Democrats and Drawing Tags. We recently got a letter from a member and listener who has gotten the impression we think that there are no Democrats that hunt. He sent us a letter and a hat to let us know that there are a few out there. Although we may not agree on politics we do agree that we love hunting and we’re excited to start applying for tags in 2021.

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We still live in the best country on the planet. There’s big deer, big elk out there. Have gotten the sense recently that you believe only Republicans hunt. You’re not gonna just go buy a doll sheep and a stone sheep for, for 2021. Anything to do with Western big games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter here. Adam Bronson, Chris Peterson at the mic. Coming at you from Southern Utah. It’s dry. Southern Utah, though we thought it was gonna be wet. It’s not wet yet. And we’re very frustrated. Bronson, what do you think? Pretty bad when you see a 50% forecast of a snowflake on your phone and you want to call your kids to see if they’ve called a snow day at school. ’cause it’s such a big deal. Snow day. Speaking of snowflakes, we got a little gift from a snowflake out there. He’s actually a member of ours. I really got a great gift from him. This is gonna make you guys laugh and we got a great little laugh at it here in the office. Reached out to our Epic Outdoors member who is a Democrat. Well, and today is inauguration day. So how fitting Read the letter. Well, anyway, so, okay, so let’s, let’s set the stage. Let’s set the, that’s it. Let’s set the stage. There’s nothing more to set a, we’ve been trying to not be too political on the podcast. That’s right.

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I don’t know why. Well, it just gets you riled up and it’s nice to talk about fun things like hunting and using guns, animals that are got God-given rights, but, and not getting those rights taken away from us. But anyway, so sometimes Adam and I get a little wound up Chris, he just laughs and we he agree with us. So, right. Chris, you agree? I I get wound up. I just don’t talk as much. Yeah, he does. He gets angry. So anyway, it isn’t it Inauguration day didn’t, there was a lot of people out there said it wasn’t gonna happen. It happened. And so Biden is not my president. Hashtag When’s that gonna start? Huh? I don’t know. Let’s change the subject. Okay. But anyway, read your letter and let’s move on. Okay. Well first don’t be angry. Hold on, let’s just, I don’t, Snickers. Can’t cure this. Hangry. Okay, I need to move on. Let’s, let’s go Anyway. We got a gift in the mail. It’s a camo Biden 2020 hat. I, I can’t get over this. So anyway, couldn’t believe it when I got it. Pretty fun. Should the field, the first, first archery hunt of the year? You opening day, you need to wear hold on the camo. Biden just seems like one of those, it’s like oxymoron sounded. Yeah. Like it doesn’t a, the word Biden does, does not belong on a camel hat. No. Just doesn’t belong. Onl one.

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I’m sorry if there’s any biden’s out there. Any biden’s out there? Very sorry. What do you mean? He’s a hunter. He named his son Hunter. Come on. I mean, isn’t that I, I don’t know. I mean, yeah, you know. Yeah. Okay. Maybe I’m reading way too much into that. Oh, well, well, I don’t know. You might be hunting something. Alright, so anyway, did get a, did get a letter. I wanna read it. And I got permission from, that’s from our member who is in good standing here at Epic Outdoors And Good. And, and hey, enjoyed. Don’t wish anybody hard enjoyed it too. This is a good, anyway, all in good fun. That’s what we want. Forget. I guess it’s just hard. There are Biden supporters that listen to the podcast for that. We don’t, I don’t wanna offend anybody. Don’t wanna offend anybody. So we appreciate your business. Continue to support hunting. We hunters, we’re all sports hunting, all that. Having said that, it’s just hard to support somebody that doesn’t support guns. I guess I’m just gonna say it that way. Alright, so let me read the letter. Jason. Hello. From a loyal Epic Outdoors member. I very much appreciate the service you and the team provide and have leveraged what I’ve learned to draw some great tags over the years. Keep up the great work.

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I’ll also enjoy the podcast, but have gotten the sense recently, and I don’t know why he got this, have gotten the sense recently that you believe only Republicans hunt as a proud Democrat. I wanted to let you know there’s at least one of us lives out here that is passionate about hunting and believes deeply in the North American wildlife conservation model. In the unlikely, in parentheses unlikely event that you run into one of us around a campfire down the road. I’ve included a hat in the interest of inclusivity and to help you fit in and feel welcome. Wear it with pride, smile, face. Alright? All the best to you and the team and your families for 2021. Best. Pretty fun. I’m, I’m gonna leave his name off pretty, I could use it, but anyway, doesn’t matter. Pretty funny. I sent him an email, got your package with my Biden hat. Thanks a lot. We all gotta a good laugh. Read your letter and anyway, maybe I’ll pass it on and not mention your name. He’s, and he said he’s so relieved that we took it the way we took it, the way it was intended. A bit of fun in these tense times and keep up the great work. We’re all gonna get through this nonsense hopefully with some solid tags in our pockets. Amen. Booming along.

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I want to send him a Trump hat, you know, and he would probably wear it so often because there’s a lot of Trump supporters around fires. It might even have a little sweat ring in it at the time he gets done with it. I don’t know. But this one most likely won’t be worn. All right, well anyway, that’s it. We actually little loosey goosey. It is, it is what it is. Bronson. We, we’ve got a new president, got a new sheriff in town. I think part of this whole, the the political thing for me is just that when, when we just wanna go hunt, we wanna mind our own business and go hunt and, and when they bring, when they force you to fight, don’t much change. Don’t want too much change to affect what we’ve love been doing and loving like taxes extreme more taxes on say silencers or ammunition. The inability to get some of that stuff. What’s that Chris? Yeah. Inability to get ammo like, or taxes on ammo or, I talked to a friend yesterday, some in Arizona. He was at a yard sale and bought, he said 600 rounds of seven mm weatherby and those are in factory boxes. ’cause those are, you know, Weatherby ammo, right? 600 rounds for seven mm Weatherby Mac. He didn’t even own one. Didn’t even have a rifle to shoot it in. He just felt compelled to stockpile bought it. It’s probably an investment.

