Epic Hunt Giveaway Winners Announced. This is our annual summer membership drive hunt giveaway episode. We have drawn the winners and in this episode you get to hear the reactions of the lucky winners. Congrats to all who won, we appreciate the support. It always makes our day to hear the excitement in the voices of those who win.

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We were just wondering if you’ve ever hunted a grizzly before. Are you kidding me? All these years of putting in finally paid off. Buddy, we drew your name on this. No you didn’t. Yeah, we did what? Anything to do with Western Big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody, Jason Carter and the Epic Outdoors crew sitting right here in the same room. Not social distancing today. But anyway, this is our summer membership drive. We ran the draws and we’ve got a list of winners we’re gonna call. So anyway, kind of fired up. Pretty exciting. This is what everybody’s been waiting for. Pretty exciting. We do this twice a year. It’s really fun. I mean, it’s around $150,000 worth of hunts. So Hunts of a lifetime. We get the best of the best. So these guys are the lucky winners. I think we spent a little bit more of this shoot, John Desert Sheep. Mexico wasn’t cheap. So anyway, we’re super excited. So let’s give the optics winner a call, Ian Dudley to see if he answers the phone. Hello? Hey, is this Ian? It is Ian Jason Carter in the Epic Outdoors crew here in Southern Utah. How are ya? I’m good. Good, good. Hey, Ian. Well, we just did our drawing for our summer membership giveaway and you won our optics package. $13,500 worth of optics. Wow. So I don’t know if you remember what’s in it, Devin, go ahead.

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Tell him what’s in there. Yeah, we got, it’s the seven piece. You got a spiky 95 spotting scope with two I pieces. You got the BTX and an A TX or STX, you’ll have to let us know. Yeah, best of the best on that. But yeah, like a 10 by 42, 32 hundred.com. Arrange finding binoculars. Those are awesome. State of the art. Bluetooth to your phone. Vortex. Razor, UHD 18 binoculars. Put those on a tripod, which you got Carbon two tripod in this package. In the package. And then for your rifle, we, you got a new ice conquest V four six to 24 by 50. So you’re set. Brilliant. I am pretty awesome. They couldn’t get much better I don’t think. No, no. We’ll be, we’ve got ’em all stored and set aside. We’ll be shipping those out to you. Alright, appreciate it guys. I was about to dis regards your phone number and now thought didn’t remember I did enter that when I off to Utah and so I said I better answer it. Yeah, that was a good day to answer. It’s not about your car warranty today. Yeah. Do you, do you do extended warranties for your vehicles? I’m sure somebody in Utah could service you, so it’s probably so. Alright guys, well have a great day. Alright, thank you guys. We’ll be in touch via email. Alright. Appreciate you. All right. You bet. Bye bye. Bye. Oh, all right.

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This is the day to answer our call. Yeah, you get a 4, 3 5. Okay. Hello? Hey, is this Anthony? This is Anthony. Jason Carter in the Epic Outdoors Crew here in Southern Utah. How are you? I’m doing well. How are you, Jason? Doing good. Doing good. Hey Anthony, the reason that we’re calling you is to let you know that you are the winner of our Sonora Mexico COOs Deer Hunt this year, I guess actually next year, January three through nine with Cuco. No, we’re serious. Oh, wow. Totally serious. That’s unbelievable. Outfit, outfit we’ve worked with for a long time, specialized in killing trophy COOs. Deer has taken bucks up to 120 inches. Oh. So he’s taken bigger than that. Even our last winner took 120 inches, so we’re expecting a little more outta the other. Oh, some toads. Oh man. Wow, boys. You guys just made my year. That’s unreal. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Well, congratulations. Just wanted to let you know we’ll be in touch via email and we’ll go from there. Yeah. A, I can’t thank you guys enough. I really appreciate everything you guys do. You bet. We appreciate your support as well. Thank you. Yeah, thank you. Right on. Have a good day, pal. Thank you again. We’ll be in touch. Alright, bye. Alright, bye. Hello, Brent. Hey, it’s Jason Carter and the Epic Outdoors crew here in Southern Utah. How are you? Good, how are you doing? Good.

