Change Creates Opportunity. We often detest change and the pains of having our favorite hunts and hunting areas affected. Although it’s not easy to embrace change we should always look for new opportunities created by those changes. Sometimes a new hunt date, a longer season, new tag numbers, new drawing procedures by a state, can play to our benefit if we pay attention. If we as hunters can be observant, change can sometimes lead to some of our best opportunities. This episode focuses on a lot of changes and highlights new ways to look at some of those changes.

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Change creates opportunity. You

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Should be thinking about a lot of different options and evaluating your age, you know what’s happening around you.

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And so it’ll take limited entry points versus general points, anything to do with Western big games.

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To the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour Begins.

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Hey everybody, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, John Peterson coming at you from Vegas. Down here at Shot Show. We’re trying to get the freak out of the city and head back to Cedar City. It was raining on us down here. In fact, we looked at the radar. There’s rain everywhere. Rain, snow. Antlers are growing. Well, actually, they not even, it’s pretty cold. It’s starting to get shed air shedding. Well, elk should be shedding, but we’re super excited about what’s in store for 2020. Before we get started, we wanna thank Under Armour. We appreciate their support. Just met with them down here at Shot Show and there’s a lot of fun things coming at you. In fact, we’ve got a few changes, some increased partnerships with Epic Outdoors Crew and some awesome new companies. That’s

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Right. Where, where were we last week?

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Last week we were Wild Sheet, in fact, well, a couple of us were shooting coyotes on the way to Wild

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Chief. Yeah, we actually drove out there and you know, we were leaving town and we felt like we forgot something like

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5:00 AM

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My wife’s in the car.

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Yep. Devin, Wyatt, myself, Jason, Janet. And we, we knew we needed to grab a coyote gun and sure glad we did. Both coming and going.

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It’s pretty funny. We’re like going to my house to grab the, the old Ruger M 77, probably built in 1972 and she’s like, really? We’re going back to the house. Really?

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Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Like, come on. And we smoked a couple dogs coming in, going, it was fun. Had a great show there in Reno as well. Saw a lot of members. Great way to connect with our members there. Great show. We’ve always been partners from day one with Weill Sheep Foundation and Epic Outdoors believe in what they do. Of course, we’ve had our chance to, to hunt some sheep over the years, but it’s just a great way to connect with our members and you know, sell some memberships, but mainly meet and greet, have some one-on-one interaction consulting with members as the new draw years upon us. Yeah,

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It was an awesome show. It’s really hard for us here at Epic. I mean, our company, we’re very personalized, customized, dealing with people, consulting or writing publications. These are a lot of job responsibilities. We don’t just take lightly and pay other people to do it. Although we do have some great guys on our crew and have a super team. We couldn’t ask for better people. But at the same time we’re just, we’re so involved, it’s hard to get away. And so we’re trying to go to these shows, meet people and you know, do the best to show our support. And of course we appreciate the support y’all show us. But anyway, a few days away from the office is somewhat crippling at times, especially this time of year. And same thing down here at Shot Show. Do a day here and a day there and try to go home and work from daylight till dark. So anyway, it’s a fun time of year. It’s also a busy time of year and, and you know, we kind of enjoy this application season.

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John wasn’t able to join us. John, what were you doing last week? Putting the final touches on

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Some stuff. Yeah, putting the final touches ins on the February magazine. It actually should be shipping shortly. So that one will be hitting mailboxes pretty soon.

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Yeah, that one’s online. We got the mag up online. Haven’t told the world about it, but anyway, just did, I guess we did. How’s that? Go on there and check it out. Has Oregon, New Mexico and Utah inside. So anyway, we’ll

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Do, we’ll do a better job on the, maybe the next podcast. We’ll do a breakdown of that, go through some of the changes in each states, each of those three states as far as what to look forward to, some pretty significant changes in, well both Utah and New Mexico, and we’ll get to those. But today, the Shot Show had an awesome day. Like Jason said earlier, we, it’s a great way to meet with some of our partners, advertising partners and other partners that we have in the industry. And we’re gonna have some big announcements, I believe, to our Epic outdoors members that will be in the form of some new partnerships that we have, as well as just some new things in our business. Maybe

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Even a little, a little expansion, let’s say that. Yeah. But,

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But well within, well within the same realm. We’re not gonna start selling, you know, hot dogs or, you know, anything like that. But

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Anyway, bun, please. And I love Mustard. Yeah. But anyway, no, it’s,

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We’re not gonna spread ourselves too thin, but we do have some exciting things that we think go hand in hand with what we already do. And that’s just, you know, talking, researching, writing, consulting about Western Big game.

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Before we get too deep into it, I probably wanna just mention something about all of the photos that, that we received for that February magazine and also for the March already. They’ve come in just lots and lots of response. Overwhelming members are just sending in. Yeah, man members had a great year this last year and sent in pictures and so that, that magazine is so jam packed with content that a lot of members photos are gonna be, have to be saved for later on in the year. So if you send in your photos, thank you so much. You might have to wait a little bit, but we’ll try to get ’em all in there in the future. But don’t be disappointed if you’re not in that February magazine.

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Yeah, if you wanna throw some something to us there, go to, or you can email it at [email protected], p o t [email protected]. We sure appreciate it. Send it to us. And then, yeah, if you have any side notes you wanna throw in there comments, maybe podcast ideas, sure. We sure would appreciate some of of that as well.

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And I think if you killed something that’s, that’s special, you know, don’t be afraid to write a story or do a writeup. You really don’t be intimidated by it. I talked to so many guys who are intimidated to write a story and, you know, don’t think they’re a writer, don’t worry about it. Just kind of write down what happened on the hunt and, and share it. We’re, we’re a community that’s all, you know, got very similar interests and passion and so just, just kind of tell us what happened and share your, your photos with us. It’s great, great to see the successes of, you know, when we preach applying and building points and, and doing the right research. And then a guide draws a great tag, has a great hunt. It’s, it’s fun to, to read about. You

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Wanna just write a paragraph or two, we’ll throw a snapshot in there and in larger photos and whatnot, you’ll be able to check it out. I like those as much as a story. A lot of times we’re just kind, I don’t know, I’m a, I’m a picture book guy. It’s like, pretend I’m three years old, I like pictures. So, anyway.

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Well, and those are really easy to submit on the website. Go to our website, epic and just to hit on the menu to submit a story to us or a snapshot. And then just, there’s a couple questions you answer. Skip any that you, you that you wanna skip and submit your photos to us.

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Speaking of our website, I’d like to just throw a little plug out there. We do have a few new options on there, Bronson. Well,

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The point Tractor feature, you know, a lot of people, you might have your own way of tracking your state ID numbers, your, your points for you and your family and whatnot, which we all do this day and age. Everybody’s got username and passwords practically. And it’s, it’s somewhat ridiculous how big a spreadsheet has to be to just be able to get into a state system. But anyway, we had, you know, our, our odds have been on our website for, for several years now, drawing odds for all the Western states. Not just, you know, the magazine has those in there, but we don’t have every single unit in the state in, in, in many instances. There’s just too many to put in the magazine. So we have them on our website under the members section once you log in. But what we, we had a few people, you know, actually quite a few comments to ask to maybe add a point tracker feature on there because what we’re finding is when people are going on there to look up drawing odds for the various states and, you know, minimum point queries and things like that, they wanted a place they could quickly go look and see how many points they had and had it right there in the same place and makes complete sense.

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Realize you don’t wanna have to, you know, if you’re at work or whatever and you either spreadsheets at home on your home computer, you don’t have all your points, you don’t want to have to wait till you get home. You wanna look up your odds, look at what your points were right there, plug ’em in, you know, see what you got. So we’ve added that feature recently. We’re in the, in the process of updating state drawing odds, state by state in a, in a rapid fashion one after another. Obviously the states that are opening first like Wyoming, Arizona, you know, New Mexico, some of those that are open up first, they’re gonna appear first ’cause people are gonna want that data first. But the point track’s gonna be a neat feature just to be able to store your stuff there so that when you go there to do the research of what you can draw, what your odds are with your various points, your points are right there again, only able for you to see under your member login.

