Escape from a Frigid Alaskan River with Aaron Bronson. In this episode we talk with Aaron Bronson and hear his near death story from Alaska 2020. Lessons learned and gear that saved his life. When you are wet and cold in Alaska a fire can make the difference in life and death. The difference in this case was Pyro Putty and the Pyro Putty lighter. We also talk about the 2020 hunting season and our outlook on 2021.

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I take a step forward and I just, I go down, you know, you didn’t just fall down. Like now you’re float, you’re floating down the river. And I just remember vividly thinking, I am not going out this way. I remember, and it was, it was a fight. Anything to do with Western big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson at the mic. Coming at you from Southern East, Utah. Only freaking day in the last, what? How long? I don’t know. Since we did the last podcast. Like four hours since we were here the last week. When was that? Week? 10 days ago. I know. Whatever. Anyway, and we’ve done hunts since then. Bronson, you smashed a buck, huh? Yeah. Smashed and grabbed. I followed your advice. I did. Smashed it and went over and grabbed it. Yep. And that’s right. Took care of it myself. Packed to the truck myself and grabbed it. And one trip whole, a Colorado body. How was it? It was it not very good, but lucky was only probably a half mile. Wasn’t not, wasn’t big a deal. Half mile uphills both ways. No, it wasn’t. It was just still you gotta stop. Oh yeah. And you have a hard time standing up with a whole deer in your pack. Cape head. I can just picture like, did you even cut the hooves on?

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I can just picture four hooves hanging off the top of your pack. I’ve always looked at those. I don’t know. I know. It’s, I don’t know why people pack out either. I see ’em on elk. That’s 10 pounds on elk. I know, I know. A lower foot. I know. I mean, somebody’s gonna weigh it for me and tell me I’m off it, but it’s at least five. I know. It’s, it’s a waste of weight. Don’t pack up. Somebody weigh ’em. Somebody weigh ’em. Tell me what you eat on them. Anyway, I, and I went down and did an archery, laid archery elk in Arizona. Never hunt elk in November with a bow in thick country. In thick, thick country. It was actually pretty darn good. I learned a ton. Coo deer kind of got koz deer on the brain. I, I don’t know. But Kous day, K Alene. No, that’s, it was kind of funny because there was a guy sitting on water that had halene and turkeys coming. Anyway, it’s just funny. Last year we gave Carter a hard time about antelope only because he was gonna burn his points. He does not love antelope. But we wrote it pretty hard. Now it’s gonna be, we’re gonna tease him about h halina burn halina points in Arizona. Hey Chris. Chris. And when we were there, the roads were closed. These guys, these guys happened to make it saw hundreds. Okay.

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And you had roads that were open to you. Yeah. Oh yeah. We didn’t, they were all closed, but from fire. Yeah. We had nothing. Colorado was nuts. It was tight Season. Tight season was nuts. In North Central Colorado with all the fires. This year wasn’t, well, think about it. Mid November it was closed. That’s right. I mean, crazy. It was going into third season member and, and around they had a snowstorm and they still had it closed. Unit 18 and Estes and all these other places. Yeah. Anyway, crazy. Lots of crazy stuff. So anyway, we’ve been, who knows where this podcast is gonna go? We’ve been all over the place. And so this podcast might be a little bit of that. ’cause we get that way when we get back together. We’re try to catch up on, there’s been so many, seven to 10 days in 45 to so much happened. People hit you on Instagram or emails and texts and you’re getting I I’m getting updates. You’re getting updates, Chris. You’re getting, everybody’s just, the information highway is crazy right now with what happened in the 2020 season. A lot of which, what happened is not so great. Yeah. So anyway, it’s been pretty tough in general. But, but we’re also thinking about next year’s hunting schedule. It’s all, I can think about it, 5, 6, 8 hours a day. Jana’s like, Hey, you know, you need to re it in a bit.

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And when she says that, and, and she’s being very nice. I got a great wife, but she’s like, come on, things have gone. You know, and I, and I agree. I can’t live like this anymore. I, I don’t know. I’ve been home maybe five days in three or four months. It’s been rough. I agree. I’ve made three trips to Colorado. I took my boy over there twice. That turned out good. Was only, was only supposed to go once because, you know, he got basketball and, and then thanks to Covid, the only good thing that’s come from Covid is they postponed basketball practice for two weeks and canceled in Utah. Allowed you to hunt. Yeah. So we could go back hunting. Well, and that’s what’s funny, these coaches, they’re ornery. Like if you miss a practice, oh, oh, you don’t even think about it. You don’t even about you give up honey, you give up honey, he’s in the younger years of high school, you know, freshman, sophomore. But it doesn’t matter. You have kids in at that age, you realize it’s not, it’s not. You miss. And it was tryout. They take it out on the kids. So it was like, you know, brutal train. You know, they, they run you to death anyway. ’cause they, they wanna weeded out people too, too. Anyway, so yeah. So he wasn’t able to go. Then Covid comes. So we turned around around, they postpone everything.

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And you’re like, you’re, you’re almost home. Two monsters deep, three monsters deep. What was it? I dunno. Huh? Too many. And your wife’s like, you should turn around and you’re like, I can’t, I I can’t make it back. No. Been up since four o’clock. And it was, it was like 10 o’clock at night. Now I’m, I’m almost back to Utah and our go made his proclamation to the world, you know? Yeah. What did he say? Basically said, no, go. Mask up. Mask up. I, I called my kids. I was teasing ’em a little and, and don’t anybody get too mad at me. There’s a lot of people serious about Covid out there. But I was like, Hey Ashley, you need to mask up and I really think you should go to bed wearing a mask. And I mean, she just, I mean, just busted out. She didn’t even take, she didn’t even, she can’t even take you. So, you know, you’re so far from serious Justin. You need to mask up. And I’m thinking when you go to bed tonight, you put that mask on. What do you think? You know, I mean, they don’t even know what to say. So lots going on. We’re trying to plan for next year and there’s 14,000 things going. We’re going to my mind. Sheep and elk ster. You got in-laws with elk tags in-laws, outlaws got light. We got friends with cheap tags and a couple clients.

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It’s just last two, two weeks of, of smashing and grabbing. And I don’t think there’s gonna be a lot of smashing and grabbing. This is gonna be grind. Ground and pound, ground and pound. I dunno if that I grind, grind it, whatever. We gotta come up with something anyway. But I know this that I sometimes, you know, in our stage in life, it’s hard, Adam, when we, we were, when we’re younger, let’s call it mid twenties, you know, you’re, you’re newlywed. You got kids, kids on the ground, you’re, you know, 1400 diapers every which way you’re trying, you know, you’re, you’ve got a few tags and you’re trying to make good on a, a few tags. You get a little bit older. You know, it’s hard for us to say no to the opportunities that come on the desk. Oh yeah. I mean, we got opportunity after opportunity coming across the desk and you’re like, well, and we’re getting ki we’re getting our kids. And you know, and then they’re teenage years. You only got ’em for so long before then they start going to college. Yeah. And they get married on their own. So you’re just trying, you’re trying to do stuff for you do stuff with them and all, all of it’s good. It’s just, man, it comes at a price. Oh. And that’s aging three times faster than you need Should.

