From Muzzleloaders to Cellular Trail Cameras. In this episode we start with a call to Muzzleloader expert, Levi Reed. Levi gives us some insight into building a better more capable muzzleloader. We also call Jeff John and get the full review of the new Fusion Cellular trail cameras from StealthCam.

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Powder bullet combinations, powder, bullet Sabbath combinations. When

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You see a 200 plus inch deer, you can’t make a play on him.

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Getting super excited right now because we’re getting ready to hunt, getting ready to scowl. Anything to do with Western Big Game.

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To the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour.

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Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson, Chris Peterson. He’s at the keyboard. We’re down here in southern Utah. It was cold. Bronson. People lost their gardens. Actually. They didn’t lose them. Yeah, they did, but they were nervous. Did they? It depends on what part of town you were in.

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Yeah, that’s right. It was a freak. June storm. Many of the mountains got over a foot. Did you see that on the news?

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That’s crazy. Northern

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Utah. Hailstorms the size of golf balls, which I know there’s people across the US saying golf balls. We don’t even wake up unless it’s softball sized. But that’s big hail for Utah and it does a lot of, I I had cars over there in San Juan County. Every window shattered

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Out. Come on from, I didn’t even hear that.

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It was on the news. They had a golf ball and hail. They were the size of golf ball.

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Come on. Those are a lot of great truck camera vehicles. ’cause they’re just dented They’re totally healthy vehicles. That’s right. But they’re just dented, they’re

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Perfect. Get a lot of air flows through ’em with no windows now, apparently. Yeah. ’cause every piece of glass was broke out on soil, like a side

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By side with no cap, you

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Know what I mean? Kind of crazy weather. We had been in a prematurely nice warm, unusually dry spell for six weeks or two months perhaps. And it didn’t hit moisture everywhere. But where we did get, it was pretty heavy in parts of Utah. Southwestern part of Utah. We didn’t get much over here, but Southeastern did good. Fairly well. Okay. And central and northern Utah got a lot. So we’ll take it. A lot of that. And it dropped to, yeah, I think Friday was like the record high, wasn’t it? Like a hundred degrees? Yeah. I, I a hundred degrees one day. And then the Monday or Tuesday, it set the record high low,

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High low.

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For, for the same day, like June, whatever it was. June 5th and June 8th or whatever. Like a record early high. First time it hit a hundred. Yeah. And then the record high low was like 50 degrees four days later.

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Who knows? Anyway. Yeah. Kind of crazy. Kind of crazy.

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But that’s the times we live in and we’ve been talking about it nonstop. This is Corona era. 2020 hashtag

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Crazy. Yeah. Hashtag crazy times. I mean, get lots of crazy. This this year. Come on. It can’t come on. Yeah.

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Bring on some baseball, basketball, the hunt something

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Something. Get, get

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Stuff rolling.

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Corona fested infested environments with lots of people having fun. Something. Good grief, by the way. Speaking of having fun. Yeah.

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Fun weekend.

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We did have a good weekend. Yeah.

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We were up there up in northern Utah. We attended the Red Rock Precision Shooting school. Long range shooting school. Chris, Jason and I, it was awesome. Great company There. Several, several clients that were there too, that had booked some spots that were grabbing their guns maybe for the first time, or bringing their guns that they had been hunting with and just wanting to use ’em in the field in real life. You know, we did a bench day and then we did a field day.

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So yeah, we even met old Kent Gutches who killed that giant old Mulder there in Idaho. What a good dude. It’s kind of fun to meet guys that are members that have been writing stories in our publication and whatnot. So anyway, great time. We shot our Red Rocks. I had to leave a little bit early. I had a kid anyway graduating and we just had, we had had some plans. So anyway, I had to leave a day early butt. What an awesome time. Knocked the heck outta some targets, Chris. He got his gun lined out too, huh? Long process sometimes, right? Yeah. Just takes a minute. But those guys know what they’re doing. They got great equipment and it was, it was just a great excuse to make it happen. So anyway, kind of got us fired up. I also picked up a long range muzz order from a good dude.

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Yeah. That was a, I was dropping off taxidermy pieces and parts of, we

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Don’t go toNorthern

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Utah every week of animals. No. We’re Southern Utah boys. And when we go up there, we’ve got a laundry list and we’re, we’re crossing stuff off. It’s, there’s no browsing. We’re strategic when we get up there with the masses, at least, you know, we weren’t in the shooting school in the city, but we had to drive through it. So Yeah, I’m dropping off taxidermy, picking up things like that. Carter had 14 stops. He, you know, covered central Utah. You in a basin. Well, between

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Taxidermy, friends, family and muzz, modern muzz lawyers. What do you do? You know, I ha actually met a really good dude at Levi Reed. He’s been, he’s just a, he’s a, I don’t know, gunsmith. I mean, he put brakes on my kids, his rifles. Now he’s converting the old, old ultimate rifles that were awesome wazoo rifles back in the day. You know, he’s converting ’em to even more amazing wazoo rifles. I mean, dude, Bronson, our guns are shooting 300 grand bullets, 2,600 feet a second. Crazy and accurately. So anyway, we might give him a call here in a minute. Just see what he’s up to. A little. I

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Know. See if he

00:05:12:28 –> 00:05:15:08
Answers already cold call right now. Why

00:05:15:08 –> 00:05:15:13

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See what old Levi’s up to. Yeah, he’s full-time gunsmithing. I, I don’t know. He’s, I couldn’t do it, huh?

00:05:22:01 –> 00:05:22:18
No. Well,

00:05:23:03 –> 00:05:26:02
I’m not that, that guy, but he is. I, I

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Wouldn’t want a gun you built for me. No, what? You’re right.

00:05:29:13 –> 00:05:30:13
Come on, come on.

00:05:30:25 –> 00:05:37:13
It’s just couple springs and parts might not go back. I mean, not that you’re, you’re come, you’re, you’re, you’re competent.

00:05:37:16 –> 00:05:38:08
I’m a perfectionist.

00:05:38:09 –> 00:05:40:05
You’re competent. You’re able

00:05:40:15 –> 00:05:41:05
And organized.

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But, but Friday at four, my luck, my gun would be on your desk at Friday at four 30. You’d open up, like I’m just chuck it together, get it out. Get that out

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There. Is there is something to be said for sales and volume. All right, let’s give him a call. Levi doesn’t agree he wants it. Perfect. Hold on. Lemme give him a ring. See what he says. This isn’t paid for. Come on. I hate that ringtone.

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I hate it. Hello.

