In this episode of the Epic Outdoors Podcast we call the winners of our Spring/Summer Membership Drive Hunt Giveaway. We are sending lucky hunters on som world class hunts from Alaska Grizzly, Dall Sheep to Nevada Elk and Mule Deer. We spared no expense to secure the best hunting opportunities available for western big game. Congratulations to the lucky winners.

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You won the doll sheep hunt. Are

You guys kidding me? This is no,

It’s no joke. We

Would never, we would never spring Alaska grizzly hunt.

Wow. It would be my dream hunt.

Anything to do with Western mid games.


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All right, everybody. Here we go. We’re gonna call the winners of the hunts that we just gave away. Pretty exciting. Pretty awesome. This is like our favorite time of year. Well, unless the draws come out and we win something, it’s

Up there. It’s all results. It’s like Christmas

It’s up there. Yeah,

But you get a play Santa Claus.

Yeah, we, yeah. So anyway.

All right. We’ve got a Alaska 20, 23 doll sheep hunt. This is with Aaron DERO and Dylan river Outfitters bunch. So this is gonna be for August of 2023. So he’s got a year to get

Ready. This Jason.

Hey, Jason and Brian Burham are calling. I got a message from Adam to give him a call.

Oh yeah. Let me put him on Adam. Go ahead.

How’s it going, Brian?

Good. How about you guys?

We’re we’re doing great. We had a little event you’ve been working today. We know it’s in the middle of the afternoon. So hopefully not taking you from up to anything too important.

No, no. Just got out of a meeting so I’m I can talk for a few minutes.

Okay. Well, Hey, we, we had our membership drive draw and maybe that’s what you’re suspicious of as to why we’re calling. Maybe not, maybe there, you’re getting more excited now when I just told you that, but that’s

What I’m suspecting, but their,

Well, you you’d won. You won the doll sheep hunt for next year in Alaska 2023. How’s that sound?

You guys kidding me? This is true.

No, no. It’s no joke.

We would never joke. We would never joke like this. No, we, we don’t do that, but you want it. You, you, if you’re, if you’re from Jamesville, WW, Wisconsin, your last

Four digits are 4, 1 24.

That’s you Brian Berkheimer. I mean, if there’s two of you, then, then we gotta call the other guy. But

No, you got the Ray one. You

Want, you want it with Dylan to river Outfitters August 20th to the 29th of 2023. So you’ve gotta, you’ve got a year to get in shape that’s for sure. Wow. So

That’s I’m stunned. I really am

Well great. We appreciate the support. That’s what we like. It’s the fun part about giving these hunts away? Some of ’em, these are obviously big, big ticket items. The doll sheet hunt. I don’t know. Have you hunt a sheep before, or is this a kind of a dream hunt for you?

This is a dream hunt. This is a, this is the bucket list.

Is it really? That’s, that’s awesome. Pretty special. Well, we’re glad to help make that happen. We’ll be sending you an email here in the next day or so, just introducing you with the folks at Dylan river Outfitters and obviously not a complete amount of urgency in getting that set up since it’s next year, but you need to get those dates on your calendar. August 20 to, well, basically the 30th, the end of the year, end of the month there next year, 2023. That’s where you’re gonna be



Holy cow. We’ll send an email out with all the details and get you in touch with Aaron Rose over there. Super good guy, really good friend of ours and just does a fantastic job. You’re gonna have an incredible, incredible hunt with him. Yeah.

This isn’t a discounted hunt. We paid full price for this it’s it’s legit. Yeah.


That’s amazing. That is awesome. Well,

Congrats again. Appreciate

Guys. I wish I besides thank you. I, I don’t know what else to say at this moment. You gotta, you’re kind of taking me back here.

Well, no problem. I maybe just take the rest of the day off. Could go get on that StairMaster if you’d like,




That’s, that’s fantastic. Well,

He runs a real high keel rate up there. Just does a fantastic job. So we’re excited for you. We’re we’re proud to give this one away and glad you want it.

Well, thanks a lot, guys. That’s truly appreciated.


Yeah. You bet. Yeah. I

Look forward to that email. Okay.

We’ll be in touch all. All right, great. Now we’re gonna give away the Colorado mul deer hunt. This is with Garvey brothers outfitting unit 61 third rifle season. They only give what Bronson nine landowner tags that are unit wide. So pretty awesome opportunity just to get your hands on one of those. Let alone, go with guide, go with an outfitter. One of the best in the unit and something we’re super proud to give away. Great opportunity at killing an absolute giant. So yeah, let’s give him a caller be Michael Melling.

Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system.

This Jason,

Hey Jason, this is Mike me. Hey,

How are you?

Good. How are you doing?

Good. Good. What used

To get a nice to get a call back from somebody we’ve had a slow answer rate today.

