How it Feels to Win the Hunt of a Lifetime. In this episode of the Epic Outdoors Podcast we call the winners of our 2022 Spring Hunt Giveaway. From Dall Sheep to Mule Deer hear the reactions of all the winners.

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What are you doing this aga, what’s it sound like to go to Alaska Hunt and DOL sheep in August? You realize how long this has been on my bucket list. You won the Utah Mule Deer Hunt, boxing Bulls Outfitters. Did I really? That’s amazing. Anything to do with Western Big Games? Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast. Today’s episode is a special one. We will be calling the winners of our epic hunt giveaway. We get to hear the reactions of the lucky winners. So before we get started, we’d like to thank Under Armour for all they do for us for sponsoring this podcast. And let’s get rolling with the calls. Okay, here we are. We’re gonna call David Duncan in Arizona. He won the optics package. Let’s see what he has to say. Hey there. Hey Dave. Adam Bronson, Jason Carter, the Epic Outdoors crew. How you doing today? Awesome. How are you guys doing? Good. Are you over the friendly skies somewhere? Are you on the ground today? I’m on the ground. I’m in a meeting in Dallas. That’s all I ever do anymore is meetings. Oh, dang it myself. We were wondering, when you’re in the cockpit, do they let you have your cell phones on or do they make you turn ’em off? Do we do? Yeah, we’re just, are they? They tell you to turn ’em off.

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But you know about like everybody that’s, that’s like everybody else on the plane we felt, felt guilty we were gonna cause a wreck and that that’s all beat. You’re gonna bring this thing down if you don’t slide ’em to airplane mode right now. I know, but you know what? How are you gonna check your credit cards when they’re getting hit? How are you gonna do all that? All that stuff. There you go. Right. I love it. I love this. Love it the whole time. Alright, truth. Well thanks for stepping out of the meeting. We, hopefully you’re gonna make your day a little bit better because we just did our epic hunt giveaway and you won our 14,000. Are you kidding me? Yeah. You won our $14,500 package of Optic galore. So Oh, SRO 95 and atx Xtx. TX btx. Oh my god. The Leica 3,200 dot coms. So anyway, we’re just going to let you know that and we’re, you’re gonna be getting, can you guys let me go? Can you let me go on one of you’re hunts so I can use them? Oh no, no. There were other tickets for Hunts, but you won the one for the glass and the plastic. You didn’t win the hunt with Epic. You did not win. No, I don’t wanna hunt. I just want a glass. Oh yeah. Up anytime. Devin just got knocked bad in, in the corner. I’ll, I’ll sit in the corner.

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Yeah, well you’ve got lots of optics and trail cameras now coming your way so you you you’re welcome to come up. God, you is awesome. Well anyway, thank you so much. That made my day. Made my year. Thank you. Well good. Well appreciate it and get back in the meeting and, but we’ll, we’ll have this coming your way here in the next day or two. All just Alright boys, hopefully I see you soon. Just turn your phone on airplane mode when they tell you to. Okay. We’ll see. Hello? Hey, is this Chandler? Yes sir. Hey, Adam Bronson Epic Outdoors. How you doing today? Good, how are you doing? Good. Hey, just checking to see if you’ve got your Utah applications done yet. Yes I do. Well good. Well we’re just curious about that. But we also did a drawing here. We got the whole epic outdoors crew here. Hey Chandler, it’s Jason. How’s it going? How are you guys today? We’re really good. I think I know why you’re calling. Well, yeah, you want to hunt? You won our Arizona Mountain Lion hunt down there with Sam Derringer. How about that? That’s awesome. I gambled on that one. I’m gonna go have to talk to the bishop now. Well, all right, well you’re gonna have some. Awesome, well, congratulations. That’s cool. Yeah, appreciate support and we’ll put you two in touch together with an email. You guys can work out the details next fall, winter.

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Go have a good time. Awesome. I love it, man. Congratulations. Thanks guys. All right. You bet. You bet. Talk to you later. All right, see ya all. Bye. This is tj. tj Hey Jason Carter. Adam Bronson, the entire epic crew here. How are you? Good, how are you guys doing? Good. What do got really good. What do you got going on today? I am not cleaning a gun or a bow. I may have a golf club in my hand. Oh hey, you’re golfing somewhere today. What a good day. Weather weather’s coming so it’s good. It’s good. Where you going? Getting over with you golfing up there? No, I, I saw the number pull up and thought it’s about that time. I think I want to take this one. Hey buddy. Well you did. You drew, you drew the Nevada deer hunt with Greg Crow 2 31. Anyway, Mulder includes the landowner tag and everything. Just, you know, one of the best outfitters over there as you know. And it’s gonna be a great year. So Wow, congrats. Pretty excited for you. That is so cool. Very cool. Good luck on fixing your slice the rest of the day. You probably, your head’s not gonna be in the game now. It’s a draw. It’s a draw. Oh, you’re a draw. Oh well good luck. I’m not, no I’m not.

