EP 223: Hunting Q&A with the Epic Outdoors Staff Part 1. In this episode we answer the first round of questions sent in by our listeners for the December 2021 Q&A. There is no specific order or topic for the answers. It is always fun to hear form our listeners and to be able to answer their questions directly. If your question isn’t answered remember that this is part 1 and more will follow in upcoming episodes.

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Got pieces of the saddle piece of the Bri I just tack scattered everywhere, all the way down this trail to catch the horses. Hunt a trophy unit once or twice in lifetime. Or hunt a five point unit every five years. Anything to do with Western big games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, and the whole team here at Epic Outdoors. Well, pretty much the whole team, Janet, John will feel left out. Jan is gonna feel left out. Licensed. Appals will feel left out. John will feel left out. But anyway, got Devin, Wyatt, Josh, me, Adam and Chris. How y’all doing today? Good. Wonderful. Wow. Okay. Excellent. Sounds, sounds wonderful. Every time Adam and I are like, Hey y’all going in the podcast room, we get those long faces. But anyway, before we get started, we want to thank Under Armour. By the way, there’s some UA codes online at our website, epic outdoors.com. Go on there, download you some coupons for some reduced 40% reduction, right? 40% off. 40% off. Yeah. Copy and paste code on their website. Copy and paste it. And they expire at the end of the month, don’t they? End of the month. Yeah. So, so anyway, this could be for anything, not just hunting gear. Go on there, get down, you can download some codes, spread ’em out and go buy some gear one way or another. Anyway, it’s pretty awesome.

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Epic outdoors dot com’s, how you get it. We want, we appreciate Under Armour and their support here at Epic Outdoors. One other little shout out Bronson, epic optics, take it away. Well it’s that time of year if you’re, we still got time to ship something for Christmas. If you’re looking for optics, spotting scope, rifle scope, binoculars for yourself, your wife, your kids, your uncles, your kids’, uncles, uncle’s kids, whatever. It doesn’t matter. Give us a call. We can usually even expedite that if needs be. But we’ve got a great selection in stock. We just got a giant shipment of vortex in recently of stuff all across the board. Bunch of new things that we haven’t had for months. So some of the supply chain stuff finally breaking through. So give us a call. We can help you with anything. Al also got stealth cams in stock. If you still got some of those or you want to give those Christmas gift for somebody using ’em next year, give us a call. Be glad to get some optics or trail cameras in your hands. Yeah, Josh, I think you helped a guy with some fusions this morning even. Yeah, yeah we did. We got some cellular cams in stock. Yep. Yeah, send him an email back letting him know.

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I don’t know what he’s gonna be using ’em for or when or what, but we’ve got some in stock and we don’t ask and don’t tell if you don’t want it Anyway. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. Drop us an email [email protected]. What are you smiling about? Could use it for home security, backyard security, home security. I mean I almost put some up there. They actually for that, just from breaking people breaking into cars. Oh, and I thought, I’m gonna put a right here. They’re breaking into cars. Where? In Chicago. And you’re worried about here? No, the lennic over here. Are they really? Downtown? Hey, how about the people stealing Christmas packages from UPS and that off the front porch would be a great use for it. So you’d know instantly. Boom. I like that little video camera when you go push through. Yeah, but if you don’t have that able to go outside and tackle somebody, if you don’t have that knock somebody down in the snow. By the way, we got snow. How about that? For the first time in two months, you should take the day off. Been celebrate been, it’s been two months. We got an early start that got us all our hopes high and we’ve of course all beat to death how warm it’s been for the last two months. And finally got a little bit of normal December weather again. So we think life’s awesome. But it’s still four or five inches of snow.

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Carter and that’s all it’s, I know we need about, it’s a little fluffier than I like, we need about want the heavy, we need 12 to 15 feet to get caught up. Josh, Josh, you drive, you, you drive here. How is the snow up over the mountain? It was actually a little bit sketchy last night. It was snowing hard to the point where you could only see maybe a hundred yards and of the car. Yeah. Kept like confusing you and it was snowing like right in and all of a sudden you just get a weird vertigo feeling. Not know if you’re turning or going straight or going over a hill. It was remind me not to let Josh drive in the snow. Where like you’re going Lightspeed. I know time. Yeah, it’s like that. That old Star Wars game he used to play. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was going slow. I have that clean one owner that, oh yeah. That I drive over and back. Yeah. So no, no dents, no scratches. Dent free. Is that the one you put in neutral at the top and see how far you can go? That’s, that’s the game I play on the way over. See how far I can make it on neutral buddy. That works. The post office that does that. Remember down Black Ridge puts it in neutral one, one of your buddies. I don’t remember who that is. You do too. Pfeiffer.

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Alright, well anyway, I, I can make it, I can make it from the top of 20 all the way to the I 15 without touching the gas. You can. Yep. Just completely cost. Who knows about stuff? You can go through Buck Skin all the way. Yeah. I almost get off at the top. Who would even think to test that playing games. You must have been done with the podcast. It’s just, what else do you do? Games to play? Yeah, you can make it all the way from the top. Try it sometime. Yeah. If you get somebody in front of you, it’s kind of hard. How slow does you end up getting There may be some pretty dirty, you know, you speeds at the top and low speeds at the bottom, but you’re out of cell service. And part of that, and I wanted to bring up something. Wyatt taught me these new vehicles have wifi. Wyatt, take it away. Tell us about that. Yeah, that’s interesting. So I just learned about it. We gotta try it out up there in Montana. And there was places where we did not have cell phone service at all, but had full 4G wifi could run Onyx anywhere. So you could run Onyx in the truck. You can make all your, your little calls, you know your, you gotta pay for for it, whatever. Well, well iPhone calls, what do they call ’em? Chris? iMessage? iMessage. iMessage.

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Calling FaceTiming and that you can’t, my truck had it on the preliminary. You gotta pay for it. It’s not, yeah, it’s just a service. Yeah. But now I didn’t even know it was available. ’cause I’m like, I used mine, it was awesome. When I, when I drive up to the dealership, I’m like, yeah, I know everything about when drive away. Like leave me alone. My kids, this is interesting. Watch movies the whole way. Driving wifi to Monticello from Yeah, without having, having downloaded beforehand. Who, who needs a, I mean, well now we just need the onboard screen there in the truck to just pop up Onyx there so you don’t have to look at the phone. The Onyx. Yeah, this Onyx is interesting. And then also if you get in trouble or whatever, I mean it’s anywhere, right? Satellite service was working everywhere. Yeah. It seemed like it worked a lot of places up there, but relatively flat. I, I don’t know. Yeah, you know here in, you were caught about, they up on basically in Yeah, Canada. Canada border border to the border. So, wow. I’ll have to, I’ll have to check that. Oh four Corolla. See if it’s got wifi. Oh, mineral greens. A little bit of cash that can do anything in this world. Alright, well anyway, it’s kind of interesting. Another thing is, before we get started, you know MOA rifles, they’re awesome sponsor here at Epic Outdoors. We appreciate them.

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I did get an email, they’ve got rifles ready to ship here we are at Christmastime, MOA Extreme Summit, 300, you know, PRC 24 inch barrel polluted. Anyway, ready to ship six and a half pounds. 6.6 pounds. Pretty awesome shooting the ity. Two 12 ELDX. Anyway. And then they’ve got some rifles coming soon within two to four weeks. We were talking about this, who else? A big deal. Pound out rifles in less than a year and a half custom rifles. Yeah, it’s tough these days. So yeah, give him a call on Chris all. I think he also got a promo going with this too. Now if you buy a new rifle, you get what, two boxes of ammo and a hard case for free. Right. And Ammos pretty hard to come by right now. Yeah. So that’s a $700 value. So yeah, if, if you mention the Epic package that you want, the Epic package, then they’ll give you those two free boxes of ammo and a free custom hard case, custom case memory, hard case. Pretty awesome case. A couple hundred bucks too. Fly around, we’re not cheap. Go fly and fly. That’s right. Well anyway, pretty cool. Give him a call. How do we get ahold of ’em? What’s the number there Jason? It’s m moa rifles.com. You can give ’em a holler at 4 0 6 8 6 8 2 8 6 4 m moa rifles.com. So pretty awesome. You can also email [email protected]. I think that’s better number.

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Here’s another number That one’s to that guy direct. Poor guy. Anyway, hey, hit him up. Name’s Ty. Super good dude, I’ve talked to him. But the main number of 5 4 1 5 2 6 18 20 and or [email protected] of course get on MM moa rifles.com, see all the different products they have and mention Epic. Of course. All right, Chris, does that kind of bring us up to speed or do you wanna, that does throw out any other ads? Nope, that does. That’s, that’s good. We’re up to speed. Let’s, I think, let’s get into these questions. Ugh, I, all right, here we go. Chris threw out there last week and he threw out on Instagram. The, the q and a. We’ve done these before and man, we get a wide variety of things and we’re gonna get into that. Maybe not all today. Some of them include maybe possible physical violence, but we’ll, we’ll leave it at that until we read the question. And by the way, we don’t have to read every single question, do we? No, but some of them might. I’d like, I’d like to know the answers to some of those. Okay, well Chris, I don’t know. Or Adam. Adam, why don’t, Adam, you, you kind of facilitate be the mc on this particular podcast. Crank forward on this. I’ll be the Alex Trebek of today. Right. Rest in peace. Alex White, you know, so, you know, that’s Ken Jennings now, or whoever that new Jeopardy holds this say.

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So what would you guys recommend for non-resident meal during Colorado? Hunt a trophy unit once or twice in lifetime. Or hunt a five point unit every five years, or a zero to one point unit? Every couple. Okay. I wanna start with Wyatt and Devon on this. I like that because I know that they’re gonna cover the zero to one point units because they both used their points and both used zero to one this year. And Wyatt used four on that one that I suggested. And he was so mad at me. And we had an amazing, we had an amazing experience compared to their experience this year. I agree. Wyatt, Jason has to throw that in, that it’s not why it’s the worst deer hunt of his life. Go ahead. Why he, he, he says that, but it was a very similar experience. Both, both units. Amnesia those lower point units in Colorado, of course do have higher tag numbers and you’re gonna run to a lot of people. A lot of times they’re over the counter elk that same time of year. So you just have to learn to hunt in and around people and, and kind of tolerate, tolerate that. If you’re gonna look at those zero to one point units, sometimes your friends abandon you after day four. Yeah. Who did that? Sometimes friends go home. Devin, did you come home early? Yeah.

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And there’s a question in here that says something about who’s the most patient, dedicated and patient or whatever. And I would’ve said you until this last hunt. Go ahead. Tell us why you came home. Well, for one, I’d been, he’d been 14 days in Nevada right before that. Okay, alright. Straight two months. You have been And then And guiding and guiding on the, I was getting sunburned daily on a third season. We nearly got shot the first morning. Chris, you heard that ricochet. Yeah. And there was more come after he left buck’s dying all, I mean, we’re like, oh, there’s a three point boom smack dead boom. Bullets flying there, there was a day there. Something that was wounded though. And then they, the buck comes up by you guys. Yeah. In the, in the scope on my phone scope. I am watching this buck. We had it bedded. And then you see orange come into my scope right behind. And he pounds a bug that, that day we watched four different dare die that day. Yeah. Like in our, in our optics looking, we watched four different bucks get killed that day. The only one that sort. So this is a good experience. There’s bucks everywhere. I mean, I’m taking this in. That’s the point. The only one that survived was a two point. And it was betted at from, from the start. We betted at daylight. I, that’s good genetics. I glossed it up.

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Beded. That buck’s gonna be, nobody killed nobody. Nobody killed that deer. He’s gonna live till he is eight. I didn’t even tell you guys this. I, I was up on top and I saw a three point with some dos come out like, and it’s the dumbest deer in the world. You’re like the poor deer. And all of a sudden I hear B coming up the road behind me and I get off the road, I’m like, get outta here. You know, I chased him into the trees. Because you were harassing wildlife. Yes. They would’ve been smoked, saved his life. No question. We had what that one buck had three different groups of hunters shoot at it that morning. Oh yeah. Coming up the ridge to us when it ran past us. So right before, why you, let’s call it prec scouted. ’cause my wife loves that. But you prec scouted and maybe you two Devin. We both did. Did we? We both. Both, yeah. This is an interesting fact. And you guys saw good buck 27 or so? Yeah, I saw two, two nice four points. Just, just four points. And you’re like, this is gonna be the best hunt in the world. There’s no people, I didn’t think best hunt in the world, but I think, hey, we’re finding these bucks now a decent, we’ll turn up some decent bucks in this year. There’s a skiff of snow and the dates, it’s only need later. Yeah.