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He could sell it money. eBay. Well, in his mind he is like, it’s way cheaper to just go now buy the rifle and I’ve got a gun for li ammo for life. And it’s true. Yeah, it’s true. It’s true. Whatever you can find, if you find 30, 40 Craig ammo right now, it, you’re gonna find a rifle and then go find a 30 40 Craig and you’re set. I mean, whatever you see on the shelf, just buy it 30. And then that’s the deer rifle you use this fall. I mean, that’s a fun game. My kids come home with 17 mach twos and they’re like, dad, we can shoot this in our 22. I’m like, come on. He’s like, well sometimes it splits the case. But yeah, you can, you watching too much YouTube know. I know. But anyway, but anyway, and along with that they’ve affected us in Adam, you’ve seen it firsthand in some of the desert sheep country, like those wreck areas that generally doesn’t come from the Republican side. And so we’ve been restricted, huh? I’ve tried to pick up what you’re putting down. Well it’s, there’s other things besides guns that from, from the Democrats side that is swat. We have, well let’s just say, let’s just say been affected personally. We’re, we’re gonna talk about the national monuments. That’s who’s what I’m talking about. Money on these national monuments in Utah.

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Now going back to the land grab that they originally were or land use policies that now we’re not gonna be able to anchor chain pin per seed behind it anymore in places because that the, the democratic That’s right. Way of thinking is more green, green, green. Save everything, never access it. That’s right. Restrict the access. There’s, there’s more than just, hey I’m, they’re taking my pistol. It’s been in our backyard. But anyway, alright. Okay. But the February magazine is at the printer, it’s done and we’re happy of such a draw a line, call it. We’re excited about that. And the EAG will be live any, any day. Keep an eye on that and you’ll be able to peruse. I’ve seen it live through the, I have two looks. Beautiful. Come, you can peruse through the New Mexico, Utah and even Oregon sections to start planning a little bit early, although Utah doesn’t open till what, 28th or so New Mexico? I don’t know soon. Due due March 17th. But anyway, we’ll talk about that in detail in a week or so. But we’re a little bit lighter on our feet today because that’s the printer and that’s a, those are big tasks. Well, and we weren’t so light when we woke up this morning because Arizona appeared to be extremely restrictive when you apply. They were gonna make us do a username password, which you kind of need to have at some point anyway.

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If you ever wanna point guard or look up what they call a portal account. And so, you know when, I mean when you’ve got a lot of clients, meaning just the regular publication clients who now must do it appeared that they must do a portal account. It it was gonna be somewhat inundating for ’em and some people it appeared might not be able to get into the drawing, which they opened up today and it appears it’s gonna be okay. You could get in with old identifiers, not this new one. You know, back in December you probably got an email saying, Hey, your online portal username, password, here’s your new, here’s your new ID number, here’s your new username and we’ve reset your password and sent you an email to go to and you’re like, whoa, I just barely got those where I could remember ’em. That’s right. Somewhat felt violating. Here’s your new stuff we reset for you. And they did it for all five or six family members. That’s right. So we had, you have separate emails to all your kids and you gotta tell ’em forward that code that you got emailed back to me so I could go back. That’s right.

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And get in your account, reset it to something I have in a spreadsheet you can remember and with col with with my oldest, it would happen to be an email that he used back high school in high school days with his college credits in the high school. You know, so it was some obscure email, obsolete email, it was obsolete and no longer valid and well yeah, but you have to use this email to go ahead and validate the, the change of a password and you’re just like, so fortunately that’s part to make your portal set it up, log in all that is still gonna ha is still how takes place apply. We re we still recommend that you do it, but it’s not mandatory to apply apply. You can go back to your old, yeah. You know, Arizona, it’s oh your social security security number and get in, go back to your old one and apply. That’s right. You can apply like normal but, but you know, try to set up your portal account if you haven’t done it, you might need to call in and get a little help. They can give you your username and a temporary password. Jump in there, adjust a few things will be done forever when you go apply, add the $5, protect my points point guard option, which this year you’re gonna probably want that for elk especially.

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It could be we’re, no we’re still early, but it could be one of those years that’s really dry. We saw, we saw a snowflake in the forecast and we’ve been watching the radar and it appears western hemisphere. It appears that there’s bit some storm that has come through, not done much and is still coming through. Hopefully we’ll do something. But anyway, that’s our point about point guard is they’ll allow you one time to be able to turn your tag back and get all your points back plus one for this year and, and you can do that one time the next time you gotta use that tag. But it does give you kind of a free protection. Yeah. You know, anyway, so kind of awesome. You need to be able to do that. And point guard might be super useful. Especially doesn’t affect sheep as much, you know, I mean if who’s gonna turn back a sheep tag, although Nevada mentioned they had nine people turn back sheep tags nine and they didn’t get reissued because a lot of ’em are done too close to the deadline that nobody takes ’em because they didn’t have time to plan, prepare or hire a guide or all that. And they’re actually maybe gonna do something different this year. Oh yeah. Stay tuned on how the reissue tag process they’re talking about. Yeah. I don’t know if we, I don’t know. Yeah, speculation. Just know it just changed.

