Preparing for the Hunt, with Special Guest: Scott Thompson. In this episode we talk about all of our preparations for the upcoming hunts. Colorado is just around the corner with second season next week. Utah General Rifle has just begun. We call Scott Thompson of Thompson Long Range and talk with him about guns, ammo, shooting, and hunting. It’s truly a fun time of year for us all.

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Where is good Mulder hunting right now? There’s an age class, you know, that I think we’re missing in a couple of these states. We’re all longing for the next state to be our saving grace for the year. And we’re running outta state’s tags, anything to do with Western Big Game. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey, every, Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson. John Peterson. Chris Peterson at the mic, coming at you from Southern Utah talking about planes, trains, and automobiles. Oh, Bronson, we’ve had people tell us we should pre-record and go hunting after our work’s done. What do you think? What do you say? Well, part of it is we like to talk about what’s happening right now and what we’ve just got been done doing, or where we’re going to, if you sit down and crush a bunch in June or July, I think when you listen to ’em in September or October, they’re gonna be boring. I think so. But I guess the invited guest ones, maybe we could do those. ’cause those really don’t change that much. We probably could and should, and maybe next year would We’ll see. But we should invite more guests maybe. Yeah, you could prerecord some of those. But as far as the, where are we going? How’s it going?

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Where we’ve been hunting, those kind of evolve and, and then the problem is we’re just not together, but, and we’re about to enter one of those bat we’re biggest stretch right now. Maybe the year you’re leaving This afternoon? Yeah. Or the morning. Where are you going? I’m going to the gym state. Somebody’d have to know where that is. Look it up. What gyms do they have up there? I don’t know. They have a lot of lava rock. Is that called the gym? No. No. Idaho. You’re gonna ruin a truck or two. Yeah, I I’m gonna, I guarantee you too. I’ll have, have some tires or I’ll have ball joints or CV boots, something. Yeah, I’ll, I’ll have a, I’ll have a bill when I come home from those No question guarantee. No question. Sidewall. Something’s blown on a, on a truck or side by side. But anyway, going up there to take my luck, I’m hunting deer. My, actually, my son drew an elk tag up there and put his hunt off a little bit. It’s open the month of October. Just so that lined up when I was gonna be up hunting my deer. So he’s coming up this next weekend and we’ll be combo hunting, I guess him for elk, me for deer. And hopefully happens. Well, hopefully He’s looking for deer for you. Yeah. While looking for an elk. Yeah. Elk should be able to see a blonde bull in sagebrush. Yeah, right.

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Oh yeah. 1,002 thousands. School bus. So bus school bus. Mul tough on the way to the winter range. Yeah. Mule deer tough. Geez. Talk about tough mule deer. Where is good mule deer hunting right now? Oh, it’s been rough. It seems like this fall, you know the, the big states that have had a lot of their seasons already, like Nevada, Wyoming. Yeah. Wyoming, Utah. You know, even though the rifle hunt for Utah’s not started, it’s been rough. It’s been rough, the early rifle, but I, I haven’t seen anything. No. Spectacular. And there was in regards good conditions, snow. Yeah. Geez. It’s just proven what we thought was gonna happen. It’s just sad to go through it. And what’s funny is, I mean, we knew it was tough years and we still chose to, to hunt and get our buck kicked. Yeah. But what are you gonna do? You’re not gonna not hunt, hunt elk, John. Well yeah, elk was good, John. That was incredible. But talk about deer. I was up there 50 days and saw three bucks, lots of dose, but three bucks, two small two points. And one dink dink three point. It seems like Bronson, you might remember from your bio biology days, their buck to do ratio up there on that unit was rough. It al always was a little rough. Yeah. On the rough edge compared to other surrounding general units. Yeah. It didn’t seem like a deer factory.

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No, but there’s a couple big deer though. I think it would be better after the burn up there, you know, but then we’ve had the burn and some of the driest summers in 50 plus years back to back. Yeah. So it’s hard to, it’s hard. Just say, Hey, let it burn and let everything grow like crazy. And anyway, there’s some, so we’re Yeah, we’re getting ready to kick it off. Well, yeah, there’s people out like looking to possibly, you know, take advantage of this late season rifle hunts in Nevada and wondering if they should turn their tag backs. Okay. How many people have we talked to that got 2 41 to 2 45 on a turnback as they were watching the computer screen and clicked? I want that feels like, it feels like 12 to 15 people we’ve heard from that have bought those. What is that? And I feel bad for every one of them. I feel bad for every one of ’em. Hey, we’ve had good friends. Grab ’em. Yeah. And, and no matter what you say, Hey, this are, these are some good areas. Drive here. It’s terrible. It’s terrible. It’s not, they don’t understand it until they go out there. It’s bad. Yeah. Right. It is. And and there’s a lot of tags coming up as we speak. The late hunts are, you know, opening up here this week. And so we’re within that 14 day window.

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Of course people are still turning tags in day by day and you Yeah. Be careful what you have. Fortunately, I guess we’ve, we’ve all got Colorado hunts that we have lined up with ourselves or kids. All of us in here will be going over their second, third. And in some people’s cases, second, third, and fourth season, Jason. Well, okay, so my kids, yeah, that’s right. My kids, I, I’ve aligned it to where we’re spending Thanksgiving in Colorado as a family. And some kids have deer tags, some kids have elk tags, but everybody’s got a tag. But mom and dad, how many, how many pack, how mom’s gonna be gutting left and right. I’m gonna be holding Hoves. How many packs of game backs are you gonna pack over there? You’re gonna eat a lot. No, I’m decided coolers. Lots of coolers. You need a lot of game backs anyway. It’s pretty awesome there. All the kids are looking forward to fact, speaking of which, Bronson and John, y’all have kids. Chris, have you ever tried to like sight in 14 kids as rifles in an afternoon? No. Okay. Well, but aren’t they all identical? Didn’t you set ’em up to where did the cookie cutter like four guns? Identical scope did I did identical gun out of the box with some custom features. Remington 700, 300 ultra mags and throw the same size. Remember before I bought ’em, I put took ’em off our shelf. Yeah.

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We got what we call the kids get they’re, they’re turrets but they’re simple. Yeah. And one cross there. You don’t have the whole tree inside. No lines and eight clicks. Yeah. So Ashley gets up Sunday morning, dad, we need to reload. And she, and she’s, she’s the one kid of all my kids that I would trust to reload. She’s the youngest. She and she would, she’d get it within a plus or minus a few grains instead of she can bake bread. I mean anybody that can bake bread can reload. And I’m like, you know, fine. So we start reloading, I prep the brass and all this and I’m using brass from 1963. Feels like, speaking of which, it’s expensive now. I’ll tell you how expensive here shortly. So anyway, she helps me. Then we go to church, we come back, we finish and then the kids think they all need to be cited in. Yeah. ’cause you got live ammo now. Yeah. With a gun that’s not been fired with a autograph. Okay. So get three guns plus your own. Right. And then the chronograph ready and the 14,000 things you need a bench of seats, the, you know, staples, some paper there. Bi targets all Yeah, yeah, yeah. Great. Big target. ’cause it’s a two footer square or three with plywood on like a stand.

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Yeah, that’s, that breaks down because you know, I don’t wanna cite in at 25 then at a hundred, then at 200 when you have a 200 zero, I just wanna put it out 200 and hit this. Go for it. Yeah. Plywood. Well, Justin’s hit the plywood ashes didn’t, 14 rounds later we hit the plywood. And I’m just saying, by the time you get everybody’s stuff chronograph and dialed in it’s way past dark. 14 bucks per shot. So ashes. So we’re sitting there reloading and she goes, gosh, you know, if we had to buy these, I wonder what it would cost, you know? And I said, well Ash, that’s probably four to $5 a round. You know, probably $4, four to $5 a round. She’s like, no way. I am like, yeah. So I’m outta brass, right? I mean, we went through some things and, and these brass all I, I’ve got ’em in a bin that says fired a lot. So I know. Lost count. I’m waiting for crack cases or who knows, you know, so I’m, I’m told Bronson, I came in the office, I’m like, buy brass today. Guess what? Brass costs. Okay. 300 rum. Yeah, 300 rum. Any brass you can’t find Remington brass. But nozzle custom type or even just nozzle brass. $3 and 20 cents a piece. Wow. Brass unprime cases. So 200 rounds later. Hey, you got 14 kids all shoot three hundreds. What are you gonna do?

