EP 209: Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunt and a Honeymoon. In this episode of the Epic Outdoors Podcast we talk about the upcoming Epic Hunt Giveaway. If you didn’t draw or just want a chance at the hunt of a lifetime, we’ve got you covered. We also talk with Bruce Billings who recently returned from a Grizzly Bear hunt with Lance Kronberger. This is the same hunt we will be giving away in just a few days. We also call Epic’s own, Chris Petersen who got married last weekend to get the update.

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We’ve got a grizzly hunt with Lance Rumberger. We saw one big bear that he was up sleeping on the ridges. Johns are awesome. They are. And it’s fun. It’s fun to do it. It’s another, it’s another giveaway, right? Anything to do with Western big games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey, everybody out there is Jason Carter. Adam Bronson, John Peterson coming at you from Southern Utah, sunny, southern Utah. It’s a dry ball. It’s not even balmy. Balmy. A hundred yesterday. Humid. Isn’t it? Humid? Yeah. And I know, I know you Arizonans and you’re Nevadans are saying, oh, wow. A hundred. Wow. You guys toughen up. But hey, it’s like, I don’t know what it is. It’s like you guys one 20. That’s what we’re going through here. You guys, you guys get brought up to one 20. We get brought up to a hundred. It’s the same impact. Oh dude. Whatever we’re going through is the worst that can be felt. How about that? Anyway, I don’t know. Supposedly Death Valley, I saw where Death Valley’s gonna break a record at like 1 34 or something. Did you guys see that? Oh no. Yeah, yeah. Global Warming’s for real. Last night. Did you guys ever I step out on my deck once while I take a lead. Did you guys ever, did you guys last night? It must’ve been 95. It did not cool down. It was hot until 5:00 AM My ceiling fans.

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Well, first world problems, but again, yeah. Well, anyway, it’s the dead of summer. It’s almost the longest day of the year. What’s that? Monday 21st. Isn’t that the longest day? Yeah. 21st or second, right? Yeah. Around there. It’s the longest day of year. Summer solstice or whatever. That’s what is Well, today is the 17th times got by me. I’ve been a little sick. You guys been sick? You’ve been all right. Nope. Been good. Feeling good. Stay over there, Carter. Stay right where you’re at. I need to get the Covid shot. I, I got it. And you guys are happy and frolicking and I don’t Happy, happy. Well, this is food poisoning. And no f You can fix food poisoning. I don’t care. I don’t care. I know. Well, anyway, he’s supposedly a brilliant individual. No. Hell, I He did, he did. Pull some wool over some eyes. So don’t eat the food. All right. Well, anyway, we want to say hey to Under Armour. We appreciate them and their support here at Epic Outdoors. Good people over there. Got a lot of great products. Go to ua.com, check ’em out. You can also go to our website, epic outdoors.com, pull down a 40% off coupon, spend it on what you want on their website. They’re gonna be loading up new products heavy through now, from now through July. So we’re, we’re super excited about that. Got a great lineup coming up. Appreciate Under Armour.

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You guys are good people. All right. Well, where, where are we at, Bronson? Where are we at? We’re about the end of the road. Okay. So we’re at, you’re at the end of the rope. Why, why? Well, it’s just had some je a lot of rejection. It feels like, you know, here about three, four weeks ago, we felt like we were on top of the world in terms of, man, there’s a bunch of stuff about to come out. We got, you know, Nevada still pending, then we’re gonna have Wyoming after that. Idaho, that’s for some people. California, when the results aren’t Colorado, when the results aren’t out, we’re excited knowing we’re gonna drive in when they come out, we’re po Yeah, you’re, you’re po today. Why? Yeah. Well, what happened today? Well, Wyoming draw came out. Yeah. I didn’t get into a deer tag, and I thought I’d get one with three points special, but, you know, should’ve, would’ve, could’ve doodle, you know, jumped up. I knew it would jump some, but I mean, still getting something of 50 50 odds, you kind of plan on that, right? I have, I have a weird knack. You’ve had 50, 50 odd, 14 different times. I don’t know what it’s, and you’ve lost 14. Outta 14. I I have zero, like the last five years. Anything that is approaching 50 50 or better last year outta 75% on an antelope tag, didn’t get it.

