Back to Colorado. 3rd Season Report. In this episode we talk about the third season, our reports, and reports we’ve received from others. We also talk about the 4th season outlook. This is a fun time of year to be hunting Mule Deer. Overall it has been a tougher year in terms of Mule Deer but we are optimistic that the extremely late dates will make a difference.

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A high pressure, sunny Bluebird weather, November with the full moon. It, it, it can make it tough. Very little activity in the day. And there was a lot of activity at night. First morning, it felt like you’re at a shooting range. Anything to do with Western Big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. What up? What up everybody? Jason, Colorado. Bronson coming at you from southern Utah here in Cedar City. A little overcast. And Bronson, by the way. I did you mainline? Did you mainline something this morning? Morning you Dude, I’m fired up. I don’t care. I don’t know why. Well, but well part of it is Rittenhouse. He freaking won. How about that? And not only that, self-defense one. That’s the way I look at it. We’ve dealt with some attorneys, Bronson, and hey, I’m thankful for this is the time. This is the time here for thanks. Hey. And we, so we, and we, we had some thanks for, for an attorney or two, but having said all that, when we were listening, it reminded me like how corrupt some the system can be and, and, and how things can be misconstrued. And that three and a half days of deliberations, I was worried. I was like, are you kidding me? This was a open closed case.

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And, and, and what was cool about this case, and we’re only talking about it for a minute, A, because it deals with guns and self-defense, and B, because it’s on our minds, because we listened to it on the third season, Chris. I mean, it was an open case, the first one for that particular judge or whatever court courtroom, that everybody could hear the facts. Right. You could, you were there and we got to hear it on satellite. That’s my favorite thing about satellite radio was this case. But anyway. Really got to, got to, well, one of them got to listen to it and, and as things were presented, it was so black and white to us and how it can be misconstrued from other perspectives was beyond me. But he, he, he did it. How about that? He did it. We did it. We’re all in this together, right house. Alright, Bronson, do you have anything to say about that? No, I just wanted to say that. No, you’ve covered it. You don’t want to get political. Well, no, I’m fine. I just You agree? Yeah. Yeah, I agree. I just rubber stamp it. I hate watching the news period. So you know way more than I do. I didn’t watch it. I listened. Okay. Oh wow. Okay. It was long drives on the third. Long drives. Long drives. Yeah. But I, I listened to ES ESPN radio. Okay. Alright. Yep. And why two country?

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What about the highway? It’s too a little too hip too. Some of it’s a little too hip. All right. Huh? My two carried Jared. I got one of my, I got in the truck and Jared had on her nation. Oh yeah, yeah. Occasionally. But you can get in a weird funk. They’re like, this is was too, I didn’t listen to that. Yeah. But, but then you get in a groove and it’s like 10 songs in a row that takes you back to That’s right. Junior and seniors high school. Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. Alright. So anyway, we wanna get back to hunting. Anyway, that’s enough. We that’s enough political stuff, right, Chris? Yeah, that’s enough. That’s, yeah, probably. So that’s enough. We’re leading it into Thanksgiving. Third season’s over for some of you. Four season starts in the morning. Okay. Yeah. Jason. Yeah, I know. Dude. This the, so the continues, yeah. The s second, third, and fourth. So two of my kids have deer tags and two of ’em have four season elk tags in the same unit. And I’m thinking I’m a hero for all this, but you know, in all honesty, for some reason the kids can’t, don’t feel like they can leave school. They, you know, for, and so I would be over there right now doing a little bit of work, a little bit of work, and a little bit of school. A a lot of work and a little school.

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And you just think, am I the only one you’ve paid for four tags? Am I the only one that cares about this trip? You know, they probably got an Airbnb. Oh, the Airbnb’s been vacant for a couple extra days front and back. And I’m just like, ah. But anyway, all in the name of, of hunting and gathering this Thanksgiving season, I had one kid’s, like dad, we, you know, I could come with, you know, Sean or Colton if they’re, they can’t come time and I could go hit the slopes. I guess the slopes open tomorrow. And I’m like, wait a minute. Do I mean, if we don’t all want to go, we just won’t go? No, no. You’ll sleep in your own bed if you need to. Oh. I’m like, anyway. Oh. Turns out they’re excited. They just are pulled in a hundred different directions, probably like we were when we were kids. And dads don’t understand that. When my dad was like, just leave school. Who caress? Like, just leave school. And I’m like, nowadays, and I’m doing that. I’m in that spot. Hey, kids just leave school. No, no. I guess they can’t. And I told, I made the mistake of telling Ashley, so Ashley lives for this stuff, and we got done with second. And I’m like, you know, and I made the mistake Jana’s in the truck. And I’m like, you know, we could tell school that Ashley has covid.

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She gives her four, two weeks off. She could come on my hunt and she lights up like the 4th of July. Like she could come on my hunt. Brilliant idea. Yeah. And she’s like, dad, I could totally do that. I totally get caught up on school, no problems at all. Went on and on and dude and Jenna looked at you like, what? Jenna’s like no, like a good mom. And I’m like, yeah, it’s probably not realistic. And I, she’s like, and then in, in on off to the side, she goes, never say those things without running ’em by me first in front of the kids. Like never say those things again. You get them too far down a road. That’s right. That’s right. And she’s like, and then I’m the bad person. I’m like, yeah, that wasn’t fair. The kid, she, Ashley was all but emailing all of her teachers to tell her she’s gonna be gone for the next 10 days at night. At night when we’re back at the motel, I can totally just do all my schoolwork. I’ll get everything all done anyway, pretty soon. Jana’s homeschooling her the problem, I don’t see a problem with that. Jana, you only, you have a full-time job. You have a, you’re a full-time mom. I Oh, oh, okay. Maybe there is a problem. But anyway, all right. So now we’re headed back forth. And you know what? Quite frankly, the weather’s just been the craziest thing.

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I, yeah. How many years in a row has this been Colorado? Five. I, I mean, it’s the longest, call it 10, I can’t remember. Yeah. Just a wow year. And I know we were all hoping for it this year. Late dates. There’s been some, there’s been some high, high points. No question. But whenever you turn 60, 80,000 deer, hunters loose, they’re gonna kill a few good bugs. But there’s been some high points, that’s for sure. But, but, but collectively, would you say it’s an overwhelming booming success? No. No. But part of the pe part, people say, well, the weather, if the weather was better. Some, some of us think the bucks just aren’t there. It’s some of that I think is my line of thoughts. Yeah. In some of these units, they have hunted them in the rep for two decades. Really hard. Yeah. And you got a lot of people, you go through an investment, you go to Colorado, you’re there, you’re there for a week. Somebody’s, some of these guys are gonna crush something on, on the, on the last day. Yeah. A 1 44 point. And I’m not, everybody can shoot what they wanna shoot, but I’m just saying, man, there’s a lot of deer that just die just at the last minute. And trophy hunters too. People like punching the tag. Yeah. And, and, and I’ve forgotten what it’s like to punch tag by choice though. Yeah, by by choice. Yeah.

