Utah Deadline, Tags, and a New Polaris. In this episode of The Epic Outdoors Podcast we talk about the looming deadline for Utah Applications. We talk more in detail about current weather trends in Utah and our Outlook for 2021. We also talk with Colton Francis, of Triple S Polaris who is building an EPIC hunt rig for us. We also talk about New Mexico and why we like applying in the New Mexico Draw.

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There’s gonna be some tips and tricks and all kinds of things coming out on this podcast. Utah. Deadline looming March 4th. Former likely dryer days ahead for Utah this spring. Anything to do with Western Big Games? Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, John Peterson. Chris Peterson. Got the brothers in the room here coming at you from Southern Utah. Before we get started, we wanna thank Under Armour. Probably haven’t done that, although Chris does a heck of a job on the Under Armour intro every single time. We do appreciate Under Armour and all that they do for us here at Epic Outdoors and the hunting community providing us with incredible gear. We’ve got a lot of stuff coming out this summer. Normally their stuff comes out in July. It’s a little, sometimes it’s frustrating ’cause I want the best stuff right now, especially when I’m out. Shit. Hunt with my kids, show ’em up. But anyway, it’ll be out in July. It’ll be loaded on their website, so you can check it out. ua.com. That’s about all I know. Go ahead, Broon. What do you wanna say? What have you had to drink? We’re gonna crush, Hey on it. There’s gonna be some stuff come out that was, there’s gonna be some tips and chicks and all kinds of things come out on this podcast. Of course.

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We’re gonna be talking about my favorite state, Utah, because the deadline is due here in a day and a half. Bronson, you got your apps in. Did you plug and play? I did pull. I reapply. Don Dunno if I can keep up with you today, Carter. Oh yeah, I’m, I’m feeling left in the dust all just in the intro. Oh, did today. Hey, that was just an intro. I know. Calm down here in about 45 minutes. But yeah, you’re right. Utah. Deadline looming March 4th. By the time you hear that this, it could be over, who knows? But it’s, no, we’re publishing that Miss tonight. Chris March 4th at 11:00 PM Mountain Standard time. Now if you do miss the March 4th deadline, or you are only applying for points only, that is extended till March 18th. The points only deadline. So got a little bit of time there. Don’t let it freak you out. But hey, it’s upon us. What else is New Carter? I don’t know, Bronson, there’s a lot of other ways to get tags. I know that. Yeah, well, I mean, normally we have, obviously the state draws. We talk about raffle tags occasionally out there. But with this era of covid, we’ve had a lot of tags in Utah where you can’t go to your, I hate the word covid. What do you want me to call it? I don’t know. I hate it. It’s like bovine. I just hate it.

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I don’t like the, I don’t like those words. Okay. Alright, keep going. In this area of a pandemic, what do you want me to say? I’ve heard it called a planned demic. Oh. But yeah, keep going. How about in these crazy times we live in? Okay. Crazy. You can’t go to all the banquets that we normally used to. And in Utah we have a lot of different conservation type tags. We talked about it a month or so ago with the convention tags that are normally at the Western Hunting Conservation Expo. They got rid of those in a different manner. And now through Hunt and fish connection.com. Here I believe Sports for Fish and Wildlife Mulder Foundation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation tags here in Utah are for the remainder of this year for 2021. Gonna be pushed and marketed through that website. Yeah. Hunt. Hunt and fish connection.com. Yep. Hunt and fish connection.com. These are auction tags. Don’t don’t, they’re not raffle tags, but they have ’em for all species. There’s Turkey tags on there now. There’s deer, elk, antelope, bush, sheep, goat. We’ll just throw ’em all out there cow. Well if you’re interested in fill the freezer. Carter something. Yeah, yeah. Anything, something for everyone. That’s right. Even Turkey hunters. And they’ll be released weekly from now probably for I would imagine a couple of months. So keep an eye on the website there. Hunting fish connection.com.

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We’ve also got a few ads that we’ve placed on there. Well, what I like about these, and it’s not necessarily that we buy a lot of ’em, but it’s always fun to watch an auction. I love to go on there and just see what things are going for. It’s pretty fun. You go on there, it’s pretty easy. You make an account, put on a credit card on there. Not gonna necessarily charge it unless you bid. You can also, I guess you can have a obscure username so people don’t know who you are and see if you can snag a tag that way. We talked about the difficulty to find a book hunts. It is as the lower 48 with Canada closures worldwide closures, these types of tags for some people. We’ve had a lot of requests to, Hey, how are they getting rid of these? Well, we’re just telling you. Hunting fish connection.com. Keep an eye on it. Starting now. It’s the 1st of March. They’ve already sold a few tags on there, but there’s gonna be a bunch more over the next roughly two months. So check it out and maybe see what you can snag. They’re addicting, dude. So the last auction, I, I mean, okay, I think it was like Valentine’s dinner. Remember? You remember? And I mean, dude, during that, I mean I had this thing rolling and then at night it was, I wanna watch the auctions. I love watching an auction.

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See what things you’re going for. So anyway, it’s a good place to go. You might set it as a bookmark on your browser or whatever. Just check it on a regular basis. You never know. There might be tags on there you’d be interested in. Definitely gonna be, oh, the way of the future, so to speak. There’s gonna be a lot of tags being going, being sold on Hunt and fish connection.com. Let’s talk about Utah slightly as an update. I mean, it feels like about draw a line in the half of Utah and from the northern half, their moistures turned out okay. Yeah, they’ve, they’ve got a lot of storms. Central and northern part of the state in the last 20, 30 days. And well, I went up there, let’s see, on Saturday and it was winter. Wondered land compared to down here. Yeah, down here. We’re golfing. I mean it, I’m, I’m ready to go. Well, you live on a golf course, you could just walk out there and start doing it. Well, I mean, they are so I’m not a golfer, but could you do that? Just walk out there and start playing. And it’s not, not even do a checkin in mud hole protocol. The hole right by your house. Not, I mean I could, but they meet you perks. I didn’t Your windows knocked out or you know, living, I’m not that on the edge. The golf cart noise.

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You know, that’s not a, that’s not a problem. But no, that’s not etiquette. You go check in because they’re electric, aren’t they? They have Gassers. Dude, diesel. Hey, half an hour. I’m a fan of the diesels right now. This little Colorado Diesel’s impressive. The pedal monster free plug pedal monster by banks power. Legit. Legit. Chris? Yes. Okay, so you have this little equal diesel out here. That’s pretty awesome truck. You did all the deleting and, and the illegal emissions. Right. And so we’re legal and I county. Okay, we’re talking about rural. You’re legal if you live in illegal in Chicago, Illinois. So Chris can’t leave tone upon Nevada or he violates the emissions rule. So anyway, but if you add the pedal monster to that, I’m just telling you Chris, I even might even chip in. I already, I already have a deal online. Yeah, you got a deal. But you add the pedal monster. It’s pretty, it’s basically what I have. Is it, it’s the, it’s the equivalent. Okay. Well anyway. Good, good going. My son Jason’s had it for two weeks and he’s gone through a set of tires. Hey. Yeah. Hey, those were factory sh Shire tires anyway, so they needed to be replaced. They’re good. Supposedly they’re decent for factories. Alright. So anyway, I’m a fan of the diesel golf cart and I think they should make more of ’em. No, too loud, too toy. They’ll spin out on the grass.

