Still Some Hope for 2021.  In this episode we talk about some of the chances you still have to get your hands on the tag of a lifetime. There are still a few open raffles that provide incredible opportunities to the tag holders. These include the Wyoming Super Tags and The Nevada Dream Tags. We talk with a winner from last year who killed a giant ram in Nevada and also chat with Jack Robb of Nevada Wildlife.

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The morning we lost sheep that we had seen a couple days earlier. You don’t know there’s, there’s big deer in almost every unit. We only have so many chances in life. You gotta take everyone you can. Anything to do with Western big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Know Adam Bronson. Where’s Adam? We really don’t know. Yeah. Did he divulge that information? He’s in Hawaii on a beach somewhere. Oh, okay. Did he convince his family to like, take guns this time and try to hunt? No, he didn’t go hunt. He didn’t try to ruin the family vacation this time he did earlier. We’re gonna go to Hawaii, but we’re gonna hunt when we’re there. Yeah. We’re taking guns. He’s like, I’m gonna be honest, it kind of frustrated the trip a little. I’m sure you’re trying to do too much. Right? Can’t imagine. Let alone a covid environment. Who knows? I think we should tease him a little bit, but just beaches and sightseeing this time. Well, remember you’re supposed to get a Covid test and like all the online portals, were not working right here in locally to get signed up. So then he’s leaving Tuesday morning at 10:00 AM So Monday morning comes, he goes downtown to see if they can get tested. Yeah. The online portals are back up and working, but they’re full. So it’s like a 24 hour test.

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You can’t have the rapid test. Oh no. So he has to drive to Vegas. Oh, by then it’s 10:00 AM Vegas time. You’re leaving 10:00 AM Vegas time. The next day I was gonna, and they had to have their covid test. The good wazoo test that makes sure that you’re negative. Wherever he was getting tested before was questionable though. I think. Well, there’s like 14 little reservations spots around, around here. So anyway, they, they were all negative and off they went having a wonderful vacation. Now they just on the beach somewhere test to get home. Right. Yeah. I don’t know. That’s the tricky part. Do they, they do have to test to get home. Oh yeah. I think this is why I canceled my honeymoon to Mexico. I was gonna ask you where you’re, where you were going. I was, I was supposed to go to Mexico and it just came down to like what part? Any parts you and I’ve been to. No, no. I wasn’t gonna go back to, not to Wus. Sonora. No, no. Honeymoon and Sonora. I can only imagine how happy she’d be. Yeah, no, we were supposed to go to like that play El Carmen. Oh yeah. Cancun. But it just was one of those things like, are we gonna make it back? I don’t know. So yeah, it’s not worth, because if you get it, you’re like 14 days, right? Yeah.

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I don’t want to quarantine in Mexico and I got stuff going on. So be there three and a half weeks. I’m not gonna lie. Most everybody heres have Covid. Right? Like you’ve had Covid wt. I have had it. Yeah. Did it suck? It did suck. Yes. You know, and I’ve made light of it and laughed a little too loud. And I paid the price. I got Covid of epic proportions. I couldn’t. Cotton mouth, can’t taste anything. Can’t smell anything. It sucked. Didn’t you say your dog got sprayed by a skunk and that’s when you’re like, oh. Hmm. Yeah. They’re like, dad Ally got sprayed by a s I’m not, no she didn’t. I walk outside. No. If everything’s fine, I’m like, yeah, I got a problem. And you’re 102 degrees. Yeah, I’m 102 and a half degrees. Like for eight days. Pretty soon you’re the one bathing the dog. ’cause we ask him what he did with his when he was home and he watched alone. Alone. I watched alone. You, you know when you know you’ve got a problem when you watch Alone, alone, alone. I mean for hours. Anyway. Onward. So what do we got? We gotta thank Under Armour. We appreciate Under Armour. Thank you. Under Armour. Appreciate you for all the support here at Epic Outdoors. Got a lot of products coming out, right? Yeah. Fly. Huh? Middle of mid July. Mid July. A lot of new stuff coming out there.

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Be excited for and to watch for. Got some heat zips finally. Yeah. Height, heat zips, lighter weight pants. Ye yelled, kicked and screened. It was too hot. Some of that stuff’s awesome. The Raider pant was the most amazing pant ever invented until we needed heat zips in ’em. Yeah. And they made that happen. Yeah. And the lightweight version, which is gonna be huge. Yeah. It’s gonna be awesome. So we’re excited for that. Anyway, so mid July should be awesome. You can go to our website. I think we still have 40% coupons on there, don’t we? Yeah, we’ll have some new ones coming too before that deadline. So, and they’re like $2,000. You get like up to $2,000, 40% off up to $2,000. Holy crap. You can download a couple of cards if you got lots of birthdays and Christmases to buy for. Yeah. Anyway. Pretty awesome. We’ve also a little state of the nation address here in the west for as far as hunting. We got Wyoming points only. That’s a July one to November one that’s coming up fast and furious. Montana, July one to September 30, Oregon. July one and November 3rd. I’m just rattling off some dates if I’m wrong. Don’t call and get mad at me. I’m just doing the best I can here off the cuff anyway. And you can still get in for some Wyoming super tags. How about that? You guys jump in on any of that stuff?

