EP 216: It’s Elk Month!! Field Judging and Hunting Bulls. Many of our staff is out on the road chasing bulls. September is the time we all dream of when it comes to bugles and bulls. We talk with Adam on his elk hunt as well as Devin who is hunting elk in Colorado. We also talk with David Matthews about elk in New Mexico and Arizona. We also get everyones take on field judging bulls on the hunt.

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Elk month. Have you got, yeah, I know it. You’re supposed to hunt elk in September. They say elk. Elk in September and deer in November. But seen some really big bulls and, and I’m just anxious to get after it. Anything to do with Western Big Game. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Powered by Under Armour. Testing, testing, clapping here. Remember Chris, we used to have to clap with Ridge Reaper for video for everybody out there that doesn’t know what that is, you gotta match up the sound with the videos. So you always have those old time. What are they, Chris? Back in the seventies, eighties, when people are talking The clickers. Clicker. Well, you had the clickers, but then you had like, when the movie was too cheap to use the clickers, people were talking and then the voice comes later. Or vice versa. Remember real cheap shows? I don’t know. Oh, you do too may Dude, maybe it was before time. Oh, you’re an old blend. You mean like on tv? Yeah, on tv. Yeah. And they’re not matched up Back when we had TVs. Yeah. I don’t know. Would we even have TVs anymore? Do they even make ’em anymore, Josh? I don’t. They’re so large nowadays. I don’t even know if you call ’em a tv. Don’t you call ’em a tv? Yeah. I don’t know. Everybody looks at their phones. If it didn’t, doesn’t come across my phone. It didn’t happen.

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Yeah, that’s what it feels. Hey, everybody, Jason Carter, Josh Pollock. I usually say Adam, but he ain’t here. He is hunting. He’s spoiled. He’s in the field. So we may give him a holler and see how he’s doing. But anyway, Jason and Josh, Chris Peterson, of course he’s at the keyboard. Making sure that he hits delete when he needs to. ’cause sometimes we get crazy talking about Democrats and, and Republicans. Alright, well anyway, as we get started here, we wanna thank Under Armour. We appreciate their support here at Epic Outdoors. They do a lot for us. We do a lot for them. And it’s a great partnership. So, ooh, I got a phone call from a brother-in-Law. I hit decline. Speaking of which, do you guys ever hit decline? They know when you declined them. Yeah. It’s offensive, right? Yeah. Oh yeah. Usually you want it to keep ringing so they don’t feel like, they feel like it was left in the car, whatever. But now my brother-in-Law Allen just got declined. Not important enough to interrupt this podcast. He might use your tactic and call back immediately. Yeah, that’s, that’s what, Hey, this is important. I really need to know where my pen is anyway. And he’s got a piece of equipment he’s trying to sell you. Maybe dirt move. Hey, and by the way, I, I’m buying equipment left and right for this flood. I, I mean, seriously.

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I bought some stuff, Josh, I borrowed your tractor. It’s true. Feel like a farmer. I had to go buy a hat. You look good after. But I had to put, put a cowboy hat on. I’m wanting to, I’m wanting a little trailer to pull a be of hay with. All right, so we got a lot going on. There’s just a lot going on. It’s basically September 1st. How about that? September. I always, I was always taught that you hunt elk in September and during November. And sometimes I confuse that and we even hunt late elk and early deer. But anyway, the elker getting ready to rutt. Josh, you’ve been up on the mountain. Of course you live in some of the best elk habitat in the world. What are you seeing out there? Of course you’re, I don’t know the Verizon. I just got a text. I do. You wanna see a bowl chasing cows as we speak? There you go. That’s it. That’s the Verizon. So, so Josh, this is some funny stuff you’ve got. So you’ve got some Verizon fusions that are constantly updating you that’s legal here in Utah. Yeah. Yeah. For now. And they’re giving you a live, maybe not next year, but now it is. They’re giving you a live feed. Seems like you had a dude walk across in front of that one day. Yeah. You know? Yeah. Carrying a salt block or something. What was he doing?

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He was actually removing his salt block, I think. I think he probably was worried that he’s trying to camera who knows what camera obey the law. Yeah. But anyway, they’re working. They’re working good. Oh yeah, I’m getting pictures from Gator Pass and pictures from a white tail from the midwives. So, okay, so let’s quantify all this. You are getting your own photos? No, leave it on. You’re, you are getting your own photos, but then once in a while, somebody else’s photo squeaks in. Yeah, every now and then I get a random picture of a whitetailed D on Scotty’s Scotty’s camera. It’s awesome. Or Gator pass something. Yeah. So, hey, it’s nice to see what the rest of the world’s doing. I think it’s just steal Ken’s way of getting us excited about whitetail. They did, they did do an update and I haven’t got anything since. So I’m guessing that maybe was what the update was about. Just to clean things up a little bit. But yeah, here we are sitting in the office and I just get 35 pictures sent to me, the bull chasing some cows around in a meadow up on the mountain. So between that, and today, of course, Colorado let go of some more texts, which you had in your cart and didn’t actually half it was half hanging out. Beat somebody beat you to the actual checkout process. It’s true.

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And so we got the turnbacks in Colorado that are, that occur once a week. That’s Wednesdays. They kind of come out with the list earlier, let you know, hey, this is what’s to be excited about. And then you’re trying to get something. Yeah. And then you’re, you’ve got a Nevada return return tags coming up and you’re constantly doing that. Plus you’re updating optics and doing 14 other projects. We’ve got you going on here. How do you keep it all straight? I, I don’t, was there a priority? Just do what you can. Oh yeah, definitely work first. Back second. That’s right. That’s right. Good stuff. So yeah, there’s just a lot to keep track of. Of course. Bronson, he’s in the field. He’s archery hunting elk. Devin, he’s been archery hunting elk. I just, I think we ought to give him a holler and let’s just see what they had to say. Maybe they’ll slip up and tell everybody where they’re at. I don’t know. That’d be all right. Hold on, let’s call Bronson first. He’s in poor service. I mean, this was Adam, the guy that didn’t have any tags at the start of the year. That was just as nervous as could be. Yeah, let’s bring, let’s bring that up. So make, make sure we were talking to the right one and he actually had five in his pocket. Let’s just bring all that up. What’s going on? Well, Mr.

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Bronson, you’re on the Epic Outdoors podcast. We’re just wondering how it’s going out there. Well, pretty pleasant today. Pretty pleasant. Not even 80 degrees out here in hot Nevada. Oh, all right. You can’t beat, you can’t beat that if it’s only 78 degrees. Oh, it’s nice. Did you get a little rain last night? We got, got rain on all night. Little drizzle, Alaskan drizzle going on. Yeah. Not here till about four o’clock. So four o’clock till about a little after daylight. But yeah, it didn’t amount to much, but it cut dust and it was a little damp around, so yeah, we’ll take it. But it’s over overcast, so that beats the 90 degrees plus it has been so Well, good. Well, hey, you know, before we dive in here, Josh had a couple questions for you, Josh, go ahead. Oh, I just, I, our offices might be next to each other and I just think about four months ago, and there was a guy next to me who was just in straight panic because of the amount of lack of tags he had. Although he probably may have had the most tags in the office still at the time. Just wondering if you’ve talked to that guy, if he’s still in a panic about the amount of tags he’s got now. He’s not, he’s now, he’s panicked and wondering if his wife and family are still gonna be home when he gets done. Yeah, exactly.

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Or if they’re not in Hawaii or some other wazoo vacation. Yeah, it’s amazing how, I guess a few months, my only tags at the time were like, contingency. You got, you can’t, you can’t count. Like Idaho General and Utah General. And that’s what I had at the time. So I didn’t have that many that, I mean Iowa, I continued, well, Iowa potential Wyoming, it was a co somewhere like June, that’s next year. We’re not talking about Jesus. Oh, January. Okay. We’re not, yeah. Yeah. Well, how are things going about this fall? We mentioned you, you possibly were elk hunting. Just wondering how are things are going, are things start to pick up? You’re seeing some good bulls. How’s it looking? Yeah, yeah. Surprisingly there I’ve heard lots of bugling, lots of, I mean, that’s awesome. Every group of cows has got bulls with them and yeah, I’m surprised for last few days of August, today being September 1st, it’s, I’m pleasantly surprised. ’cause I’ve hunted a lot of elk and this time of year before and it’s mis miserable. Miserable. Yeah. So I’ll, I’ll take what I’m seeing and hearing right now any day. It’s just gotta, gotta find the right bull and then hopefully game on. Something you can do with when you find him where he’s at. That’s awesome.