Oh man. After the new federal holiday, even

Yeah. After everybody’s rested up and everything. So

We just figured everybody was out working. Darn it. Yeah. What are you doing?

Yeah. Just on the job site. Are

You well, what, what do you do for a living?

Oh, construction management. Oh,

Right on. Well, we got a lot of that going on around here. Yeah.

It’s crazy. Well, yeah, you probably, you got an inkling while we might be calling you on a Tuesday.

I’m not sure. Or is this


I don’t know on this. Well, did you happen to play play in our little, our summer membership drive hunt giveaway. I did. You did, huh? Well, alright. Bronson.

Yeah, you won. You won a deer hunt in Colorado third season with Garvey brothers Outfitters in unit 61. How’s that sound?

Oh, very cool. That’s awesome. I

Guess you’re, you’ve got November 12th on your 18th schedule. Wide open. I hope. Cause that’s when it’s gonna gonna happen. Hey

It is.

And Ben Deni.

Congratulations. It

Includes the land owner tag. Yeah. It includes the landowner tag it’s unit wide. They’re in unit 61 with the Garvey brothers. They’ve been there for decades and decades. Extremely well accomplished. Super good guys and producing absolute great buck. So anyway, we’re, we’re proud to give that one away and we’re glad you won it.

Awesome. I’m super happy. Super excited.

Well, we’ll be sending you an email here in the next day or so just with all the details and put you in touch with the outfit or, and everything like that. But yeah. Keep those dates blocked off November 12 to 18. You’re hunting big bucks in Colorado. Well,

Do I don’t know if you’ve got a, if you’ve got a deer tag in Colorado, you need to turn it back. Cause you can’t kill two deer. Just remember that.

Oh, okay. I got one to turn back then. Do you?



Never know. I don’t wanna make a felon out of a guy giving him a free hug.


To know.

Did you burn a bunch of points to get something then

Just four points. Okay.

Well it’d probably be worth turning it in getting those four points back then. So, but yeah, we can work out those details too. Pretty easy to do, but this one’s this one take you about 15 years to draw on if you to draw it. So it’s, it’s a great tag. Great unit. So you’re gonna want to go. Awesome.

Very cool. Thank you guys.

Okay. We’ll be sending you an email.

Sounds great. All

Right. You betcha. Have a great day.

You too. Take care. Bye-bye


We’re giving away the New Mexico hunt with frontier outfitting. So for this year, winter chooses muzzle loader or archery, their choice with landowner tag and fully outfitted hunt.

Pretty awesome. I wish I was getting a free hunt right now.

Odd answer my phone.

Hey, we need to make some new rules. Two calls,

Two calls within the 32nd period.

Just Lee

Lee, Adam Bronson. N epic outdoors crew here. How you doing today?

Yeah, I’m doing good. Thanks.

Great. Well, Hey, we had, we had a special event. We just did our summer membership drive drawing.

No way.

Yeah. Way you must have bought tickets. Huh?

I did. I just yesterday

Just, well we’re we got a couple epic hats here for you.

Buy the buy the

I’ll take that too. That’s


I, the skinnier teeth you got in the draw. Well, I would say that that paid off for you. So we’re calling to let you know you’re the winner of the New Mexico outcome with frontier outfitting for this September, October. How’s that sound? Oh

Man. That’s fantastic.

So it includes the landowner tag, archery of Muzz loader. So you get to choose and they let you hunt with the modern Muzz loader down there. So if you’ve got a scope Muzz loader why that works or of course you can choose your archery season and we’ve got some tags set aside for you to choose.

So anyway,

Do I have to make a decision now or do

I think about for, I would say in the next 30 minutes. No, we’re good. We’re you got 12 or 24 hours. Something like that.


Oh man. That’s fantastic. Thank you guys.

Yeah, you bet. Well, congratulations. We’ll be sending you an email, put you and GT none, the outfitter in touch together. So you both can start communicating and discuss the season dates and what’s on your schedule. Archer, mus, loader for elk, New Mexico. But you’re heading there. That’s that? Thing’s for sure.

Oh man. That’s that’s great. That’s awesome.

Okay. All right. Well congratulations. Appreciate

Your support and yeah, we’ll send you an email here soon.

Awesome. I appreciate it guys.

Right buddy. You betcha.

All right. Thanks. Bye. Bye.

That’s awesome. Last

Minute. I love gas stuff. Top of the pile Wyatt. The Wyatt philosophy. Yeah. Top of the pile.

W what have you drawn this year? Not a

Place. That’s

My point.

Montana. General deer.

Hey. All right. So here we go. This is the Nevada Laro

Laro LA

Nevada elk. Fred Laro.

Is’ it. Okay. Yeah.

Pretty awesome. What time is it? Geez. It’s four 12 near five o’clock somewhere. Here we go. Let’s give you a holler.

