Turkey Attack and Full Yeti Mode. In this episode of The Epic Outdoors Podcast we have fun diving into many topics. From fawn survival rates, summer forage, state changes, to some wild stories from Devin about magpies and killer turkeys.

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Go’s body condition. If she’s in great body condition when she fwn or just after and or during. And there’s, they’re putting a lot more stock into summer ranges. And, you know, monsoon moisture feed during the, the late fall. Anything to do with Western big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson, the entire epic outdoors crew coming at you from snowy Southern Utah. Wyatt, how much snow did you have at your house? I had a few inches, probably about five or six. Okay. I heard it was six, but then the pessimist in Wyatt said there was nothing but dry snow on it. Really? Yeah, just, just a light powder. And at my house, mom house, I could, I had nothing. Hardly I could. I had nothing to even shovel. How far do you guys live? It’s like blocks mile. I would say a couple miles. Right? Mile, two miles, mile and a half. Okay. I mean, I would never jog it to figure it out. I didn’t have four or five inches. I did, I had four to five inches. Geez. Unbelievable. Well anyway, there should be some good deer growing out there at Wyatt’s Place. Mine, I’m a little bit of a drought. So in drought years. In drought years. Bronson, you hunt sheep, goats, antelope, and stags. That’s right. Tell me I’m wrong.

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Well, we’ve had to do a lot of that in the last two years. I’m tired of shooting stacks. Hey, have you guys shot stack? Just tell me, Denny, have you shot a stack? I did. I’ve killed one stack. Would was it, was it a well-built stack six or was it just a, a a, I don’t want to talk about it. What did have a antlers beyond the ears? It did, but it was a big 2.0 Yeah. Hey, that’s cool. Everyone needs a stack and they don’t taste the same. I don’t believe Bron, it’s kind of interesting you ate a lot of that stack. It’s kind of interesting because in the Bronson used bovine in the bovine world, in the cattle world, we eat steer steers is what you eat. That’s what gets butchered. I would say what we’re eating most of the time. Right, for sure. Steer. Sure. Why does not Or some old, old dried up effort. Yeah. Why does a steer deer not taste good? I don’t. Well, part of it is where they come from and there’s a lot ofs in the crappiest environment, I think. Yeah. Ponant one in the summer range probably does look like a steer. But some of these drought stricken places. Nevada the worst tasting meat. Not a man. We had, we had stuff falling out of the bowels of that deer. Oh, come on. Why do you say it that way? Well, it was unlike anything disgusting.

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Any of us have seen. If you look around, there was, there was the feet, literally there was a rock, rocks, pebbles. I think the key factor is age. If it was a yearling, stag, it probably taste good. How old is that, Chris? The only way it would taste good if it was still sucking mama. I dunno, there’s no, that’s some disgusting stuff out there. It was the worst drought known to man. And this is coming from Archibald. Who loves antelope. Well, he loves tasting antelope, huh? Well, and if you can’t get marinated jerky to taste good, it’s bad. Well some, yeah. Who did the jerky? I was like, whoever did this. But even looking at the meat, it didn’t look good. No. It looked like vegetarian meat. You know those vegetarian burgers? Burger King, the veer? That’s what it looked like. Didn’t look right. Did it have none of that Bill Gates beef? Didn’t you see? He’s like making synthetic beef or something. Is he? Yeah, the lab. Yeah. They’re growing in a Petri dish between him and Elon. Hey, they own the world. Hey, since for talk of politics a little bit. No, no sheep. Hey, remember, just remember sheep, goat, antelopes and stacks. Okay. And I did shoot a goat in 2020. I did my part there. What else have you guys done? Antelope. We shot some horn game last year. Wyatt? Deon, Bronson. You’re gonna be hunting sheep and maybe even a governor.

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Tag won’t. Let’s move on to that subject. Bronson and Governor tags. No, go ahead Devin. No. Tee it up for us. Well, Bronson brings you stickies and this time I said we’ll have our own, and we’re gonna write gov tag on our sticky. We’ve got lots of sticky notes. Hey, because we’re tired of you and ha having all the notes here. So bro, go ahead. Talk about the gov tags that you’ve been buying. Not, not sheep related at all. Right? That’s right. Right. I, I’ll give you that some, some states call any extracurricular tag that they sell a governor tag. Okay. Why? Because it brings more money. Well probably just ’cause the governor has to sign off on ’em. But in most states, a governor tag is like the one and only deer, elk, sheep. And you get to hunt the whole state before everybody, after everybody and all of that. It’s a pretty co And this is more like an area attack. It’s just an area attack. Yeah. For a reindeer. Yeah, a liken liquor. Yeah. Whatever you guys wanna call it. Really? Go tag liken liquor. You see something, you see something stalling at auction and sometimes you do things you don’t know why, so it’s too late. Well, or you put in a bid and then you forget about it. Yeah. Yeah. And then, and then it actually went under your bid. You’re actually willing to pay a bunch more.

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Well, a little bit like 1200 more. So yeah, three grand significant. That is not significant amount of money. Even though you guys are putting me in some governor tag category. Trust me, I am not. Hey, what was that prestigious elk tag he was bidding on a couple weeks ago as well? Well, what was it? Oh, you lost track? Well, no, I don’t, yeah, there’s so many. I honestly can’t remember. He’s, he’s bidding like it’s his jaw. What was that? You had the high bid for that premium limited entry elk unit over here in this Oh, corner. Yeah. That was another, that was in, in a, that was in an in-person option. That was a ponant elk tech. And they didn’t even have a bid and, and it was gonna not have one. So I raised my hand just at what, 50? No, like three grand or something like that, just to get this bidding started. But you almost bought it. Yeah. Luckily somebody in the back bid once and they got it. And I’m, I’m grateful I should, I should pay them. That should be classified as a gov tag for just pay us, don’t pay, pay us. Not, and it was just, it was for an Ry elk and I guess, you know, so, or just to get the ball rolling.

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Sometimes it takes a, it’s not quite, it’s not quite a drought year, but you’re gonna be hunting sheep and then now you’re gonna be hunting a lichen liquor. Yeah. And maybe lichen. Lichen is always there in a drought. I’m told. What I think’s funny is I have no, I have no openings in my schedule throughout the entire month of August and September. And by the way, I’m gonna kill a lacking liquor. Yeah, yeah. Hey, maybe, maybe what? Maybe it’ll go, well, maybe it won’t. I don’t know. That’ll be something to talk about when I get home from a two week hiatus. But I must say you paid less than even a drop cam. A lot of these drop cams. Oh yeah. Yeah. Well, and I’m gonna be up there anyway, so I saw something and I thought, well, if I go a week early, maybe I can do this. That was my rationale. And I walked away from my computer and the next day found out that, that what I had plugged and played with was good enough to seal the deal. Played with. Yeah. Speaking of plug and playing, speaking of the other, the other governor tag, years ago you ended up with a governor’s deer tag and, and for a steal 1900, this is once again 1900 bucks. $1,900, which exceeded the, the value of either of our vehicles at that point. Probably did.

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And this is for a Kansas Commissioners now governor for 35 to 55,000 bucks. Oh yeah. Bought, bought one for 1,901 year. I was actually back, back in the day getting ready for the Henry’s deer hunt and was calling the Kansas lady to get the list for the next year’s tags when they’re gonna sell. ’cause we often would print that in like a January magazine or December. I forget. I was calling her for that to get the list for next year. What groups are gonna have it? She says, oh, by the way, somebody had an antelope tag and just asked to have that cha changed to a deer. They still have to have it for this year. Make ’em an offer. I called the guy and said, well, it’ll take 1900 bucks if you, I said, sold. That’s how fast that happened. That sounds like a Tony Abbott deal here in Utah. Well, you just called and bought it. No. Well, hey, whatever. Hey, it was mid-October. The hunts, I’d already missed half the hunt. I had the guy to hunt and then round up someplace to hunt in Kansas. Still crushed a one nineties bucks. Oh. And looking back on it, Chris went, that’s a 50,000 we’re freezing. It was. That’s a Antarctica, that’s a $50,000 deer nowadays. Well, cold cold 30. Yeah. So it was my one and only meal during thirties 30. Where can you get a one 90 for 30? I’ll pay it.

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No, I met Kansas tags. Oh. Or thirties. Yeah. In the thirties. I’m just saying things are, it’s crazy. By the way, speaking of inflation, we’re not gonna let you get to your sticky notes. You knows where I’ve got K-S-L-K-S-L had a news release. Like Utah is at like 10.4% inflation. We’re we’re both the national average I bought. No, we’re like the number one worst in the we’re nation. We’re both in the nation. I bought two ice cream cones yesterday. $20. Where? Come on. Wow. Wickenburg. Okay. First off, they were 20 bucks. Second off, you paid it. Well, that was a special day for McKenzie. Was this, was this an anniversary? It was 80 degrees. Okay. There’s only one ice cream shop. And I’m like, I want an ice cream. Oh. I was already committed when I walked in and then I saw the price and it’s like, it didn’t have everything added up. Right. So $2 for a waffle cone, $8 for a, and if you get swirl, two cream scoop’s, another four bucks. So by the time we get checked out and it’s all scooped up, it was 19 $19 and changed two ice cream creams. It’s either that or cheap tip. What where? Two gallons of gas? Yeah. Cheap country. Cheap country. Yeah. You went through Wiki up and then that was Wicker. I was in Wiki up yesterday. I fueled up for five. That’s 49. A gallon. The largest The gas or diesel?

