The Epic Crew checks in with Jason in the field and gets an update on his archery Mule deer hunt. Jason stocks up on some good karma by rescuing some foreign tourists. Jason’s story leads into other good karma stories, which then turn into confessions of dumb stuff the Epic Crew has done. Several stories come out that might spare listeners painful experiences. Adam tells about accidentally drag racing his diesel in the car wash and warns about potential car wash dangers. Jason makes a confession about forgetting a hitch pin on his trailer. The Crew then talks about glassing soundtracks and tells stories about being attacked by animals and odd encounters. Adam then talks about getting ready for his Alaska hunts and the importance of making lists. Then Devin Archibald gives an update from the past week. He tells about guiding some newby hunters and cool experiences. Devin then gives an update on his archery Mule deer hunt and talks about lessons each failed stalk can teach hunters. Josh then gives an update on his field activities. The Crew talks about sending their wives in to purchase powder. Adam talks about his new Red Rock Precision Rifle and getting set up for his Alaska hunt.

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Anything to do with Western big game.

Welcome to the epic outdoors podcast. Powered by Underarmour. Hey everybody. Welcome to epic outdoors podcast. We’ve got Adam here, Devin, John, Josh, and a couple of our Rangers out in the field. We’re going to check in with them here in just a minute. So, but before we get going, I want to thank under Armour as always for being our title sponsor here at epic outdoors podcast and mentioned maybe a couple others later on, but how’s everybody doing today? Good. Who are we going to check in with first? Wyatt’s been quiet? I’m worried. Really quiet. I’m going to call him right now. I don’t, I don’t know if he’s even grabbed his clubs. We teased him last week about it. He’s still been hunting. So

That’s what,

I don’t know. Wednesday, Thursday,

10 days.

Why it’s a coyote? He knows.

Yeah, we should have had plugged that into Josh’s phone or John’s or somebody else truly

Coptics today. Did you get one of those apps where like it shows up as his wife? For his mom, his mom,


He’s screaming. He’s like potential spam for all right. All right. Where are we going to call the big, easy JC. See what he’s doing? I pretty much know what he’s going to say. It’s going to say sucks out here. It’s hot.

What’s happening?

Oh, we’re just getting an update. Wonder if you have an awesome morning today.

Come on, give us,

I’ve used some positive vibes. We’re just all here. Ready for an uplifting. If we’re in the middle, if you’re in the middle of a tracking job of a, of a liver hit, we’ll let you get back to it.

I wouldn’t answer. Oh, well, I let’s see

There in the lone

Lifting part of lifting part. Let’s see, I pulled out some Chinese or Japanese people.

That’s good karma. There

They were. Were they in a two wheel drive rental,

A rental car rental car will never be the same.

I rescued some people from Shanghai, China about five years ago, down, down the compare wits. And they were in a two wheel drive escalate. That was probably 80 or $90,000 rental rear rear wheel drive clay. And we pulled them out with four wheelers. We were spitting rooster tail mud over the front of all the things. And I just said, Hey, I’m not on this contract. If you want to get home, you know, this is what we’re doing. And

When the bumper off you just drive away, they don’t know what to do,

But we got them out. Yeah. We had to take pictures. Did you take pictures with your,

Well, this was four in the morning, you know, they were sleeping in the car and had a tow truck coming and they said, nah, to two other people, they try, we don’t feel good about this. You know? And I’m like, well, I’m in the side by side. And yeah. So anyway, he left, left the parking brake on, I mean, I drug him out with the parking brake. It was a Prius or something, something that I not a huge fan of, but anyway, whatever. And they’re on their way. And then he’s like, you come back, you come back this way. And I’m thinking, and he’s like, cause we may get stuck again. I’ve never seen more warning lights. Like this thing, everything said now function Sandy. And he says, I know good English, but he’s not function, no function. You know, it was, there was, there was lights on the dash,

Christmas tree dash.

I never knew dash has had this many lights. I mean, so I put him on mountain mode, which means, you know how you can’t drive anything. You got to turn off your traction control.

They won’t, you don’t have enough power to,

Without fail. Every one, every, every person that I pulled out, you know, did just don’t know. And there’s huge signs that say four wheel drive only. This does not mean all wheel drive, but like, you know what I

Mean? Or they were the signs in Chinese though.

They’re in English right


And so they should be speaking,

Hey, Google translate

Good stuff. But I thought good things would happen. But now

Yeah. Well, if you’re, if you’re ever in China and you see a sign and it says, stop here. Now we need four wheel drive, jacked up vehicle. But it’s all in Chinese. You’re getting just drive by it. Carter. You’re going to disclose it.

Yeah, I would. But then I just wonder if they’ll show us the same courtesy. I was just always wondering that like, would they, you know, would they be nice to me?

I’ve told my wife after this, we took pictures with his family. It was like, multi-generation, you know, grandmother, parents, kids, you know, and I’m, I’m invited. He was, he was some dignitary from Shanghai. And he’s told me in broken English that whenever I’m come to Shanghai, I’m welcome in his home and he’ll take care of me. So I think there’s probably 10 million people there. I’m sure I’ll find him. If I ever go there.