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You know, I kinda like that feature. We many times Bronson will hit me and say, Hey, take a break and go check out how many points your wife has. Go check out how many points you have. And I’m going and logging in to Utah Game and Fish or Nevada, Arizona, wherever. And you know, and then that starts a discussion for a half hour and then we go back to doing statistics there early in the morning. And so this’ll be kind of nice. It’s actually nice. We have a Dropbox, you know, I have a little Excel spreadsheet and put it thrown in a Dropbox that’s on my phone or my computer or whatever. But it’ll be kind of nice to have it where people are looking up their odds and they can run over it just a couple clicks away from the points they have and be able to check things out. And of course we could, you know, track our kids or wives or whatever, you know. Another thing I was thinking we should add on there is maybe a little hump planner where we could actually log in some dates and maybe some options of things that we’re thinking about. You know, I’ve got, of course I’ve got your hunt schedule lined out for you and you,

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Kind of, those are outlined a few options for me. Those

00:10:20:20 –> 00:10:20:23

00:10:21:18 –> 00:10:21:26

00:10:21:27 –> 00:10:29:00
Fluid, those are very, those are first drafts. Jason caught me one day. I was just spewing on, you know, wanting to Oregon

00:10:29:11 –> 00:10:29:26
O T C.

00:10:30:07 –> 00:10:31:07
No, that did not

00:10:31:11 –> 00:10:32:12
Come out. AZ O

00:10:32:19 –> 00:10:35:12
Tc? No, those were not on there. Pretty sure Colorado.

00:10:35:14 –> 00:10:36:24
O T C Pretty positive, huh?

00:10:36:28 –> 00:10:54:00
Pretty positive. Those were not on there. But the ones that I did say that I might consider burning my points on this year, you know, Colorado deer, Nevada Deer, Arizona deer, he put ’em in stone. He is gonna try to hold me to all three of those in one year and make it so I can’t do any of ’em justice, but I’m not, well you

00:10:54:00 –> 00:10:55:17
Caught me doing three and four antelope hunts.

00:10:55:23 –> 00:11:17:14
Well that’s, those are two day trips and you know that’s an hour for hunting when you show up and, and then another days drive back home. So anyway. Well we’re gonna make sure Carter gets a grand slam of antelope. We’re gonna try to get four in one year. He is already got two lined up. Four. We’re gonna try to get four. Let’s get a Utah somehow concert or a maybe a expo tag, something like that.

00:11:17:14 –> 00:11:21:29
It’d be kind of cool if they did. I had a different name, but where they’re all the same name. It’s just a little weird. Yeah,

00:11:22:02 –> 00:11:22:11

00:11:23:13 –> 00:11:23:19

00:11:23:23 –> 00:11:27:26
How about just four of them? A quad. A quad pot of antelope. How’s

00:11:27:26 –> 00:11:29:25
That? A quad pot of freaking speak goes

00:11:29:25 –> 00:11:40:10
Quad pot of two points. Anyway, speaking of the Western Hunting Conservation expo, that’s coming up in about three weeks. It is over the 14th because you know, Valentine’s Day Day for all

00:11:40:10 –> 00:11:42:20
Of you, hundreds, always Valentine’s Day up there in Salt Lake.

00:11:42:20 –> 00:11:46:29
Yeah, it’s a great, I mean a phenomenal way to take your wife on a nice date

00:11:47:26 –> 00:11:48:28
Cupid lives in Salt

00:11:48:28 –> 00:12:10:01
Lake, right? Isn’t that a great place? I mean a hundred percent. I’m sure every wife or you know, girlfriend listening to this podcast would agree there’s no place on earth they’d rather be taken to a place of a bunch of other hunters looking at big bucks, bulls, rams, everything like that. And having your husband or boyfriend just, just talking about all their wants and wishes and how much time they’re gonna be gone. All this next fall, fall

00:12:10:01 –> 00:12:11:14
Away from the family. That’s right. Yep.

00:12:11:22 –> 00:12:12:11
So, but

00:12:12:11 –> 00:12:17:16
There is the Rhode Grill and every grill likes a good meat bar, you know what I mean? Mean City doesn’t have a Rhode

00:12:17:26 –> 00:12:21:02
Grill. We do, we do usually go there and and get fed on Protein

00:12:21:02 –> 00:12:28:04
Cheesecake Factory. What else? Is that what that’s called? John Cheesecake Factory? Cheesecake Factory. Willy Won Chocolate Factory. I don’t know.

00:12:28:10 –> 00:13:07:04
Anyway, we will be there. Epic Outdoors. We’re glad to be going there. It’s another great way to connect with our, with our members and apply for those $5. Apply for the extra $5 tags that the Western Her Conservation Expo. That’s right. The Full Curl Society will be on the Saturday we’re, we have been and continue to be a sponsor of that event. We love seeing people get wild and crazy when their name gets drawn. They get to go on a sheet punt and we’ll be there on Saturday there at the Western Her Conservation Expo for the Full Curl Society. And also we’re sponsoring that. We’re, yeah, we’ll be sponsoring that again. We’ll also be doing a podcast during a seminar. What?

00:13:07:16 –> 00:13:09:05
Oh yeah, we did decide that. Yeah,

00:13:09:11 –> 00:13:10:20
I think we’ve committed that on there.

00:13:10:20 –> 00:13:29:17
We’re gonna do a live podcast in a seminar. It’s then basically gonna crush a lot of our experiences hunting the west. Not only the, the end result, maybe the hunt experience, but then how we got the tag and, and talk you through. It’ll kind of naturally bring up some of our thought processes behind how we got on those hunts.

00:13:29:22 –> 00:13:35:25
Anyway, I believe that’s Friday evening, if I’m not mistaken. When I say evening, I think it’s about five or five 30.

00:13:36:13 –> 00:13:37:07
Yeah, right there.

00:13:37:11 –> 00:13:38:04
One of the two. That’s

00:13:38:04 –> 00:13:38:17
Right. Check

00:13:38:17 –> 00:13:43:13
It out on hunt It’s got the schedule right under seminars on the main menu. Yeah,

00:13:44:21 –> 00:14:29:16
So here we are, we’re headed northbound. We’ve left Vegas Sin City heading to another sinful city, Mesquite. And anyways we’re doing such. You know, there was one thing that was crossing my mind as we’re talking about some of these hunts is what, you know, I talked about it a little bit in this February magazine that’s online, is how change creates opportunity. And Adam alluded to it, we talked about all kinds of changes that are occurring in Utah and a few other changes around, you know, in the, in the different states that we’re discussing these next few issues. But you know, with hunt season dates and new seasons and new hunts and you know, things like that. And so basically, you know, changes is how we’ve capitalized on a lot of our hunts. Bronson it

00:14:29:16 –> 00:14:42:16
Has, it, it, I mean if you go back even to, I can’t, I don’t know if you could call these changes, but they kind of are new. Both the time that you drew in 2004 and I drew in 2008, our California Bighorn tax in Oregon. Well they were

00:14:42:16 –> 00:14:43:07
First available

00:14:43:11 –> 00:14:50:18
Non-residents, brand new units were ever open to non-residents. And so it was a new change. It doesn’t mean that they were gonna go under the radar. I mean your odds were

00:14:50:26 –> 00:14:51:25
One in 409,

00:14:52:00 –> 00:15:10:19
Mine were one in 217. Don’t ask us how we both remember those, but we do anyhow. But there’s other opportunities with season date changes or creations of brand new units. We’ve, you know, case in point you’ve drawn a couple of New Mexico tags and I for elk and I’ve drew one last year and we’ll just call ’em let’s

00:15:11:00 –> 00:15:11:13
Brand new

00:15:11:14 –> 00:15:15:12
Hunts off off the radar because they’re not terrible units, but they’re just not proven.

