In this episode, Adam, John, Josh, and Devin check in with Jason who’s in the field archery hunting Mule deer. Devin returns from a successful Utah archery Mule deer hunt and tells about at hunt where the stars aligned. Later in the show, Wyatt checks in from the field and gives an update on his hunting conditions.

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Hey everybody. Well, Jason’s in the field. So we were all gonna do our best Jason impersonation. But what else did Jason do? Well, that was the real one. I thought that was a practice. It’s hard to replicate an OJI. Yes, it is. Oh, funny. So when he has about two, two white winds pumping through his veins to two white monsters. Yeah. But yeah, we’d like to thank under armor for being our title sponsor on the podcast and all their support. There’s a lot of Underarmour gear right now available. And just like to remind you again, if you want 40% off of their online store, you can go to our website, epic,, right at the top. There’s a link that you can get your own specific code. And that’s a one-time use go and get that on our website. So we, we really appreciate all the companies that give us support and allow us to do these podcasts and bring them to you for free the head hunter upon us.

We’re going to have something to talk about here in a minute. Maybe we ought to call Jason. All right. He’s he’s out. I haven’t seen him in about a week. Yeah. Well, him and Wyatt, why it’s been gone? Devin, you’re gone, but you will get to you in a minute. You got, you know, venison in the freezer to work, but why don’t we just try Jason for heck, but I don’t even know where he’s at right now. I lose track. He’s got a Utah tag. He’s got, you know, his, wife’s got a tag later on. He’s got kids with tags. I don’t know where he is, but we’ll just probably, he’s probably picked up and turned back a tag this week that we picked one and returned it back and waiting for his account to become open again. So we could pick up another one. But Hey, I did maybe see one on the Colorado list that looked out here. Oh, he’s huffing and puffing and he’s in the field. He’s in the field. What’s up?

Oh, this,

Oh, we’re just taking the bats. And you’re about to have a payday with somebody here. We’re wondering since we’ve seen you last, have you picked up a tag, turned it in and picked up something else yet? That could have we done that since we saw you last. Cause we’re just taking bets trap. Oh, this service is not good. Oh, can you hear me? No. Call failed. Well, yeah. It’s, it’s hard to keep track of where everybody is. Like I came in and Devin’s

Like, yeah, I got one. I didn’t even know what state you were. It was a mad dash

To not

Get enough.

Alright. Well he’s got a

Good place if he doesn’t have service. Yeah.

That’s right. Well, he’s hiking off an knob or something like that. What is it? Late morning. And you know, time to go take a nap or regroup or something like that. But let’s talk about you archibald.

I want to know Josh. Gosh, I haven’t even got an update from him.

You don’t know whatever

I spent hunting a little bit.


Not in Nevada

Unless haven’t seen any

Somebody’s. Whoa. Let’s see. Hey, we got ya. Gotcha. Hello?


All right. Well, we don’t mean to razz you too much. We just always dying to know somebody in the field. Did you let an arrow rip this morning somewhere?

Oh no.

You’ve got all 6 of them.

I’m wondering, I’m wondering why even packed this bow around. Yeah.

Well, dang it. Well, your you’re giving it heck grind sometimes until it’s not. And then you’re calling us with all kinds of hooping and hollering spam.

I’m not sure. I’m not sure. I’m not sure. I even remember how

Well check in any way we had a little wager here then wondering if, since we’d seen you in the last week, if you bought a tag and on a turnback list and turned it back already yet or not,

We have a wager. We’re

Wondering, we got it’s a 50 50 split. Whether you bought one and turned it back in, in the last seven.

So I got it. Yeah. So, all right, so we’re going to go there. I gotta, I gotta turn back tag and then a muzzle. And then I’m like, you know, I just love the kill. So anyway, that made me feel really good. And then I went over and scattered it and looked at my schedule and kind of how to read reality check of what was really trapped to,

Well, he wasn’t bringing that one up. We were talking about, did it happen again since then? That’s what the


What do you mean? Just turn it back last week.

Your account’s not open yet. So what you’re saying you

Can’t. Oh, I imagine it is. Cause I think it went for sale yesterday.

Oh, okay.

I may have seen, I was for sure. You probably had a spotter posted up somewhere. That was his only job was

To work. No, cause I’m kind of picky. I’m trying to kinda, I haven’t seen him enough. I don’t know. And then you get one and you actually think you got a prayer getting another one. You know what I mean?


Well was pretty thick than, you know, slim pickings yesterday in Colorado. I mean, it’s like the whole world was after about six good tags. It looked like, I think no to everybody. The second, third rifles you’ll see a bigger push to them when we get within the 30 day window when people actually got to commit and turn them in or not. So now we’re kind of in a weird, weird time of year, not seeing a lot of those, but anyway, as far as you, we got, you know, we got you getting rained down, Randolph, heat, heat, or just depend on the day, heat it out one day and

That’s freaking 90, 97. And right now I’ve got a sweatshirt on and overcast and even been drizzled on every day. It rains a little bit and most of the days it’s super sunny and it’s fine. It’s fine. It just makes it tough. Like I just, okay. So have you ever seen a pack of three coyotes blow out a deer on you?

Yeah, well actually, yeah, I have. Yeah. So

Yeah. And especially

In country, that’s flatter where a deer can run three miles in about two minutes.

Yeah. And that’s what happened. And I, I witnessed that, but I’m thinking, you know, you got an old freaking deer. No, coyote gonna do nothing to a deer, you know, to a big giant mule deer buck. And you’re like, so your watch very owning when everybody’s yeah. I can tune that, getting ready for the wind to get right. You know, and, and to make a stock. And I mean, a Bobcat had already walked by these deer, like a freaking giant Bobcat and they were on alert for a second and then they were ignored it. And then pretty soon a coyote freaking crouched stocking the target buck. You know, you’re not going to take down no freaking monster, you know,

300 pound buck, come on,

Dry on top of freaking big head gear. And you’re like, I mean, you’re a coyote, you know, and sure enough dude, full bore, they ran him, ran him for 300 yards and, and then yeah, 14 miles later, no more tracks. And then five rain storms and feed everywhere and water everywhere. They don’t need to move. So like the water’s great and the feeds great. And we all like it, but it also makes it to where they don’t really need to move and it, you know, they can get up and eat and lay down and they don’t need water. And so now you’ve got less movement and in some of this country, you want movement. So you can have some tracks to go on, know where to concentrate. You know, if you have to create the movement again, you’re going to bump them again. It’s just, Hey, anyway, that’s what I’m dealing with.