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I, I don’t get, and I pull some stuff outta left field. And so some people say, ah, yeah. You know, it all evens out. Well, you’re so lucky that’s, you won an arctic red hunt this year. Yeah, I run a doll sheep hunt. I mean, Adam Adam’s nowhere. If it’s one in five to one in 500, Bronson’s applying for it and he’s got a good shot. Yeah. But if it’s, if it’s 50 50, 50 50, he never gets it. I’ll never, ever, ever, he never gets it draw. It’s true. And it’s like when you plan, you plan your fall around 50 50 hunts. You do, you, do You plan your whole and I do. Yeah. So here it is, what, June 17th. And I’ve planned all year round a certain hunt that now is not coming to fruition. So it’s just kind, I’m in an ornery mood. Yeah. I’m in an laundry mood. And, and then I hear that one of my podcast members that comes in today suffering from, he, he says food poisoning. But it’s what? GI problems. I mean, it’s something. This, this has nothing. I mean, the flu has nothing on what I have. Okay. Dude, I’ve been, I was sweating profusely. Every single pore. Have you ever hurled your guts out? So, I mean, stuff from three days ago comes up. That’s what happened. I swear. Well, hey, well nevermind. I’m not gonna go there.

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So what, you have podcast members that draw a tag that don’t even want the tag? Is that what you’re saying? No. No. Well, yeah. Well, you drew, yeah, you drew the same tag I did. I’m excited and had basically the same odd, I’m excited. So I just like, I, I mean, I think it was an afterthought on the deadline night at like 11 50 50 you put in It was a flight afterthought because, because my schedule changed as you know. And then I end up having nothing on the plate for the most part of noteworthy or of good rapport whatsoever. So, so anyway, there’s that. But we have had a few people this week. We’ve had, you know, California came out, and I know for a lot of, you’re like, wow, why are we talking about that? But we, one of our members, we had one of our members, non-resident draw with six points desert sheet tag desert. And he’s fired up, finished his grand slam. He is, you know, you know, later face of his life. 70 years old, roughly. Yeah. I mean, he’s gonna finish his grand slam. And it’s arguably in a state, if you had to ask us point blank, should I spend that roughly 200 bucks a year to keep doing that? It would be one that you could probably say, nah, a lot of people know. Yeah. And, and Okay. He, he did it. So, but he’s one good costs.

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He is one first in years and years and years with that few points that we’ve heard of. Yeah. But it, but stuff happens. There’s good happens stories. He’s finishing a lifelong goal of his. So that was a cool, cool thing this week too. Really cool. Really cool. So we’ve had that. And then we also have Idaho coming out here not too long. Who knows? The Idaho deer, elk. I, they might, they may not get that out till August this year. They’re gonna have 14. They’ve different check after what happened with the sheep, moose and goat. They’ve been nervous. They’re going to, this might we’re lucky. The results are gonna be out before the second draw opens on August 5th. Tell me I’m wrong, Carter. I don’t, I mean, I might get ’em out August 4th. I’m with you. I’m with you. I don’t know. They may waive the purchase of your August is gonna be a big month in Idaho. They may waive the tag purchase deadline this year. They may, because it might come out about August 4th. Oh my God. What I find interesting is how hard it is to get tags. Period. Even these general tags, we’re looking at Idaho going, I wonder if somebody can turn back that general unit deer tag. So maybe I could pick one up. You know? I mean, they couldn’t give them away over and over the just two or three years. Don’t know. You gotta tell it’s gone.

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Stuff changes. It’s changing before your eyes. How about, you know, what, Arizona, what? There’s stuff gonna have some big changes coming down the pipe next year in terms of trail camera law. Yeah. The trail camera laws kind of, it’s kind of a bummer. It’s a big deal. We’ve tried, we’ve, we’ve tried not to, you know, spew our opinion. And just because there’s a lot of opinions. That’s, nobody’s wrong. Everybody’s, everybody’s coming from a different angles. And, and, and we’re probably more opinionated in Utah. We live here, we’re residents. We realize we’re not in Arizona when we hunt there. Far less well frequently as some people, when they initial initially came out with the Utah, they were considering doing the ban of baiting and cameras were together, were locked in there together. Yeah. And if, if that’s what it took to get rid of baiting personally, I’d be okay with it. But I love cameras and I don’t, and, and then the law over in Nevada’s, I mean, you gotta quit the end of July. Yeah. It’s, it’s a season. And, and that’s worked out okay. It’s still, I mean, it’s still hard. I, I like as long as you just scout and know what’s alike. Yeah, it does. Yeah, it does. Gives you an assurance that Yeah. At least to let you still scout like you want.