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On the Wyoming points only thing you gotta remember that you do have to go back in and buy your points for deer, elk, and antelope. They just don’t even award those. Even if you applied. Even if you applied. Yeah. Even if you applied. Yep. That’s good. Wyatt, I’m glad you brought that up because that is true and it’s definitely screwed up a few people when you think that you’re, you’re getting your point because you applied initially and you don’t, you don’t, you don’t just get your point because you applied. So everybody, not people just want points only, but everybody that want a point need to go in and do it. Yeah. For Wyoming. Yep. So I like it. Okay. Yeah. You, you mentioned the super tag. It is pretty, a pretty awesome opportunity. They have 10 species, 11 chances to win with the 11th being the trifecta. They’ve got bighorn, sheep, elk, moose, deer, mountain goat, wild bison, antelope, black bear, gray wolf and mountain land. Black bear. Did you say that? I said black bear. So that’s a species and, and the trifecta thing. Can you imagine winning that? You get choose, you get to choose three. Yeah. Probably choose the sheep, moose and, I don’t know, elk maybe. Huh? Did Or deer, elk. Mul there. Deer elke. You didn’t save mule deer. Well, I mean, you know. Yeah. I’ve gotta a deer tag up there. How about that?

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Yeah, I’m gonna divulge that on the podcast. We should divulge something of Adams on the podcast. We should. He deserves it. We need a bunch of stickies like he brings in here. Yeah. See a few notes he tries, tries to hide him. Like, like playing cards. Look, I’m gonna crush Archibald for this. I’m gonna crush Wyatt for that. I’m gonna bring up where Chris, by the way, where are you gonna honeymoon? Did you guys, you guys went, oh, we went. We went. You guys went and did a few things but then you were working. No, we took, we took, well we took the kids. We only went for like three days and then came back and, but we went to Vegas, took the kids down there and all stayed. Oh, okay. You were some swimming. Yeah, it’s swimming. Hung out good. Took them to the Emine M factory down to Vegas. Yeah. They got an m and m factory. Well, the Eminem store, it’s like four stories and kind of cool. Customized m and s, you know. Yeah. Nice. It’s, it was, it was fun. Alright, so deadline. Deadline for that is what? July 1st? Yeah. As far as getting in on the Wyoming super tags, you get in right away, you get $10 each for the individual species and $30 for the trifecta. Somebody’s gotta win.

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So anybody that’s looking for tags, of course, seems like everybody in the world, Devin, we don’t have enough inventory to sell everything. People want to go to the lower 48 when you can’t go to Canada. Yep. And they’re nervous about going overseas, you know what I mean? Yep. And every day people call, Hey, I’m not going to Canada, what do you got? So, yeah, not a lot out there anyway. So tickets go on sale until July one. So anyway, Wyoming super tags, you know, we were gonna talk about why Nevada a little bit. Nevada’s got their dream tags up and another great opportunity. We’ve actually had members draw the dream tags and it’s pretty awesome. Those dream tags are good for any open season. And so anyway, what a great opportunity out there. Kind of brought Wyatt in here. Wyatt, just tell us how much you love Nevada. Nevada’s great for about 15 minutes a day. You get about 10 minutes in the evening and about five minutes in the morning when, when Nevada’s just, it’s just, just amazing. Yeah, it is. It’s amazing. You’re glassing up desert animals, big bulls, bucks. All of a sudden things move. There’s something around, all of a sudden, all of a sudden the sun comes up and Nevada turns miserable. It’s not hot.

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Hey, have you ever, dusty, have you ever been to a place that has more warm springs who, like, dude, you go to Panke, you can go hang in the warm springs, you can go, I mean, there’s warm springs at Warm Springs there. An old swimming pool there. And we don’t have a cold spring out there. Is it possible to have a cold drink? Yeah, it’s, I possible That’s true. So, no, it’s true. Why w it’ll take his overnight bag, have about three nights worth stuffed in there and not even open at once. He’s back home to mama. Try to take a nap during the afternoon. And it’s too hot. It too hot. Chris. How many shade? How many days have we been out there? But it’s the most amazing place on earth. It’s, yeah, it’s, it’s Nevada. Pretty amazing Nevada. It’s cool. Devin, I’ve heard you’ve, you’ve been known to freeze in Nevada. Why don’t you tell us a freezing story? Freezing story. Oh, Nevada’s just cold. I mean, I don’t know what else to say. Like Ely, it’s a hundred, even if, even 13 degrees of Mesquite right now. But you, even if stay in town, Ely iss a nice little place, but it’s in hole. Ely iss the coldest place on earth. It’s, it’s like Greenville, Utah. Yeah. I mean, Marysville, when you go down in a hole, like why do they build the town here? I don’t dunno. Down in this hole.

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I don’t dunno. You know, Nevada’s like that though. All those little towns are down in Yeah. In dips and kind of secluded. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve had some cold days out there. But anyway, you but up there, like they’ve got some of those late hunts. The, the most amazing hunts are the sheep hunts. They start generally around November 20th and it’s just, it’s a wonderful time of year. Great weather. It’s fun. It’s funny. You do think about it being hot all the time and, and maybe that’s why we get cold, because I remember we went like two years ago, me and Jeff went on this hike and of course we didn’t pack for cold weather. And we get up there and it’s just, just snowstorm, blizzard. We get up there about freeze to death. But luckily Jeff whipped out the pyro pudding. We built a fire and sat there for a minute. But I just think it was ’cause we’re not ready for it. Yeah, you’re not expecting it to be cold. No. You’re always wearing like summer clothes. Yeah. In October, November. And it’s just miserable. Yeah. The closest I’ve ever been hypothermia was septe. It was August 31st. Really? On an archery outcome. Killed a bull at night, packing it out. Come on. Made fog slee. Really? I thought I was done. We had a 12-year-old, the biggest, he was bigger than me when he was 12, but luckily he was a tough kid.