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Gas. The largest. Nelson and I once resided there, remember it did. He now resides about two, two rooms over one office Down. Yeah. He’s about two offices. He’s happy there. Yeah, he’s happy there. Sometimes I’m not. But he is. He’s always happy. We call him Mr. Mass. No, we don’t. No, we don’t. Well, we just did. Okay, I have a question for Jason. Well, why? Well, because you talk about why you were, you were coming after me for a minute. Talk about why it’s got plans. You’re talking about inflation, you’re talking about money and all that. And many of you people probably heard on the podcast Jason’s disdain for Joe Biden because he hadn’t had his federal tax refund come back from 20. It came back 20 yet came back. It came back. We announced it on the podcast. And within three to four business days you got what? In the mail? I got a check. Crazy Joe signed one. It might as well have been signed by Hunter. Hunter Joe. Crazy Joe. And so, hey, the podcast works for getting out the work. It did all it did. All right. It did you get out with, we complained on a PO on a podcast prior about something else, and something showed up at the office too. I mean, there’s just stuff happens when you mention it on a podcast.

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So anybody, if you’ve got any grievances right now with any company, corporations or government entities, say it out loud. Say it, say it out loud. You’re either gonna be searched, you’re, you’re either gonna be followed for the rest of your life and and shadowed by C-I-A-F-B-I and other people. Or you’ll get a check in the mail. Hey, it’s significant too. I’m, I’m happy, but good. Just teach you a lesson. Don’t prepay more than you’re supposed to. Well, you know what I’m saying? You’re counting because you might not get it back. It might go to Ukraine or, you know, and not saying they don’t need some things. I mean, there’s, there’s good things that they do with our money, but there’s not so good things either. There’s been some escapades, probably probably Hunter, probably plug and play with my, but in this case, Jason’s, and then he made a deal, sold some stuff, and I ended up with a chicken. But in this, this case, you’re, you’re happy with Hunter and Joe right now in this case. Hey, I think, I think they’ve, there’s some positives. I can’t think of much. I always, Chris, I’m waiting for the one time we get a sound bite that you can use for the rest of our lives out of his mouth. I’m happy with Hunter. I like crazy. Joe. You can say it. I just want something like that. I don’t like it.

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I, you could say I got some Biden bucks. Okay. But they were my own bucks. Okay. That they’d been plugging and playing with. Yeah. Did you get the interest that they, if Trump, if Trump was late, no problem. Did you, he’s doing good things with it. Did you get the interest, you know, if you’re, if you underpay, you pay them interest. If you overpay, did they pay you interest? No, they don’t. I couldn’t get it into the account. I figure out fast enough. They said, my accountant says they’re supposed to pay interest. I didn’t look. I don’t care. They said that. I don’t. Yeah, he said that. Oh, I didn’t Over the course of a certain amount of time. Yeah, they owe you some money. Well, but I, I mean, so you could say, I lent the federal government some money and, and now I got it back and I’m, I’m glad. Good. Well, thank you Hunter. Wow. For giving my mom money back. Well, what’s on the front? Him and I have been working on some projects. Whoa. I do not wanna know Carter. And I’m not gonna, well, you, what? You know what? I’m gonna deviate from your list again. But we have been working on some project problem Epic Outdoors and certain government entities possibly getting a FFL. How about that? It’s happened. It’s done. Deal. And we’ll announce a little bit more in the near, very near future.

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We’ve got some exciting plans. It’s just fun. I’m gonna be selling some custom rifles. It, it’s pretty fun. It’s right. Yep. Well now you, you guys want to, everybody got quiet. Come on. I would like to say, tell the story about your application photo for your FFL license. Bronson. I was quite worried about this process. Well, well let’s talk about where off. You have to back up in advance. We do because we, we, we had our, we have storage units. Yep. And we had, we had a mouse problem and we won’t talk about why, but, but there was a lot of mice in this unit and all of our booth stuff, which is in plastic, it was still covered in a lot of H vice H virus. la the H virus dust began over in our place. Covid probably began in that alley. But anyway, we go to the Hunt expo and packing up from that in haste, which we’re doing, we’re just throwing stuff in somehow. Archibald and I both got something. Honda virus in places. If you don’t want it, really, you’re gonna leave that open-ended. Well, my face, my eyes. Okay. And my arms, we got hid up arms. King Mouse, Dan and the rest of us are looking at ’em. Like, what? Yeah. Okay, you guys go whips, whatever you guys, you guys go take a break. We got this. Okay.

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Well, remember, remember Goonies, I had to look it up because I got called Elephant man, I got called lots of stuff that night. Basically, Adam came walking in the office that morning and just yelled There, you guys, I mean, it was, I got home that whole night driving home. It was luckily my right eye. It was against the window. It was dark. So I’m riding with Jason, Jana, they couldn’t see me. We get home, hi, goodbye. I figured the morning it’ll all be worn off. And I knew I had problems going out on this side of my face problems. It was swelling and it was weeping. And I had a problem in my eye. Okay? Fast forward. I walked through the window that my, or the door, my wife sees me. She’s like, what the freak? And I said, I don’t know. I’ve got some problems. I got some dander in, in all the haste expo. I got giraffe, kangaroo wrap, ider, dick, dick dander. I got giraffe. I got something in my eye. Somebody brought something to the show from a foreign land that I do not, my body is trying to purge. But you got it By packing up the booth, we figured, we assume, okay. Yeah. So, and Devin, what, what is that next day? Same kind of same kind thing. So I come to work the next day and you guys all have your moment and say, what happened to you?

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And I, you reiterated. But what that day is the day we go to get our fingerprints taken and our passport type photos taken for an FFL license. And what did I look like? A scary individual. A guy you would not wanna, well they had it balded, black shirt, bald. And he’s gotta look like I’m gonna kill somebody. Like I just got punched. Didn’t look like I got punched and I had a swollen eye. Like, and that’s what I’m forever known. So we had an FFL investigator gal come make sure who she was really working with because you know, they, they, they profile Carl. Well, I’m sitting, let’s put it this way. I’m sitting in the room and she says, where, where’s Adam? I says right here. Oh, oh, it doesn’t, doesn’t look like you. Anyway. So I anyway had to go clean out the storage unit and I mean, okay, I went out there with a, go ahead. Go ahead. No, go ahead. You went out because we moved our stuff from, from that to a different place. All the old magazines. But we had to clean out some of our stuff out there. All the stuff. So that’s usable. And what, for three or four days? What were you doing? Well, I took, you’re not allergic to anything in your life. I’m not that, I’m not allergic to anything. Okay. And I went in there, I blew it out.

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No face mask with a leafblower a a leaf blower. I told you you were, you’re gonna wreak some. And then I did. I I had a little backlash. I don’t know. I don’t remember. What was it? I can’t remember. I, it was a little something. I was, you were good for three days. That’s all I know. Anyway. All right. So that was a long way of tailing everybody that we’re gonna have an FFL license despite a crazy picture on your application. They don’t matter. That’s all we’re saying. We are not gonna manufacture firearms. We’re, we’re, we’re, we’re not gonna build anything. We’re don’t, don’t have me build your gun because I, I can’t build my own gun. So we’re gonna sell awesomely made guns by awesomely with, we wanna work with and whatnot. That’s right. Stay tuned. Maybe, maybe some pistols. Yeah. I don’t know. Various companies. That’s right. I love pistols. But hey, we did learn a few things. Like what do you, did you guys, I mean, have you guys ever heard guns are not registered to you personally? Yeah. You would assume. Does that even assume, does that even make sense? And everybody thinks that the government has a list of every gun you’ve ever bought, you’ve bought in your life. That was like the biggest learning thing we learned to me. You know what I mean?

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So basically you get up, you have a background check, and then you know you, and if the all is well, then you fill paperwork here, buy the gun and walk out the store and you’re, you’re go home and you’re done. Right. And then you assume that that paperwork, you never submit that paperwork. That paperwork stays with the dealer. And basically the background check is just to get authorization number that this individual is legal to buy. And it’s not attached to a serial number by, by this rifle, this shotgun, the pistol that, that he’s standing in front of you right now to buy it. That’s all it’s for. Yeah. Not registering it for you. So I went over it and over and over it with her like, relief for your wife. I kept, okay, well not gonna go into that out loud, but Yes. Yeah. Because, you know, she owns a lot of things. And, and, but I’m keep thinking that there’s going to be the government agent. Yeah. A knock at the door and with a list of guns that I should have. Let’s see the judge, what judge, anyway, judge, jury and executioner.

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So just very interesting there, you know, there is no, there is no such thing that, I mean, if they investigate a crime, they, and it was, let’s say it was a sig that that was, that was involved, they would go to SIG and they would say, this is the last known dealer. This is where it was sold new. And, and then they would go and look at their paperwork and then they would contact that individual. And then there may be a dead end. Right? ’cause there might’ve been a private cell or 14 private cells, who knows. Right. Very interesting. Like a huge, wasn’t it Bronson was an eye opening to you. Yeah. I mean even though that one eye had been shut for people, people that are nervous, it was monumental. But for a lot of people it’s just, yeah, it’s cool information. Most people listening to the podcast, I’m telling you, have a few guns and they think they’re registered to them specifically. Yeah. Yeah. And, and basically you were just authorized to, you’d think the list is already made in a database over your life and it just grows every time you buy a gun. No, not, not the case. No. It’s just awesome. Anyway, so basically to, to reiterate the process, ’cause I was shocked as well. But John, you came out a couple of times. Yeah. I came out and I was like, what? Are you kidding me? Yeah.

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So we are required as an FFL dealer to keep a file cabinet. Yeah. With the serial number and who it went to. Yeah. We, we do not give that to the government. Yeah. Back to the government. If they have, you know, an investigation, a specific gun that we sold, well they’re gonna come flesh you out. Then they come and look. Oh yeah. Through the paperwork. Yeah. And then they, that gun, this specific gun. Devin, you’ve dealt with this in the past. You’ve obviously sold some firearms and things. I mean, does this sound familiar? Yeah, somewhat familiar. And there’s an expiration on that file too. What is it? 20 years? 20. Yeah. So after 20 years, it’s, yeah, then those records are gone. Well, they could be gone. If it’s a firearm that’s that old, there’s nowhere to trace it anyways. It would be probably untraceable. The only other thing, Carter, the other, the other monumental thing he thought was awesome is like if you buy a gun that’s built in like the 18 hundreds, there’s no serial numbers on it. He liked that tidbit, right? Well, no, they said you don’t even have to. Yeah. It’s not considered a firearm, she said. Right. Okay. Yeah. Well, what’s it considered? It’s bad about that. It considered a, a hobby. It doesn’t a relic, there’s no serial number. There’s, it’s a relic. Well, if it’s, and there are guns, I think pre nine, I don’t know.

