New Year, New Plans! Being Optimistic in 2021. With each new year comes a new chance to apply and strategize for the season to come. We all start off the new year with a lot of dreams. In this episode we talk a lot about our plans and discuss the future. There are a lot of opportunities out there to be had and it feels that more hunters than ever are looking to take advantage of their time in 2021. What will your plan be? If you need help with a strategy give us a call 435-263-0777

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I got deer in low places. This is weather. It’s getting tough to find hunts that are open for 2021 point. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard as many outfitters say. I’m down to my last spot this early in the year. Anything to do with Western Big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Happy New Year everybody. Hey everybody. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast here in 2021. The first podcast, we got cranking since, I guess, a couple days before Christmas. We’ve heard about it too, from y’all. Yeah. We’re we we have families and holidays and a few friends, a few friends in low places that have definitely said they’re looking forward to a, an epic podcast. So here we go. Bronson, I didn’t realize it felt like it was five days ago. We cranked out a podcast regarding those trucking and two cameras. Apparently so. But two weeks in counting. Lots happened. Lots happening in everybody’s life. And Chris, anything big happened in your life in the last 14 days over Christmas? Nope. Ask me in a couple days. Just kidding. Whoa, there’s an announcement. Is that on a hot mic? That’s an announcement That Just kidding. Was pretty fast. I’m joking. Not a couple days he’s pushing, but we’re just so used to asking him and then going right onto the next subject because we know the answer. But that one caught me off guard.

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What if we, what if we cold called Mackenzie? What would she say? I don’t know. He’s getting nervous. You don’t make Chris very nervous, but I think he’s nervous. Should we cold call him? No, no, no, no, no, no. Alright, well, let’s not do it. That does sound like a very bad idea. But anyway, before we get cranking, we wanna thank Under Armour for sponsoring this podcast. Thank you. Under Armour. We appreciate all your support here at Epic Outdoors. There’re cranking forward a lot of things going in 2021 for Under Armour. Of course, we’re looking at booking hunts for some of them and their people. And speaking of that, hunts are freaking flying off the shelf for like 14 years down the road. Pretty crazy. It’s been a busy couple weeks. Well, and yeah, tell us some more Archibald, what your thoughts are. This not, the calls are kind of slowing down for the people that are thinking, Hey, at any good deals because of Covid. People are realizing we’ve said no for Oh yeah. For nine, 10 months now. Since LA what last May? Yeah. Yeah. Well, it’s just a supply and demand thing. I mean, you, you cut out Canada, all the other stuff and all over the world and everybody’s here in the United States. Not only that, it’s like, it feels like the, the, let’s call it Trump money. Whatever stimulus package money, it feels like there. People have been issued Oh yeah.

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Tens of thousands of dollars in checks. It feels like that. Did you get that much? Well, how many kids do we know? About 14 kids and two of ’em are out on their own. So I only got check for 10 kids. Most of which Social security numbers. I don’t even know all this covid stuff. Everyone’s looking for an excuse to get out of the house, I think. Oh yeah. It’s, it’s getting tough. It’s getting tough to find hunts that are open for 2021. Well, that, and that’s the honest truth. All all your other sources of extracurricular activities may be canceled. You may only have hunting, for example, for example, people that were going on vacations with their families to Hawaii to wherever they’re probably canceled. And so they’ve transitioned that money to Let’s go honey. Yeah. Well it’s transferred over to the four-wheeler. A TV side. Byside industry. Can one can’t, can’t find one. Buy a new one, can can’t even buy a new one. Trucks can’t even buy any new one truck. Everything else. Assembly line has a lot to do with those problems. But anyway, speaking of trucks, congratulations on your truck. Archibald. Thank you. Yeah. Driving a nice snooze. It was about a two month search, wasn’t it? Two and a half months. Not bad. It’s not bad. You beat Aaron by eight months. Yeah.

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Guys, you guys, I was gonna give you some grief for supporting foreign nations, but honestly, our, our American made products sometimes are not so American made. Right. They’re using lots of parts and pieces from crazy places. You got a good looking tundra. Who, who knows? Who knows? I’ve had a t now I’ve had a T 100, the first gen Tundra. Now the, would it be the second gen? Is there a third gen? Third gen skipped. I skipped a second gen somewhere. Well, your other one would be second gen. The one that’s in the house. That’s the first gen. The T 100 would be the first gen. Right? I sold that one here. That one died years ago. Long time ago. Yeah. Safe to say you’re a toy man. Yeah, I guess. But I’m surprised we don’t have the T 100 in, in the parking lot here with your name on it. Still. 6 96. He’s, let’s, let’s face it, the, the other tundra is basically on its deathbed and you’re not getting rid of it. It’s parked in the drive. Well, in the, in the backyard. Hey, I just had an idea. Huh? Could that be the truck that we were talking about buying a truck to push snow around here? Could that do the job? Well, we needed to start on a regular basis. Okay. I’m just saying we’re looking for some alarming noise.

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We finally found, we finally found a service, a company that will do that for us. Okay. And they accept it. I mean, think, dude, I don’t know. You can’t even find people to do in the service industry. You can’t even find people to push the snow park. They probably looked at the Farmer’s Almanac and seen it’s not supposed to snow for another four and a half months. So it Yeah, they know. Yeah. I’ll take your retainer. 200 bucks a month. We’re on call. Well, pretty good money. I don’t know what we paid, but it was worth it, don’t you? Absolutely. For all the snow. We haven’t had, we had no snow to push. And they know that it’s not gonna snow until summer. Well, we, we had two inches. And being new, new, new property owners, you got, you don’t even think about snow removal. And, and you know, imagine if we had a foot, were out there with a shovel. Jason had his boy out there on a four wheeler in about a three acre. A three acre parking lot. Yeah. Anyway, but our parking lot got cleared off. But it made me nervous. What if we got 12 inches? Just saying it’s been dry. But just saying, what if we got 12 inches? Take care. I just thought maybe Archibald, maybe that was a truck. It’s a good idea. We could use, it’s a good idea. Just leave. Maybe it’s one of those.

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So you could leave it. Even though it’s a Gasser, we could leave it plugged in. Lead the block warming at all times out here. I don’t know. That works. And it runs on propane too. So I mean, if the end of the world comes, which just might happen natural, at least we’ve got lp, it, natural gas. You always say prop propane, like it’s, is there, is there a difference? No. Yes there is. Okay. Tell propane. Propane. How am I gonna fill my, where do you go to get propane? That would fill a whole truck bed? Well, dude, there’s a lot bigger tanks than the what’s in the back of your truck? Truck. It look like an atomic bomb you go to. Yeah. And what I’ve always thought is you’re driving that and if you get erected out, atomic bomb bomb is three foot behind you and is gonna come through you and shrapnel metal and trigger an explosion that has crossed my mind. So do we need to, do we need to apologize to all the natural gas users out there? Hey. Or are we apologizing to the propane users? Because I don’t know who would be offended. I’ve known several people who had propane vehicles. So I, I knew a kid once too. And John, on your cars line or your natural gas? I’ve got, yeah, natural gas. But my grandpa did his own conversion on a, on a vehicle back in the eighties.

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And I remember any, he did it in his garage and it was propane. Huge change. And did it run forever? Oh yeah, it did. Well, he’s a dude from the, you know, the great Depression. He would turn old refrigerators into air compressors and use ’em in his shop. Wow. Just amazing. Yeah. So, well we might have to go back to those days. Do, can we, I mean, how do we get those hand me down ideas and processes? Has he got any of that stuff he’s put on YouTube? That was back before the days of YouTube. Chris, just go film him. I know, but just go film him and say, Hey, he’s, he’s passed on. Oh, sorry. That’s, we’re all screwed. Was trying to be respectful of our, of their answers. But I didn’t know. I’m just saying, was wondered where you can watch some YouTube family videos? No, I just wanted that stuff. Jason, case in point last night, what did you have to do? Remind me you was laughing at YouTube. Want to? I, okay. Alright. So I didn’t know we were gonna bring up Bob the plumber today, but since we are, I’ve, okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve never replaced one of those plumbing cartridges. I’ve always had my brother-in-Law. Jeff. Well, Jeff now moved outta town and I had to go to YouTube. And you can do anything with YouTube. Yeah, you can do anything.