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You need some brass. And it’s a covid environment. It’s a woke environment. It’s just gonna charge you for some, for some components. John, what were you paying? Just Yeah, well I, I thought, oh, in the spring I better, you know, get it, get it now. And I was just like, this is too much. This is so expensive. And it was at least a buck a piece for each component. I’m talking primers, bullet primer, case powder, whatever. That’s five bucks for so shot. Yeah. So I went and looked at live ammo. I told Adam, you can’t even get it. But I looked at it and it’s roughly if you can get, it’s about 125 bucks a box. What if it doesn’t shoot very well? Yeah. I remember how we used to do it. You’d buy a box. Oh that was, I don’t like that. I remember it specifically. Federal premium bear clause. Ah, they didn’t shoot quite right. Let me try another box. You know what I, those days are gone 20 to 35 bucks a box. Anyway, whatever. So that’s, that’s what what we’re saying is a lot of stuff. That’s weekend. A lot of tags are in front of us. We’re going, we’re spreading out here very soon. Colorado. Little bit in Utah, Idaho, where else? Nevada. Yeah. Archer Ball still has a Nevada tag. Jason, I think you might still have one of those. Well, I, I do.

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And I I’m gonna eat that one. How many tags have I eaten? Bronson? It’s only crap paper long. I’m just telling you pretty soon you’ve got enough fiber in your diet. Yeah, I I’m fiber rich. I’ve got a folk clean out. So I don’t, I don’t know. And I think too, once my, my kids were asking me about dialing and, and MOA and Les Sean shoots Les and, and and whatnot. And I think how you, not every kid we all have them is gonna have a range finder that is capable of being a smart range finder Bluetooth capable No, that’s right. To their specific globe one we’re finally, I ran into that now. So I’ve got a, an older sig that is just an angle compensated range fighter. Okay. It reverted my golf range finder. ’cause I didn’t, you know, that’s just, I don’t, I have this 2,400 A BS so, well now that he’s coming up there and he’s old enough to pack a gun and, and split up and you want him to have a rifle and I want him to split up and I want him to text me when he finds a 200 inch deer. Like now I want him to have a rifle that he can kill the elk. But he is got, he can’t have one mind in, in this covid environment. I I can’t get another one right now. No, I’ve, I’ve, even if he wanted one.

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Yeah, so, and so he’s gonna use the just a yardage scope. But it’s, it’s awesome. It’s, it’s an elk gun. It’s a 300 rum as well. So I think I wanna use that gun anyway. It’s a great elk gun. And so he’s, he’s all about it. He’s a little bit bigger now. And so, so they make programs you can go on and get the drop and, and either your lines come in, like if I’m roughly average at 5,500 feet or 8,500 feet and my temperature like we did in the old days and like a lot. Yeah, it works. It still works. It’s just bullet drop calculator and tape it down if you need to. That’s what I’m gonna do with my kids. IX you know, you come up with the calculation, this feet per second, this particular bullet, this ballistic coefficient and these environmental variables on average you’re gonna dial here. Yeah. And, and you know, honestly you could have the extreme environmental variables vary. It seems like roughly six inches max at a thousand yards. Yeah. It’s not like they’re shooting thousand yards. No, that’s right. We’re gonna be able to dial or use the les and be accurate and and ethical kids at five, 600 yards kids. Yeah. You know what I mean? Yeah. And that way just a regular range finder will work. And we all have a few of those laying around from like a days even like a 1200, 1600.

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Remember those as well as what you’re talking about Bronson. But anyway, you know, so there’s things out there. By the way, we have some of these in stock, right? Yeah, yeah, we do. I think we have 35 Like us, we’ve ordered 2,800 dot coms and 3,200 dot coms. We’ll be getting those shortly. Yield ranges are should be shipped here. Again, another big shipment of those. But it’s obviously it’s during the middle of the hunts. But I guess while we’re on that topic, whether you’re needing range finders, which seem to be probably as big a bottleneck or supply chain issue as range finders. Anything in, in optics. And then rifle scopes probably being second toughest. It must, you know, you got some electrical components or whatever in range finders. I think assembly’s different than just spotting scopes or anos. But anyway, so if you’ve been looking, you probably found out it’s, it’s tough. It’s, it’s, we’re doing the best that we can. We’re super aggressive on an orders, but we’re a little bit at the mercy of it. But if you need range finders, let us know and we’ll do the best we can to let you know what we have that day. ’cause it changes every day. It’ll vary between Monday and Thursday. We got several boxes in today. Yeah.

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It, it, it’ll, it’ll vary within three days because we got guys on a waiting list, we call ’em, then we get guys calling our office, you know, from within a two hour, three hour drive of where we’re at finding, asking if we have something and they jump right in their car and drive here because they’ve looked all over and they live somewhere and they don’t have it. And you know, so we’ll do the best we can. And if it’s, you know, tripod, mount Binos, whether it be Vortex 18 power Swarovski fifteens, ice fifteens. We got those in stock tripods. Anyway. John tens spot scopes. We have a low, just call us by the way. We have one less 85. Yeah, I took it, I pulled it off the shelf. That’s, Hey, there’s some perks around here now. I didn’t just steal it. I had to buy it, but I didn’t had to pay shipping. Carter’s just one of those guys that wants one of everything, dude, I got one of everything. So I took it into Jana ’cause she logs stuff in and out and my wife and she’s like, really? This is for you? And I go, now I got ’em all. One of each. Well you just look at her and say, Hey, this gives me multiple scopes when we hunt as a family. That’s right. I can’t have you all begging those things are coming.

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I can’t have you beg to look through my scope. I mean, that’s right. I’ve gotta help the family and be off. Well, funny, I don’t wanna throw her under the bus, but she, we have been hunting on her tag and I sold all her binos. Do you remember that? I sold, I sold the tin, the 10 by fifties that are awesome. Never been. What is she using? And I sold her fifteens. And so, well she’s got my stuff. I had a pair of 10 by fifties and a pair of fifteens. And so anyway, she gets her backpack and then she realizes her optics are gone. And you know, Jana, it’s like, you know, and she’s like, what am I gonna use for optics? I’m like, I got you covered. I, I already have a plan. What’d you give her? Same stuff I sold, but they, they used versions, the mine. Okay. So anyway, I agree with you. You need one of, you need one of everything. Honestly, sometimes that 85 is just a little more comp. Compact. Compact and user-friendly so to speak in a backpack and thrown in your pet walking. Yeah. And I’ll use the BTX on a 65, but this not enough light 95 is what you keep with that. Usually 95 generally. But yeah, I wanna be able to use it on an 85 even though it’ll be five less power down to 30 power.

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But yeah, I don’t know that there’s some practical uses there. That’s why I did it. And I was a sucker today, so, but we still have some on the shelf, so if anybody’s looking for an 85, why don’t worry. I didn’t take the last one. Anyway. Some pretty awesome stuff. John, I don’t know if you wanna bring up, oh, I just, the online version Yeah. Of member optics. So we’re in kind of the beta testing portion of it, but it does work. The store functions, if you’re a member you can get on and you can look up member pricing on there. If you’re not a member, you’ll see regular price, which is regular price is very compe competitive with everybody else out there. Yes, yes definitely. But member price is hundred and you gotta go tell ’em how they, to see that you go log into your account just like you do. If you see the emag or anything else, eventually that’ll be, you know, our main store. But right now it’s, it’s in, you know, we’re just, you know, in the testing mode and, and everything. Although like I said, it does function, it works. It just might not be as pretty as it’s gonna be, but we need to make sure it’s very well tested. ’cause we don’t wanna sell el ranges for five bucks, no bucks. All all, that’s all that’s very well tested. Okay. Okay.