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And me and Wyatt go out, you know, first we weren’t first light, but we were, it was early. We didn’t see a soul. And I asked Wyatt, I said, are we supposed to even be here? Like, is Onyx wrong? Did they shut this place down? We didn’t see a soul till what, one o’clock noon. And then it was, and then it was a mad house. The place is run by Democrats. They could have shut it down. They came alive. I guess my point is, we were there the day before the hunt and it was just pristine buck wt found bugs, drove up the snow. Devin went up, I went down and around. Neither of us had tracks over ours anywhere near ours. Like nobody came in there, came in there at all. Just perfect. Seeing box wide open hillsides box on this is gonna be awesome. So opening morning, you wake up headlights everywhere. Everywhere. You couldn’t look a direction without headlights coming, coming your way. Wow. Well so, so in summary That’s right. A zero to one point unit. You’re gonna deal with some people, you guys, you’re gonna deal with people, you’re gonna deal with people. But I still felt like with snow, a big normal snow and you know, the places we hunted, it could have happened. Everybody most definitely it could happen. Whip up on the two and threes and then the last three to four days, it could have been amazing.

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Yeah. I think if you, you went every year and figured a place out, I think it could happen for sure. Well, a few years ago, John and I did that. Both of us Drew and different unit, a different different unit. Easy draw, but little, but it’s the same thing. Easy draw tons of people. And it, it was like that for the first several days and it was terrible and terrible. But by the last two days, all of a sudden we started seeing bug and both of us ended up killing good bucks. Yeah. They, they weren’t giants, but they were both good bucks. John’s was mid one seventies. And so, so it’s, it’s one of those things, if you go and you’re there consistently year after year, it can happen. So I think that’s probably the key to key in on. We’ll, we’ll, we’ll knock the top part of it out. Should you wait for a trophy hunt once or twice in a lifetime? No, we’re gonna, no we shouldn’t. Absolutely not. Colorado with nothing is so top heavy right now that, that is worth the weight. Now for you that have 20 plus points, it’s a crap shoot. You know, pick one and get rid of ’em. We probably, we had guys, Bronson, we had guys with 24 points that had the same experience these guys had. Yeah. Not the numbers of people, but the same quality. Yeah. Didn’t, didn’t a tough year shoot.

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So in general, I would say that three to seven point range, I mean, some years you can’t go because you’re gonna do something in another state that you do a point that year. But regular intervals, and there’s turnback tags, there’s landowner tags. Try to be in Colorado as often as you can. I don’t like to go to zero one point units anymore, just ’cause I, I, I’ve done those a lot and I’m getting older and I value my years in Colorado and I don’t want another one to slip away. And having said that, let’s move on. So I think using, I agree with you guys, three to seven years, every three to seven, and then you could draw a second choice tag. I even drew one this year and then turned it back and got a refund and gained a point. So, I mean, it’s getting harder to do that, but I did it and, you know, and then picked up a landowner tag. So more often, yeah, you go 4, 5, 6, 7 hunts in Colorado versus one or two in your life, you know, way better. Alright, Jason, this is for you. Oh, I haven’t looked at this question. Have you killed the 200 inch buck in the high country? I guess I’ll, I’m gonna define that arbitrarily as 10,000 feet above. Oh yes. No, I’m, have I, well, I, I’m, I’m, I don’t know. I don’t think I have or backpack hunt. I don’t think so.

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So I know you’ve backpack sounds well a backpack, but in the high country, probably half killed. How about you’d killed a few in Colorado that were higher elevation? Yeah, they’re higher range is 7,800 feet. That 2 0 7, which one? You know, the, the 30, the wide one. That’s how you know, you have two to describe it to you. I mean Yeah, that’s, let’s call that 8,500 feet. Right? The blank stare from Cardone. You say, you know, 2 0 7, the hook cheater. He’s like, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have a couple right there in the rafters. That’s the one that’s hanging in the bathroom behind the shower. That was Texas Mountain Unit 21 fellas that I remember very well. That was the one that had the kids make knife handles out of, you guys are rude. So I, I guess I don’t think he had, I think we’re traditionally thinking high country, probably like a G or h or early season Colorado. No. Nope. That’s just not, I even did originate this year. I, yeah. And I tried to kill one. I didn’t see one, so I guess the answer’s no. But he hasn’t tried. But in, in your defense, probably, by the way, there’s a lot of young deer you have in route Wyoming right now. A lot of young deer and Bronson and Idaho too, huh? Absolutely. I haven’t killed, if they have another mild deer.

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Deer, maybe we need to, to make that a goal. But I’m thinking like, there’s not a lot of high country around here. No, it’s Utah. We don’t really have that. I, I mean we don’t, I mean you can’t even say like the Henry’s or, you know, our general, general unit San on Bajo is not really because it’s accessible. Wasatch extended those, some of those guys are beaver, those basins where they’re hiking, hiking into. But it’s also the pit Juniper telling me I’m missing the boat. Sage, Nevada boat on the Wasatch extended. Yeah. Well, I’m not missing the boat. I’ve said it could be a pretty cool hunt. I’ve hunted a few times and been on some good deer up there. It’s pretty legit. Yeah. Yeah. I know. I told my kids about it, but, but it’s kind of a physical Yeah. Physical unit. It’s for some people it’s just not for me. How’s that? It’s just late. I don’t know. Well, it’s late. I don’t hit the gym enough to go hunt that place. Moving right along. Talk you. Come on. All right. All right. Here’s one we’ve had a couple people ask and I guess we’ll, we’ll address this now that Jason, part of this is for you and I guess Chris and I and John that had a former life, had a few questions about, had a life for or former former, a former, not a form of life. A former life.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah. Where’s Garth now? What’s he up to? So, Garth Carter. Yeah. Jason’s dad. And we get him on a podcast answer that can Yeah. Guy wants, let’s hit him on a podcast. No, that’s, lemme tell you that’s not happen. Let me just, lemme just preface that with I’ll bet he’s never listened to a podcast. No. Ever. No he hasn’t. So, and he may still have a flip phone. Yep. And so what’s he doing now? And Jason, do you hunt with him? So just, just tell, tell the world. Well, I just think Gar Garth how plan, what happened? Well, well he has, and this goes along with us getting older, Bronson. I mean, we used to laugh at some different things, you know, people that we knew that were older and have little, little habits and things. But he likes doing the same hunts that he’s done. He’s got his favorite lineup. And nowadays that he’s not making a living in the hunting industry. He wants to do exactly what he wants to do, hunt these particular hunts and maybe not even venture out and learn new stuff. ’cause he doesn’t need to. You know what I mean? Yeah. Mike’s what he wants to do. So Yeah, he’s still hunting and cranking. Don’t even think he’s taking photos of his trophies. So, and he doesn’t need to. Right.

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Like who you, I mean, you’re not in the publication industry or you know, out in the public eye. So anyway, lucky some point Bronson, we’re gonna be there. Yeah. And you’re gonna just take pictures or we’re not, you get to choose. Right? I don’t know. Nowadays you gotta take pictures and video or it didn’t happen. Yep. In our stage of life. So what do you guys think about that bottom line? No. When you get older, are you gonna take pictures of everything and, and publish it or no? Why? Yeah. I, I don’t see a point to, I guess. No. Yeah, you just don’t have to at some point you don’t really, yeah. Don’t need to hunt for yourself, you know, don’t to, and we do, we hunt for ourselves, but still feel like you wanna share it anyway. Who knows. Yep. To button that up. Maybe just slightly, you know, when Garth chose to sell hunting full off, obviously we, you know, weren’t part of that. Went a different direction, had to start ground zero and we launched Epic Outdoors and this is our thing. That was Garth’s thing. That was his sellout. And we also all had a little bit different longevity. We weren’t, you know, we were 30 something year olds at the time and we’re glad to be up and running, doing our thing. Now Garth’s retired and yeah, I don’t think any of us really seen him. We around we’re Bob Robinson.

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That was a long time ago. Yep. That is. And I don’t, I don’t think he’s it 10 years even been on their own podcast, hf. No, no, I don’t think so. Puts out a podcast once in a while and anyway, he’s not even been on there, so don’t just being retired, I guess. Don, I don’t think we’re getting him on here. He is. Been retired. What’s the person, Jason? Is he 70, 69, 70? Almost. Almost. Almost. Yeah. Yeah, something like that. And does, you know, a lot of vacationing and then hunt’s. Exactly. He’s been retired hunt’s exactly what he wants to do, which yeah. Hashtag life goals, you know what I’m saying? Some point be nice just to, I I’ve got my place and I kill a 200 every single year. What, what would be wrong with that? Yeah, that’s right. Okay, moving on. Next question. What are some things that keep you guys motivated to keep hunting hard when conditions are less than ideal? That, does that not sum up? 2021? Yeah, 2021. I mean, that’s 2021. I can’t wait for January 1st. How about you guys? For all intents and purposes, it is because we’re done hunting and so bring it all. So let’s go around the table. I I wanna start first. So, ’cause I’m gonna lose this idea. What keeps me going is knowing that everybody else is going through the same pain and suffering.

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So the text logs, the Instagram, if everybody’s going through it and we’re all struggling, I’m like, all right, if we’re all struggling, it’s not just me. It’s not just my unit. Okay. But what if I’m gonna, I’m gonna flip it. What if, what if it is just you? It’s an awesome year and you’re having grinders and they’re not having it. How do you keep motivated? It’s, it’s an awesome year. Ah, don’t know. Okay. Well I’m just, okay now that’s for you Devon. You’re next. I had this happen quite a couple times this year. It was not an awesome year. I always, in my mind, I always think like, first of all, you only have so many deer tags in your life. You only have so many Septembers, Novembers, whatever. And it’s like, and I think, I think all year about going out and hunting. I’m here now. I got, I’m gonna enjoy it. I’m gonna enjoy it because in say March, I’m gonna be wishing you were back in 2021. A terrible year if if it sucked. Yep. That that’s me. It’s me. It’s like, I know when the hunts are over, I’m gonna miss being hunting. Even even the rough days, like when you’re at your desk pub, we’re cranking through the statistics for Yeah, yesterday. The day before. Day before. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I agree. I missed it. That’s what I, and what I think Devon’s good at grind.

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What I think Devon’s good at is, is turning off his phone but blaming it on bad cell service. He enjoys every day and he’ll be hunting by himself. Oh yeah. We have 10 days in a row with no service. Supposedly we have group, we have group texts and he, we, I literally have to ask, usually I turn to Wyatt. They’re little Wyatt better. He’s been good friends since high school. The Wyatt answers the phone. I said, have is Devon alive? How many times have I asked you that they’ll be hunting together. And Devon will say, sorry guys, there’s some bad sales service. And why it’s replying every day. Why it’s posted on Instagram. Why, why it’s got TikTok videos going out every three hours. Why download movies every day? Hey, hey. And Devon has no service in my defense. This, this is flip phone have different areas. I’m just that way when I’m out there focused, I am focused. Like, and I don’t try to be that way. It’s just how I look up. I look up to you for that. I honestly, when I’m out, I’m gotten better at that as I get older too. I agree. I kind of, I just kind of go be there and I try not. And I, I’ve tried to do the opposite. I’ve tried to get better at looking at emails or calling or updating people.

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But like, ’cause usually when I’m there I’m just, that’s, and so nowadays too, it’s hard with social media ’cause you’re, you’re keeping track of things. When you’re bored for a minute in the truck, you’ll scroll and it’s nice to compartmentalize Kate, maybe tonight, I, I don’t look at my phone until 6:00 PM I’ve dinner. I’ve gotten more of that or whatever. Or if I’m gone for a week, I’ll wait till I get home. Just ’cause Well, and, and I have a Instagram that Aaron and I look at the same one through Bronson outfitting. So if he looks at something, it’s not now fresh. Right. And so it’s, it’s a little bit different because you guys share the Instagram. Yeah. Well I, I’ve had it for years, but Aaron, Aaron jumps on that one. Just, I don’t know, I didn’t make one. So he jumps on the Bronson outfitting and he’ll look at it. So all the fresh stuff is gone. And I’m like, wow, nothing happened. And I got all, I gotta look at this. I gotta look at the older stuff to see stuff I really haven’t seen yet. So it’s a little, anyway, yeah, that’s a first world freaking problem right there we’re talking about. But anyway, first world, it’s, it’s good though because it, it can mess with your head when you’re out. You know, I had it when we were in Nevada, we didn’t have very good service.