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But Arizona, they, they came out and basically banning cameras altogether year round, starting for the purpose of hunting or whatever. I haven’t seen exact verbiage, but not for this year. So those of you have tags this year. You’re fine. 2022. But, but having said that, you know, gonna change the face of some of those hunts. Yeah. And it may change. Again, you don’t remember Bronson up there in Montana. They’ve changed truck camera rule and law almost yearly there for a minute. It was, it was back and forth. It depends on the commission. You get a couple new members or something, and a different angle on things and a little more pressure change. Maybe knows a season comes down the road in the future. Who knows? A commission is not get, get a legislative. Oh yeah, yeah. If you get a legislative rule, it’s, it’s hard to get that changed. Oh yeah. So I don’t know. I’m, I, you know, anyway, not, not a huge fan of the total ban, but, but, but it is what it is. So anyway, we could go back to the human trail camp. You guys ever hear of that? I have. That’s one of my favorite stories ever. Hey, hey. My dad was no dummy. I have been that human trail. Him, Hey Jay, sit, sit swaying in the top of a little quay as a quay. Okay. You were in a tree stand right. And you know, yeah, yeah.

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There’s 14 of them laying down around you. You know, they fall over with wind. Right. They have no root system. They don’t have a deep, they’re, they’re not deep rooted. No. And I’m up there swaying by myself with no cell phone, no inReach, you know? But back in the day you had a notebook. Oh, eighties. And a notebook. Yeah, notebook. Anyway, and, and I could come out for half hour during lunch, and I was there from daylight till dark. And then, and I better be there until dark, because that’s the best time. That’s the best time. June through August had a lion come under me one day. I’m just a little snot nose kid. I mean, shiz and down both legs, you know? So anyway, any, anybody out there you could do that. I mean, there’s, you know, grab your kids and, you know, teach ’em. Stick ’em, teach ’em patience. Stick trees. My dad used to tell me, this is really good for you, son. You’re gonna have more patience than anybody else out there. Patience, perseverance. And what else? I think that’s like the three P, you’re lucky. Patience, perseverance, and something else. Is the success. Success, is that a thing? I’ve heard of the three S’s, but never the three P’s. No, no. Three P’s. Really? Yeah. Patience, perseverance. And I’ve never heard of it. Persistence, patience, and perversion. No, Sean. No. It’s like profuse ness. What? What? Somebody out there knows it.

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There’s the three P’s and it’s a success starter. It makes up a successful hunter. No, I know. Persistence and patience is the two Ps. There’s another perseverance probably. Yeah. But anyway, it, it practice. I don’t, yeah. Something like that. Let’s go with it. Let’s go with it. Okay. So anyway, but yeah, I am, I, hey, I can sit in, I can sit in the stand because of it, you know, that did teach me from when I was 10, 9, 8. Make you seven somewhere in there. Make it worth having a couple extra kids. You remember back then. Okay. Okay. That’s right. There’s a good, there’s one positive. Anybody out there looking to start a family get a couple extra? About eight would do. But do you remember the safety harnesses back there? Brunson? Yeah. Might as well if been a cotton rope wore if I, if I wore ’em, I, I remember falling asleep many times. And I remember those. And I remember this fear of, you know when you get an adrenaline joke, it’s not like you’re driving down the highway. Yeah. And you doze off and you wake up and you’re like, holy crap, I that I’m awake. I’m awake. Yeah. Now, yeah, I’ve had that happen in a tree. And it, and it freaks you out because, I mean, well, they’re way higher. We’re dead. We posted way higher up. You’re dead. Dead back in those days. Head for the top. Yeah.