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Well, I was just talking to Davey, in fact, we may call him a little bit here a little bit, but he’s saying it’s cranking in New Mexico, just like, it’s like it’s 10 days early is they get really cranking sometimes in New Mexico around September 10th. He’s like, they’re cranking right now, so. Well, and I think I’ve heard it’s like the Garden of Eden down there, you know, it’s so green. I’ve heard it’s green, green. And I think a lot of it over here, it, it was obviously it’s not the Garden of Eden, but they’ve had a little bit of a green up to where I think it’s just gotten things in a little bit better condition than they were a month or six weeks ago. And that’s probably got everything cows included a little bit better shape. And I think New Mexico was probably the same thing from every time I’m here. And it’s just a golf course in most places down there. Yeah. Well, so you’re out in the field. We, we’ve had some questions and you know, this guys, you know, qui quizzes all the time about field judging. And you sent us a video clip of, you know, a really stud, you know, three fifties, maybe even a little better, three, you know, three sixties type bull. But how do we know that’s a three 50 class bull?

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What are you looking at and, and mentally what are you, what are you looking at when you’re looking to kill a big bull and you’ve killed several, you know, three 80 class bulls. How are you feel judging ’em? What’s your, I mean, we all have a gut feel, but, well, is there a way to take it a little further? Well, initially it’s the, yeah, you, you judge ’em based on how many hundreds and hundreds you’ve seen. And I guess that’s, for me, that’s what I do. But I guess to break it down, it seems like the first thing that catches your eye is the sword and the fifth and the beams. Th that’s just what sticks up when it’s fe bulls feeding. So it’s the sexy part of a rack. Like it’s just the sexy part of an raft. It’s, it’s what you see. Yeah, it’s what you see. But the, the fronts, the first three, if, if you count those six times on both sides, in my opinion, that’s where a score really cranks it up. I mean, a big fifth catches your eye, but it’s one point. But that’s one point. It’s one point I, I’d shoot a bull with big fronts and they had four or five inch fifths, but giant fronts a any day, you know, they’ll, they’ll generally rack it up a lot more. ’cause you got those big, you know, three points aside on the front. So big fronts.

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And I know, you know, when you’re talking big, you’re saying 20 plus. And how do you judge that? Well, you’ve just gotta see enough of them and know that if they come out and then they hook up and that tape’s wrapping underneath the underneath side and they wrap up it all and you’re looking at something probably high tens or 20 plus and, and it wraps down to the end of their nose if you were to straighten it out. Yeah, pass their face. Yeah. Yep. That’s pass their face. The other thing is main beam a lot of times, you know, that’s hard to judge as well, but this, this bull that I showed you today, I don’t think has that long of beams, you know, he just doesn’t, it doesn’t wreak of a long beam bowl. So probably high forties or maybe 50 or so, I don’t dunno, low fifties, who knows. But yeah, just a little bit. And I think’s good to quantify, like short is generally, let’s say anything under 50 short, but somewhere between forties and 52 or 53. Medium would be 55 and long is 60, right? So Yeah. Yep, that’s right. You get, you get high fifties or 60 plus you’re dealing with a, a real long beamy bull and, and generally then your points are all spread out a bunch whi which, you know, n never hurts.

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You get ’em all spread out and they just really, you know, that that rack when he turns his head just really turns, I don’t know, wows you has a different proportion. It wows you can reach back to the back end because the fronts is what, what I look at the more fronts and beams probably. Yeah. Right on. And then width, I mean, you know, narrows 38 and less me mediums 40. Yeah. Narrow 45 pluses or 44 40 Yeah. Five pluses wide, you know, for inside I I I agree. And on, on on elk. I mean if it’s, if it looks nice and wide, it, it’s good enough because there’s only been a handful of what I would say giant bulls that I thought were giant, that were like 30 to 35 inches wide inside that were like, oh crap, I wish he was wider. You know, usually width is not something that ever holds you back shooting an elk. It’s just not right on mule deer. It can elk it rarely, it rarely does. Usually you’re gonna be upper thirties to low forties and then if you get 45 plus he’s really wide inside. Yep. And then mass, you know, basically 30 asides 60 total, but 30 asides heavy. Yeah. And then you got 28 and then you got 26, 27.

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But, you know, being light, but I guess the reason we bring up the numbers is sometimes there’s this gut feel and you just look at ’em and we don’t need to put ’em on paper. But then sometimes you want to a, I got my gut feel now I wanna put him on paper. And you go and look at each time and you re-add. And I think with just adding up sheds and adding up bulls you’ve killed and, and scoring individual times and, and lengths and whatnot. You, if, if your paper matches your gut or you get close to that, it just makes you feel better about where you think he’s gonna land. Yeah. You know? Yeah. And other stuff you ca I, I mean I killed a bull in Colorado about four, four or five years ago. This bull this morning re reminded me of that, except for that Colorado bull had bigger swords and bigger fifths. And so I just don’t think, and that bull’s like 360 1. I just don’t think this bull, he is not that big. He’s got a little bit better ones and twos and that’s it. You know, so I, I think he’s right, right around the three 50. But solid bull, I, I don’t know, it’s, I’ve got 15 days to hunt. I, well, I don’t know, about 15 days to hunt, 15 days a season left. How about that? And then onto the next hunt. Yeah. Right.

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Josh, I think something too is, is if a bull has an extra, you know, if they have an extra brow time, an extra come off as sword, something like that, it’ll surprise guys pretty quick. Yeah. ’cause you’ll just look at it and say, oh, always a three 80 bull, you know, but it doesn’t take much. If they get a few extras here and there, add ’em up some, you know, some nice long devil times or whatever, it’ll, it’ll surprise you in a hurry too. So if they’ve got extras. Well, I know Josh, you showed us the, the photo of a bull that you’re watching that has an extra time up front. Yeah. And does he, is it both sides? I can’t remember just the one side. Just the one side. But I mean, initially you’re like, that’s a 3 70, 3 80 bull or whatever it is. Whatever, you know. And then, oh yeah. But he has this extra time that’s a 15 inch or 14 inch or, I mean, that changes the game. It changes everything. And yet it’s kind of hidden. It doesn’t, it doesn’t wow you on the back end like Adam’s talking about. But it’s there. Yeah. And it adds up. And I think mass is one too. Mass is one. Deer, elk, anything it That’ll surprise guys. It hides time length. It does, it does.

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I saw, I saw a bull last night that when I, I’ve been dogging ’em in the cedars at a hundred yards, 80 yards. I think I bumped his cows once. ’cause then they started trailing away from me of course. And he was bugling the whole time. And it was a mile later I caught up to him and I first saw him and I’m like, holy crap. His ones are giant, his threes are giant. Twos are okay. His, and then his swords fifth and sixth are just kind of bare. But he’s so heavy and old and cool. I, I don’t know, I I maybe regret not making a play on him, but I, I turned to walk away and then I heard another bull bugle and pretty soon and that bull crested the ridge and ran into that other bull and they fought. And the old old bull that I thought was kind of tempting, snapped about six inches off of his sword tongue. Right. Well, right in front of my eyes. I mean, I watched him have it and then I watched him fight for like 30 seconds and all of a sudden he is got, he’s got no more piece of a sword on his, on his head. But anyway, cool. Bull, like you said, heavy and old, big a cooler, a cooler bull. And than score, he’s got a bigger bull than he’s gonna score. Yeah.

