Wrapping Up Your Applications. In this episode of the Epic Outdoors Podcast we get the crew together and talk about the front burner items of this time of year. We talk about the last few state applications that are still open, and plan for possible hunts. We talk about some interesting new opportunities in Arizona and have fun discussing these. As summer gets closer we are ready to start scouting.

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What’s on the front burner? Talking about kind of the exciting time of year may, we’ve got results coming in and we’ve also got the final applications being due. You have to be able to prove you can shoot three of five shots into a four inch circle. Anything to do with Western Big Game. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson. Chris Peterson. Of course. We got the whole crew here. Josh, how you doing? Good, Wyatt. How you doing? Good, Devin. Great. Great. Wow. Could say good. Well it’s Friday. Three kids in a row or something. It’s a Friday. So what can be bad about that Friday? Especially the deadlines do well. These guys are thinking yard work. Bronson. They’re married now. What’d you do last night, Devin? I dug a trench broke. Broke a couple PVC pipes. I didn’t know were there. Hashtag dad life. Thought I hit a, a real important pipe, but it was a rock. Oh, oh yeah. So you got a, you got the Christie’s hot hot mix and the stuff coming back out tonight. Hot blue glue. Well, I’m going to Home Depot tonight. Well, good. Well when you get the, when you actually get an account there, then you know you’ve got a problem. Yeah, well that’s good. Hey, you’re getting it done. Well it matters because come July and August, you don’t wanna be fixing in sprinkler pipes. No.

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You wanna be hunting and scouting. Well, before we get too deep, we wanna thank Under Armour. We appreciate them and all their support here at Epic Outdoors. So thank you. Under Armour. They got the great gear. Wyatt, you deal with a lot of their gear and kind of run a program or two with them. Point man and head that up. What do you expect for when things, new gear are new gear coming out. Yeah, they have a lot of new stuff coming out. We’ve seen some of the prototypes here at the office. Just kind of been browsing through ’em, looking at ’em. Looks like some lightweight pants, maybe some heat vents. Few, few things like that. So good stuff. Pretty cool Changes there. You figure in July, is that what you’re figuring? That’s kind of what they’re saying. July. So, all right. And we do have those 40% off codes available on our website too. So there’s a plug. Epic outdoors.com. All right. Epic outdoors.com. So we do have those percentage off cards. Is there, is there any trick to those? What? You’ll just find it right there on our homepage. Just take, takes a little bit of information name, type it in and they’ll say you want email, name an email. And they’ll send it over to your email. It’s kind of good for about anything on their website, isn’t it? Yeah, it does. For the most part.

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Name email on all your applications and units where you’ve applied this year. And you should be good to go. Social security number, date of birth, user IDs, passwords, throw it all in there. Something. Photo location, blood type. No, we’re all joking about that. Very painless name. And an email basically right Wet. Yep. 40% off up to $2,000. Right. You’ll just use that at checkout on the, on the UA website. Don’t get confused. This isn’t something you’re gonna walk into a retail store and use. This is on ua.com. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Alright, so crank what’s on front Burner. Front burner stuff. Stuff that, I don’t know. Bronson, Idaho, sheep, goat, moose. That’s due today. Yeah. We’re talking about something that’s not gonna matter for this podcast. Podcast. I know, but I’m still excited about it. Yeah, I think that’s why we’re talking about it is there’s light. There’s light at the end of the very small narrow tunnel. Well, we just finished our, our June mag covering California and Arizona. That’s kind of a significant cover It is. To have that over with. Yeah. So for all of us, I mean it’s, it’s writing, it’s research and it’s calling biologists. It’s checking stats. I mean we all take part in that. And it’s this for six months is a, it’s a grind at times. ’cause it’s coming out as fast at the same time.

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You’re filling calls for members and servicing them like we like to do. You’re getting a few draw results out. We’re applying a lot of our license out people. But now a big dimension as far as the new state mags that that’s on pause for a few months until we get points only and some other stuff. This is when our life begins. You know what I mean? Like it’s, I know Cinco de Mayo is a big day in, in Latin or is that just Mexico, Chris, is that Cinco de Mayo just Mexico? Or is all Latin America anyway. Well, I could be wrong. Uno. Uno de Mayo is a big one for Epic Outdoors right’s. May 1st is always like April 30, may one. That’s right. I mean we’re frolicking around the office here. We got May and June we put ’em out back to back. So we got the May issue out. We just barely got a hard copy in. I don’t know that I’ve seen mine in my mailbox. Have you Bronson yet? I didn’t should any day. Haven’t check my mail today here last night. And then June. June you’re gonna have here in about a week and a half, which is what Bronson’s talking about. That covers Arizona and California. So super exciting. The one thing that’s not so exciting, Bronson. Okay, we’ve done about what, let’s call 15, 18 years worth of magazines. Okay. Over the course of our history. Okay.

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In the epic outdoor world where, and so every one of these that comes and goes, let’s call it May 1st, April 30th. Every one of these that comes and goes, you know, reminds me how close we are to death. Don’t say it. I thought I was gonna say don’t say a foot in the grave, but you did. You did. I three. How many more of June ones do we have? Or June magazines and May ones. Do we have? Wow. 20. You’re a daddy down. I don’t know. I’m just saying each one that comes and goes, I’m like, Hey, here’s another one. Here’s another one. Kinda like say the wrap up of a hunting season. Here’s another one. Here’s another one. How many more do I have? It’s on everybody’s mind. I’m just gonna say it out loud. Okay. But also what everybody’s mind on hunting season end is what? I can’t wait till next season. That’s more of an upper instead of a, is this my last I’ve ever been on? You say that about lion magazines. Can’t wait for, well I’m not, but but that’s my point. Yeah. So it’s a grind here. Hope it got office. Hope we got dozens more. How about that? Dozens more with an S. Yeah. Anyway, kind of interesting as you get older.