Oh, huh, man. Dang. That sounds like bow hunt.

Well, yesterday, yesterday. So we spoken to whether it’s calling for Northeast wind five to 10 and I’m like, that’s great. You know, there’ll be a prevailing, you know? So anyway, we ended up getting all these tracks. I track my guts out, track them up to a dry pawn there. He’d flip around and do a 360 and come out upon the other way I already came in and I’m going another mile and a half. And then I hit another dry pond and feed. And then I, I cut them where I’m, you know, I cut all their beds and no that’s where they spent, you know, spent the all day long. Well, anyway, you get set up on them, you know, where we’re roughly where they’re going to be in. And I got a couple of really good friends, you know, set up right. When totally switches, freaking giant, giant, you know, rain, clouds, everything, switches, you know, boom. As they’re bounding away into the next county, we get to see what, what they look like. And you know, for the first time another set. And so anyway, here we are trying to do the impossible. I’m about tired of this. You know, you’re out in the desert, you know, region G or H or it’s on a beautiful high country with frolicking bucks would be nice.

Well then you’ll get up there. And after about two or three days of hunting pressure, they’re all in the trees and you can’t glass up a buck, you play like the desert, some open country.

That’s right. That’s right. Yeah. So you always, you know, be careful what you wish for and you always, you’re always thinking grass is greener, but honestly there ain’t no greener grass in here. So it’s unbelievable.

Yeah. We’ve been, I mean, everybody in New Mexico, Arizona Sonora, Southern Utah, and even parts of Nevada. I went down to Vegas here Tuesday night in back and man, the desert dreaming, dreaming up. It’s amazing down there. So

They said that they said Vegas has had rain every day for like two weeks. I mean, it’s, it’s crazy. Wow.

I know there’s a stench in the streets down there. I think there’s so much water, whatever it, I mean, literally driving around it. I mean, I’ve been down there a lot this summer. Watch my boys play ball there. They run a lot. There’s a lot of stuff, rotting in the sewers down there right now because

It was terrible.

Thank you buddy. I don’t think anybody can argue it. Vegas needs to get cleansing here and there. You know what I mean? So anyway, but I it’ll be, it’s interesting. It’s it’s, it’s crazy times. I, I just can’t believe how violent the weather is. Like, you know, re and we’ve been lucky, you know, 20 years ago, you didn’t hear about a lot of flooding and stuff, but the weather’s violent. I mean, we’re going along, we’re hauling bottle on a road that I know, like the back of my hand and all of a sudden there’s a four-foot fricking ditch, you know? And, and just, you know, just, just heavy rain is wreaking havoc,

Jump it or to just stop and finish the story.

I know it didn’t need to go to the dealership this time.

So just know John had that happen in Mexico and we know what happened there. He went for a loop.

I love that story. I love that story. You know, what’s crazy is at least I have a hospital nearby. I mean, I’m thinking John’s in Mexico, you’re on your best behavior going as slow as you can, making sure no bodily harm happens. You know,

I did that snowmobile once with a buddy, me and him, it should know pure white after a snow snow storm. And we were going about 40 miles an hour and came up on about a four or five foot ditch and download it. No EndNote in it, man. We flew into the side of the bank and we were like 12 or 14 years old. I mean, the skis were bent up over like the windshield, like it was like, of course we didn’t haver

Helmets. When you’re that old, you recover a lot quicker though.

Bones are still flyable.

I, I hear Devin’s voice. I guess he got done gutting the gun, his buck out. He’s going to come out and need to teach me how to kill something.

He was here yesterday. Yeah. He made quick work. We haven’t delved into his story.

Look for some horseshoes, man. They are lucky.

He found a horseshoe in the middle of his hunt. I mean, he’s got we, we ha we he’s teased us, but we’re about to find out, we can keep you on the air. If you want to hear about it, you might have to hide back to it. Right.

You caught, you caught me hiking out and I got bucks to kill, but I’m wondering about, I dunno, I just think Devin’s on. And Josh and all y’all Bronson. You’ve done well so far, but Devin’s on a killing streak.


I’m a little jealous out here.

I don’t know about a spree one. Does it equal a spree?

You’ve got, well, he does. He did make quick work of one, which is something we all haven’t done with deer. I mean, this year yet, he’s ready for round two and he’s chomping and then he’s got out. It’s

Not leaving tonight, Jason.


I love it. You know, you know me, if somebody is buying a truck or leave them home,

Well, we still got ya. Or did you lose you? You under a tree,

But nothing’s been, so it’s not that good. You know what I mean?

Yeah. Well, we just thought we’d check in with you. We know you’re standing on one leg with your arm in the air to keep service, but appreciate it. And yeah,

Good luck. I’ll be back. I’m going to, I’m going to work tomorrow, catch up and then I gotta, I gotta regroup and I gotta let some deer come back into the county and then maybe have another go at them. You know what I mean?

All right. Well,


Guys take it easy.

All right, guys. Good. Thanks. Go and touch with her.

Well, we might as well dive right into an Archbold.

Ah, well, I would just think of what he said. It’s so funny because in the last two weeks, I have seen two different times where coyote’s were chasing deer full on. Well, so a couple days ago, I’m walking through these thick trees and I hear, I thought I jumped something and this coyote is coming right at me. And there’s a DOE I mean, just trying to stop him there. Full boar ran like 10 feet from me. I think it’s the pups. They get kicked out of the dead and they just

See movement starting.

