Finding Last Minute Hunt Opportunities and NV Dream Tag. Most of the state draws have all taken place and if you still don’t have a tag there are several options to try and find something. Although most outfitters are probably booked out there may still be a few openings if you do some digging. There are turnback tag options, and also raffles like Nevada Dream Tag. In this episode we also call Jack Robb, Deputy Director of Nevada Wildlife, and talk about Nevada Dream Tags. The deadline is June 30th so act quick for a chance to win one of these amazing tags.

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It’s been a tough draw.

The tags they’re unmatched. They’re statewide.

It’s for a good quality outfitter. It’s best to get in and get in early. And

It is one heck for Haing opportunity.

Anything to do with Western big games.


To the epic outdoors podcast powered by under Armour. Hey everybody here, Adam Bronson, Devon, Archie ball, Josh, Josh Pollock here. We got a skeleton crew. We’ll call it that here today in Southern Utah, we got just busy stuff’s going on. So that time of year everybody’s got something going on, but we’re holding down the Fort. We had a few things we needed to go over today. Haven’t been a podcast for a minute. And first off, I wanna get a shout out to under Armour sponsoring this podcast. And a lot of what we’ve done here from the start of epic outdoors, we appreciate them and their support. We’re hopefully looking forward to them, loading a lot of the new hunting gear online here very soon that we can peruse and get on order, be able to use this fall. So appreciate under Armour and their support of us here to pick outdoors. And Hey guys, we’re getting a little bit of rain. I know. Not as much as seems like New Mexico has been getting crushed. The early monsoon forecast that we heard months ago is coming to fruition, Arizona and New Mexico getting crushed. It’s bleeding a little bit into Eastern Utah last week and a little bit into Southern Utah this week, but June is not a normal month. We get rain here.

No pretty isolated, really, but I mean the mountains have been getting it. The Valley’s not so much, but that’s okay. How about can use it too? Idaho, Northern Utah.

Geez. Yeah, they had the track this spring, just Northern Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Eastern Montana. Remember like four months ago they were like so dry and they’ve had rain, rain, rain, flooding, all this kind of stuff. So yeah, we’re kind of a little bit caught in between in Southern Utah. We’re we’re okay. We’re better than last year. We’re optimistic because of the good fall we had last year going in and it, it definitely greened up and got pretty around, which we didn’t see any green last year in the spring. So hopefully we got more things to come in terms of rain and a strong monsoon in these Southern Southern states. We’ll sure take it. But anyway, speaking, I guess Arizona too, by the time many of you hear this, keep an eye on your credit card. As of the morning of June 28 or later, you might start to see charges. If you were successful for sheep and deer. I know was it you Josh that called called it. That was luck. Or was that wide as somebody in a group text was like calling their shot. Basically.

He was trying to speak it into fruition. Yeah, that’s true. I was manifest. I was manifesting that we were all gonna clean sweep.

Well, considering how bad I know I’m a broken record here, but this is a bad year for me. Archer ball earned one from, from points in Arizona for deer or elk. Sorry, Josh. I don’t know about you. You got dedicated Utah. Oh yeah. That’s but Jason, his family’s drawn a few. What? Why? I guess you got antelope, but the stuff you drew antelope and Wyoming and you and Wyatt and your elk. You’d pretty much force the draw. Yeah. It’s been a tough draw here. I’m I’m left with Utah general right now. So

Far. No surprises. Really?

I don’t, I don’t know. I thought Wyatt had a full schedule though. Doesn’t he have a pretty full schedule? It seems. I mean, I thought,

Well, he’s got he’s full of other things on his schedule. I don’t know it was Garth last week. What where’s where’s he today? Another what? Who was it on the weekend? It was somebody else. Well,

I think it was probably either concert

On no Mondays. He’s just something he’s not here. Yeah.

Yeah. Well that makes me wonder. We somehow watch the crowd cam days to see how excited or exuberant, why it got at these things. Maybe that explains why he’s not here Monday morning. So I don’t know.

Yeah, but it’s, it’s not random that it’s been two weeks in a row

And he, and I think he’s still got a list. Doesn’t he

He’s, he’s got a significant list. He said he was going to the whole country jam. Is he but grand not to country jam itself. He’s just going to see every person that was at country jam, but their own individual contact

Take country jam and divide it by eight.


Different weekends, something like that.

Well, and I think Wyatt, most of us here, like country music. Why it’s why I know Carly really likes it. So Wyatt’s trying to win husband of the year award in June and July, which is exactly when you try to win it. Because when it comes later in August, September, October, you’re losing ground


It’s too late by then.

Yeah. And, and by the time then you get back to the normal things of holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas. And if you’re around for those times of year, they don’t really count. Cuz you’re supposed to be around you’re you’re, you’re counted on being around. So now’s the time why I guess, you know, pay your dues. And I know he, he, he acts like he’s dicking and screaming, but I think he’s having a good time though. I don’t know who all these people

Is. I’ve been to more concerts with why than anybody he likes

Them. Yeah. So he, he tries to act like he’s being strong, armed by his wife, but Hey, I know he at least bought some of them. Cause we were here in the office when he got guard tickets, salt lake. So anyway, not complaining. I’d like sea Garth. I just, I’m not a, I don’t, I’m not a concert junkie, I guess. I just, I’m not, never have been.

I but arch ball.

Where’d you go this weekend?

Oh, went to saw lake

What’d. We do what’d you

Do went to a concert.

Did you? Wow. Where was that Delta center or what’s it called? Is across smart

Home street? No, there’s a little brick place across the street from the salt palace.