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I thought we were, we were in trouble. Oh, that was probably 4G PS huh? He was in the truck. I had one, it was in the truck. Oh, okay. All right. Well they’ve got a lot of those late hunts that are cold too. You know, some of those oh eight one, the late that December hunt, that sucker can guys need snowmobiles times when people think in Nevada, it’s not all just freaking hot like Wyatt’s talking about, but that’s part of the cool part where Nevada is especially dream tags. You can hunt everything. So you could start August 10th. Yeah. You can go to end of, when is oh, 81 deer rifle, deer clear. End of December. Yeah. You could do all those renal hunts. Yeah. Who knows anything, any open season, any open season with that weapon, you know what I mean? So you can buy as many tickets as you want. They’re like five bucks plus 75 cent processing fee. Basically. It’s a, you know, $6 ticket and you can buy as many as you want. Yeah. One cool thing about Nevada too, one of the members we had had win it last year already had an elk tag in his pocket. He did win this dream tag and took two elk in Nevada last year. So you can take multiple animals. If you already have something in your pocket this year, you can still harvest animals in Nevada. Isn’t that cool?

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Same species, landowner tags, whatever it is you want, you can, you can, you know, kill as many animals as you have tags for. So if you drew the sheep and then you drew the dream and then you drew, you know, bought elk, bought deer or whatever, you can just keep killing, keep feeding the family. Yeah. You know, keep fill in the freezer. That’s right. Well, I’m just wondering if we shouldn’t call, so this Dave Simon Monaco, he had that dream tag for Desert Sheep. He’s a member of ours. He’d have no idea we’re calling him. I don’t even know if he’ll answer the phone, but just wondering if we should just call him and see what he thought of his hunt. Of course he killed a freaking stud in the Colas. But let’s, let’s ring him up and see if he’ll chat with us. Hey, Shannon Manko. Dave, Jason Carter in the epic outdoors crew here in Southern Utah. Hey Jason. How you doing Buddy? Did good. I didn’t know if you would answer. No. Hey, I, I usually try to answer, especially if I see some somewhere like Utah. Okay. Well I didn’t know if you were try, you know, thought maybe we’d be selling you extended car insurance or something, warranty stuff. No, no. I know how to hang the phone up. I’m not. Right. Well, anyway, we’re on the Epic Outdoors podcast. We just wanted to call you real quick.

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We’re talking about dream tags in Nevada. Just wanted to get a quick rundown from somebody that’s drawn a tag and killed a stud. Well, what would you look, what would you, what would you like? I feel like I, I feel like that was the leprechaun that discovered the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I can tell you that. Well, did you, how many tickets did you buy? You don’t have to tell us the exact figure, but just, you know. No, you know, I’ll tell you, it was not an exorbitant amount. I think those dream tag tickets are usually $5 a piece, right? Yeah. Six bucks or something total. Yeah, yeah, exactly. And so, you know, I think I bought five tickets, so $25 worth and I, and I bought ’em for, you know, all the species. I mean, I got the, you know, elk and I think I bought, you know, goat too and, and mule deer. And, and as you know, as well as the, you know, the, the she tag and you know, and I just, I was the lucky guy. And to quite be quite frank with you, you know, when I first, when I first got a notice from the, you know, from the, the foundation or whatever, I mean, I thought it was a joke. Right. And I thought it was, you know, I was getting scammed. Right.

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And so I actually called the, you know, NDOW to make sure that, you know, it was legit. And it was on up and up. And I pretty much probably took the better part of an hour to pick myself up off the floor when I realized, you know, I, I pulled a, a desert sheep tag. And so, you know, all I can say is that, you know, I mean, you know, usually every year when I put in for all the species in all the states and you, I buy a couple of raffle tags here and there. But quite frankly, I just figured the money would go for a good cause. I never really Exactly. Wow. It’s unbelievable. Yeah. And then, and then of course the, the hunt comes and goes. How do you, how’d you decide where to go? Like, I mean, there’s a, a number of units to choose from. Obviously you picked, you know, the McCulloughs and maybe you hunted some other, other country too. I don’t know. Well, I, I guess the, you know, I kind of tell you how that came down is, you know, I got the tag and I knew it was, you know, it was pretty much after, you know, the rest of the sheep hunters and knew that they had drawn tags. So, you know, I put the feelers out.

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I, you know, I talked to you guys and, and some others and, you know, I knew I wasn’t gonna try and do it on my own because I just didn’t take the chance of, you know, burning the tag or not making the most out of the tag. But that I could, and I’m not a trophy hunter buying just Yeah. Full of the, you know, the tag that, you know, landed, you know, kind of in my lap quite frankly. And I ended up talking to a few folks, including you guys and Silver State Guides and outfitters, you know, they had done some recon and Kobe Eggy who, who you know, pretty much kind of, you know, runs that Yeah. That show now was, was really gracious about the whole thing and said, you know, hey, they could accommodate me. And I knew that they were taking the, I think the governor’s tag holder out. And so, you know, they had their eye on, you know, a number of fairly good rams. And of course he had taken his, you know, the, the tag the governor’s tag holder taken his earlier, I think in right. In October or something like that. So, you know, I was able to, you know, you know, be the beneficiary recipient of some of that, that early recon.

