Nevada Dream Tag with Jack Robb. In this episode of The Epic Outdoors Podcast we talk with Jack Robb about the Nevada Dream Tag opportunities available in Nevada. Getting your name in the hat for more hunts is a great way to up your chances of having a tag in your pocket. Our hunting seasons are limited so by putting our name in more hats we have the chance to maximize those experiences.

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And you know what? They’ve got some absolute giant.

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If I’ve got 10 shots left, I’m gonna turn that 10 into 40 by putting in every chance I get in Nevada,

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You can’t win if you don’t have a name in the hat.

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Anything to do with Western Big Games.

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To the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour.

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Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson coming at you from Southern Utah. It’s hot Bronson. It’s freaking summer

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Summer’s here. That’s right. It’s not cooling off anymore.

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We haven’t had a drop of water hit us from the sky in how long?

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It feels like a while.

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Yeah, that fire on the kebabs raging. Where’s it at?

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60,000. Come on. 70 K.

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Wow. Yeah,

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Big. Hot and windy here. But the feet still looks good. But it is hot and windy.

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71,000 this morning. But it is 33% contained. That’s some major upgrade from the 4% that we’ve been. So

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40 mile an hour winds, you’d be at 10% again. Yeah.

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Don’t know. Crazy. But anyway, kind of exciting times here in the office. This is the draw tag time. We’re super excited as we go into this. We do wanna talk about some theory, but before we do, we wanna thank Under Armour, appreciate them, their support. Mid-July, they’re coming out with their line of clothing here for the 2020 hunting season. Anyway, July mid-July is coming out. We do have a few 40% off coupons. I think old John’s got a few of those. We were registering letting everybody register to get a few of those on our website. Epic 40% off coupons, kind of cool. Kind of fun. We do want to get started with the fact that there was a lot of winners. Bronson, yesterday we had our hunt giveaway. There was a lot of winners and, and I don’t wanna call ’em losers, but people that played that didn’t draw. And we ourselves play a lot of things out there and don’t draw. This

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Has been a tougher year for me. I’ve got a couple things I didn’t expect. The things I didn’t expect to draw, frankly, forget about when you apply is what I kind of have. And the stuff that I was a shoe on paper, either a hundred percent you’re a shoe or let’s call it 50 to a hundred percent. I didn’t get any of those. You’re

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Terrible at drawing the 50 to a hundred percent draw odds and you’re really good at the one in a hundred.

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I don’t know how, I don’t, anyway, it’s just the way it works. You know we’ve, you know, you got, we talked about it even with the family. We drew three antelope tags, three kids. They wanted a husband, wife, three kids all applied for the same antelope unit in Wyoming. But they didn’t wanna apply together because they wanted to go some, they wanted five names in the hat versus one name in the hat, which is how group applications work on a random draw. But if your group numbers pulled, of course you all get five tags, but they didn’t really want five tags. That’s a lot to,

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That’s a lot of smashing. So like individually. And if we get one or two, that’d be awesome,

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Right? That’s right. So the husband wife didn’t drop it. All three kids drew separately. Inly individually with odds were like one in 10. And they drew three of the four non-resident random tags. Unbelievable. And it’s crazy math. I’m not a stati statistician. I took statistics back in college. That’s where it stays.

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Well, oh yeah. I did just enough to pass the test. Okay.

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But I mean, it’s very easy. I’m sure there’s people listening to this can figure it out. I’m, I’m not going back to my books and they’re obsolete. But actually statistics probably isn’t obsolete ’cause it’s kind are ob

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Same obs obsolete.

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But anyway, my point is, is sometimes stuff just defies odds. And then there’s all obviously the people that get a call from one state and they drew a sheep tag and then two, three weeks later they call you again. They drew another random tag in another state, sheep state, or you know, elk tags, deer tags of epic, you know, magnitude. How

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Does this happen? Yeah. And

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It’s just chance and it’s just luck. And it’s that time of year we’re starting to become, we’re staring it all in the face with what we have is what we have from draw tags. We’re almost through. There’s some second draws to clean up leftover tags and things like that. But with Arizona being the last pending biggie, if you wanna call it that stage, which

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Pending is kind of an exciting word. Pending charges will happen Friday morning.

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That’s right. It will. And so for sheep and deer, it, it’s gonna be over here real quick for the losers. And the winners are all happening. I don’t like

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The word losers, but, ’cause I feel like a loser about 95%

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Of the time. We are. We, we are. But, but I guess today sometimes we’re want to talk about the principle of at least having your name in the hat and good things can happen. I don’t know how to, well

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Think about this. Okay. You, you talked about this family that applied for the Wyoming stuff. How about Josh Hors applying has a one and eight shot. There was one tag drawn in the random for this particular tag in Wyoming. And he’s the guy, he’s always the guy. Him and his wife are always those guys. They draw it seems like all the time, Bronson. But they apply for absolutely everything. They,

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They apply for stuff. You and I don’t.

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And then they draw and then we’re jealous

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In certain states. Like they just, you know, give us carte blanche almost apply as you would yourselves. And we have to say, and

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Even then some additional That’s

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Right. Just get my names in the water. He, he,

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I mean think about it. He drew the hybrid antelope in Colorado.