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Not gonna work. Especially not gonna work. Especially if I was to drive around with That’s right. Watch you guys play. I’d have, you know, anyway, so, alright. As far back to Utah, the southern end of the state, I mean it’s turned, we had a little three week period of time that we thought, hey, that we’re gonna break outta this long dry spell and it’s right back into long dry spell. It was, it is As if it almost felt like it didn’t happen. And now we’re gonna have to have fa fun family activities in nice sunny weather. And the headline on the weather today says warmer likely drier days ahead for Utah this spring. Yeah. Forecasters. I, I read that. And so even if we get out of the coronavirus mask mandate, the dust is gonna be like last year. You’re gonna wanna keep your coronavirus masks. Okay. I’m, I’m just saying it was, remember last year, have you ever seen anything like it in your life? No. The hunting conditions absolutely saved Critters. Critters. Well, and it ruined lungs. Okay. I mean Nevada and there was an uptick in the cell air cleaners for the trucks. The power. It was unbelievable. Was unbelievable. Anyway, alright, so I don’t know, having said that, you know I thing, what’s your gut feeling? What does that mean, Mike? I mean we’re below normal. What do you, let’s, I wanna hear from Jason Carter. Mule Deer. Mule Mule. Jason Mule Carter.

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That, that’s what I was going digging for. Yep. What are Henry’s gon southern general units? Dude, how are they gonna produce this year? Everybody wants to know what are you thinking they do wanna produce? And I think the critical and what you and I tell ’em is, hey we’ve, we went into it super dry. We had three to four weeks of pretty, pretty cool, awesome moisture. Right now we’re ending up in another dry spell. So having said that, April and May of the telling months, I really think for deer, especially for deer and our elk, I mean we’ve got Southwest desert, we’ve got a few of these desert areas that are affected. But having said that, generally speaking, we have a lot of, you know, let’s call it mid to high elevation, nine to 11,000 feet. It’s high for us. Not high for Colorado, but nine to 11,000 feet masks. You can grow some feet even on a dryer year in that. Yeah. It just seems like we don’t, we don’t see a huge decline in the, an antler growth. Not as big as swings on elk as there is deer on motion units. That’s right. So anyway, apply, apply, apply. That’s what we’re saying. We’re gonna do it. We’re we are applied. Bronson, you, you applied, what would you, what would you say about most antler growth issue? Justin, but I don’t know. I think we’re good.

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Like you said, northern half a Utah, I think the trophy is in the eye of the beholder and, and every moose is a trophy moose. You used to smoke ’em when you see ’em. Northern Utah’s fine. And that’s where they got moisture. So moving, taking vegetation from things like elk. And I think there needs to be less moose. So having set all that Bronson, what I, what I really like, and you and I consult with each other regularly and John and Chris as well. ’cause we’re here and this is what we do and we’re, and we help each other feel better about our own hunt selections. And one thing you did mention was all of the options on say like the late muzzle deer on the general areas. We’ve talked about it on the last podcast that we discussed Utah. But there are so many options in Utah. Well, and you have to consider those and even for residents, but for non-residents, especially if you just look at the number of limited entry deer tags there are on the top four units. Elk Ridge, Oak Creek, ts, Henry’s, it’s almost non-existent. You could add ’em all up. Or does it even add up to 20 tags? I don’t know. Okay. Probably non-resident, maybe not. Okay. And you could argue that it’s not worth the $15 to apply. Yeah. From an odd standpoint.

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So just from a simple, and, and a lot of people that have been doing elk forever have whatever it is, 12 points built up whenever they open the flood gates and said non-residents can apply for all species and everybody’s 12 points in a lot of states, Colorado. That gives you a lot of options. Utah, none. Not, not so many. Unless we’d look outside the box. That’s all I’m saying. Maybe we look of, look around a little bit. And I also like how, we’ve been talking a lot about these elk units and some of these, they’re not off the wall oddball units, but they’re less talked about man, fish, lake nebo, late hunts even. Yeah. Yeah. I mean we don’t, our late hunts, we don’t give a lot of tags like New Mexico and Arizona, Arizona particularly gives the bulk of their tags in. Yep. The late Hunts, Utah, late Hardy still has hardee. Any tags, they’re, they’re like limited entry elk hunts still. They’re not the pa they’re not right crawling with hunters. There’s a few people you might say, you know, man tie or maybe some. Well, and there are, but that’s arguably our largest elk curves. They’re yeah, they’re giant mean collectively. They’re still yeah. Hunted very lightly and apply with that accordingly. Well, and you can go withdraw an application.

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If you hear something down a podcast about anything and you want to go withdraw your application and resubmit it by cost you 15 more bucks. 15 more bucks as a non-resident, 10 bucks as a resident, you can do that. If you’re feeling like you did points only you shouldn’t have, which you shouldn’t have. I’m, I’m not a big fan of points only unless you already have so many hunts booked and planned. Do you want to expound upon that a little bit more? Just Yeah, you, how are you gonna get lucky? We have how are gonna get lucky ever? Okay. You need to, you need to have your name in a bin. And we’ve got friends that say, I have to have a name in every bin and you should have a name in every bin. Even in these, let’s call ’em dryer years, there’s going to be some good, if you’re in the random dry anyway in Utah, you’re not protecting 20 something points. You’d probably take a Oak Creek or a Ponce tag, even in a less than desirable year. If you’re in no man’s land for points, take it. Utah does have need to do some updating. We were looking at the website, of course you and I have to deal with that and applying guys and you know, the premium hunts are listed for, let’s say there’s a lot of dropdowns. You gotta hit the right one before the X hit.

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And you pre and up comes like say a Henry’s and a ponds. Well Oaks may be arguably our best unit and it’s on just limited entry. So anyway, there’s just a lot of options there. And then also you of course you got dedicated, which is, you know, allowing us to hunt all the general season units. If you get that, you can do a point there, you can do a point on the general, you can do a point on the limited entry deer. So there’s three deer points. And for all intents and purposes as well as, you know, an option for the other species, non-residents could apply for everything. Again, we’ve already covered this, but it’s kind of just on the front burner. Yeah. That’s why we’re talking about it. That’s right. And then how about one last thing, Bronson, A guy says, I only wanna do points for desert sheep. What’s your response? Well, and I get it a lot from people that don’t think they’re prepared to hunt sheep right now with whatever they feel like they need to be prepared with. And sometimes maybe it’s financial and you need to hire a guide, but sometimes it’s just, they think that they’re gonna be ready later in life and that, Hey, I got my 15, 15 I, we get it every year. I, I built 15 or 20 points. Now I want to draw a desert sheet. What’s that give me?

