next month. You wanna go on an antelope hunt, no problem. But some of these hunts that are, that are high, relatively high demand compared to the resource out there are fairly tough to find a bit a good mule deer hunt for 180 to one 90 bucks, 180 180 5 bucks.

00:19:42:07 –> 00:20:23:04
I mean, they are extremely tough to find and book even if you have the money ready to spend it. And so anyway, keep, you know, if you have those things that you wanna do, it’s never too early. Don’t, don’t, I was talking to a guy yesterday and he says, you know, I think I, I will, I gave him a couple names through Outfitters and he says, I think I’ll call him, you know, next month. And I said, honestly, I’d be calling him right now. And you’ve got the points to draw. He, he knows you’re gonna draw, get on his list, book the hunt because if not next week he might be full. I might, we might send him more clients. And, and I think it’s just important to realize that, you know, if you’re looking for something, if it’s out there, don’t be bashful book it.

00:20:23:22 –> 00:21:07:00
I mean the, the economy’s doing great. I we don’t see, you know, slowing down in the near future, although, you know, specific industries may, may experience slow down here this winter or whatnot. Overall things are doing well. We’re not seeing the price of hunts go down nor the demand go down. And so I just think it’s important to get on it. It’s something that does meet, require a little planning. It’s gonna require Devin and us to really dig a little bit to find the right hunt. You know, if it’s one of these kind of hot ticket items. And I would say that being, you know, mule deer, upper end elk doll sheep and stone sheep, I mean, you can, we can almost, and when you agree, bro, we can almost find more desert sheep openings with guaranteed tags and you can a great dollar, a great stone.

00:21:07:09 –> 00:22:16:13
Yeah, you can. And obviously they’re more money than a doll. But, but let’s face it, some of these doll sheep hunts are, I mean, 25 to $28,000 in certain places. So it’s not like that’s, you know, you know, it’s not like the, it’s not chump change. No, no, it’s not the, you don’t have the wide range of, you know, 15,000 in desert sheep or 50 55. It’s, it’s narrowed a lot. Right? And don’t mean to really talk about all these, if some of you’re listeners say, oh, these guys are just talking about these hunts that are, you know, out there and nobody can afford it. And what we’re just trying to say is that if one of these is on your list at some point, which it is for a lot of people, if you, you know, want Alaska Yukon moose or a brown bear, you need to have a plan in place to do it. And if you read the January magazine, which is actually at the printer, and Jason and I had, I guess they gave us the mic for some reason. John gives us the mic, so to speak in January and says, you know, we want your application strategy. Well we try to change that a little bit every year because if you just say, you know, mule deer and then here’s my thoughts on mule deer and elk and here they don’t change a lot every year. You know, they really don’t. For, for me,

00:22:16:13 –> 00:22:17:06
No. We want big ones.

00:22:17:08 –> 00:23:07:18
Yeah. How about that? Big, big and I want bigger the next year, you know? Yeah. But that’s right. But so we try to, we try to incorporate a little bit of our philosophy or thinking, and, and by all means, that doesn’t mean everybody should think and act and do and value what we do. But as you maybe read the January magazine, those of you that are members of our service or those of you that aren’t, we, we, we gave a lot of our philosophy on, you know, don’t be afraid to go hunting and, and that that carries true for using your points. Don’t let your bonus points hold you hostage, so to speak. Don’t try to wait for absolutely everything to be absolutely perfect before you try to draw a tag and then, you know, only scout it up until the day you have to turn the tag in and, and then get cold feet and turn it back in and then be left to the same dilemma the next year.

00:23:09:01 –> 00:24:01:05
More and more as tag point creep and things like that are, are very active across most of every state and and every species, you’re, you’re gonna, you’re gonna have to hunt more would just say middle of the road or average hunts. That’s what you’re gonna be able to draw on a more regular basis. And you’re gonna have to draw and hunt those multiple times. Maybe eat tags, don’t be afraid to eat ’em and to make the most out of ’em. Well, and then transition back to what we were talking about a minute ago with these tags of a guaranteed nature, if you have things on your list at some point, everybody’s financial situation, everybody’s status in life and family situation is different. And those things, obviously they trump everything. They trump a wishlist of, of, of a hobby that we do. And that, and that’s hunting, you know, you don’t wanna over exert or overstretch a family or whatever that you have to, but to the extent possible, make a plan work towards it.

