In this episode, the Epic Outdoors crew kicks things off with a rangefinder giveaway and ends things with a binocular giveaway—listen for details on how to enter. Then things get messy with one “Shizzy” story after another. First up, Josh tells about his black water adventures over the weekend, followed by his truck misfortune. Then Devin follows up with an update on his Nevada Mule deer hunt. Jason tells the story of “Sarge,” a 220″+ Mule deer buck. Adam tells about discovering an old broadhead in his 220″+ Henry Mtns Mule deer. When hunting, things don’t always go how you plan. The important thing is learning from things when they go wrong.

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Anything to do with Western.

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What up everybody? We got some rain outside. Here we go. It’s going to be an awesome year. Why it’s got some bucks he won’t tell us about let’s see Devin since why it won’t talk to tell us what you got going on.

Bucks, buck, buck bucks. What

You want me to say? All right. Why can you beat that?

I ain’t throw another box on there.

There’s some bucks out there. Well, everybody we’re pretty excited. It’s time. Saturdays. The opener. Well, Friday’s the opener in Arizona for some archery deer. We got a archery, lot of archery hunt starting here in Utah on Saturday. Everybody’s pretty excited. So we’ve been out and about course we’re here in the office right now. It’s kind of rare that we’re all in the office together happened for a couple hours this week.

You might be the last one for a minute. I’m just, it’s about to get haywire.

It is. We might have to continue maybe the podcasts with via phone. Yeah. Somehow from the


Whoever’s in the office. Once in a while. Let’s see. Let’s do, should we give away something? Should we just do it right off the bat? Sure. Let’s do it right off and change it up. Normally we wait. We make them listen to all of our BS till the very end. Let’s save them some pain and agony


Well. If they’re only on here for the, for the giveaway deck with

What are we going to give away? Josh?

So we’ve got vortex gave us some rangefinders and binoculars giveaway. We still have a crossfire HD 1400 Dan held range finder. Perfect. In time for the archery hunt for you.

How am I going to win it?

Well, I haven’t been scouting very much probably as, not as much as I should. So what I’m thinking is why don’t you tag epic at epic underscore hunts with a picture of a velvet Bucher bull.

All right.

Well, the bulls are hard antler by now. So is a hard Isler pool.

Well that’s okay. It can be even a trail camera pitch. They have

To have their location services on them. Do we have,

I’m going to have taught tag Josh direct DM me your personal photo. Slide

Into my DMS

Tag. Light into my idea.

Epic boy. And then yeah, we’ll give this way. We’ll do a random, random thing. Give it, give it away.

Okay. When are we going to give it away? Here we product

Monday, Mondays have them by Monday. All right. It’s going to be a quick

Turnaround. The 22nd,

All you got to do is post a photo of an animal. We don’t even know. Really doesn’t even really have to be sold there this year.

Let’s do a mule deer, elk, just a tra, a trail camera or phone scope, whatever picture of a fuzzy button.

That’s over 200, over 3 75 double

Points are doubled, right?


The day the devil. I

Lie. It’s an official score and he has to judge every one of them. So if you only get one name in the hat, you think you got a 200 Y taken up with

Y location services, 10 times the points.

Yeah. Your points are squared

Squared. Oh,

We expect a lot of Egypt post

That’s. Right. So, all right, so John won’t let me suck on a Gobstopper, sir, buddy. Just imagine you got to go Gobstopper in your mouth. I’m going to just suck on her. I don’t care what you want. All right. So anyway, let, while Josh is talking Bronson, Josh has had an interesting life lately.

Well, he was trying to win that and father, the week, last week or month,

He got shizzed on and be with his truck. He got shipped off. So, which shizzy story do you want to talk about?

Neither. Really?

Let’s start off with the shizzy story.

Yeah, you were right camp.

So there was

Maybe if you guys learn from this first. Yeah.

It’s the best way to dump your Blackwater. Go ahead, Josh.

First of all, do you get down underneath and lay on the ground? Do you do that? Slip your mouth open. John,

Have you ever had an experience

After they’ve already

Done that?

Well, if you’ve missed, you know, episodes probably about two years ago now. Yeah. I went through one. So let’s hear what Josh has is. I haven’t heard the story yet.

Basically. In a nutshell for years, just to reiterate, you thought the guy told you act cleaned it all out. You were under there. I mouth open and just basically opened up the black.

What is this? I bought a trailer and they was winterized empty, blah, blah, blah. You know? So came to spring, left her there. I’m just like checking out. Okay. Here’s

Here’s this lever that

Does this. I am sitting right in the way of it.

Pull the black,

Pull the black and it comes gushing out.

All right.

So what I

Love him, I learned from him and I try not to repeat them. Why it’s

Looking kind of pale. All right.

Y Y it was thinking about buying a trailer and he, now he’s thinking the spring bar,

Just statistically, he got, it’s going to show him another one. Somebody else here, it’s just going to cap your show for every truck.

What could I interest you in a trailer?

I’m good for now? How’s your family.

So we had just finished a camping trip. I can’t even call it camping. It wasn’t a stinking,



What does that one say?

Hey, Hey,

I’ve never used in park either. I’ve never hooked up to real water and sewer in my

Life. Be parking Kelly. And he’s legit.

I like

It was nice having power. You know, we flipped on the AC in the afternoon. That was pretty fancy. I don’t never really ran that. It was nice having unlimited water. You don’t have to yell at the kids every time and threatened to break fingers if they leave the water on things like that. So I,

Another dad of the year.

So anyway, we, we go to leave. Well, there’s quite a line of people. That’s what I’m trying to hurry to get out of there as fast as I can. And it’s like a 10 hour drive to get home. Cause we’re in Southern Idaho. And so I go to, I go to get out of there and there’s this. Usually when I dumped my camp trailer, when I’m camping here, close or whatever, we have a sewer clean out of my house and I just pull up and do it there. It’s easy. I can drag my own hose over there, spray everything out. Good, all that kind of stuff. Well, I have this,

It’s probably legal, right? I’m not sure, I

Guess I’m sure Panguitch but, but, so this was their dump station. They, at this campground, they didn’t have it hooked right into the sewer system or whatever. So there was still a dump station. So I got over there real quick. Well, there’s this attachment that goes on the outside that my wife bought that hooks to the end of the hose that hooks to your black water nozzle, I guess, coming out of your trailer and essentially sounds


Yeah. It’s, it’s not, but it’s nice because you can hook a hose to the outside of it directly. So you can actually close that nozzle, open up your black water after it’s dumped and it’ll spray water up in there and stuff, and then you can turn it the other direction.