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And I think that’s what we’ve been talking about, kind of the little mantra in the office is, you know, be careful what you want because you only have so many left. Make the best of it and do what you want. Yeah. Don’t let apply for what you want. Yeah. Don’t let a hunting season get away from you for whatever reason. Because you’re too conservative in the draws or not aggressive enough or don’t plan well enough and you just apply points only or for the only, the very best of the best. And you never get drawn. And just be involved and don’t be, don’t be afraid to midstream. I mean, don’t apply for points only when you’re applying for sheep hunts. Yeah. Don’t things like that. Don’t do that. I think too is like if you want it, like make it happen. If you, I mean if you want it, make it happen. Yeah. And change it up midstream. I mean for me, even this year, you know, some of the extreme, you know, dry weather we’re having in states, which a lot of us here hunt, you know, Southern Nevada, Southern Utah, maybe Northern Arizona, where if you get a lot of deer points there, that drives, has been driving a lot of my application plans the last couple years and it’s, I, I’m kind of not planning on that this year.

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But with for certain reasons, the drought being the biggest one in a couple of those with where I’m taught heavy on points. So shifted up, talk about other states, you know, we, you know, talk about Idaho. Some of us are gonna go up there on the general, something different. Maybe Wyoming’s in my plans, I’m, I’m gonna do some different things like that. I think this year don’t be afraid to Yeah. Just alter it midstream and say, well this is not working or don’t have anything. And that stark realization can set in and you’ve got a few states left. Maybe we can run through kind of the next 30 days of what states should do. Still have an option to apply for. And a lot of results that are gonna come out too. Yeah, I agree with that. So we got Arizona coming up and because we talked about Arizona in the June mag and it, it’s kind of, you talked about California quite a bit and we’ve been discussing these, writing the magazine, you know, it’s been on our mind about everybody hauling water to some of these sheep guzzlers and, and buck do ratios. Josh, you dealt with a few of the biologists and whatnot. What are you, what are you hearing? Yeah, it’s kind of kind of mixed and it’s several years compounded in some areas.

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You know, we think back to what 2018 was a pretty rough year around here especially and, and kind of in the West for drought type conditions. And so really if you have a bad year, like 2018, it takes you into now you know, we some of those bucks that should have been born that year or maybe they’re not there now. So there could be lower. And so as we continue to go that way, I think some of these agencies are trying to look ahead at some of that and say, Hey, you know what, maybe we’re not gonna have as many bucks in future years. And so they’re gonna try and watch or decrease some permit numbers and that just to try and get ahead of it, which I think is, is awesome. And it sounded somewhat across the board. Same thing with, we had a lot of fires and different things that are going on and, and then Bronson, we, we were down there on the, I mean there’s things we’re seeing like, you know, it’s one thing I get excited about burns, but when you have no moisture following up a burn, well look at these’s black. Be bo look at these burns around town. You got one out towards you. I’ve got one by where I live. There’s not a, that didn’t do one thing that burned like the 24th of, of a week ago.

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I know it’s the way it was on the caval. It’s, and, and that went through a winter. I don’t, I dunno. Pretty, I mean there’s a lot of years that they burn in the, in summer and they start greening up. Greening up immediately. ’cause there’s enough there and there’s, this has been eight, nine months for some of these have, it looks black. So a little worrisome. And you know, I think maybe all of us to some extent look and do different things. You know, that’s it. When I can say North, I just mean it feels like the states, you know, Idaho, Wyoming, parts of Colorado. Go north myself. Go north. My son. Yeah. North. They just aren’t, they’re not having, they, they have a grip in the middle of, I know you folks in Wyoming are saying, Hey, it’s dry up here too. Yes. But what I mean is you didn’t have a heavy winter and some of your summer range units aren’t, aren’t just like high country of Colorado aren’t drought sensitive. We’re not drought sensitive. Like the high desert areas of Southern Utah, Southern Nevada, Northern Arizona, which, that’s right. There’s nothing over, you know, five, 6,000 feet. That’s right. So it’s, it’s burning up all year long. Having said that, we would take a tag in Arizona if we can get it. So it’s not Yeah. Where Yes, I would a couple places. Are you gonna put me on the spot?

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I’m gonna put you in the spot. No, well I, I already told you I’m probably putting in the points. I’ve already told you that you’re not, you are not. You are not. Well I won’t, but, but I’m not applying aggressively. I’m not so having, so, alright, so June 8th is our Arizona deadline. It is coming up, like you alluded to Adam, talking about kind of the exciting time of year may, we’ve got results coming in and we’ve also got the final applications being due. So we’re gonna be applying for sheep, deer and then we, you know, b some point you gonna put in for a designated cow bison? Probably not. I don’t want somebody in my truck. What I do. Like people in your truck you knew. No comment on that coming. Speaking of trucks, Wyatt, you’re looking for a new truck, aren’t you? Yeah, but looking for a little runaround truck. So today it’s an F-150. I, I didn’t know where that was coming from. Wow. Carter’s been running a couple of ’em. So they’re thinking a little bit. They’re, I have a Toyota in my backyard. Yeah, try to sell that on his pocket. It it’s in the backyard. It’s backyard for a reason. I, I thought our, when I heard Wyatt talk, I thought he was gonna sell this tundra for an F-150. And I’m like, wow. Some, he’s read some forum about that year of tundra.