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And with, and the hunting is supposed to be amazing and fun and enjoyable and Yeah. And you, you come home and you, you know, your wife’s, oh, they’re just saying, yeah. I’s gone all the, well, how would it be? And you’re like, come with me for two weeks and I’ll show you how it’s Yeah. And better yet, I’ll pay you if you can last two weeks. That’s right. A your kidneys are not gonna withstand how much monster you’re gonna drink. That’s right. And monster’s a monster. Okay. Well it it keeps you alive at times. Really? All these, the vitamins Cannonball runs through the middle of the night. Anyway, speaking of driving, let’s give Aaron a call. Well’s. Well, okay, so a, there’s a couple things I’d like to know from Aaron. He was gonna help you on a hunt, but he has no wheels. Many hunts. How was he gonna get there? Well, he is had, he’s had the family Tahoe there on several hunts this year, because this has been long documented. In March, he sold his cherry truck pre emissions. 2006 Duramax for a mint for a quarter of a million miles. See, got some guy from Michigan, flew out 20, whatever, a lot, whatever. So, and then he had then covid hit and all the factories have shut down. All the used cars have gone up five to 10 grand in value because it’s what you can buy.

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And he’s just in his mind, I think he’s made it through the hunts. And he’s just but but not quite all through the hunts. No, not quite. So what are the contingency plans? A then B, he went to Alaska, had a near death experience. I’d like to hear firsthand about that. Quick about the truck. ’cause I know he’s sensitive about it, but we’re gonna ask him. You there? Yeah. Hello Paul. What are you driving? The Malibu? Yeah. We just wanted to check in. Aaron. We just wanted to check in. Oh boy. It’s good. Everything’s good. Next question. Okay. So the next question is, is you were gonna go help Adam. I just wanna know what you were planning on driving when you went and helped Adam? I had a rental. Rental making me feel guilty, you know. Oh, hey. Yeah. Come out. It’d be great to have another set of eyes. And then I’m out there hunting and Aaron couldn’t get there for a day or two. And so I ended up killing, I ended up killing a buck. And immediately called you to said, Hey, don’t come out today. And never asked you what you were gonna bring. And you were gonna rent a car. I think that, I feel bad. I think that is a heck of a great brother. It is. I’m gonna say. And I would’ve paid for it. I, I’m, I just made feel.

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Well, I wasn’t expect, well I didn’t wanna take the, the side by side all the way out there. ’cause we didn’t need it. So No, you’d have to put some truck tires. That’s, I, you know, by the way, people are putting truck tires on side-by-side to get the mileage out of them, by the way. So. Oh yeah. Anyway. Well, so any, any prospects of getting a no. A four by four in the near future? No. Okay. This is November. Have you had any good, have you had any good options? Say a Denali that’s got everything but maybe the front bench seat. I mean, just tell us, have you had any good options come across the desk August 28th? August 28th? I haven’t even looked when I moved to plan B, to take the, to take the wife’s Tahoe and the side by side every, on every hunt. I haven’t even looked back. Okay. You’ve missed some great opportunities. I tell you what, I tell you what, that Tahoe is a good little hunt rig. I’ll, I’ll pull some pictures. Chris, put ’em on the show notes. Dumb. That thing gets around pretty good. I’ve always liked those two door, those little two-door blazers. They’re on a half ton Chevy chassis. You know, with the no one, no, nobody thinks you’re hunting in one of those. No. So you’re, you’re covered. No, you just smokescreen everyone on the mountain. Okay. Well it’s pretty good.

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I, I’m, I’m rooting for you. And by the way, how about that guy on Instagram? Totally loading us up with a great truck for you. I mean, that was awesome. There was a good opportunity. Oh yeah, yeah. It was just like, yeah, there was the night before opening of sheep season, it was the problem. Yeah. Aaron was trying to do, getting ready to do a smash and grab and just wasn’t even in the cards. Really? No. So, well there’s about, I can list. Well you need to call a few other listeners too that haven’t got a truck, so, okay. Okay. Yeah, give us a list. But the problem is, new ones still aren’t coming out and the used ones have, everybody knows they’re worth a mint, so they’re jacking ’em out. Five to 15 grand. Have you ever thought about buying or calling that guy that you sold your other truck to and buying it back? Flying a Michigan back, fly to Michigan and get it and drive it back. We have a little Yeah. Rust on it or something. Yeah, it’s been good. And we’re good. Alright all. Bye. One other thing, one other thing I wanted to, we just kind of wanted to, I don’t know where you’re at on the highway or what you’re doing, but tell us about your Alaska. Alaska, tell us about Alaska experience.

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I want to know, like, I heard it was crazy, but I’ve never asked you in person. Like I want to know, like how, how it went down, what saved your life, what gear you would change, things like that. Yeah. So tee it up a little bit. You went up there with some buddies kind of a self. Yeah, we went up there, we kind of had a yeah, self guide, DIY drop camp. We wanted a ridge hunt. And I don’t know how in depth you want to get on this, but you should have listened to our story first before Devin and WTS successful hunt. Yeah. But anyway, we wanted a ridge hunt just for the flexibility to move. And we’re not really, now this is something, is this something you some of you have done before? Like it’s not like no brand? No. Yeah, I’ve done a ridge hunt before up there. Well that was when we drew it through or moose tags there. But this is a over the counter area and the ridge hunt, basically you’re getting dropped off on a ridge and you’re a little higher, not on a lake and you’re a little higher. So you might or might get some caribou up there too. Aaron wanted to hunt. Yes, caribou. Okay. And the other guys maybe hunt summer bulls early September days. I just wanted caribou before they sense total. Makes, makes total sense.

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So we’re talking and we’re talking like a September timeframe early. Yes. Okay. Well he wants us there September one, because you’re hunting pre rutted bulls up high before they come down into the river bottom. So anyway, that’s what we had in mind. Well, we get up there and 10 minutes into the hang guy’s hangar, he throws us a curve ball that says, Hey, I, we’re not going to the ridge. I, I got another spot opened up on a river and we’re like, well, what’s wrong with the ridge? And it just windy that the forecast showed wind. It’s hard to get in there. And that meant four flights in a cub getting up there. And anyway, we we’re like, well, we trust you. You know, we’re, we’re, this isn’t our cup of tea. We’re out of the, our, our element. So you, you tell us. And he says, well, I want to get you down on this river. And we’re like, well, we have no waiters or we have no raft. And they’re like, well, you probably don’t need one. And I’m like, we’re guys, did you guys have swimming lessons when you were in third grade? Is that what his next question was? No, no. He just said, you won’t need him because most of the game’s gonna be on the other side. And I’m like, I know, but I says, we’re westerners. Look at us. We can’t sit still. Right.

