Marriage Counseling for Hunters with Dr. Paul. In this episode we talk with our friend Paul Marshall. Epic consultants Wyatt, and Devin, are both getting married within two weeks and we thought it would be helpful to get some marriage advice specifically for hunters. We enjoy a lot of laughs while discussing some common topics that hunters face while trying to maintain healthy relationships.

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Let’s call somebody. Let’s call the epic shrink. Paul Marshall,

Here we go. Get comfortable. We got the bachelor’s for the time being on the mic with

This. Okay. Wyatt and Devin meet Paul Paul, meet Wyatt, Devin, anything to do with Western big game.


To the epic outdoors podcast powered by under Armour. So I thought today I was gonna get a free COVID antibody test. My wife texted me and said, Hey, red cross is in town. This little hotel in town, eight to one, go donate blood. They’re just donating blood. But as incentive they would they’ll do antibody testing, you know, and all that. I’m like, all right, we’ve talked about that here.

Did you

Have, I had a body blood ought to be worth something. And I thought has it, maybe I’d walk it over to the it’d be worth cripples and sell it. Maybe it’s worth something. I don’t

Know. Opt out. Say, thanks for the test. I’m


Take back. I’m feeling really sick.

I didn’t

Sign. I forgot. I, I had a bunch of aspirin. I’m not ready anyway.

But so I walked, I walked into the hotel. There’s all the signs. There’s like two people there. And, and the, and hardly any cars I’m like, this will be painless. And she’s like, do you have an appointment? I said, no. She says, we don’t take anybody.

You don’t appointment. Come

On. And I said, really?

There’s you don’t enough people here?

No, it’s just, that’s what we gotta do. Because you know, we don’t wanna be overwhelmed with people. So, and I says,


Am I missing here? And I just, I just turned,

You have empty chairs.

Yeah. I just turned and walked out. I was like, all right.

Wow, good lunch. They’re getting less blood donated because of that. No blood

Anyway. And I guess, and

I get emails, like place time. Don’t we got people dying left and right. Yeah. But if you don’t have an appointment, we’re gonna let

’em die. She said, you gotta go to the website and make an appointment.

So why I, so, because you didn’t, there’s possibility that one dude died or gal. Yeah,

I guess. Yeah.

Wow. I don’t even think what’s this world coming to,

I don’t think anybody even want my blood. You know,

He’s talking himself

Out of it. It is

All blood, all blood matters.

It is a good point. Devi. You, you raise a good valid point.

I mean,

Show me pictures of the dude that has the blood. That’s gonna be in my body. I’d like to see. Okay. Who is it? Okay. No, no, no. Yes.

Hey, once it’s out of you, it’s not yours. I mean, come on.


Not like he’s taken your arm.

You know, when they say it’s in your blood, there’s things in our blood that

He’s tainted for. There’s little things that they don’t even test for. Start

Thinking about deer and weird things. Yeah.

Well that’s their problem. If they start having weird blood

From an anti hunter, let’s just say you’re on their deathbed and you need some blood.

Well, if it was life or death, yeah. I’d survive. But

You never know.

You don’t want bad blood.

I survive. You never know if they’re gonna pick up on these, get Archer, ball’s blood and have red Dawn tendencies right after.

I mean, and there’s some anti hunters that wouldn’t want our blood. No,


Not. Like I am not that blood’s killed some things. All

That’s full out protein in that blood. Never

Thought of it that way, but what

A way to start this podcast. Hey everybody, Jason Carter and the epic crew come at

You. It’s getting bloody.

You’re gross Devin. Now I got people’s blood visioned in my mind in my body. But if it is deathbed or an anti Hunter’s blood, why you’d have to do it, bring it on. We’ll change that blood. We’ll make anti-hunting blood hunting blood

One drop at a time.

All right. Hey everybody, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, the epic crew coming at you from Southern Utah. I like to thank under arm sponsor in this podcast. We appreciate them. They got some great things coming. We had a big old group chat with ’em this morning and lots coming out. So anyway, good direction. We’re excited. It’s gonna happen right here at the end of the month. All right. Let’s move forward. Wyatt. Yeah.

How are you? Wyatt? You know, Wyatt

Wyatt was dragging his feet Bronson coming into the room today. Well,

But he was, but he was here before Archer ball.

That’s a good point. Archer ball. We’re all waiting on arch ball that somebody had to say, Hey, get in there. Are you gonna lose pay for the next three weeks?

I, he was, I wanted a fresh bottle of water.

Took me 15 minutes to get it

That two hours. So it’s you gotta be prepared.

He had to hunt for the right brand of water before he was comfort

Around here lately.

Good. You know, what’s funny is he’s

We’re people pleasers.

He’s that’s a good point too. We are, but he’s brow people into thinking it’s either Nestle or nothing because Jan behind the scenes is like, quite frankly, Nestle sucks. I love Arrowhead. And then our gals in the office, they were like, yeah, I don’t know where Devin gets at. I love Arrowhead. They oh yeah.

Oh yeah. No. Oh yeah.

Sydney. They don’t dare say it to you because you’re such a commanding presence in the room. They’re they’re scared of

You. She told me ever since she heard that Arrowhead’s never been the same. Maybe it’s in her head, but there’s a taste factor. Well,

And she would, if she wants to get on your good side, I, I see you’re saying things like that.

It’s all about where? I mean, if you’re from Southern Utah and you’re drunk drink. Well, water Arrowhead tastes like

That from the ground. Natural Jan comes from OPA you know, Northern.

Oh yeah.


Wyoming. Yes.

Oh yeah. Wyoming drinking outta the Creek. That’s

Arrowhead. That’s right.

So anyway, my second monster Bronson

Number one. No way in the afternoon. Yeah. We’re about ready to cut loose with some thunderstorms. It looks like we’re all watching the window pretty close. So we haven’t had rain for, I don’t know how long here months. Well, we had, I I’d take aback. We had a shower literally right over like half of town in the office. Parts,

Parts of town. Like

You guys live out there or there wasn’t even not drop, not a drop, nothing. Five miles out here. It was bone dry. But the

Parking lot had puddles in it

Here. It was, it was stunk. The water stunk. Cuz I think that’s so much

Contam used to be, be cleansed that it’s like when, when a rain hits and it cleanses things,

It had gutter water. It was, it was stunk. It was bad. Anyway.


To bring it on the rain and see what that does to all these bow hunters that are, that got water on their mind for the bow hunt in the three weeks. Yeah.

That’s the one thing like these desert units where the Arizona strip, if it gets dry, these deer need water. They’re vulnerable gets wet. You need to be spotting and stocking. Right? W exactly. So why we let Wyatt off the hook? He was

The target.


No. What do

You mean? He’s already defensive. He’s mad. Don’t get mad. He’s crystal

Basically sees weekend in his sight and he’s got a podcast headset on

Right now. He thought we’d make it till five without doing a podcast. It’s two 11, sorry. You’re in here doing a podcast with this. And we also look through what boys. N L pierces.