00:15:15:15 –> 00:15:16:20
But they’re off the radar, they’re

00:15:16:20 –> 00:15:19:12
Not proven. So it’s like you’re kind of going to be a Guinea pig.

00:15:19:22 –> 00:16:07:20
So part of this is we’re looking at like these, these hunts that he’s talking about specifically, we’re very low tag units and so there’s just not a lot of animals being killed. So there’s not a lot of three 50 bulls being killed. And so everybody’s kind of nervous to go and spend time there and to really utilize those hunts not knowing really what’s there because the product of what’s there is just kind of a product of who’s drawing it and how much time those people are allocating to the hunt. So sometimes, you know, success kill percentages and, and sizes of a, of game taken isn’t necessarily a hundred percent indicative of what the unit’s capable of producing because you’re, when you have low tag numbers, you have low hunter numbers. When you have low hunter numbers and they’re all on a draw process, you can’t buy unit wide tags there.

00:16:07:25 –> 00:16:52:23
You meaning tags that are good for the public land as well. Then you end up with a, with a, the, the random guys that draw and their capabilities time-wise, money-wise, being able to hire somebody, not hire somebody or, or just flat hunting capabilities or what their trophy desires are to be able to know what the unit’s capable of producing. So once in a while you hear of a three 50 bull or something doesn’t necessarily mean everybody’s flocking to it because nobody really knows what it’s capable of. And so once in a while, Bronson we’re going out on a limb saying low tag numbers or no tag numbers till this year or a new rut season date means I get to hunt potentially if I draw giant bulls that are dying of old age.

00:16:52:26 –> 00:17:30:10
Yeah. Or just in a unique timeframe that they’ve never been hunted. And we’re talking about elk in this instance. ’cause we both, you know, gone out on a limb. Although maybe New Mexico isn’t the best example because it’s not a point system state. You can just, you can gamble a little bit. You can just roll the dice. You know, we, I’ve eaten tags in New Mexico before and you know, just on these same type of hunts, but once in a while they pay off and they pay off bib. We both killed three 80 plus bulls on units like this the first time a new season’s popped up in a unit or a new season in, in a timeframe that we feel is more conducive to killing a big, big bull

00:17:30:29 –> 00:18:19:24
Bronson I drew and, and I say I drew, okay, I drew a tag twice in that same unit and both times killed a three 80 plus bull. But now I’m looking at it going, ah, you know, it’s kind of known a little bit, maybe the tops been creamed off now, but I’m definitely looking at the next available opportunity. And that’s the one thing a good buddy of mine, Roger Smithson said, he says, you know, guys are thinking that, you know, they’re out thinking you or they’re, they’re, they’re with you. They’re, you hunted this unit this year and that you’re gonna go want to go back there. And they don’t realize you’re thinking two or three years away and you’re, you’re already ahead of him by two or three years. And I’m thinking, I can’t even believe he’s talking about this. ’cause I don’t even think that way. I don’t think anything. All I think is what’s new, what’s exciting and what do we wanna do? We’re always checking out new units.

00:18:20:26 –> 00:19:10:06
Well, and and case in point, you know, I drew a tag this year and in a unit, just like that early season rifle tag. Never had a rifle tag in recent times at if ever. And I pulled the tag there to hunt first part of October. Killed a great bull and well, yeah, well, I’d like to go back. I’m, I’m just, it’s just part of the it hunger I guess, of finding what’s new. It’s the hunt of finding something not totally undiscovered, but just something totally new that might be ripe. And, you know, that unit I hunted did not have a ton of elk. I killed a great bull just as easily could’ve ate my tag. I didn’t go down there to just shoot an elk. I went down there to shoot a big bull or not shoot one. And it, it worked out. And you’ll notice if you read Jason i’s articles in this first couple magazines of, of of 20, 20 January and February.

00:19:10:20 –> 00:20:30:06
We wrote application strategy articles as well as just kind of our, our little rants, if you will in, in the, in the magazines. And you’re gonna pick up a theme that we’re gonna keep hammering home a lot more. It feels like keep hammering. And that’s to just go, don’t be afraid to go hunt, go out on a lemon, try stuff, don’t be too conservative. Now, we all have points in certain states for certain species that you should protect and maybe get what you want. If you have 22 sheep points in Wyoming, you’re in the driver’s seat about getting a sheep tag. Pick the unit you want, wait till you want to get it, but don’t wait too long. Your body’s every year getting older, you know, things happen, you know, whatever. But if you’re in the middle of the pack or chasing things that are moving targets, point creep, all that’s alive and well, man, pe we’re, we’re hearing all the time in our minds of people that are overthinking, if, if we can phrase it that way, overthinking to the point that they just apply way too conservatively. They end up either applying for points only or only the very, very best units. And they odds are so minuscule of drawing the tags they’re actually applying for. They never go hunting. They never get what they want. And by and large, most of the hunts that we’re going on, Jason, are middle of the road hunts that, that we have to get, you have to get tags to go hunting. I a

00:20:30:06 –> 00:20:30:20
Hundred percent

00:20:30:21 –> 00:21:01:18
Agree. You can’t just wait for Arizona strip Henry Mountains tags. Now if you’re in the Max point pool in Arizona, okay, we’re not telling you to bill, but we’re just telling you if you’re not, you should be thinking about a lot of different options and evaluating your age, evaluating, you know, what’s happening around you. Different, these opportunities we’re talking about that pop up in different states. You know, whether it be Colorado or Wyoming, wherever, you know, don’t be afraid to fail, eat tags, you know, go out on a limb, make something out. Most of what we make out of our hunting schedules every year are not from elite tags.

00:21:01:26 –> 00:21:56:22
A hundred percent agree with that. And I think it’s kind of interesting you’re talking about this because you did a flat smash and grab in New Mexico, you smashed a giant and you stole a bull. And we caught, we talk about that fairly regularly. Stealing a bull. It means, you know, that bull on the open market sell for 35, $40,000. You cannot find three 80 plus bulls in, in tags for three 80 plus bulls very easily. You can buy a commissioner’s tag in Wyoming, 15 to 20 grand and you’re gonna hunt three 50 plus bulls, 3 50, 360, a great bull on a tag like that would be a 370 inch type bull. Plus you’re spending on top of that the guide fee of eighty five, ninety five hundred ten five depending on the particular situation, a ranch. And so you add that together, you’re talking a 25, $30,000 bill, you know, for a chance at a 360 to three 80 type bull.

00:21:56:22 –> 00:22:30:14
And you did a smash and grab freaking drew a unit through the outfitter draw, which is great. We use outfitters fairly regularly. If there’s an outfitter draw such as New Mexico or Nevada, a guide draw for deer. And so to, to get the tags and get those hunts, that’s a pretty, you know, nominal fee so to speak compared to the value of the hunt you enjoyed. I mean, in a day and a half, two days you did a smash and grab on a freaking three 80 bull. And it’s awesome, you know, and so what a great opportunity. And, and, and again, in a state that’s not a point state, what are you giving up

00:22:30:18 –> 00:22:32:12
This year? I can do whatever I want to get. You

00:22:32:12 –> 00:22:34:22
Can do it again and you’re on the same plane, not protect, you’re giving up nothing.

00:22:35:00 –> 00:23:12:02
I have no expectations every year in Arizona of getting a tag. You just simply apply. I generally on a couple species at least, perhaps sheep because you end up getting an extra tag or sometimes two through the outfit or draw then versus the regular draw. And for me, that’s worth it, doubling my odds. Or in some cases it’s tripled. But usually it’s about doubling your odds in some cases is worth it for me, for the cost that I’m gonna have to, you know, pay, you know, work a deal as an outfitter to help, help me. I mean, I want to, I wanna hunt sheep as many times in my, in my life as I can. It’s worth it for me to do that. And in the right year I end up doing the guide draw for maybe deer, elk just to try to give me an advantage.