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You’re drinking through a straw the rest of your life if you survive. No, it’s not good anyway. Yeah. And if you did, you probably weren’t in ’em. Right. And it would just slip from your waist up to your neck and hang you up, basically. Yeah, it probably would. And I even think around your waist, you’re gonna be smoked. It won’t be, I don’t know. Anyway. Not, not the harnesses we have in today’s era. Alright, well fellas, if you’re so Bronson now that you haven’t drawn anything. Yeah. And the 50 50 got the best deal. It’s running out. It’s running. I got, I got Idaho and I got, you’re not eligible for the epic hunt giveaway, but if you were that’d be good. Good option for you. Yeah, I’d be doing absolutely. And I’m not in, in Oregon. That comes out this week later sometime, which I just, I took what I wanted from that state to put it, frankly. And got a, took a sheep and ran. Yeah. Haven’t applied since, but I mean, we’ll call it steel. Yeah. We are the last few days of our summer, 2021 epic hunt. An optics giveaway. And if we could just maybe run through these real fast. We do a couple of these a year as membership drives to, you know, build and maintain a membership database, a base of for business clients, but also just give people incentive to be excited about something.

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Well, let’s, some of these sounds are awesome. They are. And it’s fun. It’s fun to do it. It’s another, it’s another, that’s another giveaway, right? Well anyway, we do have right off the top, and Bronson, by the way, before we really get diving into this, the odds are pretty darn good. And, and I know everybody out. There’s gonna say, we expected him to say it, but did does it feel a little different this year? Oh, it doesn’t. I don’t know why. Part of it is this one we announced in, what, when was it? I don’t know. For all intents and purposes. May, April, 1st of April. April, may, May 1st. Yeah. Very last. You know, the EMAG probably went live at the end of April. But for all intents and purposes, May 1st to tell Father’s Day June 20th. This isn’t something some of these hunts are for this fall. We gotta get ’em drawn. We’ve gotta get an elk hunt for Nevada. We got, got got that winter. But you know, it’s, you know, we’ve got a 2 31 bonus tag for Deere in, in Nevada. A couple. Those are for this year. There’s a couple that aren’t, they’re, that’s the next winter. The Mexico sheep is is December that It’s December that’s coming up. Then we got a lion hunt. This lion, lion hunt this winter. A January hunt for Mexico. COOs deer. We’ve got a 2022 Colorado third season deer hunt. November 12th to the 18th of 2022.

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What’s a landowner tag with a landowner tag? We got a grizzly hunt with Lance Rumberger June 1st of 15, 20 22. So, I mean, these are hunts. Literally we say this over and over and it’s really true. These are hunts we want to do, we wanna do ourselves. We, and then we have an optics package too. That’s $13,500 worth of, and thes optics are piled up in the corner ready to be sent to whoever bids. Yeah. Yeah. And, and if you’re, it’s also that time of year, if you need an optics, give us a call. We we’re very aggressive on our orders. And even though back orders been an issue, that pile is waiting for somebody. And we’ve got other optics ready to ship every day. But if you do spend the $500 package, we also have a 2 31 lander or deer tag. You don’t have it. Bonus to you. Bonus tag. Then, you know, if you buy the $200 package or $500 package, of course you get a free knife as well. Outdoor edge knife. So, and that one’s a a 2021 tag. Yeah. This, that’s for this on all seasons anyway. We do have packages. One ticket’s 25 bucks, five for 110 for 230 for 500. Or you could get a ticket in for referring a guy or a new or joining yourself.

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If you’ve listened to our podcast for months or years and think we’re good guys or not good guys, but feel like we do have something that can benefit from you. Hey, I can vouch for me sign up. Maybe it’s that time you get an entry in. We’ve had people win from their one entry in for joining the our members. You don’t have to buy a bunch of tickets to win. One can do it. The deadline is Father’s Day, June 20th this Sunday. Wow. This weekend, technically 1159 or whatever that night. It’ll quit working. 1159. 59. Yeah. John, don’t you normally pull the plug lay awake at night? I do. Lay John has to come pull the plug, pull the plug on the manually. We’re not sophisticated enough to let it pull itself. No, I think it’s, I think we are, I think we just don’t, we just wanna make sure nobody just wanna make sure. Yep. It’s off at 11, 11 59. It turns off. The other thing probably worth mentioning too, is though, we, we are gonna have someone here answer the phone Friday and off and on Saturday. And, and if you don’t, if you don’t get us, because it’s obviously by the time you listen to this podcast, you’re not gonna be able to mail in your ticket order form. You’re gonna have to do it either [email protected] or give us a call 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7.