00:24:01:17 –> 00:25:14:06
I mean, you know, there’s people, we all know guys that might buy a brand new truck every year, every other year at 50 55, 60,000 and they’ll do it every, every other year. And there’s other people, they’ll drive a truck maybe for eight or 10 years, but they maybe spend that extra 20 or 30,000 that spend on new truck and they, they go on hunting. So what I’m just trying to impress upon you is that if you have a way, and I’m not saying new trucks are bad, I’m just saying if you want hunt a doll sheet, oh we love them. Yeah, we love ’em. If you want to go on a doll sheet hunt and you can kick, you know, three, five grand a year away for three, four years and you know, if you see that coming to where you had got a down payment down, you might wanna think about booking something for 20 21, 20 22. ’cause like we talked about, Devin, I think you got two or three openings for this year from like two, two different outfitters and that’s it. Not, not counting a cancellation that might come up stone sheep like one. And that’s even surprising that we have one. So you gotta be ready to, to make a, make a move on something when it’s there and don’t think it’s just always gonna be there. Because another thing we talk about Jason, is nothing ever stays the same. It just doesn’t, stuff changes,

00:25:15:17 –> 00:25:56:13
Stuff’s changes. It’s nonstop. It’s just like, I don’t know how to explain it, but I mean, you’ve gotta capitalize on it when it’s here. And just like you said, when people are wanting the stars to line, even in your recent article, by the way, it’ll, that Emacs gonna be up here in about seven days. But when you talked about everything being aligned and Haley’s comment coming over, you know, I mean it’s just you people are wanting, you know, they want it to be perfect for giants on the perfect day and 5,000 cheaper than he expect, you know, than than advertised or expected. And, and even at that, I’m gonna have to think on it for a month. I think that the important part is just you gotta jump on ’em and it’s not, hey, we’re not out there to convince you to just go on every hunt that comes available.

00:25:56:29 –> 00:26:36:11
We only want you to go on hunts that you wanna go on. But what we’re seeing is, is, is is a shift and I don’t know if it’s a comfortable economy or whatever, people are booking stuff left and right and then the quality stuff seems to be, you know, I wouldn’t say non-existent, but it’s, but it’s, and not necessarily rare but tough to find and when you find it, act on it. And so anyway, there’s also Devin, a few hunts. We had a few hunts like boat base brown bear, but you know, actually I’ve been on the hunt. I did the land base but with the same outfitter my buddies did the boat based hunt. And there’s actually a couple of those openings coming up here this spring.

00:26:36:27 –> 00:26:48:24
Yeah, that’s right. You tell us a little bit about those. Devon you got I think a couple different outfitters. You know, the Alaska Peninsula is open in the spring this year and we got some openings for, for May right? Multiple. Yep.

00:26:48:26 –> 00:26:50:06
On the south end of the peninsula.

00:26:50:21 –> 00:27:43:06
So yeah, that’s a, you know, unique, unique thing. It’s one of those things that most people might have on a bucket list at one point. But, but anyway, no matter what it is, if we haven’t rattled off about it today, whether it’s, if you’re looking for a coo deer hunt in Mexico or, or if you’re hunting, you know, you wanna hunt a mountain caribou or grizzly or you wanna hunt, you know, or, or you’re actually just wanting to book an outfitter in a state that you know that you have the points to draw. Unlike most booking agents throughout there, there’s a lot of booking agents. But, but I would, I profess that that what makes us a lot more unique is the, and the fact is that we book for outfitters with guaranteed tags, but we also book outfitters in dry areas and we do the research in the units, we know what units are producing, but we also know what outfitters are producing in those units to help you get the most out of your experience once you cash in your points. So

00:27:43:24 –> 00:27:45:23
I wanna you brought up, oh go ahead

00:27:45:23 –> 00:27:58:16
Devon. I would just add to that, get on that early too. If you know you’re gonna draw Wyoming or Arizona, Colorado, you know you’re in that max pool point pool, I mean it you can’t be early as best, you know, quick as you can.