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Must be the worst one ever made if he’s doing that. But no, this is for a secondary runaround scouting. Don’t rack up the miles as much on your other truck to avoid a side byside more or less. Oh, I don’t like the thought of a side by side. Really? Yeah. Oh, there’s a lot of dust side by side. I just feel dirty after I’ve got a truck right after for these, these millennials. Bronson, they’re weak. Why? I might be, but I like company, you know, AC radio, he just, you know, wears, it’s not just any radio. Let’s say at am he’s, he’s on satellite radio. Yeah. Serious. Sure. You got, is it serious as well? Is it the dust or is it the sun? What? Just put some sunglasses on. Look at everything. Put some sunglasses on. Is the wind. It could always goggles or sunglasses. It’s the, I choose not to goggles. He wear goggles. Some people wear masks. I don’t. Well, all right, well speak up. Didn’t you tell me a fun fact about Wyatt? Yeah, no kidding. I’ve never seen him wear a pair of sunglasses. Have you ever worn sunglasses a day in your life? I have like Lake Powell or fishing I did in Montana when I was fishing. But normally every day. No, those, I don’t wear sunglasses. How do you do that? How’s that possible? There could be a foot of snow, sun.

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I love sunglasses and it just, I don’t know how you do it. I don’t know. I guess I just never did as a kid or growing up being a guide used to, you know, you need sunglasses ’cause you don’t wanna be looking into somebody’s eyes all the time. You know what I mean? It’s nice to have sunglasses. They can’t figure you out if you’re lying. They can’t tell which you most always are. You know what I mean? Oh, well, in the field. In the field. It’s different in the field. Yeah. I just, I guess I didn’t, that’s a fun fact. Didn’t happen growing up. What’s never, what’s interesting though, his tent, you can’t see, it’s not legal in Utah. The, the level of tent that he has in his truck. That might be part of it. That’s part of, and I hate it. You don’t like let strip that see stuff near as good out of it. Let’s strip that tent. I feel like especially dust if window down and be cold. If it’s getting, it’s probably all the window down. Your shooting light’s different when you’re riding in that truck. It looks different than when it’s in reality. It does. Most definitely. Yeah. It looks good for the truck. Like aesthetically pleasing I guess is the, that’s what you’d call it or whatever. Is that why you got it? Or did you have, did you have it put on?

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I did have it put on, yeah. One of my brothers. Yeah. Or not my brothers, my college friends brothers had a little tent shop and asked me if he could do my truck. And I said yeah, sure. So for all you listening, Wyatt’s looking for a little runaround. If you got one, he’s buying F-150 or 2000, right? 99 is that you’re running? Yeah. Yeah. Well, I mean that’s what I ran before. You know, Carter will be trying to sell you one and it’ll be the best truck he’s ever run. I’ve upgraded a little. Yeah. You sold everyone else in this office’s truck. But me waiting for you to find one. Hey, hey, let’s go to my driveway. I got something for you. Speaking of the designated cow bison in Arizona, let’s talk really briefly. Speaking about what about what this, the bison we, we initially called it called the slave labor hunt. Okay. But it’s not maybe gonna be that. Let’s, let’s talk about the Grand Canyon. Yeah. National park, the butcher and pack hunt. But slave labor for the park service. Gotta put one of them old gals or guys in your truck, don’t you guys? And they gotta tell you what you can and can’t shoot and what you can and can’t keep. And for some reason they want you to shoot moms and then they’re just gonna watch you probably just quarter it and pack yourself.

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And then they get come back, decide on, decide if you were a good boy or not. And if you get to keep it or not. Is that what, is that what we’re hearing? Give me the gist of it. Gimme the gist. Yeah, pretty much. Sounds like here coming up pretty quick. What is it? Monday? What’s the deadline? May 3rd. What we’re talking about is you can apply to be a, a shooter on a national park. Mercenary. A mercenary on a national park. What? No, it’s a steward. It’s a bison steward. Oh wow. Is what you are. I wonder how long and how much money it costs to come up with that word. Oh, I’m sure they probably paid, thought about it. Paid the company to come up for run by a supervisor. Just like they anyway. A democratic process. Yeah. It’s actually May three. You can go and apply it opens up May 3rd at 11:59 PM They’re not gonna charge you a tag fee. You gotta go back there. Nope. The only thing is they do charge a $65 background fee to make sure you can on a gun and all that. You can be legally down there to do that. It’s only like a one day or two day application period. May 3rd, 24 hours. May, May 4th. You stole a sucker when you were in kindergarten. You never know you’re out. Might not be, you have to be 18 years old. Basically.

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They’re gonna run the draw through Arizona system. That’s comforting. Yeah. So, so that two days may turn into 10 or keep talking. All you’re doing right now is for people in Arizona. Listen that you’re not gonna draw shh crap this year. Just keep talking points. Don’t I think it’s a good idea. I think that’s in points. I think that’s a natural for the park service to do that. I I applaud them for using Arizona game fish. Okay. But yeah, I mean first and second choice. It, it is point system. It is a little unclear as to far as how many people. It sounds like they’re gonna limit it down to 25. And then you may have to go for an in-person interview or something. I don’t know. You have to be able to prove you can shoot three of five shots in four inch circle. Gotta be compatible with the parking at a hundred yards. ’cause they’re gonna be on your hunt with you and then they got three or four windows in the fall that you have to commit to be available that Yeah. And you, you can’t, you can’t choose. They’re gonna, they’re September and October. Yeah. Basically Windows five days from September to the end of October. So Right during prime lethal removal season. I guess when we don’t have anything else going on. Well it seems somebody did the some e scouting. Wyatt, you did some east guy. Yeah, I did.