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Just like w and Devon’s hunt, like we’re the opposite. When westerners go up there on a moose hunt, we’re like the worst. They’re looking five miles away. When I see we, the three of us, I think you guys would be the same miles away. Oh yeah. We’re just like this. You’re telling me we can hunt a, a river bar and a bend three guys for, you know, 10, 12 days. That’s not gonna work. Right. And so he’s like, well, and I found some waiters over in the corner. Who’s are these? Oh, that’s a hunter left those. I’m like, can we take ’em? Yeah, you can take those. We’re size eight. We scratched some waiters up and, and then we, we were off. Well, when we’re, when we’re, when we’re dropping in on this spot, I’m, you know, I’m looking like there’s a glass and knob. Oh, there’s one over there. I, I find two good glass of knobs on the way in and one’s on the other side of the river and one’s over here and where our camp is. And I’m like, well, we, we gotta get to those two spots. So anyway, the waiters one were hip waiters and one were chest waiters that we had. The chest waiters didn’t really fit me. They were pretty small boot anyway. And the, the, I don’t know, the thigh hip waiters were, they’d fit any of us.

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So the plan was we’d just, you know, obviously we went over the protocol. I mean, the river wasn’t that dangerous. It didn’t look that bad when we got there. But we still, it was an issue. We’re like, Hey, make sure your pack’s unbuckled, unbuckle, all your straps loose and everything. Have your gun tied on. And I mean, so was it enough of a concern? We, we addressed it and we should go together. We got two sets. There’s three of you we should always go to. Yeah, three of us. Three of you. So nobody ever crossed the river alone. That was the Yeah. A lone guy can stay on the side where you’re camped and he’ll be all right. Yeah. That was the plan. And, and then it, you know, and, and it started out good. And that was the other problem is September 1st is not the rutt. So you don’t want to be down on the rutting ground September 1st. So that kinda was a curve ball too. But we were gonna make the most of it. I mean, we were gonna hunt hard and we found, we started seeing moose the first night we saw three moose. The next day we saw moose, we saw a really good bull on the second day, he was on the other side of the river. And we were taking turns crossing, like just how we work any western hunt. Like, hey, you go glass, this knob you glass.

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And so you’re not seeing the same thing every day. Right. Everybody’s just changing up, changing it up a little bit, changing it up a little bit. And there was always, anyway, so day five it, it rained and the river rose like in 12 hours or 24 hours, it raised like 18 inches. And so there was no crossing that camp, but camp was the widest spot. And you know, and that’s where he had told us to hunt. It is like, you guys just won’t hunt this strip. And I’m looking at that like, won’t last six hours right here, Wyatt and Devon can relate. But I brought a trail camera, which I surprised Devon and Trail camera did it. What I’m, I’ll put a trail camera on this spot that he says is good. And as soon as it proves me wrong, then I’ll come down in here and hunt. Well, the trail camera had nothing on it the whole time we were there. That’s a good idea. That’s kind of a good idea. Well, well plus you’re gonna kill something up there and you got wolves and grizzlies. You gotta get some pictures of them. And anyway, yeah. So I put the trail camera down on the, on the crossing where they cross. That’s right where we crossed. And that was not an issue. Or until day five.

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Day five, we get 18 inches of, and there was no way we’re cross like, that’s it, we’re not crossing. Right. And, and then after a day that we’re like, what if we go up river and cross the con? There’s a, you know, a smaller tributaries before it braids out. Yeah. You’ve got a couple of, yeah, couple of smaller rivers. Let’s just call it the darn converged. Yeah, yeah. Okay, let’s cross those and then we can cross up above. So BJ and Jake did that the one day and, and it, it was, it was fine. One, one day Jake broke the rule and he crossed one night he went after a bull and he came back alone. And, and he’s like, Ugh. He said, I’m like, well, yeah, you should have waited for her. So just with dicey, just like borderline. But he made it, it, it was just borderline. But he made it. And he is just like, yeah, I don’t know. That’s not good. And he, he was wearing the chest waiter. So anyway, we start out this day, I think it’s a Monday morning and, and me and BJ are gonna go up and cross the, cross, the small one. And it’s not small. It’s pretty good. Size two. And then we’re gonna, and then I’m gonna cross the big one, and then BJ’s gonna just go up on the hill above the, the small one.

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Well, anyway, so it’s like six 30 in the morning. We’re just leaving camp and, ’cause we got a little ways to go. And we crossed the first one, the little one, and then BJ walks over to the edge and he just points to where they, he says, what we did last night was we went here and then we went to that gravel bar and then went over and I’m like, oh yeah, it looks fine. Your confidence is up. The water’s gone down, you’re thinking no big deal. So BJ at that point, he turns and leaves to go up to his glass knob. And I proceeded across the, the main river. And I didn’t have any problems until I got about, I was a proposal only 10 feet from the other side. And I’ve got everything on loose. I’ve got my trekking poles, you know, so you have four points of contact are always three as you’re moving across. And my uphill leg started taking on water in my, in my hip weighter. And, and it was, it just sucked one. So basically now I have one leg and, and two trekking poles. And, and I’m trying to decide to go back or go forward and I take a step forward and I just, I go down, geez. Packs on, put the waist, your waist belt’s, unsnapped? No, these are just, these are hips. So they’re just around my hip and one loop around your belt. Okay.

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So they’re single weight, they’re not like the full. Yeah. Single, single weight. Well, I mean, your pack, like your backpack. Your backpack, yeah. Like lightweight ones. Yeah, like lightweight. Okay. Just, and, and you have your boots on as well. And so you just slide these over your boots and your, you know, and everything. So I, so they fill up and then so I go down and I only go about, I don’t know, 10 or 20 feet and it necks down tight. And so it’s just raging right in this pinch point. So you mean you, you know, you didn’t just fall down, you’re barely rolling now. You’re float, you’re floating down the river. Oh, I’m swimming. It’s, it’s, I’m going well back and it’s pushing me. Right before you crossed though, you had your, you know, like you’re supposed to, you undid your waist strap Yes. And your sternum breast strap. And Yes, you had my shoulder strap. Everything straps are loose. But, but what did you do? And my gun was on my shoulder. So was your gun on your shoulder? Shoulder? And right at the last minute though, what did you do with your gun? Well, I was gonna get to that. Oh, okay. I just teed it up, so, yeah, no, no, I’ll heard This is a lesson. This is crazy. This is a lesson. I mean, this’ll, this is a rookie mistake and be a lesson that you should never do.

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So the gun’s on my shoulder, everything’s good. Well, I fall down and I’m getting pushed to, I get, it gets pretty narrow right there. So the force is just pretty severe. And it pushes me right into these j trees, the, you know, the ones that come out and then go up, like they’re on the bank and they go up and I, I just barrel, I just go into some of those and my head’s above water. But I am literally stuck. Like I cannot move anything. And I am like, what in the world? Why can my pack not come off? Like what? ’cause the gun’s gone at this point in my mind. And, and I’m like, I cannot. And finally, I mean, my trekking poles are stuck like under a log. The force is just pushing everything. Luckily my head is above water. Wow. Wow. And I can’t move. Like I, I, my, I mean, I can, I might as well be in concrete. And I, I start moving my left arm a little bit and a little bit. And I come out. ’cause my trenching poles, obviously I’ve let go, but they’re hooked on my, your wrist straps. I just slide one hand outta that and get one hand free. And I start wrestling and, and fight. And I, and I, I come, I come free. ’cause I think it was my pack that was stuck on there.