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Well, you just wasted 15 or 20 years of having no luck, you know, because it’s gonna take that, you gotta have your name in the hat. You never know. I drew sheep in Arizona had 22 points. If you looked at the odds, you would say 22 points. Doesn’t really give you much of a prayer. I’m supposed to remind you, John, do you got, have you and your wife got your apps done? Not yet. Okay. Well, John’s in our, I I did my job and I’m on a hot mic. John’s in our, and let’s make a note so that if John, I saw you this morning, come back on us. I know. Saw it. I know. I, I went to Holly and I said, hey, you gotta remind me like three times this week. So I don’t know our members that get, that’s my one. Get the reminders from us. You know, it’s funny, John gets our text alerts. I know John gets our text alerts, so I don’t know what the deal is. Well, you know, did my plate’s been a little full like last couple days? Doing what John doing What? Doing what? Doing what? John? Well, we got a bags into printer a few days ago and just, Hey, how about this? How Colorado Magazine, we got a new consultant in the house. How about that? We’ve been, John’s been helping get him set up. Let’s talk about him for a minute.

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We’ll probably get him on a podcast here in the near future. You guys have all heard him before on the podcast? Probably. We have 2, 3, 4 times couple years ago. I don’t So he’s worked for Utah Fish and Game as an officer as well as also known as Division Wildlife. Division Wildlife Fishing. I don’t know. That’s right. How about game and fish? ’cause I don’t really wanna put fish before game. I don’t, I don’t think Phish should come before game ever. So anyway, name’s Josh Pollock. We brought him on board full-time. You’re gonna hear more from him. We’re giving him just a little reprieve. We’d have him in here. But you know, he’s don’t wanna scare him off all at once. He just got a computer yesterday. He just got some user IDs and got his desk and a key to the office. So, but he is got heads going up today and he’s making his office a home. So we’re saying, okay, it’s good. It’s gonna be basically a home. What this means is we’re just, we, we saw great opportunity to bring on another consultant that we feel strongly will help over time, be able to help consult members, help us in our license, application service. Help us help find Hunts or outfitters after you draw. But all of the above. What Jason, I, Wyatt, Devin, do on a daily basis, John and Chris at times.

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And some of the stuff that they’ve haunted and done too. Just allow more, just to have more. That’s all. It’s, it’s simply that I think part of this, I think part of this Bronson and John and Chris is we as a company don’t want to be underwater. And we want to make sure our members are taken care of every single day. So when we leave, you guys have seen our desks. There’s no sticky notes on there of guys that are open-ended or we’re gonna call ’em four days from now. That doesn’t happen. And so anyway, to keep up with the modest growth that we’ve had, we needed to bring on another guy is time. And, and I think Josh is the perfect man for the job. I know you, you guys agree. We’ve vetted him out extensively and dealt with him in a, in a variety of fashions over the years and think highly of him. So anyway, we’re hoping you guys get to know him out there. We’re gonna have him on the podcast, tease him a little bit. He’s got a great sense of humor, great work ethic. He’s an honest guy and he’s a hardcore hunter. So anyway, it’s hard to find that in a guy a he’s got a great background, educated and he’s able to be a game warden. An biologist here in Utah been about, what, 10 years was it? Yeah, with Utah Division Wildlife.

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So yeah, I think we can brag on a little bit ’cause he’s not here, but his background is phenomenal and der he’s passionate about it. Like yesterday we were talking about those deer studies and, and the, you know, oh yeah, yeah. That telemetry he’d done. Oh yeah. That’s so cool. Cool. He was instrumental in that. I know we’ve talked about it on the podcast before, but he, he’s just really deep on the bio, on the biological end of things and into, you know, into game. It’s, it’s awesome. If you wanna go listen to a podcast we did with Josh, that’s episode 62. And we talked about mule deer and elk management here in Utah. That’s, he’s awesome. Anyway, he’s right next. We have offices that if anybody’s been in the office, windows that flow, the information flows from Bronson and my and myself as well as the other guys. And so we all are right in it together. And he’s gonna, he’s gonna catch up to speed. We’re gonna have him doing some different projects here in house as well as consulting and whatnot. So anyway, we’re super excited, just trying to stay ahead of the curve. We appreciate all the support of you guys and the support of y’all is why this is happening. So thank you. Yeah. There was a y’all. Wow. Hey Carter, how many Not what I know what, how many have you had to drink today? I don’t dunno. Why know?

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I mean, good drink. Alright, so let’s move on. I want to, let’s talk about something totally fun and exciting. Okay? What if Polaris came out with golf carts? No. Huh? There’s a turbos. There’s just a etiquette on a golf course. What? Slow. Slow is the etiquette. Quiet non turf to tearing. Okay. And frumpy most of the time you have low to the ground and frumpy. You can tell Jason and I don’t golf much. You know, we’re not a turbo. That that thing, I mean, yeah, you don’t need, you don’t need suspension. We’ve all seen the Instagram videos of guys jumping golf carts all over the place. You know, they are not built for that. Well, and they, you fly out of ’em and you’re gonna get pinned and broke. I mean, those guys that do that are like, I don’t know how many they’ve had to drink Carter, but it’s a lot. Well, let’s call, let’s call our buddy Colton Francis known him well over the years. We brought him on board. He sells Polaris products. Specializes in all the updates with Polaris. It doesn’t matter what it needs. Tires list. We brought him on board as far as an advertiser. That’s right. We’re not hiring an a TV guy. Okay. Just, just clearing that set. We just, we brought on a consultant and now we’re bringing on an advertiser. Super good dude. Minutes. Triple S, Polaris Delicious. Triples Polaris. Yep. Polaris dealer.

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Just type in triples.com or something like that. It’s not the triples you’re used to thinking of where you’re wolf honey. Okay. Okay. I like that. I like that. Okay. Well, her wolf hunting before the season, right? Is that what you’re talking before they Well, I mean, or in states where you can’t even shoot ’em. All right, well we don’t. Mexico illegal activities. Here we go. Let’s call Colton. See what he has to say. What kind of projects he’s got going on. Course John, I know one project is working on, we put on our project, John. Yeah. We’ve commissioned a, a razor. Okay. Four seat razor. And we, we talked with Colton, said make it the ultimate hunting rig. Wow. Why did we do that right now? So we can go from animal to animal way faster. Yeah. Ridge to ridge to reach. Well when we go on it as a golf court, which done No, I’m pretty sure that all the aftermarket stuff. Hey, I’ve heard golf courses have the best fishing, huh? Yeah. Game and fish. HOAs don’t like you to fish on golf courses in Cedar City. How about shed hunting? How’d you find that out? Is there any shed hunting that occurs near golf courses? Yes, there’s that. And fishing. And my kids have found out and I’ve had knocks on the door. Yeah, that’s right. I’ve had knocks on the door from, from the old ladies that don’t like their fish off.