Some of the new trailers have like, you know, little spray nozzles inside and they spin and clean out your tank and all that. But if you have

Kind of pre that, you know, so, but it’s nice. Cause it’ll have a jet that sprays down your hose too. So it’ll clean everything out the host. So it’s nice at the end, you just kind of spray up in there, spray down in there. You’re done well, hadn’t used it for a long, long time. And so I wasn’t paying attention. I was trying to hurry and I got down there and I got it all attached. And there’s like the lever for the Blackwater. Well, there’s a lever on that one too. So you should open that one first on that attachment and then open your Blackwater. And I just didn’t see it. I don’t know I was in a hurry. I got the water hooked up and I literally said, okay, here we go. And I’d hooked it all up. Like it was on there. I made sure. And I pulled the black water and it knocked the hose off. It just, you know, it like spins on it. Just the pressure of something, the force of it coming down and hitting that it spun it. I don’t

Know. Cause it wasn’t open that

Second cell wasn’t it wasn’t open. So, and the other thing was because we had unlimited water and I knew that we were going to be dumping just like two feet from it. I basically filled that toilet to the brand. Like

Yeah. Good, solid, good. Yes.

These wax isn’t made for pressure like that, the lax, you know, whatever.

Well, I wanted it to come out of there with some force because I wanted to be fast and not see whatever.

Anyway, there we have it sold

Off. I go and it knocks it off. And then

Instead of just reaching up and pushing black water lever right then yeah, that would have stopped the bleeding. Well, the problem

Was because I, the hose went down. I didn’t

Scrap it or tried to put a hose, a fire hose hooked up, just put it onto the hydrate. While the hydrogen street,

I tried to put my hand against the end of a firehouse. So as I did, the

Fire is on, there is full of brown, black and feminine napkins. You okay. Lions

As I’m doing it, just this fountain of water fertilizer. Yeah. It comes all over me. Just, I mean, yeah. My shorts, my car, my Crocs for the drive. So it was like, you know, a whole lot of the crops. So it got socks. There’s like toilet paper hanging from the mustache.

I can’t believe you were at clean-shaven Monday. I would have, I would have,

I wouldn’t be public. I will not kill something.


I would have decontam

I would start a new line in the sand. If I had dangling stuff for facial hair.

That’s why no ways. This thing helped me through COVID it was basically like an at 95. It filtered anything that came. Let me do my nose.

Let me teach you and Johnson. They made cattle guards for a couple of reasons. One of them was dumping your black water. You pull the lever and you drive away.

So the only blessing about being in a camp was there was a shower right there because there’s no way I would have been able to drive eight hours. I mean, it’s the most foul smell I’ve ever smelled it.

The only thing is it was your own. It was all, all your family.

Yeah, I guess. But it’s still at my face. I don’t want that in my face. So yeah. So it was, it was pretty

Humble, but

You never do that

Again. Oh heck no. Nope. And the best part was my mother-in-law

I’ll bet. He never comes camping out.

My mother-in-law was there. My brother-in-law was there. I blacked out like when that water started coming, I don’t know. Apparently it sounded, you know, on the toy on what is it, a cruise for this story when he’s helping his dad change the lug nuts and his dad hits the thing of lug nuts and they go flying in the air. It was kind of like that mixed with when he’s down there fixing the furnace. There were some, apparently some words said, I don’t remember recall seeing them. Like I said, I was in black zone, splash zone. I don’t know. Well, anyway, so my mother-in-law thinks a lot of her son-in-law now

You made me not want to go camp.

I’m done. I’m tapped out. Nobody’s using mine. I can take

My toilet. I’m not feeling any water in my trailer.

No, no.

I just got dry caps on me.

So let’s save the lab. The other shizzy story for here in an hour or 30 minutes,

Just to sign the title. I already signed the title and go

Till until this one too.

Oh, I just about a month ago going bear hunting and have my little hunting truck and my other truck. I was pulling the camp trailer with my, with my big truck and my wife was driving my other truck, pulling the side-by-side on it and she calls me I I’m sitting there talking to her just to make sure. Hey, everything’s good. Yeah. Everything’s great. Everything’s good. And we were just about to lose service for a little bit. So I was like, I’ll just check with her before I do it. Then all of a sudden she’s like, no, no, everything’s not good. And then just drops the phone and I’m like, what the heck’s going on? And she’s behind me. So I’m like try to see. So I hurry and find a spot to get off.

And when a woman says things, aren’t good and that has to do with your vehicle.

So, cause I was worried about her welfare first and then the vehicle. Oh wow.

That was

Come on. And anyway, it turns out just then it basically went into neutral and that

Was it. Toaster transmission in neutral



So because of that, for anyone that owns like 2005 to 2008 Nissan frontier go get a new radiator put in it that they fix. There’s a problem they’ve had basically between a gasket that’ll allow


Transmission fluid. Yeah. To get in and

Radiator fluid,

Freezing stuff to get in there. They mix it, gets it in your transmission and it basically


Training. So when you take it to a transmission place thinking it’s going to be 4,000 bucks, new transmission, I’ll have the hunting truck back. Good to go by archery season. And they tell you, no, it’s going to be more like six grand. Cause you got to do a radiator. All your hoses is transmission cooler,

A hundred thousand mile warranty, rebuilt COVID environment. Hard to get parts

On a truck that I bought like four years ago for like 5,000 bucks itself. So more than what I bought the truck,

He had a Blackwater problems and tranny problems. That’s hard to be. That’s hard to be so rough go. All right. So where are we at on this single Wyatt and Devin and Josh, you guys are gonna run this with the outline per Adam and I, what do you got for us

To tell a story for us?

Don’t I, I don’t have

One. I told

Him, hold on last week

You did. Oh yeah, you did.

Devin might have a story for

Us. Devin, Devin, Devin stock some bucks.

Yeah. Devon is the only one. Fortunate enough to pull a deer tag in Nevada, which that started the tent. So until this weekend, when Arizona and Utah both open up, it’s like the only thing going on, right?

