Big Changes in Life and Legislation. In this episode we reveal a big change as Epic Staff Member, Chris Petersen, gets engaged after what seems like decades of hunting. A tag finally punched. We also talk about the huge new proposed changes to Utah legislation in regards to baiting and trail cameras. There are also big changes proposed in New Mexico and Montana. This year could change the way you’ve hunted for many years.

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So 60% of the non-resident general tags are gonna be potentially allocated outfit. It’s the HB 2 95. They’re talking about eliminating baiting for wildlife and also a trail camera season. Anything to do with Western big games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson. Devin, Wyatt. How are you guys today? Doing good. Not bad. Everybody’s got a big old grant on. Not as big as Chris. Oh, Chris, let’s talk about Chris. Let’s, let’s about Chris. Good morning. Had any major life changes and events recently? I suppose, like what? I, I guess I, I proposed yesterday. Oh, I didn’t think that. Would he, I was wonder he had a hard time saying, yeah, it’s like I was trying, I got engaged. I was trying to think of something funny to say, and I just, I’m like, well, I can’t lay it of anything. What are those? What are those? What’s the thing at the wedding you flick, what is it called? Gar Garter. Garter. Chris. Chris caught it. He, he laid out, boom. At yours snagged at my wedding. Yeah. No kidding. You’re right. I forgot about Did you keep it? He didn’t last six months. And these, I saw a picture the other day of Chris just laid out, boom. And he, he caught up. He dope for it, huh? Yeah, it was good. So who did you like an OBJ? Oh, I don’t know. Odell, Odell Beckham Jr.

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He’s laid out trying to, yes, it was. Yes. Okay, dude. Well, if you’re listening from the podcast, we gave Archibald and Wyatt their rasa crap last summer. Chris has been 15 years, hasn’t it? It might. I think so. Jason, tell me I’m wrong. I don’t know what to say. Isn’t that, what’s that? 15 years we’ve razzed him about? Well, pretty much being single and foot loose and fancy free. Maybe 20. I don’t know. It’s been a long time. Well, by design though, right? Chris? I guess so. By design, it’s not like you haven’t had the opportunity here and there. No, just, I was just waiting for the right opportunity. I was being a trophy hunter. It’s a once in lifetime. Good answer. Wow. She followed the brownie points are already stacking up. He’s saying he’s Did you slay a Boer, huh? Yeah, world record. Oh, wow. It’s getting deep already. Oh my gosh. Well, maybe, maybe we should call this. How did world record and see what she has to say. Let’s try a cold call. I, I seriously got some of my eyes. He’s crying already. It’s not even Valentine’s today. Remembering yesterday. It’s only my, it’s only my right eye. Like I got, I’d put sunblock in my face this morning. Oh my goodness. Sunblock, sunblock, sunblock got a good, oh, there’s sunblock. There are are several things that make me cry.

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But that podcast probably isn’t one of Well, but I, I’ve seen people cry when they walk up to a big buck or a ram and a trophy. You’re, you said you slay a trophy so that it can happen. All right. S slate, a trophy. Well, let’s call this a trophy. Give a see what she has to say. Maybe, maybe. Did she feel the same? Did she accept? I believe so. We were same. What do said yes. Assume she said yes. Did you give her an actual ring and she put it on her finger? I did. I’ve had it since August. So did she put it on her finger? Yeah. Okay. So then that’s a Yes. I put it on her finger. Okay. That’s a yes. And she didn’t take it off? No. Nope. Maybe she just wants to sell it and increase her network. Yeah, I was gonna say to the pawn shops, you got them on, you know. No. Okay. If you see this ring, let me know. No, no, no. Okay. All right. Let’s give her a call. Alright, let’s call her. Let hope she answers. Hello. Is this Ms. Peterson? Soon to be. Alright. Hey, we were all hopeful you’d answer today. We were like, she’s not gonna expect anything. She might. So yeah, we’re in a live podcast and Chris just gave us the news. I’m not at all surprised that you called. Did you say yes? He wasn’t sure.

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He just said I put it on her finger and she didn’t take it off. So I didn’t know. I said, absolutely. Never been more sure of my life. Oh, well, he, he said a few nuggets. We’ll let you listen to the podcast about his version of what he bagged in terms of, you know, he, he related you to a Boone and Crockett Trophy, so he, you know what? He’s laying up the ground. I kind of Girl, that can appreciate that. Yeah, there you go. Took the right one, Chris. The sound of a good already. So, yeah, he stuck. He said he, he said he got a Boer. So Boone and Crockett, maybe world record actually is what he corrected me a little bit. I’ll take it. I’ll take it. Yeah, no. Anyway, so things are, well, let’s see. How, how many years have you guys been dating? Oh, geez. Be honest. Be honest. Well, I don’t, I mean, you know, gosh, you know, to the day, you know, to the day. Been wild besides a while. It’s been a minute, that’s for sure. All right. Did you, did you, did you think it was gonna happen? Were you suspicious?