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And the shed’s picked up. Yeah, the sheds weren’t on the golf course’s. Sos that’s fine’s but free. Free for the take ma’am. Hike the hill if you want ’em. All right, here we go. Let’s call Col and see what he’s got going on. Hello, this is Colton. Is this the Colton Francis with Triple S? I do. I do work for Triple S. Come on, you own the place. Quit lying. How are ya? Workers get vacations and don’t have to work more than 40 hours a week. Yeah, it owns me. Welcome to business live. What do you got going on down there? Oh, just some more construction. We’re putting floors down and the rest of the area that got damaged and just bringing machines in and getting them all looking good. All right, so, so I guess we need to update people on what happened down there. You went through a fire, of course you’ve been growing, you bought the business and then you grew it exponentially it feels like. And then in the middle of all of that, here comes a fire. Yeah. So back in August, my wife and I were outta town on a vacation and got a phone call from about 10 different people. Hey, your building’s on fire. So we got some photos and you know, obviously you picture the worst but 50 machines burnt to the ground. Yeah.

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So anyway, we sped home and got here, or not home, but here to work and said, saw the fire, it was up in the attic and broke through the ceiling and just burnt all the trusses. So it didn’t look that bad at first, but it’s just such an old building that everything kept compounding. So all the electrical had to be replaced throughout the whole building and all the plumbing and all the, we ripped the whole roof off all new, pretty much all new building. We vaulted the ceilings. My wife was actually kind of the designer behind all that. I just said, get my building back. And she took over. So it looks really good. Stand out of the way when a woman goes to work. Right. And just give her 14 different credit cards. ’cause they’re gonna max out one by one. Yes. Don’t give him debit cards that comes straight outta your account. At least you charges can’t dispute them. You could dispute credit card charges. Not the debit so much. Oh it’s, but at the same time we were building this new mechanic shop out here in our lot as well. So we were kind of doing two things at once. But we got ’em, we got ’em both up and going and we’re, like I said, we’re just finishing the floors and some of the areas and wow, we’re ready to roll for spring and summer.

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So what I think is crazy is you went from, when you, when you purchased the business, you were in a whole different location. Yes. And then you moved into a big giant building. I remember walking into it and I was like, holy crap, you’re, this is, you don’t need to do anything for like 10 years. And it wasn’t, it felt like six months later you’re now bringing on this service side. I mean the growth has been crazy that you’ve been experiencing. It’s been a wild ride. We were pretty nervous when Covid hit, but that was actually kind of a blessing to us. And everyone obviously just wants to get outside and just ’cause they can’t travel as much. So we’ve just been trying to meet everybody’s needs and make sure they have a good experience at the same time we, it’s, it’s been fun. Yeah. It’s been awesome. So tell me, like some of some businesses struggle with Covid. I mean, anything you couldn’t buy, bro, bro. I mean you couldn’t buy camp traders, mountain bikes, machines. No, I know it. Nothing, anything. R RVs, motorbikes, pedal bikes, I mean unicycles, whatever. If it had to do with the outdoors. Outdoors. I know, I know. A blow up raft at Walmart was hard to find, you know? It was, it was.

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And so that’s good for business like you ’cause but, but the downside is is you probably had to turn a few guys away like, hey, I don’t have that, I can’t get it or whatever. Right. Yeah, it was, it was definitely interesting to watch. We saw the used market kind of take off kind of Oh yeah. Almost similar to the housing industry is right now. Just everything was going for way too much and you know, most people were wanting to get a new one because of the price, but then they couldn’t get one because they were all selling out. They were waiting lists. They would have to wait, you know, two, three months for their machine. Too much is all a relative term. We got 1.9 trillion Biden money coming at us. Right. So that’s all just relative. Hey, so tell us like you’ve kept up with the growth. There’s been, you know, your order machines left and right. It’s, it’s a going concern down there. It’s super impressive. And anyway, we just alerted to the, you know, told the world about you a little bit and just wanted to Oh great. Kind of have you talk to us about your specialties. I mean obviously you’re building us a machine and you know, I’ve dealt with you for, for many years, Colton, you and I have known each other, have had you work on my stuff, build up my machines and everything. Been super impressed.

00:26:15:06 –> 00:27:25:09
And your attention to detail and, and your, I mean the service department, everything is just first rate and I just wanted to, you know, say that and then also, you know, let you talk about what you’re designing for us. Of course you’re dealing with John John’s as excited as anybody. Yeah. Start tearing, tearing things down and and burning rubber. So anyway, maybe talk to us a little bit about the projects and some of the different things that you’re capable of doing down there. Yeah, absolutely. There’s really kind of two things that my wife and I have always tried to stay focused on. One was the customer experience and then two was obviously the quality of the product. So customer experience for me, you know, besides the customer coming in and being excited about their machine is more on my end of making sure that I have the people employed that are just good people. They have a personality, they’re not, you know, just some guy off the street that’s never done it before. You know, these guys all have a passion for it. They’re super excited about it. They all have families, you know, they need the job type and they’re just good people. So that’s kind of been our main focus of making sure that we have good people. So it’s a good experience.

00:27:25:10 –> 00:28:40:10
You know, when customers come in here, we want ’em to, you know, feel like a Cabela’s or a Sportsman’s warehouse type feel, you know, where they can just come in and hang out. And then as far as some of the things we specialize in is more kind like what we’re doing with your guys’ vehicle. We kind of customize ’em to your specific needs. Polaris makes a great all around product. However, there’s a lot of accessories out there that consumers just don’t know about that might work better for their specific situations. So on your guys’ for example, you know you’re gonna be probably carrying a lot of gear. You’re gonna be, you know, maybe carrying a lot of weight. There’s a deer, an elk or whatever animal you’re hunting at that specific time. So instead of messing with anything with clutching, we actually wanted to lower the transmission itself. It’s just a lot safer that way. It’s more reliable. So we’re lowering the transmission. You mean the gear ratio? The gear, the gear ratio. Yeah. Just so it’s easier on the machine for that amount of weight. Okay. And then for, obviously you guys are gonna go in some pretty wild places I imagine. So you know, we’re doing a lift taller tires and wheels, you know, bead locks. That way if you get a flat tire, you can still make it home. There’s just a lot that goes into what you’re using it for.

00:28:40:12 –> 00:29:48:21
And that’s kind of where we specialize is, hey, you know what, yeah, Polaris makes this accessory. But for your specific, you know, situation, I would recommend this one. And you know, a lot of times it’s even cheaper going that route. So we’re not always out for, hey let’s upsell. Upsell. It’s more like I said at the beginning, customer experience. ’cause we know if we make you happy the first time, you know you’re gonna be coming back for service, for parts to hang out, whatever the case may be. Hang out. Yeah, that’s right. Good. We’re gonna come down there and hang out. You guys sell? Yeah, you give us a donut or something? Popcorn. Some fresh, fresh cookies. Well bring your wallet. Hey, so so what I, yeah, so what I like about all that is just, it’s just like you’re saying, it’s customized experience and whatnot, you know, and there’s one thing to put on a lift at home. There’s another thing to doing a lift, right? Right. There’s also aftermarket axles and things that may Yes. That it may need depending on the size of lift and tires and what works and the offsets and, and that’s what I like is your guys’ attention to detail and your guys know it. It’s not like, Hey, we’re just gonna throw on a lift. Oh, thank you. You know what I mean? It’s just like, no, we’re gonna do it. Right and you’re not gonna have issues.

