EP 201:Trucks, Maps, and Hunt Apps with Aaron Bronson. In this episode we change things up with Adam Bronson on the road and his brother, Aaron, in studio. Aaron introduces the new binocular stud for NL Pure and EL binoculars. This new stud allows you to mount your NL or EL binos to a standard TAs-SLC tripod adapter from Swarovski. We also talk trucks, maps, and hunt apps as application season continues and Colorado approaches.

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He smashed a freaking giant deer and a big old ram. One of the better rams taken in the state. A lot of guys will do that if they have some backups. We off ski. You know the tripod adapter that fits on the stud. Anything to do with Western Big Game. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. We’re missing Adam Adam’s on the road. We’re gonna call him and see how he’s doing. He’s headed up to grab a travel trailer. So anyway, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson in spirit. In spirit. John and Chris as well as Adam’s brother Aaron. Aaron hey. In the house. In the house. In the house. In his own vehicle. In his own truck. Drove my truck down here And how does it feel to say, drove my truck. Pretty good. It’s been a minute. It’s been a minute. Maybe a year. Yeah, one year. Sold last March. So yeah, things are looking up. Things are looking up. Got a new one. Brand new. You finally just decided you had to have it brand new because you wanted the bench. Did you end up getting the bench? Absolutely. Yeah. You do. If you order, you get everything you want. So, leather bench, no cloth. Cloth. They don’t make a leather bench. They do, but that’s, it has more options that I didn’t want. So I was able to pick and choose.

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But that was really the only way I could get. Did get roll, roll up windows or the actual electric windows? That’s the thing. Base vehicles now come with a lot of stuff. Isn’t that amazing? Yeah, they have all the good stuff. But that was basically my force, my hand, because I, you couldn’t buy as any, everyone knows you couldn’t buy a used one for the same price as a new one. So I ordered it in November. Yeah. And I’ve had it about a month. And you got a good deal on it a way. Good deal. Yeah. So what kind of options did you want? What kind of options didn’t you want? So I basically just needed the, I got the S-L-E-G-M-C-S-L-E Ax has everything I need as far as their, you know, basic remote start keyless entry. The SLE comes with a a ton of stuff and four wheel drive. Yeah, it’s got a transfer case. Yeah. Yeah. It has everything you need. Did you put the spray in Bedliner in it already? Those come with it now. Yeah, they come with it. It’s pretty awesome. Yeah, it’s nice. And it looks so sharp. It looks just like a paint job. It’s flawless. Oh yeah. It’s really good. It’s not like aftermarket, it’s flawless. No runs, no nothing. Yeah, it’s way good. How do they do that? No runs. I mean, nothing.

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Well, it makes sense ’cause they don’t have to paint at the factory color and then turn around and just paint over the top of it. So they’re just like, just do it right from the factory. Yeah. Anymore that’s coming. Pretty standard. Yeah. Kind of crazy standard. Like rubber floors, you know, rubber bed covering outside. Right. Oh, rubber floor rails. Bed rails. Bed rails. Yeah. Yeah. Pretty awesome. Yeah, it is nice. I went there and on the bench seat thing though, that’s my last, well my last two trucks. This is my number one thing. You wanted the bench to have a bench. I hate the consoles. I hate ’em. You’re also still, you got your chicks in. I, I’m, I’m not even gonna call you married ’cause you’re not married and so that’s important to have a bitch. What? What bugs? It’s it’s gear. It’s the gear. Gear and all your stuff. It’s gear. I don’t like that thing up against my knee. Making me feel boxed in. I want to open in the middle. We didn’t. Yeah, we only need five seat belts. But I, you can put so much more in that. Well, and I like having, being able to throw six guys in a truck if you have to. Yeah, if you had to. You know, in fact, the first time I took it out we went wolf hunting up in Idaho and we had six, six pack. So I already got it used.

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I don’t know if it’s used. So you can sell something with four. You can sell something with 400,000 miles and it looks brand new. We’ll, we’ll see how this one does. And you think you’ve off roaded it? Four wheel it Not yet. No M’s. Coming to see you and recite you for going on roads that have been closed for 50 years. No, it hasn’t been that bad yet. Maybe the spring barren Turkey. Alright. Well Aaron, so you did stop by. Tell us why you stopped by today. Well, mainly I had to show you guys that I had a truck. No, I’m just kidding. Okay. And that’s a big deal. Proof. Proof. Not just pictures, not just a That’s right. Invoice from an order. It actually arrived. Not a VIN number. Not just a VIN number. I promise. I have one coming. We’re gonna have to find something new to talk about at the beginning of every podcast. He’s not even interested. Like you’re, and the excitement’s worn off. You’re just like, yeah, I got one. What’s the big deal? Yes, let’s move on. So I, when I saw the new NL peers coming out, Adam, you guys demoed one here at the office, right? Adam called me that night and he’s like, you should see these things that are amazing. I first question, how do you mount ’em to a tripod? Yeah.

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And he said, well I don’t think it has the same stud as the, you know, the T-A-S-S-L-C tripod adapter. Right. Which goes on the fifteens. Yeah. Whichever one, if you’re familiar with that. It’s the 15 one. And they’re awesome. They’re awesome. It’s a factory. It’s a factory. It’s a factory post that mounts to the tripod and it’s awesome. And he said no. And so I kinda started scratching my head. I said, that’s probably something people are gonna want. We should make one. Yeah. And I teamed up with my guy at work, we work in an engineering firm and he drew a drawing together and got the, you know, the right dimensions and what we needed and kinda did a prototype and tested it and it worked out of aluminum. And then we went to a manufacturer that does stainless and we went ahead and built one and it’s awesome. So I’ve got my 12 NL purs right here. They’re, they’re abused. They don’t look like your truck. And we’ve had a hard use since September. But anyway, we just, we mounted it in what, 33 seconds? Yep. No big deal. Pop popped off the little, little exterior cap there and then threw it on. And this wheel go with the normal T-A-S-L-C adapter, which you’ve, anybody that has the fifteens right. Has used Yep.

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If you’re familiar with that simple clamp on design of that soro adapter, it’s the stud is interchangeable with this in a 15 or whatever, you know, swirl came out with the adapter that works with the T-A-S-L-C post and this matches that. So with, with this little bit of a stud, you can throw it in there, you can hand hold it, no big deal. It’s just a tiny little Yeah. Just stu stays on your binocular. Just like the 15 one. It stays on and it doesn’t come off. So I I mean it would come off, you can take it off, but it won’t. We put blue, blue lock tide on it. Correct. Just a little. Correct. Yeah. Yeah. It but yeah. And out in the field. Yeah. It just stays on as, I guess what I was mean, if you don’t it take it on and off, its probably what a ounce. I don’t dunno. Yeah, not very much. They’re not very heavy. Pretty awesome. So anyway. And you’ve also made one for the el. Yeah. And while we were at it, we’re like, why doesn’t the EL have one? And so we made one for the EL as well and it’s awesome. Yeah. So anyway, we’re excited. It’s good. The nice thing about this particular stud is it matches with the sua Yeah. Original equipment, right? Yep. The original posts that worked with the fifteens. Yep. You can slap these on now.

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The ELSs and the, and the nls. The other thing I like about it is it’s low profile. It’s not an inch long. Yeah. It doesn’t stick out. Some of the studs out. There’s super long and that you can hand hold and it’s not gonna get in the way. Doesn’t get in the way of anything. You can close and open your binocular full range. Everything’s good. Yeah. Hey Chris, how are you man? 12 power at three feet. So anyway, pretty awesome. Awesome, Aaron. Good work, man. So now you, you can get those here at Epic Outdoors. That’s right. We’re selling ’em like it’s our job. So anyway, we even You’re drinking a monster. I know. I was promised a monster if I came into the I didn’t know you drank monsters. Well, I just thought, I mean, it makes me feel like it’s okay. I figured I was gonna need one to get through this. Chris is drinking one John, who knows he’ll do anything, anything that the crowd’s doing. Just teasing thing to do. Yeah. You guys always cold call me and I’m on the road somewhere. So this is, I’m in the black room today. I figured I better have a monster. So, so Wayne Brown, good buddy of Adam and I, you as well of course works with you guys. Yeah. It helps guide and this and that.

