The Month of Draw Results and Planning Hunts. In this episode we review the May issue of The Epic Outdoors Magazine. May is the month of draw results where many of us make a lot of plans for the fall. Several States release results and it can feel like a pretty exciting month. We also make a cold call to Aaron Bronson to talk trucks, tires, trailers, and hunting.

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A few opportunities for three 50 plus poles

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That shows you the value of antelope, which is why I’m becoming a trophy antelope Hunter,

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Some good tires. You usually don’t get stuck. I, I know Jeff’s not in there, so Jeff wouldn’t know. But anything

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To do with Western big Games.

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Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hi

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Everybody. Jason Carter. And Adam Bronson coming at you from Southern Utah. Got some overcast out there. Bronson. A little bit windy. Is it gonna

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Rain or what? No, no, but it’s warm. Low eighties in southern Utah. Well, we’re not St. George. They’re mid nineties. Oh yeah. Vegas and this good stuff. Phoenix Valley’s a hundred already. It’s the end of April. I don’t know. It’s gotta be green, but it might be drying out quick if it keeps this up.

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That’s right. We just talked to Buddy Davey Matthews down there in Arizona. He says it’s early to be this warm. I don’t think he knows what he’s talking about. It seems like about right, doesn’t it? It

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Can hit a hundred in every month of the year in Arizona.

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That’s a good point. That’s a good point.

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I know, I know it won’t, but

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It feels like it. Before we get cranking, we’d like to thank Under Armour sponsoring this podcast. Appreciate them, their support. They got some good things happening. Haven’t, they’re kind of secretive about it though. Haven’t heard a ton. Stealthy

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Release. Know what’s happening. Stealthy release coming up.

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That’s right. So anyway, we’re kind of excited. What day is today? Is today the 30th? April 30th. It is. It’s April 30th. We got some deadlines on us. We got Idaho, sheep, goat, and moose. Today.

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Yeah. Which this podcast by the time you guys all here at,

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You missed it.

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You missed it. Sorry. And don’t get mad at us. We’re just throwing it out there. It’s just what’s on our mind today.

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But if you get this today, which you probably hear this on a Friday, May 1st, it is

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Montana, Montana,

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Moose, sheep, goat and Bison. Bison,

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Yeah. Another one for you. That’s right. Bam. Bam. And May 1st should be the release of Colorado Goat and sheep results we’re,

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Which would be tomorrow. Yeah,

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Right. Probably.

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Or today if you’re listening to this. Whatever

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May 1st or yesterday. If we’re This comes out its Saturday. Saturday. That’s

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Right. Regardless of that.

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Or if it comes out Sunday, two days ago. A lot of

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Pressure on Chris to, lots of

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News on one of those days we talked about.

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So anyway, everybody wanna remind you too, Monday is the deadline for Nevada. We’re talking about May 4th. It’s gonna be cranking here quick. So anyway, if you need some help, that’s what we do here at Epic Outdoors. A hundred dollars a year, we talk, we come out with nine issues a year, covers all the states applications, best units to apply for different things as well as not the best units and all big game species. That’s what we do here. Line guys up with outfitters and and help them figure out an application strategy. And we can do the same for Nevada.

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Yeah, well we love Nevada. We’re all in. But what I like about Nevada is they allow you to go in and modify, change, alter, alter,

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Amend, plug

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And play, withdraw, whatever you wanna call it. Everything right up until the deadline. And so we normally do apply early just to cross off our list knowing that we can go change that. I wish all states would go to a, if they’re online and you apply and you wanna change your application up until deadline, why not? Why couldn’t you do that? Why not? Because a guy that’s applying that last day, he just barely got his in. What if you just changed your unit that last, it’s makes no sense to me. Really love Nevada for doing that. Allows you to maybe, maybe something changed in the last month or maybe you feel a little bit more bold, I guess, in your choices

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And Well, it makes me less inhibited to do it early on. A lot of times you wait because you might learn something or maybe your plans change, you draw text somewhere. And so you don’t do it really early in the application process. Right. But with Nevada, you can do it day the the day it opens.

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Well, and the thing about it’s we apply our family. So you got, we got five or six of us just in our family. And if you’re waiting until the last couple days, it’s just a Yeah, it, I don’t like to do that. Yeah, it’s just too much. You got five choices. All the species. It’s carving time out is not easy when it gets down to the wire. Yeah. So that’s right. Anyway, but love Nevada. Make sure you’re in by the fourth. If you don’t get in by May 4th, they do have an extra week until May 11th. Four points on the applications.

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That’s right. So awesome opportunity there. You can do group apps only for Deere. And so anyway, some guys are what we call point boosting. And you can only do that for deer. Other states. It’s not necessarily the case, but Nevada group apps for deer only.

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And even do an antelope app for with a group over there.

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Oh, there’s even a waiting period for antelope and not a waiting period for deer. Who does that? I don’t know who does that. I don’t know. Okay. They do. That shows you the value of antelope, which is why I’m becoming a trophy antelope hunter. Starting this year. You heard it first here starting this

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Year, ladies and gentlemen, starting this issue. He’s declared himself something

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That I’ve never heard. No, I’m just trying trophy antelope hunter. Well, we’re gonna learn how to, how to decoy the suckers, call ’em in, things like that. We just cranked out a may issue of the publication. We kind want kind of wanted to go through it at the same time. We are working on June pounding it out. They’ll come out back to back. We should have a EAG out.

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It’ll be out by the weekend. These state magazines, they’re, they’re grinders. They’re important, but, but we can’t wait a month in between these two because you’ve got California and Arizona due early June. You can’t wait till the 1st of June or so to get it out. So bam. Bam. Within about 10 days. And then it’s not coasting, but the research and writing part of it’s over for a little bit. A lot of con consulting and a lot of applying still. There’s still a lot of states open. Oh

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My gosh. There’s a whole list of stuff. Let me just read a couple. You know what I mean? Yeah. It’s, it’s nuts. Okay, so Monday, May 4th, we come out with Nevada awesome state. We think you should be applying May 15th, Oregon. All species. Some guys do, some guys don’t. It’s kind of fun. We both drawn sheep tags there. Washington May 18th. How about that? Yeah. Crazy. We covered that as well. We covered that in the May issue. Montana antelope. We covered that in the April issue. That’s June one. Another June one would be Wyoming Deer and Antelope. Huge advocates of that state. That’s right. May issue. It is.

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June 2nd. Bronson, you

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Been researching California? Pretty heavy. And we’ve been writing about that. Yeah, that’s

00:06:10:12 –> 00:06:11:11
Done. June two. That’s

00:06:11:11 –> 00:06:15:02
Right. June two. Idaho Elk and deer. We covered that in the May issue. June five.

00:06:15:11 –> 00:06:19:23
You forgot Antelope. Where? And I know. Oh I know, I know that you, that was a,

00:06:19:28 –> 00:06:21:22
I just didn’t want you to give me some. I know.

00:06:22:01 –> 00:06:23:00
Now I’ve gotta do anyway.

00:06:23:12 –> 00:06:24:16
I know. Anyway, this

00:06:24:16 –> 00:06:27:13
Has been a theme of the year. You just need to draw some tags. We’ll get off your back.

00:06:27:22 –> 00:06:31:23
I am gonna smoke some antelope just so these guys, just for all of you guys out there that don’t,

00:06:32:14 –> 00:06:33:23
He’s gonna smoke. Understand

00:06:34:08 –> 00:06:37:04
Underlying tone of teasing going on. That’s

00:06:37:04 –> 00:06:42:28
Right. He’s gonna smoke ’em. And then we’re gonna try to get the pellet grill hound, smoke ’em for four days so you can eat ’em

00:06:43:10 –> 00:06:55:29
Still, you can choke it down. I have guys calling me every week and they talk about truck chasers and that came out on a podcast, what you think 30 podcasts ago? That’s right. And the thing is, antelope aren’t the brightest critter in the

00:06:55:29 –> 00:06:59:26
World, but if they want to get on the other side of the road and you’re going 50,

00:07:00:03 –> 00:07:35:20
They won’t stop. Gonna let you go first. They wanna beat you every time. So they chase your truck. And that’s all I’m saying about antelope. Having said that, I’m gonna fill the void and I’m gonna smoke a bunch of ’em. Alright, so then we’ve got Iowa, June seven, Arizona sheep and deer and kind of that first bison application period. Basically it’s a designated B bison on Raymond or cow and yearlings anyway. And you can apply and get a point. And that’s good for the main draw, which we’ll cover in the October issue. But anyway, that application period, sheep and deer’s, the big thing, June nine, we got,

00:07:35:21 –> 00:07:39:28
That’s a busy 38 days. Nine 40 days. That’s a busy

00:07:39:28 –> 00:07:44:18
One. We’ve got the point only periods there for Wyoming, Montana both opening June, July 1st. So

00:07:45:24 –> 00:07:57:06
A lot to happen. But also, we won’t go through ’em all. But May is a, is an awesome month for draw results. It’s just Chuck full and we could go over that list. A different list. But that, that

00:07:57:06 –> 00:08:03:00
Long. And you’re cranking that out in your soapbox. We’ll have a little bit of a, a little whatever, A little graphic what to

00:08:03:00 –> 00:08:06:01
Look, what to still do and what to look forward to. So, but anyway, so we

00:08:06:01 –> 00:08:14:13
Did have a good friend of ours looking to draw an antelope tag here in Utah, wondering, you know, when his credit card would be hit and guys we’re just guessing around, what do you think bro? Some May 15.

00:08:14:19 –> 00:08:20:19
Yeah, hopefully sooner. Utah Met Wildlife Board, met April 30th, approved all their permit numbers

00:08:21:00 –> 00:08:21:24
Again. That’s today.

00:08:22:02 –> 00:08:26:05
So that was today or yesterday or two days from now, or four days from now, or five days, depending

00:08:26:05 –> 00:08:27:22
On when Chris comes out with this. That’s right.

00:08:27:25 –> 00:08:35:11
Either tomorrow or Saturday, depending on how, how crazy you guys get. How much needs to be. No, no editing there. Edit out. There’ll be no nothing. Sometimes

00:08:35:11 –> 00:08:37:08
Bronson squares once in a while. Ah,

00:08:37:19 –> 00:08:39:19
Very rarely. Usually it’s some

00:08:40:04 –> 00:08:52:20
I know I’m just weird. Some It’s a trap. I can too. I get trapped at times. It’s a trap. Hey. So anyway, I don’t know why we got off base, but we did go out and we noticed this big old flyover here in

00:08:52:20 –> 00:09:00:05
Utah. He’s, yeah, but he, back to the Utah thing. We were talking about the 30th. So they set permit numbers. Okay. And then

00:09:00:16 –> 00:09:02:19
And Nevada’s meeting tomorrow. Yeah, the

00:09:02:19 –> 00:09:06:02
First, now they gotta set ’em, send ’em to the draw company that does the draw.

00:09:07:03 –> 00:09:08:02
They got first

00:09:08:03 –> 00:09:12:07
Precursors. Yeah. They just start running credit cards if you’re successful. So it gives you

00:09:12:07 –> 00:09:13:13
About a seven day job. But

00:09:13:14 –> 00:09:16:29
Then you don’t know. You don’t know what you got. But around the 15th or so in May.

