Today the Epic Crew jumps on a call with the winner of the Bonus Item drawing and announces another bonus draw item. Click Here for more information. Plus, fun banter on girlfriends, gun powder & fatherhood. Jason also talks testing out the new SigSauer KILO8K-ABS Rangefinder with a range of 8,000 yards.

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Anything to do with Western Big Game.

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Hey everybody, Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, John Peterson, Josh Pollock coming at you from the Epic Outdoor Studio. Kind of exciting times. We’ve got our membership drive going. It’s basically, it’s ongoing through June 19th, which is Father’s Day, this upcoming Sunday. Today’s like Thursday. So we’re talking just a few days away and we’ll finish out that, yeah, summer drive. So, but, but

Today we had a little mini giveaway from last weekend until Wednesday night. We had a little bonus drawing incentive, if you will, if you bought entry to our hunt giveaway or joined our service, or referred somebody that joined up until Wednesday night at midnight. We were gonna draw a winner for either a fierce 6.5 PRC Twisted Driv, or a pair of Swarovski 10 by 42 NL Pierce Winner’s Choice. So that’s what we’re here to do this morning.

So we drew and it was just a, a quick deal, obviously, a quick turnaround on whatever. So anyway, we drew the guy’s name. It’s Keran. Gansky, yeah. And he doesn’t even know he drew yet, so we’re gonna give him a holler and see what he has to say about, see if he can choose between

The rifle and Dennis.

Five, 500 to $3,000 in his lap. Here we go.

This is Keran

Keran. Hey, Jason Carter. Adam Bronson, John Peterson. Josh Pollock. Carried up at God Doors. How are ya?

I’m doing pretty good guys. How are you guys doing? Doing


Did, did you know that we were having a little mini giveaway going on for guys that participated

Maybe in the last three or four days?

I had heard some stuff on the podcast that Jason wanted to give a bunch of stuff away. Wow.

So it wasn’t an accident that you may have had some entries in that drawing then, so you were fully aware, I guess what I’m

Saying, potentially two entries. Looks like you had

I I spread ’em out. Yep.

Well, anyway, we drew your name. So we drew your name. You are the winner of either, either a Fierce Rifle, twisted Rival, or a pair of Uao NL 10 by 40 twos.

Congrats. Ooh,

Thank you. Yeah. Do I have to make a decision right now?

Well, yeah. Within five seconds.

Five seconds. Yes you do. No,

And I don’t get to phone a friend.

Not really. Five seconds. We’re your friends. We’ll let you,

We’re your new best friend

You are.

But no, we appreciate you jumping on that. It was just a little something we kind of came up with Spur the Moment last weekend to just throw a little bonus, bonus giveaway for those that bought tickets within that three, four day period. So yeah, you did it jumped on it. And obviously those entries that you entered are still pending are, that goes through Sunday night, and we’ll draw those winners the first to next week. But on this bonus entry, yeah, you’re the winner. So I guess be deciding if you need a new six five P R c or a pair of 10 Power Swarovski, you know, Roski in O Pierce.

I’m gonna go NL Pierce. Okay.

All right on. We’ll ship ’em out today.

We got ’em in stock, so

It’s gonna be about $1,500 in shipping.

I’ll, I’ll, I’ll give you my Yeah. My wife’s

Credit card. Yeah.

You give your wife a bigger balance than I give mine.

We can make sure the receipt says Target, she’ll never know.


That’s right. She’ll, she’ll be trying to hide it from you. She’ll be trying

To hide it from you. Target and Mother’s Day 2023.


You put Suski on a Target red card?

No problem. Yeah, we’ll get those shipped. She

Might think that they’re Crystals jewelry, so there you

Go. Yeah. Yeah.

So anyway, good stuff. Well, we appreciate you participating in it, and Of course, congratulations. What an awesome prize. It’s kind of fun to give this stuff

Away. Yeah, it is.

Yeah. I appreciate it so much. You guys are doing an awesome job and just always appreciate how well you guys treat the customer. So well keep, keep, keep working. Okay.

It’s a fun call, so Yeah, appreciate it. We’ll get those in the mail to you today.

Awesome. Thanks guys. Have a

Good day. You too. Bye bye. Can you believe it? All

Right. That was pretty fun.

He actually thought he had to think about it, but then he really didn’t when he

Thought No,

He thought, I can’t find six five ammo. So

I don’t know. Bronson’s been finding not like

Crazy, trust me. Oh

Yeah, he has, now he, he’s a distributor

In the Apple.

They call me Don Bronson kinda like the Godfather.


You come and see me with Doc,

It’s like, I’ll

Make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Oh, it’s like a drug dealer around here. Somebody finds powder. I was like, Hey, powder. And, and even though you don’t need the powder, have never used that powder your whole life. You think you need

14 pounds? Carter was buying Red dot shotgun powder the other day.