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If there’s no serial number and it’s a recent gun, then that’s a problem. And they only, it was, I think it was after 1950 that they actually were forced to put serial numbers or something like that. I don’t remember the dates anyway. Yeah. Me neither off the cuff. But we have all that anyway. If you have, if you have some old guns, bring ’em to me. Not Bronson. No. Well, we’re in a weird lull right now. It seems like we’re waiting all for good news. Why? What, what’s new on the, what are we waiting for? Results? Twice. What else go? We got New Mexico coming out here shortly, hopefully. And Montana for deer and elk. How about that? Yeah, it’s, do you apply mid April and we’re Oh yeah. We all applied. Everybody I think mostly. Yeah. I think everybody’s here. But yeah, just we’re period lots out and not in lot in yet. So I’m ready to have some refund checks. A few of them. A couple of, well, I’d rather tag Wyoming some refund. I had tags see some things instead of the refund check. But what else, what, what else? Front burner now as far as applications? Well we’re, we’re working on Nevada. Nevada got a lot of, lot of Nevada questions. A lot of things going on there. Kind of fun. Of course. Wyatt, you’ve what you’ve been, you’ve been working heavy with license app. What do you got?

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You’ve been doing a little bit Nevada and maybe a little Montana. Yeah, Nevada. We’ve got Idaho, sheep, moose and goat coming up. We also got Montana moose, sheep and goat coming up as well. So, and we’ve got the moose guru here in our office. We do Somebody’s max point holder vested, very vested. Does a lot of research. Maybe even potentially, maybe even, maybe even potentially had a live bull. What mean surface? That’s a significant bull in Montana. Possibly. You’re gonna smash, you’re talking about him. As for the moose scooter. You’re the moose guer. I’ve killed one Montana moose. He’s killed two species in, in his life. I’ve killed one. But you have all, how can I be moose? More of a guru than, than him Montana. I’ve killed one species in my life. Who here has done the research for Montana Moose? I’ve killed one species. Well, you’re with your dad. You’re along on first Irish and you’ve killed two Carter. Basically. You’ve killed more worse than me. I wanna, let me, okay, let, let me explain. Am that, why am I, I have max points somewhere and I’ve never hunted where that makes me an expert. Where Montana and what state did you do a lot of research on? Well, and why would you do a lot of research? ’cause I wrote a magazine about it. Maybe even a little more than normal. Why would you do that? Because I’m writing a magazine.

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I want the information. Hey, we missed our calling in life. We could depose people like it’s our job. I do it because it is my job. Not ’cause I have a vested deep rooted interest in I do, I do. I want, I want to become an epic lawyer. ELs s We could do an epic law firm, huh? Well, building number five. Represent some wildlife stuff. Maybe I have a distain for lawyers. I’d hate to see something come between us. ’cause you know it my distain for lawyers. So if you wanna become one just guy told me guy, he told me he thought you were gonna shoot him in the head. Oh, he did. He’s profiling. He did. Once again, Adam, a bald Adam, a bald guy, Adam. And the guy was, the guy was grinding on him and he looked like his FFL pick. Once again, a bald guy’s getting profiled is some evil doer. Oh, I don’t like it. He was considering his estate plans. I don’t like the benefactors of those estate plans. That’s why I wear a hat a lot of times. ’cause I get profiled a lot, so. Oh boy. I mean, come on. Oh boy. So any, any moose excitement things going on in Montana? No. It’s a, it’s a fairly blah state when it comes to moose. They’ve combined some units, seems, seems tough, tough combined. Some hunt coats. Yeah. So there might be a little bit to talk about.

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It’s all in the, in the April mag, but it’s not overall any special question should be directed to Bron. No. Hey, if you can’t draw on 20 something years, you’re not an expert. So, so that’s a good point. I’m just saying, you have the worst luck you’ve hunted two. Hey, Wyatt’s with his dad. He’s been in on a couple. I mean, I’ve been in on one. Yeah. That’s my own. Yeah. And so I don’t even a pole. Well, yeah, but I mean, you’ve killed two two’s. More than one. So two species. Good eating too. Devin. That’s good. Incredible. Andy’s turned the third tag back, right? Oh yeah. Yes. This gets cut. That he surrendered. This gets cut. Wyatt a heck of a point. This gets cut. The king of plug and play. Plugged and played. A moose. A moose. Okay, turn it back. Boy. Okay, I just wanna know this, this question. How many times did you modify, withdraw, and reapply your New Mexico deer application? Can you tell? Don’t No, no. I, 3, 4, 5 times. I think it’s awesome. I had my account open once when you were leaning through the window and forevermore. I’m gonna regret it. No, but I saw deleted three reapplied, delete, reapply, whatever. I saw lots of plugging and plan the states’ a sucker. A lot of eight or $13 fees, whatever it’s there was. And I’m a sucker for that. They make good money on me. Yeah.

00:25:48:16 –> 00:26:51:19
I love plugging and plan. One time I was a deer guy and the next minute I was a cous deer guy. And the next year, next minute I was a er guy about to be there. And then I was a acoustic guy. And then, what, two or three days ago, wt when he had you trying to look up the, what’s the deadline to submit the harvest report in New Mexico. Delete. Because you know, that’s ’cause you know, after day you can delete. And it was too late and he couldn’t delete it. One more time, that one day going, then I was like, know I’ve got full schedule. So anyway, and then these guys got me going to Montana. I don’t know why. What do you mean? You’ve got all of us? We have a hawking building station out there. And why, let’s talk about that. Bronson new, the, the, well, the muzz heritage season. Yeah. It’s not that fun. Kind of cool. I mean, boss kind of cool. Do you Okay. For all of us that grew up in the days and that’s all you had to shoot, how much did we kill with those? Well, I’d never had one. Okay. Well, I started with the night in line. Okay, well, why do you think they’re kind of cool then? If you never even used one the season, you could, the season, a season in December in Montana can be neat.

00:26:52:16 –> 00:27:57:05
If you could hit, if you could hit something after, after all the deer have been hunted with rifles in the rutt. Yep, that’s right. That’s, but there’s some, there’s some potential migrations, right? If you guys check the weather in Northern Montana. Well, I know in December, why do you have to be such a Debbie Downer? I’m just, I’m not, I’m just saying you’re, you’re dealing with something exposed. Ignitions flint or percussion, exposed hammering systems. All right. Open sight, prone to failure. That’s what all those guns were. Now you’re up there in cotton, cotton patch and round balls mid suck on your cotton patch and try and get it to not freeze before you get the ball all the way down. Don’t you think lead round balls should be illegal? Like it seems like that hurts people health wise. I, I pulled those outta deer. My brother shot one, his first deer, I think in that late muzzle back in Utah. We pulled it out of the deer. It was perfectly round except for a little circle on top where the ramrod had pondered it down. You could reshoot the ball. No problem. Wow. I mean, well, it just seems like lead’s not healthy for people. I just can’t believe they’re allowing us to condors. They eat ’em, right? Yeah. But a 50 caliber round ball, please eat that.

00:27:57:05 –> 00:29:11:18
But, but humans, they’re forcing you to use that projectile only and put it in your hands and that What are you doing? Licking patches and putting it down in there? You’re eating. Hey, I mean, when I was a kid, I put lead pellets in my mouth to hold it. Oh yeah. While we’re shooting birds. Yeah. I’m alive and healthy. Right. Better for it. Dang. Near 50. I, I ate lead paint and put lead pellets in my mouth. That’s right. I mean, but no. All right. But anyway, so those seasons are kind of interesting. And I guarantee you somebody will smash a giant, oh, somebody will elk or, or deer, elk or deer because of some unique nuance, unique, interesting little migration pattern, weather pattern, whatever that causes something to get good. I don’t know what it’s gonna be. You’d have to have local knowledge to know that somebody’s found a pair of sheds and now this particular season’s gonna get ’em fired up. Yeah. This bull goes to a certain place that late. Yeah. To be, and then it’s gonna be interesting. So if anybody has local knowledge of something giant, I’m gonna be up there running the state hard. I’m sure your phone’s gonna ring off the hook. They, I’ll tell Carter about it now. They’re big. But Chris, you’re gonna be up there filming us or else having a tattoo. That’s the coldest hunt I’ve ever been on. Was Northern Montana. Yeah.

00:29:11:27 –> 00:30:20:16
Colder than Kansas and Browning. Oh, 46 below. Ugh. Is that browning? Oh, with Garth? Yeah. Eyelid. Eyelids. Were just freezing. It seems like, dude, weren’t you guys hunting sheep, bro? Oh yeah. Yeah. He could hear your eyelids clicking when you blinked. What is that a thing? Oh, because the lashes have the frost like frost and then the inside of your eyelids where it’s moist. I’ll bet that the beauty salons, they make ’em clink like that. I mean, I’ll bet you there’s some clinking eyelashes out there. Oh no questions. The only place I know you can get outta your car, walk into the gas station and you’re fine. And then about 30 seconds after you get inside the cold hits you and you’re like, whoa. Really? Wow. Yeah, it sinks through your clothes, but it takes a second. Right? So you get inside and then it sinks through and hits you. I’m gonna need some. So pyro putty, then I’m gonna need some winterized, pyro putty. Well, well whole chest in the boys. They’re awesome stuff. And your phone scope. Good luck getting that out with gloves on, putting that on your thing. And could you imagine my little cr two diesel gelling up there? Oh, I’m gonna be phoning a friend. Hey, bring your gaster. Just never shut it off like they do up there in Alaska. They just rub us off. Just run, run those trucks constantly.