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So anyway, one of those plumbing cartridges, you know, and your, I just think there’s wall faucet, right? The wall faucet. Have you ever those cartridges pulled Good. I did one a couple months ago, but I, instead of YouTubeing it, I called Jeff. Okay, well I, Janice says we could call Jeff and I’m like, Kay, it’s kind of hard to follow directions. A I’m not a good follower. B talking to Jeff when he’s got 14 phones in his ear, one in his back pocket and he’s on the back 40. I don’t know. You know what I mean? And so he’s gonna gonna tell you the culligan instead of the whatever. Right, right. He would be and you. And pretty soon you got a water mane blowing in your face. He would be proud of me though. I I mean it turns off and on. There was a few, pull it the right direction that okay. I had to do some adjusting there. But anyway, it works. And I just thought, you know what, there’s millions to be made again. Okay. We’re gonna come up with how many ideas, but we could revamp the plumbing industry. Those, those gadgets, those cartridges. They need to be readjusted. They need to be changed. Should be, they need to be redesigned. Another system. Dude, there’s too many little parts and intricacies about ’em. Yeah.

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I mean, every time I go and put, put in big salt rock for my water softener, I’m just thinking. ’cause they’re not an easier way for heck sakes. Wow. But anyway, hey, we, we can only take on so much here at Epic Outdoors. We can’t revamp the plug against street. We can’t save the world’s propane problems or whatever. So anyway, but a good idea. Maybe. How much do you want for that truck? He’s nervous to sell it. ’cause if it doesn’t start, he works with us and he’s gonna hear us. Beep Blain. It’s the best truck he’s ever owned. Well, it’s, it’s the best truck I’ve ever owned. Well, the problem, what he’s really scared about is we’re gonna make him go plow the front. Since it knows you, since it snows you knows you, you know it, you talk to her. You get her to push the snow. I would do that just to reunite every once every couple years in the winter. He’s, you’ve given him hope. I can see it in his eyes. Well, it might work. Miranda is probably saying, Hey, get rid of it. And he’s going, this is an easy sell and I can still own it. Well, but we’re talking about his truck when you guys all have trail cam trucks in the driveway too. So several mine’s got uses. They’ve got uses. How about this truck in the wintertime? I just kind of off season my truck.

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Yeah, that’s, you got your, you got rid of a vehicle. I did. Yeah. Shocking. Looking for another one. Yeah. And did you feel good about selling a broken framed truck? Yeah, the guy took it, had it with a seized air, compress air conditioning. The guy took it and had it all checked out. Everything was good. You know it. And he knew everything. It all came out. All disclosure. Full disclosure right there. Yep. Full, full disclosure. It was all disclosed. He had a couple days, looked at it, had the welder look at it again. It’s all full. See, at least you knew it to disclose my truck. No one knows truly what that noise is. So I don’t know what to disclose. You mean the clunk and the heat? There’s more of a grind tinging sound. I think it melted the heat shield under there next to the tranny. No, that, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. No. I might just keep it that much Heat would be a bad thing. That just, what is wrong with it? What is no one knows. And so why it would be, why is there a, a problem it for this parking lot if even if it broke down it’s a hundred yards out to the street. It’s a good point. It’s might work. I’m just saying. And what did you, you know what? It is a good idea and I’m not gonna discount that when we get off.

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Let’s talk about size. But I’m just wondering, Archibald, why, what if there is no problem, then what’s the problem? There isn’t one. Well then why are we, why did you get a new one and why were you worried about going across town on it? Well, because I need, I need something bigger to pull my side, side by side. Would you ever send Miranda down to St. George in it now? Why? Why not? I probably would. But what would be in the back of your mind? What, tell me what are the problems with this truck? Just what, what is it? Just put it, if I go to, if I hit it in reverse and I’m sitting there idling, you can hear it. Like something’s crawling around in the exhaust or something right below you. It’s a weird noise. It’s probably just a baffle in the exhaust. That’s, that’s, that’s broke looses. So that’s part of me that’s like, why, why would I sell it if I, you know, I’m not gonna sell it to somebody. I know it’s just gonna, but my luck, it would break. Okay. Now the original problem you have, you’re pulling a side by side up. What happens? It gets really hot. And how do you know? Because it was shifting a little weird. Okay, this is the problems I’m trying to get to, but it just ’cause it got hot. What do you mean shifting? Weird. So, so you drain the fluid.

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Fill the fluid. It’s got viscosity. It’s runs like a chmp now. Okay. With new fluid. I get that. But there wasn’t there no transmission fluid. Yeah, well it was shifting weird. A and the fluid was black. No, they said it was, it was fine. Wasn’t even burnt. Well it was shifting weird. But then it wouldn’t start. Then you go out to the driveway and there’s oil everywhere. Yeah, I mean you’re, you gotta disclose some things. I don’t understand. Oh yeah, it was the, it was the transmission fluid over. It was over overfilled all, all over the driveway Wouldn’t start Ooh, wouldn’t start drag it to the shop. They start it, they start it, it runs. Just finally, why is this truck here? I’m like, well it wouldn’t start like we just started and drove it around. It’s fine. But we think there’s a transmission problem. You take it to another guy, he says it’s an engine problem. It’s not the transmission, it’s making a noise under the oil pan or whatever. I’m thinking it’s just a baffle in the exhaust. I’m truck. Is it a gray snowplow truck? Any mechanics out there? Call into dev. Let us know what you, that’s right. What you’re thinking. No, it’s, it’s in my yard because if I could find one the same year, ID swap over some things. And did you guys, did you guys miss this 2000 tundra over here? I stopped and looked, saw it’s hammered.

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Oh, the silver one. It had dried blood in the bed of it. So don’t ever buy from a hunter. Somebody told me a lot of things. Yeah. John bought from me. I just bought a new engine. Oh it has the same amount. That truck has the same amount of miles as mine did when I bought Jason’s. And I put another 120,000 miles on it and slept 1500 nights in it. Yeah, pretty much. Well speaking of new stuff, happy New Year to everybody. And we’re all batting a thousand right now. That’s the fun thing about January. You flipped the page for a lot of reasons. We wanna forget 2020 And we’re not even talking about 2020 and anymore. Nobody even cares about 2020. No. We’re, you know what’s funny is we’re all, we haven’t even talked. There’s a lot of politics and we, we see ’em, right? But honestly, people that call in, are they happy or sad? They’re happy and they’re planning hunts nonstop. Crazy. They’re planning January’s off the charts, whether they’re booking or ready to use points full of optimism. And that’s what we want to try to portray to y’all today. That’s what I like about Republicans. They’re resilient, they’re happy. We’re going, we’re going places. We’re not gonna let people slow us down. Are we know where your food comes from? We do. Yeah. Okay. Come from a lead poisoning. Okay. Okay.