00:09:17:21 –> 00:09:47:20
So we’re kind of excited about that. Tons of draw results coming out. Lots of deadlines. Of course. All of this magazine work is basically done. Bronson. Yes. So we’re, we’re gonna come out with that on the eag. Be kind of a glimpse into California and Arizona. That’ll wrap it up. So yeah, we here at Epic Outdoors produce a pub monthly publication December through June, bimonthly by design for the rest of the year. That gives you nine issues a year. And we’re by design in the hills, doing what we’re saying, practicing what we preach. Drawing tags. That’s

00:09:47:20 –> 00:09:47:23

00:09:48:10 –> 00:10:03:04
Yep. That I, I get so, but we, but, but we do stagger everybody. So there’s always gonna be somebody here in the office take care of you and anything that you need. That’s right. That’s what we first and foremost take care of our membership here at Epic Outdoors. A hundred bucks a

00:10:03:04 –> 00:10:07:07
Year. Before we dive into this may issue, let’s, let’s call somebody, let’s see if we can get somebody

00:10:08:05 –> 00:10:10:18
Call your brother. Do you think he’s bought a truck yet?

00:10:11:15 –> 00:10:12:24
No. So to tee this up,

00:10:13:23 –> 00:10:14:29
Well, let’s tee it up, right?

00:10:15:16 –> 00:10:17:00
Can we do it before we call him? Oh yeah.

00:10:17:03 –> 00:10:19:05
Oh yeah. Before we call. Tee it up. Right now

00:10:20:24 –> 00:10:32:00
He’s a very thorough investigator. That’s when you wanna buys lightly. When you wanna buy a truck, tires, anything mechanical, four wheeler trail cameras,

00:10:32:08 –> 00:10:32:29

00:10:33:13 –> 00:10:38:19
It don’t matter. I don’t know. I’m not a, I’m not a Motorhead. I’m, he’s much more that way. He

00:10:38:19 –> 00:10:39:02
Builds rear

00:10:39:02 –> 00:10:40:18
Ends. He know when I, he, he

00:10:40:18 –> 00:10:41:23
Rebuilds a he’ll bro.

00:10:42:00 –> 00:10:52:24
He’ll know walkers. He’ll know what Chevy GMC C’s coming out with. Three in three to four years. He’ll tell you what, what model they’re coming with in a, in the new 6, 6 4 or whatever. It’s, we

00:10:52:24 –> 00:10:57:00
Bought power wagons and he proceeded to tell you everything your power wagon can do

00:10:57:15 –> 00:10:59:07
Before I even knew anything

00:10:59:07 –> 00:11:05:12
About it. And the tires that on your ZR two, what tires you should get on your ZR two and the fact that they’re not quite as tall as they could be.

00:11:05:26 –> 00:11:18:16
All that. So that’s him. Well he, he, he wrapped a truck up to either two 60 or two 80. We’ll find 260 or 280,000 on a diesel. A durmax 260 or 280,000 and just sold. These

00:11:18:16 –> 00:11:20:18
Are the pre emissions diesel. That’s Yeah, the

00:11:20:18 –> 00:11:30:17
2006 I think is what it was. So it’s nu Diesel guys. That’s probably something, it doesn’t mean anything to me, but to diesel guys, it probably is like, ah, that’s a good truck.

00:11:30:17 –> 00:11:33:19
And what it tells me is had a guy fly out and I’m thinking it’s wore out.

00:11:33:22 –> 00:11:37:28
Had a guy fly from Michigan out to Utah to buy it. And it was on ksl like and

00:11:37:28 –> 00:11:42:20
Thinking the whole time. And I’m thinking that thing’s got 200 and how many thousand miles. Miles. Anyway.

00:11:42:28 –> 00:11:59:12
But the joke is now between Jason and I, because we know how thorough Aaron is. How long is it gonna be? We have, the problem is we both know it’s gonna be long and so neither of us are gonna take each other’s money. I said well maybe sheep season opens in Utah, September 12th. He might have one by then, but

00:11:59:14 –> 00:12:14:17
I doubt it. I think he’s gonna put a, a trailer tow package on his car, hook up to his flatbed and tow his side by side down there. He’s one of those guys. He’s not gonna buy one. Case in point, he’s been looking for a little boat to go. How many years? Well,

00:12:14:25 –> 00:12:21:02
Supposedly me and him have these. Right. I just leave it up to him. ’cause I don’t wanna know what all the trannies and all the different stuff. If

00:12:21:02 –> 00:12:28:29
You leave it up to him, you’ll never have a boat. I know. But you’re gonna know, you’re gonna have access to the knowledge of every boat manufacturer out there and all the ins outs. I bet

00:12:28:29 –> 00:12:38:16
I had 10 pictures last year off of our state classified. K Ss l whatever. It’s just boats. And we were always number two. You can’t be there fast enough on a good deal. No.

00:12:38:19 –> 00:12:43:00
’cause he’s scared. Just scared to pull the trigger. Wants to make sure. Let’s very deliberate in, in.

00:12:43:05 –> 00:12:46:07
So here we go. I think he’s on the road. This is totally outta So this

00:12:46:07 –> 00:12:47:20
Is Aaron Bronson. Let’s see if he

00:12:47:20 –> 00:12:48:09
Answers, hope answers.

00:12:51:11 –> 00:12:51:22

00:12:52:17 –> 00:12:53:13
Where are you guys at?

00:12:54:27 –> 00:12:57:11
Oh, just burning up outside of Moab.

00:12:57:26 –> 00:13:03:11
Ooh, don’t stop too long. Moab moed up. Moab doesn’t want people staying around. You’re

00:13:03:11 –> 00:13:05:24
Not supposed to stay in the campers in the camp spots.

00:13:05:27 –> 00:13:11:07
Hey, they may not let us through town. We’re hoping we can slink under as a work utility vehicle. Yeah.

00:13:11:21 –> 00:13:12:22
Well good.

00:13:13:08 –> 00:13:16:01
Are you taking the temperature of you? Are you Corona free

00:13:17:20 –> 00:13:21:07
So far? What? What do you guys got? I hear it’s about eight guys in there. No,

00:13:21:09 –> 00:13:41:08
Just me and Jason on the podcast. You’re got a cold call today. You’re the lucky one. So we’re, we’re just, just, we’re just talking today about a few topics and wondering, I know you’re not driving your truck down ’cause you’re probably four months from deciding and making the right decision, praying about it what you want. So whose truck did you be? Or to go down Barefoot

00:13:41:13 –> 00:13:43:25
Or, or are you in Mama’s car?

00:13:45:03 –> 00:13:49:19
No, no. We’re all good there. Jake’s Jake’s tag. So Jake’s driving. Oh,

00:13:50:01 –> 00:13:50:10

00:13:50:10 –> 00:13:51:07
How, how convenient.

00:13:52:04 –> 00:13:57:29
How convenient. And I’m just, I’m, I’m doing research right now as we drive down the road. What’s, okay,

00:13:58:00 –> 00:13:58:25
Let’s have It’s

00:13:58:25 –> 00:14:03:16
Down. What’s broke down? What’s pulling watt? I’m just doing some research, market research right now.

00:14:03:24 –> 00:14:04:29
I can’t even imagine you doing to the

00:14:04:29 –> 00:14:06:23
Doing 10 research re versus something else.

00:14:06:29 –> 00:14:09:28
So three seven threes. Four tens. What do you got? Where you at? Yep.

00:14:10:00 –> 00:14:11:01
What, what are we looking at?

00:14:11:01 –> 00:14:13:08
Factory lockers. Factory lift. You’re the one

00:14:13:09 –> 00:14:16:07
That convinced me to get a power wagon. And you now you won’t touch it.

00:14:16:21 –> 00:14:18:18
I’m worried about even thinking about, I’m

00:14:18:18 –> 00:14:20:16
Worried about what I’m driving. No,

00:14:20:28 –> 00:14:25:24
I am the power wagon’s still on the e Everything anything’s open right now. Oh, I just,

00:14:25:24 –> 00:14:32:18
Oh, okay. What about the Chevy? Everything’s open. What about the Chevy? One ton comes factory with a little, little bit of a lift on it. And they say it’s just indestructible.

00:14:32:21 –> 00:14:46:23
Well, it’s, it’s that, it’s the GMs it’s the a t four on the G M C. But they, it’s a, it’s a little bit of an offroad, but nothing like the power wagon. But it’s a threequarter ton. They don’t make a, not a one ton in a gas. It’s just a three quarter.

00:14:47:02 –> 00:14:50:23
They don’t make a one ton gasser. Josh Hors was telling me the Gasser one tons of

00:14:50:23 –> 00:14:51:25
The Well Gasser.

00:14:52:19 –> 00:14:52:28

00:14:53:15 –> 00:15:01:01
They, well if Hor has one, they probably make one. Obviously they do. And that would go back to the, like the eight, the old eight one liter big block.

00:15:03:03 –> 00:15:06:25
Like I said, they ran the Allison Tranny that eight one, didn’t it? Yeah, it

00:15:06:25 –> 00:15:17:13
Does. It would have. They may have a bigger one. But the new Chevy, the six, six liter gas is really good. I’ve driven one of them. They’re really nice. What about that? They don’t, they have a

00:15:17:21 –> 00:15:19:25
50 CC Briggs and Stratton. What about that?

00:15:21:19 –> 00:15:25:29
No bros. Adam doesn’t know what he is talking about. Aaron. Oh no he doesn’t. He

00:15:26:11 –> 00:15:29:18
He just sets me find the vehicle and then he gets it. That’s right. Well,

00:15:29:19 –> 00:15:31:13
Yeah, I, I know. It’s like,

00:15:32:00 –> 00:15:38:12
What about these and the tires? Are these gassers gonna outlast the pre emission diesel that you just got rid of? I,

00:15:38:18 –> 00:15:52:20
I don’t think so. That’s my biggest battle. The whole diesel and gas. And you go back and forth and it’s Yeah, it’s longevity. I mean it, they, they run, they run like nothing else. But I don’t know. We’ll see what kind of deal I can get. And they

00:15:52:20 –> 00:15:56:10
Get stuck in the mud. That’s what I don’t like about they’re heavy in the front end. They

00:15:56:16 –> 00:16:01:10
Bury mud and snow. Have you ever tried to jack a front end of one of them diesels up with a handyman jack?

00:16:02:01 –> 00:16:04:14
Oh yeah. They, they do just fine. Did

00:16:04:14 –> 00:16:08:07
They, did it about break your jaw when that thing thing goes dip? Well

00:16:08:14 –> 00:16:16:04
You get some good tires, you usually don’t get stuck. I, I know Jeff’s not in there, so Jeff wouldn’t know. But you guys get pretty good tires. Exactly.

00:16:16:07 –> 00:16:16:16

00:16:16:23 –> 00:16:17:28
We buy what you tell us, dude.

00:16:18:00 –> 00:16:21:28
What tires are we talking about, Aaron, why and what kind and why? Well,

00:16:22:13 –> 00:16:31:23
Well longevity. I mean, if anyone knows me, I’m cheap. So I gotta buy the cheapest tires that are gonna last the longest. Not the cheapest tires. I shouldn’t say that. I get good tires.

