EP 213: Drought to Flood, News of the West. In this episode of the Epic Outdoors Podcast we talk about the News of the West including, Canada Travel Opening, Wyoming Draw Changes, Epic Updates, Hunt Giveaway Winner News, etc. As we are in the podcast we receive Flash Flood warnings and start getting pictures from town of mass Floods her in Cedar City. What a drastic change from the extreme drought conditions that have been prevalent this year.

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Flash flood warning here until four 30. Dangerous life-threatening. Do not attempt to travel unless you’re fleeing an area subject to flooding. Under evacuation order. Walmart parking lot. The the water is over, the tires on the vehicles. Anything to do with Western big games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson, John Peterson coming at you from Rainy Southern Utah. Bronson, can you hear it? Can you hear it? I can hear it. Freaking sounds pretty. It’s been every day and we’re still thankful for it. It’s flooding out people. It’s been two years since we’ve had a drop. Unbelievable. We’ll take Everyone comes now. We’ve had a week full of it. Yeah, it’s been nonstop. People are being flooded out and I feel bad about it for a minute. I don’t like to be flooded. But you take it when you can get it. It’s been violent. It’s not like a violent two hours. Not like, oh, we’re gonna enjoy a little drizzle. It’s Washington violent Drizzle for 24, 48 hours. It’s violence’s a good word for it. Yeah, it’s no question about it. It’s been coming hard. It’s been coming fast and didn’t sound like that. It sounds like. Hey, hey. Speaking of Monster, I just wanted to read this text I got from our good buddy and I don’t want to say his name. FYI. Okay, this is today, 7:00 AM Wow. Just cracked a white one. Okay. Who text you?

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Who texts you at 7:00 AM 7 0 6. Better be a good friend. FYII had to go to the ER Friday with a blood pressure crisis. Not enough sleep. Too many monsters. That’s awesome. So I just wanted to tell everybody out there, that’s be, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. So anyway, I’m just saying, I’m just saying out there. I’m just saying, oh, I and I happen, so, so here was my, oh here’s, here’s my reply. Sleep more should fix it. Yeah. And then I’m like, no, seriously. You okay? Yeah, I’m feeling okay. But you know, it’s spooky. Anyway, it turns out got a little bit of a history of blood pressure, but I’m just, I’m just saying don’t drink ’em kids. They’re not good for you. But anyway. All right. Let’s move on to something happier. We wanna thank Under Armour, by the way, they did come out with their clothes. It looks like they’re starting to load a little bit of a soft launch. Right. UA a piece at a time com. It’s starting to load pieces so people are being sent items. They’re buying items. John, we’ve seen some of the new stuff and we’ve worn it. Yeah. Pretty awesome. Yeah, we’ve worn it and pretty awesome. Some of the stuff we’ve been asking for for two years, like the heat zips, buy, zip, stuff like that. Heat zips. They’re lighter than lights. Well, it’s funny, they’re not showing that many quantities online.

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I’m hoping they’re loading more and more. You know why it’s been on there and he’s been watching things and getting some things ordered for the guys here in the office. So anyway, go to ua.com, go check it out and type in ridge or something, some kind of hunting keyword and it’ll take you to the product. One more, shout out to another one of our sponsors. Red Rock Precision, I think. Archibald’s out shooting his guns. He shot every gun in his gun case over the weekend. He’s getting flooded. If he is. Yeah, he was. He was going nuts. Which I wish I was in that boat because usually we’re in the last minute. He’s got muzzle loaders with open sight and scopes both. And then rifles and he’s, he was out there. He said he owned the range by himself. So it’s probably a good time to be. Alright. I gotta tell funny a story. He funny. Did he tell you a story? So he sends a text, he says, what shot every rifle and muzzy I have this morning ready to roll. Yeah. I mean that’s Archibald not gonna shoot one or two of ’em. Like I shot every one of ’em. Like you said, you got rifles of two or three models and an open sight and a scoped muzzle loader. His shoulder’s probably black and blue. And all day Sunday, I cleaned them all. Every one of’em.

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He called me on Saturday and he’s like, dude, you know, something weird happens every time I go to the range. He’s like, I was setting up, had my muzzle loader out this BMW or something pulls up like just a car, car to the range and the dude takes a pee and Archie shoots his muzzle loader. The guy comes over right, right by him. And he goes, ha ha. Hey dragon boy, dragon boy, dragon boy. And takes off. Where is that? Man? No idea. Probably saw the planes blowing smoke. Probably saw the flames coming outta the end of the muzzle loader and blowing smoke. He is like, is the weirdest thing. And the range, he didn’t even in the middle of nowhere, didn’t even shoot, just came to go to the bathroom when we’re fun of him. This is hilarious. ’cause Arch Paul, he’s one of the only people I know that have had people ticked off that he’s in their hunting spot, got him through the crosshairs, threatening him to shoot. And he is one of the few guys that has a bunker somewhere in the Four Corners area. Oh yeah. With a lot of provisions saying that he’s gonna make it there when the end of the world comes, comes just Red Dawn, red Dawn retreat. So funny. But anyway. Well he had, he did have a scouting trip. We might even cold call him. Yeah, we might. But back to the rifle.

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Red Red Rock precision.com. Great rifles, if you’re in the market looking to upgrade or add to your arsenal, give Kurt and the guys there a call or visit ’em on the website. Red rock precision.com. We all have one of their rifles. Oh, they’re awesome. And they shoot awesome. They kill stuff and they can customize the scope, customize the, the caliber, the barrel, whether you want steel, whether you want composite, whether you want, you know, bigger stock, slimmer stock, sheep gun all around, whatever. They can do it. Give ’em a call or give ’em a [email protected]. Super good products. All right, everybody. Well, where we, there’s a lot. I guess it just feels this is gonna be one of those conversion throwing spaghetti at the chalkboard kinda thing. Like Well, it’s also, we’re, we’re gone a lot from each other in the summer. So when we get back, it’s like, rah, you were scouting. Yeah. Where did you go, Bronson? I was And what did you see? Not much. Not much to talk about. Not much Bronson’s giving back tags. No, I’m not figuring out what the point guarding in 14 states. I’m not. But it’s just, man, I’m the same way. You get excited and then you get excited until you’re not the reality of the drought. Oh, for, for me personally, the reality of the drought is setting in, I’m a desert guy. I’m down here in southern Utah, Northern Arizona, Nevada. Why?