You guys were all here. I heard the podcast last time. It is,

It has been very deathly quiet in Nevada for Kilz Archer. Gilson fills some years to 30 bucks to 20 bucks. And there are some good bucks in Nevada, but they’re just not being killed

Yet. You ever heard of a supermoon? I literally, you could see hundreds of yards at night.

I dealt with the Superman

And I actually saw some stuff. That’s a



I’ll look it up while you guys,

I don’t do hot Springs. There’s a lot of hot Springs in Nevada. And somebody’s a local there told me that there’s people going in there putting their heads in there and the water is getting in there, you know, their mouth and ears. And they got a parasite. And when somebody died,


If you go to a hot pot or whatever, don’t put your head in there.

I just took the only I’ll bet. If somebody is your


If somebody is dying in there, I’m not putting my toe in there. Little on my head.

So what happens? What’s the

Parasites and stuff in those warm Springs. That’s what a local guy told me. He said, people

Just keeping you out because you’re a non resident.

That’s fine. It’s 104 degrees. The last thing I want to have,

How many pairs of underwear dies. And there’s a lot of people that use those lots

Sacks of used underwear, Natty light.

There’s a reason that in your house, hot tubs and that at your house, in that, that you got to put stuff in there. Every time he get out of him like bleach and stuff to kill whatever sloughs off a normal body, normal dusty. Now you’re going to a community 1 0 4 degree Petri dish pizza. It’s a

Petri dish might as well have black water


Over. It’s a bubbling Petri dish in the desert



Paris, fresh water. It comes out.

No, it gets so freaking hot in some of those rubs and runs. And it goes into this pool and that pool, sweat cools. But yeah, there’s I don’t know, man. There’s some weird stuff growing

On. You couldn’t get yourself out of them. You’re

Never ever go in there. This



I wasn’t working. We’ve done that on my sheep. On

That particular pot, you know about I bathed multiple times. It was awesome. Never got sick.

Did you put your head in there?

Come on. He was doing water.

I drove, I drove 57 miles to the trucker lounge. So that was my other OB

Chop me


There’s some parasites in there.


Me, safer trucker trucker shower. And they told you wasn’t even clean. I had

My flip flops on

My Crocs

Were good

Protection too. Here’s a Superman. A supermoon is a full moon or a new moon that nearly coincides with Peggy. The closest that the moon comes to the earth in its elliptical orbit resulting in a slightly larger than usual parents size and the lunar disc as viewed from the earth. It was name is Peregian.

How often do they occur? Once a year,


A couple of times a year or something

Here. Right here. How many super moons are there in 2022? There will be four Superman’s 20, 22 may 16, June 14, July 13th.

This is a new term. If there’s four year. No, it’s

Not long term. It’s not.

It’s just a thing. The other thing I saw that you guys talked about that I was wondering something, John, you might know, I saw the star link or whatever. Yeah. I’m just laying there looking up at the


Either. There’s satellites and whatnot,


Stars. I’m making the same words over

And over and over belt Musk up there.

Legit. Just Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing. They come allied in a, for like 10 minutes. There had to been, I don’t know, 30, 40 of them.

No kidding.

That acted with like a cable or something. No,

They’re just programmed perfectly on the same orbit. I’m sure you look it up online during, in a chain.

No kidding. I did not know that

I saw him. I saw him Google. It you’ll see a picture for like Google. It you’ll see a picture. I almost stayed up another hour and a half to say. I wonder if they went all the way around the earth. They’d be a little bit further. That way. How long have you been?

Oh, how long Ilan shoot. You train takes to circle the earth.

I’d like to know that.

Oh my God. You can calculate. When you can see this basic Starlink satellites above your location. How many are there in the sky right now? More than 2200 Starlink satellites are currently in orbit and working.

Well, I only saw like 40 of them.

Hey, he’s legit. I liked the guy. What do you mean?

Because you can launch your own stuff to space and have it stay at home.

Who else makes the world look up at the start? You think you’re having a nice evening with your wife or whatever? You’re looking at the stars and all you’re looking at mus.

Well, I would have been a little freaked out, but my buddy, Chris told me, he said all that Starlink.

I did not know that

I had no idea. I would have been like what? The freak is

Charging for rent up there.

This is some Putin.

Can anybody put something up there? What if we want to compete with him

When you break? Good. Just if you had enough money for her own star link, I don’t know.


Oh anyway. Well art. So back to the guts of your story in Nevada, any, anything noteworthy the report that you just see anything good

Box box box. There was bucks one in particular. I, I tried to kill and I was alone that day. And he’s funny how you learn stuff. Every hunt you go on.

Well, same stuff you already knew though. Same

Suffered a new, like, like the wind goes bad and I stopped for about three minutes. I’m thinking

I can beat the wimp.

Well, yeah. Then I’m like, this is going to be, it’s going to, it’s changing. I’ll be fine. And he beats me by two minutes, one minute, 30 seconds, maybe 110 yards come strolling through where I wanted to be. And then I go all the way back to the truck. Cause I’m alone. Kevin seen him to re


Relocate him and he’s bad at all. And this is the one time he’s been alone and I could see antlers and just like perfect, you know? Okay. Get in there. And he wasn’t in the right patch of bushes.

I thought he was in this patch and he’s in this other.

I’m like, I’m going to see his times any second. Now I’m like, I can’t be more than 40 yards. Right. And all of a sudden corner of my eye, there was another patch, identical look and stuff. Just 30 yards deeper, which would be to my left,

Stood up. And just one

Of those times, like that was the first time he saw me. You know? Like now he, now I’m now

Being hunted

Now it’s different. Yeah.


Fast forward a couple days later,

He’s still breathing. I’m here.

Wasn’t there was there was there maybe something launched

Like an arrow. Yeah. Yeah.

And tell us you learned on that.

Switching and ulcers in all


Of happened to me last year. It

Happened to me last year and I missed a bus

Range. Find

Every time you must. And, and I did it, I told him, I told you guys, I’m not going to rain. I’m not going to shoot unless I get a rank. And I,

Because of a prior

Experience, you had prearranged, a Bush or a tree

Bush line. And I’ve got 15 minutes. I mean, I’m going to wait for these bucks. They’re feeding right to me. I, I figured there where they’re angling, they’re going to there’s. This is the most cover they’re going to come right to me. And that while I’m there, I arranged this Bush 58 yards. The only Bush out there.