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Well, and then tell us a little bit, a lot of guys are asking, and I’ve had it even today, but calling versus not calling, you know, I know, you know, we don’t, I don’t like to call a ton. I like to glass and then get in close. If I need to cal collar, bugle fine. You know, and we know when to do that. But just give us a quick rundown on what you, what your opinion is when you call or not. I like, I try not, I don’t like to do it much. Let the out doing it. Unfortunately right now they’re doing it pretty good. Now, in the afternoon, sometimes if you, if you get into an area and you’re stomach crunchy, drown, I’ve let some of those out every once in a while as I’m walking through. Just ’cause I didn’t normally think I’m a dude walking through the mountain or the hills trees, but Right. I, I don’t, and they would fire up, they’d bugle every time and so Okay. They just maybe, you know, maybe they think I’m out. Yeah. So that bull, he was bugling and hearing that other bull bugle and, and it brought him in on a string. I watched it, I mean, he was in a sea of thick seeders and came from probably a half a mile and all of a sudden they got into the edge of it and they just started fighting.

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So I, I think we’re at that, that time right now. And I watched another bull way out in a big burn, just gravitate for probably a mile and a half towards this big group of five or six bulls going up here. And he just bugled and went straight towards them. So sometimes, like right now when these bulls are just starting to really get cranking and find cows and move in, bugle can work I think maybe a bugle, I think I’m in a bugle more than I’m in a cow call because you know, you’re, you already got bulls with cows and if, if, if a bull just thinks, hey, there’s elk over there and he’s in that frame of mind that that switch flips, he’s probably coming in hard. Yeah. Yeah. I like it. Yeah. That’s awesome. And then, you know, I like when you’re, you know, walking through the trees, like you mentioned to, to calco here and there, like I totally do that and you don’t, and it just puts everything at ease, you know, so Yeah. And there was elk in there bugling, and, and you’re in there with cedars and you know, they’re kind of bedded, but you’re just trying to get close enough that if they stand up, you maybe can then get in on them.

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But, but every once in a while you maybe step on a branch or something, you just do a cow call and boom, when the bull bugles, you’re pretty much realize, okay, he is not alarmed. All right. And then I just stay there sometimes for five minutes because if he’s not coming, then I just want him to think, okay, there’s a cow down there somewhere. Yeah. Well what about optics? Are you, are you just stuck on your twelves? Are you cranking on your twelves? You’re not? Oh yeah. I, I mean I, we’ve had a lot of calls of, of guys saying, you know, our BTX is worth it. Well, this is a hundred, you’re not even gonna use a BTX not one time, you know, no, they’re not. And, and they’re on elk. I don’t use ’em like I do deer and sheep either. I, I just don’t elk or bigger, I, you know, I I, I’m packing my 65 objective spotting slope a little lighter just because I don’t need, I don’t need the big 95 right now. I, I now I have it in my truck and there’s times I’m pulling up on ridges and I’m glassing from the truck and I grab it and, and it’s more, more, you know, everything I want. But when I’m hiking, I have my little lightweight tripod and I have a 65 millimeter Yeah.

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STX and that’s all you need to know to fill judge a bull, you know, at a mile or whatever you, you know, elk are a lot bigger, so you don’t need the fine tune, Hey, what is that ram? What is that? You know, deer, whatever. So, yeah. Yeah. And I’m carrying my 12 piers on my chest. I did bring my, my tens over here, my el tens, but I haven’t worn ’em yet. It is still pretty big country and a lot of burns. And so I just like the versatility of throwing my twelves on my chest, taking off Yeah. And pulling, putting ’em on a tripod just equally as fast. I love that. I can’t wait to, I can’t wait to have you look through my eights. I love them with the tripod adapter boss with the tripod adapter. I love them. But anyway, when you’re, when you’re in the cedars Yeah. Oh know, it’s like when you’re in the cedars thick cedars, you don’t, I don’t really want the twelves, but Right. Most of the time then your naked eye is gonna be all you need. It’s your, it’s your naked eye. You’re talking 50 to 80 yards. Yeah. Is is usually about all you might ever be, or less is all you’re gonna do. And you’re still cranking with the, you’re still cranking with the six hour, 2,400 range finder, even though it’s built for our long range rifles. It’s great for our treat.

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Yeah. So I’ve got my sig range fighter, and I just got it in the, just the angle, angle, modified range mode and out, it’s outta my gum profile mode and the angle compensator mode. So it’ll shave off any yardage just ended up shooting down or up and, and Yep. I’m good. How’s? Well good. That’s awesome. I think that’s about it. I was gonna ask you, you got any sneaky feet in your pack or anything like that? No, I, I don’t those Hey, I bought a pair dude for these milder, they, I, I have a pair of those from the past. I, what I don’t like about those is your foot is about twice as big as it’s normal size and they’re not as nimble. I like, and so I, I am an old school guy. I have a couple of big, giant thick pair, pair of wool socks. Yeah. And, and I just can, they’re just more contour right to your feet. I, I, they’re hotter than heck. I I, when I get caught in them for two, three hours, I about want to die because Yeah. Ask my wife. I, I can never sleep with socks on. I don’t like hot feet. And that drives me nuts. It’s like an OCD thing I guess, but Yeah. But when you’re stocking something, you gotta wear ’em. But that’s what I use. But really old, old school thick wool socks.

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You got the old school face face mask in your pack too. Like, I’ve got one of them both. I just, yeah. I, I just pulled, had a little pull up. It’s a pull up. I wear it around my neck and pull it up when you get into ’em. And I, I’ve never, I used to face paint years ago in high school, all that, probably, probably just because it felt cool, but I hate cleaning the stuff. Well that was a, it was a fad thing. Gotta realize Bron. And that was about 40 years ago actually. It five. Well they made a, I don’t think they made face masks. Face masks had that face mask back then. They didn’t, you had to, you had to put on face paint every day. And you know, it’s like, you know. Yeah. Hey, I like your, I like your, I like how you call it the pull up. We could call it the epic pull up and make a, make a face mask to sell. I think that’s also taken for training diapers for kids. Epic, epic pullups, all those pullups. So we gotta be careful. Alright boss. Well they also make, I think that’s also taken for training diapers. Yeah. But it’s, it’s a whole different category. I think we, I think we could patent that some guys’ age in this office. Maybe they’re million. More meat. More need. Yeah. There’s some pros. Pullups might come full circle.

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Josh, how old are you? Josh’s a little younger than we are Bronson, but Yeah, I know life will, life will get him too. Yeah. I think he’s starting in the, all right, well keep after buddy. We’re gonna probably give o Devin a call. See, I think he’s headed to Colorado. Just see how the road’s treating. Yeah, I think he’s starting in the morning. I I figured that bull I sent him this morning. Get him fired up. I was gonna text him. Say you better shoot that bull in Colorado tomorrow. Tomorrow if you see it. But we’ll see how he does. He’s probably got, you know, 10 and two on the wheel and not texting and driving. He’s a good person. But anyway. All right guy. Well we’ll give him a holler and see what he’s, okay. We’ll see you in the morning. Yeah, I’ll be out there. All good luck. Yeah. Bye. That’s good, man. I think it’s awesome. Snagged a tag. And you know, those are, those are tags are hard to come by. Yeah, we’ve we’ve seen a few on the first come first server list. Yeah. Which is basically the guys that are turning ’em back can’t go for whatever reason, don’t want to go, whatever. And then we see ’em pop up on our screen and your points will go to zero. But it’s whoever hits that button first. Yeah. It’s a pretty amazing chance. Really.

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’cause there’s some awesome tags on there. Yeah. Tags that you could never possibly draw in your life even, you know, and pretty great opportunity. Pretty great opportunity. We know a lot of guys, it’s funny ’cause we’ll see a tag and then like 20 minutes later, the guy who got it calls in. Yeah. You know what I mean? It’s been, it’s been way fun. Well, let’s give Devin a call. I don’t know if he’ll answer. Maybe he’s got a cheeseburger in one hand or a fry in the other, but, hello. Let’s see if he’ll answer the phone. Hello. Hey, what are you doing? Changing the tire? What, what are you doing? Just driving. Are you, well you’re on the Epic Outdoors podcast. I wanna get that out early so you don’t swear or do something dumb. Yeah. Which you don’t even, it pulls over or something. Yeah. Where are you, where are you at? Oh, I’m way over here. Are you, are you, are you in Wyoming? Decided to take a flat route. I went up to Wyoming, dropping into Colorado right now. Yeah. Did you do some scouting for some antelope or what have you been doing? Yeah, killed one actually. What did you hit? An antelope? The two point? Yeah. You hid an antelope on the, with your truck. Oh no, I just, I was talking about the other day I killed one. Oh, all right. Yeah. Well, yeah, you did.