00:05:27:18 –> 00:05:30:00
Drew unit three hybrid tag that was available. That’s

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Rare that a non-resident gets a hybrid tag.

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And his, I think his wife drew that this year.

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She did. She did. How about, how about you and your goat tag in Alaska? And I, and I can be jealous and say you’ve got arguably the number one draw tag for mountain goats for trophy goats in the, in the world. Okay. But I didn’t apply. How can I be jealous? I didn’t even apply. Yeah, that’s right. Or and that’s what I think a lot of people look at the results of people, but they’re lucky. They’re like, crap. How did they do that? How’d they

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Do that? If you wanted to see

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What goes into it.

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What, what I, and, and when I say what I spend, it’s not that I spend wazoo amounts, but I, you know, I I apply a lot over, you know, 25 years, you know, and so there’s gonna be some years I hit it, I hit stuff last year in New Mexico, of course we both drawn fairly decent in New Mexico and killed some three 80 bulls on draw tags in a state that doesn’t have a point system. But there’s no predictability to that. That’s And just like the goat tag or you drawing a non-resident desert sheep tag in Arizona. Alright. We both drew desert sheep in Utah by earning them, you know, with the, the pre max point, you know, 50 50 split. We earned our Utah tags. They didn’t, we didn’t get lucky. You know, we earned them. There’s other things like your desert sheep in, in, in Arizona, my goat in, in Alaska this year. The randomness of, of a lot of states, New Mexico, things like that. Stuff just happens. But you can’t get lucky if you don’t have a name, a hat name in the

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Hat. Well, and sometimes you put lots of names in hats and in one hat even we know a few guys that are drawn regularly on some of these raffles. Yeah. And regularly. And now they’re not gonna disclose how much they’re applying. ’cause it’s kinda one of those things, the hunter’s, the hunter’s motto is not to tell, you know, just show what we draw. But not to tell about how it went about getting the tag. Sometimes it’s a lot. There’s, they’re really playing ’em hard and then they win one or two or draw one or two and it increases. They get bolder and bolder and bolder and then, and that kind of snowballs. And they end up with a few tags, but they’re also playing it pretty hard. Yeah. You don’t accidentally draw a few of those. You kind of accidentally draw one here and there.

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Yeah, that’s right. So anyway, we kind of bring this up because there’s, there’s people out there looking for things. Of course we’ve got landlord tags. That’s a guaranteed way. I spend money, I get a tag. You can do that. We have some of those available. We also find things for people that, you know, are hunts or tags or things that are special requests. Call us. We’ll work on that. There’s plenty of guys that are looking for things. We’ve got plenty of hunts that we help people book each day. We got Devon in our office, of course, you and I as well as Wyatt. And we’re working hard at booking hunts for people and booking tags. So anyway, we just got done with our particular membership drive. It was super exciting. One that’s coming up, Bronson is the dream tags in Nevada. Those are basically like a p I w tag. Yeah,

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It’s a statewide tag Per species for what? Cali Desert. Deerel Antelope. Yeah. Did I miss any? I, I don’t think so. Maybe there’s a line or bear. But for this sake of this podcast, we won’t talk about those. I mean just if anyway,

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No pause and clause.

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Yeah, well anyway, but it’s basically, it’s not like the silver state tag, which allows you to hunt August one through the end of the year, anywhere, any weapon. These are statewide tags, but you have to use the method open at the time. Archery during archery, muzzle during muzzle loader rifle during rifle of, but you can unit hop, you can go anywhere. So not quite a true statewide type, but they’re pretty freaking awesome. They’re a dream.

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They are. And they are actually deer. They’re a dream. Okay. Okay. So for deer, antelope, deserts, cali’s, elk, and black bear. Okay, there

00:09:28:13 –> 00:09:30:29
Is black bear. Yep. Wow. All right. Well let’s mention it. We just,

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And you know what, they’ve got some absolute giants. They

00:09:33:07 –> 00:09:40:19
Do right on the California border, Tahoe, dumpster divers, I think. Aren’t those those pro ones? They have problems with West Reino? Yeah,

00:09:40:20 –> 00:09:53:02
They’ve got a few, well they’ve got people living in forests. And when you have people in forests and black bears that weren’t being hunted there for a long time, you’re gonna have a few, few issues and then you’re gonna have a few giants. And that’s what’s going on over there. So,

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But it’s, yeah, this, this is what we’re talking about. It’s the, you know, we’ve been a good partner with Nevada Partner of Wildlife for years, and both from a regular, I guess draw standpoint and the way they manage their wildlife. But here’s just another chance. The dream tags the deadline June 30th coming up here next week. And we, we have members draw these silver state or dream tags every year. Usually multiple. I think we know two of the silver state tags or you know, members, elk and antelope. I know we talked to at least two of those. Oh yeah. Back when they came out each year after the regular draw. And then, you know, here’s another round. But yeah, I, I think one question with some of these statewide raffles that often comes up is, all right, what’s this money go towards? And in most cases, every state’s a little bit different, but the percentage split, sometimes these states have nonprofit groups, you know, 5 0 1 c three groups, like, you know, the Mul Deer Foundation, the Wild Sheet Foundation, no, Nevada, big

