EP 176: On the Doorstep of Hunting Season. We’re quickly approaching hunting season and getting everything ready to go. Wyatt and Devin are having their weddings and just before the big day we wanted to give Wyatt a call to check in on him. We talk to his fiance, Karlie, and have a few laughs. We check in with Oregon guide, Calvin Halliday, who has been a part of some of the first kills of the season. We then get in touch with our friend David Matthews to get some updates on Arizona and New Mexico.

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Picture of forest floor full of Doritos and you gotta walk through them quietly to your deer. Well, we got a, we got her in a verbal contract that you can hunt all you want. You don’t know how much you owe us anything to do with Western big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson. Devon. Devon Archibald. He’s even here in the office About what, two, three days before you’re getting married. Something like that. But who’s counting a couple of days, but who’s counting? Yeah. Well I think Miranda, Chris probably is. Chris is here and, but, but Wyatt is absent and it’s the day before Wyatt’s gone. And we may have to call him a little bit later. It might be good. He might be in brush, brush, fire mode, putting out brush fires. He’s putting out brush fires left and right. Hey Chris, you need to tee up. Even though I don’t like these, we should have the Dixie chicks ready to run playing in the background. This, we don’t like them. We don’t play Dixie chicks. But we don’t a They’ll probably sue you because we’re Yeah, because they’re the chick. They’re the chicks now. Yeah, they’re not, they’re not the Dixie. That’s, that’s right. They changed they York serious. They conformed. Oh yeah. Took off their, that’s all on the news. They conformed to the new age chick. They took off the Dixie chicks.

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Dixie has connotations that were not good. So what else talk about, I don’t, they realized about, I don’t think they realized they were not good connotations. I just think they’re conforming to society. Alright, let’s going right along. Let’s move, let’s move. I, I have made a vow to not think about politics as much, although we just did. I know, but that’s why we moved on. Okay. Is, you know, it was consuming me like I was getting angry and it was not even my town or city. I haven’t even seen a protestor here. You gotta stop watching the news. That’s right. Step number one, money. So I told Jenna, I’m like, I’m done until, until I need to engage in the fight. And believe me, when it’s time to engage, you’re not gonna see anybody more engaged than, but when it’s time to fight, let’s fight Until that mean you’re gonna run. Until then we’re gonna kill animals. You’re gonna run, you’re gonna run for office. Is that what I’m hearing? No. Alright. We’re back into the politics stuff all. So anyway. How’s scouting going Devin? It’s going well. Devin has, Devin has a few positives. We’re we’re, I’m trying to find some bright spots. Tough. You know, it’s hot. Hot. We’re in a grip. We’re in a grip period. No moisture, no monsoons, and just baking hot and crispy. It’s gonna be an interesting bow hunt. It’s gonna be sneaking up on something on the ground.

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It’s gonna be interesting. It’s like pop, it’s like Pringles. It’s gonna be hard. Yeah, that’s what, that’s what you’re saying. It’s hard to stock. It’s not great stocking conditions. Picture a forest floor full of Doritos and you gotta walk through them quietly to your deer. The Dorito stock. I’ll never forget that. That’s right. I want a fresh rain. Oh, you, when there’s nothing like a fresh roll. You want, you want, you want soggy Doritos. You want soggy, you want cheetos’s. Not crispy dry ones in the Western weather. No. Years. Like this year I break up my secret weapon and you’re probably gonna laugh at me. What’s this? What is it? And I’m surprised I’m even gonna divulge this. Whoa. Is this a I have a, I got these fills. Cheapo toe shoes. You ever seen those? Your toes literally go in them. You go over your toes. I think it’s like walking around barefoot. But they, and it’s the bottom part of ’em kind of raw. That’s what people, there’s a lot of people that aren’t wearing shoes that are wearing those all day long. I, I bow hunting ’em all day long. Aren’t they Like a rubber if rubber bottom like dip in like a waffle kind of deal. Yeah. Flexible. Yeah. I mean, I can feel twigs rocks. I don’t, it’s the new age way of going back to your roots, Aaron. Right. Tell me. Right. Like moccasin almost. You can say that.

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It is. That’s Yeah, it’s like a bottom. Aaron’s. I’m thinking these other ones like frog skins or, so, I don’t know. Aaron’s got something like that. They’re like water shoes. But you have your five toes are out. There’re not in a shoe. That’s right. Aaron has ’em too, huh? Well, they’re not, I don’t know if they’re the same as what you’re talking about, but he’s, he’s worn ’em and they’re, they’re good little camp shoe. ’cause they’re super light on a backpack. She hunt. You put ’em on. But don’t you know, I see you use ’em a lot. These naturalists, you know the vegans. Yeah. I am. You probably gotta go and support vegans their website. Buy ’em from these types of people. Somehow we’re getting, you don’t see that community. We’re getting political. We somehow we’re getting, getting political. I don’t think it’s possible to get off politics. I don’t. It’s like it’s buying a backpack from a company that, that is just for, you know, naturalists and day hikers. You can do it and they have some great gear. But you’re supporting the enemy. Kind of. You mean Phils? I don’t know anything about ’em. F-I-L-S-F-I-L-S. That’s a brand. Go to phils.com everybody phils.com toast shoes. We might have to do some research. Research company. Make sure they’re not supporting Peta. peta. Yeah. This time of year it’s hot, crunchy, loud, like you say. Oh yeah, it’s gonna be interesting.

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And I thought he was gonna say, I wear socks, but I dip ’em in water first. So I have the wet Dorito effect. Hey, that we could try that. It’s gonna be interesting. We’ve talked about it on another podcast. But the internet our are gonna be vulnerable kids. We’re just gonna walk up to these deer with their bows. ’cause they got a tag. Their, their kids are gonna, well these kids are like, Hey dad, we saw that. Or we have this on truck camera or whatever. Get, that’s the one I want. I get that buck. You get that buck. Sean gets that buck. And I’m thinking, okay, did you see the other 14 cameras on the water hole? Where are those people going? Or did you notice that these never been seen in the daylight on camera. Like this is called hunting kids. Yeah. You’ve seem be prepared to luck at night. Yeah. Every time this is gonna be a two week grind. That’s right. Luckily they, they postponed school for two weeks. That’s, I mean, and the problem, what does that mean for you and I too? Yeah, it means a lot. They’re gonna freaking hard work. You know how many clients you’ve taken Right. And how many clients I’ve taken over the years. Okay. Your kids are the worst clients you’ve ever had. Yeah. They’re, they’re, they’re, they’re getting picky. They’re getting pick is what I mean by that. Well, A, they’re picky.

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And, and B, just trying to get your kids in on and getting ’em ready and getting everything perfect on it is the toughest thing in the world with a bow in your hands. This year, we’re adding that dimension, which you’ve done it with Sean. He killed 1, 2, 3 years ago in New Mexico. Sub 16-year-old kids with a bow. I mean, you’re signing up for dad of the year. F you know, husband of the year, decade. Maybe just say decade. Oh, decade maybe. Okay. Chris, Chris is nodding. Oh. Oh, you found something. Well, I’m pretty, I’m thinking that Phil’s, they’re not Phil’s. What? I’m pretty sure they’re, it’s Fila. Oh, Fila. Probably right’s. That’s a giant I can’t recurs. Giant shoe company. Okay. I’ve heard of that. Fila. Yeah, we’ve heard of that. But maybe it’s a weird cursive writing the true Archibald off. Do you see the little toes? Yeah. They’re called skill toes. Is it, let me see. I don’t see. Tell me who, can you see any, can you, can you judge ’em by the website if they’re anti hunters? Yeah. That’s similar. There, there’s a few different models that I’ve seen, but, but they really, they’re big, big companies, so. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Well, moving right along. Let’s, regarding the quality of deer and elk, we’re here in statewide and we’re, or states West wide. I’m saying we’re hearing spotty. We’re not, we’re not good. We’re not hearing on elk.