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And I, I come free, but I grab, I grabbed hold of the tree with my, with my free arm. And, and I don’t know, it just all happened so fast and I’m just hanging on and I’m looking around like, oh my heck, what is the protocol? Like what I can’t hold on for much longer. I look down river and there’s another tree about, I don’t know, eight, 10 feet from me. Same thing. It comes out, but there’s only one. And at this point I think I’m free and I’m like, well, I cannot get this pack off. And anyway, I, I decide to let go. So I let go and I go down to the next tree and as I get to the next tree, I reach up. And at that point I, my head had gone under, I, I reached up with my two hands above my head and shoulder and locked them and locked them in place over the log. When I did that, my hand hits my barrel and it dawns on me. I’m an idiot subconsciously. When I crossed the creek over there, I’m like, I don’t want my, I don’t wanna lose my gun on my shoulder. If I fall, I, I looped it over my neck. So now that is the thing that, that’s holding is killings me on. That’s, that’s what is my almost killing this point. It’s kidding his pack on. It’s just, it’s got everything locked in.

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It’s around your neck, up over your shoulder, down through, yeah. Like you do when you ride a motorbike. Yes. When you ride your motorbike going up a hill and you gotta put your gun on that way. Oh, stupid, stupid mistake. So then what? So I hit the barrel and I’m like, oh my heck, you idiot. You gotta get that off. So I reach back and, and now I’m holding on with my right hand the log, trying get this gun off. And, and again, like I say, I’ve got two haters full. I’ve got a 40 pound pack that weighs at least 80 No. And my gun, I mean, everything is soaking wet. The, the force, the water and the force of the water is like pulling. Like, and, and I just remember vividly thinking, I am not going out this way. I remember. And it was, it was a fight. So I get the gun off and I I sling it towards the bank. Kind of half in the water, half on, I didn’t care. I mean, I don’t care at this point. I’m like, and I, this is a red rock. This is the Red Rock precision you just threw, threw, threw, don’t care. Basically. Don’t even care. Yeah, just get, I mean, I’m just trying to get out of the river. Yeah. It’s six 30 in the morning. It’s free. That’s one thing they, people have asked, how cold was it?

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I’m like, I don’t remember it. I don’t remember how cold it was. I mean, obviously it was freezing. But my, when I get the gun loose, adrenaline’s going. Yeah, the adrenaline is pumping. I grab my pack on the, my pack strap on the one side and boom comes right off like it’s supposed to loose. Everything’s loose. Well, as that swings around and hits the current, it almost, it pulls it off my, my, my right arm as well. So I switch hands and now I’m holding onto the log with my left and my pack shoulder strap as as like, what do I let go? And you’re like, do I let go of my life with fire? Whatever’s in there, optics, like everything, everything on my pack, survival do I let go of stuff. You’re in reach, you’re in reach, whatever. You fling it up on the bank. You can’t fling it. It’s 80 pounds. No, there’s, there’s no flinging. So what happened is when I held onto that, it pushed me, it pushed me right against the bank. So my back is against the bank. I’m holding onto the tree with my left arm and my pack swung over and it hits the bank. And at that point, one of my feet, and I don’t know where, or I, I assume my waiters are gone, they’ve already been washed off me.

00:25:55:00 –> 00:26:59:01
And my, I feel something on my foot and I grab and I push up and I have a little bit of, I can feel the bo the bottom. So at that point I’m like, I’ve got a, I’ve got a face to bank now. So I look and right at my pack is about a four inch willow coming out. And I’m like, okay, I’m just gonna spin and grab that. So I let go of my left hand and as I come around, I grab onto that with my hand. And now I’m facing the bank. So now my pack’s in my lap, I’m holding onto that tree and I’ve got a little bit of footing. I’m like, okay, then I’m gonna get this. So at that point I just shimmy up my pack. I just kind of get it up on the bank and I’m, I’m gonna get out and I, I get out and it’s a yard cell. You’re exhausted. A yard sale. Oh, you’re, you’re exhausted. You have to be exhausted. Oh, I how many, how long do you think from when you went in till that, would you think, if you had to guess how long? It hard to like eight minutes. It felt like 80. Yeah. Or something. It felt like, it felt like over 10.

00:26:59:03 –> 00:28:07:01
But yeah, it was probably, I mean, it’s hard to say, but one thing I do know how bad it was is two things that really prefaced how bad it was, is how wet everything in my pack. There was not a piece of gear in my pack including a solari pon scope that didn’t have water in it. Everything had water in it. When I got it out, I, I reached for my ies. ’cause I stripped down, took everything off, but not everything just started coming off. And I gotta get a fire going. And everything in there was wet. The other thing that made me realize two and a half hours later when I was on the bank of the river, drying everything out and everything was good. When bj like I said, I had really good friends that, anyway, so I was sore and fatigued. When that adrenaline came off in two and a half hours, I was, I was spent, I felt you like you ran a marathon. You gave everything you had, you gave everything you, and that was two and a half hours after. It wasn’t the next day I was sore. It just, and that’s what made it realize that it was, it was as, it was as bad as it could be. So I get out, I’m stripped down to nothing but my skis. I’m, I grab my big light. I always have the lighter up there in my pocket.

00:28:07:06 –> 00:29:11:17
I grab it, of course it doesn’t work and everything’s wet. So I just skipped, skipped protocol one, two, and three and went straight to the, to the good stuff. The pyro, putty, pyro, putty. And the lighter, come on. I crawled over to the tree. What lighter was it? What lighter was it? I didn’t have a Bic lighter in your pocket. You know, you always have a bick lighter in your pocket. Well, I had the, that, I mean, it wouldn’t even spark it was soap, just drench the flints or, and then I, I had matches and a fire starter as well. But I’m like, you know, you always have multiple ways to go up there. But I just went, I went straight to the pyro, putty, grabbed it, watered up a ball under a tree and lit it. I had a fire going within a minute. How did use their, did you light their use Their light? I opened the lighter, their lighter and the water out electronic. The electronic wire? Yes. And their lighter obviously was drenched and soaked within the lid and everything. But it cranked. I opened the, I opened their wire and water ran out of the, the little capsule. And I’m like, oh boy. And it’s a, it’s like, it looks like a, it looks like a shock. Like from a taser, right? Yeah. Like it’s, it’s electric shock. Yeah. Okay. Charge it with a USB or whatever. Yes.

00:29:11:17 –> 00:30:10:19
You charged it with A USB and it freaking lit it, it it lit that pirate putty just, and then I just branches that were dry and then I had a fire going. And then that’s how BJ and Jake found me. I mean, I had no way to get in touch far down the river down smoke. You’re not talking like a oh, 50 yards down the river. We’re talking, you floated down there 200, 300 yards or whatever. No, no. I got stuck within the first. I was stuck quick. But they were going the other way to go home from the way Oh, they were going other directions. Yeah, they were like, they were up on glass knobs and they saw smoke and they’re like, why the heck is there’s smoke right there? Why is he building a fire right there? It’s right where he crossed. Dude, you could have been, you could have been dead and nobody know it for hours. No one. No, no. They wouldn’t. I don’t know if they Oh, if you go down the river, you’d never be found. Okay, here’s another scenario because bj, BJ comes down when he finally gets to me, I’m like, bj, can you go see if you find my gun, my bonos and stuff? He walks over and goes, did you, is that where you climbed out of the river? And I says, yeah, I don’t know. Yeah, must have it.