Oh, I don’t even, what am I gonna do with any of the things you

Guys buy? Well, because Devin keeps telling us that’s gonna be currency in


Oh, I know. Yeah.

What did you get a trade in Little, little Ziploc bags of powder?

I don’t even think Devin was a live pre-cellphone. What, what, what experience does he have in life?


Right. Well, anyway,

But he does, he does get us wound up and we may or may not have made some interests, his stores to buy powder. Oh, on his

Behalf. H 1000. Like it’s our job. Yeah. All right. Well anyway. Well, let’s do Bronson, what do you think? Maybe we, John, should we do it again? Yeah. I mean, we still got a rifle. We still got maybe something else.

Yeah. Nobody took the rifle, so I don’t know. What do you wanna do, Carter?

Let’s, let’s give away the rifle. Let’s give away the rifle.

Okay, well let’s do it again. Do you, there’s an obvious deadline of 1159 on Sunday the 19th, right? Of June. Yeah. Yeah. Let’s do it again. Anybody that buys tickets from Thursday, whatever today is

Today, right now,

From, from the time you hear this, until 1159 on Sunday night, which is the same deadline as our, our giveaway. We’ll do another, we gotta give away the, this rifle. Let’s giveaway the 65 PRC Twist driver twist


Yep. Do anybody that buys tickets a hundred dollars or more, or joins or refers somebodys that joins within this, what, three, four day periods? What is it? Four days, Friday, Thursday, four Saturday, four days.

Four days. Four days.

I don’t wanna count the hours up. That’s too hard. But maybe that’s 96 or something.

No, nah. I thought you weren’t gonna do that.


Math. Now you’re really wanting to know how far it

Is. But we’ve already cut, we’ve already, it’s already less than that. We’re


Right. Nine or 10 day hours into the day. So, all right, well, let’s do it again though. Yeah. We’ll get, maybe shoot a put on Instagram, Josh. So we gotta give away this rifle since nobody took the rifle. We got plenty of optics. We’ve got rid of a pair of those, but we gotta get rid of

A gun. Yeah, that’s right. Do what you want with it. Kill something with it. Sell it, give it to a kid, whatever. Yep. That’s kind of an expensive rifle.

And ask Josh if you need some, Emma. Yeah.

Or Adam.

Oh, Josh is known as how many boxes

L have this exact ammo that works in this gun Very well. What is it? You got a specific, it’s El Ldx got got a couple boxes. The El Ldx. Well, one

40. 1 43. 1 43. Idx. Okay. Horny.

Nice precision.


You know how we were gonna talk about something positive each time after we talked about Father’s Day last time? I had a thought.

Oh yeah,

Let’s, all right, so all these guys, all you guys out there that have some serious girlfriend and you’re not marrying her, you should marry her, become a dad so you can enjoy Father’s Day. It’s like the best thing you’ll ever do.


I mean, you know, have kids

Just marry random

Sounds like, we’re

Like, okay,

Cueing up the Beyonce, put a ring on it song right now

Is what we’re doing. This is for the guys who’ve been dating like an awesome chick for three

Years. Okay. If they’re an awesome chick. Yeah. If

You’ve been, if you’ve been prolonging it,

Don’t just, just get married to get a Father’s Day gift.

No, no, no, no, no. Not that. Not twins of guys that

Are like, you’ve been with somebody and you know she’s a catch and you’ve been with her years or excessively months. A good period of time. You define that yourself. But a good period of time. Put a ring on, you know, she’s a keeper. Do it.

I mean, do

It. Do her a a favor. Where did this, I mean, clearly

You need like a leaf blower or weed eater

In your life. So become a

Father. Yeah.


You need to Little new lunchbox in your life.


No, I just think there’s a lot of guys I was thinking after we talked before that are just like, it’s true. Ah, I’m just gonna check up with this girl and never really seal the deal. And

You’re saying seal the deal. Yes, seal, seal

It. Kids, it have kids. It’s the best thing. It’s the best thing ever.

Yeah. Like there’s no heartache with kids. Right. There’s no headaches.

So easy. You got some heartache, but, but really like the good

Outweighs the bad. It’s right. You know? Yeah, that’s

Right. Life is much.

John, you’re a little bit bit sentimental to,

I I wanna know what

Was leaving the house.

I do. I got kids leaving the house.

You don’t have nobody to go to Lake Powell with. Yeah.

Huh. So

It was like Monument. You did go to Lake Powell with your entire family, but it was like hard to get everybody together.

Yeah, it is. They get summer jobs and they move out of the house

And hopefully they get jobs. Yeah. You know what I mean? That’s what a dad always hopes for, is that

They’re, if your teach your kids, if you teach your kids Right, they do.