Okay. Does it have a name or is it just

Called sound well or something like a one room?

There’s like a homeless shelter there. Isn’t I kind of goes somewhere

Actually. Yeah, I think so. So how

Many people like, who did you go see?

The legend Ray Wiley Hubbard.

Okay. Yep. Yeah. We saw little footage. We saw little footage when he came to work today. Looks like some vintage work. How many? And I know who he is. I can’t profess to be a fan, but, but old school country musician

Been doing it for 46 years or something. He, he said, yeah,



Oklahoma tell he’s from Oklahoma, but he lives in west Texas. Now tell us the story, something about what he paid for his fence around his house. And then what he paid for the gate.

He said he, he wrote the song, drunken poet dream with Hayes, Carl. So we could pay for a fence to go around his house, a couple songs,

The royalties and all that. Okay. Yeah.

A couple songs later. He, he wrote dangerous or desperate man with Eric Church.

I didn’t know. He helped write that, but he did. Huh?

And I, yeah. Yeah. He, he said I got some royalties for that so I could buy a gate. He’s one of the best, one of the greatest of all time, man. He’s been doing it forever.

Oh, so you took your wife there and what did you tell her when you walked in?

Well, we drove by and I was like, oh, there’s not even a line. I thought we’d be late. You know? And we, then there was a line by the time we walked over there and I said, I’m pretty sure you’re the youngest person here by a long shot.

Was she,

We had to help a guy with a cane, get back to his chair from the front of the stage. He was a, we didn’t fit the demographic. How

Old’s he? Seventies

Gotta be. Yeah.

Wow. Well

Still rocking though, man. He’s pretty, pretty awesome. Pick a guitar, blowing a harmonic and sing at the same time. Yeah. It’s pretty cool.

Old school stuff. Well fun. Well it, for everybody listening out there, go find your way. Ray Wiley Hubbard moment, because what that means is try to win. And I don’t know, arch. Well, you took your wife on a date, so it can’t be all that bad. Wyatt’s taking his wife on dates, but try to win husband and father of the year from may till August, because that’s the best three months. You got a chance to do that. Okay. Summertime buck bowls are still growing. Sun shining. Lake’s warm going, do go find your Ray Wiley Hubbard moment. Right? Well, what else? Hey, we got a little something in the mail and I don’t know, get ready for some high quality. H two O we had some listeners here, Tim and autumn. They’re from Salloum Springs, Arkansas. And they sent a nice little card here and a few tall boys of water.

That’s exactly what I was gonna call. I mean

Yep. And they said, there’s a card. I’m gonna read this. And we’re gonna have an unveiling right here on the epic outdoors podcast. And for those of you don’t remember, I don’t know what number it was, but Archer ball is a connoisseur of water. And back then I had no idea really how much water meant to this guy? Like pure, pure water. Good taste in water. Bobby meant lot. He just can’t grab something off the shelf and drink it. He can’t anyway. So we had the bright, bright idea, one podcast, you know, years ago to put ’em in cups. Put, I think it was Arrowhead.

There was five of them. Tap

Water, pina, tap water, Walmart. I don’t know, four, five of them. He claimed he could taste them and he could tell you which one they were. And I, we all called bull crap. There’s no way. No, it’s just water. Well, he nailed every one of ’em. So, and with this, like a blindfold, no, we had ’em in cup. So you didn’t, it’s not like you had a thin, you know,

They all looked the same except for the one that had some bubbles in it. And that was definitely tap water. Yeah.

Yeah. It was semi carbonated through the streets of Cedar city. But anyway, Tim and autumn, they must have listened to that podcast. And they said, Hey Jason and guys it’s Tim and autumn Fiddler or Fiddler. I’m sorry if I butchered that Fiddler, I believe scouting season is quickly approaching and we thought it was time for another water podcast. This is supposedly the best water. And it’s from our home state of Arkansas. Let us know what you think. Stay hydrated. My friends say, so I, I guess we’re gonna try this water today. And we have arch ball there today. A couple things,

25.3, six fluid ounces. How did they get that number?

That’s not that’s oh, it’s 750 milliliters. That’s


Why’s the randomness to it. But most things come in a liter, half leader, but

Not bend to Arkansas. I don’t remember any mountain valleys, but the sure is cold. Does

It say that? Okay, well I’m gonna listen.

Ooh, there you go. These are metal cans, aluminum thick doesn’t smell like duck since 1871 filter the brand. I don’t think I could get those anymore full. Well, he goes, Adam, ’em here.

Hey, I’m I’m thirsty. So gonna I’m telling you right now I’m biased tastes just like cold water to me.

Try that Nestle. See if it’s any different.

Okay. I’ll do it. This is a room temperature Nestle. The one thing I would say is these are in the metal cans. And I do think, I do think these probably I don’t have any things scientific to base this on, but I think they’re gonna retain their temperature better. I don’t, I don’t like to look at arch of all’s face because it’s Tim and autumn.

That’s good water,

Tim and autumn. I mean, if it’s

High cold though, I like it. He

Would cold. He wouldn’t shoot. I mean, I know you sent us three bottles of water here and we appreciate that. We really do, but if it wasn’t good, he’d tell you it. Wasn’t good.

It’s pretty good.

Pretty good. And it’s cold. You can’t even

Hold it. It’s so cold.

Yeah. I mean arch belt slash spell

It, switch it around a little. It’s good.

Okay. I just, but I’m gonna say something about Arkansas. What’s Arkansas known for


That cut. Its I mean,

It’s good though. I mean, if it came from there, I

Don’t, it says this comes from the what WASA mountains in our, I didn’t even read this.