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But yeah, you know, it might look bells and whistles might look a little bit nicer or whatnot. Yeah. When it’s done. But yeah, totally works. You go, you log into your account, you just go to epic up in the top right hand corner, you hit log in and if you’re a member, you put in your email and password. If you don’t know your password, you can say, forgot my password and get it. And, and then it’s the first thing on, on the homepage just says optic store. So click it, click it. And you can see pricing there. The one benefit about that too is, is if it’s a Friday night, I don’t know, Saturday weekend, you don’t want to forget about calling us Monday first thing or have to wait. You could place the order there and it will be waiting for us. We’ll get an email immediately. We’ll get processed first thing Monday morning. But things like that, sometimes if you’re like me in, in the real world, when I need to do something, I get off work, I go home. If I have something, I go, I order my stuff a lot at night. And just because when I have time to break down and do it, we’re in America. We want immediate, like I want when I’m ready to buy, I wanna buy now. Yeah. When I’m hot to trott, I want to buy now. Yeah. $140 next day shipping.

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Click that you have a bad night’s sleep and then wake up the next morning. You I don’t, I don’t not buying that. Well, yeah, I mean you might, you make up in a different mood every day. But I’ve never been, I mean very rar Do you have buyers or mowers? No. Right. No, no. But you, you, you feel more I like to check. I I like to check the box that it’s done. Yeah. Yeah. It’s off my list. Yep, that’s right. That’s kinda what I’m saying. If you’re on an evening or a weekend or something like that, get it done, he’ll shoot us an email. If there’s anything we need to contact John, we’ll we’ll we’ll call you Monday and people will price shop people price shop. So it gives you an opportunity to price shop without calling in and not ordering it. Asking about a price and not having to order it to anybody that feels in intimidated, so to speak. Which I don’t know why they would, we’re friendly dudes. But you know, you can go online, check out a price, check out the member price. There’s something on there that you can’t see. Why give us holler. We do custom orders all the time. So, so I did wanna mention the NL Pures. We’ve got a bunch in stock. The the twelves are really hard to get. Those are on back order. But on my elk hunt, they’re amazing.

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And I have the twelves. I wish I had eights. You sound like Jason, dude. I mean, it, it was, I don’t know what to tell you. Jana was using ’em. She goes they’re unbelievable. They’re unbelievable. Yeah. Well remember when Kobe, we had him on the podcast. It’s our rep for SRO and he’s like, they’re made for a, the human eye, whatever it is. I don’t know the technical terms. Yeah. Well here’s the thing that I guess I’ll point out. When we’ve done all of our testing side by side testing with 15 by 56 SLCs and 12 by 42 NL peers, none of us feel like you’re giving up three power modification when you, when you do that. Not one person I’ve ever had do that feels like, yeah, they’re super crisp, but it definitely, they’re not a zoomed in. I I definitely need that extra three pounds. It it, it feels because of the crispness and clarity. It feels like just an equal but, but better because it’s clear. And I think as you go down to the 10 and eight, I think that same principle comes in. In fact, the eights maybe feel more like crisp bossum tens in your, in your eyes or something like that. They do. And you can hand hold them like crazy. Yeah. ’cause they’re super steady. The twelves are Yeah, super steady are slightly jittery. Fifteens are way jittery.

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If you ever try to do that, you can get buy-in pinches here and there. Yeah. But I, I don’t like it. I don’t either. Twelves, I, I, there’s certain times I don’t either tens or tens and eights. You can hand all ’em. Absolutely. So we’ve got those in stock. Tens and eights. The twelves have still been the, the biggest. But we’re getting ’em, you know, we’re getting ’em, they’re trickling in every week and we’re mowing down the list. And if you’re found yourself the hunter over and wanna make sure that you get some, you know, by spring or summer, just call us and get added to that list. We, we, we move three guys every week and we are aggressive. I wanna say we’re aggressive in ordering. So I just know how to, to look at our back order list. It’s pretty impressive. So when they finally the break through, we’re gonna have, we’re gonna be having them stacks. Yeah. Stacks. Which is great. Yeah. I mean they’re, they’re super optics. The 12 been a big log. Jam’s been a big new release. Very popular. But if you, if you don’t feel like you use a tripod mount of binoculars much and the twelves maybe aren’t, you know, as all around for you, the tens and eights are readily available and they’re, they’re amazing. They really are. And they do have a lot of specific benefits.

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If you have the luxury of having multiple pairs, if you hunt archery elk for instance in very thick timbered country, eights would be made for that. Or if you’re white toe hunter back east, that’s all you’re ever gonna need. So anyway, keep that in mind. I think it’s awesome. I totally agree with what you’re saying. We do have, again, just as a summary, we have a lot of optics on our shelf and we also have a lot of optics on back order. We, we order, we actually had a couple of binos come in today on a special order, kind of an odd, an odd request from an outfitter. And we got ’em in and sent ’em out today. So we do that all the time. We do that as well. If you have something odd different that maybe we won’t sell very many pairs a year on that, we don’t always keep ’em on the shelf. Call us. We can order something in and give you an idea of a back backlog. ETA at least. So that’s right. So anyway, we did have, I wanted to give this Scotty Thompson a call Thompson long range, speaking of Les and, and different things. We’ve both been to their course and and whatnot. Super good guy. He’s very knowledgeable.

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He freaking says on Instagram and he shows a video clip that he dumps three dogs, all three together at 615 yards when he was supposed to be hunting mul deer. He’s a mul, he’s a mul deer freak. But I just wanna see, maybe he’ll answer the phone and we’ll give him a little grief. Mr. Carter. Them dogs didn’t look six 15. No. ’cause I shoot at 33 78. What are you doing? Watching the Vapor Trail? Hey, you’re on the Epic Outdoors podcast. Okay. We just had to call and get a little update on Yeah. Tell us Bill. More mes supposed to be deer hunting and you’re predator hunting. You know, the best thing about this whole thing is I’m riding my horse in there the day before and I told my dad, I says, you know, I ride up this closed road and I get all the way through the top, I’ve cut two lion tracks and then a whole ton of coyo tracks. And then my buddy Hobbes is sending me pictures from the other side of the drainage with bear tracks. I’m thinking, I don’t know how a deer’s even gonna live in this place. And then you guys have long range rifles. Yeah. They’re not gonna live.

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They’re not gonna, so we got up there and I mean, I, I don’t know how many people give up a perfect morning of mule deer hunting to shoot some COEs, but I guess I’m on if you’re, if you’re not feeling the vibe after cutting fresh snow forever, how long you rode. Yeah. Time to light up some coyotes I guess. Yeah. Yeah. So 33 78, that’s a big pill for a coyote. It is choke. Choke on that 180 grand accu coupon. I, I assume that’s what you’re using. That is correct. Big pill to choke on right there. So tell us about it’s pretty awesome footage and anyway, just one, basically one shot per dog. One shot per dog. Yeah. Wow. Yeah, I think that the first one, you know, I watched her come in there and that was the big female. I think she had a couple pups there. Yeah. Kyle’s a coyo. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. So tell us how the deer hunting’s going. It’s seems a little bit rough on some of the tags that we’ve had. Just wondering how you guys are doing. Yeah, it’s, it’s rough. I think it’s getting better to be honest with you. Better meaning throughout the year, like the next, this next month? Or you think it’s getting better in general? Better in general. I just general, there’s an age class, you know, that I think we’re missing in a couple of these states. Yeah.