And I was in the desert narrowest coyotes, and there was a group of seven. So, you know, their pups, you could tell their pups and their nurse, the mom, and they were running after deer. They don’t know. You know what I mean? It’s just, it was kind of a,

It’s crazy though. Just last night it was watching a herd of deer and it had just stopped raining. It was kind of those conditioned. You’re like, all this is perfect and it was soaked and it’s like, this is a perfect, perfect opportunity. Deer. We’re feeding into a spot where it’s like, this is the best place to put on a stock forum, you know? And I was just, I was just spotting for a guy, but so it wasn’t, it wasn’t my tag, but I was just watching it. I’m like, oh, this is going to happen. This is all gonna come together. And all of a sudden now we’re I hear like this. I’m like, what the heck is somebody yelling? I hear it. A kid. Like,

I’m like, what in the world is that sound? And it sounded like somebody yelling, trying to get a deer to look at him, like maybe it’s somebody else. Then all of a sudden was coyote. And I don’t know if it was a pup that was trying to kind of learn how to do whatever to sound like somebody yelling. And those deer went from just feeding and find coming up. You know, they’d been laying down cause had been hammering rain and they’re all up just moving to where it, now they start getting on edge a little bit, you know? And then all of a sudden you hear they, then coyote started just howling and you open it. It just you’re like, are you kidding me? Like those deer went from straight calm, nothing to just, and the same kind of thing. Like Jason saying those coyotes, weren’t going to kill any of those bucks, you know, but it’s just, just puts something in their mind. Now they’re on edge and same scene. So now they’re looking and listening and any way they can to try to get a stop and got close, but they were just so on edge that it’s just crazy what stupid coyotes they can really,

They get bigger and older. And I have seen him kill books.


I have four or five.

Yeah, they could, but it’s just it’s so they know

This is bowhunter. Should we fail about 90% of the time? It only has to happen once.

Eventually they figure it out. I think I really do.

They run one into a stick and it loses its bounce and they trip and fall. And one of them is on its throat. And I mean, that’s it, that’s something weird. It’s kinda like something weird. We killed one, you know, everything has to line up perfectly. The winds got a hold. The deer looks the other way, scratches itself, side shoulder. And you have three,

The stars align. But he was talking about those storms too. And that those storms messed me up multiple times really. Cause yeah, it’s just, you can’t get a consistent wind and I’m sure there’s guys out there that have been archery hunting that have they’re dealing with that same everything’s consistent and a storm cloud comes in and just totally changes everything

Well, and it was hard and that’s what we’re trying to do. I just found the bucks, the some bucks startup feeding, you know, you’re trying to figure out what they were. Luckily I was in the safety of a truck, you know, sitting there, but trying to glass out of it. I had to stop several times because it was raining so hard. I couldn’t see through it. You know, I’m like, I can tell that there’s some bucks and, and I couldn’t tell even what they were to get them going. And then by the time it stopped, you had 15 minutes and it was just not long enough. So,

Well, I’ve been looking for it where you guys talking about, I’ll find it later. But I, I had like a two 20 bucks on the Henry’s. I was zoomed in on him getting cherry footage and all of a sudden this guy walks into the screen. It just blows him out. Right. And it’s all while I was videoing him and we ended up killing him on the next day, but it was just that day. It was a bow hunt. So it’s like, when that happens on a bow hunt, it’s usually over for that day because they’re going to run and then you’re not all in the right position. You’re watching them in a normal setting that run up and over rich. And I was like, all right, well, we’re done. We’re done now. But anyway, we killed him later, but I think the couch has ran into the deer. You know what? I’m more

Curious or whatever. But

Anyway, well, speaking of running into a deer, Archibald, yeah. You had talked about you’re, you’re gallivanting up in the silver state last week, but you came home for the Utah opener and yeah,

It was, I was up there Thursday. So the hut start Saturday and Thursday was really slow. And then Friday morning I actually found this Bach. I’d never seen him. I’ve been up there scouting and is funny. I saw, you know, I recognize all these deer. And then all of a sudden I’m like, what is that buck? Just a big, pretty tall, typical four point at

This is a general unit. Got to keep in mind. This isn’t like a limit enter tag just to general seasonal

Areas. So that was Friday night. And there was people everywhere. You know, it’s just, you can’t, I actually purposely went far away because I didn’t want people to, and there’s the same people that hunt there. So we know each other for the most part, I was so far away. Cause I’m like, I don’t want them to see me sitting right here, draw attention or night

Before a hunt

Saturday morning, I didn’t see a single target buck. It was so bad. It was slow. They were just pushed, you know, people everywhere. And anyways, so would have been Sunday morning. I had my dad and brothers up there and this buck is on this. It’s where I killed him. He’s on this knob. Same thing. We, I I’m this time I had time. They were, they were going to bed on the right side of the Ridge. So I kind of took my time and I went up and they went below me. So I had to back out circle around and same thing, those storms, it was, it was raining and it just changed. The wind changed. It

Was this early in the morning.

So that was a morning,

Morning thing

To me. I knew I was close, but it was so thick. I couldn’t see any of them. I was like 35 40 yards. And he was with like 11 other bucks. I’ll be dang near impossible

To move anymore.

And I, I, I knew I was within bow range, but I just didn’t know. I couldn’t pinpoint, I couldn’t see any of them. And yeah. Then the wind just, it was going everywhere. So he was gone and I didn’t see him again until Tuesday morning. And he was with only one buck and I’d see this deer in the summer and he liked to bed further down this Ridge. And so I said, this is, this is my chance. And I had already burned about 10 or 15 minutes looking on the backside. So they’ve already been feeding the sun’s just hitting them. And I

Knew they’re starting to Jonah start.

Yeah. Yeah. A buddy of mine, Jason was there with me and he said, oh, they’re going to go. They’re going to go west, you know, jump the fence. I’m like, yeah, but I might have 13 minutes, you know, like it’s about a half a mile and it’s a great big, long Ridge line. And it’s just an abyss all the way around. So

This is where that, that I was going to Alaska or just before that. But this is where your back country running reparations. Right?

Listen, my knees have not been the same since that deal. I don’t know. I kind of want to do another one to motivate me, but, but these are not the same. Nice.

She did that because now fast forward to Tuesday, it was 13 minutes,

8,900 feet, nowhere. So I’m running. So I decided, okay, I’m going for it. You know what I mean?