Big enough. Just significance.

Yeah. Anyways,

The first book covers

About a six and a half inch, two pointer. A little baby comes

Into how close

10 feet. I mean, he hits that Bush. He feeds on that Bush. He came out of a wash. They were in a wash hits that Bush comes walking right at me. And I’m just, I’m on my knees. Right. Tucked in there.

Got decent cover.

Oh, good cover. You just see, you see my face. And it comes at me, goes to my right. And then he’s feeding to my right, like at me

Coming up behind you

All, I’m like, not moving, you can’t move you. I didn’t look him in the eye. I’m not even looking at him just looking down, but where I could see if that buck come out and three minutes goes by, I’m waiting, waiting. I get a tie. I could see the big book is he’s calming. Like it’s it’s happening. But this two point, I hear him just off leaves and I hear his belly. That’s how close he is. And so I’m like this, thing’s going to step on me. And I turned my head real slow to the right. And he’s like, you know, you just Chuck a pebble at him. He’s so close. And as I look back the big one in all his glory

Standing and your gang,


Standard guy shooting lane next to this 58 yard tree. So I’m like, this is happening. Grab my range finder, go up. Maybe four inches, two point just bolts. He saw me, he saw me grab. So at this point I have to make a decision. Do you? He knows on there, like he saw. And so I just took D loop, settled a 60 and everything was perfect, man. Five inches, low walk out there. So when I turned my head to look at the two point, I couldn’t tell it when that book came out. If he was behind the Bush or in front of the bushes

Now hidden. But you think he’s a yard

Walk either in front of it or behind it. But I missed it. I didn’t see it. And so I went out there, found his track of arranging the Bush. It’s 15 yards deeper. So yeah, he’s still breathing.

Oh, happens to all of us.

It’s just like I could arrange him. I could’ve got a perfect range and still had time. You’d never, I’ll never know the day I die. You know, for the rest of my

Life. It’s like,

It’s terrible.

It sucks.

It does suck.

Pretty depressing.

I mean, that’s like the sec, that’s the third shizzy story we’ve heard.

Yeah. We needed something good to happen.

I’ve got to get in compressed.

It happened

Trying to decide which hot spring to jump in

At first. None of them,

I did not know hot Springs are bad

For you. We do need something good to happen.

Bad for you. I’m going to freaking

Do a, the list.

It’s so hot out there. Days are so long. It’s brutal

For every disease and bacterial culture known to man women and children.

Our hot spring sanitary Springwater are usually fairly safe from the standpoint of carrying disease causing. But some is not see under below, under stay healthy. And the surface water that cools a sculling spring to usable temperatures will be prone to some bugs and pathogens as any other surface water.

Yeah. But when it’s warmer, I’m telling you

Are trucker showers versus hot Springs.

Listen, man, first of all, it gave me excuse to be in the AC and not be just sitting in a chair. Hey, trying to just, Hey,

I use trucker shower fi

And archery hunts. There’s a lot of downtime from 9:00 AM to about 6:00 PM. A lot

Of dads, a long

Freaking when your buck is blown for the day and you might glass him up that evening, just to know that he’s stolen. Is that

The specific deer? You couldn’t hunt him at night. The wind was bad every

Night. A solid what we call him

Six days. Yeah.

And then at some point we headed back.

Yeah. He needs a break.


After, after that much pressure and wind getting winded couple of times. Yeah.

Well here’s, here’s something good to talk about Bronson. How many first rifles do you have? No.


How many fairs? Shotguns. Hey everybody, we got some fierce rifles in stock and, and you guys CA who years kept their hands off of me?

Well, that’s

It, Josh.

It was really hard to believe. Jason usually is the instigator of something.

That’s food storage. They never go down and value guns never go down a value.

Well, and, and you know,



One of my fears, rifle.


Going to try it.

Good deal. And Hey, we S we have some in stock to where, you know, we may have an outside. I’m sure we did all day there so you can buy them straight from us. And if you walk in, you can take it, take it out. As long as you pass your background check, otherwise we’ll ship it to your FFL of your choice.

So we got steel barrels. We got carbon barrels. You guys, I mean, they’re colored like man, they’re good. Looking soccer, shooting suckers.

Ammo was getting a little easier to find

After why it got done cleaning off the shelves. They’ve kind of restocked a little bit.

I still

Think, think this is it. I mean, you guys could sell

Stocked up now. No, I just, I went through a phase. We’ve long documented that in the spring about the stuff. And

Now once Turkey loads


Bronson, cause he’s going to have mall

Turkey and Kyle. That’s what I got. I got all the auto loaders I just did wanted.

Yeah. Well, it’s hard to take a three and a half shell with a pump shotgun to the shoulder. You know what I mean? So it’s nice to have an auto loader. Yeah.

I got a little bit of the bite out of it.

Ashley shoots three and a half auto, you know, smash and grab. All right. Well anyway, so anybody that wants a fierce rifle course, they’re awesome. They sell shotguns rifles, man. They got brakes on them. They’re good-looking, they’re lightweight. They’re shooting like crazy. And we got a 300. What do we got? We got a 300 ultra Magen on the shelf. I think 26 inch barrels. I’m looking at it. Salivate

It’s five or seven, a 300 room. At least those three calibers. And some of them have multiples up. I mean, Thomas, after 30 year after 30, 40 Craig probably need to do a special order, but other stuff, we got the more common stuff. So here was our plan. We decided let’s order and get in stock guns that we would personally want. And what happened? We ordered a whole bunch and we bought a whole bunch. Yeah. We personally have

In our personal houses.

So, so the ones, the ones that we have in stock are stuff that we, we Dorsen. We would personally buy. Do we have a


We’ve got a 28. Don’t we know there’s

Still a

28, 28.

So let me see it. Now’s the time. I mean, there’s guys, I cannot believe we kind of had a LOL in optics. You know what I mean? It was just kind of somewhat dead. It wasn’t dead, but not as good as sales, as normal, so to speak. And then all of a sudden slammed,

Well, the hunts are here and some people may be just realize, I mean, I had people drop their vinyls off a freaking mountain side, that road 400 yards the other day,

They drove around, hiked back up in just to get an out of alignment. Pair of biennials.