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And it’s like I told our buddy Clint, he, it’s some, he’s out scouting in the desert where, where he’s at. And at some point you realize you can’t make it happen. Can’t, can’t force you can’t force it. Force you knowler growth or whatever. I’d like to have half the money back I’ve spent in gas in the last 30 days. And tires, huh? Yeah, tires too. Thanks. Okay, here’s a story. Here’s a story. Thanks bro. So how many years ago was the first incident with you in this rock on a specific tooth? Let’s call it three, three years ago. So three years ago we heard the ashing teeth as you came back with a blown sidewall on an F-150. Well, it’s one of those rocks you can’t see. It’s behind the brush. It’s like a big rabbit brush type, you know, anyway. And it’s hidden, caught on a two track. And you don’t see it. You don’t, you do not see it blew out. This bubbled out the sidewall. Okay, fast forward 20, 21, 20 21, 3 years. But that’s about 12 or 13 trucks since the first one for you. 20 sets of tires. Now you’re in a new truck. Same road though. Same road. SRDD. Right? Same road, different day. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Public led. What happened? Supply what and what happened? I hit the rock. The same rock, the same rock bubbled out. Same identical thing. Blew the side wall. Yeah. Blew the side wall.

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It’s sitting there blowing air out. You’re driving home with your hands at about eight and two. Yeah, they were nine and three and now it’s about eight and two with your, you’re plowing your tires down the front highway. Yeah, that’s true. And I just, I Ashley’s with me and she’s like, oh geez. And it hit so hard, it hit, I’m surprised that, you know, have you a arms. And I’m surprised they weren’t bent. It hit so hard anyway. You knew immediate, but, but immediately when you hit it, you do immediately. I got out and I’m like, and I said a few things and then I lowered down the tire, got all the stuff and you know, in a truck. Golly gee, we’ll just, we used to have handymans in the back and that was good enough on the great big steel bumpers. On how long, how long does it take you to just find the jack and the lowering the thing that lowers your tire? I had to get out the owner’s manual. Yeah. I couldn’t find the jack. Yeah, that’s right. And it, you wouldn’t believe it. It’s, it it, anyway, behind the rear seat. Oh yeah. Behind the rear seat. You pull it down and there’s a foam case cover covering it. Like you wouldn’t even, it’s totally hidden. Anyway, got out this little chinsy freaking bottle jack and it’s in the sand and it’s sink. It just sinks like straight down.

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So I have to get out my pulse hole pounder, which is rounded, right. It’s rounded. And I stick it in there and then I put the jack on it and then I jack up the truck. All the while. I’m telling Ashley, stay away because the truck’s probably gonna fall. I mean, dude, if, if this falls on me, just tell mom and the boys I love y’all. Just leave me here. The red hands can have me. And she just got bit by red hat. So anyway, well think about, I mean, you’re invaluable that, that girl hanging out with you, she’s gonna how to bail and wire anything together. Sold on a truck. We, we don’t, I don’t talk a lot because I wasn’t talked to when I was a kid. We just did lots of windshield time. But I try to be a little better. So, so anyway, we get driving along and I’m like, Hey Ash, are you, do you wanna marry a hunter? You know? ’cause we’re talking, the marriage talks and of course I’ve got boys that are keeping in mind. She’s like 12, potentially get married. 13. She’s 14. Okay. Alright. She’s got a job, but she’s not, she’s not like court. 14 year olds can have jobs now with Biden bucks because there’s nobody willing to work. So anyway, it’s kind of been good for her. And anyway, work ethic and all these good things that are happening.

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So I’m like, Hey Ash, you do, you know, do you wanna marry a hunter? You know? Oh yeah, man. She knows the right answer. Right? And I’m like, well, do you know how you do, you know how you marry a hunter? What, what You choose one? And I’m like, no, no, you date ’em. So you know, it’s all in who you date. You end up marrying who you date. That was the big lesson that I taught her. Wow. Adam up for nothing. Well, I was expecting, I mean, that’s good. Hey, this is what, I guess what I’m saying is when you, when you spend all this time out there with your children, friends, family, whatever, and they’re learning the things she’s learning. If she marries a gamer, I’m gonna be pissed. Well, we, we, I am, I’m gonna be pissed. She’s gonna know how to change tires. She’s gonna know how to put chains on. She’s killing stuff left and right. She’s killed more dear than a brother or two of hers. I mean, legit. And, and if she marries a gamer, I’m gonna be ticked. How how do you prevent that when the time comes? We’ll put out the word. Have, you know, people, riots, applications of our job apply. Just suck a job. Photocopy you, your driver’s license. You know, we give away hunts. Maybe we give away a date. You can do background checks.

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You can do, I’m just saying as a dad, you know, some of you guys out there have been through it. I am having a hard time putting, I mean, she’s gonna be the most amazing huntress there ever was. Alright fellas. So moving on. I went through a tire. Bronson, it seemed like a, you might’ve hit a great big giant tree on this past weekend. What did you do? Yeah, luckily my hands were at nine and three. Still I’m flying and my tire didn’t blow. I did have to take you down. My tire didn’t blow, but it it rock. What did you need today? I flew. What did you need today? I flew into the steering wheel. Didn’t you get an alignment today? No, it was just an oil change. Oh. It was just oil change and tire rotation. It didn’t seem like it pulled, but no airbag didn’t go off. No, but it could have seriously. It could have. It was just, should have one of those gra grass is like three and a half feet tall along a two track. Even in the middle of the two track it’s two feet high. Yeah. So it’s like not getting used a lot. And I’m just crushing probably only 15, 20. But there’s a quay probably. How big’s that? 18? Yeah. 20 inches around. Yeah. That had been sought out.