00:25:21:21 –> 00:26:21:17
I mean, you had service it boost or whatever. I didn’t, or different companies or whatever. I didn’t, I’m telling you to come look at a buck and then loading up these guys, these guys are replying. And you, you but you had a different provider. Yeah, I did. What was your, what was your I had at and t or whatever you had Verizon and I just didn’t have service. But it was actually, it was refreshing not to get caught up in that crap. ’cause I’ve been caught up in it to the point before where I found myself at a glassing point Prime addiction. You were doing a 12 step program prime time and you’re flipping through and you’re like, I’m hunting, what am I doing? Looking prime media or whatever. Yeah. So doing that kind of unplugging for a week. And, and, and at the same time too, as you’re going, like you were saying Adam, if everybody else is having success, if you’re flipping through Instagram, I’m like, oh this Joe Blow killed a deer and this guy killed a deer. It’s the highlight reel. It unplugs. Yeah, exactly. With the new photos you’re making one fifties look 180. Yeah. And you’re like, man, everybody’s smashing giants but me and you think that everybody else is having these great, wonderful hunts when they’re, they’re actually not. And then you focused and smashed one in one hour, the first hour you were there. Yeah.

00:26:21:17 –> 00:27:14:06
Because you were focused. Yeah. I mean you, you have, you have complete luck come your way. I’m pretty sure there’s no one who gets service where you were. Probably Yeah. You made a lot of people feel bad. Yeah, man, we’re having the worst time of our lives and Josh walks in rolls in one hour. He didn’t even have to really unload his tent if he, no, I could have, I could have glassed that buck from the door of my tent if I really wanted to. Probably. But, but it was lucky. Yeah. But the thing is, I, you know, you had some grinders before that and that’s what I, that’s what keeps me going. They average, they’ll average out during those grinders is you just think all you, all it takes is 20 seconds of luck and then you’re, and it’s gonna change for you. I, I look at even third season when I went back with my wife and kids, it was a seven day grind and of epic, probably the worst proportions on that. Probably worst hunt I’ve ever had. How my kids even stayed positive personally. I would’ve maybe been in Devon’s shoes had I had maybe the hunts before that go. I would’ve just been like, there’s nothing here for me to leave.

00:27:14:22 –> 00:28:17:03
But then it just so happens at 1130 on day seven, great big buck comes walking outta the aspens, you know, chasing a dough, a buck that you would shoot on most any unit. And you know, we couldn’t get it to happen before he got on private and trying to get kids on guns and things like that. But I, I feel like if it would’ve been my tag, I probably could’ve killed him easily. But it’s just that 20 seconds of luck there’s a window. Yeah. We didn’t do anything different than any other day. Nothing was, the wind was still blowing a million miles an hour, still cold. It was still just brutal. Like we’ve had the last seven days, nothing changed other than that. 20 seconds of luck of being in the right spot. And so that’s what keeps me going is to know that hey, at some point I’m gonna roll up on a deer that’s out there feeding. And it could have high, it was the seventh day, the last day. Yeah. Of the worst hunt of your life. Yeah. So moral of the story. Stay till the seventh last day, last night. If you, if you, if you aren’t gonna lose your job or your marriage. Marriage, yeah, it’s true. Jobs come and go. Marriages probably need to really pay attention to. And they were there with me. So it’s okay. But I don’t know.

00:28:17:03 –> 00:29:19:12
That’s what, that’s what I have to just think about at times is really just think about it. There’s gonna be a 20 seconds of luck at some point and you can’t have that if you’re driving home. Well there was a giant kill on second season, the last 10 minutes of the last day. And I’m like, and it, you know, just knowing that I just, it kind of was fresh in my mind. I was like, I’m gonna hunt the last, very last minute of my hunt. And I hunted the very last minute part part because people made it happen the last day. I hunted elk for 20 days and I didn’t, that was my best opportunity was the last literal five minutes of 20 days. There you go. That’s a good event in the battle. And you had a great tag and you knew the potential. She had passed a lot of bulls but you weren’t shooting an inferior bull. ’cause this is a once a lifetime type tag. Yeah. And you got, I had killed a bull. I, you know, earlier in Colorado. Great bull. Yeah. So That’ss a good point. I wanna add to what Josh said too. For, for me, if it’s a bigger unit with a lot of area, I’ll go somewhere and I’m okay if I fail, you know, I’ll go try a new place. ’cause you’re hunting new stuff and just like you said, 20 seconds, one little quay patch.

00:29:19:26 –> 00:30:20:22
You never know Colorado. That’s part of the issue for me. I went to the same place three days in a row. ’cause that’s the only place I could go. And it’s, that was tough. Yes, I, but it could still happen. It’s just mentally for me to get the same stuff that’s tough. Small unit or, or and you, you might not get that 20 seconds of luck either. You might go home with, but, but I feel like if you do that, you know, you felt like you put it all out there on the table and, and you maybe there’ll be some regrets here or there a little bit. But you did everything you could to put yourself in that situation to have that little bit of love. I had Jana tell me once, she’s on one of the hunts this year. She said, just, just stay and keep grinding because you’re gonna, you, you wanna leave it all out there so you don’t have any regrets. You know what I mean? When you come home and you’re refreshed and showered and oh, after, after a night in your own bed and a shower, you, you’re like, man, you wishing you hadn’t driven seven hours that’s right home and got home kind of crazy. Well, I had a guy, I had a guy in Idaho, he’s grinding out of late archery and he’s like, what? I mean I’ve hunted this often. Like what could I do different?

00:30:20:23 –> 00:31:27:00
I mean, it’s just miserable. I’ve never seen it like this. And at the end of the phone call by the end of it, I mean I hadn’t hunted this unit, so I kind of had to wrap my head around it. But anyway, by the end of it, it’s, you know, kinda like everywhere else is, there’s, there was deer on the winter range where you’d expect in this time of year. And then there was deer at 10,000 feet because where you wouldn’t expect them because there’s no moisture, no, no snow. And so they’re scattered. There’s a sprinkling throughout. There’s no concentration of pie, no concentration in the middle, no concentration at the bottom, but there’s a few everywhere. So I told him, I said, you know, I would do something different that you’ve never done before. Go do some weird stuff. ’cause you figure you’re gonna eat your tag anyway. Go do something weird and learn stuff you’ve never hunted before. And maybe you’re gonna find an 8-year-old that’s not been hunted because nobody usually hunts those areas. I don’t know. You can’t do anything wrong. So go learn something and, and maybe something gives, right? Maybe, maybe just you learn something for the, for the next time you hunted or whatever. You probably gonna eat it anyway. So this is good years to experiment a little bit. All right. Y well I was just gonna basically, Paul like really touched on what I was gonna say.

00:31:27:00 –> 00:32:32:28
It just can’t happen if you’re not there. I mean, you’re, you’re not gonna kill a, a big deer if you’re not out there in the woods where, where the big deer live and you know, years of guiding and hunting with people. It’s just, it’s amazing how fast a mediocre hunt can turn to a phenomenal hunt. 30 seconds. Like, like they, you guys have said. It just takes, takes that being there and in the right time. Yep. Okay. I like it. How many times if any of us killed on the last day? I know I have. I I, there was one in Colorado. I was there the whole time. I was actually there 18 days and between scouting and hunting. And I didn’t kill till the very last evening as it was starting to get close to the last shooting light. And it just, it can happen anytime. These sweet. Yep. Keep it going and you’re gonna miss, you’re, when it’s over, you’re gonna miss it. So, all right. Why haven’t we had a decent hunt report rundown of Jason’s late archery elk outcome in Arizona A year or two ago, bro said, I knew I shouldn’t have allowed you to be the mc. Hey, I am doing my job. I would’ve, I skipped a paycheck, I would’ve skipped, I need a paycheck. I’ve skipped this one. I need it. So lemme do my job. Not predicated on this. Lemme do my job.

00:32:34:02 –> 00:33:48:23
It’s a hunt that’s probably been on a few keen hunter’s radar. They do have, let’s say a handful, three to four of those late hunts in Arizona. It’s important also, this subscriber says, important to learn from the hunts that didn’t see a giant or have an opportunity or to cut a tag on. And if we have ever talked about, if all we ever talked about is successful hunts, people’s views and expectations on many hunts might be a little misguided. Keep up the great work fellas. I think we do a pretty good job here about keeping it real, about getting our butts kit. ’cause all year long it feels like the word grinder, butt kicker, whatever else has come. We we’re freely saying that, so I don’t think we try to only talk about that. But since they talked about a specific hunt that this is the case. Jason, you had minimal points and 10 and it’s a 10, it’s a, well I had 10 and I broke a point boosted Clint. Holy cow, I forgot you had that many. Nevermind. That’s chicken feed. And there’s something, there’s sometimes, there’s sometimes that we’re entitled to sell privacy even though we’re in the public eye. And sometimes you get talked into doing some things like Clint had just drawn the unit an early, the one only Danny smashed a 400, 3 95, whatever it was, six point. Okay. And then says, let’s just go hunt November.

00:33:48:25 –> 00:35:01:19
Now this unit 23, I think is before the late rifle. Yeah, it’s the archery hunt. It’s which which is, it’s a kind of a unique, that’s why it’s timeframe Interesting. That’s why it’s interesting you get a hunt still November. But tell us about that experience in 60 seconds or less. Well I just think th I learned a lot on this one and I’ve hunted K deer in 23. So I was, and I saw big bulls. I saw good bulls, especially on the north, north part of it. I, we concentrate in the south part. Generally speaking, it seems like the biggest bulls are in the south part and sometimes you get those res bulls coming over, but you need local knowledge. You need local knowledge. So I learned a couple things. You need local knowledge and that country is so freaking thick. It’s got manzanita up to your chest and it’s so thick you’re not gonna spot in stock. You’re just not gonna in a lot of it. And so you hunt off, a lot of guys will hunt, you know, put blinds on salt or water and down there it was hot. It’s, it’s, you know, a lot of desert country and so that can work. And so anyway, I, yeah, it was a different experience. We did have some help of some local knowledge and, and didn’t, didn’t work out.

00:35:01:19 –> 00:35:57:16
Like I thought it would’ve been, I mean when we got there we ended up having to start up putting up the cameras, used all of my blinds and whatnot. The guy still has one of my blinds and I just feel like we started on the left foot. We didn’t, we didn’t really start cranking it. We had to kind of get, get rolling and you know, he had some cameras set up but we didn’t even, I don’t know why we didn’t, we didn’t check he wasn’t checking ’em, but I don’t know where all his cameras are. Sure enough, I mean there’s a three 80 bull looking salt three days in a row, two in the afternoon at four in the afternoon. And I’m just like, so I just feel like this was one of those hunts that just, were you g glassing big bulls up during the hunt. Well gla not giants, but good bulls. But again, no way to get to ’em. Like I’m not gonna get their on ground. These are long, it’s a great unit for long range rifle. Yeah. And so I would, we would’ve done better. Like hindsight, I wanna hunt the biggest of the biggest, but in hindsight you’d be better on the north half. Like you can spot in stocking easier. Yeah. Okay.

00:35:57:20 –> 00:37:04:22
And then, and then other than that you’re kind of, you know, you’re, you’re in a blind on, on solar water and which is legal and, and which is a, again, it’s just one of those things I think you need local knowledge. The stock ability was different and I don’t know, I learned a lot off that hunt. But again, it’s 10 points in another three to four years you’re looking at having archery options and different things. And so in the September season, yeah, yeah. I was a little, a little sober, sobering and, and maybe, you know, made a bad choice there and, and, but I did it and I made a lot of bad choices in my life. Bronson, I have, I have you and all y’all, y’all know I’ve had lots of tags and I don’t want to talk about every one of ’em. Oh okay. But anyway, you said as if we knew and well you do know. I don’t, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Yeah, you do. Okay. I had okay. Seven deer tags this year. Okay. Seemed like all seven bad choices. We’ll, alright, the good anyway, thing about the paper they’re printed on, it has that waxy surface to make them waterproof. It’s good fire starter. Yeah it’s waterproof. Good fire starter. You could use it multiple times. Yeah, that’s right. So anyway, you can wash it, reuse it.

00:37:04:29 –> 00:38:01:15
Alright, so anyway, that’s kind of, I don’t know there, it’s one of those things, what I’ve learned, my takeaway, no secrets, but that is, that’s a grind. My takeaway is, is hire somebody that’s got your best interest in mind that will work his guts out and because it’s well worth the money or have a lot of time, you need the local knowledge or have a lot of time and there’s some places that are stackable and some that aren’t. And I think when you look at, you say this is how it’s best effectively hunted. And if you don’t like that, we need to go to a different party that you should go to the other spot in stock side. Yeah, that’s right. You learn but you learned that after hunt, not you don’t until it’s too late. Yeah. But, but anyway. So there you have it. Good. We both ate our tags and call it a day. Okay. Alright, moving on. Okay, let’s, I, I need to come up with one of these questions. Chris, what do you mean help me? Help me by the end of the podcast. Just something for you. Just I should have been thinking a little something, something. I don’t know what, well there might be one for me. I’m just going down and straight over. Well I know that there are some for you but like one of these that Why don’t we hear about your bad shizz.