00:06:10:22 –> 00:06:13:20
You’ve got to change that ringtone. That’s terrible. Ah,

00:06:13:20 –> 00:06:19:23
Dude, I, I, you know, Mr. Parker gave me the same song and dance this morning, no pun intended.

00:06:20:26 –> 00:06:22:13
He did. He did.

00:06:23:10 –> 00:06:26:16
Oh, he’s a man. He’s a that, that you’re killing me here.

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Oh, that ring tone’s terrible. And I think you’re carrying it out. So we have to listen to it just four or five seconds longer than we normally should have to.

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Absolutely. I wait till the last second to answer just ’cause I know that’s what’s gonna happen.

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Hey, will, you’re on the Epic Outdoors podcast. I got Adam Bronson here. What are you up to?

00:06:44:17 –> 00:06:48:11
Just building guns buddy. Trying to, trying to get caught up. Are

00:06:48:11 –> 00:06:48:16

00:06:49:19 –> 00:06:51:05
What are you work on? What are you

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I gotta, I gotta set the record straight. This is Adam Carter was telling me the other day, he’s hitting crap at 500 plus with a peep site open sight on that thing. And I don’t, I need you to verify. I think you were there.

00:07:05:03 –> 00:07:08:00
What do you mean? Yeah, he did it. He’s, he’s the reason I did

00:07:08:00 –> 00:07:12:24
It. Oh, he can build a gun capable of it. But then I, my, my question was did it happen? Yes. Did

00:07:12:24 –> 00:07:13:01
It happen,

00:07:14:02 –> 00:07:17:23
Levi? No, no. That’s legit. That’s legit

00:07:18:05 –> 00:07:19:01
Telling you, dude.

00:07:19:01 –> 00:07:24:20
You know, I, I I can’t say no. I mean, anybody could hit a mountain side at five oh yards.

00:07:25:05 –> 00:07:25:18
Come on.

00:07:26:09 –> 00:07:34:04
Come on. You know, if we’re No, he, he hammered, he hammered about a two m o a sized rocket. 500 yard. It’s 570 yards to be exact.

00:07:34:27 –> 00:07:37:06
Wow. Wow. I was expecting a

00:07:37:17 –> 00:07:38:04
Peep site.

00:07:38:12 –> 00:07:41:20
I was expecting to say, well, yeah, if he’s hunting elephants, he’ll be in good shape.

00:07:44:03 –> 00:07:57:08
Well, the interesting thing Levi was just telling him, it’s not like it’s an adjustable peep either. This is, it’s not like we’re dialing the peep. This thing’s shooting 2,600 feet a second. It’s not dropping as much as a guy might think.

00:07:58:07 –> 00:08:29:13
No, no. Not only that. You’re shooting a higher BC bullet too. Yeah. You know, so, so that helps a lot. Especially just traverse across in canyons. I mean, you saw the wind blowing that day. The fact that we was able to, he was able to hold, you know, on that size of a target at that distance, peak sight or not. If you’d have tried that with the, with the standard of 50 cal with a lot less rate to twist r p m in that bullet, you’d have been all over bud. So Yeah. It, it’s a different animal than what most folks are thinking about.

00:08:30:06 –> 00:08:50:14
Well, it’s crazy. And then I don’t, it’s hard for me to explain ’cause I’m not a gunsmith. You came out with your own muzzle break patent. Right. Patented it out. Tell me just a little bit about it. Why is it, why is it awesome? Why’d that, I mean, obviously muzzle brakes reduce recoil. There’s more, there’s more to that break than just reduced

00:08:50:23 –> 00:09:54:28
Recoil. Well, you know, yeah. I, I started building, I started building my own stuff because I have O C D and, and I, there’s just certain parts I didn’t like about certain brakes. And so it’s like, why not build your own? And then the muzz loader thing came along. I always wanted to see what I was shooting at after I pulled the trigger and the brake design that similar to what you’re shooting now, that was the only intent behind it, was to be able to pull the trigger, see what I was shooting at. And then it, it kind of evolved with these magnum muzz loaders, these magnum rifles. When when you’re talking, you know, 4,500 to 5,000 foot pounds with the muzzle, you need some reco reduction. Yeah. It also main maintain the integrity of being able to see where you’re shooting at. And, and also if you, if you look real close to my muzzle break, I hate concussion and I hate noise. And so I design ’em to wear that first port. I call the shield port. It keeps everything away from the shooter as much as possible. The guy next to you is gonna be in big trouble. Hmm. So I always recommend your, your video guys over your shoulder, not next to you.

00:09:55:05 –> 00:10:00:20
No wonder Carter’s been asking me to come out and watch him shoot that gun. Now, now it’s all coming clear. What he’s

00:10:00:21 –> 00:10:01:16
It’s all coming together.

00:10:02:05 –> 00:10:07:26
Yeah. Come shoot next in the spot for me. Bronson right here. All this thing. You don’t even need air ups if this gun, I’m told. Well,

00:10:08:24 –> 00:10:55:12
Right. But what you asked, what about that, that, that peeps site, you know, and like I said, oh, the peeps site system that’s involved. It, it’s a self timing break that is on that. And I, I, I always hated drilling holes in barrels. Especially when you’re counting on a 6 48 or a eight 40 screw and a little bit of glue to hold a site ramp on. If, if, if, unless you guys are a lot more handy than I am, a lot more careful than I am. I’m kind of rough on stuff. And so that was break. He got on there. I mean, there, there are no screws involved. And that was the, that was the biggest reason for, for design. That break was, you know, be able to take that break on and off, switch it out for a scope gun, and then be able to put it back on time it back up. And you’ll use your peep side

00:10:55:12 –> 00:11:18:22
With them. Yeah. So he’s given me, so I’ve got two breaks. One has this, you know, side on the end, and then the other one is made for scope. So the side’s not in my wave, you know? Right. So anyway, yeah. So it came, he’s got me set up for, you know, the brakes. He’s everything. I mean, you’re even shooting a c c I two 50, you know, 2, 2 50 primer outta that thing. Right,

00:11:18:26 –> 00:11:19:06

00:11:19:07 –> 00:11:29:12
Kind of got your own setup. It’s, you know, with the, with the ignition system changed out the ignition system, the barrel, you’re even developing your own action. I mean, geez. Crazy.

00:11:30:11 –> 00:11:37:06
Yeah, buddy, I’m, I’m, I’m pretty excited about that last part. This 2021 is gonna be, no, no pun intended, but epic

00:11:38:07 –> 00:11:39:22
For my little shop. Well, well,

00:11:39:22 –> 00:11:40:00
It couldn’t,

00:11:40:05 –> 00:11:47:26
We’re just talking about 2020 with everything that’s been the first six months of 2020 can be forgotten and nobody’s gonna Right. Be

00:11:48:00 –> 00:11:50:00
Bothered by it other than I got a wazoo muzz out of it.

