Along with some “Deep Thoughts” about hunting, Jason, Adam, and John jump on the air for a big announcement. They add a bonus drawing for either a Fierce Rifle or a pair of Swarovski NL Pure Binos to the Epic Summer Hunt Giveaway.

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Anything to do with Western big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, John Peters are coming at you from Southern Utah. It’s a warm one this past weekend, summer. Definitely hit Jesus. How about all these fires? You got some guy lighting, toilet paper, a homeless guy lighting, toilet paper, lighting up the freaking Flagstaff Forest from what I heard, trying to clean it up after himself. Yeah. Can you blame a guy? Hey, picking up litter. Well, but you know, anyway, I was always taught you’re supposed to light toilet paper too, but I never have. No, maybe once twice you really were. Yeah, yeah. From way back, you take a dump and then you light it. Well, I’m just saying. What a guy. Yeah. I didn’t grow up with you. Hey, I didn’t. Hey, I got a few other secrets out there. But anyway, that’s for another podcast. So that we do have clouds building and supposedly there’s supposed to be monumental mon epic monsoonal coming. Well, I don’t know about epic, but there’s some monsoonal push from Mexico. I’m afraid if we get flooded again, hey, right now I’ll take it. Fishing. Fishing at Jason’s house. Remember you were there fishing, rattle in the driveway. Rattlesnakes got showed up in your, how did that happen? How did that happen anyway? Right? Species of species of every kind of variety.

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On the arc in my front yard, three foot goldfish in muddy water in my front yard. Animals lining up. All right, well, before we get started, I just wanted a little shout out to my nephew, okay, Dayton woefully. He says, Carter, what? You know how you kill big deer? I’m like, I don’t know Dayton. You tell me. He says, if you hunt little deer, you kill little deer. If you hunt big deer, you kill big deer. I’m like, Hey, that’s podcast worthy. So I’m throwing out there everybody. That’s the best thing you heard always. Well, that’s kind of that thing. I don’t know, but the best thing. But I definitely wrote it down and I’m gonna live by it. Hunt big deer. If you want big deer. Okay. All right, quick shout out. This is gonna get a quick turnaround to tonight, John. Yeah, I think you’re, get this out tomorrow, June 14th, deadline to get your Arizona deer and sheep and I guess a bison point application. Unless you want a designated, how about heavily heifer? Yeah, if you want that too. Sandhill. Crane. Crane. I did. Hey, I applied a guy for that. I know you did. We heard the gnashing of teeth. Well, five species. Arizona’s draws terrible. It takes you 14 hours to do two, and I have to do a few more. It was terrible. That’s that. That system is the worst. But get it done, everybody. And that’s it for draws.

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We’ve got points only stuff here in the summer. We got Texas later on. But as far as the, the major states, how about tonight, Nevada, you, if you forgot to apply, tonight’s the deadline for Nevada’s second draw, which is another basically point. You can, points only for every kind. If you, I, I guarantee somebody listening to this right now, miss the Nevada deadline. And here’s this. They’re gonna get it tonight and they’re gonna jump on, on de point. Hey, hey, you’re, it’s your lucky day. You heard it here first. That’s right. Happy Father’s Day. Hey, speaking of fathers, throw it out there, Bronson. What? Well, I don’t know. I just think happy birthday dads out there. I think we were gonna try to, because some of the podcasts at times, it’s hard not to be negative. Right? In this woke environment and with all the changes in the states and all the angry people. And so we were like, well, let’s make a positive note on each and every podcast that we remember to do it on. Yep. Okay. This positive note. Dads, y’all take your kids fishing and hunting. You’re awesome. You’re awesome. Yep, you’re awesome. Appreciate. Here’s a reminder. Dad’s out there for sons to think of your dad this Sunday, and daughters and wives and sisters and cousins and uncles and everybody else. Hey, a dad’s job’s not easy dad.

