Nevada Deputy Director Jack Robb. In this episode of the Epic Outdoors Podcast we focus on Nevada and the upcoming application deadline. We also talk with Jack Robb, Deputy Director of NDOW. We talk applications, the draw process, management and management quotas. We love the quality of game in Nevada and also the sound thought process behind management. Special thanks to Jack Robb for joining us in this conversation.

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Let’s talk about Silver State. There’s a lot of different options to choose from. What a great elk state. Unbelievable. Managed for quality. That’s our main point, is to have a quality experience with quality animals on the landscape. Anything to do with Western big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson. Chris Peterson coming at you from Southern Utah. Chris just barely put on his headset. How you doing Chris? I’m great. Are you? Yeah. Saw you guys posted your little video clip of you guys. You what? Asking the little gal to area. Yeah, we got that back. If she said no, you didn’t pub publish that portion. That’s right. She said no, I buried it and never, never looked again. I don’t don’t think she’d say no. But anyway, that was pretty awesome. Good for you guys. Thank you. Before we get started, we’d like to thank Under Armour. We appreciate them and their support here at Epic Outdoors. They’ve been with us from the start, Bronson, that’s like December of 16 official. With the mag. With the mag. Yeah. A few years prior to that with the license app. License app service. But we’re in volume technically six. I guess we just finished Volume six. Volume six. Issue Five. Five a couple days ago, which means the May magazines at the printer covering Idaho, deer, elk, cantaloupe. Yeah. Wyoming. Wyoming. Deer. Washington. Washington Rashe Go and Iowa.

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That’s right. One of our favorite states that we’ve never been to. But bro, you’re gonna change going there I think. I think so. And I’ve got a load of points everybody should be applying for. I’ve been, I’ve been on four Points for about 10 years. Okay. So time to use something. So anyway, we’ll see. We’ll see what come 1st of June. If I’ve got any time left in the fall schedule. Which schedule day would you guess today? I think you’re overbooked. I think I’ve got time. Okay. That’s my, that’s my, let’s call it your 10 and a half hunt booked. I don’t know. Is it full? I don’t have that money. I don’t have that about any booked. I don’t have No, you’re a pretty busy boss. I’ve got a Utah general right now, Carter. Okay. I mean a lifetime license. Well, okay. So yeah, it’s you and I both do. That’s, yes. Okay. It’s one of my favorite tags. So don’t, don’t know where the 10 and a half are coming from. Hell, I don’t know. I is Iowa white tool a full hunt. That’s all I’m saying. Can I get a, will Jana buy off on that? That’s a half a hunt. Yeah. What does Becky think about Iowa White to, I know. It doesn’t matter. It day’s gone. It doesn’t matter. Counts against you on the calendar once a lifetime. Desert sheep, it doesn’t matter. Counts against you on the calendar. Yep.

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You know, speaking of calendars, Chris, just a little advice from Adam and I. Okay. If you ever do anything noteworthy, praiseworthy of good rapport, mark it on the calendar. That helps you in the fall. Okay. Okay. Mark it on the calendar. ’cause you’re gonna forget. Yeah. And then when you’re arguing, ’cause you’re gonna argue, I don’t care who you are. Okay. Okay. You’re gonna argue and she’s gonna say, Chris, you’re gonna stay home because you’ve gone a lot. The once the last, when the last time you were here did something with us, you point, that’s it. That’s it. Go look at the calendar. I can’t remember. It’s been a little while, but it is on there. That’s what you’re gonna do. Okay. Okay. Hey Bronson, how about this cover shot on the May issue now? Yeah, it, it’s like one, I wanna ruin it other than the Q You and which is obviously 21st century gear hunting gear. It looks like a throwback pick of a just a buck from like 50, 60 years ago. Oh, that’s what it reminds me of. So by the time, Chris, I don’t know when you’re publishing this, but the mag will be live, it’ll be by the time it’s probably two days. Yeah. Well, it’s an Idaho buck. Everybody go look. You’re gonna wanna look. Get a sneak peek. This thing broken. Its 200 fifties, two fifties, two put together. Would’ve been mid two seventies. Wow.

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It’s a disgusting pig. Giant buck. Anyway, bill Knisely, what a great guy he is. Been a member forever and he’s hunted that country forever. If anybody ever, I don’t know if anybody ever earns one or deserves one, right. Do we? I mean, sometimes we like to think we do. So do, but, but he’s repeatedly, he, if anybody has, has. Yeah. How about that? That’s right. Anyway, what a special deer. You’ll be able to read all about it in the May issue. Bronson said it was volume six. Lemme read here. Oh yeah. Volume six, issue five, issue five. May, 2021. Alright, well we kind of wanted to talk about a few things. I’ve got a few things first, but first, well, well go ahead, dive in. I just want to give another shout out to one of our sponsors, Hoy Archery. Brought them on as a new advertising and partnership with them here in the last couple of months. Appreciate them. Hoy Got a new bunch of bows out, both the veto and the Carbon RX five. Mine’s actually getting tuned and so yours is here. It’s already being sent to our good buddy Bobby in California to be worked over, added to fine tuned and sent back. That’s right. It’s being done. And yours will be done soon. But anyway, I wanna give a shout out to Hoy Archery, make awesome bows.

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If you’re looking to upgrade this year, you probably better get on these bows, you know, just due to their demand and due to probably covid limitations supply chains, like it’s happening everywhere. You’re gonna wanna get something, work with your local dealer to get something on order if you’re gonna want it for this fall. But appreciate Hoyt and Hoyt Archie, I don’t understand the Covid demand. So let me just throw this out there. Jeff. John, he does plumbing right? My brother-in-Law Okay. Sends a picture of a warehouse full of hot water heaters. Full. Okay. Okay. I don’t know how many 50 are in there. It feels like there’s a hundred, 150, I don’t know. And he’s like, can’t have too many. Well, is that his, that’s his for his business, right? Because you can’t like, put plumbing in a house and then not close it out and get paid unless there’s a hot water heater in there. And if there’s no hot water heaters because of Covid, I mean, hot water heaters are becoming like toilet paper. Or is he just a good, is he good at managing his, the houses he’s building right now and the, the demand. 1, 2, 3. How many He’s finishing a week. No, I haven’t finished. No, I haven’t finished. He’s not doing that. Go ahead. Okay. He’s just buying them like everybody is. He’s a hoarder. He’s hoarding.

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He’s buying ’em like, we’re buying optics because we’re afraid we’re not gonna be able to get anymore. And so then how many businesses do that? I don’t know. Let’s see how in their world, in their world, in his world, let’s say there’s 50 plumbing companies out there. Ammo. It’s reloading supplies, it’s guns, it’s it’s chips, pop. I don’t know. It’s everything. Bronson, monstrous trucks. Tires. Right? You can’t buy enough. So you always think in the back of your mind, this is food storage, even if it’s not food, even if it’s hot water heaters or whatever. Anyway, here we are talking about bows and it’s the same thing that’s going on. I guess that’s my point. I guess they’re behind. And if you want a bow, like don’t hold back. And when the new ones come out, they’re popular of, of anything. Let alone alone. Let alone in a covid environment. That’s right. All right. Speaking of whatever ways to get through a covid environment, Carter, I wanna bring up something for you. Why? Why me? You decided, come on and you’re, let’s discuss your sobriety real quick. Come on from monsters. You, I don’t know, I don’t know what triggered it. I really don’t. Maybe you could offer some words, but you had something clicked in your mind, you had a bad dream, maybe that it caused problems. And the next morning you came cold Turkey and you were off that stuff.

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You couldn’t look at it. You couldn’t look at it. So here at Epic we put in long hours. Okay. And there were some, a few days I didn’t feel like I was clicking on all eight. And I was like, you know, I’m gonna just see if this is messing with my mind. I don’t know if like the, the electronical electrical pulses were pulsing, right? I don’t know. I was just nervous. Like, we’re a getting older. Okay. Yeah. Is that what you’re gonna say? Yeah. Okay. Just had a birthday and we’re, we’re getting older and I’m just like, I’m like, I’m gonna go clean and, and I went off it, clean the blood. I went off of it. Right. Clean the blood for a week. He was on the wagon and he fell. Don’t that he fell off the wagon. Yeah. And it’s been an amazing experience. I’m back at it. But while I was there in the, in that week, I looked over like at three in the afternoon and I look at you and I’m like, was, and you were popping another one. And I’m like, Hey, how many is that? Is that two? And you look over at me sheepishly. Well, and it was because it was such a strange question because when we work these weeks when we’re researching right. In the magazine, and you know, it’s, there’s a lot that goes on really early in the morning.

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By the time we get eight o’clock, you’re ready for lunch. Okay. Not breakfast. Okay. You’re, you’re, and then by two or three you’re ready to be done for the day and you’re not even close to done. Yeah. So it was round two. Yeah. And you looked at me as if, as if I was bonging this stuff over here. You came. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, and, and I, and I felt like, and here I am, a kind of half needing one half jealous. Jealous. And I’m like, have some respect for your body. That’s what he said to me. This is on his week of sobriety. During the week of sobriety. He lectures me about giving my body, well I give respect. It deserves. I’m just like, is that, is that your second one today? And he goes, yeah. And I’m like, have some respect for your body. So here it is, two 30 in the afternoon and Carter’s in here with his number two today. And so, and I haven’t a bad one and I haven’t had one. You’re making me podcasts today. And I’m like, well let’s take one more day. So, and I’m just in, I’m in that groove. I got a good night’s sleep over the weekend. I’m with you, I’m with you. And I’m just like, if I don’t need one, I’m not gonna drink. I’m gonna try that for a couple days. But I’m not, I’m not on the wagon.