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From a January standpoint, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard as many outfitters say, I’m down to my last few spots or I’m down to my last spot. No, no. This early in the year. Crazy. It’s not. And it’s, so I guess what we’re also trying to impress is if you are wanting to get something on your schedule, call us. And that’s not a sales pitch, it’s just a fact. But because of that, you’re gonna probably have to be a little more aggressive in the draws this year to get some tags because there’s not gonna be the demand for landowner tags and last minute openings is just scarfing stuff up. Now, even if Canada, the Canadian border gets moving, okay, that’s gonna lighten it to some extent. But there’s a backlog already. So it’s not gonna just free up everything. You know, in the lower 48 there’s still gonna be a lot of pressure. A lot of people got moved to 2022. Yeah. From 20 twenty’s. They leaped from the whole year’s. Yeah. There’s a lot of value in, you know, doing your research and homework, everything like that too. Just had a, you know, a couple couple buddies here in town. Book a hunt south of the border that went south, you know. Wow. Showed up. Pun tell us pun wasn’t, wasn’t intended. Yeah. Yeah. Showed up at the airport. Outfitter text him, Hey, I can’t make this work.

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No, they didn’t text him like at two in the morning. While it’s saying the hunt, the hunt’s a no go. Yeah. Hunt’s a no go. Can’t make it work. That’s not good. Like, like two hours before they were getting on the plane, right? Yeah. The morning of they were getting morning the plane. Yeah. Didn’t realize he had the text until he got to the airport. Saw Ka to cancel his flights. No explanation still what’s, what’s going on Whether, you know, the hunt’s gonna get re-booked, whether there’s gonna be refunds issued. What? So, you know, there’s definitely value in using somebody that’s worked with outfitters before. It’s reputable. And we didn’t book those hunts. Those were just people we don’t Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Yeah. There’s if a deal, there’s quote deals out there. We get, we know of some train wrecks that we can help you avoid certain people if you want to call and run something by us. But there’s some if we haven’t heard of, but if it sounds really too good and it’s south of any border, come on. It could be. No. Well it couldn’t be if it’s south. It’s just Well you, we’ve heard things about everywhere. Everywhere. Yeah. I, I, that was a, that was a little bit what comes to mind, Archibald. You’re thinking of something. There’s some Canada stuff you hear about. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. North of a border then that’s at north or south and the west.

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’cause that’s the west coast. Well, and, and east because that’s where the liberals live over east. A lot of them. So I mean, so I don’t trust that. Just do your homework point. Like Wyatt said, do your homework. Spend a little time call references to the hunters. Don’t buy an auction online. There’s gonna be a lot of those this year. Don’t buy something on an online hunting auction that just looks cheap and man, that’s cheap. I’m gonna buy it and then don’t and know nothing about it or who it’s with and figure that hey, it’s such a good deal. I’ll figure that out later. Sometimes there’s a reason some people, and this is not a blanket statement, but there’s a reason some people call some of these auctions to put their hunts on there. It’s because they can’t sell ’em. I think what you’re saying too is that on years like this, everything books good, bad and indifferent. Everything. Everything’s the bottom of the barrel books. That’s where I’m going. All the bad, the bad the bad guys make out too. The great ones are gonna book easily too. The moderate’s gonna book the Crap is gonna book. We booked a last deer hunt for one of the great deer hunts up there in Canada because he had to roll over hunters from last year. And a guy wanted to go and he says, I got his last spot that was today.

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Crazy January that a couple times January two wasn’t it? Yeah, 2022. Yeah. Last spot in 2022. Yeah. I’m also getting a lot of guys asking and talking about using they have instead of like Wyoming elk instead of, instead of, you know what, I don’t have max but I’m ready to go. Yeah. Lot of that. That’s kind of what I was saying earlier. It is. You might have to think a little bit different with some of your points. Now if you’re, your points really are valuable, let’s use ’em well. Well they are. But and go less than traditionally. Yeah. Pick a different traditional weapon, pick a different season instead of rifle rutt hunts. Maybe it’s an October November rifle hunt. Or you know, maybe in a different unit that you thought, ah, I don’t think that would maybe quite give me the kind of bull to make my hopes and dreams come true. But man, I love elk hunting and three 20 to 30 bulls are awesome to me and I’d like that. So anyway, be willing to do that because this year more than any other after the draws, if you’ve been too conservative, finding something later this summer, July or August is probably gonna be extremely tough. I think drawing odds are gonna change. I think there’s just so much demand. We saw it last year with Covid, but you know, we thought, oh, everybody thought, ah, the drawing odds are gonna be easy.

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They were not easy fleet officers. Worse. Even the general tags with Idaho selling out so early and all the good stuff gone there. I imagine, you know, Idaho or Montana and Oh yeah, Wyoming general tags might, might be a little bit tougher to get. Oh yeah. Just because of that. People are asking like they’re not gonna be able to hunt again wanting to feed their families. It’s crazy. There’s huh? Still a lot of value in applying though. ’cause that’s the way you’re gonna get some of these awesome hunts even after they’re all booked up. You know, it’s only way, the way to get your tax. Well there’s a lot of excitement with date changes. We got Colorado’s dates coming up and there’s just a lot of excitement, you know, with those late season dates happening this year. Even though Colorado’s somewhat in a slump, maybe the biggest slump we’ve seen in many years that’s, there’s some bright spots and people are excited and anyway, we cover all that in the Epic Outdoors magazine before it’s time to apply. So there’ll be a lot of information in there anyway. Pretty fun stuff. We’re super excited. You know, Wyatt, you were saying you were watching some, I feel like I’m getting called out. I don’t know where were watching some hunts. You were watching some, some hunts. Got you excited. Some old DVDs. Yes. You watch it. Found some stuff in Jason’s desk.

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Ended up being a bunch of old DVDs and and stuff from old Hunts from him. Adam, John, Chris was on there, run outta water a lot of times. He packed some stuff out for people too. I believe he was helping Jason kill Big Deer and Chris was outta water. Well okay. Sitting on a hot hillside all day. I wonder about the long-term effects of, I never dehydration I Chris’s water. No, Chris, you never, you, you’ve probably shared some water with me. Okay. Yeah. But there was other members, maybe even blood relatives that possibly drank your water. Yes. On more than one occasion. And all of your other supplies and took clothing from you and, and bread and clothing. Anyway, was some awesome experiences. Did you learn anything on those? What about who your coworkers are that you’re like, wow, it was pretty awesome. ’cause I’ve seen the mounts, I’ve, you know, heard a little bit of the stories, but it kind of felt like I was, I was there on a, on a lot of the hunts. Or at least why it’s like, wow, you guys are a couple bad as Yeah. Well why We have killed a couple animals. Were soft thousands probably. Yeah. He’s like, you guys, you know, you’re nothing what I really, you guys used to really hunt. Geez. No. It must’ve been what, early two thousands later. Two thousands. Yeah. Mid, mid, mid. Mid to late. Lot of mid two thousands.

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Yeah. 2000 the great years. It was 2007 to 2012. Yeah. Something along those lines. Huh. Anyway, anything. Stick out. Those are fun. There’s a lot that stuck out. I mean it’s pretty, pretty cool. See a couple outfitters that we still work with today as, as a young kid out there starting his, I guess starting his, oh, Josh Hall out there. Two dog hunting. Two dog hunting. Yeah. Even went through a name change. Yeah. Yeah. And now he’s, you did John, you built his logo for he out there in the basement and his website did. Yes, we did. Yeah. Couple hunts. One Jason had to film ’cause Chris wasn’t able to make. I mean, and the filming was amazing. What do you mean we film the tire going around, we go through the water, we check the temperature. I mean we did all the right things. Right. Chris took a lot of those things. People are, people are gonna be asking to see these. Hell yeah. Maybe we’ll figure that out Some. Got a lot of cool footage. Yeah. Had an awesome Dutton elk hunt back in the day where he camped out on the mountain. Took a great bull. We did. That was fun. That was a big, there was like a three week period right there. Remember we went to Oregon Hunt, my California big horn. Came straight home.