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What did you find? I found a herd of bison right near the main entrance of the park. If any of you guys want, listen it an open flat Google Earth wide open flat Google Earth. Yep. What I, what I think is funny. 2000 and probably 50. You can’t, can’t use anything motorized. You can’t use a horse. I mean this is your own person and your friends packing this thing out. Right? Right. No horses, no oxen. You got your own food, your own lodging. They have a campground it sounds like you and whatever buddies you call upon, I guess three to five of ’em, right? Yeah. You’ll see I’ll get a friends. You have, well, we’ll give everybody here a website to, to go to. You can read more about it. There’s a big q and a session on there. A a little bit unknown. It’s not, it’s been in the works for a while. Yeah. They, you know, they’ve had struggles, which I find it ironic like here the, the most prolific big game animal in North America over time. Right in, in history. Okay. Okay. Yes. Brought near the brink of extinction. But it’s funny how parks, and we gotta kill ’em when they come outta the park. ’cause we’ve got too many, we’ve gotta kill ’em outta the park here. Capitol Reef in Utah. If the Henrys wander over there, they want ’em hazed and bring the helicopters and get ’em outta here.

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And they’re the most native North American big game animal that we have. It’s like, I know when they get places, they’re not hunted. They have a tendency to take up shot. But it’s just ironic. It’s usually some feral animal that we’re wanting to try to get rid of and, and here we are. The icon, the wild cattle. Wild cattle. Yeah. The icon of American West. And they’re not wanted anywhere. No. They’re hard on stuff, Bronson. Well they are, but I mean, they’re hard on the flowers out. You cant make, can make a park and then say, hey, yeah, yeah. We love the animals. And then like, hey, we gotta, they probably smashed the door in of it. You gotta gotta get rid, get rid of these things between, between a bull and a cow during breeding season. It gets that Google Earth alert. There’s four or five trucks parked there. Cars. Oh yeah. Right next to ’em. Yeah. And you see people get thrown in the air by a bull. You know, they’re liable. Parked, don’t want feed at a saltine cracker thinking that they’re tan. Okay. So anyway. So yeah. Non-lead. Non lead aml. We got gonna condors down, down there off the rim of, so you’re gonna piece non-lead and so those will be there. So what you want to do is 30 caliber. Right. Shoot a four inch group. Yeah. Archibald, you’re out.

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Remember you had a seven mag you thought you might use, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll lend you mine for money. I’m not going. Why? I’m not going. You’re not. You’re going well. Well I would just, I would go with you if you drew. I would try. Ah, just not for me. No, I don’t, I don’t want that. It’s just the date. Just hearing about if you could choose your dates, that’s something to think about. And if you could shoot a bull and keep it, choose your bison, shoot a bull and keep it and choose your bison. Yeah. Now you’re not choosing. Right. They’re choosing and you’re limited to one a day or whatever, you know. So one period right? One period. Yeah. One period. So, and you’re gonna have to, to go, we’re gonna, for the rest of five days, you’re gonna go home and go back to home. Smoke. No, you can’t. You stay, they, you have two days you return, what you do is you return at the end of that five day window or stay there or whatever you go back to. ’cause what you’re gonna be able, you’re gonna bring a group, a couple people down to help pack it out. You’re not gonna be driving to it, taking a horse to it or anything. You’re gonna be packing it out, taking it to, sounds like a reefer truck. Something like that. They’re like, want the hooves and delaws. They’re gonna want everything.

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Well, I don’t know, you know, I think that they’ll probably wanna feed the condors. So it’ll be good to leave some stuff. Yeah. Might need to feed them some. They send you in there. They, so then you’re gonna take everything, the head cape, any meat and that stuff. They’ll keep it in the reefer. You’ll return at the end of the five days. You may or may not get your bison back even. It’s just, you’ll be able to get a bison back, a pieces to one, whatever. Whatever you want. Maybe a little bit. It’s a little bit unknown, a little bit high to make some moccasins or something. Slip the fake slippers of this is just unbelievable. Yeah. And you’re gonna have a park service employee with you the whole time. And then I would imagine they’re probably gonna advise you to shoot a cow, you know, if they’re trying to do some population control. You don’t shoot bulls for bo population control. So that’s probably what it’s gonna be. But, and it is. It’s not a hunt. It’s a lethal removal. They’re pretty adamant about saying that. It’s not a hunt. So what’s difference? Not even have pro protesters show up to lethally. Remove one. Don’t you need to hunt ’em. It may might even have some protesters show up. Yeah, I’m out. Yeah, yeah. I’m just saying. Well, anyway, let’s give a website.

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So the website is wanna go there is go on, like I said, May 3rd at 11:59 PM you can, it opens up. And that’ll [email protected] bison stewards.com. Bison stewards. You got 24 hours. There’s, there’s some people that are almost midnight on the third till the midnight on the fourth roughly. Yeah. Or is that Yep. I mean 1159. It’s just, yeah, it’s, yeah. There’s some people that are super excited about it. I think it’s, yeah, it’s cool. Not just some time go down there and shoot a buy some, probably get some good meat out of it. But it’s also right in the middle of a lot of other great hunting plants. And that’s what maybe my problem is. So you’re in charge of, right? Yep. You get to choose what to kill. And it’s, I would say that’s probably the most important thing. It’s not going to be a hunt. Don’t think that it’s gonna be, this is your once in a lifetime chance to go have a once in a lifetime hunt. It’s gonna be experience, drive down, shoot, shoot down buffalo, and then start working. This isn’t gonna be the experience. The only thing cool about it is killing something in a national park. Kind of cool. I mean legally. Literally in front of a parking. Yeah. I say, watch me hold my Nalgene. How’s that feel? Will you hold my extra bullets? I might get excited here. Start laying in one.