00:16:32:04 –> 00:16:32:20
The best value,

00:16:32:21 –> 00:16:43:16
But that are gonna last a long time. ’cause it’s, let’s face it, all of us are hunters. We have to have the biggest, baddest tire on there. But half of our miles are more are just on the highway going to the unit. Oh, that’s

00:16:43:16 –> 00:16:49:24
Right. So, so you’ve gotta have sucked in. You’re a, I got you pegged as a dick cpec fun country type guy.

00:16:50:25 –> 00:17:01:10
I love those tires. They also make a trail country that are really good and Nito makes a ridge grappler. Not to be confused with Ridge Reaper, but Ridge grappler.

00:17:01:13 –> 00:17:01:29
What about the,

00:17:02:00 –> 00:17:02:23
That are really good.

00:17:03:25 –> 00:17:09:07
What are, are they the ridge grappler or are what’s that grappler? I do the Tara Grappler. They a

00:17:09:07 –> 00:17:22:12
Terra. They have a mud grappler or a Tara. But no, the ridge grappler is really comparable to the CPEC in the aspect. It’s a mud train on the outside and an all train on the middle. You get best of both worlds. It’s

00:17:22:12 –> 00:17:28:19
A hybrid. What about hybrid? What about the, what about, what about if I want a Kevlar sidewall? I don’t know if I

00:17:28:28 –> 00:17:35:04
Wrangler has those. They they don’t, these guys don’t have ’em. But they’re the same ply. They just don’t say Kevlar. But

00:17:35:04 –> 00:17:38:18
The longevity. We’re talking 16,500 miles or something like that.

00:17:39:21 –> 00:17:43:04
No, we’re talking like 50,000 on a threequarter ton.

00:17:43:09 –> 00:17:45:28
Oh, you’re talking back to the CPEC though, right? Yes,

00:17:46:04 –> 00:17:46:11

00:17:46:18 –> 00:17:54:06
Yeah. Yes. 50,000. You got 50,000 and now And I get 30, 35, which is more than I got on any tire my whole life. Yeah,

00:17:54:15 –> 00:17:56:13
That’s about what I get too. Isn’t that

00:17:56:13 –> 00:17:56:20

00:17:56:27 –> 00:18:03:20
And I’m not as, yep. I don’t rotate ’em like I should. Once they start cupping, it’s the slope after that. So

00:18:04:03 –> 00:18:06:16
You gotta be stickler on the rotations. Did you

00:18:06:16 –> 00:18:11:14
End up selling that old classic Bronco that you were rebuilding that locker rear end on and all that?

00:18:12:07 –> 00:18:12:17
Oh yeah.

00:18:13:18 –> 00:18:14:17
Side by side with that

00:18:14:17 –> 00:18:19:19
Thing. 15 grand. Yeah, you could be riding that right now. Like you could at least have a hunting rig. Tell us

00:18:19:19 –> 00:18:30:26
About Well the problem is tell about that rig. This is okay. That lady bought it from, she’s, I don’t know how old she was. She was a widow, right? Somewhere. Yeah. And you bought it for like what, 1200, 800? What’d you buy it for?

00:18:31:13 –> 00:18:33:08
Like five up in Casper, Wyoming.

00:18:33:15 –> 00:18:35:02
$500. Yeah.

00:18:35:05 –> 00:18:36:17
What year was it? What year was it?

00:18:36:18 –> 00:18:39:01
75 Ford Bronco Cherry.

00:18:39:15 –> 00:18:42:08
It was pretty good shape. No, no. Had some work, but it was,

00:18:42:13 –> 00:19:02:00
I drove on a trailer but it, to get it home. But then I had to do a lot of work to it. Did a lot of work over the course of the 12, 15 years I owned it and it was a good rig. But with the twins and the, and the daughter, they’re just, I couldn’t ever go, like our family doesn’t fit in it. There’s only four seat belts. And of course I could never go anywhere with it. Of

00:19:02:00 –> 00:19:10:02
Course, that 15 years from the time you bought it and you put oh, say a couple grand into it, whatever. Oh yeah, you still sold that thing for like 15,000 bucks. Yeah,

00:19:10:05 –> 00:19:10:19

00:19:10:19 –> 00:19:12:00
Years old because,

00:19:12:09 –> 00:19:17:00
And mama probably got tired of putting in the mouth garden, putting on the helmet to be able to dry it, riding that rock.

00:19:17:26 –> 00:19:19:14
They love going in it. Yeah,

00:19:19:14 –> 00:19:31:12
The real, yeah. So that’s gone. The G M C Durmax is gone as of last week, but yeah, you got a timeline. What, what’s, what’s on the, well, Adam, what’s the top three options for a truck?

00:19:31:15 –> 00:19:32:13
Adam’s trying to, Jason, I

00:19:32:13 –> 00:19:33:05
Just wanna know what’s

00:19:33:05 –> 00:19:37:19
Trying to decide as an outfitter if he needs to be able to outfit you. Do I for the vehicle? Do, can I

00:19:37:19 –> 00:19:39:23
Count on you this fall for Hunt? How many

00:19:39:23 –> 00:19:44:06
Trucks do you have between the two of you? I can have a truck with your guys’s trucks.

00:19:44:14 –> 00:19:49:29
Oh, Carter’s got three probably his house that are gonna sit five, no, three that are empty that you could borrow. Hey,

00:19:49:29 –> 00:19:54:04
I’ll put ’em, I’ll put a motor in that Toyota Carter and I just run it. Wash

00:19:54:04 –> 00:19:56:05
Thing. That thing. A motor a month ago. Yeah,

00:19:56:05 –> 00:20:03:13
That thing is Pering. It’s a, it’s, he’s got it finally where I’d buy it off him right now. Of course I couldn’t afford it. ’cause what you put in? No,

00:20:04:03 –> 00:20:04:26
I’m in it. Six.

00:20:04:27 –> 00:20:08:13
What got six? Six? What? He got some 32 inch wranglers on there.

00:20:08:21 –> 00:20:11:12
No, it’s a four cylinder stick shift. No. Oh

00:20:11:20 –> 00:20:11:26

00:20:13:04 –> 00:20:15:04
Not, not yet. 30 ones. Okay.

00:20:16:16 –> 00:20:25:05
So what, what’s the top three trucks you’re looking at for a right now? Hunter Outdoor. It’s gotta be a threequarter ton. We’re not talking about. Yes, it’s gotta

00:20:25:05 –> 00:20:34:28
Be a threequarter ton. Half tons. Just don’t hold up in the stuff that we do. It’s gotta be a threequarter ton. So what are, so you got, you got a ramp power wagon, you got a F two 50 or a GM

00:20:35:11 –> 00:20:35:14

00:20:35:14 –> 00:20:36:23
Two 50 Now the 2,500

00:20:37:11 –> 00:20:38:00
I do without the,

00:20:38:00 –> 00:20:52:17
The, how high on the list is the F two 50? I know you got family members that are dealers, so we don’t wanna offend them. I don’t. Well, but let’s really cut to the, how, how high is that on the list? I’ve never heard you say the word F three 50 or two 50 in

00:20:52:17 –> 00:20:53:26
My life. Two 50. Two 50.

00:20:54:09 –> 00:20:56:24
Any f never heard you say an F word In my life.

00:21:00:09 –> 00:21:02:14
It’s, it’s what I say it’s the top three.

00:21:04:01 –> 00:21:08:16
He so careful because he knows the best deal he is gonna get is through family that don’t afford

00:21:08:16 –> 00:21:19:02
Dealerships. The power wagon is, is technically a three quarter 2,500. But it does have really soft suspension for articulation. I, I hooked up to my trailer. It’s, it’s soft

00:21:19:18 –> 00:21:22:01
Squatted a little bit on your CAM trailer or your

00:21:22:02 –> 00:21:45:02
Clothes? No, it’s my 26 foot toy hauler. But it just, it, it’s awesome. It’s the best truck I’ve ever had in the hills. But I’m telling you, you know, then you feel like, well then I put airbags on it. Even with five pounds in the airbags. You’re still restricting it. I don’t know. I’m just just saying. Just saying it is, yeah, it is a threequarter ton but it ain’t a heavy duty two. Which one? Which might think that Power wagon.

00:21:45:10 –> 00:21:45:17

00:21:45:19 –> 00:21:46:01
No, no.

00:21:46:09 –> 00:21:47:07
Yeah, because it’s

00:21:47:07 –> 00:21:47:11
Got the,

00:21:47:11 –> 00:21:52:13
We’ll see because it’s, you know, ’cause it’s got the coils in the back. This one anyway. It’s all good. It’s all good.

00:21:53:19 –> 00:21:55:02
Do both leaders have coils in the back?

00:21:55:13 –> 00:21:57:02
Mine does. I’m not sure I’m bother. I

00:21:57:02 –> 00:21:58:18
Don’t think yours does, Adam. No,

00:21:59:07 –> 00:21:59:18
The leaf,

00:21:59:19 –> 00:22:02:07
That’s a new suspension. The leaf might

00:22:02:10 –> 00:22:10:00
Be different now. This has the six speed auto, which is, mine’s the eight speed and it just shifts. Shifts a lot. The coils are great for, like I said,

00:22:10:02 –> 00:22:11:29
Offroad. Yeah, when you’re empty it’s probably awesome.

00:22:12:28 –> 00:22:15:12
M you’re not prying mine outta my cold dead hands. I’m telling you that

00:22:17:17 –> 00:22:20:02
Adams is running 30 sevens stock.

00:22:20:08 –> 00:22:22:10
Yeah, he’s a little big on those. No, they

00:22:22:12 –> 00:22:23:13
Stock. No they’re not.

00:22:23:13 –> 00:22:24:11
Doesn’t rub at all.

00:22:24:22 –> 00:22:28:07
I could put chains on there that are two inches tall if I wanted. Kind

00:22:28:07 –> 00:22:33:29
Of crazy. Anyway. Alright. That’s crazy. Well, and then the timeline, Aaron, you got, I think you got some points around September 1st August

00:22:33:29 –> 00:22:34:10
Thinking like

00:22:34:10 –> 00:22:35:22
August 30th or what do you thinking

00:22:35:22 –> 00:22:42:17
August is the timeline. That’s why I didn’t think my truck would sell that quick. So I’m, I am in a little bit of a bind, but it’s a

00:22:42:17 –> 00:22:44:00
What did, what did you sell it for again?

00:22:45:15 –> 00:22:46:11
16 five.

00:22:47:08 –> 00:22:47:17

00:22:47:25 –> 00:22:48:28
Just all highway miles.

00:22:49:17 –> 00:22:50:23
Oh, clean. One owner.

00:22:51:28 –> 00:22:52:29
One owner. Highway miles.

00:22:53:26 –> 00:22:54:28
Right Guy

00:22:55:03 –> 00:22:56:22
Flew across the nation. But

00:22:56:27 –> 00:22:57:07

00:22:57:07 –> 00:23:00:13
Does take in the Covid era. He flew out. Flew and Aaron. He, yeah,

00:23:00:13 –> 00:23:01:13
That guy flew out and bought it.