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What’s going on there in California today? Hang, hang on just a second. I switch. This is what I do to telemarketers. Yeah, exactly. I say, hold on, I’ll talk to you in a minute. I just sat ’em down. They hang up faster a little bit. You, you’re kind of a jerk that way people are working, John, those people are scamming, they’re working. Maybe he’s gotta go outside. I thought he said the workplace to Yeah. Switch maybe Bluetooth or something. Yeah, not regular telemarketers, you know, the bad ones. The ones that are just trying to feed their families to them. I’m feeling real, not on a, not a robot recording. I’m such a bad person. I used to do that. I used to do that. Hung up on us. That’s all right. We go the alternate. I think it was rude. Okay. You there? You got me now. All right, we got you. Yeah, so anyway, we just have some good news for you, rat. Hey, you just won a six day Utah Mountain Lion Hunt with Mecca Mount Outfitters. How does that sound? Cool. Cool. Yeah, you’re gonna, you, you’re gonna, you’re gonna love that hunt. It’s a great hunt. Hunter. And Hunter and McLean will take good care of you and you’ll get, spend some time in some of the best country there is chasing lions. So pretty awesome.

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It’ll be this winter, you know, either, either December or just right into the first part of 2022. So anyway, you guys can work that out. We’ll be in touch via email, give you all the details. Okay. Congratulations. We’ll be in touch via email and we’ll get y’all the details here in the next three or four days. So anyway, we just wanna let you know you won and we’re excited for you. We appreciate your support here at Epic Outdoors. I am. Hey, thank you. I’m amazed that I’ve, I’ve even won because I never win. I got Brent. I don’t care what anybody says. You’re a winner. I got, Hey, I got the biggest, I got the biggest L on my forehead you’ve ever seen. Not today. We erased that for you, so, alright. Alright. Anyway, hey. Hey. Thank you. You’re welcome. Thank you. Okay. Alright, bye Bye. That was a good time. Yeah, that was a good time. Screaming you. Hello, Bryce? Jason, yes. Jason Carter and the Epic Outdoors Crew. How are you? Good, how are you? Good man. Good. I was just, we were just wondering if you’ve ever hunted a grizzly before. Before? No. Are you kidding me? No, man. You want it? Holy cow. Yeah, with Chrome Burger all these years of putting in, finally paid off. Yeah. You got it buddy. Yep. Wow. Super lucky. 14 day Alaska Hunt with Freelance Outdoor Adventures. It’ll be June 1st of the 15th, next year, 2022.

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Just an incredible hunt. Of course. You know that. And we’ve sent a lot of people to him and one of the best up there. He’s one of the best. So Awesome. Pretty awesome. Holy cow. Yeah, that’s, that’s best news I’ve heard today. So it’s been a long time. It’s been a pretty good day. We’ll see how it finishes. Dang. Good day. Wow. Awesome. We sure, sure appreciate your support here at Epic, man. So, well, I’ve been putting in for those drawings for quite a few years, so finally paid off. I’m, I’m excited. Yeah. Cool. Yeah. All right, well we appreciate it. Okay, thanks guys. And we’ll be, we’ll be in touch on email and give you all, all particulars in writing. Okay. Awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. You bet. Thank you. Okay, have a good day. All right. Okay. Bye bye. Hey, what’s going on? Hey, what do you know? I wish I knew. I wish I knew when the rain was coming. Hey, we got the whole crew here. Epic Outdoors crew. Just letting you know that we just ran the draw for the hunts. Oh, man. You saying I got lucky. That’s all we got for you. We just wanted to let you know that we, we ran the draw. You guys are, if you guys are messing with me right now, well, you’re one of the few guys that would take it in Stride. Makes for a better podcast.