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That, that’s right. Right. But it’s just, it’s, we just, we can’t complain about everything and then want everything. We’re gonna say that again. I know. Can’t want every equipment, every late day, Rutt, snow, everything else, and then want big bucks still too, running around everywhere. Even before the hunt, during the hunt and after the hunt to breeds everything and to hunt for next year. They just don’t make enough of ’em, you know? So anyway, anyway, we have had a few members, you know, already showing, sharing a success, whether it be tagging us on social media or giving us a call. And, you know, collectively, there’s been some high points. Second season felt like we’ve already talked about that a little bit for the most part. Chris, we talked about your deer, we talked about Josh’s deer. Probably should have had Wyatt and Devon in here today, if they could highlight their hut. But then, but then it would be a real Debbie downer. Well, I mean, they, quite frankly, Chris, you were there. I was there for the majority of their hunters. Give us a quick, quick recap. Third season we saw loads and loads and loads of hunters. Yeah. And hunters shooting for keys and stuff. Yeah. The, I mean, opening opening day was just a wreck. Like, we saw three points and two points just getting pile drive everywhere around us.

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The first morning it felt like you were at a shooting range, just wanted to get back in your truck and Yeah. Shot shot shots. And we were just, every deer we glassed up, going down, going down, going down. Really? Yeah. The first morning, the best one wind. I think that’s like John too. John’s not in here too, but he was in a completely different unit, but he saw many bucks. He, in his binos drop die. His, he saw an orange Yeah. Warfare. Yeah. That makes Utah general look like a quality experience. Yeah. We You saw many butt drop in your skull. Multiple. I, I recorded one. Like, didn’t even know they were shooting. And you just happened to be Well, I knew they were gonna shoot. It was, you’re like, all right. It was, did you give ’em the kill scene? No. Charge him. It, it wasn’t a great kill scene. I’m gonna tell you that right now. It was a little bit rough. Yeah. We glossed up a buck that apparently they’d already hit in the back end. And, and I started filming and I’m like, something looks not right with this buck. And then pretty soon I see orange flashes behind it and like, oh boy, boy, there’s, they’re walking right up to it. They walked right up to it and smashed it. Yeah. Did they grab it? Yeah. Did they smash it and then grab it? Then they grabbed it. Yes.

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So the, the one of the last days I was there, we were like, we were thinking, okay, weekend’s over, it’s midweek. People are gonna be thinned out a little. We’re gonna hike into a spot that, that we think we can get away from some people. So we got up super early and drove for like an hour, and then we hiked in and we get there and set up, and just as soon as it starts getting light, we start seeing orange, orange, orange, orange. Hiked in, hiked in. And, and there was three guys, five guys. So five and then two behind us. So there’s like nine people total in this, in a pretty small canyon. One canyon and canyon. Meaning not John. This isn’t a five mile long canyon you’re talking about. No, it’s just, it’s one, it’s a ravine slash canyon. One draw. Basically you could all shoot the same deer that stepped out. Oh, yeah. And, and, and the same people were shooting at the same deer. And this is, I always hate orange, but sometimes you don’t feel safe without it. Yeah. Like you’re sitting in your truck with the lights on and bright orange. Yeah. I’m thinking I’m kind of, I’m glad these guys have orange. I know. With the horn ho. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. And, and they, the, the first guy started shooting at this four point and missed it.

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And then these two guys from Utah come in, they see us, and then they walk right in front of us. And anyway, so they come up hiking in and they came in last. So everybody else is already in there in the dark. And they come in and they see us, and then they turn right in front of us and walk down the hill right in front front of us. Right in front of you. Right in front of us. Line of sight when you sit right in front. How far? 10 yards. No, they’re probably a hundred yards in front of us, but, but you’re gonna throw lead over top of ’em. Shoot it all. But they’re walking right into the canyon where all the deer are. Yeah. And they just see us and walk straight down. I’m like, they just, if it, if it’s me, I’m gonna say, all right, they’re here first. Let’s, let’s maybe move behind them a little bit different walk in. Yeah. Or let’s go somewhere else. But anyway, it’s why in the frustration moment? I mean, Watt’s not here, so we’ll talk about ’em. But when the barrage starts, it’d be fun to just empty your gun into, into an old God. Just to, just to turn some heads, man. Well that’s, they were Does Whyt hold his cool or does he get mad? He seems pretty cool. He was, he was. He stayed cool. Yeah.

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But the funny thing is, it, it seemed like they were doing that, but they weren’t, they were actually shooting at the deer. So the one guy on the ridge shoots at it misses. And then these guys turn down and go run down there and they, we hear three shots from them. And then pretty soon we see the little buck running up next to us. And it walked probably was it hit 50 yards unscathed. It probably walked 50 yards from us. You’re in the, you’re in somebody’s riflescope. You’re getting scared now. That’s when I’m like, I’m really glad you got all this orange on. What? Yeah. Well you didn’t have any on I didn’t have a tag. Yeah. And, and I started thinking about it. I’m like, I should wear it anyway. I should wear it anyway, even though I don’t have a tag. You, you are, you’re a buddy with white. You’re not leaving him. You’re connected at the hip. Oh, I’m not. Because he’s got the orange and you’re, you’re starting to google like those bright orange coveralls. Yeah. Like, Hey, I’ll have these drop shipped. Yeah. Right. Where’s the Nerd Sports warehouse? That’s right. Lap Fellows in Grand Junction. I’m there. We saw some of those sitting on the lawn chair, you know. Oh yeah, they posted up. Yeah. Anyway, I, it was just kind of funny.

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We watched this little four point walk over the ridge and luckily no one else could see it at that point. Or they would’ve been shooting. Yeah. But, well, and, and we’re laughing about some of these scenarios and we’ve all seen, if you’ve hunted Colorado enough, it’s every year it’s gonna happen. It’s a lot of people get maybe caught off guard ’cause they hear about Colorado deer, da da da. Well then you get there and you realize, yeah, you might be in a unit even you weren’t Chris, you’re in a unit with hundreds of deer tags or worth Wyatt. Yeah. But you might be in one with 50. Like I took my kids to some that had, you know, a hundred or less, I don’t remember. Yeah. But you got over the counter elk hunters everywhere. Yeah. And so, you know, they’re not really competing with you, but they’re in your way. And like you said, if you wanna walk down a dry ridge, you’re like, are they looking for elk there? Are they deer? Am I being that guy? If I walk down there, they’re probably elk hunters. ’cause they’re glass and thick timber. You know where elk are gonna be. But anyway, it’s a, you’ve gotta be prepared for that in Colorado. It isn’t the pure garden of Eden mule deer mecca. There’s issues to deal with.