How far you are, you’re spotting from

The hallway. It’s half a mile from the, from the trail, like the old Alban there’s this fence. I actually, I got to the fence and it’s they had fixed it recently, the ranchers and somebody dedicated hunters. I dunno, fixed it. And so I’m like, holy cow, I can’t. And I broke a rib, jumping a fence once. So I’m a little worried about it. And so I just tossed my bow in a Bush and I laid down and roll and I got caught. So I’m, I’m caught in a fence. That was the only thing that slowed me down. Anyways, I stand up and it was kinda like the first couple of hundred yards was just like a run. I’m running then at the end. And I I’ve hunted here since I was up. That’s where I learned to hunt with my dad. I mean, we’ve killed bugs on the tree as we walked it. I know it like, it’s just my place

Bushes and

I know the Bush, I’m going to


So I’m on the trail. It’s just like running on a track, man. And problem is when you run that far,

You’re winning.

I’m so gassed you guys. It was bad. So I get the one Bush I really wanted to get to as another about 30 yards. And there was, it was a little open. So I was kind of stuck at this bigger Bush. And you know, when you’re like, you need air so bad, but you don’t want to be huffing and puffing because you know, they’re going to hear you, like what is making all that noise? You know, you can’t try to breathe as quietly as I can, but I still have a mustard packet to pound or something. Dude, I just needed oxygen. And so the bucks are a lot closer to me than I anticipated. They’re already starting to feed. They were kind of angle and at me, and I thought this is good. Like I need time to gather myself. And the three point was first that he’s coming to him. He coming to me and I’m just like, this is gonna be it. This is happening. You know what I mean? Third, like 9,000 yards, 110,

By the time they get closer, you’ll put up your wedding call

Just happened too fast. I was not. I’m just like, I got to breathe. You know? And all of a sudden the buck turns and goes straight west. Cause there’s a little gap in the fence. Of course. And I I’m like, he’s going to go through there. So a little further than I was hoping for. And then the big deer behind him must’ve saw me ranging or something. He knew he saw something and I’m like, man, this isn’t going to happen. He’s he’s too far. And he, he keeps walking and he keeps walking, stop and walk and stop. And I’m trying to catch my nature

In your way.

Yeah. And he’s broadside as could be. And, and I draw back and

Let me tell me, he looked away.

He did for a second. He saw there’s cattle. There’s coyote it’s like, he didn’t know it was a me, but he looked at me and then he like fed on a Bush. Look the other way at something that’s

When you’re like

Four or five more steps. I’m like, yeah, I better draw now because man, I was true back for, it felt like forever, but probably realistically 10 seconds 15, which felt like forever. Cause I was just, you know, just, I was tired anyways. The pin settled. Good. And I was like, holy cow, it feels good. And I, I just touch it off. And I played a lot of baseball.


Pitched a little bit. And you know, when you throw a ball, I was like, oh, she has, that’s a ball. Like I just, I something at the last second, I don’t know. I was just fatigued, but I just, maybe you’re not being honest here on our podcast, on the farm,

Like on dropped or something. It’s all happened. It

Happens. I mean, it’s it’s real life and yeah, I just thought, oh Gaul, that did not feel good. Like it worked when I, when I, when my brain told me to shoot the pin was there, everything was good. But I just, I, I shaked it. I felt like I was just like, it didn’t feel good. And that’s my thought process as the arrows in flight and then the ear smack and a buck hits the ground drops. Doesn’t he can’t, he can’t move. So I mean, I’m like, I just hit the last three things. I shot with my bow. I got nothing, but bone, bone crushing, just bone. And I’m just like, you gotta be kidding me.

You knew you had the spinal cords that run through bone

Bone, man. I don’t know.

So you have basically rushing me if he’s jumping off,

But it happened to me. So it’s like flashbacks, man. And I immediately knocked another arrow and shot again. And I, I hit a Bush in front of him. He was low. He was on the ground. Yeah. So I’m thinking, okay dude, just, I need to get up there. And luckily he, he kinda kicked a little bit and his head went right behind this big Bush. I walk right down the cattle trail, 36 yards flop. He dies up top of the Ridge.

Wow. That’s awesome.

He didn’t move. I mean, it was just, it was, it was not the prettiest kill of my life, you know, but he died with him. Oh yeah, I’m in it. But yeah, that’s, that’s how it went down. It was lucky. I found a lucky horseshoe and just stars aligned on that. You

Find that you literally

Morning before

Or the morning before

And I, yeah, it could be, yeah, it was old. And I thought, this is lucky. This is really lucky.

So if he wouldn’t have dropped, oh and he dropped down off the Ridge,

Well, if you perfect lucky or whatever, he’s going down into a hole, which is fine, but it’s just, man, it’s a steep cliffs. It’s just, it would have been. And that, that, that thought crossed my mind too. When I was standing there, you know, like, do I take this? Is this my shot? Or do I give him another 30 seconds? And see if I get five or 10 more yards or

We’ve all been there. And then more times than not, it’s like, oh, that he’s gone. And that was my best shot. I’m purity. And then you’re waiting another

Two. It’s just,

Yeah. Well, congrats man. He’s an awesome looking book. I’m sure. Maybe Josh will throw a picture part of the post or something on the podcast was a


Long time. Yeah.

Perfect velvet. And I’m a frequent velvet, so I didn’t touch it.

He was, yeah. Oh, it’s early enough that it’s like pristine. Yeah,

Probably yeah. Yeah. He was just barely tipped out. I mean, it was just perfect belt.

Yeah. Deep times reminds me once I was sitting in a blind with a client hunting elk, it was just an evening was earth. It was the first week of archery season in Utah. So there’s really not much bugle. And, but we had, we had a bunch of bulls hit water. It was a warmer year and there’s this one pond. We had a double bowl or whatever. It was a ground blind set up and a bunch of books, big bolts coming into it. And so he’s like, why don’t you just jump in with me tonight? And I’m like, all right. So we got in there and he had a tripod set up with his video camera in there because he was had that for himself. I still kept it up. We got on there. This book comes in at night to drink is like, I’m going to kill that boat.

I’m like, are you sure? And he goes, all yo killing that bull. It’s only like 50, 50, 55 yards. He pulls back and shoots and immediately I can see the same thing. I, I was, I turned the video camera, but it’s on a tripod. So it’s video on. So now I’m just watching with my eyes and I see that are like three feet offline. I might pop. And the bull just trashes and takes off, runs up the hill and I’m like, I, you missed him. I didn’t feel that good. And I’m like, well, let’s look. So we, I hit stop and was going to rewind and watch the thing. And priests aren’t here crashing up on the Ridge and I look up and I can see it Oak shaking still on. I’m like I pull up there and I could see a patch at 10. And I’m like, think your bowl just tipped over.