Wonder what mountain needs


Mountain. That sounds like somewhere in Washington, Washington

State WASA, mountains, USA

Que quench

Qu. Oh that’s well we appreciate, you know, you Tim and Autum thinking out for us, we’ll shut out to the mountain valley. Springwater the mountain valley. Springwater the best since 1871. Hey good. Tastes great. On a late June day. I know that. And if, if it got arch about, if he’ll, if he’ll finish the full 25.36 fluid ounces, I’m telling you it’s it’s fine. Yeah,


Good water. Okay, good. What else is new on the docket? We’ve had a lot of calls from people regarding the secondary draw in Colorado and we’re just gonna boil it down real quick. In the past that leftover draw was truly undersubscribed tags, a lot of dough tags, cow out tags, private land, only tags and some buck and bull tags that were, you know, majority of it like first and fourth season tags in units that were over the counter for archery and, and Maslo and or sorry. Yeah. Archery and second and third rifle. Well, and in the past, you know? Yeah. So you might call ’em less desirable tags or tags. Everybody had a chance at and nobody wanted these. Okay. So on the outside, if they’re like, yeah, you wanna do a draw like that and then make youth get preference in the secondary draw out. Sounds great. The curve ball to use a baseball analogy since we’re right in the heart of summer. And I watched the Dodgers had a great come from behind win last night against the Braves. Freddie Freeman’s returned to Atlanta, kind of emotional for him, but even anyway, moving around along.

So now we got a curve ball in Colorado when they run the draw they have, what is it about a 10 day, two week period in between the time, you know, you draw a tag and when the payments are due, if your card went bad or something like that, you have that amount of time to go update your card online so you can get it paid for. Or you can actually just push it back and say the last couple years, at least push it back. I, I don’t, I don’t want the tag. My plans have changed. Don’t charge me for it. And I wanna keep my points and that’s different than, oh, you get the tag and you decide later this summer and 30 days before the hunt, you push your tag back and you either get your money or your points. So that 10 to 14 day period from when the draw happens to the payment deadline, if your car doesn’t decline go through or you decide, you don’t want the tag, you put in for your plans have changed, you push it back and they put that on the leftover list. So, and there’s a heck of a lot of good tags on there. Yeah.

I mean, so yeah, I mean it’s some really good tags, so I wouldn’t look at it and say, Hey, that’s my gonna be my second choice next year. Cuz that unit was available in a secondary draw. I, unless there is copious amounts of, of tags on there. I wouldn’t gauge that per se, but great options.

Yeah, those Gunness and basin Gunness and basin tags. Second and third season, they wanted to subscribe. Don’t put that as a second choice next year, thinking get your hopes up. Those are a pushback or a, a tag that nobody paid for. A couple of key things to remember is they are a hundred percent shown preference to youth applicants in this secondary drawing. That’s the biggest, most important thing. A, if you have kids that of age 12 to 17, no brainer, doesn’t matter if you bought ’em a license, the first go round or not, didn’t have to apply in the first go round or not. Their license is cheap, like a buck 25 or something like that. John 50. Yeah. Like, like nothing, like, I mean,

So for a dollar 50 for a license and then like

17 cents them


Yeah. Apply per that

Comes with four choices, right?

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And if you analyze the drawing, odds youth are given preference

For first through fourth choices. They don’t do the draw first choice for youth. And then let’s see who did that unit first choice for adults. They don’t do that. Cuz we looked at the drawing odds from last year and it’s very apparent. You saw youth draw first, second, third, fourth choices on there. And then they ran outta tags and no adults drew. So you know, they ran all the preference one through four for kids. Yep. So adults you’re gonna have to pick something and I don’t know what kind of strategy you’re gonna have. You’re gonna have to look at something.

Yeah. Something, a little different, something, a little different.

Yeah. Off the ball off the, you know, you’re gonna have a better chance probably claiming a true turnback tag August or later this year. If you’re an adult for one of these type of units that you’re, your eyes are lighting up right now from August, till the hunts later this fall, even though that’s a pain to jump online and try to beat be Mr. Freddy, fast fingers and beat everybody online and buy ’em quick

On the click. Wow. Jason

Was looking for I that better than Freddy fast

Fingers. Jason was looking for some like three-legged high country dough, antelope S or something like that that maybe kids wouldn’t apply for.

You got a dough antelope that, that require

Just a tag just

To get a kill a dough. Antelope tag requires a pack in and a Walt. You might have a chance.

Yeah. But some


Aren’t four season and the gun some

Or second just, there were some milk tags that, that we did notice as we’re looking even some seconds and thirds or first, remember these first and fourth season rifle, elk tags. They’re drawn in units that are over the counter for second and third. So first rifle, elk seasons, like the 15th to the 19th. Fourth is like what 23rd or something to 27th of November. And they’re a draw and they’re, but they’re usually pretty liberal quotas. So there may be truly leftovers of those on there. Yeah. If you have time in your schedule and if you’re like me and you don’t have enough hunts might be looking at some of those just because you know, those are probably a lot of those could be tags. Kids already got and there, or there’s enough of, or they’re truly undersubscribed tags after the draw. And everybody had had a chance to get one, got one and now there’s a bunch left over. But if you want my 2 cents and you’re an adult, you better look off the beaten path on units or archery or muzzle loader, some high country rifle. Some things like that that are probably not typically units, kids 12 to 17 are gonna be putting it for high country hunts, maybe physical, maybe pack in or just, you know, archery. Not, not all kids are ready to start hunting with bowls heavily at 12 to 14, you know, or you know, some, some are, but some aren’t. So that would be my angle seconds and thirds.