00:23:01:24 –> 00:23:03:28
Probably the loan man on the airplane. Anyway.

00:23:04:03 –> 00:23:04:24
Yeah. Well,

00:23:04:26 –> 00:23:08:02
Well you take care of your stuff. I totally does. We just wanted to give you a little

00:23:08:02 –> 00:23:09:08
Break. Yeah, we had to. What are

00:23:09:08 –> 00:23:09:26
You doing down there?

00:23:10:01 –> 00:23:11:07
You guys are hunting bears? Looking down there.

00:23:11:07 –> 00:23:17:23
We’re going, yep. We’re going to look for bears. It’s time. It’s may. So it’s time to start looking for bears. So we’re gonna go see if we can find one dig

00:23:17:23 –> 00:23:18:16
One up. Alright.

00:23:18:16 –> 00:23:21:25
Brown bears, black bears, blonde bears. Mike, I sent,

00:23:22:10 –> 00:23:34:02
I sent you guys a picture the other night. You and Jake. He probably can’t hear me. Oh, I know. Be careful on them. One handers. They’re, they can, even if they’re blonde, don’t let the blondes literally in just shoot them there one hand. They’re

00:23:34:03 –> 00:23:34:10

00:23:34:10 –> 00:23:37:10
You a one hander. They’re

00:23:37:10 –> 00:23:37:28
Good looking. The

00:23:37:28 –> 00:23:40:07
One handers are great to pack out though. You

00:23:40:07 –> 00:23:41:12
Know? They are. They are.

00:23:41:16 –> 00:23:44:02
And you don’t have to keep meeting Utah anyway, so it’s like

00:23:45:25 –> 00:23:47:04
Hide to hide hides.

00:23:48:00 –> 00:23:48:08

00:23:48:08 –> 00:23:49:18
Easy packout. Y’all should

00:23:49:18 –> 00:23:50:24
Be fun. I do not wanna see, it’s

00:23:50:24 –> 00:23:51:12
Trying to get hot week.

00:23:51:19 –> 00:23:52:29
Do not wanna see a one hander.

00:23:53:11 –> 00:23:57:17
Don’t want to be hashtag and cub down on you. You know what I mean? Cub down. Cub down.

00:23:58:25 –> 00:24:02:12
No he won’t. He’ll be good. He’s got the whole month, so, okay,

00:24:02:16 –> 00:24:02:23

00:24:04:00 –> 00:24:08:02
Keep, hey, keep your ice peel down in Cedar too. That’s another market. Keep a truck.

00:24:08:07 –> 00:24:10:23
I got two power wire right by my house on the lot.

00:24:11:00 –> 00:24:15:08
When one comes for sale, you, you have about two weeks to buy it. You in.

00:24:16:09 –> 00:24:17:18
Okay. Two weeks. Are you capable of

00:24:17:18 –> 00:24:20:01
Making a, are capable of making a decision? Here’s

00:24:20:01 –> 00:24:20:10
A good point.

00:24:20:14 –> 00:24:21:01
Plenty of time

00:24:21:15 –> 00:24:28:01
With the big, big production facilities outta commission, right? There is gonna be, there’s a lagging trucks coming.

00:24:28:19 –> 00:24:29:25
I’ve heard that. If you can’t

00:24:29:29 –> 00:24:30:06

00:24:30:08 –> 00:24:36:19
I heard that. But they’ve also, they’re starting to open ’em up here pretty quick. So I think it’s not gonna be as big a turnaround as they thought.

00:24:36:28 –> 00:24:52:18
Again, Adam, it’s gonna be September 2nd. So so I’m hearing Yeah, the, the big guys down south with the great big dealerships are saying they’re expecting their lots to be void of big trucks. F two fifties. F two fifties. Wow. By mid-July.

00:24:53:08 –> 00:25:08:02
Really? Yeah. And it could, yeah, that could be the case. If you hear me, I coming down your guys’ way for a family trip, you probably know that I’m gonna be bringing one of your trucks back. Yeah, because I need more. I’m plow off. So just keep that in mind. I’m off. If you’re like, Hey, family’s coming down to visit. I need a ride down Cedar,

00:25:08:12 –> 00:25:09:22
What truck do you, I’m

00:25:09:23 –> 00:25:10:20
Probably bringing one of your trucks back.

00:25:10:23 –> 00:25:13:00
What truck do you need? Just come out and set it. Well, I’d love

00:25:13:00 –> 00:25:15:25
To sell you a clean one owner. I’ve got one that needs to hit the road.

00:25:16:05 –> 00:25:23:29
Jason, I’m not getting any of yours. I’m not buying any of Carter’s. I might look at one of Adam’s. ’cause they’re both new. Yeah,

00:25:24:06 –> 00:25:24:20

00:25:24:21 –> 00:25:28:20
All right. The ZR twos aren’t for sale. You’re not considering a ZR two, I guess I’m not

00:25:28:20 –> 00:25:30:07
Selling any of my trucks for at least five years.

00:25:30:26 –> 00:25:31:02

00:25:31:23 –> 00:25:32:10
I’ve got a five

00:25:32:14 –> 00:25:35:26
Or, or, or what? September 1st. I don’t have one. Yeah,

00:25:36:01 –> 00:25:40:29
Well that’ll be a lease option with interest. High interest, right. To buy’s

00:25:41:10 –> 00:25:43:28
Interest. Well, dad’s got, dad’s got two trucks too, so I could hit him up.

00:25:43:28 –> 00:25:46:19
Oh, and dads love it when their kids borrow their crap.

00:25:49:01 –> 00:25:49:16

00:25:49:24 –> 00:25:56:19
Sean comes to me all the time. Hey dad, I’d like to take the Toyota out. And I’m thinking, oh, I, if this thing will come back in one, it would be

00:25:56:19 –> 00:26:04:05
Tickles just like the good old days in high school. We’d love to see it Come back in pieces or not come back at all. Yeah.

00:26:04:22 –> 00:26:09:01
All right guy. Well, good luck. Job safe. Have fun. Call Adam. If you get stuck when you, when

00:26:09:01 –> 00:26:18:04
You get a, when you get a truck, you need to call back on the podcast and let us know what you got. What color? All the, all the bells. All the ins and outs. That’s right. We’re talking hunting vehicle. All right.

00:26:18:04 –> 00:26:18:26
Alright Aaron.

00:26:19:01 –> 00:26:20:08
Bye. Bye. Bye.

00:26:21:18 –> 00:26:22:07
I don’t know what to say.

00:26:22:07 –> 00:26:35:05
That’s thorough. I I mean you’ve got a glimpse. That’s what, it’s just, why do I need to find out what tires to use? You make one call that’s all kinda like these injury attorneys up in Salt Lake. You just one call and you just, and and we hang up and we buy ’em, don’t we?

00:26:35:08 –> 00:26:37:24
His buddy’s driving and, and he’s researching everything

00:26:37:24 –> 00:26:46:12
You and I have bought in the last five years when it comes to, to accessories for trucks knows or tires. Tires. I know we make a call and it’s spot on. I know. That’s the thing’s.

00:26:46:12 –> 00:27:00:24
Here’s the thing about Aaron. We get, we get enclosed trailers for our cyber sites. Okay. Can’t just get an enclosed trailer. We gotta have gas tank holders on the front for the fibers. They’re amazing. Yeah, they’re awesome. Okay. Then he pipes it with one 10 so we can hook a generator to it. Inside we have LED D lights,

00:27:00:29 –> 00:27:01:06

00:27:02:02 –> 00:27:02:29
The light switches. He’s

00:27:02:29 –> 00:27:04:12
Got fold down cots in his, now

00:27:04:23 –> 00:27:14:23
Don have, and he takes his, he doesn’t, he doesn’t help ours on, we know we have no full down co shelving. His has shelving, fold down cots, everything. And this is a simple box trailer. It’s a Carmack

00:27:14:28 –> 00:27:17:23
Box trailer. Thousand dollars trailer. Brand new. Yep. You know? Yep.

00:27:18:08 –> 00:27:18:23

00:27:18:23 –> 00:27:19:14
16 footers or something.

00:27:19:14 –> 00:27:20:19
Time Aaron gets done with them.

00:27:21:09 –> 00:27:24:16
You could eat off the floor. Family for four could live in it. That’s right. That’s

00:27:24:16 –> 00:27:29:22
Right. That’s right. Pretty awesome. All right, Bronson, let’s crank through this thing. Let’s it, we talk about May. Yeah,

00:27:29:22 –> 00:27:30:06
Let’s do it.

00:27:30:13 –> 00:27:37:00
The May issue just came out basically we got ours in print, in our hands and super excited about it. Some about

00:27:37:00 –> 00:27:39:19
Getting it. I’ve heard from a couple people. So been

00:27:39:19 –> 00:27:39:24
Out on

00:27:40:15 –> 00:28:01:04
For a little while. Mags online. That’s right. So let’s maybe breeze through real fast. Iowa and Washington, Jason, you talked about these earlier Washington deadline. We only cover the moose, sheep, and and goat. That’s due May. Sorry, May 18th. Yes. And part of the reason for that is it, it’s still $110 to apply for those three, three species

00:28:01:25 –> 00:28:02:04

00:28:02:20 –> 00:28:57:02
Each. That’s right. It, it’s a little spendy. They’re 20 some odd years into a point system, square point system and squared. And it’s a little daunting if you, if you think you’re gonna wanna want start, but it’s moose, sheep, and goat. Right. So some people, you know, it’s moose, sheep or goat tag they get their name in for. They’re saying. So maximum points is 27 this year going into 20 20, 27 points squared. The reason we don’t cover the deer and the elk. There are some good trophy draw opportunities there. But as a non-resident, you’ve gotta first buy their general deer and elk tags if you are gonna be going to Washington anyway. If you’re a neighboring state, say Oregon, Idaho, somewhere, and you’re gonna be going there anyway. Yeah, it makes sense then to play for the controlled hunt deer and elk. But nobody’s gonna spend, you know, 400 plus dollars on a deer and 400 plus on an elk just to then enter the special draw for for deer elk. That’s so we cover the moose sheep and go.

00:28:57:05 –> 00:29:33:19
That’s right. And we do and and the drawing ons, like you alluded to, are just brutal. We’re talking like Swain one in 3,267. That’s for sheep’s number of applicants not even talking about how many points they have. That’s just raw people. They have a squared system. So you and I start in, now we got one name in hat Gomer Pile has a hundred and some odd names in the hat times that by 3000 Gomer piles. The odds are long. So anyway, same thing with goat, same thing with moose. Really tough. However, if you get one of those tags happy to help. You got great outfitters guys are doing well. You, you’ve got trophy photos in there for a reason. They drew tags and killed animals. But it’s not one of ours if you’re on any kind of budget that we would expect that you should do.

00:29:33:23 –> 00:29:39:28
But however, we, we drew a couple years ago, a client drew a sheep tag with five or six points. I mean it just blew us away. So

00:29:39:28 –> 00:29:41:00
You’re saying I have a chance.

