Utah Trail Camera Ban Reaction. In this episode of the Epic Outdoors Podcast we talk about the recent ban on trail camera use in Utah from Aug 1 – Dec 31st of each year. We also talk about a few other big changes that could affect the way you hunt. Hear our reactions and opinions on these topics here.

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July 31st, you got cameras pulled down in Utah for all intents and purposes to, to find and hunt. Big game. They did pass to eliminate all thermal imaging, anything to do with Western Big Game. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour, please. Hey everybody. Jason Carra. Bronson coming at you from Southern Utah. Bronson, I got a red solo cup today. What do you got? I got a 12 Ouncer Of what? Mountain Dew. Settle. Mountain Dew. Zero. Alright, well we’ll see how that treats you over the next hour. Hopefully this isn’t an hour. I only got an hour left in my day here. So, so here we are. Start in the podcast room, Chris. Yeah. Got us in here. Every time we hear Christmas, the boots coming down the hallway. Huh? We knew. I he, he around my corner and he says, I just said what time exactly. So, hey, get over there. There’s news of the West to be had. There is News of the West. Yeah. News of the west. And Christmas is over. And Chris had a couple podcasts he leaked through in the last 10 days of the, of the year. So hopefully he enjoyed all those over the holidays. But it’s time to do something else. And it’s January now, so That’s right. The omicron variant is running rampant. Huh? People are getting lined up, getting checked. Hey, did you see the news over Virginia Gonna go away.

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Do we have any members in Virginia? They’re in a 24 hour traffic jam. Roadblock, traffic jam. Yeah. How much gas did you have when you started to work that day? No, I don’t know, but I tell my kids like when you, what is it from a blizzard? I’m not, I don’t remember. I don’t want some news run off the top half of the tank. You run off the top half. Look to me like an ice, like an ice slash snowstorm blizzard. You should look it up, Chris. It’s, and you got a thousand homes and businesses and structures being burnt in Denver in the end of December. Come on. I, I mean, mean what’s so funny is mean not Denver City, the outskirts of Colorado. And I’m like Colorado wildfires. I know. It was a fluke. Weird rain. Right. Where we’re like 200% of normal of snowpack. I don’t know if I believe that, but that’s what all the maps say. But I like the map. But then you’re seeing, I mean, Denver and what Northern Colorado is terrible and I don’t know how you can have the end of December forest fires that burn a hun or thousand structures. They burned a lot though. Terrible. Yeah. Hopefully nobody that’s from there anyway. I don’t know. It’s crazy weather. Anyway, so yeah, here we are. Crazy times. But January, 2022. How about that? Huh? 2022. You still writing 2021 on your checks? Do you use checks?

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Well, I typed it in the computer a couple times yesterday, but I, today I’ve already done it. Right. Oh, three times. Right on. I’m kind of getting that way too. I’m getting confused to it. 10 years. Where were you? 10 years ago right now. Okay. Ah, is that a wolf? Hu Hey, we were, we were wolf hut. We were wolf hunting in Idaho. Chris, you were there. That was 10 years ago. Yeah. 20, 20 12. Boss March. Holy. 1st of March, man. Wow. That’s up. That’s when we, we, we, well spread our wings. We’ll just leave it that crazy. We spread our wings and went elsewhere. Yeah. 10 years. Wow. Killed, killed a wolf that year. We both did. I killed him that trip. You killed one. I killed one the week and before or after days before I got there. Before. Yeah. Yeah. That was right when they were more naive than they are now. It was driving up the road and I was getting out and I’m just mouth calling Howling. Yeah. You know what I mean? Something like that. Probably better back then was a female, wasn’t it? That second one was, she was, she was starting to pair up, wanting to pair up. I don’t know. But anyway, I’m like, and all of a sudden they held back and I’m like, what? This works here sh in me, this works. Yeah. And dude looked over there and freaking ranged it with like 350 yards.

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It was a smash and grab. Yeah. Next weekend of proportions. Got lucky. Chris was with me and Aaron when we got into ours. Video yours That he freaking videoed. It was like, it’s like priceless. Chris. I, I think at the time, remember I was unemployed at the time when it happened. So I, but that video footage is worth unemployed. Fun employed. Well, but that, that video is priceless. I I deserve to pay you way more than I could have. But I didn’t have a job at the, wasn’t it a heart shot at like 700? Like 5, 5 25 0, 40. Oh, was it five? I had it. My mind is seven. My thing took off. Like it wasn’t even hit, but luckily there was snow. You could see blood down there. I knew. But anyway, my, my first wolf was seven and a quarter. Yeah. That’s like one of the longest shots I’ve had on a big gay man. That animal at the time was my longest. And that was 10 years ago. Yeah. Five 40 or something like that. How, how long have you shot? Since what, what’s your next one? I think only six. That was this year. What was that one? Deer Idaho one shot. Oh yeah. By myself was like just a 204. Just lay down shoot and yeah. Made it look easy. Public land. Well, Bronson, well I don’t know why, why did we take a trip down memory lane there? Well, it’s just 20 20, 20 22.

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And it was 2012 when I was, and I was asking you for a job somewhere. That’s how fast. That’s how fast a either, either. And you were asking me for a job and I’m like, don’t any work for you. That’s right. That’s a, that’s how fast a decade flies. Yeah. Flying by. I had a guy tell me something like this, that whole analogy about the older he get, it’s like a roll toilet paper. The smaller the roll gets, the quicker it goes when you’re spinning. ’cause you know when it’s big, it’s like this big around. And when it gets little, then those little string, it goes faster. The older he gets just like a rollercoaster. I thought you were gonna say no, I’m as good once. No. As I ever was. Well, that’s true. But I can do something once. That’s why I tell my boy when we play one-on-one in the backyard. Bring it. I can do something once. Don’t ask me to repeat it. Well, every time you guys do one-on-one you get a broken toe. Broken pinky. He forearmed for elbowed me in the forehead last year as he is driving to the hoop within a concussion. Second concussion. No, within a second when I pulled my hand up there, I had a, like a hematoma or something sticking out about an inch on my forehead. I thought I’m gonna have like aneurysm. Any doctors out there. Tell us what Adam had.

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It’s called a goosebump. Well, it went away. It was a goosebump but it was immediate. It was like within a second. It was like out an inch. Like, like I thought I had brain fluid coming out. But anyway, crazy stuff. I tapped out and I said, Hey, I told you I can do something once. That’s right. That’s right. But hey, 2022 Covid environment. Wyoming changes Wyoming’s open. You know what I mean? You can apply for all species if you want. Well, it’s open. Yeah. But I don’t wanna do deer antelope right now. Why? Well, could, you could kill a bunch of them between now and end of May. Yeah, but the snow, not that we’re not, that we’re in bad. I don’t think we will. And I think I, I do feel like, I don’t know why we, why we’re even on the subject of Wyoming deer, but I guess since we are 20, 23, I’m freaking excited about 2024. Really excited about it. We have no winter. Well, I’ll have points because I didn’t draw this year. So I will have plenty of points. Are you not gonna draw this upcoming year either? What’s your plan? Not, I don’t know. Go on record. Might burn the antelope points. I’m up to about nine or 10. Really? Something to do. Yeah, I remember you. What? You killed a freaking good antelope. You call me. You like to tease me about being the antelope whisperer. Oh my God.

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How big a buck did you kill up there? Listen, you were in unit 57, right? 58. I was 61. Which one? 61. 61. And you hunt, you killed eight, seven inch. You’re down in Unit 10 in Arizona? Yeah. Okay. You’ve named the, the two of the three antelope I shot in my life. What’s the name? The third one? What one was that? I was 15 years old. San Juan Hatch Point. Okay. Alright. So 12 and a half inches. 11 and a half over. Over the course of 33 years, I’ve had three buck tags. So that’s one every 11 years. That is not an antelope connoisseur. Well, that is not one every 11 years. Well, again, I don’t care what anybody says. Antelope tags are kind of hard to come by. Well, they are. And I mean, but they’re, we’ve covered that in this publication, this January Mag 2022. Arizona. Arizona. Arizona. Oh yeah. Pretty legit. Might as well be a sheep tag. Especially after two years of drought. They’ve cut tags when you’ve got single digit, 2, 3, 4 buck tags. I question why they she even have a hunt? Well, because it’s hard to watch things get closed. Yeah. And when you close, actually close a unit, there’s a lot of gnashing of teeth in the world. Yeah, there is. But Mike, man, when you have a unit, it’s a pretty big geographical area and you can say we can peel three buck an little there.