There was 20 to 30 youth, 20 to 30 youth on most of those second, third rifles, especially the better ones, you know, for last year, one to three. Yeah. Last year’s odds. One to three odds. So I mean, you don’t even really, and for the youth, it doesn’t have chance considered your residency,

No residents and non-residents center hat together. It does not use your bonus points or you don’t get a bonus point. You can’t apply for a bonus point. Now if you miss the Colorado draw earlier in the year and think like Nevada and their secondary draw, you can jump online and buy points only for staff. Yeah. They’ll still take your money. This isn’t like that in Colorado. You can’t jump online and get a deer point cuz you missed the draw this year. But yeah, this is essentially for the good tags, a kid you draw along. I’m not gonna qualify that entirely, I guess. But when I say good, I guess what I think of is good. Yeah, good second or third or four tags, you know, there’s, there’s some deer rifle tags out there. There’s some, either sex. There’s some private land only. There’s a different angles out there that if you have things that you have ability to go make something work, it’s there. It’s not gonna take your points. It’s a way to jump online. Apply between now and what 8:00 PM. I think July 5th,

July 5th. Yeah. Also there’s no, we may have said at no group applications either. So you can’t apply, but I’ve got, got two kids that I’ll throw in somewhere. They can’t be a ER group. Yeah. Kind.

You kinda would wanna put two together. So you know, alright. We’re all in on that. Yeah. If they got two instead of one or you don’t dare put ’em in separate units really now, or maybe one through four choices, how do you do that with two kids? Cuz one might draw the first one might draw their second or third and yeah. Now you’re like, oh can’t be in two places at once. But yeah, those are, those are first world problems you sold out later. If

You’re a youth out there, that’s a, there’s some. And we looked at the odds like there’s some great.

They do put the odds last year. Now, if you’re looking for a hunt, they have the list published online for Colorado. And if you’re looking at the list this year and you go back at last year’s secondary drawing odds and you’re trying to find this year’s hunt and what it was last year and it doesn’t exist. That simply just means there wasn’t any leftover tags for that unit. So bear that in mind. If you see a unit on this year’s leftover list and you’re curious, I wonder how popular that was last year and you go look there and it’s not on there. It’s just means there wasn’t any there last year. So just like this year’s list will be a little bit different next year. So bear that in mind. But it does give you an idea, but we did look at quite a few of the deer and there were yeah, 15 to 30 was kind of a pretty common number of youth applied for Mo. So social

20 ish, low

Twenties. Yeah. For a lot of them. And, and most of those had two to two to five or six days.

Yeah. And that’s just one choice, right? I

Mean that was first choice only. Yeah. So anyway, but if you’re a beggar, you can’t be a chooser. And if you’re willing to part with nine bucks, give it a shot. My, our advice would be, look, look off the beaten path. Just a little bit, I guess, or something odd. If it fits your schedule, not trying to tell you to go grab something that’s, you know, don’t do just what Jason does and just get something for the kill of it, you know?

So well, and I mean, it’s a great opportunity for you.

You don’t be careful another quote for him. Be careful what you wish for.

Yeah. He says that

All the time and the other side of dog, he’s getting the meat wagon. Ready? Yeah. The whole out again. No. Oh yeah. Because one, we talk you into the other way. Oh yeah. Couple. I guess we can’t say cause his kids may listen. We can’t, we can’t spoil any plans, but

I just hope they like antelope meat.

That’s some good water. Huh?

It’s not bad. Yeah. It’s

Good. It really is. Isn’t anyways. Good. I’ve yeah. It’s

Good. Okay. Good. Well, what else are we, what else is on the front burner for you guys? You guys starting to scout a little bit.


End of end of June. Well little bit early. I I’ve got some cameras out. I’ve also been gathering cameras from the four corners of the earth. It seems like now I’ve got Nevada and Utah that both have to have cameras pulled down in the areas that I’m gonna be hunting or hunting with hunters by the 31st of July. So in Utah, especially where that wasn’t the law last year, Nevada that’s been in place for several years, but Utah wasn’t, I’m already simplifying my life, come the end of July. And I’m already pulling cameras down where that I was, you know, lazier last fall and left some up and I’m pulling ’em down just so I don’t have a, I don’t wanna have to pull three y’all a row take. Yeah. Yeah. But how about you arch? I mean, I know you’ve been well,

I don’t, I have five tags. Not one of them is in Utah,

So yeah. You’re and, and gas is 5 25 gallon.

It’s a long ways. I don’t have a tag within five hours of my house. Maybe

Six expensive. Well, yeah. And some of them trying to think your deer you’ve been to before elk is kind of a rut hunt. So you can go scout and learn the unit, but it’s like the rut will change some stuff there. Your Al open Wyoming is simply grab some mountain land valley, spring water from Arkansas and drive around.


Mean, I, I, you’re not gonna scout that. No, I mean it’s Sage brush and two tracks, but

The it, the, I have 12,

What am I? That’s

Three Colorado.

Yeah. What am I missing


Okay. Yeah. You’re

I’m not driving to Kansas. No. Yeah. So it’s no, Kansas is, but I’ll look around,

Are white to right. You’re gonna do that. So

Some other units that I, I have a lot of general deer points that I’m waiting. Yeah. Cause it’s just, yeah. There’s just stuff to look

At. Well, they’ve cut so many

Tags, but you’re not crushing Utah. Like I have in the past,

They’ve cut so many tags in Utah. It’s gonna be interesting to see if something can respond. If we can get back at a normal yeah. Weather pattern to grow some deer grow some bonds and,

But it it’s looking good. I’m excited. It’s gonna be good. Just not looking forward to driving that far.