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Normally it’s probably gotta take some some Sunday school time and see if I can straighten that out for the next month. But, alright, well whatever it takes. Hey, you nail it down, but hey, you’re going to Nevada this fall. Be thinking about what season you want to go on with Greg. We’ll put you two in touch here with an email in the next day or two. So yeah, you get to choose your season. Congrats. See? Really? Okay, cool. Awesome. Thanks for the call guys. You just made my day. You bet. We’ll drop you an email. You bet. Thanks all. Bye. Thanks guys. Bye-Bye. James Lynch, here we go. Hello. Hey, is this James? Yes. Hey James, John from Epic Outdoors. I got Jason, Adam, and the whole epic outdoors crew on the line. Holy smokes. I won the elk hunt. Come on. Why would you ruin it like that? Hey, you stole it on there. Oh, I’m sorry. Start over. Did you apply for anything else? Did you have a name in the head anywhere else? Everything went into that and today that’s perfect news ’cause I didn’t get drown into Arizona, so that’s weird. That’s weird ’cause you won the doll sheep. Just easy. Just easy. Just easy. Yeah. That, that’s steel outcome. Hey. No, you can’t take that back. Hey, congratulations on the elk outcome, man. You got it. Wow. That’s awesome. So that’ll be September 26th through 30th. It’ll be screaming. All right.

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You got bad news in Arizona. Looks like today. So this makes up for it. I’ve been checking your website all day, man. I ain’t even got no work done. Yeah, we never put it online before we call, so, so well appreciate the support. Alright buddy. Hey, congratulations. We’ll send you an email. Bye. All right, bye bye. Dr Meyer’s office. Hey, is Jerry there? Who? Jerry, doctor Jerry, Dr. Jerry. He’s in with patients. Can I take a message? Yeah, just have him call. This is an emergency arch. This is an emergency. He’s, he’s really gonna want take this call, but if he’s really busy we can wait. Can we pull him away from for 10 seconds? He, he won a hunt and he’s just gonna, it’ll make his day, which will make your day. He really did. Okay. That’s excellent. This is his wife. Oh, I’m hearing is emergencies. Pull him out of emergency surgery. He wants this one. Yeah. Oh, that is exciting to aware too. Well we wanna tell him. Yeah, don’t as long as a secret. Okay. Is he right there? Do you think we can grab him for 10 seconds or he in scrubs? Hang on a second. Hang on. Hey, how are ya? It I’m good. It’s Dr. CRE ride. Hey you. I hear you call with some awesome news. Well, I don’t know. Your wife was supposed to keep a secret, but, but I guess so.

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She, she’s not very good at keeping secret. So did you shortchange your patient or are we good? We’re good to go. Okay. All Well, go ahead. We got Devin here. He was going to, he was gonna introduce this Devon’s the one that was supposed to cheat for me and, and, and get me drawn. Thanks Devin. You bet. Deon doesn’t cheat. No, I pulled your name out of that one. You, you’re going to Alaska my friend for the moose. For the moose. Yes sir. Oh my gosh. How awesome It is. Awesome. Me and Wyatt have been there. It’s a special place. It’s an awesome, awesome hunt. Great people. You’re gonna have to take a little time outta the office and stop. Correct. Stop the X-ray machine for a minute. There you go. You better let your office know you’re not gonna be there. Okay. Sounds like good news. We can, we can arrange that. Yeah, this September. So. Okay. If you wanna get excited about that. We’ve got on YouTube, Devin and Wyatt’s Hunt there. Do you really? Yeah. Yeah. So just search Epic Outdoors and look for their Moose Hunt. YouTube Moose. YouTube Epic. Epic Outdoors? Yep. On YouTube. YouTube. Okay. And watch Devin’s Hunt. Scroll past the first week. It was a little boring for a minute. Okay. Moose hunt’s. A little selfies in there. I may, I may burn my phone up watching it. I watch 20, 30 times. All.

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Well we just wanted to congratulate you. We’ll be sending you an email with all the details. Okay. Well I sure appreciate it guys, and thanks for what y’all do. You bet. We’ll, we’ll you thanks a lot. Have a great one. You too. Bye-Bye bye. Hello? Hi, is this Jim? It is. Hey, this is Adam Bronson, Jason Carter, and the whole Epic Outdoors crew. How are you doing today? Good, how are you? Well, good. Well, we tried to right back. We called once and thought we had a screener. So we called you back and you answered, we’re glad you did. We’ve, do you have any idea why we might be calling? Oh, you guys gotta be. I can. Only in my wildest dreams guess, but I don’t want to guess. Disa disappointed. No, CA we want hear. I don’t want ahead. We don’t want to jinx it. ’cause what if he’s wrong? We’re he’s getting a free membership. Go ahead. Go ahead Jim. Well Jim, we’ll just come right out and say it. What are you doing this August? I was sound, what’s it sound like to go to Alaska hunting doll sheep in August? Oh my gosh, guys, you can’t even freaking we’re, do you realize how long this has been on my bucket list? Well, it’s gonna happen. So congratulations. You won the All Sheep Hunt with Jonah Stewart. Oh guys, you are amazing. Oh, we appreciate the support. Yeah. Congratulations.