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We’re seeing and knowing they all cross the charts. Elk are gonna be unbelievable in at least Utah. Nevada. Nevada, Arizona. Arizona. Probably New Mexico. It, it, they’ve had a lot of race. Montana’s always good. Wyoming’s always got a few nice bulls. They have mountains always. And Colorado has mountains. We’re talking these, these states, these four five. So basically if you add ’em all up, where’s gonna be where, where, what state’s gonna be bad for elk? I probably, maybe none. I don’t know any, I don’t think so. And the states that have been off, like how many years has it been? Did we say Utah? It’s just not what it once was. We’ve been saying that a lot. Well since what, 2011? Yeah. And it 12 isn’t completely, and it’s not the numbers. No. There’s, there’s Bright Body we’re seeing and, and there and Nevada’s quality. Good grief. Yeah. Arizona has always had quality, but it just feels like always has. But it fluctuates with water and we’re not It’s great. It’s good. Solid deer. Yeah, solid deer. It was a, it was wetter when elk, you know, elk drop earlier. They grow so fast and, and much earlier in the spring and summer, all the summer giant bulls are done by July one. Yeah. And, and deer got a lot of growing to do. And they were tapped out by about a month before that.

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’cause a lot of these states, Nevada included most of West, Western, Utah and Southern. We Utah, no rain really since April. I mean, it’s a couple of teasers, we’ll just call it. Yeah. And no monsoons, you know, until you start to get the center of Utah East. But anyway, I think it’s gonna be an off year from a deer standpoint in certain places. I’m not saying all over Utah. There’s some, they’re gonna be great, but seems like northern Arizona. We’re hearing Jason’s off. Nevada is a hundred percent off. It’s not even debatable. No, it’s not even up for que. We got a buck that’s 50 inches off. Tell me I’m wrong. No, he’s, he’s a, he’s not 160 and he was two 10 ish. Yeah. Big two 10. Like heavy and big eye guards and cheaters and beautiful and multiple deer like that, that were 200 that are, you might eke out 1 75, 180. Anyway, it’s interesting. And it’s hard to fathom ’cause they’re a year older and they didn’t dig, you know, digress necessarily. But so some good. So why, why it’s getting married. And we can talk about him now ’cause he’s not here. Did you notice how he’s not really doing the deer thing in, in Utah? He’s getting married and he’s, but he’s got a tag and I think he burned two or three points on the general and now you can’t One for sure.

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I thought he had three and, and but you can’t turn a tag in now. And Utah, you gotta turn it in like Aug or July 15th, 30 days before and that’s over. And he had one truck en route. Now he took it down. Well, I’m getting married. Let’s get him on the phone. Should we see how, what, when’s he getting married? Okay, tomorrow. Tomorrow. Okay. Okay. Tomorrow. His life is changing forever. Tomorrow. Within hours of now. Okay. I’ve got less than 24 hours. Yep. Greater than 12 hours. The good thing about Devin is Devin, you can be an active participant here today. ’cause we’re not doing another podcast this week. We’re gonna be able to call you. So it’s all about tea and Wyatt right now. Perfect. You get a perfect, you’re getting married two days after him. I called him last night and he said, text me right back. He said, I’ll call you right back. I’m packing chairs and tables. It was like, I love it. 9 45 at night. When is why I ever packed his, which is usually he’s dead asleep. I wonder what he’s doing right now. I love it. Well, I hope he’s with his fiance. I would be awesome if we called him now. Let’s give him a holler. Let’s just, who knows whether this is gonna go, if they’re together today, who knows where this is gonna go. We might not even publish it.

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Just tell him to put on speaker right off the bat. Let’s see what he says. Hey. Hey. What are you doing? Oh, we got him answer B. He answered what’s going. We got him a hot mic. Hey, Wyatt, before we get started, is Carly right there? She is right here in the truck with me. Put her on. Put her on. We got it. Is she here? Oh, Bluetooth. Is it Bluetooth or is it too real? We want talk to her. I’m I’m in my truck right now. I can put it on Bluetooth. Let’s do it. Well, or let’s just hand her the phone. You don’t want me to hear what you’re about to say? No, I don’t. Well, I’m a little, I don’t know. I don’t know if I should or just could end right now. Put her, put her on. You’re not going through a canyon. We know where you’re at. Yeah, tunnel right here in Gunnison. Okay, here we go. Here she is. Hello. Carly, are you nervous? No, I’m really not. You’re not? This is, I’m not, this is, this is Devon and Chris and Adam and Jason. We’re just No, we’re just, we’re are you podcasting me right now? Oh yeah, absolutely. We were just, we talked about you a lot, but we’ve never talked to you and we were just wondering if you really know what you’re getting into. I probably don’t. And do you really know who, why it is?

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I’m just gonna go into a blind and just hope for the best. Just have no expectations so that I’m not disappointed. The no expectations is really good. That’s why it’s lucky you’ve got a, he’s got a good one. That’s a great answer. Okay. Good answer. Good answer, Carly. Good. I’ve got one down. But is all the, is all the tables chairs, Devin joked that he called last night. He was packing tables and chairs. Is there any land plants that are not, that are not coming together? Or is ev are you pretty much just coasting right now? No, I we’re just kind of coasting. We just sat down, had lunch. I got my Dr. Pepper. I’m, I’m pretty happy. Oh, you’re happy as to, Hey, one, one thing we, we joked, we thought Wyatt might’ve fallen off the wagon and had a Mountain Dew. Has he had a Mountain Dew? No. No. I, somebody sent me a picture of Wyatt with cases of water, just getting cases and cases of water. Well, he’s a healthy kid. Well, I know, it’s ridiculous. We wondered if the stress was gonna make him fall off the mountain, the Mountain Dew wagon, but apparently not. He’s he’s doing great. Not yet. Not yet. I haven’t stressed him out too much yet. Well, good. That’s good.

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Well, we don’t wanna bug you too much, but we we’re just wondering, making sure a, if you, if you knew what you were getting into and if you guys were still just ecs static and happy with each other and everything was just perfect so far. Lights are strong. Tables and chairs are up. We, we’ve not yelled at each other yet, so I, I think we’re good. You still haven’t had your argument, you still haven’t had your first argument? I’ve kind of rolled my eyes at him a couple times, but that’s probably about it. Ah, that doesn’t count. That’s not an argument. We’re headed in a good direction. Would you call us if you guys ever really get heated? Yeah. We’ll, we’ll put you on speakerphone. You guys can, you know, listen in. We’ll get Dr. Paul on and you can commentate. It’ll be fine. It’ll be great. We have a, a psychologist that helps you guys. His name’s Dr. Paul. And he’s willing, he’s willing to help us and help you guys. Oh, I, I listened to the podcast. Did you hear? I, I took notes. I remind him of things all the time. Took notes. Do you? Good. Good. That’s good. He did give some good advice. You did? Yeah. You did. He really did. Dev Devon, did you have you had questions?