00:10:49:14 –> 00:10:49:24

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Unlimited whatever. They market their tags, whether they have an auction arm or a raffle arm. They, they’ll have those. And, and obviously there’s a, usually a nominal percentage that they get to keep for helping market those and run the, you know, run the raffles or whatever. But there’s a big chunk of that that’s earmarked to go back to certain projects. And so that’s one thing I maybe we’ll bring up with, with end out today. So

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Yeah, it’s pretty fun. We’re gonna, we’re gonna give them a call here, but a pretty awesome opportunity. Those of you that are following along, if you’re sitting at your desk, you can go to envy dream, envy dream and learn all the facts and figures on there. They’ve got lots of different, there’s even reports on there, Bronson, there’s a little, everything kind of talks about where it goes and whatnot. And then you, you can buy unlimited tickets and like you said, you get to choose your, you gotta hunt within the season, you within the unit, but you can hunt anywhere and everywhere that there’s an open season until you kill. So kind of an awesome opportunity there. True dream, like you said. Let’s give our buddy Jack, Rob, let’s see if he’s even working. Deputy

00:11:52:24 –> 00:11:53:05
Director know.

00:11:53:05 –> 00:11:54:14
Who knows? Deputy Director

00:11:55:12 –> 00:11:55:20

00:11:55:20 –> 00:11:57:08
Sometimes we catch him sleeping in a single,

00:11:57:15 –> 00:11:59:24
We caught him. Remember that day after the deadline we caught him

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Asleep, his chair. He said, well, he said, sorry guys. I would’ve replied, but I fell asleep. And I’m like, were you still clocked in? You know, he’s, you know, he’s on sour. I just get like, give no jack hard time. Yeah.

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Him off. He can take it.

00:12:11:08 –> 00:12:11:17

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He’s from Taba, so he’s gotta take a lot.

00:12:15:00 –> 00:12:17:00
Well extra naps.

00:12:17:09 –> 00:12:17:26
This Jack.

00:12:18:12 –> 00:12:21:02
Hey, did we catch you sleeping in the chair? Are you doing all right?

00:12:21:25 –> 00:12:23:05
I’m doing all right. And you

00:12:23:21 –> 00:12:24:00

00:12:24:17 –> 00:12:25:07
We’re doing good.

00:12:26:00 –> 00:12:27:04
Doing good. Yep.

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Yep. Jason and Adam here at Epic Outdoors. What’s new?

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I just trying to get offices open in these Covid times. Today’s our first day of the front office. So is it really? It’s been a, yeah. Are you, we’re starting to get back in

00:12:42:20 –> 00:12:53:06
Business. They got you with a temperature reader down there. You taking everybody’s temperature as they walk in the door. Give ’em a little grief at, you know, as they walk in noon and before they walk out, or what are you doing?

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No, we’re, we have a doorman that’s actually taking phone numbers and trying to keep people in their cars, start their transaction while people are sitting in their cars. And then just have ’em in the office for limited time for their safety and our staff safety. So, geez, we’re gonna get through it.

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Oh yeah. Good.

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Well, we’re talking about today, Carter and I have been talking about on the podcast, just the, the theory, the principle of hard to draw tags or raffles or things like that. Name hat and your name in the hat. You can’t win if you don’t have a name in the hat. And that brought us to the topic of your dream tags. And that deadline’s rapidly approaching early next week on the 30th, I believe. And just wanted to call and, you know, visit with you a little bit about that. We’ve talked about what they are, how they, you know, the species that they are around Nevada. You can hunt any open unit during the respective weapon season. You know, that’s open at the current time for deer, elk, antelope, both sheep and I guess black bear. And tell us, I guess a little bit about the origin of that program and what some of the monies may be used to and things like that.

00:14:04:26 –> 00:14:37:22
Well, you know, I I, I’ve thought about this program a lot. Not only this program, silver State Tag and p i w and I’m 53 years old. And I look how many more times do I have, how many years do I have left to get to the top of that mountain? And if I say, okay, 63, I got 10 years left to go hunt hard. And if I only put in for the one, you know, the regular draw, I got 10 times. But I put in for all these, I I got 40 chances to get back to the top of that mountain. I’m gonna take that 40 chances at any time. Man, that’s

00:14:37:28 –> 00:14:46:27
Sobering. 10 times. That’s sobering. You’re that much older. Yeah, I think you got 20 and that gives us 28 5.

00:14:48:11 –> 00:15:25:08
It, it, it it’s just a fact of life. And I was born with a bad back and I tell my wife, I won’t see her for Thanksgiving. ’cause there’s a sheep punter and elk cut going on. And we can pretend Thanksgiving any day of the year. So I don’t know how many more times I’m gonna make it. So the more opportunities I can take to get into that game, I’m going to take ’em. So, like I said, there’s four opportunities in Nevada between Silver State, P i w and dreamt tag. And I load ’em all up. I load ’em up from my boys and, and my wife, she, she even puts in for p i w and dreamt tag and, and Silver State tag for Bighorn sheep just to increase those chances.