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So anyway, he hit Adam and I this morning and he sends a, he sends a little picture of, you know, like how the moms in the back of their minivan or suburbans or whatever, right here in Utah country have like the mom and dad and the little stick figure and all the little kids and the daughter or whatever, right? Yeah. The family. Well here’s two big monster symbols and then three little monster symbols. Like, that’s, that’s awesome. So anyway, that was on Instagram, I guess it was trending. And he’s like, Jason, is this your vehicle? I mean, could you imagine? Oh, that’s pretty clever. If I threw that, if I threw that on Jana’s little truck, I and I might ’cause it would be awesome. She’s antimon. So anyway, might just tease her a little bit. Oh yeah. All right. So anyway, awesome. Great, great stud. We got a lot of things going on here at Epic Outdoors. Epic optics. We’re selling optics like crazy. People are using their, using their Biden bucks, right? Yep. First stop right here at Epic Optics. So anyway, if you’ve got a few Biden bucks that you wanna get rid of, let us know the, these things. It’s not like, it’s like everything in Covid times. Some things are on back order and so’s on back order. You want something you need to be thinking ahead.

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I was gonna say, they’re not buying a truck with their buying, they’re buying by ox ’cause they’re in stock. No, you can’t even pay for the sales tax with the Biden bucks. No. You know what I mean? Well you can’t buy everything’s on back order right now. What was the sales tax on your truck? I don’t remember a lot. $400? Yeah. It wasn’t 26, 28. Yeah, something like that. Pretty close. So anyway, gonna take a few more, maybe some Trump bucks and some Biden bucks. Maybe they could team up guys. But you guys got off in stock. Chris, don’t, don’t edit this Chris. I’m just thinking it’s coming outta my taxes so it doesn’t matter. Anyway, alright. That’s already my money. So anyway, you gotta be thinking ahead, right, John? Oh man. Yeah, which we did on the, on the stock for the optics. We’ve got ’em, we’ve got a lot of stuff in stock. We do. And we got stacks of it coming too. But having said that, there’s a lot of rifle scopes and things that are super customized. You can get a rifle scope in 14 different options of les and, and different things. The V four, the V six, the whatever, Z fives, whatever it is, the illuminated, non illuminated. So, you know, some of that stuff, we’re not keeping tons of it in stock because it’s somewhat custom to whatever the user wants.

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But anyway, it, it feels like, John, I mean, if we want to go to lunch or dinner, we’ve gotta think ahead 14 days and make a reservation. Yeah, absolutely. Isn’t that crazy? You go downtown and everything’s full, everything’s slow, everything’s backed up. I went down to Arby’s the other day and they’ve still got their, their little open room is not open. It’s still closed. You have to go through the drive through. Wow. I thought we were past that. Yeah, that’s shocking. At least. I mean, for people not in southern Utah, we’ve, I mean we’ve been pretty much open all along, right? Haven’t we? The only places that have been closed are like big f the big franchisees, which would be Arby’s, right? Yeah. We should not give them our business. Right? We should only give local venues our business. Right. Tell me I’m wrong. I I pretty much switched to that lately. So anyway, speaking of things like that, the advertisers and whatnot, we were talking earlier, we did bring on Hoyt, we did, you know, excited about that. So you’re gonna see the new ad in the April, 2021 issue of Epic Outdoors. We’ve got great relationships there, have had for many years. Got them on board. Finally. John, you can tell us a little bit more about that. Working with them. Yeah, just really excited.

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One of the top bow manufacturers in the industry and we’ve been able to see some of the new stuff coming out. Just amazing. And it, it’s just like anything else. If you want a new bow, you know, get on it right now. Yeah. They, they told ours coming and, and Adam got his already. Well ’cause it was painted and q you Yeah, they say that’s was first out. A lot of the Q out stuff’s a little bit quicker. Yeah. For one reason or another. I just got mine on a plane. Just a plain kind of a drop. Let’s call it a drive like that. Yeah, I like that. Yeah. What do you call that? An olive? Olive, olive, olive green. Yeah, man. Olive mine. I think mine’s more sand. Brown. Brown like a, you know, Tacoma sand. Well I’m not a Tacoma guy. They don’t fit me very well. But anyway, there’s a lot of Tacoma guys out there. But yeah, I do like that Tacoma sand color. What do they call that officially? Do you know? You would know if anybody would. Yeah, I don’t know. Like a Mojave Mojave I think, but I can’t remember. Yeah, but that’s a good looking bow. Yeah, it’s good looking. So anyway, first rate company out here in Utah, so pretty awesome. We appreciate them and their support. You’re gonna see their advertisement.

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They got the advertised in our, in this particular publication, so you’ll get to check it out. So anyway, that’s just hoyt.com. HOY t.com. Yeah, you’ll check out new bo as well. So yeah, pretty awesome. We appreciate them. Also, I don’t know, throw, should we throw a little shout out to Hunt and Fish connection? They’ve got some tags out there for sale. You can go on Hunt and fish connection.com. They’re selling stuff every week’s. How a lot of these organizations and conservation organizations are getting rid of tags that they sell, you know, which generates revenue for wildlife. So pretty awesome. Hunting, fish connection.com. All guys. What else? You, you said Adam’s bow’s already here? Yeah. Does he know that? He knows it. Just, I could take it out. He knows it. Let’s, let’s call him and tell him that you’re shooting his bow. He’ll never believe it shooting. Yeah, just say, Hey, your bow’s in and it’s shooting pretty good. Let’s, let’s see, let’s see what he has to say. Give him a little grief. See how he likes to be cold called. He might not answer. Be funny. Wow. He knows this game. Yeah, he knows. He knows. Hi this time, huh? We don’t take no for answer. We we, there’s not really many places going that way. That they don’t have service. No, he’s, no, he’s totally got service. This is out getting gas. Hey, this, this QU bow shoots pretty, pretty darn good.

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Aaron’s got it dialed in. Yeah. This thing’s awesome. Yeah. Yeah, I’m sure. Yeah. Whatcha guys doing well? We’re just, just seeing how you’d like a cold call. Aaron’s on the mic. Aaron’s on the mic. I figured the place was on fire and they were wondering if I had any valuables hidden in my desk anywhere before they’re running out or something. I don’t, well, we, we already already know. There’s nothing in it. We’ve already, we’ve already looked. We just walked away and watched it burn. Well, you don’t know about every place. That’s all I’m saying. You don’t know about everything. We’re just wondering how you got a, a hoit bow before the rest of us. It’s all about color scheme, I guess. It’s lucky. I, I picked a Q Verde and they said they, those are the first ones that came available. So I guess Lucky me, man. It looks sharp. It looks sharp. We were just telling the world. They’ve come on board and, and you’ve got the new model and it’s pretty, pretty darn awesome. We were gonna tease you a little bit, tell you Aaron’s got it dialed in, but you didn’t even fall for it. Well, no, I’m, I, I showed it to him last night and I know that he came to the office with me today and so I know he didn’t have it, so I didn’t come close involved.

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So what else, what other projects are you guys working on today? What are you covering? I mean, is it, there’s something productive going on there now that I had to take a quick up and back? No, there’s nothing productive going on. I don’t, at least in this room. The rest of the office, they were working when we shut the door. So who knows, who knows. I got, and I’ve got your monster for the day too. So you’re, your quote is shy and I didn’t even know Aaron drank Monster. Now that he’s drinking it, I feel better about myself. Well he likes those nasty green apple ones though. I think so. Let him take all of those he wants. No, we were just telling, Aaron was telling the world about this new adapter. You’ve got one mount, we mounted one on your NL twelves too. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome and easy. So most people that have Swarovski 15 by 56 SLCs have the Swarovski, you know, the tripod adapter that fits on the stud for the 15 by 56 SLCs. The goal is we, the NL Pierce came out. Obviously when you get them on a tripod, they’re, they’re unbelievable. And to make that as easy as possible and maybe less, I mean they make a universal tripod adapter that, that we got by through in a pinch last year until we, you know, through Aaron’s help.