00:27:59:01 –> 00:28:43:10
That’s right. Yeah. That’s a hundred percent right. And and the nice thing about those states, you can kind of tell when you’re gonna get drawn even if you’re not in the max. If you had, I had a guy yesterday, I’ve got four antelope points, you know, this is the year I wanna go with one of my sons. The following year all three of us, two sons and him are gonna go elk hunt in Wyoming. Can you, you know, and I wanna get things set up no problem. We can tell when you’re gonna get drawn. That’s the one thing nice about us and you know, not necessarily a traditional booking agency where we can analyze odds, help you get drawn, help you book a hunt, or we can just help you book a hunt with a guaranteed tag. One thing I did a answer a few questions this last week on a email and, and also over the phone was Mexico and our, am I nervous about Mexico?

00:28:43:15 –> 00:29:47:06
And I wanna just quickly address that because everybody’s going to Mexico and we have Mexico openings. In fact we have some of the best co there that are, that are available down there, personal friends that we’ve guided and helped ton over the years that are, that are going down there and basically leasing all the openings in on specific areas. So anyway, to preface that, you know, if we knew of everything that was going on in even Portland, Oregon or LA or or Salt Lake, salt Lake, you know, if we knew all the, the killings that happened the last two weeks in Salt Lake or or Chicago, you’d probably be mortified and wouldn’t wanna go there. And that’s kind of what’s going on in Mexico. A little bit of the difference is, is that, you know, when you’re in a foreign country, you do feel vulnerable. It’s a feeling. It’s, it’s not tangible, it’s just a feeling of total being totally vulnerable. And so it takes it I guess to a little bit next level, but I wanna say I don’t even know of a hunter that, that has been harmed or maimed or wounded or killed and you know, that has gone down there. Do you Adam?

00:29:48:02 –> 00:30:16:24
No, no it’s not. And there’s, you know, obviously the media’s gonna sensationalize most everything and that’s not to take away from the terrible things that have happened to the families. Exactly. Yep. But, but I mean you made, I mean if you just make a news story out of every, every place in the United States, you, you, you know, and try to extrapolate that out. You wouldn’t wanna white till hunt down in Georgia ’cause I’m sure Atlanta, it’s a freaking rough place. You don’t wanna go down there. So don’t fly into Atlanta ’cause it’s freaking got problems, you know, and

00:30:17:04 –> 00:31:15:04
The guys we’re working with are, are first rate, first class, no issues. Adam and I have been down to Mexico many, many times. I’ve slowed down recently. We’re really busy in January. So I’ve slowed down a little bit. It’s not because of the danger whatsoever, it’s just, you know, I’ve kind of done it for 15 plus years and we’re busy in January and we’re, you know, and also I’m getting off of four or five months hunting hard and my kids are coming of age, I’m watching ’em leave high school even. And, and I’ve just tried to refocus just a little bit and this is one of the areas I’ve refocused. But honestly, if you’re looking to do a hunt, there’s nothing better to do in December and January and even coming into first week in February than, than to go to Mexico in my opinion. I mean we do have some amazing lion hunts as well, but if you do wanna do something a little bit different and hunt deer in the rutt with a rifle, I’d definitely recommend it. And of course we can help you. And Devon’s got those openings.

00:31:16:07 –> 00:31:18:29
That’s right. Well you got, you, you both been down there, but

00:31:19:10 –> 00:31:20:00
I was there last year

00:31:20:02 –> 00:31:53:10
Mexico, it’s, it’s a nice place to be in most states. Your weather’s always gonna be better when you go south of the border in Jan December, January. So it’s just laid back is probably a good word for it. I mean, Chris, you speak Spanish so it’s nice to when I haven’t been with Chris, but Jason has, it’s nice to roll down there and you know, Chris is, you know, he’s got his doesn’t even have to have his ears on to really, you know, what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s nice to Chris to, you know, he can speak the language and knows what’s going on, right Jace? Oh boy. Chris

00:31:53:10 –> 00:31:57:13
Can speak anybody’s language. Jesus, he’ll speak it sits Fran, he’ll speak it German.