00:30:10:19 –> 00:31:14:06
He goes, I don’t know how you got out right there. It’s a five foot cup bank. He says, and by the way, if you wouldn’t have got out there, we wouldn’t have found you. And I’m like, are you kidding? He goes, no, get over here and look at this. So it was spooky scary stuff. It was not, not good. Well, not only that, just think, okay, think about if you would’ve let your backpack go and they’re glassing for hours and you got out and you’ve got hypo out and you got out, you got hydro can’t start a fire. Yeah. So you’re, or if you don’t have the pyro putty lighter, which a lot of people don’t have. They have the pyro putty. No, I don’t usually carry it. I carried it up there and I’m glad I Wow, glad I did. Yep. Dude. Yeah, it was, it was western. It it, it was pretty intense. It was crazy. But yeah, those guys saw my smoke and they burned off the hill and come down. And of course, you know, Jake couldn’t cross ’cause he didn’t have waiters. But BJ came over and he grabbed all my gear and hauled it over. And then we, you know, went up river a little bit and crossed back over. And anyway, got on our camp side and laid everything out. And I mean it, I’ve never seen what I mean, put, everything I had was wet.

00:31:14:18 –> 00:32:19:18
I mean, my phone, everything got ruined and they were in, you know what I thought were pretty good dry bags. Oh my gosh. Anything that didn’t get wet? No. Everything was wet or did some Well, no, I had a roll top. I the roll top dry bags, obviously they’re better. And I did have a guy jacket in there and I was able to put that, that was nice. ’cause it was the only thing dry I had. And I put that on as I was building the fire. But my, my toes got pretty numb. In fact, I’m barely getting, I’m barely getting them back to normal right now. Months. Yeah. Come on right now we’re talking months. I’m dead serious about three weeks ago. Two months. Yeah. They, they’ve been numb and tingly for, for quite a while. And I, ’cause I got out and took my socks off and I was just kinda walking around in that moss and getting, getting firewood and stuff. And I just, I, I don’t know, I I just neglected. Well it was, it was probably busy being in the waters, like, oh my gosh. Probably, I don’t know. Feels like it’s 35 or 40 degree water up there. It’s all coming off glaciers and stuff. Were you happy to just sit and, and camp and watch the riverbank after that? Oh, I just, I was happy to stay. Were were you pretty effective as far as kidding?

00:32:19:19 –> 00:33:26:04
It was, it was two weeks of, I, I had some bad dreams and I had some, I had some bad, you know, aftermath. But I’m, I’m, I’m good now. Although I was down on the river last week crossing and I do have a little river river panic. Yeah. Were you, did you guys, so how much longer did you stay? You dried everything out. You just continued hunting? Or did you call and say helping out? No, no, no. We hunted, we stayed and we killed the moose the next day. Jake shot a moose the next day and it was just starting to get good. And when we had to leave, as you know, with the, with those dates, it was just kinda unfortunate we had those, the date issues. Huh. But no, it, it was good. I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go buy 14 of those lighters right now. Good Christmas gifts. Oh. For people Christmas gifts. My kids like, come on. I I mean you’re lucky. I’ve, I I got one last year. Well, and I think I’ve let Ties had it, well I, and I’ve had one had it like, but we’re not smokers. And so you don’t, it’s not like you’re constantly checking the charge on it. Making sure it’s charged up. Or most of the time he’s farting around. If it acting like he’s got a mini taser in his hand, you know it’s gonna light you up. Yeah.

00:33:26:04 –> 00:34:27:11
And Hey mom, so when you need it, it’s probably gonna be out of charge. I don’t wanna do my chores. You check this out. Yeah. Grab one of them. So yeah, so the mistakes, we broke our own rule, not going two by two and then the whole, the rifle over. I mean, you, you just, I don’t, just so not, I thought the rifle was gone. I thought it was gone. I didn’t even, I’m like, well, I lost that. And as I was fighting and then, and then it come to be, that’s what about killed me. You’ve And you found it though, obviously. Yep. Yep. He found it. And it was, I mean, it just, as far as dressed as it wasn’t in the water. It, it, it didn’t have any rust issues. I mean, it, it was, I I’d have felt fine shooting it the next day. Well, yeah, usually they have a little, like, just a little surface rust. I got a little on mine, just a little surface rust. Not a big deal. A little REM oil. Take it off or whatever. Well, I can’t, there’s a couple of things. A, you should have died. B you should have died. C you should have died. But you know, when you got out, you had your pack still. That’s amazing. Oh, and then in your pack was an electronic lighter. That’s amazing. Yep.

00:34:28:02 –> 00:35:36:05
And the pyro put in and you got a fire, started fire on a fire started on your own. All of which, if none of that would’ve happened, those guys wouldn’t have come looking for you for another. No. So, and going back to the cold, my hands, I felt like they were swollen twice their size and I couldn’t figure out why, but it was just ’cause they were cold. Like I could hardly use my hands and they felt just big. Wow. I’m like, what is wrong with my hands? And they were just swollen and they weren’t swollen. They were just, I think they were just so cold, feeling weird. So yeah, if you have, I mean that pyro putting lighter again when you’re hunting up north, just keep them in your cargo pocket. I mean, that’s where they should be. Well, we were good because if you do lose your pack and lose everything, you can always build a fire. Well before pyro putty was around, I was up in region G and it was that same kind, real wet. And we started a fire with, you know, Vaseline and cotton balls and, but we didn’t have electronic lighter. I mean, you know, that’s just next level preparedness. Well, anybody that’s interested go to P-Y-R-O-P-U-T-T I would, I didn’t plan on this being an advertisement. No, but I’m telling you it’s Yeah, it, it saved me. It got me, I was dry.

00:35:36:10 –> 00:36:43:23
I mean, it still took a while to get, you know, dried up. But Did you have the summer version? The winter version? I had the winter. Winter. Did you, did you? Yep. Okay. Yep. All right. The winter blend. Is that what it is? Yep. The official. Well, all right. Any, so is your wife gonna let you hunt? Continue to hunt? I mean, where are we at on some of the Yeah, that’s what the, that was the, when I was, I know we were getting ready for sheep hunting and I got word and got word from his wife who told my mom and dad. And they’re calling me and I’m like, what do I know I’m getting in reaches from Jake because Aaron’s in reach. Doesn’t work. Doesn’t work. Stuff’s gone. Everything had my headlamp, which is waterproof was DI mean, stuff that shouldn’t be ruined was ruined. But you’re not supposed to put your gear or a spin cycle of a washing machine either. Okay. Probably not. But what brand of headlamp should we avoid? Well, it’s a, it was a petzel, I mean good, good quality one. They’re like one of the first out there. Yep. It’s a good one. I just, I don’t know. Did you, did you send it back and it work after you got it home or? No, you can warranty that too.