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Remember when you had to teach me what Nalgene was? Yeah. Nalgene bottle was, I thought, thought a special water filter thing. I didn’t know what Nalgene was. I thought it was like a chemical. This comes from a guy that had a 40 text limit on a 15 day hunt in Alaska. This comes from a guy that only drinks one kind of bottle of water though. So Archie’s one of the most interesting humans I’ve ever met. Chilled to 32.1. Yeah. When the ice crystals form, who else, who else tells their, they get so big when the ice crystals start forming in the fridge. I mean, it’s like a kid in a candy store with a shopping spree. Go for it. Who else tells their newlywed, you know, honey, try not, I’m gonna text you. Don’t text me back. That counts up against the 40. I wanna have the whole experience up here to Asco did moose. It’s really important to me. But if I don’t hear from you, just, I know you’re good. So he goes, there was also, let’s finish this. There was also some problem, the story everybody told. No, let’s tell this. I think we did on your moose hunt. Did we tell the story? But just, I can’t remember. Okay. These two get married roughly a week ago. It was so funny in August, two days apart. But a a month later they both take off to the great white north. Okay.

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And on their moose hunt. And both of them have in reaches. Right? Some people text their wives, some don’t. One of you is on At&tt. Who’s that? That’s me. And you’re with Verizon? Verizon, yeah. Okay. And there was, and it was a fairly widespread glitch in AT&T’s connection. Well, it was, I don’t remember the through reach at the time about of our inReach. inReach and at and t what had a clash spa. Right? They had a spa, but So Wyatt nightly, maybe three, four times a day. ’cause it’s boring. Your How are you honey? I love you. Yeah, you quick chat text to your wife. But what plan did you have? Wyatt? Unlimited. Unlimited? Yeah. I’d check in with the guys at the office. Check in with the wife. How much did that cost? Cost? Like 60 bucks a month. A month? Okay. And you’re up there for two weeks. What was the hunt cost do you think? Roughly? I mean, something like this would be 10 to 20 grand roughly. Yeah. 20,000 moose hunt. Yeah. Oh, okay. Okay. And so what was your plan? Arch Archibald. What was your tax plan? It wasn’t the unlimited. Okay, okay. You’re on at t. So they had that superimposed upon you, unbeknownst to you. And that’s not your fault, that’s not my fault. But your texting, my problem was once I’m like 40 texts, that’s two a day. Like that’s plenty. I don’t, and I’m not a texter.

00:24:52:25 –> 00:25:56:23
That’s I’m, you guys know. Yeah. Incoming or outgoing or just your total. So that’s why that he saying, I’m gonna text you to let you know I’m okay. Don’t text back. Don’t me back because Oh yeah, it’ll take away against the 40. The 40. Yeah. Like, like don’t, we can’t just small, like small talk. It’s just, Hey, I’m good. This is what happened today. Check in, you know, all is well. So she text me back once or twice and then she never respond. Then things respond like you asked her, which you thought everything was fine. She, she in your mind, she doesn’t reply. When she doesn’t reply, she’s happy. That’s, that’s what you need to, after five days of no reply, said, Hey, are you there? Like, reply if you’re getting these, nothing. And Wyatt in the meantime starts getting text from his wife that’s getting texts from Devon’s wife saying, will you have Deon check in with me and text me 10 days in? Yeah. This is, this is like the day we’re leaving. Like, I’ve been texting my wife, telling her what’s going on. Yeah. Devin, all day, every day. Devin killed the moves today. De text you. Didn’t she at the end? She ended up at the end. I can’t remember if she text my wife and said, you know, please have Devon text me or how that worked out. But anyways, we’re back and it we’re almost, we’re trying to leave.

00:25:56:24 –> 00:27:03:04
We’re we’re in camp coming back huge standby. Waiting for the weather to weather to clear to leave. I get a text like, Hey, please have Devin text Miranda. And I’m like, Devin, have you text Miranda today? I day. It’s like every day, once a day. She, she says, that was like a highlight of my day sitting there. I like, well, it’s time to send a text. So funny. She says she hasn’t heard from him this entire time. And I’m like, I know he is. Text her. I’m a witness. I just, I screenshotted it. So I’m gonna ask what everybody’s wondering. Are you still married? Yeah. So I was just gonna say, did you go as a witness to court? I, I could divorce she screenshot and saving things just in case we stop to court. Court. So, so if you guys got divorced, would she want the unreached or would you get it? Okay. All right. Let, let’s, she’s a tough girl. Well, well let’s move on. She’s good. I think it’s so moving forward, at what point we all gets about July or August? Move it to the unlimited plan. All right. Moving along to the next day. Well, I mean pay the extra 20, right? We’re gonna, we’re gonna, we could pull it out of a paycheck if we do to. Alright, so anyway, alright, so yeah we’ve got, we did talk about California. That’s coming up. It’ll be due June 2nd.