Yeah. New one L pierces Wek.

Pretty impressive. We got these shipped to us. We’ve been, we got the

Crush and the twelves that’s right. Tens and twelves today. It was pretty let’s let’s have a little round table here.


Awesome. What is everybody’s thoughts? I’m gonna keep mind for the,

My initial thought. I’m just gonna say this.

Okay. Which

Is which,

Oh, you can’t tell that. Yeah. It’s I it’s impossible

Case style wise.

Like you can’t tell a difference by just looking at ’em unless you look at the label 12 to 42, you cannot visually tell. Okay. Yeah.


That was very, they’re very perceptive there. Definitely.

We, we talked about that when we had the eights here that they were gonna be that way. But when you literally see ’em, when

You see ’em and you got twelves and tens, basically side by side, there is no difference.

They worth thin and ounce or something. Half ounce. You got

A really good feel in your hand too. Oh

Yeah. They are really

Good feel. Okay. So you got that. Now let’s jump into, we threw ’em out on a tripod looking 4.5 miles away and two point whatever.

Yeah. We had two Hills, 2.4, five or 2.7. You said on the one hill and about 2.4 0.2, four point. And it was overcast. It was pretty good light actually, when we did this. Yeah. Plus we had 15 LCS, which we all

Hi, Def Zo awesome glass.

So we had 15, eight LCS, 12 N O peers and 10 N O peers.



Do we think? What jump in now? It, all of our opinions might slightly vary. That’s normal on

Here between the tens and twelves. There was a difference for me. You could definitely tell a, a pretty noticeable difference, not in the clarity, but in the magnification, for sure. They’re super clear. Pair of glass jumping between the 12 and fifteens. There was a clarity, you know, a little bit, a little bit clear with the twelves, but the, the magnification of the fifteens

You saw it. Yeah. The three power you noticed,

You know, I did notice. Yes, I could. I could tell the difference and

Begs the question for me though. Do you want clear or do you want three power that begs the that’s yeah. That’s where you’re at

For me though, looking through the tens and twelves and I agree with everything why I said, but that two power, it seemed

Like 10 to me. And the

12, it seemed like more than two to me. Yeah.

On the two

Between the, yeah, they were literally 18 inches apart. You look here, you look here, clarity’s I identical. But it felt more than two power. Looking through the twelves, it felt like a three to five power. More to me, I

Felt the same way. Going from 10 in LPI to a 12 in L here, there was it

Wasn’t, it wasn’t a subtle

Difference. Didn’t feel like 20%, you know, which basically, I mean, it felt like 30, 40% it was sign, I’d say 30%. It was significant

So much that I think that then when we went from twelves to fifteens, there was a clarity issue that the twelves were clear. The NL peers, to me, that three power jump to fifteens didn’t feel as big of jump to me as it did from the tens to twelves in the NLS. But that was just me. I, even though it’s three power magnification, I don’t, I don’t know. Maybe it was the, because the field of view, wasn’t a whole lot different because we’ve learned about, you know, that in the NL peers, the field of views are bigger for 40 twos, like 20%, maybe it was, you know, more comparable with the 56 at that range. I, I don’t know. I was impressed. I, I’m not gonna get rid of my fifteens, but, but there’s a niche for like twelves when you can’t have both. It’s the perfect, it’s the perfect blend of, and there’s so little they’re

Little and, and the, okay, so the world’s gonna say and ask, I could buy fifteens or I could buy twelves Bronson. What would you do? Money? No, no object. Which one? And I think that’s where we’re at is, is tonight. I think tonight when the, when the sun’s going down and we’re really darker and to be able to really tilt the nice thing about these twelves and I’m, and I’m letting you off the spot just for a minute to collect your thoughts, because that is a good question. If you had 12 or fifteens, would you just go sell ’em and buy a 12? Probably not. No. The nice thing about the twelves they’re light, like you said, you’d throw ’em in a cargo pocket. Yeah. You could, you know what I mean? You could throw ’em in your cargo pocket, you and there’s a lot of times Bronson and Wyatt and Devin, John, Chris, sometimes we’re wondering you go on these sheep hunts you’re, you know, say doll, sheep, stone, sheep. And you’re like, I don’t wanna pack my fifteens. They’re giant heavy, but I like that magnification, but my tens I’m gonna feel UN undergo so to speak

Twelves fit that. Perfect. Yeah. And even, even a lot of our, maybe even there’s some of our deer hunting areas that we hike into for a night up into a, you know, you don’t want to take both because I don’t like to wear fifteens on my chest when I’m stalking an animal. I, I, I really don’t like that. And certain times when you hunt sheep in certain places, I choose fifteens over tens. When I can only have one, because you want that ability to sit down and use your fifteens. When you’re packed in sheet hunting somewhere tens, get swallowed up in the desert. And they’re like, you’re way underpowered. You really are. So now you’re gonna have, have the best of a lightweight chest Bino with the ability to put it on a tripod in that situation when you’re back at your truck or your weight’s not an issue.

Yeah. You’re gonna have your fifteens in your pack or in your, you know, driver’s seat. You’re out there, glass of fifteens, and you’re gonna have your 10, you know, tens are, are still a universal, especially if you’re a bow hunter twelves, aren’t gonna be as good bow hunting. You’re you, you wanna, you don’t wanna be zoomed in or you’re hunting timber, hunting elk in tight. I mean, it’s not a be, it’s not a better all around vinyl because you’re you need tens or something when you’re kill in killing mode when you’re stocking or you’re bow hunting. I, I don’t, I don’t think you’re gonna want tens on your chest for all situations. Certain

Situations. You’re basically saying a two for

One, you know? Yep. You are. That’s the way I see it. If you have the luxury to, to have the gap, it’s like the gap wedge in golf, right?

It’s like the 2000 Tundra. It was a, it’s a V8, but it’s a small truck, but it’s not a small

Truck. Yeah. Okay. You wanna liken it to something you that’s?

Well, I don’t play golf. It’s perfect. That’s right. But, but I wanna track with you,

But yeah, you’re going, you get a pitching wedge and now you got, you know, you got a hundred yard or 110 yarder and that pitching wedge, you’re gonna go deep. You need a 58 54 something

Else. Good point. It has a

Specific, I

Like the gap makes total sense. I

Like the truck analogy better, cuz I don’t know what

You’re talking about. I’m thinking he’s talking soccer. I dunno. Anyways.

Hey, let’s like the rifles. Okay. You got a 22, 2 50 and you got a 300 ultra you split the difference with the six, five

PR feet told me, makes sense. Six, five PR and the six, five could kill a moose. Yeah, it can. It could kill an lop. Yep.