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I went straight to the Dutton, camped on a bull for like six or seven days basically. And opening day came, we decided, let him go hunt another day. Decided we better kill him. So we killed him. Got it packed out. Went straight to the escali for your desert sheep hunt. It was a, think about that. Three weeks when? When we were, was that 2008 or oh nine I think. Yeah. So that was mid thirties, just full of piss and vinegar. I remember hype escali looked brutal. I mean just, yeah, it was 25 miles each way. Yeah, it just is. It’s just a brutal one. But it was a three week, I mean, it was like we couldn’t be stopped. Now I think of that stretch right now and I’m like, wow. That was, that’d wore me out. I never, well, it does, you know what, we do that now, but we don’t kill anything back then. We were killers. Well it was, it was boom, boom, boom in a row. And we killed. We killed. We killed. We killed. I dunno. Yeah. Maybe we were better, but it was fun. Maybe we’re not as good as we once was. The one thing that it, that it, those remind me of too is, and we did a little bit with our hunt giveaway this year with Craig in Nevada. It was awesome to hunt as a crew. It was fun. Yeah.

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Because we, when we get in the middle of the fall, we’re going, a few of us have a little, you know, some guiding things that we’re doing. But you know, hopefully plenty of personal hunts we’re, we’re pulled everywhere and of directions. It’s, it’s fun when we get all together. I mean, we talk like this, like campfire talk all day long on the radio or cell phone. Like, get over here. John’s got something. He doesn’t know how many points it’s got, but he says it’s wild. I mean, that was a good call. You know, guys, I, he can’t even, I’ve got a shooter. He can’t even describe the deer. What is it? It’s a lot by a lot. I said it’s at least 10 on each side. I don’t know. I could hear the word drop time in there every now and again. What? But anyway, and you know, I happened to be with the Hunter I think that day. And I’m like, I don’t know. I think we better, we better leave John’s. John can’t. He’s the loss for words. He can’t describe this buck. It’s time to go look at this buck. You know? Anyway, that was even on a tough year. Last year was a tough year in Nevada. You know, all there was some good animals taken, huh? Yeah. Geez.

00:25:00:03 –> 00:26:12:21
But we’re hoping was another, another from the archives too, that you were kind of the same situation where Adam spotted a buck and couldn’t describe what all it had on. Oh yeah. What was it? Lots of inlines. Oh, that was your Arizona buck. I just remember that thing. I’m, I’m walking through this flat, I’m half shed hunting because there’s like no deer out there. You’re you’s some few tracks and you’re like, I’m just looking. And I’m noticing there’s little four-foot cedar trees tracks. Destroyed. Destroyed. I mean, not just a little rake. I’m like, something is mad in here. Something’s ripping this. There’s a big deer anyway. And then all of a sudden I jump a dough and he’s running straight away from me for like 200 yards. And of course I just had binos. So I’ve just, you know, watched him and I, and I got done and I’m like, we’re done. We’re done looking for a deer. I knew that. I didn’t know all he had, I just had a lot of inlines going up and away. And why being heavy mass like this. So anyway, that was, that was fun. Yeah. Well and that kills him when we grabbed him and just, I mean, oh yeah, those were raw. Raw moments. Moments. Yeah. There’s nothing staged. And, and those are pretty fun. I even today, if I watch anything on YouTube or anything, I like the, I like the raw stuff.

00:26:12:26 –> 00:27:16:06
The, the true emotion the first time. I mean, yeah, there’s been times we’ve had to, you know, you miss something, you have to make it work. And it’s not man, those are wrong one. That one where you, ’cause you waited, I was probably five or 600 yards from me. You guys were like 300 from the deer. And by the time I got you guys waited and it was, then I got the camera rolling it. I don’t, it was raw. I wouldn’t really remember it like it like it showed if we didn’t film that. That’s, that’s right. ’cause now when I watch the film, I’m like, it made me want to film. You’re like, yeah. Yeah. So it did, it made me want, want us to, you wanna be a cameraman, you mean? No. Or you film more hunts than once. Just us film each other. Like go on these hunts together and like, it just reminded me about it. It reminds you about all the hunts you have been on and Oh yeah. All the times. Speaking of then, what are we gonna do this year? Either groups or individual? What, what are we looking forward to? Let’s call it right now it’s January. January. Put a put a star out there. What are you shooting for? What is not just a 200 inch car? We know that’s a broken record. Well, I mean, I mean gets specific. I’d like to go back to killing stuff.

00:27:18:14 –> 00:28:32:15
I’d like to get bloody broon. Takes a year off and notch my own tag that has my name on it. Not my kids, not my wife. I want my name on that tag. Okay. We know where you stand over here. John, how about you? You got anything John? I know probably your Utah elk points. Maybe that’s something that’s looming pretty big for you. I don’t know. And yeah, I’d, it’s time to use them. Draw an milk tag. Maybe. Maybe Utah. Mary v Arizona. Yeah, you’ve got a bunch down there. He in Arizona too. Yeah. Got some points down digits down there. So. Wow. You want point boost? I know a guy. I got two. You got two? I got a loyalty and a hunter. Ed, I’m bringing a lot to the table, John, please. Well, good stuff. So you’re gonna, thinking about a deer, air and elk and going to Mexico. Oh yeah. You’re going to Mexico soon, right? Yeah. Will you? Yeah. Will you leave you, give us a few replacement options in case you wreck a four wheeler. Again, just gonna say it in case I, Chris, Chris, I run ’em into a ditch. Get all his passwords and usernames before he leaves to the computers around here. We know Chris could do the job. We’re gonna have to have somebody else, if not a couple of guys on this side. Any options? Come back. John, just come back. Yeah, I’ll come back.

00:28:32:15 –> 00:29:49:28
So take case one. Got a life insurance policy on, he brought some, yeah, I think he’s, he’ll tone it down after last year. He was, yeah. Full throttle on a 19 88, 3 wheeler or whatever you were on, just make sure you wear the three or four masks that they require on the airlines that you just saw. Oh, geez. Huh? Yeah. What did you see? It was nuts. So we did, I took my wife to Mexico, just barely kind of scouted out, you know, across the border. See if it’s okay. Oh, you mean Cancun? Yeah. Alright, so it’s not the same thing, but, oh, the plane was nuts. Just guys. I mean you’re like, okay, they’re Biden voters right there. Three four masks on top of each other. Hood up visor as well. And then some dude with the MAGA hat, the plastic shield. Yes. And then some guy with the MAGA hat, like 20 rows ahead, you know, pulls it down over his nose and they had to come apart. It was just steward us. He doesn’t have his mask on his nose, you know? And I’m like, geez, you’re so, why are you on a plane? Why are you even flying you out shoulder? Then they give you a drink and everybody takes their mask off and anyway, has a drink and some crackers. And it wasn’t every other row. It was packed. The plane was full. Wow.

00:29:50:12 –> 00:31:05:09
No six foot distancing, no six foot distances and, but but over the loudspeaker. They’re like, make sure you six foot distance on your way out. Like we’ve just been five hours next to each other. We’re in a mosh pit in this thing. Oh, that’s ridiculous. Geez. There’s a lot of covid transpiring in there it sounds like. Have fun down there, John. But I did, I missed Covid. My daughter got it while we were gone. It was perfect. Up here in Utah. Yeah. Yeah. So nuts. It wasn’t bad. Like she just had a, you know, sore throat, little congested. And it was done. That’s what an 18-year-old does. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Chris. Yep. I thought, I thought we already, whatcha looking? No, whatcha you looking forward to? I’m just talking hunting now, Chris. Don’t get, don’t get all sweaty palm. It’s like, I thought we got through that already. No, it’s just that we’re trying to make the rounds of what you think you’re looking forward to this year. Making your hunting dreams great again with, I don’t know, after this year I’m pretty much looking forward to any, anything. You’re like Jason, I just want notch tag. Yeah. That’s where I’m at. I just wanna shoot something. Any, I mean, we of all years not to talk about antelope, but anyway, come on. Just deer tags and the couple antelope. It, it was a, and of course you’re hunting for a Boer. A double, double Boer.