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That i, I you can’t see it’s in there tire and the around it, my front tire caught that. Oh. And just, you know, and brought you to a stop. I mean, I probably hit it by what, two inches? Three inches? It wasn’t popping over or anything. That’s how, how you take sidewalls out, bend the edge, bend to the side of the ri. So anyway, but speaking of trucks, we’re on. John, you’ve been shopping. So Yeah, I, my, my boy had a call it a fender bender. What do you mean? He came to a complete stop going 45 when, when the truck is total into the vehicle in front of it. I don’t know how fast, but he was going rounds and it’s a 40 mile an hour road knee, but does less than 40 is abnormal. Well it was supposedly was stump some stop and go. But that’s what you were told. The truck was more stopping than going and there was no skid marks. That’s what I find interesting too. He didn’t try to stop. Okay. Keep going. And he was, he was shook up. So we ordered. I won’t rub it in anymore. That happened on a Monday night. Okay. Fast forward to the next two weeks ago. Yeah. Something like that. Fast forward to the next day at lunch. And I wanna tee this up real quick. You guys have heard my brother’s podcast?

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He, he went a year before he found a truck. I think he fasted four or five times for that purpose alone. Okay. Wyatt’s been doing the same process for how long? I don’t know, but why three to five months? How long? I don’t see any end in sight. Okay. He’s not gonna find the vehicle. He is. It’s gotta be perfect. It’s gotta be, you know, this gotta be. Yeah. And granted it is not a wanna pay in pesos. It is also, also within 23 miles a cedar city. If you Hey, if you can’t be somebody there with with Oh, I know. Green backs, it ain’t happening. Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. So you better be close enough to win the perimeter. Like John, John finds one last night, yesterday, I think during church. I don’t know why you were refreshing your call during church. You refreshed and it said boom boom, zero minutes in the same city. Yeah. In, in our town. Same city. And you and you had cash to him in 33 minutes. I I had it bought before church was over. Yeah. Hey, well, and he had 30 people along the line. Yeah, 30 people. Lord blesses crazy after I get get there, he’s like, I think I listed it for, for too low. And I’m like, he did. That’s why I’ve been looking for six months a deal’s a deal boss. So anyway, Carter and I, same thing.

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It’s a bad environment, especially if you’re buying a Toyota. John, you found a little SUV I’m looking for another Toyota. Good. Could run around for me or my son or whatever. Well, Carter and I, you’re looking for one for about 13 hours after the wreck. Actually I wasn’t. Yeah. ’cause that happened like 10 30, 11 at night. So I went home and went to bed about a Saturday night. I dunno what it was, Monday night, Sunday came, it was Monday night. Monday night, Monday came. Okay. Alright. So it was Tuesday morning, we’re going to lunch. We’re literally driving down Main Street in our own town. Yep. The, the same town Wyatt lives in. Okay. The same. Wyatt’s looking for it. He’s looked and you know, he’s turning over every rock you’re driving out of the corner of your eye, you say, oh, look at that tundra. That’s what Wyatt’s looking for. And I, I said, look at that Tundra dude, flip around. I we flip around, we go back there, look at it. I’m like, dude, I, I think I know whose truck this was. They messaged, traded in, boom, walk in, here’s the truck. What was it? Such and such? Yeah. 2006. Such and such. Such and such. Yeah. We’ll drive it. Okay, we’ll take it. Let’s go to lunch, Carter. We’ll come back.

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And I’m like, and Carter acts like now that that was a bad, that he had warning flags, knew it was a bad idea. You buy it now. But we literally drove, I’m punching the button by now. We try now. Drove three minutes up the street, ate a 27 minute lunch, probably FA and we’re back within 30. Okay. In that 30 minutes. Somebody else had already been there, seen it, and was at the bank trying to get money for it. And I’m, and I’m trying to like, and hey, I’ll bring you cash. All right. You check now whatever. He goes, I can’t, I can’t really do that. I mean, the guy’s at the bank. And I’m like, what? I says, well, let us go drive it. So we went and drove it and I’m like, freak, you’re not gonna, it’s gonna be gone. It’s a full four door. It’s like the big four door, 2000. It’s not the access cabs, it’s the last four door, the last year. Small, the smaller old ma old body style. Smaller. So it’s, it’s the va. That’s awesome. I just said, well, all right, if a guy can’t do it, gimme a call. 45 minutes later I bought a truck. He couldn’t get credit. I mean, I’m like, oh, wow. So I bought it and, and I came back and told Wyatt that I bought a truck while I was lunch break. And I’m like, and he wouldn’t.

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Now on the subject of teaching kids lessons, my kid ruins the first truck and I buy him a nicer truck. But what did I do? But what did I do you guys know what I did? I went two weeks until I couldn’t handle it anymore. That’s right. It’d been a full two weeks. And he had already, after the first seven days, he’s in re remote, he just laying low. I’m just glad to be borrowing my dad’s truck to drive to work. But John and I, John, remember when we were getting the mail and we watched Ty in the power wagon, the brand new Power Wagon drive by. Yeah. He might have been older than that. He was in his, he was at his tank top. He been at pouring concrete, take tank top muscles blew, I mean, jacked up, up truck. So anyway, after, you know, Bronsons 10 to 14 days, he’s starting to, he’s looking at KSL on ads again. Like he’s, he’s like, dad, when are we gonna talk about school’s coming up? Right. I need something to drive. And you got two trucks and you use ’em both during Hunts law. It got on, it was on slotting. He would hit me with five or six trucks every day, classified. And I, and I’d already had one bought. And I hadn’t told him. Hadn’t told him. So finally one night I said, Hey, I gotta go wash my truck. Let’s come with me.

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And he’s, he, he took that as like, is everything okay dad? Like he thinks I’m gonna have a talk. And you know, when you go in with that alone, wash the truck. We already talked about the birds and bees. What dad? So anyway, I had weed on and I, and I show him, I show him the truck and I says, yeah, that’s the truck. And he’s like, what do you mean? I says, yeah, the day after you got wrecked, I, I just saw it a great deal. Great buy. I know I, when you’ve looked at enough and you see one and you know what it’s priced at. Got it. You scheduled for a light bar, got it. Scheduled for wheels. I got some other things. All that. So my my point in all of this is for Aaron Wyatt, all this, you can buy a truck in 60 minutes. You can buy, you can don’t, you don’t need 365 days or six months. No. Okay. 100%. That’s all John. But the good thing about, I want to finish it up. This isn’t for ti this is your truck. You’re letting use it. My truck. That’s right. He’s gonna go probably do a, you know, a mission for the church or whatever. Yeah. This is your truck. It’ll be a scouting vehicle. Just like the other one. That’s just like the other truck. That’s right. But it’s like, hey, this, this is another truck.