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Just know that there’s gonna be some tags to be able to be issued first come first serve looks like potentially that the waiting periods will, will apply and, and of course it’ll take your points and whatnot. But anyway, we’re, we’re excited for that. There’s a lot of change coming in Nevada as well. And Nevada’s guide draws up Bronson, we did talk about that in this publication that came out. We’re not, we weren’t gonna talk about this publication, but just know if you’re looking to go in the guide, draw for mule deer, especially the rifle hunters, that’s the tags available rifle mule in Nevada. Then get with your guide and he’ll get you applied March 8th prior to March 8th. Yep. So the deadline, just by way of announcement, Wyoming out deadline February 1st. Not got too much time to make a plan there. Keep in mind you gotta apply by February 1st. We no longer find out the results till mid-May and you can withdraw in early May or modify it and just do points only. So if you want to name in the hat, let it ride, then pull it out by early May. Application amend deadline. You can do that and do points only in the summer. So I think you can simply amend it too. You can change your unit selection. You can’t change special orr regular. That’s right. But you can change your unit selection, not so bad.

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Make sure you get in for that optics and I don’t know, we’re just shotgunning it today, but there’s some brand new optics buzz. We got some buzz, some EL ranges from Swarovski that just came out. They made their announcement. A lot of you guys have seen it and we’re hearing they’re absolutely incredible. Maybe not quite, we’ve been waiting for is clear as an n lpu, but No, but maybe better than the old ELs. Yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s fair. But with all the, just call ’em bells and whistles with the Bluetooth compatible by noses or rangefinders that have been really kind of taking the rifle shooting world by storm in the last, let’s say handful of years. Swarovski’s finally perfected theirs. You knew, we knew it was coming. We knew it wasn’t gonna be launched. Right. I wanna liken it to like the Honda Pioneer. They were the last, they were the last one, but they said the best even. So you’re saying swirls the last guy to the game? Well, I mean it’s just, they, they they just were probably perfecting it. Now this seems like they’re a little bit more methodical, I guess. Yeah. And you know, maybe a lot of people from a high-end optics line view them as maybe the pinnacle and so they, you know, maybe didn’t wanna underachieve when it came to adding that feature. So they’ve got some feature, got some. Yeah, they’ve got a Bluetooth and an app.

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And our good buddy Colby, who’s gonna be coming on a podcast very shortly during a couple days we’ll be crushing this subject. He, he, he was kind of part of their RD and, and he was in charge of basically trying to make it fail. Very, very familiar with it says it’s unbelievable and we’re gonna put it to the test. So, so anyway, we, we do have a pretty big sizable order in for those gonna be starting to ship February 1st to us. And so anyway, yeah, you’ve got the el ranges now and you know you’re gonna want to upgrade, you know, plan on selling ’em and just upgrading to the new Bluetooth compatible version, but load your load data in your rifle and all that and have it all, all in one. All in one. It’ll calculate everything. And then also, but bros in that buttons. Now on the right, some of you lefties may be angry about that, but, but the right handed guys always had to use the left hand for the button and it was just a little bit awkward. Sometimes when you’re an archery range, you’re gonna Yeah, your one hand in the bino, you grab it with your right. Yeah. ’cause you’re bows in your left hand as you’re just trying to Yeah. Do this and then you reach over and then you gotta button over there. Yeah. Anyway. Yeah. Probably cost somebody a two 20 buck. Yeah.

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Or made him switch brands. I mean, I don’t know. I’d be angry that did that. But anyway, now it’s on the right and it’ll range to 10 yard or 10 yards where the old el range wouldn’t range under 30. Bronson, you have your own theory about that. You’re, you’re, you’re top, my top pin is 30. What does it matter if it’s under 33 inches or so? Four max. I know, but it’s just guys, guys are particular, they need to know. They want to hit a lifesaver at eight yards, you know? Okay. It’s like hunting field mice with a rifle. When people talk about, I mean, you should be able to judge 10 quarter away, 10 to 20 yards. IIII just contend that some people maybe have a harder time heat of the moment they want something to really give them, well I think it’s a natural, but 10 to just top pin three inches low and punch it. I, I don’t know, let it rip. But I think it’s natural. We’re so ingrained that you take a range every time and you don’t want to break that cycle. It’s just a, it’s kind of muscle memory habit. But anyway, whatever. Speaking of other binos, which we do have, since we’re on the Swarovski topic, we’ve had an extensive huge waiting list for NL peers for eights, tens, and twelves.

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And we have finally got through our eights and our 10 waiting lists and we have on the eights and tens on the shelf. That’s, so anybody wants a, I did say eights and tens, not twelves. Anybody that’s on the 12 waiting list, you’re getting them. I do not have twelves on the shelf and haven’t gotten. But you’re getting, the twelves are coming. They’re coming. They’re coming a little bit faster. We’re moving down the list. But we do have eights and tens and if you want ’em, you’re not gonna find a better price. Give us a call and probably for the short term we’ll be able to keep ’em in stock because we’re caught up on our waiting list. Oh, the twelves We’re caught up. They’re caught up. Everybody’s getting happier by the day. You know what? And the twelves, I contend are on a boat between here and wherever. And if the crew doesn’t get covid, we’re gonna have those shortly too here in the next two months, I think three months we’re talking, getting a lot of people caught up in a short amount of time. That’s right. Making hopes and dreams come true. We realize there’s been some frustration. It’s out of our hands. We’re not, we’re going down the list, you know, we, we get ’em in, check it twice and we get ’em in and they go out the door the very same day.