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And, and they really sorted out, you know, what, what unit we were gonna hunt based on some of their, you know, their scouting and whatnot. Yeah, their scouting. Yeah. Right. Yeah. And yeah, so it came together pretty quickly. I mean, I, you know, I flew into Vegas, they picked me up and, you know, they had great accommodations and, you know, we got, you know, I, I ended up going out a couple days earlier just to, just to do some scouting with them when they set camp up and, you know, opening day things just kind of, you know, at the end of the day things came together, you know, the, the morning we lost sheep that we had seen a couple days earlier and, but in the afternoon, you know, we came on, came on that band and, you know, didn’t set a state record, but, you know, and I was happy with, you know, 173 inches. Yeah, that’s pretty good one. That’s a pretty, that’s one of the better. Yeah. That’s one of the better sheep taken. How awesome is that? Dang. And so did you hunt right off the bat? I mean, you know, or, or was it a week into it? Or do you remember roughly? No, we, we, we actually actually got the ram on opening day.

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Like I said, we, geez, we went out, you know, a couple days earlier and there were some BLM guys that actually had gone up, you know, the canyon. We had, you know, eyes on some rams for opening morning. It was me and two other guys, you know, one was, you know, with me, the other one was doing some, some spotting, you know, from his position. Sure. And you know, it was a little bit disappointing that when we got up in the morning, the got out there and the sun sun came up. We were, we had hiked back in and got in position, but, you know, Rams were gone. And so we were just back, you know, trying to do a little, do a little regrouping. And actually we were glassing from camp. I had taken my boots off and decided I was gonna take, take a little bit of a break. And one of the guys said, you know, this Brandon Salina said, Hey Dave, you might wanna put those boots back up, Matt, we got, and we, we got some sheep and we just, and, and we did a quick assessment ’cause we didn’t know if we were gonna have time to get to ’em, you know, before dark. But to make a long story short, we did, we didn’t know exactly how big the sheep was.

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But, you know, there, there were several in the group and they were with some ewes and stuff as well. And, you know, we were able to get there in, in just in the nick of time and, you know, we’re starting to lose a little light. But I got a, I got a shot at, you know, 325 yards I think it was, which is, it’s a little bit of a stretch for a flatlander from Michigan. Right. But, you know, nothing you guys, that’s perfect. Yeah. You know, but yeah, so we were able to get a shot off, drop them right there. And, and that was it. It was opening day Ram. I mean, I was, wow. I was pretty much, besides myself and you know, the emotions that go along with that, you kind of, yeah. You know, you’re happy you’ve got something, but you’re like, man, I can’t believe this hunt is over already. Yeah. You know, unbelievable. They just wanna savor it for longer. Right. But, but it turned out, it turned out great and I was, you know, and I still am a happy the camper. I, all I gotta say is, you know, I’ll continue to buy auction tags. I don’t know if I’ll, I’ll strike, I’ll find another pot of gold at the end of a rainbow again. But, but you know, don’t you continue to play the raffles a little bit here and there. Yeah.

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You know, I mean, some of them are, the odds are are pretty good anyway. But yeah, I mean, if you got a couple extra bucks, I mean, you know, I I I throw my, my name in the hat. Yeah, for sure. Well that’s awesome. We just wanted to talk to a guy that’s won a tag and smashed a great animal and just proves that, you know, proves that there, there guys do win. There’s a few guys out there that do win and they end up killing something special. And so anyway, we just wanted to kind of get the verbal rundown. Yep. Fuel plus Fortnite. I, I, and quite frankly, I appreciate all the counsel and guidance you guys have, have given me, you know, over, over the years. You know, you guys have done a nice job, so You bet. No problem. Well, we appreciate the support and congratulations again. And it’s just nice to, it’s nice to get the verbal rundown, so we appreciate it. Alright, thanks for answering. Yeah, thanks guys. Alright. See you later. You bet. Bye bye. Well, yeah, pretty, pretty awesome. Got away. Somebody’s, yeah, why don’t I ever win? Why am I not a winner? I remember when he, he called and he was pretty pumped right off. Pretty awesome. Yeah, it’s awesome when you find out. Pretty awesome. Well, should we give Jack Rob a call and just see what the heck’s going on at endow?

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Why not see if they’re dealing with any anti hunters. I love, I love, I love getting it skinny on some of this stuff. Hey Jason. Hey. What’s going on at Endow lately? Just coming outta Ley Nevada. Why? What are you doing there? It had had some business take care of, you mean not everything’s just super smooth. Yeah, no, no, no. Alright, well have you got a minute? Are you in decent service? What’s that? Have you got a minute? Are you in decent service? Yeah, I can, I can pull over and take a minute. Well we just, we’ve got you on the podcast here. We just wanted to kind of get a state of the nation address over there in, in Nevada. We’ve got, of course we got the dream tags. Everybody’s looking to apply and whatnot. There’s a few, you know, just a few remaining cleanup items. Guys don’t have, you know, have a tag in their possession or something. We did talk to, oh, Dave, who won the dream tag last year for Desert Sheep and that was pretty awesome story. Another one of those things about Nevada cell phone. I gotta go, I gotta go, I gotta go about a mile back down the road to get good service. You sound pretty good. Head back to McGill. Where’d you say McGill? Head back to McGill. Parked by the car wash or something. Is that where you go?