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I, I figured it was coming sometime soon, but I was thinking like, you know, we hadn’t really, I didn’t think he knew my ring size or we hadn’t really talked about rings or anything, so I thought it was probably coming up, but I did definitely didn’t know it was happening right now, so. Wow. Well, yeah, Christmas kind of came and went. That probably was a possible time. You know, Valentine’s was kind, kind, kind of cliche, you know what I mean? Like Yeah. Which Christmas came and went. Well. Yeah. It’s the most recent one. The most recent one. Like a month ago. Yeah. When you guys have been dating a lot of Valentine’s and birthdays and Christmases in the past coming down. Alright, good point. We can tease now, right? We can tease. Yep. Tease away. You guys got any ideas for when and wheres or yet, or is this Covid environment still you got you a holding pattern? I think, I think we’ll probably get it done this summer. I’m not sure exactly on the details, but That’s awesome. Yep. Might be with Covid still going on. It might be the only exciting thing that happens this summer. Who knows. Speaking of Covid, did you guys at least kiss after you exchanged, gave her the ring kiss through the mask, through the mask mask? Gotta be safe. Gotta be safe. I’m, I’m pretty sure no masks were on that, on that trip. That would be correct.

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Yeah. So we probably ought to hear a little bit of the story. Yeah. So how did it happen exactly, Chris? Yeah. How, how did you Well, Chris told us, told me that we were filming a music video and so it was just gonna be this little, little part of a music video. They’d kind of been working on it for a couple hours. I was still doing homeschool with the kids and came out and they were like, okay, we just have this one little shot. And he comes riding in on his horse and gets off and Wow. Then, you know, of course like the night and shining armor. You mean like the knight and shining armor, really? And then did you, modern day fairytale, did he throw you back up on the horse and you both ride away? Or how this Huh? I told her I was gonna do that, but, so he threw the kids up on the horse? He asked me and then he asked the kids and then, oh, really? So they came with you? Yeah. The boys. What did you ask the kids if it was okay for you first married their mama? Yeah. It was pretty funny. No. Well, when, when can this be seen? Is this gonna be, or is this only family video now that nobody ever sees? Oh, there’s none. Nobody has family only video here. That’s right. When do we get to see her? It sounds awesome.

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You’re all part of the family anyway, so I don’t, I don’t have any, any of the footage. My friend, I had my friend Luke come down and film it and he’s got it all, all geez. Well, we were watching for the posts and we went and stalked you both and we couldn’t figure it out. Nobody’s posting anything and we’re like, something bad happened. I shuffled into Chris’s office and just put my aunt like, well, well, what are we doing? Okay. Did something happen? No. Yeah, yeah. Like that. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Well come tell everybody. It’s, that’s so Chris, I mean Oh yeah. In the last post, nobody expected him to come into the office with streamers and No. Well, mellow Chris. He’s gonna come in and not say a word. No. See, I would, I saw, I saw him out in the parking lot, walk by and hauling trash to the dumpster. And I’m like, oh, Chris has been here a while, it looks like, but, but wonder why he didn’t come and say anything to us. I was, I was, I was actually gonna set up the podcast stuff and then, then come over going to work. Just going to work. It’s just another day at the office. Another day. Yeah. This is another day. That’s Chris Peterson right there. Tell us a little more about Chris McKenzie.

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I mean, there’s things, you know, we don’t, even though we’ve known him for 15 or 20 years, well I need to see a side of Chris that nobody else gets to see it. I love that. ’cause he, he shows all the excitement and talks up a storm. Come on. People are like, talks up a storm. He’s so quiet. I’m like, I don’t believe Chris is not quiet when it’s the two of us talk, talk chatty as can be. He is my wife, not quiet at all. So I get all the secrets. Wow. Special. That’s good. My wife. That stuff about me, it’s just, it’s crazy stuff. I tease the kids and chase ’em around the house and Yeah. Break my toe and stuff like that. Doing it. Just things that she said. I wish people could see what, how you, you really are. Yeah. I just like, I’m sure Janice says the same to you and anyway. No, so, but I can’t. No she doesn’t. Hey, she sees the soft side of Jason. There you go. Okay. There you go. That part. Yeah. But that’s good to know. He can chat up a storm. ’cause that’s, that’s, I’ve never seen that possible. Maybe we’re gonna, it’s just, it just doesn’t happen very often. What other, what other strengths does he have? Because we might be changing his job responsibilities. I don’t know. I I’m gonna tell you. I don’t wanna share those. Okay. Whoa, whoa. Okay.