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Oh, you just, you seem a lot more calm than earlier today when Wyatt called me and you were saying we, I was interrupting the plans. Well, I said, who who are you on the phone with? He’s like, it’s Devin. And I was like, oh, gads. I was just giving you grief. It was fine. It was fine. We were talking about food for Alaskan. Yes. Was, that’s highly important. That’s probably, he was more stressed about that than he has been about anything wedding at all. I can relate to that. You saying he’s not engaged in what’s going on around you right now? Wow. Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but finding food for Alaska was definitely higher on the list than getting light stronger. That’s right. Hey, there’s one question I have, and I don’t know the answer to this, but when does the, you know, in weddings isn’t there, like, there’s a moratorium that starts taking effect, but when the bride and groom are not supposed to see each other anymore until the wedding, when are you guys gonna be separated? When does that start? Yeah, when does that start? I, I’m not sure I’m, we haven’t really said, I haven’t really said you’re, you gotta leave it this time. I thought there was like bad. That was bad luck for Has he seen, has he seen your dress or any Yeah. Yeah. We already got yelled at about that. Oh, by your mom or somebody?

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The first look video. His grandma. His grandma. What? Oh, see, that’s the, that’s the old school. That’s, that’s what, that’s thing. Did you put your foot down and say, this isn’t your wedding? No, I was like, I’m sorry. I don’t, I don’t see you putting your foot down other I do wanna cover one thing. So you realize why it’s gonna hunt, right? Yes. He’s gonna hunt and fish. Yes. And and do you have any plans on changing that or are you gonna allow him to frolic out in the hills anytime he wants to? You know, it’s, it’s his thing. It’s fine. Yeah. I’m sure once kids are involved it’ll be a little bit harder. Oh yeah. But, but you know. Yes. Go, go, go do. Oh, okay. Have fun. There you go. There you go. Wyatt. Yeah. Wyatt, if you can hear us, she said it and we got it on the mic. It’s recorded. It’s recorded. You can go frolic 120 days if you want. Right. Chris needs, needs to take that out. Maybe I backtrack little there, Chris. We’re we’re gonna print that out and it’ll be in Wyatt’s office is printed on his wall When he comes. It’s all part of his job. Hunting is part of his job, right, Carly? He’s providing for the family by being out the hills, right? That’s right. We got, we have Wyatt’s back like nobody else. Oh yeah.

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He thought, he thought he was handing you the phone and it was something bad was gonna happen. Little did he know. See, we’ve got you in a con a verbal contract card. He like, crap. I saw Jason’s name pop up and I was like, oh, buckets. And then they had me in the phone. I was like, oh dear. Going downhill fast. We got a verbal contract with Carly that Wyatt can go and do all right for all. Did she say the word frolic? I said frolic achievement or somebody. Okay. Hey, but on leading, leading on a, a maybe a note that you don’t feel like you’re just getting whitewashed. You guys found a house and, and got it. So that came together this week too. You guys bought a house. Did you approve why I approved You came down. And I, there’s, there’s a few things we need to change. Maybe some paint and stuff. Oh yeah. And he’s like, it’s fine. It’s fine. It’s, it’s fine. Well, I told we’ve no, if mama says it needs fixed, it’s going to get changed. So That’s true. I see an argument coming down the pipe. Well, I said, how long are you in Alaska for? I’m sure I can get some things done while you’re gone. That’s a, there’s a lot of paint stores in Cedar City’s, right? That’s that’s right. You can get the right shade of white.

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Let, let’s see how far you can take Wyatt before we get a crossword out of him. Okay. Yeah. I’ll let you know. He’s updated. All right. Well, good luck to you guys. We’re super Congratulations for you. We’re happy for you, you tomorrow. And for, for the record. We think you found a good one. So I’m pretty lucky. Epic. Epic approved. That’s right. I’m good on, on both accounts. That’s right. Both sides. Both sides. You both did good. Oh, well thanks guys. Hope guys, it all goes well tomorrow. And hand us back to Wyatt and we’ll, we’ll, we’ll tease him for just a minute before you go on to something else. All right. Here before the mortor. Before the moratorium. Yeah. Before the moratorium starts. Say yeah. Bye. Hello? Hey. Could you hear any of that, by the way? I, I heard one side of the conversation. Well, we got a, we got her in a verbal contract that you can hunt all you want. You owe us. You owe You don’t know how much you owe us. And it’s recorded. Yes, it’s in it in Chris. Save that. Yeah, it’s, it’s recording. The red light’s on. Yeah. Wyatt, you’re welcome. Is is Chris right there to make sure it’s properly recording? Oh, if you, and even the red lights, if he loses this like you have, you know, Carly paid him off. That’s all I’m saying.

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Well, the other thing is there’s witnesses like I could testify in court. Devin could. Adam, could we got you. WI put my hand on the book on it. Go. I think there go the go and do phrase. Ooh, that came, that was very clear. It wasn’t froing in the hills. It was just clear as a bell. She’s good with all of it. She could hear you. She’s denying saying the word frolic. Oh no, I said it. She agreed. It’s kind of like if you don’t, if you don’t say no, it’s not what I meant, then it, then it was kinda like, yeah. That you go along. It was implied that she agreed. That’s right. We heard anyway. Well, anyway. Are you nervous, Wyatt? Because Devin thinks you can still back out if you want. Devin thinks I can still back out. He’s just, he’s gonna, there’s a lot of deer up there, Wyatt. We could be, you know, just kidding. Just kidding. Could be scout out today and tomorrow. Yeah, I’ll be back by the deer hunt. Okay. Yeah, you gotta attack. He said that with authority. No, no, no doubt. I’ll I’ll be back by by then. But no, not, not really nervous, kind of. Are you excited? No’s come together and been a pretty busy day setting things up, so, well good.

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Do I ask her if you fell off the Mountain Dew wagon, if you’re stressed, if you succumb to the stress and she said no. Do you want us to bring you a Mountain dew to the reception? Yeah, I was thinking about throwing a couple cold monsters in the barrel there. Just for the, would you imagine him going from water to monster? Oh, I pay for that. No, some stories. Terrific. Guys. That was a, that was for you? Not not for myself. We’re gonna sp we’re gonna, we’re gonna spike the water, water bowl with Mountain Dew at your wedding. What? Oh, just a mountain, more strong concoction there. Just a Mountain Dew might throw Wyatt for a loop anymore if it’s been two, three years. How long’s it been Wyatt? Now it has been two over two for sure. Yeah. Right. Well you’re missing out. That’s always Well Carly’s drinking a Dr. Pepper right in front of you. Yeah, she is. She’s our kind of multiple a day. She’s our kind of people. Maybe we’ll get her on a monster. Yeah, she, she started at 9:00 AM she says with her Dr. Pepper. Ask her if she’s got any fellow nurses that look down on her for it. Yeah. Do you have fellow nurses that look down on you for your drinking for at 9:00 AM 9:00 AM No, she says they’re all in that same boat. Well, you gotta be three habits. Nurses work long hours.

00:20:20:17 –> 00:21:22:04
They’re usually 10 to 12 hour shifts and you need a little something to, there’s a lot of ’em that take smoke breaks. Yeah. And she’s a night, a night do nurse too, so no nights. Oh yeah. I can’t believe she’s not on something stronger than Dr. Pepper. She probably is. You’re gonna learn a lot about Carly here. Pretty, pretty quick. Wyatt, I’m getting that feeling. Well, we just had to give you a call. Make sure your, your four tires were, were still turning up there and Yeah, still just weren’t, weren’t in a ditch. Still just going, got all the lighting set up and the tables and chairs and running all over town doing last minute odds and ends. So what are you guys covering today? Well, we were just thinking if, we just wanna let you know that if you’re, you’re doing the right thing in our minds, but if you did wanna run, we would take you to the hills and scout a little bit. So anyway, you’ve got a, you’ve got a backup plan or an out. Hide me out for a minute if I need. Well, we did tease Carly too, and we don’t know the answer to this, but apparently your grandma got after you guys because you’ve seen either her inner dress or her dress period.