Hello. Please leave a message. After the tone

Message. Machines are such a thing in the past. We should be texting FaceTiming. We should FaceTime these guys from now on.

We should try. I thought about that, dude. Hey, this phone is hooked to a wall somewhere there’s

There’s no, no way. It’s a co wall.

Yes. They

Don’t even hook phones walls anymore.

After they tell that

Freddy, Hey, Jason Carter, epic outdoors, the entire epic outdoors crew. Just calling to visit with you. I possibly wanna have some really good news about a particular hunt that you might be interested in. So gimme a call back. You’ve got the number.


Hey, is this Fred?

Yes, sir.

Freddy Jason Carter here with the entire epic doors

Crew. How are you?

Fine. Little warm.

Are you how warm

Is? Yeah, it’s hot in our neighborhood.

Is it? How, how hot’s hot? Yeah.

Well, it’s been around around a hundred.

Oh, wow.

Yeah. And you guys got high humidity, don’t you?

Yes, sir. Yeah. That’s the bad problem with it is you got the humidity along with it, man. You just walk outside and you can breathe air and you melt down and put it that way.

Yeah. Well anyway, we, yeah, we had our epic membership drive. We did the drawing for that. And for those hunts,

Do you remember any of the hunts that you, you put tickets in for?

Yeah, I put in for the Alaskan sheep hunt and then I put in for the elk hunt.

Well, how about Nevada elk? One 11 to one 15. That, the one that includes the landowner tag there it’s the, it it’s, you know, the O and obviously one of the most expensive elk hunts there is, but anyway, that’s yeah, that’s, that’s the one that we pulled your name out on right there. So, well,

Dang. That’s good

World class elk opportunity there, you know, one 11 to one 15. Wyatt’s on the phone here. He, he hunted it. Why?

Yeah. I had the tag last year. Pretty, pretty awesome hunt for the time I was there. I guess I’ve been there multiple years, but that was pretty awesome.

Yeah. Wyatt killed a great bull. Where’d he go? What?

Mid three seventies. I hunt with a bow so he can pick your season.

Yeah. So you’ll be able to pick your season right. With the landowner tag. So I don’t know what season you’re gonna want to do, but it is with Timberline Outfitters, Thomas Brunson, fully paid for, we purchased the landowner tag to go with it. So anyway, just a, just an incredible opportunity. You’ll have to pick up the state tag fee. But other than that, you know, it’s all all been paid for.

Well, dang, man. I can’t beat that. Can I?

No, that beats the heat. That beats the heat right there.

Yeah. Thank you a lot, sir. Thank you. On that end.

No problem. I appreci. No problem.

Yeah. I appreciate that. Yeah. The wife said you got a funny, or you got a funny message on the phone, you know? And I said a funny one, she said, yeah. And I said, okay, it was late when I got in last night’s own thing.

So yeah, yeah, yeah. We, you know, we try not to spill the beans over a, a voicemail, but at the same time, want to create that sense of urgency to give us a call back. We’re we’re excited. We want you, you know, we want visit with you and, and oh yeah. Be able to publish the results, you know? So we wanna be able to talk to everybody that we can oh yeah. So,

Oh yeah. I can understand that because yeah. I figure you want pictures and stuff like that.

So yeah. We want a story. We want photos. We want about everything, you know, so.

Okay. All right. Well thank you, sir.

All right. You betcha. No problem, Fred.

You have a good day.

Okay. You too. Bye. This will be okay. So here we go with the Alaska grizzly hunt. This is with freelance out outdoor adventures, Lance Chrome burger, awesome opportunity. We’ve sent our personal friends multiple times. Just incredible opportunity on this particular hunt in Alaska. So we’re gonna call up O Edberg. He drew this and I dunno, somebody’s gotta answer our call. Come heck or high water.

Hi, this is ed. Leave a message. Thank you.


At the tone, please record your message. When you finished recording, you may hang up or press one for more options.

Hey ed, this is Adam Bronson in the epic outdoors crew here. Just call to visit with you real quick. You’re want to gonna wanna give us a call back at your earliest convenience to discuss hunt. You’re probably gonna be interested in, so yeah. Try us back at the number that we called from. And we’ll go from there. Thanks

This, Jason.

Hey, this is Edburg calling. I got a message here from give him a call back.


How’s it going? This Adam and Jason and the whole epic outdoors crew. How you doing today? Ed?

Good, good.


Little warm, but good.


How warm is it?

Is it for Wisconsin? What’s warm in summer. Is it

35 degrees? No,


A, it’s a hundred right now.

Is it? Wow.