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Have a good one. Oh, you, you drew that 2 31 deer tag, the bonus ticket item. Oh my gosh, man. Yeah, that’s perfect. Now I, now I gotta figure out all the cool spots. Oh yeah. You know, you know those, you gotta go make good on the ones you messed up last year. You ain’t kidding. You ain’t. Oh, good stuff, man. Good stuff. Well, congratulations. You are the winner. Oh, thank you guys. That’s awesome. Yeah, we’ve got the tag here in the office. I’ll get with you and we’ll get that sent out. Alright, man. I appreciate it. Thanks guys. All right. We appreciate all the day, buddy, buddy. You guys are awesome. Yep. Talk to you later. See you. Bye. Me yesterday, this is Ryan. Ryan, Hey, Jason Carter and the Epic Outdoors crew here in Southern Utah. How are you? Good, how are you? Good, good. Hey, I was just wondering, like, have you ever killed a desert sheep? No. Do you want to? That’s a trick question, buddy. We drew your name on this. No, you didn’t. Yeah, we did. Yep, we did. You’re the winner. What? Yeah. You’re the winner for this desert Sheep Hunt with Roberto Noriega. Really good friend of mine. He introduced me to Mexico 20 years ago, or Yeah, it’s probably been 20 years. Dude, that’s, that’s insane. Anyway, I’m at a loss for words. Yeah. Do you want, do you wanna go or do you wanna pass?

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We, we do have an alternate if you wanna pass. Yeah. You’re not passing buddy. I will, I will make it happen one way or another. Yeah, this’ll be, so it’s December 1st, the December 1st to the 10th. I mean, if you didn’t wanna be first or, or that timing didn’t work out, I’m sure he’d work with you. But it’s designed that you’re the first hunter to come in, so, okay. Is that 2021? 2021, okay. Yep. Yep. All right. Fully paid for, I mean, you’re gonna have to get down there, but Yep. Other than that, gun permits and everything will be taken care of. Super good guy. And he’s been smoking some giants, you know, high seventies, 180 type sheep, just incredible sheep, you know, been to the ranch, Adam’s hunted his place, you know, for deer and seen the sheep and it’s just all very legit. Very high quality trophy. Great outfit, great guy. Super safe. Wow. Yeah. Everything you’d want in a sheep hunt. So anyway, we’re excited for you. That’s crazy. Yeah, thanks. I’m excited. Alright, well we appreciate your support here at Epic. Yeah, thank you guys so much. That’s amazing. You bet. I’ll be in All righty. We’ll be in touch via email and give you all the details. Okay, awesome. That’s great. Thank you guys. All right. You bet. Appreciate all you do. Thank you. You bet. Thank you. Bye-Bye bye. This is Sean.

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Sean hey Jason Carter and the epic outdoors crew here in Southern Utah. How are you? Hi there. Good, good, good. Hey Sean, we were just wondering if you like hunting deer in Colorado. How are you serious? Yeah, you won buddy. You won. Oh my God. I want, I just want to muzzle our Southwest desert Elcott this year. I just won that. What did, how did you win that put in? I put in, I moved out to Ohio from Arizona because my girlfriend’s gonna school out here and thought my western hunting’s over, but keep winning. Wow, good for you. That’s so lucky. So it’s, it’s unit 68 with Clay Hill and Oh my. It’s a seven day hunt in 2022. So you’ve got that booked November 12th through the 18th. Yep. It’s a phenomenal hunt. I’ve hunted it. Jason’s hunted it. It’s Chris has hunted it. Chris has hunted it killed a 200 insure there. I mean, it’s Josh, you’ve been there. Amazing. Incredible. Oh my. Oh my God. Wow. Includes the landowner tag and the guide fee, everything. So anyway, we’ll be in touch with all the details. So anyway, you got Southwest Desert this year? Yeah, yeah. I booked with Pine Creek Outfitters, Trevor Hunt. Nice, nice. Yeah. But yeah, I’m speechless. Well, you’ve gotta hunt this year and you got one next year, so 2022, you’ll be back out, out west, so Awesome. Don’t feel too bad about being in Ohio, Ohio yet. Okay.