00:15:27:11 –> 00:16:36:14
These are fantastic programs, all of them. And people go, oh, it’s just a money grab by the Department of Wildlife. And these, these programs did not start at the Department of Wildlife. They started by sportsmen concerned sportsmen, looking at the funding model and how departments are hamstrung in their funding. And, and these programs, silver State and Dreamt Tag were bought, brought in the same legislative session both passed. And they, they are vital to wildlife management in the state. The, the Silver State money goes into the heritage account and that money comes out for projects administered and projects approved through the Wildlife Commission. They’ll be doing that this weekend. P i w goes into that same account, but dreamt Tag was brought forward by Judy, Karen and Diane Belding. They pushed that legislation with Debbie Smith and, and it is a raffle. All these other ones we speak about, you only get one chance Dream tag. You can buy multiple chances and and get in. And

00:16:37:29 –> 00:16:51:20
Well, I think it’s important too to mention like, it’s not non-resident, resident specific per se, where, you know, non-residents, we can apply p i w deer but we don’t get p i w sheep options and things like that. Although we can do the Silver state.

00:16:52:17 –> 00:16:54:03
Yes. Correct. And so for these

00:16:54:04 –> 00:16:59:09
Dream tags, it’s anybody’s, anybody’s game with no, no limit. Non-resident. Resident wise.

00:16:59:28 –> 00:18:00:00
Anybody’s game, I’m looking. Last year Montana drew the antelope, Nevada drew, the Black Bear, Wisconsin drew, the California Bighorn sheep Texas guy drew the mill deer, a Nevada guy did draw the desert, and I’m gonna get back to him here in a minute. But a Wyoming guy drew the elk tank. So Nevada people do have their fair shot at it, but non-residents, they, it’s, it’s equal, equal. Like I said, this money’s administered by the Dream Tag Committee and they’ve really taken a stance to, to help the department in wildfire restoration. We can’t budget for wildfire restoration. So this money’s become vital to be able to get seed on the ground, do habitat improvement after wildfire goes through to help out wildlife. When we had the government shut down a couple years ago, it was during a critical time that we needed to get seed on the ground and the government wasn’t giving us their money to get that seed on the ground.

00:18:00:25 –> 00:18:39:04
And we went to the dream tank, said, Hey, we really appreciate you already gave us, you know, $250,000 this year, but we’re gonna need another 250 to get this done. They, they just with no questions asked, gave us the money and, and we were able to do great things for wildlife. These, these are vital to wildlife programs and wildlife management. We, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without ’em. And you know, they were built around given sportsman opportunity. But this money, when these were built, are built to support vital programs and do great things for wildlife.

00:18:39:19 –> 00:19:34:18
Well, and like you, like some people wanna say, well it’s just a money grab. Yeah. That’s what it’s for. It’s to raise money that’s outside the normal revenue strains with all the either state or federal stipulations that, that state game and fish agencies are mandated on how to spend certain funds. These are separate from that so that they either have a separate committee that approves the, the way that they’re spent or through the Wildlife commission, like you said. And, but the money’s earmarked to do, you know, habitat, water development, reseeding, all that. So yeah, they are, they are a money maker, but they’re all earmarked. And for a, a very small, you look at the tens of thousands of tags that you’re issued collectively throughout Nevada, you’re talking an extra, let’s say five for this silver state and five or six for the dream, roughly. I’m rounding, you know, whatever that is, six or seven doesn’t affect very minimal. It doesn it doesn’t

00:19:34:18 –> 00:19:35:00
Affect a quota.

00:19:35:06 –> 00:19:43:15
No population doesn’t affect the anywhere is getting affected by that. That doesn’t, and it doesn’t affect, draw the hundreds of thousands of dollars that it raises is, is very effective,

00:19:43:15 –> 00:20:31:06
Incredible. Very effective and very beneficial for people that draw tags. It’s very beneficial to all sportsmen and so Yes. Right. You know, and so for five bucks a piece, for five bucks a piece, you can go on there and you can be part of something. You can contribute to the programs, contribute to the fund and, and, and you get to decide. Some years Bronson, some years you and I play raffles harder than others depending on our spendable income, depending on our draw tags. Yeah. The refunds. I was just dropped a refund from Wyoming, by the way, the deer account from my kids, my account. Yeah. Yeah. And so you, you know, at times you look at it and say, okay, I didn’t, I don’t have anything. Maybe I’ll spend a little bit of money on a, you know, a chance. A, it’s a feel good. I get to contribute to something that’s a viable program that’s, you know, giving back a little bit on top of the fact I might get something awesome, I might win. Yeah.

00:20:31:19 –> 00:20:44:24
Well the, there’s, it’s a big carrot dangling out there. There’s no question about it. Silver state dream, it doesn’t really matter. You get a hunt a lot of days. You know, it’s, that’s for you. And I it’s a good thing our wives have other Yeah. They don’t think

00:20:44:26 –> 00:20:45:03

00:20:45:03 –> 00:20:51:01
Mind. It’s so great if if we were to win one of those, those, but that doesn’t matter right now we’re talking about the greater good of wildlife. That’s right.