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If you don’t get a live breathing individual, leave a message and we’ll call you. Yeah, we’ll call you back. We’re gonna be in here. Yeah. It’s just, you know, if we get, we’re not gonna staff five or six of us all day Saturday, so That’s right. If somebody’s on the phone and, and you leave a message, they’ll call you right back. Process your order. Best thing to do is online, but either way we’ll get you taken care of. Alright, well I like it. I think we’re in a good spot there. That is this weekend everybody. It’s coming down the pipe and within a couple of days after, we’ll see how it all depends. We’re hoping for Monday evening, but let’s just, if it’s Tuesday evening, it is what it is. Yep. But we’re hoping for it. That’ll be soon. That’s right. Well, let’s, let’s maybe call, let’s call a hunt, I guess a, not necessarily a winter. We’ve called a few of those in the past. But let’s call somebody who just got home from that grizzly hunt that we’re giving away. Yeah. The grizzly hunt with Lance Rumberger for June 1st of fifteen, twenty twenty two. Let’s call our friend Bruce Billings. He just went up there with his grandson, just got home. And let’s see how he did. See how, see what he has to say about visit with old Bruce. Here we go. See if we can get him. Hello this Bruce. Hey, what are you doing?

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Hey Jason, how are you? I’m good. How’s it going, Adam? Here, John, you back home and rested up. Yeah, you know, it’s, I am rested up. It was old man having a good time with my grandson though. We, we really had a good time down there. Well, that’s, and it was, it was a fun trip. Any close calls or everybody’s got all their arms and legs and everything. Yeah. You know, it, it, it, it was, it was a lot of fun. We, we saw some, we saw one big bear that he was up sleeping on the ridge and we had a ball. I mean, when those guys get into bear mode, they are, they are intense. And you know, this old boy, I ended up hobbling up and down the heels, but I thought I did pretty good for being as old as I’m, but this bear, he smelled us and he was gorgeous, huge bear. And my grandson got so excited. He, he shot at him three times and we didn’t, we didn’t even touch him, but wow. You know, we, we had, we had a lot of fun and he got a really nice bear. It was, it’s, it’s cool up there because, you know, you can hunt all night long. I mean, there it is. Just light all, I mean, it never gets dark. Yeah. June, it’s almost like we were just talking about, about the longest daylight of the year right now.

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Yeah. And, and it was, it was a lot of fun. We, we did good. We, you know, it’s like you say, in fact, we were, we were in there and, and the wind was blowing and, and it was, it was worth the whole price of the trip to watch the pilot trying to land on top of the hill. And they’ve got a really good pilots. But my grandson, it was the first time he’d been in a, in a plane like that first plane. It was a lot of fun. Well, Bruce, everywhere you go, there’s an adventure. You’ve been to Mexico. I think there was an adventure that happened there. Oh gee. We, I’m not sure we wanna talk about that. I, I don’t, I think it’s a great story. Well, I think it’s a great story. Well, it’s, it’s a story. And, and it’s one that he lived to tell about. But, but, but I just can imagine you love this. I’m still paying for that one. You love. I’m still paying. You love the adventure side of things. I guess that’s what I’m, go where I’m going with it. Well, oh, there’s no doubt. You know what I mean? And, and, and why do this if we’re not out having a good time? ’cause you know what, I, I love to harvest animals. I I love to eat them. I love to have them on my walls.

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But, you know, it’s, it’s over all these years, it’s been that, that opportunity to go out there and, and, and make memories. I mean, my grandson just graduated from high school. He’s a great kid, you know, and, and when he was five years old, I asked him, and I, I should have been smart and put conditions on it. But I asked him, I says, if when you graduate with, well yeah, laugh now, but when you graduate we, you know, what hunt do you wanna go on? And he looked at me and he says, grandpa, I really wanna go grizzly bear hunting. And I’m thinking, oh geez, you sheep or something. Yeah, yeah. Something easy. You know, like, let’s, let’s go whitetail hunting in Idaho or something. Right. You know, and, and, and that would be fun still. But you know, you know what it, it was worth every dime. And, and you know, those guys up there, Lance and his crew, they are the hard, I mean they just worked their tails off and, and we had some weather that was not real conducive to glassing for a few days and had a good time. In fact, my grandson’s got the gospel according to Bruce, a lot more than, than he wanted. I can’t imagine A lot of times, a lot of down. Well, and this is on these grizzly hunts up here in northern, northern Alaska. It is a, it’s a weight game.