00:31:57:27 –> 00:31:58:25
Oh, you’re full of it. Reckon

00:31:59:03 –> 00:32:03:02
Doy. I mean let’s go. You know what I’m saying? I

00:32:03:02 –> 00:32:26:19
Don’t know about that. You there. I don’t know about, I’ve always had fun. You’re a fast learner buddy. Oh, I have always had fun going to Mexico. We’ve had some real good hunts down there over the years and it’s definitely a place that I always looked forward to going. Just a little bit of change of pace in the middle of the winter hunts are over with for the most part. And it’s just fun to get down there and do some something different and great

00:32:26:19 –> 00:32:26:26

00:32:27:03 –> 00:32:31:10
That’s true. You can’t beat the food. You probably gain five or 10 pounds when you’re down there.

00:32:32:01 –> 00:32:32:10

00:32:32:18 –> 00:32:33:13
Yeah, that’s true.

00:32:34:01 –> 00:32:35:13
That’s, that’s, yeah, that’s

00:32:35:13 –> 00:32:37:07
Right. A lot of corn chips and tortillas,

00:32:37:25 –> 00:33:29:25
Cactus, their tortillas are unbelievable. We do have mulder and desert sheep available. So anyway, I didn’t wanna make this podcast about that, but I think it’s just a prime example of how we work in anywhere across the western us, Canada, Alaska, and Mexico and in, in all western big game species. I mean, we’re not, we’re not here just talking about, you know, applications, although we do a lot of that. We also work with a lot of outfitters with guaranteed tags and we’re not new to the business. I wanna, I want people to understand we, you know, obviously podcasts help people get a feel for, for you and, and teach ’em about you and you maybe even develop a one-sided relationship. I got people calling us up saying they know you know more about us than they do their own extended family. And so anyway, that’s scary and that does happen and that’s the nice thing with, with this day and age in technology.

00:33:29:27 –> 00:34:04:28
But I, but I do wanna it reiterate the fact that we’ve been doing this for freaking 20 years plus 30 years and, and this is all we’ve known and all we’ve done back in, we were talking about facsimile and you know, who would know what a facsimile is nowadays? How old would you have to be to know what that is? And you know, we used to email hot file lists, what we call a hot file for a reduced price hunts through fax. And we used to type in 200 phone numbers, type it in letting people know that there was a reduced price hunt first come, first served anyway. And that, that goes back a long ways.

00:34:05:24 –> 00:34:06:11
What was, what

00:34:06:11 –> 00:34:08:29
Was that device called? I think there’s only one guy here that knows.

00:34:10:02 –> 00:35:08:13
These guys are looking at me like, what’s he talking about? What’s a pem? But I’m with you Carter Rotary dialed phone, rotary dialed phone. That’s right. We didn’t have switchboards. I don’t remember those. We don’t go that far back. But anyway. Yeah. But anyway, I want to give, maybe I’m gonna give, ask Devin a few more questions about what it is, if you’re looking for something, kinda the process about calling in and, and giving Devin maybe some criteria for you to, to get him working on. But first off, I wanna give a shout out to the folks at m o a rifles. We went up there this summer and took their outdoor shooting school. It’s obviously there’s a little bit of indoor stuff where you learn about a lot of the, you know, the ballistic, ballistic components about, you know, long range shooting. But, but really then where you really had a lot of fun obviously is, is getting the, getting out in the field after zeroing your rifle and putting it to the test in shooting conditions.

00:35:09:15 –> 00:35:51:16
And when they were shooting conditions, that was a, but sucked. I think it was June and I don’t know, it felt like about late October up there, yeah. Was 20 mile an hour winds cold and blowing like crazy. A lot of steep angles uphill, downhill, you know, rocks, jabbing in your ribs as you’re trying to get under, under the gun. But they put on a great shooting school in the summer. But they also make great rifles. Picked up one of their m o a rifles, the ascent rifle that, you know, know a thousand yard mountain rifle and you know, great little shooter. I picked it up in the 6.5 p r c. Love that little gun. I call it my little kid gun. ’cause it, it, it feels like a little kid gun, but it kill, it shoots a long ways if you need it to, and it, and it kills stuff.