00:31:05:16 –> 00:32:17:06
I passed it. I chose, I was hunting tons of bucks, but mid, mid to high nineties on several nineties. Yeah. Antelope. No. Whoa. I I, you lost me for a minute. Okay. I’m like, you passed. What? Okay. I am not even talking out a little. Never. Probably will again in my entire life. Okay. On the same page. High 90, mid to high one 90 mule deer. Supposedly. Supposedly 90 inch channel up for good. Anyway, they, they supposedly are, but they’re still freaking well anyway, fork. But anyway, so that might have to be what we do for a group hunt somewhere. I don’t know if we’ve got enough collective points to boost the heck outta you that burnt stuff Antelope. Why antelope or something. If we’re gonna watch six or seven of us smash something together on Bill. The interesting, interesting thing, I go down there and it happens to be the worst fire season in the world. All roads are closed. I mean, what do you do? You know, what do you do? And it’s an antelope. So you’re Yeah, whatever. You’re gonna go home. I wasted three hours a day for four days too long. So Chris, a meal there, but something you’re gonna punch your tag on something you’re not. Definitely Well, all right. We’re here in Utah, New Mexico, wherever you can get a tag. Wherever I can get a tag. Arizona, you’ve had ’em, all of ’em. Yeah.

00:32:17:06 –> 00:33:35:04
A lot of ’em have gotten, I feel like they’ve just made little slight changes that have made it tougher to, to draw things that I’ve have been able to draw. But we’ll see. Quiet. Yeah. What are we looking for to, I know every year we talk about your dear points in Utah, so the whole world knows about that. And that’s, I feel like this is your year Wyatt idea. Plus this is too. Well what I love about Wyatt is he’s so excited for everybody else and all the tags they get, he knows all the intricate details behind the scenes, working systems, deals, whatever. I mean, not just us, I’m talking the world, the clients that he works with, but he himself never really divulges plans. I’d like to hear on air what you got going? All I have planned out so far is my spring bear hunt in Alaska. Oh yeah. Yeah. So got that. And then play the draws and see what, see what comes up, what happens. That’s pretty cookie cutter. Generic draws. What kind of, I’m still not divulging anything. No meat there. I don’t, I don’t make any plans till, you know, spur of the moment. Todd forced to make a plan. Dude. Top of the pile. You know where you’re going to lunch today? Yesterday. Well, we hope you get your deer tag so we can quit Razzing you, you Utah. Oh, you Utah deer. Yeah.

00:33:35:12 –> 00:34:48:28
Might win some of those hunt expo tags too. You never know. Speaking of, wow. Who’s playing that now that we don’t have to go in person. Everybody might have heard that hat. It’s unfortunate bought in. Me too. I been already, we’re not gonna see everybody at the shows this year. Sheep show is next week. Western Hunting Conservation expo should have been or will be virtually whatever in a month. It’s gonna be a bummer not to see and talk and shake hands and see y’all, but get covid. Yeah. Which we I think did last year. We did. But, but yeah, they’re still gonna have the hunts, the 200 hunts. You can fly [email protected]. We’re suckers for it. It’s just the hope and a dream, right? We’re full optimism. You’re all batting a thousand right now. Change. And you have to be in the draw. You have to be in the draw to be able to draw. So $5 for each hunt. You do not, they waived the mandatory requirement in the past to have to go validate in person so you don’t have to drive to fly, to crawl, to ride a horse to Chris the expo, cartwheel to whatever. Don’t, don’t have to do that. You just apply online and you’re done. You do have to have a Utah valid license the day you buy your con license, buy your tickets, which if you’re gonna apply for Utah, you have to have, you’re gonna need anyway.

00:34:49:03 –> 00:36:06:13
So, but do it. The deadline is what? February 13th, 14th, summer. Right. It’s always, it’s always one of the best Valentine’s gifts I ever give my wife is the expo. So it’s, I know right around there. Thank you Adam. Right. Thank you Adam. I’ve got my tags like you. Yeah. You know, so they never appreciate it like they really should. Jana’s in. She doesn’t even know it, but hopefully she gets tagged. So anyway. Awesome. Go to hunt, get in the draw. It’s just another chance to draw what you need. We all need. Devin, what are you doing this fall? Well, I didn’t hunt elk. Well, I didn’t hunt elk in September in 2020. Not one day. I didn’t hear a bugle. That was kind of weird for me. So yeah, I wanna, I’m gonna hunt elk in September somewhere somehow. Okay. Wow. Good. Is that like, what does that mean? I don’t know, I just, you just willpower that ru or do you have some points, do you think that make it happen somewhere? Oh, Arizona. Oh good. What? No, no, I don’t have enough points. That’s what I, I’d Wyoming. Perhaps it’s something, but you’re one archery, archery elk this year. That’s your, that’s your, I mean, you’ll hunt a big deer. You hunt deer in Utah. You at least got a general tag, but, and maybe go to Colorado, but you’ve got elk on the brain. All right. Yep. Elk’s fun elk.

00:36:06:13 –> 00:37:26:15
And then just deer. There’s some deer in some places that I could think of that I got, I’m coming back. Deer in low places. Weather. Yeah. Anyway, round two or three I guess last year. You Yeah. High places too. High places, low places in between, in between. Tough to find. Well, alright. That is nice. I guess we’re gonna let him off the Bronson. He, he did say, he did say, what? Are you gonna, well, I, I’m, I am gonna move closer, but not all the way to what Jason tried to do last year with seven deer tags. What I said closer to that with a a, what I would call a pile would be three or four deer tags. Not a Jason Carter pile, but one of those would be Utah General. Probably go to Colorado somewhere. I burned points last year. But I think most of us are gonna try to get a, you know, a turn back or a moderate replaced or whatever landowner tag to go there. I’m pretty top heavy as Arizona as we’ve read about for 15 years now. I’m never gonna draw. So, you know, but hold you hostage clear until you might need an application service to help you. I don’t have a problem getting my application in. I problem drawing tag. So we, I’m pretty sure I, and I might need to look at some mod. We can play the odds for you after 20 plus years.

00:37:26:15 –> 00:38:37:21
I’ve got the process there. I just don’t know how to draw. There are tags you can drop. We’re send in your username and password. Give us your username, password id, credit card id, date of birth, social. You better not make me use my point card on whatever you draw. Let’s just call ’em that. So, but I’m top heavy in, in Nevada with points, you know, you’d never really know there, but I’ll probably go all archery, five archeries or something if, you know, Nevada starts to look like it’s gonna get moisture just to try to get attacked there. Utah moved their archery dates for deer a little later, like the 21st. So it gives you 10 or 11 days in Nevada before Utah’s calling your name at all. So that’s a perfect world. Couple deer, maybe Colorado and Arizona would be the icing on the cake. But I mean, like all of you all any any extracurricular unexpected tags, I’ll take ’em. You know, I’ve got a couple kids that I’ve gotta work some of their hunts in, like you, Carter, John, YouTube. But anyway, that I’d rather, I, I’ve got deer in low places too. I guess that’s what it’s all I know what I, you know, what I find interesting is the older we’re getting and, and we’re older now, okay, we’re all a little older. We, you guys are fine. You guys are young.