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And that developed the stud that goes in them just like your 15 by 56 stud. So your same adapter clips on both of ’em. You just keep that in your pack. Whatever vinyls you have that day, that’s what you take. And, and you know, it’s easy. You don’t need a separate whole adapter for one vinyl than they have for the other one. Yeah. It’s pretty awesome. We made ’em for the ELSs as well. And so, you know, it’s awesome. The only thing that’s not factory is this epic outdoor stud right here that Aaron designed. It’s pretty awesome. So yeah, pretty easy too. When you look at it, I mean there’s engineering, but when you look at it like, oh, that looks easy. But took the r and d and it took a lot of, you know, machining time with Aaron and engineer to get it, get it right and make sure it’s perfect. And that’s what it is. It’s, it’s perfect. Awesome. Basically use mine this weekend. Yep. Okay. We have a couple personal questions. Fire away. Fire away. Did you get your mon I’m an open book. Did you get your Montana elk and deer application in negative? I’m gonna do points only this year. Points only in summer points only for me in the summer. All right. All right. And then how about Colorado? I, and, and I, I’m gonna need a little consulting on my Colorado application.

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’cause I know you haven’t done very much consulting. Yeah, I, that that would be a, I don’t have many options. I mean, we burned our points last year. I know. So I know, I know. I feel kind of in a lucky position, honestly, honestly, that I don’t have the trepidation that we’ve heard that the, the sleepless nights that we’ve heard from members calling us non stuff about what do they do at their 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 15, 20, 25 points. And I’m not, I have zero, so I don’t even, it’s points, it’s gonna be points on, points on the application for me. I think what would be interesting to hear from you guys is what haven’t you heard? What scenario have you not heard this year? I, dude, we coded guys for second choice archery and muzzle yesterday. I mean, there’s nothing I don’t think brought that you haven’t, you haven’t heard. There’s nothing. I mean, I have nine points, I have 14 points. It feels like nine, 14 and 17 are maybe the most common point tiers. Yep. Wow. Yep. And then three, there’s always the threes and fours. Yep. I’ve applied, I’ve coded guys in license app or recommended guys and done research for guys to draw a muzzle loader deer tag and also a second co choice. Try to get a second or, or, or a second or third season deer tag and coated them.

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Find them a, a second choice cow elk tag for third season units so they can have a cow elk and a deer with their points, preserve their elk, get an a cow tag, second choice choice and burn their deer points in the unit. So if I can do that, well, I’ve to heard about everything and then have a 50 50 draw on an, on a muzz loader antelope tag within a a hundred mile radius. A vet same unit when they drawing. I mean, it’s, it is, we, there’s nothing we have, you’ve seen it all, you guys have heard it all this year with an, with an over over-the-counter bear tag at the same time. That’s right. All about. That’s right. That’s right. I’m not asking for a whole bunch. All right. That’s right. Well, okay, that’s about it. We were just kind of going over a few things here and just wanted to make sure you got your apps in and wondering if you needed any. I have any consulting. I have not. I have a lot of points with my, my wife and kids. They range from five to 13 points and all of them. And so I’ve got real life problems with those because you, you can’t take four of ’em over there. They’re all pretty much rifle hunters. I’ve tried. So I’ve got second and third season is pretty much it. I don’t wanna touch the fourth season this year.

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It’s too late I think for what I wanna do. And it’s over Thanksgiving and during sheep season in Nevada or whatever else. It’s just for me too late, too late. So I’ve gotta somehow burn at least two of those maybe this year on second and thirds. And I’m, that’s what I’ve got. That’s what I got. My work cut out. It’s hard, it’s hard to keep the whole family happy. I tried last year, you remember? Oh yeah. And it’s brutal. You Yeah. You tried so hard that you didn’t get a hunt much for yourself. It’s true. But, but it was a blast. We had a good time. What truck you driving up there? Did you take mine? I told you you could take mine. No, he, he, Aaron. Aaron. Did you guys talk about that with Aaron? Did you? Yeah, we did with him. Adam, do you remember a point in, in your life where you went a full year without a truck? Aaron got to say he drove his own truck today, today to the office. And that was pretty amazing. That’s a pretty big deal. You like that diesel, don’t you? Yeah, I kind of like it. Never, never said that in my life. And I never will. Never. Yeah. I did go off, I did go off a pot for one year. My, I don’t know, I, I was not a big pot drinker. I’m a bigger pot drinker now. You said pot.

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I said pot too, Chris. And in this day and age, this day and age, Oregon. Oregon or Colorado or California, who knows? We’re not judging. We’re just okay. Soda. We went out soda for a year, soda for a year and no caffeine, which meant no caffeine. And I did it for a year, but I’m not gonna just do go without a truck for a year to say that I did it. That was probably the worst year. The worst do of your life. I mean, I wasn’t doing it to say I could do it, you know, after, after a month you’re, you’re like, that’s over with. I mean, you look at Wyatt, I mean Wyatt’s been off Mountain Dew for like four or five years now. His life is great except for two bouts with kidney stones. Everything’s great that kidney stones are created by pop. So I don’t understand. I I guess it’s just not, at least the monsters have the vitamins. You’re not gonna get that problem, dude. They’re a prenatal vitamin if you guys read the back of these. Yeah, I mean it’s, I mean, geez, there’s bite you can’t even pronounce whatever can count and whatever you can’t, can’t pronounce dissolves the kidney stones. That has to be a fact. It has to be because Wyatt’s the only one with a problem and he’s the only one not drinking. He’s the only one doesn’t drink ’em.

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And he is the only one a problem. Right. Alright. I mean, I just, I don’t need to go to a medical field trial to figure out that’s, that’s, that’s all I need. That’s scientific. Yeah. That’s pretty awesome. All right. Okay. Sounds good. Well maybe drive safe. Drive safe and let us know if you need any consulting for those 14 kids. Okay. All right. I will. Thanks. Alright, let’s give something away. I, I’m excited. I never did be here. You look, you look excited. Aaron. You glad this isn’t un tape. We’re gonna let you draw. Let’s give, let’s give something away. I’m very excited. Alright, let’s do this. Let’s give something away. Chris. I think we promised all of our listeners last week when we did the 200th, or was it early this week? When did we do the 200 podcast? It was very, it was weekend basically. Friday. Yeah, Friday. Then you posted it out on Saturday or Friday. I can’t remember. Well, anyway, we’re gonna give away a pack. Will John, how much is this pack will worth with all of the bells and whistles and accessories? Two grand. Are we giving ’em all that? Yeah. Wow. Pretty awesome. Is it new? Brand new? It’s not our used model model, because I think our used model is pretty awesome. But it’s, well, it is. It packs you guys around. It’s awesome. That’s the one I took out last week. It is pretty incredible.

00:24:28:11 –> 00:25:37:29
I was, I was surprised ’cause I’d never actually used it before. And I, I was like, I’m just gonna see what this thing can do. And I went and I straight up a ditch, straight up this a wash, big wash that was taller than my head. And I just hit throttle on that thing. It went right up. I’m like, wow. Got all the accessories. Chris, why don’t you take it away? It’s now Thursday. Your, your deadline was Wednesday, midnight, I think it was midnight. Yep. Yep. Last night at midnight was cut. And so somehow, why don’t you tell everybody how we got down to the fab for the final F Okay, so Adam, in honor of March Madness, even though it’s April now, he wanted to do a final four. Ah, so narrowed it down to four finalists here. And so how we did that is we got all the comments and we did random numbers, put ’em on cards, four cards, folded ’em up. We’ve got ’em in a hat together. An epic hat. Epic hat. Not just any hat. And we’re gonna let Aaron, that’s, that’s gonna look good in the back of that new truck, new pack wheel and a new truck. Well, I don’t think the Pac wheel. Yeah, I thought that’s why I was here. Truck. Yeah. No, no, I’m not even, so I can draw your, spend your Biden bucks on APAC wheel. I can check it out. Okay.