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Well now I don’t want to hear those. I not talking about that. I’m talking about that. Oh, thank goodness. Well, we could tease a little Chris. It’s the day after. I’m just glad Chris is the one that edits the podcast. Yeah. But but don’t we get final say? Yeah. And he’s not editing this one. Yeah. We’re gonna have, this is life. We might, this is it. We might hold this one until John comes back and let John try to edit it because then we can have influence on what makes final. So you’ll just go in and add things after the fact. So after you’re married or you gonna continue to lend him, lend him your rifle and all those kind of things. Oh yes. I’ll take it. Am I so lucky? I I get to marry a guy that won’t complain about my hunting. There you go. Yeah. And he can, as much as he wants. As long as I get to come. Wow. Pretty fun. That’s on, that’s on the podcast. Yeah. What whatever. Record it. Whatever, whatever podcast number this is is gonna be in your journal. You’re not gonna ever want to forget this podcast’s. It does hold up in court, I believe. Right. We got, these are verbal contracts that have been recorded. That’s right. Anything else else that you guys would like to cover? Let’s cover some other things. I’m fine with that. Okay. How about budgets?

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Do you have a hunting budget? No. That’s up to her. We need, these are things we need to talk about. Don’t concede some of that stuff. See, here’s the thing. This is why, this is why it works so well when there’s two hunters, because you know, he’s gotta take into account, oh, you wanna buy that rifle? I I need one new rifle too. Yeah. Yeah. See, so you just, glad I have one balances out. There’s a whole lot less arguments. Wow. Well, and I’ve kind of been going through lately his head’s in the house kind of placement. I’ve been putting him in places just to reserve spots. So tables all the, we walk in and Wyatt’s bo and Crockett Mulder is gone. His go, his snow goose was in the office for like 12 hours. God. And this you never even got the sold. I never even knew it was there. Mackenzie brought that into me ’cause I’d left it out at the, what do we call it? The rat boar hole or bo Well, I I didn’t even know it was in your office. And apparently it, it got kicked outta the house but then brought back in Wyatt. The, the goose or what? Well, it was at, it was at the Boar’s Nest. So it had to be brought to my house for 12 hours. Yeah. And then so they dropped it off here and then I took it to my house. Okay.

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But generally stuff comes here and then Wyatt takes it home knowing that your wife’s thinking she might want that space wherever it is. Yeah. Family room. Better reserving. We’re just, we’re still in the process of like, remodeling, painting, everything like that. So as things get done, if I put there, you put there before she can find a cabinet or a picture or, or she’s not strong enough to move it. She’s, she’s strong enough to move it. She, she would, she just kind of accepting Right now, I believe you guys are feeling, feeling it out on who, who owns what in the house. She will pay movers to move it if she has to. The moose, she’s got her walls that she’s kinda laid claim to a little bit. And do you guys have, are these open discussions or are these just little quiet? They’re pretty open discussions, but I accepting, I don’t know. Like I, I tell her how it’s gonna go, but whether she accepts that or not, it’s, we get to be seen. It’s different. But if I put something there, I think it kind of Well, but when she goes to work, so, so for those of you who don’t know, she works out of town. When she goes to work for a three day stint or whatever, as long as she leaves cookies, you know, you’re on a good path. Yeah, yeah, exactly. So I always get goodies before she leaves.

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She takes good care. It the, the minute she just goes and there’s no goodies, you, you better have stuff moved by the time she gets back. She probably oughta move the snow goodies. Well, with Mackenzie, you and Chris, hopefully. Yeah. Those are easy discussions with you. And, and the house as, as, like you said, you got rid of a couple bachelors last summer with the Devin and Wyatt, and now you got I just barely got rid of, got rid of that snow goose myself. Yeah, there you go. Making room for your own mouth. Still lingering around. Oh, all right. Well you’re gonna have, let’s see, horses and hunting and what, what is what Don’t you guys do? Your lives, your lives are full of all kinds of fun stuff. I don’t know. But if there’s something we don’t do, don’t give us any ideas because we don’t have any more room in our calendar. Yeah. Alright. When are you guys going to get hitched? Summer, June, July Summer. Summer sometime. We don’t know exactly yet. Okay. But I’ll tell McKenzie, he, I’ll just let you know this, between us, he did mention three months, three to six months. So that’s what I, I said three to six months. Yep. Yeah. So three to six. Three to six. So what, whatever three is let’s, and it’s three, like 31 days or 30 days. I would say 90 days. 90 to 93 days.