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I’m not, I’m not declaring anything. Well, I’m telling you, I’m telling you May’s coming and it’s, I’m changing my life. Yeah. I’m changing my life. Modern Gatorade. Hey and, and we’re work. We’re working out exercising. Bronson starting to golf. Well, I don’t know know if that’s exercise, is it? I don’t know. Hey, do you go in a cart sometimes? Okay. That’s what I thought. But you still swing a club. Yeah. 80 or 90 times in the morning. That’s a good point. Yeah. Anyway. Probably burning some calories more so than what we’ve been doing anyway. So what we did want to talk about today, Bronson, let’s talk about silver state. Okay? Is that where you’re going? Yeah, I guess Cowboy state, silver state, big sky state. I don’t know. Gym state, beehive state, whatever. Sunshine. Sunshine. State land. Cactus. What’s Arizona? Cactus state Land of Enchantment is, I was gonna bring to Mexico. What’s Colorado? Forest Tree State? I don’t know. Wolf Love state. I don’t know. Chris is about to find out. What is it Chris? The Grand Canyon State. Oh duh. What was Colorado? Colorado. Centennial State. I don’t know what that, what is that? A hundred years’? Not, I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean. We used to save those Centennial, what were they? Quarters that were 19, 19 70 sixes. Oh yeah. Anyway. Anyway. Wow. We’re, yeah. Well we used, you’re older. We used wheat pennies when we were young. I liked them.

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I like the wheat ears. The wheat pennies. Remember this? Yeah. I still have a bunch. Yeah, I, I mean they’re probably worth, they’re still worth a cent of, I mean not, yeah, anyway, like a $2 bill. There’s nothing special about ’em. But yeah, let’s talk about Nevada today. So let’s talk about Nevada. Nevada, it’s coming up man. You’re gonna be applying deadline by May 10. So it’s very popular state. I mean probably one of the, one of the most popular we do not, nothing’s like Colorado, but we’re done talking about that. So yeah. But Nevada’s big Chris, Chris, big list of species who brought, who brought up Colorado again. Adam did. Yeah. I’m just trying to use it as a comparison of another popular, I thought he was tired of it. There’s a lot of good going on in Nevada. Good thing about bringing it up now is nobody can bring it up back. That’s a good point. So, hey, speaking of Colorado drought results are coming out tomorrow. Yeah. By the time you listen to this, sheep and goat results should be out if they’re on schedule, even though they extended the deadline for three days. Oh, hopefully we get dropped. Well anyway, there’s a lot going on in Nevada. It’s very minimal to apply. Having said that, it’s not cheap either. You do have to buy the non-refundable hunting license for adults, non-residents. It’s $155 and then a per species minimal application fee.

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And you can crank out five choices, all five of which are valid before it’s time to apply. Kind of cool. Nevada has quite a few changes. You know, they brought on some talk archery, desert sheep options. Yeah. For residents. We, when we heard about that or we perked up a little bit just because Nevada gives a lot of desert sheep tags and, and they’re looking for ways it seems like to split seasons in certain units. More skews to get Bron to get more hunts, more people in the field without ’cause they, they’re bursting the seams in many places with sheep and they are offering some resident only desert sheep options for archery this year with possibly see how well it goes. Maybe something in the non-resident future. Well definitely that’s what they’re considering. And if they’re give enough tags, why maybe they’ll do that. So pretty awesome. There were some unit adjustments, dude, we’re no longer able to apply for Spring Mountains at 2 62 country. No, that’s a bummer. We did get to add a couple of the arrows in the bears. 2 44, 2 53, which haven’t been in recent memory. It’s been a long time. Pretty fun to change it up. So things to talk about next level giants, you know, like they did prior years in general. But it’s definitely good in yeah, in general. Nevada’s moderated a little bit. They’ve had some brutal summers.

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They’ve lost some sheep, frankly in some units where they rely heavily upon water. Still good numbers, no question about it. But they’re not cranking out quite as many, we’ll just call it mid one seventies plus ramps. That’s getting really picky. Almost any desert sheep is a great desert sheep and it’s a must apply for state California. Big horns, not a whole lot of change tweaking some units, but yeah, five units available for non-residents. Five choices on the application. Yeah. Put all five down. That’s right. Pretty simple. Well, you know, lots of great, you know I say lots, there’s not a lot of non-resident tags given as far as elk are concerned. But there’s a lot of different options to choose from and what a great elk state. Unbelievable. Managed for quality. Like our buddy Jack says, Nevada puts out a quality product. They take pride in putting out a quality product and they view the hunter as the, as the customer. Pretty awesome. Well we say it quite often to people as we consult with them. You know, Nevada’s a literally a once or twice in lifetime elk state for a non-resident. By the time you draw accumulate points enough to, you know, it’s a squared bonus point state, you can’t really predictably know when you’re gonna get drawn. They just square your points. That’s how many times you get thrown in the hat so to speak. You can’t predict it.

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So we generally stick to the type of hunts that we really want because once you do draw, it’s a seven year waiting period before you can apply again. So then you get going again. It’s, you know, most people, most people wait 15 to 20 years for elk tags. Isn’t that a rough mess? There’s people I know that wait longer than that. Oh longer than that. But 15 to 20 is not outta the question. And so if you’re waiting that long on average and then you have to wait seven years of a waiting period before you can start the second time, you’re looking at maybe one, only one elk tag or two in your life. Yeah. So they don’t have a lot of units that you can say, I just want better odds. I I’m fine with two 60 to 300 ish bull. There’s no such thing as better odds in Nevada. There’s so few attacks. That’s right. Even the, even the quote lesser units, you’re still hunting three 20 to three 50 vol and even, Hey, how about our hunt winters smashing a freaking three seven bull. That’s that northeast corner. That’s right. So they really don’t have a way to play the odds too much except for some weapon preferences. But then again, the archery is still tough just as bad because you get to hunt the, but I think you, I think you brought up a little key line. What did I do?

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Well when you said make sure, like whatever you apply for, you really want, you know what I mean? Yeah. And we’ve been don’t over if you’ve overthink about it too hard, but we’ve been talking about that. Like it’s one thing, like the tag game is kind of exciting. Huh? I gotta, I got something Nobody’s talking about statewide antelope tag in Colorado. I don’t know. Like, you know what I mean? What do you, what do you got? Okay. Yeah. What do you got? Say you beat the system. Where are you gonna, congratulations. I mean, just be careful what you sometimes just the game, just the application game and tag acquisition feels like a win of monumental of proportions. It’s okay. And it is then what now you now you gotta go make good on that. You have to spend some money on gas outfitters. What a time away, whatever. You mean like some of those archery hunts that have been Nevada August 15th to the 31st. Okay. Like some of those You got one the elk, the elk archery. Yes. Oh yeah. Those are some examples. Like what do you got? Be careful. Okay, what Ive got a pre rutt archery hunt. It’s gonna kick by butt for vel bulls in 95 degree weather in the hundred. I don’t know. It’s, but having said that, incredible animals. But like we, like we were saying just in general, not even Nevada, just in general, be careful what you get.

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Make sure you, you are wanting what you actually apply for. Yeah. Don’t, don’t get too caught up in beating the system that your end result is. You got something and now you’re like, oh, my points are gone. I, I nobody’s talking about that. And I got it seems like you had an elk tag last year in Arizona. Yeah, I, I tried that. What did you do with it? There’s this thing called point guard. That’s my point when, and I did the same thing, bro. So when you’re looking at it, not, not not for elk in Arizona last year, I wanna make that clear. But in general I’ve done plenty of those kinds of things where you’re like, okay, I’ve got this tag and the excitement wears off and now it’s like, all right, do I really have time to do it? Hey so, and we love deer in Nevada. There’s a lot of options, incredible opportunities. But deer’s a different story. You can, you can, you can go every year you no waiting period for deer. They’ve got archery, muzzle loader, late archery in some units. One or two or three rifle hunts. Mostly one or two in most units. If you aren’t as quite as picky, if you just stick to Southeast Nevada, Lincoln County White Pine, you’re gonna probably wait a while. That’s right. You waste for if you stick for the very best.

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And I’ve got a buddy with 20, I wanna say he has 26 points, I don’t know, let’s call it 25 to seven. I don’t know what exactly what he has, but I’m telling you, he is waiting for the best of the best. Super tough, can’t get drawn. And then there’s been other guys with 20 points, 15 points or whatnot that have drawn. And so anyway, I think there’s Nevada’s one of those things. You can go out on a limb. Bronson, we talk about it in the publication. There’s a couple of new unit I know, I don’t wanna say new, but let’s just say new in our minds as far as being considered an opportunity to kill a big deer. Yeah. And, and they’re a little easier to draw. Quite a bit easier to draw. Go try ’em. If you got five, 10 points or less, especially five points. But 10 points are less, what do you get? And if you’re rifle hunter, go to the early hunt. Yeah. That, that’s where the bulk of the rifle hunting takes place. The fifth to roughly the 20th of October. But that’s how you get drawn. It’s kinda like a Colorado second season. You get drawn there faster than waiting for the late hunt for a four season in the same unit. That’s probably not worth your time if you’re in low point range and chasing. So we, we view, we, we all view Nevada. We, we love applying in Nevada.