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I, I saw a spaceship from there once. You did not. It was a military test thing. It was a floating balloon thing. Yeah. Do you think there’s anything, I filmed it. Do you think there’s anything to that area of 51 stuff? Aliens? We’d have to ask Adam. You got me good now Jason? Yeah, I’ve got you. Oh yeah, good. Do you guys have it? We were just wondering how is that area 51 a real thing? Like is there crazy stuff going on around there? Ah, I grew up right outside the test site and there’s a lot of unidentified stuff out there, but I dunno if it’s from aliens or it’s our government testing out new stuff. Yeah, exactly. Devin’s trying to tell me there’s aliens in Nevada. Well, so tell us what’s going on in Nevada, how’s things looking? Well, I it rough there for started hauling water and been hauling water. We hauled water as late as last week. And actually when we were finishing up hauling water, we got some monsoon moisture come through. Not really enough to fill guzzler, but definitely enough to put some green up on the landscape. And that’s what we really needed. We were to the point we can keep hauling water, but we need some groceries on the landscape at the same time. So yeah, we got some good rains that should help in that.

00:24:16:04 –> 00:25:32:00
We were watching some of the radar, it looked like it was hitting, hitting or in and around Vegas places and, you know, on up through just, you know, various places it look, look good. And I don’t know the forecast here, I don’t know, I haven’t looked at your guys’ stuff, but it looks like it’s coming here this next week. I I, I’m supposed to be out in central Nevada 4th of July weekend and I really don’t like being rained on 4th of July weekend. But this year I, I think I’m gonna take it and just deal with it. Yeah, yeah. Beggars can’t be choosers. Well, tell us on this dream, the dream tags, we just wanna kind of go over the particulars, but basically you can buy as many tickets as you want. That’s roughly five bucks plus 75 cents convenience fee. So, you know, for $6 you’re in and you can buy as many as you want for all the different species. You can win ’em all, of course. Probably haven’t had a guy win ’em all. But you can play ’em all, win ’em all. And you can add, you can, you can kill as many animals you have tags for. So if you drew a tag, no problem already. That doesn’t, doesn’t affect anything. Doesn’t affect points. Not, there’s no non-resident, resident discrimination. If I got it roughly down. Yeah, if, if you look back, it’s been about 50 50 residents, non-residents winning it in the past.

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This is total separate from everything. So if you’re in a waiting period, you’re in, you can do it. If you’re already have tags in your pocket, you’re still in it. It’s total separate. It’s run by the community foundation and the money raised by this is vital to our, our management of wildlife in Nevada. Last year when we needed a haul water, I called up the dream tag. We found out that we had sheep and trouble in the muddies and called up the dream tag within an hour they were, they were dedicating money to the cause of flying water in. And it’s just a, a great group and, and been very proactive in wildfire receding and, and the money is well spent, cared for by a, a group outside the agency. And the agency has to apply for the projects just like everybody else. And it goes a long ways and does great things for wildlife in Nevada. But it’s one great offer opportunity to get in the field. And the money’s used by, the money’s used by you guys. It’s not like, it’s not accounted for all the money’s accounted for, even though you’re kind of applying for it and approving the projects. I mean, that’s the, by design it, it, you know, somebody like the fraternity desert, bighorn sheep could take a project to ’em and do a project also.

00:26:54:27 –> 00:28:17:25
We do see some NGOs apply for funding, but all that funding is then in turn it works with the Nevada department wildlife to do good things on the landscape for wildlife. Okay. Right on. And then there’s also a re a resource enhancement stamp. It’s no longer, it looks like it’s no longer required, it’s like a $10 stamp, but basically it’s just a way for a guy to give you a little bit more money. 10 bucks more. See? That is correct. It used to be a, it used to be a requirement that you had to buy the resource enhancement stamp to participate in the dream tag. We took those two apart a few years back. It allows us to sell it through Akamai and allows it to be sold through the vendor that sells the dream tag raffle tickets. And we don’t have to combine those two systems. So we took them apart. But that money, that $10 does come straight to the agency and we use it for seed purchases and other things. It, it’s wildfire related also well used. Great. And so we’ve got, you’ve gi you’re giving away through this dream tag program we’re giving away one desert sheep, one California bighorn, one elk, one deer, one antelope, and one bear. Right. And they can one black bear. One black bear, and they can buy as many, many tickets as they want. And of course we’ve got a, is it a July 1st deadline?