00:27:04:04 –> 00:28:09:17
You know, be a few guys doing that. We’ve got some results coming out for Colorado Bronson. We’re gonna have some more results. I should say. May 24th, 28th we’re gonna have Elk, deer, Colorado. Yeah. Antelope moose. Pretty exciting. One thing we also have Bronson is Nevada. May 10. That’s a biggie. This one’s on the front burner. This is the front burner. The only thing on the real front burner by the time you get this podcast is Nevada. Yeah. ’cause we’re not gonna do that. ’cause everything else is due. Grand Canyon National Park. Bison. No, there we go. That’s off the table. A lot of results too. Next month. That’s kind of the more exciting part of May. So the good thing about Nevada, even if you applied back in March or whenever they open it up, you can go back in and amend your applications. Love that about Nevada. Love that about Wyoming doesn’t even charge you anything. You don’t have to withdraw it and reapply. It’s, you just go change your order, you know, call it a day, confirm it, call, confirm it. Log out right up until the night of the 10th, you’re good to go. And Nevada’s really fast. They’ve moved their application. It used to be due mid-April, they’ve moved it now to early May so that they have permit numbers and things like that.

00:28:09:19 –> 00:29:19:10
You can actually go look at some of those online if you want to alter your applications because of that. Change it. They close the draw. They run it within about two weeks. It’s a quick turnaround. We’re gonna know, may even do it just at the latest, the 26th. But yeah, hearing rumblings, they, they like to throw wild cards. They are a gambling state. They like to throw surprises. Lucky seven. Well they may, they they like to do this midnight madness and the, the word on the street is that may happen a little earlier than normal. We’ll see. So we’re pretty excited. Listen for details. We’ll we’ll definitely announce that. Carter might even be here to take your calls up till midnight that night. Hey, I’m gonna sleep in that morning so I can stay up because I, dude last night, eight 30, I’m laying in bed, man, I don’t know. Okay, well is that bad? That’s a big front. That’s married guys do Devin’s still outside. They have unlimited text plans and they lay in bed at eight 30. Alright. Anyway, so we’re super excited about Nevada. It’s pretty awesome. New Mexico results are out. By the way, if you drew something and you need help, give us a holler. We have a member experience here in the office. We can give you a list of members who’ve hunted it in the past. We can also help you out ourselves. We’ve hunted all these states.

00:29:19:12 –> 00:30:31:27
We fairly extensive in in a lot of them. Alright, so anyway, we do have Washington coming out May 26th. We talked about that as well as Wyoming. We got deer antelope June 1st. We’re pretty excited about it. That’s right. Then you got Idaho, what? Maybe I already covered that, but fifth. Yeah, Idaho, June 5th, dear Elk and Antelope. And so those are kind of the last resort ones when, you know, Utah, you know Nevada, you know, know Colorado results all coming out. Plus you’ve got sheep results for Idaho, Montana coming out in May. I mean, May’s giant for results. It’s, it’s big. And maybe we can let Archibald talk a little bit about, you know, since he’s his primary contact, he’s a primary contact for a lot of our outfitter here about openings and things like that. But with regarding to guaranteed tags, but both him and everybody can help find you an outfitter if you need to draw. And more than any other Devin, maybe just talk about that more than anything else. We’re seeing things book crazy fast. Yeah, I mean Covid with the worldwide restrictions, we’ve said it many times. The Western lower 48 has just been crushed and yeah, good luck. Find an opening. Don’t drag your feet tags for sure when you draw a tag. Yes. Yeah. And I see it happen all the time. I, I had somebody who drew Arizona call me today What for elk? Yeah.

00:30:32:06 –> 00:31:31:23
That’s been like two, three months. So yeah. And so, I mean, and even though they’re draw tags, there’s places that will fill up, you know? Yeah. Nevada elk, Nevada deer anywhere, you know, so Yeah. Or you, if, if we, if we help you find an outfitter, call ’em right away. That’d be my advice. Yeah. If you’re, if you’re thinking about it, don’t, don’t think about it too long because depending on the tag, you’ve drawn some, some outfitters, some places there’s only a couple outfitters that work it and they book a guy or two each and like, well the best thing we can do is just call, have you on call the last few days of the hunt and Yep. You know, that’s as good as you’re gonna gonna do. So there’s guys like that in Colorado, Wyoming, that Yeah, you gotta be on it right? Kansas, right away. Kansas. Kansas, yeah. Some of those, like if you don’t even have ’em booked before the debt draw deadline comes, you’re, you’re not gonna get booked. Yeah. So don’t waste time. It’s the way you get the best dates, the best guides. We’ve, you know, kind of got a unique perspective. Most of us here at Epic Outdoors, even though guiding is something we do on the site, it’s not our primary job.

00:31:32:00 –> 00:32:52:03
Like, like our main job here at Epic Outdoors is we’ve all done it and we’ve all have that perspective and can visit with you about what you’re looking for. Everybody’s perspective’s different, some of ’em more physically limited, some want horseback hunts, some don’t. Some units you have great ability to hunt in the wilderness and non wilderness and people want different experiences outta the very same units sometimes that you draw. So give us a call. We, we don’t take our outfitter recommendations lightly. Our reputations, we hang it on on these guys that, you know, outfitting businesses that we hand out. So, and there’s still, there’s still guaranteed tags out there. There’s hunts out there. Yep. So, and it’s only gonna get worse though after the end of May when all these states crush their dry results and those that aren’t left with thing, anything, the panic even goes up higher. So they’re sure if you’re looking for something now, better get it secured because in a month from now things get really scarce. I like it. What else is on the front burner? I don’t know. Can’t think of anything. Lots of what else should we talk about? Well let’s talk about some, some of the new arrivals that we’re gonna be having here in the office. We’ve announced that. Oh I thought, I thought you thought we were gonna announce one of these guys was having a baby or something. I don’t know. Bad life.