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And I’m seeing a lot of these younger bucks coming, coming. So I think it might get better if old man mineral. Oh if old man winter will hold off. Yeah. Yeah. We’re talking states like Idaho or Wyoming. Correct. Scott like yeah, they’re fairly prone to that winter loss. You know, on the other hand we’re talking about southern Utah, Southern Nevada, it’s just drought stricken. I don’t know, fawns haven’t, we haven’t had fawns to speak of for a few, two, three years and terrible dry conditions. But anyway, we’re all longing for the next state to be our, our our saving grace for the year. And we’re running outta state tags. We keep eating tags and now we’re down to the last 30 days. Yeah. Yeah. I’m just wondering how you’re feeling and what’s on the docket, what you got coming up. So I’ll finish out Idaho this week and then a little bit in Utah, just my general stuff and then down to Colorado. Right on. Yeah. That sounds a lot like us. A lot of us doing the same thing. Tell us, so Thompson long range. You, you and your dad own the business. Just wanna, you know, talk about some of the new things that I saw you in the field and you, you mentioned a little bit on the lightweight side of, you know, rifles and whatnot.

00:25:55:29 –> 00:27:18:00
Just tell us a little bit about your business and give a brief overview on how things are going. I know you guys can’t keep rifles in stock. There’s so much demand. Things are fly flying off the pallet. Let, let, let alone the shelf. Yep. If we could, if we had ammo for every gun we sold, we’d be, we’d be doing real good. But aside from that, I mean we have a very good relationship with Weatherby and you know, I spent some time with Adam this fall and he brought out the new Carbon 2.0 back country. Okay. And forever we’ve said, you know what, what we wouldn’t give to just lighten up the 33 78 a little bit. Right. Because that caliber to us, I mean that’s, that’s the king caliber. It’s just built to do what we like to do. Fast, flat, you know, six, 700 yard, no problems. Shots. So in my opinion, Adam has built the ultimate rifle. I don’t not like too light because I lose stability. Yeah. And obviously nobody likes deadly heavy, just like feeling like a rock when you’re laid, laid out on it. There’s something about that 33 78, no question. Yep. So yeah, with this new 2.0 and then we’ve got the new VX five HD scope from loop pool with our same radical. So we haven’t changed anything, we’ve just updated the body. That’s a little heavier scope.

00:27:18:03 –> 00:28:46:16
So putting that on the ACU mark, we were just getting, we were getting heavier than we wanted to be. So the timing of this 2.0 is, is perfect. And that’s, that’s probably what’s gonna come in the future is that combo. That’s awesome. And then you were doing other calibers. What calibers are you, are you working in? Yeah, so we do have a Thompson signature series here. Weatherby, that’s your standard ACU mark. Right now we’re doing the 6 5 300 and the 2 57 just because of availability of ammunition. We also, I mean we’ll do any Weatherby Magnum, but ammo obviously is the trouble right now what’s on the 6 5, 300. I was hearing when they first came out with that that it was like burning barrels but pro or, or maybe people nervous about that. Talk about that or dispel that. You know, every form I think you get on and say high velocity or Overboard Magnum, they’re gonna say it burns out. But that video that you just commented on with those three coyotes, that is a 13-year-old 33 78 and I guarantee you has 3000 plus rounds through it. Geez. And any form you get on, they’ll say that they’re gonna burn the barrel of those out. Yeah. I personally have a 6 5, 300. One of the first ones, I can’t tell you a round count because I just don’t keep track. I don’t worry about it. But a lot we use, we use slow a lot.

00:28:47:07 –> 00:30:02:17
We use slow burning powders. Weatherby ISS got a free bore in there that relieves a ton of the pressure and I just don’t believe in burning one of these out. Wow. Especially your average guy. There’s no way. Yeah. Not a normal hunter. Yep. Yep. And how many rounds shoot a year of? Well, most the guns, especially with us in hoarding mode slightly, right? You’ve got, we’ve got our stash, whatever that is, either in components to reload or factory stuff as we do that. And yeah, you’re, you know, hopefully five rounds at the range before you go and all’s good. And then whatever you shoot on a hunt, which, unless you see coyotes for me has not been very many rounds this year. So yeah. I mean, let’s say 20 rounds a year, if you’re not just out, like let’s say you’ve already developed your gun, your load, your setup and you know it’s, that’s cooking and you just need to grab every year, take test on paper and take it hunting. You don’t shoot more than 20 rounds. No. You should never burn one out. No, no honest opinion. No. Tell me, back to back up a little bit on that carbon 2.0 I think is what you called it. Do you have yet an estimated time of arrival weights? Well that, yeah, and a and estimated like how much lighter it is than your, the standard 33 78 Mar mark five that you’ve always been doing.

00:30:03:10 –> 00:31:09:25
I mean, I don’t know the exact specs off the top of my head, but I’m pretty sure we’re a pound and a half. Overall we’re taking off. That’s a lot. That’s good. That’s everything’s, people don’t, people don’t think that a pound and a half is a lot just initially, but you put it on your shoulder. It it is. That’s, and I mean, you talk, you talk guns. So you talk to a sub, you talk a sub seven pound gun, that’s, that’s light. Oh, super light. And you better have a very light caliber. And I honestly feel, I honestly feel like that cuts two or 300 yards off your maximum comfortable range. You’re just not solid as a rock when you lay in behind it like you are. Yep. Usually. And then you get these guns, you get these guns that we’re carrying now, you know, they’re, they’re 10 pounders. They, and they’re, they’re heavy and a light gun, usually they’re cutting off three to four inches of barrel off to help Yep. Do be part of that equation, which is gonna generally hurt your actuaries accuracy at long range as well. But when you’re three for three on coyotes at 615 yards, and when you skin a coyote, let alone a pup, you’re not, you’re shooting at a jack rat, you’re hitting what you ain’t got or less a small jack. And so I just think that you’re split spliting hairs, man.

00:31:09:27 –> 00:32:18:12
That’s a testament to getting in behind a heavy gun and having the confidence of dumping a big deer, elk, whatever. There is one word there. And you said it, it’s confidence. I mean, I shot the same system for a long time. Yeah. Any and every sys every system works. It’s just confidence. It’s like anything. So just tell us a little bit about ammo. I, I just bought a bunch of brass. It’s brutal to find very expensive. What is, what does a guy do even if you’re willing to pay it? Let’s say you’re willing to pay for it. What does a guy do? I have no idea. I don’t have, I don’t think anybody’s got the answers. Okay. Did you just, did you guys buy a, a bunch of, obviously I know the, the components that you guys must stock, you know, in hundreds of pounds. But I’m just wondering, you know, is that how you’re doing it and keeping the shop open is just, is just pre-buying and when it comes available and whatnot, that’s, yeah, I mean we, we run on a huge inventory, but even that inventory is scarce. I mean, I’ve had to limit guys to two boxes per rifle that we sell, which Yeah. I don’t wanna do anybody that’s calling and order enamel right now. You know, I have to just limit them. We just gotta, I mean we gotta work together to get through this.

00:32:19:07 –> 00:33:29:16
But as far as the end, who knows. Yeah. Yeah. I mean luckily, you know, IM R’s got a new end on powder that’s kinda working with the Hodgkin extreme powders. Luckily they released that in perfect timing and those, those work well together. So there’s a lot of options out there. Yeah. Even in the bullet world, you know, there’s, there’s options. There’s options. It’s just a bummer. We have to think about deviating from, from what we’ve always shot. Yeah. What we want. Yeah. What you like. Yeah, that’s right. Kind of take what’s available to you. I, I got a question for you Scott on, and it’s regarding shooting your radical, I, you know, one of your guns. I was going over it with my boy this weekend ’cause we’re going use, use that gun up there in Idaho. He’s got an elk tag we’re going up there. Thompson system. Yeah. And he’s, you know, I was just showing him and he shot when he was younger. He shot it, but he didn’t know he was shooting it. What I mean by that is I wouldn’t, you know, he’s shoot 300 yard cross there, that kills everything out to 300, 3 25 before I have to start telling him where to aim. Right. Correct. Well this is, you know, he’s older now and you know, he’s capable. I can talk him through, you know, a range and you know, the dots and things like that.