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I don’t, I’m feeling pretty good. Alright. Thank you so much. Well, we appreciate your support. Thank you so much. You bet. Bye bye. You starting to cry speechless. Yeah. You just didn’t know what to say. That’s fun’s awesome. I guess these days, whether you win something or draw something, it’s considered a win. Yeah, yeah. It’s just a win. You got the help. Hello? Hey, is this Dustin? It is Dustin, Jason Carter and the epic outdoors crew here in Southern Utah. How are you? Good. How you doing? Good. Hey, you ever hunted elk in Nevada yet? I put in for him. Well, well you’re going this year, am I? Yeah. Yeah, we drew your name buddy. You gotta be shitting me. No, no. Yeah. Oh yes. Yeah. Let it sink in. So yeah, it’s a six day elk hunt with our good buddy Hobie Gardner up there. Deadline Outfitters. Hold on one second. I got my partner in the truck with me. Tell me that again. You want a six day elk hunt with Deadline Outfitters? Hobie Gardner up there, Northern Nevada, including the landowner tag in oh 7, 6 0 8 1. So you gotta be kidding. Yeah, you and the the other, the other thing with those Nevada tags, you can choose your, your season archery or muzz loader or rifle. Yeah. You get to choose and we’ve left it open with Hoby. So you get, you get to choose whatever season you want.

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You can work it out with him. We gave this hunt away last year too, and the guy killed a phenomenal bull with Hoby, killed like a three 70 bull with Hoby. Saw hundreds of bulls. Didn’t he say daily, John? Yeah, he, he just said it was incredible. Which season did he hunt? Late Rifle. Rifle. Looks like a late bull. Yeah, there’s some snow on the ground there. Yep. Rifle. So anyway, getting me pretty awesome. 17. Yeah. Yeah. Well we appreciate your support, man. I appreciate it. That’s awesome. How do I get together with him? What do I need to do? So we’ll drop you both an email and give you all the details and then you can kind of take it from there. But it’s fully paid for. Okay. Now nobody’s like pulling my leg on this one, right? No. I wonder where that saying pulling your leg came from. Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s a dump. Yeah, no, we don’t pull eggs around here. No. If I have, if I have to call and tell my girl that I wanna hunt and it’s not really a thing, I’m gonna be in trouble. And if you’re in trouble, we’re in trouble. So this is, this is legit guaranteed. Wonderful. You are, you are. Dustin Brown, right? I am Dustin Brown. Okay. We, we have no problems. Alright, sounds good buddy. Have a great day. Thank you. You betcha. Thank you.

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Talk to you later. Well it’s pretty awesome to be able to give these kind of hunts away. We do it twice a year. It’s membership drive and it helps us keep people talking about us and keep referring their friends and whatnot. Just keeps us going here at Epic Outdoors. So we just wanna say thanks to everybody out there that’s supported us over the years. We appreciate it doesn’t go unnoticed. We appreciate it. We’re working our hardest to help you attain the hunts you want. So anyway. Yep. Thanks. Anything else, Devin? That was fun. It’s always fun. Yeah. With good news, calling people with good news. It is. Yeah. Alright, sounds good everybody, we appreciate you. Alright. If you did not win one of our hunts, there are still a few options out there. One of those being the Nevada dream tags. This year they have six species available, desert, bighorn sheep, California bighorn sheep, elk, deer antelope, and black bear. When you win a dream tag in Nevada, you get to hunt statewide for that species. But you must follow the season dates and legal weapon for that season. So any open season and you have to use the weapon that’s open at that time period. There are a few exceptions for desert sheep in California bighorn sheep, but it’s a great opportunity.

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All the proceeds from the dream tags are used for preservation, protection management, or restoration of game and wildlife habitat Ticket sales close on June 30th, 2021 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. So you do have a little bit of time left. Get in for those. They’re only $5 per raffle ticket and there is no limit on the number of tickets that you can buy. So head over to nv dreamt tag.org. That’s NV dream tag.org and get in for the Nevada Dream tags.