00:21:22:15 –> 00:22:21:18
But our question is, when does the, the moratorium start where the groom and bride are no longer supposed to frolic and interact and, and before the wedding? And she, Carly didn’t know the answer to that. So maybe you need to ask your grandma and conform and make grandma happy between now and tomorrow. I don’t know anymore. I figured it was just the wedding day. ’cause you weren’t supposed to see him in the dress before. And I was on grandma’s side of that. ’cause I didn’t want to go take bridal pictures either. So, so you you’ve been a good picture taker. Two or three trips. I saw that video. He, it was pretty fancy, real, a video. The first, what do they call it? Why the first look? The first look. And that supposedly that’s something new. Like you’re supposed to go get, you know where your bridal pictures have to go on the, that’s, that’s millennial stuff right there. First look, I guess. I don’t know. Janet didn’t even know what all that was. No, I have not been allowed to peek nothing really. It’s like, so you’re old school, it’s a thing. You a big giant thing and I can’t What do you mean the dress? Like a closet? Cover cover. Oh, dress cover. Not, not clear either. You don’t even know what it looks like. I have no idea what it looks like.

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See, he’s, he’s, I think he’s, he’s doing it the old school way, Devin. Yeah. Consider yourself lucky for that. ’cause I had to go stand in a field and get my picture taken for two hours and get your, and get your first three, just like a trophy. Your 52 Saturdays gone like that trophy buck on a water waterhole. 14 stealth chems and video clips being taken nonstop. That’s right. Yep. Yep. All right, Wyatt. Well good luck tomorrow. Have a great day. Pretty awesome. Okay. Thank you guys. You tomorrow? Yep. We’ll see you. Hey, are you, you know, like if we were doing a podcast and you happen to be on your honeymoon, could we give you a holler Carter, see how things are going? Yeah. Check in, check in. I’ll be there next week. Maybe we’ll be calling them next week. Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t. The listeners wanna know. You just blew it by. We can’t print this or we can’t post this one until they’re already call answer the second time. ’cause they won’t answer you next week. Well, I’m here. I know what’s happening now. I know he’s, they’re gonna answer. We might have a big bucket. Talk about, yeah, we might be looking at old Faithful or some bears or, or something like that. And the Yellowstone. I was told no binoculars, no glassing. Really? Yeah. Really? Well. Yeah. Whoa.

00:23:30:29 –> 00:24:46:07
Like leave, we talked about going to Colorado and some of that and I was like, oh yeah, that, that sounds good. We could go over here. She’s like, we’re not looking for deer. So, okay. Trying to change you already. Well, just for the, I have binocular spotting scopes. Tripod cold jam. You’ve been w you got a megaphone for howling wolves in up there. You’re ready to go. You got your pepper spray for grizzlies. I, I don’t maybe stop in Jackson Hole and, and buy some of that pepper spray. I’m sure they have that downtown. Don’t, don’t try to grain free the bison. You, you watch all the videos of what happens to those people. Don’t do that. Don’t get gored steer clear. Alright. Okay. Sounds good fella. Alright, talk to you later. All right, bye. That’s good stuff right there. We, we got her in a verbal contract. I don’t care what anybody says that’d hold up in the court of law. Alright. Pretty fun. Devin. You’re getting off easy. You get, we get a beat per take and then, you know, you’re just, we could’ve been the other way, but Oh yeah, you’re coming up Saturday too. So all this applies to you. My busy day will be Friday. Just like wide stick day. Yeah. Well, excited. Yeah. It’s gonna be awesome. You’re excited for Saturday. Next chapter life for it to get over to next chapter life. You guys are ready.

00:24:46:18 –> 00:26:05:11
It’s kind of crazy you think about it forever. We’re excited. Come on. We’re excited for it’s finally here. You got your place and you got moved in. You both bought a house recent a month ago I wanna say. Yeah. Or whatever. Roughly that you, 1st of June you got your moved in and so yeah, it’s awesome. It’s great. Major life changes. Those are major decisions. Buying a house is major. Getting married’s major. Big stuff. Busy. It’s awesome. It’s great. Good for you guys. Chris, what’s up? Nothing. cio, cricket. How do you say crickets in Spanish? Chris? It’s been a while. I dunno. Anyway. You don’t remember Chris, you, you speak Spanish for the best of them. Probably not a word you use much. No. When you need to speak Spanish, but, well, you know what else is the one thing, you know? So your brother, you found a truck for your brother? Well at least you, we’ve talked. Yeah. This, how many is this your months? Has this been, we’re in the fifth month of the truck search and we got people hitting us on Instagram. Carter, you had a guy hitting you. I find one on driving in town. It’s it’s the exact truck. Well, other than it does, it has two captain front chairs, not a bench. So you hit me, you hit me with the picture and said, Hey, I found Aaron’s truck.

00:26:05:11 –> 00:27:12:21
You hit Aaron and tell him what it’s a 2017 Duramax Denali Cherry. It’s the best, the nicest one they make, right? Yeah. 2017. Yeah. Good price. And first question and only question, does it have a bench in the front seat? And I says, no, it’s got two wonderful captains. No, don’t think Denali. It’s gonna have two awesome leather captain chairs. That’s what this has. I don’t know if they have a bench cloth seat and a Denali. I don’t. Did he even reply to the text after he said no. Doesn’t even reply. No. And he asked Thehy and Miles and I, I told him it never even replied. And then I thought that day it was sold, then I saw it again. They just moved it on the lot. So I’m like, Hey, it’s there. You want it? Here it is. Didn’t even reply. So I I’m done. I’m done. He will not have a truck bought by September one. No. Hey, that’s like 24 days or something. Whatever. So I get Tyler from Instagram, hit me up on the DMM or whatever. What do you call that instant message. I am behind this scenes direct message. Okay. And he says, Hey Jason been listening to the Epic podcast daily. There’s a bunch of 2020s and 2021 Chevy, 25 hundreds down here in Arizona at my dealership by my house. I heard your buddy needs a truck. Yeah. I said I will let him know. Sounds good.

00:27:12:22 –> 00:28:34:06
I wanna say there’s about 12 of ’em, Aaron, there are 12 trucks. Go buy one. Go hunting. Right. I love it. It’s not gonna happen. I love it. But good times. Good times. Well that’s about it fellas. Let’s, let’s call Calvin. They’ve had a huge, huge amount of kills recently. Big stuff too. Those sheep mountain outfitter guys up there in Oregon. They’ve been cranking some great animals. Killed a big ram and a big deer already, you know, and a big animal. Yeah, that’s right. All the extracurricular tags, some of ’em are draw raffle tags that get to start August one. It’s, it’s awesome. He says, Vince Bloom, one of our members killed a stud Mul deer. He says the other day. O Calvin says, dude, you and Bronson need to come up here to Hells Canyon. I, yeah, we do. Let’s give him a holler. See what he’s got going and see if they can just keep this pace up. He might be. They’re cranking. Yo. What are you doing? I am driving back from work, dude. So we got him. We got him by the day I got, I got Bronson Devin on the podcast. You guys have been j smoking some giants. We just wanted to hear from the horse’s mouth how good it feels. Oh, you guys been laying down. Laying down. I turned for this. We got you. Yeah, we got you.