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And to follow up one more thing. Insurance company insures you for about nine, 10 grand. What the other one was worth. What did they offer you for this hunk of shizz? Now it’s a total, it’s a total. So yeah, he was not dad gum. $18,000. 18 grand. That’s amazing. For a war out truck. All right, moving on. That’s what the, so the, we’re living in some crazy times. We got with me. I’m doing well. That’s right. Come on, Broon. Bye dude. I mean you just, we are, we’re living in crazy times. And speaking of buying dirt, Chris, Chris is this, Chris gets married, has 14 children already? Two, two. No, but I didn’t even, this is how I look since the wedding, what’s that been? Feels like a month. A month? Yeah. Yeah. Somewhere in there. This has never, I didn’t know he was even looking. And it makes complete sense because where we are now is, is kind of it, it’s been the bachelor pad for about 10, 10 years. Let’s call it the starter home. That’s 14 levels, I don’t know, three, four, basement, middle, upper. But each level has room for two different bachelors. And it has pretty much been that way. And he’s rented it out. Devin, Wyatt, I mean, family, friends, enemies, everybody stayed there. Money is, I mean, it’s been lots. So my parents have been there for a year and a half. Yeah.

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So now you found what you’ve wore dirt. You, you wore out the carpet and decided to move new carpet’s coming next week. But you did find a home with some acreage. Yeah. Place for the ponies. Kinda like you, you’re driving down the road, you see a good deal and you buy, so you did it. No kidding. Was it that fast or how long you been working? Really? No way. We, we saw it went and looked at it that day and submitted an offer that night. No kidding. And today they said bingo. So now there’s nothing gonna be Yeah man. Hey, there’s a house for, so it’s the end of it. If you’re smart. I heard college housing in this town is really at a premium. It is. You could rent that out to freaking 12 or 15. Yeah. Are you sure you even wanna sell it? Yeah. Let somebody else do that. That could be a sorority house. It could be a frat house. That’s right. It’d be hell of a frat house. It would be, yeah. There’s a, you can’t tell me That wouldn’t be, it would be, there’s couple rooms you could get four. The problem is, is that the driving that takes place before and after the party, it’s 10 minutes out of town. Yeah. And that’s a long way for Cedar her. Yeah. Anyway.

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Well, so yeah, you know Jenna’s grandpa, she, he always told us right there, toward the end of his life, he always, we were sitting down talking, he was a good, good guy and he had a bunch of property up there in Star Valley. And he says, you know, the only thing that matters in this life is your name and dirt. It’s the only thing that matters. Buy dirt. Hey, think about it. Your name and dirt. Dude, we’ve gotten a lot a along, you know, we’ve gotten quite far in things that we’ve done just with the name. You know, people know you and know that you’re trustworthy and whatnot. But anyway, there you have it. Chris is buying dirt. Got a great name. Well, Chris, you got the world by the tail boss I guess so as far as he’s old’s. Awesome. Anyway, happy for you. All right, well, got the brumbies in the backyard now. Yep. Good. All right. Well we are in crazy times to continue with that Bron. And there’s been a lot of stuff going on with, oh, like Oregon, Oregon’s talking about maybe ending hunting and fishing and trapping. There’s an initiative out there and it’s kind of crazy. It’s an anti-hunting, anti-cultural ballot effort that will make harvesting any fish or game a crime. And, and what’s the agricultural, I don’t know. You can’t milk a cow because that’s abusive. I don’t know.

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It goes on to say it will ban the harvest of any animal by hunting or fishing or trapping and will only allow self-defense, self-defense exception. And it will also criminalize common animal husbandry practices, slaughter for food and common breeding practices. That’s such as artificial insemination. Yeah. Wow. And they, the way they word things is to make it sound like you’re sexually abusing an animal to do breeding stuff. Oh my gosh. So proponents of the initiative have until July 8th, 2022 to collect 112,000 ballot signatures. They’ll have those to have those in three weeks. I bet. In that state Portland. So somebody growing up in Portland that doesn’t know any better, like Portland, oh, I don’t want animals sexually abused. Do you want, do you like to sexually abuse animals? Exactly. Oh no, well sign this. Exactly. So anyway, they have till July 8th, 2022 and then it’ll be eligible for the November, 2022 ballot. I’m just reading this off the internet. I’m not saying this is you can’t milk a cow. Well, I don’t know. Maybe you could milk one. No, you said animal hu condom and hu animal husbandry husbandry practices. Yeah. You gotta milk a cow. Well, I mean, it’s her body, her choice. And you’re over there trying to milk it. Yeah, I know. I don’t know. It’s crazy what the times we’re living in. I’m just saying nothing is, nothing is off the table. Respect animals. Nothing is off the table, man.

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Well, they were put here for the use of man. Yeah. That’s, anybody that’s read, read the bible’s. That’s right. Knows that. That’s right. And yes, you gotta have wisdom and, you know, respect and all this. Hundred percent come, oh, what are we, what are we up against nowadays? We even Bronson, we were talking about the Wyoming, you know, initiative and changing things going, there’s, there’s a task force on that. I mean it’s, it’s obviously resident driven and we’ve been very, I guess over and over very careful. Every state has issues that come out in their, their own state. We’re residents of Utah. We obviously talk about, write about research about and hunt a lot of the Western states, but we’ve not tried to say, Hey, our opinions, what we think is the best in every state we have. We say that in every case because we’re, we’re not, we don’t even get incredibly vocal in Utah. Even just, we’re almost, we, we adapt more to what happens and changes and you know, technology or different things like that or hunting dates or whatever. But yeah, Idaho is already went through, I think they addressed the, the big four or whatever you wanna call ’em, I guess there’s four be bison, bison, moose, sheep, moose, sheep, goat. This current splits up there, you know, down, down to a 90 10, 90% go to resident, 10% non-resident.