Now, and there’s certain situations hunting a moose or something. It, you could kill it, but you wouldn’t probably you

Could kill, but you, but if you could have the best of both worlds, you’d have a 3 38, a 300, a 28, a 26, a six five, a 22, 2 52, 20 swift,


17. And today that are we hunt foxes or cos okay. I will take the 22, 2 50 versus the 17. Unfortunately.


How we,

I don’t know. That’s how we are. We’re gonna have tens, twelves and fifteens

That’s and we need ’em all because they are,

Most, everybody already has tens of one shape or size. And so there are

The one thing I will. My opinion. When you pick up a pair of tens, you have to have a pair. I’m telling you

They’re the best tens you’re ever gonna. I can

Put your blown away. I was blown away. I put up the tens and they’re solid. In your hand, the twelves, I felt like gave you a little bit of shake as, as a heavy power vinyl wood. I felt like there was a little less stability there. One thing I wanted to talk about just a little bit, doctor optics, not, not super clear optics, but tons of magnification at times I’m backed under gunned using fifteens because they were clearer versus say a pair of doctors. Yeah. Now I could have a 30, 40, 50 power Bino or whatever, but I would take a pair of fifteens at five miles and have the clarity just super clear. And I think that’s what we’re gonna be up against on these twelves. Some guys want the power, lots of guys. And they kill big stuff because they have high power optics back in the day when they, there wasn’t a BTX option and they were less clear. But I personally, me personally, I love clear, perfect clear glass. That Trump’s power for me personally, pretty darn hard to beat, to pair of twelves. However, like, like Adam said, yeah, the fifteens are not quite as clear, but they are freaking clear. Fifteens are clear. They’re not by still. They’re still an amazing pair of buy feels

Like we live behind those more than anything else. Really? When we’re hunting sheep or deer, it feels like you do. I, I, I was waiting to, to like you guys to see what a pair of twelves felt like in your hands, because when you hold, try to handhold fifteens, when you try to, you know, use that as you’re all around Bino on a sheet, doesn’t


It, it drives me crazy. Especially if you’re trying to look at 300 yards or something like that, it’s just, I hate not being steady. And the twelves are nowhere near that bouncy, but they they’re, it’s noticeable.

It’s not as solid as a pair of tens. Yeah,

That’s right. Is that what you guys

Thought? The tens were solid. And then with, in my opinion, between the twelves and fifteens, like when we had ’em side by side, on a tripod, we talked about the field of view. We could, I could see the sky over the mountain. I could see the truck in the parking lot next to us where, whereas with the 12, 15 with the 12, with, with the fifteens you’re seeing, I could barely see a liver, a sky and halfway up the hill. Yeah. You

Had a, yeah.

You just, it’s hard to explain to that without having those in your

Hands. And you also had the, a little CRISPR image. Yeah.


You we’re looking at head light on a truck four

And a half miles don’t you don’t realize like a pair of fifteens. You don’t notice that black ring until you use a pair of ML pierces because you can, you literally can’t focus your eye on enough

On all of it. You have to move your eye around.

Yeah. So you’re gonna pan less. That’s that’s to MES pretty neat. You kinda just sit there and

It’s kinda like when you get on your spotting scope on 20 power versus you dial it into 60, like when it’s on 20 there’s too much for you to just see, you’ve gotta, you’ve gotta look with your eye all through the whole thing, searching. Yep.

Oh, I

Like pretty fun. Pretty

Neat. So addicting. And

They’re they feel so I don’t so good in

Your house. So when you had just

Like the eights, did

We had a good friend, dusty white come in, of course he’s on the waiting list, right? To get a pair he’s paid his deposit. Let’s just call him and just see what he says. All right. He, he went and looked at a pair on his own accord, like we’re in the office working. He grabbed him outside.

Did one of you guys doing Instagram post and he happened to drive by and got wifi and stopped by. Oh

Yeah. Oh yeah. It wasn’t me. It was Chris. Chris does our social media.

Epic optics. He did. He must have saw that. All

Right. Let’s see what he says. See if he’ll even answer.

He’s not gonna like to be on without Mike.


Hey, you got him bedded?

Yeah. I wish that’s where I was. That’d be awesome.

What are you doing?

I’m sitting behind a desk looking out the window and looking like it’s gonna start raining here pretty soon.

What’s the weatherman does to say we gonna have rain. Yeah.

I think it’s a little too late though. We needed it like a month ago. Yeah.

Yeah. You find it any big deer out there.

Some nice, nice animals, but nothing. Nothing giant for sure.


How about you

Hard answer that question card.

Ah, mic drop. Somebody telling

He’s on the podcast.

Oh, Hey dusty. You you’re on a hot mic.

Oh, oh, alright. That’s that’s

Why you’re acting all quiet on me then.

Yeah. Yeah. That was a great question though. Cuz we asked that to him face to face without a mic and we still get the same response.


These guys ask too many questions. Dusty. They ask too many questions. I can ask those, but nobody else can, Hey, you stop by the office. You, you obviously sign to grand post or whatever. Cause I didn’t even call you or tell you. And we have the NAL peers in the tens and the twelves you took ’em outside. This is not scripted. Give us your opinion.

Well, I looked through the tens and the twelves as well. I mean my first time looking through ’em and just kind of hurt you guys’ feedback before and kind finally got a fill for myself. And I mean the, the tens are truly, truly amazing. I mean they’re super clear. I mean it’s top the line glass. I mean, I’ve, I’ve got some other glasses. I’m a firm firm believer that. I mean, optics is your, probably your, your most important piece of tool, I guess, out in the field. And I’ve got some other ones that I’ve used and tried different brands and stuff and these ones are truly, I mean the best I’ve looked through for dang. Sure. I, I was hoping that I could just slide those in my pocket as I was walking out.

It’s probably like one of five or 10 pair in the us basically. Does you? Yeah. Good luck with that.

Nice. Right. Right.

Well, Devin was talking about putting these twelves in a, in his cargo pocket. I mean, it feels that way. Don’t they they’re, they’re lightweight and then very condensed concise,

Man. I can’t believe how, how both of them feel in your hand. I mean, they’re, they’re amazingly comfortable to fill and to grip in your hand and you can’t tell the difference between the tens of the twelves, just hold them. But I mean, I took ’em outside and looked through ’em and I mean, obviously there’s, there’s a difference, but yeah, I think tens or twelves, I mean, you could put ’em in your pocket and you, I mean obviously can not till the difference in size or anything. They’re they’re awesome.

What’d you think of the twelves? Were they just a little bit shaky on your hand holding them compared to tens?