00:33:30:10 –> 00:34:32:17
But for you personally, what do you, what what fits your eye best when you have to gap shoot, let’s say at 4 50, 4 75 or something, you know, and you’re trying to tell ’em, you know, you count down, you put the four high, but you’re trying to also tell ’em that you’ve gotta see what that does. You know, if you put the four at the backbone and now the five’s dead on where you want to aim, you’re too high. You know, how do you, how do you talk that through? How do you mentally do it? Do you aim your dot high or your low and low? What? How do you usually do that yourself? Your picture where the four and three quarters is and put that in the long Yeah. Correct. So I always, I always roll back. I never go ahead. So say we got a 680 yard set, I’m gonna roll that six high. I’m not gonna hunt for the seven yet. That, that’s how I do it. And that’s what I told him. But I, I mean I just wondered how you did it for me. It’s kind of how your brain works and some people’s brain just say, well I’m only 20 yards off the, the seven, I’ll just put the seven a hair low. But for me it just aiming low on an animal. I’ve never done that in my life.

00:34:32:21 –> 00:35:35:18
And you know, it’s just doesn’t fit my eye to aim low does that. And honestly, 99% of the time, I mean, shots go over, missed shots go over. Yeah. Very seldom. Yeah. You, you have a gun bed ride or something just jumping a little bit on you or you’re, you’re lifting off whatever. Yeah. So good point. But I just wanted your perspective on that because I was, you know, had it set up at a house, going through all the gaps all the way out. So he was just getting familiar with the shooting ’cause he shot the gun before, but that was years ago. And it was just, you know, I wouldn’t letting him shoot far enough. It was just general deer and hey, if we shoot three, 400 yards, that’s about all we’re shooting. But anyway. Correct. Just wanted your opinion on that. So are you guys still running shooting courses and, and whatnot? I mean, I know obviously you’re, you’re in hunting season and things slow down that way, but you guys are full bore year round. Just wondering, you know, you still offering people to be able to come out and and learn from you guys and You bet. So April through August is when we, we prefer to book guys. Okay. And that’s a good timeframe. You know, weather’s good, everything’s good.

00:35:36:06 –> 00:36:47:03
But constantly I have guys coming through, they’re stopping in there calling ahead and saying, Hey, I need a quick crash course. I need this, I need this. Yeah. And we try to accommodate everybody best we can. Yeah. The only thing that can stop us is visibility. So other than that, we can get you through here if you wanna, if you’re passing through or wind and everything, stop. Wind. Wind. It’s good to learn. It’s good to learn. Yep. Alright, well that’s, well we know we surprised you, we didn’t even have this set up. So you’ve given us some more good stuff to chatter about. But tell us one, one last thing Adam and I were talking about is environmental variables. Tell us when, when you get concerned, your system’s set up and you take the law of averages, you’re gonna be at an average elevation, this and that and the other. But just tell us what your opinion is on, on environmental variables and people that are, which ones do you think make the most have the most influence? ’cause there’s a lot of range finders that can take stuff at that in consideration. But it seems like extreme environmental variables ver still very, very little out to a thousand yards even so. Correct. I mean honestly, it’s, it’s gonna be wind. That’s your biggest, that’s your worst nightmare is wind. There’s no way to perfect wind. There never will be a way to perfect wind.

00:36:47:05 –> 00:37:59:20
We can guess we can study it, but we’ll never perfect it. It changes from you to the target. It changes. Yep. It could be 10 at you and 20 target. Yeah. I’ve seen wind. I’ve seen wind. Yeah. Zero at me, zero at my target. But that cross cane in the middle, who knows? But no wind. Wind is the worst drop. That’s easy. We’ll always have the drop. Do you worry about barometric pressure and elevation? I mean all those things. I don’t, and honestly, I mean I’m a, I’m a 700 yard hunter. Yeah. 700 and under those variables, they just don’t make a difference really. They don’t make much of a difference when you go beyond seven, that’s where we start rolling dice. Okay. Well, and I guess perhaps if you come out to your course and you’re, I don’t know, you got, what are you guys shooting at 5,000? I’m plus or minus, you know. Yeah. 5,000 feet. Correct. So versus yeah, you’re setting a gun up at C level and then you’re bringing it to 10,000. There could probably be a, a bigger jump there than somebody going for five to 10 or five to 85 or five to nine. So a lot of our hunting is at seven, six. Yeah. You know what I mean, six to eight feels like a lot. Yeah. It’s just not enough difference. But yeah, we have, well, I mean we have steel that goes to 13 and 1400.

00:37:59:25 –> 00:39:09:25
It’s, geez, I’ll shoot to 1314. And, but again, shooting kylees 600, that’s what we like to keep it realistic hunting. Let’s do seven and under. Let’s get it. Let’s get it done. Bring it home. Yep. All right. Well, you know of any extra 200 inches that we need to know about. Hmm. No, it’s, they’re hard to come by some chickens. Yeah, it feels like it. Yeah. Whoa. Sounds like you got a few tags left and we’ll circle back with you in a month or two and see how the dust settled or maybe hear about it through the greatvine. Awesome. If it does happen. So yeah, appreciate your time Scott. Thanks for taking that home buddy for us for a minute. Thanks a lot. Appreciate you guys. You bet. Oh, and one other thing. How can people get ahold of you? You can look us [email protected] website. You can email us or you can call the office there. Okay. One us will be one of us to take care of you. Okay. Sounds good buddy. Appreciate it. All right. Talk to you later. Thanks a lot. See ya. You know, some of those questions like I asked him when you’re trying to explain to your kid that’s never held except for one crosser. You’ve gotta, it, it’s hard to explain. ’cause I know how I an animal looks when I put a crosser on it. Oh, I know.

00:39:09:25 –> 00:40:09:25
And if I put the 500 on it’s top foot back and the six is still low, I know I’m good. But if you put the 500 low, he brings it high and now the six is up where you know it’s dead on, you’re gonna hit high. Yeah. So you just gotta, it, it’s a fine, I I try to picture where the five and three quarters is or five and a quarter. Yeah. Whatever. But it, you know, and it’s worked. I’ve never missed a, an animal. I mean I killed chief with their gun. I’ve that, that buck out down on the res right here. The ute, that was a five and three quarter or 600 yard shot. I’ve never had a pro. It’s just different when you start, when talking to him and a kid. Yeah. We, we’ve simplifies and as our kids are getting a little older there maybe a little bit more, have a few kills under their belt and they’re able to use a different system or understand stuff differently or have a different radical or if even if they have a, an MOA radical that they dial, let’s say they, they need a follow-up shot or need to use the windage and they need to know what the little tick marks are on certain scopes. It’s just MOA ticks. Yeah.

00:40:09:25 –> 00:41:11:03
Well you’d never talk to ’em about ’em until they start getting age 16, 18 when they’re younger you can talk to ’em about it, but most of the time it’s just one cross there. Simplify it for ’em. And That’s right. I just had to have that interaction with him and so we’ll see if it, see it’s good. See if it happens for us. Oh, he he’ll kill anyway. That’s a good gun. Yeah. Alright, well what else Chris, what else you got? Anything else for us? Boss? You’re getting ready to go to Colorado on a week or so, Chris. A little over 10 days. I’m, which yeah, yeah. You going with the fast with a buddy or? Yeah, actually I had a, a good friend that drew the tag and I’m gonna go with him. Oh nice. Well good. Well you guys will do good. You always do. You know it well. So it’ll be kind of fun to see. This is the latest season dates, dates for second season. Yeah. Latest second. What, and I know the dates on a calendar say this, but, but it feels like the amount of time since any hunting for deer’s gone on it’s 30, it’s 30 days since, since September 30th to October 30th. That’s, I think it’s something to talk about that’s a bigger gap to where you could have deer out.