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Another great feature you can apply and you can go online in your account. Plug and play. Yeah. Right up until May 10th. No extra fees. I love it. No, nothing. Every state should do that. Every sh I love it. If you’re not, yeah, if you can apply on May 10th and be in the draw, why can’t you change all of ’em up until May 10th for no fee I in your account online. I agree. Makes no sense. It’s so awesome and love. Sometimes I’ll go ahead and change my, like I biweekly. Well you sleep right, you get off, you fall off the wagon, you feel differently fall off the wagon. You can apply differently, right? Yes. Some, some, some days I’m like, yeah, August 10 I’m gonna be in Nevada archery, deer hunting, come heck or high water. I come in and get aggressive with my choices and then the next day I have a reality check and realize maybe be careful of what I’m applying for. ’cause I’m really gonna might get it. You remember, be careful with what you want. And all of a sudden Nevada has now starts in mid, mid-March, but it goes till May 10th. So you’ve got almost a two month application period. There’s a lot that can happen with other states. Results we’re get, we’re talking about Colorado rain, New Mexico rain, which you know right now and lots of lot, a lot of places in southern Nevada. It’s been pretty dry.

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It’s been fairly dry. It’s in key. Yeah. It’s in a key period right now. It’s exactly what happened last year, year right now. And it didn’t rain anymore and we saw happen. So you could wait, but at least to get applied then if for some reason I always think about this, I’m gonna apply now because what if something happens to me and I’m on my deathbed, I wanna make sure I’m at least applied. Yeah, you’re, because what if I can’t get back to the computer till May 10th do it? 11. Right. So anyway, get in, just get in there and then hey, if it gets dry in whatever units you’re choosing or something changes or whatever, then you can change it up. Do points only do some only the best of the best, whatever. That’s right. And everybody should be applying for points, very minimum supply for points. They also go, I mean they’re deer, they’re elk, they’re sheep, their antelope are good. There’s nothing of average or poor quality in Nevada. No. My son do an antelope, a regular non-resident tag over there smashed a freaking good buck. Let’s uhs what, what if we just give our buddy Jack, Rob, deputy director in Nevada, holler, see what he’s doing today, what he’s been up against. He’s see what battles there fighting. He’s been wars there. He’s been fighting the black bear battle. The predator contest battle.

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I mean there’s been not a lot that he doesn’t see or come across his desk. I’m sure he’ll have nothing but time on his hands to come onto the podcast and visit with us. Let’s see if he answers 50 50. Chance you get the text that says I’m in a meeting. This, this is Jack, what are you doing? Oh, I’m just having a great day here in Nevada. Great day. Let’s see, I can’t tell if you’re being honest. It is a Monday. If so, we don’t know. Yeah, if you’re just wondering if you’re fighting the predator contest fight or what you’re doing. No, we’re just trying to live through another legislative session and keep our head above water so that, that’s been the bulk of our time spent lately. We only, our legislature only meets every other year or so. Really? I didn’t know that. Did not know that. Yeah. Every other, every other year for about five months. So we’re putting a grinder pretty hard for a five month period every year. Every other year. And interesting. See what comes out. Wow. That’s interesting. I did not know that. I didn’t know. I figured all states was two to three months every year and used So they save up bills proposal. I mean, yeah, they come at you hard when they get that five months. Is that what you got going on in the background? I can hear. Yeah, that’s about it.

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Hey, so what is going on there in Nevada? I know you’ve, you were, you know, you’ve dealt with a lot of different things. Is there anything interesting at the legislature? Anything crazy going on? I know of course we’ve got this year’s applications and some of the different units and whatnot, but kind of overall, is there anything state of Nevada, the, the only bills we currently have down there that are agency bills, we’re trying to come up with an electronic big game tag option. And to get there we need some legislative changes and then some small changes for senior citizens that are residents of state of Nevada. The requirement for how long they have to live here to get that reduced license. We’re trying to shorten that to simplify things. But besides that, everything’s pretty good. Other people have good ideas for Department of Wildlife every time that they try to bring forward. And we’ve been avoiding most of those this year and doing all right down there. So just takes a lot of time. Yeah, well and some things can impact you greatly. Some things you want, you gotta get sponsors on board to get stuff passed, like you said, to prove some of the language, get it cleaned up and whatnot. But it’s just a necessary part of it. I guess. It’s, it’s not all just goes their projects and issuing tags and you know, all that.

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But regarding that, what, what, if anything, is new and noteworthy in your mind? Jason and I have talked a little bit about Nevada today already, and we talked about, you know, the long application season. It runs clear till May 10th. We love Jack, your ability in Nevada to be able to change your applications right up until the deadline if something changes in your mind or you just sleep different. Jason gets up the crook in his neck, can’t draw his bow back, he’s gotta go change from archery applications to mu loader and rifle. Hey, I love that feature. Yeah, I love it. We, we’d really do. And Jack, a lot of this comes from you. I know especially like the application season date of being clear till May 10 starting early. I mean, you know, you and Tony have been working hard on that kind of thing and made a lot of change there and we’re, we’re trying to, we’ve talked about it before, the western big game dance that everybody plays every year.

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And you look at when other states open up and when their results are released and we’re just trying to find that spot that we can get results out and, and people can still make moves to get to other states, but then we’re behind other states and, and people can, can make informed decisions whether they wanna come to Nevada or buy bonus points that year or it, it’s, it’s the dance everybody plays every year. Well we talked about that, that, you know, it’s nice because as non-residents, we play a lot of different states and you know, you guys have made it to where we could, you know, it’s kind of nice to you get a few draw results if we’re absolutely slammed, we could do points or whatever, but at the bare minimum should be, should be doing points. What I like is your guys’ kind of, your overall theme is that you wanna produce a quality product and your product is your big game animals and maybe small game too. But you know, that’s kind of the product. And you guys are do doing a great job at managing wildlife and whatnot and actually care about it. And I would say every state does, but it just, it feels a little, there’s a little different feel in Nevada. We, we manage a little bit different than most. And if you look at our big game specifically mul deer, we manage for 30 bucks per hundred dose.

00:27:07:06 –> 00:28:29:28
That’s what we manage for. But then we take those recommendations to the Wildlife Commission and they have final say on our quotas. And even though our 30 bucks per hundred dose is very conservative, when you look at other states, our commission has historically been even more conservative to that. And we have some units that are post-season buck ratios are 35 to 40 bucks per hundred. Those and a lot of other states are running 10 to 15%. Yeah. When you, our our elk, we’re looking for a third of our bowls being with that 15 inch main beam. When people turn it in, that means an 8-year-old bowl and older. And with those two things in mind, in this prolonged drought we have going on, we’re our, our department’s looking at backing off on some of the recommendations on both elk and deer. We haven’t seen the recruitment the past couple years and people go, oh, then we, we wanna avoid Nevada. And I’d say the years we back off or the years you really want to come because those are the years you’re even out there with fewer people as competition. And you get, get an even better Nevada open out open area Experience. Experience without too many hunters. Well I think it’s tough. You’re also, you gotta, you gotta balance the budget and you got a fine line there you guys, I mean, you’re an arid state just by nature.

00:28:30:00 –> 00:29:46:25
You don’t have, you know, you know, it’s not like a milder factory per se. Although I love your state and we’ve harvested a lot of your bucks. We appreciate that, Jack. But having said that, just for what you guys have, just do a phenomenal job and then balancing the budget, selling tags, you wanna sell tags. And so I think there’s a fine balance of saying, Hey, we are in a drought, but we also need to hire people. We have to pay wages. I mean there’s a lot that goes into, you know, wildlife management and I, I, I’m glad you bring that up because we, our, our sportsman, our Nevada sportsman say that on a regular basis now Nevada, they’re just selling these cow elk tags for revenue. When we did our license simplification, Tony and I, our director sat down and, and looked at our fees and, and we could have raised a little bit of money on each tag and we didn’t. But when you look at our overall budget between pr, dj license sales, what our NGO community brings to us to help us do projects on the ground, it’s vital for wildlife. Our, our tag sales. We will never look at tags as dollars tags we see as opportunity. We will find our dollars in other ways.

00:29:47:00 –> 00:31:03:04
We will not say, God, we need a couple more elk, cal elk tags because we need the money that that’s never been a conversation at this agency. It won’t be. We’ll find our money other ways. We truly will. So that, that’s, that’s our main point is to have a quality experience with quality animals on the landscape. Yeah, we’ve talked about that before. We got you on the air today, Jack. Just with, when you get something in Nevada, it really feels like when I, when you get a tag, you obviously a sheep tag or goat tags for residents or whatever, but deer, elk, you know, even antelope, you’ve really got something in Nevada. It’s something we’re seeking your teeth into. And, and not to say that everything’s just an elite trophy unit, but in general, like we talked about, there’s no easy to draw elk areas in Nevada we’re just two 60 to two 90 or 300 inch bulls. That’s not really how Ma Nevada manages their elk curds. There’s, there’s three 20 to three 50 bulls in every unit and you know better than that in some as well. So when you got, when you get something, you really got it. And so, you know, a lot of choices, the five choices, you know, we got a long application period. One other thing that, I don’t know if you are willing to go on record yet, but you’ve been having kind of a fun event.