Sure. You’ll find me. I don’t know. It’s kind of it’s. Yeah. It’s just a, just a morning boss. Just morning.

It’s the morning. Well, all right.

I class, I worked the BTX over in the twelves and,

And you know, any deer hair in your scope today?

No, no. I saw a rabbit, some birds, sunrise. It was a beautiful morning.

Hey, you’re a glass half full kind of guy. I liked it. And you got some karma. You put some karma in the bank. We talked about karma with Archibald last week, helping, helping a fellow hunter with some of his limitations one day and then finding a rusty old horse shoe. And then the next day, whaka, it happened, he got a buck.

And I mean, I don’t know if the true story came out, but he should have never killed that. So the karma did work.

Oh yeah. Well he alluded to the fact it was not a perfect shot, but I mean, you’re right. I mean, that happens.

Well, two nice gals at the Love’s gas station the other night. What? Late at night. Yeah, she, I got out of my truck, shut the door and I go to turn to walk in and this lady was right there.


Scared me to death. I was like, oh, you know, 600, do you have a pump? I’m like, yeah. She’s like, my car is over there. I’m flat. So I went in, came out, went over there and helped her. She was on her way

With what just needed air,

Air. I didn’t see a nail or whatever, but it held,

It’s amazing. How, how just helpless. Some, you know, they’re just, there’s a lot of people they’re out here. Like they don’t know how to use a tire jack. Like, like it’s, you know, it’s amazing what people are willing to do. And they gotta be nervous the whole time. I mean, this is crazy country out here, you know, and not, not prepared for it. Like

Especially if you’re in a Prius. That’s flipped. Are you on electric or gas at the moment? How do you turn that off? If you’re getting stuck in one of those

I got in there and it was like, whoa, you know? And then I just hooked on. And then I had to wit I had to give it a little more leverage, backed up a little bit, use the blanch and then started critiquing and Chrome. And then I realized I’m dragging all wheels, you know? And he’s supposed to be at w he’s supposed to be at the gas. It’s

Supposed to be running up your bumper. Yeah.

Whatever, you know, whatever.

No, it’s not just in the Hills. I remember the day we went to lunch in the snow cone, shack was stranded in the middle of the road,

Came off the hitch

Off the hitch and we pulled over and Jason pulls out that handyman tongue was, it’s

Not good. If you forget to put the pin in your hitch,


Usually doesn’t end. Well,

Yeah, John breaks up talking about the good karma thing.

I’ve got one. No, I’ve got one for you. I’ve got one. This is, I’m going to self admit this one. Okay. So I want to look in this weekend for deer and all that. We got all of our trucks and that muddy and muddy, real money. Me. I took my other one. My daughter and my wife came over and brought it over. My son. Of course, he wanted to go to the football game. Cause he was, you know, one in the morning getting here. After that, we had three trucks over there for four of us, whatever we get home. And I had to wash off because they were, they were bad muddy and I’m going to be gone for a couple of weeks. So I go to the car wash. You can’t go to the drive-thru one because you got chunks and Claude singing everywhere. You got go on.

That’s what’s funny about those automatic medic car washes. You can’t go in there with your dirt.

You want that. They want, they want a couple of bugs on your grill and that’s about all,

But yeah, they want you to go down to their competitor and then come back.

That’s what I did. And telling this to all of you guys, because this could happen to you. This scared, that beep out of me put a beep in this Josh. So I got done spraying it all off and I hung it. You know, you get your, your mats and you hang them out there, you spray them off. Right. And my, I was washed, it was, it was my diesel. So I let it run the whole time. But I do that almost anytime I tried to just let it run. So I get in there, it’s in park. I put the, put the mat mat in the passenger side and my boy was on the next bay washing. My other trucks were there having a washing party. Basically I put my, you know, these big, nice WeatherTech, you know, fitted, you know, floormates and I put it in there, snap it down in there. And as I’m walking to my son, I, I, there’s a bunch of people on, I hear freaking a truck revving up like, like loud. And I’m like, yeah, but I didn’t know that. Okay. I’m older. I walked around on my son and I’m looking out at the people, the vacuum. And I’m like, who are these freaking kids? Rah hot rod, their trucks. I’m like, I suck tire just said, hell seat at the house. I go over there. Jump in my truck. Still not it’s so loud around me. I can’t, I don’t know where that noise is coming from. And yeah,

You put it in drive.

I put it in drive. Luckily my foot was on the brake. I started freaking laying rubber in the parking lot on wet concrete. And I, and I led off and I hit it and it wouldn’t stop. And so I’m, and finally I realized what’s going on. My mat, my gas pedal is behind my mat and I can’t, I can’t. And so I let off my break at all. As soon as I put it in gear, I’m in a diesel member, your diesel is basically


And they put it in gear. Luckily my foot was on the breaker. I would’ve went, plowed into whoever’s in front of me in the vacuum. Okay. So now I’m out there herky, jerky and I’m and I can’t, but what do I do? So I finally throw it in part, right? It’s only, but it takes you a split second. It felt like five seconds to realize what’s going on first. I’m trying to do it with my hand down there, the breakup, but Nope, park. I get out, get it out and put it behind. And now it’s all good. But I, I just about had a major disaster. When you put your floormates in there, make sure it’s not over your gas pedal before you get it.