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You guys should be just saying. Yeah, you’ve got a plan for us. But yeah, summers are good. Don’t get into August and bow season. That’ll, yeah. Yeah. We really busy in office. I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna make that, you know, anniversary hunting season thing. No, no. That thing, I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna share that with hunting. Or the day you get home from your honeymoon. Is the archery hunt not good? Well, I mean, I’m pretty good with doing, you know, celebrating our anniversary while we’re hunting. I just don’t wanna have to plan a wedding during this hunting season because that would really mess up. There you go. That would be terrible. Smart. Good, good Thinking less, less big deer would die. And that’s not good. Yeah. You guys, that’s not a good thing. Yeah, well don’t, don’t do it in April or May. We’re busy around here. Okay. Got it. Got it. Okay, well congratulations Mackenzie. Thanks guys. Happy for you guys. We’ll rest Chris a little bit more, but we’ll let you get on with your day. Sounds good. Have a good day. Alright. We’re gonna try to get Chris to be chatty now that we know he’s, it’s okay. He’s po It’s possible. Good luck all. Okay. Bye. Alright, bye. This poses a question. There’s a lot, I have a lot, lot of questions Chris. Maybe what, Chris, how did you know?

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There’s a lot of, oh, it wasn’t like a instant thing, but it’s like over time there’s little things and little things and little things. Yeah. I’ll tell you one of the, one of the things that happened not too long ago, my bear got an upgrade in the house. Yeah. What do you mean? I, it was just moved from the basement to the main floor. It was in my little office now. Now this is a life size, isn’t it? Yeah, it was in my office and now it’s like the centerpiece of the living room. So Wow. That is legit. That, you know, that’s when, you know, that’s what I would’ve known. And that was her idea. It wasn’t mine. It was, I was fine with it in my office. And she’s like, let’s, that bear deserves to be right there in the living room. Okay. But now I’m gonna be the devil’s advocate. Okay? Okay. Women are smart. She knows if I do this I’m well on my way. That’s right. That’s right. To getting Chris Peterson to propose to me. So now let’s take Betts right now. Everybody money on the table. How much, how long bef now that they’re engaged before the Bear’s back in Chris’s office, it won’t. Well, I would say three days after marriage. As soon as it’s finalized, I, I’ll put, I’ll put my life savings that, that’s not gonna happen. Oh, whoa. You’ve he’s, he’s confident.

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He’s got the hook set deep and he is got a burner. No, he might’ve signed a prenuptial and knows that he’s gonna keep that money no matter what the thing is. Like if you walked into her house before and when she was in California, it was full amounts. Right in the kitchen. Above the kitchen table. Like way have to play that California girl song. I Yeah. Boys. So you guys beach boys could have beach. Same question though, too. Beach boys. You’ve all been married boys. Yeah, but that’s 25 years ago. Why? That’s, I can’t even remember. We’re, yeah, I can’t even you guys. Sorry you guys are all within the three. Can’t even remember. Six to eight month period. But yes, we knew back then. I knew. We knew. And I know, I know now. I just can’t elaborate on it any more than that. Right? Is that what you’re thinking? Yeah. Yeah. I dated and I tease them about having dating for quite a while. I dated Jana for two to three years. Wow. Oh yeah. Oh, we’ve off and on. We’ve heard that off and on. That’s right. Off and on. So it’s good to, it’s good to date for quite a while. Really know what you’re getting into. No surprises. Nobody likes surprises. Don’t, I don’t get that impression that Jason and McKenzie. There’s not gonna be surprises. No. Unless they’re random tags then we love surprises. Okay. Alright.

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Like a good draw though. A good draw. A good draw. Like not one of these. Ugh, really? I got my third choice. You know what I mean? Yeah. Like this year we went on a 10 day, basically a backpack hunt together. Hiked miles and miles every day and it was brutal. Yeah. And she was trooper. Yeah. And she would go back again tomorrow. Again. Smart women. I dunno, there’s only so much you can fake. Chris, we’re happy for you. Congrats again. Pretty awesome. We do wanna see the video though. It sounds like. It was cool. It was fun. She said it was the modern day nine shining, shining arm. I don’t know about that. Pretty awesome. Pretty awesome. We’re proud of you. Did you wear a wig like that? Fabio guy when he is on the horse with the wind blowing or hair blowing in the wind. I did have plenty of time to plan it out. ’cause I’ve had the ring for six months. So he’s more, more cowboy right off in the sunset. That’s kind proposal. That’s right. Well it’s fun to have be awesome. We wanna see it. We can’t wait to see it. But there’s, what else? What’s new in the world? This is a kind of a random podcast that was the lead off and that’s took a bunch of time, but there’s, it’s February now. Lot, lot, lot going on Arizona application deadline for elk and aamp upon us.