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So, but in the meantime, eights and tens got ’em on the shelf call. Well that we got, you know, we got a lot of products on the shelf, whether it be Zes vortex, we do, it’s six hours that are coming too. It’s more of those range finders we’ve speculated well stocked up. So we did blow out some li today, by the way. Don’t know if you saw, I saw it. I was on the phone, Archibald wagged and wagged in front of my face, my doorway. So I didn’t remember asking him why he was sold. So Yeah, it’s awesome. Anyway, he did he pair of vids. That’s sweet. Kind of the ones you like really? That that last one. Yeah. Yeah. For the temporary timing. Yeah, they on, they’re on. Anyway, that’s about it folks. And so we just got a lot going on. We’ve been super slammed here in the office. Got a little breathing room here for a minute. We’re applying like crazy. Arizona opened up today we’re gonna be applying Wyoming like crazy. We’re excited. This is a great time of year. We cranked out our website. This is, you know, we talked about it earlier. We brought Kurt on nothing but positive reviews. We have people mentioning they’re maybe dropping other places that they used to look at online odds and realizing we have, it’s very clean.

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Well, we’ll realizing we have this as, as a added part of our service in addition to the consultation in the magazine and everything else. For a hundred bucks total. It’s not, not all we do. Yeah, it’s not all we do. But now they have that component and a lot of people, frankly just weren’t used to going there and even thinking about even checking their drawing odds for other units that maybe we don’t cover in the magazine. So it’s all on there. Whether you’re just checking a drawing odd for unit that maybe we didn’t cover in the magazine or you’re actually gonna play with minimum points queries or the online mapping tools and look at the hunt planner online. I mean it’s all there. It’s all free. We’ve just added to it. We didn’t raise the cost of membership. It’s all adding, adding, adding value. So anyway, he did, here’s just a a quote, you know, you guys’ pages so much cleaner and easier and I trust it. And anyway, we just appreciate everybody that’s gone on there, the feedback gonna continue with it and crank it out and continue to update it on a regular basis. And so anyway, just get better and better. Super excited about that. Couple of the other things, we’re not gonna see many of you at some of the shows, namely, I guess the sheep show, which is over with. That was last week.

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The Western Hunting Conservation Expo in mid-February, which is where we got Corona anyway. Yeah, yeah. First round. Yep, that’s right. Wyatt’s. That was his first round dude we were fevered for a week. Yeah. But anyway, we’re not gonna be there in person. They are gonna have a lot of their, some virtual stuff online. A lot. Their auctions and tags are gonna be online still, but we’re not gonna be there. But if you all remember, there are the 200 permits that they raffle off in conjunction with the Western Hunting Conservation Expo for $5 each. Those are still gonna happen. They have waived the in-person validation of those permits. And so if you’ve never applied for those before because you’ve never been able to drive, to fly, to crawl, to swim to Salt Lake City to that event, you’re look, you can apply for ’em. Now these permits don’t have a bearing on your bonus points that you may already have accrued for other species. Now if you’d won an expo permit, you could not for deer, you couldn’t also draw a deer tag this year in the state. Draw that bummer. You go points only, but, but it’s kind of a freebie. You, you got it and you still got your points. It doesn’t affect that. Encourage you to go online to hunt The list of the permits is all on there.

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If you need a reference to figure out what permits are, good, bad, ugly, whatever, you can use the February magazine at which like I said, the EMAG will be online here in a couple of days. You should have that even by first part of February. And to be able to just guide the size of bucks or bulls in some of the deer Elk units, if you know you don’t know what one unit’s capable of producing for another, everybody can apply only once for each hunt. So $5 per hunt and you’re done. You go to the next one, Adam cart, check out again, no validation in person. So go to hunt if you wanna check those out. Gotta be as in as many draws as you can afford to be in. And there’s some great tags there. So anyway, we’ve, I’ve already got mine in. I went in and applied me and then I went back in and applied some more. Really? Yeah, I did. And I went in and it says you’ve already applied for this one, you’ve already played for this one, you’ve already applied. So what? And then I was like, yep, I want some more. Do you wanna share with us what you didn’t do the first time but that you slept on and that really thought you couldn’t live without? No, it’s interesting. No, I just, I’m kind of intrigued to know what that would be.

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But they did have some draws on there. When you go to click at the bottom, I looked at that. I mean, you know, somewhat sobering. But having said that, at the end of the day, it’s five bucks, Bronson, it’s $5 and the immoral, you can’t do anything. Immortal words of Jim Carrey. So you’re saying there’s a chance. Yeah, there’s a chance. That’s right. Somebody, you’re saying there’s a chance. That’s right. Here we go. And Bronson, you’re a guy that hates dollar bills. Even. Just even do you mean the single ones you want ’em to do away with The single one? I do not. Pennies. Especially pennies is ridiculous. You know, I, that doesn’t morph as it once you’re okay with once? Well, yeah, I mean I got some ones know, yeah, I don’t, I don’t mind dollar bills, but I don’t like change in general. But pennies are a joke. Okay. Okay. I mean, come on. I read this once but we, we may need to melt them down the way this, okay, I’d like them, I’d like to know, I think I read it or somebody told me once, and it’s probably wrong, it’s hearsay, it’s urban legend that a penny like costs two or 3 cents to make. Okay. And it probably does. I, and it’s worth one what freaking company or who would do that? Think about how many times it’s changed hands and how many taxes have been associated with that penny.

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Like every time you buy a truck, it’s taxed. I sell it. Okay. I just, the next guy gets taxed. If he sells it, the next guy gets taxed. How much money did that penny makes? If something is worth less than what it takes to produce, it’s obsolete. We now have 5 cent is our lowest coin. Okay. I, yeah, I mean I like it. Round up or down to the nearest 5 cent and call it a day at the end of the day. And the copper price of copper. Right Now if you could take your pennies, then you could probably buy a hunt with all the pennies. Metal is going up. I saw today it actually gold jumped about 25 bucks. I don’t know what biden’s doing, but usually, see, usually you’ve got something to think your usually goes up when people are nervous and withdrawing funds and putting it at other places. So I don’t know, but what, whatever, whatever. You don’t know why the price of gold does what it does. So the five bucks, it’s five bucks. Go, go put your name in the hat. Speaking of putting your names in the hat, we have our epic hunt giveaway. We’re giving away hunts. You know what, I talked to a guy, Bronson, you’ve talked to guys. The one thing that that sets us apart is these are hunts. We would go on ourselves. Ourselves. They’re not, they’re not book.