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It’s a glass. You’re hunting ’em like sheep. Like you sit in glass and you have a lot of downtime and a lot of, Hey grand, a lot lemme tell you about life, you know? That’s right. That’s right. A lot of time. Right. It was, and you know, and, and, and the thing is you don’t wanna get out there and traipse around just, just kind of poking into, into valleys. ’cause those bears, they are, you know, they’re running right now. It’s a great time to see some boars that are chasing around and trying to find the sows. But if you get out and just track around the mountains, all you’re doing is just, just spreading that scent out. And those bores smell it and they’re gone. Yeah. They’re gone. And so you’ve gotta have some good optics. I mean, you’re gonna be on ’em all. I mean, 24 7 if you can put up with that and, and you know, and, and that’s how you hunt these bears. It was, it was a real unique experience for me. And, you know, it, it, it really was a lot of fun, you know, especially as you, you see how excited my grandson was to, you know, see multiple bears and he’s like, grandpa though, I’ve never done anything this exciting. ’cause I’ll tell you what, when those guys get in bear mode, it really is intense.

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I mean, they are focused and they’re like, okay, you gotta turn it up a gear Bruce. ’cause we’re not gonna get there in time to see this bear. So, yeah. But you know, it was a lot of fun. Well, pretty awesome. Well it sounds like a awesome encounter with the one end up killing a good bear too a few days later and made it home. I think I could see a few mosquitoes in the pitcher though. So there might’ve been a few of those. If they were enough to see in the pitcher, there was a lot of mosquitoes. That’s right. Well, you know what the, the National Bird of Alaska is a, is the mosquito. And so That’s true. That’s good point. That’s good point. It’s a state bird anyway, so. Yeah. But yeah, you know, you guys, I appreciate you guys, you know, so much. You guys have done so much for me and my, you know, and my brother and I, and it, it, it’s, you know what, yeah. We couldn’t ask for a better hunt. And you know, those guys, like I said up there, Lance and his crew, they, they actually let us stay a little longer ’cause just for the weather and you know, and he was like, you know what, we really wanna get you guys a bear. And, and they really did a good job. Yeah. Well that’s pretty awesome.

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Well, we, we wanted to visit with you just ’cause we knew you literally got back within a couple of days ago and we’re giving one of these hunts away the deadlines on this Sunday Father’s Day. So I don’t know, maybe your grandson or your daughter or son, whoever’s kid is, they could, you know, buy some tickets for that for Father’s Day. You know what I mean? If, if Yeah. There’s no doubt grandpa’s buying his own. So there you go. Alright. No dude. You know what, if I, I get a chance to win it, I’m doing it. So, you know, I yeah, I, I I, I look forward to doing it again as soon as I can. So. Well, we appreciate it. Thanks for taking a few minutes with us. We wanted to just get a fresh perspective and congrats to you and your grandson and it’s a special time. And thanks a lot Bruce. Thanks Bruce. Okay. Hey guys, take talk to you soon. Thanks. Have a good one. Yep. Alright, bye. Yeah, that’s great. That’s pretty fun. You know, I think even old Cam Haines and Kip folks went up there and they were archery hunting and anyway, they had some interesting, interesting encounters. They had some close, close encounter. Well, you’re dealing with Oh yeah. I mean, they’ve had some in previous year or two before this. Yeah.

00:24:56:07 –> 00:26:05:18
Some, you know, anytime you’re getting in tight with the, with a bow, with a bear grizzly and a bow, I mean, yeah, there’s always an element of who knows what could happen out of this. But, but they always, you know, even I talked to KIPP and I mean, there’s nobody better Mr. Cronenberg. So anyway, we’re excited to give that one away. All right. Well that was good. It was good to visit with Hope Bruce. He’s been there, done that. He’s got some crazy stories. So every, every aspect of his life, all bro leave anything out. That’s it. We mainly wanna just kind of re-energize you folks if you haven’t got any entries in or if you haven’t joined, if you’re a listener or if you have friends of yours that are borrowing your magazine or whatever else. This is a reason to kick ’em off on their own, wean them a little bit and get their own membership. Help ’em buy that or buy it for ’em and get a name for them in the hat and you for referring them. There you go. Kick ’em off for what, what were you, what were you, I just said wean ’em. That kind of count so you can, you can decide. There’s lots of versions of weaning. Well, Bronson, we do have one bow. We’re smoking out for a smoking deal. Brand new Hoyt. The RX five. Yeah, we’ve got one more to like 1225. 1225.