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Aaron’s gonna draw here. No, hold her high. Hold her high. Yeah. Out of the final four. Got it. Got a winner. Dude, here we go. Who is it? Hunter. C Larsson. Hunter Larsson. All right, here we go. Everyone sees it at Hunter C Larsson at Hunter C. Literacy. L-A-R-S-O-N. There we have it. You just, you just wanna pack Will. So boom. If you are Hunter c Larsson, give us a call and ask for Chris here in the office. 4 3 5 2 6 3. We don’t need seven. Seven, seven. It could be anywhere. It could be anywhere. Could anywhere. I’m, I’m gonna look right now. What if we Oh, you can find him. Yeah. See what states he he’s in. If we have to drive that to across, if he’s in Canada, what if he’s in like, some obscure state that doesn’t allow online gambling or Pac Wilson. I mean, who knows All No idea. Do we know anything more about him? We’ve got nothing. I can’t tell where he is from. He is got, he had a, an Arizona picture. Huh. That’s cool. Well, yeah. Right on. Congratulations. Thanks for, for everybody out there who played the game. Pretty awesome. Pretty fun. We appreciate PAC Will’s. Well, they ed up and gave this away. So, you know, with us here at Epic Outdoors, we appreciate their partnership. You can go to what John Pac will, is it pac will.com? PAC will.com. Yep.

00:27:00:04 –> 00:28:16:17
Check ’em out if you’re gonna be packing in anywhere, they’re pretty awesome. I used it last year, two years ago I was in Colorado hunting with my wife and we hiked in three miles, shot a deer and it was late. And I just like, oh, I don’t wanna do more than one pack out. So, you know, we pretty much made one pack trip out and it about killed us crazy. So it, it would’ve been awesome. I used could, could you used one? Yeah. So, so last year I did use one. Awesome. You can pack up, you can put an elk on it and just, it, it just goes like crazy and the battery lasts forever. It’s like those eight bikes. You guys ridden one of those? Yeah. Oh man. Pretty awesome. Dangerous. We’ve got some, we’ve got some guides down in on the Henry’s for bison that packed out an entire bison with the pack wheel. Oh man. Crazy. Pretty awesome. All right, well congratulations. Is it Hunter c Larsson is his first name. Hunter. Did it say that Hunter, at least in his bio or whatever first name? Hunter Larsson. Hunter Larsson. Yep. Because it could be like, I’m a hunter and my name’s Charlie Larson. Yeah. I’s Hunter Larson. I think we clear it all up when he gets in touch with us. Aaron’s like, let’s move on. All sounds good. Well, we, you know, we do have the April magazine.

00:28:16:19 –> 00:29:40:00
It’s just barely got one in our hands. I thought maybe we’d give my buddy Jason Taylor a call. He smashed a freaking giant deer and a big old ram. One of the better Rams taken in the state. He drew both tags, you know, in, in Nevada. So. Awesome. Anyway, maybe we’ll give him a call. See if he’ll say much. It’ll shock him. I don’t know if he’ll say much. We’ll see, see what he’s doing today. What up? What are you doing? Oh, just trying to make a dollar. That’s it. Living the American dream, living the American dream and spend, buy, work for a dollar and spend two. But that’s what Americans do. That’s what we do. That’s exactly right. Especially when you’re in business. That’s the way it seems to go sometimes. But hey, anyway, so I’ve got you on the Epic Outdoors podcast. I don’t want you to freak out. Oh, how’s it going? Got Aaron Bronson, Chris Peterson. John Peterson here. How are you buddy? Well, what’s up guys? How are you doing the same. We’re just wanting to hear a quick, a quick dear story, sheep story, whatever. You had an incredible year last year and you’re on the April cover. Just wanted to, just wanted to bend your ear for a quick second. What an incredible year. Credible buck. I think you found him early, you know, scouting, you, you scout like crazy and you don’t do anything halfway.

00:29:40:08 –> 00:30:56:00
Maybe give us a quick rundown. Well, I appreciate that, but yeah, everyone says 2020 was a bad year, but I didn’t see that it was really good for me. But no, I, you know, I, I, like I said in the article, I’m a, I’m a mule deer freak, but I finally drew this tag that I’d been wanting forever, the My Deer tag. But with that sheet tag, I just could not help but think to put that, you know, ahead. But I obviously scouted a ton for deer and didn’t come across anything except for this one. And I really didn’t, I almost turned that tag in. I mean, literally I was, I was days away from turning it in because I, I wasn’t sure if he was, he was the only one I wanted to hunt. And so, but I, and I think I was telling you to turn it in. That’s what I feel bad about. Yeah, no, you did. You did. I mean, it was a, well it was a marginal antler growth year, but there’s always a few that, that grow. Maybe wherever they live, a spring or whatever, they have better feed. And, and I’m telling you like, you are crazy. This is a bad year. Like, wait for a great year. You’re wanting a Yep. You’re wanting to smash the 200 inch mark and Yep. And I’m like, you’re not gonna do it this year. What are you doing?

00:30:56:23 –> 00:32:08:29
Yeah, no, I specifically remember that, and that’ll probably be the only time I don’t take Jason Carter’s advice on you. I keep it and, and only because I, I spent enough time out there where I didn’t see anybody else out there. And so I, I really felt like if if everyone knew about him, then he would’ve been hunted hard because it was such a bad year and because he was such a giant. So I rolled the dice and somehow got really lucky and right away. So it worked out perfect. It did. So you were out there, he’s, he was just out there. You actually had felt, you know, there was some competition. I think there was just, somebody had seen him and it felt like the rumors were going around that there was a buck in that area worth looking at. And you, and you kind of felt like, it feels like the outfitters teams were converging on this area and then the next day it felt, it kinda like you had it to yourself. Yeah. See, I, I had heard that there was other outfitters just pounding it before the season started. It started on, on Tuesday, I believe it was whatever opening day was. And I had heard they were in there pounding it. And so opening morning, I just knew it was gonna be a zoo opening morning. There’s nobody.

00:32:09:12 –> 00:33:12:12
So I knew right then that they couldn’t find him and didn’t think he was there. It was a rumor, whatever it was. But I knew that now I really had a legit chance to, to get it done. And I’m, I kind of do, I’m kind of a creature of habit. I mean, I’ll, I’ll move if I need to, but I feel like if I, if I pound it for maybe three or four days kind of doing the same thing, let them do their rotations. Like kind of when you’re lost in the woods, if you keep moving around and your searchers are moving around, you may never found each other. So for me, I kind of stay put and just glass and glass. And we did from sunup to sundown, I had my wife with me there and we went from ridge to ridge and glass and glass. And then, so I was gonna do that for a solid three or four days. The same thing and the same pattern that I found him in the second day is exactly the way I’d seen him all summer long doing the exact same thing. So crazy. That’s crazy. Didn’t work out. So was it day two, you ended up getting your chance at him?

00:33:12:25 –> 00:34:26:06
Yeah, day two, the sun came up and it was literally as the sun come up, I seen a group of deer got the BTX on him, and I could tell, I could tell right away it was him and I’m by myself. So I didn’t know how to approach it. I didn’t wanna attack him right away. I didn’t, I didn’t know what the other hunter was doing. So anyway, I, once I realized what they were doing and going exactly where they were, I kind of moved around and, and cut ’em off. And you had no idea it was there. So it worked out perfect. That’s awesome. Yeah. Well, all right. So then, so you got a big buck on the ground. It was day two, you’re prepared to go the whole distance, which isn’t, it’s, it’s a long old timeframe. You’re talking October 5th to the 31st. Right. And so you’re prepared to go the entire time you’re done at day two, you’re going back to work or whatever, but, or sheep, sheep scouting. Now, there was a huge relief. I remember talking to you and you’re just like, man, I feel so good. You know, and, and we’ve all felt that a little bit. Sometimes things go our way, other times we’re out there for 30 days, you know? Yep. No, it, you know, I was worried my daughter had to tag, Maddie had to tag in a different unit.