00:29:41:05 –> 00:30:04:13
Yeah, you do. So we’re not, I mean with sheep especially, you just gotta kind of apply and forget about it. We’ve said that many times before. But that all that information for every sheep, moose, and goat unit in Washington is in the May issue. The magazine, it’s all there again. Deadline is May 18th. The other one wanted breeze by quickly. You alluded earlier Jason, I think the deadline’s may, sorry, June 7th is Iowa for Whitetailed deer

00:30:05:16 –> 00:30:35:08
Giant bucks. Iowa’s in a great spot. But having said that, you need a place to go. It’s largely private, does have some public, very little, but it does have some incredible opportunity for guys that want Whitetails. We cover it Jen. Okay Bronson, we want to be the best consultants that we can be for Western big game. Why do we cover Iowa? Well, we have enough members that are looking to apply places that apply for Iowa and game points and it has a point system. One of the few places out there. Yeah. That doesn’t give you 16 tags.

00:30:35:08 –> 00:30:35:20

00:30:35:20 –> 00:30:37:06
Right. For every single person to go kill

00:30:37:06 –> 00:31:09:22
Stuff. Well, and it’s also for guys that live out west and apply and hunt the west like Easterners, Iowa may or may not be on their list. They can hunt all the other neighboring states for whitetail US Westerners. You can hunt some whitetails in Idaho. You know, Oregon, wa, Washington, Montana, Wyoming in general. They’re a little bit, I guess you’d put ’em more on the average. Now there’s, there’s exception to that when you start moving further east, the state you come to most naturally or Kansas and, and Iowa, when you talk about some of the front lines of big, big white tail for us guys to get to. So that’s why,

00:31:09:28 –> 00:31:55:06
And they’re on a draw system, quite frankly here in the west, we know how to, how to apply in draws. And so when you add a point system that gets us even more excited. Doesn’t matter where it’s at. So anyway, we do cover Iowa, Kansas, things like that. But overall, not talking about Ohio. Don’t even have an outfitter in Ohio, although they do kill some big bucks there too. But Iowa being on a draw system, preference point system and whatnot, we do cover it. We do have outfitters there. Happy to help you again. May 2nd to June 7th is the application period. Generally speaking three to four points. Get you any archery tag in the state. Four points especially. And then they also have some December gun hunts as well as a late muzzle help guys out there all the time. Covered it. Moving on. Right.

00:31:55:10 –> 00:32:44:10
All right. So the two states that we cover in this May magazine that no question will be, you know, on a lot of people’s minds are gonna be Wyoming for deer and antelope, which this year is due on June 1st. Let’s break, break that down. Well we’ll also talk about Idaho in a minute. But both these states are states that a lot of people use. And rightfully so as a, I guess a backup plan. A a lot of states results. We had New Mexico a week or so ago. May is gonna crush and early June’s gonna crush through, you know, a handful of states, a bi, a bunch of big deer, elk states. You got Colorado, you got Wyoming elk, you got Nevada, Utah. All these are gonna come out. If by the end of May you’re left without anything or enough Wyoming Dear an antelope, the June 1st deadline is something that you should, should could definitely consider.

00:32:46:00 –> 00:33:23:25
It’s, it’s a state that makes you pay everything up front if you’re gonna apply for the tag. But if you don’t, you’re not gonna apply. You move to the summer, you do points only in the summer, but not a bunch of significant changes in Wyoming for this year. It’s a very simple online application process. Basically your first choice counts. If you draw second choice, it’s gotta be something that was undersubscribed. If you do draw second choice and beyond, you will maintain your points and build one. It is a a point system. 75% of the tags go to people the most points 25% randomly. And I guess then we let maybe need to move into like what, what well should you consider and why.

00:33:25:00 –> 00:33:46:00
I think what you were talking about, it’s nice because it, you can do it later and it gives you something to do. You can do something. We have outfitters that work with on tags that you can draw every single year. Yeah. There’s part of those general regions that have largely made up of private. If you wanna do something, call us. We can get you on a deer hunt, no problem. It’s pretty awesome. But you do need to call us. Yep. Prior to the application deadline. That’s right. And so anyway,

00:33:46:00 –> 00:34:42:19
Even though, yeah, a lot of deer tag can be drawn with zero points. There’s not always leftovers after the draw or antelope. There are antelope hunts mainly with heavy, heavy amounts of private land that you, you can draw with zero points. You’re gonna have to pay, pay somebody to hunt there. But having said that, man, the spectrum’s so wide when it comes to antelope and deer opportunities, generally our opinion is to hunt deer more often in Wyoming. Not a state that in our opinions, even in what you would label, we would label as the best units in the state, which we break down the magazine. It’s not a state that you is the best when compared to say Utah, Nevada, Arizona, or even Colorado. You, you don’t just draw the best unit and go hunt one 90 plus bucks worth from a truck driving around like some rutt hunts in other places. Or even with a hard bunch of hard hunting. It doesn’t matter in some cases how hard you hunt. You may not kill a 180 plus buck on that hunt. That’s, it’s just, that’s the reality of why.

00:34:42:23 –> 00:34:51:19
Well, and you’ve drawn one of the best tags in the state that 1 28 and and experienced it killed a great buck. But having said that, you, you sifted through a lot of bucks. Oh, tons. Tons.

00:34:51:26 –> 00:34:59:13
And, and mainly picked that unit. ’cause I was, I was sick of just doing points only for the most part waiting for something to get better. And even

00:34:59:13 –> 00:35:00:26
Right next points. Well odds aren’t great.

00:35:00:26 –> 00:35:27:29
Oh yeah. It was like 10%. So, and, and, and that’s a ru hunt. It’s in November, I put it down. But there’s a lot of other hunts that, you know, whether it’s 87 or 90 or you know, 1 0 2, all of those hunts types of hunts, they do have 180 plus potential. There’s no question. And they do kill a couple of really big deer. For the most part. Most of the limited entry units are still 1 62, 180 type butt hunts. That’s, that’s what they’re best described as.

00:35:28:02 –> 00:36:08:04
That’s right. Yep. I took my kids up there, we, we did a little smash and grab, knocked down a couple of great bucks for them. I had a tag and Sean had to tag my oldest son that’s at the house. Colton wasn’t, is not at the house at the moment. But anyway, second oldest son, he had a tag too. We just, he’s kind of a trophy hunter. We didn’t find what we wanted. And that’s kind of the name of the game. You gotta expect to eat some tags. We ate those tags and that’s okay. Wyoming’s kind of known for that. Even what we consider to be the best regions such as region g n h if guys expect are okay with eating tags. Yeah. Go up there. You might kill a monster. Some of the best bucks in the state are coming from G N H, which are general over the counter for residents.

00:36:08:04 –> 00:36:27:19
Well, and and yeah, you, you would say that if you, if you line up all the big deer in, in Wyoming every, every year, most of them, the majority are gonna come from general season units and people had to have that, that disconnect in their brain. That 14 points. I’m burning it on a general season point or or a unit. Well it

00:36:27:19 –> 00:36:29:06
Bothers me. It bothers me. It

00:36:29:06 –> 00:36:30:24
Kind of does. It’s hard to men. But

00:36:30:24 –> 00:36:31:20
You gotta get past that.

00:36:31:24 –> 00:36:55:22
Yeah. It’s just you, you gotta get, you gotta get what what you feel gives you the best chance to give you what you want. Now if you do have 13, 14 points, you probably got enough to bring somebody else along on that by the time you, you boost points and you know G’s taking you know seven to eight points to draw right now, regular versus special and H is drawn, you know, two and a half to four is what it’s gonna probably

00:36:55:22 –> 00:37:23:06
Take. So if you want a partner to go through the misery with you on one of these hunts, I point boost him. You know, if you got the points or if you can find a buddy that’s got points point boost each other, there is no turnback opportunity. It’s not like you’re gonna get those points back. But you can at least have a buddy to go through it with and and make the most of it. And that’s common. They know what’s happening. They want it to happen. It’s fine. It’s no big deal. Find a, find a guy with points. Same thing with antelope. You come up with units that you want to go with a buddy on. Look at that. What a great

00:37:23:06 –> 00:37:24:24
Opportunity. Look at that antelope map. I mean

00:37:24:27 –> 00:37:25:29
It’s big. It’s a

00:37:25:29 –> 00:37:27:00
Hundred hundred and there’s

00:37:27:04 –> 00:37:27:29
Big bucks in every

00:37:28:02 –> 00:37:39:24
End. I mean that Huh? You the options are endless. Really all you got to do and you can use our, our epic outdoors member section online to view the hunt planner to look at the amount of public and private land. That’s really,

00:37:40:16 –> 00:37:43:20
I think we ought talk about our hunt planner from Yeah. Talk about our hunt planner. Let’s do

00:37:43:20 –> 00:38:14:29
It. Well leading into that was is Wyoming antelope. We get a lot of calls with people that wanna know where they can go hunt with as few points as they have, but they need enough public land ’cause they wanna do it on their own. And in general, as you just take a a swath from the western border to the eastern border, the mount of private land intensifies as you start to getting about halfway through and then the eastern half is heavy, heavy private. So naturally, unless there’s areas like hunter management areas or walk-in areas or things like that, which, which are,

00:38:15:07 –> 00:38:17:02
Which are private land access for hunters.

00:38:17:03 –> 00:38:42:28
Yep, that’s right. That the state sets up enters agreements with landowners and things like that. And that you can, you know, those fluctuate a little bit year to year, but you can view those on Wyoming game fish website if if you don’t have that and it’s all white, it’s 98% private land, it’s not gonna be an option. But anything for antelope, especially Jason, anything that you start getting 45, 50% plus and it’s at least in some big chunks of public, dude, you’re gonna be all right. Come on, you’re gonna be all right.

00:38:42:28 –> 00:38:53:28
Even our buddy Jeff, he went out there found some of the least the, the, the unit in the east half. It’s like he almost said I want to go to the east half and make it happen. And he did well. Yeah. Yeah. And dude, they had a great

00:38:53:28 –> 00:39:05:25
Hunt. He had boys with zero to one point or two. I don’t very minimal, right? Yeah. And you wanna go hunt antelope while kids are young, they do have reduced price licenses. 120 something bucks for kids. Yeah. Very cheap,

00:39:05:25 –> 00:39:11:13
Right? Yeah. And then he goes up, then he goes out there broing and he wants to go back and do a smash and grab on the general deer. Oh

00:39:11:13 –> 00:39:12:13
Yeah. He sees a couple of

00:39:12:13 –> 00:39:19:06
Good doc that’s, we barely got that info out of him ’cause he’s being real secretive, not wanting us to go crush the place or talk about it on a podcast. And

00:39:19:06 –> 00:39:26:01
The reason we’re talking about Jeff, who still does some special projects with us here, but he’s, he’s not here today so is we, we know we,

00:39:26:13 –> 00:39:26:24
We can give him,

00:39:27:07 –> 00:39:33:26
Oh we know he listen to these podcasts. So we’ll get a call from him in sometime in three to six days from now when he listens to this podcast.