00:36:43:26 –> 00:37:50:15
It does, but I don’t trust, like it works a little bit, but it, like, it kinda has its own attitude right now. Like, I don’t know all well, but yeah, so Jake had to take over all the communication, so Yeah, he was telling everyone kinda what was going on ’cause Yeah, he, I didn’t have any. Holy cow. It’s scary stuff. And it can happen easy. I mean, oh, it can happen crossed river. We’ve crossed rivers in Idaho hunting wolfs. I mean, you there Jason, the winter, it’s March and there’s not, it’s, you don’t think it’s until you go down in three or four feet of ice cold water. That’s right. That’s right. Well, and that’s the thing is we, none of us thought it was bad. Like, we’re not gonna, you’re gonna get wet and get soaked, but you’re not gonna, well ’cause you know, I mean it was a big river but not a giant one that you’re like crazy. But it also didn’t take and count. You’re gonna get stuck in there. And that, like, that’s one thing we didn’t really go through. The scenario was like, yeah, you might, you might, you know, fall down, get your pack off, swim over to the edge or whatever. But getting stuck in, that was not something that we had talked about the plant. So you never know. You never know. And we just took for granted.

00:37:50:17 –> 00:38:50:25
Like, and it’s, it’s always our western mentality and everyone’s this way. I shouldn’t call it Western, but like, we didn’t have to go across the river. There’s plenty of places to hunt, but it’s like, we gotta push it and go further and gun, we just couldn’t fire fire over there. And the stuff where Yeah. And we’re like, we gotta get over there and well we didn’t, we didn’t need to get over there that bad. We should’ve just, you know, but it’s hard. Well, and confidence comes in numbers too. You got a group of you, you’re all physically fit and everybody’s getting ready to crank. I mean, what, what could stop you? Well, and you’re there 10 days. It’s not like, Hey, I’ll just come back next weekend if I don’t get one. You know, it’s like, hey, we gotta push it to the max. And I think that’s something we gotta be a little cautious of when we come up, go up north is with the, from the, from the states is, you know, you don’t, I don’t know, you can push it too hard. And I definitely learned my lesson. Like we didn’t just didn’t just wait for the river to come down and, and just out where you can hunt. That’s the one thing about Alaska and, and up north is time doesn’t even exist though. The guys that live there, time is not, today’s not gonna happen.

00:38:50:29 –> 00:39:56:04
We’re just gonna sit in camp today. Yeah, yeah. And we’re all ti so time sensitive in the lower 48. Exactly. Yep. If they didn’t respond to my texts in the last three minutes, I get wound up. I wanna be on glassing knb 30 minutes before light. Yeah. Yeah. I wanna be in position. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, yeah. And like, it, it was funny listening to Why and Devon’s podcast and they’re on their, and, and we’re not moose hunters, like I say, I’ve been on one. So they, that already made me in the group leader that I was the expert. And I mean, we just have a hard time sitting. It’s funny to listen to successful moose hunters and man, we just don’t have it in us. No, you gotta sit and sit and watch that riverbank for days. No. Yeah. No. And we saw moose on your phone because, because we saw a lot of that, you know, more stuff than usual just because we were just glass in such wide open country. But it doesn’t do you any good really. ’cause you can’t, you can’t go after ’em and shoot ’em anyway. So three or four miles out there, you, you shoot one and then what? You gotta eat it. Yep. You gotta sit there and eat a shelter. Yeah, that’s right. Build a cabin. Can’t hike it back. So anyway. Well, yeah. Pretty crazy sharing that with us and, okay, sounds good.

00:39:56:12 –> 00:41:04:15
Well, appreciate it. Have fun sheep hunting. Have good weekend. Glad you’re live buddy. Same here. Good. Good luck on the truck shop. Oh, hey, just let us know. Increase. Hey, we went, we rented a, we rented a truck up there in Alaska, so I had one for 10 days. Oh geez. That doesn’t count. How did it feel? Did was enjoyable. It was nice. It was, it was enjoyable. It was nice. Yeah. All just let us know when we need to get back in the search mode. Search mode on that. Just wanna know what, where, what you’re conceding. Because I thought we had one found in Cedar and it was the non bench seat option, but that Well, you probably would’ve. Yeah, it just has. Yeah, just that bench seat in the front belt. Want a leather, six seat belts. A leather bench seat. Generally bench seats. You want hard to find one six. Oh, it doesn’t even have to be leather. It doesn’t have to be leather. Just six seat belts. Six seat belts for a family of five. Yep. Really? That’s correct. It’s, yeah, he’s only got three kids and his wife. I mean, who’s the, I always needed, we’re always is for the hitchhiker. Just for a hitchhiker in case you’re ever need an extra seat belt. You only got five of you in your family. I know.

00:41:04:27 –> 00:42:10:21
But in my last truck was, was a captain’s chair, like, like the others, but All right, well you want what you want. We’ll lay off. Totally get that. All right. You want what you want? Okay. Well thanks a lot. You there he is done with us. He is done. He my seriously went into a canyon. Did he? I don’t know. I don’t know. He might’ve just said Screw it. I don’t, I’m done talking to you guys. That is a crazy story. It is everybody. Bye. Power buddy. He beats up that six seat belts and he’s got five in his family. What do you say? I don’t know. Well, clients and gear. I don’t know. I like a captain’s chair. The older I get I’m like, I I like a captain’s chair. I don’t all that stuff in the middle. I had my last truck had a bench, but I had the middle console folded down. Yes. Ev never came up all the time. Yeah. In fact, my wife would take it once in a while and bring a bunch of kids home and would flip that thing up and all my stuff would, would fall out. Yeah. If it’s not, because it’s not, it was organized. It was down and it’d flip it up and it’s like now it’s been through a blender, now it’s chaos. Oh, I know. My, it’d make me mad right now. I’ve got a blender inside mine right now.

00:42:11:21 –> 00:43:39:04
Anyway, pyro P-Y-R-O-P-U-T-T Scary. Kind of crazy. I couldn’t even, I don’t know. I don’t know what to say. Red Rock still shot. Great. What do you say? Red Rock? Red rock Go buy a gun. It’ll last through. I don’t know about anything. Oh yeah. Fall on the river. Red Rock Check ’em out. Great guns. But I don’t know, we just, anyway, I guess that was just impromptu, we’re late for lunch. We need to go do that. But what I guess we were talking about before we talked to Aaron and that’s a crazy story. It kind of changed everything. But is planning 2021, it’s time to plan 2021, Adam? I don’t know. We sold 10, 12, 13 landowner tags for Nevada today, for next year. It’s just, it’s time, time of year. And as tough as it was in a lot of the lower southwestern states because of unprecedented dry weather. I’m talking Southern Nevada, Southern Utah, Northern Arizona, New Mexico. I don’t know. I’m not speaking for all of New Mexico, but it was, it was a grind. These hunts wore on us. Don’t lose the hope. There’s next, there’s ne next year’s coming. That’s anybody that feels bad about, oh, here, here’s our point. And maybe we should call Clint ’cause he’s talked to a hundred people that have hunted Colorado and all of which, it just feels like it’s fairly moderated. Wow. No question. Yeah.