00:38:37:27 –> 00:39:51:22
But Adam and I and John we’re a little older, but I find that like, but what we used to not be able to do a, we didn’t have the points B we didn’t have the funds or whatever, you know, we now, I I I can’t let those deer tags go. They’ve, I always wanted them. Now I get ’em now I’ve got too much on my plate. I don’t do the tags justice. It’s a pro. It’s, it’s, it’s a mindset. You’ve gotta self-governed because January you’re all batting a thousand, but you’re also like somebody at the buffet when you haven’t eaten for two days. That’s it. That’s my point. Yeah. It’s just like you, you and I were up early cranking on the magazine and stuff, and we’re looking at like obscure species that don’t really mean anything to us, per se. And we’re, we’re ready to drop a couple grand to get attacked to make sure we go, you know, and because we have nothing scheduled, nothing on the books. We joke about having the kill. The kill is finding a tag, buying a cheap landlord tag or, or expensive or just, just, just to have something on the books or burning your points on something. Then you’re like, did I, should I really have done that? Yes. Like, like five minutes later. And in a state that you can’t withdraw, the app happens. It happens.

00:39:51:24 –> 00:40:55:27
So I get wound up do something I’m excite excitement can get you to do things and you do have to self govern. So we are all full of excitement loaded up right now, but well, we’re loaded points. We’re loaded with ability. It is borderline and we’re loaded. Insane. Yeah, I’m a wide open schedule and I’m, I’m not gonna try to guide as much and I’ve, and I’ve ha I had didn’t this year, but it still somehow was plenty. But those things come out, those are all taxing as part of making a schedule flow. So you gotta remove some few things, you know. And Carter, you’re, you’re saying the same thing. Maybe less is more, you know, a little bit to some extent. Oh man. I mean you, you know, to be able to do more justice, one or two giants or you can eat seven tags, what’s better? You know what I mean? And, and it’s just hard. It’s hard. And I did a lot of, I did feel like it do, did a lot of them justice last year. Just cards did. It was not in the cards. A lot of the hunts, the weather played a lot. The hot dry fall, especially two or three. Your deer hunts for archery or things like that. Yeah. Specific bucks picked out on some of ’em and just couldn’t tough. Yeah. It was just tough.

00:40:55:28 –> 00:42:12:17
So anyway, but yeah, you know, you, what’s interesting is you end a season and you feel like I learned my lesson, I’m gonna do better. And I got a new plan for 2021. If you, if if you could do the podcast, this podcast December 1st would be like, ah, I need a break. Yeah, I did. I did. I told Janet one to three times, I’m happy. How do you, I promise you Darvin it will not be like last year. Yeah, January. I don’t, I’ve more than last year. First of of January, but then the 1st of January, get out of my way. Get out of my way. I’ve been writing the publication, we’ve been working in the office. We’re not, we have to work in the office, but we’re not necessarily lovers of office work, but, well, but it’s big. But the work that we do in the office is what spurs on all of these excitable little things. Prairie dog hunts. Not even in the ru, not even in the ru with a bow, a slingshot, whatever. Bare bow with no sights we’re, I mean, pretty soon we’re doing bur making up slams that don’t even exist. I hear that the groundhog, the vermin groundhog slam whatever better. It sounds interesting. Sign me up. I hear the Himalayan snow cocks coming out strong and I’ve actually thought of that. I have. They’re a wild looking bird.

00:42:12:22 –> 00:43:27:00
And every time you do a little bit of research on ’em, you’re kinda like, I kind of need one. But the minute you kill one horse back into the rubies, no, the minute, the minute you kill one, you’re gonna be like, really? Wow. Pound for pound. My wife was wrong. All those deer pound for pound did not even come close to this little bird right here. I heard you guys talking about turkeys the other day. Yeah. I mean, it’s something to do mainly for our kids. My boy drew a tag. We usually go to Arizona with our kids. It, the other thing about that is if you don’t have a spring bear or something like w or anybody else to do it, it is just what may or late April just gimme some mountain to stretch a leg on, basically, you know, get out. So turkeys are, they’re fun, but I enjoy taking the kids too. Me too. I love it. Kid. Kids, they’re hard to beat because expectations are, although they’re getting tougher. Yeah, I’m already told that. Well, dude, I mean they’re already, I’ve already been given some instructions. Yeah, yeah. What does he want? Just, just bigger deer. Yeah, just like your kid. I mean, it’s no different. Your kid’s passing three 50 bulls. He’s okay. Okay. Three 30 to three 50 bulls. And I’m like, Sean, you’ve never killed one with a bow. Yeah, that’s my, that’s my point. You’re 18.

00:43:27:00 –> 00:44:28:15
Like let’s smash one. You know, and he, it’s the last morning I need to send you back in for that bull dad. I had him at 70 yards. I could’ve got closer. I don’t want that one. Yeah, okay, okay. Hey, had it to him. There was a proud moment there. But, but, but, but, but anyway, so I guess that brings us to Jason’s. No, I already, we’ve already talked to him. Mike, did you already go over it? Yeah. He wants to punch a tag. Oh yeah, I guess yeah. Punch a tag. I mean, that’s as clear as wife his generic answer. Yeah, that’s, that’s as vague as you can get. That is a good point. I didn’t disclose anything. He would like to kill something. I will be in, I’ll be in Colorado with my 10 kids. Okay. Utah, you need to I will be that, that’s gonna happen. I will be in Utah. I I will be in Nevada one way or another. Gotta do it. Okay. I bar barring if don’t get another drop of moisture between now and June, I will not be in Nevada. Yeah. It’s, if that happens. That’s right. I mean it’s very prone to that by the way. It is dry this winter.

00:44:28:15 –> 00:45:44:11
And I, and we are gonna divert for a second, but you know what, like we’ve talked about, it’s the timely moisture water table may still be low, but for the antler grove, we’re, we’re not gonna fill reservoirs unless you get a monumental shift. Yeah. But, but as far as artificially growing feed to just get deer and elk going and antler growing, that’s totally in the realm of absolute possibilities. It’s not doom and gloom as dry as it has been. You can artificially have a good hunting antler year with just timed precip. That’s right. Well timed. It’s way too early to tell. Yeah, it is way too early. And we’ve talked about it. You very rarely see two bad back to back years. Yeah. At least in 48 states. It’s not Mexico. I’ve seen some rough times multiple years in a row. And then this year’s off the charts from Mexico. Go figure that. I’ve got a good rancher friend of mine, he’s down there, he was texting me this morning, he’s, the last time he had rain was January of 2020 January of 2020 has big deer. So you just don’t know what goes into making Mexico deer big other than in some parts of it down there. They had eight inches and obviously it was at the right timeframe. And I think that’s what we’re talking about here. May, march, April, may is kind of critical. Really critical.

00:45:44:12 –> 00:47:03:18
And it could be dry from now till then. And I think you could still have good antler though salvage antlers. That’s really what we’re talking about. And I know there’s other things that matter in life, you know, like what Well, to other people, oh, I mean, other people wanna grow cow feed and have Yeah. Grow corn, a lot of water to be able to irrigate their alfalfa and all that. I see. I mean, and I’m not downplaying I’m just saying to use, we may not, it may not do that type of thing. We may not have bursting reservoirs, it doesn’t look like, but we can artificially make a green landscape to grow. I got a good buddy of mine hitting me up. Hold on. Let’s just see what he has to say real quick. Hello. Lunch. Lunch. Where? Wherever. All right. You don’t want to go to where the Democrats eat, do you? I don’t even know where the Democrats eat Kemp. I just wanna know right now how many pistols you have. I’m not telling this call’s being recorded. I’m sure. How many long rifles and how many short rifles do you have? I know I have 29 pistols. I don’t know how many rifle, I don’t know how many of the other rifles use your rights. The Fifth Amendment rights and you know, use the right to remain silent. Yeah. Complete the fifth.