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Well, and it’s, you got elk hunter, you got over the counter elk tags and a lot of it. And you, so you just, and you don’t know who’s who. Yeah. And it’s, whether they’re hunting deer or elk sometimes doesn’t matter. It’s pressure. Yeah. Just pressure. And that’s the thing I saw in my hunt was after day three Oh yeah. Everything just turned off nocturnal and Yeah. Barely. Yeah. So that, that happens. And, and when you, when you, it gets compounded when you have things like full moons and when you have things like high pressure, nice sunny bluebird weather the whole time. Yeah. Yeah. You don’t have a reason for deer to get up and down on their feet like you do in rain showers, snow flurries coming and going and get deer up, up and down. The full moon was tough. The full moon was tough. We had, we had very little activity in the day. And you, there was a lot of activity at night. Yeah. Well, and you had sunny blue. So you get a high pressure sunny bluebird weather in November with the full moon. It, it, it can make it tough. And I think that really had something to do with it. I chose a unit with a few less tags and so it was, didn’t have quite like that. And there was, but there’s also a lot less deer.

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So generally when you got high numbers of deer, you got high numbers of deer tags. Yeah. You know, but, and we saw some nice, well, like lot a mature buck, meaning high percentage. If you saw four bucks in a day, three of ’em were mature. Yeah. So high percentage, but low buck numbers did pass a nice buck, you know? Yeah. You’re crazy. I, that’s what did I text you? I said, this is why I need to be there hunting with you. You did. And it’s true. Yeah. You, you would’ve killed that other buck. I would. And I would’ve been good with it. I was like, and I was good with it. Yeah. I would. Yeah. And he had the only thing you could stay with him, he’s had like one slightly weak back fork and he wasn’t even that weak. It just 30, 31 inch heavy. Yeah. And tall and was mid nineties, G two or three, I can’t remember your video, but one of ’em was two or three inches shorter than the other side. So what big open air, long beam. I mean, double igar. Well, and at first I’m like, yeah, that’s a nice buck. You know, I video him and then I’m like, I’m like, fuck, I could be done right now. Like I should shoot this buck, you know? And I’m like, Carter, you’re in Colorado. You are not by yourself.

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I said to Bronson and Bronson’s like, this is why I should be there. This is why I should be with you cleaning up your sloppy seconds. That’s right. Just kill and go kill and go. It about happened four, five years ago when we hunted the other day. I would’ve let you shoot. It passed your buck. I would’ve let you shoot it. And you took, you videoed it for 15 minutes. A 2 0 7 buck. I would’ve let you shoot it out your truck window. Well the thing that, the thing about it is though, you’re just like, and I don’t know, it was maybe your first or second night on the unit too, dude. First morning. Yeah. So, but I remember I was gonna come, I was finishing a sheet pump and I was gonna come, soon as I was done, I’m coming over there and you told me you’re videoing this buck and then you shot it after 30 minutes. I’m like, wow. If I would’ve been there, I probably would’ve, you’d have probably said bro to shoot that. I would’ve, I would’ve, I would’ve remember. I was like, you didn’t know. Now what if we see two 20? I know. And what did we do in the next four or five days? It was terrible. Yeah. It was terrible. Bronson and what, and what happened this year? And it’s kind of the same thing. I wish I would’ve shot that. The same thing.

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And what if he hits the ground? He is a little bigger. Colorado bodies are just giant. Yeah. He was for sure one 90 plus. And he, he could have been scaring two with couple basal points and knows. And he did have that. And, and I love basal points if they get one basal point. I, but that’s why I can’t believe you had a clear double I guard on one side at least that I could see he did. I just, you know, but there again, you’re, anyway, you’re ending the hunt and you’re, what if, well I, I need a lot of consulting. Like, like you, like just like your buck. Well, I would, you pounded a great buck. But I was, I was alone too. When you’re, when you got someone and I’m sending you guys pictures and you guys, and I’m like, go. That must be tempting. Wow. I said, you should go how you got a lot more control. I’m go back. Okay. I better watch this closer. Yeah. I said, look at those basal points. Go back. And if he has legit basal smashing, well that’s the same thing. We need to consult each other once in a while. Well, yeah. When you’re by yourself and then you’ve got it in your mind. You wanna be sticker shocked. You want, you want your dream deer every time to step outta the trees.

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And that’s a 200 inch frame frame of 20 to 30 inches of trash. Okay. Wow. So how many times did that happen? I, I mean, for you a lot more than most, but for most people. Almost never at your, but, but your video when you start to, your video was so blurry. Oh yeah. And when you see a few points, there could be a lot of points. And there was a lot of points. Well, and, and I think that just goes back to don’t, it was on 70 power with my phone scope stretched to the max. Yeah. To get whatever footage. So, so you have digital stretching going on within a 70 power scope with, with, with wind bounce. You can actually look at 70. A lot of ’em, you know, it’s hard to look on max power. But then, so Chris, we’re hunting, then we find a dream buck and a guy takes a crap. Right, right. At the water where the buck likes to frequent. I, I have my B noses up there and I’m and you can’t unsee some things in life. Well, luck. Luckily he had a long shirt on. He, he was sharing. He’s standing up and I can see bare legs and I’m like, oh no. And he’s big old string of toilet paper. And I’m like out in the open, bro. That’s right where the bucket is. Prime time. Prime time. Right. Where the Oh yeah. Yeah.

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Crack of daylight. Crack of daylight. Four or five vehicles were stacked up. Yeah. He had too much. And we’re glassing, we’re up on knob. I mean, you’re anyway. Too much biscuits and gravy. Early in the morning he drove in, in the dark. And then just as soon as it’s getting light, he’s, and then he farmer blew before he got in the freaking samurai. Both, both nostrils dogs out. What does that, what does that most resembled that sound you A deer snorting. A deer snorting telling everybody to run. And Chris, how did the rest of the day go? There were like no deer out. There were Bronson. We went from seeing, you know, 50 deer in that area to two to four. Yeah. Total doze and fawns included. Yep. It was the saddest thing in the world. And you know how we always say the last day’s the best day? No, it was not the best day. It was not the best day. It was the worst day. Yeah. Anyway, whatever. Those are fun experiences. And, and, and can I wait to get back? I cannot wait, wait to get back’s. I can’t wait to get back. You can’t wait. And there’s, I don’t know how many times, and we all have it as hunters, you don’t know what you should have done until it’s too late sometimes. Like maybe you should’ve shot the first one, but you wouldn’t have seen the second one either. N no.