00:29:48:24 –> 00:31:00:25
Or at least, okay, let’s just preface that we’re gonna have issues because we’re out in the hills and we’re hard on stuff. Right? Sure. But, but as far as, you know, as far as alleviating those issues as much as possible to user, the user causing those issues, I think you guys are just awesome at that. And there’s, there’s quite a difference. So appreciate, so appreciate that. Thank you. Anyway, it’s, yeah, it’s awesome. Light bars, all the cabs and there’s some people that like loud music, right? I mean, you’ll do anything, right? You’re throw in a wazu stereo system, whatever. Oh yeah, yeah. We’re putting a, we’re putting a heater and an enclosure in yours. That way you guys can use it for some late season hunts. Yeah, that’s right. And same thing like what we’re talking about using it for John. I mean I know John’s got all kinds of plans and trailer ordered and who knows. What else do you get? John? We’re gonna wrap it a little wrap a little in the epic design, the layout, which I, Adam and I want to be invisible. Like we don’t want the world to know where we’re going. We’ll take the doors off when you’re going have, yeah, you have to disassemble it by the time you get done. But anyway, winch kits, there’s winch kits and all kinds of stuff. Anyway, you know, you obviously sell forward Wheeler. Anything Polaris, Polaris make?

00:31:00:25 –> 00:32:03:16
So you’ll take care of anybody besides just Yeah, right now, just speaking of four wheelers, we have a lot of lion hunters and bear hunters here in Cedar. And a lot of ’em are customers. And we’re building a six by six a TV for a lion hunter slash bear hunter. A six. He’s six. He’s gonna build a dog box. Yeah. So six tires and wheels on a four wheeler and it’s got a like a truck bed on the back and he is gonna put his dogs back there. And it’s, we’re pretty excited. He’s very cool this’s the first time we’ve ever done one of these, so it’ll look pretty good. So that’s a, and what’s the base or, or is that proprietary? What’s the base machine that you do? Do you have to do an engine swap to run the extra rubber or? No, so Polaris actually makes a six by six and we’re just kind of dolling it up for ’em. Kinda like what we’re doing with your guys. So we put taller tires on it. We made it a little bit wider for ’em, just for stability with the dogs. We’re building a dog box for him on the bed. We’re gonna lower gear the transmission on that one too, just ’cause the amount of weight. And you have to sign a liability waiver so when it, it’s too top too, you know, if it’s top heavy or something.

00:32:05:01 –> 00:33:26:17
Have you seen hound hounds run a lot of shady stuff? That’s the last thing they’re worried about. Alright. Towns, I mean, I’m just gonna say it. They’ll get by, have you seen their trucks driving around town? The house? Oh man. Oh yeah. I mean destroyed. So I don’t think they’re worried about it before we either leans on its side. I agree with you, but Colton hey you’re, you’re based in southern Utah, so make that clear to all of our listeners and whatnot. But, but obviously, tell us how, I mean some people throughout the Western US may have a, a dealer close to them, but there’s a lot of people throughout the west or United States in general that that don’t, but they want a hunting, A-T-V-U-T-V that they can use. You know, whether they doll it up as to the extent maybe that, that you’re doing with Hounds Man or maybe us in certain situations. How do you, how do you recommend they go about that process? I mean, because we know you, we trust you, we live by you and sure you’re advertising in the magazine, but how can you still help them outside of your normal, Hey, drive to my shop, see what I have on my floor. Sure. So most of our customers actually aren’t from Cedar or even in our local area. Probably 80% of our customer base is Las Vegas, California. Wow. Parts of Idaho and Wyoming.

00:33:26:27 –> 00:34:37:01
So we’re, yes, we’re based out of southern Utah, but we have kind of connections everywhere as far as getting product places we deliver by all means. So if you can’t make the trip down, we’ll come to you. That’s awesome. Yeah, I think that’s what, yeah, basically wanted to instill that. Yeah, this is, even though, I mean if you have a deal that you’re dealing with Polar steeler, great. If you don’t give Colton a call because you got a lot, you’ve, you’ve been there, done that in creating hunting type machines, whether it be at v ut V, you know. Yeah. Like I said, it’s, you know, you can buy these anywhere. Everybody has access to the internet. They can, you know, get an idea of what the price costs. But like I said, what what it comes down to is just, you know, you’re buying a toy, you want it to be enjoyable, you want it to be an experience, you want to build it for the way you want it, for what you’re gonna use it for. So, you know, it’s, it sounds silly to say as a, you know, business owner, we’re not just in it for the money, we’re kind of in it for the experience just ’cause we know we’ll, you know, get that later business from you guys later on. Just as whether it’s service or whether it’s parts or whatever the case may be. Well that’s awesome.

00:34:37:02 –> 00:35:50:18
That’s what I think you guys are good at is the whole for not just selling ’em and sending ’em down the road and hope they never come back. You right dude, you were hiring, you know, a bunch of mechanics and you’re staying ahead of the growth curve and and whatnot. Yeah, we got, we got quite the crew, we went from nine employees to 18 now. So doubled them. That’s awesome. We got five, five mechanics and four parts guys and a couple sales guys we’re, yeah, we’re having fun. That’s awesome. So if we, if a guy calls you up and says, Hey, I wanna side by side, I mean is this something you can do in fairly short order or how are we looking on backlog and things like that? Yeah, so right now Polaris one, another good thing about Polaris is they’re just so massive. They have five or six factories throughout the US where our closest competitor only has one. So they’re really cranking out the product right now, on average you’re waiting about three weeks if, oh wow. The product isn’t actually physically here we are getting a lot of stocking inventory. So chances are we’ll probably have it in stock. If there’s something specific or as like a specific color that you want, then it would take roughly about three weeks. So really not too bad. That’s not bad at all. ’cause we don’t like to wait Colton, right.

00:35:51:28 –> 00:37:10:25
I don’t like, like things to do. Do you guys, like, when you want something, you want something, right? Yeah. And yeah, that’s right. And if you don’t, you know, don’t find it, you may move on. And we understand that in the world where when you’re ready to do something, you’re ready to do something, but it’s never too early. I mean, it is winter still and if you’re thinking about something this summer or fall that you’re gonna use and put to use hard, it’s, you can’t start too early putting it all together. So how does, how do people get ahold of you? Jason? You want to Yeah. Give listeners that. Yeah. Website, phone number, whatnot. You’ve got an 8, 4 4 number Is, is that a new 800 number? I don’t even know. Yeah, that one works as well. Or you can call our local number, which is 4 3 5 8 6 5 0 1 0 0 or our website is ss polaris.com. Okay. Ss polaris.com or 4 3 5 8 6 5 0 100. And you know, I like talking to you, you know. Thanks. Likewise. Okay, so, so when I call, I’m calling you, but, but anyway, is there, is there somebody people should ask for, you know, or, or how do they go about, you know, just start initiating the conversation? Yeah, so like I said, we’ve hired really, really good people. So I’ve given them the ability to work with the customer without going to a manager, without going to the owner.