00:28:19:09 –> 00:29:47:07
Yes, July 1st deadline. And the results usually come out about the eighth and 10th. They, they turn the rider back around and, and that gives people time to react, to get into the field and, and make sure that they get that quality experience. And statewide, you just have to use a weapon and an open unit. Okay. Sounds good. Well, we’ve been talking around, things are looking good. I think elk will be great. Desert sheep. There’s always some, always some incredible sheep out there. Of course, this guy last year, David, that we just talked to, smashed a hundred foot 73 and just had a phenomenal hunt. California big horns and like I say elk and then deer antelope and black bear. You guys have some phenomenal black bear of course. You know, they don’t, we don’t talk about ’em a ton. We like antlers and horns, but you know, you guys do have some giants. We, we have some of the biggest black bears around and, and it’s a very limited opportunity in Nevada. There’s only 50 regular tags. Five non-resident, 45 resident. But we have a very healthy black bear population in, in around Reno and Tahoe that’s ever expanding. And, and we’re very limited on take. And it it, it’s a great opportunity for, for a fantastic animal. That’s awesome. Okay, so anybody that’s wanting to go grab some tickets, very easy to do. You go to shop dot nv dreamt

00:29:47:20 –> 00:31:03:21
So shop dot nv dream Super easy. Go on there, grab some tickets, check out. It’s nice. It’s a feel good, it’s a feel good thing. It’s not just buying tickets, trying to win. Of course we all wanna be winners, but it’s, it’s a great way to kind of give back and to support, you know, a good cause. And your money’s gonna be well used on top of the fact you might win. Who knows If you’re a member of Epic, you’re probably gonna win, don’t you think, Chris? Isn’t that how it goes? I, I would hope so. Alright. Any, anything else? What else you got? Somebody’s gonna win it. You might as well put in. Every, every time I talk to the guys that win Silver State Dream tag or PIW they say, you know, I was just supporting wildlife and I couldn’t believe I won this thing. And that’s been a common theme. Nobody expects to win, but somebody’s gonna win. You might as well get in the game. I agree a hundred percent. You can’t one thing’s for sure. You’re not gonna win if you’re not in the, in the hat. I’m gonna, I’m definitely, so I’m already adding tickets. I’m gonna add tickets right here ’cause I’ve got it pulled up. I’m just gonna grab some tickets. It’s clicking away over here. Hey, I love spending a little money. Don’t tell Jana. But anyway. All right Jack, anything fun going on?

00:31:03:25 –> 00:32:28:26
You battling any of the antis out there? How things, everything okay that way? No, we just came out of the Wildlife Commission meeting last week and on Friday we went over the coyote call and call test debate. That’s going to be an ongoing issue for the foreseeable future of commission meetings. But yeah, they’re, they’re, they’re good healthy discussions and it, it does make people think and, and we see how we manage wildlife and I think it’s, people need to be aware just to try to, even though they’re coyotes and we want ’em all dead as hunters. I do, I’m talking about me, not necessarily you, but you know, at the same time there’s probably a way to be respectful about it. And that’s kind of I think what you’re talking about. Definitely. So, so it’s gonna be an ongoing discussion and then I’m sure we’re gonna learn a lot through the process. All right. Well, sounds good. I’m gonna, I’m gonna jump in. Of course we encourage everybody else to jump in and support Endow and the Dr the dreamt tag process [email protected] dreamt Grab you some tickets before July one. July one’s creeping up on us. Lot of different draw results coming out. A lot of unsuccessful. I’ve found out quite a few. I’m sure. What, yeah, Devin, you guys got a few unsuccessful, if I remember right. A few more to come still too. A few more to come. That’s right. That’s right.

00:32:29:05 –> 00:33:43:19
Just to clarify, in the Nevada dream tags, the actual deadline for that is June 30th at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. So get your tickets before then. Alright. Right. Like we talked about in the past, we only have so many chances in life. You gotta take everyone you can. That’s right. All right, Jack. Well we appreciate always being available at the drop of a hat. Of course. We cold call you all the time so we know we can rely on you. Yep. This time I luckily I got a hands free unit I could turn around on the highway and get back to you. And luckily a real quiet highway on Highway 50 or the loneliest highway in America. They say it’s the loneliest highway in America. But I don’t know, do I, I don’t know if I believe it. It’s pretty lonely. I highway never I get pulled over. Never failed. Highway six. I get pulled over every time I travel it. That’s ’cause you’re the only car moving. They have to do something to keep them going. Yo, man. All right, sounds good. We’ll talk to you later. Alright. Talk to you guys later. I appreciate the call. You bet. Bye. Alright, well Devin, weren’t you gonna come with a Nevada story? I was just thinking, I’m glad he has hands free ’cause I got pulled over at the laundromat for talking on my the laundromat. It’s true. I had to go to the courthouse pay ticket.

00:33:43:19 –> 00:35:04:19
Pay a ticket ticket. Yeah, you did. How much did I find you? Hundred, hundred 50 bucks. Geez. I was in the parking lot. Yeah. Come on. That just spurred that little story. But I love Nevada. It’s awesome. I do too. It’s my favorite state. You can get lost out there. You can, you can hunt stuff by yourself. It’s just in the, it’s such a cool place. And you know what, there’s big stuff everywhere. It’s like you don’t know there’s, there’s big deer in almost every unit and there’s big antelope in every unit. Kind of crazy. Well, Chris and I have spent more on our fair share of time out there chasing one or two bucks. I remember one stretch that was like 30 days straight. That sucked. Yeah, it did suck after Buster. Yeah. And Buster August timeframe never showed back up. Yes. Those are long days. August, August 10th to September 10th ish. Yeah. That deer lived. The only thing that could be better if that there’s no rattlesnakes. You know what’s funny? The rattlesnakes, they hunt water like we do. So they’re always congregate around water. So you walk up to a water, you’re probably gonna see one, you know, depending on the year. And then when you go walk away, you usually don’t see any unless you’re next to water. It’s true. Right. They gotta hunt water. They little rodents and everything else.