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And we book we a year or two advance some of these. You’re not gonna just go buy a doll sheep and a stone sheep. That’s right. For, for 2021. Go. Go try to do that right now. I challenge you anywhere. That’s a really reputable awesome, awesome outfitter. You’re right. You gotta buy these two years in advance. We did. And time to give them away up until February 28th. Well, and we’ve watched some of these hunts being sold on this online hunting in different places and it’s, the prices are unbelievable. Money is not an object. When I texted you, I said money is no object. It feels like people are just gone crazy. It feels like people think they’re going on their last hunt of their life. They’re just, it’s crazy what people are paying for some of these hunts at the sheep show. And granted that’s a little bit different segment of cross section of society. I get it. But, and it’s also a species that there’s very finite resources for. So you’re, you know, you’re not, don’t have hundreds and hundreds of auction sheep tags out west. But, but we see the same general trend when the antelope and deer and elk tags start being sold here in the coming weeks in Utah and commissioner tags in Wyoming and landowner tags in New Mexico.

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And what’s crazy, there’s not an open auction room where everybody’s getting drunk and competing with each other and just having a good time. These tag prices are blowing up. Yeah. Over the phone, over zoom, over whatever. Just a computer. Yeah. And John bear doing a thing. He’s good at it. Yeah, he’s good at stomping. I miss the old stomper. How about you? Huh? I did. I dunno. So anyway, kind of crazy. Give him a call. We even, we all right, let’s call him in a sec. We even, you know, I was thinking about this Idaho wolf. I gave this out a gal here in the office was asking about it. And you know, for a relative of hers, Bronson, can you think of a better one in the lower 48? No, not a better guy. And so anyway, that’s I guess our point. Super great hunts. You can jump in there, refer a friend, new members, get a ticket in there. Or you can buy into a ticket package. Of course we’re giving away the epic knife pile of optics too. Outdoor edge pile of optics. If you, if you purchase a $500 ticket package, I mean we’re giving away $13,000 in optics. Those are real pennies. There’s a lot of pennies. What is it? 13,000 times a hundred? What is it? I don’t know. One, 1.3 mil. Huh? That’s, I was gonna say that. And that’s not that many. That’s 100 times 13,000.

00:27:19:29 –> 00:28:35:07
Dude, that’s 1.3. I’m pretty darn good. How, how about that one? I about said it and it sounded bad. So anyway, I bit my tongue. But yeah, you want 1.3 million pennies worth of optics you can apply for those. That’s right. Yeah, that’s right. That’s the only $13,001 bills. Yeah. It’s the only way using the word penny, you know, make sound big and bad as if you, you know, turn things to pennies. Yeah. So anyway, we should do deal list. Turn pennies into bullets. That’s what we’re gonna do. Alright, so where else, where, where else? What does that leave us? Yeah, get in. It’s gonna be, the deadline is February 28th. You can call in, you can get on our website. You can mail in whatever, 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7 2 6 3 0 7 7 7 epic You can get on there and make sure your name is in that hat. These are tags and hunts that we would purchase ourself. No question about it. You know, another one of the advertisers and partners that we’ve worked with from the start is Red Rock Precision. And one of the great things about going to the expos as well is being able to walk into their booth and seeing all the different guns that they have. Maybe the stock combination, the color, color schemes on stocks, the scope combinations. It, it, frankly, it’s how I picked one of my scopes on one of my most recent rifles that I had from them.

00:28:35:12 –> 00:29:45:29
One of my sheep rifles that I had built for myself and one of the clients. One of a few. Well you got a few, few sheep rifles. Well my brother and I split one. Yeah. So that was that. You know, it’s great. You can’t have too many guns. Somebody told me you can’t have too many guns once and not gonna be able to go in person with them in their booth at the Sheep Show at Dallas Safari Club. I think they usually go there, Western Hunting Conservation Expo. But they’re still cranking out guns. Kurt and his crew there know what they’re doing. You know, give them a call or check ’em out on their website. Red rock Whatever scope, combination pattern or combination you’re looking at, whether it be for a more lightweight rifle, mountain rifle or an all around, you know, maybe you’re wanting to just bang still. I had a have ’em make a 22. Two 50. That’d be pretty cool. Really? Yeah. It’s kind of cool. Well maybe for Avar, like if you’re a Yeah. Serious prairie dog shooter or something like that. Don’t think these guys will let you build your dream rifle. So anyway, red Rock, check ’em out. I wanna go back to politics. I, I wanna go back to politics for a minute. Are you okay with that? Just for a sec. And Chris, you can strike it if you want.

00:29:46:13 –> 00:31:06:12
One thing I’m gonna miss about Don Jr. Okay. And hopefully he keeps up the rhetoric a little bit. Maybe tempered a little but good dude, when he’s on video, there’s dead animals in the background. How can you not like that? Okay, there’s mounts on the wall, deer, different critters, sheep, whatever. And I’m like, that’s my guy having a video talking to millions with animals in the background. How can you go wrong? Huh? That’s right. That’s not really political. That’s just saying, hey love seeing dead animals on the wall behind somebody talking that maybe normally would hide from that because of the public eye that would be bullseye would put on him. He don’t give a crap. No. And, but anyway, maybe, maybe, you know when Ivanka becomes president, maybe she’ll have a dead animal on the wall. I don’t know dude, tell me she wouldn’t be good. Her or Candace Owens. Huh? Maybe even Preez Vice P hmm. I know Candace is pretty, pretty legit. Alright, whatever. Let’s move on. What do you got? What? What? Juan Bronson. Okay. Alright. Good friend of ours. Blaine St. James. SJS sporting Dude, this guy’s a freaking killer. He’s hunting nonstop. He’s fishing nonstop. He sends me pictures of these freaking giant trout and whatnot, checking out ranches. He knows well yeah, he gets a lot of this. He goes to the ranches and says, well this is, you expect me to sell this place.