00:11:50:05 –> 00:11:52:04
Okay. Yeah. But there you go. But other than

00:11:52:04 –> 00:12:08:19
That, so tell me when I got a couple of questions, but you know, you put a brake on the end of my kids’ gun, the 300 ultras. Is that where you started? Did you start with rifles? I didn’t even know. I thought you were just the muzz loader guy. I didn’t even know you were everything. Well,

00:12:09:04 –> 00:13:09:12
I, I was, I was, you know, I, I I, I shot a friend of mine, actually, it was a giant mule there, started all this stuff. I could never get close enough to him. And no matter how hard I tried, I saw him for two years in a row. And when you see a 200 plus inch steer on general unit and you can’t make a play on him, and then it’s like, I I, I won’t take a, a bad shot because I don’t have enough gun to reach him. And so I kind of moved on to the muzzle brake thing to where it’s like, well, I, I shot what was out there and I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the concussion, I didn’t like the, the noise. I, I didn’t like the radio because you’re on the ground shooting and you blow dust everywhere. And so it just, it just turned into something that, that, there’s certain aspects of this that I, that I liked. There’s certain aspects of that one I liked. So you kind of take, pick and choose what you wanna do and then, then you modify it. And this is what, where we’re at now. I mean, we we’re, we’re close to eight years into designing muscle muzzle breaks and, and just evolving the whole time.

00:13:10:28 –> 00:13:25:18
Well, it’s crazy. It’s amazing how, you know, with time things can evolve and whatnot. And it does take a little time, takes a little money. Of course you’re dedicated. I mean, it’s just, yeah. So tell me a little bit about shooting a muzz or 2000 yards

00:13:26:10 –> 00:13:29:13
Yard. That is, that’s, I

00:13:29:13 –> 00:13:34:00
Mean, what kind of caliber? How did you build it? What, what’s the caliber? I can’t, I don’t even know what the caliber is.

00:13:34:20 –> 00:13:53:17
Well, it is a, it’s a 40 caliber, 44 0 8 in the MUS world. We, we, we describe things by their, their minor and major dimensions. And so it’s a 44 0 8, which means that essentially it’s, it’s, it’s similar to a 4 0 8 sac Okay. Which, which

00:13:53:17 –> 00:13:54:08
Everybody’s heard of.

00:13:55:01 –> 00:13:55:12

00:13:55:28 –> 00:13:57:27
So you lost me at chi cap.

00:13:59:27 –> 00:14:04:21
Well, gigantic bullet long range shoot. And I mean, that, that, that took a road by storm here about 10

00:14:04:21 –> 00:14:07:08
Years ago. Gigantic bullet years ago. How big did you Gigantic. Right?

00:14:07:08 –> 00:15:04:17
400, 420 grain bullet. Okay. The prototype we’re playing around with, and, and this, this is a, this is a monster gun. I mean, it, it is 25 pounds, but we’re using smokeless. Okay. We’re using smokeless powder in a mu loader. And we’re pushing that 420 grain bullet, you know, a nice, a nice load for it. Right now we’re pushing that 29 20. But this is not your typical hunting build. This is, this is one of those stupid builds that you gotta prove. If you could hit it, you know, see if we can do it. And you know, we, we’ve hit 2000, we’ve reached out 2,500. We actually went out to 3000 yards. Come on. Just to see if we could reach it. We can reach it. But I tell you what my friend, if you’ve ever shot long range center fire, you shoot a shot that range, then you put another round in and watch your impact and make an adjustment with the mu loader. You shoot, you gotta stand up, you gotta reload. Then you kind of gotta hope the wind is the same again.

00:15:05:15 –> 00:15:11:13
Well, and you’re doing this by pouring powder down the barrel. Like we’re not talking, we’re not talking center fire.

00:15:12:04 –> 00:15:14:12
No, we’re not talking center fire. These are a muzzle loader.

00:15:14:24 –> 00:15:15:26
These, so

00:15:16:08 –> 00:15:23:07
These are, these are special bills for smokeless powder. Do not use smokeless powder in any of these factory rifles.

00:15:23:10 –> 00:15:26:17
Ignore anything you’ve said up to this point. Yep. Pretty much. Yeah. Right,

00:15:26:26 –> 00:15:27:06

00:15:27:14 –> 00:15:36:18
And that is for all of you guys that wanted what 3000 yards look like. That’s 1.7045 miles. I did the math real

00:15:36:18 –> 00:15:36:23

00:15:37:01 –> 00:15:39:11
Hey, the two mile target will go down this year.

00:15:40:03 –> 00:15:42:06
Oh my. You mean with

00:15:42:17 –> 00:15:42:25
Muzzle loader?

00:15:43:06 –> 00:15:45:22
A live target? Yeah, A live target. No, you mean

00:15:45:24 –> 00:15:48:12
A piece of steel? No, no, no. Yeah. And how big of a target is that?

00:15:48:16 –> 00:15:53:13
A 40 inch target. 40 inch target. Yeah. We’re gonna do a 40 inch target, 10 shots, and we gotta knock down,

00:15:54:09 –> 00:16:02:25
That just sounds like a testosterone thing. It’s not, other than just the gee whizz. And we did it, we built this rifle and this is what it’s doing. Pretty awesome. Yep. Yeah.

00:16:02:27 –> 00:16:03:06

00:16:03:06 –> 00:16:04:23
You gotta, you gotta prove it right. Gotta

00:16:04:23 –> 00:16:17:20
Prove it and video it, but only show the one where it worked. It’s kinda like, all right, we’re in this Covid era right now. Right. And on online, these trick golf shots and all this stuff, and backyard basketball shots that you’re

00:16:17:20 –> 00:16:18:10
Seeing. How about hunting?

00:16:18:15 –> 00:16:35:13
You’re just seeing all these things and that you’re seeing like, ah, guys, how many times did he try to throw that ball from his roof, let it land in his driveway, bounce three times and go in the hoop. Anyway, I’m just talking. Oh, I know. So, but only the only show, the one that worked the first show. Absolutely.

00:16:35:13 –> 00:17:03:04
That’s right. Absolutely. So, so I mean, in, in all honesty, guys, long range honey, with the muzz loader, there is so much to cover and that kind of stuff. It, it is, it is much, much, much more in depth than with center fire. Because once again, like I said, with that, you know, that 3000 yard shot, you, you, you have to shoot, you gotta stand up, you gotta reload. You can’t just crank another one in. So long range is, is there’s two different worlds here, you know, so,

00:17:03:13 –> 00:17:22:04
But at the end of the, at the end of the day, this makes three and 400 yards look stupid. That’s basically what we’re getting at. Yeah. It’s not that you’re wanting to shoot an animal at 2000, but, or, or 570 or whatever. But it’s just like, it’s just like archery. When you’re practicing at a hundred, 120 yards, it makes 50 feel like, you know, a chip shop. It’s

00:17:22:04 –> 00:17:24:04
Easy. Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more.