Yeah. Well, yeah, they thought they might be good, but they’re out of alignment. So they had to call them by some cause you’re not going to get them fixed in the amount of time that you need them in a week or so. And there’s just lots of reasons. Or you put it off or you’ve saved and it’s time or your hunts now upon us, whatever, call us whatever you’re looking.

You know, we got a lot of stuff on the show and

Scopes rifle, scopes make a great deal. We’ve been sending a lot out. I know that

It’s first come first, serve swirls, shut down. They’re reconfiguring their computer system. And so they’re shut down for a bit. And so w what,

No dealer forget new orders in until early to mid September. So once you got sweat, you got

Speaking of gear, Archibald. How about that? Hoyt? I, you missed, I get it. But that was user. You

Liked the boat. It’s pretty


Yeah. Pretty been a bonding there, even though we haven’t killed yet.

Do you have a name?

Is it a

Oh, okay. No, I don’t really name what’s

The name of that color,

But I haven’t named Boz

Wilderness, wilderness. I love it. The quiver marriages. Yeah. It’s a good shooting bow. I love it. I really do.

I love my whore too

Smooth and awesome

Shooting. Awesome.

And I think most

Of us here are shooting one now. All of us, right? Yeah.

Yeah. Hey Jason. So how many hours you down to shoot? You got to have one a day. Okay. Have you shot your arrow for the day?

Not today.

Can I pick the yardage? I want you to shoot

Tomorrow. Katie

Yard. I want you to shoot it at

A hundred and under

No. Okay. Yeah. I know. I’m giving you a realistic. Yeah.

Give me one holistic already. Archibald’s 58 yards.

No. Plus two plus two plus 15. So 17, I already did the math.

17 on top of

52 was the two,

Because you got the 58 on this side of the Bush and two on the other side. So you have to add to y’alls two for the Bush. For the Bush. Oh, okay. That’s what I figured.

So what does that work out to be 77, 77? No wonder you’re five inches long. Yeah.

I can see why he masked when he’s adding and subtracting on the fly.

The calculator

Up 17 Duplos that’s 77 yards. I’ll dump it.

I want you to shoot a 51 and a half. No, too close to 50, 53 and a half yards tonight. And tell us, taking pictures of,

Oh, well I’ll do it 53. And I love it.

No stretching from your knees. Be real. If you’re only shooting one, you can’t be out there.

Shoot from my knees. Go Sarge.

That you’re going to be on

Your knees with a bad story.

Half the time.

I think half the stuff I’ve killed when I was on my knees with a bow, it seems like

On your knees, 53 and a half. No stretching.

What was I told that story. Oh,


The milkweed.


Tell us the Sarge, you brought it up


You can’t skip

Over it. So this, this deer, so this was a desert deer and had his number, like one of those places that, you know, you can’t kill Bronson. You’d been out there. You can not kill anything with a bow out there. You can’t kill anything. I skipped, I skipped an arrow. I skipped an arrow into a coyote. I skipped right off the freaking dirt right into the Kyle, killed it.

It was kind of one of those Archibald range finding moments. And it was a little low and it skipped right into that. But anyway, that’s the only thing I killed out there. So this book, yeah. This buck, I would glass him every time. And I’m like, how am I? How are we glassing? Like this buck is meant for me. This is you get up there thick, see a trees, see antlers. It’s him get in there. And I go in there and, and Jared can’t see him. I can’t see him. But you just go in there roughly where he is. You walk into the good thing, Hey, walk into him. And he’s, you know, 110 yards or 120 yards bedded or whatever. I found scoping video. I’ve got cherry video in the velvet. I mean, you never Bronson, you know this, you never, you videoed a buck out there, but I mean, you’ve never really go out there with the intentions to really do harm to something.

It’s just one of those places now. Yeah. So anyway, ended up, well, you know, kept trying and try and try and try and ended up getting them where there was heavy wind, 30, 40 mile an hour type win, and had the group of box coming. And I, and I, we glassed them. Then I made the stock, got in on him and they were walking. Right. They were coming right by me. And I’m like, and I’m on my knees. And that’s what brought this up. I’m on my knees. And they’re coming by and it’s, you know, they’re 45 yards ish. I did the whole Archibald range. Cause you don’t, you never do range while they’re feeding at 40 yards. And you got, it’s hard to know

Exact, exact. Yeah. And

They’re going to catch it. And so you’re trying to arrange them before. So here’s my options. Here’s a tree. And then they kind of get close. You’re going to do it again before you’re going to do it again. Because most of the time it works roughly at work. I don’t know.

The buck goes four steps to my right. I have to stand now. I can’t shoot on my knees anymore.

Yeah. All that. So anyway, but you can’t

Stand cause the other three bucks my seat and he might yeah. Kick me or something now.

So anyway, I ended up, you know, touching it off and it hit him and I’m like, bye. I just shot a 240 incher or whatever. He was high thirties, blade it out. Seven inch. I guards just a disgusting pig. And I’m like, I can’t believe this just happened. I go over there. I can’t find blood. Can’t find blood. I get on his track. You know? And this is, of course it takes 30 minutes just to gain your composure. So it’s not like I’m rushing the buck, everybody. I mean, I know you’re supposed to wait. I’m just walking around in circles, looking for stuff. I don’t know anything. Gimme, gimme some. Yeah. So good sign. And we ended up tracking him and then we start getting into blood and then good blood. And, and it looks like things are going to go well for me, you know?

Yeah. I ended up seeing some actual bubbled blood and Jeff, you know, anyway, Jeff, John, my brother-in-law was there. You know, he ends up helping on the track and we ended up tracking and we track and we track and we take turns and day one turns into day four and we figure, we tracked that buck 40 miles, excuse me, is it me? Jeff, Jared, everybody, Sean, my brother or my son all taken turns. And he was just checking waterhole to waterhole, to water, hold a waterhole. And they were all dry, but he was teaching us where there’s water at times. So we were marking them, you know, teaching you out in the desert, walks up to this pot of water and pollywogs in it or whatever. And so, you know, it’s got water, pretty regular drinks out of it or whatever. And we ended up bumping him and he lived, lived like multiple years to two years later, alive and nother guy did a smash and grab, not with a bow with a rifle. And so there you have it.

Where do you think he hit him? I don’t know.