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But there’s, it’s a legislative session and it feels like the world’s being rocked right now in a few different states, doesn’t it? Well by Yeah. Yeah. By Democrats. That’s right. Bronson, New Mexico. Let’s just talk about it. New Mexico, they’re, they’re, they’re run by Democrats, which are fine. I’m just, it’s just a statement. Like I got some friends that are Democrats, maybe even a little family here and there. But anyway, they are, and their commission is too. And they’re talking about pushing through a 90 10 split, 10% go to non-residents, eliminating the guide draw. Just lots of change. Lots of change all over the place and all also potentially limiting the split on landowner e plus landowner tax. They’re talking about that there, there’s some discussions that’s not, you know, that could, that could happen as well. Could happen potentially. But the split is actually a proposal already. Yeah. The the guide draw. They’ve, they’ve talked about it in the past and for everybody it says, yeah, it’s about time. Okay, you gotta realize guide draw applicants are now all lumped in with the regular, so you’ve gone for 16% of the tags to 10 with no reduction in applicants. They’re all just on top. So it’s okay. You might say, oh great, it’s about time, but your odds just got worse if you’re in either draw. So yeah, I think it’s, it’s sb you know, three 12 and there’s quite a bit to it.

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And so anyway, they’re, they also talked about eliminating trapping. It’s going through, it passed a preliminary vote of seven to two. It’s unbelievable. Wow. The changes that we’re seeing. And so when you start to lose trapping, and I’m not a big trapper, but I don’t wanna lose any of the rights to be able to do it. You know, hunting’s gonna be next kind of thing. So everybody gets, makes everybody a little bit nervous. I mentioned to a good buddy of mine that lives there. Do you think there’s anything we can do as far as commenting and whatnot? And he, and he just mentioned it sounds like they’re only allowing five to 10 people to give public comment, you know, dealing with Zoom and, and Covid and whatnot. And so, you know, it’s a really good way to shove bills and things through without having a lot of public comment in the name of Covid. Just hard to, hard to watch change without, and then them just doing what they want in the name of Covid to a degree. Just parts of it. Just, just far as public comment. Yeah, it is. And there’s other states too that have some things proposed and we’re not gonna, you know, each state, we’ve, we’ve said this over and over here, every state obviously gets their right to be able to enact laws regulations regarding resident non-resident quotas, things like that within their state. That’s understandable.

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We adapt, we obviously maybe have our harsh opinions on states that seem way too restrictive for non-residents. And, and you know, you’ll read about that in the magazine from time to time. But another one being proposed right now is in Montana, there’s a bill introduced there to that could potentially allocate up to 60% of the, the deer elk combo tags general stuff to an outfitter. An outfitter draw essentially 6%. So 6% of the non-resident general tags are gonna be potentially allocated outfitters. So we’re talking about eliminating outfitter tags in New Mexico in one state. Well, another one’s, you know, taking over half and giving ’em to outfitters. That’s right. It’s this start comparisons there. That’s, that’s being run through the Montana legislature as we speak. And then just I think yesterday or day before Utah. Who wants to tee that one up? I don’t know. Wyatt, you got the number. What’s Utah? It’s the HB 2 95 I believe. And they’re gonna, they’re talking about eliminating baiting for wildlife and also a trail camera season similar to what Nevada put in effect, what, two years ago? Yeah. Yeah. So this is one of those things that, that kind of was ran through. So you got legislator legislature that enacts state law. You got wildlife commissions and boards that enact enact rules, you know, hunting rules, regulations and all that.

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And this kind of went through that regional advisory council and wildlife board slightly last year and then just got dropped like a hot to potato before it really got to a vote. It never got voted on. It got dropped. It’s just been heavily discussed, especially the baiting side of things, you know, within certain groups that are interest groups and different things. It’s never been, you know, say on the table, it was a public comment last year, I don’t know if it was a, it wasn’t a formal vote item, it got dropped before it ever got to that. But now it’s being reintroduced. I guess the same type of argument as a, as a state law house bill 2 95 here in Utah, which again would, would potentially as written now eliminate cellular type cameras after July 1st and ultra cameras on public land after August 1st. Right. Those are big change changes potentially. It’s hot. These are introduced, these are hot items, haven’t even gone through committee yet, but in all these states. And then, so anyway, yeah, it’s been, it’s been quite a, you know, a, a topic of contention to a degree. There’s, there is a lot of baiting baiting. It’s not just, you know, like a lot of people think salt, it’s apples and lots of different things that dare like anything and everything. And so anyway, it’s a, it’s up for potentially making a law about it. Stop us. Yeah.