It would. I mean, I’ve, I’ve kind of done a little bit of reading and research on ’em and stuff. And a few of the guys that I’ve read stories on of have kind of commented that twelves would probably be good for packing around just like tens and stuff. But I mean, for my personal opinion, it was a little shaky little, I mean, especially when you’re in close to an animal or something like that and your nerves are going or something like that, it’d be, they’re a little, a little shaky. I feel like you’d have to probably put ’em on a tripod or something like that. I don’t know that. I mean, I’ve got some fifteens too and I mean, they’re, they’re pretty comparable to the, to the fifteens. I think, I mean, they’re both, both in good classes. So,

So the twelves, the twelves and I mean, they’re you you’re, those are tripod BNO. And for all intents and purposes, you could take ’em out. Be better than a 15. I Adam and I both felt like they weren’t quite as shaky. Let’s call it for lack of better term, you know, then say a 50,

No, no nowhere near that shaky, but they’re no, they’re not what you used to in a 10. And that means there’s like no shake in tens. Normally no noticeable shake. It’s

Right. I don’t know that I would ever, ever try to free hand my fifteens. I mean, as Shak as they would be, I don’t know that I’d ever try to freehand them, but these twelves you, I mean, you could do it a lot easier than you could the, the fifteens for sure. So yeah.


Super clear. They’re pretty impressive. Didn’t you think?

Oh yeah. Yeah. They’re they’re great. I mean, I, I can’t wait to get, get my own set and get after it.

You don’t, you don’t want your deposit back?

No, I, I think I should just take them glasses and use ’em for a few weeks then we’ll decide.

All right guy. Well, have a good day. Appreciate you answering the phone. Didn’t know if you’d answer, so

Yep. Got her. Thanks guys. Thank


Bye. Okay. We’ll see you.

Everybody will answer once.

Oh yeah, I know. Well, alright. On a different subject boys.

What’s that?

How’s the marriage plans going? Are you guys still engaged? Number one,

Still going as far as we

Do, we’re within two weeks, two weeks. Two to what? 14 to 18 days. Yeah. What are

We? Five, 15 days I think.

And then what are you? Six, 17. 17. Wow. Wow. What Chris did you say? Wow to them. Yeah. Yeah.

Yes I did Adam and it has nothing to do with me.

I just haven’t heard from Chris in a minute and he piped up like that when we were talking 15 and 17 days. But anyway,

Holy cow

Trying to make this a trifecta, but it’s not gonna happen.

No. Chris is holding strong, making us proud. So why, you know, you left the office a little early on Tuesday. I heard I, I was scouting. How are you doing

Things are good now, you know, had to, had to go take a little bit of a project over.


I guess didn’t even take it over. She, I just watched it happen more or less, but I was there, but you were

Moral support. Yeah. You’re learning what that means. Yeah. The, to just being buyer your by your lady. Yeah.

And so I, I wasn’t here, but go ahead. I’d like to know what why’d you have to leave. What, what, what would happen? What transpired?

We were just struggling a little bit with getting announcements out. Okay. So we’re a little bit past the, I guess there’s a three week, three week window. Or

Is that the magic

Number? I think that’s the magic number. I didn’t know, but I found out,

But you need to write a handbook.

What I think’s interesting is it wasn’t a problem until what?

Until it was a

Problem until Archer ball comes to work Monday

And he has his announcements.

Hey, we got our announcements in the mail. That feels good to get that off our chest. You looked at him like here’s an

Announce, here’s an announcement for Carly. How are your coming? Why


Isn’t that about, but isn’t that how panic set in? Pretty much,

No, it was a problem before that actually, because the Friday, Friday before they were supposed to get picked up and it didn’t happen. So then we had to go over the weekend and then it turned to the first of the week and they still weren’t out.

And then, and then arch ball says they’re in the minor, in the mail and he’s getting married two days after you, after you. And so you’re li and it pretty soon, it’s a half day of work and you’re driving three hours. I

About taking his gal scouting while you’re looking stamps. Well,

Panic never really sat in on my end. Cause I looked at it like we have 14 days. Like how much notice do people really need


Or three days is enough. Geez.

For me, if it

Was any longer, two weeks, I’d forget.

If I, if I text him a photograph and say you’re invited. I mean, it works.

I mean, yeah. Check my Instagram

By, by the way, this is tonight. Guys

Come bring me a gift, but I’m poor Bri me cash. All right.

So they, they are in the mail and out.

So from, from midday, you drove up there, you licked envelopes and stamps and she’s a static. And now it’s by midnight, you’re a hero.

I didn’t even get to lick the envelopes that was above my pay grade. I was just apply a stamp. This corner here apply a stamp.

I’m gonna clock. You

Drove up there to puts on

Envelopes. Yes, I just, and

Hey, you said you got your marriage license done?

Yeah. Marriage license done. Didn’t

Until that was a thing till about week and a half ago. Well arch,

What do you mean?

You just thought, what do you mean? Didn’t know it was a thing you

Have to pay for a license to get married.


The state’s gonna take

70 bucks.


It welcome 70 bucks.

Welcome to taxes. I

Didn’t, that’s been a lot 23 year four. I don’t know. Years

What the policing began. I don’t arch remember that bald bro, bro. So I, I happen to see a good deer. I’m thinking arch ball needs to come check it out. He tells me he’s gonna go check it out. That, that night. Okay. So about four. I remind him, by the way I saw good deer. I think you need to come check it out. Just go check it out. No, he didn’t. He, I says, well, you know, I forgot that. I told Miranda that we were gonna fill out marriage license papers. And I’m thinking over a dear tonight. It needs to happen tonight. So I come home fast forward. He doesn’t go look, he looks the next day. What’d you see?

We found him. I glassed him up

Better. And he’s awesome. Right? Yeah. Okay. Okay. I mean significant. Okay. Significant. I’m laying in bed and I’m like Jana, these kids. I’m like, I, we see a good buck. Time is up the essence. Look at this deer. Let’s get a game plan instead. He’s filling out paperwork and Jan’s like, I can’t believe him. He’s gonna make amazing. This

Is what happened. He is gonna make


Husband. No, listen, this is, we did it. Well, we couldn’t. I told Adam him. I said, oh, it closes at four. Who, who would’ve thought that the court, the courthouse closes at four and you, then we had to do it online, which was stressful. Cuz she lost her driver’s license. Well, you can’t get that without a driver’s license. Right. So we get a copy. We do all this stuff. We’re ready to go. And it’s like seven, almost 7:00 PM.


PM. And I did this in college when me and w were roommates. So I said, let’s just flip a coin. If we’re meant to go, we we’ll go really flip a coin. It was heads. We stayed home, stayed

Home home.


Maybe it was

Apparently you’re gonna make a great husband according to Jan.

Yeah. But according to Jason, even though the hunt is three and a half weeks away, you should have been on that deer right then. Cause what are you gonna do? I want

You can’t trust me. Okay.

I’m thinking I just,

During the hunt, during

The hunt in 2.5 hours, you should be sitting here right here right now.

And I’m putting another hat on. If it’s during the hunt. Yeah. Get up there now and kill it. That’s right. It’s three and a half weeks before the hunt. I know Carter’s having a come apart.

I know I a total come apart. So anyway, you’re gonna make a great husband. Jenna’s in total agreement. I, I was beside myself, but I’m starting to see the light. Let’s call somebody. Let’s call the epic shrink. Paul Marshall. Okay. Now you guys weren’t

Part of this. I thought you guys were joking. I heard that one. Yeah. We listen to that podcast.