No. Yeah. Speaking of price of gas, I talked to somebody today and this was in this one, our Outfitters in Canada, in white horse. I believe he just, I, I happen to call him about something and he answered the phone and he says, not bad for just paying $325 to gas up my diesel, come on. And I said, what? And I’m like, are you down here? Cause he lives down here. This in the states, you know, he’s up there and they, they price it by the leader. I can’t remember how much it was two something, a liter, which about times that by four, it was nine. That was nine something, a gallon for diesel.


So Hey, just when you think crazy, Joe can’t make things worse. Crazy, true to made it worse. So wow. Nine something and, and I’m like he says, yeah, that was like, you got a calculator. He says it was like 28. I thought he said 28 gallons. I’m to do quick math,

Joe. And Trudo it’s crazy.

28 times nine. No, that’s not even right. 20. I don’t know what he said for gallons, but he said $325. And it was, you know, to fill up his diesel.

I’ve been driving the old, reliable,


$2 door

Listeners know about this.

Yeah. We’ve talked

About, you seem like one of the smarter guys on the planet right now have a dual

Purpose. Yeah. But when I spent all the money to convert it to natural gas, everybody’s like, what are you thinking? But yeah, I did that when gas was high and then it dropped. Yeah. And it didn’t really

Matter. Doesn’t matter

Then. But yeah, I fill it up for 15 bucks, but I won’t, I won’t go


How much a hundred miles from home in that truck.

Well, and that’s not just because it’s a dual gas,


Natural gas. It’s an older, it’s

That a good life. It’s we’ve been a lot of,

It’s just like an old dog that always gets sleep by the warm


That your garage, you can’t get rid of it.

Yeah. That’s weird. But I’m glad I didn’t. I was gonna sell it. I fixed it and I was gonna sell it. Yeah. And I was like, man, gas is getting a little expensive and I went and filled it and it was 12 bucks.

Well, the other thing that got hard is when COVID hit, remember how trucks you couldn’t find them. So you kind of were gonna start looking for another run around. Cause you have a, a newer truck that you know is, I guess you’re

Almost, didn’t start the other day.

Your new one. Cause it hasn’t been used used, hasn’t been used battery going dead in your driveway. Yeah. Well, so anyway, glad you have it. Hold on your trucks right now. Yeah. You know, cause


Always, you could always sell onto to Jason Carter. He’s he’s looking when he is not looking.

He was wanting to buy my carcass the other day. Yeah. Not my personal carcass, but the carcass of my, the

Truck. Yeah. Theran he went out in. Yeah, I know. Cuz it goes back to the kill man. He’s gonna get a deal there. He’s gonna find some third rate, transmission, ship

It from Japan or something. Yep.

You know, assembled and, and Guatemala and I’m not offending anybody here, just something and you know, he’ll make a grand or something like that. It’d be a new, another project down the road. So

It sucks though. I didn’t realize how much, just not like how much I used that little truck and even for just hauling away grass, clippings and junk from the yard or whatever. And now

You gotta go start your diesel.

Yeah. And I don’t wanna have to put that lifted up into the back cause it’s taller and anyway, and just yeah. And then diesel so much and


Three quarter ton.

It’s I, anyway, I hope there’s an end in sight and I hope there’s some reprieve before hunting season. I don’t know that it’s gonna happen. I’m not planning on it at all, but yeah. It’s, it’s

Tough. Why aren’t we in the kind of the peak of the travel time they say the drive time. Summertime. Yeah. So

It usually does come down in the fall because the peak time is from when school kids get outta school that, you know, end of may to end end of August, you know, what is that labor day? Yeah. Weekend, you know, kind of well anyway, well, if you haven’t drawn anything good enough, you might consider Colorado secondary draw, especially do it for your kids. But if you’re keeping the dream really alive, keep the dream tags in Nevada in mind that deadline’s coming up here this week, we plugged that. And other raffles like that from time to time, they’ve been good partners of ours here at epic outdoors. You know the deadline there is June 30th at 1159 Pacific time to get your entries in for the Nevada dream tags, one tag for each big game species, pretty much Elijah hunt, any open unit with, you know, respective weapon, which doesn’t really play to like the sheep. But it does to the deer archery during archery, elk archery during

To start archery, August 10th and hunt.

Yeah. Oh

81 till and some of those California border units till end of the

Year. So great tags, good partners of ours. They’re doing good things with it. And the money, the money’s kind of a separate account. In fact, we, we made a phone call to Jack Rob with endo and we’ll play that here at the end of the end of the podcast here to just kind of talk with you about where that money come, how originated, where the money’s spent and things like that. So another chance to get a name in the hat, if you’re dreaming, I’m gonna throw a couple in just cuz I’m a sucker. And you know, it only takes once to change your life,

Do a sheep tag or deer tight. Pretty awesome could change your life, but you could change your life in other ways too. Like if you already had a full schedule. So, but if you don’t, there’s very flexible, very flexible days. So we’ll play that here at the end of the podcast. So you can hear a little bit more about Nevada dream tags, but again, the deadline June 30th, 1159. So anything else guys, we wanted to go over on the front burner, we’ve talked about Arizona. Stay tuned to your cards there. We’re waiting on Idaho, Idaho, deer, elk, and antelope any day for those of you that didn’t do sheep, moose and goat. If you draw tags in either of those states, give us a call. If you get charges in your Arizona card and you put two choices, it’s not really gonna be clear on what tag you got.