I thought it was, I thought it was shoulder, but it was kind of high shoulder and it was wind. And I know it was when I didn’t compensate. I thought it was close enough in the heat of battle. I just, I should’ve compensated and it didn’t, it floated it and it was a little bit high. Right. That’s basically yeah.

Shoulder. But, but, but, but almost yeah, shoulder, neck almost, but not in the neck.

Yeah. But in the bone and the bone in any way, it, he lived and was fine and was awesome and


Bigger than crap. And anyway, so another shizzy story. That’s number four.

Story. Jeez. I can’t think of one right now. The good thing is, I mean, these animals are tough and like, you didn’t touch your animal. I mean, he saved everything. He’ll be, you’ll end up with him. You’re going to get him well an even year

And Adam killed a buck and it had a Broadhead in it.

Yeah. Tell that story. Why we’re on archery, deer story.

This is a good one. I didn’t even, I didn’t even know. We didn’t even find it. We quartered the deer out. This is my Daenerys book. And was that 2017, right? 17 ish. Anyway, the butcher, it was

Just the last two 20 archery buck. You killed

2017 or 18. Anyway, one of those two years that the out the butcher, that processor, I can’t remember. I usually do my deer on my own because they’re small enough, but in the heat and the heat and when you’re right on the sheep gutting, I took this to it. I probably made sticks, whatever else he says, Hey God, I threw your shoulder. And there was a broad head in there and I said, oh really? Okay. Well, all right, I’ll be cool. And he goes, well, it’s been their losses. No, there wasn’t. There was no star member. You guys were there. There was nothing like you would notice some something for, I just assumed it was one of mine because I hit the buck and then I had to finish him off. And then of course the arrows are breaking mother Buck’s row. And he just, I don’t know, maybe snap in there and we didn’t get it. No, this was a perfectly healed up, Broadhead that in the front shoulder, on, you know, if you’ve de-boned the front shoulder, there’s a vertical running bone that sticks vertical on your shoulder. This broad head had hit that square and cut that and buried in there. And then over a year that bone had healed up on top of it. And so it’s like inside the shoulder blade healed up behind it and it rattles

And I’m like, that’s not mine. It can’t get in bone and heal. That’s not mine. So I knew I’m like, holy crap, somebody a year

Before somebody reached out,

My uncle had some Beatles at the time we cleaned it up. So it’s on my desk here. It’s awesome. Back. Maybe we show a picture of the ship on the,

Well, that’s the crazy part because it’s it’s expandable. So those blades are hanging out. They had to have been still cutting him somehow something you’d think. Yeah. While he was here. I mean, could you imagine? Yeah,

I don’t, I don’t know. We didn’t even notice it Browns. Now

It looked like you just cut the front shoulder off. There was no like, oh, there’s

it was so it was old enough

And it was exactly one year

Couldn’t they heal itself. Contains all the infection, the healing

Infection. There was no nothing.


You’re put on probably 20, 25 inches. Cause the year before we got video, he’s 1 95 ish to 200. It’s really pretty deer, but really good deer. But anyway, pretty crazy. Then I think it was the expo. Somebody came up and said, Hey, did that deer have a scar on the shoulder somewhere? I said, well, we never noticed the scar, but we get abroad out of it. And I can’t remember the whole story, but yeah, his buddy or something shot a year before, but tough animals. And anyway,

Craziest day office that has been shot two or three times.

That’s the buck that was over two years,

Two years in a row. He got hit in the back strap, archery guys. And it’s like, when I took the backstraps off, I was like, what is going on here? And actually in that senior line, at the top, kind of on the side, a little hot rolls, you could see a three blade. It shrunk and like smaller, but you could see a three blade and then you cut the back, strip off and it’s just demented.

But a three bay, whole, there was

No broad headed zipped through him, but both

Fresh. He had

To pass throughs from the shear at one, from year before. And then you

Got, you killed the mantras of

Him, right? Yeah. People sent me pictures. Like, here’s that buck? I hit him. You know, he’s got a big old hole right there and you kill the

Rifle hunt. Right. This is

August. And I killed him late October and I didn’t even see it, but 40 miles away too. Yeah. 40 something miles away. But we court different hunting unit. Actually the exit was, did see there was a little scar and I was like, oh, he got poked or something, you know? And sure enough, come to find out. He’d been shot a couple of times, but


You know, tough animals, man.

Yeah. Well, I donate, maybe we need to talk about L because we’re talking about meal. They’re they’re tough enough at GSL company, elk have just sucked up broadheads and slugs over the years, they just suck them up. But especially anyway. So for everybody out there, hopefully you got some good reports in a week or so why we got on a bad topic today? We’re all in good moods. But like,

If you

Can be down or down

Range, the buck


Oh. And, and I’m telling you like what I meant I’ve missed I’ve it’s exact same story over and over and

Over. You think I got this, that bushes close up. I know what it

Is at another time range, the tree, the bucks, the, my number one bucks coming through these thick Quakers arranged the tree. He comes out and he would’ve got closer, but, and I’m just waiting and he lifts his head and looks away from me. So what do I do?

But he’s not there yet, but he’s not to the

Yeah, but he was just same thing. He was deeper. Just

Five yards.

I just put my 40 on him. I’m like, it’s over, you know what? God just same thing right underneath it, go over there. He was 10 yards deeper.

It’s just, Hey,


Looks close


But five or 10 yards at that range is

I can’t tell the depth with that. So yeah.

Jeez, the next giveaway, we should have somebody give away some tag, a buck pick that they’ve messed up on or I don’t know. You know? So we don’t feel

That it


Away. Yeah. The one that got away,

It’s probably the last time we’re gonna have a Wyatt choose a podcast. Topics,


What your outline

Exactly. Then you’ll never make me choose it again. Why do you think

Let’s have a story from you got away? I got no


That got away.

No, we want it. We want to upper. He’s

Such a


We want to get an end in

The, and I’ll tell you what you find a story right now, or we’re going to call Carly.

Okay. Call her off. She’s currently sleeping, worked last night.

You’re in Nevada elk. Back this week, mounted up home to get mounted. How’d that go

Hung there in the office. It was how

Challenging. First off you took a home to get it mounted. How did that go? You

To go home to


I took it home. It did not fit in the location that I had planned. So according

To you or somebody else, somebody

May have sustained a bruise.