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Well, I mean it’s telling you there’s a problem. Yeah, there’s a problem. I don’t know, it’s just like, wow. But I think also they, they manage for quality down there and they have a lot of gnashing of teeth when there’s no quality and it’s directly correlated. People want 90 inches in every unit down there, but well, can’t have it. I like that. I like a freaking 90. Don’t know that I’ve ever seen one anyway. Although, no, you saw some in where your highway time in Nevada this year. I thought you ran across a couple. Seems like I They were legit. Yeah. You saw some, I mean, freaking, I would’ve had some good Fuck this freaking legit. I made me want to attack. That’s saying a lot. That is All right. Well anyway, so Bronson today we listened to the Utah Gave Fish, had a board meeting and they make major decisions. Yeah, they did. It was kind of interesting because early December’s when they ratified, excuse me, their 2022 bucks and Bulls application guidebook and, and all season dates and all that. Right. Stuff that generally makes Yeah. That that’s it. Significant changes during that particular meeting.

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But there was so much discussion at those round of public meetings on the technology camera issue, technology, whether it be thermal vinyls, whether it be scopes on muzzle loaders, trail cameras that they, cellular cameras rolled more agenda items to the next month, which was cougars and bears by the way. They were doing cougar and bear stuff. So it, they threw it in with the bear and the cougar stuff totally unrelated. Well, today they, they, they put some stuff on the chopping block. July 31st. Yeah. You got cameras pulled down in Utah, all transmitting and regular trail cameras done. Yeah. Very much similar to Nevada, other than Nevada has a different date for transmitting and regular cameras. Utah’s just everything on July 31st, you’re done. Yeah. And that, and you know, who knows how it’ll exactly be written far as dealing with landowners and, but that’s what the, that for hunting purposes, for all intents and purposes to, to find and hunt. Big game can’t be done with trail cameras during the seasons. Yeah. For the most part. That’s the, I mean, there’s other seasons that extended to January, but they cut it off December 31st. Right? That’s right. That’s so cougars and bears in the spring. He could use the crap out of ’em. Yeah. Huh? He cellular. Hey, I didn’t realize it. Oh, that. But there was a lot of guys like in Arizona. Yeah. They’re using cellular cams and very effective at it.

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Well, they’ll get a, a lion that comes into the spring. And if you’re only an hour from your house and you get a lion hit a spring, that’s, that’s two hours old. By the time you’re there, you’re catching that lion. Yeah. Especially if you’re really vested and more power to it. A sheep hunter, whatever. And it’s in a sheep unit that happens. That’s very sensitive. You get, you get one hit in a guzzler and, and, and, you know, camping on ’em. I mean, Nevada, they sit under the aprons of the tin. It it’s wrong. Ambush the sheep. But hunters can do it. That’s not wrong. But, but, but lions, that’s wrong. That’s right. That’s right. So anyway, that’s gonna be a big change coming up for this fall in Utah. Last year they cut out the baiting this year they cut out the truck cameras starting August 1st. There’s gonna be a whole segment of people with bows in their hands this year looking at each other. Like, what do I do now? Well, I mean, am I not true? We’re gonna sell more optics by the way we sell optics Bronson. Yeah. And we sell track choke cams. You’re gonna need optics. You’re gonna need glassing pad. You’re more, you’re gonna need more truck cams because they’re not, you’re not gonna be able to transfer ’em from station to station to station as much.

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You’re, you’re gonna be able to run ’em from the end of June to the end of July and then pull ’em down, you know? But anyway, big changes. Be able to do a truck camera rental. You can do yours. I don’t, well, I don’t know. But if we rented out truck s to the world, know what’s gonna happen is they’re gonna, somebody’s gonna rent your cameras and they’ll leave it up past August 1st and it’s gonna have your name on it. You’re gonna get a ticket. No, it’s gonna put Chris’s name on it. Well, they’re gonna get stolen. Somebody’s gonna be taking 12 gauges to your thing on August 1st. Yeah. Right to the tree. Could have to take a big deposit. All right. Well anyway. Well, and the other thing they got rid of in Utah, they did pass to eliminate all thermal imaging imaging, which has gotten more popular. That’ll be like 48 hours before. Yeah. To 48 hours after. So not like the follows our flight law. But you can’t use it in the hunts anymore. No, you’re done. And what else did they do? Is that it? Well, I mean, yeah, that’s a big deal. You know, they were split and the chairman had to Yeah, that was on the TRO camera thing. Thermal, I think it was. I don’t remember the boat. Yeah. They’re both gone.

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Landslide on thermal, but muzzle loader scopes, they didn’t, they, they tabled that and say, we’re gonna look at all technology and do surveys and whatever. Well, I think what I think’s interesting and, and, and there was a, a board member that wanted to revisit all technology in all things that help us as hunters in the, that have, we’ve come a long ways in a decade, if not two decades, a long ways. We all know this. But, you know, I think what’s happening is, is you get, you get some drought, you get some effective hunters, and all of a sudden we’re all just so frustrated that you wanna eliminate everything. Well, when in we’re get reality, you eliminate one or two things and let it breathe for a minute. And you might be happy, you know. Well, and we also came off arguably one of the worst hunts for deer in Utah in 20 years plus if, I mean, it was so dry, so rough. And Yeah, you’re gonna overreact the other way too. I’m not saying things are peachy everywhere, but there’s a lot of the stuff that people are talking about. Like you just can’t quantifiably make, you know, you know, variable power scopes and turrets on rifles and stuff. Like how are you gonna really check that? No, but if you bring it up and you contend that, that’s a major source of contention. Okay. Then you can muddy the water. Water.

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Oh, you can muddy the water long enough that nothing, nothing changes. That’s right. Or you can talk about muzz that are easy. It’s easy to go back to what they five or six years ago. Yeah. It’s easy. Get rid of it’s no, no optics on a muzz or everybody understands muzz are designed to be primitive weapon season. Yeah. If, and, and the seasons are set in relation to the weapon a lot of times. Yeah. So archery gets to go first in, in August. Right. If you vulnerable, if you lose rifles there, what would happen? Kill ’em all. It’d kill ’em all. It’d be worse than the rutt. Oh yeah. I mean at least, at least in the rutt, you don’t have the patterns, you know what I mean? Not, and they’re not orange on a mountain. The deer aren’t orange. It’s not tried. It’s not right after, right after you ran trail cameras for two or three months. So I just feel like your, your seasons are set in relation to the weapon. And so, you know, if we’re gonna have a, basically if your’re muzzle order’s gonna be a rifle, then let’s just give it muzzle or a rifle season dates and let ’em hunt in October. You know, when Deere’s smart. And so, I don’t know, I think, I think a better solution be, there’re gonna have to be things like that or shorten some seasons or change the muzz orders.

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I think we should change the muzz orders. Go ahead. There’s another, another issue that they, I feel like was compounded on top of all this is, especially down here, they added hundreds of tags to the unit right here. Is that gonna change things? Yeah. That’s gonna change things. Yeah. So you, you have the technology, but also you’re increasing hundreds of tags. Yeah. Yeah. So it, yeah. And, and the muzzle loader hunt in the end of September for mule deer in Utah. Very fairly vulnerable time. It’s for a, a lot of deer. And then you throw a scope, muzz litters on there now, which are pretty effective. And people learn how to use three to 400 yards muzz or whatever. And Yeah. And a ballistic coefficient on a 54 caliber, 300 grain freaking chunk of lead. Yeah. You know, so, but it’s quantifiable. Math does work. We do have to, we do have to bridle ourselves to some extent. It’s just, when I talk, when I think of things, they have to be very easily to interpret. Don’t start talking to me about, oh, you can use a range finder, but not a smart range finder that takes barometric pressure. That’s, that crosses the line. I mean, there’s some things that you just, it’s not re you can’t t how can you regulate? It needs to be realistic. No scopes on muzz are very easy for game and fish. Say you gotta scope, what are you do?

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What are you doing? Recur, recurved bows only. Yeah. Well, I mean that’s, you know, you know what one looks like. If does, if I say recurved, do you know what you it in your mind? Well, yeah, yeah, you do. I’m I’ll tag That’s not punched. I just talking. There’s no talk out. There are people of going to recurving longbow only in you, Utah. We’re just No. ’cause you were using compounds for how many years now? Yeah, it’s just recently that we changed the ad scopes, take away scopes. Were back to where we were. And everybody was somewhat happy and understood that there is a primitive season and it’s okay to have a primitive season. It’s meant to be a primitive season. Doesn’t mean we’re going back to the flash pan with four F powder. You know what I’m saying? A piece of obsidian striking a piece of steel. Right. So, so anyway, and then if, if we’re still too effective Bronson, because of the barometric pressure in a rangefinder. Okay, then let’s go with a five day, five day season, five day rifle season. That’s what you gotta do. Five day rifle season in October 15th, 20th. We, we did that 15 years ago. We did it for years down here. We had to do stuff like that. Yeah. We did several, we five day hunts. Remember, remember, remember when people, and what happened after about five years that we got really good.