00:38:04:09 –> 00:39:17:16
Hey you’re stressing me out. I don’t like it. Okay. Alright, keep going. What should non-residents be doing sitting in that 10 point range in Colorado? Hoping to get hunt for decent bucks, be good to get the guy’s opinions. Seems age class is getting smashed and older bucks you’re getting harder to find each year. Go early arch of your muzzle loader or early rifle up high for the first crack at them. Question mark. Throwing that out as an alternative. I think I’ll lead it off. Hell yeah, I think that’s a pretty good early option. Honestly. Which one? Archery muzzle loader early rifle. Okay. They’re way underappreciated in Colorado way now there are some muzz loader hunts that due to low tag numbers like 20 take 15 points to draw the deer tag. And I’m not talking about those but in general terms, archery, muzzle loader. But there’s a lot that you can go hunt if you have the time to go spend some time early. That’s probably the biggest key to show up. You can show up and get luckier easier on a second or third season I think then you can show up and just get lucky. I like showing up and getting lucky. I like that. Okay. So that’s why we all normally gravitate to Colorado on rifle hunts later because we’re busy in September and October doing other things. We show up there and hope the snow and deer have moved down.

00:39:18:02 –> 00:40:23:09
But absolutely if you can carve some time out of a schedule into archery or muzzle or early rifle up high and and go over there in mid to late August and scout it, it will be a good hunt in many units. And I think to add onto that, there are units that are not fund archery and muzzle hunt Bronson. Oh yeah. You took put part in one. Yeah. There’s some that are thick and it’s so thick and it goes back to what part of my answer on the other question. There’s some stuff that is just not stock glass stackable. You know, we glass ’em, bed ’em and stock ’em. Yeah. That’s what we do out here by our house. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like 68 archery muzzle. That’s not, doesn’t strike me as an awesome, no archery muzzle in most places. There’s some high above Timberland stuff and they do have some open parts. There’s a lot of mid thick, thick country in that unit that I just think not every unit but but units and the country. You had, you said lot of and you admittedly you came back and you said, I’m not sure I’d go back and do that one. Yeah, it was just a little bit tougher in our style, our style of hunting spot stalk bed, a deer get on rather than sit a ridge and wait for a a, a deer.

00:40:23:12 –> 00:41:26:25
It’s like I’m hunting a white tail over there at times. So waiting for deer to feed out. And so our opinions, I mean obviously those, like you said underappreciated, go do that and have first crack at him. That’s awesome. Especially a year. Like this year I’ve got a good buddy that does always does. Second or third he is gonna do muzzle and have first crack at him. And I think there’s some merit to that. Yeah. Especially if you got the time to scout. But anyway, you guys want to jump in on that? Well, coming back to his question with 10 points, all our answers are use them. Use them. Yeah. The, the threat didn’t happen and there, this may get to it later, we didn’t have the weather to crush a giant age class this year collectively across the state. It didn’t happen. We, it dodged a bullet. But normally you would say it dodged a bullet. But I’m wondering like maybe they’re not there big. The big question is are they even there or have we hunted them in the rutt for the last 20 years? So dang hard with all the new age stuff, hunting stuff and, and even style it feels people, maybe it’s this Biden era, but it feels like people have more time Bron and then they’ve ever had they have more time and more money and more vacation time. Tell me I’m wrong. Yeah, i I mean more here.

00:41:26:25 –> 00:42:29:28
People definitely have have switched to Colorado as a mule deer destination over the last 15 years instead of, and they put a lot of resources into it. Time. Yeah. Energy. Well and naturally when you burn double digit points yeah you’re gonna do that. And so it’s had a lot of attention by a lot of very serious deer hunters for a lot of years. So use them. Not to say there’s not good options for second, third. ’cause there is, yeah, don’t think like that 10 point range, that’s all it’s gonna get you. Oh heck. A lot of great second season options. Lots, lots not as many thirds. I, I will free admit that you guys, you guys have anything to add to that? No, I think you hit that one pretty well. Okay. I think too, I had a guy while we’re talking about Colorado, I had a guy ask me, are they gonna be point banking again? They one year they allowed the point bacon if if unit took years points and you had 10, you’d come out with seven an attack. Not gonna happen. We haven’t even heard of anybody even breathing a word of that. Don’t see that happening. Having said that, if a unit takes five and you have 10 go like and you wanna go to the five point unit freaking go and and waste the five points. So everybody, it’s hard to feel like you’re wasting it.

00:42:29:29 –> 00:43:27:00
I don’t wanna waste the five points. Maybe I can get a better unit if I can speak in there with nine or something like that and make the absolute best bang for my buck. Best bang. We have cover bucks with two and three points. The best bang for your buck isn’t necessarily using a nine, nine of your 10 points in somewhere. It might be using seven, six or seven. It might be easier for you to plan. If you could say, I guarantee you I will be here at this time, then you can maybe schedule some days to scout or you can do that. You could probably be more effective knowing you’re going to have this tag than if I’m gonna have it or not. Yeah, don’t a lot of guys want to come in by the skin of their teeth feeling they get their value outta their points. And I, if you get the hunt that you want, who cares? Who cares? I agree with that. Skin of the teeth guy seems to be the guys that we talk to every year. They miss it. They just miss it. It’s percentage at 10 figure out and then they’re just holding on their points and that’s right. We’ve even the percentage guys even had license app guys say, you know, I just never can get drawn.

00:43:27:00 –> 00:44:29:07
And you read the notes and it’s like he’s, he’s choosing to not get drawn and we’ve said that you wanna draw a tag, I’ll draw you a tag right now, guaranteed you have one point, I’ll draw you a tag. Well that only takes 18 and I got 22 Jason that that doesn’t matter. Not a problem. Yeah, not a problem. Yeah, I would rather, you know, I just would rather a 21 point unit and then that thing point creeps. Everything’s gonna point creep. All right, moving on. Okay, call it a day. Few questions. Canada related. Has the crew hunter meal during in Canada for mule deer And see it seems to be the land of giants up there according to Dan also. What’s your favorite Venice and recipe, so, alright, I have not hunted Mulder up there. Jason, I know you had a white tail. Did you hunt mul there at the same time or is that a white till only? No, it’s white tail. It’s probably for product. You can’t there and I could’ve, but it wasn’t is it’s mostly November? The September is archery. It seems like we’re busy down here and the November we’re busy too. It they’re, I feel like I, no we haven’t but I mean why not? We should be up there. They, there are some big deer, the really big deer and saskatche we’re all of them too. Yeah, there’s Saskatchewan, bro.

00:44:29:23 –> 00:45:40:04
Wyatt, I want, I want your rendition of, of Saskatchewan Bucks. Like we talked about it and you don’t have to be brutally honest, but pretty honest. But I mean we see a lot of Instagram or social media Saskatchewan bucks and what, yeah, we would all like to hunt there. Yeah. Whole different world. Non-resident hunters aren’t allowed to hunt Saskatchewan. And also they’re, they’re agricultural based deer 90% of the time and nobody’s messing with ’em. They’re private land residents. Admirable resident deer. No pressure and resident honey you mean, you mean we don’t have people in Hunter Orange jumpsuits posted up every hundred yards. Yeah. Not like Colorado experience. Okay. So, and that’s what I think is, yeah, it’s a little, the bucks you’re seeing out there, they’re amazing deer. They’re special in their own right. This is a whole different experience here. Albert. Lower 48, and we can’t go there. I would freaking be there. Yeah. We would own property and Alberta’s good, but it feels like it. It is. And I don’t know this, I mean, the last two years have been weird with, I mean the covid related travel issues there, but things feels like they’ve mo they’ve moderated right up until that it wasn’t quite as producing as many. And, and frankly, Deon, some of are outfitters that do the best do or are doing better in September in those archery hunts up.

00:45:40:04 –> 00:46:41:29
There’s what I was gonna say, we, we work with one or two outfitters up there. They Right. They kill their biggest deer archery all the way. Well, and we’ve booked a lot of hunters and good friends of mine and ours as well, that have done well up there. So I don’t think people should shy away from going there. Yeah, absolutely. Should go there. If you’re willing to go there. Of course, you know, you’re in Canada, you can need to make sure you’re vaccinated and a few things like that. But anyway, no reason to avoid it. It just, it, it’s, it’s, it’s just another one of those places like a Colorado or like a good Utah. It should be on your rotation, but it’s not, it isn’t the holy grail, I guess. I don’t want to, I got a full schedule and I don’t even know what it is yet, Bronson. You know what I mean? Well, I just, you did say, and this is a digression, but I did hear you did say today that if you could find less is more this antelope tag, you’d buy it right now. I heard you say that outta your lips. Why do you have to tell everything? Well, I don’t know. I just, we’ve been done hunting for a week and Carter, I’ve seen Josh, I, I in the same boat, saw three to five Boers. I don’t even know what one looks like.

00:46:42:06 –> 00:47:40:18
And we saw, we saw ’em. Josh, tell me I’m wrong. We, we stopped to glass, stopped glassing deer to glass an aloe buck at one point. I’m telling you, one ridge I could find a second one, I’d probably go with it. There’s one ridge. I was like, and I think I texted y’all. I was like, I remember. And I was, and I, and I didn’t have my phone scope with me. I don’t know where it was probably in some obscure backpack. And I’m just like, I cannot believe what I’m looking at. It was 40 mile an hour gale winds. They were, they were on kind of a, you know, the calm side of a hill. And I mean, there was one, it was just like fricking black a BS pipe or whatever it is, I mean, just sewer pipe. I was dying and I’m like, I’ll pound this thing right now and put any meal or tag on that thing. I don’t know. And I, I don’t even like antelope don’t even tell people I like antelope. You know better than that. I didn’t say you liked them. I’m just saying you. But if we find a tag got than you. That’s right. Alright, let’s move on. I don’t Oh, on the, wait, wait, wait, wait. The favorite venison recipe. Oh, I want, I wanna say mine. I got one too. Okay. Do it. I wanna say mine. Chris, you go ahead. You go first.

00:47:40:22 –> 00:48:44:18
My favorite venison recipe. Recipe. Oh, Theresa, come on, go ahead. The first ingredient is you have to have Jeff John cooking on the grill. Oh, okay. On the smoker. Okay. Smoked. Smoked camp chef smoked venison on the camp Cheff. Yeah. By Jeff John. Yeah. Okay. It is good. It’s hard to be Alright, I like that. Just bring Jeff down. Bring Jeff down, down. Doesn’t, he doesn’t charge much anyway. That’s not true. What were you gonna say, dude? So I grew up on this, I grew up on this. We, we like those finger stakes. So you cut ’em into like finger stakes, let’s say one inch by one inch squares that are about three inches long. So they’re like a finger stake. And then you put about oh, half inch oil in the bottom of a pan. You get it hot half inch deep. Yeah. Deep. Wow. Deep. Yeah. And if you, if you use olive oil, you can justify it. It’s good for you. It’s heart healthy. And then you take lowry’s and you douse it in Lowry’s when it’s, you know, moist meat. Right. With flour or just meat. And you roll it in flour. Yeah, that’s what you in flour. And then you put it in hot. That hot half inch oil, kinda almost like a chicken fried steak finger. Right. That, that’s how we ate our dairy. I, I all through college that put me through college, how we ate it.

00:48:44:20 –> 00:49:42:23
Breaded and flour. They call ’em finger stakes. But Lowry’s lowry’s, you, I mean, you can’t use enough lowry’s, huh? Season salt. Try it, try it tonight. I’ll cook it for you guys. So my wife from southern Idaho, when we first started dating, she’s like, let’s go get some finger stakes. She ought to try ’em. I’m like, what are finger steaks? That’s what strips, that’s what they are. Strips. Strips and meat. Cut your else back straps thin and then cut ’em in half, maybe once or twice. Well, everybody likes ’em that way. Like, I mean, I’m, and I’m not, I don’t know how healthy they are. I’m not dead yet. Well, we used to cook ’em in bacon grease when I was a kid. Did your family keep that? That’s wrong. Yeah. And they keep bacon grease. They kept a can in the fridge. My parents. But that’s what a buck was worth a buck back then. Yeah. Yeah. And you, hey, you need to do, you scooped out some bacon grease and that’s what you started about everything in your frying pan. Now there’s people that throw away pennies and nickels. Yeah. Bron, ’em pennies. I didn’t say nickels. All right. Round to the near fire. All right, let’s keep going. Done with that. Zero points in Colorado. Is it worth getting started for sheep, moose, and goat? Yes. A hundred bucks a piece. Whoa. I like it. An unequivocal Wow. Get three.