But I says, I know your air was like three feet off. It wasn’t, I don’t know what happened. I re re re wound at that bull was drinking with its head down and he shot. And the bull heard the, heard the noise lifted its head didn’t really start moving, but, but lifted its head and it still looked low. Like, you know, he pulled it to the left, you know, from the shoulder, the bull’s head was to the left. It looked like it went forward and watch the arrow. You could see the arrow is still buried in the mud. We still don’t know. So we walked over there and there’s blood. Like firehoses going everywhere. He, he clicked the juggler vein right there, like right under it’s, like that far. How far is that? Two and a half, 200


And that bull ran a hundred yards. There was blood. It was, it was, it was carnage. It was like spray paint. And so sometimes you get, you get a lucky break, stuff like that happens and made a,

That was so lucky. They just felt like it.

And most of the time it doesn’t happen. That way. If you pull a shot, either miss or maybe worse, maybe you hit it animal somewhere that doesn’t make it quick death. But anyway, you take a break like that when it comes with don’t play, learn whatever from it. But like I said, you felt good. And sometimes it’s just was probably born fatigue or something like that, you know, who knows, but a

Lot of fatigue

More than the

Well, and I’ve always, I’ve always been just probably if anything, overly aggressive with stocks. Cause I just, yeah, if you’re too timid and scared to fail, you’re never, you will never, I mean, it’s rare that something lines it’s so perfect that you’re like, this is a perfect stock. Well, and sometimes you have to just go for it. And even if it’s not perfect, it might work out. They might hold up for 10 more minutes or bed in a weird place and all of a sudden you’re there, you know? Yeah. So,

Well, and I think Jason’s mentioned that his rule of thumb is he blows seven stocks before us.

Yeah. We, we always said that one out of one out of seven, you kill or if you’re lucky.

Yeah. No, that’s, that’s probably a decent ratio. My been longer than that on some,

So yeah, me too.

But then you have other hunts, like my phone at home for 15 minutes and the first killing elk. So that that’s a one-on-one, you know, it’s like weird stuff happens and you do it long enough. It’ll happen, but not that’s cool. So now, now, now you’re thinking about maybe back to Nevada or something else. Arch.

Yeah. Just keep going. It’s here. I mean,

Now it’s time for us.

Can’t believe it’s almost September. Yeah. Now it’s time to start a streak.


Although you did have a good year last year, so you’re following up.

Well, and I’m not, I’m also not passing, you know, 18 inches of droppers and things like that. If I was doing that, I would not be on any kind of street. I like to kill them. But your deer.

Oh, that was, that was hard to let go. So you get home taken care of, then you said,

Oh, I had a hero moment. You guys. So while I was in Nevada, when was that? Two weeks ago, the 10th


The 16th or something, my wife called me and she’s like, Devin, I mowed the lawn, but the front I’ve got like 10 feet strips up. And the mower is like not working, you know? And I thought, well it’s is it out of gas? She was like, well, I put some gas in it. I was like, we’ll just park it. It would only run for about 30 seconds. It would die. And I’m driving. I’m like, oh, there’s the gas can with the mix for the weed wacker. Like I wonder she put that gas in there, you know? So I get home last night and my lawn looks like freaking jungle. It’s been right in here. I mean, it was every day. Like every day it’s been, the last thing I need to do is yard work, but I have to do it before I leave. Again. It’s just get evicted from the neighborhood, whatever. But, and so I, I guess I pumped some of that gas out and it’s it’s gas. She put the right gas blue and I started and it’s just, you know, shake and rattle and making all this smoke. You name it. And I just dove into it. Take the carb off. I, I sucked out the oil at all, but oh yeah. I changed the oil fires right up mowed the lawn.

What was the

Problem? I have no idea. I

Fixed it. Dumped gas out.

No, I put some new, fresh,

Nothing like that.

I think it was a carb. I think it was a carburetor. But anyway,

Maybe just all this weather had moisture condensation in there.

It’s hard when you’re gone for weeks and just, you know, we got a day or two in between. So the

Hero moment is,

Well, she got home, she got home and I was like, she was going to go inside and said, Hey, I’m just putting this last cover on. Let’s see if this thing works and pull it one time. It fires up. No better feeling, dear.

Well, all right. I wasn’t one of the stories expecting, but kinda kill. Yeah. Pollock, look. What about you? You’ve been out scouting and hunting a little bit. I think this week and the plans for the weekend. You’re

Just going to

Go stay Wednesday or Thursday.

This Thursday, this

Week. This week’s clipping off. So Thursday.

Yeah. I’m going to go bust out the bowl by myself. Maybe go chase a spike elk around. Even. I always, I have this dream in the back of my mind to find this like 3 76 spike by 16 or whatever.

And line seven club on one side.

I’ve seen him over the years and I’m just going to go probably do some of that. I’ve got a deer tech too. Yeah.

So good.


Do Sunbelt there. Yeah. I’m going to hit and we’re, we’re going to head out this weekend camp and whole family daughter make it, made it home from overseas for all of her summer. So on camp for a few and scout for bucks and looking forward to that eat good food, barbecue outside every night on the camper.

Oh, that sounds nice. Yeah. You knew how primitive and

It’s not going to be primitive,

But my camps are

Oh, okay. I was just say, I’ve got a camp trailer, probate grills. Not going to be primitive, but I know you’re talking about, yeah, you’ve ripped open a can every night beans and

The need is fast. You can just try to get at least five and a half hours of sleep.

The bow hunts are tough, man, because you’re ups early to get your spot and the days are long. And then you’re home, you know, after dark and eat something it’s 10 30, 11 at least. And man, the rotation starts over again. Fast.