00:30:20:23 –> 00:31:40:17
Well, I’m, I’m looking forward for drought results in the warmer states. Okay. Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Utah, and the southern Nevada. The older I get, the the less, I like the bitter cold. I can handle ’em cold, but bitter cold. I don’t know. The older I get Yeah. It’s not as fun. Anyway, I don’t think it is either. Okay. That’s why. Well I’m, I’m, I’m a desert guy, but you’ve signed up for it, so. Yeah. Here we come anyway. So, all right. Let’s see. Tear up like Devin does for the winter. Throw the winter coat on. Yeah. Yeah. It’s probably that bear’s got nothing on him. Seriously. I want you to go back. Go you up. Open up what it was the Nevada magazine. Yeah. Open that thing up. Okay. Full page. Just look at the two pictures. Which one? Which first? His Nevada magazine there just went past, look at his two pictures. That guy turned full Yeti in three days. It’s a five day difference. Yeah. And look at that. It’s a five five day. It’s a, they had those Sasquatch hunter people from TV 18 and 19. Wow. It’s like a time. Holy. That’s what I said. Wow. I He’s even got a puffy on. That’s an impressive beard. If you look at page, what are they? Jason? What are the two pages? 18 and 19? Page 18 and 19.

00:31:40:17 –> 00:33:03:27
That’s a made man made for you look progression through the Nevada fall in Nevada. Yeah. Yeah. That’s a man made for Montana. It’s about a five day difference. A woolly ma wearing a puffy for all you guys that are, it’s like an inch a day. It was cold. That’s awesome. I never noticed that. The thing is we got, I just think he cultivates. You could say those were different. You could say those were different years. Yeah, that was, yeah, that was different. That was, that went from, wow, that was three days. That was a rough couple days. I hurt my elbow. Still hurt. Still hurts. And he cultivates that. Just imagine the places that he’s not cultivating. Really. You’re really gonna talk landscaping. Really? They’re not a sponsor. They could be. Jana may or may not cut that. Not sure yet. Sorry Jana. Leave it to Josh to take it to the next level. I never take stuff to the next level. Oh, how did that even, how are we at this point? It’s because we have nothing to talk about. And it’s a low in all the draw. We don’t, we have a lot to talk. There’s so much going on. No, there’s not Kansas, Montana, there’s nothing. Idaho, Nevada, Kansas. We got results coming out the wazoo. No, we don’t. We already, we are talked about the two pending ones in the next week. That’s all there’s to talk about. It’s the most exciting.

00:33:04:08 –> 00:34:11:22
No, may is the most exciting month. That’s true. But right now we’re in a bad Guess what? Bad gap. There’s a lot of greenery going on out there. I’ve witnessed it myself. Wyatt, you’ve got a projection on the ponson that’s next level. Things are greening up over there, that’s for sure. So it’ll be good. There’s some years that we don’t see a new green blade of grass. We haven’t Yeah, it looks good. Yeah. Much better. Ran the length of the state this weekend and it was did looking pretty good. What? And so what’s your prediction? Just up I 15? Keep your tag. Yeah. Keep your tag. Yeah, I’m optimistic. Yeah, I I mean it, I feel like it’s greener now than it was all last spring last year. Question for sure. Well we got record heat. I wanna kind of warm greened it up and then we had these little showers that fed it, you know? Yeah. Got another item on my sticky notes that I want to cover. But before we do, Josh, tell us about Idaho and some of the biology and what they’re finding on the, on the fawn. Oh, just some good fawn recruitment up there. Some of their collar, collar studies up there. They’re collaring fawns, just like they do dough and stuff just for survival purposes. And they’re seeing high eighties and 90% survival. Oh wow. Collar fawns. That’s unreal.

00:34:12:21 –> 00:35:28:12
And tell us a little bit about, you and Adam obviously have way more experience than we all do, but, but what number makes it unreal and when is it a concern and, and why? I don’t, without knowing exactly theirs for, for Utah, that would be exceptionally high I think. I think adult survival for, for deer adult dose is generally 84% range. I think that’s kind of a, a western US standard I guess you could say. So. But fond survival generally, if it’s 50 to 60, it’s still the population. Popul, at least down here, is considered stable. We don’t grow until we get over 60. You’re talking phones that make it till now? March, April, yes. After the winter. So they’re all, they’re nine months old so they’re healthy pushing, pushing up to a year old. Yep. We’re talking shooter bucks for this year. Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. But bucks. Oh yeah, it is Porky spikes. So, so if you figure, yeah, you’re, I mean that’s pretty, that’s breeder. Big increase. Oregon breeder bucks. But anyway, keep going. But also it was, that was good news and obviously some of those places up there. It just makes you think a lot about down here in, in southern Utah, how much moisture really does come into play with our dear hurts tell and how important it’s for us.

00:35:28:12 –> 00:36:44:27
Tell us because we’re, why, why like, and Adam, you chi chime in too, but why, what do you guys think As far as we had the monsoons and they were attributing it to the monsoons. Why? Well, the hell a lot of, yeah, you start getting a couple things. Number one is the doze condition. The do is body condition. If she’s in great body condition when she fawns or just after and or during the summer, she’s in great body condition, she’s producing more milk. So you’re more aptt to have both fawns. ’cause most deer will, will, will initially have fawns. Whether they both make it that first 30 days is the highest, you know, vulnerable time for a fawn, you know, right outta the gate. But if she’s in great condition, lactating, well, she’s got a great chance to be able to bring those two fawns up and escape that period of real vulnerability in that first couple months of life. ’cause everything, when they’re real little, doesn’t matter what it is, that’s when they’re most vulnerable. The predators and anything. And so if she’s in great condition, lactating, you got that. But also in real wet years, you’ve also got a lot of other things going on. You’ve got vegetative growth, which creates ground cover, which hides fawns. You’ve also usually get a lot more other things like mice and other things to doing well to d to dilute predation.

00:36:44:27 –> 00:37:44:28
Just on fa in a drought year when everything’s increase the prey base. Yeah. Just, and I’m talking for coyotes and stuff, that is probably the number one. Rabbits are cyclical, but you get like ground animals. Yeah. You know, you know crap. You know, just, you know, mice, animals, kangaroo wraps, stuff like that. Chi little, you get a lot in a, in a prolific wet year, everything’s out there. So the, everything gets diluted a little bit more. Not just keying in on, oh, I got a drought and a fawns. The only thing I can find. And it’s barren landscape and they’re, they’re not hidden as well. There’s a lot of compounding factors that a good wet spring and summer can, can have on survival of fawns. And then you’ve also got to then get to the fall and then you could get crushed by a giant winter. And it negates everything that happened in the summer and, and everything that, you know, you know. So this year it didn’t happen to happen that way. We had no winter really to worry about. So, and on, on the good, like a good wet year with monsoons and all that, when all this stuff is set up, when we would collar our fawns, they would weigh ’em as well. And you’d see fawns coming in 10 pounds heavier.

00:37:45:18 –> 00:38:53:17
Well, when you talk about us on a good year, 60 or 70 p 50 to 60 pound i 10 pounds is is pushing 20% of the body weight. Yeah. Huge. So it’s not 10 pounds seems like a minor thing until it’s a 50, 60 pound f Right, right now it’s 60, 70 pounds. Yeah. When you have Fs that are 30, 30 pounds compared to pound know faster, it’s coming in 50, 60 pounds or whatever. Less vulnerable quicker. Yeah. Yeah. And they, there’s even a lot of studies done that show the health of the mother when she has, has the fawn or the elk calf still inside of her, the health of her. So if you have a fawn that’s just fatter and stuff, she’s gonna give a lot more nutrients to that fawn. So it’s, yeah, it’s gonna set him or her up for the rest of their life to become, it’s a genetically the maximize genetic potential. It’s like people, it’s like if you have seven, eight pound babies versus a premium three, four pounds without doctors, they’re, they’re not usually gonna survive. And, and, and in the real world they don’t. For animals, you know, you have a, a smaller body weight, you know, less chance survival probably because she’s stressed, she’s stressed out and she’s not as got as much to give. So a lot of factors go into it. It’s interesting.

00:38:53:22 –> 00:40:00:04
And I think, I mean there’s, there’s validity to good solid, big game management, but there’s also validity. And I’ve never really, it’s hard to wrap your arms around it ’cause we can’t fix it. You know, you know, it’s something you, it’s nature and is is drought conditions or lack thereof and, and the, and the, you know, the results of those of those years and then all and all of a sudden you can, I think we’re getting better. I think the states are getting better and we’re getting better, you know, at understanding how droughts affect things in general. And even especially, you know, anti growth courses, you have submissions. I mean, very simple. You know, we have a lot of submissions. You have obviously social medias and things, and you can tell when these drought years happen, you can see the difference. Whereas in 2020, there was no social media. Nobody just, I don’t remember ever hearing that many big bucks or 2000 never understood what the, what, oh yeah, excuse me. Year 2000 or you know, I mean could 2002 especially it was super drought or 1996 or whatever, never really could wrap your arms around the effect of drought on an air condition, let alone everything.