00:26:06:02 –> 00:27:09:03
This is, this is the standard. This is not the ultra. So for you tall, lanky, gangly dudes. This might not be the bow. Well this will be a 30 inch axle. Axle. But anyway. Yeah, give us a call. I think it’s in the wilderness, right? The green, yeah. Yeah, the green. We also have optics. Like we’re freaking selling ’em like it’s our job. They’re stacking up like cordwood back there might mention that one 15. We got, we got a one 15. Anybody wants a know 115 millimeter objective. We’ve got those. We’ve had a fairly good waiting list. And those are trickling in. We have had a, a healthy order of those and now we’re caught up on those. And you want ’em, you know, they’re not gonna last long. We’ve got 90 fives stacked up back there. We also have cell cams or you know, we’ve got the new cellular fusion at and t model. We get, we’ve got some Verizons coming. So anybo. Anyway, if somebody’s out there looking for some cameras, we’ve got the 45 maxes. We’ve got some cheaper ones too. We lock boxes. You want? Yeah. Yep. Really good cameras that are not expensive. We’ve got some of those rifle scopes, spinals, everything. It’s that time of year.

00:27:09:03 –> 00:28:17:03
If you got a tag or if you don’t have a tag and you just got, you know, reason to wanna upgrade some optics, give us a call, get a price from us and we’re glad to help you out. I wanna make one more cold call. I just person myself, Chris. Well I’m thinking about a call. Call Chris. He’s the newly we. Oh yeah, let’s do he do it? He’s married. Yeah, he’s off the market. The world’s most eligible bachelor is not eligible anymore. So wait, before you call him what you wanna tell a story? This the, the show Bachelor tried to get him on when, I don’t dunno, I think it was bef right before McKenzie. I can’t remember. But anyway, it was Oh yeah, they reached out to him. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So he doesn’t need producers to get him. Well he does not need that. I mean, he’s he’s a country singer. He’s tall, dark and handsome. He’s got a regular job. Yeah, pretty much. He’s got a dog named ssid. I mean, he’s got a horse name. I don’t know. Horse. He’s got a horse. Yeah, he’s got a horse name. He’s got five of them. He’s got a, he’s got a Ram truck. I mean, what, what doesn’t this guy have got everything. He’s very 37-year-old bachelor. Very, very until Saturday we had a great wedding. Fun. He is he 37? He said it 37. Yeah. Yeah.

00:28:17:07 –> 00:29:34:17
And his, his wedding was like a frigging movie. I’m sure it’ll be on YouTube or whatnot, but I mean, they had drones flying. No, it’s gonna be music, music horses coming in. The wagon comes in. Q my wife’s like, it was where was our, what was our celebration? Like he, you’re like, that’s what Chris makes us all look bad. You’re like, that’s what you get when you marry a 21-year-old. Well, I, or whatever you were. I dunno. I dunno what word. They have two pennies to rub together. Let alone two nickels. Yeah, try. Alright, well let’s give him a call. It’s, he’s on his honeymoon. Why, why shouldn’t we call him? Let’s interrupt. Why shouldn’t we call him? Let’s call him. Your call has been forwarded to an auto, we’re not even gonna get this. No, not gonna get it. Uneligible Bachelor. It was funny that my, my nephew is getting married like in a week. Right. We, the, the whole joke was, are we gonna have a nephew that gets married before Chris? Oh. And he beat him by like a week anyway. Oh, that’s funny. He’s 21, you know. Yeah. Or whatnot. And afterwards he’s just like, how can I beat that? No, you can’t. How can I beat that wedding? Oh yeah. My wedding’s gonna suck. No people are gonna be in the back going lame. No, no. It’s like nobody. Yeah, you can, I mean, nobody.