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And then game of Fish was brilliant and we went back to nine days and crushed it. I know. I don’t think five days is too much to ask for. I don’t, I would think, I would say adjust the muzz orders. See where this, see where the dust settles at. And if we need more restrictions, let’s tax and shave dates, shave season dates. Yeah. There. And then, you know, at some point maybe dedicated hunter allowing people to hunt all three seasons. Maybe a its course. Maybe, maybe maybe at at one point we had the game to Yeah. Deal with it all. And now maybe we don’t have the game to deal with it all. I don’t know, across certain thresholds of population wise or numbers wise or whatever. And you know, have habitat changes. You have, you know, highways and highway mortality that is additive, you know, over the years you just have a lot of things that change over 10 to 20 years that now thresholds are crossed that you just can’t come back from without giving up something pretty big again. I did see a comment of talking about habitat management and a lot of the projects we’ve done across the state. Yeah. You know, and at some point it’s time to fill the landscape of game animals. You know what I mean? Like, we can handle more. How are we gonna get more? Yeah. He’s gonna do another habitat project. Yeah.

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I don’t know that that’s, you gotta have it to grow it, but then at some point you gotta be able to, you gotta grow it. Let ’em grow. Yeah. Well anyway, kind of interesting stuff. It’s like there was a lot of emotional people. I mean, people, it’s one thing I, I feel like it’s different. We, we’ve turned a corner, so to speak, before it was, we’ve had, you know, family reunions on the deer hunt and all of these kind of things. And you heard a lot of that and we don’t want to give that up. It felt like it was the opposite. People are so frustrated that they’re not seeing game. Take my firstborn child, take it. I, I don’t wanna hunt for the next 10 years if it means I can’t find a nice buck. They want big deer. Good solid deer. For a lot of you people listening to this, this is a u we’re talking about a Utah issue right now. Every state, every state right now is going through some of this stuff. You’ve got, I’m, I’m using the word fights, but you’ve got discussions in Wyoming from resident, you know, hunters to limit non-resident percentage of tags on quotas. You know that that’s another battle there. You’ve got Arizona. Well, they could easily win that one and not give up anything for themselves. Yeah. You’ve got Arizona with the battle. I’m just using the term battle. The OTC deer.

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That’s their, they’re gal they’re going through a bunch. There’s a lot of people that want to go and they’re go back to o TC on everything for residents and limit non-residents. Yep. So every, that’s a battle coming. Every state, every state’s got your little things. We’re talking about these in Utah. We live here and we’re passionate about it. And we will, we’ll hunt with whatever we’re told to hunt or not hunt with. You know, and we don’t really care. We, we frankly like the variety of of the west, it, it allows opportunities, you know, to not have everything be identical. But at the same token, we gotta be very self-aware of when, when, when we got things really good, we’re being really effective and maybe, yeah. Give, give the animals a break. What I feel like is, back in the heyday when we thought it was a heyday of our lifetime, the old timers said early nineties, it’s, well, or like mid two thousands. Right. Okay. Mid two thousands. There was a lot. We a, we were capable, we were the right age. We were willing to work our guts out. We had two or three tags a year total. And we could do ’em all justice. Now we’re getting two or three a month and spread too thin. Right. So there’s a, some of us, well yeah, you are too. Yeah, sometimes. Yeah. Well you’re spending a lot of time on your hunts too.

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But yes. I mean, you’re not spread so thin you can’t do that. And I’m picking and choosing which ones to spend a lot of time on, but I need, I need to a go back to that and have less tags and spend more time. But, but BI was told back then that the good days were over and now I’m looking at it going, those were some amazing times. Those, those were my good days of my life. They were the amazing, amazing. That was the eighties or sixties, fifties, whatever. Yeah. The nineties, early two thousands till 2002. That drought crushed some stuff. It was rough. It was rough. Some was a while after that. There was some of that. Some some units. But so fun stuff. But I think, honestly, honestly, I feel like this is shaping up to be a banner year antler growth wise. Where, and I think, well, I think you’re gonna have Southern Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Arizona. I think if, if things keep going, things are good, I go out and I see whites, white stuff’s everywhere. Yeah. Snow, ice. And we haven’t had that. And they say we’re one 50 to 200% in all these southern Utah ranges. And I’m just wondering what normal means. 150 to 200% of normal. Does that mean like told a drought year? That’s what I told Josh. What the last two years have been so bad that had, when you have change zero.

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The average when average zero change the average. Yeah. The average now went way down. It’s just in two years. I’m trying to wrap my head around this 200% thing because I look up in the mountain and I’m still like, there’s not that much snow. Maybe it’s ’cause I’m from Northern Utah, but Well, if you, apparently I haven’t driven over the top, but if you look at the stone tell sites before the New Year’s weekend, there was 60 and 54 inches up here. Which that one was the biggest one in the state. And that was co-op. Well I learned in finance that you can alter numbers and graphs to look anything you want ’em to look like. Yep. Attorneys can show anything in court to make it fit there. We know that. And the same guy, a same attorney on the different attorney on the other side can just same number numbers to show you that your client’s guilty. That’s right. That’s right. Money guys. Getting him off with the same numbers. I’m looking at Josh’s graph. I’m seeing lots of blue. But you know what, 10 minutes prior, he showed us a graph that said we were in a major, major drought still. Yeah. As of December 28th. A major drought. Well, last time I went up there, there was only 10 inches of snow. So it was in December. Well he said, he said there’s 10 inches of water at midway in the, in the snow.

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Really? That’s what it’s saying. Wow. And that was before the 54 inches. There was before this weekend. And, and, and then the next catastrophe is when it gets too warm, too fast and it all comes out and floods my house. Floods to the neighborhoods, to the valley. It’ll happen. You wait. I’m ready now though. I’m sorry. No, we’re gonna be loaded. We’re gonna be sitting there with the little tractors, purring. Tell, tell, tell the world you were standing in my driveway in was there 6, 8, 10 inches of water. Yeah. And if I walked out to the road, it was 18 fish swam by fish. I was waiting for boats to come by. Fish catch, swam by our feet. There was a pond that had thousands of fish next to us. I don’t know how they could breathe in that. It was like chocolate and milk and they were sucking it when the water went away. There was no fish. I don’t know where they went. Yeah. Did you ever find a car? I never found. No. I never did. And there were hundreds. Hundreds. Where did they go? I don’t know. A lot of dogs. They ate. Well, I don’t know. I don’t know. Were they stuck in that 10 inches of mud that was left? Oh, maybe chance. And that dried rock solid. Yeah. You In fact, that’s how fossils, that’s how fossils they’re gonna dinosaurs are made. They’re gonna be fossils. No question.

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It’s like 2021. These T-Rex boats. I’m so glad to see 2021 end. Yeah. And go away. Yeah. If you read my article in January magazine, I said goodbye 2021. Yeah. But Bronson, you killed a freaking 200 AC Who did that in 2021? Well, well, I mean, tell me. Yeah. Name one. But I got lucky. I had a great tag and I had a 20 something days. Yeah. That’s what I’m gonna try to do. So it wasn’t easy. I mean, it goes back to what you’re saying. Sometimes we try to run around and grab all the, any low hanging fruit we can call it smash and grab what I, I I hear I have a, it’s not, I have a question for you. It’s not gonna work. That worked. You know. It worked. Would you do it again? No, that’s, that’s my point though. I mean, I mean it, certain tags, you know, you, you realize you got you not lucky, but you made your luck on that one. But, but you don’t have enough confidence to want to go do it again. Yeah. It was, it was a grind. Yeah. I mean, no, I mean, all’s well that ends well, but it could have ended with a total different way. I tell you that. Well, anyway, that’s, go ahead. I just about started hunting wolves for a straight seven straight days. ’cause I saw some of them and I’m like, wow, this is all right.

00:25:39:07 –> 00:26:41:15
This is better than the deer hunt I’ve been doing for 20 something days. And nobody thinks you’re unethical for dropping a long bomb on em. No. Well, and they were, it was, it was intense. I had ’em, I had 300 yards running after coyotes and stuff was scattered everywhere. And it was of sudden you started coyote howing. I was, I did. And then I realized I can’t, I don’t have a good view of round me. I’m in tall brush. I can see one direction. It’s unnerving. They don’t hurt people. But it is freaking unnerving. They’re coming to kill a coyote. Well, I know I’m, I’m a coyo. Very different. And that’s exactly what their coyo was zipping. And I had four of them running down a ridge with their ears pinned back 150 and then pounds a piece. And then I run up on there and I start sping like a coyote. And I’m, I’m seriously looking around like, what am I really doing right now by myself? I’ve got my inReach. I could eat SOS Yeah. It’s in my pack. They’re not gonna hurt you if they knock me down from behind. No, I mean it was just, just kind though. Or wolves are unnerving. People are unnerved by wolves. Well, I just seen ’em, they were running so fast with their ears pinned. I’d heard this coyote and all these deer out there, and I’m trying to find this coyote.