00:23:12:08 –> 00:23:41:28
Last year was shaping up to be a great moisture year. If you remember back when we were applying, we thought, all right, this is one of those go after tags in New Mexico year. That’s not always the case in Arizona or New Mexico and the desert southwest. But last year application time, you know, February march things were really, really wet. And it was one of those that I decided I’m gonna, I’m gonna go the guide dry out ’cause I wanna try to increase my chance to, to pull a tag. And guess what? In most cases, most cases you do have better odds. Not always, but most cases you do.

00:23:42:01 –> 00:23:45:14
And in your particular ca situation, it was actually a little bit worse. Yeah,

00:23:45:14 –> 00:23:47:18
It worked out, it was worse. The but the

00:23:47:18 –> 00:24:26:01
Guide draw was worse than the regular draw. And sometimes that happens. In fact, you’ll see that in the sheep where it’ll flip flop. Anyway, just, just one of those things where it’s time and this is another one of those years. There’s rain and snow on a regular basis. That’s what’s happening today. And so our point is, is when it’s time to apply such as now, you know, you can fairly safely bet that Arizona’s gonna have a decent year and it may turn off dry and hot and miserable and suck and whatnot. And then you point guard the shizz outta your application. That’s the way we call it. And you can always turn that tag back one time, the next time you won’t be able to do it. But for five bucks you could turn that back. It turned off absolutely hot fricking March 1st. It sucked.

00:24:26:01 –> 00:25:25:25
And you didn’t get another drop of rain until August. Yeah, I’d be turning that tag back. So anyway, there’s options like that, but we’re playing it fairly aggressive and I, and I guess some of these changes in Utah, you know, there’s some new opportunities for Deere. Yeah. It may encompass, you know, those changes may be limited entry draw hunts on general season units. And so it’ll take limited entry points versus general points bonus versus preference. But anyway, you’ll be able to read all about that. But our point is, is there’s some opportunity there for guys with 10 to 15, 16 points that wouldn’t otherwise really have a chance. And I, and you always have a chance in Utah, but doesn’t really have that good a chance of drawing a gon or Henry’s or, or oak creeks or something special. And so maybe there’s an opportunity for you and there’s gonna be a few absolute giants on the late muzzle hunts that are available in all the different general zones as well as some of these hams hunts. There’s just a few opportunities that we talk about at length in our publication in this February issue.

00:25:26:17 –> 00:26:16:12
Yeah. And Utah’s a great example of everybody’s wanting to chase the best of the best when it comes to deer and elk and everybody’s bottlenecking the same handful of deer units. Deere’s probably not the best example. Jason talked about some of these late season muzzle loader hunts that are occurring on general season units. They’re not super deep rutt hunts, but it’s gonna spread applicants out. There’s gonna be a few great opportunities on that when it comes to elk. You know, might, might be time for people to, you know, be a little bit more realistic about their point situation. You might evaluate the archery seasons, even though our dates are not phenomenal in Utah. They’re early August 15th to like September 11th. Those are not phenomenal archery dates. They’re not, but, but it’s 28 days long, 28 days season. If that doesn’t fit you, maybe look at the November hunts.

00:26:16:17 –> 00:27:19:00
I know Utah, everybody thinks of Utah hunting bulls in the rutt every single day in September with either a bow rifle or muzz loader. Every single day has an elk season. And that’s naturally when you go on a key in on that. But naturally that’s when the drawing odds of the worst, you might be time for you to start looking at some of the late rifle hunts. If you’re in the mid, you know, mid-teens or upper teens and points and you’re not gonna ever catch those and your age is catching up to you. And it’s time to go hunt a bull bull. There’s many of those late season hunts in Utah, these are, that are awesome. They’re not like Arizona hunts. And all I mean by that is they don’t have hundreds of tags in Utah on the late hunts. There’s a couple units to do, but they’re not crushing ’em with 3, 2, 3, 4, 500 tags. They’re not, they’re very, very good late hunts. They still don’t have a lot of tags. There’s still not a lot of non-resident tags, but the odds of drawing them are better. And you’re gonna have a quality hunt for the most part on ’em. So evaluate your situation, be realistic, go hunting. Don’t, don’t leave, don’t die with a bunch of points. And I can’t, I can’t over-emphasize that enough. I guess just

00:27:19:00 –> 00:27:19:25
Don’t die. How about

00:27:20:02 –> 00:27:23:02
I don’t, don’t do that. But don’t die with a lot of points either. I think

00:27:23:08 –> 00:28:14:28
Some of this part of the equation is, is I used to have a good friend that would say, the best tag has been sent to your door. You’re not even utilizing the best tag you’re getting every year. And that was my general season deer tag. Yeah, we believe that and and we believe it. And as we’re getting older and we’re seeing some of these opportunities dissipate, and we’re also seeing some giants being crushed on some of these general units with, with guys that are, you know, working it hard. I mean, if you spend Bronson, I mean in, in everybody I venture to say everybody’s in this situation. Okay? 98% of you out there, you put less time in your backyard. If we put the same time that we put in Colorado or Nevada or whatever, some, let’s say it was a once in lifetime draw in Arizona. You put that same time energy and money into your backyard, you would see a significant difference in the quality of trophies you’re taking.

00:28:15:07 –> 00:28:57:20
How about this, John? You listening? Yep. I’m gonna make a, let’s, let’s make a pact right now. We’re gonna do, we’re gonna do that for 2020. We’re gonna ramp it up, ramp up our efforts on our general season tags. And I don’t even know what we’re gonna draw this year, but I will make that commitment. ’cause we have talked about it and talked about it and talked about it, that we get, we look at everything outta state and we think that that’s somehow better and, and gonna give us more opportunity to kill something big. I don’t always think that’s gonna be the case. And let’s make a pact this year. One of us is gonna kill, I about said 200. I don’t know if I wanna say 200. How about we start with,

00:28:57:29 –> 00:28:59:15
Well John John’s chasing

00:28:59:15 –> 00:28:59:21
A buck

00:29:00:05 –> 00:29:12:19
Cheats out both sides. It’s a 31 32 inch or I mean, let’s just say it way it is, John. I don’t know where the heck you found it. I know you’re being quiet. Maybe we need to do a whole podcast on that buck and see if we can Well Jason slip up.

00:29:13:15 –> 00:29:16:25
Found one last year, Jason. I mean, did you even hunt it? Did you even hunt

00:29:16:25 –> 00:29:20:02
A deer? Oh no, I didn’t even hunt one day. And that’s the thing I did.

00:29:21:26 –> 00:30:05:18
So anyway, so a few things. There’s just, I guess here’s our point. We’re not telling you to go out and be a general season deer hunter or elk hunter, not really advocating that. We are here at Epic Outdoors. We love the trophy. We love quality hunting opportunities and we love to hunt older age class game. Generally speaking, general season doesn’t give you that. However, we always have everyone, whether you’re in Oregon hunting blacktail or whatever, you have opportunities in your backyard that everyone, all of us feel like we’re not taking advantage of and we could do better at. I’m not saying go hunt state to state generals, never would advocate that somebody in Idaho has a phenomenal general season that I wouldn’t stick with it ’cause I don’t have the insider

00:30:05:18 –> 00:30:09:22
Knowledge. Yeah, we’ve not, I don’t have, we’ve not done the years of intel and trailing errors and all. That’s right. That’s right.

00:30:09:22 –> 00:30:25:00
But we all have something we could do better at some of these over the counter. We were talking to a guy today, some of these over the counter, say archery, COOs, deer in Arizona, you can hunt the best units in the state over the counter in the rutt with a bow every year.