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And I think a lot of people maybe in like northern Utah would say what’s, what’s the problem? But certain areas of the state it is a problem. And what problems are you about there? Different? I mean we’re talking, you’re, you’re on public ground archery hunting and you’re, there’s, I mean I’ve seen it, I’ve seen permanent feeders on public ground that are 10, 12 feet high and then they’ve had some of this in Arizona back Bronson, you remember? But so they had some of these automatic corn feeders on public ground and you know, little solar operated tooth deer stuff. Yeah. And all of a sudden out comes the corn, here comes the white tail. Right. Yeah. So anyway, I’m not saying that’s good or bad that they, they addressed it and eliminated it and, and you can, you can use salt, you know, in, in Arizona. So anyway, just a lot of things coming down the pipe. Of course every year there’s bills introduced and then they a lot of times fizzle, some of ’em make it through, but some of the Yeah, sometimes they don’t even leave committee and get a committee vote or, or don’t, don’t pass when they actually go to the floor of the house or Senate. So we’re just making you aware, there’s some things proposed that could dramatically change hunting in some of these states.

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The way you either acquire tags or you know, how you can hunt after you get a tag somewhere. So I will say states like New Mexico, we’ve watched states like New Mexico change stuff. It feels like overnight. I, it’s not overnight, but with the stroke of a pen, they can change things and, and to say, you know, they can’t do that. They want eliminate landowner trapping. That’s not true trapping. They, they don’t, they don’t care. Well, they change and you look at it, they’re, they’re number one, most of them are probably non-hunters, obviously number one enact number number two, some of them may be anti hunters that are enacting it. That’s right. What’s gonna stop them from making these changes? Yeah. And that’s what we’re talking about. Hey. That’s why I guess I mentioned some of the, you know, the Democrat influence there. But anyway, I do want to say, you know, a lot of the game and fish, this isn’t necessarily that the game and fish want, want this per se. There’s a lot of employees within, within the game and fish agencies, whether we’re talking Utah, New Mexico, or Montana, that aren’t necessarily in favor of these changes. These are above their head.

00:26:20:10 –> 00:27:27:06
Well, yeah, I mean, and from an economic standpoint, just the elimination of non-resident hunters, you know, it’s just whether they’re in the outfitter pool or they regular pool, you’re, you’re gonna cut, you know, non-resident a bunch numbers, the residents are gonna look at it, 90% go to them. That’s, you know, six more percent than they’re used to been dealing with there. But they’ve gotta make up that money. So, and the residents, not a lot of them go guided and so they’re like businesses Yeah. Less guides to deal with, less teams out there, things like that. Yep. Okay. So there’s other ramifications. The state revenue, the revenue that’s brought in off those non-resident applications have gotta be made up somewhere. So Yeah. Or that license fees. Yeah. They go of business. Yeah. Or so it’s, it’s hurtful to the residents. If you could quantify that, it’d probably be shocking how much money that is. Well, and you know, who knows, we, we may be seen if there anything done or proposed or changed with the landowner tag system, but with the stroke of a pen, you could have a bunch of landowners that are now gonna take things in their own hands like they did 25 or 30 years ago in New Mexico, remember bring this landowner That’s right. Tagged into place now to appease the use of mainly elk on, on their land lands with feed and, you know, and, and fencing and all that different stuff.

00:27:27:24 –> 00:28:33:18
I mean, it, they, they could enact something. They have no idea what kind of war they’re about to wage. I mean, I’m just keeping it, you don’t know. Yeah. You, I guess you just don’t know all the the ramifications. Yeah. All the, all the little subsidiary effects that that occur with with change. To me, this is, it brings up a whole other conversation of like, is this smart to leave wildlife management to people who have no clue of what wildlife management is about? That’s like, because yes, the fish and game can make rules and they, they kinda have an idea of what’s going on where the money’s coming and out and then you hand it over to legislators to make laws. Wow. That’s foreign. Well, yeah, you, and you look at, I mean, look at every state that has a ballot initiative for eliminated all the, the left coast with bears, lions, and bears almost in every state. Now you can’t even hunt ’em, you can’t even import it. You can’t even bring one into California on your wall that she kills legally. Mean who does, you can’t even shoot one from Colorado. Bring one in the, the state that didn’t even kill there. I mean, I mean that’s overage. That’s overage. And you get, and then you get the wolves, you get the Colorado thing this year. Like just the complete disregard for sound biological management of, of anything.