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And if you, and if you list out what a dad’s job is, it’s like about everything. And it’s all we can do to make a living, let alone everything else. And so, anyway, good job for all active fathers out there that aren’t Jack wagons. Good work. That’s right. Good work. That’s right. Keep it up. Take a kid hunting, have a good weekend. Salute your dad, grandpa, whoever in your life. I got to think about, I got to thinking about dads. You know why? ’cause I gotta talk about dads here and there. Oh, okay. You know, and so, yeah, church. Yeah. Okay. And so I got to thinking about it. And if you think about it, like think about you Bronson, what made you who you are when you were young, your dad left an impression. And it’s, and it’s hard to break free from that. So if you leave good impressions, you teach your kids, right? Positive once in life with the dad. It’s, it’s, you die with those. It’s a 60 to 80 year investment in that kid. And you also take on some of the negative, whatever that may be. Not, dads aren’t all perfect, you know? No, dad is perfect. And so you take on a little bit of that and people can change, but it’s monumentally tough versus what you were trained. And I just think it’s awesome for the guys out there that are doing a heck of a great job.

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Keep it up. That’s all. Keep it up and let’s make this world a better place. Happy. How about that? That Happy Father’s Day. Yeah. Very good. Happy Father’s Day. And you know, buy some optics or treat yourself if, treat yourself. If your wife forgets about it or your kids forget about you, why treat yourself here at Epic? All right. All right guys. We don’t forget about you. Okay, let’s move on. Let’s talk about, you know, we’ve got some draw results, Bronson, and, and you have not been that lucky? No. Okay. I’ve been fairly lucky. Have you? Yeah. Really? Yeah. Yeah. Well, yeah. I, one I’m already counting on, theres on a draw and I did draw a Utah tag, which is very rare. Yeah. But that’s it. The last Utah, you drew a tag. The last special Utah deer tag I had was 1996. Drought year. That’s a CW Mu. So that’s 24 years in between them. Back then had one elk tag in between that 24 years. One draw tag. I bought my way in here and there. If I have to once, I think, yeah, once, but still, yeah, Utah, we don’t draw much. It’s tough, but yeah, I’m still, which means they’re saving something big for me. Sheep. What? Something. I don’t know. Got Arizona sheep. I got, okay. You know, Wyoming’s coming out kill a couple of days. You gotta kill a big Nelson.

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I, no, you haven’t even told me what you applied for. I did not put in for Nelson. I, I will tell you that I have one of those. I did too. I know, but I didn’t have a 180 plus. Sure. That’s right. And I think you should have applied for my unit. Hey, there’s too many good ones to choose from. You only can pick two. So I had what two were they? I’ll just say they’re Mexican. Did you do one that they’re Mexican? The Trump wall in the background. Mexican. Because I think it would be awesome to smash a sheep and back up to the Trump wall. Huh? I’ll bet you could get Trump Junior to repost that. You might could. I guarantee you would. Yeah, but would you want him to, he posts some stuff that’s scathing. I’m just not sure I wanna sign my name to all. I’m like, I wanna like it. Yeah, but I don’t think I’ll, everybody would think that you had to herd it up against the fence and just ran it down. There you go. So it turned into a negative. And society, one side, there was one side would hunt me down. I mean, one side, there was a fence and now you’re a high fenced hunter. Forever. Yeah. Pretty soon. Yeah. Can’t even enter it in B and C. It’s 182. Enter down unit 46 backpack for 10 miles. And I’m up against the wall.

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Didn’t you read the fine print down there? Those are no longer fair Chase rams down there. Exactly. I really, no, I didn’t. I did read that. Antelope pilots fair chase. Three sides are fair. Chase. Hey, that’s a one side. Yeah, but it’s a tall one. It’s a one broken side. I’m not even sure it has electricity running at the top of it. Gap. There are gaps though. There’s big gaps. Big gaps. Dimm gaps. Democrat gaps. All right. All right. That’s enough of that. So if you haven’t drawn, why, we’ve got our epic hunt giveaway and it’s legit Bronson. Well, and this one is always one that we announced the very end of April, 1st of May. Extremely short. And some of the, yeah, some of these hunts are for this fall. We can’t let it go too long. We, we wanna let the other one breathe a little bit. We also wanna let a lot of the bulk of the draw results come out for people. Just so you kind of know your plans. You know, which one of the hunts would be something you could do and which ones you can’t. Now a couple of them are for next year, but a lot of ’em are for this year. And so we can’t go too long. We take pride in that. Yeah. And we want hunts that we want ourselves when we actually go out shopping for these.