00:43:39:06 –> 00:44:51:27
It’s, but, but anybody feels bad about eating a tag and, and you wanna visit about it. Why? Gimme a holler. I I ate a few of ’em. I’m not gonna tell you how many on air, but have no problems. You know, but you want, you want what you want, you want a good animal. And, and you blended a lot of species together in that tag soup. Yeah, several. Yeah. I did for at least three that I can think of. Oh, this seven course meal. So anyway, having said that, let’s move on because all right. Next year’s gonna be better, right, Chris? Oh, it better be And for, for me it means less hunt. More on less hunt. Yeah. Hunt each. Hunt more. Work on it harder. Don’t fill a schedule up. We all, we also say don’t be afraid of getting too many tags. Be because, but that applies to the people that think I’m only gonna put in for two states. ’cause I don’t wanna draw too much. Well, if your criteria is it, it all is about your criteria. It you can put in for elite trophy states in some, in some states, and some easier to draw stuff with preference points set aside like Colorado or Wyoming where you might predictably draw. But yeah, you’re, you’re not never gonna draw. It’s a little six incredible trophy quality tags in one year.

00:44:52:12 –> 00:46:06:27
And I think what you’re saying is, is these are more random tag opportunities. I right now I’ve got a full schedule with that tags. I know I’m gonna get Yeah. I’m gonna get a general Utah, I’m gonna get a Colorado tag. I’m gonna get, there’s certain things I am going to get. Yep. So up you’re talking about your draw strategy on top of what you know, you’re gonna get better, be better than what you think you’re gonna have or, or, or, or far better. Yeah. Otherwise something’s gonna have to give, don’t get five tags or six of all the same magnitude, if that makes sense. And it, it January 1st before the application season even begins, because that’s what I’m doing. That’s what I’m, I’m falling into the trap of you’re burning points on, on paper. You’re burning ’em by, by deciding how you’re gonna put in and then don’t have any room for anything else to be added. No. And and when they do get out and Sean, Sean draws an awesome milk tag and you had to go spend 12 days with it. Oh, plus, plus a few on each end. Yes. Okay. So let’s call it, let’s call it two and a half weeks experience. It deserved all the attention it took. That was after I was Chuck Full. Yeah. You know, with with, you know, general Utah, some Arizona archery, you know, Nevada, Colorado and Wyoming.

00:46:07:09 –> 00:47:09:19
I mean, just tags that could have been Yes. Nevada. I mean, and Jana And then, and and Jana had tags. Ashley had tags and I want them to have tags. And the kids, the kids didn’t start school on time this year. That’s right. So they were all crushing the bow hunt for two straight weeks this year. Oh, day in and day out. Yeah. Hey, dad, dad, dad, dad. And you don’t want to tell him no because you’re telling him, oh, this is never gonna happen. Get up every morning. Better be ready. That’s right. And it’s true. And, and it was awesome. Justin’s got a learner’s permit and I’m saying, get out there and start scouting. And Jenna’s like, yeah, but you need to go with him because he is only got a learner’s print. And I’m like, I’m not sure I care. I don’t know what to say. I’m glad, glad that my son is within a month. He’d have his official license within a month. Finally, Hey, it’s better. He’s ready too. Oh yeah. Well he is, it is just that finally you can turn him loose and Yeah. Then, then the scouting. Yes. And all of that. Just like when you, just like when Sean finally hit that, it was like, it it light your load when he can go scout a little bit and the places you and him are gonna go on, he can do that in the summer now. Yeah.

00:47:09:19 –> 00:48:18:09
While you’re doing some other stuff. Anyway. Anyway, first world problems, but problems to sort out. But the big, the big picture is it’s, it’s time to start planning. But I think we both with, with our families where they are and our kids hunting, we, we have to be a little bit more strategic. ’cause we, in January one to our eyes are this big. I’m, and we want everything, including a couple looked at. We’re right in the magazine. And I can get excited about how, like you’re talking about halina for example, or say a a barbery sheep at em. I mean, just stuff that I’m thinking, you know, I well, why walk in with a 35 inch and you want one? We all want one. Right? And so then we’re like, well, we need to go do that. And by the way, what, what potential 200 inch are you gonna give up mule deer wise? Tag wise? Yeah. Well, none of them. Okay. Just heap it on. Okay. Janice smashed a 20 eighter in Colorado is awesome. Heavy buck. But that takes into account like Ashley, same thing. Yeah. Takes into account, which I want all those to happen. So your, so your hunts that you had to pull back from. Hi, I can hunt four days here. Then I gotta take the girls to Colorado so I don’t do my hunt justice. I don’t do their hunt justice pretty soon. I don’t do anything justice anyway.

00:48:18:09 –> 00:49:23:18
These are, and and there’s a lot of guys out there that are in the same boat. That’s why we’re mentioning it. We can use ourselves examples. You’re probably laughing. Yeah. Because you go through the same, the same thought process every year. All of you’re shopping on an empty stomach. Yeah, we are. You never do that. Exactly. You go, you go eat the biggest gnarliest cheeseburger in the world. I went and then go shop, by the way, I have a garage full of food still from our epic outdoors hunt giveaway from Craig. Good luck. I was really hungry and I had eight people in mind for six, seven days. And that’s a lot of food. And man, I need to, it’s just still sitting in the garage in the heat. I don’t know what to say. And so, I don’t know what to say. Bring it here to the office, but I know won’t get eaten until take it on your sheet tomorrow. So anyway, lots of planning going on. If you didn’t hunt, you need to hunt. Call us. We can help you if you hunted too much. Well, you know, I don’t know what to say. Change your life. I don’t know. I Jan’s don’t let another year. I mean, we’ve said it, we’re not gonna say it in print anymore, but don’t No, don’t let another one go by. I’m not. They’re flying by and I’m, I I like kids.

00:49:23:19 –> 00:50:43:18
I would rather have too much, slightly too much though. Yeah. Than not enough. Not know. I mean, you need to be on that fine line of slightly too much because there’s a fine line, you know, you don’t have enough and there’s nothing worse. No, there isn’t. You, you’re, you’re, you’re sitting home watching the Colorado leftover list. You nonstop wait, being unproductive like Clint Lindstrom. Well, you know, people like that. Okay. How about, how about Wyatt? Okay. Okay, so Wyatt. Wyatt tried to get a turn back tag and he hasn’t hung, he’s been in the office a lot lately, other than right now. I, he’s slightly sick with Covid. Possibly. Let’s give him a holler real quick. Let’s just end the podcast with a call to a sick fell. I don’t, huh? Yeah, maybe he’s got his results back and he didn’t, he he went on the moose. He killed one, but he wanted to hunt a little more than he did. Let’s give him a hollerer. I think he’ll answer. I don’t know. Might have to talk to Carly. I don’t know if she’s, I think you’ll answer. Hi. Are you alive? I’m alive. Yeah. Barely. Barely. Yeah. Have you got Covid? Give us the te you got your test results back or not? You guys got a podcast? Well, we’re just thinking about Yeah, we back in the office and our, the crew is not here.