00:35:06:03 –> 00:36:04:25
Yeah, I know I’m not a huge fan of the snakes, but you just gotta, what’s the law of averages? I don’t even know anybody that’s been bit, in fact, let’s cold call somebody that’s been bit, I’d like to talk to ’em, see how bad it hurt. Yeah. I don’t know if I can come up with somebody. I mean seriously. Most people get bitter at messing with them anyways. Yeah. Don’t you? You know, somebody’s gotta get bit eventually. Yeah. It’ll probably be quiet or Well let’s come up with somebody just Jakes me like that. I don’t want that evil. Let’s come up with somebody, anybody out there that knows somebody that’s been bit by a rattlesnake hit me up up at [email protected]. I wanna throw ’em on the podcast. I wanna know. I’d love to hear it too. Yeah. What it felt like. I always figured if I was out there, I’d just sit under a tree and well this is it. No, you’re not gonna die. Send your final text message. Yeah Devin. No, you’re gonna man up. It’s my final in reach that won’t make it. You get the in reach, you get out and buy unlimited messages. Yeah, yeah. Just hit send. And then when your phone gets back into service a few days later, whatever, they’ll, it’ll go out. I want to talk to somebody that’s been bit by a Rattler.

00:36:05:01 –> 00:37:09:27
I only know one person that had, has been bit, but it was just a girl from my hometown. She got bit on her back porch. But if she went out barefoot, her leg just swelled up and, but she was fine. Huh? Did she even go into the hospital? They say you’re supposed to kill the snake. Take it in with you. I think so. I think she went in. Right. So, you know, I don’t think so. Yeah, you’re supposed to. Yeah, I think they say don’t touch the snake. Just get out of there. Leave. Leave it alone. Yeah. Okay. But I think you’re supposed, they want know what kind it is to get, know what you have. Maybe take a photo. Yeah. Like is it Mojave Green? You bit me now. I’m gonna take your picture. Mesquite country or is it timber Rattler? I guess it wouldn’t matter but the, the, what are the anti-Venoms? They’re like a hundred grand or something. Yeah, they’re not cheap. No. Yes. Yeah. I saw some article where, and the nearest one is in Salt Lake B. Yes. Yeah, I think they were, weren’t they like three to five grand? No. Huh? Like 120,000. Come on. There was some internet breakdown about an animal or anti-Venoms. I heard that. 40 grand. But it was pretty crazy. The cost. Chris is Googling over there. Let’s see what he comes up with. I’m checking out this dream tag right now.

00:37:10:05 –> 00:38:30:04
Jason’s got his credit card out. I can read some numbers. Dude that dropped five bones on it. Why not? Huh? Why not? One 70 plus desert. Okay. You’ve got one dude, I need another one for one. Never enough for one hospital vial. The price is around 2300. Okay. Typical treatment dose that requires four to six vials. So 2300 times, times four to six to see a lot better. What were we reading? I don’t know. You guys were talking about like probably a Mojave Green or some probably something on Facebook. Everything’s not true on there. I guess so. Some KSL article you sent me. You’re probably around 10 grand, huh? Well, but there’s a guy on here. He got bit in his total bill after everything. After like emergency everything. 153,000 161 25. But he probably was life flighted 14 different times maybe. Well it’s not like you’re gonna hop in your truck and drive from wherever. I’ve thought about it to Salt Lake. I’ve wondered, ’cause I’ve hiked in 10 miles. What if you’re hiked in 10 miles, you get bit, what are you gonna do? You’re supposed to breathe easy, calmly, run out, let it basically let it run through your whole body instead of just your hand or whatever. Yeah. Here’s sort the picture of that guy’s bill or you looking at that same article there. Wow. Pharmacy 83 K. Yeah. 83 laboratory services. 20 2K 83. 3 41.

00:38:30:23 –> 00:39:44:05
Basically they were just like, are you insured or not? And if you’re insured, we’re gonna get the, we’re gonna get you. Alright. Well anyway, I’ve checked out of the dream tag thing, so I’m good. I’ve, I’m good. I supported him big time. Anyway. All right guys. Is there anything else you guys haven’t been bit, have we killed anything recently in Nevada? We should be ourselves running cameras right now. Yeah, it’s about, about peak scouting season. Getting ready to go. I’ve got a bunch of cameras. How about you guys? Yeah, another thing you need is some decent tires. Oh wait, you mean the P rated tires didn’t work for you? Another Nevada story here. Okay, so de this is my favorite. This is going back to high school. Usually when you’re in high school, you use and reuse and use and reuse. And you don’t ever buy tires till you absolutely need ’em. We’re married now. Okay. Devin has a truck with P rated tires, which is basically passenger car. Right. Came They came the one, the factory tires that came on your tundra. Yeah. You could pop ’em with a twig if you just, right. And, and Devin trying to get the most use he can out of him, orders him as he’s leaving town to go to Nevada. And I’m like, this is gonna be bad. How, how’d it go down? Well, I ordered the new, the good tires.