00:25:24:09 –> 00:26:43:00
You killed a great buck over there in, in Nevada. Just a stu. That was fun. Oh yeah. But all right, well, why don’t, why don’t you tell us where you’re headed and what, what new unit you’re scout and I guess you’re over there checking out some new country. Yeah. Never been here. Just up in that unit 20 country. That’ll be awesome. Yeah. It doesn’t take too many points, but enough. And I had enough, so Yeah. Yeah. Drew that. It’ll be fun. Got some, a little ranch to hunt with a, a member of ours. He’s gonna go meet him and learn all that operation and he’s got some, there’s some bulls, so it’s gonna be fun. You know, we’re hearing, just talked to guys in New Mexico. We got off the phone with the Bronson. You’ve been in Nevada scouting around and, and seeing some Rutten bulls. I mean, things are getting cranking Devin. It’s a good year. Yeah, it was 50 something degrees this morning. That’s always good. Where? For elk? Where? Across, across Wyoming. Like in Utah County when I left. Oh, no kidding. Yeah, it’s kind of raining, but yeah. Well have you pretty excited Elk month. Have you got, yeah, I know what you’re supposed to hunt elk in September. They say elk. Elk in September and deer November, but I don’t know. They’re, they’re getting cranking. It’ll be a good year. Should be awesome. I think it’s great.

00:26:43:03 –> 00:27:52:29
You’re gonna see some, you’re gonna see some good bulls. There’s, there’s, you know, we always hear about some great bulls over there, so I think it’s awesome. You’re out, you know, gonna learn that. And, you know, it’ll, it’ll be great. You’re gonna learn a lot of, a lot of country. Yeah. It’s always fun going somewhere new. I’ve never, I’ve never hunt of elk in Colorado, actually. Yeah. Isn’t that crazy? Yeah. Just deer. And that’s about it. Well, you haven’t missed a ton. Yeah, I haven’t missed a lot. I’ve, I’ve spent some time, quite a bit of time and, and, and, and it’s good. But I think some of that country you’re going to, there’s been some abnormally, you know, significant bulls considering the state of Colorado. So Yeah, no, I think so. I think it’ll be good. Hopefully come upon, find something here. Yeah. All right. Well, what are you guys doing? Well, we’re working right, Josh? Yeah. Hard. We had a, we had a guy send in a, a picture of an 86 antelope he killed. He got it on the first come first serve, you know, tag reallocation process there in Nevada. And he went over there to a new unit. He hit me before he went and, and I couldn’t tell him a ton. I mean, I’ve been through it and seen some, but it’s not, not like I know it intimately or anything.

00:27:53:01 –> 00:29:05:19
But anyway, he’s smashed an 86 man and seen a couple other significant bucks. Like, it’s, it’s awesome to hear back from guys, you know, that are doing that. It is always fun. I I would just drive and thinking about some of the sheep hunters. I can’t wait to get back and call and see how they did. Yeah. We also had a guy, he drew the raffle Oregon sheep and smashed, I think it’s 187 inch Ram with sheep Mountain Outfitters just killed. That’s awesome. An absolute studs. Sent a few photos in and man, things are happening. It’s just that time of year, September 1st boss. I know. It’s here. It’s here. It’s time to be killing stuff. And I’m, I’m about done dealing with mud. I think I’m gonna go out and so, I don’t know, try to get bloody somewhere somehow. Yeah. It’s time. So I’ll just be here taking care of the office. Josh. So Josh, well, hey, there’s a guy, he’s, he’s gonna call. I needs a tripod. He just text me. I, so I had to call the office. He’s probably calling right now. I’m on it. So Josh, Josh is feeling a little sad. He had, he had a wazo deer tag in his cart from Colorado and didn’t check out in time, so somebody beat him to it. So gotta be quick on the click Josh, quick on the click boss. Yes, you do.

00:29:05:21 –> 00:30:15:13
And then your, then your world is turned upside down and you have to say, call the wife and family and say, Hey, this life altering event happened. Devin, you click of a button. Devin, you had a, you were quick on, quick on the click twice. Yeah, that’s, that’s why I got a, got an antelope. Hey. Yeah. Isn’t that awesome? Holy. It wasn’t so quick on the click of a safety. We were out there for days, me and Chris. There’s some smart antelope. Well, I thought, I thought you guys were headed back and then all of a sudden a picture shop showed up. So it’s pretty awesome. Yep. It’s all good. Somebody’s gotta stay here and take care of Wyatt’s crew for him and make sure they’re in line. Why it’s, why it’s division. Speaking of, I’m working on a new app. I don’t know if maybe this is the time to announce it or not. I don’t, are you, what is it? Was it like, I’m trying to figure out a name? Like Epic meets or Epic Encounters? I know we talked about, it’s similar to like farmers only.com. Okay. Okay. Right, judge. Anyway, you, it’s just kinda those things. I just know maybe a, a dating app for Hunter Hunters only or SSEs only. I think the only thing you’d have on there is dudes. There ain’t, well, come on. There ain’t, there’s a few hunters looking for dudes.

00:30:15:13 –> 00:31:26:29
I’ll, I’ll let you that project and I’ll just be on the sidelines and, and watch, go. This is Josh’s. I’m not, I don’t have anything to do with this, Jen. I have nothing to do with this. We may have one here that’s looking, I don’t know. I’m just thinking you can either select, like, maybe you just need a one night spotter, you know? Or, or maybe, maybe you need a packer. Maybe you just swipe it and you need a packer. No, there’s different levels maybe for the whole season. Yeah, there’s different levels. I don’t know. Anyway, dude, that’s kind of that, that might go, so this is more than dating. This is, this is a different kind of No, this is a meeting app. I’m talking strictly hunting. I don’t know. There you go. There you go. BYOG. Bring your own gear. Yeah. Yeah. You guys, you guys are talking about a deer dating app. Yeah. Yeah. You something. Anyway, you put some thought into this on swipe left, swipe right. I don’t know, we’ll have to say. Anyway. It’s kind of a big announce. Quick on the slide, Josh. Kind of a big announcement. I wanna hunt, but I don’t have a tag. That’s true. Exactly. Part of it’s just getting the kill epic hunting partners.com or what? Yeah, exactly. That’s what I say. Epic. Meet epic encounters. I don’t, oh geez. Geez. This is the first I heard of it.

00:31:26:29 –> 00:32:40:10
This is quite a po Quite an announcement. Quite a podcast announcement. Well, Devin, all right. What do you, what did you take for optics? Oh, I got Leica spotting scopes, roski spotting scope, Swarski fifteens, Leica tens range finders. Leave it to, is there anything you don’t have? Maybe that’d be a shorter list. Do you have And it’s gonna be thick timber. I probably won’t even touch half of it, but you never know. You never know. Do you got, do you got good tires? Oh yeah, this time I’m ready. I’m prepared. Seem like, seemed like you had, you used about 10 or 20 tire plugs last time you went out? Well, that was a couple months ago. I learned. I learned. Okay. I knew it was gonna happen. So yeah, we’re, we’re prepared, but, okay. And are you gonna be sitting in, are you gonna be a blind hunter? Are you sitting in a blind or are you It depends gonna be calling. So yeah, I, I, I, I prefer running and gunning, but we, he basically hasn’t been on there at all. It’s just untouched, just letting him be calm and That’s awesome. We’re gonna check cameras tonight. So if there’s a big, there’s one big bull that comes through for about four or five days every year. Okay. And he’s a, he’s a, he’s a specific bull. And if he’s hitting water, I’ll sit there, you know, twiddle my thumbs, but whatever it takes.