There’s no way to do it until they post it to your portal. There’s no way to figure it out or call ’em. They’re not gonna tell you, but if you do and you know, one of two units, that’s better than not calling. If you’re interested, especially in an outfit or Devon. Yeah. Give Devin or any of us here, a call we can help. Especially if you drew a sheep tag and you know, you’re gonna go guide it, look at your first and second choice. Like, well I’m guided on either one, many, many cases. It might be

The same

Outfitter, the same guide deer. It might be the same guide. It might not be, but at least get the ball rolling, have one or two options kind of in place as soon as you know what you, you draw. So definitely yeah. Gives us

Get this call call quick. I know I talked to a guy just the other day that had a Utah tag and he was just starting his search for Outfitters, you know? Well,

I got one today that drew a multi-season Utah elk tech.

Yeah. And it’s, and it’s just like, oh we can get you some guys. But you know, a lot of guys are fill up. They fill up pretty quick.

Yeah. Especially on a high profile. You, they’re not the type of hunts that you can take 5, 6, 8 guys on one unit or two and the high profile stuff. It’s, you know, usually expectations are high. Yeah. Both for the guide and the hunter. And so you most Outfitters will self govern a little bit on some of those types of things. So it’s

A very good quality outfitter it’s best to get in and get in in early. And I think you have, you’re getting yourself set up for a better hunt that way.

Yeah. Well they have their, every outfitter has just like us. We have our special places. Yeah.

You’ve got lots of units dev in Nevada.

There’s places that I’m hoping a guy draws cuz I wanna hunt it. Yeah,


That’s who we want to

Key in on a bit for you. And so yeah, if you can beat the rush a little bit by if you see a charge, want to call us with your choices, sometimes we can give an educated guess on what we probably is based on the ranking, which one is first or second sometime. There’s simply not, you know, if you’re in the random draw, there’s usually not a, not a for sure way. We’ve been surprised many times saying, well it’s probably your second choice cuz it was the easier the two to draw. And then all of a sudden they drew 13 B random tag and going to the strip. So, but anyway, good luck there. Good luck in Idaho. And yeah, we’ll be back probably full strength here by the end of the week, first to next and some of the other guys and yeah, in the meantime, they’re gonna finish a drink of water here in Southern Utah. That’s right.

So ice cold still in this metal bottle. That’s

Right. I kinda like it.

I do too. We might have to

Kind of relieve usable. You

Find dust Devin in there dumping out his Aquafina’s into the mountain spring mountain valley water


Put it in the freezer for about 26 minutes.

I don’t know. I think of ducks on ponds. Right when I drink this. Well I was trying to

Look up where this is from. I think it is Arkansas, but there there’s some Hills over there on the,

It says it is. What do you mean?

Where, where does it


Garland county. Arkansas. Oh,

Okay. I just saw the Eeta mountains.

Okay. Down here at the bottom Garland county, Arkansas. Anyway. Pretty good. Well appreciate you. You thinking out one another shout out. Yeah. Thanks Tim and autumn Fiddler for at least thinking about us and listen to the podcast. Appreciate everybody else as well. Hope you enjoyed this quick abbreviated version. Just kind of a few things that to hit hit on. And again, if you draw something hundred of these last few states gives us a call here at epic outdoors. (435) 263-0777. Otherwise go wind out of the year

And a dream tech

This Jack,

Hey, what are you doing

On the road to another part of Nevada, but I got time to talk.

Oh, well good. It’s Adam and Jason here, John. We’re all here today. The

We’re just wanting to talk about dream tags. You know, there’s a lot of guys out there that didn’t, weren’t lucky in the draws or whatever and looking for a last minute opportunity. Broon

Will be. Yeah. There’s a reason you call it dream tags. It’s like the last dream of the, the anywhere like you. It’s the last hope a lot of states have been slamming the door hard in faces and mine, mine included.

So anyway, we wanna talk to you like are these dream tags worth it Jack? And tell us a little bit about this program.

It’s it’s a program I orderly believe in from the tag aspect as well as the aspect to where the funds are used, the tags they’re unmatched, they’re statewide. You do have to use the weapon of the open season, but you can hunt all the species statewide. So it’s, that’s a special opportunity in itself. And to look at archery seasons open in August and a lot of our deer seasons run through December and our sheep seasons. We have some of them open in September and go through the end of December. It, it gives you a lot of time to be in the field. It’s it’s an unmatched opportunity. It really is.

So it’s for any for that species that you dry. It’s good for any open season. Yep. Right. So any unit, any open season,

Any unit, any open season, just you have to use a weapon class that’s open at that time. Yeah.

So yeah, a little bit different than the silver state, but geez, still the flexibility like you say is off the charts. Pretty, pretty awesome. And talk with us, I guess about a little bit more about the deadline’s June 30th. So it’s coming up here right away.

It it’s, it’s coming up, but plenty of time to get in and, and some of the special aspects of it, I, I have killed a, a desert Bighorn sheep in Nevada. So, and one of my oldest boy has, but I, I want my youngest son too. So instead of putting in for myself, I put in for my youngest son, you can buy tickets for other people and, and just use them as a gift use ’em as other ways to do it.

Awesome. And there’s no limit necessarily on each individual species. Like you can, you can buy one ticket, you can buy 10, 15,

You, you can load it up. And I’ve seen people buy one ticket and win and I’ve seen people buy 200 tickets and win what it’s a raffle. And it is just an incredible opportunity.

What’s the price. Do you remember on that? On

Your ticket $5, plus it is $5 per ticket. And then there is a processing fee. I think it’s about 70 cents per ticket. So it it’s minimal cost. Another thing, if you apply for big game in the state of Nevada, you have to have a hunting license and this doesn’t require license. You get in and buy tickets. If you win, then you required to get that license. But the dream tag committee picks up the cost of the license and the tag you’re just in the cost of the ticket and that’s it.