00:31:03:04 –> 00:32:14:28
You’ve called it I think Midnight madness. So are we doing that for the second year in a row? Jack? Midnight madness? We’re going without a doubt. We’re going for year two. There’s no doubt in my mind. Tell us why. Because there’s, I mean it’s pretty awesome. We, we talked about a minute ago when we talked about being able to change your applications. That seems to me like just a, a no brainer if somebody can wait until the 10th of May and apply and their choices are in the draw. Why can’t me the apply at April 5th, their 10th changed mine up until April 10th with no repercussions. You know, obviously they can in Nevada we’re just saying, why don’t the other state’s fall suit? Yeah. They either don’t let you or you’ve gotta withdraw your whole application and resubmit it and pay another fee and all that. Or in a lot of cases they just don’t let you do it. So then there’s the draw results. A lot of times it’s just this cloak of mysteriousness out there of what and when and how this is not the case in Nevada. You know, it’s gonna be, it’s a celebration. Yeah, that’s right. It used to be the Friday going into Memorial weekend, which it’s not really lining up always with that now with some of the differences in, you know, application deadline. But I think is it set for the May 26th ish somewhere right in there?

00:32:16:10 –> 00:33:38:27
Well, the commission meeting to set all the quotas or seventh and 8th of May this year. Our application period closes on the 10th. I would encourage everybody to get in, do their applications and then if they need to change their mind, it’s a, it’s an easy change. You can just click on the, if you get into your species, you click on the, the box of where the species are, you can move it up and down. You can change orders, you can delete, add whatever. But then, then you’re 99% done. So I’d encourage people to get in and get at least started 10th, 11 o’clock we, we shut down the application period and as soon as we shut that down, we start doing sample draws. We make sure all the business rules are applying correctly. Everybody’s bonus points are being applied correctly. And then we have about a two week turnaround. We’ll, we’ll do the draw. We’re anticipating Monday the 24th, about 8:00 AM local time, eight to eight 30 local time in Reno. We’re gonna display that on YouTube as we historically have. It’s boring’s exciting. It’s so exciting. It’s boring. We sit there and stare at a computer pretty soon the guys get bored and walk away. I’m, I’m gonna, I’m gonna tell you it, it really worked out well last year and we’re gonna try to expand on it.

00:33:38:27 –> 00:34:59:00
There’s a lot of questions sportsmen have and we do live questions and answers during that period and it, it really did pay off last year and, and it answers draw sequence and answers a lot of things. Well I think that that’s kind of cool. So you know, you’re doing that. You don’t have to do it. It’s not like you’re gonna gain more sales or license revenue by, you know, having people apply after they do the question and answer. For all intents and purposes, you don’t need to do the question and answer session. It’s over with the draws occurring. And so I think that’s another testament to, to you guys reaching out to your customer, the hunter and you know, answering questions. Just doing things, you know, outside out of the ordinary. It’s outside the box. Like you’re treating it like a privatized business. You’re treating ’em like they truly are a customer. They they are a customer. That’s what keeps the doors open. That’s what allows us to do good things on landscape for wildlife. With with that draw, you know, with the draw going the 24th, eight to 8:30 AM local time here in Reno, those results will be out. We wanna make sure everything is solid on that draw. So we’d really run it through his paces with belt queries. Making sure, like I said that in our test draws, business rules are adhered to.

00:34:59:06 –> 00:36:17:04
Everybody got their bonus points every and everything that’s in place needs to stay in place. So I’m expecting 1130 to midnight on the 25th results will start hitting. And we, we had some frustration last year, midnight madness. ’cause everybody thought they’d tune in at midnight and it was just going to see it on their account. Midnight. It was midnight Pacific time or something. It was like 1:00 AM our time. Yeah. Very frustrating. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m sure it was, but it it, when we hit the button, it’s an algorithm and it goes out and it charges credit cards first. Yeah. And then it updates the accounts and emails get sent. So 2:00 AM just pacific time. It, it, it’s, yeah, it’s going to take several hours, two hours or so to, to load that in. But I can tell you you’re gonna see it on your credit card first. Bingo. So instead of sitting there hitting refresh, refresh, refresh, watch your credit cards. I think Bronson said that’ll be the first thing Broon sets alerts anything over a hundred bucks. That’s right. He sees it. It’s pretty simple and hits me a text. I’ll be checking out when I go apply for Nevada. I’ll check out and before I save my receipt, I’m getting a text man if a hundred I just got hit. So that’s, if that wakes me up in the middle of the night right, then it’s gonna be good.

00:36:17:10 –> 00:37:33:00
Hey Jack, is there any way we can, do you ever have any anti hunters apply? Like can we kick them out of the draw before we actually publish the results? I, we know we do or not. We need to figure that out. I guess if they’re born after 1960, is that the day? Have a Nevada ED card? Yeah, they better have a hunter education card. We should look at anybody with email address of We should be kicking ’em out, Jack. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. On the, on the Hunter ed thing. If, if you’ve applied in Nevada before, you’re good to go. Yeah, if you want to get in this year. Yeah, please come in early. Get your hunter ed cards. They have to be certified. So we we have you scan ’em on your phone. Send them to us. Yeah. Yeah. But Jack, I mean, can non-residents can take a course in your state and not even do the field day. Right? Without a doubt. Online. Online. So anybody out there with kids, if you’re listening and your kid needs a hunter ed card, do it online in Nevada, it counts in any, all of these states. You don’t have to be a resident in Nevada to take their course, right? That is correct. And we would encourage anybody to take our course. It it’s a good solid course that, that we truly believe in. And we’ll keep you safe in the field.

00:37:33:03 –> 00:38:34:04
My, my son is, well he wanted to start applying, applying his girlfriend for points across the west anyway, I said go to Nevada and do it online. She says sure enough they did it. So she’s got her hunter ed card in Nevada. Well anyway, that’s awesome. I think there’s a lot of things going on like Bronson was talking about with elk and I think it, it, you know, morphs over into all the species, but there’s a three 50 bull in each of these units. Adam and I were up early the other morning cranking on the mag and we’re like, just think about it. I mean we’re, we’re careful in the magazine, we, we paint a very realistic picture for the average hunter in, you know what you’re gonna see 3 20, 3 30 bulls, three 40 bulls, three 50 plus. And we try to paint that picture. But honestly you could kill a trophy bull in any unit and that’s just rare. And I think it it’s that way if you know, for most species. I know you guys had some quota recommendations coming out and it’s sounded like, and Jack you can, you know, you don’t have to elaborate perfectly obviously the commission meeting’s coming up, but it sounds like you’re gonna give a few more tags in some of these units. Maybe a few less here and there.

00:38:34:15 –> 00:39:57:09
But generally speaking, you know, in regards to desert sheep about the same number of tags you had in the past. Yeah, we may be down a couple percent on our deer and elk desert sheep. It’s going to be most units fairly steady and I’m, I’m gonna, you talk about quality in a lot of units. I looked at it the other day. We harvested because you have to check in your sheep when you take 1 29 rounds that over 1 68 bo a Crockett score. So 29 rounds. But the main thing that I wanna point out that came out of 15 different units. So a sheep ta in Nevada U there’s a chance of stumbling upon a great big ram in a lot of years. I I know a lot of people look at the, the muddies and McCullough’s and the bears and, and they think that those are the only three places that have big sheep. And I can tell you there’s big sheep everywhere. If you, if you, I, I’d rather have a sheep tag in my pocket looking for a big sheep than sitting at home still waiting for one of those three units. I like it. So load up your five choices. Well said. And and i, I can tell you with some of our drought conditions, we have populations that are 100% reliant on artificial water guzzlers. And we flew into some of these guzzlers last time, as many as four times.

00:39:58:09 –> 00:41:04:29
We moved in excess of a hundred thousand gallons of water under a helicopter last year. Geez. And when we see that type of impact water wise, we know that the vegetation isn’t getting the water to, to grow more feed for the animals to survive. So we’re actually going to up a few quotas in some of these areas trying to, you know, reduce the impact to the animals on the landscape and, and, and make it for a healthier population going forward. With that being said, the area that we’re going to raise some of the tags in, we’re averaging over a seven year ram on all the rams harvested over the last, you know, 10 years. So it is not like we’re gonna have a, a biological impact on that species, on that one population. We’re just trying to reduce the numbers. But we know there’s a ton of old age class rams in the muddies and there’ll be a few more tags this year, which means more opportunity. But we do think the best thing we can do for the animals is, is reduce that population a bit.

00:41:05:13 –> 00:42:07:05
I think you said, if I’m not mistaken, you actually spent time in the muddies yourself and and I think that’s impressive and adds to your credit of, you know, what you guys are recommendation that you’ve seen it with your own eyes and it’s not something you’re managing just from, you know, a, a formula on a computer spreadsheet or paper that you guys are actually in the field doing it and you yourself spent time. I may be wrong, but wasn’t it in December there? Yes. I, I have an addiction for chasing sheep and, and a very close friend of mine drew a sheep tag and a muddy’s and there’s a good number of tags and muddy’s and people go, God, I don’t like that place ’cause it’s just so busy. Well it’s busy the first three, four days of the season we waited two weeks, went down there and we only saw one other other hunter in the field. And that was when we were in our side by side. We passed them on a main access road on a side by side. And that’s the only time we ran into people in the field. So don’t don’t, don’t look at those numbers of quotas and go, man, it’s just going to be busy down there.