00:20:51:11 –> 00:20:53:08
That’s right. That’s right. That’s

00:20:53:08 –> 00:21:09:11
Right. I i one of, one of the biggest benefits of the sewer state tag and the the dream tag is they don’t use your bonus points and they don’t put you in a waiting period. They are total separate from that. And, and those laws don’t apply. The waiting period.

00:21:09:19 –> 00:21:14:16
Yeah. No waiting periods. So, you know, some guys, some guys may have drawn antelope and can’t draw again from

00:21:14:18 –> 00:21:30:25
Well, and, and jack elk. Correct. Correct me if I’m wrong as well. If you’ve already drawn a tag for let’s say deer elk, Nevada’s one of the few states that if you draw this, you can have multiple tags right. In the state. You don’t, you don’t have to be disqualified. ’cause you already drew a deer tag in the regular Nevada draw.

00:21:31:13 –> 00:21:51:13
That is correct. This stands on its own. They stand on their own. I’m the, I’m in a, I just told judge, I’m gonna get back to the desert Bighorn sheep punter here a minute ago. The same guy that drew the Nevada dream tag last year went back to back. He drew a, a desert bighorn shoot tag in a main draw

00:21:51:13 –> 00:21:58:01
This in the regular draw. So he gets to hunt twice. Yeah. One dream and then one with that used his points this year. Yeah. Wow.

00:21:58:11 –> 00:22:12:29
Yes. He went back to back. We have another gentleman from your state that has won the dream tag Desert Bighorn sheep and the Silver State Desert Bighorn sheep. Same guy. Wow. Crazy. And the reason they did that, the reason they did that, he’s in the game.

00:22:13:08 –> 00:22:17:00
He’s had a Yeah. There’s no odds that can mathematically calculate that

00:22:17:00 –> 00:22:24:13
And people can say, Hey, something’s wrong. That guy did a unfair whatever. And the guys that are complaining are the guys aren’t playing the guys that are

00:22:24:17 –> 00:22:25:13
Complaining. You gotta be in the game.

00:22:25:17 –> 00:22:50:25
Yeah. You gotta be in the game. Well, cool. Is there anything else you want to throw in there about the dream tag? Obviously we got the deadline coming up, you know, just, it’s just an exciting time of year. Of course we get to hear from all aspects of hunting, the hunting world, people that have got hunts planned, people that are drawing, people that are applying. It’s just, there’s a lot of excitement in our office. And are we missing anything in regards to the dream tags here?

00:22:51:12 –> 00:23:11:25
You people will look for Nevada dream tag. You can Google Nevada dream tag, but if you wanna just get straight to it, it’s envy dreamt Just envy dream Get you right in. You can buy unlimited tickets. You can buy for all six species. Pick what you want. Good luck.

00:23:12:12 –> 00:23:26:08
I’ve got. Yeah. And I’ve got the phone number on here. (775) 333-5499. Is that right? Yes. 7 7 5 3 3 3 54 99 Envy dreamt envy dreamt

00:23:26:19 –> 00:23:27:26
Deadline June 30, is that right?

00:23:27:27 –> 00:23:29:18
Yeah, June 30th. Right Jack?

00:23:30:08 –> 00:23:37:13
Yes it is. And the results will be out last year. I think we got ’em out about the 10th, 11th. Well, we don’t get ’em out.

00:23:38:03 –> 00:23:39:06
Contractor or whoever.

00:23:39:06 –> 00:23:47:18
Third party. A third party administers this for the Dream Tag board and, and the department has just, is hands off from the department.

00:23:48:13 –> 00:24:01:05
What’s the, what’s the, just real quick, what’s the committee made of up of, they got the Dream Tech Committee that decides how to allocate funds. Where do those people come from? You got representatives from different facets of the hunting community or outdoor community, or

00:24:03:12 –> 00:25:50:16
Judy and Diane. They’re the founders of this program. And they are still on the Dream Tag Committee. One is a legislative appointment or they’re both legislative appointments. One from the Senate, one from the Assembly, then there’s the Vice Chairman of Wildlife Commissions on the board every year. And then there’s a governor appointee and then appointee from the Department of Conservation Natural Resource, which Nevada Department of Wildlife is not part of, part of the Conservation Natural Resource Department. But so the Governor Appointee is a former Wildlife Commission chairman, bill Bradley. And then the D C N R appointee is a former Wildlife Commission chairman also Chris McKinsey. So you have a group of people that are really dedicated. I can’t believe we get those commissioners to come back. They really serve their time and they still believe in what they’re doing and, and come back and, and take on another headache like the dream tag and, and you know, approve the projects, follow the projects through and make sure they’re, they’re completed in, in a proper manner. Non non endow people can apply for these monies. And they have and they do get it. And now we have to submit projects just like anybody else to this committee. And we have deadlines, we have progress reports and deadline reports we have to put together to make sure that this money’s spent in a proper fashion. So it’s, it’s a very well kept program and and we appreciate the work that those volunteers do to, to make sure this money gets out in a, in a reasonable manner.