00:32:52:06 –> 00:34:03:12
No deadline. I’m no, I’m just need to get the lawn fixed. Okay. Okay. No, but new arrivals in the firm. I have no announcements in the form of optics. It’s, we’ve announced the EO range TAs months ago and we got initial big shipment and then just, just been a little bit slow getting ’em out. But we have a bunch in stock. So give us a call if you’re looking for ’em. Got great pricing, great piece of glass, great features of the Bluetooth compatibility to ’em up. We’ve actually, by the time you listen to this the first of this next week, they’re gonna be moving like crazy. So don’t, don’t waste time. If you want to get your hands on ’em, this is a binder that you’re gonna want to take to the range and play with this isn’t something you get the day before your hunt and go use. I guess you can use the basic range feature just to get yardage, but if you wanna work with your gun, your load, your programmability, you’re gonna do a bit of time. So don’t waste. Yeah. Product’s getting scarce. It takes, it takes time to get this stuff in with, with just the backlog from Covid last year, we’re getting a little caught up on our NLS too. Gotcha. Got a lot of guys that got on the pre-order list. We’re getting a lot of those guys taken care of, you know, all for Yeah.

00:34:03:12 –> 00:35:18:13
All reports are June. We should have everybody taken care of. So anyway, if you’re looking for a new pair of buy nows the best on the market. Those NLS are coming up, you know, where guys are gonna be able to get those fairly regular, kind of excited about that. Also got a lot of vortex stuff in a lot of Zeiss as well. We just, things are starting to come in. We’ve, we are pretty proactive here ordering stuff in advance, kind of figuring out what people like and, and what we’re gonna need to have available and in stock. And it’s coming. Everything’s been coming. We’ve had a lot of boxes showing up day by day and a lot shipped out as well. So anybody that’s interested, give us a holler. We can definitely get you, you know, on the list. We can get stuff ordered for you. If you don’t have it, there’s a good chance we’ll have a lot of stuff. So got the new NL studs as well. You know, that’ll attach to the NL binocular pretty easy. It’s pretty awesome. And then it attaches to the SLC post that goes into the tripod head. So anyway, lot going on. What else? Chris, you’re getting close month. We’ve got a month from you. Bachelor. Month and a half. Oh, it’s getting close. You got any, got any, any updates? Not really. He seems very calm. This whole process. Very calm.

00:35:19:09 –> 00:36:34:24
Well it’s been 14 years in the process, had it pretty much planned. He’s, he’s been able to plan for it for a while. Yeah, no surprises there. All right Chris. Well good. He’s pretty quiet. Alright. I can’t think of anything else Bronson, unless you’re something kind of been staring at the cover of this May mag. I mean that’s one of the best covers I’ve seen. Like that’s just, it’s old school. Just awesome big. Yeah, it is pretty awesome. Bill Knisely smashed a giant up there in Idaho. Just 250 something inches broken, two seventies put together. Just an awesome story to it. A lot of, you’ve probably heard that story on our 200 inch podcast. Yeah, we did. We called this guide on that. We did. Yep. Ben Hepworth up there. He found it and guided him and yeah, so I don’t know what that was. That was on our 200th podcast. Yeah, that was, guys can go up there and listen to it out there on the website. Of course you can download it as well. Pretty awesome. Congratulations to Bill Ley. He didn’t even know he was going on the cover, so it’s pretty, pretty fun. Yeah, pretty fun. Yep. Alright, so yeah, we, we did put out that may issue. That’s kind of, you covered Wyoming Deer Antelope as well as Idaho Elk, deer Antelope, Iowa, Washington, sheep, goat, moose. That’s what we covered in the May issue.

00:36:34:24 –> 00:37:36:24
And that stuff’s due coming up right now. So anyway, we’re super excited. Like Adam said, go north my friend, he’ll be applying, I’ll be applying Wyoming. Oh deer an antelope as well as Idaho Deer, elk antelope. What? You had a may, you had another deadline in ultimatum with me about May 1st. Do you wanna about that? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, because I’m ready to, I forgot. I’m ready to be, I’m ready to, I want my five bingey ’cause you’re not gonna hunt Maslow in Colorado. Yep. I’m on the record, but that’s my plan. So I owe it to you. You so if I don’t, no. So if I don’t, I owe you. I’ll. All right. Okay, deal. Okay. If I do you owe me if I don’t You heard it here folks, I owe you because I couldn’t You heard it here. I didn’t dare do it. I want crisp ones. You know, they got the old kind and the newer kind. I like the crisp ones. I like those new crisp ones. You got the little blue line on ’em. Yeah, the other ones have got the line. You just gotta put it up the light and it’s inside. But I mean, yeah, I want that. I want that. I like it. It’s got a purpose. I like, if I ever get a Chriss 20, I feel lucky guys. Come on Hamilton. Whatcha talking about You like Chris Hamilton? Think that’s a, that’s a Jackson.

00:37:37:04 –> 00:38:49:25
I know, but Hamilton’s are tens. But you know, I, I didn’t go as far as a 20. All right everybody, it’s all right There you had it. It’s about all we got for you. That’s good. Here at Epic Outdoors. So anyway, jump in bro. Give a couple shout outs to a couple of our sponsors as well. Red Rock position. Been with us from the, from the start. Great guys. Build great guns. Check ’em [email protected]. Give Kurt and his crew a call. They can top it with it or optic of your preference or one that they suggest. You can build a lightweight mountain rifle, bench rifle hybrid. They’ll call it whatever you want. They can do anything. They’re now working with the titanium and lightweight steel actions. Both got some new things in this June magazine. You can read a little bit about that. Regarding Red Rut Precision, some of their new, new lighter weight actions on that. Also wanted to give a shout out to phone scope. It’s that getting to be that time of year here in the next couple of months at least is deer, elk and water. Elk starts putting on headgear and we reconvene here at the office on Mondays after the weekend and everybody tries to say what they saw. It didn’t happen if they don’t, didn’t get on phone scope. So That’s right. Getting video. It didn’t happen.