According to both of us, it was agreed upon



Old leftover to hit her

A couple

Days, the wife was vacuuming and taught her hand.

She did


Bruise. They needed to leave.

Boy. He has the audacity to spin it. That this was a mutual decision, but she,


Never true. Never forced me to.

Wow. He’s afraid of her. He’s afraid of domestic violence.

If you’re listening, you got him right where you want him,

Dude. Are you really afraid of her known? I’m not afraid. Where’s your freaking,

She hasn’t told me no. Yet. I have a moose in my living room, a Yukon, moose.

Okay. He always says he’s got brass ones, but I don’t believe it. I mean T

But we’re glad we get to see your bull. Now you did bring it to the office. We got that map


Cool. That


Pedicle on the one side and

Awesome vertical,

Big vertical,

Jeff bear did a great job mountain

Named stripped taxidermy.

So of course he doesn’t want to elk everybody.

You know, it was funny

When we, the only ones fishing Turkey,

200 inch plus deer and some baths.

I was just going to say, when we brought it through, we had to bring it. There’s three doors. We had to bring it the farthest away from Wyatt’s office. We got through the first door, the second door and the third door, we hit a little struggle spot. You know who figured it out in about two seconds, Jana, Jana, you got to put his nose this way, wrap this team over here. And we’re like, you’ve done this before.

Hey, Hey,

Well, she’s the kind of the thoroughfare through two or three offices right there. She’s been created stuff through there.

She has to live with mounts. Unlike Carly, Jenna has to live with them. Yeah,

She has. She has plenty in the house too. So one thing we ought to circle back to though is under Armour gear. What

We’re called gear. So take it away.

Restock their website. A lot of key items there. A lot that we use on our hunts, the Raider pants or the HD this year, they, I guess last year they actually upgraded them. Now they have the heat zips on the side. Pretty awesome. Pair of pants also have the Raider light pants, more of a summertime

Of the little

I like that. Kind of, you can actually see

Through them. They’re little dots, super


I wore last week and there’s

Nice little pillows all over in them.

They’ve got their down gear restocked for maybe a little bit later hunts. And if you want 40% off any of the UA gear, check our website, we do have code to label

Anything on You can buy anything with 40% off cards from our website, epic, I like it. Wyatt. We appreciate that. They’ve got some boots too. It seems like you’ve ordered a few.

Yeah. They have some boots and they actually have a new pair coming out. So watch their website in September.

Do we have any codes on our website? We

Do a little,

A little tip on those codes. Copy and paste those codes. Yeah. And sometimes they work. Yeah. They work just got to copy and paste it.

I don’t know. Why is that upon checkout?

Yeah. Well, if you type them, I don’t know. Some, there’s some unseen to the human eye space or something there that when I’ve typed them, you copy and paste. It they’ll work. So anyway, go to epic What are they? 40% store.

40% off. Yep. Right there on our homepage. You’ll you’ll see a banner on the stop.

And that’s only valid on You can’t take that code and walk into your local hardware store and buy an under Armour hat and want to get 40% off. So

Pretty awesome. Pretty awesome. All right. Well, pack wheel came out. Did you guys notice Packwell came out with electric bikes.

Yeah. That look

Two wheel drive.

Sneak peak. I don’t want to say complicated. Like

A rom-com

It was a machine. Oh, no. A non machine. Right.

I just thought about, I thought about Pollock and his elk hunt in New Mexico. I don’t know why. I don’t know why. I’ve just like nice. It’s Beasley.



I could bounce over, down logs. It seemed like, yeah, it was a, it was a bar. That’s not the, not the bike I grew up on. Let’s just say that

Made me want to take it to region G or H or something crazy. You know? So anyway, pretty awesome. You might go out there to pack. We’ll check them out. John. Is there any, anywhere we can get a hold of them. Let’s see. Pack eight a 1 9 3 5 4 7 6 4. Anyway, of course they’ve got the single wheeled cart. Josh, you guys have used quite a bit. I’ve played with it a little bit. John you’ve used it

Did works. Awesome. I’ve carried some big loads on it and it, man, it just it’s like a

Tank. Pretty incredible

Climbs. It’s pretty crazy. I mean, even like a flight of stairs, you know, you just go up to a flight of stairs and it’ll go right up.

Just a little climber.

Yeah. It’s got a big fat tire on it.


To use a couple of weeks.

Well, sounds good. What else do we got guys? Anything else going on? We got a second draw for Idaho coming out at some point. Get some of them. What we call raffle tags. This little secondary limited

Entry stuff in Arizona.

Yeah. Arizona stuff. Hopefully

You’re really holding your bill for the golds. Wholly. Put it for the gold

Blood for a lot of stuff.


You? I don’t want to tell everything.

What do you mean? There’s no choices I

Applied with for Kooster hunts where there’s no Coues deer. I applied for everything. Bronson,

The Goltz Turkey.

Awesome. Crap. What do you mean? Hey, I love the kill. I got to kill in Colorado and send it back. And it was worth, it was worth the

Tax. It was worth the

$420 I had to. They get to keep it. It was worth, it

Shipped to your house

For all of one

Day. Love the kill. I just want to help. Y’all get killed. I mean,

I love I’ll give you my log in.

All right. All

Right. Go ahead and do it

Anyway. All right. Well it’s that time of year, you know, Devin, I think one thing, there was a lot of different openings that have come through recently that were actually high quality openings.

No, for sure. We had Outfitters landowners find tags in the mail, the guy, you know, a guy we know real well. It’s like, dude, I got four more than I thought,


A group of four, you could go one on one. You could do tag only at this point. There’s there’s we had another big bull hunt come through at two openings, private ground three

50 plus bulls.



No longer is


Who’s been on. That’s somebody who’s been on our call list for over a year. Him and his dad, I called him. He said, sign me up. Let’s


Well, and they’re pretty specific about what they’re learning too. So like, not that you have to call us in in a year, we’ll find you hump, but, but you’re persistent. We call them on other opportunities, but they have to have to have to have exact dates and the size of bowls and everything. And, but we’ve had stone, sheep guys book haunts, it’s moose. And it’s, you know, if you have the ability to touch base with us, I guess that’s what we’re saying. If you still have room in your schedule, can’t promise it. Openings are tough, but, but I mean, Hey, stay in touch. If you can react last minute, self-employed or have the ability to drop something and leave, stay in touch with this stuff’s happening. I mean, we’ve had, we’ve heard everything in terms of stories of why you can’t go on a hunt last minute. And I mean, there’s been a lot of them, but we’ve heard of everything.