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Yeah. And you learn a little bit more. Your But you wouldn’t seen the second But would’ve if I, if I had to do it like today, I would smash and freaking grab. You would’ve been home by like Tuesday or Wednesday. I’d hero whenever that was. Right. I’d, I’d have been a hero right now. You’ve been, I’m trying to dig out of being a zero. ’cause she’s, it’s the end of the hunting season. She’s the best of the best. The only good thing though, iss, you don’t have a tag right now. It’s all four of your kids. How can she be mad at you? How You don’t even have a tag. I don’t think she’s mad at me. Okay. Well, but she was done. She was done two weeks ago. She was done. And I don’t blame her. She was done when her, I was done Bronson. I know. I was done. You were, you’ve been done. Yeah. Oh, you’ve, you’ve had a grinder of a year. You’ve had a, have We’ve lots of grinders. You killed a couple of very legit deer. But having said had a came, Nevada came, those came for three weeks of Oh yeah. Heck. Well. And even my Colorado was two trips and, and a rainstorm during a nine, during a nine day hate rain during a nine day muzzle loader hunt. ’cause I had a pending Nevada elk hunt ending.

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How, Chris, just tell me how the little bet where you got five bones for doing the muzzle, would you do it again? And was it worth it? Yeah, absolutely. I love it. In fact, maybe I’ll post that buck tomorrow. Let Chris do it or something like that. It was, yeah, it was good. The dare buck. We’ll call him the dare the dare buck. The dare buck. I’ve been waiting for that one to come out. So posted. You experienced it. That’s how bad it is. Chris. That was what, September 18th or 19th? I don’t know when it was. It’s been a grind and it feels like I haven’t breathed since Till till Saturday. Yeah. Saturday, Sunday. And then, and now you’re breathing. Now I’m breathing and then Thanksgiving happens. And then what? Yeah. Another I’m gonna go crush, crush the white till. That’s right. That’s right. I like it. I’m gonna crusher white. Tell us. Yeah, I’m jealous. Go to the, what is it? The Hawkeye state? I don’t know. Iowa. Gotta go to Iowa. Have a good connection. Good friend. Past sheep client that lives there. Just, just kind. Is Iowa, is Iowa with Dems or Republican? What are they? I think it’s a mixture. I don’t, I think a mixture. We need to Google that. ’cause it might, I know where I’m at. It might decide what kind of experience you’re really gonna have there. I’m gonna be seeing hunters staying with hunters.

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So that’s all I care about. I wonder if they have any loaf and jug or come and go. Gas stations tell me. Colorado’s very interesting that way. Have you ever seen no mean you eat, drink and gas up at Loaf and Jug or come and go? Yeah. And who, who thought up those names? Oh my God. Let’s just keep it real. Some funny that didn’t go through a round table discussion. So let’s read a couple reports. So we, Adam, you and I have talked a lot and Chris, you’ve gotten some reports as well. And I’m sure the other guys have because you know, we, we do a lot of consulting and then we want to hear back, right? Like, that’s part of it. Like when you consult, you’re like, man, I want to hear how your hunt went. We mentioned that on a podcast. We got inundated with reports and we love it. It’s awesome. And we’re not going to divulge your identity and your unit. Don’t worry if you ever do that A couple to us. We’re not. Well, I don’t, I no meaning we’re just gonna read a couple. Oh yeah. But we’re not gonna divulge no hide holes secrets. Years of, you know what it took you to find just fun reports. It’s find to, what we like hearing is we kinda say don’t give up. Hunt to the end. Grind it out.

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And then some guys do that and it pans out for ’em. It’s nice to hear. Now you can, Jason, you ended up grinding it out to the last day. It, it didn’t happen. But in in, no, it did it For the sake, for the sake of talking, you did pass two deer over one 90. Okay. And I do lie. And, and so I don’t feel too bad for you. No, I know, I know. And these are all choices. These are all choices. Right. So, and, and we All right. So anyway, isn’t there song called choices? Oh my gosh, there is. I got choices. Yeah. No kidding. I hear voices. Let’s play it. Yeah. Alright. Well anyway, so first I, I wanna read from a guy just says, Hey man, thanks for all the advice this fall. My wife and I hunted such and such unit. Third season, tough dry, warm hunt with sporadic signs of rutt. But we grinded all seven, ended up taking this buck toward the end, screwed up on a quick opportunity on a 180 8. The la at last light, as light was fading bad, a country met tonical people very refreshing from playing the Eastern Plains Colorado fence line game. Oh, I don’t wanna do that. Thanks again. Eastern Plains super awesome. Like it’s just, it’s just awesome to hear, hear back and, and also feel like you’re not the only one with tough, hot dry conditions.

00:24:35:10 –> 00:25:46:12
Which man was it ever Another guy, Hey, such and such unit, third season report, hot, dry, might as well have been summer here in such and such. I can say here in Gunnison, absolute zero snow, no rut activity, tough hunting conditions, heard a lot of little bucks got killed with a couple of big bucks, which there were, but I don’t think it’s been the slaughter. Everyone thought it was gonna be Love the podcast and your guys’ season updates. Good luck. Here’s something, whenever you hear the word Gunnison, and it feels like summer in November because Gunnison is known as watt in Colorado. The ice box. The ice box, right? Well the, the low elevations over 7,500 feet. Okay. It’s known as the more of the coldest places in Colorado. It’s like an heist freaking box. It is. It’s why the deer are prone to winter loss. They get a bunch of snow doesn’t leave. So when people are talking about it feels like summer in Gunnison in November, it’s not great hunting conditions. That’s that’s all you need to hear. It’s Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. That’s a hundred percent right. I mean, I was there last year. You guys were in the cold in the second season and it was like negative seven. Yeah. In the morning. Jeez. Cold. Yeah, it was, it was last year was earlier days.

00:25:46:19 –> 00:26:49:09
It still test testing your radiator fluid, making sure it’s got the right mixture so you crack. Yeah, it was colder last year. I’d have to start my vehicle and like let it run for a long time. Yeah. I’d start my side by side on the trailer and let it run all the way to, to where your door it’s going when get the oil, it’s when we bought seat heaters, Bronson. Yeah. They make ’em for a reason. Well we had another guy ride in and he said, you know, he’s talking about his trip and I just screenshotted the last part of it. But he’s talking about his trip and basically that they had a great phenomenal trip. Saw mature bucks and they were doing it by hiking and getting away from the roads. He says the only, and then I said, what else did you see? The only other buck we saw, let’s see, the only other buck that we saw taken on the entire trip was this one snapped a pick that my brother had jumped while steel hunting didn’t get shot, shot off the next day some road hunters blundered into it and took it down with six shots. This sounds like Chris, this sounds like, and John, John was hanging a, a headlamp in a tree to say, Hey, this is where I’m at. And everybody just gravitated toward the headlamp, stole the tree, stole it.