00:26:41:25 –> 00:27:46:23
And I pick up four wolves. Yeah. Just barrel rolling down this ridge. And so I’m throwing stuff in the truck and I gotta drive up. ’cause I’m like, I’m gonna smoke a wolf. They’re only like 500 yards. But they ran over the ridge. So I run around the corner, drive up there, sit down and just start yiping. And then after about 60 seconds, I’m like, I’m gonna get back in my truck. Well, it was just like, this is different. This is not like calling a coyote. No. He wins you. He runs, he runs. If this is a wolf, he sees a, a flicker. Although we should call, we should call Clint. Have we ever called Clint and talked to him about that rapid coyote that basically chased us down? No. Call him. Oh, we might should call him. I might have to call Aaron too. He’s, he did reply, but I don’t know if he’s got good enough service to answer. But he, his hunting seasons over, which he is a good thing. Trust me. Well, okay, before, I want to make one point before we call Cliff, and he doesn’t even know we’re gonna call him. But all of this snow is gonna mean good aunt growth and, and all of a sudden we have a full change of attitude and we’re wanting scopes back on LERs. I don’t know. I’m just saying it’s, you know how that has happened here. It has happened. Wow.

00:27:46:23 –> 00:28:56:19
What You go from a drought worse. Oh, it’s such a doom and bloom. Back to back years 18 and 19 were two back to back. Terrible. And then in 19 was one of the best years, especially like on the Ponant in maybe 20 or 30 years. Yeah. Crazy strip. That’s Oh, I knows. Back to back. That’s where I, I was talking about tag numbers. I feel like instead of changing laws, maybe work on tag season dates and tags, season dates and tags. The stuff that’s, that’s easy. It can change year to year. Adjust those. That works. The challenge, the challenge is, we’ve had this under a, let’s call it a general status. Meaning more tags are issued, people can go regularly. That means every two to four years now, or five in some cases, Bronson. And it’s becoming somewhat of a quite limited draw. And so there’s this fine balance of, we just gonna do away with that and throw everything in the limited, limited entry draw and call it a day. And I mean, at some point that seems like where it’s headed. I hate to see that too. I like to be able to hunt pretty regular. My kids like to hunt regular. So there’s this, there’s a fine balance. I just wish there was more deer and lots of big ones. All right. Let’s call Clint. Let’s just see if he remembers the story. He might be trying to get caught up.

00:28:56:19 –> 00:30:11:27
He’s on vacation. Where, where? Been on a cruise. What’s up? Hey, just tell the world on the Epic Outdoors podcast what it’s like to go on a Covid cruise. I’m on the podcast. Yeah. Come on. Gosh. Hey, you sound like you’ve got good load. I thought you were gonna got good load on there. I’m gonna call and talk about Utah Trail cameras with me or something. We already did that. We already did that. We crushed it. We don’t even want your opinion. Yeah, but he’s, we, we, the topic came up of wolves. Coyotes and then a rabbit coyote. And so then Jason, Jason says, you’ve got a story, dude. Okay. There’s not very many people that are chased by, by a rabbit coyote. But you and I were, well kind of, I I almost killed it. But we’d already talked about that once. Did we, did we on a prior co podcast? Yeah. We talked about it on a podcast once. But tell me, I don’t remember. You actually had a coyote chase you guys with Baird teeth? Finks. Well, I mean Clint, Clint shot and shot and shot and this thing looked at him, go back to Malon and actually walk toward us. And I’m like, there’s, this is a rabid coyote. You’re not thinking square. Wow. Bronson was talking about wolves and how wolves were chasing a coyote in Idaho. And then he went to call on yiping like that.

00:30:11:29 –> 00:31:15:15
I ran up on the hill within five to 10 minutes and sat down and started yiping just like the coyote thinking I’m gonna call in the wolves. ’cause they were just running down this mountain trying to kill a coyote. And then I got thinking, I’m alone and I’m in the brush and I’m sounding like a yiping coyote with four wolves right here. What am I doing with 400 pounders? A hundred and a quarter, whatever, 80 to a hundred a quarter. It was a little bit different filling, you know, than I’ve ever had. I, it just dawned on me, but not at, not until I was there and it was a quiet time. And I’m like, it’s real quiet. Anyway, it just reminded me, you and I dealt with one of them kind of coyotes. Could you imagine a wolf in that particular situation? So anyway, I guess since you brought it up, what’s your opinion on the troche and the thermal thermal imaging and the muzzle orders with scopes? I did not catch all the verbiage on the thermal imaging. What’s, what’s the on that Can’t, can’t do, do it 48 hours before or after. Can’t hunt with it anymore. Big game season because nobody can use it after two days before, can you? Okay. Can you not use it at all or just at night? No. No. Not at all. Okay.

00:31:15:15 –> 00:32:14:07
So it’s like, it’s like 48 hours before and then through the whole hunt you can’t use it. Yeah. Yeah. No. Alright. I didn’t even know what the exactly was, I don’t think it applied to, I don’t, I shouldn’t say this. I don’t know if, if it applied. I’m thinking applies Kyle game season or, I think it’s a big game, but I don’t know if it, I can shoot kylees not, we still had to work while we were listening to it. So we’re trying to pull out all the details, but, right. So Well on s spotlighting, can you spotlight without a gun in the truck? Yeah, you can spotlight without a gun in the truck. Okay. So can you thermal without a gun in the truck during a hunt? No, it’s during a hunt. So, no, because thermals aiding and finding, that’s what they’re saying. If, if you’ve got a tag, if you’ve a tag finding, but it’s, no, I don’t. Well, yeah, I, I, we’ll fin grant, because some of the, some of the state, like Colorado has wording that’s very similar to spotlighting on their thermal stuff. Yeah. They all gotta get it updated with the times. Well, so what, what do you think Clint? What’s your opinion? Well, I’ll just play by the rules. Yeah. Whatever the rules are. Yeah. That’s what we say. That’s right.

00:32:14:12 –> 00:33:19:15
And I don’t, I’m a little bit mad just because I got a few cameras that I like to leave out year round. And it’s gonna create, oh, we decided we’re gonna, if this thing goes into effect, if it were to go into effect year round or whatever, we’re gonna have to strap on some snowshoes. Yeah. I’m glad that this doesn’t kick, this doesn’t kick in effect till August 1st. So I I, the snow can melt and I can get to, like Adam said, we, Aaron likes to just throw, throw ’em out randomly. He check them two years later. Yeah. He, he gets ’em in the spring. Yeah. Yeah. I, I got some that are two years out and I check, I got some that I check once a year and now I’m gonna have to go and just pull all those and yeah. Put ’em back out again. It’s just gonna create more work for me. I don’t know if it’s gonna, so Clint, you’ve kind of been in the, around the guiding arena guided, you know, with me a bit and then oh, some other places and whatnot. But just, I mean, is this gonna help and hurt guides and help or hurt the average Joe? I think both are gonna be hurt equally on that. I think average Joe might get hurt more. Well, average Joe that runs cameras, I should say that. Yeah. And there it is true.

00:33:19:21 –> 00:34:22:05
I think it’s in small areas, especially like really desert type areas that it does help you focus on bigger animals and kind of knows, knows where to go that you might not have otherwise found. Right. And, but the thing that I think a lot of these guys think that, oh, we’re gonna stick it to the guides and we’re not gonna let the guides do this anymore because they’re killing all the big stuff. And it’s all about trail cameras. I got news for you. The guides know the area gonna change. It’s not gonna change. And they’re gonna hire subs, not the area. They’re gonna hire more guides. Yeah. Okay. They’re gonna, their trail camera’s gonna be Joe Schmos sitting there with a set in Oculars. Okay. That’s their new trail camera. It’s gonna be like Jason Carter. Trail truck comes, it’s gonna be like Jason Carter. He’s 14 years old. No, no. I was like 9, 8, 7, 6 dude swaying in a quickie. That’s about eight inches. Eight inches. What? Don’t get out. So the guys do you mean down 40 mile an hour wind? Don’t get out. Where’s your logbook? I watch trees crash to the ground. Where’s I’m in ae where’s your, where’s your logbook anyway. Alright, keep going. Keep going. Well, I, I think I agree. It’s not, it’s not gonna change. It’s not not gonna change the guides too much.

00:34:22:05 –> 00:35:25:19
They’ll have, they, I mean, think it’s harder for full time and I think, I think deer will live. They’re gonna have less, they’re gonna have less person. I think a more deer. Yeah. It will, it’s not gonna be non impactful to guys. But think about some of this thick country like you guys that you know, you know, like Boulder. Oh, Ferrell super thick. Ferrell places Boulder. Yeah. When you can’t check during a, during a hunt, it’s, yeah, there’s gonna say bull. It’s kind of significant, right? Yeah. It’s kind of significant. I think So. Still allows you to scout Clint. Yeah, I know. Harder than ever. You gonna have you gonna buy double the cameras you normally have? No, I I have a hard enough time running the ones I got. It’s gotcha. It’s tough. Yeah. I mean I’m, you’re gonna have to earlier season, it’s, you’re just gonna have to do more. Yeah. And it’s gonna have to work more. Yeah. And rely on a less during, during when after hunting stuff starts that period from about August 1st to the 20th until our bow hunt start gonna be a, gonna have a bunch of time on your hands now. Well, you’re not gonna be running cameras anymore. You’re gonna be scouting. Yeah. I might actually be able, well instead I might actually find more deer now ’cause I’m not running cameras. I can actually go sit somewhere.