00:30:25:22 –> 00:30:26:07
That’s right.

00:30:26:14 –> 00:30:27:22
How awesome is that?

00:30:28:06 –> 00:30:37:22
13, 14 points to draw the, that’s late rifle hunt. That’s right. That day after that hunt ends. That’s right. That day after That’s right. You have a bow in your hands by a tag at Walmart and go hunting. That’s

00:30:37:22 –> 00:31:38:08
Right. And so, and the day that that ends, all good things come to an end. Utah giant Bulls kind of came to an end. However, we have some dang nice bulls. It’s nowhere near what it once was. Colorado deer will never be what it once was, 2003, 4 0 5, and oh six. It just won’t. And so everything good comes to an end the day that those over the counter tags disappear is gonna be a sad day. And, and things disappear, change happens. And so anyway, that’s all we’re saying. There’s opportunity for everybody no matter what. Having said that, we’re all about hunting. Awesome. You know, even some of these average units with awesome seasons, I guess we, like you Bronson, killing that bull. I’ve killed bulls on average units, let’s call ’em average units. Really? They are, they’re not, they’re not the 16 D’S A 16 B, they’re not, you know, 15, 17, 12. I mean, none of those, you know, 34, 36, the VAAs, caldera vi, Adell, any of those. So, I mean, for all intents and purposes, let’s call ’em average units with great season.

00:31:39:11 –> 00:31:45:02
That’s right. What, what about then if we’re not gonna commit to that in blood on, on the air here?

00:31:45:13 –> 00:31:50:26
Well, I didn’t say were already cut myself. We just kind of Okay. Took it kind of took me by surprise. I had to wrap my head around it.

00:31:50:29 –> 00:32:16:07
Well, I’m just, I’m just saying let’s ramp it up if we’re not gonna do that. Let’s talk about something and it doesn’t, you don’t need to get as specific to tell me the unit and the tree you’re gonna be sitting under Carter. But what, what hunt or tag or species and state are you anticipating and seeking a tag for this year with, with the most anticipation? Oh,

00:32:16:11 –> 00:32:16:25
Well, I,

00:32:17:04 –> 00:32:21:00
And I will answer that after you and John be thinking about that. So, so

00:32:21:05 –> 00:32:44:14
Air, I’m gonna hunt Colorado deer every year. I just don’t know where this year Yes, they give those turnback tags and the opportunities to pick those up generally mid-August. Okay. And so I’ve, I’ve have thought about some of the best tags come available during the season, but you have to be in person. You have to live over there to get it. And so I’ve half thought about there’s a lot. What, what?

00:32:45:11 –> 00:32:46:25
I can’t wait to hear this ’cause I’m gonna Well,

00:32:47:03 –> 00:32:48:17
Well I’ve thought about sitting there. I’m gonna see

00:32:48:17 –> 00:32:53:04
If you, you actually drive to Colorado and sit outside an office and refresh and refresh and refresh.

00:32:53:15 –> 00:33:31:28
Well, I’m just saying that’s an option. Okay. There’s a number. Option number one, whatever comes available that’s a special unit, boom. Smash and grab and go. Okay. Okay. The other thing is, I’m thinking there’s weird units. Nevada, I love Nevada for a number of reasons, but I am, I like hunting these weird places in the muzzle or archery or whatever. And, and, and I think that wherever there’s old, old, old animals, animals are dying of old age. You could have a giant, that’s the way I feel anymore. I mean, there was several giants, several of the biggest bucks killed last year in the state of Nevada came from no namer

00:33:32:05 –> 00:33:34:13
Crap. No namer. You would label ’em as crap

00:33:34:21 –> 00:33:37:22
Two 50 slash 2 42 net. How about that? Yeah. Is that a

00:33:37:22 –> 00:33:38:24
Good one? That’s a, that’s a good one.

00:33:38:27 –> 00:33:45:13
Okay. And you look through the Nevada record book, you can, it’s less than one hand in the last 20 years that’s producing net two 30. Yes,

00:33:45:17 –> 00:33:46:00

00:33:46:00 –> 00:34:00:06
Right. And so I just feel like, I feel like there’s so much opportunity. We’re all overlooking, there’s units in New Mexico, deer units in New Mexico, and guys, you know, they throw, they like to throw a little truck in pick at me. And of course, you know, play guesses a little, right? Yeah. Guess this unit,

00:34:00:11 –> 00:34:01:00
Is this a shooter?

00:34:01:08 –> 00:34:16:00
Yeah. Is this a shooter that’s right under your nose? You know what I mean? And so anyway, there’s some great bucks not coming from unit two, not unit four, unit five, you know, but some weird units. And so anyway,

00:34:16:15 –> 00:34:18:14
All right, well maybe another way to play this game.

00:34:18:27 –> 00:34:20:08
What I didn’t give you what you’re looking for.

00:34:20:13 –> 00:34:22:16
Not really. No. I mean, you gave me some options.

00:34:22:26 –> 00:34:27:10
Some, an Wyoming antelope in Colorado. What are you looking for? What, what would make you you happy? Those

00:34:27:10 –> 00:34:28:22
Were already, Janice

00:34:29:07 –> 00:34:35:01
Got 20 some points and she’s already teed me up. Like, Hey, here’s Dale. If I’m gonna get a tag, I need to start shooting some stuff. Yes.

00:34:35:01 –> 00:34:57:18
You know what I mean? Well, so yeah. Just to maybe another thing, where are you point heavy and, and, and where do, where do you think you’re gonna try to, I mean there’s, ’cause some of the states you can anticipate what you’re gonna draw. Yeah. Wyoming’s one of them. Colorado’s one of them. You’ve mentioned them for the antelope and we’ve teased you about for, you know, a month of that. And yeah, it’s basically just, it’s time to pull the plug. Quit building points for those. That’s what you’re gonna do.

00:34:57:19 –> 00:34:59:26
I’m not sure yet, but you know what? February,

00:35:00:02 –> 00:35:01:04
So he’s vacillating,

00:35:01:14 –> 00:35:25:05
February 11th is theirs, Arizona, a elk and antelope deadline that’s coming up on us. I’m definitely gonna be applying for elk and I’m gonna probably do a late season down there. Wow. I’m gonna be honest with you. Wow. I’ve hunted archery, unit one I’ve hunted early rifle unit one. Of course we’ve spent some time with our friends and other places. First choice will be something special. We’ll say 23 South, for example, second choice, be a late smash and grab unit. You know what I

00:35:25:11 –> 00:35:26:14
Mean? Gotcha. All

00:35:26:20 –> 00:35:31:24
Still attack, still a big bull that’s broken. Just passed it G one on one side, probably. That’s right.

00:35:32:23 –> 00:35:33:12
Well what

00:35:33:12 –> 00:35:34:19
About you Bronson? I’ve got,

00:35:34:19 –> 00:35:34:28
I’ve got,

00:35:34:28 –> 00:35:35:29
Where are we going? And

00:35:36:06 –> 00:36:23:16
Well, for a couple years, probably two. The last two or three, as many of you probably know, I’ve been on the brink of drawing my desert sheep tag in Utah. And, and to some extent I, I’ve let that hold me hostage a little bit and as it should, because that was gonna be, you know, the final ram that I was gonna hunt North America and not the final final. But you already priority number one, you know what I mean? Finish my slam FENOs, whatever. Not the final round I hope to ever hunt. But, but I had to steer clear of things. That’s a long season in Utah. Starts mid-September and it goes through the first part of November. And just due to the fact that, you know, I, I am also gonna have clients. I’m gonna be guiding and knew that I was gonna have a prolonged sheep season. I had to have the time I need to do that. Having said that, I’m one of those guys with, you know,

00:36:24:26 –> 00:37:09:14
20 plus Arizona deer points and I’m really scratching my head a little bit about how to best use those this year. Now that’s not been something I’ve been real aggressive about. Wow. While I’ve, while I’ve, I’ve been, I’ve been somewhat aggressive, but not really. While I’ve had that sheep tag, I’ve just kind of, you know, applied for the best of best strip of the late, the late rutt hunts only. And that’s probably to the extent that I’m gonna do, but I might leave the strip forever. I might leave it, come on. I might leave it. Come on on. I might, I’m not in the Tru Max point pool. So I’m one of those guys that, yeah, well the hopes and dreams are great to draw that. I don’t think it’s a reality. And I’m ready to maybe do something about it. So that’s one of

00:37:09:19 –> 00:37:10:12
’em. Late, late cous deer.