00:17:24:21 –> 00:17:34:00
No. Anything else? I mean, there’s nothing you don’t do. You’re LR Customs. I mean, is it, I mean, it’s everything from triggers to brakes to muzz rifles. I mean, well,

00:17:34:01 –> 00:17:45:01
I, I, I have backed way off the rifles. In fact, I, I’m not even building building ’em anymore. ’cause the Muzz loaders have taken over and that’s, you know, we’re, we’re pushing new limits. That’s why I love it, man. Geez.

00:17:45:10 –> 00:17:45:17

00:17:45:18 –> 00:17:46:18
There’s the whole world out there.

00:17:47:04 –> 00:17:56:22
We talked about your friend. You in a basin or live there now at least. Did you I’m pretty Did Did your garden freeze the other night? We talked about this crazy weather. Did, what’d it get down to up there in vernal? Was it in the twenties?

00:17:57:05 –> 00:18:07:02
We, we had a, we, yeah, we had a hard freeze up here. My garden did not freeze. We, we, my wife insisted we take down all her potted flowers and stuff and cover everything up. And

00:18:07:27 –> 00:18:14:08
We were heading, so it probably was upper, upper twenties on. We’re talking June, whatever, sixth or seventh or eighth. That’s crazy.

00:18:15:00 –> 00:18:18:18
It’s, that’s crazy. Well, we, we had a high at my house of 39 degrees that day.

00:18:19:02 –> 00:18:29:06
The high. Yeah. And we were talking about that earlier. Other places in Utah was like a hundred degrees on Friday and like 50 degrees on Monday. It was like, those were high. It’s like, it was crazy.

00:18:29:07 –> 00:18:33:06
And you and I were shooting on Thursday. You and I were shooting on Thursday Sweating.

00:18:33:28 –> 00:18:36:19
Right, right, right. And it just turned on a dime. Yeah.

00:18:36:27 –> 00:18:37:16
Kind of crazy.

00:18:38:14 –> 00:18:48:19
All right. Well, pretty awesome. I guess, you know, everybody out there, you can go check out Levi’s work there on Instagram, LR Customs. I think it’s just LR Customs, isn’t it?

00:18:49:12 –> 00:18:55:28
It’s LR Customs 78. I believe you’re, but, but, but remember, I’m, I’m a social media idiot. I just build stuff.

00:18:56:08 –> 00:19:27:17
So get this, get this. So Levi’s over there and he, you know, he posts a post and, and whatnot and I, I comment or something and then Donald Trump Jr. Comments. Okay. Wow. And he’s like, thanks, no exclamation, no nothing, just T H X. And he’s like, do you think that’s the real Donald Trump? I’m like, dude, it’s got a blue check. That’s the real Donald Trump Jr. He commented on your, oh, crap. So anyway, he ain’t listening to this podcast, but if he is Didn’t go unnoticed. Huh? Didn’t go

00:19:27:17 –> 00:19:30:08
Unnoticed. No, no. It was hilarious. So I appreciate that

00:19:30:08 –> 00:19:37:25
Though. Those guys are pretty busy right now. I don’t know if you’ve been watching the media, but, oh, Donald Trump’s pretty busy keeping the social media up and going, going

00:19:37:25 –> 00:19:43:02
Crazy. I I have not, man. I’m, I’m, I’m buried to my head in this c n c mill and it’s LA so, all right,

00:19:43:17 –> 00:19:44:08
Well, all right. So

00:19:44:12 –> 00:19:46:02
I’ll let you guys handle that. Okay,

00:19:46:26 –> 00:19:49:13
Well, thanks a lot. Get a visit with you. Hey, we’ll

00:19:49:13 –> 00:19:50:29
Have you guys. Thanks guys. You take care. All

00:19:50:29 –> 00:20:16:29
Right, guy. Yeah. Thanks. Bye. Anyway, I don’t know Bronson, he said a lot of things that we won’t remember. It’s just nice to know a guy talk. Just nice to know a guy when you need to know something. That’s all it is, right? If you wanna trucks, go, go to Aaron Bronson. It’s like Red Rock. We know the gun chute. We don’t need to know every little thing about him. No, that’s, we just need to know a guy that makes him, and we need to pay him to make us one. Well,

00:20:17:04 –> 00:20:49:19
That’s in, in, in the world of muzzle loaders, especially because they are the most finicky of shooters. The powder bullet combinations, powder, bullet Sabbath combinations. And obviously they vary state to state. So you’re, you’re talking about a break that you gotta screw off so that it’ll be a lower profile when you shoot in a state like Utah or New Mexico or Arizona, that you don’t wanna see your front sight through your scope hanging out at the end. Or you got one in Colorado or Idaho, or you know, Nevada. Where other places where you got, where you got open sight. Yeah.

00:20:49:26 –> 00:21:05:15
By bringing this up, Bronson and I are not advocating that we believe modern, that Muslims should be modernized. No, we’re not advocating that. That’s what we think. No other states should adapt. We actually are on the opposite end of the spectrum, personal opinion. But I’m

00:21:05:19 –> 00:21:06:13
With you. ’cause I know you answer.

00:21:06:14 –> 00:21:27:09
I would love to go back to open site’s, percussion cap, just open site percussion cap, even if it’s a inline percussion, whatever. It’s just my personal opinion. I’d like ’em to stay somewhat primitive. Well, my point is, is by talking about it, by talking about long range rivals, talking about long range muzzle orders, all the advancements in technology doesn’t necessarily mean we’re pro advancing. No.

00:21:27:28 –> 00:21:55:11
It’s just that there are certain states that allow you to use other, you know, forms of equipment scopes on Muzz, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, more notably, I mean, there’s some of the white tail states, you know, Iowa, Kansas, where, you know, but we’re talking the western big game hunts. But we’re gonna conform to whatever Colorado makes you do and whatever Idaho makes you do, whatever Nevada, and whatever Nevada lets you do, gonna conform, just gimme a tag.