00:50:44:06 –> 00:51:58:10
So there’s a member of the crew that we’ve heard sick and afflicted somewhere and we’ve heard, we heard something. We wanna know we, are you ready to announce anything? Headaches or, or fever? I don’t have any, any results. Do you have headaches? Headaches or fever? I’ve had fevers, yes. Do you, what else? Like do you think it’s just a sore throat and a cold, common cold or Yeah, prob probably just a man cold. I’m probably really, really okay to what your wife told you? A man cold. That’s what she told me. Yeah. She’s a nurse. Her exact diagnosed wells a nurse. I grew up with a mom that was a nurse and it better, you better have a bone sticking out or she wouldn’t even really get that excited. No. Like she stapled and stitched us up on the kitchen table. So, I mean, it was just, my wife watched my mom give me shots. I I had allergy shots for a bunch of time and so callous Becky’s like, your mom will never give me a shot because she just calloused, you know, just routine. She doesn’t have to any bedside manner with her kids. You know, she doesn’t have to put on that hat. Jana can have a very slight fever maybe and a possible just bare, barely a headache. And she had the full on flu. The rest of us, you know, guys are going to the emergency room.

00:51:58:20 –> 00:53:11:14
So that, that part should get edited probably. Well, we’re just checking on you. I, I don’t know. You’ve been tested earlier when you and Archibald went to Alaska and that was a quick test. I don’t Did you do a different one this time or what’s the holdup? Yeah, I had to get tested just here in town and it’s gonna take two to four days. They said. Oh my gosh. So now we’re in an office where you have been and have you seen where have been? Yeah. I don’t know what you’ve touched here. I don’t know what you His, his office borders mine. I did shut our window in case there’s any live viruses on our window between us. Well, we thought we would get an announcement here. It’s, but I guess the bottom line, we’re just calling to checkup on you. That’s really what we’re calling for. Yeah, tell us. I mean, throwing up, you got diarrhea, where are you at? See, if I would’ve saw Carter’s phone call, I would’ve just screamed it. But I saw Adam, I trusted him. I’m like, this isn’t a podcast. What does that mean? This is serious. But now I’m, I’m on that list now. The not trust list. Alright, well we’re gonna go no, no longer answer list here. Well, we’re gonna go eat, we’re gonna go out in the community shop. Enjoy, enjoy the sun all. What are you gonna be doing? Me?

00:53:11:17 –> 00:54:26:07
I’m just gonna be just lounging around the house. Carly stalked me up with some burritos and pizzas and things I can throw in the microwave to kind of keep me alive until she gets home. Oh my God. All right, guy. Do you need announce it when you get your test results back? Let us know. You don’t, don’t you don’t want us to be looking for an Eastern Plains turnback tag or some late season deal for you, you think? No, no. I, I think I’m gonna take, take it easy for a minute. Not gonna do an over the counter bison in Utah. Nothing. No, no, not none of that. Alright guys. Extended archery. Yeah, not, not that either. Okay. Yeah. How about over the counter co archery Coon must in Arizona you must be sick. What was the other one over the counter? Arizona. Overcount. Arizona cos over the counter archery, huh? We used to got plenty of time. Maybe we should go do that one. Yeah. All right guy. Okay. Well this’ll get better. Don’t, don’t, don’t come back till you’re a hundred percent okay. Yeah. Thanks for checking in all. Alright, talk Julie. Alright, now I’m on the cart or crap list. He trusts me. I feel, I feel like it. Let the guy down. He sounds like crap. Poor guy. He did. He’s, he just thought, I don’t know what he thought I was gonna call him for. I don’t know.

00:54:27:07 –> 00:55:49:04
Anyway, well, we all get sick, man. Up quiet. Alright, here we go. Anything else, Chris? We’re good. Let’s wrap it up. Let’s go out. I think it’s good. Good wrap up. We appreciate everybody out there. We’re cranking. We got a December magazine that just hit the streets. Eem should be going live. Keep an eye out for your mailboxes. The biggest thing is keep an eye on it is for the Alaska application alert, which is due December 15th. If you’re interested in that. Also want to give one last shout out to a piece of gear. I’ve used it on several of my guns the last couple years, made by Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear. Their tripod, lightweight 13 ouncer, the Gen two Extreme Bipod. I love that thing. It’s light enough to just, I took it on my goat hunt. Just, it it 13 ounces. Yeah. You might say it’s almost a pound and you’re, you’re gonna, but, but I shot off that thing. I, you know, over ridge shot off it with the, you know, rear pack on the, you know, just under 500. And I mean, the confidence you get is just unbelievable. So check ’em out at rugged ridge outdoor or call ’em (541) 526-1820. They also advertise in our magazine, epic Outdoors. They have a rear shooting rest stabilization as well on the back. Lightweight little four ounce. So for one pound you can have a bipod and a rear rest support.

00:55:49:21 –> 00:56:55:01
And it’s, it’s, they’re awesome pieces of gear that go with me everywhere I go. So what should we do now? Go, go have watch. That’s great everybody, we appreciate you. If you’re looking to kind of go over your schedules or whatnot, give us a holler. That’s what we do here at Epic Outdoors. We’re a hundred dollars yearly membership, nine issues a year for the publication. Breaks down all the Western states, drawing on skill percentages, best units. And then also you can call in and get a personal consultation. And we’re here nonstop starting basically in December through July. And we’ll be cranking these publications out. We’re researching opportunities and drawing odds and, and the new things in all the Western states. So we’re just super excited to get into this application season. Yep. Got a few new twists that we’re gonna probably incorporate into the magazine this year and some of the research and things like that. Like what? Bronson can’t tip that off. Okay. All right. Can’t tip it off yet, but we’re also not gonna be able to see any of you at the shows this year. All the major sporting shows have been canceled for this winter, which is gonna kind of be a bummer not being able to see and talk there. But we’ll be here in the office. That’s what we do.

00:56:55:01 –> 00:58:00:15
It’s part of the membership call and consult with us and develop a plan to draw tags and get you on hunts. You wanna go on? Yeah, some of these tags. So the, the expo gives 200 tags on basically, you know, where you, you five bucks in person validate right? And, and $5 a piece. They’re gonna still have those, you just won’t have the in-person validation. And then also, you know, there’s gonna be a lot of these auction tags, conservation tags, landlord tags and whatnot on online auctions. If you’re super interested in any of those, give us a holler, we’ll help you keep track of some of that stuff. So a lot of change in the way life goes on and, and people do business, including us here at Epic Outdoors. We also sell optics. We’re cranking out the optics. If you’re looking for Christmas ideas, you’re looking to tell your wife about Christmas ideas, things like that, have her give us a holler. Definitely the best prices around. And that’s not a lie. Give us a holler. We’ll get you hooked up with the optics you need for December 25th. Sure. And we can go from there. How about that? Absolutely. All right, everybody. Okay? Take care. Be safe. Happy Thanksgiving.