00:37:10:28 –> 00:37:12:20
No early couser. No, neither

00:37:12:22 –> 00:37:13:19
One middle cous

00:37:13:19 –> 00:37:32:26
Deer. We’re talking mule deer. I can hunt coups for the rest of my life after I burn these once. That’s my plan. I also am packing double digit deer points in Colorado. I burned them last in about 2008 or nine. And I told myself 61. Right. I’ll never get double digit points again. I, I think I drew with about nine or 10.

00:37:32:26 –> 00:37:33:22
And you’re one of those guys.

00:37:34:01 –> 00:38:14:17
And I’m one of them, but I’ve probably hunted over the last 10 or 12 years, I was thinking probably eight or nine of those years I’ve hunted Colorado on one means or another. Either be modestly or cheap price landowner tags or turn back tags in not, and I’ve not killed a lot of bucks, but I’m going to Colorado. I u I use Colorado as, as my November show up in hunt state without scouting. That’s how I normally view Colorado. Having said that, the dates shift a little bit later this year for 2020. Yeah, they do. And I want to use my points this year because in 2021 they’re gonna shift even later. And I think point creep is gonna be off the charts.

00:38:15:04 –> 00:38:26:04
That’s, I I agree a hundred percent. And that’s where I think a prime example of change. We’re super excited about this change. It’s definitely gonna finish off the quality that’s left there in Colorado. Well, it,

00:38:26:07 –> 00:38:40:00
You know, it makes you wonder. I mean, it does mean the third and fourth season dates. I, I feel bad for the deer in some units. If it does snow, they’re gonna get crushed. And I wanna be on the front end of deer getting crushed. Not on the scraps. And

00:38:40:08 –> 00:38:53:12
Of ’em. I think, I think part of that though, you know, with these late season dates, second season, I think if I’m going from memory in 2021 will end on November 7th and those are gonna be good dates. Yes, I think that’s right. And everybody’s gonna be straight on third and fourth.

00:38:53:14 –> 00:39:12:07
Third and fourth they go. So late second season might crush a bunch of great bucks. So those are things to look forward in with anticipation. So anyway, those are a couple of hunts that I plan on. The unfortunate thing, the unfortunate thing about those two is the deer in Colorado, I’m not gonna find out till the first part of June and the deer in Arizona. You I’m

00:39:12:07 –> 00:39:12:18
Not. You mean if you

00:39:12:18 –> 00:39:35:10
Drew a tag? Yeah, if I drew a tag and my deer in Arizona, I’m not gonna find out until the end of June, 1st of July. It’s the last thing we find out. Yeah. So that’s not, those are not two great things to base my whole fall around. ’cause if I strike out on, on, you know, 50 50 or type units and, and I’m planning around them, I could have, oh, I could have a lighter year than I want and I’m, they’re gonna

00:39:35:10 –> 00:39:37:24
Make, you’re gonna do an O T C archery deer in Oregon.

00:39:38:13 –> 00:39:45:14
No, I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna do that. But I’ll be, you know, I’ll be, you know, helping you pack out antelope, I guess

00:39:48:21 –> 00:40:06:28
John. So for this time of year, I get really ramped up in the emotional part of it. And every year I’ve got this hope that I’m gonna draw a sheep tag this year. So, so those states that don’t have a point system I get really excited about, you know, and then every year my hopes and dreams are crushed. But you know, for, wasn’t

00:40:06:28 –> 00:40:10:07
It John that said new young, young people shouldn’t be drawing sheep tags.

00:40:10:23 –> 00:40:14:14
Was it? What? I’m not so young anymore. So, EP tag for, wasn’t

00:40:14:18 –> 00:40:15:04
This a podcast

00:40:15:16 –> 00:40:19:05
Material that was on the record at one point? And John, we got some hate mail.

00:40:19:11 –> 00:40:22:00
I think I was half joking. All of sudden John’s is like, hell

00:40:22:00 –> 00:40:24:08
With everybody else. I’m gonna draw the sheep tags.

00:40:25:08 –> 00:40:35:26
So it’s, it’s hopeful. Especially New Mexico and Idaho. Those are big ones. And, and just, you know, hoping to get lucky one day and Utah, I’m actually getting up there in points.

00:40:35:29 –> 00:40:42:25
Yeah, John? Yeah, that was one thing I was gonna steer the combination. You have a, you have high teens, if I’m not mistaken, 18

00:40:42:26 –> 00:40:46:01
On 18 on elk and sheep in

00:40:46:01 –> 00:40:46:10

00:40:46:14 –> 00:40:47:25
Utah. High teens. Come

00:40:48:04 –> 00:40:49:22
On, let’s burn

00:40:49:22 –> 00:40:53:14
Those things for you. Let’s burn John’s points right now in a podcast. So how are we gonna do

00:40:53:14 –> 00:40:57:19
It? I love spending people’s money and I love spending people’s points, John. Okay, let’s

00:40:57:19 –> 00:41:04:00
Do this. Got I got, I’m just getting to where I can draw in a good elk tag in Colorado too. So

00:41:05:18 –> 00:41:08:24
He’s just gonna decide. Let’s do, let’s, I got an

00:41:08:24 –> 00:41:09:19
Idea. I got an idea.

00:41:09:19 –> 00:41:15:10
Let’s do an archery. LaSalle elk. He’s giving up about smashing, grabbing 60 on the, he’s giving

00:41:15:10 –> 00:41:16:06
Up about on the

00:41:16:06 –> 00:41:16:28
Other side of the board.

00:41:17:28 –> 00:41:18:11

00:41:18:11 –> 00:41:23:29
Giving up about 14 points for that elk tag in Utah. John more than you. That’s about, if I think a five pointer,

00:41:24:17 –> 00:41:26:20
I think it’ll be a good learner. It’ll be a

00:41:27:08 –> 00:41:43:19
Learning learning curve. But I think there’s a, there’s a novel idea. Sometime we should have a podcast that’s bad consultant of everybody on the air. ’cause we don’t have everybody with us tonight. But if we had a podcast with everybody, everybody has to put one state and one species points in the pool.

00:41:44:08 –> 00:41:44:17

00:41:44:22 –> 00:41:56:11
All right. In the hat. Okay. Okay. Everybody, one state, one species in the, in the hat. And I’ll, and I’ll donate my, I’ll be the first one to do it. I’ll don’t my donate my max points. Montana Moose to the pot.

00:41:56:22 –> 00:41:57:29
Okay. Alright.

00:41:58:10 –> 00:41:59:02
And there’s a pot.

00:41:59:06 –> 00:42:00:19
There’s so many people and

00:42:00:19 –> 00:42:00:26
The office

00:42:01:00 –> 00:42:01:08

00:42:01:08 –> 00:42:05:16
To decide where I apply. I don’t care to apply me. Come on, tell me where to apply.

00:42:05:23 –> 00:42:06:25
Oh, I love, I love

00:42:06:25 –> 00:42:12:08
This. And everybody has to do that with a state and a species. Put it in there and we burn your points for you.