00:21:56:06 –> 00:22:01:25
But he is producing some amazing rifles. And I got one. And it’s awesome. And you know, speaking

00:22:01:25 –> 00:22:02:01

00:22:02:01 –> 00:22:05:09
Rifles, it’s only valid in, in some of these states. Go ahead. We

00:22:05:09 –> 00:22:56:00
Did talk about the Red Rock Precision Shooting school that we went to last weekend. It was awesome. They are gonna have some more of those later in the year. I believe it’s August and maybe a few others. If you’re interested in them learning a lot about shooting both from a bench, both in shooting, shooting situations, and a lot of different techniques that you can use in real life situations. Give the guys, give Kurt a call at Red Rock Precision or visit ’em on the, on the [email protected]. Anyway, great guys, make great, great rifles. They can kind of customize stuff to what you’re looking for caliber wise, or use wise. Meaning if you need, want a maybe an ultralight type mountain rifle, that’s one practical use. If you want an all around rifle, that’s another use. But give ti call 8 0 1 4 2 5 6 5 7 4. Red Rock precision.

00:22:56:00 –> 00:23:27:24
Pretty awesome. You know, one thing I want to talk about, we’re getting super excited right now because we’re getting ready to hunt. We’re getting ready to scout and just talk about the mental preparedness of scouting when you’re gonna scout. And then also Bronson like how to hunt, like how to keep your energy up. We’ve had a lot of guys say, well, it’s a two week season. Do you want, should I go early and stay for the whole season? Okay. Very few guys can go five days early on a two week season. Wow. And stay the whole time when the last day, sometimes the best is the best day. Yeah.

00:23:27:24 –> 00:23:55:07
Especially if it’s a rutt deer hunt or rudd elk hunt. And the first or last of that is not centered optimally at all. You’re gonna get, you could get yourself burned out before the hunt even gets good. You know, let’s take a, in some cases the New Mexico elk, right? We’re talking about a first season hunt, September one to 14. You could go down there for seven to eight days and be ready to never hunt elk again the rest of your life. Some years right? And wanna leave right when it’s starting to maybe get

00:23:55:07 –> 00:24:16:22
Good. Yeah. Around the seventh or eighth. A you went a few days early to learn the place, then you hunted for seven brutal hot days and day, you know, eighth, September 8th through the 14th, they’re starting to rutt and they’re starting to get aggressive. And all of a sudden with a light as, as, as a light switch, things change. And that’s the same thing with the rutt. Like, same with deer. November, Colorado. Yeah.

00:24:17:00 –> 00:24:17:08

00:24:17:10 –> 00:24:18:12
You just don’t know, you

00:24:18:12 –> 00:24:43:12
Know. Yeah. Our seasons are a little shorter now. Third seasons only a seven day versus nine. We used to go over a lot and just say, Hey, let’s go last hunt the last five or six days. Instead of go there three days early and hunt nine and figure you’re gonna go for 12 days. It’s not practical. And you’re probably, if you’re not seeing what you’re wanting by mid hunt, your tendencies want to just throw it in and go home Right about when anything might good start might be starting to happen. That’s right. So anyway, yeah.

00:24:43:15 –> 00:24:53:11
There is the, and then another guy say, you know what, I’ve got a cafaro tent and I’m gonna be hunting for season in Colorado. You know, and I’m thinking, okay, there’s a couple things that are going through my mind.

00:24:53:25 –> 00:24:54:13
I’ve got one too.

00:24:55:11 –> 00:25:04:24
Okay. So has it ever been warm for season? Okay. I mean, and, and it is warm and that was, some, some years are warmer than others, but it’s a relative term at night.

00:25:04:25 –> 00:25:14:01
The other, the other thing I was thinking of is those little stoves that they put in, you can’t have enough kindling to keep that thing glowing red during a four season in water places.

00:25:14:01 –> 00:25:37:11
We from 5:00 PM until seven or eight in the morning. Seven, eight. It is so long. The nights are so long. Yeah. So, and now let’s say you go four days early and then you spend five days on the, on the, on the fourth rifle. And your last day is the best day. How do you feel day five? Okay. If you make it to day five, you’re leaving at noon. I’m wrong. Tell me I’m wrong.

00:25:39:12 –> 00:25:39:20
Probably not.

00:25:39:27 –> 00:25:40:19
So anyway, you

00:25:40:19 –> 00:26:01:24
Just, every hunt’s a little different. Evaluate it. Evaluate it so you can get the most out of it. Now, if you have all the time in the world, just go there and, and realize, don’t, don’t burn out. I mean, archery deer hunts in Utah, archery elk hunts in Utah. Archery elk starts August 15th if you’re not on a big bull and you get, I got 28 days to bow hunt elk.

00:26:03:21 –> 00:26:03:29

00:26:04:13 –> 00:26:11:19
How many days into that hunt? If you’re, if as the bulls start to move and they, they’re your prec scouted bulls not feeding and bedding betting in the same area.

00:26:12:09 –> 00:26:37:13
There’s only a few dudes that can do it. Yeah. That long. Dan Evans, he’s spent some time. You know what I mean? And some, sometimes it just, anyway, be realistic with what kind of time you can put in. Just be realistic with yourself. And then also be comfortable. You like a hot shower. Go get you a hot shower. You wanna stay in a motel like on third and fourth rifle season’s, Colorado. Go stay in a, a motel. It’s

00:26:37:13 –> 00:26:52:08
Also different though, when you’re, when we’re all low twenties, dude, I did it. I mean, you, there’s no no me going to a motel is not an option. I mean, you don’t even have the money. You sometimes I don’t have a credit card that’s even got a limit to spend five nights on a credit card or not a hotel.

00:26:53:07 –> 00:27:00:08
You’re eating out a can too. Like there’s some stories That’s right. Gone out on the Arizona Strip with nothing but some Beanie weenie cans in the

00:27:00:08 –> 00:27:00:28
Back of speaking of stories,

00:27:01:20 –> 00:27:03:01
A back of what?

00:27:04:05 –> 00:27:06:23
Our ne our next topic.

00:27:07:12 –> 00:27:07:23

00:27:07:23 –> 00:27:09:11
One? Jeff, Jeff Jeff’s

00:27:09:11 –> 00:27:10:04
Got. Oh, okay. So

00:27:10:12 –> 00:27:12:11
That’s a segue to Jeff. Jeff and it some

00:27:12:11 –> 00:27:41:07
Story. So we called Jeff John. The thing is, so we got these new stealth cameras. They’re, they’re the fusions at and t of Verizon based. Jeff’s testing ’em out. Yeah. He sends me a picture at 5:00 AM this morning. He’s got a picture of this tiniest little buck ever because we’re just now growing their antler right in front of a house that he’s building his kind of a spec home. He’s like, these are the best things ever. Well, I call him, Hey, what do you think of these cameras? Because they’re relatively new to us. To everybody. Yeah. Wow. The world got our shipment

00:27:41:20 –> 00:27:58:16
A week ago. They’ve had other model stealth cams specifically newer, they’ve had other, other cameras companies make ’em. But you know, we got our inventory here in the last couple weeks, two, three weeks. Yeah. We’re kind of, we’re we’re kind of learning as we go. Using them, using the apps and different things like that. So, so like,

00:27:58:16 –> 00:28:13:11
Jeff, tell me, how do you, how do you, what do you think of this thing? It’s awesome. It’s awesome. I’m like, okay. And he then he goes, proceeds to talk about it. But we do need to play a little prank on him. ’cause you know, he’s got ’em set up as a surveillance system.