Nights are short. Nothing wears me out more than scouting in August or hunting in August because man, your days are long. And like I said, if you drive either way at night, either too, it just adds to that. But yeah. Well maybe my Monday, Tuesday we’ll have more reports, death and destruction. And I guess you saw two deer die

This weekend. A friend of mine, Jason, I’ve known him since I was a little kid. Super. The one cool thing about Jason is he’s he’s hunted up there a lot. He’s guided a ton, just a super good guy. And he always like, even when I was little kid, he always talked to me like I was a man and I always remember that just, and I’ve always respected him for it. Just, just a good dude. And he, he texted me, it was last Wednesday or Thursday and he’s like, you head it up. And I said, yeah, I’ll see you there I guess. And so it was cool. He was going and he’d had an accident a couple years ago and he just was kind of like the a brain injury. He got hit, hit the head real hard. And it just, he was, he was an iron man rotor. And they said that actually with the reprogramming of his muscles and that really helped him. So he had, he can use his one leg and his one arm and he shoots his one arm and he, he has a bite, a bite yeah. Release on his boat. So he shoots with his one arm in his mouth. That’s just awesome.

And he’s got his one quad works. She told me and he can so he can walk. You know, it’s hard for him and he just paid it. He loves it man. And he’s out there and I come around the bend. I was, I was running late that morning. I just, wasn’t in a hurry. And I come around the bed at the top and there’s side by side, I see some orange tape tied to a branch and I’m like, holy cow, like, that’s a good sign. There is coming back. He’s like, I’m glad you’re here. Cause I just shot a buck. You know, it was awesome. And we, we tracked it a little ways and it was, it was a great shot hindsight. But at first it was that clear blood and it was, there was some gut there

Thinking this might be there.

I said, well, let’s go, let’s go up and let’s come with me. We’ll go hunt together. And that’s when I found that horseshoe and I said, we’ll come back here and we’ll give him like, let’s meet at four or five. Yeah. We’ll we’ll come back. And so we tracked a little bit here and there. It was same thing. It was about to start raining. And I was like, we got better quicker. Yeah. That thing didn’t go 150 yards. He just smoked, it, hit it a little, it was quarter and away. So we hit it a little far back and it hit the opposite shoulder and went like, it was an awesome shot. Yeah. It was awesome, man.

That’s a guy making lemonade there out of a situation. We’ve talked to him a lot of years about hunts all around and he’s, I mean, I guess yeah. You gotta brief focus and learn how to do something in different ways. He’s been handled


Scary situation there.

Operational guy, man. It’s such a great about it too. He knows your family and

Yeah. He’s just a man. You just don’t get better. Better guys. Just genuine is genuine. And like you said, I mean, even when you were a kid, he respected you. He’s just like that with life. And

Yeah, I always remembered that. He’s just good, good dude. Sweet pack that buck out, quartered it, act it out. And then we went and hunted that night. Couldn’t find it. Couldn’t find the box. And he’s like, well, I didn’t really think I’d be done the first day. What are you doing tomorrow? I’m like, you know where I’m going to be. Let’s go kill one. Let’s go get another one. He came up there and he was, he was there. And then he, you know, I met up with him and he let me eat. He packed out. He came down and took pictures and he packed out a quarter for me

Of your buck.


Just a super cool dude. It was a lot of fun. It was just a special, just a lot of things meant, felt like it was fell in place placement to be in just one of those trips, you know? Like it was just a special, special day on the mountain. Two days on the mountain.

Oh nice. When you have one of those, there’s so many that just don’t go. Perfect. And yeah. It’s nice.

Yeah. Well, well John, what about you? You don’t go to 10.

I don’t have a tag for a little while, so yeah. Yeah. Well cabin fever. Yeah. Well

Adam, what are you leaving?

It’s next Wednesday. Yeah, you’re getting there. Yeah. I’ve got another big stint up, up north, again, up to Alaska. So I’m looking forward to it. I feel really spoiled this year with two, I call them extra curricular type haunts. My wife looks at me like, what does that mean? I know I’m like, I just mean bigger than usual. I don’t know. Like, you know, outside somewhere that I can actually drive my truck and go hunt with, you know? So

Those you used to call once in a lifetime and then every year your wife’s like there can’t be a once in a lifetime hunt every year. You haven’t

Used that term in 10 years

Better. So now your extra curricular

I’m here. I do. I get home a week early, you know, from that trip with my son, which we’ve already talked about what put the high school football game last weekend. Cause we’re here, you know, I’m just, you know, chilling, trying to win husband of the month. It’s not going to be here, but maybe a month. And yeah, so she was, you know, helping out in the snack shack with a bunch of other moms, you know, basketball, moms help out the football season, running the snack shack and the football mom sell out in the back of basketball student, how it works out. So she’s there for others. And I get there at halftime. I was out scouting that night and got into halftime and it just so happened. The other, I knew two of the other ladies that are there and their, their husbands hunt a lot too.

And so they had a good hour and a half cause there was an hour, there was an hour rain delay and then, and then a half. And it was, yeah, they had conspired. They have a club now formed kinda like they’re going to go though the hunting widows, you know, like they need a club. But anyway, they talk all, all football game long about their husbands at hunt and are gone and all that. And so then I walk into that lion Stan and it was like, well, let me leave. I’m going out. I’m leaving. You know, they were good. They were there, but they were, they’ve got plans and I don’t even know what they are. You’re just lucky shopping trips. I’ve heard shift, leaving town, shopping and credit cards. I’ve heard, I heard those types of stuff. So the closer that they end up the luckier, you are Mexico, you know, you’re in trouble.

I don’t know, but I’m going to be gone, but I don’t know how we got talking about that. But yeah. So I, and they used, they were mocking the term once in lifetime and I was there and I’m like aspect. You haven’t even used that term in 10 years. Yeah. It used to be a go-to for that’s. I’ve been married 25 years and I left that long ago because I know the high roles and everything that go with it. So yeah. They’re just, you know, big hunts. I don’t know what to call them, but yeah, I got another one heading up next week. Wasn’t I may have said this, but yeah, the trip with my son was technically supposed to be last year. COVID, you know, opening up late in Canada, postponed it for a lot of other people. So I have two in a year that seemed like there should have, you know, their own season in itself kind of back-to-back months.

So anyway, looking forward to that, see if we can find the caribou first, my, my brother and I are going to go and get flown and dropped off and do that. And then that’d be hunting the sheep again. So I’m going to be gone for a while guy so that one’s not going to get done on paper. And then I have that, that is a quote. I tell my wife on paper and I tell this to you, John, when you come in and say, Hey, I need everybody’s, you know, schedule, schedule on paper. I have stuff that goes back to back to back to back in Utah, but just like Devin, you kill on day three and now you’re home. You got a week of work or whatever else. So it never usually goes like that. But on paper I’m going for three weeks

And I always assume the distance. I always just, that’s how I’ve always assumed it.