00:26:49:14 –> 00:28:03:03
So he took the headlamp and said thank you. Anyway, this is the photo in the back of their buggy. There were a lot of PE people we spoke to that weren’t even seeing bucks at all. The bucks we saw. And that we, we had to hike into. Between the three of us we saw a hundred deer and 30 to 40 of those were bucks. And at least six of those were large, mature, excellent quality bucks. And so anyway, kind of a good report on a, on a, an inferior unit, let’s call it. And I think part of his, his his success was hiking, getting away from the roads, you know, so Yeah. But like, I mean that’s, that works in places and like you described Chris, it doesn’t do anything. It was almost, almost worse. You overthought it. Everybody has that same thought process. There’s too many people we gotta hike. And so everybody’s hiking into the same remote locations. Same threequarter mile away off the road canyon. Yeah. Yeah. It just is what it is. Everybody’s working a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. And that country you’re in has incredible genetics. If it was left alone, I mean good. Great. Yeah, it’s it’s pretty sad. I mean they could have some of the most amazing deer. There’s a lot of that in Colorado. But I mean they have a multifaceted approach. We in Utah have our general season for the most part and some limited entry.

00:28:03:10 –> 00:29:07:12
If you had to blend those two, you’re gonna have the same thing. In Utah, you’d have some units where we’re given a thousand tags and others that you give 10. Yeah. And so that happens in Colorado. So you have some of everything. And if you really want to go to Colorado and you got zero to one point, you’re at the mercy of what can I draw with zero one point. And you’re gonna be in a unit with a lot of hunters and have to deal with that. That’s what a zero one point unit’s gonna But you’re in Colorado. You’re in Colorado and it can happen. Yeah. And we all complain about it. Chris, you brought up a really good point. You brought up a really good point where you said, just I think about Colorado, what it was a decade ago. Like any day, any point in time in the day, you could have went and smashed a 4.0. Yeah. And, and, and Josh, he was over there with his whole family. They couldn’t find a buck to shoot for their kids. You know, and, and then they did. It took, but it was a grind. You know what I mean? And I think anyway those, but having said that, that unit’s susceptible to snow mill and it’s a zero to one point unit. I mean it’s a Yeah. There’s a reason over a thousand tag, I dunno. Oh, 1600 haven’t looked them up. Yeah.

00:29:07:12 –> 00:30:11:04
I mean unbelievable. Plus OTC elk. Oh yeah. Yeah. Probably a few late season Antelope and Cal Moose, who knows Here was just a Nevada, a random comment from Nevada. He was in Nevada, hunted some of the low country hunts, some of the burns and the higher stuff for four days. Really wanted to shoot a buck. We ended up taking a nice 160 inch with character. It snowed on us. Dang Tough hunting that unit when it’s 60 degrees and sunny in late October. Anyway, say thanks to you guys listening to the Colorado podcast now. Good luck. Anyway. Just awesome. Bronson, you had a bunch of, a bunch of, you know, just quick comments and things that, you know, reports of how guys are doing. Yeah, a lot. A lot the same. I mean the very common theme was expectations were incredibly high this year for Colorado as they should be. We’ve never seen dates as late as they were going to be for any of the rifle hunts. Second, third, and fourth. I, I consulted a lot of people back in February, march before the deadline that be careful on the four season hunts. ’cause if we get snow and all that, the second and third could wipe out a lot of deer and it doesn’t look like that’s happened. That’s right.

00:30:11:04 –> 00:31:16:00
And maybe if you’re willing to sacrifice your Thanksgiving, which it kind of is frankly, if you got four families and your moms and wives that expect you to be places and now you’re in Colorado, it’s, it may not be all sunshine and rainbows background your house, but it’s probably gonna be a few good rut Hunts kicking off this week in Colorado. I, I think they were running good in the third season, but I think they ended up switching a lot tonight night activity because bluebird sunny weather and full moon. Full moon. And then just the pressure. Yeah. And the normal pressure that’s there. And whenever you get my experience too, whenever you get weather like that, and we see this on the Utah general when it’s B Bluebird all nine days, what do people do? They hunt the whole hunt when it’s crappy weather and slick and snotty. Not only do the deer activity usually go up a little bit at times, but some people, I ain’t going out today. It just weeds some of that out it bad weather. They hunt the first weekend. Like, I’m not going back. It’s gonna be nasty. I’m not hauling my trailer back the mountain or whatever it is. So when it’s bluebird nice, we’re all trying to enjoy camping. It’s our last camping trip for the year. That’s, that’s right.

00:31:16:00 –> 00:32:16:24
And you’re there for nine freaking days, sun up to sundown and you’re, you know, using the bathroom in great hunting spots every morning too. So I mean that happens from some people. Yeah. And people love to camp on the water holes, you know what I mean? Yeah. Like right on the water. Some states that’s illegal, but I don’t know about water a quarter mile from the water. But I mean, I’m just like, why? Why? Well did tell a guy, there was a guy that emailed in and he just said, Hey, you know, we sent an article and it was Hunter legally takes an elk so legally in an urban Hurt. And it, and they had a huge public outcry, basically it looked, it appeared it was like within 10 yards of the boundary like, and he smashed it grabbed and people heard and grabbed it and p and the whole world’s going crazy. There is this Colorado? Yeah, Colorado and his local little, and I said, yeah, you know, legal is legal but it’s not my style. They’d write a ticket if they could, you know, a lot of the towns get hunted across the west and it’s really hard in some of these yuppie towns of Colorado. It’s just, you know what I mean?

00:32:16:24 –> 00:33:26:28
Like, and, and so he’s like, yeah, I just wish that people would be respectful and use a little cautious, it’s not like a giant bull, it’s just, you know what I mean? It’s just a dang nice bull. You know what I mean? And so I said yeah, he says, ah, if you could mention it and, and it’s true folks, I mean just, you know, a little discretion sometimes we get carried away and when hunting’s tough, if it’s legal, you know, you, you wanna smash it and you’re gonna cut in front of your fellow hunter on the ridge in the daylight, take his headlamp out of the tree. So anyway. Oh good stuff. You know, Bronson, Arizona, we should probably mention Arizona did come out with a little something, something kinda odd, kind of weird. The email, if you apply in Arizona, you probably got the email I think on November 19th, last Friday. They’ve concocted a new way to raise some money. That’s basically all it is. It’s kind of a new And they admitted it. Yeah, that’s basically how they called it out a way to generate money to, you know, for some of the programs they’re gonna offer two outcomes. Two, two mule deer hunts and two COOs deer hunts. And most of the, I think all of them are valid in multiple units. The elk are valid in like neighboring units like 1 27 and nine and 10.