00:39:34:03 –> 00:39:36:18
Oh he already talked about the stealth cam podcast. We just did

00:39:36:19 –> 00:39:37:25
Camera’s going both directions,

00:39:37:25 –> 00:40:05:01
Said we’re going. Yeah, camera’s going both directions. Guys are revolutionizing the world. Thanks Jeff. We appreciate the sport. So anyway, he is living proof that you can do it self-guided out there on the east half and pick a unit that’s got enough public. That’s right. Or like you said Bronson one of these hunter management access type areas. Yeah, I keep wanting to say access. Yes. It’s not that it’s just, but you know is that in Idaho But it’s the same type programs basically. That’s right. The state working with landowners to allow access for you and I. Yep.

00:40:05:05 –> 00:40:47:02
And so we’ve made this planner part of our website and, and part of our drawing odds for all western states, all you know, not just the ones we cover in the magazine. It’s all on there. It’s all a free added benefit for members of our service or Epic outdoors members that pay a hundred dollars a year, get the magazine, get the consulting, but the hunt planner, the drawing odds, everything online is all part of that. Use that tool when looking at units and public and private land breakdown, turn on the antelope layer, crush it, pan around, you’re gonna see and it’ll put you at ease as long as you know and you see the distribution of public and private land. Once again, if it’s a 50 50 mix and there’s big blunt blocks of B L M and all that, you’re probably gonna be just fine on an antelope

00:40:47:02 –> 00:41:29:19
Hunt. Well in our hunt planner we cover all of the units in the magazine. We can only cover some of the units. Yeah, this is, this suckers 150 pages. Having said that, we cover multiple states in it and even with the least amount of ads of any publication out there, there’s no publication that has less ads than we do. You can only fit so much in there. So this hunt planner helps a ton. You can go on there, check out drawing odds, you can plug and play with private public, all kinds of overlays. There’s a lot of information on there in all the states. And so anyway, go on there, check it out and go from there if you need some help, of course we list them in the magazine. Best trophy units, other good units with adequate public land. Yeah, I mean and we have outfitters for all these different units and so anyway, one

00:41:29:19 –> 00:41:30:07
Thing we actually

00:41:30:07 –> 00:41:31:24
Plenty, plenty, plenty to go on. Yeah.

00:41:31:25 –> 00:42:07:28
One thing we actually did this year on, on the deer, but it’s probably more, more sought after on the antelope, is put the percentage of public land in on every unit in the magazine. And we did that for Antelope too. We did that. Yeah we did that for Deer and Antelope. It’s there in the magazine, but if you want to view it with your own eyes and see the distribution, what we’re saying is use the hump planter but you really can’t go wrong in picking an antelope unit. It really comes down to where do you sit with your points and what does, what does that get you? You can use the minimum points search queries on some of these states like that too. Find out, okay, I got four points, what does that get me? You can browse through the magazine, you can, you can look at that.

00:42:07:28 –> 00:42:56:06
You’re gonna have to look at a couple of things. Like we put the proposed 2020 permit numbers in there, assuming those get passed, if they’re cutting tags, might have point creep happen a little bit more if they’re adding tags, maybe anything, any kind of point creep or anything like that’s not gonna happen. Just naturally look at the points that you had last year to plug in with what you see on paper. A lot of people say, I got four points right now. Well you really had, you had three last year in the draw and this was only, you know, it was only 10% with three points. So you gotta realize you gotta minus one from what your current toilet total is to kind of plug you in to what it would’ve done last year. But long story short, lot of different options, tons of public land options. Some are mixed. And again, we have some private land options on the eastern part of the state that you’re gonna have to pay for. You’re gonna have to hook up an outfit or things like that. One.

00:42:56:10 –> 00:43:36:10
We do have a, you’ll notice a story in here named Keep Grind and that was with Nick Edlin, member of ours. Met him in the hotel there in Wyoming and it was a grinder of a hunt and he stuck it out to the very end. Killed a freaking great buck point mass like crazy. Just an awesome buck. Anyway, super good guy. It was fun to meet him and fun to watch him basically hear him. I didn’t watch him but I heard the shots and so anyway, he reminded me that called in gave us a story. We appreciate him and his support. So anyway, it’s just proof that they’re out there and it sometimes it takes you to the very end and did on that one and he was rewarded with it with such a gray buck. Alright, let’s keep cranking,

00:43:36:10 –> 00:43:54:20
Let’s wrap ups. Keep cranking a little bit. Some great opportunities. Deer, an antelope best described as good opportunity, good quality. I don’t wanna minimize that they don’t have quality. They just maybe aren’t quite as high or your expectations, especially for Deere, should not be as lofty. Even with maximum points as they maybe can be in other states

00:43:55:01 –> 00:43:57:22
And any, any unit but can produce something special bouncing and

00:43:57:24 –> 00:44:12:13
Just go more often. That’s we, we we’re both gonna maybe try to go this year, maybe even take our kids hunting antelope. Just, just depends on our schedule. The last week or so of May when we’ve seen how we’ve done or not done in in the rest of the drafts. That’s

00:44:12:13 –> 00:44:31:14
Right. Awesome state one that we tell everybody to apply for get points, at least if you have to here in the summer. Having said that, everyone that applies can only get points by applying in the summer. Even if you applied for a unit now. Yeah, you apply for a unit now you still have to go back and buy your point this summer. Keep that in mind. Don’t, don’t let it mess you up. Don’t,

00:44:31:20 –> 00:44:49:01
Yeah, don’t forget that change. Even for the elk. You applied for elk, you don’t, you’re gonna find out in May if you drew, you still gotta go buy your points for deer, elk, and antelope in the summer. Even if you applied. It’s a new, new thing. Don’t fall the point behind thinking I applied, they took it from me. They’re not gonna take your money for a point. You gotta go do it in the summer.

00:44:49:15 –> 00:45:01:10
So having said that, we appreciate all the members that send their photos in. We’ve got some great stories, we have some great trophy photos. You look you, you look at ’em and you think Wyoming’s the next best state to Arizona. Pretty awesome.

00:45:01:10 –> 00:45:01:26
Anyway. That’s a

00:45:01:27 –> 00:45:03:19
Great issue, great opportunity, great stories.

00:45:03:19 –> 00:45:07:04
Appreciate both antelope and deer. We had some great stories from Wyoming

00:45:07:26 –> 00:45:32:28
That brings us to Idaho, Idaho, elk, deer and antelope. Super excited about that. That’s one of those states we apply for, if you do the sheep, goat or moose, you’re not eligible to apply for the elk, deer and antelope. If you wanna do elk, deer, and antelope and you can do all three. You can’t do the sheep, goat, or moose. And so anyway, that’s their way of helping drawing odds stay relatively good and kind of glad they do Bronson in the, just for the simple fact. It’s becoming expensive to apply up there.

00:45:33:17 –> 00:45:43:07
It is and and I dunno, we’ve said it before, we kind of like the variety of all states. We like the fact that not every state is a true preference or a, or a true random, I mean a bonus

00:45:43:09 –> 00:45:44:00
Or whatever. Yeah,

00:45:44:00 –> 00:46:02:05
That’s right. Sometimes when you’re lean on your schedule, add Idaho, deer, elk, and antelope. If you didn’t apply for a moose, sheep, or goat, add that last minute. We both drawn tags up there ourselves as well as our kids taking our kids on some of their, you know, early deer hunts. I don’t know if it’s your kids first, but maybe. Oh yeah, my

00:46:02:05 –> 00:46:03:07
Kid. Justin’s first. Yeah,

00:46:03:29 –> 00:46:38:07
Ty killed one here and then we went to Idaho the same year, but then my daughter drew an antelope tag. So yeah, it, it, it’s a fun opportunity state for that. You do have to purchase a a, a non-refundable hunting license up front this year. That’s $154 and 75 cents for adults, or $31 and 75 cents for the junior mentor license. So it’s not cheap. You’re, you’re buying it, let’s just round it 155 bucks right up front and then it’s, you don’t have to front the fees for deer, elk, and antelope like you do on the sheep, moose, and goat. You just simply pay a what? 1475? Yeah,

00:46:38:12 –> 00:46:45:29
1475. Yeah. For the controlled hunt application fee. And of course you got that, that $10 depredation management access fee. Yeah. So anyway,

00:46:45:29 –> 00:46:54:23
Some other online convenience fees, but, but you get the idea, you know, for a couple hundred bucks roughly you’re putting in for deer and elk and maybe even the antelope up there.

00:46:54:23 –> 00:47:46:26
Yeah. No point system up there in Idaho like we talked about. But anyway, great state to apply. And again, you have till June 5th, similar to Wyoming, you’ve got nothing going on. Maybe you make Idaho a state you apply for, if you don’t apply for it this year, no harm, no foul, no issues. Next year you’ll be on the same playing field as if you did it this year. So that’s the kind of the nice thing. It’s like New Mexico. You can decide one year, you don’t have to do it the next year. You can, there’s obviously some great animals, man. We’ve got ’em listed here in the publication. You know, Idaho’s one of those states, they’re not necessarily managing for giants, but they have a few, they’ve got incredible genetics, especially for mule deer and elk. Some of the elk units, a lot of ’em aren’t managed for trophies. Some of them are. Unit 54 is the best in the state. Definitely got some incredible trophy potential. Then you’ve got some of those units, Bronson down there in like 46, 41, 42. They get that migration coming in from Nevada. They’ve got some nice bulls.

00:47:46:29 –> 00:47:47:25
They do elk hunting

00:47:47:26 –> 00:47:49:05
In herds of hundreds out there.

00:47:49:08 –> 00:48:22:16
Yeah, there’re a lot of really good controlled elk hunting opportunities in Idaho. Some of the general season hunts throughout the state can be spotty wolves and things like that have made it a little bit d more difficult, but still some good general backcountry opportunities. Outfitters, if you, it’s one of the states that you can buy general seasoned deer, an elk tags still over the counter. They do have caps and they do sell out. But yeah, back to your point man, they’ve got a lot of opportunities. It seems like a, a few opportunities for three 50 plus bulls, but a ton for 300 to three forties. They’re just three

00:48:22:16 –> 00:48:24:16
20 plus even. Oh yeah. Just tons.

00:48:25:01 –> 00:48:30:14
Lots of and and high success hunts. Yeah. And if you can’t, if you wanna hunt velvet bulls, they got a few velvet hunts. Yeah.