00:35:25:20 –> 00:36:33:25
You know what I’m really excited about my afternoon naps. Like I haven’t been able to nap. ’cause when there’s cameras to check in the middle of the day, you do it all day long now. Yeah, bring it on. I’m gonna be, I’m gonna gonna be fresh, daylight and dark now. Yeah, that’s right. Fresh. How nice is that gonna be you dude, it’s daylight. Fricking those of you 18 hours a day. Those of you guys that are 45 years and older, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Naps coming. I got, I got one more thing I don’t like about it though. It’s how are they gonna enforce this? Okay. So I’m gonna follow the rule. What’s gonna make me mad is you’re gonna enforce it for ’em. You’re gonna rip cameras off the trees. Well, but Kay, if they’re not hunting, they can, they got a right to a camera still. I don’t know. We’ll have to, it’s, I don’t have to read the fine print. I’ve seen the way it’s written. But maybe if you’re, if you’re that guy, let’s put it this way. You’re running a camera and you’re doing it in the gray. Let’s just, you’re gonna be publicly humiliated. Well, and let’s just put it this way, Nevada, the, the, the few people that leave a few lingering, they’ve gotten crushed. Oh yeah. I mean, they got found turned in. They’re very self-policing sportsmen and hunters. Yeah.

00:36:33:25 –> 00:37:38:03
People don’t appreciate somebody bending a rule really on it. You’re gonna have some private, private issues here and there over on some cameras probably. And there’ll be some, I don’t know. I just don’t want because Yeah, I, I hope what they do has some teeth in it. But from what I’ve seen so far, it’s gonna be they got a proven intent on this. I don’t, this is what I think Clint, just write ’em, write the ticket. Just write the ticket and let the judge decide. That’s what Nevada does. They write a ticket, let the judge decide. Yeah. Instead we all worry about what can actually be enforced and this and that and how is it read and interpreted and all this. If you feel like if the officer feels like the guy’s in the wrong Right. The ticket, whatever. And let let the judge decide. He’ll be like, yeah, it was obvious. You’re hunting, you’re an idiot. I’ll, I’ll play by the rules. I have no problem with it. Yep. We’ll, we’ll see what happens. I’m, I’m real curious like, because AR Arizona’s law, Arizona’s law I think is wrote real similar and so this is gonna be their first go out Arizona. Yeah. What’s funny is, I mean they come out, you can personal enjoyment run a camera, but then later they quantify it and you read it.

00:37:38:06 –> 00:38:57:09
You can’t freaking just run a camera and say it’s for personal enjoyment if you have any intent whatsoever to use that information. You know what I mean? Right. So it’s, I don’t know. Anyway, I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes. Well anyway, all right guy. Well, okay man. Take easy. You bet. Bye-Bye. What else were we gonna talk about? We had another vein we were gonna tap into. Oh, big bookies something. Yeah, let’s talk about that real quick. Bronson in between. Yeah. Giving somebody else a call. So Arizona came out the regs slash tags in unit 10, which because the big bow bill wrench within that unit is more than 50% of the unit and a huge portion of the access. And so they just couldn’t come in up with an agreement, you know, for allowing trespass people to draw tags in unit 10, whether it be antelope or even deer and elk. The deer, this late deer hunt that just went on, you know, guys were being told no. So anyway, slash the tags of course when we went to print when Arizona Game and Fish went to print with their regs. Yeah. Their printed regs are gonna be wrong too now. Right. They’ve upli up, you know, they’ve updated the online version. But anyway, yesterday came out with an email and basically told everybody agreement’s been reached for this year. We’ll see how the future works out.

00:38:57:09 –> 00:40:16:19
But anyway, it’s been reached and tag numbers will be resumed back to normal somewhat. So. So anyway, yeah, big slashing of tags that were in print either in our magazine or in their printed regs. Initial set of them not gonna happen. So antelope elk will be pretty much status quo in terms of numbers for 2022. So kind of cool. Kind of a big deal too. A lot more lot attacks. I mean it was cut in over half. Oh. I mean it was a lot over half. Maybe 75% maybe. Yeah. So anyway, been a little arm wrestling over that, you know, and it’ll probably be a contentious issue ’cause they don’t have landowner Texas, there’s no way to really compensate. Compensate. It’s a landowner without just flat out paying. They just have never gone to that. There’s no nothing in Arizona that’s gone to that status. Like Utah or Colorado or they never will Nevada or New Mexico. They never will, I don’t think. Do you? I don’t, no. Anyway, kind of interesting. Kind of cool. Of course we, you know, covered Arizona elk and antelope in the January, 2022 edition of Epic Outdoors as well as Wyoming. We covered sheep, moose, goat, elk and bison in there. Bronson, I was told that we give too much information on the podcast. What do you say to that? I think we’re done talking about it. Okay. No more and no more info and, and joking. We don’t wanna do that.

00:40:16:20 –> 00:41:19:13
We’ve said that. We’ve been pretty clear about that. I think the last Path podcast maybe Chris, we talked about why we don’t go line by line, unit by unit, species by species. Every unit in the state. That’s, that’s what we’re here for. To call, to get consultation from. That’s what the magazine’s for. If you listen to the podcast for free, which we maintained that and we gave all that out there for free, it kind of cheapens what our members, you know, support us for and, and get and things like that. So there was a lot of people supporting the members only idea. Podcast members only podcast idea. And we’re floating that around. But we’re floating it around. And we may actually go into great detail lineup online. I think it’d be fun to just, and make it members only and just talk about unit. I think it’d be fun to just talk crush Unit X. Just talk instead of Yeah, we might do it. Have to log ind your own portal in your own account to hit a certain link. Chris. I don’t know it people, Chris, John, they know how to make it work. It wouldn’t be as easy Chris to tap into. But do it Chris, can we do it? Oh yeah, you can do it. You can do anything, huh? Yeah, you can do anything. Chris. Chris, you got songs for sale out there. How does we could sell podcasts. What? What? Right.

00:41:19:20 –> 00:42:36:11
Oh, you mean like on iTunes? Yeah, buy a down for download. Yeah, paper download. Okay. It wouldn’t make much. Well we’re not doing it for no buck, bro. We ain’t doing that. Well I make a couple cents for a play. Do you? That ain’t worth it. Unless Chris, there’s a lot of what playing. Yeah. Of your song. Song. It’s about the, you’re numbers. You’re getting a lot of downloads, aren’t you? Walmart principle. So for cheap, anybody out there go support Chris Peterson. Chris, well thank you. Throw a little plug out there real quick. Appreciate it. Work. How can they find you? Just Spotify, apple Music anywhere. Chris Peterson country. Got a website. Chris? Yeah. Cp country.com. There’s a whole nother side of Chris out there. I guess here’s the little announcement that has to do with hunting. We’re actually on Wednesday night, the vendor dinner. We’re playing that at the expo. Why? Come on. Yeah, we’re playing what you are. Yeah. Oh, we’re, we didn’t know that Bronson, we were, we were figuring we weren’t gonna go to that. We’ve talked about that for they flirted with you for years and we couldn’t figure out why they couldn’t land your, that’s too expensive. You’re gonna be now you’re gonna be, because he’s too expensive. He’s gonna be there anyway. He doesn’t even have to pay for him to travel. But hey, it’s awesome. So that’s the welcome back or whatever they’re calling it Wednesday night.

00:42:36:11 –> 00:43:48:00
It’s the con expo for vendors Wednesday night in the, the ballroom. Speaking of that, we’ll be there. That’s coming up. We’ve got about a month away. And if you’re ready to buy some optics, we are bringing the trailer, the big trailer. We’re bringing lots of stuff. Gonna be good to see people in person. We’re operating under the assumption that Omicron doesn’t put its ugly vice upon the state of Utah. And shut it down. Let’s just say this bro. But come on, we’re you’re at a hunting convention, largely Republican. It’s happening. How many are people gonna wear masks? Hey, do we have to have they said that? Have they said that? Dude, come on, you’re in Salt Lake. You’re, you’re gonna be wearing a mask. Well, let’s have some stylish ones like ba, camo, balaclavas, some stuff like that. Huh? At least whatever. I don’t know. Hey, I’ll buy yours. You buy mine deal. I can find something good on YouTube. Oh, I can find something. I, hey, I can Google the best of it. Find something on, you know, Amazon for you, whatever. So anyway, yeah, so if you’re looking through, that’s coming on the dates for that. The Xcode be February. You don’t, you can validate. It says you must validate. So you go there, you apply for some tags set aside for the expo, and you have to do it online this year.