00:28:34:12 –> 00:29:58:21
Yeah, we know between work and home there’s no canyons and tunnels, so we should have you, you can’t hang up. I’ve got a 90 minute commute. There you go. Yeah. Welcome to Seattle. Oh geez, you’re over there. Wow. You’re up that country working on a big line project up there, huh? Wow. Yeah. Yep. So how is it dealing with all those democrats up there? I was just gonna say, this is gonna spark, Hey we, it’s, it’s pure insanity. I actually saw a Joe Biden sign in somebody’s yard today. I’m like, wow, I’ve never seen one of those. You, wow. Wow. You’re the perfect person to ask. Living in mass country, we’ll call it. Oh, what the best masks are for the surrounding. You have to mask up Calvin. Oh, a hundred percent. Yep. You do? Oh yeah. Oh, climbing poles. Even shi, you’re doing whatever you’re doing Pole. Yeah. You gotta wear fire. We have to wear fireproof ones too. Yeah. Fireproof masks. You’re sweating to death. Oh, we are sweating. No, they make Nomex masks. They do? Yes. Wow. Yeah, they gotta be flash protecting and everything. So I guess your eyes can get burned off and your upper forehead, but not your nose and mouth. Yeah, exactly. Okay. So how does it feel to put down some of the biggest animals right here, right off the bat? You guys are just cranking. You guys open up early man August, man. It is. Yeah.

00:29:58:25 –> 00:30:59:05
A couple years ago, Oregon switched over to this August one opener. And, and we love it. We think it’s, we think it’s fantastic. It really works well, especially with Idaho for us, because Oregon opens earlier. But you guys know it is, you’ve been in the game long enough. We have, all four of us are going four different directions constantly, you know, so a, a big deer shows up and then, you know, we found a ram early in the year and then we’re staying on him and you lose him and you lose him and you lose him and then you find him again and it’s Oh yeah. Oh my goodness. It’s logistics, logistics, logistics. That’s what it is. And then it all came together, it feels like on Saturday. Oh my gosh. I wish you could read our group texts between the whole group. ’cause we’re all spread out all over the place and Yeah, this is how bad it is. I’ve text blank and ship. And if Dan listens to this in a few days, he still has not even, he’s not even replied to my text. It was pro and I know because there was so much inflows I got buried about off the first page. Oh, you were? And he doesn’t even know I’m down there. Un unread yet. You’re the forgotten child. Yeah, I have.

00:30:59:10 –> 00:32:07:29
And I just can’t wait till the next time Dan texts me and he is like, oh, Adam hit me three, three weeks ago. Oh, Adam mean I never got a met. That’s right. By the way, Adam, we’re still doing good here. Yeah, thanks. Thank you. I always told myself I’d never be that guy, but I, it just happened. It it happens. It’s no hard to get back. It does. It happens. It does. Well with the dms and ims and Well, and when you go out of cell service and then you come back in and it blows up and it’s weird. Sometimes you don’t, stuff doesn’t literally does not show up if it’s pictures attached and Yep. Yep. So you guys, all those things laid down big, big deer, big antelope 92. Yeah. Yeah. Free’s big. I’m not an antelope guy, but Carter is, we know Rus Elms. You guys know Rus Elms was Carter. Oh yeah. Ru Russ was, huh? Yeah. And he sent me a photo of it and I said, wow, I don’t know anything about two points, but that’s a big one. That’s a giant, yeah. Long beams on him. Yeah. And he, then he tells me what it scores and I say, well I can’t ever think of one that has scored more than that from Oregon. He goes, I think there’s one. Is there really ever? Wow. Yeah.

00:32:08:08 –> 00:33:12:11
So, well we could probably Google, or not Google, but trophy search at car and see what the state record is. Yeah. Might do that. Good. B and Crockett trophy trophy search. It’s gotta be there. Pretty close. And yeah, we’re, yeah. And we’re not talking just on some of these, we’re not talking just about, you know, governor auction tags. We’re talking about your, the premium hunts and the raffle tags. All those opened up. Now. These are guys that just, anybody draws and they start August one and have four or five month seasons. Yeah. Yeah. The, well the deer hunter was a, a raffle hunter. Yeah, he was. Yeah. Vince, Vince Bloom raffle. Yeah. Vince Bloom. Yeah. He spent $11 and 50 cents and got a statewide deer test. That’s sick. Awesome. You gotta be in the draw, man. That’s, you gotta, you gotta have tickets. And I, I was actually the runner up for Northeast Deer in Oregon this year, so Oh, I was, I was, how much money did you throw at 22? $23. Two tickets or what? Oh, I had a, I had a hundred bucks in each one of ’em and Wow. The names came up. I was on a bear hunt and I saw my name pop up and I go, oh my gosh, I get this tag, I’m gonna fall over it.

00:33:12:15 –> 00:34:10:18
So what do you mean, tell us about, what do you mean you sell your name Pop up as a runner up. Yeah. Yeah. So on your, what they do? Yeah. They, they tell you that I wouldn’t wanna know that I was a runner up. I was just gonna say, I wouldn’t even want to know that. I’ve seen other states do that and I’m like that that creates, I think it’s basically causing a death threat to be on that it causes like Yeah. Mean that guy’s gonna have a thoughts freak accident, bad thoughts in your mind. Calvin’s all of a sudden a serial killer. Yeah. The names that they do one digit at a time and they start eliminating people from the pool, you know, and the last three names pop up and it’s myself, ed Elms, who is rests father. Yeah. You guys know Ed Elms? Yeah. We’ve known him for years. Chris. Yeah. Chris Pasqua, who is another, an Oregon guy that I know well. And, and yeah. And then Chris got the tag, he’s had it twice now. Wow. And he doesn’t play a whole ton of money in it. But yeah, it was great. That’s the beauty of the raffle tags there. It’s awesome. And that’s happens live. Geez. I mean I know he is. That’d be kind of fun to watch. Oh yeah. It’s kinda like the serial number, $2 bill game or something.

00:34:10:20 –> 00:35:17:09
And you’re, when a gun at a banquet or something. Yeah, you’re, everybody stands up in the last one or two and your little excitement. That’s pretty cool. Yeah, some guys load it real heavy and you know, they’re, they’re definitely more regular than others, but every year, I can’t tell you how many hunters we’ve had that is, oh I just caught one ticket, you know, or whatever. And Wow. We talk about, so when people ask me, you know, I don’t know what to get you for birthday or whatever, I’m like, raffle tickets just, I don’t even care what state? Just raffle tickets. Well now that you got an eight, a 92 inch, you’re under SMOs hat, you know, just tell ’em you need an antelope ticket now that he can kill a giant. Yeah. Don’t forget, don’t forget Antelope Long beams and big eye guards. Yeah. Big hooker things on them. So, so tell us when the next giant’s gonna fall. You guys are, you guys are, you guys are planning and prepping? I know and scouting like crazy. The other guys are in, they just hit the trail head earlier today and I got the text and they’re going in after a statewide mountain goat. Hmm. Wow. So hard. And you said you, well anyway, I won’t say what you say, I won’t say what you said, but basically this could be a giant, we’re going from two two point.