00:28:13:12 –> 00:28:31:00
Let’s ask him. I know, because this is not a home where he’s living in most people, if you get a home and you’re in there and you have your valuables and your family there, you’re, you’re naturally a new home. Maybe at a certain point in life, you’re gonna think about, do I get a security system, whatnot. Okay. Jeff’s not living at Nas house. Yeah. But he wants a security system.

00:28:32:11 –> 00:28:33:02
So what are you gonna do?

00:28:34:11 –> 00:28:34:23
He’s gonna

00:28:35:00 –> 00:28:36:16
Four hours away, three fusion

00:28:36:16 –> 00:28:36:25

00:28:37:06 –> 00:28:43:00
He’s got the app he’s downloaded instantaneously and he is gonna watch somebody steal shit. And, and

00:28:43:01 –> 00:28:54:25
I feel bad for every, for every straight. He’s, him and his wife Angie are gonna get woke up by every buzzing email through the night of a stray cat, possum, raccoon, bat, anything triggering that camera.

00:28:57:01 –> 00:29:09:10
We should set out something, some attractant, a critter, attractant, you know, some cat food or something. Just, I don’t know. All right, hold on. Let’s just see what he really thinks of these cameras. Who knows what he’s doing today? What are doing?

00:29:10:14 –> 00:29:11:11
What’s up,

00:29:12:27 –> 00:29:13:26
What’s going on guys?

00:29:15:07 –> 00:29:25:12
Hey, this is round two. You’re the first, I think round two cold caller. So it didn’t take you long to figure out what to call it. About three or four in the afternoon might mean

00:29:25:19 –> 00:29:27:12
Such a, such a good guest. We’d like

00:29:27:13 –> 00:29:41:28
A little feedback, personal usage feedback. You’re one of the first to, you know, grab a few fusions from us. Went a couple weeks ago when they came in and we teed it up for you on the intended use that you’ve got a home security system as a

00:29:43:12 –> 00:29:49:14
Yeah, I might, might void some kind of warranty on the camera, don’t we? Doing don’t bus here. No,

00:29:49:29 –> 00:29:55:19
I can’t. I can’t hear. I can’t hear you. Very good. What do you, you probably got some power tools in both hands and leaned up against your shoulder.

00:29:55:25 –> 00:29:59:24
Just walking out to the truck. Gimme two seconds. Oh, is that better now? Oh

00:29:59:25 –> 00:30:00:13
Yeah. Oh yeah.

00:30:00:19 –> 00:30:21:05
Yeah. No, we’re not, we’re not trying to avoid any warranty. We’re not trying to alert your insurance company to anything. No, we’re just, you had a, you’re building us back home in a certain place and decided, hey, you’re here that you’re there. Some you’re not, some you got other contractors working on stuff. I’ll throw a couple cameras out because you know, there’s not a lot of else of excitement to get on trail camera. Little

00:30:21:05 –> 00:30:28:24
Did we know you June little did we know you’re already scouting for the, for the late archery, the extended archery here in the Cedar Valley, Utah new for this year.

00:30:29:22 –> 00:31:26:27
Yes. It was pretty awesome. So, so that’s what kind of struck the conversation up this morning. And so I, so I set these two cameras up, just, you know, going both directions in the driveway on the side of the house just to see everybody coming and going. Right. You know, and it just, it shoots an alert to my phone saying, Hey, you know, you have a new picture on your, and you can name your cameras. So I got south driveway, north driveway. So anyway, it, it shoots me a picture. You got a new, you have a new photo on the south driveway, so I jump on and check it. So anyway, this morning, I’m, I’m cruising along. I don’t know what the hell was five, like quarter after five or something like that. And I get an alert and I’m like, Ooh, nobody should be at the house at quarter after five in the morning. Yeah. And I look at it and there’s a deer, there’s a deer walking through the job site. A little buck walking through the job site this morning. Yeah. So yes, we’re already scouting for deer season.

00:31:27:01 –> 00:31:31:05
And so Jeff decides that I’m probably awake. Jeff is ’cause you

00:31:31:05 –> 00:31:32:23
Are, I know you are.

00:31:33:29 –> 00:31:40:15
This, this pitcher snaps at five 11 and five 13. He is on the phone. He’s

00:31:40:15 –> 00:31:41:13
Got the fresh velvet

00:31:42:01 –> 00:31:48:09
There. There’s only two people I know consistently that I could probably hit at five 30 in the morning and they’d be awake. And it’s probably you two.

00:31:48:18 –> 00:32:02:08
Yeah. Oh yeah. No question. I just, no question. So anyway, but kinda hilarious. So tell us about it. I guess you download the app, you scan the QR code, you’re up and cranking. So it was super easy. They’re,

00:32:02:11 –> 00:32:39:25
They’re the easiest thing in the world to set up. So you just Yes. You download the app and, and there’s a couple different stealth cam apps. This is the stealth cam command. It’s called the command app. And, and literally you open your box to your camera. There is a QR code. As soon as you, as soon as you actually open the camera itself, there’s a, there’s a QR code inside the camera and then your phone, it, it, like in the app it’ll say add a camera, you click that button, it comes up with a QR code reader. It reads the code. It gives you a prompt to accept the, you know, accept the terms and conditions

00:32:40:04 –> 00:32:45:28
And the, the part, this is not to be, to be substituted for a home security system. Home security system.

00:32:47:19 –> 00:32:51:11
Yeah. You know, I did not read the fine print. There probably is something in there.

00:32:52:05 –> 00:32:54:29
We’re not liable for any things that are stolen from the job site.

00:32:56:07 –> 00:32:58:06
No, no. And, and this, this is not linked

00:32:58:09 –> 00:32:58:20
To the cops.

00:32:58:20 –> 00:33:04:07
You should not be able to use this as evidence in your court case or something like that. But yeah, I went ahead and did it anyway.