00:42:07:16 –> 00:43:15:27
It’ll be busy right at the beginning, but if you wait a little bit you can go in and have a quality experience and, and we just saw ram after ram after ram in that unit there. There’s not a shortage of rams without a doubt. And we’re just trying to increase the, to take a little bit, we’re going to try to give some sheep to Utah this year. Again, we’d love to give them 50 to take that additional impact off off that habitat until we get some moisture to, to help you out. Bring things back a little bit. Yep. And we’re just looking for a release valve and, and trap transplant that has been a good release valve and we’d love to give some to you Utah on we’re currently working on that as we speak. We’ll take ’em. Well and our experience has been the same as what you’ve said. We’ve, Jason and I both have spent time down in Nevada on the openers a week into the opener, two weeks in the opener and beyond. And you’re right, when you get a 40 day desert sheep season, everybody’s there, you know, it’s around Thanksgiving or the week week right before that it starts. So there’s usually a bunch of help, a bunch of people out and a week or 10 days into that. It’s just nobody there.

00:43:15:27 –> 00:44:33:04
You’re, you’re back there to just enjoying the desert alone and with a few other hunters as it as any other normal unit Nevada’s. So you just, when you draw one’s lifetime tag, it’s hard to, it’s hard to scroll social media and see all these big rams pop up and you’re waiting to have your turn or something. So I can understand why people go out the first weekend, but it, but you’re totally right, it’s not necessarily Yeah, yeah, yeah. Necess, yeah. There, there’s some tremendous rams taken after that first weekend every year. And just because one was taken that opening weekend doesn’t mean you would’ve been in the right spa in the right spot at the right time. And I, I’d rather be out there by myself enjoying it. And, and there’s that opportunity exists on multiple species throughout the state. Well, anything else we’ve missed, Carter, Jack, anything that we maybe didn’t hit as a highlight for this year? I always like talking about deer jack, where am I gonna find a 200 Jason? What kind of question you I know. Hey, you never know what the answer’s gonna be. Hold on, let him answer. Go ahead Jack. My answer is you’ve found more in your lifetime than I have in mine. May maybe I, maybe I should be asking you. Great answer, Jack and I That’s why I was, that’s why I thought it was a dumb question. Hey, hey, hey, hey Jason.

00:44:33:10 –> 00:45:46:03
If you were me and you were sitting on six bonus points, where, where would you call, I’d go to your hometown Jack. Go to Taw. That’s part of the problem. No, I, I was waiting for that Taw comment to come in. We love to paw if you ha Hey, anybody out there listening, if you haven’t been to, to paw Google it and then you may or may not want to go. What do you think Jack? I was down there over the weekend. I’ll be down there two, three more times. Be before Memorial Day weekend. Without a doubt. I’ll tell you one thing. Might, might be looking, might be looking for some sheep. See if we need to change some of my friend’s application strategies. Yeah. One thing we love about Nevada is you can drive Bronson, you’ve done it, I’ve done it. You we go out and predator hunt with our kids or whatever. But you can drive for hours and not see people like it’s one of the la it’s one of the last places on earth. It feels like you can, you can go out and just have a crazy wild experience and be somewhat alone. Yeah, that’s right. Yeah. A, a few years ago, Cal Kamai has to come to Nevada every year in August to do a presentation of the big game application period.

00:45:46:04 –> 00:46:45:27
And, and basically a state of the state and we were had a meeting in CNI and we were gonna come back to Reno and, and work a few more days. And we, we went from, you guys are familiar with this highway, highway 50 from Alamo up, up, up to Warm Springs, oh. And Alamo to Warm Springs. And we were driving and the cal, my guy was driving. I said, Hey Scott, you need to put the car in the middle of the road, straddle that center line. He goes, but there may be oncoming traffic. I said, well you can see it for 15 miles. And I can tell you there’s nothing coming now. It’s safer in the middle of the road. Speedometer. Well you drive down speedometer should say triple digits when you drive down a highway in the middle of the road and not have to worry about anything. It’s a good place to be. Yeah. Well how many times have we made that trip? And, and I don’t know, do you ever get pulled over out there? We, we tend to hit some high speeds out there ’cause there’s nobody out there. You know what I mean? Well just ever, I’d like to say I never get pulled over, but I’d be lying. Do you? Yeah. They they they sneak up on you Right. When you get real comfortable. Yeah, that’s right.

00:46:46:06 –> 00:47:58:19
Well I like what you were saying there, there’s a trophy rim in any of these units. Same thing we’ve talked about elk. Same thing for deer. Bronson and I, we take in a lot of photos. We take in a lot of, you know, customer comments and whatnot and, and antelope as well. Like, like Adam saying, it doesn’t matter where you’re at. I’ve seen some big old bucks and no namer units, you know, near Reno and not even the, not even the named units right there with the late season dates. I mean we’re talking the no namer units. It is just impressive. Anybody that’s willing to work hard, there’s something out there for, for anybody at any point level. So Amen. Huge proponents of definitely. So people applying, obviously you’ve got some different programs. You’ve got the silver state tags to apply for. You got the PIW tags, the dream tags dream tag. I mean there’s a lot going on as far as not just the regular state tags. You guys have been creative in these other programs that allow guys pretty cool opportunities with, you know, wide variety of season dates, some of which are three or four months long. Some of are any open season date, like the dream tag. Anyway, you wanna comment on some of those opportunities as well. Those are great opportunities and we’ve talked about it before.

00:47:59:02 –> 00:49:14:22
How many years do you get to apply and how many years are you gonna be able to hunt as hard as you think you can hunt? And if they give you multiple opportunities to get into the game, you need to get in PIW Silver State Dream tag. But you bring up a point of new ideas on how to get people into the field. You guys are well aware that you can return a tag in Nevada up until the day before the season starts. Yeah. But we only reissue the tags that come in 14 days and sooner If we want to, if somebody checks to be an alternate and I’d encourage you to checks to be an alternate because we’re gonna give you a two week at least window to be ready to go on to your hunt. Yeah. But those tags from 14 days down to the day before haven’t been reused in the past. And we have about 1100 of those come in a year. 1100. Wow. Two years ago we had 11 desert big orange sheep tags come in and one rocky mountain sheep tag come in. Last year we had nine, nine big orange sheep tags come in during that 14 day window when they don’t get reissued reissued. This year, starting sometime in August, we’re gonna have first come first serve.

00:49:15:26 –> 00:50:22:17
And those tags that come in, in that window, they don’t get reissued to an alternate, are going to go onto a first come first serve list. And with that first come first serve, you have to be logged into your account to get it. If you see it, you put in your cart, we’re going to give you a five minute time to get checked out. But if it’s in your cart, it’s yours. As long as you can check out with a valid credit card, as long as you can check out now to make it fair to everybody, you have to be logged into your account. ’cause we don’t want, you know, people to come up with a computer program that can go out there and search it and then send out notifications. So with that being said, when we receive that tag, we’re going to have some process time. We’re gonna give it to mami, then M’s gonna put it out in a random time. It could come out at three in the morning. Oh geez. It’s gonna be, it’s 3:00 AM at this, it, it, it, it, it’s, it’s gonna be randomized. I I can tell you when we give ’em a tag, it’s going to say, okay, this tag’s getting put out in an hour and this one’s getting put out in 37 hours. Wow.

00:50:23:05 –> 00:51:33:07
We’re going to be issuing tags of seasons that are open the, but it’s gonna be the be that buyer’s choice during the season. Archery hunt’s going on. You’re having a tag returned. Yeah. A guy turns it in on a Thursday or Friday and his hunt starts the Saturday or Sunday whatever. They’re not gonna be able to process it and get it on there till at least Monday, Tuesday, or next week. And so there’s gonna be some open seasons. And just to clarify, these are hunts, your bonus points and waiting periods, they can apply. They apply just normal. They’re gonna take ’em from you, right, Jack? Yep. With without a doubt. Bonus points, waiting periods. If, if I get in there, I, I harvest a desert sheep a couple years ago. If I get in there and I see there’s a desert sheep, I’ll be able to see it. But it’ll be gray shaded. It won’t let me click into it in my account because you’ll be on a 10 year wait because I’m on the 10 year wait. But say I go on there and I see it on my account, I could call a friend and, and they could try to get in their account. They’re not, they’re not gonna, there won’t be enough time. It, it, I don’t think there’s going be, but on the randomized stuff, say I’m not in a waiting period and I want my son to have that tag.

00:51:33:09 –> 00:52:38:06
I go on there and I see it and I put it in my account and I call my son and say, Hey, you gotta get ready. I’m gonna, I’m gonna dump it outta my car right now. Now, whoa. Tactic. There’s a tipping and tactic is that’s gonna happen. That’s a ba that’s okay. No, we built into the system that when you, when you, when it dumps outta your car, you hit the five minutes that it re randomizes. Oh, that time clock again. Okay. So don’t try to play the system that way, is what we’re saying. Don’t, don’t try to play. You guys have thought of everything. Hey, we’ve tried to, we really have. Just try to keep it somewhat fair, I guess. I mean, it’s random. They’re, you gotta get rid of these tags. These are 900 to 1100 unused tags that in some cases, maybe not the sheep, but in others, if it’s cow elk or bull elk or deer, you, you, you’re not allowing that harvest that you’ve already allocated it. You want those, it affects managing wildlife. You, you, you end up issuing tags that never get used anyway. What, what a great opportunity. So, and residents and non-residents are all viewed equal on these. Right. Other than the price of the tags. But, but as far as getting them it’ss, not like a resident turns into tag. Only residents can apply for it.