00:35:17:09 –> 00:36:19:04
It’s gonna be a really good one from two points to Spike. Yeah. It’s a really big 2.2 points to Spike is awesome Spike. That’s awesome. Well, you guys do have Boone and Crockett and then some goats, so We do. That’s awesome. We grow some really great goats and we’re looking forward to it. And then our attention’s kind of gonna turn us some more early organ sheep hunts and, and Idaho Unit 11, so Wow. Got a lot coming down the pipe man. Bunch of different species man. That’s Yeah, it is. That it is. It’s, you know, deer, elk. I know you guys do some big elk in that. We do northeast corner too and, and Antelope. Yeah. We kind of, we do elk in 11 as well and deer and yeah, it’s, it keeps getting bigger and bigger every year, but we’ve got a ton of great guys that are working for us and working with us and our network’s really big, just awesome people. You know, same common goal. Everybody’s interested in doing the same thing, so, and you’re still maintaining your own hunts. You’ve got a day job, so to speak, and still, you know, getting in on all this big stuff. I mean, yeah. Oh yeah.

00:36:19:04 –> 00:37:23:17
Truthfully, the guys are picking up a lot of slack for me because normally I’ve got a lot more time, but I’ve, I am working like a dog right now, so I just gotta do it while it’s, while it’s here, get through this and yeah. Then I’ll, I’ll get more freedom. But yeah, I got my first week off in more than a year last week and we made the most of it, so. That’s awesome. That’s awesome, man. And tell us about, you got a hunt or two for yourself coming up in the next couple months? Oh, you know, I just kind of hunt the wilderness units in Oregon and I, I try and get a week for deer in a week for elk and that’s about what I can what you can carve out, make swing. Yeah. With everybody else’s haunts and, and my wife and I’ve got three kids under, well I got a 5-year-old now, so three kids under five. Wow. Crazy. Yeah, we’re getting old. It seems like we just barely watched them have that first screw slow down the other day. You’re not gonna get 30. Wow. Wow. You just turned 30. Wow. How many kids? Three. You’re gonna have to quit hunting if they’re that young and to get followed the year award. Yeah. Oh man. That’s awesome though. I try hard. That’s a cool time. You got two girls and, and your youngest is a boy, right? If I remember right.

00:37:23:17 –> 00:38:29:06
That’s correct. Yep. So great. Awesome. So great. Well, any advice, Devin? He’s on the podcast. You might’ve heard other, we just got off the phone. Wyatt, Devon, I heard Wyatt gets married tomorrow and Devin gets married Saturday. You just hit 30, you’re roughly their age. And what do you say sounds like start popping out kids? Is that what you’re gonna tell these guys? Get some, get some kids out on the ground? Yeah, I mean, just go ahead and make it as difficult as possible right off the bat. Go ahead and start having kids. Any mari any marital advice? Oh man, I don’t think you really start figuring it out till about 30. I finally feel like I’m starting to figure it out, so No, I’m So Devin, that there Devin for you, that’s gonna be 40? Yes. Because you’re already 31, aren’t you? 31. 31. Alright, well he’s got this lick then. Wyatt’s 32 or three, isn’t he? Yep. You don’t have to deal with this. You don’t have to get it figured out till you’re 40. Till you’re 40. Oh yeah. I, I’ve been with my wife for almost 10 years, so, you know, she had to take a bet on me real, real early and I think sometimes she’s questioned it, but we’ll see. Ah, it paid off. You guys are doing good. That paid off. Yeah, she’s a hunter off. You’re a hunter.

00:38:29:07 –> 00:39:35:06
You guys have done great over the years, so Oh yeah. She, we, we went on a backpack trip on that week. I did get one day to go out and she did 15 miles with our six month old kid. Oh. On a chest pack. Shit. I was gonna say backpack, but chest and wow chest pack. Yeah. Geez. 15 miles with him on there. Geez. He looked like he’d been attacked by mosquitoes by the time we got home. Some burnt second degree sun burn on his head. Always. Yeah. River crossings, the whole nine yards. It was a great time. All right. Well congratulations on everything you guys are doing. It’s pretty awesome. The biggest trophies of the year right off the bat. I mean, yeah. You know, it’s cool to just see the first big trophies of the year. That’s right. Yeah. Everybody’s crushing it and we’re not done. We got a lot coming up, so hopefully we can keep it rolling. Well, like I said, we, we’ve tried some of the other guys. And Dan, when you hear this, hey, we like a report sometime when you get outta the bush, answer your texts. That’s right. But Calvin, Calvin, Calvin figured Calvin’s probably, you know, working somewhere. That’s right. You know, he’s, if he’s up a poll somewhere, he is gonna have cell service. So we’re gonna try it. Just gotta take his face mask off 60 feet.

00:39:35:12 –> 00:40:47:25
Oh yeah, Dan, I got a text from Dan, he was headed in this morning. I dropped his trailer off at the trail head for him and he’s going in so Good. He’ll be out of it for a while, but good. Yeah, we’ll report back. Okay buddy, buddy. Awesome. Awesome. Goes Good luck on everything. Appreciate it. Gravel safe. Hey, keep sending pictures. Yeah, thanks you guys for all the support, we appreciate it. You bet. No problem. Talk to you later. Bye. Alright. It’s kind of fun talking to people that are putting their hands on big stuff. It is. August is, it’s early. Usually it’s Nevada deer, August 10th. It just feels like Oregon has come out of north the last two or three years because of these raffle and premium tags that start the first Right. And these guys are working hard. You know, they’re networked and they’re working hard and well, it’s finding big stuff. It’s, and out its example where scouting, I mean, scouting pays because you can hunt August 1st so you, you don’t waste don’t waste time. You kill what you found during the summer and That’s right. Patterned and all that. Good times. Good times. Well, that’s about it fellas. Let’s you know, we’ve got a good buddy that guides in Arizona, guides New Mexico. He’s been out nonstop. Davey Matthews, he knows firsthand be in our growth for elk, deer and whatnot. He’s pretty fun to talk to.

00:40:48:04 –> 00:42:04:12
Should we give him a holler real quick? Yeah. And just see what he has to say. He’s been using some of the new UA gear, some of the new boots. I think he’s, he’s loving Yeah. The hovers, hasn’t he? Yeah, I think so. Let’s ask, let’s ask him what he wants. I haven’t even worn mine yet. I got ’em. I haven’t even, I haven’t even worn him in the hills here. They’re awesome. What are you doing, Carter? Hey, tell me something good. What’s going on down there? Dude, I wish I had something good to say. Come on. What are you listening to there on the radio? This Bronson, we’ve got you on a hot mic too. Oh, okay. I I was listening to some old country Y2K today. y2k, you know, satellite old country. That’s from, from the 2000, that’s that’s not old country. No it’s not. I thought you, you know what, it’s, it seemed a little old compared to some of the new stuff. Oh yeah. Some of this new around those things called CDs. I know. Holy smokes. Tell us, turn down Kelsey Ballerini in the background. Turn her down The chicks. I know the Dixie. You guys caught me with the Dixie chicks. No, they’re not the Dixie chicks. They’re just the chicks. Chicks. We’ve already covered that on this. This podcast. I learned that today. Yeah, that’s right. They’re just the chicks. My gosh. They changed their name.