00:49:42:23 –> 00:50:41:11
Well get three and then choose after that. And at least you’re eligible to drop costing you a hundred bucks. I do it. Okay. You do it, you do it for your kids too. Once you get three, you’re good. You’re right. But they’re, they’re free until they’re 18. So it’s a little bit different. So get, it’s a no-brainer, but, but this is guy. Let’s say you’re, but then once you have three, you’re in draw. You’re 30 old guy. That’s, I like, at least you have the option. Okay. And it’s cheap after that. Okay. All right. Keep going. Go ahead. Okay. There you’re sorry. That’s it. Well, I think it’s worth, it’s harder to justify you. You’re right. It is harder and with their, a hard way to figure out their weighted point system and how much it really benefits you. It’s not like square, it’s difficult. So yeah. At least be in the drawing. But it’s, it’s harder to justify. I know this. I look at the random odds roughly based on number of people with three points and number of tags issued. And it appears that, how’s that water? Pure, I like the sound of this. That is a can of monster. Alright, keep going. Anyway. It appears that the odds are better than they are because, you know, you’re, you’re looking at the basic odds, number of people with three points and the number of people draw.

00:50:41:26 –> 00:51:36:23
And I, it feels like we have a lot less people draw than should be based on the odds. It feels tougher than it appears on paper. And it’s because of this weighted point system. And it’s hard to quantify that in your mind. How well that Yeah. How much does that, the only state that does it that way help you. But having said that, dude, we’ve got a lot of points. All right. All right. Next one. Moose. No, not so much worth it, right? Bronson? Bronson, you’re a moose guy. I don’t see a moose right here. He’s talking about sheep mo Well we were talking about those three together and you’ve got max points in Montana, right? We’re talking about Colorado. Don’t try to get me a question. I think that a guy that has max is pretty important. I’m facilitator here and important this is a Colorado question. Pretty important if you got Max. Okay. Alright, keep going. Yeah. And I won’t let it go, but I do have a heck of a hard time. I’ve even put it, Hey, I’m gonna bring this up on the podcast to all you listeners right now. Okay. What do you mean talk to about Montana Moose? Chris, Chris, delete this. No. Okay. Since you brought up my max points, I struggle every year with where he ever freaking apply and I put it on a podcast.

00:51:37:03 –> 00:52:45:04
We were driving back from shot show ever in the, gave you any suggest suggestions. Hey, I’m taking a suggestion from anybody. Tell me where to apply. I’ll do it. I didn’t get one response. I know. Okay. Somebody out there with a big moose next to, so not that I mowed anything, I just, some of your, it’s really hard to, I there at least you at least you could fire station up there that knows about a big moose hanging out in the backyard. I guarantee you, you, you used to could put, you used to have to pick a unit up there. Remember? And I pray I wouldn’t draw because there wasn’t a good one. I don’t, I don’t non now you can at least do points. Only if there’s not a good M unit. Okay, moving on. Increasing odds to hunt mule deer. Do you where like to increase your hunt, increase your odds by hunting horseback in remote back country or hunt the desert area with road access and staying mobile from mule deer. Which one and why? It really depends on the state. I guess there’s, you don’t have that option in Wyoming. I mean, you hunted horseback on, on your stone. And I hunted horseback in New Mexico. And what was our takeaway? Well, my never do it again. We’re talking about mule deer here. We’re talking about mule deer. Let’s keep it focused. Carter. Hey, mule deer’s worth it.

00:52:45:04 –> 00:53:46:29
You’re bouncing around to Canada’s worth it. Yeah, mule deer. But, but it also is the state. You hunt Utah more. I’ve thrown you off a little bit and you hunt Nevada more. So are you gonna take horses to Nevada? Were you hunting mul? No. No, but Colorado. But I would, if it was a pool. If you had a horse, you might use it in Wyoming. Chris, Chris hunted horseback of In Colorado. Yeah. Didn’t you? Or did you? I can’t remember. You were going to, you took them and I, I with McKenzie, I’m, and that’s one of the things like Yeah, it’s definitely do have. One of the things that I’ve, I’ve tried, it’s on the table and it’s always an option. If I feel like the deer are up high, I’m gonna take places. Chris’ shirt has snaps on it. And he’s wearing cowboy boots. That’s right. He owns horses. He knows it’s different. It’s ditch in to start putting the saddle on the horse. I’m, I’m thinking, am I gonna rent horses or llamas? That’s what I’m looking at. I’m, I’m thinking neither I, so I’m thinking I’m hiking wherever I go. I have no choice. I’m allergic. I’ll swell up like a balloon. What really? To a horse. Horses. Have you tried a mul? I’d be probably half burrow. Might do. That’s a good excuse. I’m gonna use that excuse. I’m allergic. You’re allergic.

00:53:47:09 –> 00:54:56:21
I would, I’d be a bad a back in the back country, but I’m allergic. I got any mules that half bur might, might be your best friend. I don’t know. I like, I like hunting the desert. But a large, large portion reason why I liked it was I was out alone and, you know, it was desert. It was 110 degrees. It was no fun. Low densities. And I was alone. I liked that. We’re just not, other than Chris, we’re not horse guys. There’s not a lot of horseback country around here. Yeah. It’s just kind of where, I mean, there are people around us that do, even in Utah, Southern Utah, there’s the, the percentage of people that hunt horseback on our general hu is just still very small compared to Montana, Wyoming, Idaho. It’s probably 80% the other way in certain those units. It’s just probably a part of the state you from and what you grew up. And I think a lot of guys that do it like to involve their horses. Like that’s part of the whole experience for them. Yeah. You know, this is what I like doing. I like it. I like the wall tent, the horseback, the whole getting ready, thinking about it and different things. And plus being way back in the back country, you know. And, and for me, I mean, you know, it’s more about the deer side. I want to freaking giant.

00:54:56:24 –> 00:56:01:22
Well, if you’re in an area that 80% of the hunters are using horses, I’d wanna be on the 20 where the rest of the 80 aren’t. There you go. Maybe. I like it. Wyatt, Josh, jump in. Horses are not desert or not. I, I definitely prefer not to use horses. I mean, I grew up hunting, hunting a little bit around horses and it just seems like it’s, it’s a lot longer process. You don’t get as much hunting in when horses. Have you ever had a horse wreck? A horse wreck? I have had, I have been bucked off horses. If that’s, that’s what you’re gonna say. I, I’ve never had like anything serious happen. I’ve never broken arm or, or anything like that. But yeah, I’d rather not use ’em. Yeah. I’d, I’d rather not. But if it’s gonna get you into the area, you’re gonna do it. But you’re gonna do it with somebody that knows their stuff. Yeah. Right. I, I’m not renting horses. I’m not. I I, and that’s just me. But some of that, I owned a horse. I’d like to go in some of that. I, when I was in paying, which, and I had the duck and some of these other places, I, I was a horse owner for about two weeks. Your neighbor. All right. We’re got horse. This is, we’re gonna digress right into this.

00:56:02:01 –> 00:56:59:17
Vern got me a horse over there and he’s as good as anybody over Oh yeah. As the horses. So what happened? It got thrown off me and my daughter. Okay. Took it for a ride. And, and I, he offered to let me have it at his place. I lived somewhat close to him. So I walked down to his place and I rode or drove down to his place. I rode it up to my house. All right. Just, I’m just, I’m getting, it’s like a 5-year-old pretty home horse, like butt skin color. And my daughter, she’s probably three or four, five, I don’t know at the time. Five. I’m gonna say maybe five. And she has to go for a ride and wanted, and I’m like, okay, well I guess you can jump on with me and we’ll ride it back to where we keep it and then I’ll drive you home. Well, so she jumps on and she’s on the front of the saddle with me and we start just riding, going down the road. Dirt road. Remember where used to be? This is amazing Daddy daughter experience. Yeah. And I totally remember I’m being, I’m right now, I thinking I’m dad of the month. You’re putting it on the calendar, getting way. Yeah. Lots of points for next.

00:56:59:20 –> 00:58:16:06
So she’s, she’s smiling, grinning, I mean, and the horse as we start going, probably picked up on the fact that there’s something else up here with me I don’t like. And then it realized, where’s it going? Back to the barn. And it started going into a running full on freaking buck. And I’m not a horse guy, so my number one thing initially was I’m holding her, protect your daughter. And I’ve got both reins with one hand. This is such good, this why we, and it is, these are why we do Off the Cut podcast. And I’m running. It is running. And this is like, this is, it is the full blown running buck. Okay. I think I’d had a hard time myself as a greenhorn shutting this horse down. But now I’ve got a 4-year-old daughter in my arms trying to do it. And so I made the decision. I didn’t want her to go off and me stay on. ’cause I then I’m, she’s back here hurt, whatever. So we went off together. So I just, at one point, I just let go of the raids and we went off, we, we got thrown off together and she was in my arm. And when we landed, I, I thought I killed her. I honestly did. Knocked the breath out of her. And she was like, quiet motionless. And I’m like, holy crap. Until crap. She caught her breath and then she started going nuts. Crying.

00:58:16:06 –> 00:59:19:18
Crying. Yeah. And I’m like, yo, okay, okay. Yeah. And, and she got up. I honestly thought I crushed her. And the horse ran for a mile, bucking and the whole way. And I, I carried her back. My wife said, what happened? I told her and I says, I’m done. I’m not a horse on her. I’m done. Do you have any, I told Vern, I said, sell it. Just say never wrote it again. Do you have any good recipes for horse meat? No. That’s illegal in the United States. So I’m, I’m not What if you drew an orx attack? I mean, these things are good to eat. Dolls are getting the French. Where’s John? The French love horses. I said they’re illegal. In 1973, wild Horse and Burrow Act. I’m not not eating a horse in this country. I’ll be in prison. You guys will be bringing me hungry Mans in the freaking TK till the day die. I’ll cross the bus for you kind of till the day you die. Horse experience. I was in region G one time and two of, there’s myself and a buddy. And then, you know, I guess we were all friends up there. But anyways, two of ’em had never been around horses at all. You know, Cameron was there. He hadn’t been around horses at all either. And I, I was the only one with a little bit of horse experience up there.

00:59:19:18 –> 01:00:14:00
And two of ’em decided to rent horses. Cameron and I decided to walk in there. So horses, we get all the way up to camp, you know, four or five miles in there all the way up to camp. And that evening we decided we’re gonna go glass from camp. And as I’m walking away from camp, me and Cameron were talking, you know, he’s gonna go this way. I’m gonna go that way. We’re walking away and all of a sudden I hear, whoa, horse, whoa, horse whoa. Horse just yelling. And I turned around, looked back, and the guy that was with us there, everybody, he’d, he turned the horses loose just to let ’em free graze. And they got a little, you know, 10 feet away from ’em and decided, hey, we’re going back where the trailer is. And they fully saddled horses, ran all the way to the bottom of the canyon to where the horse trailer was. Oh. And Cameron and I were the only ones that could chase after him. We, we ran all the way down there picking up pieces of the saddles, pieces of the bri just tack scattered everywhere, all the way down this trail to catch the horses all the way down at the bottom where we just came from.

01:00:14:26 –> 01:01:12:09
Had to, you know, piece the saddles back together, bring the horses all the way back up, ride one bear back till we got to the other saddle, which was halfway down the trail. She’s quiet. You got skills we didn’t even know about. Have I, this is reminding me of my other horse’s brain. Okay. Okay. Hold onto that. Keep going away. Anyways. Get get ’em all the way back up there. So anyways, we, we had no idea where we were and it, there was kind of snow and ice on, on the trail, everything like that. So we, we had no idea. Get packed here, got up in there, it was, get back to camp and next morning we wake up and here comes four-wheelers bias. We’d, we’d ridden these horses in all that long. That, that ways just open. Just to know there was a four-wheel trail, a hundred yards away from the horse trail that we’d packed in on. Never again. Never again. Something that starts on a regular basis. Yeah. Yeah. Very reliable. We’ll not fuck you off. We were done then got, got rid of the horses. Okay, I’m gonna tell this very quick story. I think I’ve told it before. Well take your time. But no, I want to get off of horses. I don’t time. I don’t horses. I love this. I don’t like them.