00:52:38:06 –> 00:53:49:09
It’s when a tag in this 14 day window comes up, anybody can go, whoever surrendered it, it’s whoever gets it. It’s not resident and non-resident specific. That is true. It’s, it’s a free for all at that point. So it, it should be exciting. We’re looking forward to it. I think we’re gonna have enough traffic to the site. Maybe we should start selling some banner ads on it. Yeah. Maybe we can think of somebody throw epic on there. We have, we know business. That might be interesting. Maybe sell some optics or something like that. So, so Jack, I just, in layman’s terms, we just wanna spell it out. If it’s, if there’s 14 days or more before the season starts, you throw it out to an alternate. Anybody that clicked on the alternate, it goes to the alternate, right? Yes. If, if there was no alternate, then fine, you’ll go to first come, first serve. If there, if it’s within 14 days, let’s say 13 to whenever the season starts and during the season, then it’s on a first come, first serve basis. Everybody’s eligible. If you don’t have, haven’t incurred a waiting period or you don’t have a tag in already in the main draw already. Correct. And, and you can check out at a non-resident price for non-residents, resident price for residents. You’re gonna lose your any points that you had and you’ll incur any waiting period that is, is applicable. Yeah.

00:53:49:09 –> 00:55:00:18
Which is like sheep and elk and antelope. Right? That’s it. Not Deere E. Exactly. Right. Nope. That’s kind of exciting. I couldn’t have said it. So about 14 days, I guess prior to the Ry deer hunt. I mean, so that’s whatever, July. End of July. Technically that could start. ’cause we’ll start August 10th. So 14 days prior to that. You could at some point, that’ll all be on your website. The link will be there. You can refresh. Yes. Keep, keep refreshing. Gonna be a lot of unproductive people from the end of July through let’s say November, checking that at work. I, the incentive and the incentive for some people to return their tags is they get all their points back. Plus one if you applied in a single application. Right, exactly. That’s works. And so up until when the starts, so there’s people that are gonna be doing this, maybe they’re gonna be prec, scouting, whatever. Maybe they can’t go. Maybe something comes up with their family, whatever, something happens, they return tags, which is gonna happen guaranteed. Lots of them. And who knows what’s gonna come down the pipe. They’re special tags. Some of these guys, Jack, have 20, 25 points, let’s be honest. And if they can’t make the most of it, or they don’t find the deer they want or antelope or whatever, they’re fine to eat the tag fee and return it. They’re good with it.

00:55:00:19 –> 00:56:16:03
And so you’re gonna see some pretty special tags come available. Definitely. So, and when that opportunity comes up, people need be, need to, need to be prepared to go into the field. I mean, fast, we, we have some very short seasons. You, you know, those late seasons, they’re, they’re 10, 11 day short seasons. Well, you guys, we’re not you guys. Guys call ’em short. We’re not gonna, you guys call ’em short, but we know states with five day seasons. So Yeah, we would, we’re gonna have, when, when that tag’s up, it’s gonna show how many days are left in the season also. So you’re, so you’re making an informed decision. Yeah. You’re attesting I will take this, I will buy this. I will lose my points. Yeah, I know. I have four days left to hunt or whatever. Yeah. So yeah, that’s, that’s how that’s gonna work. Well, appreciate you being, do you know, thinking a little bit differently or outside the box or just making a solution is basically what it is to reissuing a thousand plus tags a year, it sounds like that have not been used at all. Just, you know, yeah, you got the permit fee from the first guy, but nobody got to go harvest the animal. And you know, it’s kind of the same thing. The silver state, the dream PAW tags, they’re just, these are fundraising mechanism tags all with earmarked funds in different categories.

00:56:16:20 –> 00:57:33:09
But granted the big upside if you win, but all just unique opportunities in Nevada. So appreciate you bringing up that first come first serve thing too. There’s some archery sheep, desert sheep opportunities. That’s, you know, we visited about that a little bit and maybe if things go well, maybe non-residents will have a tag down the road. Definitely. So, and we, we targeted those areas that the sheep weren’t relying on those artificial waters, that there were some natural waters. So to it, it’ll be a harder hunt if, if we targeted those areas, it was just artificial water. It, it could make the hunt a lot easier. Well, yeah, you just have have blinds stacking on guzzlers. It wouldn’t it it be, it’s a good way to hunt some of that country. They’re relying on water, but, but you’re also wanting it to be a sporting opportunity. Yeah, so the, the, we’re dipping our toe in the water and if it works out all right, we’ll expand it, maybe throw in some non non-resident opportunity in the future and, and see where that goes. And, and on our applications, you can apply for, for elk and deer and everything, muzzle loader, archery and rifle on the same application. So mix and match going forward. You could put in rifle for the first few choices and then put in archery for, unless you’re in a diehard archer, that might be your first choice.

00:57:33:12 –> 00:58:41:05
But yeah, you can mix it up. Well and I think also you’re, you’re offering non-residents the opportunity to draw muzzle or antelope tag and, you know, adding a lot of resident opportunities as well. So obviously that’s worked out well for you and, and Adam and I like to call it more skews in the business world. There’s just more opportunities and more options to put down as one of your five choices. Definitely. So, all right, Jack, is there anything we’re missing? Like I, I know I didn’t get far from outta you where to apply from deer Hmm. But anything else, anything else that you wanna offer? Neither did Jack get any good advice from you, Jason? I’ve got a, I told him to go to, to paw. He knows that country. Okay. Bronson, we’ve always said it go in your backyard. You, you should hunt where you are close to home and you can hit it hard and scout hard. What do you think where you’re comfortable? That’s right. Yeah. Yes. The only other small change we made this year is gender specific draw. We’re gonna be drawing all the male species before the female, like on the desert. The desert, big horn ram and uve stuff. Right. Because a guy could draw a utag and it kept, kind of kept him from drawing a ram tag in the past.

00:58:41:24 –> 00:59:55:19
It, it could have happened, it would’ve been so rare, but it, it did make it so people didn’t put in for that u This year we’re gonna draw the rams before the ues, the bulls before the cows, the horns longer than before, the horn’s shorter all that. And, and we’re actually seeing an uptick on some of the yeah. Female species a applications this year be because of that change. But just trying to spread out that opportunity to, to multiple people. Well I think it’s awesome there, there’s also, there’s a lot of guys out there just wanting to have a tag just, you know, kill a cow or anything and whatnot. So anyway, and, and that gives up, gives us, you know, hunting opportunity. It helps you guys manage wildlife populations and, and whatnot. And so I think that’s a nice change actually. People don’t want to be kicked outta the draw. They would, I mean, obviously most, most guys, hunters gals, whoever would prefer to draw, you know, buck Bull of Ram Yeah. Billy, whatever. Exactly. That’s right. Yeah. First at least be considered for that first. And then especially if you’re a Nevada resident, I mean, I I, I realize there’s still fair amount of non-residents probably do cow elk and all that. But if you really understand how they’re doing the draw, there’s nothing holding you back from putting in for a cow elk tag somewhere.

00:59:55:22 –> 01:01:07:29
Or if you’re happy or wanna view Desert Big Horn for a collection, I guess do it now that you know that you’re not being kicked out of the draw from your Ram hunt. So Carter, there you go. I agree. I agree. You’ve killed Carter. You’ve killed two Desert Big Horn Rams. How about a you to go right between ’em? No, no. How come? Because I don’t know. It feels, I’m fine with people doing it. I think it’s a valid management tool, but I don’t know. Something about killing moms. I don’t know. Just not my, not my thing, but there’s a lot of guys that do it and I’m totally cool with that. Yep. All right Jack. And it, it, it, when we do that, and I want to just two seconds on that. When we do that on our elk, it’s because we have management objectives. We have to keep those numbers under. Oh yeah. If we do it on sheep, it’s, it’s for biological reasons. Numbers. Yeah. Disease density. It Yeah, Adam, you understand density dependent and disease opportunities and, and carrying capacity. We don’t do it. Like I said at the beginning of this, it’s not, it’s not for the money that, you know, those 10 u bring us. It’s not going to balance budget. No. But it could, it could make a difference in keeping a healthy population on the landscape. So that, that’s the main point of it. Great.

01:01:07:29 –> 01:02:15:25
Well we appreciate you Jack. You know, all the hard work you guys are doing dealing with over there in Nevada. There’s times I know you’re not dealing with some fun things like, you know, political things and all that. Yeah, a lot of it’s part of the job. Black bear Predator, whatever. There’s just a lot that goes into it. But anyway, appreciate I couldn’t work, I couldn’t work at a better place. I’m still just so happy to be here. So, well, thanks for taking a few minutes with us today. We appreciate it. We’ll probably we’ll give another shout out to you prior to now on the deadline, but wanted to get this podcast out for everybody to listen to, to, you know, talk with one of the top dogs about the highlights of Nevada. That’s right. Appreciate it. We covered it in our April magazine. Jack, I think you read that magazine even. I did. And I was, I called Jason, I said, boy, I’m really impressed with the detail you guys put into these. I I truly am knowing the areas in the state as well as I do and reading it and the accuracy of the information that, that you guys put out. You guys are spot on and you represent it well and I can’t thank you for the help. Awesome. Can’t thank, can’t thank you enough for the help really. You bet. Well we appreciate you as well.