00:31:06:13 –> 00:31:58:24
And I’m totally speculating Blaine here, but, but I know you expect me to sell this place. I get Can you, is there any fish in this trick? I’m gonna bring my whole family down here for the weekend and and my friends and see if you got any fish in these water. That’s right. That’s right. That would be blade. It’s really good now. Well it seems to be really good. I need to make sure now we need to go for quantities. Wait, I didn’t get, make sure that this happens two and three days in a row. That’s right. Yeah. And by the way, does this have any big game? Is there any elk on? I’m gonna need to smoke one by the way, if I smoke one, you’ll get full asking price. That’s right. So anyway, Blaine kind of teas in there but bla he’s a good guy. But he’ll be able to vet out property or be able to help vet it out for you. If you’re looking at buying some property out west. Well, what I like about Blaine, he understands the draw process and he’ll be able to help the client. That may be you say this is how you’re gonna get tags, is how you’re gonna apply for landowner tags. These are the options. He thinks like a hunter. He is a hunter. He’s a good friend of ours. Killed many trophy big game animals.

00:31:58:25 –> 00:33:14:25
And so anyway, I would definitely call him, if I’m looking to buy a ranch, I’d be talking to Blaine on a regular basis. Maybe at the end of the day you find the ranch on your own. Whatever. No question. I’d have him on speed dial work with him on a regular basis trying to find something. 8 7 7 3 5 4 7 2 4 7. That’s Blaine St. James info at Sjs. Actually it’s sj sporting [email protected]. He’s licensed in Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming. Seems like all the states you should be applying for and maybe one or two that you could not apply for. But let’s call there. Let’s call John Bear. I dunno. Yeah, see what he, see what he thinks on the attack crisis. He thought about that Covid environment cell that he just did. Maybe he’s making a video with his little gal, huh? Maybe, huh? Skull bound. Maybe he’s out. Maybe he’s out smoking a coyote right now. Probably shooting a co out getting videoed. Maybe he’s, maybe he’s in a, in the middle of a call right now and forgot to turn his ringer off. And you’re gonna blow the whole set. Let’s find out. His phone’s bouncing and buzzing in his pocket. He’s ring. They are one probably Sounds like a coyote. What’s going on?

00:33:15:25 –> 00:34:30:01
Hey, we’re just, we were just talking about you we’re in the middle of a hot, we’re in the middle of a hot mic podcast and your name brought, brought up. So we said, let’s just call that man who stomped his feet a few times in Reno last week and tell us why tech prices are doing what they’re doing. Geez. Because people are freaking sick of sitting on the sidelines, man. That’s right. They wanna get out and live a little bit and you know, our former president actually building an economy where people could make some money and they won’t spend it. You mean, you mean Biden’s not your president? He is not my president. Well, he may hold the office, but no, he is not my president. Did you watch him get sworn in today? I did not get him, watch him get sworn in. There was a guy here changing the dumpsters at work and so I thought I can just watch garbage right here. I don’t need it too long. Alright, this is Adam. I’m here with Carter. We’ve been having some political talk today. We were, we were said we were done and, but then we called you and so I guess we’re not done. Well, you know, and I, I should have more respect for the position, but I just, I’m not happy about it today, but I’ll get over it. So what about Don Junior?

00:34:30:03 –> 00:35:33:05
We were talking when he does those videos and he’s got mounts of deer and whatnot in the background in his, in his place. It’s pretty awesome. It’s pretty awesome. I think that’s his cabin. He’s got up in northern New York there somewhere. Yeah, he’s killed some good stuff. He can probably afford some pretty good hunts, so Yeah, he probably can. Awesome. Yeah, he’s he’s got some good ones. So what else is going on? Well, bro, we’re just talking about this covid environment we’re living in and some people are thinking, Hey, is there a bunch of deals? ’cause people aren’t going hunting and they’re, you know, pulling back and it’s the exact opposite. And it’s like money grows, money grows on trees, people are spending it well and that, or or people are trying to draw tags like crazy and point creeps gonna happen. And it’s basically like you said, John, people are, they want something to look forward to get me outta my job situation this fall, get week outta my mask and my zoom meetings. Yeah. Get me outta all that and let me go to the hills. Give me something bright to look forward to and write on my, my calendar wall in the office. I agree with you a hundred percent.

00:35:33:12 –> 00:36:50:22
I think people are wanting to, you know, to get out and, and enjoy things in life that actually make them happy and give them some hope and give them something to look forward to. If you, if you watch the news and you know, and that’s the extent of your information and what you have to look forward to. It’s pretty bleak out there. But you know, hunters know better. There’s, there’s brighter days ahead and then mountains and you just gotta go out and create those experiences. So yeah, for those of you that may not know who we just called, this is the John Bear and he is, he’s probably the, the most famous auctioneer, western auction auctioneer west of Mississippi. We, I’ll just say that. Yeah, west of Mississippi. Yeah. And he’s done many of the highlighted auctions at many of the big conventions, whether it be Dallas Safari Club, sheep Show, Western Hunting Conservation Expo, you know, the, the Manti, you know, you know Lea market, whatever you do in your my award fundraiser County fair auction. That’s right. It doesn’t matter big or small, you’ve done ’em all right. Yeah. So yeah, your signatures, who, your signature’s The f foot stomping, huh? That’s that’s right. That’s, I think, don’t you know, and I don’t even know how I picked that up.