00:25:51:18 –> 00:26:20:17
Well, that’s great. It’s very, it’s, I don’t wanna say it’s totally unique, but it is somewhat in that endow isn’t the one given the head knot. You’re applying for funds just like other organizations or whatever within the state of Nevada. Now naturally, you and your Habitat staff and others are gonna be the lead on many things like wildlife, wildfire restoration, guzzler, guzzler, construction, maintenance, whatever else. But very interesting concept. So yeah, time to play it.

00:26:22:01 –> 00:26:31:06
You’re not gonna win it if you’re not in the game. That’s what it comes down to. And like I said, if I’ve got 10 shots left, I’m gonna turn that 10 into 40 by putting in every chance I get in Nevada.

00:26:32:02 –> 00:26:42:04
Yeah. Okay. My goal is to have a few more years to apply than Jack’s talking about. That’s right. He’s talking about 10 years. That’s, that’s not enough.

00:26:43:04 –> 00:26:48:01
But you know how much it more, it hurts to get up to mountain at 43 than it does 33

00:26:48:01 –> 00:26:55:02
Little and it, and it’s true. But even having said that, we had a Bronson, we had a guy in camp. I had a 80,

00:26:55:25 –> 00:27:00:14
I had a 87 year old desert sheep painter last year. Okay. And it, and it was, wow. He did pretty good. And

00:27:00:14 –> 00:27:05:11
The guy we helped there in Arizona was doing pushup, knuckle pushups. How old is he?

00:27:05:22 –> 00:27:06:28
He was about 79.

00:27:07:23 –> 00:27:13:07
So, and he could, he could whoop us all. He is like, hey. And I mean, he dropped on the floor there in the camp trailer and did start doing

00:27:13:07 –> 00:27:17:05
Knuckle pushups. Pushups. And I’m like, he’s 80 years old. Okay, we’re we, let’s

00:27:17:05 –> 00:27:17:20
Go kill something.

00:27:17:26 –> 00:27:19:13
Let’s go. Anyway. So

00:27:20:12 –> 00:27:23:18
Those guys do exist and they’re my heroes and I hope that’s me.

00:27:24:25 –> 00:27:26:02
Well we appreciate

00:27:26:05 –> 00:27:27:01
I do everything I can.

00:27:27:21 –> 00:27:44:22
Well, we really appreciate your time perspective. Good luck with all the transition to get in your offices back to quote normal and whatnot. And everybody’s listening to this. It’s time I guess get off your, get off your hands, get some tickets in, get off

00:27:44:27 –> 00:27:46:11
Your butt and apply Tuesday,

00:27:46:14 –> 00:27:46:22
I think

00:27:46:27 –> 00:27:56:07
Envy dreamt Go there, apply for what might interest you and it’s unlimited ticket, unlimited chances. You can, you can spend what you’d like to spend on there. So five bucks a whack.

00:27:56:27 –> 00:28:08:18
And we have seen seen people load it up, loaded up heavy and it has benefited them. And we’ve seen people buy, we’ve seen buy one, we’ve seen people buy two, buy two tickets and it benefited them also. There you go.

00:28:09:11 –> 00:28:09:20
All right.

00:28:09:21 –> 00:28:10:20
It’s a raffle. Okay.

00:28:10:20 –> 00:28:13:12
Good luck. Sounds good. Good luck. Hey, we appreciate taking a few minutes.

00:28:14:04 –> 00:28:15:11
All right. Thank you. Alright.

00:28:16:13 –> 00:28:20:17
Okay, so what we wanna do here, we’re gonna cold call a buddy of ours named Dwayne.

00:28:21:05 –> 00:28:27:06
We thought just a few random people, these are purely random. They might hate us for calling them now

00:28:27:10 –> 00:28:45:22
And he might not allow us to use his voice on our podcast. Who knows? I don’t know what he’s going to, he’s a good guy. But this might be a little too much of a surprise. I don’t know. Let’s give him a call. Let’s see if he’ll give any insight to how he gets so lucky. Here we go.

00:28:50:18 –> 00:28:51:05
How are we doing?

00:28:51:14 –> 00:28:52:29
How does it feel to be a winner?

00:28:54:03 –> 00:28:57:27
Well, you know, you’re just jealous ’cause I got that Idaho tag.

00:28:58:21 –> 00:29:01:21
Oh, what about Colorado? What about the last 14 years?

00:29:02:27 –> 00:29:07:20
I just, I just thought that you were calling because you were jealous about me getting the prong horn,

00:29:09:26 –> 00:29:10:12
The their best

00:29:10:12 –> 00:29:12:15
Statement. Third best state in the nation, uncle.

00:29:12:15 –> 00:29:14:09
That may, may or may not be true.