00:35:51:16 –> 00:36:37:10
But it, it’s not one of these big anchors on your shoulder. So I, you know, I like it when I’m packing, when I’m hunting sheep or client’s, you know, gonna be helping them on a sheep punt. It’s a great gun for that. So shout out to them M mo m moa phone number (541) 526-1820. But back to what I say a minute ago, Devin. So what would you say, what type of criteria, if somebody wants to call, whether they’re looking for a hunt epic outdoors member or they’re looking for a hunt and they’re thinking they’re wanna, wanna book an outfitter somewhere in a state, they’ve got the points to draw or they’re looking for an outfitted hunt. Give me what are some of the main criteria that you’re gonna want to get ’em, we have some forms here at the office, but what are, you know, given that process of the type of information you’re gonna wanna glean from?

00:36:37:17 –> 00:37:05:26
I think, I mean obviously you know what your weapon is, rifle archery, where you want to stay. But I think even beyond that, you know, everybody has different values of what makes their hunt great or terrible. You know, some guys want to go with their buddies have a great time. They, you know, some guys wanna go by themselves with just a guide one-on-one hiking all day. So you, you know, if you call, call any of us here, just, you gotta tell us what it, what you value in a hunt, you know, alongside with those other details. Yeah.

00:37:05:26 –> 00:37:17:08
And there’s differences in the style of hunt. There’s a lot of elk hunts. Yeah. There’s wilderness horseback hunts that, you know, Jason, you know, I didn’t even say anything, Jay.

00:37:17:16 –> 00:37:22:26
I said your name Carter, I didn’t even say anything I just said Jason said I, I could’ve said, and

00:37:22:26 –> 00:37:25:24
Jason is not that fond of, but I didn’t say that. Let’s, let’s

00:37:25:24 –> 00:37:32:19
Just go there Broon, because you spent a lot of time on a horse, on a stone sheet. I know you love them and have endured a few horses.

00:37:32:27 –> 00:37:47:11
It was two weeks before I felt like I could walk straight up and down after I got done with that hunt. But I, you know, that’s just me. I don’t, my, my body has never been conformed around horses, let alone 1800 or 2000 pound horses that they got up there

00:37:47:29 –> 00:37:48:06

00:37:50:14 –> 00:37:54:00
Anyway. But where, what were you gonna say about yours? Oh, New Mexico that,

00:37:54:08 –> 00:38:25:08
Well, I mean, hey, sometimes horses are love-hate deal and a lot of times you need them. And a lot of people, a lot of people love ’em that, that are grown up on ’em. I didn’t grow up on horses, but I know enough just, just enough to get bucked off and maybe even killed. But anyway, they’re a necessary evil in some of these, and that’s what I think Devon’s alluding to is basically, you know, some people don’t wanna get on horses and some people do and but they, we’ve got hunts that that’s the only, that’s, you’ve gotta have ’em and you know, once a few times in your life, even if you’re not a horse guy two times.

00:38:25:21 –> 00:39:09:26
Oh yeah. Well, and I had my, my cousin, he, you know, his, his son for whatever reason kind of, I think he was just got caught watching a couple hunting shows on satellite TV or something. And, and he’s not, he wasn’t really brought up in a hunting family, but he, you know, you know, his kids started begging him to watch more and buy hunting books and all that to the point he couldn’t ignore it anymore. And so he wanted, he’d start coming with me on the Henry Mountains just as a means to get his kids out to see deer. And I’m like, well this is gonna spoil him for any hunts you’re gonna ever take ’em on in the real world, on the manti or wherever you’re gonna take ’em, but come on down, they’re gonna have a good time. But pretty soon, you know, he booked him on a first elk hunt on a c w U of private land to hunt here in Utah.

00:39:10:16 –> 00:39:51:24
He killed a, killed a nice, you know, 300 inch, six point bull. And then he surprised me one year he was like, I wanna do something way different. I want to go so deep back in, I wanna go on horses. And I, and I’m thinking, I know I don’t, I’m not a horse guy and he doesn’t strike me as that, but he, he wanted to book him and his brother. And so they had a couple points built up. We booked them on a general season, Wyoming back country hunt. And you know, you might’ve read about their story last year in the, in the magazine. It was a epic. They, they had a death march getting outta there. And, but anyway, so our point is there’s a lot of, there’s a wide range of hunts and elk maybe is maybe one of the examples of the widest range of those.