And so you can, and you can apply for, they give one desert, big horn sheep, one California, big horn sheep, one elk, one deer, one antelope, one black bear. Right?

That is correct.

Yeah. And nonresidents and residents can draw, anybody can, can apply name,


Quotas per se or anything like that.

Yep. It it’s free to everybody. And we see about a 50 50 split between nonresident resident on both the silver state tag and the dream tag. Yeah. It’s pretty evenly split. Yeah. Year after year. If you look at it over time, a lot of non-residents win it, but yeah, a lot of residents during the game too

Well, and you mentioned a little bit earlier Jack about, I mean, we’re, you know, you’ve got silver state tags, you’ve got heritage auction tags. You’ve got these dream tags here and the funding, the, the money. Talk with us a little bit about where that goes. Is it all into one dream tag coffer? Is it spent on each individual species or how’s that spent

The, the dream tag’s a little bit different. It was brought in by a couple sports women in the state of Nevada and brought in with Debbie Smith was the legislature brought that forward and, and it’s set up totally separate outside of the department of wildlife. We cooperate with them well because the bulk of the money does come back through the department, but it’s set up as a standalone board, the dream tag board, and they, they really take it upon themselves. Their mission is wildfire rehab. And since their inception, they’ve given us over 2 million to buy seed and to get seed on the ground for wildfire rehab. They’ve, they’re instrumental in that with it being outside of the agency, it really gives us some flexibility to get some stuff done. That sometimes as you two are well aware, state money is sometimes slow on coming. When you need to react to something, you need something a little more nimble.

And that’s what the dream tag has given us is that ability to be nimble and, and get some stuff done when, when the state process is too slow. Yeah. Gotcha. Emergency water hauls. A couple years ago, we found out we had those sheep and Dier straits in the muddy mountains within a half hour, finding that out. I was on the phone with multiple dream tags committee members and I had funding secured to make sure we could get water on the ground right away. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. A few years back when the federal government had their shutdown and we were trying to get seed on the ground during you got a small biological window, get seed on the ground. They had already given us like $250,000 for seed that year, but we needed another two 50 to, to fly the seed on because we, the federal government cooperates a lot with us when it comes to seeding fire rehab, but they were down. So we called the dream tag committee. They said, do you tell us what you need? And they’ve it, it really it’s, it’s instrumental. It, it’s something that we’ve come to rely on in those emergency situations. Yeah. And that’s, that’s why I believe in this program is it’s really nimble. It is one heck of a hunting opportunity, but it is just crucial to our ability to do good things for wildlife on the landscape.

Pretty awesome. It’s just an awesome opportunity. You can kind of have feel good about doing it. And I think everybody should have a, a name in the hat at least at least have an opportunity. And you feel like you’re, you know, you’re supporting a fund that’s needed and, and used wisely. Just an awesome opportunity. I guess, you know, the deadline like we talked about is June 30th there at 1159 Pacific time. And then, and then their early July, you guys looks to me like, you’re gonna call people personally or somebody is gonna give ’em a call an email. So

Definitely. So the dream tag committee, we work with them to get that done. It, it is just a, a great, great opportunity. And, and I’d have to say 99% of the people draw it, tell us we didn’t plan on drawing this. We were just supporting wildlife and wildlife habitat in Nevada. And now I get this opportunity. I can’t believe I get this opportunity.

How cool is that? Yeah. So just, just another option. These are state tags. It’s not, it’s not necessarily like a, you know, a, a private landowner tag or anything like that. This is a state tag, you know, similar to, you know, the, the, a normal state run raffle it’s done through an ENV dream, ENV dream You can go on there and purchase, purchase tickets and checkouts, pretty simple. And that’s something that’s coming down the pipe here shortly. It’ll be June 30th. And then of course seems like within a, a week or 10 days, I mean, it’s probably, you’re probably shooting for knowing you closer to, you know, 10 days is when the results will come out.

Yeah. It gets slowed down a little bit with that June 30th deadline. And then you always throw fourth through July weekend in there. Yeah. Get three days off. And so it, that slows us down a couple days, but it, the results come right out and we make sure we contact individuals and, and cause those hunts come up quick. Those first seasons, like I said, August for pretty much every species except for the sheep that’s September. So it’s time to get in the game.

So is there anything else? I mean, let’s just talk Nevada in general, Jack. I mean, you’re working it nonstop round the clock, any fun projects going on. I know you guys have got a, a, a capture happening in there in the muddies and we will be end up transplanting some of those sheep up here into a, you know, a captive pin up here in Utah for, for, you know, purposes of, you know, re transplanting some of those sheep, you know, to other places and whatnot, just to have a little bit of a stockpile and to work that over. But I mean, anything else you guys got going on?