00:32:40:12 –> 00:33:50:13
But I’d rather just go to battle, you know, on the ground, so. Oh yeah. Whatever it takes. You got enough tags for the air. We were teasing Bronson that he was complaining he had nothing when he did. He, he had a few, but now he’s overloaded. We’re just wondering how you’re doing tag wise. Well, Bronson started the year off saying he’s batting a thousand, and then it quickly went to zero. And then, and so he was in a slump and now he’s like hitting doubles, triples. I mean, he’s, oh, it’s left and right. Yeah, he’s, he’s, he’s swinging away. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He’s wondering if he’s got a family dirt balls left and right. He’s wondering if his family’s still in Cedar or if they’re on vacation in Hawaii. He has no idea. So anyway. Awesome. But you’re doing good. I think you got a full fall. Josh? Josh is here and I’m here. But we have full falls. Yeah. We promise you there are plenty going on. Our time will come. All right, guy. Well, sounds good. Well, good luck out there and you know, keep us, keep us updated. Oh yeah. Quick. Oh, one last thing, one last thing. You’ve got a lot of different outcomes and a lot and, and hunted a lot on your own. Just, you know, tons and tons trophy hunters too. But let’s talk about field judging real quick.

00:33:50:18 –> 00:34:56:27
I mean, it’s, there’s one thing to have a gut feel. We were talking with Adam, you know, and we went through the time lengths and putting ’em on paper a little bit. But just give us your thoughts on field judging and what can you, what can you teach people? Oh, well, I’ve always, I’ve never been a big, just numbers like it just measuring every time or trying to come up with a measurement on every, every measurement. Yeah. I feel like that’s when you mess, it messes with your head and, and you know, I, it’s bone to body for me. I’ll look at a bull and, and you gotta know where you’re at. Some bulls like Northern Nevada, those bulls bodies are giant compared to Ely bulls or Yeah, some, some Utah bulls. Southwest desert bulls compared to Pavan bulls. Sure. They’re different. But, so you gotta have that in mind with bone to body all day long. And when you see one and it looks cartoonish, you know, you know what I mean? It does. All the other little numbers don’t matter. Right. So bigs big and Yeah. And the other thing is, is look at, you know, I mean I have, I’m, I’m first to tell you, I have, I didn’t hunt elk last year in September at all, so I didn’t look at a lot of bulls.

00:34:56:27 –> 00:36:04:13
And this year I haven’t, I’ve been looking for deer and then these elk hunts just kind of crept up on me. So yeah, you gotta look, look at a couple bulls, look at, you know, if you have a lot of time, take your time. Look as many bulls as you can. Yeah, well right on. I like it. I, you know, and one thing I like is when they’re, when they’re sword or their fourth time, you know, when the sword looks big and every, if everything, if the sword is big and everything else looks really good, you’ve got good time length, you know what I mean? For sure. And I always, I always kind of, somebody taught me, I don’t know who it was, but I, one good rule of thumb for elk is on most mature, you know, bigger mature bulls, the beam at the royal center of the royal at the beam’s usually 30 inches. That’s right. So from 30 inches tip of the beam, you can pretty much eyeball that say, okay, that’s gonna be 24, 22 inches. You know, he is got a 52 53 inch beam. Right. So that’s one other thing that that as far as just little knit, yeah, I’ll look at that a lot more so than anything. I heard that from old John McClendon years and years ago. He is one of the first guys to be out there field judging giant bulls and governor tags clear in the nineties.

00:36:04:25 –> 00:37:10:17
And you know, he always said big, big bulls are 29 to 30 inches. Right. To the royal. And, and then you can double that and then you can double that. And if you double that, you got a freaking, you know, freaking nature giant beam. Yeah. And then the royal, if the royal’s big, you know, 24 inches is giant. Sometimes those decisions have to be quick. You know, like Yeah. When they’re coming through the trees head on, always get a head on too. If you see a bull, he is walking away or sideways and you think he’s special, special, you make sure you do everything you can to make him look at your, get a front on view because that can change your mind in a hurry. Right, right. So. Well good. All right. Sounds good buddy. Okay. Drive. Drive safe. We’ll talk guys later. Get back on the road. I’ll get into some city. I’m gonna get lost here. Keep your, keep your hands on the wheel. 10 and two, boss. 10 and two. Okay. Ten four. See you guys. Good luck. Bye bye. No, 10 and two, not 10 and four or whatever. Nine and three. I don’t know. Put ’em, just keep ’em on the whale. I think a beam on elk two is a little bit tricky to judge. It’s probably one that’s missed often. ’cause you get, it’s just like extras on a mule deer or something.

00:37:10:17 –> 00:38:07:06
We kinda get mesmerized with certain things, but you can get mesmerized with point length on a bull and he has these big long points, but then you get some good, good measurement out of a beam, a long beam. And if his, his points are all smashed up really close to each other, he probably doesn’t have a very long beam. Oh. But if he’s got, and that’s for me a quick way, like Devin was saying, maybe you have a quick, you have to make a quick decision on how you know what he is. If he’s got a lot of length, if there’s a lot of bone between each point where it comes off of that beam, odds are he probably has, I mean a good beam if not long. But if those points are all, I mean if his, there’s six inches or something between his second and his third, he probably doesn’t have a terribly long beam. And obviously all bulls are different. But that’s something just as a quick mental thing for me to gauge is distance between each point. Yeah. That’s one of the biggest mistakes I have ever seen on guys misjudging bulls. Yeah. Is they see this bull and, and they just look amazing. They’re just stacked. They’ve got long points, long points, long points.

00:38:08:09 –> 00:39:11:16
But a lot of times they do have a short beam and then you get up on that bull and they’re like, oh, it’s only a three 30 bull. Yeah. Because they misjudged the length of the beam. Yeah, that’s right. And well the one thing about beams is there’s a lot of bulls of forties. Yeah, yeah. You know what I mean? And people don’t say it or admit it or talk about it. Oh yeah. But the difference between a good beam and a weak beam on both sides, you’re talking 20, 25 inches. Yeah. And I, and I like, you know, if you can let ’em put their head down too, that’s kind of a good judge to me. It almost is obvious to you as soon as they put their head down and if their beam’s aren’t even coming back, even as far as their shoulder, you’ll see that quite often. Yeah. It’s just kind of a good gauge. Okay. Maybe you need to take a second look at him. Yeah. But I like it. Well, let’s call one other guy a good friend of mine, Davey Matthews. He guides in Arizona and New Mexico. I talked to him early this morning. I didn’t really warn him, but I wasn’t actually, we weren’t even gonna do a podcast. Josh, Chris came to me and he, he’s Chris is a grinder, so we’re putting one out to keep him quiet.

00:39:12:09 –> 00:40:32:19
But anyway, you know, it reminded me, Davey says, dude, they’re freaking cranking into Mexico. So let’s just hit him up. It’s good to hear, see what he has to say. I guess we can call this our elk podcast. I don’t know. There you go. Anyway, but we’ll talk about deer another day on field judging course. We have to talk about deer. I mean, we should always be talking about deer. In fact, every podcast should have some information about deer. Hey, it’s, it is a good time to talk about elk though. Yeah, it’s, but it is September one, and so we’ll let one podcast go by without talking about deer except for there’s some really nice bucks in some parts of the country right now. All right, let’s talk to Davey. See what he has to say. Carter, you getting vaccinated or what not. Not me bud. Not me. Well, hey buddy. I think, I think the vaccination is gonna, in 10 years down the road, people are gonna be walking around. Kids are only gonna have one eye and, and people are gonna have brain tumors run around. Okay. Okay. Okay. Well I hope that’s not the case, but, well, I hope not either, but you never know, you know. No, no. It’s safer not to get it right. Because we know that less of that’ll happen. It’s, it’s a calculated risk. This is the calculator risk.