00:29:35:01 –> 00:31:00:29
Oh, you just can’t, I mean, at 37 she’s walking down the aisle. He’s singing a song that, that he wrote for her. She’s mean. I was like, wow, I’m gonna, I wanted to hide ’cause I wondered which camera was catching me. I don’t want to even be in this it movie. It’s a, it was a draw. Yeah. It was right above your head. It was good stuff. Good times. All right, well let’s try McKenzie. Hey. Hey. We’re just wondering how married life is. Fantastic. Well, we called Chris, of course he’s screening his calls on a honeymoon, which I guess that’s probably what you’re supposed to do. But Hey, you answered. So I guess we’re getting the straight and don’t we, don’t we, we don’t wanna miss the honeymoon. Excuse. I should have screened my calls. You brought, you guys brought the whole world along every, everywhere. But this part we wanted to, yeah, we wanted to do our part to bring this out. We can’t stop. We’re not just stopping as of Saturday, so. Well, yeah, we were just calling to Yeah, we got a Mr and Mrs in the house and thought we’d call ’em, but I guess we’re only getting misses instead of Mr. Oh, Chris is on the other line. Hold on, hold on just a moment. Oh, hold on. Hey, is this Mr. Chris Peterson? Oh. Oh, they’re gone. Hold on, hold on. That’s be funny. They’re done.

00:31:00:29 –> 00:32:26:07
They’re just say, where’s your wife? Hello? You there? Why are you and your wife not together? Yeah, we’re we’re talking to her. We don’t know where you’re at. You guys are having honeymoons in separate places? No, no. My, my phone was charging. Oh. Well we were just wondering know, of course we’re on the Epic podcast without you. It’s like the only one I remember ever doing without you. But just wondering what, how the honeymoon’s going. And that’s, we don’t wanna be left out This part, you didn’t leave us out of the rest of it. Geez. Good. Just, just where you at screening your calls? Where, where you at somewhere trying to make, trying to make a another just a plan day by day. Yeah. Going day by day. That’s awesome. Somewhere under the rain somewhere. Oh, well we were just wondering how the most ineligible or Uneligible bachelor is. No. Pretty amazing sooner. I love it. Well, good. Well we just, were wrapping one up and we thought we better call you. So we hit you and then we hit her and she called back before you did so I don’t know. She already, she already called back, huh? Yeah. Yeah. And then, and then I tried to merge your calls and then we dropped her and got you back. I don’t know. Anyway, tell her no hard feelings. We’re just making sure the vote was still floating and all was good. Yeah. Yeah.

00:32:26:07 –> 00:33:34:27
We were telling people how awesome the wedding was and to watch for it on YouTube or a music video or, or music video. Alright, well how’s your hunting plans? Have you guys just been discussing those? Heck yeah. Yeah. Have you figured out any, how the hunting budget’s gonna work within the marriage? Oh, we’re still, we’re still working on it. We gotta do some, the way I sit, you’re in the best scenario I’ve of any of us ever started in, you’re married in your mid thirties, so you’re both not maybe quite as broke. Broke. Yeah. That’s as, as most people. Or at least have some something under your feet. And you’re marrying someone that likes to hunt as much as you pretty much Well, she comes with goats. Yeah. She’s telling you what she’s gonna do to hunt and you’re like, I gotta keep up with that. So she comes with guns in a truck. Yeah. She might wanna hunt more than I do. That’s right. So like, you got gotta definitely cover that and make sure that doesn’t happen. Was there some mention of hunting in your wedding vows? Wasn’t there? Yes, there was. There was. Actually. Knew it. There was. Yes, there was. We wanted to say. So who else? I don’t know Anyone else. I told her I’d, I told her I’d take her hunting. Hell yeah. Because I know that’s, that’s one of the things that’s important to her.

00:33:35:06 –> 00:34:47:22
I heard it with my own ears. I, I, God wow. I gave you an amen from the back pew when I heard. Oh, good stuff. Good stuff. Well good stuff. Alright, well we don’t want to take up too much of your time. We just wanted to say, hey, because we inquiring minds want to know how things are going. Of course, of course. The world wants to know Chris, I guess we’ll see you when we see you. We’ll, we’ll be back around on Monday, so we know you edit podcasts. Don’t edit this part. Okay. Yeah, just leave some good stuff. Okay. All right. We’ll talk to you later. Have a good time. Tell, tell Mackenzie we said hi. We’re not gonna call her back. I’m telling her right now. Alright. Alright. Bye bye. In the meantime, good luck to everybody on these last four remaining states. We got Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, we’re, that’s about it. Short list. Oh yeah. Good luck on getting a general tag turn back in Idaho or something like that. Yeah, Colorado turn back. I mean, right. It’s gonna be tough. This year we’ll have our next issue. We’ll have some options for guys that are looking for just a tag. Not saying a trophy tag necessarily, but a few options to consider. So look for that. All right guys. Over and out. Get your tickets in.