00:37:11:18 –> 00:38:15:13
They know what the machine is, they know what they’re supposed to, you know, this is our cost, you know, type thing. Don’t go below it. So they have just as much power as I do as the owner and that’s kind of the way I wanted it set up. It’s always such an Im impersonal feeling when you go to a dealership and they’re like, well lemme go ask my manager, let me go do this or let me go do this. It just doesn’t give you that good warm, fuzzy feeling. So you wanna deal with somebody that has the answers that can actually sell you a machine for a good thing right there on the spot. Yeah, exactly. That’s what we do with optics. You’re more than welcome to call me. So, okay. That’s what we, either way that’s what we do with optics here. It’s the same price whether you talk to me or Devon or W or Adam or whatever. So. Yep. Well good. We just wanted to chat out you. We appreciate you. Yeah, thank you. Welcome board. Appreciate it. Yeah, anybody that’s interested, give these guys a call. 4 3 5 8 6 5 0 100 or ss polaris.com. They can do anything and everything. At least they have for me. So. And here at Epic, huh? John? Yeah. Yeah, you’ll also see ’em in the magazine too, so if you, you know, see their ad, it’ll always be there starting from the March issue on right John? Yeah, March.

00:38:15:15 –> 00:39:28:23
March issue should be in your mailbox, you know, pretty soon. Pretty soon it’s at the printer. What if they need a trailer? Do you have a, do you have access to that kind of stuff, John? So we can recommend places to go. We’re just running outta room. We wanted to do trailers but we just don’t have the room for it now. Oh yeah. So, but you have people, you know people. Yeah, yeah, we can definitely get you some recommendations. I still need to get John the measurements on this machine that you guys are getting, so I’ll they’ll get that. I’m sure John’s gonna hook us up. Good. He’s, he’s excited. Alright guy, well have a great day. We wish you well and encourage anybody that’s interested give Colton a call. All right guys, appreciate it. Thanks guys. Sounds good. You bet. Talk bye. And I just wanted to add one, one of the reasons we partnered with Colton is he’s an avid hunter and he knows he’s just one of us. So take care of you knows what we need as hunters and just a great guy. So, okay, moving on Bronson. We are getting ready to the land of Enchantment. Is that where you’re Well I do like New Mexico. I do, I I, I like, there’s some things happening and some little bills to restrict some tags and they’re not so fun. But you know, we don’t know where that’s sitting yet, so Yeah.

00:39:28:23 –> 00:40:32:05
And probably table, and we’ve alluded that in several states, whether it be Utah, you know, Wyoming, Montana, we’re just, we’re not gonna give a weekly play by play in every changes ’cause it changes and modifies and when it’s done the dust settles, we’ll react, we’ll apply accordingly. We will cover it, we will highlight it here on the magazine when stuff becomes live if it becomes lost. So, but New Mexico deadline coming up as well. We flipped the calendar to March. Deadline here to apply is 5:00 PM on March 17th. That’s for all species? Well maybe not, I don’t know about turkeys and stuff, but the big game, those aren’t species. Yeah, well I mean, yeah, that goes in the fish departments. That’s alright. So March 17th at 5:00 PM draw results. We’ll know by the end of April about the 28th. Not a lot of huge changes in terms of no stuff in New Mexico this year. Lot of plug and play. There is, but the, but just like you’re saying, the plug and play options are endless. You got three choices that ma that matter and then they’ll go to the next guy. So man, there’s so much, so many options.

00:40:32:07 –> 00:41:47:09
It’s, and a couple years ago when they type tightened up the interpretation of the current 84% resident quota, 10% outfitter guide quota, 6% non-resident unguided quota, they tightened up the interpretation in a lot of cases when there was 10 tags they would round, they’d give eight to the resident poll one in each other. Polls that, that didn’t follow the literal interpretation of that. So they’re rounding in favor of the 84% now and that took a tag away from the non-resident unguided. And so you need the magic number is 1313 total tags in a hunt code for there to be one in the unguided and the guided pool. No, that’s right. For non-resident ones for non-resident, we’re talking so, so very bare minimum of 84 1 residents and that, and that comes into play a lot on Oh it does, especially antelope. You look at the number of antelope options if you’re a self-guided guy, there isn’t that many. No, a lot of ’em are five or 10 tags and they, part of the reason is they split ’em up into three or four hunts or two or three hunts and they got low tag quarters. But that’s something to bear in mind. We did a very good job in our mind of drawing your attention to that in the magazine. You know, if you see that non-resident column that says no tag available must apply in the guide drop. Well that, that, that’s exactly what it means.

00:41:47:09 –> 00:42:50:22
There’s the tag cores are too low. You’re not gonna be able to apply for that and have any chance to draw. So keep that in mind. We like New Mexico from the standpoint is, I evaluate it every year with a new set of glasses on and how hungry I am to get a tag oakley’s well, whatever, you know, just once different, different set of glasses every year based on a what’s my season, what is my season? If I’m heavy, I think in September I have to avoid and maybe go to the October hunts with firearms. I, I liked that. Best Bulls archery. I could do that come from October seasons. Yeah. But John, last year you drew an archery tag early. I mean the early season, the first of 14th can, can be good some years, some years it can be tough, hot dry. Last year was a little bit tougher in general. It was tough, but man, it was such a fun hunt. Like I wish I could get that tag everything. Yeah, that so was that was an early archery. I didn’t even kill a bowl September one. Right. Was so fun. What days did you go? Yeah, September one. I went seventh through the 14th. Yeah, the last, not the last ones. Did you come into the Rutt? No, not at all. Last year was, yeah, last year was tough Rutt in the entire southwest region.

00:42:50:22 –> 00:43:54:11
I mean, there was a tiny bit of bugling, but I, you know, it was, it was still incredible. Well, yeah. Was it incredible changing the tires that you had to change? Was that incredible? That wasn’t incredible, dude, you, you ruined how many tires? Like, just, just one. But I had to sleep next to the truck. With the truck in the road. It was like, you know, 1:00 AM I was trying to learn new roads and geez went out to scout early and I just threw out the tent or next to the truck. Did you, why did you, well, okay, so explain like did you have a spare? I did have a spare. Okay. I did it. It was just 1:00 AM and Oh, I see. Knocked it at one. Just start, you’re just gonna sleep where you’re at. Yeah. Wake up. There was and there was no, I mean it was middle of nowhere. Well, I do think you did come back. I mean it was, it was a great experience. And so, and that was a unit you’ve never been to before? Never been to, yeah. So I ran trail cameras and found some great bulls and just, it was so dry and, and there wasn’t any, did truck cameras help you find the bulls? If I, I knew just tease I up areas that they worried there’s truck camera issues in Arizona and you just, it Yeah, just anyway.