I don’t know.

You’re thinking unlike Jason’s current Southern California or wherever he’s hunting right now, we’re probably not going to be able to call you.

No. Well, there, there is a window in between this caribou stint that going to go try. And when I actually get flown out to, to my doll sheep hunt, that I should have some civilization time. It might be one night in a hotel back in Anchorage or something. I don’t know if it goes to the distance. It could be a mad dash, get back. And now I’m taking right off. So I don’t really know, but my suspicion is I’ll have a dare to, I hope I don’t have like four or five days. I’m really kind of dreading that. Cause that I’m going to go crazy sitting around up there. Cause my brother’s just going to fly home to Utah and I’m going to be up there. Like what do I do? I mean,

I didn’t reach it as to those are awesome to be like better at that. I’m not good at that. Well, that’s all you got. I can’t text.

I can’t call it’s the only thing I can do is send an inReach. So maybe I’ll maybe I’ll I’ll I’ll drop some of those to y’all. So

You got the unlimited plan so you can go. Yeah,

I changed that last month before we went up to the Yukon. Just because, but anyway,

Maybe we can all learn from Devin in between the hunts. She just purposefully planned the hero moments. Like take the fuse out of the vacuum or something like that. The vacuum is not working well, then she’s going to have to vote the next two times to guarantee. So

This better be

Running. I was like, I have to fix this or I’m going down to ACE and getting another one because

Yeah, you need a bail. It, if you don’t


About that tall, even without water in it. Yeah. Plenty of mushrooms in your lawn. So now right now, so anyway,

We round things out. We’ll talk about, we’ve got optics in car Wyatt and see if he called, oh, I knew I was just thinking the field or is he just, we don’t know what it could be golf. Well, the day

He’s guiding a hunter, but you don’t guide all day long. So I know we took some golf clubs and we’re going to find out if he’s used them,

Hey, might be sitting on a buck. You never know

Why it’s too smart


It’s like a coyote. He knows when you’re on doing.

Yeah, he has a sixth sense. He heard the motor slow from the highway.

Squealing brakes, blusher. Well, it would have been good to check and maybe he’ll call us here before we wrap up. If we do we’ll answer, but he’s out. Think he’s guidance. Some hunters right now are tree deer hunters. And, but yeah, teased him. Cause I mid day he was going to maybe he’s not a golfer. He’s a self proclaimed non golfer. But, but the other guy he’s with, I think he’s, I don’t know who he’s with, but is a pretty big golfer. And the hunters I think are golfers. So

Plants, there was some sort of a competition of some kind. They were,

Yeah, there was some skins games going to be played in the middle of the day. So

The fish during a hunt, but I’ve never golfed during


Maybe that’s what he’s doing. He was trying to read a putt. Could you why down there on the green. I can’t even Jambo

Out in the Spider-Man position

Trying to read the break. Yeah. Well anyway, we’ll check with him. He’ll be at some point he’ll be done maybe early next week, but we’ll have to do another one of these early next week and get a weekend update. But anyway, lots going on. But yeah, like John, like you were leading into, we’ve had a busy week here. We’ve heard it all in terms of optics. Some people just to put off buying what they knew. They know they, it all year long and fortunately we’ve stocked up on a lot of inventory and we’ve been able to help them out and get stuff out the same day. We’ve also had people set their vinyls down on a, on a Rocky Ridge right next to them and the vinyl harness. And it takes off rolling 400 yards down the mountain and it took, you know, hours to go retrieve it.

And they find their BuyNow is out of alignment, which, you know, they’re, they’re done for at least, you know, tell the, you can send them off and get them back. So you’re done being used. So we’ve been able to get them another parish sent out by a new pair, whatever had people back over their tripods and spotting scopes in their vehicle, which we’re not laughing about that. But we’ve all maybe known people that that’s happened to. Whether it be anything like that or you just know it’s time, give us a call at epic outdoors. We’ve got a good inventory in stock of binoculars, spotting, scopes rangefinders, which it’s been nice to have a lot of the supply chain issues work themselves out and us to have good stuff on the shelf that we’ve all missed for a lot of the two years prior. So give us a call. Our number is 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. We do, we, we are still kind of on a Monday through Thursday this time of year because the hunts are on where there usually somebody’s going to be here Monday through Thursday, one of us guys and a couple of the office staff ladies as well. So, but Fridays are tough sometimes just because we usually try to get out and either scout or get something in on the weekend or, you know, hunts are starting on the weekends as well. So yeah.

Yeah. I kind of just throw out there too. We, we may have a display model or two left as well. So you know, if you’re looking for a really good deal, I think we’ve got some vortex and, and Zeiss and a couple others. So anyway, if you’re you’re looking for one of those, we’ve got, we’ve got some, if you’re looking for good deal,

Anything else, guys?

I like to shout out to Hoyt.


Yeah. I love that bow man.

Yeah. This is the first, that’s your first cure kill with that bow. Right? The new one, you got the RX seven this year. You and Josh,

First blood first ball, whatever

I got the RX five last year and you guys are all feel like, I feel like I’m missing out. So I don’t know what’s going to come out next year, but I’ll probably just to be just to have another one as a backup that our ex vice pretty deadly too. But yeah, well that’s good. Congrats. Getting something

For something to come in new to this office and make it out of life. Really? For the most part, I mean, we, we get one gun. We all think we need one. There may be one marinate. And in my office that


It was like,

It’s going to be a whole bottle. If you keep drilling on it, handle it.

Which caliber are you looking at? Where’s the alcohol pads set up. Ties that thing. It’s

That 300 rounds

At 300 round fierce. Somebody call calling, buy it. It’s ready to go. Ready to ship. The problem with guns is they’ve been taken months and months to get, but we’ve got one ready to go by jobs. We’ve got a couple of steel barrel, fierce rivals, but we’ve got, got an edge in doing the rum pressure’s on. Now. Josh we’ve announced everybody out of pocket.