00:40:32:29 –> 00:41:38:10
You calculate the risk of getting coronavirus and dying from it, or you knowingly put something into your body that we don’t know. The long-term effects of that gives you some of the, it gives you some of the, the result of the coronavirus. Like people that get vaccinated kind of don’t feel right and maybe have a little bit of a fever or whatever. Right, exactly. So I don’t have it. I don’t want it, but inject it so I can feel what it’s like. I don’t know. I agree. No, there’s, there’s a lot of people that are getting, there’s a lot of opinions out there. But you did mention your wife ended up in the hospital. Tell me about that real quick before we dive into Okay, yes. Important stuff like hunting. So, so my wife, you know, she came down with the, came down with the runup, you know, from the son’s birthday party, had a bunch of friends over. One of the kids had it while they were there. So you guys had a super spreader event? Yeah, we had, we had, we had one of the super spreader events, you know, we had the community, the community chicken block club, you know, with the, with the rona. But anyways, so she, she felt fine, you know, she’s feeling fine the whole time.

00:41:38:12 –> 00:42:52:06
And then, and then, you know, she starts doing the coughing stuff and we’re talking six days in of her testing positive, she starts coughing a little bit and then it kind of gradually gets worse. And then it ends up to where she’s got these lung spasms, you know, and with the lung spasm, it’s, it’s making her cough. But, but her coughing is creating the spasm. So it just, it’s, it counter effects each other and they keep going back and forth and, and it’s, and it’s hard for her to stop coughing once she starts because of the lung spasm. So, so you didn’t want to get the rona so you made her drive herself to the hospital, but hey, well, no, I don’t, I don’t know. I’m just wondering. I told, I told her I would come and take her to the hospital and she said no. Oh. That she would drive. I’m, I am the guy that’s staying in the motel in the, in the, in your hometown living. Oh yeah. I, and so the people at the motel are going, Davey, you guys, you guys having an argument? Exactly. No, I gu I guarantee you I have buddies calling me and they’re like, what are you doing? You’re, you’re staying at the motel? And I’m like, yeah. They’re like, what happened? I’m like, nothing that you guys think happened. Trust me.

00:42:52:12 –> 00:44:04:03
I was like, I got, I got the rona at my house while I was on an antelope hunt. So Yeah. And you got clients in a business to run. You don’t want have to deal with that, you know? Exactly. Exactly. All right, well, so she’s outta the hospital. Are we doing better? She’s on the med. Yeah. Yeah, she’s, she’s doing better. They gave her, you know, the little, the little squirters that, that people take for, for asthma and stuff like that. Oh. And, and it’s not the same, same medicine. It’s a different medicine, but it, they, I guess the, the guys at the hospital have seen this side effect of covid with the, the lung spasms. So they kind of have it figured out. They said in a day and a half she’ll be, she’ll be 90% better. So, well, Josh, just tell her, Josh always says that a monster a day keeps the doctor away, bro. We’re, we’re gonna dip into a whole different battle there because she just, she gets so sick of my energy drink, drinking addictiveness to the energy drinks that it can, it drives her up to crazy. What? It drives water. What were you drinking? Weren’t you drinking the science one? What was the science? Yeah, Z one frost berry gloss. Yeah. Okay. Alright. Are you still drinking those? Yeah. Gross. Yeah, when I can find them. They’re gross. Oh, come on, man.

00:44:04:03 –> 00:45:14:11
Those, those, those tastes, the taste of ’em are, are so good. At least it doesn’t taste like cough syrup, like some of the one monster ones that all you guys drink. No, all those just taste like cough syrup. Yeah. They, and they’re not good for you. They’re really not. They’re really not. But I just don’t understand how anything that makes you feel so good can be so bad. I did. Hey there, we, that dips in, that dips into a whole pile of worms that we’ll leave outta this. Well tell us a little bit about, we wanna talk elk. We, it’s September 1st. I always was taught you were supposed to hunt elk in September and during November, but tell us a little bit about how things are progressing there in New Mexico. I know you do a ton of guiding in New Mexico, but just, you know, what have you guys been seeing? I mean, it feels like, it feels like things are cranking in Nevada. You know, of course we’re hearing good things about New Mexico. Everybody’s trying to ignore Arizona just because the drought was so bad earlier. But I know it’s, it’s probably a green golf course right now. And yeah, there’ll be some good bulls taken no matter what, but yeah, there will be. And you know what New Mexico we had, we had the same drought as we did in Arizona. I mean, it was so dry early, but holy smokes.

00:45:14:11 –> 00:46:24:28
As the rain come on, soon as the monsoon hit it is, it is a golf course out there and there’s water running everywhere and, and massive amounts of rain. I mean all the tanks are pri you know, pretty much overflowing. And I’ve had some good bulls texted to me, you know, trail cam bulls and then yeah, the outgrowth was fine. I don’t get it. Yeah, the growth, yeah, literally if you, if you sit back and you look at 50 different bulls, you might see two or three bulls that you say, ah, he looks a little droughty. The rest of the elk looked fine a hundred percent. So I expect good things from New Mexico. I’ve, I’ve scouted a lot of really killer elk, seen some, seen some really big bulls and, and I’m just anxious to get after it. You got clients coming in like, right? Yeah, yeah. We’re, we got clients coming in. I mean we’re, we’re days away from, from our first clients showing up for elk season this year and, and we’re gonna be, we’re gonna be plugging away on, on both the archery hunts and the rifle hunts over there. So. Awesome. So we’re excited, we’re excited to see what happens here. You know, as far as the rutt, it, it actually seems to be, it seems to be moving right along.

00:46:25:02 –> 00:47:30:24
You know, I I think it might end up being a little earlier this year than, than normal years or, or you know, as far as them getting going, you know, they’re already starting to bugle, you know, chasing cows and stuff like that. Things are looking good. Yeah, man. Looking good. And I do see it on, on wet years, you know, seems like on when the monsoons really good, it seems like those bulls get cranking a little bit earlier. So I think this one’s following suit and we’re gonna, we’re gonna see a rutt that, that we talk about for a couple years, you know, it’s gonna be good. I think the Rutt Rutt last year, last year, it felt non-existent, you know, it seems like on some days, some, some days it was just some days it felt like, you know, you know, later in the season, some days it felt like you couldn’t get any better, but you wake up the next day and, and you go to the same spot and it’s dead. Yeah. Nothing, you know, that’s what I almost seem like. I, I feel like on those dry years, the cows don’t all cycle evenly and it’s across the board and so you’ll have a rutt that goes for a month and a half, you know, into October even. But yeah, on these wet years, it seems like everything’s healthy. Yeah, it’s healthy and it goes pretty fast and pretty good.

00:47:30:25 –> 00:48:31:16
And they go pretty, pretty hard. Yeah, exactly. And I do see the effects of, of all the cows kind of cycling at different times Last year, I mean, I was just telling my nephew what we were up messing around chasing some cos deer over the counter in Arizona and you know, you see in a herd of elk, you see a calf elk that’s, that’s just as big as mama, you know, already the spots are already wore off. And then you see one that, that literally looks like it hit the ground two and a half weeks ago. Wow. And it’s like, holy smokes man. That thing is tiny compared to, and that’s what happened. Yeah, yeah. Exactly. Yeah, exactly. So tell us about what your opinion is on calling versus no calling. Okay. So I always, I always think this is my tactic in, in calling versus no calling is, is, you know, IIII tend to be able to call the bulls in a little bit better or, or the bigger bulls earlier in the season before the cows are really coming into Es extra, that type of stuff. You know, and, and I always try and mimic, you know, always try and mimic the elk.

00:48:31:16 –> 00:49:37:12
If the elk or bugling and, and you hear some cows calling, feel free to call a little bit if they’re not doing, if, if the elk or bugling very little don’t run around just honking on your bugle and, and, and calling all over the country because those elk get savvy to it, in my opinion. So, you know, calling, calling early seasons for me is, is more productive than, than when they’re just going crazy bugling. I mean, if you wanted to call in the satellites and stuff like that, which, you know, most of the time we’re not really targeting those type of bulls. You could really have good success, success with that, you know, later in the rep. But, but we tend to, we tend to hunt a little bit more silent, you know, as the rep progresses into, you know, the frenzy stages and stuff like that. And try and try and get, move in front of the elk and have them move by us and kill ’em that way. Yeah. Spot stock, get in their way. Yeah. Let ’em tell you where they’re at. If they’re not telling you where they’re at, you might encourage ’em a little bit with the calco people. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah, exactly. So what about optics? What do you, what are you using optics wise out there? Well, I’ve got, I’ve, I’ve got the good old trusty swirls. I’ve got a pair of tins and 15.