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And that will cut em roughly in half or more cut tags. And it’s hard with the, you know, saying what’s common. A lot of the states that’s common. That’s right. So the fact that they’re 20 to 25 on some species. Yeah. It feels maybe generous. The, the problem is, after buying into a point system for so long now and remembering that it takes four tags in one of those cheaper motion, it’s to even give one in the random drop. That’s right. So the first 75%, first three outta four tags go to the preference point draw 25% on a random draw. They’re gonna be like no random tags drawn on anywhere. And so why, why would you only pertain to the max point holders? That’s right. It doesn’t give you an extra name in the hat for the random draw. Yeah. So why would you ever buy points and why would you even apply if you are five? Unless you the top echelon tier you’re not. And now this is gonna be brought forward through the deer, elk and antelope briss, which has very similar ramifications. I mean there’s a lot more tags for them statewide than there is the sheep moose go bison. But just talking about big changes, this is not something we’re hearing that this is something would take effect to 2023 if it were fully ratified by legislature and everything. Crazy.

00:25:43:03 –> 00:27:01:05
They have big financial ramifications and I’m sure they’re weighing a lot of those things out, but, and maybe they’ll adjust it where the points are good for the random draw or whatever. And you know, most states at least give a random tag no more name in the hat. Yeah. They, they should at least have error on the side of the random, the first tag goes randomly or something because it’s gonna, there’s only like five or six total random moose tags in the whole state for non-residents right now. Yeah, that’s right. And that that’d probably go to zero. So anyway, it’s just crazy, crazy times that we’re living in and we’re just dealing, it seems like it’s, let’s call it the Biden effects infecting us all throughout all the different states and different things that we’re involved in our lives, livelihoods, whatnot. So anyway, we’ll keep you posted as we know specifics. We’ll, we’ll print ’em off and read ’em kind of the news of the West on what’s going on and, and whatnot. So what else? Bronson in the spirit of buying dirt, since we talked about that a couple of times today. If you are looking to buy or sell western ranch or hunting, fishing property recreational properties, give Blaine St. James and his guys a call at St. James sporting properties 8 7 7 3 5 4 7 2 4 7 or visit ’em at sj sporting properties.com. Blaine and his crew are hunters.

00:27:01:20 –> 00:28:20:09
They, they can understand either valuation or can help as you talk with them about what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for recreational property, they, they can think a little bit more like you than all every, you know, every single real estate agent that’s out there that just lists property, they’re big hunters themselves. They’re licensed in Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming. Again, give them a call 8 7 7 3 5 4 7 2 4 7 and buy or sell, I guess I’m supposed to sell dirt but sell high. But you have to sell dirt. Buy buy low, sell high and it’s high. Well, you, you might sell dirt and buy different dirt that’s swap dirt, swap 10 31, change the lyrics of that song, swap dirt crisp. I don’t know what to say, but you’re gonna have to play that song. Swap dirt. All right. So anyway, dirt’s a good investment. They’re not making any more of it and it’s just kind of crazy. I don’t know what else, let’s see. You know we’ve, we haven’t talked about Canada. They’re no, yeah, they’ve opened, they’re opened. They basically from, for us, tourists can go up there. Non-essential travel starting like August 9th nine. Yep. That is, if you have a, what if you have been number one vaccinated, you’ve gotta, you have to be fully vaccinated, number one and number two. That’s right. So if you want to go up there or potentially wanna go up there, go get your shots.

00:28:20:15 –> 00:29:20:28
A lot of guys and gals don’t necessarily want to get the shots, but hey, if you’re gonna hunt in Canada, maybe even Mexico, who knows as the, as things progress and whatnot, you probably gonna need to be vaccinated. So, and who knows next year if they still get that infect, who knows? Last year. Would any of you bet that we’d still be talking about this a year from now? No. No. So what, what’s a year from now? Who knows? So it’s disrupted a lot of plans the last two years in Canada. A couple of things now it’s initially they’re like, oh great, it’s open or gone. And I would’ve thought these outfits would be inundated. They’ve got two years of people backed up. Well the, we’re actually seeing what Yeah. Openings. Yeah. Openings. Because now it’s like some of them weeks ahead of time, I gotta be there in weeks. Yep. I can’t do it. Oh, didn’t, I didn’t get my vaccine or I I wasn’t planning on it now I can’t go. Or Yeah, the outfitters are saying, you know, I have true a 10 or 12 people and they went and got jobs. I told them to, I told ’em to get jobs ’cause I don’t know if we’re gonna have a season again this year. So they’re not prepared to take a full gamut. They’re not, most of ’em aren’t not prepared for a full schedule. That’s right.

00:29:21:03 –> 00:30:12:19
So notwithstanding that, we, we do have some, we do have some openings. We, I mean we had a stone sheep opening come up, I think got got filled, got a Canadian moose opening right now that just came up and there’s other things coming down the pipe and they’re gonna be, they will be, there’s a lot of adjusting because you’ve got last year’s hunters and this year’s hunters bolster try to fill and a lot of, lot of calling, lot of, lot of back and forth with outfitters and hunters over the last two years. But if you’re looking for something up there in Canada and you can go and you can go on a more of a short notice, reach out to us, maybe shoot Devin an email, Devon head epic outdoors.com. Let us know the species that you’re interested in. Not just say, Hey, let me know anything species, how to be a little bit specific about what you’re looking for. But it is gonna flow again. Most outfitters aren’t gonna run a hundred percent of their hunters. ’cause again, mostly it’s manpower related. But if you can go last minute, you might give, give us a holler. You never know. Something may come up.

00:30:12:22 –> 00:31:32:24
And, and, and again, some guys here in the office, I mean slightly concerned like, okay, so they’re running on half a crew or what they can drum up, you know, a lot of times there’s some apprehension about is this their a their a crew and whatnot. I mean, so it’s hard to know guys are, they’re, they’re trying to put on great hunts and whatnot and they will put on great, great hunts, but, but at the same time with not maybe their regular crew. So anyway, it’s a little bit tough dealing with, you know, last minute stuff. They’ve been shut down for a year and a half. So anyway, that’s about it. It’s good overall, it’s good news. It’s just, it, it would’ve been better news two or three months ago when they have a lot more time to, hey, cut your job off July 15th, I need you from then on for three, four months. But that’s not gonna happen. I guess we take what we get, but stuff is gonna start flowing again. That’s, that’s nice. So let’s see, anything else? We’ve, I think it’s, it’s worth mentioning like we’re talking about covid. If you’re in the market for a new rifle, a new bow, new optics, you gotta plan ahead. Yeah. A lot of these, there’s waiting lists and you know, you just don’t call and order something like no, you know, like you would.