00:33:04:13 –> 00:33:09:05
When danger shows on this camera, the cops don’t come running. It says all stuff like that. Yeah. Well it’s,

00:33:09:19 –> 00:33:25:08
It’s funny. He’s got, so he’s got, so my wife goes over and feeds his horse and pretty soon he, you know, soon Jana’s getting a call and they’re like, do you have a to cover, do you have a tunnel cover? She’s I got a tunnel cover. Okay. Okay. I was thinking somebody was there at the job site. That shouldn’t have been. Yeah.

00:33:25:08 –> 00:33:28:00
Jeff, the next thing I’m scared to even go, well that

00:33:28:00 –> 00:33:37:18
Truck shows up and I, I can’t remember. Like, I didn’t think it that she had a little to cover on that truck. And I’m like, wait a minute, what’s going on here?

00:33:38:00 –> 00:33:43:29
Yeah. Jeff’s gots got a sniper that’s laying in a gili suit in the ditch ready to just open firearm people.

00:33:44:08 –> 00:33:45:24
No, hey, hey, it’s

00:33:45:24 –> 00:33:47:02
Not far off. Tell me I’m wrong.

00:33:47:08 –> 00:33:53:22
Well, Jeff’s got it on his mind. He got all the looters out there. I mean, it’s just on the brain. Here we go. Right. Oh

00:33:53:23 –> 00:34:03:01
Yeah. I, Jeff, I would like to even go see the progress. I’m not even driving by your place. I’m not gonna go there. I don’t want to be construed as I’m a looter.

00:34:03:01 –> 00:34:04:11
You don’t wanna be held at gunpoint. No,

00:34:04:12 –> 00:34:05:07
I don’t. Throwing your

00:34:05:07 –> 00:34:08:16
Driver license, throwing your driver’s license down on the ground. I don’t wanna be

00:34:08:16 –> 00:34:11:19
On camera anywhere near your stuff, Jeff. I don’t,

00:34:12:28 –> 00:34:19:07
I’m telling you, these cameras are insane. They, they are awesome. Like I’m, I’m sold.

00:34:19:13 –> 00:34:22:24
So on the settings, like how do you have your set? You get

00:34:23:01 –> 00:34:23:25
Instant, you get instant.

00:34:23:29 –> 00:34:29:06
Every instantaneous and every single picture. There’s different settings on that, right? You can, yeah, you

00:34:29:14 –> 00:34:56:24
Can actually, you can actually set it up. So it just like downloads ’em once a day or notifies you basically once a day and says, okay, you have, you have pictures and in the default settings it will come like that. So when you’re initially setting it up, if you wanna be alerted all the time, make sure you go in and and you hit the update all the time. Yeah. And so, so that’s the thing. I I keep it updated all the time. ’cause if in three, at three in the morning somebody’s there, I wanna know what

00:34:56:24 –> 00:35:01:20
I mean. You need to know the push go and the guy in the Gilly suit springs to action. You need to know that. Yeah. Now. Yeah,

00:35:02:13 –> 00:35:19:04
Absolutely. So, so yeah, I mean you go, you can set it up just like your regular camera, but you do not set it up on the camera itself. You set it up on your phone and then it links to the camera and, and changes those settings. It is it’s way cool. It really is.

00:35:20:09 –> 00:35:25:29
Yeah. I mean, I could get him off the phone. This story is awesome. What kind of made me wanted to go set one up in my yard so

00:35:26:01 –> 00:35:29:07
We know what we’re up against. What kind of optics has that guy got on his rifle?

00:35:30:17 –> 00:35:33:22
Yeah, there you go. That’s the, that’s what you need to worry about. Yep. What

00:35:33:22 –> 00:35:36:10
Does, what does he got? Is he gonna, is he really gonna be able to hit something?

00:35:36:10 –> 00:35:37:13
He got a Simmons straight eight

00:35:39:11 –> 00:35:40:18
Pol fix forward. No,

00:35:40:18 –> 00:35:45:25
No. He’s got thermal on there. Just, you know, it’s got his, he’s got join in the wave of the future there.

00:35:46:03 –> 00:35:51:06
Well, how about when you guys get that done, you and Angie invite us on. We’ll come look through it then that point. How’s that? There you go.

00:35:51:09 –> 00:35:52:18
Let’s do it. All right,

00:35:52:21 –> 00:35:53:20
Well good report.

00:35:54:02 –> 00:35:54:11

00:35:54:11 –> 00:35:57:12
Good report. Are you gonna smoke that deer? Are you guys anything

00:35:57:12 –> 00:35:57:26
Good in the world?

00:35:58:08 –> 00:35:58:19
You, are

00:35:58:19 –> 00:35:59:16
You doing anything good in the world?

00:35:59:23 –> 00:36:04:00
Hold on, hold on. Have you named that deer yet? Have you named that little buck that walked across the screen?

00:36:07:06 –> 00:36:11:07
Well I’ll, I’ll just name him. Porta potty. How about that? Toward

00:36:11:07 –> 00:36:13:24
The porta potty. Okay. Tell us the porta-potty story. We already,

00:36:14:02 –> 00:36:14:19
We’ve done that

00:36:14:23 –> 00:36:15:25
On the podcast. Yeah,

00:36:15:29 –> 00:36:17:25
We did. Yeah. The theft. Theft of tp,

00:36:17:28 –> 00:36:21:19
The theft of TP i’s track. This is right. That’s an episode 1 33.

00:36:21:24 –> 00:36:29:01
Yeah. Within the one or two weeks of Corona starting his port-a-potty on the job site would get looted every night and the TP would get stolen out of it. Remember? Isn’t it

00:36:29:01 –> 00:36:35:05
Crazy? And then a guy, oh yeah. And then a guy riding a bike goes up, leans it against the porta potty and walks in. Huh?

00:36:35:08 –> 00:36:43:08
And uses it. Yes, absolutely. Just the guy training on his bike walks into Jeff’s yard. Job site warms Right. Warms up the toilet

00:36:43:09 –> 00:36:52:20
Seat once again. That’s true. Desperation. If you are stopping to do that to do your business in a porta potty, you are desperate. Just like if you’re still in toilet paper,

00:36:53:05 –> 00:36:57:28
I think you’re pretty desperate. I think. I think he thought it was just a public, public use facility. Not up

00:36:57:28 –> 00:36:59:01
In a lot next to a

00:36:59:13 –> 00:37:02:01
Next house. It to the road. It was next to the road. It was, it was.

00:37:02:08 –> 00:37:04:29
Well what city does border parties is randomly on the street

00:37:05:02 –> 00:37:05:25
Does. Okay.