01:01:12:26 –> 01:02:20:17
But it was on my goat hunt in 2003 in Montana, and I had drawn the tag and involved some wilderness. So we got there three, three days or so earlier before my brother lived up there for a couple years and met a friend with all the horses and all that. I’ll bring the horses. We got there and hunted kind of the fringe mile or two, three mile in before and couldn’t find a good ability to shoot. So, all right, we’re gonna go in deep. So he shows up with three horses and he’s got big, big horse for him. Two big horses for me. And Aaron gets on their saddles horse. Then he goes in and goes, we got a problem, boy. And we’re like, what? I said, I forgot your saddles. You’re gonna have to ride pack trees. Might, I must not have said this before. Pack trees. The trees that you hook pans on, they’re just a cross run saddle. There’s basically, they’re miserable. So you never, you would saddle get on no saddle sawbuck sawbuck. All right. And I’m like, what? And luckily we glass with a butt pad. So all we had was put our butt pad that we glass on right there and you could go uphill. You definitely couldn’t go, go downhill. Oh my gosh.

01:02:20:24 –> 01:03:20:13
But we’d ride that until we couldn’t and get off and, and, and I told Aaron, I said, if we find a billion here that’s been up, we’re killing it today. And we’re walking out in the dark. And we did that night right before dark, we had a horse wreck, the horse with a goat on it tumbled down the mountain and we let ’em out and got out by two or three the morning. So the two, so I only have one day, two of the three times you’ve used horses, you had two horse racks. Yeah, exactly. So I did use mules this, this spring on a, on a bear hunt with my son with meccas. And they’re, that was a horse wreck. Totally different bro. Well, yeah, Ty had tell that story, Ty, that was, this is classic. It was Ty, keep these things. Are these things are good though. You’ve got the floor for 10 minutes. These things are good. I was like, told Ty’s wanting to buy something. I’m like, yeah, but I don’t wanna keep ’em anywhere. But these are, these are like Hollywood horses. They’re great. They’re amazing. That’s right. Okay. An actor or actress can get on those and you’ll think that they’re freaking John Wayne. ’cause they, these things just, they’ll go up down man for snowy river stuff. They will do it. Okay. Okay. Speaking of man from Snowy River. Go ahead.

01:03:21:00 –> 01:04:24:16
Well, we’re, we’re, we’re heading home for the day. It’s, it’s done hunting. Ty was wearing his pack and we wear our packs just ’cause you know, take whatever water. But those guys, you know what they take. They don’t, they take a water bottle bottle. A hunter puts in his pocket, a granola bar does, puts out his pocket. That’s good. They all do it. All horsemen do it. And hounds, hounds, hounds. Men can live. They, they, if they eat a candy bar in front of their dog, they think that’s unfair to their dog to let ’em sit, do it so they don’t do it. So true. And they’ll sure half their water bottle with their thirstiest dog and then they’ll take the last swig anyway. Well, Ty, while he’s riding, decides to take off his pack off his back, bring it to the front of him and try to unzip and get some treats out while he’s riding. While he’s riding. Well, that, that mule didn’t like that. And he took off on a running freaking buck around the corner out of our site while, while Hunter and Wade are just yelling, let let it go. Throw the pack, throw the pack. And as he, the last thing is running around the corner, I see his pack thrown out into the trees and we go around the corner and he’s just sitting on his mule like, calm down. Says I got rid of that pack.

01:04:24:16 –> 01:05:26:21
So that pack was bouncing. Yeah, it’s just, yeah. And he had done it two or three times during the day. But, but then once it gets bouncing, you’re not gonna quit it. Oh, it’s, it’s exacerbating every jump. So anyway, just we, the moral of this story other than Chris Peterson, we are all for comes the die hard cow. We are not. That’s us. You can laugh us and it’s not gonna change back to, you’re not gonna make back to the question, increase odds to hunt horseback and remote back country or hunt the desert with roads. I’m on a road desert with roads. What’s, what’s why it’s famous quote, big deer live by the road. They do. They do. They they they do. Alright. Right. They do. We’re moving off the horses equine session over. That was freaking awesome. How far into this are we? That was probably, this has been amazing. It’s probably almost a full podcast. No, let, we’re an hour and eight minutes in. Let, well, let’s keep, let’s keep going. Let’s make this an extended, we’ve got an extended shot. You’ve been drinking water? I not even monster. All I’ve been off. I’ve had one today. It’s been the first one in about 10 days. So I’m feeling good. It’s lunchtime. I’m good. It’s lunchtime. All right, keep going. This is something we don’t always wanna talk about us.

01:05:26:21 –> 01:06:33:27
Hunter Cassidy writes in says, have any of you guys lost a trophy animal or haven’t been able to retrieve it? And what things you do to search for it and when to call it quits. And you, you’re right. We, those aren’t, that’s not a sexy topic to talk about. So who wants to talk about, we’ve all gone through it. Wants to talk about, well, I can go ahead. We all can. You wanna put it on me? Let’s try Josh. Should we tap Josh? And we’re not anything, anything either you family member that, that you’ve lost. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it’s gonna happen to you or a family member. You know, it’s one of those things and it can really, it can really mess with your head. And I, and I’ve seen some crazy stuff. You know, some deer that have shot and dropped in the tracks and you celebrate. And anyway, we did that with John. Smashed it, walked over there, blood everywhere. Yeah. Deer got up and walked away. No fun. That was not a fun experience. And you track him and pretty soon you go long enough, no blood and you go long enough and then you replay the footage, you’re like, yeah. It just, it grazed his backbone above the bone on that one. If it would’ve broke it, he would be laying there.

01:06:34:09 –> 01:07:50:07
And so he’s gonna live, he’s gonna be fine In the case where you don’t have a video. I mean, I, I’ve been in situations like that a couple times. One, this is a story I probably haven’t told you guys either. Probably 95, 5. I love podcasts. 95 or 96 I was with my dad in New Mexico, packed in wilder hunting elk. And back then it was before fiber optic pens. Remember just the brass pens? Hated them. Brass. We used to, I used to take well out. You take white, white fingernail polish white out. Yeah. To, I took fingernail polish and that. And you think you’re doing something and you’re not doing anything. But that period between sunset and legal shooting hours, 30 minutes after it was pretty marginal with brass pin. You’re shooting through a peep. And I called this bull in. And when you’re like right outta high school, or I don’t remember 20 ish, 22, I don’t know. Young. So say 96, let’s say he’s a low 300 inch bull somewhere. But he seemed freaking giant. Right. I called this thing crosses meadow just, and he’s coming in and I’m just like, holy crap, this is gonna happen. And I draw back 20, 30 yards and I can’t see one of my pins. I can’t see him. But it’s, it’s light enough. Should be able to see, you also might not have a big old hole in your pee. You might’ve had a tighter peeps.

01:07:50:07 –> 01:08:50:01
Who knows, right? Who knows what I had. Or your string was turned maybe. Yeah. I don’t know. It wasn’t there. I couldn’t see him. I, I mean, I’m even going away from that thinking I won’t look to the peak. And I, I’m like, I just can’t see ’em. It was just timber. But I can see plenty good. It’s evening and I made the decision. It just shoot instinctive. Just instinctive. But how close was it? 20, 30 yards? Yeah. Yeah. I’m just like, all right, let it rip. He’s his finger, finger release. I mean, this is all those days. And he takes off running and I can see that arrow high shoulder and it, and it went in deep. But I’m like, that ain’t happen. And I spent, I told my dad I was sick that night. I said, I, I blew the chance of a lifetime bull of a lifetime. You know it, looking back, I know it wasn’t a giant bull, but I, it ruined my hunt. ’cause I looked for that bull for two days. I tracked it all the next day. Betted a couple different times. But just knowing about what you know about elk and when you hit one high shoulder, especially now, you’re, you’re older now. Yeah. You’re doing, you’re doing justice thinking you’re gonna find this thing and all that.

01:08:50:04 –> 01:09:50:17
And that just, I, I saw the air that bull’s running and I knew that bull’s running and you don’t even know it. But, so I went to the extreme. This changed my life for about five years. So what did I do? I went back. You went to I long bow, I, I I shot a recurve and I’m like, I’m never gonna rely on site pins the rest of my life. So what did I do? Instead of just learning to shoot my compound instinctively? No, I, I had a recurve built and after about five years in killing like one animal, I said, yeah, I’m going back. I wanna kill stuff. I’m going back and, and they have fiber optic, I I’ve got other equipment now. Yeah. So it, it’s hard. It, it’s, it’s hard to lose an animal. And, and did you use wood arrows or what did you I was aluminum. I wasn’t quite like my dad. Yeah. XX 70 fives. But I think one of the things is, look, actually that’s one of my biggest pet peeves, and you see it in Colorado a lot. Our guy guys will shoot at something and they never, if it roads off, never go check. You know, I, I don’t know if it’s because people watch movies or what, but they just think, well if I shoot something it’s gonna drop. Its not here. It doesn’t drop, it’s not here.

01:09:50:18 –> 01:10:45:12
I’m gonna shoot another block and it takes up. Yeah. And, and I don’t, you know, and I was a game warden for a long time and you would just find stuff dead, good shots. And somebody would find it later, the birds would get on it and you’d go check it. And we chalk it up to poachers. But really it’s just an unethical hunter. And I’m sure, I know there’s some counties, especially here maybe where Jason was from, there’s a lot of ground checking goes on. What do you bro, that was a low blow. Okay, you’re right, keep going. But to some extent, but you just don’t know wasn’t, you don’t know. And you kind of, and I think that’s what everybody thinks is, oh, somebody ground, check this deer, whatever. But, but if you talk about 26 inch or five inch, four point on a general unit, nobody’s probably ground checking that. But it’s just, they, it ran off and it was double on. Yeah. It ran off and, but I don’t know how many times I’ve seen that people don’t go check their shot. And even if you’ve, even if you know, say I’ve missed that deer. You go check at least to start, because I just, I see a lot of people that don’t, it drives me a fall. No, and they should be charged with wanting waste to wildlife. Yeah, they should. ’cause odds are they’ve hit it.

01:10:45:12 –> 01:11:40:16
There’s a lot of people that don’t, don’t do anything. If they physically don’t watch it go down, they’ll just be like, I didn’t get it. You know? You know, third, third season when we were there in Colorado, we’d just go ride drove driving roads, driving roads in the snow. I’ll bet we crossed three or four different sets of elk tracks that had blood in them and not, not good blooded. And I mean, animals can bleed and not die doesn’t mean just ’cause animal’s bleeding, it’s gonna die. But a lot of times you’re like, I wonder if people followed that up or whatever, you know. And it almost made me think, I wonder if we have stop and follow that into the trees, you know, or whatever. But I guess that’s my, my only thing is, and then go and here in Utah, they’d follow it and try and tag it. Yeah. Alright. Keep going. Found it. But, but I, and I think a lot of times guys give up too early too. And I’m, I’ve been there myself. You know, if you go a couple hundred yards and you Oh, I went a mile. If it’s 80, 80, 90 degrees out, sun’s baking you and, and it’s bleeding. You know, you pick up a spot every, you know, 40 or 50 yards. It’s hard mentally. But my my son, you owe it justice. Oh yeah.

01:11:40:16 –> 01:12:53:22
You, you owe that animal justice and your hunt and you let the arrow go or the bullet go, you owe it. And it’s hard to know when to call it quits. Yeah. But you finally just know. But you, you gotta come with that resolution yourself. But you gotta give it some effort. Yeah. Want to talk. Well anyway, I wanna tell the story, but I want Deon to tell his story. You Colorado Bull. That’s the one I wanted to tell that one. And then also Deon has that other story about this deer down here where a guy wasn’t even gonna go look. Oh yeah, yeah. That happened. I sh there we go. I shot at a buck. I thought I was alone Anyways, I think I’m alone now. May have hit it, who knows. Anyways, I go up and I’m like, track and track. Same thing, you know? Yeah. And, and I, I’ll come back to that, but I think one of the biggest mistakes people make is once you shoot or before you shoot, you need to mentally prepare yourself to take every note, watch every reaction, get as much information as you can. Like where the thing runs, where the bucker bowl, whatever it is, where it goes. ’cause that information’s just huge. Once you start tracking, if you can’t remember any of that, it’s tough. But anyways, I get up there, I’m going along all of a sudden kaboom right above me.

01:12:54:00 –> 01:13:55:16
Somebody shoots and I go up to where the, the buck was beded. And he’s like, he, you know, he just said, I thought I missed him. He’s, he’s gone. You know? Which way did he go? ’cause this guy was coming down. Anyways, 30, 40 yards. I look over and Red Rocks blood everywhere and buck’s 20 yards away. Dead your buck or his buck? The buck. He killed the Buckeye. Yeah. The same deer. The buck. He was after deer. You had missed it. Yeah. Yeah. But he, he thought he had missed it or chalked it up to a miss. Wasn’t even gonna go look. Yeah. Didn’t even walk over there. He was leaving and you walk over there and the bus, did you go catch him? I said, this is the bed. I said, yeah, that’s where he was. And I walked and see his track. Oh, that’s right. That’s right. And that’s the thing. I remember that the thing went 30 yards without bleeding. But I mean most the archery boats. But then he bled everywhere they go 50 or more yards without having any blood. Oh yeah. But then he bled everywhere. Oh yeah. It was, he double lunged him. This is a muzzle loader. Like freaking buck went 40, 50 yards. Yeah. So I think it just depends on the situation. The back to the question doesn’t, it just depends on the situation. It’s not an easy answer.