00:36:51:05 –> 00:37:53:28
I just, I don’t know, I don’t know how I, because there’s lots of, there’s lots of other auctioneers that think that’s a great thing to do. No, but that’s kinda your deal. Yeah. I dunno. It’s, you know, my buddy Keith that I work with at the Sheep Show, he couldn’t get outta Canada this year, so he didn’t make it down, but he, he hates it when I do that. He told me, he says, don’t do that. Don’t stomp. That’s so unprofessional. I remember you telling me that. I remember you telling me that. But I just, I tell him that’s can’t help. No, I know. I tell him you, I tell him you could be the professional and I’ll be the unhinged, you know? Well, well you had a brother-in-Law that walks in the first day and puts his boots up on the coffee table. That’ll be me. That’s you. Well you had a big event this last week and a little bit different. I don’t know how many people were actually live in that room, you know, but there was about 15 people in the room and they were all working sheep, all staff. Yeah. Folks. There was like clapping and stuff going on. We didn’t know what it was. The first one that sold, I’m like, whoa, this is a, and then I heard the cheer the second time. I’m like, it sounded like the first one, I’m not sure.

00:37:54:20 –> 00:39:04:19
Third one, the staff that are, that’s sheet staff. And we had, there was me and Les selling and running the deal and then we had like three ring guys ring men there just to help keep track, make sure we we’re all on the same page in with some bids and everything. Look at computer screens, phone better few phone betters and s and stuff. Yep. Yeah. And you know, I will say this, the, the Sheep show did a really, really good job of putting together a virtual event and they had auctions that were packed full of good stuff that was easy to sell. And man did things over sell. We did $8 million in about four auctions. So yeah. Unbelievable prices. You know, that’s Jason Carter kind of money man. Come on. We were just talking about the penny. I don’t wanna do away with it. And Bronson wants to get rid of it. Pennies are worthless. Hey, and that’s Penny’s money too, Jason. That’s right. And I’ve heard this, John, maybe you’ve heard this, you deal with a lot of money changing hands, but I’ve heard that a penny takes like two or 3 cents to make a penny and that just doesn’t make business sense for me to keep doing pennies round to the nearest five round to the nearest nickel and call it a day. But how many times a penny tax? Well I keep waiting for you. You know, you’re one of those smarter guys.

00:39:04:24 –> 00:40:13:23
I know. I’ve always considered, you know, where’s, when are you gonna invent the 99 cent coin so we can do it with kids? There you go. Yeah, we could put the Bronson on it. Dunno, it could be known as the Bronson, I don’t know. But just round to the nearest five pennies are just that. I mean, I mean they, when we were, yeah, when we were kids, we used to get up there grubby hands, pre covid and just grab a wad of sweetest fish out of the thing and count ’em out till you had, you know, 50 of them and drop your pennies on there and you bought ’em and then you found out, oh there’s 3 cent tax and you started crying. They said, just take ’em young boy. You’re good. I used to put lead pellets in my mouth too, you know, birds your lead pellets. That’s right. Oh yeah. You see Adam of has tried to figure out how to better the economy and Jason’s talking about eating the lead pellets. That’s, well I dunno. I know he’s always, anyway, but no, I’ll, I’ll I’ll say this, you know, for the auction out there, man, tag prices were amazing. Even the stuff north of the border sold really well. So people are anticipating the border opening up here. Oh yeah. If reasonably soon. And, you know, trying to get back to business. It’s just hope so. Hope so.

00:40:14:04 –> 00:41:30:00
I’m fi I’m figuring with Biden, we’re, we’re headed there. What do you think? Oh geez. Yeah. Hey, well there’s gonna be a big empty pipeline going across the border now, so we can just crawl through that. ’cause can’t, lemme know where that surfaces. That’s right. Hey, I, I got a question. Fire away. In all seriousness. Yeah. You like to hunt coyotes probably. Yes. Probably’s my probably probably pretty good at it if I had to guess. Yeah. Depends on, depends on the day. But yeah, I like it’s Have you, have you, have you ever to this day let Janet Waller skull bound shoot one, let me just tell you a little story. I, I can’t, when my kids are in the truck, if we see one, I’m dad’s shooting it because I don’t trust that they’re gonna get it killed and you can’t let one live. But anyway, I was just wondering, I’ll tell you this. Yeah, Jana is a good shot. She’s pretty handy with a gun and so she, yeah, she’s in fact on a couple of her episodes we got her shooting and then killing a few. And of course if I’m up first and I kill Juan and she doesn’t, you know, she’s gotta gimme a little bit of a hard time. Yeah. So, well good to know you. How smart are coyotes? How smart are they? Smartest critter ever. How smart are they? Smartest critter to ever live. Yeah.

00:41:30:01 –> 00:42:46:00
They’re smart enough that if they could vote, they would not trust their vote to a dominion voting machine and they would vote red. Okay. Alright. There you go. Pretty responsive. Pretty smart. That’s a smart dog. They’re extremely smart, but no, yeah, that’s, I mean that’s, yeah, they’re, they’re a lot of fun. So, well, speaking of Kyle, so yeah, those sheep tag prices back to those takes a lot of coyotes in Utah to add up to some of the prices of those sheep tags. Lot dead boun. A lot of coyotes. That’s right. I think I sold the What tag did haves the cheapest thing you sold of anything, do you think? Do you can even remember the cheapest sheep tag I sold was No, that probably the Utah Dirty double 55. 55 or something. 55. Yep. Sold it for 55 grand. Yeah, the expensive was what, four 40 in Montana? I think it was four 30. Four 40, yeah, four 40. Four 40. That’s the most expensive tag I ever, ever, ever, ever sold was that tag. And I sold it for 480 grand in 2013. Yeah. Wow. And then we sold it for four 40 Again. I’ve sold a few over 400 several times. But yeah. That’s, that’s pretty impressive. A lot of money. It’s a lot of things. Well, we may have you on here in another couple of weeks prior to the Hunt Expo. I don’t know, it’s gonna be kind of weird.