00:37:05:29 –> 00:37:16:25
But not except for Faires and festival time year. And we’re not having that. But next time you need to slather some car syrup all over that seat and teach them guys a lesson about stopping. So anyway,

00:37:17:12 –> 00:37:18:22
Nice eight

00:37:18:22 –> 00:37:25:18
Teach, teach them Democrats a lesson. All right. All right. All right. Here you go. Alright, sounds good. Okay. Anything else? Be good. Fell.

00:37:26:06 –> 00:37:26:25
Catch you later

00:37:27:02 –> 00:37:28:02
All. Yep. Bye.

00:37:29:03 –> 00:37:30:17
Anyway. It’s always good for a laugh.

00:37:30:17 –> 00:37:44:06
There you have it always. It was funny dude. I mean the picture’s like, let me look at the time, I think it was like five 11 and he was on the phone. He actually texted it over then texted to go over again again and I finally told Jana, I better call him. This

00:37:44:06 –> 00:37:46:06
Guy’s awake. He needs something.

00:37:46:08 –> 00:37:48:25
He needs some attention. I’m gonna see what he has to say.

00:37:49:03 –> 00:37:55:12
He’s asking, he’s asking if this buck’s gonna turn anything. Want your thoughts on front, back and side pictures from June 11th, seeing

00:37:55:13 –> 00:37:57:17
A little bump on the base. You think that’ll turn into a real

00:37:57:17 –> 00:38:05:05
Point? Is that gonna be a scoreable point? Yeah. And then he is got, wants to know every make and model and accessory on all the trucks in your driveway. I

00:38:05:07 –> 00:38:20:25
Know. A hundred percent. A hundred percent. And he’s getting these photos downloaded while he is driving. He was driving down here this morning, so who knows when he left he had to leave at four or five, something like that. And then he up pops a photo of a little buck there in his yard. So he’s on fire anyway. Course. Anyway. Well, anything

00:38:20:25 –> 00:38:22:08
Else we need to cover? No,

00:38:22:08 –> 00:38:35:14
I don’t think so. I think just, you know, we’re selling tags. Like it’s our job Bronson, we’re working on landowner tags. You know, there’s phases in the year, you’ve got your application season and you get some draw results. Then you realize you don’t have anything now you’re looking for landowner

00:38:35:14 –> 00:38:42:29
Attacks. It’s definitely that phase right now. It’s definitely that phase. We do have some states that are gonna be coming out this next week. We’ve got, everybody’s waiting on California,

00:38:43:25 –> 00:38:46:23
Everybody, right Chris? No. Waiting on California. Driver

00:38:46:23 –> 00:39:45:04
Results. We got, we got California, we got Wyoming’s gonna be next week for non-resident deer, antelope, resident deer, elk, and antelope. We’re gonna have, what else? Washington just came out yesterday, so it’s already out. Oregon will be out coming, coming out. Well we do Idaho, deer, elk, elk and antelopes coming. So we’re getting towards the end of it. And a lot of people, you know, in a few states like New Mexico and call it out or staging to give landowner tag call awarding to their landowners and Colorado, of course. You know, we don’t, we just kind of sidestep that whole process. It’s not something we actively engage in. You know, finding tags for hunters like we used to 10, 15 plus years ago when that was easy done. Just, you know, gotta go to landowners direct and, and when we find a few weeks’s because we’re looking for tags for ourselves, but it’s not something we do or can broker and can be even in the middle of it. So we just avoid that one altogether. And it’s, it’s not easy. We’re we’re No, we hear you. I mean, we can’t always find the personal tags we want.

00:39:45:23 –> 00:40:04:14
No, but we do have a load into Mexico tags that are unspoken for at the moment. Like, like we have, we’ve got a lot of guys that ask for stuff, but there’s still a lot that we’ve got that we actually own. If you’re looking for something, call in, we can put you on a list if we don’t have it and we’ll try to find it. There’s a decent chance we’ll find something for you. Yeah. So keep

00:40:04:14 –> 00:40:40:00
That in mind. It’s that time of year, the realization setting in that, for a lot of people, like I said, there’s still a few states to come out that can change your schedule. But I would dare say most of what’s still remaining doesn’t set a schedule. It, it kind of augments it. We’re talking Wyoming, we’re talking Idaho. I, I mean I, I guess if you drew an Arizona deer on the strip, that would be a monumental thing. But you know what I mean. Most of these are adding to a schedule. They’re not like basing everything around it. That’s right. Anyway. So be, be realist. You gotta have something. Yeah, go on. A few leftover draws. Second draws open right now, but I mean there’s

00:40:40:17 –> 00:41:00:14
Not much on the, some of those. Yeah, that’s right. Nevada. Nevada. There is, there’s a few. Couple. All right guys. Okay, we’re gonna call it a day here at the Epic Outdoors Office. Yeah, we are now taking Fridays off and only working Monday through Thursday long hours. But Monday through Thursday we’re starting to scout. That’s the time of year. We

00:41:00:14 –> 00:41:03:12
Will, we will be here next Wednesday. Which, or next for

00:41:03:29 –> 00:41:04:12

00:41:04:19 –> 00:41:50:20
We will be here next Friday, which is the 19th. We aren’t taking that one off. That’s the last day for our membership drive. Oh yeah. So tomorrow just with a big push. We had this week with a few draw, re draw deadlines, Arizona, most notably a lot of the office staff included our license, application staff and all that. Been just pushing hard this last three weeks. But yeah, we will be here up through the 19th on May 19th after that. And we call the winners on, should be the 20th Carter. We probably are gonna not be in here as much on Fridays. There may be somebody here to take a call on a member experience list or something like that. But it’s just getting into the time of year, mid to late June and July and August where we’re, we’re scouting. We need extra day to do some of our stuff. And it’s obviously family time for a lot of us too. And just That’s right. Enjoy that time.

00:41:51:27 –> 00:42:04:25
That’s right. You know, and we’re, and we are shooting for the 20th. We might have to, we’ll see, let the dust clear. It might be the 21st, 22nd, but anyway, right in there. We’ll have some more draw results for people that were successful. That’s right. In our membership drive. That’s

00:42:04:25 –> 00:42:05:14
Right. Anyway.

00:42:05:21 –> 00:42:39:06
All right everybody have a great weekend. Go out and find something giant. Everybody’s starting to run some trail cameras and get things set up. Good luck to y’all. You need help. That’s what we’re here for. At Epic Outdoors. Membership’s, a hundred bucks a year. You get magazines monthly. Monthly from December through June. Bimonthly the remaining part of the year. Of course you can call in, we can send you a list of members who’ve drawn tags that you’ve had, set you up with hunts, find you landowner tags, whatever, everything Western big game. That’s what we do. Give us a holler here at Epic Outdoors. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7.