00:42:12:09 –> 00:42:16:00
General deer. One point. Go ahead. I’ll decide where you’re going This

00:42:16:00 –> 00:42:39:23
Lesson. Yes, do it. Why not everybody do it? I’m, I’ll sign up for it first. All right. And, and, and, and maybe we’ll actually take input from, from our listeners. All right. Tell me where to apply. I’m not putting in for a cow tag, so don’t send me those types of things for Montana. But that would be a fun, let’s do it. It would obviously be it be, it wouldn’t be your ma it wouldn’t be John Sheep points in Utah or Elk Points in Utah. But,

00:42:39:25 –> 00:42:40:20
But part of the

00:42:40:21 –> 00:42:43:23
Buy-in. But that might be, it might be New Mexico. Part of the buy

00:42:44:04 –> 00:42:51:25
Is you promised to go with each other. So if you’re gonna help me spin my points, you’re gonna go with me. So if it’s miserable, it’s miserable for you too. You’re,

00:42:51:26 –> 00:43:02:11
Yes. Let’s make some rules and let’s do it. I love it. Maybe it’s New Mexico, but it doesn’t burn your points. Carter Carter. I could just see Jason. Yeah. Burn my air. You pick my Arizona or my New Mexico sheep units and I’m in,

00:43:04:06 –> 00:43:08:02
I could see you can’t do that. You got one in 1200 dogs. Go ahead. Let’s

00:43:08:02 –> 00:43:11:14
Pick them for me. Have at it. Alright. Pick, pick me on the wood drones.

00:43:11:14 –> 00:43:16:23
Every, every unit’s a trophy. Yeah. You send me the Arc dome there for Deering Nevada, we’re gonna have a problem.

00:43:18:11 –> 00:43:19:13
Well, you get to pick

00:43:19:28 –> 00:43:22:26
The Arc dome, start hiking for 155. You

00:43:22:26 –> 00:43:37:19
Get to pick the state and species that goes in the hat. And I think that needs to be written in employment contracts at Epic Outdoors. That’s, you gotta do that once a year. And we have fun with it. And you do have to go be COC Camp Glasser camp. You know,

00:43:37:26 –> 00:43:40:24
Camp slash what? Cook Cook for?

00:43:40:26 –> 00:43:41:11
For, for,

00:43:41:16 –> 00:43:42:04
For, for,

00:43:42:04 –> 00:43:43:01
For lack of a better word.

00:43:47:05 –> 00:43:47:12
I think

00:43:47:12 –> 00:43:47:20

00:43:47:20 –> 00:43:48:08
Be fun. Yeah.

00:43:48:09 –> 00:43:52:22
Fun. And I’m putting my Montana moose points, max points on the line for that. Come

00:43:52:22 –> 00:43:53:25
On. All right. Come on, come on.

00:43:54:00 –> 00:43:59:02
Give me somebody. Tell me where to put it. If you live in Montana, and I promise if you and you

00:43:59:02 –> 00:44:01:04
Have a giant bull in your backyard

00:44:01:20 –> 00:44:06:06
And you think that you’re never gonna hunt that bull and you just as assume it die before it dies

00:44:06:06 –> 00:44:08:07
And it becomes a unit available to non-residents

00:44:08:07 –> 00:44:14:19
And you don’t want it turn into wolf crap. You know, because that could happen. You just see not, not see that happen. Give me a call

00:44:15:07 –> 00:44:20:25
And Bronson will go. That’s right. And we’ll film it and it’ll be awesome. And we’ll give you the tenderloins.

00:44:22:12 –> 00:44:25:10
What? You’re pretty big on a moose that’ll feed a family of fort as long

00:44:25:10 –> 00:44:27:28
As you pay for your own gas. That’s right. Anyway,

00:44:28:29 –> 00:44:33:23
John, I think we should, we should look at your Utah elk. Yeah, I know. I don’t know.

00:44:34:15 –> 00:44:37:24
It’s time. Let’s look that close. Utah elk have never been worse. Let’s use them now.

00:44:40:18 –> 00:44:44:11
Well let’s use them on a Salle arch tree Burn. A turn baby. Let’s do this.

00:44:44:15 –> 00:44:50:28
Yeah, John, don’t you wanna move on to there? I mean, geez. Maybe we can even get a point booster involved here for

00:44:50:28 –> 00:44:54:18
John Cash

00:44:54:21 –> 00:45:01:01
Archery, bad consulting. Sorry John. I’m sorry.

00:45:01:20 –> 00:45:03:02
Anyway. Anyway, it’d be fun, man.

00:45:03:02 –> 00:45:25:29
Anyway. Well anyway, there’s guys out there too that have a ton of points. Don know what to do with them. Hey, if you wanna boost somebody here in the Epic Outdoors office, we might go and hunt with you. Call us. You got a bunch of Wyoming elk points. You wanna go hunt something or Wyoming deer or Wyoming antelope or somewhere that we can average points. Give us a holler. We’ll freaking go hunt with you. Have a good time. And maybe kill an absolute monster if you got

00:45:26:07 –> 00:45:31:22
10 Utah cow elk points and wanna split ’em with Carter. He’s in. I’m

00:45:31:22 –> 00:45:32:24
Your man. I have zero.

00:45:33:01 –> 00:45:33:17
That’s right.

00:45:34:00 –> 00:45:39:04
We’ll drop a couple of bombs on a couple of moms. You know what I’m saying? It’d be awesome. It is,

00:45:39:05 –> 00:45:40:14
Huh? I guess

00:45:41:26 –> 00:46:13:10
Anyway, I guess our point, oh, all this has changed. Creates opportunity and you need lots of opportunities to kill big stuff. So we’re excited. Of course. There’s not a lot that doesn’t make us excited here in the office. We’ve got Wyatt, he’s headed out on some kind of Barbara sheep hunt in Texas. He’s super excited. Of course everything’s legal in Texas. You can saw the top off a van and do some night hunt. Predator. Predator control. And maybe we’ll convince him to do that. Of course he likes to go to bed early, so who knows, huh? Of course we can pick on Wyatt. He’s not even here. John. At least he doesn’t have a headset. Yeah. John

00:46:13:13 –> 00:46:20:14
Headed out to Mexico. You’re headed out to Mexico. Yeah. A little cous. Deer hunting. Yeah. John first, me, our first COOs deer hunt, right? Yeah. First cous

00:46:20:14 –> 00:46:22:29
Deer hunt. What I love about this hunt, Bronson

00:46:23:05 –> 00:46:23:13

00:46:24:11 –> 00:46:28:25
So earlier today when we’re eating lunch at the Shot show, we’re like, Hey John, where you going? He goes, I don’t know.

00:46:29:28 –> 00:46:32:10
He has no idea. All he knows is

00:46:32:15 –> 00:46:34:14
He’s getting in a truck and driving across the border.

00:46:34:26 –> 00:46:38:04
He, we asked him if Chihuahua Sonora, he says, I don’t know.

00:46:38:28 –> 00:46:40:02
I have no idea. Well checked.

00:46:40:28 –> 00:46:41:12
I do know no

00:46:42:01 –> 00:46:49:04
That, have you checked that truck for any random shells in little obscure crevices? Yeah. I mean, make sure

00:46:49:08 –> 00:46:50:19
John know I’m gonna be blindfolded.

00:46:50:23 –> 00:46:51:17
John, lemme

00:46:51:17 –> 00:46:55:04
Just so to get there. You, you are not. I’m going with a buddy and it’s,

00:46:55:04 –> 00:46:56:16
He won’t tell you it’s ultra secret.

00:46:56:25 –> 00:46:57:08
Come on.

00:46:58:02 –> 00:47:01:25
I’m kidding. Okay, John. Chris, you need,

00:47:01:28 –> 00:47:02:29
I wonder why he doesn’t trust us.

00:47:03:01 –> 00:47:12:01
You need to get a lot of the information from John about the magazine, the March magazine before John leaves. KC doesn’t come back. We need to know how to plug and play that thing.