01:02:15:26 –> 01:03:36:07
If anything we can do for you, let us know. We’ll keep plugging, plugging along and encouraging people to apply and helping people. Everybody out there, if you’re listening, you can refer to the Epic Outdoors April, 2021 ish. You can’t believe it’s 2021 already. Anyway, we covered the entire state of Nevada. If you have any questions, give us a call. Adam and I, Wyatt. Devin, everybody here at Epic Outdoors is willing to help you. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. Get on That’ll take you to Mize site where you can get on, get into your account and apply. So thanks Jack, appreciate your time. We’ll let you get back to other arms in the fire, but we really appreciate your time today. All I really appreciate the call. Go. Only time. Talk to you later. Thank you. Bye. Alright, bye. Good. I’m glad he brought up that first come first serve. We, that was a change and it’s gonna be interesting. It was just basically for all you people that had that stripped from you for Colorado for this year, that once again I mentioned the word Colorado. But guys, come on. I’ve gotta say that again in my life. I can’t just swear it off till next half season. So I mean his mind is right back in Colorado. I be No, I’m just saying everybody’s gnashing teeth because Colorado did away with this. Nevada’s bringing it back. So Colorado’s now having an announcement.

01:03:36:08 –> 01:04:36:29
This is when we’re putting ’em all online. I think Wednesday’s at 10:11 AM Yeah, so they didn’t totally do away with it, but it’s not as, but there’s no in the middle of the night, no randomness, right? No. I was there at three 30 on a Friday and got a tag. So they’re gonna come out with a list and say it’s a free for all starting at 10:00 AM on a Wednesday every Wednesday. And everybody’s on there at the same time. And so Nevada’s just gonna be randomness I guess. Guys, there we go. There’s gonna be some guys. Midnight Madness two, madness 3:00 AM madness I have to say. But you know what? You can program a computer to do anything. They don’t, it’s not like M’s gonna be sitting awake wondering, no, let’s just throw this tag out there. They’re gonna program it. That’s don’t think. Yeah, I think they’re gonna have fun. A desert sheep tag 3 34 in the morning. I don’t who’s up? Who’s up? Who’s up? Some crazy night Owl’s gonna be getting a sheep tag. So anyway, have at it. It’s gonna be awesome. It’s gonna be fun to see how this plays out. Just again, there’s a lot of evolving things that happen in these different states. A lot of changes. We’re staying on top of these things. These are opportunities. They provide opportunities to get tags and that’s what we’re all about here at Epic Outdoors.

01:04:37:01 –> 01:05:52:22
So anyway, bro, so as far as getting tags and hunts, why don’t you kick us off with our newest membership drive, the summer membership drive, I don’t know, spring, summer, what do we call it? It’s a spring summer ’cause we’re kicking it off late April. But it has a very short window. The deadline, we always do this twice a year, mainly just to generate some excitement. But we use it as a marketing tool for building a membership base is obviously is some, a company like ours, it went from literally zero. Hey, we’re open for business to you, you gotta generate members and we’re a hunting based business hunts. Add excitement to that. And so we have added every year a little bit more to this, a little bit more. Bronson, we’re giving away a desert sheep dinging, ding ding, dinging a little bit more. We just, we just got talked and done talking about with Jack the desert sheep options in Nevada. But for all of you, which there may be many of you, we’ve not done a desert sheep before. If you need one for a grand slam for the first round, for a slam, second, third for it doesn’t matter. Right? We’re gonna give one away. Everyone needs one. That’s right. What do you mean? If you want one need one, we’ve got one and this is on a specific ranch that we’ve been to. I’ve actually been there. I’ve seen the sheep.

01:05:52:24 –> 01:06:59:29
This is no fences. This is free range. This is as legit as you get in Mexico. It’s bro, they’ve got, probably got a bob wire fence somewhere. A three strand or, yeah, but you know what I mean when I’m about it. I know what you, no high fences. So down there in Mexico, there are high fenced opportunities down there. Not taking away from people out there doing it. Just saying this one is free range total. If there’s a fence, it’s a low fence. Lot of opportunity down there. And we didn’t just pick any hunt Bronson. This is somebody we know. In fact, with Roberto Noriega, super good guy. He, he helped me basically on my first some other lot of, spent a lot of time traveling through the border with him, dealing with my gun permits and different things. You’ve gone down there, hunted his ranch. I mean he’s a good, like a good person. That’s right. Good guy’s. His own personal ranch. So he has a very big vested interest in the quality that he’s got there. This is a 10 day hunt. We bought the first hunt of the year. They’ve got a long, you know, from the end of November through March that they can hunt their sheep down there. We bought this for, you know, the first part of December. That’s when we first hunt of the year, but it’s the first hunt of the year.

01:07:00:10 –> 01:08:12:05
We’ve had members buy and book hunts through us on this hunt. Gone down, killed Rams up to 180 inches. Just he’s got great potential. It’s not from a physical standard, it’s, it’s sheet punting, but it’s not a backpack grinder. Anybody can do it as you go. Most people can do this. If you’re in somewhat condition, great physical condition, you’re gonna have an opportunity to kill a record book caliber Ram or better. And Roberto will tell you, if you don’t, you I’ll, I’ll bring you back. But that’s, I don’t know how often he’s ever had to do that. It’s just a, what he says to reassure you that know you’re gonna kill a ram. So that’s the first hunt. Probably the sentinel hunt, since we’ve used that word from mentioning, we’ve had a, we’ve had members kill 179 to 180, 80 rams. We have like, I mean recently. Oh yeah, we have. That’s what I, that’s what I said. This is legit. We we’re personally familiar with it. We wouldn’t buy the hunt if we weren’t comfortable with it. This is gonna be, again, December of 2021. This fall, this winter I guess what you wanna call it. So that one’s kicking it off. I wanna, I want to, I wanna just say one thing. Okay. Sometimes guys might say, did these guys really pay 55,000 for that hunt? Okay, we really paid it. You want us, we really paid it.

01:08:12:09 –> 01:09:08:29
That he does not need help selling his hunts. No. And he’s full every year. We reserve this, you know, in advance. We actually thought about doing it last year and then, you know, this little thing called COVID-19 got in the middle of stuff and you couldn’t travel places. You’re dealing with the border and so it just caused to put it off a little bit. But this is a hundred percent I would go there. If I had money to spend or go with any of my family members to go hunt this ranch, my white women children, I would take to this ranch. And I mean that this is not just to sell tickets for Hunt, but if you, you know, take our word for it, I guess is what I’m saying. We’ve been there and a lot of people have been crossing the border successfully. This isn’t like, am I gonna be able to go? Maybe I won’t be able to go. This is not the case. No, you’re gonna be able to go, that’s right. Yeah, they have all this last year. So great opportunity there. Desert sheep on all these options. You can either refer somebody, join Epic Outdoors, refer a member if your current member and refer a member that joins. You’ll get a ticket into the, into the hunt of your choice for referring them and the new member will get a ticket for their choice.

01:09:09:03 –> 01:10:26:17
Or you can simply purchase tickets with the varying ticket packages. Let’s talk about another hunt online. Online even. Alright, so the next hunt up we’ve got Alaska grizzly, grizzly bear hunt with freelance outdoor adventures. Lance Cronenberg a super good friend of ours. We’ve known him since we were kids. Bronson. Yeah, we he’s a killer together pretty much. Yeah, we were. He’s a killer. Anyway, spring grizzly hunt in Northwestern Alaska 2022. So anyway, June 1st to the 15th, it’s kind of a backpack hunt. You’ll be flown into remote country and you’ll be spike Ken from, from there. What an awesome opportunity we’ve sent guys there. He, he, again, one of these guys that doesn’t need help. I think it’s Bronson. We try to B buy hunts that we want ourselves the best of the best. That’s, there’s no question Lance is one of the best. That’s right. Absolutely. So no question. Our hunt winner last year that won, that killed a great boar on his hunt and there’ll be a great opportunity next spring, next June. There’s nothing like an interior grizzly, especially a giant one. They’re, I don’t wanna say they’re mean, they’re, they’re awesome. There’s something to behold. Super, super amazing trophy. Anyway, we bought it. You’re gonna go on it if you draw. So anyway, make sure you get your ticket in the hat back again by popular demand. We talked about Nevada heavily today, but we bought another hunt with Deadline Outfitters.

01:10:26:17 –> 01:11:38:10
Holby Gartner, one of our good friends up in northeastern Nevada. This is a Nevada oh seven six through oh eight one elk hunt. This includes the unit wide. This is good for all units within that cluster unit wide landowner tag within the season of your choice. This is a six day hunt that we also have paid and booked for the guide fee with Hoby within the season of your choice, either archery or muzz loader or rifle. You do have to choose, this is not open-ended like the mule deer that you can hunt ’em all, choose, or you have to choose your season. But every year, you know, Hoby har harvest some great bulls for his clients on both the Idaho and the Nevada side of the border here. In fact, last year our hunt winter killed a three 70 class. Unbelievable hunt. The one that’s hunt, I think the bull is photoed. Yeah, in the ad. It is, it is. This is a $17,000 value. This isn’t smoke and mirrors. This is a landowner tag that we bought and the guide fee that we bought. You’re gonna go on that and this is for this year, 2021. We didn’t trade these things out. I’m telling you. We paid it. It’s unbelievable. Great opportunity. Just like you said, Bronson oh 7 6 0 8 1. Got some incredible bulls up there. It’s a lot of fun. I’ve hunted up there myself. So anyway. All right. Jumping into Colorado Mule Deer course.