00:33:26:28 –> 00:34:40:19
And then the mule deer one mule deer hunt is open in unit 10 17 A and B 19 A and B and 20 a. Another mul to hunt in all the, we’ll call it 39 through 45, the desert units and then a couple cos whitetail hunts and one through 29 through 26. And the other one in 21, 22, 23, 24. These are basically what, $15 entries? I think it said Carter. Yeah. Nonresident, nonresident non 15 per selected hunt number. So you could, and you can apply for six for all six of those. So what’s that 90 bucks if you wanna apply for all six of those hunts? That’s, they have very weird unique season dates. They are all, well not all the elk. Yeah, they all are December elk, 20 elk, mul deer. December 20 to February 15th. Yep. Mul deer. And then the COOs deer January one through February 28th, which are rut hunts. So Yeah. And and they’re only drawing one tag. These are not multiple one in each of the codes. Yeah, yeah. They’re not like you have any hunting pressure. There’s, I don’t know, there could be some. You got archers. Archers and yeah. And maybe some late cow, I don’t know. But these are just a way to make money and give six people something special. World class in winter. Is this within the draw? Like is this gonna apply to your separate? Nope, separate. The deadline to apply is next, all next week. Right.

00:34:40:19 –> 00:35:37:14
Like the 29th through the third or something like that. December 3rd and then, yeah. Oh wow. So November 29th to December 3rd you can, it’s only apply, it’s only like four or five days. So this will be 21, 22 like it. Yeah, you draw, you’re gonna draw a week. 10 days from now you’re gonna do a draw and then you go hunt in December two January and, and yeah, bonus points it will not hurt your points and it doesn’t affect back limits. So normally you can kill one deer in a, in a one year calendar, calendar year period. If you kill your COOs deer on one of these in January, you still apply for Deere in, in Arizona and June. That’s right. So it’s just totally in addition to anything else, no points just we wanna apply 15 bucks. It’s online only next week, Monday through Friday I think. Is that 29th to that’s third right to December 3rd and and they just barely, you know, authorized this in their August meeting. And so it kind of, I mean we’re not listening to those meeting. It feels we’re actually scouting, you know? And so I’m like what they’re, these are not gonna be good drying outs. Just, I mean we can draw one of anything, but it’s a raffle.

00:35:37:14 –> 00:36:47:04
It’s a raffle but it’s just, if you wanna throw in for a couple of those that are pulling to you now, the mule deer, there’s some good opportunities, but it’s not like you’re hunting the kiba or places like that or the straight or anything like that. The couple of white tails are gonna be phenomenal. Both the white tails, arguably some of the best units they have. Yeah. I mean, and even the elk and a, you know, probably have a lot of broken bulls. You’re still gonna hunt for what, two months Carter? Roughly? Dude, you’re talking December 20th to February 15th. I mean you’re two weeks from shedding, you know what I mean? So anyway. Smashing before he’s dropping. Anyway, kind of cool. That’s worth different mentioning. Yeah. Worth mentioning. Just something you might consider doing. We’re busy maybe. Maybe we apply Bronson it, I don’t mind. So I’ll, I’ll for a couple. I don’t mind fund helping fund a state. We usually we’re dreamers usually. I mean we’ll usually throw in for stuff like this, you know. No question. Another thing that we’re starting to get a few calls on as we’re getting back in the office is, is if you’ve hunted Idaho, you’re probably gonna get an email there too that their general season tags for non-residents go sell December 1st. And, and for me, I don’t know, they must have hit send too many times. I got it like six times. Did you? Yeah. At least.

00:36:47:10 –> 00:37:42:27
But you know, you have kids. I know. You know, I don’t know, but I, anybody that’s got an account there is getting an email. Well, like they must have sent, it’s kinda like the Utah Sportsman’s results. I got ’em like three times for all of us. I know, but they want to sell tags they want and they want ’em all gone now. And if they’re gone now we get the revenue right now. Yeah. And so, so they go and sell December 1st, which is again next week. Now some, some hubs, some of these are within that, that morning. And for some of the premier call ’em, can’t call ’em Premier. Okay. Just more coveted, we’ll call it that. Coveted over the counter tax. Yeah, I, I mean goes in the same sentence. Diamond Creek or whatever’s goes like that. And then some of the, some of the deer units. But these are general season now there are still some that you can buy. In fact, we bought some last year in February or March. Yeah. We bought some February and March just to have a dear option. We got Carter got us wound up one afternoon and we went and bought, bought a few and then my schedule got so busy I actually turned it back. Yeah. And they, and I just got a check back. I thought they forgot about me. No I just got a check back.

00:37:42:27 –> 00:38:51:17
Well and they issued, they reissued the tag there to somebody else so you could go buy it. So anyway, they kept a good chunk of it. By the time you hear this, you need to go to Idaho Fish and Game West Side. We’re probably not gonna be here. Well we’ll be here first of next week. But when it comes to picking a unit, you’ve got a, you got a side proximity. There’s no holy grail general season hunt. They just broke ’em up into That’s right. Individual units. It used to be statewide what, a few years ago. Yeah. And then now they’re just individual quotas units with non-resident quotas. Making sure we don’t get more in our fair share. That’s all. So keep it. Yeah. Anyway. Do that. If you wanna put a tag in your pocket for 2022, already have at it next week. Yeah. You could win one. Here we go. Anyway. That we gotta mention it. Just didn’t want anybody to not be on top of it. Yeah. Or that we’re sandbagging hoping we get ’em all for ourselves. ’cause that’s not true. All right, let’s give a couple quick shout outs to some of our sponsors here. And first one’s gonna be the Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear. Oh, love their Bipod. Killed my buck in Idaho because of the Bipod. Did not have time to set up Bare Open Ridge. There’s no tree, there’s no nothing.

00:38:52:03 –> 00:40:09:05
I mean I probably could have laid down, prone on a pack, but man, love their bipod. They have a rear rest as well. Their Gen two extreme Bipods pretty awesome. They get a bunch of different firearm products to be able to help shooting, whether it be short range, long range, whatever. Give ’em a call. 5 4 1 5 2 6 18 20 or rugged ridge outdoor Great products love their, love their bipod. Another one of our sponsors is Hoyt. We’ve talked about this a bunch. How many of us this year got new? Very impressive upgrades with the most of us. Picked the RX five, maybe a couple got the M. But appreciate Hoyt being a sponsor of this point podcast. They’re obviously their name, their reputation is pretty much unparalleled and great gear, always innovative, always looking to improve and make something better, more effective and all that. Appreciate their partnership. Check ’em [email protected] for new lineup. And it’s probably gonna be getting here soon where we’re start to be hearing something in the next for 2022 stuff. Which, you know, I’m not one of those guys that gets a new bow every year, but Jason and I, we both know guys that get the new one. We might be that guy. Why not? Why, why not? I, I didn’t, I didn’t even kill something with my bow this year. I tried, I got my butt kicked, but I tried. It wasn’t the bow’s fault. No.