00:42:04:20 –> 00:43:12:03
Did you hear that when you went off when you switched over to Fox? Did you hear that? That they changed their name? Yeah. Yeah. They changed their name. They took the Dixie out of the chicks. You’re not listening to CNN are you? No. Carter, you said you were not gonna get political. Carter went on a political sabbatical or the first start of the podcast. I’m just checking. I’m just making sure that the Go Outfitters we work with, he can’t go 45 minutes are not listening to CNN. That’s all I want. No, I am, I am not listening to CNN. All right. I, I’ve got Fox on there. I think it’s number three on my, on my, my quick set. But yeah, that’s, that’s about it. That begs, that begs for what’s number one and two. We gotta know. Well it’s, yeah. You know it’s the country stations. Yeah. It’s Y 2K, it’s a highway and Y two. The highway. Yeah. Well it’s prime country first. Oh, okay. And and then the highway. So yeah. Then Y 2K. Yeah. Highway gets a little much. ’cause it’s reruns all day long. I mean, you’re on a long after one day you gotta, you gotta put it down for a week. ’cause it’s the same for the week. Exactly. How’s, you know, what’s, how’s things looking in Arizona and New Mexico? Yeah, we’re getting rid of it. Arizona. Arizona, Arizona. Elk looked pretty good. The deer.

00:43:12:07 –> 00:44:23:00
The deer seem to be down a little bit. I don’t, I don’t think they’re down. Terrible. I think there’s still gonna be some good bucks to shoot New Mexico elk, which that’s what I’m over here doing now. Looks really good. Yeah, we’ve been about that. It feels like elk. This is gonna be the year of the elk. Like it doesn’t matter. Yes, these four corner states, well feels good. New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and then Nevada are, there’re there’s giants. I mean we’re talking about Utah and it’s been a while since we’ve had a bumper crop in Utah and it watch out, there’s gonna be some big elk killed in Utah this year. You know, man, I, I can’t wait to see, I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. Yeah. So you’re in New Mexico and I know you guys have had, it’s been a very lackluster monsoon season for us in southern Utah and so, so in Arizona, but eastern Arizona and New Mexico has been a pipeline, right? Doesn’t New Mexico. Yeah, we had a bunch. We’ve, yeah, we’ve actually for the last, for the last three weeks have been pretty steady with monsoons at least every other day. Sometimes it’s twice a day, you know, like yesterday we had rain in the morning and then rain again last night. So yeah, I think, I mean it’s really starting to green up here. I mean it’s, it is what it is.

00:44:23:01 –> 00:45:27:16
All the elk are pretty much done grown here anyways. Well it also though helps I think condition some of the elk cows and everything else from a rud initiate when when’s hot and dry and everything. It’s like, and it keeps the forest open. Yeah. They close those forests down. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. They’re, you know, yeah, exactly. Exactly. I heard they just opened 23, the forest down there in 23 this last Friday. They did. Yep. They had just opened the Tono. Yeah. And it’ll be interesting, you know, a lot of guys haven’t had, haven’t been able to go in there and scout or any of that stuff. So it could be, there could be something that shows up on one of these general tags in in those unit, in that unit that, that might blow somebody away. That that could have been and probably should have been shot with one of the gov tags. Wow. But they just, they just haven’t had the time to go in there and scout it, you know, it’s closed for over a month, month and a half or something like that. No general tags we’re talking, I just wanna clarify archery. You’re talking like the general draw draw, the regular draw tags. Yes sir. Yeah. Arche. So 20 threes had to reprieve because they’ve killed a couple of these auction, let’s call ’em auction animals, whether it be the raffle or whatever in other units they’re not even hunting 23.

00:45:27:16 –> 00:46:38:29
And a lot of these have been coming out of 23. Exactly. Yeah, exactly. So there there could be some of those archery hunters or, or the early rifle hunt that just kill just, you know, 400, who knows, 10, 20 whatever. Yeah, exactly. Something, something, you know, big, big numbers. So. Wow. Well, all right. Everything else going good for you? You got, you’re getting ready for the, for a big season. Yeah, yeah. We’re, we’re, we’re kind of dialing it all in and, and getting ready and making our final preparations and, and doing all the, all the good stuff now. And just hammering, scouting daily, you know, until, you know, I’ve got, I don’t, they, they just started archery antelope up here, which I don’t have any archery antelope hunters, but I do have some of the general antelope hunters coming up in two weeks. So just, just grinding away, getting ready for this, this season. Make it, make it the best we can. So about here, yeah. Your wife’s about to go through another cycle. We’ve been there, done that, so. Yes, exactly. You got her on the payroll, right? She’s got a, yeah, she, she’s officially on the payroll now, so, so she, what does that She can’t complain What that mean? She can’t complain too much. ’cause you’re David Matthews outfitters and you’re married to your wife. How, what does that mean that she’s on the payroll? What does that mean?

00:46:39:09 –> 00:47:57:19
DDMO is paying her to be happy during the hunting season. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Her, her, her, her work, her workload just took a major hit and, and, and decreased by substantially because she was working a full-time job plus doing your, your work and then doing my stuff on the side. Now she’s just doing my stuff, you know? And, and yeah. It’s, it’s still a lot of work for her. Done with your contract, final contract stuff coming up, A lot of your some of that permits, permitting. Yeah. Permits, trip plans, you know, all the good stuff. So yeah. Laundry. You mean being an outfitter just isn’t about killing stuff? Well, if there’s a lot more to it, yeah. Yeah. There, there’s quite a bit more to it than just, just killing stuff. Yeah. Outfitting, outfitting really is an all year job, you know? It really is so crazy. What about, hey, I know you, you’ve got, you, you’ve been using those new hover UA hover boots. Yes. How are you liking those things? You know what? I love ’em. I love ’em. The only, the only complaint when I bought ’em is, is all they had to available was the 400 insulated, insulated, insulated on ’em. Oh, yeah. Well, that’ll come in handy in a month or two here, so, yeah. You know, it’s just, they, they make my feet hot, but man, they’re so comfortable.

00:47:57:21 –> 00:48:57:13
I have to wear ’em all the time, you know, they’re so comfortable. I think you’ve got in non insulated coming your way, right? Yeah. Yeah. It’ll be awesome. I do have some non insulated ones on my way, so I’m, I’m anxious to put those work, break ’em in and, and just get after it. But they, they are, they’re super nice. They’re, they’ve got the, the cushion of the fat tire and, and the, the, you know, the stability Stability of something else Yeah. As some of the other hunting boots. So it, they are, they are really, really nice. Nice. All right. Well, did you didn’t break, you got your truck fixed. I know you’re out on the strip and basically lost a ball joint. Did he? Oh my gosh. Yeah. Yeah. And I, and I, and I had to drive in 55 miles going 15 miles an hour. The mechanic was just beside himself. Not, not even sure how I even made it back into town really, but yeah. Oh yeah. So it just, it was sitting on my cv, you know, and, and it, you know, busted the boot and all the grease was everywhere and it was a big mess, but we got lined out. It, it added a four, it added four days to the strip trip, so, geez.

00:48:58:03 –> 00:50:07:17
You know, we didn’t get quite everything we wanted to get done and checked, but, but you’re ready to go for the, for a week or two next trip? Yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure. Good deal. Well, I don’t know what else there is to know. No, we wish you the best of luck out there this year. Davey just wanted to check with you. You’ve been state to state and cranking hard, deer, elk, a little bit of everything, and so we just wanted to kind of get your take on it. Yeah. You’re, man, you’re hunting your antelope here in a couple weeks in New Mexico that Yeah. In New Mexico. Yes sir. Awesome. In New Mexico. Yes, sir. Good. How the odd a looking, the UD a are always good, you know, he hunt those too. I know he does. IEX had good growth how they do. Yeah, they should be good too. I mean, he does all this stuff. I, I know he does, but like how many miles do you drive a year, Davey? Well, I’ve, I’ve had this truck now, this is, I’m going on my fourth year and I’ve put 200 and 218,000 on it in four years. Nasty ones. Okay. When you open the door, it’s really okay, go, go outside and look in the back of my truck. And that’s what the inside of his truck looks like. Oh, quick. Come on. The, the force caddy right now is, it’s shining right now.