00:43:48:00 –> 00:44:56:27
You’re not gonna be able to get there and do it on paper. You’re gonna have to do it online. And I don’t know if they’re gonna have computers there, but it says validate in person the February, gotta get there in person. 10th to the 13th. Yeah. You know what I mean? And so you’re gonna go, but, but they’re not gonna just have people there filling out paper applications, no papers anymore. This is all online. Online only. Really? Yeah, all online. That’s a change. I assume they’re gonna have some computers there, but, but bottom line, do it beforehand. Then you walk up, flash your ID that you go in the draw and you walk away Happy man. That’s right. Or woman. Well, Chris, so you’re gonna be playing at the Hunt Expo. How about that Wednesday night? Everybody, anybody that’s around dealing with the boost, whatnot, the exhibitors that, that exhibitor only think. Yeah, because it’s just the vendor dinner. Well, we gotta go to that. Bronson, I mean Chris is legit and you can support him again. Chris, iTunes, wherever. Spotify, what is it? CP country, huh? Yeah, Spotify. Apple Music. Apple. Anywhere you get your music. Yeah. Let’s make those pennies. Good stuff. Let’s make the pennies out of, out of those pennies. Alright, well anyway, pretty awesome. Pretty proud of you. Good work. Well, thank you. It’s awesome. Heck yeah. All right, Bronson. Well, I don’t know what else, what do you wanna do?

00:44:56:27 –> 00:46:01:21
Should we, we had, we had one more shout, something to hunt, expo something. Well, the only thing I was thinking about is these wazoo freaking tripods. Let’s talk about ’em. Let, let’s throw ’em out a little bit. Couple of, so we did, we started working with a, with a tripod company out there. It’s just incredible. These Revit tripods. They’re unbelievable. Bronson, this lightweight backpacker tripod. You and I normally run a GSO tripod as our backpacker. Well, mine has plenty of JB willed on it. It’s probably 20 years old and I don’t wanna give up. I don’t wanna give up. It works. It’s sentimental. It’ll probably be late in my coffin someday. Well, it’s, it’s gone with me so many places, but it has J Wealth me up. Yeah, it’s like that. So, but this is a newer, greater, better. And they actually extend higher, but they com they compress, compress shorter. So I like They do, I like that they do, the short one is like a 46 and a half inch max height, but then it compresses to 15 inches. It’s a 1.65 pound. So this is the Reic, this is the, the Reic. And it’s a very lightweight tripod. And then the, this the backpacker stabilizer series. The G 2053 is what it is. We’ll bring these to the HUN Expo. We’ll have ’em here at the booth. Yeah.

00:46:02:01 –> 00:47:07:07
Then the little bit bigger one, which I’m a huge fan of this like, so we’ve dealt with a lot of tripods in our life. Worn out. A lot of tripods. Broke ’em. Remember Chris, we broke one in Mexico. I’ve, I’ve been through a lot of tripods. You’re just we’re rough on gear anyway. But this one is, doesn’t have that center column. But Bronson Steel, you’re six foot don’t need it. Six foot two or three and it two or three. And I stand up no problem. Not even on tippy toes. Don’t even have to put my legs out at, you know, 60 degree angles to lose height. Right, right. I can just stand there and look through this, that it’s a thanks for that visual. I’d be wonderful. So who hasn’t been there? Who hasn’t been there? That’s right. Anyway. So anyway, 66 inch max height. But by the time you put your tripod adapter and you know, all that other, your, your binos on top of that, you know, it’s fine. It’s great. I’m telling you, it’s unbelievable. It’s, I, I don’t know, carbon fiber legs. It’s a bit beefier. It’s meant for, you can put BTX, you can put 95 stuff on that to be able to hold weight. I mean, think rated up to 30 pounds, isn’t it 40? That’s what’s 44 is what that one says. 44 4 pounds max weight. It’s get a bald head on it. Yeah. Without the head.

00:47:07:07 –> 00:48:12:00
It’s 3.35 pounds. And then with the head you’re talking another pound 1.1. Yeah. So, so four and a half pounds. But get all around tripod truck, you know, even a day, day use pipe tripod. I got one of those. Well, it fits inside the pack. That’s what I like about it. It collapsed. Small tube. We’ll have these, but in addition to the range finders, I think we’ve talked about the rivet range finds these come with a ball head on ’em. But you can twist that off and use any old head. Any head that you already have on your tripod. Yeah, usually your heads don’t break. It’s your legs all and people attached to the, the, the head. I mean, dude, because they, that’s how, like the way it pivots, swivels, whatever. Yeah. You get your system with your lock, your fingers and all that. The way you loosen and move that, that’s what your, the legs are. What break too. They splinter, you know, stuff like that. So we’re, that being said, we talked about the tripods. We are a dealer of Revit products now. So we have the br four range finder as well. It’s a ballistic range finder. We just released a review of those on YouTube if you wanna go check that out. It’s an amazing range finder. So I saw Josh check out our YouTube channel saw. I think you put Josh on there, right? Yeah.

00:48:12:00 –> 00:49:18:04
And we had lots of comments on his mustache. So did you, you did? Oh yeah. Come on. What was it? Wax? Wax just said, I, you’re gonna have to get a new model ’cause I can’t even pay attention to what he’s saying. That mustache is so beautiful. That’s disgusting. They said the word beautiful. Wow. Oh, he’s a friend of Josh’s. He’s busting him a little bit. Oh, he is busting him and he needs it. He’s proud of that. What they just asked him, wax or no wax on the mustache. He needs some wax on that. Baird’s beard oil. Everybody go out there and Google it. Go to tell Jeff Baird we sent you. I guess it, I guess it works. Bronson, you and I we’re clean shaven, so whatever. Yeah. You know, doesn’t affect us. All right. So anyway, we do sell those. We have ’em in stock. We’ll make you a heck. Great deal. We’ll bring ’em there. Plus everything else from spiky, Leica, zes, sig, vortex, stealth cam, all that. We’ll be bringing it to the expo. So anyway, looking forward to it. Yeah, it’s a little over a month away, so, so I wanna call Jeff. He’s so opinionated. Oh. And, and I just, I love being the devil’s advocate with him. Let’s just see what he thinks about the trail camps. He’ll probably be wound up, but, you know, he’s plumbing. So this might kind of an exciting game for him.

00:49:18:04 –> 00:50:35:21
He might be digging a septic tank hole and not even, he don’t, I guarantee he’s busy. ’cause you can’t get plumbers right now. No, no, you can’t. It’s unbelievable. Anything in the construction industry. Yeah. Are you a fan of the trail cam ban or not? Is it, is it gonna go through? It went through today, boss. Done Boss. Welcome. What, welcome to the podcast by the way, today. Welcome to Epic. Are you serious? You are you guys. Yeah. What are you doing? We got a hot, did it really go through like it’s Oh yeah. From what do you mean? Basically August one. Same as same as Nevada. August one to December 31. You can’t run cameras of any cameras. What about of any kind? And so transmitting and cell phone cameras you can run. Those are okay. The other part of the year up. The other part of the year. August 1st. Yeah. Up till August 1st are done. And then January one to July 31, do whatever you want. When the deer elk don’t have antlers, there you go. Okay. And I might get some hate for this, but I, I don’t like the idea of Benning the truck cameras just for the simple fact of, I know a lot of guys that do it recreationally. And when you cannot get a tag yourself, it’s kind of fun to get out, have an extra reason that forces you to get out there and check cameras.

00:50:36:05 –> 00:51:43:27
I mean that. I, no, it’s fun. There’s no question about it. It’s addicting and it’s fun. It, I love it. Ev and I, and I do have a few elk units in Utah. When I don’t even have a hunter book there. I still run ’em there for the fun of the you, you get continual use on the unit. And so, and you may find a freaking giant. Right. And then who doesn’t like to have a picture of a freaking giant? Absolutely. You know? And then what about private property? Well, if it’s with, they did have, you know, within the normal agricultural practices is the way they established that. So if you’ve never run cameras at all in your beef operation now, now you got 300 of ’em on your property. You got 14 agents running them for you, it’s probably, probably gonna be a problem. Probably suspect probably. But if, if you’re losing a calf and you got a Jeff Bear carcass bear, but Jeff, you, you got quite a bit of private up there in northern Utah that I guess that would possibly affect you. Well, yeah, I mean it, I, I think it’s gonna affect, because I run cameras on roads to keep track of trespassers. I don’t know that, I don’t know if that’s in the closet. I don’t think that’s in the clause. Tell us a time when you’ve run a guy off. I know it’s happened recently too.

00:51:44:27 –> 00:52:54:15
I’ve, I’ve, it, it happens quite recently. I mean, I, I’m, I’m talking. So, so the problem is, is the unit I’m hunting now, this is, this is a real problem. This is another people with the state that I’m going, here we go, here we go. I’ve got my red solo cup. I’m ready. Perfect. You’re gonna need it. So, so the state issues a lot of tags in a unit that it, let’s face it, the box elder unit where I spend most of my time in Utah is, is largely private. Largely private. Now there’s some big chunks of, of public. Yes. But, you know, but it’s crappy, but it’s crappy and it’s hard to get to. Well, it can be good, it can be good, whatever. But, but the problem is there’s so many tags. You, I would love to figure out how many tags per square acre they’re, they’re giving out on, on that actual public ground. So what happens is, is my trespassers never show up opening weekend, weekend because they go out and they try to do the right thing, opening weekend hunt the public. So you’re giving ’em the benefit of the doubt. You’re saying they’re, I’m giving, they’re at heart. They’re honest, hardworking folk. They’re trying to do it right. But guess what? When they go out there and it’s, they Don’s don’t see any game and they see orange everywhere. They’re trying to feed the family.