00:39:52:04 –> 00:40:27:28
’cause you can hunt ’em from the porch off of a cabin in some places to, to back country. But that there’s a lot of different things you want to, to let us know. If you don’t wanna sleep in a wall tent, you don’t wanna sleep in a wall tent where a grizzly can sniff your head right through a, a 16th of an eight inch canvas tent. If you don’t want that, tell, tell Devin about that. We don’t know that. Don’t you don’t wanna know that. Jason, you’ve, you’ve been there, done that in unit 10 sheep hunting with your dad years ago. I think you had one. Oh yeah. You were sheep 10 up there, you were exhaling and he was breathing in your, your exhale pretty much. Wasn’t it like that?

00:40:28:21 –> 00:40:56:20
Well, yeah, we were in tent side by side and I mean this thing’s, you know, grouting outside the tent we got, I got, we got the rifle right between us. We’re both in the same tent. And I’m thinking, you know, it’s like when you’re up there, you know, you’re in a tent, you, you can hear things and at times you’re like, that’s just me hearing something. Or maybe I was half asleep or whatever. Finally I just, I’ve had enough of it. I was like, that’s a freaking grizzly. And I, I just said, you hear that? And my dad’s like, yes.

00:40:57:26 –> 00:40:58:27
He was wide awake, huh?

00:40:59:17 –> 00:41:36:02
Yeah. And I said, is there one in the pipe? And he goes, yes. Hey, I had a guy yesterday call in and just say, Hey, you know, I, I’m fine to go and grizzly country, I’m fine to use horses and it’s me and my two boys, it’s gonna be a horrible lifetime, you know, hook me up the points we have. So it’s all good, you know, I mean, again, you know, we don’t know a ton of people that have been small or killed by, by bears, one or two here and there, but you know, you don’t wanna be one of those guys, but at the same time, kinda like getting bit by a rattlesnake. It doesn’t happen too often. Law of averages go hunting. You live once, you know what I mean?

00:41:36:21 –> 00:42:24:29
That’s right. Well, and, and that maybe brings onto to the next step, but you know, physical limitations your age, health, health restrictions, Devin, I mean that’s gonna help stir your, where your thoughts are. Somebody, even, even when it comes to like doll sheep or mountain goats, I mean there’s a wide range of mountain goat hunts out there, you know, from, you know, Kodiak Island is probably not one of the more brutally physical tons of goats. It’s still goat country, but versus, you know, some places in British Columbia or the Chuga or or things like that. So physical limitations, anything else that’s noteworthy. And the other thing is, you know, price range, obviously trophy expectations, right? I mean, what would you say to people that are, I mean, everybody that calls, they want three 50 plus bulls and one 90 mul there. I mean, but you sometimes have to then ask a few more questions, don’t you?

00:42:24:29 –> 00:43:00:00
About okay. I mean, you’re 73 years old and you’re, you want to kill one big bull in your life, but, but you don’t want to use your points on, you know, anything but unit nine or, or 23 north or south in Arizona. And, you know, those types of things and, and we’re trying to impress upon people may be a little bit more realistic with, with your points or your plans even when it comes to booking hunts because I think some people are just too, too conservative. I guess they’re, they’re not, not taking an opportunity to hunt where, where they may be otherwise should, I don’t know.

00:43:00:17 –> 00:43:39:19
Well, and I think you gotta keep in mind, you gotta be realistic about what you’re really willing, everybody, three 50 is such a common term and that’s a giant bowl. And I think, and when it really comes down to it, a three 20 walks in front of ’em, they’re crapping and realizing, you know, and so we could have helped them so many years prior if they’d been a little bit more realistic and their points with their points, they could have drawn, you know, units that have really would’ve fit the bill on what they’re looking for. And so anyway, I think all those are good things. One thing I wanted to ask, Deon’s got a quite a, you talked about m o a a little bit, but Devin does have a quite a history of long range, you know, rifle and, you know, working in the firearm industry.

00:43:40:20 –> 00:43:47:04
Yeah. How was it? Fierce firearms for three years. So maybe somebody out there I’ve talked to about rifles in the past, who knows

00:43:47:04 –> 00:43:52:08
What did you give us a little background on? What, what kind of some of your job responsibilities were there?