00:40:00:04 –> 00:41:03:25
Well, and I think, I think lately too, they’ve found a lot more and there’s, they’re putting a lot more stock into summer ranges and, you know, monsoon moisture feed during the, the late fall, or excuse me, the early fall, late summer, that kind of feed. Actually they’ve almost started to find, you know, when they started doing a lot of these projects and stuff, you would see it on winter range. And they always try to improve winter range so much. And a lot of that’s almost shifted now to war. Summer range. If winter range, face it, a deer’s not gonna put on fat during the winter. They’re, they’re just gonna, they’re gonna survive continually lose fat every day throughout the winter until green up. But if they can improve a winter range so that they can minimize that to make that fat loss slower, then that’s better. But they’ve also found that if they can come in heavier, then they just, they have a, you can lose it longer. You know, you have a longer period. And so, so that’s why I think you see a lot of projects now are gonna be starting to, to look more, they’re working a lot more with fires and stuff. That’s why they’ve been so active with fire rehab back when, say like the Dutton burned and stuff. They really didn’t have a program to, they would just throw seed out stuff. Yeah. It was more erosion control stuff.

00:41:04:02 –> 00:42:14:15
And now it’s, it’s wildlife feed and obviously erosion control, but they put a lot, a lot of money into fire rehab because that’s, in a sense a free fuels project. But they’re, they’re putting a lot of time and energy into those to make those better. And, and that’s where you’re starting to see a lot of the impacts on a lot of these herds. But you have like northern Utah and southern Utah are completely different, you know, up there. It’s more of a winter related survival and down here it’s drought. It’s more of a drought related. So that’s why the, the Fondo ratios, if you look at like Idaho, which is mostly a mountain state, they do have high desert. But if you look at Montana, you look at Wyoming, which is maybe 50 50, a lot of high desert, but a lot of mountainous Colorado, definitely a mountain state. Then you get Utah, the northern half is mountainous and they’ll have a lot higher Fonda doux ratios in general. Then the southern end where we, Northern Arizona, Southern Nevada super drought. So our drought, our fawn dough ratios can fluctuate so dramatically. And it is because of precip and vegetation and body condition, drought, drought driven. So a lot of these other states, even though they’re dry, they have so much mountainous summer range. Yeah. That a, a dry year in Colorado and the mountains, what does that really look like?

00:42:14:21 –> 00:43:23:23
I take that every year for where we live. Lots of green. Yeah. So always lots of green no matter what. And so, yeah. So I think a lot of that, you know, same with like Idaho, Idaho can, can have, you know, be super sensitive to extreme winter conditions Yeah. As well as drought. I mean you got a little bit of both that they’re dealing with. And so anyway, kind of interesting. We’ve got obviously drought conditions continuing to persist down there in New Mexico. I know people are a little nervous Yeah. About that state. So yeah, we could definitely use more. And that’s something Josh just said. It’s kinda the opposite for us in the office in terms of our survivability right now. I could survive a lot longer right now if I started going without food than I could in about November. Yeah. When I’m leaned out about right now, after being in the office for six months, I, I could live on water for a while. I could live at the garbage that just at the garbage we have in the cabinets. So I just, for a lot, regardless a desk job and many of you listen that have desk jobs know that hey our, our survivability, it’s like the opposite of going into winter. It’s going into summer. I can live for two months right now just on water and a breadcrumb. You know, you get me in November, I could die real quick.

00:43:24:18 –> 00:44:41:00
I’m leaned out and we’re gonna base our management of deer off, off that premise. So alright. We hit the bait pile pretty hard. Well what do you do? The daylight’s shorter? I knew we coed to quit baiting here in Utah. There’s a lots of Yeah, we’re just unintended consequences, not burning enough calories. That’s what know. Yeah. I hear Adam in there rattling the bait bucket and all the boars start gathering. Oh the boars gather and then come and then, then come the sows. Yeah. Just a reaction. Well, all right, well anyway, had to make a human, you know, correlation there. Yeah. Hey, it’s very clear now. Thank you. You know, there’s some changes coming down the pipe in some of these states. We were gonna, you know, a lot of, a lot of, I don’t know why it feels like this year there’s so much change coming down the pipe. Everybody’s wanting to, to, you know, limit the non-resident. Exactly the same 90 10 splits in every species in every, it feels like that’s really situation. The uniform uniformity is really common it feels like. And it’s gonna have deep, deep implications when it turns to, comes to burning your points in some of these states like maybe Wyoming obviously for moose, sheep and goat. Well, goat don’t have points but moose and sheep going into next year.

00:44:41:00 –> 00:45:50:06
And then if the deer, elk and antelope happen next year, it’s gonna have major impacts and may may have to alter their whole application process point system and everything because you’ve got regular and special right now preference and random. So you got deer and elk and antelope with four drop poles for non-residents tags in the pie being split already. And if you cut tags, there’s gonna be a lot of those that dry up to nothing and, and you’re gonna have to have some changes. There’s those everything. Yeah. And everything’s on the table as far as, you know, potentially adjusting the point system to say a bonus point system. We have more names in the hat up there in Wyoming, you know, and things like, so that square possibly. So yeah. Yeah. They’ll, you know, same thing. Colorado’s got some of that coming down the pipe and obviously looking at, there’s no, for example, I mean, antelope there, you know, there’s no non-resident limitate quota limitations currently. And so, you know, they’re looking at adjusting all that, you know, even down to potentially a 90 10 split on, on elk, deer, antelope and, and whatnot. Even turkeys bear, I mean, things like that. And you’re just like, okay, here, here we go. And, and what can you say to defend it? Yeah, you’re you’ve got an industry standard throughout the the state. Yeah. It’s kind of is. And so yeah, it is what it is.

00:45:50:06 –> 00:47:03:25
But what’s gonna really h happen to some of these states like Wyoming and Colorado is all right if that passes, how are they gonna, you’re talking millions and millions fund fund of the state. Yeah. So they’re gonna have to come up up with that somehow. And whether that’s creative, other application ways or fees or increased resident fees, it’s gonna have to be a combination of a lot. ’cause you know, and I’m not, I’m not saying we haven’t had a very fair share in Colorado. We’re definitely not. It’s hard to see any change after you’ve invested time and effort and money into it, but changes happening, it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna continue. So we’ve been preachers of use your points hunt, hunt more often, you know, if you’ve got a lot of points use them. Because changes like this can now mean that you’re waiting a lot longer before you could even forcibly make yourself draw something that you thought you was an easy when easy tag to draw last year. So, and what used to be an easy tag to draw may become what you consider a one in 10 year premium experience. Yeah. You wanna talk like the kibab archery for in Arizona? Yeah. Well no, I’m just saying that’s an 8, 9, 10 point deal now where it used to be over the counter, what, 10, 12 years ago. Oh yeah. Now it’s climbed up from 2, 3, 4, 5 working over the counter for deer for archery.

00:47:04:04 –> 00:47:59:29
I mean now, now you’re talking about Johnson are Utah generals. There’s some of ’em this year. People aren’t gonna draw with five or six points. Yeah. Wyoming General Elk as well. All those easier to get tags, remember remember second choice, you could draw that second choice as a special. I drew h is a second choice special. It’s been a long time ago, but, and what’s interesting up there is they’re, and, and, and we know this, but I mean those populations are exploding in a lot of general areas. Oh the elk are phenomenal. And so how do you, how do you have more take with over-the-counter resident tags? Yeah. You know what I mean? It’s already feels like, I guess give more non-residents. That’s the only other way. ’cause residents, everybody wants a tag now and can hunt ’em. That’s right. So maybe they’ll increase the non-resident quota for general. That would be one. And you’re seeing some major conversations going on with the task force and whatnot up there as far as, you know, general Deere and may potentially limiting residents maybe at time. Yeah. Maybe not as far as re put them into regions like we all, maybe not statewide. Yeah. And so then you end up, there’s, I mean these are significant, significant changes times.

00:48:00:16 –> 00:49:03:07
And you know, of course, you know, we’ve all seen the days when you increase a fee for resident in any state, five bucks, you think the, you know, world’s gonna end. Oh yeah. And of course they can change our fees, like in Idaho and not do anything to the residents. Oh. You know? Yeah. And nobody, nobody cares. And we just keep, keep funding it paying. But some of these states, there’s 70 plus percent of their funding comes from non-residents. And so it’s that. That’ll definitely, they’re gonna have to, there’s a, yeah, you get, you get rid of something, you’re gonna have to make it up some other way. And it’s gonna have to come from residents because you can’t now charge non-res or get the fees from non-residents when you’re not letting, you know, near as many of ’em come ha cutting ’em in half or something. And if there’s, you know, no tags, let’s say they, let’s just say Wyoming leaves a point system the way it is. I mean, why would incentivize you to spend $150 for a sheet point dropout? What would incentivize you for the elk, deer, and antelope if, if opportunity goes away? Yeah. Other than the general, like we talked about, the only high volume hunt there is for tag numbers. I mean, after you use your points, you could say, well, other than the general, there’s nothing I’m gonna get in 20 years now, you know, or 30.

00:49:03:19 –> 00:50:14:25
But there’s nothing that we’re talking about that they aren’t well aware of. Yeah. They are well aware of all of these things. And so we’ll just see, you know, they’ll take everything into account, into account and do what’s best they feel like for their state or, or a board or commissioner, whatever. And so anyway, kind of, kind of interesting. It’s gonna also make, you know, research even I think more valuable in knowing, you know, utilizing your points and, and, you know, even some of what we can just brush over is, you know, in our own minds on, on tags I’ve had as something that I can get on a somewhat of regular basis, people are gonna value these tags and the opportunities of, of getting drawn, you know, fairly easily or whatever. I mean, I think we’re gonna put some value on some of those. Just a lot of demand on, on tags and hunting opportunities. And, and Devin, you, you probably see this too in the guided segment, the, the guaranteed tag segment without fitters. And I mean, we talk about this daily about how hard it is to find really good openings. Still at this stage of the game, it’s April used to never be a problem until a lot of time. Oh, book, book something in June or July once you knew you didn’t draw anything. Well, those days, at least for temporary, they’re gone. Yeah. New Mexico’s a good example of that.