Holy cow. That is warm. We were teasing when we were leaving your voicemail. Like, well,

Yeah, no, it’s a

Hundred. I wonder if the frost has left the ground in Wisconsin yet? It sounds like it’s

No it’s way gone. Way

Gone. Okay. All right. Well, Hey, we had a, we had an event. We had our membership drive draw. I don’t know if that’s why you thought we might be calling you if it even dawned on you, but that’s

Well, I couldn’t even, well, I kind of did. I’m like, did I buy some tickets or what? Here? I can’t even remember. Wow.

Wow. All right. Well, do you wanna buy some more tickets?

You, well, I, I can answer the question for you. Yes, you did. You bought some tickets. Okay. Because I’m staring at one of those tickets right now. What’s your name on it? And it is for spring, Alaska, grizzly hunt next spring with freelance outdoor adventures. How does that sound to you?


It’s got your name all over it.

So, you know, I buy the tickets cuz I’m like, this is something I’ll never just do for myself. I just plan it. So I’m like this way. If somebody tells me I won something, I’m just like, well, I kind feel like I gotta

Go. Yeah, there you go. You’ve gotta go on this one

Next June.

Yeah, no, this is honest to God. It’s my, it would be my dream hunt. I’ve shot moose and elk and all that kind stuff and goats and I never shot a grizzly bear to Alaska a dozen

Times, but wow. Well you must have put in there with a deliberate purpose and it paid off. So congratulations. Wow.

So thank you. Appreciate it a ton.

Well, we, we appreciate the, the support you’ve got here at epic outdoors and, and just happy to give it away. It’s with one of the best up there and you’ll be getting an email from us with all the details, but again, congratulations. And, and it’s your supplant plan? That for next spring? Next?

June of

20. What, what time? What time year is it? Did you just give

First, first, first part of June, first of the 15th is when you need to kind of block off of June spring hunt during the breeding season, bores are rolling and it’s a good time to hunt him. So next spring, you know where you’ll be. So block it off.

Wow. Thanks lot guys. I appreciate it. Okay.

You bet. Bet. Thanks.

All right. You bet. Thank you. All right,

Bye. All right. This is gonna be the bonus package for the optics package. $15,000 worth of optics from our store. Absolutely just boxed up and shipped to your door at no charge.


That sound pretty awesome. Geez. I want it. He’s gonna go to Montana. So see if Craig’s around.


Hey, is this Craig?

Yeah, it is

Craig Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, John Peterson. Chris Peterson here at epic outdoors. How are you?

Good. Hopefully you got me? Good news.

We got some good news.

All right.

Let’s have,

He’s like let’s

Have it. Let’s have it. Hey, so we did conduct our summer membership drive. We’ve drawn all the hunts and the bonus item. The bonus item. Obviously, if you remember was 15,000 in optics and you drew the bonus item, you’ve got $15,000 in optics.

Awesome. Thanks.

Yeah. So we’ll get it all boxed up. We’ve believe we got all your me member address and your membership. So it should be easy to find. But the only thing, I guess you need to let us know if you wanted angle that are straight eye piece on your Strahovski spotting scope. That’s the only P piece that we need your input on. And the rest of it’s all laid out there and we’ll get it coming your way.

Angled, please angle.


Right. All right. Perfect.

Well, congratulations.

You got a BTX combo coming. I mean, that might be a little aggressive for that thick country you’re in up there. I don’t know. Well, some of you got a lot. I

Gotta put out a deer tag and my wife’s got a Wyoming 1 0 2 buck tag. Oh

No kidding. 1 0 2. Hey, we’re gonna have to talk after you get back, you’re

Gonna use it all. Then you got range finding vinyls and tripod and tripod mountain binos from vortex and AZE V6 rifle, scope BTX and a spotting scope I piece and 95 objectives. So hopefully you can put it all to use.

Awesome guys. I’m I like that area. Couldn. When I see it,

It is, it is a good area code. I we’re, we might be a little biased, but it is good. So. All right, well we’ll, we’ll get it out to you. Just wanted to let you know

It’ll be coming. Thanks

Guys. Appreciate it. You betcha.

You bet. Talk to you later.

Byebye. Bye.

Okay, well that’s it. We got one. We got, we got three hunt winners. We haven’t gotten a hold of yet. We’ll be getting a hold of them. Cheer shortly. John, you wanted to say something about, you wanted to kind of what, what did I wanna say? Well, look at the official rules.


Do you mean? They have a timeline when they can freaking get back to us?

Well, we draw alternates,

So we’ll see if we ever have one. Well, we’ll be getting ahold of them. So anyway, congratulations to everybody that won. We’re super excited for you. What a great lineup of hunts can’t remember a better lineup we’ve had. Of course we try to get the best of the best every single time. Yep, absolutely. Anyway, fun. Appreciate y’all and we’ll start another one December 1st. So we got, we gotta go hunting first. So boys that’s right. All right. Talk to you

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