No, I think he’s wanting to give you a few words of advice

And I’ve got something for Paul that I’m not gonna reveal until we have him on, on the phone.

Let’s call him. It’s gonna, let’s see if he’s off the clock or I, cause we’re not gonna pay his fee. There’s no way. No. I mean, unless it’s sound advice, we’ll see what the advice is. And then we’ll pay later. Just like you do at dinner. Hold on like tipping.


Epic. Paul epic shrink.


Shrink, shrink, epic. Shrink. How are you?

Epic something. Yeah, I’m good. How are you? Good.

Are you in session or do we got your undivided for a few minutes?

You got my undivided for about 30

Minutes. Whoa,

Dude. This is gonna get

Good. Here we go. Get comfortable. We got the, we got this. The bachelor’s for the time being on the mic with this, I think we teed this up a week or so ago. And you alluded that you maybe had some words of wisdom for these gentlemen.

First. I wanna know your credentials. Have you ever had clients that are premarital, marital and post marital?


You know what I mean? No.


All the above. Yeah. Have you, have you, have you counseled people that aren’t married that want to get married? People that are married and people that have gotten divorced?

Yes. Well,

Well that’s

Well maybe he’s the right’s guys

For the job. I know. But if you’re in that, if you’re in that line of work you’ve you’ve not only done. So those three clients, but 596 other times, I

Just don’t wanna be talking to an eye doctor when we’re dealing with teeth. I just wanna make sure this is really up his now.

See, now you’re setting me up. I okay. If these guys get divorced, it’s my fault.

Okay. Wyatt and Devin meet Paul Paul, meet Wyatt and Devon

Just call him doc. How

You doing Paul? Hello


Hey good. How are you guys?

We think good. Depends on how this goes. I guess

Wyatt had a hunch. He was a target. Getting to think. Maybe

I don’t know. They’re down to the last they’re down to the last two weeks, 15 days for Wyatt 17 for Devon. And we’ve, we’ve just talked over. The announcements are in the mail. So I guess we’ve crossed the proverbial line in the sand of point or no return. They’re

Still together. Paul is that right? This

Is a good sign.

That’s a good sign. Yeah, Eric, if you can make it through the engage, I mean, you know, playing the wedding and doing the engagements you’re in good shape.

Kinda like building the house. If you can build a house and stay married, you’re

In it

For the long haul you’re probably gonna make. Yeah.

What about when Wyatt tells us that him and his gal have never had an argument?


I think they need to start arguing and get some things figured out.

I would say that there’s this thing we call in psychology called denial.

It’s not a river in Egypt either.

That’s right. So, but you know, that’s just, that’s just what I’m saying. So Wyatt Devin, I mean, do you guys feel like you’ve been put on the spot today?

Kind of



Yeah. In a way. I good.

That’s yeah, me too. I’m just kind sitting here thinking, okay, what have I got? Well,

Wyatt’s got, Wyatt’s got cotton mouth. Not sure how this is coming. I mean, he’s over, he’s lick his chop. I mean, he’s got cotton mouth

Seriously. He he’s watching his it’s two 30. He can’t wait for five or whenever this


Looking at end of the pain, I’d rather lick stamps on my envelope.

He’s waiting for this thunderstorm to crack and put the power out right here over the office. So he, we can just be done no back to your point, Jason,

On cell phone. So we’re good to go. We, we can

Keep doing all right. We got this. What to your point? Like it’s pretty, I, I guess I’ll use the word admirable. If you’re engaged as someone you’re down to 15 days before you’re gonna get married and you never had a squabble,

Shiz is coming.


I saying the first one’s gonna be. Bad’s


I wanna be there.

It’s gonna be gonna be a lot just built up.

I don’t know. It’s it’s ible

It white or Devin? That’s that’s never had an argument,

But we haven’t asked Devin. We haven’t asked Devin that

Devin’s cat on

A couple, couple hands.

Okay. He’s just geez. Want to get outta the car? Yeah, I’m normal, but

We’re normal. I fight all the time. We’ve we’ve worked a few things out. That’s that’s good. Have you ever had

A, I was just gonna say, why get my number from Jason? So the first time you have that fight, just gimme a call, bud. I’ll talk through

You. And, and do you represent both sides? Will you talk to her separately and him separately and then them together?

Yes, absolutely.



Right. All right. So Paul, have you got any words of advice for these guys? I mean, you know, they’re hunters, they they’re, they wanna be selfish. Yeah. What does that with their time? Oh,


It’s okay. So first of all, my first advice, and I think this is already gonna be a problem. Don’t get married during hunting season.

That’s what we were saying, Bronson.

Well, in their defense COVID was a factor this year. And so, you know, for a while it was a factor and then it started loosening up and they, they went forward with plans, made dates and, and

I think they like to use it as an excuse to prolong it too. Like they were, these guys are, I don’t wanna say non-committal but they just didn’t jump in, you know? Oh, it’s honey, we’re talking 2021.

That’s right. The virus is spiking again. There’s still time to put this thing off. Well,

We’re gonna have pictures with masks on, let’s not do

This, but if we remember way back, Carter got married within days of when these guys are getting married the 1st of August, first, second. Okay. So we’re talking, Hey, it’s it can happen. You’ve been married 23, 4 years. So we’re all good. Yeah.

It’s all my, my anniversary is September 21st. And so

Yeah. Yeah. That, that’s a dozy that

I was yeah, right in the middle of elk season, you know, I’m in Arizona hunting elk and trying to celebrate my anniversary. It’s yeah,

No. Wow. Celebrating your anniversary by yourself. Very interesting.

Well, yeah.


You, you and Wayne Carlton on the mountain.

We couching that’s right. Hoo. You mama. That’s right.

It takes a lot of, a lot of couching I’m

Telling you. Oh, okay. Alright. Well anyway, Paul, so, alright, so we’re past that. They’re gonna get married no matter what come heck or high water. And anyway, any words of advice for, for hunters, hunters that are wanting to seal the deal?

Yes. Number one. And this is advice for everybody. Friendship is the number one predictor of long term satisfaction in a marriage.

Wow. That sounded so very natural. The way came off his tongue. Didn’t said

It a couple of times.

Well, almost it’s almost like that was a title of a book he’s written or something

Textbook. We could have got that from the urban dictionary. Paul, give us something. That

Was very good stuff. Say it again. All friendship is the key that I that’s what I heard friend.

Yeah. Friendship is the key. If you’re friends with your wife, you guys can work through anything. You, you wanna have fun with. Yeah. You wanna have fun with your friends. You wanna talk to your friends, your friends are there for you when you’re down, when you’re struggling. So friendship is, is key.

Okay. Noted. Love it.


Right. We can check that one off. Okay. Thank you. Good. You guys ever forget it. Go back to this podcast. Okay. All right.