00:29:16:18 –> 00:29:50:01
Hey Dwayne, it’s Adam and Jason here. We’re doing a podcast and we, we know we’re calling interrupting your life and your day, but we’re on the topic today of long shot drawing odds and you gotta at least have a name in the hat. And you’re one of those guys that popped into our minds as living proof of just having your name in the hat. And you, you led off perfectly with, with one of those experiences. And that was, I think you drew a, an antelope tag on one of the initial eight super tags in Idaho. And I told Carter, I says, yeah, Dwayne’s got an antelope tag. You don’t have this here, Carter.

00:29:50:03 –> 00:29:54:23
Yeah. Bronson’s teasing me saying he’s got something you don’t have. And I said, what’s that? And he goes, A third antelope tag.

00:29:57:07 –> 00:30:30:10
But the other thing you did and and we, we, we’ve been visiting with the, it’s the Nevada dream tag draws coming up, but something, I don’t know if it’s ever been done before. Colorado has a, has a raffle tag program for some of their, some of their tag, well all of their tags, but different groups administer them. But they have a, a state statute maximum 25 tickets. You can buy one to 25, but you can’t go over that. So you can’t really load it, flood it up, flood it. Right. And you have drawn two,

00:30:30:18 –> 00:30:33:11
Have you, you’ve drawn two in that one. Is that what I draw

00:30:33:11 –> 00:30:36:06
Three now. I drew the antelope a few years ago also.

00:30:36:15 –> 00:30:45:08
Okay. But dear twice, back to back basically. And, and you can’t mathematically even force the draw. You can’t spend enough money to even, so

00:30:45:08 –> 00:31:03:26
Bronson and I are just talking about guys that are those guys the lucky guys on top of the fact you’ve made some of your luck. I totally get that. You’re, you’re playing, you know, some of these and making sure your name’s in the hat. But these are some of the things that are coming to mind. And I, we just wanted to talk to a winner. We just wanna talk to somebody that feels like a winner.

00:31:05:27 –> 00:31:43:22
And you know, I mean the truth of the matter is, is I’ve been hearing this for, you know, I don’t even know how many 12, 15 years apply, apply, apply. And you know, it a raffle is another application in, in essence. Yeah. You know, so I mean, you know, certain raffles sell astronomical amount of tickets. You might not purchase a raffle ticket in that spot, but then others, you know, don’t, or vice versa. You know, like Ybi seems to sell a lot of tickets. Well if I’m gonna put it on a sheep draw, I’d rather take a hundred bucks and put it in Montana versus Ybi if they’re selling roughly the same about

00:31:44:01 –> 00:31:48:22
Just ’cause you can hunt a one 90 or 95 ram versus a 1 70, 75. Exactly.

00:31:49:02 –> 00:32:02:11
So, you know, if the raffle is gonna sell, you know, $200,000 in tickets in Wyoming and Montana, why instead of putting a hundred in each state or 50 or 20 in each state, you maybe double up the one where it’s obviously better, you know, the

00:32:02:11 –> 00:32:05:06
Carrot’s bigger if you were to get it. Yeah. If you were to. Yeah.

00:32:05:19 –> 00:32:11:12
But you’re playing a lot of, even some of these that are tough to draw. You’re still, you’re still playing some of these

00:32:11:15 –> 00:32:12:06
The token amount.

00:32:12:08 –> 00:32:39:26
Yeah. I mean, in Arizona I have a ticket in everyone I’m interested in, you know. Yeah. You know, there’s obviously certain raffles you’re more interested in or certain you’re less interested in. But you know, I have a dream tag in each one of the dream tags. I don’t know how many Yeah. You know, but you gotta have a ticket and everything. I mean, a lot of, a lot of draws you don’t end up winning that you think you’re gonna get. And then there’s some that you just go, holy macros.

00:32:40:02 –> 00:33:24:26
There you go. I, we talked about that this morning too. Whether it’s, you don’t really ever hold your breath on raffles too much. There’s a few that you can stack in the odds in your favor, but, but when it comes to state draw tags, we let off this podcast today talking about me, I’ve had, I’ve had units this year that were 50 to a hundred percent. I should get ’em a hundred percent on paper last year. Everybody with my points are higher. Got it. And I’ve applied and I didn’t, I, I mean I have antelope tags in Wyoming where there was four applicants with my point level three of them drew. And I didn’t, I mean, so I had a 75% chance and I draw and then I draw 101 in 150 or whatever mountain goat tag in Alaska. So stuff, it just all evens out. You gotta just have your name in the hat, gotta

00:33:24:26 –> 00:33:28:26
Have your name in the hat and you, that’s the truth. You’re and you’re that guy. You’re that guy. Well

00:33:28:26 –> 00:33:37:00
Yeah, I, I have had my name of the hat a lot of times. Yes. But I have definitely broken the, the bold. I mean I’ve been very blessed with that.

00:33:37:17 –> 00:33:41:12
Yeah. If you don’t draw another tag till the day you die, you came out ahead.

00:33:41:15 –> 00:33:42:07
Hey, don’t say that.

00:33:43:05 –> 00:33:46:19
Don’t jinx him. If you jinxed him here, he’s gonna hunt you down for the rest of your life.