00:41:11:08 –> 00:42:30:24
Just, you know, I know they’ve had a first season outcome and it start going on right now, but then they lengthen that gap from this next Wednesday when it ends till the start of the second’s longer. I think that time off, if we’ll just call it that, is gonna have a big impact on deer being available to, to hunt, you know, and then the dates as well being later if we do get weather. But I think the time off the less the light pressure all through October. There’s like had a one five day elk cut in the whole month of October before the second season in most units. Now I know there’s some early elk, but I’m talking 90% of the units. You got something to think about. Yeah. These deer in Colorado are gonna be like, where’s all the hunters? And all of a sudden they’re gonna be out there frolicking. Yeah. They’re gonna be frolicking and then all of a sudden truckloads of orange opening bag and you got a little pumpkin patch everywhere. Hey, well who doesn’t like it? I mean, dude, I’ve kind of grown to like it. Well there are, you’re surrounded in friends when you’re out there. Think about it. Second, third, fourth season, but mostly second, third over the counter elk and limited entry deer, which are some of the most popular seasons. You are surrounded and friends. Every gas station, every motel, every restaurant. Republicans friends. Yeah.

00:42:30:24 –> 00:43:48:27
Chris ran into summit in Mexico last week. Yeah, yeah. You know. Yeah. We, I mean you, you’re, you have a, obviously common interests and, and that’s mostly what it is. Yep. I didn’t mean to turn a political, but don’t delete that. Nice to be amongst friends. All right guys. I don’t know. We are Bronson. We did talk about something. We are planning to go to the Hunt expo here in northern Utah this next year. Pretty excited about that. Yeah, we’ll be there. I think it’s February 10th to the 13th. Normally, normally a Valentine’s event for all you ladies that just can’t wait to go to dinner and with a bunch of hunters with your husband, take you to Rodio Grill. But no, yeah, we’ll be there. We’ll be there. Again. That’s coming sooner than, you know what, I think they’ve got the registration open and yeah, we’ll be there. We’ll be there having a bigger booth and even normal. We’ll be bringing optics there, so stay tuned for that. We’re in the border order process of doing our orders for that. So we will be able to make some great deals on optics there in person. So look forward to seeing everybody there for details. If you want to get registered and get there, you go to hunt Yeah. They’ve also, if you may remember Utah, I don’t believe as of last week they had the $5 tags live yet.

00:43:49:12 –> 00:45:01:27
But that is bound to change here in the near future. But they will be having that again, the $5 tags that you can put in for the extracurricular tags, if you will. These aren’t the Utah Division of Wildlife bonus points. Take use points or tags. So, but yeah, we’ll be, there’s, it’s a, yeah, it’s an in addition. So it’s pretty awesome. Another opportunity to be able to put your name in the hat and draw something. Awesome. So anyway, February 10th or the 13th we’re gonna have a big old booth, giant 50 foot or so. It’s some big animals that some of ’em didn’t, didn’t get a scene last year that are because of some of the covid issues and gatherings. And we’re gonna be bringing some big animals in our booth and we’re pretty excited about it. If you, if you wanna show off an animal or something or have it scored, why bring it by the booth. Just bring it by the booth. And we love to put our hands on big animals. So anyway, love to see it, love to chat with you, visit about plans and, and the future of hunting. And Bronson, I’m already looking forward to next year. I want next year to happen. Right now I want to reset for August, September and October. I wanna reset. Yeah. It, it was, it was dry and a lot of the places we like to hunt were affected terribly.

00:45:01:27 –> 00:46:10:22
You mean they, you mean they sucked Utah, Nevada especially. They were, they’re affected terribly antler growth for deer, especially elk were not so sab, but no, there’s some good bulls, but dear, dear, were so, we’re looking forward to some of these northern states or Colorado to be our saving grace this year to be able to come through and bring some bucks back. You know, Carter, I you’re game make big great again. Make big bucks great again, huh? Yeah. You’re, you’re game bag and free and, and processing could be something else after Colorado with you got every single one of your family and I’m ready has a Colorado. ’cause it’s been a little slow so far. But having said that, I promise you I’m hunting as hard as I’ve ever hunted. Oh yeah. And I’ve got planned not for lack of effort. There’s, that’s not, there’s, there’s a few name bucks that just can’t, you just can’t tell the world anymore. Bronson. Yeah. People, if you, if you take a picture of Bear Dirt and you throw it online, somebody’s gonna tell you somebody who recognized half a foot where you’re at. Yeah. There’s apps you can take a picture and it has a mineral composition there. And you can do a soil profile map and get, I, I wrong. I’m wrong. Probably true. And it’s probably Onyx sponsored, huh? Yeah. You probably the premium version, the platinum version, I don’t know.

00:46:10:22 –> 00:47:20:13
You’re laying in your tent at night and you take a picture of the stars. Hey, laying in the stars in my camp. Well, there’s that app that can pick up the constellations so they’ll pinpoint where you’re at. Janice said it right the other day. She says, you don’t dare you don’t dare do anything anymore. Take a pee in the hills. Whatever. You don’t dare do anything. Like it’s, it’s crazy nowadays. Yeah. If somebody doesn’t watch it through grass, a truck camera got you doing it. It’s, I’m telling you. So anyway, I promise we may be a little quieter. However, we’re hunting our guts out. We’re experiencing a lot of new units, actually, which I love. The consultants here in the office are cranking new units, favorite units, whatever. Chris, you, you and John are going crazy. I mean, everybody’s out and about and learning a ton, which helps consulting. It does. And and part of that, when you’re hunting some brand, brand new stuff and a and a tougher year is yeah, you’re, you’re gonna swing and miss. But I mean, we’re gaining a lot of info. There’s a lot of what we’re doing that we, if we could hit rewind and go do it again, I think we’d be a lot more effective. But anyway, we’d be a lot more effective. And then there’s some that I would just sit fast forward, Hey, yeah, I’m not going back here.

00:47:20:25 –> 00:48:32:29
I know what the end result is. It’s not pretty. I’m crossing this off. This was not a hidden gem. This was not hidden. How many hidden gems have I tried? Huh? Yeah. You asked me the other day, like you, you’ve been in, we need to try some of these New Mexico deer units. No, no, I don’t. It dawned on me that you’d have about three of them, I think. I think the sick one or two of ’em. I don’t know if you know, he went hunted after you figured out. I don’t tell anybody. I don’t tell anybody. I know. I’d like to fell in private. Yeah. Huh. Yep. I hear you. I don’t know. But anyway, yeah. So speaking of consultants out in the hills, everybody, if you’re not a member of Epic Outdoors, get online, epic Become a member. It’s a hundred dollars a year. We publish information. It’s a monthly publication, December through June. Talk about all the western states, all the big game species and drawing on scale percentages are comments as well as being able to visit with us in person. You can pick up the phone and we’ll answer and visit with you and develop short-term midterm, long-term application strategies. We also have a application service. It’s kinda like having somebody do your taxes. You know, you’re responsible for the tags, the fees, but you also get your own refunds and you get your own tags.

00:48:32:29 –> 00:49:42:09
You get to choose if you want an outfitter and then we can help you find outfitters. So anyway, we work with the best of the best here in the west. So anyway, anything that you need that way. Landowner tags, applying, booking hunts with guaranteed tags, whatever we can help you here at Epic Outdoors. So epic A hundred bucks a year, I guarantee. Be the best. A hundred bucks you spend, plus you get member pricing on optics. Most of the time one purchase will take care of your membership. One thing I think I just wanted to add to that is us, we have a great team of consultants, the most experienced team that you’ll be able to find to be able to call and bounce ideas off of as far as planning on how to use your points, where to use them to match your trophy criteria, your personal hunting strategies. So, and we’re all here under one, one roof, eight to five from the December, you know, through June, ti timeframe, winter spring, six to eight. Yep. Five to eight. Well, eight to five is when we answer the phone. We get a lot of work done, maybe from two to eight, but that’s when we’re writing magazines. And don’t call us. Call us. Yeah, we don’t usually pick up, but eight to eight to five. We’re on mountain time. We’re based in southern Utah, based in the middle of the west.