I, I got a question. Is there anyone in the history of epic podcast, that’s been back two weeks in a row. That’s what I wanna know.

No. And we’re, we’re wondering,

Isn’t Paul, this isn’t about

When your phone was ringing. Carter was hesitant saying we gotta find out if he’s on the clock or off the clock. Cause we might can’t afford his real advice if he’s

On the clock. So well, I wanted to see what advice we got first to see if it was worth paying for

That’s. Right.


So go ahead with number two.

But what he’s wondering is if this is a, if this is gonna be a, a segment of the podcast, he’s trying, he’s kind of baiting us into that. Is this gonna

Be a, are we gonna have to pay for

Like a Dr. Paul segment?

We’re gonna have a, we’re gonna have an when’s our next appointment. Six bucks a year. Shrink on tab. An epic shrink.

I, I think it sounds great.


Well, Hey, I’m sure I could sit in the office all day and just do counseling and be right on the payroll. And everybody can

Just, somes are worse than others. I sounded like Tuesday was a rough one, Paul. Right? So some except like WT had a rough Tuesday.

Some Mondays you’re gonna have to be here at 5:00 AM.

Oh, Hey. We can

Do that.

I’ve before and let, do you have anything else more for them? Cause I’ve got something for you, Paul, before we hang up today. Well, I don’t

Paul, how many items did you have for these

Friendship? So let’s get, let’s go through em, real

Quick, real

Quick. Ne next women are emotionally physical. What? Men are physically emotional.

Oh, that made my head hurt. I

Need emotion. You explain that one


Okay. Back women are more likely to be physical after they’ve been emotional. So if you have an intimate, emotional conversation, spend some time with her, have good, have fun connect, be vulnerable. Then she wants to be physical.

No, don’t be vulnerable. No,


Not paying for this. Not paying for that.

Just the opposite. Okay. We wanna be physical and then might, we might be vulnerable after that.

If you’re physical, then you can visit about the weather and kills. That’s right. Your gal need to listen to this. I’m sure they will be.

This might be our first

Argument or first you can’t make that up. Go with number three, Paul. Yeah.

Next thing. And this is for Wyatt tooth, cuz it’s gonna happen 69% of the time when couples fight it’s over stuff, it can’t be solved.

Hmm. Wow. Not money. Why it could work harder.

Yeah. Well, you know, maybe, but I’m just saying that’s what the research says. It’s, you know, 70% of the time when you fight it’s over stuff, that’s just not fixable opinions.

Not using your blinker, not using your blinker when you change lanes. I mean just stop.

Exactly. Just dumb stuff, you know, is, is monster better than, you know, five hour energy who

Knows? Yeah. Well that’s an easy answer, but anyway,

I, I, well maybe

I not paying for that might be a little,


Not paying for

That. It reminds me though something. I, my kids got into a discussion about another friend, my daughter and my son about another friend. And they were by one of them, I’m not gonna single ’em out, but one of ’em was critical of this other friend. And my other child says, if you can’t, if they can’t fix it in five, in five or 10 seconds, then you know, you gotta move on because that’s either who they are or something like that. You know? In other words, what Pauls? Yeah. Basically. Yeah. If it’s a rash decision. Yeah. That was stupid. But if it’s, you know, something that takes, you know, is a bigger problem than that, then you know, maybe it’s maybe they’re having, you know, emotional or whatever problems. There’s deeper problems. Then if it’s not just a kid acting off and you’re you think he’s an knucklehead, give him, give him some slack. I guess if you can’t fix in, in five seconds, then don’t

Let it be a game of monopoly. And 14 days later you’re still playing that’s


Yeah. That, that actually goes right to the

Next thing.

Whoa, I don’t know.

Keep going. I number Carter,

I’m not paying

For that.

I dunno what that was. Speaking of,

Speaking of, you know, like monopoly and that don’t keep score in your marriage, do not keep score.

Don’t be a bean counter.


Yep. Don’t don’t be a bean counter. Don’t say, well, you got to go with your friends last week. So I get to go with my friends this week.

Things aren’t 50 50, like, because I went on a hunting trip. Doesn’t entirely, you didn’t do furniture. Yeah.

Here’s and vice versa and vice versa.

Here’s a good for that.

The truth is marriage really isn’t fair. And we gotta understand that. And I think that also leads back to that, understanding that 69% of the time, you know, it’s, it’s over stuff that just doesn’t really matter. Most important thing. Agree is just to, yeah. Keep your relationship intact. Spend time together, have fun together. Flirt with each other. That’s super important. Go on dates.

Don’t get married and just, you know, turn into Archie bunker. These guys don’t

Even do that. Absolutely.

These guys wouldn’t even know who that,

That was. They’re not


They’re not paying. That was a bad.

That was a bad example. I

Sorry, not paying for that.

The sad thing of it is I knew what you were talking about.

You did, but you’re 40 something and I did too. I got it. You’re

40 somethings. But anyway, but other

Yeah. Yeah.

So, okay, go ahead. If


Have you ever played? This is for, for WT and Devon, have you played, this is, goes back to keeping score. Have you ever, have you been, have you played board games with your soon to be wife? Have you played games like that? Yes.


How is that? Cuz I

Have you played poker.

My wife and I are still pretty competitive. Yeah. And I can’t let it go. So I’m just saying they’re keeping

Sport and if you know his wife, she ain’t letting it go either. No, it’s just, I would love to. So I fly on the wall. Wouldn’t there play monopoly or something. It’s

Just, I just the, that, that begs the question for why, why it must not have played battleship with Carly. We never played battleship, but card games definitely.

Definitely have. Yeah. And it’s just, and you just roll over and play dead. Yeah. It’s


Whatever. I

Mean, it’s not, it doesn’t get too serious. We talked. See

What I mean? There’s no backbone. He, we need some significant

Maybe, maybe he already understands that statistic. I quoted just a minute ago. Maybe he just

Realized maybe

He’s most importantly is, is the relationship and I not gonna get worked up over

Shit. Well, I’m gonna be ticked if he’s the world’s greatest husband.

Yeah. Right outta the gate. Right outta the, without even training

Without 24 years of training. Yes. That’s right.

Both of you guys. I mean, it feels like, I mean they were they’re 31 or two. I don’t know some is that pretty close?

Something like that years.

5 33 and

2 30, 1 31

And change. So anyway they

Well have Devis gals, a little younger. He’s gonna be able to train her up. She’s 23, 23,



Hey, I don’t think you can say that in today’s world.

What do you mean? I don’t


That’s gonna open a whole can

Man. It’s not. It’s politically incorrect. What

Do you mean? What is train?

You’re training your woman. If she’s 30, if she’s 30, she’s setting her ways and he’s setting his ways. Now at least just he’s setting. He’s

Talking about how you train Jenna. How

Well she trained me too. Not quite. She trained me to the downside is the, the downside. The downside is, is she’s not able to train him as much because he is old cantankerous. I mean, look at this guy. He’s ornery. He’s honoring over water over water. Imagine her pulling out an Arrowhead water. I mean, they’re not speaking for days. Don’t you to know me better than that.