00:47:04:19 –> 00:48:31:06
What do you think about all this craziness out there in the world? Ah, I think it’s all man. Where, well, you caught us in the middle of a podcast and so Yeah, we’re gonna, we’re gonna get KIPP’s input on, on just life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I think that they ride it all summer long and nobody cared. Now they care. Huh? I guess it appears that way. It’s kind of crazy. But anyway, guns and ammo. You’re, you’re good. What else does a guy need to buy this time in his time of history? Oh, you can trade. You can trade ammo for anything, can’t you? Yeah. Yeah. Pretty much. Even fertilizer for your alfalfa field. That’s exactly right. I take ammo. Ammo. Pretty valuable these days, huh? How much ammo Do you got Jason? Hey, these are questions that people wanna know. Just say sufficient first. Needs. Go ahead. How many you got? Plead the fifth there, buddy. Huh? I’m pleading the fifth. He’s got a lot. Good. I learned, I learned my lesson. We learned four and eight years ago to get, take, take care of those problems. Yeah. All right. Anything else you wanna tell the world out there? The world of hunters? Kipp No, I don’t. I guess we’re not going to lunch. We’re about done. We’ll give you a holler in a bit. All right, see you. Alright, bye. That’s some pretty funny stuff. He does.

00:48:31:09 –> 00:49:34:29
He’s got, he’s got a stack of stuff anyway. Well, all right. What else? Let, should we coll? Yeah, well we’re on the phone. We might as well call whi we and tell him his cokes here or his monster. Monster. Monster. Huh? See what he’s got. Yeah. It was kind of, we were talking about the expo earlier and who’s drawn? And Jason, your boys drew an antelope tag. My brother’s drawn an out tag. And on these $5 tags we were talking about, they’re, they’re, their odds are not gonna be great and they’re probably not gonna get better. Who knows? I guess if you, I don’t know how many people go to the expo. I don’t. I mean, I’m sure that number’s readily available, but, but that many people now not interested in going, are they gonna tune out and not apply? I mean, some of ’em are gonna apply. No question. The fact that you don’t have to be in person, it will go up. But that’s really not the principle. It’s about believing in something about batting a thousand until you’re not. Okay. Right. I like it. I it bat a thousand until you’re not. I like it. What I really like is the fact that I know people, we know people that have drawn these tags. This, go ahead. Yeah. This is my principle for the first of the year. It’s January ahead.

00:49:34:29 –> 00:50:45:21
Apply for as many things as you can until the first draw result comes out until you’re not batting a thousand. Well, what’s funny because until then you are okay and just crush find. What I find funny is as soon as somebody draws something, we’re applying a lot of guys. Right. And they’ll draw something, they’ll call and points only on everything else from here on out. I’m good. Love it. It are. And, and if you draw, draw, I’m thinking I’m still batting a thousand crush another three states and a bunch of raffle tags until I’m not. That’s right. That’s right. Because if you draw your first one, you’re still batting a thousand. Keep going. But zero to zero or I mean, you’re still a hundred percent. You’re not, you’re not under a hundred percent I until you’re unsu successful, like just don’t have enough tags in my pocket. And you’re saying I’ve go, I’m good. Huh? It’s just a percentage. Just a percentage. All right. All right. Call. Who do you call? Let’s call Dustin. Let’s call Dustin Whitworth. We’ve got a, we’ve got a monster here. He’s been bugging me about it. The glass half empty. Guys could say I’m batting zero. I say when you’re, that’s when you’re zero for zero. What I’m saying, you’re still at a thousand. It’s a glass half full. That’s, that’s all half, that’s, I’m just trying to wrap my head around.

00:50:45:22 –> 00:51:53:05
I know your baseball people out there are saying, well, you’re zero until you get a hit. And that’s what I’m saying thinking I think we all a thousand. I don’t have any, we’re all batting at a hundred percent. We’re all at a thousand until we’re not. That’s the other way of looking at it. Okay. Alright. So we That’s that’s really clear. Clear. You’re very this pess pessimistic. That’s very, very clear. Well, you still got a chance until you don’t. You got it right. All right, here we go. So let’s call Dustin. Hey, we’ve got a monster here. Signed for him. Specially, you have to elaborate on that. Where’d that come? Well, I don’t know. He was, he just, just, we, we had a little back and forth on Instagram. Okay. And then he, he drew his expo tag. He drew the moose tag. Drew Ros tag. Yeah, he did. He did. I know it’s, I know, but some, some, sometimes it’s not. Am I on the podcast buddy? Why would we be calling you first one? Why would we, why would we call you? Why did you tip him on text? I don’t was a number. I I want an entire case of white monsters signed by the whole office. Just you, you’re never happy. You’re never happy. I’ve got a signed one here and it sat here for the last 30 days and I can’t get you to come pick it up.

00:51:53:26 –> 00:53:06:24
You guys, you guys like talking about cars on the podcast? You wanna talk about some car problems I had? Yeah. Okay, go ahead. We already did that. Yeah. What are your, we’ve covered those bases already, but Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead. We’ll add you. I don’t even know, I don’t even know what a rod is in an engine, but apparently if you throw one, it costs you $5,000. Well, you’re not supposed to go to 6,000 RPMs up there in negative 20 degree weather up there in my, my wife’s GMC terrain. Yeah. Really? Or anything. Yeah. So what happened, how many miles it got on it? 82,000 come. Are you in the, you in the market. You do need to change the oil. Well is that covered under the powertrain though? Under the a hundred thousand? I don’t know. What year is it? Or is it 60 That’s straight in the engine. Yeah, that’s, that’s a Toyota thing. The a hundred thousand 13. Not if you buy the extended warranties. I mean, I’m just telling you. Hey, it’s down there. It’s down there in Cedar City getting fixed. I might need one of you guys to drive it up for me. Bring that monster up. Oh, I mean, good. Great. I don’t even know why we called you other than, other than other than you drew a moose tag at the hunt expo. I did. Is that, is that the topic of discussion?

00:53:06:29 –> 00:54:12:22
Well, we talked about we’re all batting a thousand. Carter seems to think that at the start of the year you’re batting zero ’cause you haven’t done anything. I haven’t acquired debate a tag yet. We’re just debating on until you get a a negative result, you’re still batting a thousand. You may not know Whittler’s a baseball player. Yeah. And then I, I chastised the baseball players maybe wrongly because I know of them. You gotta go one for one before you’re batting a thousand. I Okay. Yeah. But my mind, but in my mind, you’re, you’re batting a thousand until you say no unsuccessful. And I don’t play baseball. I just know I don’t have any deer tags in my pocket yet. You’re batting I I know how long you’ve been putting in for those tags. And so you’re probably batting negative a thousand or a couple thousand. That’s right. Amount. Really lost me now amount. But January starts a new year and so the slate is clean. That’s was our pre of our, and we’re talking about that. We’re talking about the expo tags and who’s applying. And then we thought, hey, Carl Whittler, he, he was one of the guys at the end of those one and however many odds and he got attacked. And by the way, now I know why you haven’t picked up your monster. ’cause your car best shop your car’s in the shop.

00:54:12:28 –> 00:55:23:15
And by the way, if you wanna buy one, I’ve got one for sale, just let me know. So do I. Truck. Truck. And if we were to mail that to you, we would have to lie when we go to the post office that says, are you mailing anything liquid, perishable, hazardous or whatever, monsters could do some stuff. A it’s hazardous. B is liquid. Liquid. That’s right. We can’t mail it to you. So how, how many of you guys, how many of you guys drank already? Couple. None of your business? Fifth? None. None of your business? My wife’s gonna edit this and I don’t want her to know. It’s nothing personal. Nothing personal. But anyway, how was your hunt? How was your hunt? Tell us a little bit about that. Prompted us to call you. Yeah, yeah. You know, it’s one of those things I’ve been, I’ve been like most of us, I’ve been putting in for those tags. Every year we go down there and this year I was like, this last year I was like, okay, this is it. I’m done donating money to the, to the fund and not getting anything for it. And then the last 15 minutes of cleanup, you know, on the last day the guy got on the pa and, okay, any last, last entries? Last call for entries. And I’m like, I can’t not do this.