00:49:42:22 –> 00:50:59:15
We just love what we do and love researching and finding and talking about western hunting opportunities. Take pride in not, not not being uninformed, I guess. We wanna be up on the up and up and help you make the best use of your personal application, time, strategy, money, everything like that. So our number at the office, if you wanna call and join is (435) 263-0777. Or you can go to epic and join and we will be here. Stay tuned. In the coming weeks, we’ll be launching a new membership drive with some pretty awesome Hunts. A lineup coming up here and probably within the next 30 days or so, it’s kind of fun. Bronson and I sit back and we visit with the consultants and everybody here at Epic Outdoors and drum up what we feel like are Hunts we would personally want, and then we purchase those hunts at full price and then give ’em away. I don’t know, it just, that’s been a marketing tool that we’ve used as we started from zero and we’re, we’re keeping with it and it’s, you know, be able to help, help us maintain, you know, a business and, and, and gaining new members and or allowing the members that are already current to be able to refer members that join and you’ll get a ticket for referring somebody that joins. And so anyway, stay tuned for that. We’ve got a great lineup this year.

00:50:59:15 –> 00:52:20:13
Some of the stuff we’ve never done before. We like to mix it up a little bit and like Jason said, have hunts that we personally would take time out of our schedule to go and do. So. Want little shout out to Blaine St. James of St. James Sporting Properties. Really good dude. He’s been there, done that. Hunting wise, that’s what I like. Hunter’s supporting hunters. If you’re looking for properties either to buy or sell, don’t hesitate to give him a call. He’s licensed in many different states. Anyway. You can give him holler at 8 7 7 3 5 4 7 2 4 7 or go to Www sj sporting He hit us with a text. His, he sent his boys first Antelope in his first, first buck, DIY there in Colorado. Nice. Just, you know, he’s just a hunter. His kids are hunter, his family and whatnot. So kind of the same phase of life as us. You got a couple, at least a couple boys that I know about, and it’s pretty fun to see. Yeah, if I’m buying and selling properties and I want a, a hunt and spin on it, I would take his recommendation. He knows what he’s looking at. He’s been there, done that, and he’s killed some great animals over the years and has a lot of experience. So anyway, don’t hesitate to give Blaine a call. He’d be happy to visit with you again. Licensed Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming.

00:52:22:18 –> 00:53:37:06
SJ sporting Another shout out, we want to give, if you’re in the mood or market for A-U-T-V-A-T-V of some kind. Triple S Polaris based here in southern Utah. Great outfit there. Colton Francis and his crew been able to work with us on developing one of our epic a razor there for us to meet our needs for some of the, I guess more southern southwest type country that we spend time in. If you, you know, get ahold of ’em, you can get $250 off your next Polaris and $2,250 in epic optics store credit and call for details. If you’re looking to put something together, he, he does stalk stuff, but he really specializes in customizing A A TV at, you know, whatever UUTV to however you want, use it. Tier specs, what you use it, it for, they love, they’ve love messing, farm hunting, whatever they love. If you can dream it, they can figure it out. There was a, there was, what was that ranger that came in that 40 inch tires or something? Yeah, it was about five feet tall on the bottom of the frame purpose. It was just like, walk under that purpose. We have a, maybe you have a ditch that’s too expensive to buy a buy a bridge to put in. You just need, well, maybe you wanna change the oil and you don’t have to like crawl under it. You don’t need a creeper.

00:53:37:08 –> 00:54:47:24
Well, I, I, we put a video of that on our Instagram page if you wanna see it. It’s impressive. So anyway, but Colton and his guys know what they’re doing. They’re willing to put it together and, and work with you on, on shipping or helping you receive this. Wherever you’re at. If you’re finding a problem, getting access to somebody that’s got machines near you, give him a call at (435) 865-0100. That’s Triple S Polaris. Again, 4 3 5 8 6 5 0 1 0 0. I’d say ask for him, but I don’t know, don’t inundate him. But he’s there for your business and he’s he’ll personally handle anything you need. He’s a good, good friend of ours and we appreciate him. All right, everybody, one last one. If you didn’t video it, it didn’t happen, go to phone P-H-O-N-E-S-K-O-P You need to video everything out there in the hills. We’re videoing stuff nonstop. I know. We just talked to Scotty. He threw up a video of the killing those coyotes. Pretty awesome. I mean, it was awesome. It’s just great. And so anyway, we’re videoing all the animals. We’re finding John had video elk, Chris, your video and stuff. I mean, a lot of drive from your cell phone.

00:54:47:25 –> 00:56:10:23
You just gotta know your model, your phone, your model, your spotting scope or vinyls that you wanna put it on and make the order or give ’em a call either way, but yeah, anyway, phone also does the pyro putty and start a fire. It’s gonna be with electronic lighters. It’s crazy. It’s gonna be that time of year. It’s mid to late October and it’s, that’s going with me every time. The summer’s over. It is definitely over. When you’re caught out on a ridge and you’re freezing, it’s, it’s fire time. Can you use Epic 10 as a 10% discount on their website? Go to P-Y-R-O-P-U-T-T Epic. 10 EPIC, the number 10. So, all right, bro. Anything else, Chris? Jason? I can’t think of anything. Well, it may be a minute. And we, we, we haven’t prerecorded too many more of these. So it’s gonna be live and from the, from the, you know Chris Peterson studio? Yeah, that’s right. Chris One cell phone and Daisy Cha and 14 of us together and might be that way. Yeah. So we, we do ing in Mexico right now. We should be calling him. He, he won’t answer. What, what if he does? Huh? Can he just barely get there? He started Saturday. He’s been hunting Big Bulls. But I thought he had one ridge he could get service on Carter. If he answers, it’s a miracle. It’s because he is either miracle.

00:56:11:00 –> 00:57:40:20
He’s either calling for horses or Ant. Yeah, I don’t think it’ll, no, he ain’t answering no way. Although it might be from, it’s in New Mexico. One tower to another. I had, I had service the whole time. One tower to another. Oh, it might be Broon. What? Dude, he’s there. I don’t think he’s there. He’s, he’s got a arm in the air. I wonder, wonder if I just cost him an animal? ’cause it was on ring Ring. Hopefully not at 2:56 PM So hopefully not. Hello dude. How you doing? Good. You’re on the podcast, you’re on the pod. We couldn’t stand it. We get to know what’s going on down there. No, sorry, I’m trying to wait for an elk to stand up is what I’m doing. Are you gonna kill it? Can’t talk very loud, huh? I don’t know. You gotta, you got a blonde, you got a blonde school bus piece of hair in the timber. See there’s this, I have this grass that’s like a antler size to suck factor where there’s like a, you know, X axis is size of antler. Oh, okay. And then yxi is suck factor. At some point they’ll cross and meet and there’s just a decision that needs to be made.

00:57:41:03 –> 00:58:54:25
Oh, you’re on a, so you’re saying you’re on a bull and if I pull this trigger, what’s the size of this bull compared to the ratio of it’s gonna take us to get this sun be outta here versus waiting a couple more days for a bigger bull. But the season will be over. Correct. After there’s, because it’s not the biggest, not the bigger ball that do do a smash we found. But he’s a good ball. Do a smash and grab make us proud. No. Huh? Josh? Beep. Be careful what you wish for jet’s. Jason’s favorite quote. Be careful what you wish for. Make sure, make sure your pack wheel is fully charged. Oh, that’s the problem. I’ll have to go four miles out to get the stupid back wheel. Come back. It’s you in there. You’re in deep. Okay. You have to go out every night to sleep or you got camp in there? No, we probably should have. We did 13 miles yesterday and we’re pushing nine already today, so, holy crap. Well, here, I’m gonna be on the record right here. Carter says smash and grab it. That’s easy for him to say. ’cause he’s just gonna see the picture of a dead bull and move on with his life. I’ll have to pack it out. That’s right. I’m just gonna say use extreme caution. Do you have a back brace? No, but I’m gonna need one. I think you’re with your dad.