Yeah. Part of being a dad.

Yeah. Or forcing them.

Well, Justin

John, I woke up at, you know, five 30 this morning.

Why did he go with you?

Because he needed to wake up. I thought Justin get up. He needed

Somebody to run to the target

Spray pan at

1200 yards.

You don’t walk 1200,

That’s three quarters of a mile.


Dude. I was shooting 1187 with that new SIG eight K. That new SIG eight K. We’ve got a few on the shelf. Anybody.

That’s interesting. Lightning fast response. The

Boom light lightning

And the 2,400 was too, but this is all just a souped up class laser is what it’s,

It’s unbelievable. And I put in all the profiles.

What other features did you not, was it very similar to the 2,400 abs that we already used?

It’s similar, but it’s actually like when you look in there, it says Red Rock 30 nozzle.

You know, you don’t have to know what Pro one, pro two, pro three 40 is. You don’t says the gun. No,

Because you used to have to go into the app for the 2,400 and look at it. You know, it says, it says the

The gun you’re shooting

Levi Reed Muzzled. I like it. And then it also says the distance and then at that distance what your bullet is. Yeah. What the speed is at the distance. You’re ranging.

So, so

It calculates

Show you the energy. Yes. At that range too. Yes. So, you know, if you got,

Yeah, I had 1300 pounds of foot, foot

Over a thousand. Yeah.

I had over a

Thousand. You wanna make sure you got over a thousand, right? Yeah. It’s

Not, you need over a thousand for

An hour. That’s what the general, general


You start going below


It’s like

Thrown around better hit ’em behind the air.

Was there like


Was there a different app or anything you had to do or

App was the same app you download the It’s the dsig BDX app.

Oh, okay. Not

The other one’s. For 2,400. Yeah. Only. Yeah. Huh. Different. It’s the Sig BDX app. And the BDX is multiple units. Right. It would be the binoculars, the 10 Ks. Oh, okay. Or whatever. But anyway, and then you, you go and then it was better a blue, the Bluetooth pairing way better. It was, it was

Better. Good. And hey, if you missed our Instagram post this last week, we got ’em in. We met our pre-orders, we shipped those out and we still have some on the shelf. So yeah, they’ve been long awaited. The 2,400 was long awaited to get back in stock. They simply discontinued it and upgraded is what

They did. So, yeah. And I even, I mean, I put in zero win and then it still told me, you know, at 1187 it was 0.3 mills for spin Drift. Like just stuff. Just stuff like that. And I did, I had to calculate for it. It was unbelievable. I, you wouldn’t want to have been a person at 1200 yards this morning out there. Geez. It was, it was unbelievable. And you know, and I threw a, the Z eight on there, the Swo Z eight and yeah, I had to dial a bit.


Bet eight mills, it’s, I mean, it’s a lot of dialing,

But might have been a shim involved. No


Ramping. Ramping of the

Back. I needed a 20 M waiver helmet.

Yeah, that’s what I mean.

I mean, yeah, it did pretty good. And it was, it’s awesome. It’s unbelievable. So that’s what Justin is

For. He was supposed to hold the apple.

Hey, there was a bird. I about got distracted, but I didn’t take enough rounds. I’m like, Ooh, I want to smash a Tweety word. But you know, Justin was disappointed in me. Anyway.

Pretty fun.

Well, it’s good stuff. It’s

Fun. Thanks for, listen, this is just a quick, quick announcement of that bonus giveaway, and appreciate everybody that bought entries for that, or refer to anybody but ke this time was a lucky winner. We’ll get those Nno appears out to him, but maybe you’re next.

Yep. We’re giving away a gun. And then if you want any optics, we got plenty on the shelf. And again, the new sig rangefinder. Unbelievable.

Okay. And my final pitch. Oh, it’s Father’s Day coming up. This is a perfect gift if you’re looking for

Something. That’s why you want people to get married. Yeah. See, could have more Father’s

Day gifts. Look this. More Father’s Day

Gifts. No more purchases, John.

You buy ’em

A ticket for an entry self-serving. I knew that was something behind this. You could

Win. Or you could win them at like a $37,000 elk hunt or a

Sheep hunt. I’m with you. And you

Say, here’s your chance, dad. Okay. My drawing’s gonna be on Tuesday.

I like it. All right, sounds good. Everybody, Hey, give

Us a call at in the office, their number. Yeah. Give that real quick. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. Or jump [email protected]. If it is Saturday or Sunday and you haven’t done it, you’re gonna have to do it online. We won’t be answering the phone on weekend. We’ll be, we’ll be here through Friday, but then have to do it online after that.

Yeah, sounds good everybody. Good luck.


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