00:47:12:13 –> 00:47:35:16
Yeah, we need to Chris, Chris and Chris doesn’t have one of these mics, but we do need Chris. Chris knows Spanish and he needs to teach John a few key words. Like, take all my money. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to kill things on your property. Take for meat. I don’t need it. You can have it. Feed your family. Leave me alone. I wanna see my family. Sorry.

00:47:35:26 –> 00:47:37:17
I love Mexico. Do what you

00:47:37:17 –> 00:47:43:28
Wish for me. I hate Trump. These are key words.

00:47:44:12 –> 00:47:45:08
Those are keyword. That’s

00:47:45:08 –> 00:47:47:08
Right. Make sure John, make sure Chris teaches to this

00:47:47:12 –> 00:47:51:10
Guy. Chris, go over that. Get Rosetta Stone and involved if you need to over the next week,

00:47:52:04 –> 00:47:52:11

00:47:52:11 –> 00:47:56:05
Some things involved for John. We’ll just call ’em safe words. ’cause that’s what they’re,

00:47:56:11 –> 00:48:02:10
I’m not in favor of the wall. That’s, I hate the wall. Those are really critical components. When you’re going to Mexico, John. That’s

00:48:02:10 –> 00:48:03:00
Right John. Well

00:48:03:12 –> 00:48:09:04
Probably on and not wear a red hat with white lettering. White lettering. You know what I mean? Yeah. Like a little heart. And the word

00:48:09:15 –> 00:48:10:23
From home. I heart

00:48:10:23 –> 00:48:13:14
Trump. That’s just not gonna cut it down there. You know what I’m saying?

00:48:14:00 –> 00:48:20:16
Make America great again. Don’t wear that one. So anyway. Anyway, John, have a great time. You’re gonna have a blast. Yeah,

00:48:20:16 –> 00:48:20:29
It’s gonna be fun

00:48:20:29 –> 00:48:22:22
Hunting the gray ghost to the south.

00:48:23:02 –> 00:48:36:19
Yeah, that’s right. Super exciting. I’m excited for you John. I think you’ll have a great time. We have a lot of good friends in Mexico. Speaking of Mexico, we do have a Mexican desert sheep hunt with one of the best down there. He smashed a couple of giants. Two,

00:48:36:26 –> 00:48:40:04
Two high 70 and a 180, 1 79

00:48:40:05 –> 00:48:40:26
And 180 rep.

00:48:41:02 –> 00:49:05:29
These are all of course free range, you know, legitimate hunt. We’ve been to this ranch ourselves. It’s all legitimate. It’s all free range. Very safe. Realize it’s not a hunt everybody can afford and whatnot. But got an opening for the end of March. Just came open. So, yeah. Anyway, somebody’s interested, pass the, pass the info on to ’em, have ’em give us a call at Epic Outdoors. We (435) 263-0777.

00:49:06:26 –> 00:49:16:13
Alright with that we do have a few openings for some exotics down there in Texas, as well as barber sheep there in New Mexico. So if you won’t do, you are looking for something Spring lock, bear Turkey, whatever.

00:49:18:05 –> 00:49:21:17
Mountain lion still, blah line hunts open around the west. That’s so,

00:49:21:21 –> 00:49:22:04

00:49:22:04 –> 00:49:25:24
Right. Still plenty to hunt if you got some time and you’re itching to get outta the house.

00:49:26:06 –> 00:49:28:08
John, are we supposed to give anybody else a plug?

00:49:28:19 –> 00:49:31:17
Well, I’ve thought of a Valentine’s tip that I could give.

00:49:32:14 –> 00:49:37:07
This is, this is radio safe? Is this a podcast safe? All right, this is

00:49:37:07 –> 00:49:39:17
Coming. Coming from a guy. This is coming from a guy,

00:49:40:23 –> 00:49:41:01
I don’t

00:49:41:01 –> 00:49:49:08
Know. Drive through, smash and grab. You know what I’m saying? You know where I’m headed with this, John. Okay. Do we dare talk about it? What’s the tip, John? What’s the tip? Let’s bring it up. What’s, come

00:49:49:08 –> 00:49:51:01
On, let’s just tell us. So it

00:49:51:01 –> 00:49:51:20
Just came from Vegas.

00:49:52:12 –> 00:49:56:07
Just tell us what’s the, get married if you can. Huh? What

00:49:56:07 –> 00:49:57:08
Is the tip, John?

00:49:57:27 –> 00:50:07:13
Stick to the tip. When it’s your second marriage and you’ve done it, done it all before, it’s, you know, a drive through, drive through Vegas wedding. You just can’t beat it. It’s

00:50:07:13 –> 00:50:19:29
Awesome. I love, love the story John. It was, and the awesome thing is, is she’s a great gal. Yeah. It’s not one of, it was not like one of these one night dealer bobbers or nothing like that. So anyway, I just wanna throw that out there. What

00:50:19:29 –> 00:50:21:00
Is the tip? I can’t wait.

00:50:21:14 –> 00:50:31:04
Coming from, so the tip, it’s Valentine’s Day. The perfect thing you can buy is a ticket to Hawaii. Ooh.

00:50:32:07 –> 00:50:33:05
I like where he’s going with this

00:50:33:08 –> 00:50:34:24
Hunt giveaway. Alright.

00:50:35:06 –> 00:50:37:24
I like where he’s going with this. This is funny. So this came from

00:50:38:03 –> 00:50:39:22
From John’s wife herself?

00:50:39:22 –> 00:50:48:25
Yes, it is. This hunt was born from our, our wives, largely John’s wife. But, but we had a complaint. There’s not enough hunts or things for the ladies.

00:50:49:16 –> 00:50:51:16
So we did a Hawaiian hunt with an access deer.

00:50:51:16 –> 00:50:52:19
Tell us about it, John. Yeah,

00:50:52:22 –> 00:51:02:12
So you, it’s for two. So you can take your wife, take your girlfriend, go to Hawaii, spend a couple days on the beach and spend a couple days hunting access deer. Yeah,

00:51:02:14 –> 00:51:14:23
Both of you get a shoot Deer. We’re actually throwing in 1500 bucks cash. So you can book your reservation. Stay wherever you want. On Maui. It’s on the island of Maui. Access. Deer

00:51:15:08 –> 00:51:15:20

00:51:15:20 –> 00:51:32:01
Done it. I’ve been there, done that. We did a family vacation and everybody laughs at me ’cause my kids were smashing stuff and I was getting abused and things like that on social media as the family were seeing pictures and like, yeah, Becky, you can’t leave them. Leave the guns home. And hey, it was for the kids. I didn’t even pull the trigger. So it’s not about

00:51:32:01 –> 00:51:33:19
Wasn’t some problems aren’t about you, bro.

00:51:33:19 –> 00:51:35:01
That’s right. They weren’t about me, it was for my

00:51:35:01 –> 00:51:35:26
Kids. Family activities,

00:51:36:18 –> 00:51:41:23
Memories. Somehow I got abused for, you know, hijacking a family vacation with guns in Hawaii.

00:51:41:29 –> 00:51:49:16
This came from Jen herself and it’s awesome. So anyway, we do, we are giving away a bunch of hunts here at Epic Outdoors. That’s right. Go epic, check ’em out.

00:51:49:29 –> 00:52:06:18
Got caner by February 29th. And that is one of the hunts you can win is a access hunt for two in a Hawaii with 1500 bucks cash for go towards accommodations and your, you know, stay for the week out there. So, great tip John. I love where you’re going with that. Everybody’s smart to throw a few in there and their wifes

00:52:06:24 –> 00:52:20:22
Valentine’s tip from Casanova himself. All right guys, that’s about it. We’re gonna roll into this Flying Jay here in Mesquite, eat a donut or something, get back on the road and I don’t know, chill out for another couple hours. How about that?