00:42:46:00 –> 00:43:49:01
We’re not walking the halls. We’re not running into you there having a hot mic in your face there, man. It’s crazy. But you know, we are, I’ll, I’ll tell you this, we are putting together a good online auction. So all those permits, people will be able to get on and watch it, watch people buy ’em. They’ll be bidding online of course. Same kind of deal as we did in Reno. But that’s what I was gonna ask. They’re gonna do the online Honey auctions will be, will power the, the online version, but you’re gonna do an evening or day events on the third Fridays or Saturdays much like you did at sheep show. Same type of thing. So we can hear the boots stomping. All right. Yeah. See, you know, it’s when you’re standing on carpet and there’s no stage under Boots stuff. It doesn’t, Hey, when you’re the auctioneer and demand, like you are, you, you walk on a stage, if it’s carpeted, you say, what’s this like take it, strip it off. This is not my, they roll out the wood floor. That’s, we both know that’s not true. I walk in the building and they start giving me orders like the janitor at the garbage. I mean, but it’s a signature. If it’s your signature, you can’t, yeah. I mean, it’s who you are.

00:43:49:14 –> 00:44:59:09
It’s like, yeah, my kids told me I should get a pair of boots that have like taps on the back, do those clocks or whatever. We’ll have ’em custom made. Yeah. Yeah. Get a pair of Rex with those on the bottom. Be the clocker. Yeah. John the clogger there. There you go. All right. Well, anything else you wanna say or throw out? What have you been thinking about anything else today that’s positive? Well, you know, I will say this, it’s a, you know, if you lean to the right a little bit, like I think a lot of your followers do and like I do, today’s not your happiest day, but still good. Still live in the greatest Yeah, life is great. We still live in the best country and on the planet there’s big deer, big elk out there, great sheep. I mean that’s right. There’s, we have a lot going on for us. And now above any other time, it’d be a good time for, for us to count our blessings and make some fun plans for this year. And let’s just get on the living man. Amen. I’m with you. That’s what we’re doing here. I’m gonna put on my Camel Biden hat that I was sent by by a, a Democrat listener. A Democrat listener. And he, he’s actually a good guy. Client of ours guy. Good guy. He’s a good guy.

00:44:59:14 –> 00:46:04:16
But he did wanna remind me that there’s a few dems on our side out there. I, I don’t know. Anyway, if you haven’t seen it, if you’ve never seen a Camel Biden hat, I’ve got one. I’ll take a picture of it for you. Well, I’d, I’d like, I’d like you to send it to me and I gotta say, you boys are pretty brave. Just calling me up to be on your show outta the blue. Well, the bro figured kind sagebrush with, you know, calling in a dog. I figured he was mid, mid stand right now and forgot to turn his ringer off and was gonna blame whoever was buzzing and he probably hadactually. Is your ringtone a coyote howling? I just, I I money on that. It’s is it really? It is. Yes it is. I told you that did. Is it a alert, a lonely dog stand? It doesn’t ruin it. No. It’s just a, I think it’s a group. Hal, when does the dying rabbit go off? When Jen calls, there’s the die rabbit. Oh no. That’s like, oh geez. Yeah. That’s a western Meadow Ark. That’s right. The Western. Alright, come. We’re done. We’re done. We’ll check in with you later.

00:46:04:17 –> 00:47:18:19
We’re just obviously a little bit bored this afternoon, but we were on the topic of tags and crazy, you know, the frenzy, people wanting to get hunts lined up and talked about the last weekend and thought, let’s call John Dee perspective on it. And we, you added to it. So appreciate it. We appreciate man. I appreciate it. It’s good. Good to talk to you boys. We’ll do again, keep pulling them pennies out people all No buddy pull. Nickels are higher. Nickels are higher. All guy talk later. We’ll see guys. Let’s call it a day. Well, I’m done. I just gotta say one thing about that, about currency. How, how long ago? I lived overseas in Australia in the early nineties. Okay. Okay. Did you kill? Well do they have kangaroos there? What do they have? Kangaroos. They have water buffalo, salt water, Crocs, dingoes. Okay. Okay. Malaria. No, I think that’s Africa. Carter. Oh no, i, I just wondering. Anyway, but that’s, that’s most their emus heavy ous running around. What’s an emu? Well, they’re like an o but different but they’re birds like that. Don’t they? Don’t they peck you like they can freaking crack your skull? I don’t know the force of an emo beak, but my, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about currency. When I was there in the early nineties, they would, they rounded, want American pennies.

00:47:18:20 –> 00:48:07:24
No, they, they don’t even want American pennies that, and they’re under British rule, but they are commonwealth so they have Australian money in the early nineties. They rounded to the nearest 5 cent in the early nineties there. And it’s been in my mind ever since now, they also had one and $2 coins that were like the size of a dime. And so as a poor dude, I was a missionary at the time for my church. $2 coin is like, that’s a lot of money. And you could, they were tiny. I hated those. ’cause you could lose those. And there’s lunch. That’s a good point. Well, I don’t, don’t need to give you a too hard a time about the penny. ’cause when I was in high school, I’d take the pennies and throw ’em on the ground and think, well, I’m gonna make somebody has, somebody will wanna, I just didn’t want in my pocket. They just run their course of time. Okay. And let’s make ’em America great again without the penny. Alright, with that, let’s call it a day.