00:50:14:28 –> 00:51:21:18
People want tags after they are unsuccessful. Not looking good. I don’t think they should. Yeah. Tough. We do a lot of, we get a lot of landowner tags and we work our guts out at doing it. But the, but it feels like there’s an unlimited demand for a limited supply. Agree. It does feel that way. Agree. I, I talked to an outfitter yesterday that guides in Colorado on one of the, just the average units he’s booked out till 2025. Wow. For elk or deer? For deer. Deer. Wow. Yeah. It’s, and and Colorado’s example of that, you know, when you’re gonna draw in Colorado, because it’s currently a preference point state, so you can predictably know when you plan it, which is good, but there’s no randomness. You know, you, you can’t just apply for something and find out you drew and, and book an outfitter and go, you, you better have a guy picked a year or two in advance if it’s a quality unit or you’re not gonna have an outfitter. And that’s a whole nother topic. There’re no outfitter and the forest c permits and all. That’s really a bottleneck problem. How about the demand for antelope? Like the demand for antelope is mind boggling. I wanna point something out. Carter, why would we talk about that? Examples? You point this out today of, of things.

00:51:21:24 –> 00:52:21:00
One of was the, the Wyoming was the Colorado antelope changing and, and ’cause he has 20 something points. Wow. He’s very well aware of that. Now he’s bringing up another antelope scenario that is near and dear to his heart that they’re, I just like to know it’s no, no, it’s not near and dear. Although members have called me and said, here’s fun, interesting to watch you change and, and have a new species of interest. No, I don’t have a new species of interest, but he brings it up a lot. You’re the antelope whisperer now. Well, Devon’s think got me thinking that it’s the most amazing meat on earth. Hey, my antelope is really good. Yes. I don’t know. And a lot of people wouldn’t feed their dog antelope. Well, what was your question that you brought up a minute ago? Your, your change or something with analog minute ago. I just find it interesting to demand hard to find dev and I, I mean, we were talking about it. You can’t find animal punch. You’re right. You can’t find them in this stage. You can’t. I I mean we got outfitters and even outfitters are, I mean we, we texted for some openings yesterday and dev and, and and, and the guy replied. Yeah, it was wasn’t this way even a year ago. I mean, we have nothing open. And those are yeah.

00:52:21:11 –> 00:53:32:06
Guaranteed tags and Mexico landowner tags, 2030 openers and now you’re looking at zero point units that have always been zero point units. Guys could draw second choice. Yeah. Like in Wyoming, right. We’re talking about some of these areas have been trimmed a little bit quota wise with some of the drought and, and, and Eastern Montana and hard winter and drought trimming the quotas and second choice tags we’re always second choice. And now you gotta maybe do first choice basically if you’ve been doing it for 10 years, you probably won’t go this year if you have zero points. Unbelievable. Yeah. So anyway, same thing we’re seeing, how about moose? Okay. When I was a kid, Bronson, all the things this is gonna involve you. All the things that I get accused off most to loving this rings them up. Yeah. Yeah, because you’re, you had to point out the antelope pissed me off. Alright, so anyway, but having said that, we’re seeing moose hunts exceed the price of doll sheet wants. Oh, you’re right. I, I’ve never seen it. I’m just in history. That’s not really ever happened until the last year or so. Bronson in 20 year 2000, whatever. I always say 2020. I don’t know why it rolls off my tongue, but in like year 2000 and, and prior couldn’t give them away. Remember? Remember Theose combo hunts up in Canada, Mo everywhere. Yeah. Moose.

00:53:32:06 –> 00:54:47:11
You could kill anything you possibly have of, you know, here’s a fistful attacks. Just do good things with ’em. I mean, that is, yeah, they were everywhere. Couldn’t give away. You can’t find them. Like, you know, and even the good ones are booked out two to three, four years for, for moose or combo hunts. Part of that has to do with what happened in Canada with covid lockdown for a year and a half roughly. And, but now that things are flowing again, I mean, it’s just not slowing down. And yeah, you’re right. It’s, you’re seeing moose hunts that are mid to upper twenties pushing 30 in a lot of places. Crazy. And that’s the same price or more than, than many dolhi punts in Alaska. Yeah. So crazy. It’s an interesting, things are changing so fast. It’s it’s fun though. I, I mean, I’m not saying that the, the reductions in non-resident tags is fun, but I’m just saying the change in and of itself is just, it’s interesting. Yeah. We’re living in crazy times. Just like the Montana change allows you to shoot a, a deer hunt, a deer, not shoot, shoot at, but hunt a deer with the most least effective North American weapon we’ve ever had. And you’re all excited about it. Just ’cause it’s new. It’s not the weapon we’re excited about. It’s the season. I don’t, but you’ve gotta use something that was used in the Civil War pretty much.

00:54:47:24 –> 00:55:53:03
How do you know? How do you know? Hey, read the re read the regulations. Hey, it’s not gonna, you’re you. Hey, there’s, there’s been some, you know, people that write that stuff that don’t even know what they’re talking about. Who knows, who knows if it’s accurate. I didn’t see it myself, Chris. Oh, I was just thinking it’s along those lines. It’s, it’s crazy. Just the, the change. Also another outfitter in Kansas talking about it, there’s, in his area, can draw in his area. Since the inception of the point system, you had basically a guaranteed draw every year. And now he’s saying you gotta plan out two to three years to draw the tag to apply with him. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. We’ve got Kansas Outfitters lighting us up, don’t we? Why about, you know, the, the exact way to apply and just super nervous about not getting their clients drawn. Kind of crazy. Hey, how about Blaine St. James yesterday? Smash, smash, smash. He was doing smashing a gator, was doing squats with a gator. That was pretty awesome. But it was, it must be down in Florida having fun. I think he’s got ties, connections or is even from down there originally. He lives in Colorado now, but Blaine St. James is St. James Sporting Properties.

00:55:53:29 –> 00:57:13:23
If you’re looking for a ranch, a recreational property, whether it just be, whether it be at a place to hunt or just to retire or live on, or have a little dirt, have a little ground or you’re looking at selling something, give him and his crew a call or check him [email protected]. Blaine’s a hunter, he lives out west. He’s got folks that licensed and operate in Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. They’re always got, always got their ears to the, to the ground I guess listening for, well selling, finding opportunities. And we actually had a client of ours buy some ground in Colorado through St. James. Yeah. And loves it. Had a great experience. He making his own retirement plans around it and especially his hunting plans he’s asking for, for some tags and whatnot. And so what a, what a, I mean a great find a member right there. A good friend of ours ended up buying some property through St. James and, and had a great experience. Alright, well anyway, on to the next, we wanna talk about fierce, fierce firearms. And you know, Devin, you were on one of their podcasts just recently. I was. You were Yeah. Talking about kinda what we’re doing and a little about what they do. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway, great. Great products. We’re happy to be affiliated with them and whatnot. Anyway, you can go check ’em out and see what they got going.

00:57:13:23 –> 00:58:25:25
They sell a little of everything. Devin, you’ve got some favorites. You, Wyatt. I mean, who else am I missing? Anybody? You guys smashed some animals this year with Fierce Firearm. Yeah, both. Ours are the lightest, they make the titanium actions carbon barrels. Right. That’s what yours is too. ct. Good. Shooting stuff. Anyway, we’re gonna continue to work with them. We’re happy to develop that, continue to partnership and develop that partnership. You’ll be hearing a little bit more about them from us as well as you can find ’em in the publication. Talked about it in the April issue and kind of debuted that. So anyway, happy to be a a part of them. Go check ’em out at Fierce Firearms. Also wanted to give a shout out to Hoyt. They’ve been a great sponsor of ours here for the last year, year and a half. Obviously make very well known with their, with their boas over the decades and just awesome shooting. They can make any, any Archer a better archer, better shooter. There’s absolutely truth to that. It happened. All of us. I mean, we shoot their stuff and obviously every, we’re not the guys that gets something every single year. We know people that do that. And they probably are good enough to, to make good on all the changes that they make every single year. ’cause they do improve.

00:58:25:25 –> 00:59:34:18
They’ve got a new, what we got the RX fives last year and now they got sevens out. Well, why I come in the office and said, why? I don’t even know why you’re using those. The r sevens sevens are so much better out there. We’re like, really? Do you have one? No, but I’m gonna, didn’t go, didn’t go down like that. I said, I’m just hearing from guys that have the RX sevens that they’re that much better. That much better. So much better. They’re taking a loss on a brand new bow and upgrading. Right. Yeah, I did hear that. Yep. But, but that’s something to behold. What what that attest to is they’re never resting on what they’re developing. Making something better as technology. And another thing changes. Hoyt does to nothing but the best. We appreciate their sponsorship of ours and anything that we pursue this year, what we have in Hoyt in our hands with for the bowl. That’s right. That is so That’s right. And also wanna give a shout out to Vortex. They’ve been one of our optics partners here for, since inception. They’ve been with us here at Epic Outdoors prior to that. But we also are Vortex dealer. And maybe it’s time we, we have a little Spring Bronson bundle bundle. I don’t know, I Bron, Bron bundle. Yeah. Well, I mean, just rolls off your tongue and you’re so vested in this and vested passionate fashion.

00:59:35:07 –> 01:00:36:25
Well that’s the biggest thing he does every week. ’cause searches the optics room for the next rock of Well, let’s just talk, let’s just talk a little bit about this. I like to, I like to move product. Let’s put it out. He does. I like to move it. And he’s like, you know, Carter, this is gonna be good. We need to order one. We might as well order 10 or 20 No. And then a minute. And then he can’t get rid of him fast. Oh my gosh. We got inventory coming out there. Let’s get rid of this stuff. Then we get rid of it. Geez. Let’s order another 20. Those went fast. It’s Yeah, you gave them away. Yeah. Yeah. It has happened. But what do you mean? Hey, that’s, that’s how America runs exchanging of goods and services and it makes the, the thing does money, money needs to exchange hands. We’ve got enough in there that we have to put on an avalanche beacon to walk in that room just in case stuff. Were to fall on us. Somebody, you guys could come find us. There’s a problem. Janet goes in there with her little 110 pound frame’s. She’s breaking a leg. Yeah. She might better tell somebody where you’re going anyway, but let’s, but whatever. Let’s go aheads do a deal. Let’s throw a deal out there. Let’s stress him out again. Let’s go down to zero in inventory. Where we at?