00:55:23:22 –> 00:56:38:21
And so I go running across the straight show floor with like eight minutes left and I, all I did was the, you know, I’m a non-resident now. So I did the non-resident package, basically those five non-resident tags. Yeah, those five once in a lifetime. So that’s all you did those five? I think I did two. I think I did like one deer and one elk too, but Oh wow. That was are pretty good. One outta six and you got one. Yeah. So he was at the very end, his top of the pile. Yeah. So that’s my best advice is if you’re right on top of the pile. Yeah, no, my god. That’s why it’s claim to fame and you’ve just added fuel to his fire. So I don’t, we’re never gonna get him to shut up about that now. Okay. Well, but no, the hunt man. The hunt was awesome. You know, I’d never hunted moose before. Seen, seen quite a few of them there on the Wasatch. That unit in particular is just massive. It’s almost too big. But luckily man, the second I drew that, you know, they posted up all the results and it’s like I had friends I didn’t even know were friends. Me sending me pictures. Me, yeah, it was me. I, I hit you up for once. Yeah, no.

00:56:38:21 –> 00:58:09:01
Sending me, sending me pictures of moose and here’s this moose and that moose and we see him in this canyon and it was, wow. It was people, you know, on those type of tags, like you’d never do that on the general deer tag there in Utah or anything like that. But no, we’re letting air outta tires. But no, on that one, everybody seemed pretty, you know, a lot of, a lot of guys were willing to help and stuff. And so we, we had a couple bulls pinned down and I, I maybe got a little trigger happy and shot the one of the, I didn’t kill the biggest bull that we were after, but yeah, just man mo moose are big critters, big animals. Well that’s awesome. That was just this last year, right? Yeah. Yeah. Just barely. So how did you pack it out? 11 guys. Oh wow. Didn’t get any llamas or nothing. You know, this stupid watershed, this we called three different people. Yeah. We tried three, three different people trying to get approval. And the, the stupid, I understand the watershed principle, but is there something about llama droppings that are different between elk, deer, moose, people, dogs? That’s probably how everybody got covid. Yeah. I don’t know. Just throwing it out there. It’s possible. Just disclaimer, llamas do not cause covid. But I just wonder, I I, I don’t hun on the Wasatch front, so I didn’t know.

00:58:09:02 –> 00:59:21:27
You can’t use llamas up there. So I, I mean I, I know I’m an idiot, but why? What is the, do they tra Probably ’cause they spit on little lap dogs. If you’re walking off The’s Mountain question. They do that. Go ahead. Well it’s, it’s not just the llamas. It’s like they have whole watershed areas where there’s no pack animals allowed. Oh, okay. You know where they, they think the waters, horses. Horses are back. Yeah. Horses or anything. Even. I didn’t know. Even I think even some places dogs, like you can’t even, I don’t know. Your dog’s gotta, they gotta put your pad inside of a, you know, kinda like the ride at Disneyland. You gotta be above this line. If your dog foot is bigger than this thing you can’t do on here, he might destroy the watershed. Really? Yeah. Dogs are people too. Yeah. You wanna put a diaper on your dog? Wow. Interesting. Well, I, we learned something every day. We say that every day. And we did today. I didn’t know you couldn’t take me neither. I mean, it makes sense. I guess complete totally makes sense to keep the llamas out. Hey, you still have that picture of that world director that got, he had to read that. I, I I What was it about? That picture was the guy had the antlers on him on hi in his own backpack. But he was walking, he was leading the llama.

00:59:22:03 –> 01:00:40:16
It was something along those lines. I’m like, I don’t know. That was definitely staged. Definitely staged, definitely Photoshop. I mean when we had that podcast talking about, send me the pictures of a llama and a dead animal, boom, here we come. I had two pictures and we have 15,000 down. Here’s a good lama. Not just listen, would it? I’ve got a good llama story you picture, but you’re done though. Two dust I don’t need cut you. 2 2 2 staged pictures. Go ahead. Go ahead. Dustin Carter, would it have changed your opinion if it had been an antelope? Hey, you’re from Wyoming now, right? I am. Carter burned his antelope points just kind of on a wi weird deal on interstate. Well we stopped smashing grab, why did we not see giants? Yeah, we saw some giant antelope. So, but Carter didn’t make enough time and then the fires got in the way so he burned his points. So he is gonna be calling you this year with zero points in what he can do in, I need some suggestions. Cowboy state or a point booster. That’s what, if somebody wants to hunt with me, give me a holler. We’re gonna go with Dustin and he’s gonna bring some llamas antelope good grease back, back. Country wilderness antelope. That’s right dude. It’s on deep into the sage flats. Yeah. I’m gonna give you 23 hours and I’m back to milder. No fences. No fences here. No fences here.

01:00:40:16 –> 01:01:55:05
No fences here. Yeah. We are in the no fences here. State are we. Gimme the dates now. Gimme the dates now. ’cause I am filming now. Yes. Quaker patches and Ts. Here we go. All right everybody. How you doing up there anyway? Why, when are you coming home? ’cause that place is terrible up there. It’s cold. Oh man. I don’t know if you could ever get me outta here. I’m starting to, I’m starting to get used to a, you know, region h and region GT tag every year in my pocket. And not only that, you can go statewide, just go wherever you want. Yeah. Statewide and geez, over the counter General Elk tag and Yeah. You’re one of them. Yeah. Yeah. I’m one of those guys Now restrict the non-residents and just enjoy your general. Yeah. Hold out as long as you can. Hey, for six or eight years I was like freaking Wyoming. Like those guys, you know, they gotta open it up and they gotta, you know, all the residents get all the tags and I’m singing a little different tune now. Yeah. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. That’s right. Hey, that’s the wonderful state up there, Wyoming and Idaho. I’m telling you, there’s so much game. People have no idea opportunity. It’s unbelievable. Well, and it’s, it’s like, I mean, seriously though, it’s like you guys say it’s all gonna go away someday.

01:01:55:16 –> 01:03:17:00
You know, even the, it will even the resident options and so Yeah, I mean it, you know, you can’t, you can’t blame ’em for holding on as long as they can, I guess. No, you know, heck no. Don’t blame ’em at all. Yeah. We’re just ticked off that we’re not joining them like you. Yeah. And then meanwhile, meanwhile you got Utah limiting the residents to for 1, 1 1 once in a lifetime and Oh, I know. One limited injury. I know. What do you say? What do you say? Hey, at least we’re moved past dial up. All right. I know you guys are still on dial up there. Alright. All right guy. Have a good day. I guess you’re making some guns. Go. Have a good day, huh? Yeah. Appreciate the phone call. You guys stay outta trouble. All right? Yeah. Bye. See ya. We’re getting predict. People are predicting us. It, I don’t like it. I don’t like it. I like the surprise. We’re not sneaking up on anybody. I do. They know they get a call between eight and five and if they answer, that’s the first thing outta their mouth. Even to surprise somebody even suspected he was being recorded to surprise somebody. We’re gonna have to call a democrat. That might have been by the cabinet though, huh? Ki might have suspected the government not us though. Yeah, he might, might have thought a was ruined. He might have thought he, I’m being tapped.

01:03:19:01 –> 01:03:41:03
Hey, I got a wire tap going in. Para one. He, he’s bought an, he’s bought an arsenal and he’s a little nervous. He’s flagged on he’s e TF website. Let’s just, he’s on Joe, Joe Biden’s most wanted. Alright, let’s, let’s end this, let’s end this. Everybody out there. You’re batting a thousand. You’re batting zero. I don’t know. Apply, apply, apply. Let’s see if we can get some tags.