00:34:26:14 –> 00:35:45:03
And so I wasn’t sure how much time I could spend on her, so it just worked out good. And then her, she had other activities going and still in high school, so I knew I’d be able to really concentrate on that. And, and my ram is what I was really, so it, it, everything just worked out great, but it was such a relief to get it done. So he ended up, what did he, I think he ended up grossing mid two twenties, netted like two 19 right in there, right? Yeah. 2 24 gross. Two 19 and eight. Geez, Christ. Pretty, pretty awesome. So let’s go from this giant to the next giant. You were, you prec scouted a ton. And my wife loves that word prec scout. But anyway, because it’s scouting, right? And scouting means pres scouting and she hates that. But anyway, I like it. I remember my wife told me one time, she’s like, does it really make a difference to go scout? Like, how are you really gonna find the same animal that you are nine months from now? But she’s finally realized that it does pay off to do it over and over and over, but, and it paid off. And you’re relentless. I mean, you, you’re the definition of over and over. And you were relentless on the, on this country for sheep draw, basically a once in a lifetime tag. Tell us how that went down.

00:35:45:19 –> 00:37:09:04
Yeah, no, it worked out. Worked out good. Drew a unit that wasn’t the popular unit, and that’s what I like. We knew there was some good ones in there. And, and then yeah, once we found, found two, two good rams. Mine was the second ram, and the bigger ram was just, just jaw dropping. And I, I literally couldn’t sleep over it. I knew we were all by ourselves, literally in the middle of nowhere. And then he had, you know, hurt himself and we never could find him again. So once my hunt came, I kind of figured it was gonna be our number two ram. And after, you know, what we did for those first five days was, you know, there was no glass. And from the road it was all on foot, you know, up and down sheep countries. Not easy. And I think the closest we went was about five miles. And the farthest we went was about 14 miles round trip. And so yeah, we, we grounded out. I spent some time with you. I’ve spent some time with you. You on that one. It was, yeah, it was a grind. No. And yeah, so when we finally found this one, I, I, I’ll never forget you, you found him and said, Hey, which, which leg was our ram limping on? And I literally about choked. I looked, I had Logan and Dakota with me, and I mean, I just literally couldn’t believe it.

00:37:10:03 –> 00:38:28:24
And then come to find out, our number two ram just happened to have a limp and it was on a different leg. So it, it was just a crazy, the whole thing. And you know, the one thing that blows my mind even more, my, I was just talking to the boys about it the other day, is I don’t take naps. And after I missed that ram, that first shot, and I laid down on those jagged rocks and you woke me up, I was, so you, I’ve never even heard this. Oh no. I was so phy and I don’t take naps. And I was so physically exhausted, emotionally, physically, and I just, I just thought I blew it. You guys all had to leave and go to work and I’d be out there doing by myself. And when you got me on and started laughing about an hour later and said, you’re not gonna believe this where I told you he went up and over, I can see the tip of his horn beded down. And I just thought, wow, if there’s a, if there’s one more chance, that’s all I needed to do. And luckily that one chance presented itself because I just about blew it. No, it’s awesome. So in 14 hours later, it feels like you got him and you could read the story in the epic outdoors April issue. But anyway, what a great year. What a great year there was.

00:38:28:24 –> 00:39:51:19
There’s nothing like it killed a giant, giant deer, a giant ram that ram. Did he end up at like 1 73 or 1 74 as a desert? Just awesome. Yeah, it’s 1 73 and something gross. And then officially I think 1 72 and six eights. Yeah. So yeah, just awesome. Yeah. Yeah, we would. So, so what are you, what are you gonna kill this year and where are you? Used all your luck. I’m a typical, you know, you can, you can kill a two 40 buck and if it has a 1 75 frame with a bunch of trash, to me, that’s not what gets me that, that 2 0 5, 2 10 solid frame. Anything else after that is just for fun. But I’d take a 200, 2 0 5 typical over a 180 frame with, you know, 40 inches of trash personally. So you’re not asking for much then this year, two 10 typical. And that’s all we, that’s it. Two 10 typical or two 40. I’d rather have the two 10. We’ll see what this year brings. Yeah. Yep. Jason finds onell, let you know. No, no, no. Yeah. Well, it’ll be that or nothing. I don’t, I don’t need to kill one. I don’t, I love the meat, but I, I am, I’m a true trophy hunter at heart, so that’s what I find. Yeah. Fun and challenging. It’s challenging. Challenging. It’s, this is the kind of deer you’ve been hunting your whole life for. Yep. This is your biggest deer, right?

00:39:51:24 –> 00:40:57:05
I mean, by far your best deer. Yep. No, for sure, for sure. I got a few friends and I always tease them. I said, you’re a tr they always say they’re a trophy hunter. I said, you’re a trophy trophy honor until you see horns and then you get all excited and kill the first thing. But you can’t kill that giant if you don’t hold up. That’s right. Well, some guys say they’ve got one and they don’t need anymore. Do you feel that way? You feel like you don’t need anymore? Oh no. I mean, I am, I am, I’m just gonna say it. I am pissed off that it’s taken me this long to kill a giant like this. I mean, I am You didn’t tell your wife that’s a buck of a lifetime. Did you, you didn’t tell your wife that? Yeah, no, it’s a good one. She knows there’s, I’ll keep trying bigger and better and, and she can’t figure out why I’d even want to go out again and how, how she didn’t think I can beat myself. But I guarantee I can. Yeah. Perfect. All right, man. Well, trying anyway, we’ll let you get back to earning that buck. ’cause you’re gonna spend two. Alright, well thank you. All right. You bet. Sounds good. Good luck in the draws. Thanks for answering. Okay, thank you. Bye. Bye. You know, that should be illegal. What?

00:40:57:09 –> 00:42:12:17
You know, I, I tend to get jealous once in a while. John, John, John John’s in the same stage. John says things and it, okay, let’s, let’s preface this. Let’s do the little asterisk symbol. This is not from Epic Outdoors. This is from John. These are not shoes of Epic outdoors. Draw that two tags in the same state. Is that what you’re John and John? Yeah. Kids, you shouldn’t do that. Kids shouldn’t be allowed to apply. Wasn’t something along those No, no, no. Kids can get once a lifetime. You get like a 12-year-old killing a sheep. Yeah. And I’m like, oh, they don’t even know what they’re killing anyway. Just joking around. But man, so we get people fired up. So what? Oh, you do, you do, you get me fired up. So what age limit is legal for a kid that would understand the consequences of the tag he’s got? See and really enjoy and cherish that 35 to 40, no, yeah, I was gonna say I, I’m 36, but 40, 46 haven’t lived to 8 45. Don’t live to age 40. You should be 45 to be able to draw a sheep peg. And you know what’s funny? He laughs he probably really feels that way. John, tell us how you really feel. How do you Hey, you know, it’s prob I’m gonna probably be 60 before I draw probably and probably Anyway, yeah. So anyway, that’s kind of the gist of it.

00:42:12:17 –> 00:43:21:01
Yeah, that’s pretty awesome though. He killed two giants, obviously. He’s from Nevada. Yeah, he’s from Nevada. He’s a good dude. Yeah. He’s a resident and you know, just really a hardcore hunter. I what I like. I mean, and you can take away a little something from every hunter out there and all the different stories we had the 200 inch podcast. Yeah. You learn something from every person. But the one thing about Jason is his tenacity. And like he sticktoitiveness, this guy can go and go and go and go and he could go see the same buck or ram even if he was seeing him on a regular basis, he will not quit going. Yeah. And that’s not my takeaway from Jason. I mean, he, he’s a good glasser. He, he’ll, he’ll sit there with Btx as we were sheep hunting with him and he’ll just sit there and he can sit there literally all day. He loves the high power glass and he’ll just sit there and grind and grind and grind. And I’m telling you, you know, he finds an incredible amount of animals doing that. And then just, and just the mental ability to sit there day after day after day after day after day after day, you grind it. Well and he said it, he rolled the dice. I mean, how many, think about how many guys, they’ve got one buck to hunt.