00:49:37:15 –> 00:50:47:01
Are those, the, the swirls that you’re saying that are the old trust ones? Are those the ones you drug behind? A four-wheeler for 14 miles? You know, those, those the ones that don’t have any eye cups or, come on man, I, Hey, tell me, do your bons have eye cups on ’em right now? Now I sent, I sent, I sent those bad boys back. They put brand new eye cups on, on ’em for me, you know. Alright. Alright. Soros got a, so Soros got a pretty decent customer service do program when you’re, when you’re a guide. Yep. Thankfully, thankfully it, it’s not, it’s not like Vortex where I had one of my guys that sent ’em a pair of fifteens in and to, to have ’em go through ’em and they send ’em a brand new pair of eighteens back. I, I don’t really, maybe wo maybe s Swir oughta take Vortex does have an incredible warranty. They take care. Yeah, they, yeah, they do. And I’m, I’m just, I’m just being They do, but, but literally I, I’ve seen your binos and they’re, they’re impressive. I’m gonna tell you. Yeah, they’re, they’re good. I, I mean, at least they’re not cross side. At least I don’t see cross side ’em right now. That’s right. So you’re using tens, the fifteens, whatever. Yeah, 10 tens around the neck, fifteens on the tripod, you know, and I got, I still got the 95 millimeter scope. Yeah.

00:50:47:01 –> 00:52:00:15
So, yeah. You know, it’s all, it’s all good stuff, so, okay, boss. All right. Sounds good. Josh, you got anything? Any questions for Davia over there? No, I don’t think so. Not really. All right, sounds good. Well, I’m looking, I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys end up putting down for yourself this year also. And, and Oh yeah. Good, good luck guys. We’re cranking. You’re cranking. It’s, it’s awesome. We all live for this time of year, so anyway. Wishing you best buddy. Alright bud. All right, sounds good. Talk to you later. All right, see you. Bye. Well, I hope his wife gets better. Yeah, it’s so weird how that thing can affect different people in different ways. Oh, isn’t it? And you’ve dealt with a lot, like, ’cause your wife deals with the hospital Yeah. Administrative side of things. I mean, you’ve heard a lot of stories and you know, a lot of different things. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Yeah, yeah, I know over there they had every, almost every single one of their residents in a long-term care facility. And you’d, you’d seen a lot of those guys. It was just a death sentence, you know, in the beginning. And they all got it and they all survived and pretty busy. Yeah. But they needed help breathing some of ’em. Exactly, exactly. So it’s crazy. Just, you never know, I guess. Yeah. Anyway, lots of good things. We’ve got some hunts out there.

00:52:01:04 –> 00:53:30:06
I mean, we’ve had some deer hunts in Canada. We’ve had some, you know, a moose hunt up there in the Yukon. We’ve got a guy that’s got some unit 15 muzzle order tags that are guided. We’re talking, you know, great opportunity with guaranteed tags. New me, New Mexico antelope. We’ve got some Colorado planes, deer hunts, rifle elk hunts in Colorado, New Mexico rifle elk hunts. There’s just quite a bit going on. So if you need a hunt or something, give us a holler and we’ll try to hook you up and give you a few phone numbers and get you started. Chris, I think we should give away an elk tags do. It’s given away speaking. Speaking of New Mexico. Speaking of New Mexico, let’s give, since this is the Elk podcast. Yeah, let’s give away. It’s a cow elk. It’s a cow elk hunt. But let’s, let’s hear your best. You go ahead. Go ahead Justin. You’re not gonna, you’re not gonna tell me what to do. You do it. No, that sounded pretty i’ll. Sounded, sounded pretty close actually. Yeah, it wasn’t too bad. The no, the no sounded pretty close. No, no, come on. All right. So anyway, Cal elk tag unit six C, free tag first come first serve email [email protected]. Jesus [email protected]. First email to Chris. We’ll get it. How about that? Let’s not even do a post. Okay, now, now say again where it’s at and, and any, any details. 60 for cow elk.

00:53:30:07 –> 00:54:56:01
It’s a landowner tag. It’s a thousand dollars tag. Okay. Yeah, we’re gonna give it away. You can, you know, you’ve got a couple of hunts to choose from October 30th, November 3rd, November 27th, December one. It’s a firearms hunt. Rifle hunt unit six C. And you’ll have to go on, put it into your portfolio. You’ll be able to log in and purchase that. You’ve actually gotta purchase the state tech, go with it. But this basically allows you to circumvent the draw and non-residents can’t apply for cow elk, they can’t apply for cow elk, but you can do a landowner tag. So this is good for anybody. First come, first serve email [email protected]. I was hoping we’re gonna have like a hashtag fill the freezer contest. We could loin list contest, a GU guaranteed photo of you holding a backstrap on the cover of our December is issue. Josh, whatever Chris. Chris you choose. That’s, that’s fine. That’s the email’s kind of kind of fun. I’m kind of interested to see, yeah. How many people emailed me. That’s right. But the first, first email that comes through, first email takes it. First email takes it. Okay. End of end of story, right. Very simple. And anyway, we’re gonna give it away. And then we also have a couple of archery tags in six. It’s a great unit with great potential. A member bought a couple of archery tags for him and a buddy and they can’t go.

00:54:56:18 –> 00:56:16:05
And these are bull tags and they’re Yeah, yeah. I mean, or archery. Archery. Any, any elk. So what the season we got, what was the first ones now through 14. That’s right. And yep. Second one’s around 16 till the end of September 16th, 24th. Yeah. So anyway, great opportunity unit six C archery tags. That’s nor, that’s normally basically a $5,000 tag and you know, 45 to five make an offer kind of thing. So if you want to do, you know, go on a self-guided hunt, you can, you could hire an outfitter if you’d like, but a self-guided hunt, this would be tag along course you’d, same kind of thing as the cow tag. You’d go in, you’d pay the state fee and, and you’re good to go. You bypass the draw unit wide tags so you can hunt anywhere as if you drew the tag within unit 60. Alright, so just kind of a little something, something out there for people that are interested in hunting elk. There are some options. And so anyway, do need to do, shout out, it’s archery season for elk course. Generally you hunt elk with a bow in September, although there are some rutt hunts with a rifle like, and Muzz ler like here in Utah. But anyway, a little shout out to Hoyt. We appreciate their support here at Epic Outdoors. Hoyt archery, you can go on there. Of course we’re all shooting Hoyt. Just incredible bows.

00:56:16:06 –> 00:57:29:19
So just a great opportunity. Adam was bummed he wasn’t gonna be able to get to shoot it and look at him now. Oh he’s, he’s hunting with a vengeance archery left and right. Yeah, so he’s got, he’s got a lot of tags, right Josh? He does. I mean let’s 30, 35 or something. Okay. Alright. So anyway, so anyway, if you’re interested in any the Hoyt products, go to hoyt.com. We’ve been super impressed. In fact, the best bows we actually sold a buddy of ours, a bow and we get a certain amount of bows each year. And dude, he says by far, Jason by far, so best bow that I’ve ever shot. He says those, those are nice. Legit, legit archery hunter. I was really wanting one bad, but I decided it wasn’t worth a divorce, but, well, you know, there’s worse things Josh. Yeah, that’s true. I can’t think of any right now. But anyway, Josh, since you’re a huge fan of the fusion, take it away. Yeah, stealth cam, we, I’ve been using the new Fusion trying out the, both the at and t and Verizon. They have both. What’s the difference? Nothing. Is there a cost difference I’ve found? No, I’ve found nothing. You, you pay, you don’t have to have any kind of cell plan with Verizon or at and t.