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And it, it is more or less that you wanted to say consummate a deal with an outfitter. I I knew it. I knew you did. I I wasn’t So go ahead and say it. I wasn’t gonna say that word. No, I wasn’t Get the one that got me on it. I said when I was going out shopping for these hunts. ’cause it is everything. Johnson doesn’t wanna see consummate this deal, consummate that deal. Well, I used to say that and Carter worked cringe and now hell, he’s the one that uses that disgust term. Okay. But anyway, I had to show him the definition. There’s many different usages. It was true. Come on. It’s true. Business deals are consummated. That’s, that’s what we’re talking about right here. Okay. Okay. So moving right along. That’s why we have to have a tight turnaround. We can’t let these go into July or August and and, and give them away that sell tickets forever. We can’t. So people need to make plans. We’re gonna quickly go through those right now just because it is the deadline. And we’ve actually, and that’s why we wanna get this podcast out quick. We actually, for just a little incentive. Maybe you got Father’s Day wishes. Maybe you’ve got a father you wanna buy something for, or maybe you just want tickets. We, we sweetened the di a little bit for three or four days. And this wasn’t even planned.

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This was something we talked about on Friday. And we’re like, this draw is, this is this epic hunt giveaway and our membership drive is forgotten about. It’s the least plate it’s been. And we realize that stay of the world, what it is, people are paying five, six bucks for gas. The economy’s tightening houses are, you know, good grief, interest rates are up. We understand a lot of this. You know, we’re not trying to make you spend money. You can’t. But if there’s something that you haven’t done, you neglected to do and you wanted little, another carrot, we thrown a carrot out there. So what kind of carrot we got? So what we did was, besides the most worldclass seven most world-class hunts we’ve ever had, some of them are similar. Yeah. A 2 31 deer tag with another outfitter, white rock outfitters or a Colorado deer in Unit 61. Just an incredible hunt. We’ve done it ourselves. You smashed a 200 inch on there. I should have. And let’s do we talk about, about that? Not really, but I should have when you bring up stuff like that on a hot mic, and Wyatt still talks about that four point that I passed and he’s now reminding me that he thinks it’s over 200 on 61. Oh, that was the first one. Yeah. I told you you’re dumb then. I was seven. Oh yeah, I know.

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And I had him dead done if I want, you know, it’s just one of those things. Anyway, I had to pull a pound and a half trigger and I’ve been over with, but could you have done that pound and a half? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Breathe on it. Well, if you bring it up, we’re gonna talk about it. So anyway. Or New Mexico elk, you know, and that, I mean that’s archery or muzz pit, 40 something inch bull that’s gonna be on a future cover was killed there last year. Nevada elk. We’ve never given away a one 11 to one 15. Well, and I don’t want to, I guess we can talk about, well let’s finish ’em up. Well, I’ll just finish ’em up like Alaska grizzly, I mean, one’s most incredible opportunity with freelance. That is one of the spring 2023 hunts does not overlap anything, is it? And that’s with Lance Rumberger. And freelance always makes me grin. It’s like free Willie. Like are we supposed to, like is Lance trying to get out of the cage? I mean, freelance. Like freelance. No, freelance is, you’re just kind of out there. Has that turtle. He’s freelancing. Yeah. You’re not, he’s, he’s like, Hey, let’s just go find. Well, we can find we’re out there crushing Treking. Go wherever we want. Yeah. Don’t adhere to any freelance regulations. Freelance. I’m not on a trail. I don’t, I don’t need stick. I’m freelance. I’m Bush.

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Anyway, one of our friends, we can tease him a little bit. Super good guy. And one of the best, actually Grizzly those guys listed pretty good dudes. Co-founder of Under Armour right there. So anyway, Alaska Doll Sheep, that’s another 2023. So Diller, I mean, he takes pride in his people basically have a hundred percent opportunity and he keeps ’em there if they’re willing to stay until they do well. And he, and he doesn’t say it out loud, but hey, I guess we just did. So anyway. And then we got a Barbary sheep in Texas. Yeah. Which, I mean, Jim Breck bean high West route. Wyatt Wyatt’s crushed a 35 plus on that. Makes mine look like a dink. And he’s like, mine’s like 29 and change looks like he puts it right in his office. We get to stare at it every day. Yeah. And just remember that he’s King Kong of the Barbery. And then we’ve got an epic optics package that’s unbelievable. Pretty, pretty awesome Hunts. The best of the best. And so anyway, by saying all that with a short drive and being in this Covid environment, and I call it the Covid environment, Bronson, it’s re it’s, it’s rearing its ugly head. Oh, I know. Tons of people within five blocks of me that have got Covid right now. Okay. What is it a sniffle? By the time you get it three or four times. No, what is it?