01:00:36:25 –> 01:01:42:22
That’s fine. There’s, and the other thing that’s contributed more. Yeah. The other thing that’s contributed, this is we’ve been taught, COVID has taught us to hoard. Right. We’re like chipmunks going into winter. Right. You’re gathering at all. Your cheeks are puffy, you’re gathering it at all. ’cause you don’t know when you’re gonna get it. And the next time, when the next little, and you have a little so gonna happen. A spat between countries. Yeah. And then pretty soon you’re like, okay, we’re gonna have barges out here. Yeah. That we don’t even out, we don’t even wanna unload. Yeah, they’re floating. You got a rare precious metal that’s something’s made with, who knows. I personally would have the National Guard unloading them. But hunters, hunter’s back there plugging and playing. Not worried about it. Right. So consequently we have great inventory of optics and let’s, let’s make a deal. So, okay, so what do let’s save. Whatcha gonna do? You whatcha whatcha gonna, well, let’s give away. We got a, we got a good number of these razor. The 27 by 60 by 85, both angled and straight. Or like, I, I like to call ’em straight and crooked, you know, for people that like, like the angled ones. We call ’em crooked people, don’t we by the way? We do Bronson. But what we’re, we’re outnumbered, dude. I know we are. But they finally admitted it. We’re we are, we’re outnumbered. Yeah. Jason just converted too.

01:01:42:28 –> 01:02:57:22
I, I convert. I did buy a haria. Yeah, I did. But he, it’s the best scope I’ve ever looked through, but okay. But but beyond that. Beyond that. And direct all heartbeat questions to Adam or quiet, but beyond that. But, but we have ’em both. We have plenty of straights. Plenty of angles. We sold seven angled scopes like in order two days in row. We kind of, we always used to say it’s about 50 50. And then you go through. It’s not, we do sell more angles than straights. And I will fully acknowledge there are benefits to an angle. Keep your tripod lower to the ground. Less wind vibration, you know, things like that. However, I like some of the other benefits of a straight, I can take my fifteens off. It’s pointing straight. The animal, my straight, I point straight red or I have to not adjusting your, I don’t have to adjust my tripod. Do things like that. Speed. Wendell mount sometimes are harder. Sometimes hard to leave the seat. But better truck. It’s heated seats. Now when you’re, I mean, it’s amazing when you’re in your pirate ship. New land. That’s right. Serious satellite radio. Serious satellite radio. We aren’t handholding playing a movie like a telescope. Jack Sparrow over here. These guys, these guys call us pirates. ’cause we use straight scope. But anyway, it’s just whatever. Chevy and Ford, it’s Coke and Pepsi pretty much.

01:02:58:02 –> 01:04:13:13
But there if you, if you can’t, a little different than that. But yeah. Why? Well, it’s a huge, huge significant difference. I just, you’re gonna be able to say I’m straight. I love, yeah, I like that. That’s a huge benefit. Rolls off the tongue. I’m straight. Anyway, we’ve got plenty of those in, in, in stock. We’ve also have, you know, vortex came out last, last fall sometime with this new razor LHT four and a half to 22 by 50 XLR rifle scope. They’re incredible scopes. They’ve got, they’re awesome too. They flew off the shelves very fast and then had supply chain problems. We’ve got a bunch of those back ends. So let’s say, let’s make a deal on either one of these. We’re gonna throw in a ranger 1800 rangefinder, which is an angle compensating rangefinder. It’s great for a lot of different things. If you shoot yardage on your gun compact archery, guys just taking an angle compensation arch for an archer, they’re awesome. Let’s make a deal for 1599 for the vortex razor spotting scope with the rangefinder and 14.99 with the razor L-H-T-X-L-R four and a half to 22 by 50. And it includes the rangefinder that with the rangefinder, we’re gonna throw it in there. 14.99 for that. So you pay for one and you get the other free, free range. The Bronson bundle. Yeah. Let’s get rid of it. The Bronson bundle. See this?

01:04:13:13 –> 01:05:19:04
Hey, the more we sell, the more we lose while supplies last. It’s a great, it’s a great business there. The more you sell, the more you lose. Hey, hey. We’re, we’re just, we like to I’m glad like to give He’s not the only vote. I am. I, I like job security. I want these in, in, in hearts and homes, everywhere. Using this for fall in the field. Okay. What are they gonna do on the shelf? Nothing. They’re gonna collect dust. Let’s get ’em out there. Okay. Let’s get ’em in your packs. All right. Let’s do it While supplies last. Should we give something away too? Just, just for listening. What you got in mind? First listener. First listener to call in. Give something away. This is not live. Do realize that? Is there a 1000 or is there is a live podcast? You know that right? First one. When this gets published, the first guy to call you. Okay, well that’s What do you think? What, what do you want to give you? You’s your idea. I feel like giving away something. You wanna give something of yours? No. Let’s give away a stealth cam or something. What do you think, Chris? Okay, that sounds good. Let’s give away a trail camera. What model would you like to give away? You have to be from Arizona. I’m sorry. Arizona. I wish you could run cameras at least part of the year.

01:05:20:21 –> 01:06:29:21
So maybe you could be from Arizona and just run it wildlife in your backyard. Just pay your kid to run it. Yeah. Alright, well keep going. Let’s give away 45. Yeah, the 45 max. Right? 45 max. Should we do it? Okay. Yeah. First Max, what do they gotta do when they call in? Just say, I want the free talk to Chris. I want the free throw camera. Talk to Chris. I’m calling about the, the free throw camera. Say I I want the free throw camera. Right. All right. Okay. Sound good. First person to call. First person to call. Send it out the door. Plus you know the, the only thing they’re responsible for is a hundred dollars shipping. Just teasing. Free shipping. Us shipping on us in the lower Continental 48. And US toor. No tax. ’cause when you don’t pay anything, you don’t have to pay tax. How about that? And by the way, well anyway, not gonna go there. Not gonna, all right. All well anyway, so, okay. That’s deal. That brings us to the bonus. Usually that’s a hunt. A hunt story. Oh, I’ve got one in mind. But for somebody here at the table, but I don’t have to use it. I was just wondering, does anybody here, is there a hunt that one of y’all been on that we haven’t discussed on the podcast? They might teach somebody something. Huh? Little something. Devin, you’ve killed so many game animals.

01:06:29:21 –> 01:07:38:06
Last year is disgusting. I’m sure there’s some, I don’t understand the question. Hunt story from somebody. Well, the last one at the very end, he hit me and I had to tell my Idaho dear story in somewhat detail. Yeah. That was what we did last time. Yeah. Just kind of a bonus, because a lot of times we read the ads, we give away something free, which Chris, maybe we, and then that’s the end of the podcast. Yeah. But I kind of wanted to give some bonus footage. Yeah, let’s go blast from the past. You go with Pollock. You no blast from 2021. Oh, you wanted to go with Pollock’s? Giant bull. I was gonna go with the 400 inch bull. Let’s do that. That’s a good one. No, no, no, no. Okay. Pollock. You choose befores. Halfway shanks would 2021 or your bull. You choose. I was thinking about the shank story. I love the, the, the Misty F. The Misty fjords. I love that. Oh, that’s, dude, it was a long range rifle. You set it up, you smashed him. Speak God Deer’s name at this table. We don’t have to talk about shanks in and of himself. Just the, just the hunting story. No. What’s the story? No, just Devon. We need to hear Devon’s is significantly better. He’s told his which story? He’s told his black story where he did story. No. What story do you wanna hear? We want the mag.

01:07:38:16 –> 01:08:56:21
How the mag pies helped you find your buck. Oh, okay. That deer. That’s a good one. And Kyle, did we not cover that on a podcast? No. Okay. Okay. We never shared this good one. That was a significant, well, people are gonna think I’m weird. You are getting out of talking about shanks. That’s a significant, that’s a great story. Smash and grab. Okay. Alright. Alright. Keep going. If whoever’s willing to talk, one of you talk. You’ve got nine. Go ahead Devon. You got eight to seven minutes. Seven, eight. Oh, we’re way past lunchtime. You’re lucky. Alright, go ahead. This is my story of on You killed a couple in Nevada last year. This was the last day, basically the second to last day. And I see this buck and is a nice deer, but I wasn’t like, I gotta kill this deer. Is this from last year? This is last year. Page 19. When you grew from boy to man over the course of 10 days. Yes. Okay. You went from like a wedding clean shaven to to grizzly items. That was in August. The antelope was August. That’s a whole nother, no, we’re over two bucks. 10 days apart. And you That’s true. Full Yeti. Two deer days. Two deer Were how many Josh? That this deer. Josh is enjoying that. You’re telling a story. There were Sasquatch sightings in, there was caress about my face here. You’re not dateable. You’re not dateable.

01:08:56:22 –> 01:09:59:16
You gotta go home and clean up. You can braid that here. You look clean. Braid it. Put some beads. But you see that bush? Yeah. He, he was beded there. So I betted him. Well, no, I saw him. Oh, not the beard. No, the actual bush. Okay, good. Geez, you can’t tell a story of you guys’ presence. No, you can’t. I’ll stop Anyways. I tell myself if he’s still there when I come back, I glass him up. How many dump? I’m gonna go. I’m gonna dump him. You mean like hours I go up, I get up. Yeah. You mean you had to make a stock to get there or you No, I went up looking other there. I let him go basically. Okay. I had seen him before 10 days prior. Yeah. When I was a little more appealing to look at him. Apparently cliche groomed. Anyway, so nothing happens. I come back and I see him, I bed him in these bushes and I, I’m like, okay, here we go. I’m gonna go down. And I couldn’t see the, the bushes for a minute, maybe five minutes as I was going. And I pop up and now it’s just a classic waiting game. I know. Sit there, but you don’t for sure it, it’s wide open everywhere. 300, three hours you wanna throw around in there just to get him up. Yeah.