00:48:30:19 –> 00:48:34:07
You go plug and play in August 1st. Who does that? That’s right. Well anyway, just if

00:48:34:07 –> 00:48:42:29
You wanna hunt December, go to December and literally every time in between, they’ve got something to fit your schedule for deer and elk up there. You know, early season, late season or whatever. Very

00:48:43:05 –> 00:49:11:16
Similar to Wyoming in the fact that really your first choice counts make your first choice count. And that’s the one thing that keeps, well, another reason the drawing odds are fairly palatable is because you’ve got your first choice and they go to the next guy. So anyway, make sure your first choice counts. Apply for elk, apply for deer. Deer. There’s some incredible bucks. I mean, some of these bucks that are listed in our publication, in fact the first two on the first page, 79 are both general season bucks. We’re talking over the counter bucks. That’s right. They

00:49:11:16 –> 00:49:12:20
Are awesome. I

00:49:12:20 –> 00:49:16:17
Mean, look at that Christmas trees for bases on Kyle Paxman buck, that’s Mark, mark,

00:49:16:26 –> 00:49:34:20
Mark Thompson stud. We talked about that the other day on a podcast with him. We smoked that giant general season butt last year too. So anyway, it can be done. It’s, there’s a lot of hunters on their general season hunts and these guys are are, are doing it more and more often so that they’re able to, they’re able to

00:49:34:20 –> 00:50:35:20
Learn, take that knowledge year, year to year. I went up there, got my butt kicked, I should be going back. But again, and I actually liked, I saw some, I actually saw some, a couple of good bucks looking back on it, but you know, we’re talking miles and miles in the spotter and I just thought, oh that’s gonna take four days to get there. So anyway, didn’t make it happen, but at the same time could’ve and it’s one of those opportunities that’s always been there. Don’t know if it’ll always be there, but guys are taking advantage of it and they’re also working hard at it. And if you work hard, it’s just like our general season down here in Utah, you can make things happen. And so anyway, great state, you could also, some guys like to feel like they’re making the best use of the hunting license, non-refundable hunting license, $154 to apply. And if you wanna do that, they’re, they’re doing these over the counter tags for either elk or deer or bo both or even like an over the counter, you know, unlimited archery antelope or something like that and feeling like they’re getting great use of bang for the buck on that hunting license.

00:50:35:23 –> 00:50:59:26
It is, it is something to mention too, that 2021, so next year these hunting license fees are gonna go up as well as permit fees are gonna go up. They’ve already been set by legislature. It’s going kick in January one. So if you’re kicking around, whether you’re applying or gonna go to Idaho thi this year, it’s going to get maybe even harder to justify next year as that that hunting license goes up. What, 30 something bucks? Yeah, lock numbers if you’re

00:50:59:26 –> 00:51:04:12
Gonna do it no matter what, like you said, lock for a three year, do a three year lock on this year’s price.

00:51:04:16 –> 00:51:21:29
Go buy it, go buy your license for three years your year in. But just something to be aware of. It’s not super cheap to apply, you know, like I said, today it’d be about 200 bucks next year that’s gonna go up, you know, and that’s 200 bucks counting your hunting license, your $15 I’m rounding application fees per species plus some incidentals.

00:51:22:05 –> 00:51:31:04
I’m gonna be honest with you, I applied for Sheep Bronson and I’m not gonna do the deer elk this year. Hoping this covid environment makes those sheep draws just even much

00:51:31:07 –> 00:51:32:08
Better. Absolutely. I’m in too

00:51:32:26 –> 00:51:33:06

00:51:33:07 –> 00:51:33:16

00:51:34:09 –> 00:51:39:22
You’re in. Yeah. No, not yet. Yeah. Did you already go in? You didn’t tell me that you did that. I

00:51:39:22 –> 00:51:40:12
Did that right. While,

00:51:41:01 –> 00:51:41:19
Come on.

00:51:41:23 –> 00:51:43:12
Literally five minutes before the podcast.

00:51:43:26 –> 00:51:44:05

00:51:44:21 –> 00:51:51:18
We don’t, well we’re both kind of not wanting to friends. Were transparent. Lend them are 2200 bucks for the whole month of April. I know. Sneaking at the

00:51:51:28 –> 00:51:52:16
Three, four

00:51:52:16 –> 00:51:56:01
Days Wyatt’s principle and that is, I want mine to be on top of the pile, top

00:51:56:01 –> 00:51:57:26
Of the pile. Well, just

00:51:58:08 –> 00:51:58:25
Speaking a while,

00:51:59:16 –> 00:52:00:14
Should we call wise,

00:52:00:25 –> 00:52:10:08
See what he’s doing over there? He’s busy though. He’s got, he’s managing the license application team today. They’re finishing up Nevada. They got Idaho and Montana done, so we don’t wanna interrupt him, but

00:52:10:18 –> 00:52:10:29

00:52:10:29 –> 00:52:16:00
Next week we’re gonna be able to probably, well, I about said something that would bind us.

00:52:16:05 –> 00:52:17:19
Don’t, don’t do do that just to do more. Don’t

00:52:17:19 –> 00:52:22:01
Do that more podcast a couple a week. But I, I think that’s safe to say we’ve cranking,

00:52:22:01 –> 00:52:32:10
We starting next week, Chris, think we, Chris bugs us. He’s not bugging us, but Chris reminds us because we ask him to, and then we never show up in the podcast room ’cause we’re busy. It’s like, how’s that working? Well,

00:52:32:10 –> 00:53:02:04
This, these, these two magazines back to back within a 10 day period. It, it’s, it’s kind of taxing. We, we love doing podcasts, but, but obviously we have clients, the phone’s ringing while we’re in here. So it’s all a balance of research, writing what we got on our desk and all that. And with a few deadlines that passed and these last magazines that come out, we should be able to do a, maybe start cranking out a few more and maybe start getting into some scouting, start talking about some optics testing, some optics out, doing some optics breakdown.

00:53:02:04 –> 00:53:03:07
Why would you talk about optics? Well,

00:53:03:07 –> 00:53:04:04
That’s what we’re talking about

00:53:04:20 –> 00:53:06:25
Oh’s because we sell ’em now. That’s right. All right. All right.

00:53:07:09 –> 00:53:55:06
Let’s, lemme give it ahead. Yeah, lemme go. Another shout out to one of our sponsors, red Rock Precision, long Range Firearms and Custom Mammal based here in northern Utah. Awesome guys. Kurt and his boy Josh, make a great rifle for you. We’ve got Got ’em ourselves. Carter love them. They’re flat out killers. Give ’em a call, 8 0 1 4 2 5 6 5 7 4 or check ’em out on their website. Red rock It’s that time of year. If you’re anticipating drawing a tag or something like that, you better get started wanting to make a, you’ve always been looking at a long range capable rifle. You can, they’ve got any caliber you, you want, they can offer as much in input as you want, but if you have input on what you want your optic to be or caliber to be all that, that’s fine. They can take that and shape that how you want. Give ’em a call. Great, great guys and awesome rifle,

00:53:55:09 –> 00:54:12:05
Great rifles. So anyway, I also wanna throw a little shout out to cue you, our partners over there, we appreciate them and their support. Jason Harrison at q You Bronson, if you remember and I know you do. No, we do because we talk about it often. He was our number one advertiser with Epic Outdoors. Our number one,

00:54:12:05 –> 00:54:40:00
When we, when we knew well we, we dealt with him from the very start when he started Q You back when in our former life and remained good friends. And when, when it was time for us to let the word out, so to speak, that we were launching Epic Outdoors and what we’re doing, the first person signed up and I want the first inside page double spread. I want it. And he didn’t ask, how big do you think you’re gonna get you guys really behind this? Is this your full-time job? He didn’t ask you any

00:54:40:17 –> 00:54:43:17
Questions, any of your members. Do you have It didn’t, I mean, we didn’t have any, we didn’t even have a

00:54:43:17 –> 00:55:02:13
Start. No, we had zero and appreciate the trust and faith. We’ve, we’ve trusted and used their gear for a long time as well. We appreciate that. And now as we’ve moved on work with Brendan and Justin and other guys within q u, we appreciate our relationship with them. We had Schafer on just a few weeks ago. If you can’t, hopefully he’s, if you remember that one, he didn’t have pants on, so

00:55:02:23 –> 00:55:05:10
He didn’t have pants on. It was nine 30 Alaska time. That’s right. Who

00:55:05:10 –> 00:55:20:08
Does that? That’s right. But we appreciate the guys at q You got make great products for early season, late season backpacks, all kinds of accessories, ultralight hunting gear, just, just awesome stuff. So super good guys. Check out on their web at q u k

00:55:20:19 –> 00:56:30:29
Yeah, you can also follow ’em on Instagram at ku iu underscore official k uiu underscore official. Again, great guys, you know, one of their ads here, I guess this is our April issue, talks about 10,000 nine hundred and fifty one five star reviews. You know, you, you know, you can’t pay that many people to do reviews. No, you can’t do it. So that’s right. It’s obviously good stuff and incredible, incredible lightweight hunting gear made by hunters. That’s that, you know, started by hunters. Made by hunters. We appreciate q you and please go out and show ’em some love. The other thing we wanted to talk about was just everything we’ve got going, we have a member experience database here at Epic Outdoors. If you draw a tag, and this is the month, Bronson, we’ve got tons of tags gonna be coming in, you need some help. Talk to actual people who’ve had boots on the ground in your hunt in your unit with your season or not your season. Maybe it’s just your unit, then you wanna give us a call, get on that list, we’ll get it emailed out to you. We do it the next business day. Broon, this isn’t something we’re gonna make you wait around for, you know, order your maps, give some of our members a call. Now keep in mind we don’t just give this out for guys that are looking to scout, that you actually have to have drawn a tag and just

00:56:30:29 –> 00:56:31:19
Careful, committed. Yeah,

00:56:31:19 –> 00:56:33:22
Careful to give out personal information. Yeah.

00:56:33:22 –> 00:56:57:07
And it’s, it’s always been that way. It’s outta sensitivity to the members because once you request the list and you get the information to call, you go on that list to talk to people the next year and beyond. And so it’s only right to have people that are actually committed and drawn the tag be the ones that are actually calling you, not people that are just considering unit X versus unit Y and you know, who, who makes the best hamburger in that unit and, and all

00:56:57:07 –> 00:57:18:06
That. Well, there’s some grinders, Bronson, I mean, there’s guys out there that’ll, that like to, that have a great job that allows them to sit on the phone for hours on end. And that could be you on the other end. So we’re careful of that. We make sure that we only do that when guys actually have attack in their hand. And by you asking for help, you’re also basically indicating you’re willing to help the next guy. So,

00:57:18:07 –> 00:58:01:10
Yep. So it’s a great resource plan on doing that. It’s also the time of year that as draw results come out, maybe you’re not, maybe you draw a tag of a certain magnitude that you’re like, I don’t want to just leave this to chance that I’m gonna just go out there on my own. I need the recommendation of an outfitter that’s, we’ve been in this business a long, long time and the collective experience that we have with researching and writing and staying on top of what units are producing and what outfitters are producing in those units is, is unrivaled, unmatched. And so give us a call if you draw something that you feel or you know, or you definitely wanna at least talk to somebody about making the most out of your experience, outfitter wise will give you a recommendation. Our reputations are important to us, Jason.

00:58:01:17 –> 00:58:41:18
I mean, we, nothing’s more important. So we, we aren’t gonna represent somebody or somewhere that’s just a name on an internet and, and something like that. There’s people we know, we trust, we send clients to and know who’s producing. And so it’s overall gonna be something that, you know, we’re gonna feel good about. Call and get our opinion. We’ll give it to you. There is sometimes a little bit of urgency. Don’t wait a month after you draw a tag. I mean, if you do, because your plans change, still call us. But man, if you draw something great, give us a call. Got Devin and Wyatt, Jason and I, all of us here can help you get set up with an outfit or recommendation so you can move to that next phase of booking a hunt and, and going down that road if that’s what you decide to do

00:58:42:00 –> 00:59:40:26
Right now. We also have our summer membership drive. Super excited about this. If you, it’s never too late to get your buddies in. If you get a buddy in, of course you’ll get a ticket for your choice of one of the hunts that we’re giving away. He’ll get a ticket too. As a new member, you can also purchase tickets to get into this particular drive. We’re giving away an optics package for those that spend $500 on a ticket package. We’re giving away a, basically it’s a $13,000 package of optics. We’re talking SWA SRO, B T X combo with a scope rifle scopes from VOR vortex, range finder, Leica, you know, binos as well as Zes spins. And so anyway, they’re pretty, pretty legit. The Zes fifteens, the LICO 10 by 42, Ultravit hds, incredible glass swirl, B T X, incredible glass. Everybody will tell you that with the 95 millimeter modular body. And so anyway, the v vortex razor t, that’s a riflescope

00:59:40:26 –> 00:59:47:04
Hot. That’s a hot ticket right now. They’re, they’re popular, they are new, but they’re, they’re hard to get all your hands on ’em.