01:13:55:18 –> 01:14:59:28
Tell us about that elk in Colorado. It’s admirable Archibald what you went through this year. It was not fun. We didn’t like to check in with you at night during that hunt because we figured you would tell us when something good happened. We didn’t want to ask you if something good had happened. Yeah. That group chat just kind of went down. Yeah. We’re kind of quiet. So you were hunting elk and hunting elk and it was the very actually opening day. And I had seen the bull in the morning. He had vetted, went up. Anyways, the things all by himself, it’s perfect. Right? He’s quarter to me a little bit. This is with archery. So I remember thinking, just hug that shoulder a little bit. Hug that shoulder. I mean everything was perfect. Shot smack, you know? And I’m like, I’ve done it enough now. I’m not even celebrating. I know. It was good. You knew it was. Yeah. I knew it was good. The thing I’m making mental notes about where he is going. I get up, I mark where I was standing. But you’re not celebrating because she, I know I don’t celebrate. ’cause you know, you know, who knows what happens. Right, exactly. It’s never over till it’s over. Yep. And you gotta cover all your bases. Like I mark where I was so I can lie everything up. You don’t wanna get maed up by screaming and hooting and hollering. No.

01:15:00:10 –> 01:16:06:27
I get up there, I find maybe, I don’t know, eight inches of the, the veins there. And I, and then I see him, he went all the way across this valley and he’s, he’s hobble on his front shoulder. Anyways, long story short, I watched him tell dark. He, he’s beding getting up bed. And I had, I had center punched that shoulder bone. Broke his shoulder and got, that’s what’s amazing to me. You broke it? Oh yeah. It was with an arrow. Completely Sha gone. It’s pretty broke half. Pretty amazing. And then the other, the part of the shaft on the broadhead is still in his front of his right lung. So I’m like, okay, I’m gonna give him overnight, go there the next morning. And I glass him and he’s the same thing. Same story. Beding, beding, ho standing up, beding standing up. He can’t, yeah, he’s got three legs. So this is where I have to make a choice. Do I sit here and watch him for, do I stock in there and push him? Yeah. And so I’m looking run the risk of pushing. I’ve taken wind calculations any anyways, I, I have a perfect line and I think I can get about 50 yards. And I got to that exact spot and all I could see was one time. And I’m sitting there waiting, wind changed, thing takes off. So it’s, that sucks now. It’s real bad. No, he’s off, off.

01:16:06:27 –> 01:17:03:17
He’s got a full lung. That’s good. And he’s and adrenaline running. He, and luckily I could get to a place and with the guy who’s helping me, he could see too that where he was going and about the first half a mile he went, I mean he was going good. Three legs they can go. Yeah. Like it’s nothing. And one lung and, and half a lung. Yeah. One half of a lung. So anyways, by the, by the end I’m watching his body language and he’s, he’s bed and getting up bed and getting up. He could only go, you’re watching him through glass or, or through glass. Yeah. Yeah. And I mean you could, you could see him with your eyes. But yeah, he, he couldn’t go more than a hundred yards. And so now that, I don’t know exact now he’s in the, this thick canyon now. I don’t know exactly where he is. I don’t go in there at all. The next day. That’s the, a full day, second day of the I day. You let, let it go till dark. So this, he just glass again, the, the end of day two. Now all of day two, he went in. So that was the, in the morning. And then all of day three, I gave him a full day. And so, because I don’t know where he is. I, I don’t want to go in there yet.

01:17:03:17 –> 01:18:07:00
Yeah, you’re glassing for him, but you’re not now. Yeah. The only thing is my advantage is time. Which is sucks. That’s the worst. I mean, oh yeah. I felt like I didn’t sleep for days anyways, so, so now morning of day four. So it would be day four. Yeah. Just I go in there s loose. But you glass and still can’t see him. Can’t see him. No. So you’re like, I’m gonna have to go. I have nothing. Jump him, smell him dead. Something now. Yeah. Yep. But I know I, you know, you know he’s got three legs. He’s probably not gonna go up far. Yeah. And he’s, he doesn’t want a bed, you know what I mean? Wasn’t him to lay down. Yeah. So anyways, I kind of, kind of had a feeling of just looking at the train where he is gonna be. And I bet I walked a hundred yards from the road where I parked and I looked down. He is standing there. Is he staring at you? Looking the opposite direction? The opposite. He hadn’t heard you yet? Yeah, no, he had no idea. But he was standing there in the sun. ’cause he couldn’t, I mean he was in bad shape. He wouldn’t have, but anyways, got another arrow in him. This thing keeps going three legs in front of me and I’m running, running, running. Like, no, you just John Las Mohican style. Yeah, just, just desperate.

01:18:07:03 –> 01:19:16:07
The elk are so tough. And I come over the last tries, he is about 20 yards. And now you got him. And that’s when he took flight off of ledges. This bull, this is no joke, this bull. I shoot him and it’s over like smoked him. He’s punched him, got three holes in him now. Good holes. And he yeah, good holes. He looks, he looks down the trail away from me. He kinda looked in front of him and he looked at me and then he walked straight towards this just cliff. And he just disappeared out of my sight. Jumped over out. He, he didn’t just, he Yeah, he jumped. Did stumble off. Stumble off jumped. He wasn’t doing the dead walk. Yeah. He made the conscious, I’m gonna try to jump off this and stick the landing and take off. So I came, well, this way this guy’s behind me. I’m going here. And he just walked and disappeared. How far, how far? It was about 80 feet. He, he took a nose down 80 feet. He, he went outta my sight and it was silent for like good portion of a second. And also crash. Crash. Yeah. And I thought, well, at least he’s tenderized I that relief in your heart at least he’s dead. Yeah. My he is dead. My gosh. I got him. I was so relieved. I didn’t care if he was nubs, got broke, broke up for whatever the bull don’t.

01:19:16:07 –> 01:20:25:18
Right. He was, he wasn’t, he landed in between two boulders and bounce to the bottom and good. He’s all, he’s all there. But it was a good story. I mean it, that stuff happens and it’s gonna happen. It’s fun to talk about though. It isn’t. And it’s the reality of hunting and it’s that, that was commendable. It was three days later, Archibald. You killed that bull. It was pretty awesome. It is awesome. I mean, I mean that’s a, that’s a story with it. I mean, looking at that bull now in your house or wherever is Yeah, it’s, there’s a lot of reverence when something fun that you get a chance to actually make, make a right. People look across the big rock scratches on his atler. Yeah. What happened here. Well leave those on. It’s still part of it. It’s awesome. Remember I had one of my kids Yeah, Bronson, you were there. I was there and he, and he ground it all well and it was awesome. He, he archery deer hunting, made an incredible stock, incredible. Got right on him. It was picture perfect. And anyway, just shot just, just two seconds maybe before he should’ve. I watched the whole thing go down and he ended up having to, we tracked the deer and he tracked him five miles on his onyx. Five miles. Wow.

01:20:25:21 –> 01:21:31:25
And we ended up where we lost his track and he quit bleeding probably, you know, let’s call it almost a half mile prior. And we just tracked him by track and he did mul, he did all dang near all of it. I only helped him in some tough spots. You were support kind of dragging, grabbed the extra road when he crossed something. Well, part of it is just, you know, you don’t, we’ve all been there just like what you guys said. We’ve all been there. Nobody likes talking about it. And I’m thinking this is a good learning experience. Like a, if you wait two seconds, you’re a hero and you don’t have to deal with five miles of tracking. You know what I mean? And then the anguish, you know, insight. You just, there’s a, like Adam said, there’s a reverence and, and a you, you feel bad. You want a clean kill and, and you don’t want something to suffer. So all of these things are going into your mind. And, and so anyway, they tracked him, him, him and his cousin. They tracked him five freaking miles and, and, and was sick. I mean, just wasn’t feeling up. Not mean, not meaning physically sick. Like was dealing with a cold and just wasn’t fun. Right. Heat and whatnot. Anyway, they took it to the very end, couldn’t track him anymore.

01:21:31:29 –> 01:22:36:29
Track, got in with other deer and it was obvious this deer was gonna live. It was obvious. Maybe he was bounding, bounding when you jump him out of a bed. So anyway, stuff like that happens. You at some point there is no option. You have to quit. There’s no more track. You can’t track him anymore. Anyway, I don’t know what to add to that. Wyatt. Wyatt, you’ve tracked some of these. I I’ve done some tracking. You’ve done a lot of guiding. Yeah, I’ve, I’ve done some tracking cursed by Whitetailed deer. I have had some, some white-tailed deer get away. Oh, but that’s, oh, I forgot about that. Let’s talk about it. That is kind of, it’s kind of my heart breaks with, with that I’ve either cleaned mist or, or been able to kill. So, wow. So that’s it. That’s the full story. Oh, I, I could tell stories about whitetailed deer. Alright. They’re, they’re, they’re not that interesting up. But you have tracked wounded animals. Yes. I, I’ve tracked plenty of wounded animals through When do you quit through guiding? When do you quit? That’s hard to, hard to say. Every, every animal, every situation I think is gonna be different on that. On when it is the time to, to pull the plug on it. Okay. Yeah. Give it It’s true. Give it more than give to your minutes. Give it more than you think you should.

01:22:37:19 –> 01:23:45:02
And then you’ve, then you can feel good about it. Don’t, don’t leave prematurely for whatever reason. It’ll, it’ll lead at you. So let’s end on i two more questions. Well, I was just thinking maybe just a nice light be question that’ll be the very end of these are gonna be quick question. You’re gonna keep us going. Just two quick ones. Bronson’s a grinder. Well, alright. I don’t wanna have to do three, four podcasts to finish all these. So I’m trying to get it done in two. So, alright. Why does Jason take so long to decide if he’s gonna shoot a big buck or not? You skipped a question. Alright. I know. I thought this would be an easy me one. Rude. All right, well why, why does it take you so long? It doesn’t take me that long. It doesn’t, but this particular one probably is coming back from that Colorado buck in 2018. And that was, I was there for three hours. Like I did. It was a Josh poll hunt. Yeah. Yeah. I was there for three hours. I basically had not hunted that much. And I’m thinking this, this is gonna, this unit’s gonna be incredible. Yeah. And I don’t wanna shoot too early. What if I shoot one and then you smash a i a bigger one and we see a couple of two thirty’s. I’m gonna feel bad about that. Did you just hear what you said? I don’t know.

01:23:45:12 –> 01:24:45:15
What if I shoot a 2 0 7 Bronson shoots a two 40 and we see a bunch of two thirty’s and I’m gonna be mad. This is 28. What you hear yourself, what else is going through your mind when you just, this is the kind of stuff we hear every day come out of that corner office. What are you talking about? Right. So you guys got me in the corner for a reason. Yeah. I’m on a, you’re tired of hearing about it. I’m on an average unit in Colorado. I’m gonna shoot a 2 0 7. It’ll be ticked because brunches shoots a two 40 and we see other multiple two 30. I just feel it felt so I was just amped up, man. I don’t know what are the chances that would happen? And I wanted to, when, okay, here’s another thing that’s an optimist. That’s a, that that buck was, let’s call it 83 yards. Okay. Yeah. Dumb. It’s hard to judge ’em, it’s hard to judge ’em that close. Like I’m good at judging ’em at three and 400 yards. Yeah. From phone scope, video, whatever. But to judge ’em when they’re standing next to you running a dough at a hundred yards is with 10 power. ’cause you know Yeah. It’s hard. Whatever. You got hard. And I can see every little fault that he had. I’m thinking, well really, how, how long are his G twos?

01:24:45:15 –> 01:25:51:23
Like really, how, what is, what am I really looking at? Yeah. Am I just excited? He’s a rutten body. Have you ever seen Colorado deer? They’re like 300 pounds. Yeah. You know what I mean? Rutten, Colorado body. They’re just giant bodied. And I just wanna make sure what I’m looking at. It’s hard to know. And you, in that case you had him dead to rights. Like, like wasn’t getting away. It felt like, like this was not No, across the canyon at 500 yards, you’d have shot him there. Yeah. Because you’d had your, but then he started, they started to filter through up the hill. And then I heard a side by side and that’s, and it got a little more scary. He shot him. And I was like, then what I thought is, if a guy on a side by side shoots over me, would I be bad and smashes this deer? Would I feel bad? Yeah. I’m gonna feel bad. Boom. Yeah. Dead boom. Dead. Okay. Okay. So anyway, I don’t know. Big deer, big deer and I, I don’t, doesn’t really take that long. But, but there are some cases. There are some cases. Depends on the situation. Go ahead. No, I’m, I’m just saying I’m glad to know we were talking about that deer in 2018 and not like Nevada this year. Colorado this year. Anything. What do you mean? Go ahead. Go ahead Josh. What do you mean?