00:57:29:19 –> 00:58:26:23
You just buy the camera, basically go to the area you want to go to and know if it has better service with at and t or Verizon. Some of ’em it’s apples to apples I guess. But I know there are some areas that just Verizon hits better or at and t. So you’ll wanna maybe make sure before that. But they’re great. I’ve, I’ve enjoyed using them. It’s pretty handy. You know, I’ve got some quite a ways back in that I can’t check and would’ve only been able to check once or twice. But now I get a hourly text. Anytime something comes by you can set ’em up and whether it’ll send you one every time it takes a picture or twice a day, once a day or hourly. That’s how I have mine set up now. And everything that happens in that hour, it lumps ’em all together and kicks it off to you. And so they’re great. I’ve used stealth cams. It probably, probably my favorite cameras out of any of ’em that I’ve ever owned since I’ve started owning ’em was stealth cam. So pretty popular around here. Yeah, we’ve got, we’ve got a few left. Call us up. We’ve even got some boxes. There is one thing if you want to get the fusion camera, I would say consider getting a box.

00:58:27:01 –> 00:59:23:06
I ran into one on the mountain the other day and the elk could chewed on it, raked on it, something, you know how they’re always messing with your cameras. Anyway, that antenna was laying on the ground was somebody else’s camera. It wasn’t mine. But I definitely, if you wanna protect ’em a little bit, get ’em on the box, goes up over the, over the antenna. Not only protects ’em from people but protects ’em from just Yeah. ’cause elk ’em all the time. Yep. So anyway, so on the, on the fusions, I know a lot of people are intimidated by the setup process and the phone plans and all this. Oh yeah. So, and I know years ago it was difficult. I tried to set one up from a different brand at one point. Yeah. And I was like, this is just, it’s garbage too much. There’s layers and layers of things you have to set up. So how hard is it to set up? It was a fusion. It was, it was easy. The only thing I would recommend is doing it at home before you get out in the field, just to make sure you have your account all set up. The cool thing about it is you get a, the first 30 days are free, so you get an unlimited amount of pictures sent to you for the first 30 days.

00:59:23:08 –> 01:00:20:21
So set it up when you get it home or you know, while you’re in good service at least anyway before you put it on the mountain. But it’s all just done through your phone. You literally turn the button to on it has some lights that flash that shows you that it’s in service. It’ll actually take a couple pictures and send them to you immediately so you can even check and see if your setup looks right. But yeah, it’s, it’s easy to set up. You can actually set it up. I can go in now if I want to and say I can change it on the fly right now. Whether I want to only come once a day if you’re getting too many pictures or not enough pictures or whatever and say I want to get it immediately. I can go on my app right now, hit it immediately. It does wait till the next timeframe if you already have it set up on the next hour. But on the next hour when that transmit time comes up, it’ll change those settings. Any setting that you can throw, video pitcher, whatever. I mean if that bowl in there right now with those cows I was talking about earlier, if I wanted to say I want some video of him, I can switch it to video the next hour when it transmits photos, I’ll start getting videos and switch it from video. From your phone?

01:00:20:21 –> 01:01:27:25
Yeah, from the app. Yeah. You don’t have, it’s, it’s an app. It’s actually easier to set up that fusion than regular cell camera or just regular trail camera using the buttons and the menu and all that kind of stuff. It’s, they’re pretty handy. They’re cool, pretty awesome. Anybody interested? Go to stealth cam.com. Of course you can call us. We sell ’em. Give us a holler. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. We are slowing down our inventory a little bit. It’s, yeah, right in the middle of the hunting season. There’s people that have bought ’em or interested in buying ’em, have generally purchased them by now. Having said that, we do have some at t ones in stock and we can order anything. And we also have regular stealth cams. Yeah, just the regular non transmitting cameras. So anyway, also want to shout out to Red Rock. Red Rock Precision. Red Rock precision.com. Super good guys producing some of the finest rifles made in the United States. We appreciate them and their support. Super good people producing a great product. One of the best products. I I, I love my Red Rock. Ashley loves my Red Rock. Jana loves my Red Rock. Everybody wants one and only one guy gets one. That’s me. So anyway, appreciate them and their support. Go check ’em out.

01:01:27:25 –> 01:02:43:10
They’ve got a lot of different options and very customized, you know, a lot of these gun guys like, you know, this is my kind of my cookie cutter way and these guys will do whatever you want. Calibers, stalks, barrels. They work with you. So pretty awesome that that gun’s probably gonna get a workout later this year. It’s gonna get a work workout. The kids are gonna work it out anyway. Not sure it’ll be worked out. Like some people work their guns. Yeah, there’s, there’s sometimes there’s a pile of brass there. This one’s pretty accurate. Anyway, take it away. Well speaking of also field judging, oftentimes, sometimes maybe you only get a glimpse of something pretty quick. And we talked about it. If it doesn’t, if you didn’t get it on film, it didn’t happen sort of thing. Go to phone scope.com and get a phone scope from Chest and those guys over there, they have a great product, goes on and off your phone. They customize it to the phone. You have anything you need like that They can help you out. They can have ’em for GoPros phones, all kinds of stuff. You know, it’s not just for phones, but get something world class. Email it to me. Hell field judge it. It’s true. [email protected] locations on, they’ve actually mod, they’ve actually modified the design of the phone scope in the last year or two.

01:02:44:07 –> 01:03:45:04
So if you have an old one, they didn’t have the rubber pieces on the corners. Yeah, yeah. So now it’s, it’s a little better. You can get a little bit higher quality, more stable footage. Yeah. Is that what it is? I always thought it was to protect it when I drop it. ’cause I drop it once a day. It has a dual purpose. Yeah. But so it’ll protect it when you, you drop, drop it and it’s got a little, it’s got a little sticky thing. Yeah. Like this thing gr is a gripper on the back and when you put it on a table or something, it grips like, I, I keep this phone scope case on all the time. Course chest and he’s no dummy. It says phone scope on it. Everywhere I go, everywhere you go everywhere. All our friends go. Yeah. And, you know, lots of advertising there and, and he’s smart by doing it because actually this is pretty bad a case. Yeah. They weigh and they weigh nothing. I mean, you don’t, it doesn’t have anything to, to weigh to throw in your pack or whatever. And it’s just great. I mean, video and kill shots or just pre scouting videos, something like that. If you need to take video back and and judge it back at camp later, you know. And doubles is a phone case. Yeah, exactly. You can check it out. Phone scope.com. P-H-O-N-E-S-K-O-P e.com course.

01:03:45:04 –> 01:05:02:23
They also do pyro putty, which basically saved Aaron Bronson’s life. And anybody else out, there’s cool stuff there that used it. It’s pretty awesome. Go to www.pyroputty.com. P-Y-R-O-P-U-T-T y.com. Check it out. It’s very affordable. Of course, we got a little surprise coming at you. Maybe even some epic, you know, private labeling going on with these guys, super good people and a product we believe in. So anyway, go to pyro putty.com. All right guys, do we got anything else? This was very impromptu, Chris Short notice Chris comes to me and says, Hey, we need to do a podcast. And I give him that deer and the light looked like, leave me alone. I was doing fine today. But anyway, it turned out to be awesome. I think there’s a lot of good stuff in this podcast. Yeah. Any app suggestions or anything I need to add to that app? Yeah, you know, that hit josh, [email protected] for any dating app, any dating app suggestions. Probably the last podcast we’re right in the programming phase. I just found out about it. Just barely. Yeah, yeah, sure enough. We’ve got a project going on here. You thought I wasn’t doing anything over my office. Exactly. I’m slightly concerned, but hey, this may be the biggest money maker yet. Who knows? You always say, look for next $500 idea. I’m just, just trying. That’s $500 ideas. You come up with something that makes real money, we’ll give you $500.

01:05:02:26 –> 01:05:53:04
So anyway, hey, we’ll throw that out to everybody else out there in the world. But anyway, kind of kind of funny. I, I don’t know, this one, this one’s kind of a, this one appears to be a hit. I think it’s gonna, I think there’s something to it. So, all right everybody, good luck out there. Make sure you send your photos we’re they’re starting to come in. Send them to photos, PH oto [email protected]. If you can, you can course take pictures with your cell phone. Everybody does it. But if you’ve got a point and shoot camera, we did have a point. And shoot, you know, camera article. John did an issue or two ago and I actually read it and went and bought a camera. So anyway, they, they do take a little better cameras than your phone does. But hey, we all have a phone and it’s got a wazoo camera on it. So worst case scenario, use your phone, send ’em in [email protected]. Good luck.