00:39:44:07 –> 00:40:57:28
But they came in the day they came in at noon. I was gone at five. Right. 5:00 AM or whatever. Yeah. It didn’t work out. So you took your little honey with you. And 14. I told her, I said, this isn’t gonna be good. Four 14 packages of plugs used. About half of them an air compressor. As soon as we got as far away from any main area we could, we flipped around ’cause we couldn’t go any farther. Flipped around and went about 50 yards. And we, and she’s like, you hear that? Oh no, it’s about dark. You know? And she’s thinking, we’re were you guys sleeping in back of the truck? Oh yeah. Ted caught whatever, whatever She’s thinking we’re dead. You know, we’re plugged it seven or eight times and did you seven or eight plugs. It was a lot of plugs. I didn’t use the spare yet. The other one had a issue. It was an easy plug. But yeah, so then I’m thinking, okay, we got one with a big hole, another one with a small hole. We still got the spare. We just went to town. ’cause once you’re, once you’re down a spare, you’re in trouble. Oh, big time. Yeah. I use 14 cans of fix a flat. I mean, think about it like you usually don’t have a air compressor. That works really very, very good. By the way, I’m driving home from page the other day, dude.

00:40:58:21 –> 00:42:13:00
I look over and there’s a camp trailer and there’s a guy with a bicycle pump pumping up his camp trailer. First time I’d seen it, like, I’m like, oh, that’s a dual actually. Bump, bump, bump bump. Anyway, pretty funny. But dude, it’s true. You can’t have enough air and you can’t have enough plugs and you can’t run those little compressors from more than about 10 minutes. They’ll, because they will, they’ll go bad. And then you’re in. Yeah. So you just so you know, I run fix a plan. So yeah, we got to camp about, it was probably by the time I went to sleep, about 1230 when we got to the next place we wanted to be. All tires were pumped up. Kind of enough. Small leaks enough. Anyway, you got home, put on your nittle grapplers. It heated. It was a long drive for Yeah. Small results. Let’s say that. And then what really ticks you off is how many, how many hours and, and dollars. Let’s just call it how many hours to get there. A lot. Set 15, 13 there and back. Yeah. Oh yeah. And then, you know, 16, $500 bill. And then, and you don’t get to put out the cameras while you’re there because you’re dealing with wondering That’s good quality time. You had a great experience, was it? But you know, you’ve always wanted to bond with your trucks. And I think the time, yeah.

00:42:13:09 –> 00:43:25:18
You know, bond under duress. It’s getting better. You’ve bonded slowly. I don’t, I mean it’s, I don’t ever wanna bond with my vehicles. Chris, you always bonded with your vehicles. I don’t want to, it’s like a horse. Chris, you know that. How many nights did you spend in that back of that tundra? A little 2000 ton. At least 30. At least. There’s a bond there though. Even this Dodge, you’ve spent a lot of nights in the back of I have. Yeah. You’re married now. She’s spent nights in the back of that truck. She has. Oh yeah. Holy crap. Yeah, we get the bed rolls and you’re gonna feel bad when that one goes down the road. That truck. Yeah. Yeah. It’s been a good one. Although it was a lemon for the first half. It was half of its life. It was a lemon at first. But it, it did, it really, it really qualified under the Lemon Lodge. Except for one day. One day they, they messed with you one day. Yeah, one day we were one day late. All right, well why? Anybody out there with a good little Tacoma? 2003, 4, 5, 6, somewhere in there. Want to give it away why it’s looking to buy one. Yeah. We’re always looking for little runaround tracks. All right guys, anything else that we can talk about or we can call it? Huh? We’re good? Well, I think we’re good. We’re good. Okay. Sounds good.

00:43:25:18 –> 00:44:35:25
Everybody, if you drew a tag, you need some help, let us know Here at Epic Outdoors we can help you find an outfitter. We can help you find other members who’ve drawn in the past, be able to give you a headstart, a hand on what you’ve got going. So anyway, we love visiting with members who’ve drawn tags. We’ve got a lot of you guys out there that are prepping for a great fall. We’re out here scouting, we’re working Monday through Thursday, Friday we take off and a little bit here and there. We’re taking more time off too, just because it’s that time of year. That’s what we do. We’re out in the hills checking stuff out. And even though it’s a drought year, there’s gonna be plenty of good game out there. Starting to check cameras. So anyway, get out there and scout. If you need any optics, you need any cameras, we sell ’em. Give us a holler. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7, 7. So while we do sell, sell all different types of optics. We do have some of these Fury HD five thousands, the ab, the 10 by 40 twos, they’re coming in, we’ve got ’em on order. They’ve been on order for quite a while. We’ve had a few trickle in, wasn’t an incredible range. Finding Bino made by Vortex, a great price point. We’re smoking ’em out here at Epic Outdoors. So anyway, if you’re interested, you might check those out on the web.

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They’re, they’ve got all the different specifications on there and just an incredible piece of gear at a great price. So anyway, if you’re interested, give us a holler at 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. We’re keeping a list of guys that are interested. Like I say, we’ve got a bunch on back order, so check them out. They’ve got the, they’re equipped with the applied ballistics technology. It’s a program in there. Basically you’re gonna arrange it, it’s gonna spit out a number of value. You’re gonna dial to it and kill it. So, pretty awesome. Pretty awesome Vino Devin. It’s one of the better values that we have here at Epic Optics. Yeah, you touched on the price point. It’s pretty hard to beat for that technology in a binocular. It’s awesome, pretty awesome. So call us. You can talk to Devin or I, Adam as well, any of the guys really here at Epic. And we’ll throw you on the list and as we get ’em in, we, we fulfill orders. So anything you need, give us a holler. But just wanted to touch on these fury HD five thousands with the applied ballistics technology in ’em. Anyway, let us know if you need anything and best of luck in the draws everybody.