That’s part of the 69%.

I think. So. Chalk it up. What foot fall right into that. Chalk

It up to 69%. That’s right. But you talk about monopoly. We actually played monopoly.

That’s it with family.

Did you crush

Family? She, I always would ask her like, are you competitive? Like, you know, and she’s in some way she’s sports, whatever. No big deal. But we played that car game.


It mono out? It was

Awesome. Did it, did you crush her? You got the motel I on

No, but she’s, she’s competitive.

It’s Jamaica. Her pay rent when she couldn’t afford it.

Hey, you know,

Sitting on BNA, railroad or whatever that’s called. What is that beef railroad? Huh?


No, this was a card game. I don’t even know how to play the real

Game. You didn’t play mono. Oh

Yeah. Mono some other card games, but it’s called monopoly. Really?

It’s a card game called monopoly.

Oh, interesting.

Well, you lost me for a minute. Thought you were charging her. I thought you were charging her rent when she was

In jail.

Single and broke

Place. And boardwalk

Was a good, expensive one. Yeah, there was another one. And that

Would be good. I want to go to park place. You need to know that she’s high maintenance or expensive chase or whatever.

There’s a game called. It might not be politically correct, but it’s called secret Hitler.


We know Miranda. She’s pretty quiet. Reserved.

And it

Came out. Basically you have a whole bunch of people and one of you is Hitler and everybody else has to figure out who it is. There’s another kid rushes it

Way. There’s another game. My eyes. What was that called? Wolves

And something. Oh, that the wolves game.

I thought it was like

There’s that’s the, that’s the whole,

Who’s the murder? Yeah. Murder in the dark. No, that’s

That’s that? One’s

Where you did it with the knife and you did it on this.

Yeah. Maybe. I don’t

Know. You have to lie to your friends and family. That’s the base face, I guess, face to face, face to face.

The lion games are

Kind of like Boulder dash. That’s one of our favorites because yeah, you’re making up a, a fictitious definition and you’re just trying to be a good liar. You could probably learn a lot in those games, too. Liars.

They are look ’em in the eye. It’s

A lot like dating. I mean, that’s a game of life mates, you know,

What do you mean?

Dating is lying. They’re trying to put on their best self. You’re trying to put on your best self. Now we’re in the engagement process. We’re learning more about each other. Paul board games help some of these things come,

Come out. Well, I think we need some intervention is dating the lying game. Like Carter says, I don’t know. That’s I like

To look at it. See, I like to look at it a little differently. Dating is you’re trying to figure out enough about this person to see if you wanna spend the rest of your life.

You’re trying to read between the lines cuz they’re putting on their best self and you’re putting on your best self. Yeah.

But over a certain amount of time, it


Out. It comes out matter what you’re

Right. If you think you gotta get married in the next 30 days. Yeah. It’s that you’re gonna have. You’re gonna be blinded, but

You don’t know what you’re

To your 0.2 and half

What you’re

Signing up for. But that’s not most people two

And a half years. It’s time to go ahead and make that leap of

Faith. Yeah. I knew. I figure it’s figured it out commitment.

Well, Chris,

You know Chris, you have words of advice for Chris.

We’ve gotta have a whole nother podcast about that. Cause we don’t have enough time today, Paul, to get into that.

He’s not even paying attention to what we got going

On. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve been listening.

He just trying to slide

Under the he’s an onion with a players. I could slide under the radar.

What did we get to number two? Is that three we’re on like five, five?

Oh yeah. We had a bunch

We’re do you got anymore? Any, anything wrapped up pretty good. Paul for saving the marriage from the get go, you know,

You know, be okay. So I gotta give my wife some, some credit here. She is absolutely amazing with hunting. She just, she lets me do it. It’s all good. She doesn’t keep score. She knows it’s my therapy. And you know, we’ve had our struggles, but it’s, it’s fantastic. Now we’ve got a great relationship,

But, but it wasn’t always, you had bumps in the road just like we all just like, we all have just

Like everybody does. Yeah. And even though I’m a therapist and I should know better, you know what? Sometimes you don’t know better and you just do stupid stuff or you say stupid things. And that’s the kind that that’s where you need to have that money in the bank. So to speak with your relationship so that when times do get rough, you have some savings to draw on with your relationships.

It’s the emotional deposits in the bank accounts, the emotional deposits. So you can have withdrawals when you’re a dinger. Whyt got someone.

What whyt you got, you made some deposits. You made it Tuesday, Tuesday,

You gotta gonna pull ’em. You’re like fancy rich with that right now.

Probably the whole month for September when we’re gone on it.


But I by then checks are bouncing,

But Paul, does your wife ever look at you and say, don’t try this therapy bull crap on me.

You know,

I think you’re saying stuff just because just to see my reaction or you read about this in a textbook

A hundred. She, she did that once I learned my lesson and that was it.

At least you learned how about that?

That’s right.


Right. It

Doesn’t take me much. So,

So I’ve got something for you, Paul real quick. This has to do with you and you and a decision you made this week.


We’ve talked about this a lot on the podcast. So how Carter goes through trucks? Like cold cereal. Okay. Yeah. One after the other. Okay. Bronston

This is

Unfair. No, it’s not. This is just, we talk about hunting RS and all that Carter goes through trucks, flavor the month. Okay. To, to the extent that’s, what’s the other to the extent that people started parking them out

On our street because they knew Carter would

Buy ’em. Yeah.


A running joke. There’s a running showed up two days ago. There’s a running joke. Little Chevy you get on airport road and a for sale sign. And it’s, it’s like a fly going to fly favor.

We did talk about the rolled over truck that said no, no drunk driving on it. And we, we talked about yeah we did. But when we looked at the parts that were still valuable, but there’s anything on four wheels matters. Okay.

Okay. So keep going. So keep going. So regarding that, another there’s another thing that we’ve all chimed in on heavily. I know John and I, and that is an Aaron we’ve had him is that never buy a used truck from Jason. This was

Not my main truck. This was a grocery getter, John and I would mountain bike. Okay.

So that, all that being said,

The green F Jason 50, you shouldn’t buy

Jason sold a truck this week, Paul and who bought one of Jason’s used trucks,

Man. You were putting how many people listen to this podcast?

I dunno. I’m just saying

It’s pitting friendships against each other.

No, it’s not. I’m just saying that I thought it was

Clear. Paul, you got one of the best trucks I’ve ever owned.

Hey that’s you told me, listen

To Paul. Listen to Paul. He’s been texting me, thanking me, Paul, go ahead. It’s

True. So yes. Yes. I bought one of Jason’s trucks,

Best truck he’s ever bought. He

Loves that’s his favorite line. John bought one of his trucks John days ago. And he asked him about that every, every week, John I’ve bought the best truck he’s had and the worst truck he’s

That’s true. He did. That was my kids. John real quick.