00:43:52:16 –> 00:44:14:10
Oh, I was a sales executive. So yeah, you know, you talk about these shows coming up. I mean, last year I went to Mexico, flew to Dallas, flew here. I mean, I was packing like a month in advance for these shows. So yeah, a lot of, lot of shows selling guns, long range rifles and like Cabela, Sportsman’s Warehouse managed some of those, those stores and yeah, just pretty much all in the United States and Canada.

00:44:15:05 –> 00:44:38:28
Yeah, just part of that depth of experience that we were talking about earlier. I mean, you know, we, we, you know, when we were talking about Devon’s upbringing up, he went from 15 to 30 something pretty fast. I think it was mainly. So we wouldn’t get into any juicy things in the middle. I don’t know. But that might, we have to, we gotta get him, we gotta get some of them stories. Wyatt. We’re gonna have to, we’re gonna have to pay you a little bit to get, you got some stuff on him I’m sure. But

00:44:39:06 –> 00:44:41:24
Like what really happened in the tree fort, you know what I’m saying?

00:44:43:13 –> 00:44:44:24
The tree fort was, before our time

00:44:46:01 –> 00:44:47:13
He was shooting pigeons was,

00:44:47:17 –> 00:44:51:04
I was putting up a stand so I could snip my buddies at a paintball or tournament or something, but

00:44:51:16 –> 00:46:02:22
Shooting pigeons out of the, out of, out of his neighbor’s backyard or something at his pellet gun. But yeah, anyway, but yeah, you know, so to, to kinda make full circle, you know, Devon, great addition for us here. You know, we’ve, we’ve all known of him for a while. Obviously Chris and Wyatt have known him a lot better than Jason and I, you know, when he was going to school here and got to know these guys I guess in the bachelor Hangouts in town, which Jason and I don’t even know where those are. So I mean they, in those circles, these guys all met and became friends and whatnot. But we’re glad to have him on board here and we hope that you in in due time, you know, trust him with your call with the advice on maybe where to use your how to, who to book after you draw a tag with your points or if you’re looking for something to set up in advance that doesn’t require you drawing a tag, any of us can help you here. But that’s gonna be Devon’s primary responsibility, like we’ve said, to keep on track of openings and, and when people call in looking for something, you know, he may say, all right, I’ll get back to you in a day or so. Or maybe he’s got something right there on his desk right then, but if he doesn’t, he’s gonna go to work. Try to find something that fits what you’re looking for. So use him. It’s what he is here for. So

00:46:02:26 –> 00:46:18:16
Yeah, don’t be afraid to, don’t be afraid to call. We’ve got a lot of guys here that have a lot of experience. Chances are that no matter what question you’ve got, somebody here is gonna be able to answer it. So don’t be afraid to call. It’s part of your membership to Epic Outdoors. So we look forward to hearing from you.

00:46:18:29 –> 00:46:30:01
And I can’t wait for the next few podcasts when we don’t have to be so formal and we can actually just jaw a little bit, like I’ve heard, I’ve heard just a couple of things about people having bullet holes in their trucks doing crazy.

00:46:30:19 –> 00:46:32:19
Oh yeah, that came out Snowing

00:46:32:20 –> 00:46:33:18
Morning. The only,

00:46:33:20 –> 00:46:34:04
Yeah, that

00:46:34:04 –> 00:46:43:01
Was, I thought I was the only one that had a, a bullet hole go down through a glove box, blow up around the fan there on the heater. But now it sounds like somebody else has got some stories too.

00:46:43:02 –> 00:46:57:29
Yeah, well that’ll be for another, but it’s good these guys then when they, they don’t know that when they just get talking about whatever they’re doing as, as bachelors or before, before they came to work here, it can, they’re still bachelor and can and will be used against them in on a podcast.

00:46:59:23 –> 00:47:01:05
Nothing safe at this office,

00:47:02:03 –> 00:47:02:10

00:47:02:13 –> 00:47:04:05
Nothing is safe. Nothing.