00:28:33:18 –> 00:29:48:17
Whether it be predator prey relationships or whatever. It’s, you’re right. That’s, that’s, you take it outta the hands of, of, you know, t people within, you know, a checks and balances system within a wildlife board commission, public input and just make it a, a ballot or you just make it a legislative thing. That that’s, I think that’s what’s offensive. You know, when we talk about you talk good, bad or in between, there’s some, there’s some good things, maybe more deer are gonna live. Right. I like to see giants and so there, there’s some good things that would come if that passed that there’s also some bad things, you know, people enjoy it. Being out in the hills enjoying cameras. I love running cameras, things like that. And because I like it and somebody else doesn’t, doesn’t make either one of us right or wrong. And I think what what’s offensive is people being told what they can and can’t do and, and just, just like we’re talking about bringing a dead lion into California. Why? Why? Because you don’t like lions. Because what, why? And it just, and it’s so frustrating to, you know, be shackled, you know, over stuff that doesn’t matter or it doesn’t seem even somewhat constitutional and you know, in a free America. So it’s just, I guess the more restrictions you, you have coming on you, sometimes it’s good for the sport to be restricted. Right.

00:29:48:19 –> 00:30:58:18
It, it helps the game and, and this and that. But when you enact or potentially enact new restrictions, everybody bristles up. We’re tired of being restricted, man. I’m tired of being totally, I have to wear a mask or, or I can’t or whatever. Even though it may be good for me, I just don’t want p people shoving it down my throat. That’s all. Well if it’s based on sound management practices and research and years of studies, great. But if it’s based on someone’s political Sure. Emotion, political feeling. Exactly. Or if they don’t like, or if they don’t have time to run cameras or they don’t wanna spend money on cameras opinion or if they, or if they just don’t like hunting, that’s your period. That’s right. Right. So anyway, there you have it. A few little things. I don’t know if we need to dive into it much for just basically letting everybody be aware. All of you out there have an opinion and, and a lot of differing opinions. And so anyway, it’s just our job to let you know about ’em. Maybe, maybe just a little banter here and there, a little discussion items like Devin brought up. So the next 30 to 60 days we’ll see if any of ’em actually gain traction, get passed and enacted. And then if and when that happens, when they would take effect. So don’t alter all your application plans, strategies, all that start boycotting quite yet.

00:30:58:24 –> 00:32:02:06
I mean we’re, we’re just letting you know these are introduced, some things introduced and you know, something to keep an eye on if you’re from those states and feel like they can impact you dramatically. We’ve given you the bill numbers. You can go online, search ’em and have at it. So is there anything at this point when they’re, once they’re in legislature, is there anything, if somebody feels passionate one way or another, is there something they can do at this point? They can search it out. There was a comment, there’s contact and comment areas within leg loading your legislator inboxes and stuff like that through eem use, just through email. That’s kind of the traditional means. I mean there’s no, you don’t go to the beaver reason regional advisory council meeting in Cedar City and you know, stand at the mic. Not at this point anymore ’cause there’s no in-person stuff, but legislature never really did that either. You don’t go up to the chamber. I mean there’s been protests and people stage out front, but I don’t know if you can even do that now. You might be disbanded. Well now they’ve even posted the phone number. You know the guy that initiated it and whatnot. And so there’s ways, yeah. So anyway, you can just go do a search for the house bill, you know, the SB bill in New Mexico and check it out. So anyway, that’s about all. Anything else?

00:32:02:06 –> 00:33:00:21
How do, how do we end on a really positive, awesome, upbeat No, no. Instead of gotta place instead of the don’t know what you got till it’s gone. Theme that we’re back on against some, you mean like maybe something to do with ball and chain, some, some kind of a music little No, that’s kind of a, that’s kind of a downer too, I would say. No, that that feels put a negative spin on things. That’s a Debbie downer. Invigorating, an invigorating, that’s a Debbie Downer type thing. Yeah. So we need a song that deals with Chris and Mackenzie maybe, well maybe wise the California girls. I think that’s a good one. Chris, I think you, you choose, this is your day. You get to choose the intro to the song when this hits. I don’t think she’s okay. And I want to, to prep, agree with you. Think she’s really a ca I agree with you. She’s really come from vernal country. What was the other one that we said earlier? Check yes or no. Did George straight check yes or no? Not do that. I mean, just do something that was a Utah girl that got stuck in California that got stuck in California. She did not wanna be there. Bless her heart. She lasted way longer than the rest of us could have. And she didn’t kill anybody that I know of. Alright. Although I think she’s fully capable.

00:33:01:01 –> 00:34:09:27
We do like, not, not mentally, but I’m just saying she’s pretty accurate’s killed. Lot of game. I mean, Chris, you’re in trouble. I’ve had to borrow her gun from time to time. I think she could pack out a moose too. I think she’s tough, huh? Yeah. You got your hands full there, boss. Yeah. Yeah. She, good luck. Good luck. Here’s a tip. This, this is a tip for you, Chris. This is your, this is an app se this is kind of your last app season where you can just, with your own toys, look at what you’re doing and crush whatever application you want. You’re gonna have to have her involved and next year on and your hunts, her hunts, all that. And you always kind of are, but just apply with reckless abandon this year. I guess that’s what I’m, that’s what I’m gonna say. Just do what you want. ’cause it’s the last time you can, that’s probably a good idea. So are you gonna apply with her credit card or your credit card? With mine? Oh, well remember, do we have a few more words of advice for you? Remember what’s hers is hers and what’s Chris’s is hers. That’s right. I mean that’s what’s hers is. Yeah. It’s not yours. Number one rule. You’re right, Bronson. It’s not, it’s not his. They’re right. All right. Well anyway, good luck to you. We wish you the best. Of course.