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Are they getting crushed? No. Good buddy of mine, face down passed out and had the ambulance come get his wife couldn’t wake him up. Yeah. What? Yeah, when? And he gave blood. Listen to me. He gave blood and they had tested his antibody or his, what do they call it? Antibodies. Antibodies, yeah. Said they were off the charts. They could use it to help other people, whatever that means. He’s now a walking Petri dish dude. He was, he was passed out. This was this weekend. Oh yeah. He, yeah, he found, oh yeah. Face down on his own drill. What do he mean? I mean, you know, pretty, I’m, I’m not, you mean did he pass out, out on the, I I want to, Hey, we could call. Or was he in bed and he fell asleep? We could call No wife couldn’t wake him up. No, he wasn’t in bed and fell asleep. No boss. He was, he was one of those, he guys that was affected. He immensely on the first go round. This is the second go round after he has all these antibodies. Yeah. He almost died the first time. Right? I mean, it was different. It was serious. I tell you later, I can’t mouth it and somebody’s gonna hear it. But there’s other people. There’s, there’s other people that I’m telling you it’s going around again. So whatever. Hey, hey. So let’s call it a covid.

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It’s not really, it’s, it’s a Biden environment. Post Covid. It’s a Biden. There we go. Go. It’s a Biden environment. We trying to, you know what’s really frustrating? Let’s just go, it’s Russia and Florida to keep positive. Hey, China and Russia have conspiring the reason why he doesn’t care about high gas prices. He’s trying to force us all to buy an electric vehicle. He’s just gonna force his green deal on us. Oh, y’all don’t want to, you know, follow suit. You don’t wanna support me. Keep paying the high gas prices. We’re gonna force you to buy electric vehicle. And by the way, you gotta buy new batteries for that vehicle. 16 to 20 K every a hundred thousand miles. It doesn’t even pencil out. And where does the electricity come from? Freaking gasoline. Huh? Doesn’t come from the Lake Powell. ’cause it’s empty. Hey, we need to fill Lake Powell. It’s, it’s food storage. It’s water storage. We need it. We need the fish, we need the water. We’re, we’re all over the place. We’re like, whatever. We’re like cameo all over that. All I’m saying is if you don’t have an epic hunt, play the epic hunt. Drive the membership drive. We sweeten the deal Brons. And let’s go back to that. We’re giving away a fierce rifle from to, from now till Wednesday night. Wednesday night at midnight.

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If you, if you play, if you or refer somebody or spend a hundred dollars or more in, in, in entries you’ll get, for every a hundred dollars you spend, or for every a ticket member, you refer for the gun or your choice of two hour service NL Pure tens. That’s right. 10 by 42. And that expires at 1159 on Wednesday night. So mountain time. Yeah. We’re mountain central time, Utah Pacific time. So if you already bought some, but wanna buy a few more? There’s a short window. Now you can do, and we’re gonna do that drawing Thursday morning. We’re not gonna wait long. We’re gonna draw that and give it, whoever the winner is, give ’em a call, give them a choice of new fierce rifle or a pair of NL P 10 by 42. There might be another surprise Thursday morning, but y’all gotta listen to find out. Right? Yeah. All right. So anyway, pretty awesome. You can go check it out. Epic Of course, we’ve texted the membership a link to that as well as email. I probably saw that anyway. But if you do want to, easiest ways to do that’s online. ’cause if you hear this might be early morning, late at night, or you can call in during the day. We’re here roughly eight to five mountain time here in Utah. Do we need to go over the hunts one more time?

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’cause I just started spewing and then you kept me going and I don’t, I don’t think so. We covered ’em all individually. Yeah, I think we’re, we’re good. John, you’re happy? Yeah, we’re good. I think the point is, these are not your average hunts. These are hunts that Jason and Adam would go on. Well, Peterson I three 50 plus bulls on both elk. One 90 plus deer on both deer hunts. You know, world class grizzly doll sheep, barbary sheep. $15,000 in optics. How about this? Elk? Elk? Dear deer. Huh? Elk. Elk. Dear deer. Grizz doll. Yeah. Barbary and optics. And of course we got the little lighter incentive, the bonus. Speaking of optics, you got another little announcement. W we have the six hour eight Ks. Dude, it’s been one of the most wazoo range finders known to man. Well we’ve, we’ve all had the 24 hundreds for years. And those were on back order for like six to eight months until about two, three months ago. They just said, Hey, that’s actually gonna be discontinued. The eight K is an upgrade of it. And it is a big upgrade and just a more powerful laser. 14 years later when the eight K is about outdated, they finally give us our shipment. Yeah. So anyway, it’s, they’re here, they’re in stock. We’ve been shipping ’em out actually. Right. We just got ’em today and been shipping ’em out. So we still have some more.