00:50:08:05 –> 00:51:17:29
Caddy doesn’t even forest Cady. That’s what the cat, geez. My wife, the white truck or whatever you brought up here, jacked up during last month. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Wow. Forest, his license plates forest cutting. It says that. Yeah, come on. It does. It does. Well now the whole world knows what’s gonna say. Yeah. His BMOs say, oh, he ain’t hiding. He’s loud and proud that thing’s 10 feet in the air. Yeah. Huh, Davy. Oh yeah. It’s so is that the best truck you’ve ever owned? You’ve had Rams, you’ve had, that’s Carter’s favorite line is the best truck you’ve ever owned. That’s his, he loves to try to put words in people. Listen, listen. Go ahead, Davy. I’ve, I’ve, I’ve heard him say that a bunch to me and, and before I would just, I would say absolutely not when I had my Dodge, but this Chevy really is, it’s, it’s been the best truck I’ve owned. It’s, it’s held together. Nice. The only, you know, like you said, you just have those front end parts that wear out because we do what we do and it’s a diesel. Yeah, it’s a diesel going down and it’s a diesel road. Hundreds of miles of washboards. Yeah. Thousands and thousands of miles of washboards and you know, annually. So, but other than that, it’s just been those front end parts and, and it runs good. And it, I mean, I cannot complain honestly. It’s been a great truck.

00:51:18:10 –> 00:52:21:10
Wow. Wow. Probably not one. When you’re ready to get rid of it, my brother Aaron’s gonna buy, it’s not gonna pass the test. I’m just turning you, it’s a one owner, but it’s not a clean one owner. Yeah, it’s, it’s, yeah, exactly. It’s one owner. It’s safe brush growing in the back. Oh dude. I had grass growing in the back of my truck one time. Yeah, you, I know you did in the bed seen, I’ve seen, I’ve seen grass. I’ve seen grass growing in the back of my truck on occasion. Oh yeah. You know, it happens. You never know. Yeah, I’m sure if I was up in like Washington or something like that, it’d probably be Moss. Oh yeah. You know, you’d grow that moss little patch of alfalfa back there. Oh yeah, for sure. For sure. But no, that’s good. Well, we’re, we’re just, we’re semi board in the office or our hunts in Utah don’t start till August 15th. We’ve all got our Jude deer tags, so we want, we’re just calling and getting report people that are out, out going and doing good. So. Well, good luck on you guys. Glad we caught you deer nuts. Yeah, no problem. No problem. All guys, well be good luck with everything. Alright? Yep. We’ll chat soon. Keep, keep the greasy side down on that truck. Okay, we will. Thank you. You bet. Talk to you later. See you. Bye. What does that mean, Carter?

00:52:22:25 –> 00:53:41:09
Have you ever ever seen Baby drive? You wear a seatbelt, you might roll that thing. Really? That’s coming from you. Yeah, that’s coming. That’s exactly, that’s a good point, Archibald, because Carter, have you seen him drive down 200 North or Main Street here or airport Road? He’ll go 55 or 60. They only give us a short lunch break here to, alright guys, are we done? Yeah, we’re good. Let’s finish this thing off. We appreciate all the support out there. We also wanna throw a few shout outs. There’s some companies out there that support us and we appreciate ’em. You know, we appreciate people like Swarovski and like and Zeiss and Sig Sour and Stealth cam. We sell ’em all. If you need any of those products, give us a holler, we’ll get ’em to you. We’re the best price in the industry and this isn’t just for Valentine’s Day sales or Christmas or New Year’s. We have sales every day. We treat people right every day. Give us a holler. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. We sell again, Zeiss, Swarovski, Leica Vortex and stealth camp. Give us a holler. Six hour as well. Another shout out to, if you’re either looking to buy or looking to sell some kind of a hunting or recreational property out West St. James Sporting Properties. Founded by one of our good friends, Blaine St.

00:53:41:09 –> 00:55:01:20
James based in Colorado, but he’s licensed in Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, just specializing in sewing the trophy hunting, fishing, and recreational properties. Give him a call of (877) 354-7247. Or you know, check it out in the magazine, but great way to find or sell a piece of western hunting or fishing recreational property. So plane’s a great dude, avid hunter and well connected. Well very well connected. So yeah, anyway, but I think that’s it. Give us a call if you got last minute, like Carter said, last minute truck camera or optics needs, give us a call. We’re here, we’re we’re, we’re here for a bit. We got a couple guys getting married, but they’re not gonna be gone long. I’m kind of hoping personally that their wives tie ’em down and they’ll be in the office more. I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I gives me the look like that ain’t after, if you remember, they’re 31 and 33. They know what they want at this stage. And I think there’s been some, they found some ground rules. She knew what she was getting when she, she picked me up. That’s what I mean, that they, you’re, you’re not 21 and, and not knowing even what you, nobody knows what they really want and I have a feeling Devon’s pretty set in his ways. Well, I mean I’m set in my ways, but Devin, I think he’s set his way well at 31.

00:55:01:20 –> 00:56:07:28
You kind Chris. No, he’s definitely setting his way. Chris, are you setting in your ways? I believe so. I don’t even know a definition of that, but I don’t know. I just think, I just think don’t think, don’t think it, don’t, don’t, you’re not as moldable. I think probably. Well you kind of know. You know, this is, this is me, this is what I’m gonna do. And if you like me, all right, let’s go out and we’ll go on a second date. But anyway, yeah, got a, got a cool podcast. These guys are opening a new chapter. Pretty fun. Hopeful, hopefully enjoyed laughing and good luck Devin. Devin, real quick. Appreciate it. Let’s just, just throw a little shout. You deal with a lot of our outfitters and tags. There’s a few tag, couple of tags that are available that we had a 15 muzzle tag. What else have we got out there? 15 muzzle loader. That’s a mature bull unit. Six. You can pick three. Three seasons. Three season dates. Yeah, you’ve got the, the October muzzles and then you got the November muzzle one late November. Yep. So you can choose your seasons there. And then a six C archery tag. Yeah, these are New Mexico elk. That’s a six C archery. You got both unit wide. So if you’re looking for something and, and, and that’s just, those are tag only. Now you’ve also got Outfitters calling you Devin pretty much daily.

00:56:07:28 –> 00:56:59:11
Yeah, but I mean with, with COV and everything that’s been going on around the world and Canada with Hunts being canceled, there’s been a, a lot of emphasis in people wanting to try to find hunts. So stuff’s not sticking around in the lower 48. No, very long. But if you’re looking for something or have time in your schedule, I guess. Yeah, give us a call. Give you a call. Yep. And we’ll do the best to find it’s good stuff out there. It’s changing daily. Outfitters are telling me it’s, you know, they’re rotating through guys asking for new guys, new hunts popping up. Just a lot of stuff changes. A lot of change right now. And the closer we get to September, it’s just gonna be that much more so. So give Devin a holler at Devin. You can email him, DEVI [email protected]. Epic outdoors with an s.com or give us a holler 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. We’re here to help you. Whether it be optics, hunts, anything Western, big game hunting, that’s what we do. Give us a holler.