00:34:09:28 –> 00:35:11:16
We, you know, you’ll be joining the ranks here, Wyatt and Devin, and Wow. How was your Devin? We don’t have any tax. Give us something you guys. So have you guys argued at all? No, not, not bad. I mean, all right. We’ve had, like you guys talk about the mounts discussions. Yeah. What, where did those go? I remember the taxi dermis saying, do you want to have one of these be detachable so you can get it downstairs sometime or whatever. And I was like, no, your moose, they’re never going downstairs. I got an elk upstairs that said a problem. Said you can put whatever you want in the basement. The living room upstairs. Like we don’t need dead stuff. Whatever. But, and you can’t, she calls him Fred. Hey, he’s there. The corner. Well, hey, he’s there. Is he upstairs? Could Oh yeah. Could you, he ain’t fitting, he won’t fit downstairs. Could you take it to attack? I I I’m don’t Could you take it? Do it? Could there sought off? Put it No, no. Don’t admit that. I’m just tell her it’s not possible. Yeah, I’m sorry. It’s not possible. We had to tell her that is I helped move the mound into the house. Why I was there. Why was a witness? We broke the news to her that wasn’t going down the stairs. It’s possible.

00:35:12:08 –> 00:36:22:13
And then the neighbor said, oh yeah, you could get it through a window in in a window. Well, and that’s not gonna happen. That was false. Hope your elk is grandfathered into the no animals on the upstairs it’s grandfather. ’cause it was killed prior to a detachable. Antlers being a commonplace Devin. Well you’re a good man. Well, I thought And then so the moose, the moose, is it gonna have a detachable horn or antlers? Sorry. Probably two of ’em. Yeah. Well you can have moose, you could have a mounted cow if it, if it’s too big, she’s just gonna one day have ’em off the antlers in the way. You’ve got a cow for two months now. Christmas is over. I need some space. Here’s a bunch of belt buckles. Here you go. Here’s a bunch of belt buckles stacked. I I, I’ve took a sauce all and made ’em. Wow. Well, alright. It’s a fun time of year. It’s, I guess we know Got no more bachelors to tease on the podcast though. Really? It’s people we’re have to call, come to an end. Yeah. But anyway, he’s hitched fun time and he’s smiling about it. It’s kind of crazy. Oh yeah. Just gotta, yeah. It’s spent long enough. He’s wore out. Tired. Tired of making my own food. Tired of making the bed. Couple things get a change, right? That’s right. Huh? She’s a good one.

00:36:22:13 –> 00:37:35:15
And I, two, two days ago I hung up her, her buck. She has a nice job time buck. And I hung it up in her apartment at her request. I’m like, okay, we’re good. We’re good. All right. Well she’s okay with mounts then and that’ll be awesome. So, all right guy. Well we wish you the best. Thanks. Well, on a parting note, we’re, we’re not gonna see anybody obviously at the Western Hunting Conservation Expo next week. But if you’re interested in applying for the tags that they normally give there, the 200 big game tags or $5 each, you can go to hunt, you can apply for those. One entry per hunt is all, you do have to have a valid Utah hunting license. The computer will prompt you right at the front. If you don’t have it, you’re gonna have to go back to the Utah DW site and buy it. You’re, it’s also at a time, you’re probably considered applying for the Utah draw anyway, so you’re gonna need it for that. But check those out. Apply for ’em. They’re completely in addition to any of the regular Utah tags that you can apply for. They don’t, you know, you, you, you apply for those now you’ll find out if you win one before the Utah draw happens. But go to hunt They have waived the in-person validation requirement for this year. So go check it out and hope to get lucky.

00:37:35:21 –> 00:38:05:03
And good luck in all the draws. It’s kind of a, I still think I’m batting a thousand. I stick to it until Alaska comes back in a couple weeks. Yeah, February 19th. Yep. I’m pretty sure I’m not drawing anything there. Yeah, bunch of swinging at best Run run’s a home run. It worked out for you last year. Yeah, I, yeah. Nah. Yeah, I went two for two. Yeah, you’re right. Alright everybody, good luck in the draws and until next time we’ll be just applying here at the office.