00:43:55:00 –> 00:45:10:27
All right, well having a good time here. You know, like, like you guys say and, and Bronson, we’ve killed some great animals in New Mexico. We apply for it every single year. No point system, clean slate, like you said, new set of glasses. I mean you may, things may change and you can pick new options. You’re not held to anything. You don’t feel like you’re burning anything out. You can sit it out if you’re not, if you’re not feeling filling the love in your schedule or whatever, you know, sit it out or go for swing for the fence. They do look at all three choices. I’m still get calls almost every week about that. And people just need to realize every state does their draw differently. This is not like Colorado where, you know, you can only draw your second or third choice if those tags are undersubscribed. New Mexico looks at all three choices before going to the next applicant. When your number is pulled, they try to fill your first choice. If the quote is full, they immediately look at the second and the third. So you can draw. I mean, a great tag is a third choice. It doesn’t mean that it was undersubscribed. Don’t just get that outta your mind. Arizona looks at two, you know, Utah looks at the first one, Colorado looks at the first one, but every state’s different. So apply accordingly. But knowing those rules are important. Yeah, it is.

00:45:11:05 –> 00:46:20:24
I mean, don’t, I mean, I I wouldn’t put a 16 d second archery as my third choice and put a 51 and 52 archery. Your first and second. Why, why not? Well, if you drew a really good random number, you’re probably gonna draw your 51 archery before you ever got considered by 16 D. The 16 D’s better. Was it? Awesome. You know, don’t, don’t rank ’em. I mean, I know there’s some touchy feely, but those are vast differences in, in terms of numbers applying and, and, and quotas and things like that and drawing odds. So makes sense to generally rank them it based on drawing odds. ’cause if you draw an incredible number and you put 51 first season archery as your first choice, you’re never, and you’re never gonna know what you could’ve drawn as a second or third choice. So anyway. Okay, sounds good. I like it. I like it. Let’s move. Or French on bear. I love that. I mean that’s addictive when he does stuff, whatever. Anyway, we all in and done on New Mexico or what we all in and done. I like it. Alright, so anyway, we got the Nevada guide draw. The only thing we were saying, they, we did publish March eight. They came out and published March eight, but then they extended it and they, and they told me, sent the email out to everybody a week or so ago. Master guide, they extended and all that.

00:46:20:27 –> 00:47:25:12
But it’s because they normally have a a point only option that that’ll last a week later than the normal deadline. And so since that doesn’t come into play here, you can get points in the regular draw. Didn’t need to extend that. They didn’t need to do it. So they extend it and it doesn’t change when the results will come out. So anyway, having said that, if you need to guide to apply with, gives us a holler, we can help you with that. No problem. Work with the best in the business absolute best and we appreciate them and their support as well. So mention that with New Mexico as well. That does apply only to the rifle deer in Nevada. But all species in New Mexico, if you are likely gonna hire a guide or an outfitter, you should probably apply with one from the onset that generally have better drying odds. Not in every ca single case in the state, but by far the majority o of cases, you’ll, you’ll experience better drying odds if you enter the guide, draw bigger portion of the pad exponentially better. So yeah, if, if you’re gonna hire somebody anyway, especially if you’re not sure. Okay. Yeah. And you want the flexibility, you better just enter the regular draw and then decide after you draw. But talk about, there’s a couple things we’re not gonna dive into, but we should briefly mention ’em, why it’ll be Colorado.

00:47:25:12 –> 00:48:37:03
We’re gonna be applying Colorado here shortly and cranking on, on, we’ll probably do our own another podcast. We will, we talked about deer a little bit on the last episode of Mike De Plan. But we’re gonna, when we, when the magazine starts showing up and people are kind of in a frenzy, we’ll cover the mon, the, yeah. Montana, deer and Out Colorado as well as ida. We’ll do April 1st and then Colorado. Colorado the sixth, April 6th. And Mon Montana. Sheep moves to goat’s. Not till May 1st but it’s included in the, in the March issue as well. So, okay. We’ll cover that in a week or so. We’ll do another podcast with that. But what else, what else is on the front burner right now? Is this a memory game or No, no, no, no, no. Got, so I’m not good at memory games. If we end the podcast and you, you need a high note said we should have brought No, no, just you wanted to cover something that how Low can Go was timely. We could, I, I do have, I, I haven’t told you guys about the NLP. Okay. That I, I mean, they, they’ve been hard to get and we have them in stock now. The 10 by 40 twos, I took a pair to Mexico and it was phenomenal. The thing that I noticed most that I wasn’t expecting was the new coatings are amazing.

00:48:38:07 –> 00:49:47:18
You know, I’m glassing not even really realizing, but almost directly into the sun, like the sun is, is going down and I’m di I’m, I’m di glassing directly below it. I find glass could hurt your eyes, you know, but I didn’t even realize it really, you know, because I could see, side note, don’t glass into the sun. Don’t glass into the, go ahead, John. Tell us how you glass. If I looked up, yeah. I blinding, but Yeah. All keep going. So I, I find some COOs deer like normal. I flip ’em off and then put on the spotting scope scope to, to see it. I couldn’t see anything. Yeah, it was, it was totally white foggy. Yeah. You know, looking at the same spot. And I, and I was just shocked. I put the NLS back up and it, it was clear than heck, you know. So I wanna just ask you a, a personal question. Where’s this going? Well, a year ago you did this trip. Did you? And what did you kill? Great buck. I mean, yeah. I killed a buck. Yeah. Okay. But you killed two bucks this year. Yeah, I killed two bucks. Yeah. Was that because the N ls I could’ve been ly I think that’s the only change I can think of. Last year. It was my first year. Never been there, you know, never done it. I thought he just, it’s all, we passed.

00:49:47:21 –> 00:50:51:27
A lot of them comparing ’em to mul, they’re like, that’s a D And now he knows they’re all little s So we crushed a couple and they’re, they’re a hundred and plus inches and they’re good bucks. Yeah. They’re just little fellers. Yeah. Good bucks. So, well, all right, we’re gonna have some draw results moving on. We’re gonna have some draw results coming out. We had, dude, what? The Alaska sheath results came out. Okay. Okay. So we’re just thinking about some of these things, Arizona. Oh, we’re pending there. Yeah. So let’s talk about that. Well, and so what we do offer here at Epic Outdoors, we have a member draw system. If you draw a tag, you need help, we can send you a list of members who’ve had that tag in the past, help you with outfitters by signing up for that. You’re also agreeing to help next guy in the future that comes along down the road. So that’ll be coming out literally almost any day. I mean, they were, as far as credit card charges normally. Yeah. You know, started hitting credit cards the day after you were supposed to update, which would’ve been Friday. But that’s, that was last Friday. And that didn’t happen. No. A lot of anxiety being caused by Arizona in the world right now. Even though, I mean, angry people. Yeah. Anxiety is a light term. Angry Birds, you know, we need to play that.