00:33:47:08 –> 00:34:12:13
Hey, the world wants me to jinx him. I mean, we’re all tired of it, Dwayne just say, alright. No, we appreciate your time. We just wanted to talk to a winner. You know, somebody that’s somebody that’s doing this, that, that believes in it and you’re, and it’s not like you’re just loading the draw. You may load the draw on some of ’em, but some of them you, there’s a maximum limit of of tickets you can have in there and anyway, and you’re, you’re good at drawing, you’re good at having your name.

00:34:12:23 –> 00:34:39:06
Yeah. And I mean, I’ve been saying that in Colorado, you know, when I first started 6, 7, 8 years ago, I said, Hey, I’m gonna do, you know these raffles every year? Well I can only buy 25 tickets, but I’m gonna buy my 25 tickets because that’s the only, I can’t afford to go buy a gov tag. So, you know. Yeah. And then you draw it the first time you think, well, it’s just persistence. Okay. Another 20 years. Hopefully I draw it again today, I call you the second time you go. It’s a whole other level of excitement. Something

00:34:39:06 –> 00:34:41:07
To do with your name. I don’t know, I don’t know.

00:34:41:21 –> 00:34:57:19
Good mojo going on and just keep it going, Dwayne. Well, and we look forward to maybe we’ll have you back the end of the year and, and let you know, either see photos in the mag or whatnot, visit with you about how your hunts went. So pretty unique. So yeah, thanks for taking a few minutes with us today

00:34:57:23 –> 00:35:02:29
And we appreciate your support here at Epic Outdoors and our membership drive as well. So yeah. Anyway,

00:35:03:07 –> 00:35:06:24
You just need to draw me one of these times. I know, but drawing these other guys, I,

00:35:07:02 –> 00:35:09:01
I don’t know what to say. Sometimes you’re not a winner.

00:35:11:12 –> 00:35:12:26
Alright, Dorian, thanks a lot.

00:35:12:28 –> 00:35:14:16
Well you guys have a great day. Thanks. Okay,

00:35:14:16 –> 00:35:15:25
You too. Thank you. Talk to you later. Bye. Bye.

00:35:17:06 –> 00:36:04:18
Well, so it’s that time of year. It’s the end of June about all there is to do is dream pun intended. There’s a few raffles that are still out there. The Nevada dream. We talked a day or two ago about the Wyoming big game, super raffle. They’re just another pipe dream. But somebody’s gonna go home with every one of those tags that they’re gonna draw. And if you at least have a name in the hat, whatever your means can throw in there, it’s good things can happen. We, we talked to some people today and every single year, and if you don’t have enough on your schedule and you want to keep, you know, double down, I guess throws names in the hat, money goes to a good cause In most all these instances we’re talking about here, these last, these last hurrahs so to speak.

00:36:05:01 –> 00:36:29:14
We know a lot of guys that just believe you should at least have one name in the hat. The minimum have a name in the hat. You cannot win if you don’t have a name in the hat. Bronson, I can look at what you, you applied in, in Alaska for goat. I didn’t apply. I I, I keep going back to that same thing with, you know, any of these draw tags, raffle tags, whatever. You can’t win if you’re not in there, you know, well

00:36:29:15 –> 00:36:49:29
Just look at us. We both drew Oregon sheep tags and, and if you were to say, should we have done that? Was it a smart move to apply for sheep and goat? You know, well GOAT now we couldn’t even put in for goat back then. Yeah. It was marginal whether we should have even done it. But we did it. And, and I’m not saying we should have drawn just because they, and you

00:36:49:29 –> 00:36:56:07
Laughed, I checked my organ results and you’re like, what do you think you really drew goat? Well, I might’ve, I applied. Yeah,

00:36:56:09 –> 00:37:03:08
You did. And you had a couple premium tags for deer, elk in there too, to where you could, those are like many governor tags in one unit, so they’re awesome.

00:37:03:16 –> 00:37:06:12
So I applied for it and it said not successful,

00:37:06:19 –> 00:37:48:24
Not drawn or whatever, whatever their loser phrase says. But yeah, but it doesn’t matter. You move on. And anyway, you hit a few of these, you hit a couple of these, some of these are, honestly, some of these, if you were to hit would, I don’t wanna sound like something would trump your family and your health and everything else, but from a hunting perspective only they would change your life. A couple of these tags we’re talking about, they do change your life. They would, you’re talking about a, a statewide sheep tag somewhere statewide mule deer tag. And the opportunity could literally be a, a life changing hunt. I mean, not just a, you know, the phrase that rolls off our tongue commonly, the once a lifetime hunt, these could literally change your hunting life. So anyway,

00:37:48:25 –> 00:38:18:11
Well, when you’re grinding a work every day, it’s nice to have something to look forward to that is of enjoyment, you know, pastime, whatever. Just, man, I’m looking forward to this hunt. I’m looking forward to that hunter, whatever. It just keeps you going when life is a grind in general. So anyway, we encourage everybody to get out there. Go to envy dreamt, apply, get a ticket in there and or any of these other raffles that are coming up, just have a, have a name in the hat. We believe in having names in the hat you can’t draw. If there’s no name in there,

00:38:19:23 –> 00:38:22:08
Good luck. Let us know. Talk to you later.