00:31:33:00 –> 00:32:34:15
But I think we’ve done, John and you said it earlier today, we’ve done a good job of keeping a lot of stuff that we’re selling personally here at Epic Outdoors in stock. So yeah, optic wise, when it took us a couple months last summer, a few months for us to realize this is, this is not working. We’re putting orders in and we’re not getting the product and we’re just getting further wa down a waiting list of backlog. So we, we got real aggressive on stuff and stuff’s now starting to come in big time and we’re getting calls every day. People do you, do you have, I know I’m you probably don’t have, do you have these? We’re like, oh yeah, what? I’ll buy one. Yeah. And, and it’s just because we were real aggressive on our quantities when we, we had to learn by experience. You know, we have lived through this. It doesn’t matter, like you said, whether it be optics, whether it be guns, whether it be side by side in most vehicle in most places and companies that are, you know, that, that have the product and it’s hard to get product. They’re getting full market value. We’re still doing the member pricing. It’s a steal. Yeah. John, when you have 30 guys that called the guy right after you on your Toyota, you don’t have any negotiating power. Hear that. To knock off a couple hundred bucks. No, no.

00:32:34:18 –> 00:33:39:22
You’re like paying him full asking price. Yeah. Yeah. ’cause I could turn around and sell it for double. Yeah. And just hear that thunder and crazy. I can’t hear the antlers growing though, Bronson. Why? ’cause it’s too late, Jason. That’s right. Right. They’re, yeah, they’re done. Elk are done. Now we’re not talking about Arizona like Central Arizona. Deer and COOs deer down there. I think it’s gonna be unbelievable. It’s gonna be unbelievable. I don’t know. Some of these storms in Arizona have looked bammo sized. It’s just the whole state’s green, red and yellow. And it’s nice. We haven’t had the monsoon for out west. If you listen to this, what are they talking about? We get our monsoon moisture pump up from Mexico in the summer. That’s when we get most of our rain other than the middle of winter. We’ve had nothing in the last two winters. So it’s been a, it’s been nice. Farmer’s Almanac said that we were gonna have, it was gonna be violent monsoons and hey we got ’em. Maybe we should renew our subscription to that. I don’t, I think his black market study. You just go Google it. Do you? I did. Chris, you might subscribe to that. I don’t, I don’t. Yeah, but I think they also said it was gonna be a big winter. It is. I heard that year too. Nip this is, oh yeah, we need to google that.

00:33:39:22 –> 00:35:10:23
Lemme okay, let’s talk about this real fast. Google it. It says wife. Let me put her on. What are you doing? I’m driving home. Did you get my picture? No. What is it? Oh my gosh. You should look. Okay. You’re on the podcast. Are you really podcasting? Yes, you’re on right now. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Walmart parking lot. The the water is over the tires on the vehicles. Whoa. Oh it’s unbelievable. Look at that. That’s here. Wow. We came, where did it come? Gosh, look at that. Off the hill. That’s three feet of water. Whoa, Jason. What? We didn’t go, we didn’t shop. I was like, I’m not walking through that water. But we came home on the freeway and there’s literally jungle, like a 15 foot, three foot deep river running down the side of the freeway. It’s unbelievable. Wow. Look at that picture. I’m, you need to post this on the podcast Instagram. That’s live. Jana, KSL and Salt Lake doesn’t get stuff as fast as you. That’s that’s the way we review our stuff. We’re source, we’re gonna call you. That’s on out. Everybody calls Janet. 4 3, 5, 5, 9, 9. No, no, no, no, no, no. Jason. Alright, well thanks for the update. Hey, put her in four wheel drive. Put her in four wheel drive. All all. Alright, bye. That’s, that’s why you buy your girl a four wheel drive right there, Chris. That’s right. That’s right. That’s right.

00:35:10:23 –> 00:36:24:25
Every girls should have a four wheel drive. Yeah. Two wheel drives. Water’s running through the doors and out the other side. Right. Seriously, it’s, I’ve never seen That’s crazy out here. We might have to end this podcast. Go save people. Oh yeah. Life threatening situations. Holy cow. Flash flood warning here till four 30. Dangerous life-threatening. Do not attempt to travel unless you’re fleeing an area subject to flooding under evacuation order. That’s unbelievable. Wows, everybody should have just got, that’s, that’s like an Amber alert. I got that a few days ago, but nothing happened. Wow. Well, and it’s hard to, it’s hard to imagine if you don’t live in the west or in a desert of how we go for almost two years with almost no moisture whatsoever. And then all of a sudden it’s unbelievable. You know, we’re, we’re getting six inches in a day and it’s just, I mean, yeah, it’s, dude, this is emergency coming over my phone. I’m, I’m booked in. Sorry. This podcast is temporarily being dangerous, threatened by the United States government. Well I’m looking up this one. US Weather service. Right? Wow. Anyway, so back to what I’m gonna give a shout out to one of our sponsors. Back to the theme of not being able to get stuff in stock. Hoyt, we brought them on.

00:36:24:25 –> 00:37:45:25
They’re a great partner of ours, obviously a well established, well-known, well trusted, well used brand and a couple of their new lines of their bows, the Venom and the Rx five are just spitting. ael spitting Son of a guns, they’re awesome. I love mine. And Jason, I know John, you guys both got ’em Probably if you don’t have your hands on one now, the bow hunts within a few weeks you might, might have your work cut out for you but doesn’t. If you don’t and you’re wanting to get upgraded for next year, check everything [email protected]. Awesome lineup. They never rest on what they’ve already created. Hoyt have always been known for that. They’re great innovators and making good, better and best. So anyway, appreciate their product and support of us. Re they’re awesome. We appreciate it. My bow shoots unbelievable. It’s a dark You couldn’t dart thrower, man. Wrench it outta my cold. Dead hands. Dead hands. Alright, so anyway, I looked up the Farmer’s Almanac and it’s the cold and snowy side, farmer’s Almanac, which has been predicting weather using carefully guarded formula for 204 years. Anyway, it goes on to say snow will be abundant and possibly above normal mounts for parts of the Western Dakotas portions of Colorado, Northern, northern portions of Colorado and Utah, as well as Wyoming, which is great news for skiers. The dry side areas across the desert, Southwest Arizona, Southern California.