00:47:04:15 –> 00:47:48:10
Anyway, anything else we didn’t cover? Jason, Wyatt, Devon, Chris, that we need to, you know, we mainly wanted to introduce our listeners, Devon Archibald, which I think we’ve done. You’ll learn more about ’em in the, in the magazine, which you get nine times a year. Epic Outdoors Magazine. It’s monthly from December through June, you’re gonna get one every month. And the state issues that coming out, like we said are, are January ones at the printer as we speak. This covers Wyoming, moose, sheep, goat, bison and elk, as well as Arizona elk and antelope. The next one will cover New Mexico, Oregon, Utah. They’ll cover ’em in the order that they’re open and hope you use us all as resources to help plan your Western hunting stuff. And if you have questions on things, don’t hesitate to give us a call. So,

00:47:48:20 –> 00:48:03:19
Yeah, that’s right. You know? And then, yeah, we’ve got a, got a few more things to talk about at some point. We got that PAC wheel in the office. I was wondering, you know, maybe checking it out, hauling some moose quarters up there in Montana, bro. On your hunt maybe.

00:48:04:11 –> 00:48:14:17
Well I gotta draw a tag first. Carter, that’s, that’s, you’re the only one, you’re the only one that’s drawn two moose tags in this office, so I’m still waiting for my first,

00:48:16:14 –> 00:48:24:20
Well all right, then we do something with them. Max points, anybody out there’s got a big bowl Bron needs to kill. We pack it out with this back wheel we got here in the office. Steal hard.

00:48:24:20 –> 00:48:29:06
Yeah, I’m not afraid to use that contraption. It looks kind of nifty. I don’t know, dude,

00:48:29:06 –> 00:48:33:20
It hauls like 200, 250 pounds. Chris, you’ve both done a little research on it, haven’t you?

00:48:33:26 –> 00:48:53:24
Yeah, I’ve, I’ve actually had a booth down there at the expo and I was looking at ’em a little bit and decided to start looking into it and they’re pretty handy little tool to just, you know, it makes it easier to pack things out and they’re, they, they’ll go a lot of places that you wouldn’t expect because it’s one wheel you can go over rocks, bowlers, trees, and just a, a great tool. Well

00:48:54:09 –> 00:49:23:16
I’ve had a guy tell me that he couldn’t wear the battery out, went into re g in some of that country. Of course there’s, there’s motorbike trails in some of that country and especially in Idaho. And he went in hunted and came out, says it’s easier to go downhill and uphill with it than without it just because it’s, the braking system’s so good and it’s got a ton of power. I’m like chomping at the bit to check this thing out. And then I’ve actually started seeing other people pop up on social media with them and and whatnot. So

00:49:23:25 –> 00:49:47:06
I’ll call it right now, I’m, I’ll bet we see somebody at the expo riding one like a unicycle up and down the aisles I’m calling it right now. I’ll bet somebody’s gonna try to do that. And so if you’re gonna be that guy I, I’m just calling, I’ll bet that’d be the place that somebody says, I know how to use one of these things, watch this. And they’re just cruising up and down, standing up on one of those things going down the aisles. But

00:49:47:17 –> 00:50:18:10
One of these electric bikes. Yeah, I can see it. I can see it totally. I’ll be packed out on one if I have to stand there all day for day or day. But we will be at the Wild Sheep convincing out there in Reno. Will also be at the hunt, Utah. Looking forward to talking to everybody there and of course our crew will be there. One thing we did finish this magazine, the January magazines at the printer. We’re gonna come out with Vmac soon right after Christmas and it’ll cover Arizona, elk and antelope as well as Wyoming sheep, goat, moose, bison and elk. That’s

00:50:18:10 –> 00:50:31:14
Right, it’s already here. Kicking off 2020. So, well any, there’s nothing else I guess. Travel safe Carter, don’t throw a you joint, break a, you know, wheel bearing, something like that down there. So hopefully

00:50:32:01 –> 00:50:46:17
Set me up for failure. This’ll be awesome. We’re gonna smash a giant, the hunt of the year. I’m gonna be back for Christmas Eve and I’m gonna be father of the year. I’m gonna be husband of the year, all kinds of awards. Smash a giant Ram play.

00:50:46:29 –> 00:50:56:22
Alright. Alright, well I hope that’s the case. So travel safe. Have fun. And I guess till next time, everybody else have a great holidays as well.