01:11:38:10 –> 01:12:45:12
Bronson likes to talk Colorado. Let’s do it here in unit 68, 20 22 third season. That’ll be November 12th to the 18th with a rifle. We’ve booked it. You’re gonna be able to go on it if you apply and draw. This is with Clay Hill Hills, guides and Outfitters. Super good guy. One of the best of the best in the state of Colorado. So you’ll be going next year, 2022 if you draw it. Just incredibly late season date. Of course that happens this year and then next year’s, one day earlier. Yeah, a lot of people get caught up. This is the only great year to ever hunt Colorado in 2021. Let’s talk. I’m gonna be hunting it till the day I die. How about you? Yeah, that’s right. Okay. All right. This includes the landowner tag, like we said, unit wide for units 68, 6, 81 and 6 82. Includes the guide fee, food and lodging. Pretty awesome. Clay has the access to the best private land as well as all the public ground within the units. One of the very few opportunities is a lot of, you know, out there, hard to find an outfitter that’s licensed in in all of the units, wherever you’re talking about. It’s just tough to be licensed and deal with the forest use permits and BLM use permits. He’s got it all squared away, knows what he’s doing, killing some incredible animals.

01:12:45:28 –> 01:13:59:09
Arguably last year Bronson produced as good is anywhere better, anywhere better than any of the other units. For most of us up here in the lower 48 come January. It’s kind of a cold, miserable time of year. If you wanna get out and get away from that. We’ve got another 2020 January of 2022 Sonora Mexico COO Deer Hunt with Rancho bonito trophy hunts with Cuco and his crew down there. Awesome opportunity. This hunt is for January 3rd to the ninth, 2022. Cuco and his team will meet you in Tucson, Arizona and drive you across the border. Have all the paperwork permits and all that help you get there safely. No problems behind on great ranches down there. They typically average 105 to 115 inches depending on the year. Last year we gave one of these away again, the hunter crushed 120 inch buck 120, just a stud and great opportunity there to be able to go down there. You may have, since we are giving this hunt away in June, again, the deadline to buy or enter for all these is June 20th, which happens to be Father’s Day. Since you know that, then you would have the opportunity, if you wanna bring a family member, it’s a likely that that CCO and his crew will have somebody to be able to an opening still on that hunt. So a hundred percent anyway. Great, awesome opportunity.

01:13:59:09 –> 01:15:10:10
Next January, 2022 and I can’t believe it, you’ll be able to look at the photos. I think we got five giants in there. We’re representing this hunt. This is not in the ad. I mean this is not just the average CO around legit. So anyway, hunt winner did end up buying a pair of fifteens from us. Bronson, by the way, 15 SLC Binos and went down there and used them. Of course, Cuco Cuco did as well. Anyway, smashed an absolute giant. Appreciate him his participation in our membership drive. All right, moving on. We’ve got a 20 21, 20 22 Utah Mountain Lion Hunt with really good friends of ours. Hunter Mecu, his dad, family, whatnot. They, they’ve, they’re based in southern Utah. They’re known for their well-trained hounds, proven bloodlines. Bronson some of the best of the best. Got a great reputation for that. Anyway, they’re pursuing these lines on horses and mules, scenic, Southern Utah. It’ll be an incredible opportunity. These guys know what they’re doing. They’re what they’re doing. They’ve done it for years and we appreciate them letting us buy a hunt from ’em. So, just an incredible opportunity. If you need a lion, this isn’t just gonna be a lion hunt. This is gonna be an entire experience. Super good guys. And these people broon, I don’t know, you’re gonna be bear hunting with it soon. Yeah, we’ll be doing that.

01:15:10:10 –> 01:16:33:00
But they’re, they’re, this is kind of an old school, you know, they, they love to saddle up. They love to just get, get on the horse or mules and, and ride and let the dogs work and watch ’em work. You’re gonna be, you’re gonna learn a lot with these guys. It’s a unique opportunity. It’s not, not just hanging your head out the window of a truck. It’s a little bit different type of a lion hunt. We thought we’d mix it up. We’ve given ’em away lion hunts before rotated round. But the Mecu McLean and the Hunter Mecu, Mount Outfitters are they’re killers crew. That’s right. They’re killers. So, alright, moving on to the, I guess, number package number seven. We are actually giving away an optics package as a individual item this year. This is a seven piece optics package given away by us Epic optics. Good for, you know, all the westerner hunting needs. This includes a Swarovski 95 millimeter spotting scope objective, A-B-T-X-I piece, as well as either an A TX or an STX spotting scope. I piece pretty awesomes onto that 90. That’s right. Also have a Leica para 10 by 42, 32 range. Finding binoculars a vortex razor UHD 18 x 56 parabios A Vortex Summit Carbon two tripod, and a Zeiss Conquest V four six to 24 by 50 rifle scope. All of this adds up to the price tag of $13,500. These are not cheap.

01:16:33:00 –> 01:17:36:21
These are not knockoff, these are not black market. These are outta the box. You mean they have a warranty? Yeah, we bought ’em all. We wrote the check for ’em all. Just like we do everything else. That’s, but we’re giving this away as a ticket that you get for either joining or referring somebody or tickets that you decide to purchase there. So that’s the seven packages. Well, we had, we had a lot of demand. We had guys wanting to get tickets in for the optics besides normal, you know, what we’ve been doing, which is the bonus option. Yeah. We gave that away as a bonus option last time and this time we thought, let’s put that as a ticket item and replace the bonus item with a 2 31 tag here in Nevada for Mule Deer. Just an incredible opportunity. We’re back at it. We did it a year or two ago, I wanna say two years ago. Bronson time is flying. Yeah, I, we did it a few times. Yeah. Okay. Where we give a 2 31 tag as a bonus ticket item. You can go on that hunt. We don’t care. It’s fully transferrable. Sell it, give it to your buddy, whoever, whatever. Just know that that tag’s worth 13,000 bucks. So anyway, that’s a tag. You can use it for any season within Nevada starting August 10th with the archery ending, October 31st with a rifle.

01:17:36:27 –> 01:18:55:12
So you can hunt every single day if your schedule allows it. And if you have a muzzle loader, archery or rifle equipment. Feel good with or competent with any of those weapon types. So anyway, you can hire somebody if you want. You can go self-guided. It’s largely public. I’ve hunted up multiple times. There’s been some amazing animals taken giants actually. So just an incredible opportunity there. What a great value. Anyway, so if you, if you end up purchasing a $500 ticket package, you’re gonna get your name in for a 2 31 tag and you may win there as well. Again, fully transferable, do what you want with it. You know, a lot of guys hunt it just, just a great, great opportunity. We love giving ’em tags, hunts, knives away. Of course Bronson, we didn’t even talk about that. Anybody that purchases 10, 10 tickets or 30 ticket package gets a free knife. Epic Outdoors. That’s right. All that’s on our website. You can read more about this either in the next magazine that’s gonna be coming to you in the next couple of weeks or on our [email protected]. Again, it will be opening here by the time you probably hear this podcast, it’ll be up in live and the deadline to either join, refer, or by entries is Father’s Day. We figured what a nice day. You know, we probably won’t treat yourself. Yeah, there you go. I don’t know. So June 20th. That’s right.

01:18:55:16 –> 01:20:20:07
So couple more just quick shout outs. We wanna appreciate those folks at MOA rifles. If you’re looking to do buy a new rifle for this year, MOA rifles should be a consideration for you to call. Give them a call for a private consultation at 5 4 1 5 2 6 1 8 2 0. I’ve got a great rifle, one of theirs six five PRC. Love it. Had great success with on some of my sheep and goat hunts. Absolutely love it. They also produce Rugged Ridge outdoor gear. Couple key pieces of gear that I always have in my pack there is their Gen two extreme bipod, carbon fiber bipod that’s send my pack all the time. As well as their extreme rear support system. The for the rear support of the gun. If you’ve got a prone out and you need something like that, I’ve got ’em both. So check ’em out. MOA or rugged ridge outdoor Lastly, outdoor edge knives. What a great opportunity. Appreciate them. Jason mentioned ’em a minute ago. Another way to get an eec, epic Outdoor Series knife is through our giveaway. But been a great supporter of those. Yeah, we appreciate them. They make a lot of quality products, a lot of different knife options and whatnot. Removable blade, razor sharp knife, never have to worry about an edge. Just replace the blade when you do. So. Anyway, great opportunity. You can go to outdoor, check out their products, order something up, go from there.

01:20:20:07 –> 01:20:59:21
We’re giving ’em away. We actually, the ones we’re giving away edge with our logo, it’s pretty awesome. Of course. That’s right. I may be a little biased. Alright, well I think that’s it. We got a couple cool podcasts on deck here in the near futures here. So as we start to get out of we, yeah, well remember, it’s on your whiteboard. Oh yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. Got some great ideas written down. Got some fun stuff. But stay tuned. But appreciate you listening to this Epic Outdoors podcast. I hope you learned something today. Hope you, you know, if you didn’t, I guess the magazine’s there to be able to back up what we talked about if it was fast and furious. But we appreciate you listening and I guess let’s go back to work. Yeah, have a go back to applying. Have a good day, everybody.