00:37:45:25 –> 00:39:06:15
Winter is predicted to be mild but dry, not good news. Considering signs that drought and conditions were beginning to ramp up in these regions close at the close of winter, 2020. Crazy in between the New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, occasional shots of cold wintery precipitation. The, so these folks will have to stay on their toes to keep up with the changing weather. The wild card would be Tennessee, Ohio. Anyway, being, I don’t know, maybe it won’t be in some of this country. I don’t know. It’s hard to tell Bronson. Well, all I know is what’s happening right now. And there’s people out there that we, there’s dude, I’m worried about. I have a basement. I I, I’m not sure I’m a fan of basements. Seriously, that’s not right now. Slab on grade. All right, well, do we have anything else guys? I mean we’re talking about tags. We’ve, we’ve been out scouting, things are looking really rough in, in places, you know. Yeah, Nevada’s still got a few good bucks, but it’s not, not next level. And they’re getting the rain right now, so they, they look terrible. The bucks look terrible. The, their country looked the same as it did last year, 3, 6, 5 days ago. And fortunately that’s changing and we hope that it does. Overall the hunts are coming quick.

00:39:06:16 –> 00:40:18:25
We’re gonna probably try to do a few podcasts here in the next little bit about it gets us amped up to, you know, archery season’s gonna be coming up here in about two, three weeks here in Nevada, well at the 10th and then Utah’s right after that. The 21st. So it’s coming fast. Things are coming fast. We’ve been scouting a lot. Everybody else should be scouting a lot. We did sell, a guy called in and did 40 trail cameras if you can believe it. So yeah. Anyway, and he’s from Arizona, which outlawed him starting in 2022. I think he’s probably prepping, you know, for next couple years to see what’s out there on the landscape. So anyway, everybody hit it hard. We do have all these things in stock. If you need cameras, whatever, let us know. Also wanna give a little fo shout out. Believe that thunder to phone scope. P-H-O-N-E-S-K-O-P-E for those who don’t know how to spell S-K-O-P-E. I love it. Oh, Justin’s awesome. Only he could come up with a name like that. So anyway, www.phone scope.com you can video everything you’re seeing out in the field. If you didn’t video it, it didn’t happen, take pictures, send ’em to us. We wanna see the trophies, [email protected]. I had a guy say we ought to charge people 15 to $20 per photo to, to field judge animals. Really? And I’m thinking if you leave your locations on, I’ll happily do it.

00:40:19:23 –> 00:41:24:06
I might even do a $10 discount for locations. So anyway, if anybody doesn’t know what the locations feature is, turn it off. Unless you want the world to see your game. Alright, what else do we need to talk about? Anything else other than bro gonna giveaway? Did giveaway our hunt. Oh yeah. At Tall Sheep we do a couple membership drives a year here at Epic Outdoors. One in the winter and one in the summer. And a year ago we drew a winner for a 2020. So we drew it in June of 2020 for a doll sheet hunt in 2021, which is a month away from now. Yeah, well that winter pretty much August 18th, what’s today brought? So 19th, July 19th. Okay, so within 30 days. That’s right. We got a very sombering email over the weekend from that winter that has had a medical issue arise to the point that he’s tried to work through it and he’s gonna have surgery on his, on his leg and is not gonna be able to go on that hunt and or, or the other two hunts he’s got scheduled. Yeah, I it’s a, it’s a severe injury and nothing that can be done.

00:41:24:09 –> 00:42:42:22
It’s not like you can put it off a week or, I mean he’s tried to fight through it, he’s put it off to the, almost the bitter end finally had to let us know and the outfitter know know, unfortunately, yeah, there’s not much we can do. These are not hunts that are transferrable. We, those are in our official rules. We do draw an alternate and I believe this may have been the first time we’ve ever had to turn to an alternate first time. And we seal it up, we seal it up, put it in the epic safe, which is amazing, safe. And we went and dug it out today and cut the, cut the seal, it has a signed seal on it and we cut the seal and we picked up whoever that alternate was gonna be and we’re gonna give him a call. So we’re gonna give him a call and let him know that 29 days he’s got, he we’re adding another hunt to his schedule 29 days from now. Gotta going in Alaska. So. Alright, so let’s get it. Hello? Is it raining where you’re at? Not raining in Cleveland? No. Huh? Sounds like your work trying to work or are you just watching people work? Oh, I’m working tired. So it’s with a broken hand. You, you got a broken hand? Oh, I got a ligament changed in my fixed in my wrist. Oh. From overuse.

00:42:42:26 –> 00:44:05:03
So I’ve been having a cast on for two months. So it gets off Wednesday, thank goodness. Wow. So, so Ty, it’s Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, of course John Peterson and you’re never gonna guess why we’re calling today. I won a million bucks. Well we don’t do that. Did you ever apply for a million dollars? Yeah, well we had a, we had an interesting email over the weekend. We had a hunt winner from a year ago, June of 2020, email us and he’s kinda like you, but he has a major leg injury. He is have to have surgery on it and he’s out not only for this hunt that he won from us, but a couple of others. Okay. And you know, it’s terrible email to get and he finally, you know, put it off to somewhat the bitter end and told us about it. And like we always do, we always draw alternates from our hunts and we put ’em in an envelope and we seal ’em. We don’t even look at ’em as a crew. We, we never tell anybody. We never, it’s just a sealed envelope and they get, they get locked in our safe. Well today for the first time ever we had to go pull out a envelope from the June, 2020 membership drive and see who the alternate was for a specific hunt. So as you can guess, you were that alternate.

00:44:05:14 –> 00:45:25:10
But I haven’t told you what Holy cow, I haven’t told you what hunt it is. It might be a Perry Dog hunt, I don’t know. In the Rutt. Yeah, I haven’t told you, but you were the winner of that, of the alternate. Holy cow. You’re that crazy. So you won a 2021 Alaska Doll Sheep Hunt with Jonah Jonah’s, Alaska Outfitters, August 18th. I’m not sure what you got in August 18 in 28 days. Seems like you’ve got a deer text. It probably ought to be arbitrary. I’m not. Do I just want a doll? He you’ll figure it out. Yeah. And I’ll I’ll definitely make time for that. Yeah, well it’s been fully paid for and Jonah’s ready to take any, whoever the was and we, we, I had yeah, yeah. Conversations. I called him on Saturday and he had received the same email from the original Hunter and I just said, we will follow our official rules, we’ll go to a al alternate and we’ll call, I have no idea who it is and we didn’t tell this morning and you’re it. So I’ll share, I’ll share with you his information. He’s crazy and I know it’s gonna be a whirl it sounds like. Get that risk strong and trigger finger working again or something. I don’t know. Save a, save a few bucks for an airline ticket and a tip. That’s all you’re gonna have to do. So anyway, congrats man. That’s awesome man.