01:09:59:16 –> 01:11:01:05
I, oh, it went through my mind and, and I think I kind of did. Went. Yeah. So, but you were there for, you left for hours. Came an hour, came and maybe did a stalk, but, so you don’t know if the deer could be gone. But anyway, what did you leave to deer? Oh no, I saw him go in the bushes. Just have a, yeah. Then you left, you said and they came back? No, this is just, I walked in. I left him for an hour. Okay. And then I came back and I saw him right before bed. Okay. Gotcha. Alright. So I’m here. It’s three or 50 yards. There’s nowhere he can go. And I’m, it’s like 10 in the morning, you know, I’m just, you got a long wait. Yeah. And I’m like, well, even if it’s a Texas heart shot, you’re getting this back. I can’t see him. I’m picking him out. And then like two hours goes by and I’m getting impatient. Very impatient. And I see a magpie. You always watch some magpie. Flies on a dough, flies on another dough, landing on ’em, eating ticks, cruises down. Yeah. Eating ticks off their backs. Cruises in, goes in this little tunnel of bushes and doesn’t come out for about a minute. And I’m like, okay. He’s in there. Two more hours goes by. I’m hungry. He’s checking. Like I ate BNA sausage. That’s all I had. I was starving. Bna sausage.

01:11:01:12 –> 01:12:08:25
You were hungry. That’s all I had in my pack. Yeah. Stupid. Did you, did you, did you drink the goo? No, I learned that. Don’t ever ’cause some guys do that. If you’re listening to this podcast, do not drink the goo in the Vienna sausage. Okay. That’s a whole nother story. Anyways, Devin had some amazing stories. I’m not gonna lie, I should, I mean, turkeys have chased this guy for 14 miles on a four-wheeler. All right, we’ll keep So I know the, I know the bucks in there. I mean it’s, it’s like four o’clock. It’s almost, it’s, I mean like, what is this spot doing? Dark at six this time of year. Right. Get up no stretch, no midday stretch. Nothing that I could see in, geez, there’s nowhere he could go. And then there’s this coyote and I’m watching this coyote and he’s about, I don’t know, a hundred yards from the buck. Where do you think the buck’s at? Yeah. Oh yeah. And so I, and he’s wanting mouse around or whatever. I popped the mag out. I put an extra shell in and I tell myself, I’m gonna smoke this coyote. And the buck’s gonna stand up. Like, what was this? What happened? You know? Yeah. Then I’ll smoke it. And there’s, mind you, there’s nowhere he can go. It’s, he’s dead. Boom. I hit the coyote. Coyote comes ver by you, Jack. Another shell.

01:12:08:25 –> 01:13:18:02
You’re, I jacked another shell and I’m on prone. Did you put one through the coyote? I hit the coyote. You hit it. He jumped, ran. Look at the bush. Nothing happens. And I’m just like, what is going on? Like he’s in there. I know he’s in there. And then I look over, I saw some movement and this coyotes still moving. He’s not feeling very good. And he goes to the bush and he just stops. And I like, he saw the buck made eye contact. And I’m like, how is this buck not getting up? Made eye contact. Like how close? Five feet, 10 feet. Oh, 10 feet. Yeah. From here to that bear probably. Wow. Chris’s bear. And he turns, goes around and another period of time goes by and I’m starting to feel bad for this coyote. So I shot again. He takes off running by the bush. I missed him that time. Nothing happens. Telling no are at the same level. He’s smoking out of there. And so now you’re wondering like, am I, did I doze off for 20 minutes and this thing got outta here? No I didn’t. He’s there. Okay. Another hour goes off the mag pie, man. I knew it. He finally came out about an hour before dark. Smoked him the buck. It was over. That’s the end of it. That’s the end of it. Yeah. Just, it’s a good story.

01:13:18:09 –> 01:14:22:16
It’s a, it’s, it shows you how, how tight something could hold. How tight and when they live in that open country. Oh, thing you were 350 yards. He knows he’s vulnerable though. He knows it. He’s hiding right now. I’m safe. He knows if he’s in that bush, he’s safe. And I, I had seen him a long time before that in the hunt. And in between that time somebody had shot at him and he had a bullet like burned all in his side, all the way down his ribs. And it just barely hit his hind quarter. He deserved to live. I mean, he’d been shot at Devin. He deserved to live. He probably did. Yeah. And how many miles away were, did you see him? Oh, prior to this. Maybe two miles. But my friend had seen him in the summer about 35 miles north of where I killed him. Wow. Isn’t that crazy? Yep. When that happens, you start to think that you are not missing anything. Yes. I mean you, I think it messes with you a little bit. I think you’re missing a few animals. Right. But you’re not seeing everything on the landscape. But you do. He does make you wonder, you know, geez, we saw him here and then we saw him here and 30 miles away. Yeah. Reminds you all. That’s pretty cool. It’s just deer that live in that country and are hunted that hard. They know.

01:14:22:19 –> 01:15:23:22
Well, it reminds me of those stories. They know what’s going on Colorado tight. And others, when you’ve see a buck and you’re like, oh crap, there’s some hunters right there. And you’re just like, locked down this buck. He’s gonna blow. And you watch ’em walk by within 75 yards, a hundred yards bucks. And the buck’s just laying there, just watching. And you’re like, okay, we got life. We got, and how many times that happened to us. I’ve learned it. I’ve seen him go in quay patches when I had hunters with me. Little quay patches maybe, maybe a hundred square yards. I can’t get ’em to come out circles. I go in in the, I could see their track. I’m jumping them and they’re running circles around me. They will not go to the open. Wow. Or you see ’em bed, you’re throwing rocks to get ’em out of the trees and you have to hit ’em. They hold tight. Pretty cool. It’d be be fun to do a deer drive with you. De It is. It’s a good time. Well, tell us, okay, tell us about the Turkey. The Turkey. Which one did you have one? Okay. I don’t know. Whoa. I thought there was only one. Wasn’t there one that kind of chased you on the four wheeler? I wanna go back to the Google. Yeah. This is a long time ago. Wasn’t there video, Chris? Video?

01:15:24:01 –> 01:16:36:10
I don’t, could Chris, could Chris part of this podcast on I when we post on Instagram, post the Turkey footage? Was that with your permission? I don’t care. Oh, Chris, you have to post this on ig. There’s several. Yes. I’ve been attacked by wild birds more than once. It all stems from, I went on a Turkey hunt. I drew this good tag in Utah. First day I’m out there. That’s when you started, you became a concealed weapons permit holder. Yeah. It was the worst hunt of my life. And I thought, I’m never doing this again. These are, I mean, I got whooped by turkeys. It’s frustrating. And then I’m in the desert of southern Nevada, just mine in my business looking for bulls. And I see this black thing come through the sage paralleling my four-wheeler. And I thought it was while you were driving it. Yeah, I thought it was a porcupine because there’s no turkeys out there and it just Jurassic Park running. It’s to the road. Hits the road and come. And I’m getting my phone out. ’cause I’m like, there’s a Turkey out here. Do you remember this? Why this was in August. I do remember this. Yes. Mind you, this is not, this is August. And it just charges. So I film it and I, I was like, look at this bird. You know it’s a big old tom shark. And I’m like, this is why I don’t Turkey hunt.

01:16:36:26 –> 01:17:39:05
They attack me in August and they’re the most elusive animal in the world in, in the spring. And yeah, there some spurs were flying. Yeah. He wouldn’t back up. No, I, he chased me for a long And you got on your bike and you were going, right? Oh yeah. And this thing’s coming after you. Yeah. How fast can they run? Significant. At least 25, 5 miles. You go in an hour. Were you reverse going in reverse? No, I was driving. No, after he chased you. What? I can’t remember the video. Were you backing up and he kept coming or did you turn around? No, I kept, I just drove forward. Speed ahead. It’s cool. Video it. It’s worth watching. I don’t know. It’s if that’s normal. No, no, it’s not really normal. I didn’t think so. I’ve had him chase my truck in the spring, but August. That’s weird. And try to spur you in the neck. It’s not, Hey, who does that happen to? Did they actually get close to your neck? Dude, he jumped this high. What was your facial hair? You could see it in the video. What was your facial hair like? I mean, don’t I think there some attraction? Hey, was it getting dusk? Was he looking to roost for the night in a, in a bush? There was plenty of roost trees. I was, yeah. It was an attraction of sorts.

01:17:39:05 –> 01:19:00:13
We thought there was a big fluffy hand on your face. He was wanting to fight and he almost got one. This is our bonus. No, it was, it’s a different warrior chat than that. This is like a ma, the Maori haka from New Zealand. That’s what, that’s what he was doing. Right. All right. There’s video proof if you don’t want, it’s good. Chris video. Chris you video. Video. Yeah. If you’re interested in the video when Chris posts about this podcast, geez. We’ll put some footage of the Veloc Raptor Turkey. We good? Are we good? Do you have anything else on your yellow sticky note there? No. Well, that was kinda light. You didn’t have much. No, I didn’t. We had more on you. Was most of it. We had more on you? Yeah. I’m gonna just walk in here with it in my head and you guys won’t be prepared for now. All right, everybody go to lunch. Have a good day. At Epic Outdoors, we help you reach your hunting dreams. Whether it’s helping you to develop a long-term application strategy, or finding the perfect outfitter for your next hunt. As a member of Epic Outdoors, you’ll also receive the Epic Outdoors Magazine and have access to the best hunting consultants in the industry, online tools, and more. To join Epic Outdoors, visit epic outdoors.com or call 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7.