Physical injuries,

Physical injuries

And stuff,

Health unrelated health thing,

People lie in blaming it on physical injuries. Don’t you think, come on,

Possibly. I don’t hear a lot of the stories. So I just know that people aren’t going and now we have two openings or whatever.

Well, and I think it’s Testament to, to you, you know, keeping track of what people want and you know, it’s not, I mean, yeah, you get put on a list of maybe after a month or two, you think we forgot about you and we didn’t, you know, we’re

At the end of the year, we do kind of hit a reset because you know, you can’t just keep every year is different. From your perspective too, you draw tags, you draw hunts. Do you have family vacations, certain dates next year, aren’t good. This year they are you’re hungry or one year than another.

We’ve really got to Le are we really going to end this podcast without why it given us a real story? A client story is a good one. I had a really funny one the other day that you wouldn’t let us tell what, when was that?

Della was the antelope was the antelope.

Well, we’re talking to archery, but

Okay, go

Ahead. Tell us an archery story.

Do you have

A mind blank on them right now?

Why? It has so many stories.

That’s going to be hunting this weekend with owners next week. Kill some books and you’re going to come tell some stories. Yeah,

Well maybe get the hunters on the podcast next week. Maybe we’ll just make

In and around golf. See

What the hell is going

On. Why it’s got clients that LA he’s got good

Clay. I’ve done that too. Like in Monticello,

Golfing is a big part of the hunt.

Well, get under a shade tree during the heat of the day, we’re going to hit

15 holes. Many times in August.

I haven’t golfed in years, but I like to hit a ball as hard as I possibly can.

It’s therapeutic.

It is like, there’s something about just crushing a ball as hard as you can. I enjoy it. Baseball, softball, golf, ball,


Whatever pickleball you name it.

Golf to hold two times in my life. And that’s both been with these guys.

You’ve been practicing,


There’s a net back there. I still can’t really hit a ball into it. Great

Bronson. You have to bring him some golf balls. I heard.


Well, plenty too. Yeah, just, yeah,

He just picked them up out of the backyard.


You got your practical. You’re ready. You’re

Ready guys. Taking shots with windows all day.

All right. Well, sounds good, everybody. We hope you have a great fall. We’re pretty excited. Everybody’s hitting in the Hills this weekend, or at least most of us, some of us, and then some of us that don’t have quite hunts lined up. Why we’ll be back here Monday, taking your calls, sending out optics, helping you on your hunts. We’ve had a lot of guys take advantage of the member experience program, letting us know what tags they have and getting a list of clients. Who’ve had that tag in the past, as well as getting names of Outfitters still to, you know, this late in the game, even. So anyway, if there’s something we can do to help you, why give us a holler, John,

I got one other thing. All right. We never push ourselves enough. So go rate the podcast. We need some more five star. We’ve got 4.7 star average. So let’s get a couple more five star ratings out there. If you enjoy it, it’s free to you.

If they give us a five star, we’re going to give you an optic. Go ahead, John, what are we going to go on? We’ll explain. Hey, this is like, Hey, this is like these contests where you can buy votes. I mean, I feel like we’re voting for a president of the United States. I’m not going to give you any, they just



off of this for free forever. At least

By some votes, John, what do you propose? Let’s buy something. Tell

Us how to do that though. Like, I wouldn’t know that.

So if you, if you go to whatever podcast app you say Spotify, let’s say Spotify or whatever, you just scroll down to the ratings and then you tap on, write a review and then you can do five stars.

Geez. We’ve got five guys right here that could give us five stars.

Five stars is the answer. There’s nothing but five stars. You write five star review.

How about if you go give us a five star review.

There’s no way to track that.

They’re going to screenshot it

Screenshot. Oh, there we go. There. We shot it and slide into Josh’s DL.

We have no price. We are buying

By the votes I have. This is what’s going to happen with this freaking Arizona tag we’re talking about. Right?


Knows about that. He wrote about it. We

Don’t know exactly. Well,

You checked into the little,

It’s going to be one of those voting systems or by your vote.

Isn’t it called? The hero

Arizona, big game raffle tag

For the whole deer for a governor’s deer tags. So we’re going to

See a lot more white bowls, social media posts

Getting ramped up. He’s already signed up.

I’ve seen it.

I’ve not signed up.

I saw him was at the grocery store and he was kissing babies and carts.

So helping old ladies cross the street, I mean, I’ve, I’ve been doing everything.

Yeah, he was, Hey,

Could I get your Instagram handle?

Could I help you with those groceries?

For that five star rating?

She gives him a $5 bill. You know, if you don’t mind, if you’d buy me some boats out of

Here’s our website, we just go on there and type in Wyatt hero, hashtag white that he wrote.

So in light of that, Josh, let’s buy some votes. Go ahead, finish it on.

Well, I have a five-star optic here that you will receive. Go ahead. Hey

Tim, 42,

I got diamond back 10 by 42 here that we’ll send you, you screenshot your five-star review. Even write something. Maybe that’ll get you two times the votes, screenshot your review and send it to us in our DMS at epic underscore

John, John, this reeks of a program. You had an issue. Where did you eat? that’s none of your business.

That’s two giveaways in this podcast,

Both from cortex. We appreciate them. Thanks

A lot. This by, in the fall,

I’m going to have to go home and shower.

Don’t sound like spring. It sounds like those are dirty. Sounds like trucker, trucker shower down at Lowe’s. Make sure it’s used for

My hometown. I’ve got my cell phone taken care of

Don’t ever should divulge some of these things. I just keep to myself.

Yeah, it sounds like he could have walked outside and got a good shower there. So that sounded like it was getting,

I have a feeling I’m flooded. Just saying I’m just saying all right, everybody. Well, good luck in the hunts. If you need something Western big game right here to pick up doors, give us a holler. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7

At epic outdoors. We helped you reach your hunting dreams, whether it’s helping you to develop a long-term application strategy or finding the perfect outfit or for your next time as a member of epic outdoors, you also received, you have outdoors magazine and have access to the best hunting consultants in the industry, online tools and more to join epic outdoors, visit typic or call 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7.