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Actually I put one in my truck. Yeah, I got another one. And you put one in your truck. It’s well documented that my, my kid can use my stuff and I don’t have it. I know he likes your muzz orders. Yeah, well he went and smashed stuff with it without you. Well, it seems odd like to go drive out. It’s little easy to double charge a muzz order to do something. Something bad could happen to muzz orders. I I’ve thought about that. Yeah. I mean it didn’t, thankfully. ’cause you kind of wanna be there to shepherd your kid using a muzz loader more than a make sure. What about, just make sure they don’t kill themselves. Yeah, I mean he’s looking down the barrel. Jamming the bullet down. Yeah. Got a toe on the trigger. But I think it probably was loaded by me initially. And you know, you just take the primer off every time you leave the field and Yeah, you don’t shoot. You just said that we don’t shoot day the primer on smash the buck. Did he? Yeah. 500, 200 something. No, two 60 or 70. His buddy let his buddy shoot it. Hey. Yeah. Wow. I, I smashed the 725 yard target really dead on. I showed you the picture. Yeah, you did. I was impressed. I was not a joke. I mean, I didn’t walk up 10 yards from it shoulder and shoot it. Oh, it’s fine.

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It’s got a great big MZ break. Did you use a sled? Great big muzzle break on it. It’s great. Huh? Oh, Levi re Levi Reeds pretty. Do you got something to use with that this year? Oh yeah. What? I don’t know. No show does. You don’t. Yours has gotta, yeah, I could take yours. Gotta be, yours has gotta have, I gotta take the scope off. 50% What? Less powder rock friction ignition or something. What do you mean flintlock and stuff? Come on. It doesn’t, it’s only sites I know. But you’re not shooting six, 700 yards. Really? Oh yeah. Open it. I’ve done it. Show me the same pictures of steel with open sight. I’ll have to go get it. I’ll have to go get it and shoot it. You better have an eight by four sheet of steel. No problem. Hey, go stand out there boss. No, ’cause you know I’ll do it like, ah, 300 grains. Yeah. Huh? Anyway, it’s leaving that gun 2,600 feet a second hit. If you have dirt 10 feet from me, it still might kill me. It might. It’s shrapnel from all corners of the earth. That’s I gave gravel. Oh yeah. I don’t even, Hey, I skipped one. I did, I skipped one. Well, the one where, well, I thought my range finder was on the, the mode of that. Right. So I put the moss loader ballistics in the rangefinder. Yeah.

00:19:24:13 –> 00:20:32:10
And so it’ll tell me what to dial to. So I hit it, what guy dial and then I dial four, a different guy, whatever, MOA another whatever, whatever, whatever, whatever it was MA on. So you had 300. I do mls, NMOA. But anyway, it was another MOA 300 rum mill dial. I skipped the bullet and it hit the dgu freaking berm. And I’m like, wow, I missed the still, but I hit the berm and then I’m like, no, I think I skipped that one. So then I did use the bullet app, I mean inches. And then I went, that was four and a quarter, and then I went straight to seven quarter. So you went and changed, changed profiles and finally caught the muzzle loader one. Yeah. Started spitting out. So the first one was like dialing nine MOA. The second one was 22.6. 300 yards. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. A aim at the moon came down and smashed it. Wow. So anyway, now I know where all the dust was blowing around here on Saturday where it started, it was starting out at the riflery. It was 40 mile an hour wind buss. If you start rolling one from 200, 150 to 300 yards. It was by myself, except for a couple of druggies off in the corner. And they were dancing and music was blaring and I’m just shooting a muzzle over. Glad I had Justin. I was scared.