00:52:54:21 –> 00:54:08:25
They start, and it’s combat hunting out there. You know, it truly is combat. There’s so many people, they start thinking about wonder why that they do desperate. Dude, they do stupid things. Wonder that Jeff John’s properties out. It happens. I’m not kidding you. This is a real thing. Like, like it legit happens. And so anyway, but okay, now back to trail cameras. Yeah, it’s a bummer because I truly think that there’s a lot of people just really enjoying the outdoors through trail cameras and they’re getting it taken away. It’s true. If I didn’t have a single tag, I’m running a, I’m running a ton of cameras. I love it. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, and you know what’s the funny part is where, well, how’s John’s reaction, I think on the last podcast I’m saying, oh, John, we, John doesn’t even know. Well, I chose cameras from years ago. What, what’s print out all over the place? I, I got a few, I’ve got a couple. One in particular. It’s, what’s the statute of limitations on this stuff? Is it seven years? If a camera’s got a camera, Adam’s got a camera that is basically, what do they call ’em? Half life in science. Yeah. The suckers all but dirt right now. It is now probably when you go there, it’s gonna be a science experience to see how much plastic has, has melted in the desert sun. That’s right. Desert. That’s funny stuff.

00:54:08:26 –> 00:55:21:22
It’ll never get picked up. Just say it on the podcast. I’m not, I’m not going, speaking of speaking of a dec, a decade ago, what wasn’t that out there about a decade ago? Oh, where Or Jason’s? No, the one, the other one. The, I thought that was the one out there. Chris referring to Chris what very specific camera? Somewhere 2012. Chris, just text me some, you know what bad happened? Where that is Might’ve been been 2008 ish. Jason Sheep Hunt. Is this about Oh, night grazing? No, no. Oh no, no. That was 2008. But yeah, those got cleaned up. We packed them in and packed ’em out. Okay. Well those were de cell Lee C cell batteries. Like it was discu. Those Leaf River cameras we fought, they were four pounds, can’t believe four pounds with the batteries in them. 20 miles. 2020. But you’re buying batteries for those things, for those diesel cameras. Oh my God. They would last like 30 days, right, Carter? Yeah. If you were good and you got the big old CF card that can’t hold any memory. I mean, dude, there, the lenses turned yellow. But we thought they was awesome because we were only two years from the time we had to put a roll of 36 exposure film in there. Yeah. We thought they were awesome because we’d go to Wal Walmart one hour photo and sometimes the 35 out of the 36 photos.

00:55:22:03 –> 00:56:26:00
Were not Yeah, we’re not good waving grass. All mine were like cow elk licking the camera Walmart because they, they, you so bad carrying ’em in ’cause they’re so heavy. Yeah. Walmart wouldn’t charge you for the ones you didn’t want. I know. That was a, that was huge. I mean, jeez. Huge. Hey, I, I regurgitated a 400 inch six point that we got on that 35 millimeters the other day. Yeah, I remember it. Anyway, Jeff, we just thought we caught thermal. They, they did away with thermal. So you can’t have thermal at all. No. 48 hour rule. Yeah. It like flying basically. You can’t do that two days before. Well, you know, I mean, I’ll be honest. Like, I’ve used that for trespassers too. Like, like when, when it’s archery season, you don’t wanna get crossways with Jeff at midnight. Yeah. Wow. Well shed a new light. Have you got thermal scope on a rifle out there? I’m nervous now on a bipo put on a rifle. Wait, are you looking at people through a thermal scope? Oh yeah. They come up and walk my fence. They come up and walk my fence. And so he said it’s not on a rifle when they ride four in the morning and start hiking down the fence, you just watch ’em and see what they’re doing.

00:56:26:01 –> 00:57:30:27
And then, and then when they go to jump across the fence, you turn your lights on on the top of the hill and they see you and they jump back across the fence. Hey. And go away. Oh God. That’s a Jeff. Yeah. Yeah. Dang. Like, like you, you got like, like those are things that have come in awfully handy. You know, it’d be funny if you walked up to ’em, I mean, dark night and you walk up to ’em with a thermal, they don’t even know you’re coming. I don’t know. I would never You get shot. Yeah. You might, you get shot on your property about your bear guy. The dude starts just shooting down the trail and they hit hit Who does the horse and stuff. Who does that? Who does that? Well Jeff, you’ve spent a lot of time on a horse. When did you start thinking when that happened? One guy’s done that. It it’s not, I don’t know that it, I mean it’s hard to believe it was possible other than it happened. Yeah. That the guy wasn’t just trying to kill him. But, but dude, when a good scared out of his mind. I mean, I guess. I don’t know. So, so are you ready for the expo? Yeah, we’re ready. We’re getting ready. We’re ready. We just talked about that 30 days. We’ll be there. Chris is, Chris has got a performance. We gig. Chris just found out today.

00:57:30:29 –> 00:58:42:07
He’s gigging Wednesday night there. He, they finally, they finally sealed the deal. He’s been, they’ve been flirting with him for about six years to smoke. Right. You gonna come run the epic booth? Dude, I, I was thinking about it earlier this year. I’m like, you know what? They probably got so many guys. They really don’t need me this year. Like, like this is gonna be the first time in years because I was kind of going down, helping push stuff before Epic was truly what it is now. Epic. Because you, you guys rent a booth like a before back when we had, back when we had pallets for a booth. Hey. And that booth was made with a lot of love. It was. And if anybody wants it, it is for free at my house. It’s a rip it up. It’s a, we’re attached to that. That’s in our museum. That’s in our mu the Epic Outdoors Museum. Adam and I were looking through photos. Yeah. It brought a tear to eye. It’s sentimental man. I mean, I don’t know. We might might just once one a year burn one pallet a year at hunting camp just in reminisce over the pallet. Little bon little bonfire. We’ve come ways boys. Yeah. I’m not gonna lie. Well Jeff, we’d love to have you down there. We hope you’re there. You’re probably digging septic tomorrow. Maybe not in the winter, but you’re plumbing somewhere somehow. You plumbing today?

00:58:43:04 –> 00:59:52:03
No, I just got out of a trailer that, for an old lady that her pipes all froze up and anyway, just thought we’ve been thawing a lot of pipes like this last day and fixing breaks and lines. ’cause we had a heck of a cold spell there for a few years. What was with the, was it 84 that was shut down? I was seeing it on the news. Yeah. 84 all like, so basically from Twin Falls, all the freeways all the way over to Idaho Falls, it was all shut down. Wow. I mean, just, just most, I mean, I don’t think it was the, we haven’t had snowfall like you have had down there, like up on Beaver and whatnot, but we, we’ve had wind. Yeah. So like we got a little bit of snow and then it blew drift. Yeah. Yeah. I, I buried my truck the other day, you know, just big old diesel bury it. Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I was high centered. What’d you do get the mini X out or what? No, I just dug and dug and dug and dug. And it took me an hour to dig it out, but I got it out. Yeah. No big deal. Were you chasing trespassers from when you got buried? No, it was worth it. Just coyote honey. Oh. Oh good. Well, you know, shutting down freeways, that’s a good way to control covid. You can control the spread.

00:59:53:10 –> 01:00:58:22
I’m just saying there’s some, there’s some positive here. Don’t get on a tangent right now. Why? I’ve been listening to all different stuff. You gonna wear a mask or you gonna wear a mask at the expo? No, I’ve just been listening to all this stuff everywhere and I’m like, I am so over the government, over this omicron iss not even making people sick. If you come to our booth, you get have double layer mask. It just this warning now. Can’t be can’t be spit on people happen. Can’t be spiting on people. Double layer, double layer. One of one of ’em gotta be plastic. And I don’t know what it is about the hunting industry think, but we all invade your personal space. You know how you have a three foot buffer? Like don’t come closer than that. Okay. We all do it, man. Pre covid. Let’s just talk about that. How many times in the winter at the shows sheep show in there, what percentage of the time do we all get sick after one of those? A hundred percent. A hundred percent. Okay. We’re doing our best to meet greet, but we’re also shaking. And, and I mean, it, it happens every time. Co co a chinaman covid over through a hunting expo. That’s right. No question Show was a dissemination. Yeah. I think it was shot show, dude, remember it was shot show shot.