00:50:52:00 –> 00:51:56:03
Do you guys used to play that? I was addicted. I’ve never played it, but I know what you’re talking about. That’s what I think of when I think about people in Arizona. So anyway, so, but yeah, that’s coming. Good point though. As you start, Arizona should be the first state we get as far as a western state. You know, Alaska is a western state, but you know what I mean. Most, a lot of the stuff you apply for up there, the sheep and goat, you’re already contract obligated with an outfitter. You’re not gonna go do a bunch of research. You’re, you’re taking care of that already. But in the case of Arizona, that’ll start the, start the lower 48, you know, draw results coming out for elk and antelope. At least give us a call if you’re a member, if you’re not a member and you draw a tag and you’re a self-guided guy, keep the member experience database in mind as a tool. That alone might be worth your a hundred bucks to talk with other people that are recently been there, done that in your unit. It’s a member benefit for Epic Outdoors members as well. So anyway, I can’t think of anything else. Bronson, I’m all out of Monster. Monster. Chris, I’m out of energy. Anything else, Chris? I have no steam. Chris, happy birthday yesterday. Thank you. Holy, I can’t, I can’t say belated.

00:51:56:10 –> 00:53:06:27
’cause we said it yesterday and we to you, we, we were acapella. And for Chris being a musician, he is. It was. We sounded us. Well he just, he just sat back and was like, he’s just like, yeah, he’s just, yeah, he’s just, yeah. Thanks guys. Yep. But we, we do our best. Chris, we were just chiming in. I’m not saying we’re bad, but it just, and you sing to a musician, musician, acapella. Just 14 people gathering in a room and just, well, it was, and it was the last birthday. What do you mean that he’s gonna have as a non-married guy? A single dude. I don’t wanna say single because he’s engaged. What do you mean is that’s not a significant thing in your, your la Do you ever remember your last birthday? I just looking for a reason to have a paid holiday. Just thinking about just having a reason to have a paid holiday. Okay. Well I’m just saying your last birthday before you’re married, usually that’s not that significant, is it? Well buy anything you want. I can’t, I can’t think of any. I just wondered, does anybody remember that in their life? Well, yeah. There might have been some parties thrown. I could see, I could see for bachelor parties. Bachelor parties. There have been some parties thrown. But bachelor parties. Yes. A dude’s last single birthday.

00:53:07:15 –> 00:54:18:11
No, I don’t know that that ever, we’re always looking for a party around here. We’re always looking for a reason to smile and sing. And yesterday it was Chris’s birthday. That’s right. And we had cake. We did have cake and ice cream. So that’s, and that’s another benefit of having add another person to the crew. We get another birthday. That’s right. More cake. That’s just what we need. It’s 45 in the winter months. Mid forties we’re chain to a desk and on the phone. That’s fine. So this is what we need. So everybody out there, you know, Chris runs our Instagram Epic hunts all Bronson, we good. Let’s, let’s give some shout outs to some of our partners advertisers. You support them and they support us. And it’s, that’s one of the ways, one of the ways we give you this follow for follow free podcast. Like, like for like yeah, like for like, so just teasing. Alright, keep going. One, it’s, let’s, let’s give a shout out to Red Rock Precision and you can go to their website, red rock precision.com and they’ve got a really cool gun builder up there. You wanna see what’s possible, all the different combinations they build custom guns. So you, you choose kinda like Colton Francis at triple. Yeah. Yeah. Do what you want. Do what you want. Yeah. Customize your scope, use your stalk your weight, which all that has to do with maybe your caliber.

00:54:18:28 –> 00:55:39:09
Everything your, your intended use of your rifle. We’ve got ’em, I’ve got a couple of them. I like it. I like them. And I’m actually getting kind of itchy with this warm weather to get out and, and shoot ’em a little bit. Right, right Now we’ve got a, a giveaway going on with Red Rock Precision. Talk about that. Go check out our Instagram page. It’s four A epic hunts again. Epic underscore hunts where you’re all gonna go. Wish Chris happy birthday. Keep going for a zes Conquest V 6 3 18 by 50. Wow. So that’s a great scope. All you have to do is go on there and read the instructions. Yeah. Awesome scope. When’s the deadline to do that? Chris, do you know off the top of your head? Like did they? Yeah, so the deadline is March 8th at 5:00 PM Mountain Standard time. The old guy draw deadline. Okay. Alright, keep going. We’re just full of deadlines. I run my life on deadlines. An old insignificant deadline. An old insignificant deadline. You did. It can’t get outta my head. Alright, keep going. Alright. If you’re looking for land and you got a little bit of money to spend on a ranch or two or sell one or sell one. That’s right. That’s right. Yeah. You wanna sell some property. So our buddy Blaine St. James at St. James Sporting Properties, he is a ranch broker and he specializes in sporting properties. So big hunter. Yep. Go.

00:55:39:10 –> 00:56:49:09
You know, that’s what I like about our partners, just like Colton Francis or Blaine or whoever we’re working with these guys freaking hunt, you know what I mean? I love that. Well, they have that perspective as well, whether you’re buying or selling, if you’re buying with the intent to have some kind of a hunting property or selling and wanna use that as an angle in the selling, Blaine understands that he’s licensed at a bunch of states, John, so you wanna give us contact info, great crew of guys that got working for him as well. Yeah, go check his website. It’s sj sporting properties.com. Yep. Or call him (877) 354-7247. Great guy. And like I said, big hunter based in Colorado, but licensed in many of the Western states. We list ’em all we have before. But anyway, give him a call. I like it. Awesome dude. I like it. All right, who’s next? All right, one last one. Steal cam. Hey, speaking of which, we just threw in a huge order. We’re gonna have cameras coming out our ears. Well we do a big, big order just so we don’t have to do a bunch of little ones because last year we ran into, well I don’t know if people heard of Covid. He had some problems with deliveries and and things like that. But not us. We had stacks. We didn’t have ’em. We had ’em on the, we had ’em on the shelf.

00:56:49:13 –> 00:57:45:15
And when people figure out they need ’em, oh, we had ’em on pallets, I think. Pallet. Yeah. Not shelves, but pallets a lot. So anyway, yeah, we’re a huge fan. Stealth cam, love them. Yep. If you wanna go see their, their lineup, stealth cam.com. And like we said, we’re dealer and we can do, we can do custom orders. We order what our favorite models, our faves. We’re gonna have loads of them. You can call us, get our opinions. But if you wanted to, you know, order something special and you did a quantity of a few, why we would sure consider making a special order. The downside is you gotta wait and we don’t like waiting. So anyway, having said that, we can do what you need. Anything that GSM sell makes or delivers. All right guys. Anything else? Let’s call it a day and go eat some, get your wraps in. Go eat some maybe fish since we’re close to the ocean. All right.