00:40:09:05 –> 00:41:09:03
Wasn’t no, sometimes it’s just the moment it wasn’t, it’s the moment’s fault. It was not the bow fault. I’m blaming things on the wall. I have more bow than I have shooter. It’s kinda like when the, you say, you know, when you people talk about their wife when they say, Hey, I outkicked my coverage. Yeah, yeah, I did that. I have a bow that can shoot better than I can. Yeah. I’ll freely admit that. Yeah, no, I get it Anyway. All right. We also wanna throw a shout out there to PAC Wheel. Super good dudes. They’ve got an incredible product. You can pack out some major weight. Chris is packing out people. Did you use that Chris? He’s packing out people, man. What do you mean? I’m up and over the curbs. Up and down ditches. I didn’t know if you found somebody in duress in Colorado that was having chest pains and actually wheeled them out. No, he could. One of the, one of the kids, you know, jumped on there. Oh, you actually carried them for a while. They could, but you could haul in trail cameras like crazy. You could haul out meat, you could haul in camps, you could haul in ’em. Yeah. Decent tent and some gear, you know, and they’ll pull you up a hill. There’s guys and then guys are taking spare batteries and don’t even need it. Like, it’s crazy.

00:41:09:08 –> 00:42:19:27
We have a little YouTube clip of that don’t we Chris? We do on our website. Yeah, we do. I did a video on that. So you can go watch that on our YouTube channel. Yeah. But it’s a pretty impressive product. I was definitely surprised when I, when I actually took it out in the field and started using it. I was surprised, pleasantly surprised at how well it works. Yeah, it’s got a twist throttle, high capacity lithium, lithium battery adjustable handlebar, let’s ultra traction tire, stainless steel sprocket and a brake rotor. I mean, you, you need a legit brake on these things, even, especially when you’ve got a load and you’re going downhill. High torque brushless motor. I mean, those are things I don’t know that much about, but they’re pretty [email protected]. They’re not so, they’re not chincy made. That’s the bottom line. They’re, they’re well built. They’re well, you know, even Josh, he took his to New Mexico thinking if I smash a bull, I’m gonna need it. You know? Anyway. Yeah. I’m glad he didn’t have, remember we called, talked him off, we talked him off that ledge. Well, I mean, you’re back, you were like, and you, you, you spoke to his inner core. You’re like, do you love your dad Anyway? How much do you love your dad, Josh? Josh, how much do you love your dad? That’s a brutal question. Anyway, he’s there by your side.

00:42:19:27 –> 00:43:30:18
Yeah, that’s, but you’re about to put him through Hell, that’s, that’s right. So pac go by yours. 8 0 1 9 3 5 4 7 6 4 mentioned. You heard it here on the podcast. Might even treat you a little better. Who knows? Never know. And we are gonna be at the expo, save the date February 10th to the 13th. We’re gonna be there. Even if we have to wear three or four masks, you know, hunt, make sure you, you get scheduled, they’re gonna give away the, the tag five tag again. And I mean you gotta have your name in the house this, this year. There you gotta be in person. Last year we had a, that that requirement was waived and there was probably a big increase in applicants and there’s always a lot of applicants. But, and now with this Covid environment and, and who knows, maybe that, maybe the odds will be a little better. Broughton, you gotta show up in person. It’s gonna be standing room only. It’s gonna be, you think people are tired of not seeing each other? Yep. Yeah. Mix and mingle is gonna be off the charts. I think you’re right. The the desire to, yep. To see game. We’re gonna have a booth full of big animals. I don’t know. Anyway, we’re excited to be there. Hunt, get on there, register, do whatever you gotta do. Say grab a motel there. There’s motels are gonna be jammed. Yeah. February 10 to 13th.

00:43:30:18 –> 00:44:42:07
We’ll have a lot more details later on. We’re gonna have some specials on optics and different other things. And now it’s maybe a few giveaway type things later as that gets closer. But we’re getting excited. This is the application season. Things are ramped up. If you’re not a member here at Epic Outdoors, we, you know, consider becoming a member. We do cover all the western big game states. All, all big game in all the Western states. You can go to epic We’re a hundred bucks a year. We do monthly December through June and bimonthly the remaining part of the year. And just cover all the drawing odds, kill percentages, best units comments, and just crank it. So anyway, and well, one thing I want to, yeah, we want to shut out the hunt giveaway. We’ve already started a new hunt giveaway and that’s kicked off. It’s on our website. But if you’ve either logged in and seen your EAG or you’ve received your paper mag, which they should be showing up any day in the mail for December, we’ve launched our winter 20, 21, 22 membership drive. Just wanna quickly go over that, that process for that. You get a ticket for either joining our service for if you put it off, you listen to the podcast forever and haven’t and figure, well, I’ll do that next year when the application season starts.

00:44:42:09 –> 00:45:55:11
So that I start, when the state issues start coming out, when now’s the time to do that, you’ll also get a ticket for our of, of one of the hunts of your choice. If you join or if you refer a member that joins, you’ll get a ticket in the hunt of your choice. Or you can purchase tickets if you want. You know, there’s ticket packages from $25, a hundred dollars, $2, 500, whatever the hunts are. We’ll just briefly go through those. We’ve got Alaska Doll Sheep Hunt. That is for this year. I believe it’s August nine, opening day, August 10th to the 18th, 2022 with Jonah’s Alaskan Outfitters. Awesome Hunt. Had several members go on that one. We got another one. Another 2022 hunt. We bought these years in advance. Yeah, there’s no other way to book. How would you book a doll? Sheep and a and an awesome. You’re not moose hunt for Alaska right now. You’re not with these, with these guys. No, not with these guys. So we’ve got another 10 day hunt at Alaska Moose Hunt with Dills River Outfitter. September 11 to 20 20, 22. Right in the Rutt. So want you to about it anyway. Pretty awesome. And then we also have another elk hunt on the Akima reservation with 2022. We have your choice of weapons, September 26th to the 30th. Fully paid for, we paid for it in full mal. These $18,000 opportunity there. Just an incredible opportunity.