00:59:47:04 –> 00:59:55:07
We’re making orders every day. If you wanna buy optics, well give us a holler as well. But you can win a great package of optics as well as

00:59:55:19 –> 01:00:11:10
Deadlines do. That is June, June 19th. So get somebody signed up. If somebody’s bumming your magazine, they need their own, maybe now’s the time to kick ’em off on their own mag and get ’em a membership and you know, like get, get it. Come to their house. Make sure you mention you were the one that referred ’em. So

01:00:11:18 –> 01:00:30:24
Also knocking out some of these outdoor edge knives as well. Some guys feel like they have enough. That’s fine. I’ll keep your knife. I got one in every door panel on my truck. And every truck’s broing. I mean, you can’t have enough knives. Great replaceable blade knife. And it’s got our logo on it. I love our freaking logo. I use it at the dinner table. My wife gives me the eagle.

01:00:31:16 –> 01:00:38:00
I love cutting meat and I, when I’m talking meat, I’m not talking about cutting up a deer house. Although we use those for that too. You

01:00:38:00 –> 01:00:40:05
Pull it outta your front pocket at the $20 steak house.

01:00:40:23 –> 01:00:56:02
No, but like when I’m home and pull something outta the grill, I love cutting with, with the ultra sharp knife. It’s just, I hate the sighing mechanism. Oh yeah. I hate it. Oh yeah. With a dove with kitchen knife when you’re trying to cut your freaking piece of meat, what are you looking in

01:00:56:02 –> 01:01:03:19
For? Let’s call Sam Miller my favorite friend in Arizona. See how the moisture’s doing? Huh? What do you guys think real quick? We should call us that. Okay. Keep in mind we

01:01:03:19 –> 01:01:04:29
Need to do a whole podcast with Sam.

01:01:05:02 –> 01:01:19:07
What reminded me about this, okay, so let me just set the stage. This is the kind of guy when he took his gal on a date and he knew she was the one for him, was when she took out a pocket knife of her front pocket and cut her steak

01:01:19:07 –> 01:01:19:25
At the, at the

01:01:20:00 –> 01:01:26:01
Restaurant. At the restaurant. Okay. It’s, let’s bring it up. I see what he says. I love Sam. That’s, I was

01:01:26:01 –> 01:01:30:20
Wondering how that he popped in your head. That’s why the knife cutting meat that popped in your head. That’s,

01:01:30:24 –> 01:01:31:05
That’s it.

01:01:32:14 –> 01:01:34:04
Popped into mine too. Did

01:01:34:04 –> 01:01:35:20
It? Yeah, that

01:01:35:25 –> 01:01:37:19
Probably is. Jason, how you doing sir? What

01:01:37:19 –> 01:01:38:14
Are you doing, Sam?

01:01:39:13 –> 01:01:42:12
Oh man. Just traveling and trying to not have a heat stroke.

01:01:42:25 –> 01:01:45:18
You getting hot down there? This is Adam. Oh, it’s, this is Adam

01:01:46:03 –> 01:01:47:08
Two right now. Hundred

01:01:47:15 –> 01:01:51:20
Two cow. Hundred two in Arizona. Wow. What part of Arizona are you in

01:01:52:17 –> 01:01:57:23
Right now? I’m down here in San Tan Valley, right here, down in south of Phoenix. There are

01:01:57:23 –> 01:01:58:19
You? Geez.

01:01:58:26 –> 01:01:59:07
Yes sir.

01:02:00:04 –> 01:02:08:11
Wow. Well we were just gonna check on the moisture down there in Arizona and how things are looking. You got, I got, I got Adam on the phone and we’re on the Epic Outdoors Podcast, Sam,

01:02:12:01 –> 01:02:14:06
I tell you right now, that can be dangerous with me. I

01:02:17:11 –> 01:02:17:26
Well we

01:02:17:26 –> 01:02:28:23
Were, we were talking about a, a knife, our epic outdoors outdoor edge knife. And you popped into our heads, Jason said and prompted a question. Jason want you to tee it up for him. I

01:02:28:23 –> 01:02:41:11
Want you to, Sam, I just wanna, I want to hear the story again about how you knew your wife was the one when you were dating at the dinner table and how that would relate to the, or to the epic knife, the outdoor edge knife.

01:02:42:07 –> 01:02:59:02
Yeah, I I I kinda, I kinda, that’s definitely the, the caught my attention with it, that’s for sure. I don’t, I’m trying to think of the right words there, but yeah, it, you really wanna tell you the story? Yeah,

01:02:59:08 –> 01:03:00:16
Absolutely. Yeah, we’re waiting. Yep.

01:03:01:26 –> 01:03:03:00
Yes, yes we do.

01:03:03:27 –> 01:03:04:12
Okay. Okay.

01:03:04:15 –> 01:03:07:04
Is she sitting, is she sitting right next to you right now or not?

01:03:07:29 –> 01:03:13:13
Oh no. Okay, good. Probably a good thing too. I Oh good. It’d get all hot and bothered. She likes doing that, know what I mean?

01:03:14:29 –> 01:03:20:20
Okay, well yeah, it’s 102 already and then you ramp it up with a heart rate and it’s gonna go back. Somebody’s gonna to the

01:03:20:20 –> 01:03:21:29
Emergency room. That’s

01:03:21:29 –> 01:03:37:07
Right. Okay. So anyway, tee it up. Back in the dating days. Your dating what? This, this gal, I’ve never met your wife, but yeah, tell us, tell it how you knew you were gonna, this was a diff this lady was different. What was the moment you knew that? Oh yeah,

01:03:37:07 –> 01:03:40:18
You know, I, well I, it was our first date actually. I, I

01:03:40:18 –> 01:03:41:19
Picked her up first date. Wow.

01:03:41:29 –> 01:03:58:08
First date. Picked her up and took her over the mountains there. Anyway, we took to this little about an hour and a half loop and then got in the steak house and sit down. And I thought this kind of, first of all I was kind curious what she could order. She get order just a salad only or salad and a steak, you know what I mean? Steak

01:03:58:23 –> 01:03:59:12
Potatoes or what?

01:03:59:23 –> 01:04:01:07
Like just how broke are you gonna be?

01:04:01:09 –> 01:04:24:18
That’s, I hope she just ate a salad eater, you know what I’m saying? Got some substance to this dinner. And she ordered a rib iced steak and a salad, potatoes and all the, all the fixings and I, this is cool. So they handed us the plate, don’t lie. I mean they handed us the plate and I’m telling you what, she pulled out her pocket knife, she cut her out, our woman for me right there. You

01:04:25:03 –> 01:04:33:23
GOs out her own pocket knife for the first day of the restaurant. And you don’t know what happened from then on. Yeah, you were just, you, the hook was set deep.

01:04:34:27 –> 01:04:39:29
Oh it was, it was set and hook. Yeah. I mean there was no, no catch and release on this one.

01:04:41:21 –> 01:04:41:28

01:04:42:08 –> 01:04:44:16
I love that story. I love that story. The bar

01:04:44:16 –> 01:04:47:16
Was sharp. Yeah, it was definitely a barred hook. You know what I mean?

01:04:47:16 –> 01:05:01:01
Yeah. Hey, so tell us, how are things looking? I know you’re a coz deer nut and of course you’ve spent a lot of time out in the hills, elk and deer and everything down there, Sam, how, what’s the outlook looking like? It looks like nothing but rain for the last two or three months down there.

01:05:02:02 –> 01:05:16:07
You know, actually it’s looking’s pretty good. It’s, it’s the desert’s green right now and it’s just getting greener and then it’s gonna die off here ’cause it’s getting warmer now. But it’s actually, we got some good moisture content down in the central, Southern Arizona’s looking really good right now.

01:05:16:25 –> 01:05:22:17
Yeah, it sure looked like it Sure looked wet. Yeah. No, it’s one another big storm. Big, big, big ones good.

01:05:23:08 –> 01:05:49:20
Yeah, we got some good range and some heavy rain and good, really good soaker rains. Especially a couple months ago we got some really good soaker rains, but in fact we were, I was just down there, I don’t know, it been a month ago, month and a half ago. And I was surprised of, I mean the growth, the grass, the, the plant life. It was green. We got some really, I don’t know exactly how much is an inches, but we definitely had a good winter.

01:05:50:15 –> 01:05:54:29
Well, it’s gonna be, we’re looking forward to a great, you you applying for COOs deer or what are you doing?

01:05:55:27 –> 01:06:00:26
Yep, yep. I’m gonna apply for, yeah, for, yep. June. I’ll do that in my sheep.

01:06:02:08 –> 01:06:05:00
What, what, what unit and season are you doing deer for?

01:06:05:02 –> 01:06:12:01
Plead the fifth. Sam. Plead the fifth. That’s what I’ll do. Carter tries to get stuff outta me like that. Live on a hot mic and it doesn’t happen.

01:06:12:13 –> 01:06:19:25
All right. All right. I’ll let you go on that. I’ll let you go on that. Not even going there.

01:06:20:03 –> 01:06:37:23
No. Well good luck. We appreciate you being a good sport. Appreciate you even answering. Appreciate you taking in to taking, listen all the listeners in on your first date experience and that’s when you know you got a good one. I don’t know somebody else, I don’t know if it’s Wyatt or somebody else told me that when you meet a good one, you’ll know it. And apparently a pocket knife, that’s all you needed.

01:06:38:20 –> 01:06:43:06
Oh yeah. Well, you know, yeah, it got me going. That’s,

01:06:44:25 –> 01:07:03:10
Well I’ve been down there and hunted with Sam. I had a cos deer hunt, you know, tag down there and spend a lot of time with Sam. Of course Sam, you know my in-laws Jared, you guys are super tight. Yep. So anyway, appreciate you being a good, good people. Appreciate you being a good support with us here today. We’ll, we’ll let you go and earn a buck. All right,

01:07:04:03 –> 01:07:05:18
Sounds good. You guys take care.

01:07:06:15 –> 01:07:13:14
See you Sam. You too. We’ll see ya. All right. Bye. Bye. Love that guy. He’s awesome. All right, Bronson, I’m tapping out.

01:07:13:24 –> 01:07:18:23
I think that’s good. Alright, you good? All right everybody. Good luck in the draws coming out. Let us know about it.

01:07:19:05 –> 01:07:22:26
We appreciate all our supporters. If you’re a hater, don’t hate no more.