00:58:54:25 –> 00:59:57:13
You’re with your dad, right? And yeah. And you love and you love your dad, right? Yeah. Don’t, don’t do anything to jeopardize that relationship, dude. Smashing. That’s the problem. Feed the family. Smash him. Okay. Looking. Smash the spike. I could have smashed the spike to feed the family this morning right off the road and been alright. So yeah, this is not about feeding family. So have you, have you had a good look at him? Is he put together? Is this, is this a good bull or do we know? Yeah, yeah, just, nah, there’s been a lot of bulls the same size. Okay. Just three 30 range, you know, but that’s the tough part. When it’s a five day hunt, like I’m getting down to Oh yeah. Two days mid through it. You take a whole two days after the day. Yeah, I take a whole day to, yeah, you take a whole day to whole day just to kind of figure things out. And then you’re hunting for two days and anyway, five days is a long time. But you did see a good bull. Oh yeah. We saw a really good bull Saturday night and then tried to get on him yesterday morning.

00:59:57:13 –> 01:01:03:12
But we got in there and the wind was just terrible and it’s, it’s kind of on his big mesa, so you couldn’t really get around him because he was just ledges on both sides of you, so you couldn’t really get around him. So we just set up on him where we were hoping he came out and sat there all day, baking in the sun and moving around the shade of this old dead ponderosa. And then at five o’clock, the bulls all stood up and came feeding out one by one right in front of us at 300 yards. And the three that were there with him the night before all came by and he never did so well. The way I look at it, here we are, what is today? Monday? Your hunt is exactly half over right now because you’ve had two and a half days now you’ve got two, you got 2% left, two and a half. That’s right. I don’t, I’m just saying I don’t think you’re to that, you’re not seeing the urgency. No, but what if he has two days of wind, 50 mile an hour. Yes. So look at that, Josh. That’s that’s an absolute pretty much what, yeah, if it’s gonna be looked at the weather today be, there’s a front coming through and it’s, it’s about 40 mile an hour winds all day. It’s dry. It’s been pretty miserable. We’re we’re in that. It’s a dry wind though.

01:01:03:16 –> 01:02:06:27
It’s, it’s, it’s nothing coming with it. And that’s gonna be a bummer, but I don’t know, man. I, yeah, it’s just gonna be cold tomorrow. It sounds like. There’s nothing, no moisture coming. Okay. Well I know, it’s awesome man. I think this place, I wish I would’ve been here probably a month ago with a bow in my hand. I think it would’ve been off the charts. Some of the elk sign’s pretty unbelievable. So. Well you’re seeing good numbers’ seen any country like this though. Wow. Oh yeah, I am. It’s just, they’re so spread out now because you still got, the summer range is phenomenal. There’s still green grass up here on this summer range. That’s where i i the kind the border of the summer range. I’ve heard the rutt is over. Yeah. You know. Oh, it’s, it’s, oh yeah, it’s gone. There’s nothing, not even a run. So it’s dead and it’s spikes aren’t even, it’s hard. You’re chasing bulls 10 miles away from where the cows were now and they’re just Yeah, that’s what’s awesome is you can glass 10 miles but then you glass a bowl five miles away and it’s like, well we can’t get to him until tomorrow. Yeah, because, or you glass him. It’s seriously hunting like that compared to what sheep country. You could glass him across these giant canyons last time you pitch your eye kid’s. Unbelievable. Wow.

01:02:06:28 –> 01:03:16:15
And then you, but you’ve gotta go clear up to the head of the canyon to get across the canyon. Yeah. Wow. It’s pretty wild stuff. Wow. Wow. Any sheds you finding any sheds or on the tip, tip of a broken point today? Like quarter inch out? Proud myself. They rot there. There’s a knife. Knife handle. Any, any big muley? No. We’ve seen quite a few deer, but no, no big beer. It’s surprising. Oh, okay. Well we’ll let you get back to it, but I, I, I just want to be on the record once again. You, your dad’s a good man. I know your ma I know your dad. And just don’t do a smash and grab ’cause it’s not gonna be a smash and grab Yeah, it’s the smash and grab, lift it into the truck. It’s gonna be a smash. Yeah. It’ll be a two day job to get one out. Yeah. Smash and pack. Smash and pack. Yeah. Well, Chris is not nearby with horses either, so it’s like, like John, he’d help. No, so anyway. Well, we wish you the best. We’ll wait to hear from you. We’re all scattered to the, you know, neighboring states here in the next few days. So we thought we’d check in with you before we left. So what was gonna, were you going to kill him before we called?

01:03:16:27 –> 01:04:24:25
He sounded like he was, yeah, but I mean, he’s laid out, ready for him to stand up. He was whispering and I was talking loud. You sure? Oh, you’re trying to Well, I moved away. I moved off the backside of the ridge. Oh. I thought maybe you had the 500. I thought maybe your phone ringer was on and that you were gonna now block me forever blowing the elk. ’cause it No, no. Well his, his ringtone is an elk bugling, so I Damn good. Yeah, we’re safe. It’s actually it a mallard quacking, so we’re good. Oh, it’s so what they haven’t even heard of Mallard down there. New Mexico? Water. Water, New Mexico. No. What? So were you gonna kill him or not? Well see, I don’t know. There was a couple other bulls with him I didn’t get look at before. Oh, okay. They had laid down today, so. Okay. Because it was one of, literally one of those things we saw five miles away this morning and hiked over in here and, and you hoping, we’re hoping I I don’t even know if they’re still that we’re hoping in, they’re in the same tree patch. I’m sure they’re Oh, gotcha. Well, what do you, what are you shooting? Gun? A gun? Six. No. Yeah. What are you shooting? No, I didn’t know if you meant what are you shooting size of elk or what are you shooting? Gun? Gun wise, gun wise?

01:04:25:18 –> 01:05:38:12
Well, I decided I’d try that PRC to see how it did on an elk. So we’ll see six five. Well, it’s a lighter packing gun if you’re going that much. It’s Oh yeah. I can’t fault you there. I love packing my little thing. There’s been a lot of guys shoot elk with that 2 57 weather be 110 grainer. So you’re shooting one 40 threes. So, I mean, that’s basically a two 70 bullet. Yeah. Yeah. So all Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping. It’s, it’s been good to pack. Where’s my sleeping, hiking, so. Well, well, cool. Good luck, man. Well, we’re, we’re hoping for a inReach or something to break the silence and, and then I don’t know if we’re gonna be happy if we’re gonna be praying for you after that. I’ll be praying for you for sure. They’re pretty next level. Yeah. Okay. Pretty awesome. Good luck. Pretty awesome buddy. All right. Good luck. All right. See you. He said there’s literally one spot to, to get service and he’s, he’s, maybe he found another one, but he, that was good. He’s whispering well over glass again. It had to like, the cell service had to go from tower to tower to tower to Rico Cohan off of, there’s a sandstone face that ricocheted off to, what were those boards when the back in the fax days? The switchboards. Yeah, the switchboards. You know, the old, old movies they’d plug out, Hey, can I talk to Sheriff?

01:05:38:28 –> 01:06:18:03
Oh yeah, they plug you in. Yeah, that’s right. Feels like what? Hey, you’re in New Mexico. Yeah, we’re one step north of Mexico. All right everybody. Well we’re gonna call it a day, so enjoy it out there. We know a lot of you’re out there hunting right now. Keep us in mind for photos and or stories, our emails, photos, P-H-O-T-O-S [email protected]. Shoot us, I guess just an initial photo and a few brief details and we’ll kind of put, put you in our system and then send you an email about how to get the rest of ’em all to us. So anyway, good luck out there. Good luck. Get bloody and feed the family.