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Yeah, I just thought this, you know, I went to the, I went up to the sheep, up to the pun, expo, expo, I can’t even think. I went up to the expo and every one of those guys drew that we were out of staters and I thought there’s just too many people wanting to get these hunts. I’ll never get a chance. There you go. So you guys are made a dream come true, buddy. Well, oh my gosh. It’s up to you to finish it. Yeah, it’s up to you to finish. You gotta I will, I will absolutely finish it. I will. Well, it’s gonna happen August 9th. Hey guys, you guys are amazing. Thank you for everything you do. Thank, I love your, I can’t even believe how much I love to read your magazines and you guys just made my, my decade. Well, Jim, we love YouTube. Thank you so very much, man. Well, no problem. We’ll be sending you, we’ll be sending an email introducing you to Jonah as the winner and, but yeah, get ready, get working the stair master or whatever you got doing and hey, I’ve been doing it already for a long time. All like, well do a few extra flights of stairs tonight. That’s right. Absolutely. Okay, Jim. Well congrats. Have a great rest of the day. Hey, thanks a million guys. All right. You bet. I sure so much. Appreciate it. You bet. Thank you. All right, see you.

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Bye bye. Hello? You screening your calls? No. Yes you are. I was on the phone. Hey, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson and the crew here. Just, oh, Jason, what’s going on? Oh, we’re just checking on you. Got any hunt? Got any hunts planned this fall? Yeah, I drew a fricking archery elk tag. No kidding. Where at Arizona? No, in Utah. Oh, the expo. You know how you did blanket the damn thing in? I remember I saw your name. I remember you. You’re, you’re needing something to do. So I just blanket the dang thing and my sheep and elk and deer and Well, would you want a 2 31 deer tag if it was free? Oh, if it was free. Yeah. Low. Well, you got, I turned, I turned my tag back in. Yeah. Okay. You got one. You got one. You drew all, you’re so full of crap. You want our hunt giveaway? That’s what we’re calling you for. We got the whole crew here, Bruce. Yeah. We had our drawing today. $800 an hour to have these guys on the phone. Congrats. How many, how many guys did $800 an hour? That’s the collective total. Don’t worry about that. I’m just teasing. But we we’re not teasing about the tag. You did win it. So anyway. No way. Yeah, you did. No freaking way. Yeah, you did. Yeah. Right guys. Oh my gosh. So who’s gonna guide me, you guys? No. Oh, you know, come on.

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Never guide you. Oh my gosh, that’s ’cause I set my size too high. If you guys really wanted to that’s wanted to put your name in the book, you’d find me a big deer and that’d be worth something because I’d always shoot little stuff. Well, part of the problem is Jason doesn’t even let you build a campfire when you hunt deer with him. So nobody likes to hunt with him. Yeah, nobody has fun with me. Oh my gosh. I never have any repeats. That’s awesome. All right, well we’ll get with you. We’ll send email. I appreciate it. Awesome. Thank you. This is Brett. Hey Brett, it’s Wyatt with Epic Outdoors. How are you? I’m doing well. How are you? Good, good. I got the whole Epic outdoors crew here and we’re just wondering what your September’s looking like. You got any hunts lined up I think? Sounds like I might now. Yeah, you do. Yeah, you do. You won the Utah Mule Deer hunt there September 1st. Did I really? Yep. That’s amazing. Boxing Bulls Outfitters. Yeah. September 1st to the fifth of this year. One of the best ranches in the state. Well, my birthday’s on the fourth, so I don’t think you can ask for a much better birthday. Oh yeah, buddy. I like it. That’s awesome. I’m super lucky. What a call to get. Thank you guys so much. This is really cool.

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Oh well you got a $21,000 Mul deer hunt for, you know, a lot cheaper than that, so congratulations. Oh wow. And I’m really looking forward to coming out. That is really something you guys. You bet. No problem. Well, we appreciate you as well. We’ll be emailing you the details. September one to five. You’ll be coming to Utah. Wow. Pretty cool. Thank you guys so much. Bet. Appreciate it. Bet. No problem. Thank you. You guys made my congratulations guys. You guys made my, Hey, thanks a lot. You made my fall. You bet. No problem. Sounds great. Alright, have a good night. You, you too. Bye. Epic Outdoors. We hope you reach your hunting dreams. Whether it’s helping you to develop a long-term application strategy, or finding the perfect outfitter for your next hunt. As a member of Epic Outdoors, you’ll also receive the Epic Outdoors Magazine and have access to the best hunting consultants in the industry, online tools and more. To join Epic outdoors, visit epic or call 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7.