00:45:55:11 –> 00:47:08:27
We have a great relationship with the Alima good people. The main guy guided our guy this last year. So anyway, and with a great report I heard back and it was awesome. So anyway, we also have a 2022 Utah Mule Deer Hunt. Bronson, when this came available on this particular lease. It’s the best of the best that we know of. Yeah. Or near the very top 5% here in Utah. September 1st of the fifth with a rifle. Yep. This is on a cooperative wildlife management unit. So landowner tag, fully gutted hunts included. So yeah, shit And just, just a unreal opportunity to kill a big o mule deer. So, and then since mule deer or king hard, hard to kill anywhere, we wanted a couple of ’em. And we’ve brought another Nevada 2022 unit, 2 31 mule deer hunt with Greg Krogue and his crew at Mo Unrun, Mount Fitters. Your choice of season, the landowner tag is valid for all seasons. We already bought it. We already bought it and we’ve actually, you know, you’ll, you’ll book your hunt or just basically reserve your hunt with Greg seven days, whichever hunt you want. And for some reason doesn’t work out during that. You still can keep hunting either on your own or with Greg or work that out. But anyway, this is a 2022 hunt. Fully outfitted $19,000 value on that meal. They’re hunting Nevada.

00:47:08:28 –> 00:48:23:00
So the guy that wanted actually stopped in the office with his family, Greg hunted him hard, incredible experience. He couldn’t have been happier. I mean just, I mean he hunted some big deer hunted with a bow. Yeah, he chose archery this last year. So anyway, just, just awesome to have, you know, work with the best of the best and have guys win these type of experiences. We also have a, an a lion hunt in Arizona. It’d be the winter 20 22, 20 23 6 day Arizona with d Dinger Outfitters. Anybody that hunts with these guys learns a ton. They’re incredible. These guys will hunt dry ground in the summer in Arizona. I mean they, they’ve got the best of the best dogs, credible guys, super good people and know what they’re doing. So just ecstatic that we’re giving away a hunt with those guys. Also have the epic optics package. Just a 14,500. I left for a minute bro. I told him, Hey, drum up some, drum up a package for us. He brought back, Hey, leave something up to me I to spend an extra grand. I mean, anyway, but hey, it’s the best of the best. There’s, we, we’ve had a lot of comments on this. Bronson works. People are like, there’s never been an optics P package like this given away ever in one to one person. Well there’s pieces. Alright, but yeah, read it off. I mean this is unbelievable dude.

00:48:23:00 –> 00:49:34:03
It’s a S swirl 95 millimeter scope objective. So the new modular system an A TX or an STX, which would be the angled or straight. So there’s your spot scope eye piece that connects to that 95. Then you got the BTX, which is both eyes, right? Snap, snap off the A TX or STX snap on the, the BTX. Now you’ve got 35 power with both eyes, like a binocular the like a 10 x 42, 3200 dot coms, which are arguably one of the best range finding vinyls you can buy Vortex razor UHD 18 X 56, their highest power wazoo. The razor UHD series. Yeah, awesome tripod mount of vinyl system there. The Zeiss V six three to 18 by 50 millimeter rifle scope. We’ve got it on the shelf. Incredible. Yeah. And the And the zes are incredible. Yeah, I love it. I’ve started putting ’em on every gun. And then we’ve got, we’re giving away Bronsons like let’s throw some stealth cams in there. Cameras. Geez, that’s enough Anyway, 10 cameras, the G 45 NG max twos, we’ve got ’em here in the office and we’re gonna send those to you as well. So that adds up to like 14,005. It’s actually like six or seven and you want it round down. Well you like home. We put home numbers on there.

00:49:34:03 –> 00:50:46:28
But it’s a, a lot of stuff and you’re gonna have, it’s all something you’re probably gonna use and it’s not lightweight stuff meaning That’s right. This isn’t just chincy stuff that Oh I got a bunch of That’s right. You know, stuff I’ll never use this is real world western hunting optics and, and camps. Okay. We also offer for the bonus item, sometimes we do optics, sometimes we do a Nevada deer tag. We’re doing a Nevada deer tag. If you have the 30 ticket option in your cart and checkout it’s $500. You’ll get 30 tickets, which is great value per ticket price as well as getting an option a ticket for the Nevada deer tag. Yeah. So anyway, this is a fully transferable deer tag. Generally valued at 13,000. Sometimes some are going at auction for 17. I mean, yeah, crazy prices. And we just love Nevada ’cause it allows guys to archery muzzle rifle until they kill the deer. And you know, on a good normal moisture gear or good moisture gear. An unbelievable opportunity. Yep. And anyway, cool, cool. You can check out more about what we just ran through [email protected]. But again, if you are a member, consider joining our buddy. Get a ticket in or buy some tickets there.

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And if you’re not a member and you’ve always, you use the podcast or use whatever service we have to some extent on the free end of it, maybe it’s time you, you get the rest of it and be able to participate in it’s a hundred bucks discussions with us on planning and your strategy, picking units that fit you best. You know, and also just using the magazines as a tool to be able to navigate the new changes. We never go to print ever without having the full regulations, you know, digested. And before we go to print, we’re not gonna just rubber stamp something from the year before, send it out to you and have a new change come out that is, you know, monumental change and hey, they’re now chart changing the point fee structure, whatever. Something like that. We always, we pride ourselves on that and that that causes tight turnarounds. It’s causes a lot of stress around here at some at times because we’re waiting, we’re waiting, waiting and, but Bronson, we’re getting older. I don’t know how, how much longer can we handle this stress? Can we get up early in the morning like we do? Well I think if it was anything but hunting, I’d have thrown in the towel. That’s right. But I live for this stuff and I know you do too. We’ve been doing it for three decades. This is all we know and we love it.

00:51:54:12 –> 00:53:02:16
We go through and we take a lot of pride in the publication and, and then staying on top of everything and, and that’s reading everybody’s comments, exciting and keeping track of stuff, you know what I mean? And helping guys and then hearing back and there’s just a lot that goes into, you know, working over these states and getting a feel for what’s going on in the new stuff out there. So anyway. Absolutely. We live for it. Fun time of year. It’s exciting to get a new set of regs and find a change or something new or maybe not, maybe there’s not, but every once in a while there’s something that just gets you wound up about it. Carter even got me to apply for an orx hunt in New Mexico last year, the first time in my life. Who did dual I think. Yeah, we did. I said, well I’m not putting in unless you’re with me because if I have to go, you have to come. Well, okay, so yeah, I’ll eat horse meat. They say it’s the best thing in the world. Literally. Yeah. Say it’s unbelievable. Yeah. Whatever it cool experiences out there. So horse meat, I don’t know. You know, they got long tails. Yeah. Anyway. All right everybody, let’s call it a day. Happy Thanksgiving and we’ll be here in a week after it’s almost application season.