01:25:52:02 –> 01:27:07:15
I walk me through this line by line. You’re so rude. I’m just saying sometimes guys see some stuff on Instagram. I was thinking about this book, but only they could see the group text sometimes. Yeah. That’s the stuff that comes through. What I was gonna say, the group text. What, what do you see in there? Yeah, delete that. Sometimes Carter’s the only one that says no, there’s some nice, well the thing is there’s some nice bucks out there. But I’m also wanna maximize you guys are the same way. You guys are the same way. You wanna maximize these and and whatnot. Am I wrong? No, I’m, I’m impressed that you’re restraint though. I think because a lot of times we were talking about it even this morning just video we’d seen, you know, what you might see in your mind in the time and what’s happening here and, and what this was versus what it actually was or whatever. And and that’s what I, I am amazed at your restraint to just bring He doesn’t get wound up. Yeah, exactly. Carter doesn’t get wound up exactly your restraint to just not I did when Bronson said, you’re a dummy. Shoot that buzz. I didn’t say that. Yeah, basically. And then I, then I did. You gotta, if you’re gonna quote me, you gotta quote me. What did you say? Don’t quote my general. What’d you say? Are you stupid? I said no.

01:27:07:29 –> 01:28:03:06
I said, well I wish I was hunting with you right there. ’cause I would kill the deer. I know. I took, I didn’t say you’re a dummy. What? What I heard is you’re a dummy. No, because if I was there and you’d be like, Bronson, you should shoot that deer. And I’m like, you don’t want it? No. Okay. Boom. That’s how it would go. A few of those videos you’ve sent, those bucks would never be live video. They would be kill photos in the group message. That’s that’s right. So that’s all I’m saying. I always say, if you, if I have to sit back and really think about it, the answer should probably be no. Yeah. And I’ve gone against that before and been happy and then I’ve gone against it been like, yeah. Happen to me in Idaho. This year happened to me in Idaho this year. I went back and thought about it. And you’re happy. Yeah. Broon it. So I think that negates what he’s talking about. That’s what I’m saying. You went back and were happy. Yeah, I was Right. And and as sometimes think about it’s okay. Yeah. Yeah. I used to say, if I think about it, I’m not gonna do You used to say that and now you don’t because you’ve seen a lot. I got, got closer to a buck this year. I got closer again and I killed it. I was glad I got closer. Boom’s dead.

01:28:03:07 –> 01:29:12:13
Yeah, that’s right. Well, and and there’s, like I say, you guys, I, I take a lot away from you guys too. Like, I, I can’t believe some of the patients y’all have and then, and Bronson, I don’t know, I hate to talk out loud about how many days you spent in the field, but it is not, it is a lot. Sometimes it does take that and knowing somebody else is going through 20 days of pain and agony helps you go through 20 days of pain. Well, and actually I’m like, if, if Devon was here, he would turn his phone off and tell me he didn’t have service and I actually did that. I incorporated that into my life a few days. Yeah. And then I got to where I, my addiction kicked back in. And I need to see what the world was doing. And if you’re going through a grinder and you see a, we’ll call it a marginal buck, whatever that is, or bull for where you’re at, there’s a lot more aptt that that deer’s gonna die after 15 days of grind than if it was on day one. Well that’s just that deer in Nevada we were talking about. I’d been there for multiple days and it had been a grind and he showed up in 15 minutes. The first buck. Yeah, the first buck he seen. So for me being there and experienced it, I’m like, what is what?

01:29:12:29 –> 01:30:11:18
What are you doing? I’m like, where are you guys at? What’s the, what’s the problem here? When I got back to camp and we survived that rainstorm, I was like, what? Why were you even videoing this deer? You know? But I’d had a little experience of being there and I don’t know. But also, dude, I’m in tennis shoes. I just barely wrote, rolled in. Oh, I had a deer that I wasn’t even that deer that happened like 12 years ago, which for me, in Colorado, I pulled in, I’m pulling a trailer. Oh yeah. And the buck’s staring at me off the road. It’s Sunday night of the third season. Yep. The hunt’s on and I’m locking it up. Do you haven’t even, right. Even my gun’s, I’m just getting to the unit and I’m like, what? I’m looking at like a 32 inch bar. Did you have a pop little popup tent trailer? Yeah. Popup trailer. And a freaking jackknifed it come into a stop and I’m like, God, pavement. Well, A, it’s your on pavement B. What is the boundary? Is it the paved road or is it the river? It’s the creek bottom. I don’t know off the top of my head. And am I on public or private? Oh, it’s public. I should really pay attention Public, but, but by then already slipped away and it’s getting dark and I’m like, alright, mental note. And it was like three days later. Before 200.

01:30:11:29 –> 01:31:21:11
Yeah. Or high nineties. Aaron kills it. Yeah. It was like wow. So stuff can catch you off guard. But anyway, I think that’s a good, you know what I took away from that story too? Don’t overlook paved roads. Okay. It’s one thing to have dirt roads pave pavement, but sometimes people are not hunting paved roads at the crack taking case in point, Hammond Valley, Southwest, desert Elk, there’s been a lot of bulls off in the morning off the main dirt road. Up, up a sagebrush. Might as well be pavement. That’s like the main artery. 60 mile an hour, road 50, it is whatever. And there’s been giants taken right off the main. So while we’re talking about back country in places people might not hunt often. A lot of people don’t hunt off paved roads. Sometimes there’s big deer there. The last one, well, you think about it, most of ’em they’ve been driven past in the dark. Oh. Because they’re going to where they’re gonna go hunt, you know? And so there’s could be those areas. This was a primetime 20 minutes before dark. Who’s looking right off a highway? Who will, I was just getting to the unit. ’cause luckily by daylight set up a tent trailer and before it got real dark and that story caused me to H Paved Road. This year I stopped and started, stopped and started all the way down this big canyon. Yeah. And what did I see?

01:31:21:11 –> 01:32:29:27
Nothing. Nothing. One of the biggest bulls I ever saw killed was out there. And the guys, what happened? They, they got a late start on their morning talking southwest deserts. Slipping. Yeah, I think you, that was probably with you. Yeah. Well it was either with you or Garth, but I think it was Garth. Okay. It was Garth. So anyway, these guys had woke up late or something and they’re rolling down the main road and it was a 3 92 bull off the main road and they freaking heavy. And it, it had, it was the most massive bowl I’ve ever seen. And here we are going in obscure places within the unit trying to outthink everything. Sometimes you just don’t outthink the rutt. They don’t even think, they don’t even think they’re just looking for a hot cow cow. The trailing the one cow that matters. And remember, it could happen any time when you’re doing that. Ready? Let’s finish with your start out later. That’s a big question. Let’s, let’s lead with a little light mindedness if we haven’t had enough of that already. Carter, what’s your question? Well, I was just thinking this, this kind of, it’s for you. It’s another one for you. Well, it just made me laugh. Where’s that for Mr. Carter? Would you rather be a Democrat for a month or punch Mr. Bronson in the face one time? First off, anybody that calls me Mr. Bronson, I don’t like you.

01:32:30:01 –> 01:33:39:23
So what do you mean I’m not that old? That’s respect. No, that’s respect. Hey, we have, that’s for my grandpa. We have a landowner that comes in and he’s Mr. Carter. Mr. Bronson, he’s very respectful. Yeah, Bronson. But I, we nearly saw half of this earlier in this podcast anyway. What? Punch in the face? I thought there for a minute. We were gonna have to sit between you two. Did we argue, did we, not at all. What part? I don’t know. Well, we’ve been around. I wanna each other how? I wanna know how deep our friendship is right now. It’s deep on friendship. On record is deep. Dude, we’ve been, so is that safe to assume that you’ll be a Democrat? I would never punch you. Awesome. But I would never be a Democrat. Hey, you gotta choose one. It’s a would you rather game? I would probably rather lightly punch you and ask for forgiveness. Bro. How could you be a Democrat? Who could be a democrat? 30 days. You just don’t tell anybody for 30 days. You believe in, you believe in snowboarder, you believe in no guns. You believe in all these terrible bad things. Tell me one thing they stand for. That’s good. You treat your neighbor. Gimme one. Gimme one. And and you’re also, you’re talking about all those things. But you’re also not treating your neighbor as yourself, as you like to be treated. You punched him in the face.

01:33:40:03 –> 01:34:51:19
Alright, let’s go anyway. Well, let’s go Brandon. Well not, not Brandon. Let’s go. Brandon. There’s a funny side note to that. When he sent that to us, he got a warning from Instagram. He did. Did he really? Yeah. It said something like, just from the direct message. Oh yeah. I said, be careful the things you message somebody are being watched and we know everything you do. This is a violent, violent comment. And I just said nothing like big brother listening to everything you said. Are you kidding me? I’m not kidding. That’s my point. That’s a Democrat in action. That’s a Democrat in action. Yeah. Not kidding. Yeah, you don’t listen. Listen. You don’t know if they were mad about the offense to Democrats or the offense, the media getting punched in the face. They’re saying straight they, but the programming says this, they may not care about me. One sentence, if there’s the word Democrat and punch in the face, it goes straight Zuckerberg flag. And it’s common. It’s a common thing that’s happening. And they need to put a stop to it. Chris. That’s what I’m taking away. Chris, let’s do a keyword some more. Let’s go Brandon. And let’s see if we get flagged again on that. Let’s test it. If we have anything keyword, let’s go Brandon, in our, in our post on Instagram. I’ll bet we do. I’ve had friends test it and it’s shocking. I will say this.

01:34:51:25 –> 01:35:48:24
We have some Democrat listeners. I know we do. ’cause we get, we get, we get feedback, we get feedback. This guy might have been wrong feedback. I don’t know who was it from, but in my mind, and, and, and I’ll be done with it. We’ll be done. Because it doesn’t need to be political, right? Bronson? I did have a guy say, if Bronson won’t talk politics, I will message me. And I appreciate that. I just, all I said is hate watching the news. And I don’t want the news and I don’t keep things going down a hunting road. And I that, and I don’t, I don’t watch the news because I get, I’m sick of it. Angry. You get angry. I’m sick of it. And the news is, I’m sick of covid. I wanna be beyond it all. I wanna be And the news, news guys, rainbows and butterflies. Not rainbows. Boss. Well, not rainbows. Pretty pretty weather. Whatever. Okay. Per puffy clouds. How’s that? Puffy clouds. Where was I going with it? Butterflies. Where you talking about you’re, we’re talking about Democrats. We do have listeners and you were gonna put them at ease. I was gonna put ’em at ease because I believe the definition of Democrat has changed drastically in the last five years. For sure. No, 10 to 15. We weren’t that far apart.

01:35:48:27 –> 01:36:58:06
10 to 15 years ago, they didn’t, I still think we were, there was quite a difference in what we believe in. Having said that, I, there’s been a monument polarization change recently and, and I don’t know how you could be a Democrat and feel good about, okay, the last, everything that’s going on. Last question. And this is an A or BI answer. I wouldn’t want, I don’t wanna punch you. So anyway, keep going. So the answer is if I’m mis that you will become a Democrat for 30 days versus punch me lightly punch and ask for forgiveness. And you be, and you being a, a good, lightly, a good God-fearing man would, would forgive me. Alright, keep going. I think we’re done. That was it. But I feel great that you wouldn’t punch me. I just, I now I know where we stand on everything. Business. I ain’t life, family. I ain’t drugs. Pursuit of life, family pursuit of happiness. That’s where we’re at here at Epic Outdoors. We got snow on the ground. We’re happy. We’re gonna go out and have some Mexican food. We’ll do another one of these next week. Chris, we’ve got plenty to go through. Appreciate you guys sending these in to us. We we do. And we’ll get to the rest of them. Appreciate you. Yeah. Gave us some good things. I’ve learned a lot about you guys. I thought I knew you. I, I thought I did. Yeah.

01:36:58:08 –> 01:37:17:09
Bronson, I’ve known you for 20 years. I’ve learned a few things. Well, Devin, Wyatt, Josh, I’ve learned a lot. I love the stories. There’s some others that are good animals that other stories, they’ll bring out the best of us in stories. So we’ll do it again here in another week. And just till then, stay dry.