01:00:58:22 –> 01:02:06:01
You got shot show, you got sheep show and the, and you know, some people go have a lot of, all of the optics and because they’re manufactured a lot of handling stuff from over there, from China and everywhere. Guaranteed. That’s guaranteed. That’s where we got it from. Yeah. Dude, if you, if you want to try to do a six foot like personal zone, you won’t even make it in the door of the Western Expo. Everybody embraces each other’s personal space. That’s the way it is. People are, you can’t, there, there’s no personal space. So much passion. Everybody’s just, you know, got hunting stories and everybody’s excited and we ha we haven’t seen each other for what we’ve been cooped up for years. Two years. Two years. Yeah. So, hey, what’s going in the side? What are, what are you guys gonna do? You the side. Gotta expand the booth out. Thes, because big animals normally stack. We Oh, a stack of got s stack animals and tripods and animals gonna be, we’re gonna fill it up. We got plenty of room for that. Couches. Yeah. So now it’s not a debate of this two 40 or this two 20. No. Now you got all for both. Bring them both. Bring them all. Might have a couple of little fridges of drinks and stuff. I’m saying, I’m thinking Yeah. How stuff. It’s gonna be good. It’s gonna be just like somebody’s threatening to upgrade our table.

01:02:06:04 –> 01:03:10:13
Did did they upgrade your table yet? Well, well, not yet. He we’re working on it. He’s gonna upgrade the podcast table for us. Hey. Hey. How about we? That was messerly about we take the pallets, we take the pallets and make a table. Good dude. Have you seen his work? He’s, he’s seen, he was dissing on our table a little bit, but, but then he came, he came to with us, you know, to us with solutions. Said he’s willing to work with us on a new table. He did a booth table for one of my buddies that makes hat custom hats and it’s awesome. Okay. Oh, he’s awesome. I got an idea. Get him those pallets and tell him to use that, use that wood and make our our freaking table. Oh, to be credible dude, that would be awesome. Burn and and burn. Burn our freaking logo right into the top. Burn it, dude. Huh? Come on. That would be, that would be awesome. He’s gonna want you to do spendy wood, a bunch of iron wood and a bunch of stuff. Just say no, I want pallet poplar. Come on Adam. When did you get all this artsy fary stuff going? Man, he’s good at this stuff. I think he missed his calling in life. Well we just, we talked about the booth. It’s like sentimental. Chris said he had it at his house and he was gonna give it away.

01:03:10:13 –> 01:04:24:15
And we’re like, no, that’s going in the museum. But this is a repurpose. Hey, we’re trying to be green here at Epic Outdoors, trying to recycle anybody interested. It’s on Instagram. The peak sneak the eCore peak underscore sneak. Matt Messerly. Diamond Wood works does phenomenal work. Anyway, let’s get it’s, we’re gonna get a pallet table. I’m telling you he’s off. He’s willing, he says he mostly, mostly barn with, I do think we need to sand it down. ’cause the pallets are slippery. We’re gonna to be leaning and grabbing them. Don’t, don’t want anybody sealing us. You just, and then, and then you’re gonna have to perfectly fit some, you know, cup holders in the shape of a, you know, of a specific white can monster. Yeah, just a perfect little monster. Can just, just router out a little about half inch deep round parts in there. Just lay your can on the table. I’m telling you this is, we’re going somewhere here. No. Now Jason, the other thing is, I’m done with this conversation, Mike, three or four times you’re talking about twist tops. Are you are twist tops. Yeah, that’s the can half. That’s the, it’s the big white. The big white one. 16 ounces doesn’t do anything for you. The 24 has to come out. The twist top is amazing because it keeps the fizz and it’s just, it does keep the fizz.

01:04:24:15 –> 01:05:24:21
There’s something about you can twist top it on and you can nurse it all day riding in your truck with, in an open truck in the road. Bouncy road. I hate, I carry it in my hand because my hand can like shock. Absorb better than in your cup thing. And it doesn’t lose the fizz. I hate a pop and a I do too. A monster that loses its fizz. I hate it. Adam, do you know how many pops I go through a day? Oh, I know. And most of of ’em, most of go down. Go down. Yeah, because I want it cold and sharp. I want it cold and sharp. Yeah. I’m here with you and I mean, dude, you can buy pop for less than the price of water You can from the city. It’s through your tap. That’s right. I mean it’s stupid cheap. All right, well Jeff, how are you doing up there? You doing all right Dawn? Out doing good, man. Glad to see it snowing. Yeah. Real glad. Well, we’re glad down here too. We’ll be glad to see you. Bon on’s coming down. We’ll yeah, we’re gonna give you an epic cat. An epic shirt boss. We need somebody to run the teal and we’ll let you be the, you’ll be our ma You’ll be the mask enforcer for our booth mask enforcer. You’re gonna be the mask cop. You’re gonna be the mask cop. Yeah.

01:05:24:21 –> 01:06:28:12
Trust me, I, I would love to be the mask enforcer, which just means I get to sit around and bss with people. I will do that job. We’re, I’ll do that. Just hey and naps, you know with that, with not being able to run truck s in the fall. Jeff, you’re gonna be able to have a nap in the middle of the day then we might as well start at the expo. Yeah. Yeah. Have a nap in the middle of the day. I can’t believe it now. I can’t believe they actually got it through. Alright. It passed. We’ll just, it barely passed. It was three to three vote and I had to have a tiebreaker with the chairman. Anyway, Jeff, what else? Anything else going on? No, just, just working away. Watching the snow. All happy here. Getting ready for application season. Yeah, I’m sure you guys are getting bogged down that time here. Wyoming elk getting cranked up. Yeah, we’re excited. Alright boss. Okay, sounds good. Okay, thanks for answering. Good all yeah. Bye. Catch you later. Bye. Well you can’t have, there ain’t much of a better brother-in-law than that out there. He’s, hey what fun and opinionated. What? And not willing and willing to say it. That’s what I like. You’ve got four or five other brother-in-laws. You just hurt their feelings right now. No I didn’t. They’re tough enough. They got skin four inches thick. They’re good dudes too.

01:06:29:24 –> 01:07:30:19
Way to cover the bases. Cover the bases real quick. There you go. Well Bronson, I think that wraps it up. I don’t know Chris, you were talking about maybe throwing out a little shout out. We did the expo. How awesome is that? We’re gonna be, we’re gonna be there in what? Basically six, five weeks. Five, six weeks. It’s gonna be awesome. Everybody mid-February. Look up pun expo.com. Check it out. Bronson gonna talk about Hoyt. Yeah, we got a bunch of new bull coming up. One of those. Yeah, we’ve got a bunch of new Bulls coming. We everybody. Chris you gonna get one this year? I think. I don’t know boss course haven’t thought about it. What do you mean? Well anyway, I thought you already put your in. Chris signed up. I thought he did but we gotta make sure we get a left. We need to know. Need cash for Chris. Chris. And it’s a lefty bow. We so appreciate Hoyt. We’re gonna have, we appreciate ’em stepping out with this. You know the venom, the RX five bows. Awesome. I’m sure they’re gonna have a booth there at the expo too if you wanna stop by and see some of the bows. We love them. We’ve had a great Wyatt Wyatt’s probably the best spokesman they have ’cause he grabbed that thing, went on a bear hunt, then one on elk hunted for like five minutes.

01:07:30:20 –> 01:08:31:29
Well what’s crazy Went on a bear hunt and I think the Clint guy, his bow to another guy, the guy he was with and just handed it to him and he shot a bear smokes like a Ben Crock black bear with with with the bow and then WT hunts for like five minutes and kills a three 70 plus bull in Nevada. So, and he doesn’t wanna say it but it was a 90 yard hard shot. How about that? That’s pretty good stuff. He knows what he’s doing. Of course he knew how to make the shot. It wasn’t unethical at all. Great. Great partners of our Sir Epic Outdoors. Check them out. White Archie, they’ll be at the be the Expo as well. Big supporters use the expo based here in Utah. Well hey, since this was a truck in podcast, how about stealth? We’d appreciate stealth and their support here at Epic Outdoors. We sell ’em if you need ’em. And you might need double to get the job done before end of July. Everybody here in Utah, give us a holler. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. You can go on stealth cam’s website. Bronson, we carry pretty much the best products we’ve run. I’ve run, I don’t know how many tests in my backyard. Yeah, yeah. Your dogs triggered a lot of trial counties in your backyard. Oh yeah. A lot of pictures. So, but hey, and you don’t have to be from Utah, but we’re Utah.

01:08:31:29 –> 01:09:12:28
Well, we’ll sell ’em anywhere. Anywhere. Yeah. But you know, it’s kind of on people’s mind right now, so we still got a bunch in stock, so anyway. That’s right. Well, I appreciate it. Let’s call it a day. Call it a week for podcast wise. Let’s get back to work. Yeah. No more boots down the hallway, Chris. Okay. I’ll give you a few days. At Epic Outdoors, we help you reach your hunting dreams. Whether it’s helping you to develop a long-term application strategy, or finding the perfect outfitter for your next hunt. As a member of Epic Outdoors, you’ll also receive the Epic Outdoors Magazine and have access to the best hunting consultants in the industry, online tools and more. To join Epic Outdoors, visit epic outdoors.com or call 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7.