I’m just trying to decide if my whiskers are stiff enough to shoot a 300.

Oh, they’re getting there. I can’t, I can only see the bottom of your teeth and your smile.

I know

You better go kill a spikes. You can strip that thing up

To you to her in like November four minutes, August. I don’t know what you’re going to look like in November. It could be


Because when I say you told me mean Archbold,

I don’t know, man. I usually to, yeah, maybe usually

Aren’t as

An audience by.

Yeah. So it’s going to be interesting. I’m

Not gonna be able to eat. I’m going to have to like live my

Mustache to get us started losing weight. Look at Macy’s

Going to have to carry some of that hair gel in there to kind of lift it up

The sky, like 55 tacos or 55 napkins, to eat a taco.

So you got, you’ve got this though. Shave until you kill. Is that right?

I don’t have like a really bad killer’s instinct. I feel like I need right now, which is bad. Specifically. Might happen sooner.

Maybe go out and kill, like just call it eight pup coyotes for somebody to just,

I actually saw one. I actually saw one on the right over this morning.

I think if you went out right now, you slay.

I saw one tonight that didn’t have a gun with me today. So

Well, you guys are going to be, if something doesn’t happen, you know, Archibald, you took care of your lawn. If you don’t take care of this before another stint in Nevada and then Arizona,

If I went through the end of November and the state I am right now,

You would eat oils and

It would just not,

It’s going to need to be fast and a whole lot of stuff. When you’re done Santa Claus,

That’s a new word to me. You

Don’t, you don’t want to attach your lawn in the spring. It’s when you run that thing in front, it pulls out all the old yellow

That Adam teaches me new words all the time. He taught me what Pentagon was. I didn’t know what PIMCO never heard of that.

I’m going to need to be attached to narrated if it’s clear till November when,

Well, I don’t know, by the end of three weeks in Alaska. Well, if I get that, if I get that long enough stint to meet a razor for a week, otherwise it’s going to be three weeks. And once you get to three weeks, it’s easy to let it go. Yeah. So, cause it’s, it’s hard. You can’t use a blade normally anymore. You got to get Clippers and get it down to a level before you can use a blade. So anyway, we’ll see,

I’m excited to

See problem with me. I’m getting a little too many whites involved in my chin. I don’t like to look at it. So reminds me of my age. So the longer it gets, the more, more I don’t like it. My wife actually likes it, but your wives must be able to like it or I’ll put up with it too. Or, or you wouldn’t have it either. But anyway, well all you listeners out there that are hunting, we wish you safe travels. There’s a lot about kicking off, you know, in terms of hunts and new hunts kicking off here, Colorado archery is kicking off September 2nd. A lot of Archer hints kicking off in Wyoming. But Hey, before we end, we just got the call from and old Wyatt bowls. Par four balls. What’s going on?

Oh, not a lot.

We didn’t know if you were lining up a putt. When we called earlier, if we were interrupting a golf game or not skins game, we’re weird.

We were just at breakfast.

Oh, okay. Well we’re just here. The podcast crew here, Paula Archbold and John and I,

Well, he’s checking in at the computer screen. Cause a buddy of mine just missed a 2 31 elk tag.

Well, Hey, I’m on a waiting period. So I can’t do it that, and so’s Archibald. So Paula, Paula

He’s upset. Well, that’s what I’ve been bringing. I’ve brought that my thing in with the last two times, cause I wanted to get one live on the podcast and Jason borates me for not working.

We teased the memories over there, double dip and looking for a tag. And then today it would have paid off

Under the impression that it was okay to do that. But

It have been your opportunity right. There

You are. But, well, what’s new over there. You got any, any death? Any, any, any venison hanging in the tree shade tree.

So I’m really close calls. What we have going on over here. So we’ve all been on box and handful of times just hasn’t come together yet. So

You’ve been wearing your rain gear. Looks like it was pretty dark over there this morning.

Yeah. The rain gear is the cab of the Toyota truck.

You don’t leave it. Yeah. Yeah.

We’ve been pretty fortunate. It’s only been raining during the middle of the day and on all our stocks. We’ve had pretty good weather.

Good. What about we teased a little bit that you’re being dragged along and do a high stakes golf skins game over there. If you have you won any money yet with these goals,

We have not had a chance to play golf. That’s that middle of the day rain.

Okay. Well, so we keep waiting. I think one of those fantasy golf tournament, things that you got roped into with some of these guys back in the masters or something, didn’t you like you weren’t winning that. You don’t know you’re picking winners and when, and so hopefully that continues on this one little spin, little, little spin and money for the next concert or something you go to,

Yeah, don’t hold your breath. I’m not much of a golfer,

All that practice. And you’re not even going to get to go Wyatt.

And what’s kind of our topic today. What are you guys been talking about?

Well, we called Carter. He was walking in from dead morning as he called it. He’s, you know, he’s singing the blues a little bit. He was, you know, wondering about some high country in Wyoming or somewhere a change of pace. And we said, well, those guys are going to be wishing. They had visibility and, and more open country, like desert country, like you’re in. So it goes both ways, but no Archibald told his, his account of his book and we’re just kind of catching it and whatever he’s doing here in the field right now and the next week or so a lot of, a lot of stuff kicking off. So

A lot of hops coming up so

Well, that was it. We we’re just checking in with you. That’s nothing. We was hoping you had a cool story to report and you had your hands on some fuzzy velvet this morning, but

Yeah, I’m hoping so too, but soon. All right, so, well, we’ll get these guys on them.

We don’t hear from you. So we’ll probably call you Monday or Tuesday again. So don’t screen your calls. So we’d like some fresh, fresh, good stories. So

Sounds good.

Take it easy. Be safe.

Okay guys, anything else you guys want to add? That was timely though. Got him in at the end and got the crew. Well, all right, good luck to everybody this weekend. And you know, both here and y’all out there listening. If we can help you with anything last minute, give us a call again here at epic outdoors. You know, we, we have had people calling was getting turned back tags and both Nevada and Colorado and shooting a member experience list right out to them. Josh is over there shaking his head. He’s he’s hurting hard right now. Cause he’s spent hunt for our trail. Why it just had to ruin his day, week in life. But anyway, wish you all luck and safe. So yeah, till next time you look up

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