00:43:21:17 –> 00:44:32:05
A lot of guys will do that if they have some backups. He sounded like he didn’t have anything else. No. Like dude. And so he’s willing to go all in. Well, and where he killed this buck is somewhat popular. And the area is, and I’m just like, guy, like, give yourself a chance. Let’s draw on a Goodyear. When there’s sometimes in the good years on these good units, Nevada has these huge ups and downs, huge valleys, huge peaks on quality. And it’s directly correlated with rain and timing of moisture. You get the April, may, you got big bucks, you know, if you get moisture and, and you have these huge, and I was talking with a biologist yesterday about it, but you, you do see that. And when Nevada’s on, it’s freaking, it’s freaking on. And people can’t get that outta their mind. There’s been times I knew of, you know, 2225, 200 inches and then you could go like this, this particular gear and know about two or three. Like it’s, and that’s why you were telling them to turn it in, like you knew, give yourself a fight chance. He has a load of points. Give yourself a fighting chance. He’s never drawn the tag. He’s drawn and he’s tried for, you know, his whole life, whatever that is. Right. And so, you know, go on a Goodyear, I mean, he’s a resident, he’s gonna gonna be able to draw again. Right.

00:44:32:07 –> 00:45:41:01
And he’s got a lot of points and, and he’s a resident. So, you know, go on a good year. But anyway, if anybody’s gonna do it, it’s gonna be him. Here’s another lesson we can take from him. Grow your own posse. Okay. And laugh. He’s John, just walk us this. He’s passionate as he is. Take us by the hand and walk us through this. So, so he’s got his kids helping him. Yeah. And they’re, they’re great kids. And, and just hardcore as well. So. Well they’re enthusiastic. These kids are fun to be around. Yeah, we had a good time that sheep hunt. We had some great talks at night. Of course gospel according to Jason. You know, I mean, I, I mean well we had a, we had a great time with his family. He’s got a great family and a lot of support at home and, and out in the field as well. So anyway. And that’s what I’m trying to do, John. I’ve got kids. I’ve got ’em. It’s pretty awesome. They’re g glassing. Yeah. Tripod. You heard it here. Curl your own posse. You heard it here. You heard it first on the Epic George podcast. Have kids raise ’em right. And make ’em killers all I’m be 75 before I have a posse. Yeah. Chris, you gotta get, get started. You know how to fix that, right? Chris, what are you touching my monster can for?

00:45:41:17 –> 00:46:53:18
Well, did you don’t touch me stuff. Did you see the one that has a llama on it? A llama? No, I did. It’s the white one. The joking. It’s this one. No, no it’s not. Oh, which one? Oh, it was the blue one. It’s blue. It was a, it was a turquoise or I just, I just wanted to, and it wasn’t a llama. He likes to say it was a llama. It’s man versus beast. I just wanted to see for myself what it was. And it’s the monster. It’s the monster written on the can. It’s not a llama. It’s lamas aren’t monsters. No llamas. Spit and run. Oh yeah. See it’s not, that’s not a llama. That looks like a llama. No, it looks like a rabbit slash If I was to look at like rad hieroglyphics higher. That looks like a labradoodle. Looks like a lama. It looks like a Labradoodle. That’s definitely camelo. It definitely looks like a, it’s amyloid. Alright, so whatever it is not a spitter. This they, the people back then would not have put up with spitters. They were brutal. Something would’ve spit on them. They’d have killed it. Made it. Yeah. Tell me I’m wrong. You’re wrong. There’s, there’s this place where I spent considerable amount of time called Bolivia. What they love the llama, llamas and alpacas. Yeah. Did they ever eat ’em part of the culture? Oh yeah. Oh, see that’s what I mean.

00:46:53:18 –> 00:48:08:28
That’s where I had spits on me i’s a mistake. But they also used them as pack animals and work animals. Okay. He’s eating Guinea pigs. So when those llamas are done, they can’t pack anymore. Yeah. Eat dinner. That’s a different place down there. Yeah. When we’re talking about fake rabbit foot. Oh man, that’s awful. Chris, that fake rabbit foot. I mean it’s fake rabbit. Now this is not a rabbit foot, this is a foot of a rodent. It was disgusting. But I had it regularly probably once a week. Wow. And you’re still never been. Right. That’s why you’re, that’s why you’re so skinny. You ate things you shouldn’t, if you think I’m skinny now, you should have seen me back then. I, I went down there when weighing 1 75 and I came back at 1 55. Oh wow. Did you contract anything for a couple days and little worm here and there, that monster would killed para typhoid. Come on. Was it a parasite? Oh, it was, it’s a form of typhoid. Yeah. Which is nice now. ’cause basically he can’t get Giardia. He’s immune to it. Are you, are you immune to it? You probably have on Monster down there. He’s probably on there. Who knows. He’s probably immune to it’s, that’s the worst, worst sick I’ve ever been. Wow. Dude. Covid has nothing on there. No, it, it, I went blind for a, a while. Oh my god. Couple minutes or so.

00:48:08:29 –> 00:49:14:05
Blindness this whole topic lost everything went white. Oh man. I couldn’t see it come on serious. About eight to 12 hours after that foot. No, it wasn’t fake rabbit, but who knows what it was. But wow. I like, don’t go towards the light. I would’ve went home white everywhere. I would’ve went home. It was bad. Wow. And I then we, I got a taxi, went to the hospital and I was just leaning out the taxi just the whole way. Oh geez. It was bad. Hurly. Yeah. Throwing up on the road. Oh wow. Geez. I haven’t heard that story then. Then three days. Three days in the hospital. How’s the oblivion Hospital actually? Do they have drugs? They probably have some pretty darn good pills. It was actually, I didn’t go to like the normal hospital that most people go to. I went to one that was the vet more in Yeah, the vet. It was more, it was more of a That’s a great, it was more of a private, I could picture that private hospital. I went to the hospital a little bit nicer. So yeah, we call ’em vet clinics. It felt like going to your grandma’s house, it really did. Like it was a nice, and then a doctor comes into the bedroom’s like, and he opens up, he opens up the medicine cabinet and then as asks you, what’s wrong? And did you see you at that point?

00:49:14:05 –> 00:50:22:11
Could you see your vision was back? Yeah, it came back after like, I don’t know, a few minutes. Geez dude. It was crazy. Isn’t there what they call it? Isn’t it the blood brain brain barrier or something? You had whatever had went from your body, core body up into your brain somehow to block vision? Who knows? Yeah. I don’t know. It’s pretty hard to do. I think it’s similar to like when you get a migraine, can’t see a little that like spots, but, but this was way more severe. Like it, everything went white. We’ve got some doctors listening going. Yeah, they’re just kicking guys. I have no idea what you’re doing. They’re just pounding the wall. They’re, the only thing they’re wanting to do is have access to that medicine cabinet because there’s stuff in there that fixes everything. Huh. Tell me I’m wrong. That’s why everybody goes down there that has cancer. They go to Mexico, they don’t go to Bolivia. Trust me. Trust me. Only people that get sick from eating fake rabbit go to Bolivia. Fake rabbit, and yeah. Well, yeah. Let’s, let’s go. Do you wanna call couple shout outs to, do you wanna call anybody else? We can call somebody else. We can, do you want to give a shout out to sponsors? What do you wanna do? Yeah, let’s do, let’s do, let’s, let’s talk about MOA rifles. Okay.