00:38:50:07 –> 00:39:53:15
Get your, today they got the new ones for the new iPhones that are in stock as well. Phone scope. P-H-O-N-E-S-K-O-P e.com. Get it, get it on order. Get it ready. If you need a new piece of glass, you know, meaning a spotting scope or something like that, give us a call for that and then you’ll know what kind of, what size to get for that as well. ’cause they are objective or ip specific, specific to your, very customized to your optic that you’re using. I got a new iPhone 12. I need to grab one. But anyway, he was right in the middle last time I hit him up of coming out with a new mold. So anyway, I also like to throw a shout out to Hoyt. Hoyt archery. Bronson got his new bow. He is super excited. Awesome Shooting. Good. Yeah. The rest of us are shooting our old bows. Some of us have new bows. That’s cool. So anyway, I totally picked a, a color that had no idea about availability. It happened to be the first one that showed, showed up. Well, what I think’s funny is, you know, I’ve got guns that are 10 years old and I don’t, I don’t think I need a new gun, but for some reason I need a new bow. Everybody needs a new bow.

00:39:53:20 –> 00:40:57:21
Well everybody, it feels like though, in the bow world, archery, whether it be sights, whether it be bows, arrows, three to four years is like, you might as well been shooting sheet cedar shafts four years ago. What, what they’re doing now, it feels like different between wooden wagon wheels and rubber. You know what I mean? Yeah, that’s right. Feels like that much bigger. But it’s awesome. I got the Rx five decked out Q Verde. Maybe get Chris to do a picture of it on the ground next week. So’s Yeah. It’s pretty awesome. Now I just stole up to me to get a tag. I I, I did, I did have, so let’s, I did have Bobby from, from San Diego, performance artist. He put that together. Shout out to him. It’s awesome. Super good dude. He happened to be coming out here on vacation and brought it to my house, shot it yesterday, tweaked a few things. Got the peep set right. Got a few little lighter. You’re gonna be dangerous. You’re gonna be using it this year. You got a lot of hunts lined up. Do I? You gotta, you keep saying that like I, my Bron, you better be careful. Your, well he’s schedules already jam. He’s looking at, and I gotta ask him, what do I have? Yeah. ’cause I don’t know what he’s talking about. He’s looking at a tag today and today I hear I need your blessing for what?

00:40:58:18 –> 00:42:09:21
You need. Your wife’s blessing. You’ve got like seven or eight things lined up. I’m nervous for you. You’re gonna be in Devon’s boat. Bronson, you’re gonna need the unlimited text plan. I, I, I switched that July 1st every year. So, all right. Maybe June. Another shout out to Triple S Polaris here in Cedar City, Utah. 4 3, 5 8 6 5 0 100. Colton Francis owns it runs it does a great job. We’ve got an epic build coming. I’ve teased John. I’m like, are we gonna have this for this hunting season? Because John, I have a feeling he’s tweaking colors. He wants the reds to match the blacks to match. You know, ’cause there’s Matt, there’s gloss, there’s, he’s thinking of the photo shoots and we’re just thinking, let’s just get something to use. There’s AAR that have paint on ’em and that paint needs to match the back tow hitch. I don’t know. I mean it’s a little everything. So anyway. But it is pretty awesome. Epic machines down there at Triple S, Polaris, four wheelers, whatever Polaris makes, he sells ’em. Even those little three wheelers that are freaking 80 mile an hour down the freeway. You know what I mean? The ones that you think Oh yeah. Street ones. Somebody’s gonna die in one of those. Yeah. Anyway. But you never hear of a death. I don’t know. Who knows? Give ’em a call. 4 3 5 8 6 5 0 100. You never hear about ’em. ’cause ’cause they don’t make a lot of, they don’t know.

00:42:09:25 –> 00:43:16:23
There’s not a lot of people who, who to call wreckage. They dunno who to call faster. That’s right. Who do we call? What’s this? What is it? It’s always, there’s only three tires. Yeah, there’s always some older fell in it too. Like they’re just reliving their childhood or something. I don’t know. Back to the three wheeler days. Big wheels. We can’t end this. Talking about death. You started with death. Yeah. Good grief. Start with death. End with death. Three wheelers. We could call John and ask him how his three wheeler’s doing. So John goes out and buys a three wheeler. I don’t know. Why do you guys Honda? Just ’cause it runs forever. It’s nostalgia hard was Yeah, Zi was deal big red days. Yeah. Only were kids. We had a bunch of three. I did did two, but I never w one, two wheel. I did two. I had my fill when I was a kid. We thought they were awesome. My grandpa brought a big till you rolled. We rolled them so many times. I don’t know how, we didn’t get seriously maim. They made a small fortune on replacing the handlebar. Tell me imm. Wrong plastic and everything. So mono shocks and All right. Well anyway, well good luck to everybody in the draw. It’s a lot waiting on. Give us a call. Let us know what you draw. Give Devin or any of us a call.

00:43:16:23 –> 00:43:30:18
If you’re looking for an outfitter, we can get you in touch with somebody quick. It’s gonna happen fast here over the next two, three weeks. You’re gonna, lives are gonna change before our eyes. Lots to happen. Don’t text Devin. You probably won’t text back. All right everybody.