00:45:25:13 –> 00:46:34:29
Doll sheep hunt. Appreciate it. Brooke Range and Jonah Stewart, he’s, he’s awesome. He’s shoveling planes up there now and getting ready to start scouting. He was busy over the weekend, so congrats. Yeah, I actually met him one time, so Yeah, that’s awesome. Did you down at one of the shows? Yeah, he’s a good dude. Hard hunter. No, I met him down in Colorado, so Did you? Oh yeah, he’s very aggressive. Yeah. Yeah. He kills big deer in Colorado. Yeah, that’s right. He’s a, well I can act, I guess I can actually win something from you. There you go. What kind comments that didn’t, what kind of comments that, why don’t you say thanks? You had a, you had a year delay. That’s awesome. It was a year late, but we finally called you so awesome man. Appreciate it. Well, we’ll we’ll send you the details. Appreciate it. We’ll send you the details right now. You’re gonna want to call him today and I’ll send probably an email to you, an email to him together and you just start making plans. Okay. All right. I appreciate it. All right buddy, all congratulations. Alright, bye all. Well no worries. He’s, he’s gonna go, he’s fired and he’s in business for himself, so cabinet shop or whatever, so, and he’s in knowing him, he’s in good enough shape. I was glad he didn’t say he was in a boot or something. He’s a wrist.

00:46:35:09 –> 00:47:39:12
We worked with him in our prior life. We’ve known him and we’re, and you know, he’s in a very aggressive, hunters buys landlord tag plays a lot of draws and he does, you know, I guess. And so we’ve just, yeah, he’s basically been a client for 15 or 20 years. So anyway, congratulations to Ty Jensen. By the way, everybody, it’s never over till the hunts occur to, this is the first time in, I dunno, five years we’ve been doing this. I dunno, roughly. Yeah, we don’t screw around. We keep, we keep everything in very, very organized files and safes here at Epic Outdoors. Alright, so what else? He’s a lucky sucker. He’s lucky. Yeah. There’s nobody luckier in time, but he’s ready and he is fortunately a guy that stays in pretty good shape and he’s ready to go. He is been on sheet punts before, so overall he’ll be ready to go. Let’s do it. Giveaway. Do we wanna give something else away? What do we have to give away Chris? John Don’t, don’t we have a pack wheel? Yeah, we got a pack wheel to give away. Nice. We too motorized electric. I’ve had guys hit me up from Wyoming up there in region GH country wanting to the, the use of a pack wheel pack stuff in You’re a long ways into some of that country.

00:47:39:26 –> 00:48:50:19
We’ve had guys using them on the trails that they’re legal on and they don’t even use, they take a second battery but don’t even need it. Chris, you’ve probably used ours the most as you’ve gone out getting some of the photo shoots for, what do you, what do you find, what are you impressed by? They’re, they’re super impressive. When you look at ’em, you’re thinking, oh, I don’t know. I don’t know if that’ll work. It’s a unicycle. We’re thinking a, it’s a unicycle and and it’s never gonna go up anything steep. Well, I took that one out and I, I was hitting banks that were vertical and it would go right up. ’em like, it’s unbelievable. Yeah. And it’s surprising how well they balance once you get ’em packed down, they’re a little not teetering and like fighting it all the time. Once you have ’em packed down, they’re maybe a little bit tougher, but still like a thousand times easier than packing something. It makes it so you could literally throw your entire deer on it and pack out by yourself and your camp. It’s just, well, amazing. So let’s give one of these suckers away for anybody that wants to check ’em out, just to see what we are giving away, go to pack wheel.com. P-A-C-K-W-H-E-E l.com. And you can call ’em (801) 935-4764. You can email ’em [email protected]. Chris, how are we gonna have ’em? How are we gonna give it away?

00:48:50:24 –> 00:50:01:28
So the, there will be a post on our Instagram about the PAC Wheel giveaway. It’ll be a photo of a PAC wheel in use. And this will be on our, this will be on our epic underscore hunts. Okay. Instagram. And so to enter, you’re gonna follow, make sure you’re following the epic hunts page as well as the PAC wheel page. And then you’re gonna go on that post with the PAC wheel. And what are we gonna have ’em comment? Epic wheel. You gotta make epic. You gotta make it easy. Okay. That’s epic. E-P-I-C-P-A-C-K-W-H-E-E-L-L. Epic Pac will like it. Combine ’em. It’s a hybrid. We like hybrids. That’ll get you entered to win. Except for Deere we don’t want. And then we’re gonna give it, we’re gonna give it five days straight genetics. Five, five days from the post. Yeah. And that will be listed on the post when the deadline is. Exactly. Let’s call it a day, fellas. We need to get out there and scout some more. Everybody we’re closed on Fridays. ’cause we’ve been out scouting. We’re hitting it really hard. I hope y’all too. Keep that in mind. Yeah, we’re, we’re once in a while. Somebody’s here, but just a summer schedule. A lot of our ladies that work here as well have families, kids outta school. Takes a little bit of, that’s weekend day to the weekend for everybody. And we’re, we’re busy scouting, like I said.

00:50:02:00 –> 00:50:31:16
So if you need products, hit us Monday through Thursday. Some somebody will be here to help you out. Sometimes Bronson we’re known to go in the middle of the week too. I don’t know. Who knows? Well, even if we do somebody, there’s deer. We don’t find themselves, we don’t all leave. If you take a day off, I do. Here. Arch or, that’s right. That’s right. Josh or John or Chris or something. We’re we’re, somebody will be here Monday through Thursday. Thursday to five. Monday through Thursday. All right, everybody. Okay. Find a giant dirt. Find one you can’t live with. Get a ring.