00:50:22:12 –> 00:51:30:00
Who wants time to time to order your rifle from the office? Chris, you went up there to that course with us. I did. Why don’t you, you do. Why don’t you do that? And I will say, so we went to the MOA shooting school. I will say anybody that is serious, a serious hunter, you should look into doing one of these shooting courses. They’re, they’re pretty incredible. And just the amount of confidence that you can gain on your specific rifle at one of them is super valuable. I, I, and just having somebody else there to coach you and help you learn things that maybe you didn’t know. I, I think they’re, no matter how good you are, there’s always something that you’re gonna learn. What I liked about that too is he went through the kestrel and, and win and all of these things. We went through real life situations. We were shooting anywhere from 600 or, well, 300 probably, but to 1,250 yards, 1300 yards. And we’re constantly making calculations. And you do that over and over and over and over. Now, whatever you take away and actually implement in the field for yourself. I mean, that’s up to us, right? We get to choose. And some of those things sometimes, like, I want to, I want, you know, less is more so to speak. Like, some of that can slow you down a little bit.

00:51:30:03 –> 00:52:40:06
And you know, I, I like to just, when you’re in the heat of battle, simplicity kills, you know? And so I may not calculate every variable, but, but going there teaches you the importance of it. And you can do it. And then I think it helps you in, you’re shooting even if you don’t do every little thing that every course teaches you. Yeah. Here’s part of, for me, is the confidence to know that you can do it. And it’s possible, like you said, yeah. You’re not gonna take a 1200 yard shot at something probably. And, and, but when you get that 400, 500 yard shot, you’re gonna have confidence. Yeah. And you can, it makes it look like a chip. It feels like a chip shot. Yeah. And you understand how everything works. And, and so it just, yeah. It’s, and I also find that people that aren’t shooting long range or practicing long range or have the capability, the equipment, whatever, let’s call ’em, they’re, they’re looking down their nose. They’re judging us for taking a 600 yard shot because they’re not used to doing that. And they don’t know that that’s a chip shot. You know what I mean? To them, that’s monumental. I’ve never even heard of such thing. When I look 600, I can’t even see what I’m looking at. How are you guys dare shooting at a live animal at that distance? It’s nothing. I’ve never missed one at 600 Aaron.

00:52:40:06 –> 00:53:51:28
Right. Have you ever missed one at 600? No. And what, what we’ve had as, as, as guides, we’ve had people maybe hit one, not not a lethal shot close and have to do a follow-up shot like at seven or eight. We would never have ’em take that the first time. But, but they have the gun to do it. And, and they’ve been able to just pull up at seven and finish the animal off, you know, ethically. Well, and what’s interesting is sometimes, Aaron, how many times, how many times have you seen in the field where the guys miss on the first round, hammer ’em on the second, third or fourth or whatever. Yeah. And what’s the first round? It’s the most collected, right? Yeah. It’s supposed to be down. Everything’s perfect. Everything. They always miss that first one. I mean, me included sometimes. Yeah, because, because of the excitement and the unquantifiable. And then once that first shot breaks the silence per se, and now it’s, now it’s now, now it’s kill zone. And yeah. People get into that and it can happen. But yeah, no one having little good long range rifle. Yeah. You’re not gonna shoot 1200 yards, but man confidence at six hundred’s. Unbelievable. Well, if you can shoot 12, I mean, you kill at 6, 7, 8, whatever. We had a client, Adam and I were guiding in Nevada and he missed a chip shot.

00:53:52:13 –> 00:55:08:10
And then, you know, it’s, it’s that Ram’s out there at seven 50, hammered him twice like in the lungs, whack wah, nothing. It was nothing. He had the equipment to do it. He had the capability of doing it. He agility got agility outta the way. That’s all it was. Right? So luckily we had a second chance Anyway, I don’t know. Wrap it up, Chris. Anyway, if you’re interested in, in going up to a course, give them a call. Also, they have incredible rifles that they build. So you can call them at five four one five two six one eight two oh. Or contact or visit moa rifles.com. I like it. So if you just want a rifle only, you can do that as well. Yeah, yeah. You can get a rifle. People are calling ’em all the time. We’re referring guys up there. Super good guys. You know what I like too about them? They turn around, they, they, they treat it like a business. You’re buying a product. They wanna be timely and, you know, they’ll, they’ll take your order and turn it around for you. So anyway, super good guys. Great team. Bob Beck up. There’s got a heck of a business and a business since about him and, and has done well with that. So that’s a topic you guys should do is misses. We’re always talking about this big animal and we killed, could do a whole episode. And why you missed the cover guy he missed.

00:55:08:13 –> 00:56:20:05
I mean, where would you start? I know. So nobody wants to answer that call. No one wants to do that call. But like, why did we miss And you learned something from that Jason calling me from the Epic Outdoors podcast about my 200. No, we wanna, what did you miss all the ones that got away and why? Tell us, tell us what you did wrong. And I mean, honestly, if people were humble about it and could and could be okay and, and educate That’s right. Listeners. It would be an awesome podcast. It would be, it’d be something different. Let’s start with you. Oh boy. We, this, this podcast is getting long enough already. And I tell you mine would be another two hours of Mrs. Ah, that’s my, that’s what I’m, so that is a point. That is a good point. Well that backfired. Dang. Alright. All right Chris, we got anybody else to Yeah, we’d, we’d also like to talk about, just for a second, the phone scope. They’ve actually got a new, new model out. If you have the old phone scopes, they have redesigned it. They now have shock absorbing bumpers inside the case. And I’ve started using it on mine. It actually is really nice. It takes away a little bit of that shape. It takes vibration. Okay. And just a little bit better design. So if you have an old phone scope, it’s probably, I would recommend upgrading.

00:56:20:13 –> 00:57:30:04
So yeah, check those out. Oh, and get the pyro putty too. That new lighter. Oh wait, that new lighter and pyro putty combo has that new, did it ever save your life? Yes. That new lighter and combo should be in your cargo pocket everywhere you go. Well, there should be one in every door pouch of every vehicle, of every backpack, every day pack. It’s that whole, so the putty goes underneath and the lighter’s on top. That’s nice. So one unit, you put it every, every hunting pant has a cargo pocket. It should be, it should never leave there ever, ever use. Because if you drop your pack, if you don’t, the truck’s no good. The truck is no good. Get, so for those that don’t know, on a prior podcast, Aaron, you floated down on Alaskan River, got hung up, basically died was I didn’t screaming, die screaming. You did basically right? Almost. It was very cold. I don’t know if I almost died, but it did. I was swimming and fighting for my life. Yes, you almost. Okay. So yes, you didn’t about die, but everything was soaking wet and I had a, you were within a, a lack of, if you wouldn’t have been able to grab onto ERs or whatever, a tree to get out. Yeah. Anyway. Do, could have been back. You probably at the end of the day. Do you have pyro putty on your body right now? Not, no.

00:57:30:07 –> 00:58:27:16
Do you ever leave the house without pyro? It’s probably like your wallet. Shouldn’t I shouldn’t because that, I love that new, that new pyro putty lighter and the Tinder kind. I don’t know, what do they call it? Sorry. The elite dual arc glider with pyro putty. So it’s all in one. It’s just ACU smash. Yeah, tins are great. But it’s kinda, that’s just a two part. You’ve got the lighter and now you gotta kind of find your tin. But it’s still, I, that’s what I had is the tin and the lighter and I mean, still works, don’t get me wrong. Yeah. It’s two pieces. Right. The only thing you’re saying is now the new lighter can hold, the new lighter can hold pyro putty in the bottom of it, in the bottom of itself. That’s what that’s at the end of the day. It’s a very simple little Yeah. Because then it’s just one unit in your pocket, grab and go. And you never have to, and you can light somebody’s house on fire. Adam’s office that we were talking about. That’s right. I mean whatever. So you came out of the river soaking, everything was wet, soaking wet, everything, everything was wet. I had a big lighter in my cargo pocket thinking that was good. Yeah. I grabbed it and of course it doesn’t work ’cause it’s wet. Yeah. So I teared through my pack.