00:20:32:18 –> 00:21:50:07
Did you go through the full 10 ounces of trip? What? Black horn? Yeah, black horn. I’ve got a little left. 10 ounces. I had six reloads. So I took the open sites off the rail and slapped on the scope and it was set in from before. But you slap it on. Of course it’s not perfect, dude. Two shots. It’s zoned in. I skipped one and then smashed another three. It’s unbelievable. Okay. You wouldn’t wanna be a prairie dog at 700 yards at the sea. Oh gee, dude. Say what you want. I’ll sell it to you. I, I have good 20 grand. I wouldn’t take a dollar less. Alright, let’s move on. So everybody, we got the membership drive, dude, Bronson, we’re within a week. It’s the deadline for the entire drive ends Sunday, June 19th. That’s right. Yeah. Not to confuse our, our little promo that we’re doing runs through Wednesday night, 1159. And that’s just to throw another a gun at you. Or a’s pair of NAL tents. We love giving stuff away. I freaking wanna give something away right now. What? What do we got, John? Go get that right there. Well, we could, dude, we’re giving up the new Crossfire, range finders. Let’s just give one away on this podcast. Okay. But you gotta track it somehow. Yeah, we’re gonna do that. How are we gonna do that? Check our Instagram. Check our Instagram for details.

00:21:50:12 –> 00:23:03:17
As soon as this podcast goes live, we’re gonna give a crossfire. Yeah, no, I think we gotta do, we’ve gotta do something. We’ve gotta do. Just, we’re giving the away’s on. That’s good enough. But I’m, I want some giving away every podcast. No, we don’t need to cut that. This is a clean break. One shot deal. You, you haven’t swore yet. I think we’re good. I rarely do that. When you’re excessively mad. I don’t usually Not mad at all. Never in a podcast. No, not really. Okay. So anyway, and then we’ve got Arizona’s deadlines tomorrow. So if you need some help, give us a holler only. Of course, if you’re a member, we deal with members here at Epic Outdoors. You can go check us out if you’re not a member. Epic It’s $150 a year and you get a monthly publication December through June, bimonthly the remainder of the year, because we’re out hunting and most of the draws are over, we still cover the few that are remaining. Texas, Arizona, bison and such. A few little points on the deadline. The summer Texas Desert sheep. It is worth mentioning if you join, you’re not a member, then you’ll get your choice of ticket into this. Yeah, you’ll get an entry for joining. Yeah. Into a doll, sheep or elk ca, wherever you want. And $37,000 Nevada elk. That’s right. We can choose a ticket for that if Well, that’s right. Yeah.

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And the deadline for that is 1159 on Sunday, June 19th. Father’s day. Yep. So, so that’s the end deadline to do the hunt op giveaway. And we’ll do the drawing as soon as we can within a couple of days after that. We always, usually we got a couple days to process the online and phone and mail orders and all that, but it’s not long by roughly Tuesday-ish. Next week we’re making hopes and dreams come true. We also have a few fierce rifles in stock. If you’re wanting to buy one, we make you a heck of a deal. They’re brand new in the box. And anyway, so it is hunting season. Guys are looking to buy some gear. We also have trail cameras, incredible deals. We have in the box, brand new and Ivy last year’s models that we’re smoking out at basically costs. It’s un unbelievable. So anyway, if you need something, give us a holler. 4 3 5 2 6 8 0 7 7 7. Ask for Adam. Happy to help you. So, and do we have anything else? No. Dayton Wolfly, my nephew. Just remember, if you hunt little deer, you kill little deer. Well, that’s, if you hunt big deer, you kill big deer. You guys remember, huh? We’re from the same era. Yeah, I watched Saturday Night Live. I don’t know. Oh yeah. Remember the Deep, deep, that’s like a deep thought by Jack Henry. Deep Thoughts by Jack Henry. If you hunt little deer, you kill little deer. I like it.

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Hey, hey, whatever. It all works. And guess what? Thanks Jack. Whoever’s listening to this won’t forget it. All right, everybody, it’s gonna, it’s a short one today, but hey, it’s five o’clock somewhere. Let’s get outta here. Go out there and buy Dad something. Nah. At Epic Outdoors, we help you reach your hunting dreams. Whether it’s helping you to develop long-term application strategy, or finding the perfect outfitter for your next hunt. As a member of Epic Outdoors, you’ll also receive the Epic Outdoors Magazine and have access to the best hunting consultants in the industry, online tools, and more. To join Epic Outdoors, visit epic or call 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7.