Chris bought one best pro I will say that was one of the best trucks I’ve ever had. And

What was it? What was it? I will say it was a 2000,

2000 Toyota

Tundra. That’s Paul, what did you buy?

2000 Toyota Tundra.

There you go. Okay. Mine had hundred 40,000 miles on and

I thought it was wore out and gave Chris a Hecker. I,

I sold it with 293 for a thousand less than I paid for.

Wow. Because I make you screaming deals. Paul, how do you feel? Yes,


Hate Jason has to be reassured. Yes, he needs reassurance.

I, my conscious, I do have a conscious come on.

I’ve just, but I just had to raise your Paul because for a guy that is very analytical and gives sound advice to people all the time, every day, you had to have known that. What

Was I thinking? Is

That what you’re saying? Yeah. I’m kind of wondering that. Yeah.

I just wanna know, are you Paul? Are you happy

So far so good. Yeah.

He said this morning, he said super glad I bought it. Unbelievable truck, John, are you happy? Super glad

Bought it.

Well, is it best truck? You’ve ever truck. Now you paid a pretty penny for it, but is it the best truck you’ve ever

Owned? I’m I can’t even breathe. Now. Now you paid, you paid for two years of my kids, college education, but isn’t it the best truck you’ve ever had?

It did break the bank on that one. Hey, it’s not, my fault is a 16 round few little addons. All right. Well, I think it’s

Just had to rash you. No, I just it’s.

Okay. It’s send us the bill. We’ll

You’re a brave individual. That’s

All we’re saying. Send us the bill and we’ll decide what was valuable on there and pay, pay accordingly. Okay?

Okay. That sounds good.

All chop the chop, the rest up to bad debt. Talk to you later, right


All goodbye. Good. I’m done with Paul.

We had to end with that. Cause

Man, I thought that was, we

Talked about it. You know, Jason’s very seldom the target. Oh, I had to give one thing.

I don’t like being the target for Dave. We’re probably nearing 55 minutes. It’s time to be done,

But it’s like, I’m the target all the time. It’s pretty nice. Have you seen that little white Chevy? They parked out there two days ago? No.

Is it short bed? Standard

Cab? It’s like, it’s like a little, yeah, it’s a short cab. Short cab. Come on. Yeah. A little white little white Chevy, like a older, Colorado stick


I don’t know. You have to look at it. All right. I will parked on the corner. That’s an S 10. I think of the man.

I’ve gotta use Paul’s money for something. I can’t let Janna thinking. We’re really downsizing.

I wonder how many husbands, how many husbands he gets show up? Just be like a little bit earlier to their meeting. Just be like Paul, what’s it gonna cost to tell him this? Yeah.

And by the way she wants to come see you soon. Yeah.

Yeah. What’s what’s a

Good cost for we steer this conversation. How can we steer this conversation a certain direction?

He’s a good dude. Epic shrink, Paul. We appreciate you. All right, everybody. We got anything else? Cuz it’s hot in here. Huh? We calling it a weekend. We’re gonna go out and use these inal. Pures however long the SW will let us have ’em and anyway, anybody that wants to get on a pre-order list for the twelves or the tens, give us a hollerer. 4, 3, 5, 2 6 3 0 7, 7 7 will make you a heck of a deal. Like I say, we don’t do special Valentine’s day deals here. President’s day or any other day. We have a deal. Every day we treat everybody fair. Give us a holler. We put you a deposit, take a deposit, put you on our waiting list. These will be coming out. First part of September and anything else you need? Optics

Needs. Yeah. Call us now if it’s something else. Raffle, scopes, vinyl spot and scopes range. Finders range. Find vinyls. Call us right away. The hunts are coming fast. So give us a call quick. And it’s also the time of year too. You should be gearing up in a few other regards, like grabbing a phone scope or something like that. Chest. One of our partners here, phone scope, check ’em out. P H O N E S K O P If you got a tag, you wanna make sure you document what you see, what you see scouting or whatever else like that, or be able to you’re hunting with your kids. You want to capture, kill, shot for them. Anyway, lot of applications with the phone scope, give ’em a try, can match any phone to any optic. It’s pretty easy to, you know, once you have those two pieces, your spot and scope your bio size and make and model as well as your phone make and model you, they can get you a case. So give ’em a call a hundred seven, nine oh four, four eight. Oh, if you don’t want to go to the website,

Justin’s a good deal. And he’s on top of he’s trying to get his hands on one of these NL. Pures making an adapter for that as well. He’s awesome. Knows his business inside now works hard. We also wanna throw a little shout out to MOA rifles. We appreciate them in their support here at epic outdoors, MOA If you’re looking for something, give ’em a holler they can do about anything. What I like about MOA is their on time. They will treat you right? And they do what they say. You know, with long range rifles and custom rifles. It’s common to wait a year, two years. Plus that’s not the case with these guys. They do what they say. They make incredible rifles, bro. And you bought one. We shot the crap out of it. It was awesome. Give ’em a hollerer 5, 4 1 5 2 6 1 8 2 0 MOA You can’t go wrong. Incredible rifles. We’ve been killing the stuff. Crap outta stuff with the one you got Broon. It’s doing great.

We shared it on some death and destruction last year clients and other folks. So yeah, everybody, it’s not everybody uses it. Yeah,

That’s right. Everybody uses it. And it’s lightweight the

Suckers. It’s a baby under six pounds. I call it the little kid rifle. What’s the Sheila. Sheila. Yeah, the little Sheila.

She kills some things. Yeah. I mean shes, a black widow. She bites maybe even a brown recluse. That’s right. I mean she’s legit.

She bites our, I know that.

Geez. That’s right. So anyway, killing stuff. We’ve even shot that thing over 1200 yards. Yeah. What is it? A 20, 20 inch barrel. I can’t even remember

20, 21. It’s a, it’s a nice killed. I killed two sheep with that last year. Sounds spoiled. I drew one of the tags and so yeah, two, one shot kills. Pretty awesome.

MOA Give ’em a hollerer check. ’em out on the web. And you know, if you’re not a member, we’ve talked to a lot of guys that are thinking about joining epic, You need to join epic, We want you as a customer. We want to take care of you and all your Western hunting needs. Whether it be equipment, advice, tags, hunts, whatever. That’s what we do. Everything. Western outdoors. Check us out. Epic We’re a hundred bucks a year. Whenever you sign up, you’ll go for 12 months, nine issues of the publication, vary research, intensive publication. And if you join now, when we have our next membership drive, it’ll start. mid-November, you’ll have a ticket in the draw for that. So you can join. Now you can join later, whatever you do, we’re fine with, but we do want you as a client here. ATCA We appreciate your business. We appreciate you listening to our podcasts and Wyatt and Devin and their lives. As they get started. We’re gonna follow ’em through the first 14 kids I put on the ground. All right guys, have a good weekend.