00:58:27:19 –> 00:59:35:22
I have pirate putty in a tin in a dry bag. And I, I just went straight for that. I got a stick. I crawled under a tree that was fairly dry. It had been raining and obviously it’s Alaskan pulled out a little teeny bit of that tin and just hit the ark and boom. It was, it was with the electronic lighter. The electronic lighter. Yeah. The py Yeah, the pyro lighter. Okay. Yep. So that, that just Millennial products saved your life. Yep. Absolutely. The electronic glider. I mean, come on. I mean, you’re plugging, you’re charging it with a USB. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Yeah. So you can get 10% off any, any purchase from pyro putty with the discount code. Epic 10. So, so you do, you’re not making ’em jump through tons of hoops. Just one hoop. Just just one. Well, it’s just a discount. If you wanna discount, great. You don’t, if don’t, don’t use it. Pick one up. Yeah. If, if you don’t wanna discount, great. But if you do, go ahead and use Epic 10. Epic one Zero. And they’re all over the place. Everywhere. Buy ’em everywhere. Alright, well anything else John? Can we call it a day? No, we can call it a day. Congrats to Hunter Larsson on, on the big win on the PAC wheel. Yeah. If anybody knows Hunter, you better contact him and tell him Chad Hunter. Chad Larson. Chad call us Chad Larsson. That’s Hunter.

00:59:36:06 –> 01:00:40:05
But it says Hunter c Larson. Oh, you know, is C Huh? I don’t know. I just wanna You could be up to be Carter Larson, but going Okay, Charles Charlie, go Charles Chuckie. I don’t know. We shouldn’t have give that out. Someone could just go make that handle down. We all have handles, right? We all have handles. You gotta prove who you are. So Jason Muley Carter. I like that one. Mully. Mully. All right. Should’ve name. What’s your handle, Aaron? I don’t have a handle. Don’t have anything. I do. You do. You’re on Instagram. You just don’t tell people you’re on the No, I’m not. You lurk. No, we have the Adam and I have the Bronson outfit in. Oh yeah, that’s right. That’s it’s right. All right. But yeah, in closing, I would just say I haven’t been to the Epic office in a while. You guys got this pretty fancied up here. You one thing, the dark room. Yeah. Well, I was offended. Well, it’s not dark. It’s, there’s no windows. I mean, we’re not, there’s a lot of lights. There is a lot of lights, right. That’s right. You’ve got optics, you’ve got trail cameras. That’s right. We got stacks of trail cameras. Yeah. That’s the one thing about these trail cameras, like we don’t screw around because you know, when you’re ordering cameras, sometimes even if they have ’em in stock, it takes a month to get here.

01:00:40:05 –> 01:01:49:23
Just the way companies work. Right. And so we pre-ordered, pre-ordered. I love pre Right Prec? Scouted Pre-ordered. Pre-ordered. We pre-ordered. How many John, Chris, I mean, hundreds. There’s a lots and hundreds and hundreds. Yeah. It looks awesome. So anyway, if you need trail cameras, which you’re gonna need ’em. Yeah. It’s that time of year. It’s that time of year optics and trail cameras, and they have ’em. Here, give us a holler and you won’t, our prices will not be beat. We’re not even price matching. You know what other people do? They’re price matching us. Whatever you, wherever you could find ’em with the cheapest. We may, may or may not match ’em. And they, and some guys haven’t matched ’em. So anyway, we’re, we take pride in that. Making guys a good deal here at Epic Outdoors. If you’re a member, you get member pricing, give us a holler. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 sunset. 7 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 sunset, seven Epic underscore hunts on Instagram. Epic outdoors.com. Yeah. Well, thanks for stopping by, Aaron. It was a good visit and a fun time. So I’m just glad he is. Got wheels. Yeah. Got wheels. And go check out the website. There’s a lot of good mapping features out there on the website. So tell us real quick about the mapping. You bring that up and now this is a whole nother podcast, but real quick, you’re in charge of that, Aaron. Yeah. You’re in charge of that.

01:01:49:26 –> 01:03:03:01
You do that for, for us here at Epic Outdoors. Correct. I love it. You’re doing a great job. Tell us, just, just give us the different layers that you put on Okay. In the different states real quick. But for those that don’t know, I mean, Aaron’s got, it seems like 15 jobs. Well, he does, he guides and, and and he does our I do have a Jake, he does our mapping. He’s got a short attention span. He’s just all over the place. I am. But but actual, professionally, you are a, a mapper, right? Yeah. Is it GIS call S analyst. What does GIS stand for? Geographic information Systems. Oh yeah. Sounds, sounds good. Kinda like GPS. What does that stand for? I don’t know. What is it? What is G? Global Positioning System. System. Oh, that’s right. All. So anyway, keep going. Yeah, it’s like AutoCAD. Everyone’s familiar with AutoCAD, but it’s, go ahead. But it’s, but I am TikTok. It’s players. I don’t know. TikTok mapping is just, it’s, it’s layers and you can add in. And if you go out on the Epic website, it’s the Under Hunt planner. Down at the bottom you’ll see scouting maps. And for all the states, you can click on all the states and it has any information that is, you know, out there for the public is on there. Hump boundaries, migration corridors, land ownership.

01:03:03:09 –> 01:04:06:17
You can add in roads, layer trails, you can add in Google Earth. You got a Google Earth, you become a driver of Google Earth, basically. Yeah. Everyone knows Google Earth and how to play with it. It’s basically the same thing, but you have all those tools just on the left. I don’t wanna see this. Unclick it. I don’t wanna see this Unclick it. Oh, I wanna see this, you know, overlay this layer and you can just see it all right there on each state. And now that guys work from home from Covid. They could even do this on the clock. Yeah. Huh. Absolutely. They could get paid. Yeah. To, to research their hunting. To pre scout. Right. To pre scout. To pre scout. Prec scouting. Yeah. It’s a very good, it’s, I scout. You can get lost in there for hours. It’s cra it’s pretty awesome. And you can add different layers. You can go from topo to old topos to to topography to street view. There’s, there’s whatever end user wants, he can put it on there. We’re all different. We all look at different things on our maps. And this is a way you can put whatever you want on the map, how you want to see it and how you understand the map. I just wanna know where the next 2 20, 2 40 inch buck is standing on a layer. We have not, let me click that layer.

01:04:06:24 –> 01:05:14:28
We have not got that layer finalized yet. We’re still waiting for your data points to put it in. So when they send me the data points, I can put those in there. That’s not happening. Although with these new iPhones and everything, people have ’em. Whatever. Yeah, people probably already do. Yeah, they, but yeah, so go check it out. Pretty cool. Now, John, how can they just, can anybody go see that or do you have to be a member? You have be a member. Yeah. With your membership, you get access to our members only like section of our website. So you’ll put in your email, your login, and then you’ve got access to all of it. That’s where all the drawing odds come in. All of the maps, all of the minimum points. Search you can. So we can’t print everything in Epic Outdoors Magazine. Right. You can’t print every odd for every scenario. But we do publish that Yep. On our website. So you can log in and, and pretty much everything that’s available to members, they can, they can see on the go, you know, on their phone through our website. Yeah. And that’s always changing. As things change, we upload and change ’em too. Okay. I think what started you on this, Aaron, you for personal reasons. Like you’re, you’re a mapping guy and you’re a hunter killer. Right.

01:05:14:28 –> 01:06:25:21
You’re wanting to see it for yourself and then so while you’re doing it, it just be became a natural. Yeah. Why not give it to everybody? How many years have you been doing mapping? 20. Quite a while. Geez. You’re old. How old are you? You know, people retire in 20 year careers. I know. I’m not. How are we gonna retire? I, yeah, it’s not happening. John, we’re passing on. Retire the phone until you’re 80. Dad. I’m near 50. You know what the, you know what I think is interesting is they say, and we’ll be done with this, okay. But they say like, the average good, healthy career in the service industry’s like seven years. Wow. You’re triple that already. Wow. Put me in the closet. I’m running people off. John. Put me in the closet. Alright guys, what else do we have? Anything else? Anything that’s of interest? Anything coming up? Call. We got got the deadline. Deadline, yeah. Colorado deadline. April 6th. Get your apps in. Call Adam for, let’s give Adam’s phone number. Call him for any questions in Colorado. Anyway, we’re, we’re here to help you. So give us a holler if you need it. 4 3 5 2 6 8 is sun sound. Sound? Have a great day everybody.