We’re, we’re looking at another sheep capture beginning August that one’s a disease surveillance capture. You guys are aware that we have some underperforming populations, you have some animals that got sick and they continue to be sheers chronic sheers. So we’re in doing some disease sampling tests. And if we happen to catch one, that’s a chronic, she, or we do remove it from the population just to make that population healthier. So we’ve got that coming up in August. We’re actually buying some key, lands that to protect them for sportsmen into the future to make sure they don’t get developed upon and turned into other uses namely houses and developments, but we’re trying to protect some key habitat and, and we got some projects like that going, wow. The other thing that that’s that’s key coming up is, I don’t know if you guys have been watching, but recovering America’s wildlife act is continue to move forward and it made it through Congress last week. And that will be 24 million annual funding dedicated funding for wi for the state of Nevada. It’s, it’s a nationwide thing coming outta Congress and, and the Senate. And we’re halfway through that process and it’ll change how we manage wildlife. It’ll be a good thing for all wildlife and as enforcement and the non-con consumptive user also

Pretty special. I mean, those, yeah, we I’ve seen it in the news a few times. You know, obviously the potential impacts of it, if it does get passed and fully ratified for all states, because I think it’s based on, I don’t remember how exactly it was based on, I sped Reddit, but percentage of license sales or sportsmen or whatever, however, they give that up by state, you know, more or less that’s usually how it goes. Isn’t that right, Jack.

Yeah, it is. And when, when you look at, we got between pit Robinson and Dingle, Joe Robinson, we get about 20 million annually. If you look at an average and, and this is 24 million of federal money, so almost between 2 40, 40 4 million in federal money, and then you throw on our sportsman dollars and, and then programs like the dream tag and silver state tag. And it, it really does start to add up and do good things on the landscape for wildlife.

Pretty awesome. Well, that’s great. Have you been out, have you been out scouting or been out in the Hills at all? How’s things looking out there

It’s I can tell you sun, Nevada’s kind of tough. We’ve always started hauling some water down there. We, we haul water and, and I, I know you two are familiar with that five grand project there in the muds. It’s one of our biggest Gus we have probably is the biggest goer we have on the landscape. And we filled it up in over a 21 day period. We had nine inches of draw down on that because the it’s just so dry on the landscape. So yeah,


Need rain. We’re

Showing, we’re showing some early months we’re to hit,

See a little bit underneath this from Arizona. Hopefully it starts pumping north and a little bit west, even to you guys. We’ll take it. If it’s early, we’ll take it whenever it comes, I guess.

Yeah. It just happens every weekend. I try to get out. It seems like it’s windy and sprinkles a little bit, but not enough rain to, to make a difference yet, but we’re, we’re still hopeful.

I’m glad you’re windy. Cause I feel like we’ve been the only windy place on earth. Geez.

Terrible. It’s

Terrible. Wind’s it’s been a spring beginning of summer of a windier than I can remember.

Yeah. Crazy.


Well, anything else? We left out Jack regarding the dream tag. I mean it good. Cause that’s the moral here to the story. Good. Cause money in it. Coffers to be spent, you know, reactively when needed immediately type type situations emergency like, like you said, so, and yeah. Keeps the dream alive to draw something pretty special hunt, a statewide tag, any unit you want with appropriate weapon season. So can’t really hardly beat that.

The, the one thing I always like to put out there is Nevada’s unlike any other place when we’re 85% public land, you see it go on it.

I love that

About that. It’s a, it’s a special place. It

Is. Are you on the loneliest highway in America right now? Or where are you at?

I am

Number 50. Do

You even see, do you even see another car coming?

Yeah, I’m on 50, but whoever named 50, the loneliest highway in America never even found highway six. I know it’s lonely. I

Know two are familiar with it back to your old stomping grounds. Is that where you’re alluded to? Is that, that, that highway?

Yep. Yep. And, and, and you know, me, if I draw, I, I do get in the game. Like I said, I want my son in the game on this dream tag. And if we get in the game, I, I think we’re going be hunting within a hours, drive a to pole while north, south or west. There

You go. How’s the shoe tree. How’s the shoe tree out there on

The shoe tree. They, it kinda cut down a few years ago, but they had it. Yeah. Well,

We’ve been flying to Reno. So we used to make that drive and we always, always enjoyed seeing the shoe tree. It’s it’s really gone

It, they cut down the main one, but there was one that was an up and comer next to it. They just transferred over that. They got

A Russian over a TAs up. There’s not very many trees right there.

It is a couple cottonwoods. That, that thing, I, it had to be somebody from outta state cut that tree down, cuz it had about a, probably a 60 inch base. And that


Planning chainsaw like that. No, nobody has a chainsaw like that in Nevada. We’re just used to it

To be a lag.

Somebody from

Yeah. Morgan. That’s right. 60 inch car. Wow.

Yes. Somebody was motivated. I’ll tell you that. Yeah.

That’s sad. Cuz that was that’s historic. Did, did you guys erect a monument there for it or

No, they just, like I said, they moved next door to the tree next door. There’s probably a couple thousand trees in that or shoes in that tree. So geez. It, it stepped right up. It took its place.

Anybody listen that needs a pair of shoes. Middle of Nevada. Yeah. There’s probably a few pair, little fits you

And, and, and you know, it’s always elk season when you come through and you see a little bit of somebody’s elk hanging out of that tree too.

Some boots, elk,

A couple elk, elk feet hanging out there.

That’s funny. Well, we drive safe Jack. We appreciate your time with us today and you’re doing good things in Nevada and keep doing it. And I appreciate your sport here and maybe

Encourage everybody to support Nevada, go to envy dream, just a, just a few bucks. And you can get your name in another hat. Of course. I don’t know anybody. That’s got too many tags that’s especially you Johnson. You you’ve you’ve yet to draw something really good. Yep. Jack, I can’t remember the last year Bronson’s been


Offered and, and he is at the moment. So he’ll be he’ll you’ll be seeing his name come through.


Gotta no, that’s good.

I got a dream. I

Appreciate that. Keep the dream alive. That’s right. Dream alive.

All right. Well appreciate it

Jack. I always appreciate your guys’ support. You guys have been great. Appreciate

It. Thank you. Thanks travel site. Talk

To you later. Thank you. Bye.

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