When you put it in park, do they just jerk it in park hammer down?

Luckily, my, my, my brakes, I don’t know how much brake pad I used up in that little three second estimate, but plenty because, and I got, I got home and I walked into Ty said, Hey, did you hear, did you hear all that commotion at the bigger shows? No, but he said, I heard freaking screeching and peeling out like somebody. And I’m like, that was me in the bed next to you. And I says, here’s what happened. And I just told him, he says, if you ever take your mats out, be careful, do not put it over your gas pedal and then get in there and start to drive.

You know what I love about kids. It seems judging you the whole time. “Oh my stupid dad.

And he can, he can, he calls me a boomer or whatever they call you about being some old person. But I’m like, I’m just telling you that. So you don’t do it, but Hey, that’s one tone. Y’all and somebody out there listening to this are probably 50 of you listening to this. It’s like, yeah, I’ve done that before. And I, and maybe you crashed your


Yeah. But Hey, I don’t, I don’t have pride. It doesn’t matter. We’re all admitting deficiencies for the safety of others.

So I never left a hitch pin out of it, out of a truck until last week. And I put it in this trailer is a freaking, you know, they’re, they’re heavy trailers, double tip out.

Oh, toy hauler is not gonna, there’s not, you need that pin in there. You need that pin to keep,

Well, I always wondered, like, do you really need a pin? Because there’s enough friction that tongue weight, there’s a friction be fine. You know? I don’t know. But anyway, no, you need us. So anyway, I drove, I pulled out of my yard. I’m loaded down, headed out and I get to the stop sign. I mean, just right. My subdivision, I get to the stop sign and everything’s great. I give it the gas. And I’m like, are you crapping me now? Like I don’t, I didn’t really know. I was like, what? And, and I went back, I, same thing. I’m halfway out in the street, a busy intersection. I come back around and the freaking things hanging by the chains. And I’m like, well, chains, work.

I know what these are for now.

The whole entire, now this isn’t just a little hitch. This is the giant trailer hitch with the equalizing bars. And everything is out of the receptacle down on the ground, hanging in the air. And it’s, the tongue is suspended and it bent like one of those toe, you know, the chain hook, ears down. And anyway, I’m just going. I tried fricking gun electric, Jack I’m, Jack and Ana. I’m calling Janet. You better get here, bring me a pen. And don’t tell the guys, you know, lifting this trailer up anyway, get it back up on the hill. People are honking at me cause they’re neighbors, they’re honking. They keep driving, you know, and I’m grateful. So anyway, anyway, I get everything put back together. And, but could you imagine if that has no problems,


Issues. Yeah. I got even doing 40. Yeah. I mean, it’s gonna jerk my truck all over and I just thought, that’s tender mercy. You know,

I guess for we’re we’re spilling the beans here. Yeah. We’re well, I don’t know if it’s getting old or what, it’s just that, I mean, I can’t believe I did that, but I did it cause you know, I’m a newer diesel owner and you know, I know guys in diesel sleeping them all night long and let them run. So you’re supposed to let them run. Right? That’s fine. A little diesel. But when you put a floor mat in and now it’s revved up a three or 4,000 RPM and you put it in gear and it’s on wet, soapy concrete shiz is about to get wild.

I’ve had the same thing down the freeway with those laser map, those are laser fitted maps or whatever. And I had the same thing down the freeway with them. You gotta, I mean, you know, they’re, they’ve probably got a pretty good insurance policy cause they’re gonna, they’re gonna, you know, get sued here and there that’s legit.

It was,

I mean, it’s their fault one way or another, it’s going to be ours.

We’ve we’ve all had a Blackwater to the face moment at some point in our life.

My boy and I took him

Different levels could admit to that.

I took Ty to empty our trailer this weekend. And I said, yeah, you remember those podcast stories? I says, this is how it happens. And I says, yeah, when this starts coming out, picture Josh. When that hose comes at you not just pushing the black water pump this way, you grabbed the hose and try to put it back on

Just like you would explain what the car there’s like. You have to make a split second decision less than a split second. And there are certain things.

So she, you know, what I love about this is it was Josh because he laughs at all of us under his breath. He’s quietly laughing at all of us. So I’m like, you know what it’s about time has something bad happened to you.


Anyway, that’s about it. I mean

Some goods on the forecast. If you’ve saved a couple foreigners something’s happened,

I wouldn’t be out here.

Shoot your bow, shoot your two arrows for the day and be ready for tonight. That’s what I’ll be ready.

I, I got to do some stuff here, but oh, everything’s good. How’s y’all

No, it’s good. Well we’re yup. Pretty mellow morning. We’re selling some optics and you know, things like that.

The 15th, I got a guy that was looking at the SLC for teens and I think we only got a couple of parallels in stock.

No, I haven’t heard from him. So

We got, we got some, we got some inventory, but then there’s some things you’re pretty, been more popular than I felt that a bit.

Well, lot more people waiting the last minute this year, but we do have a great inventory and we can get it out the same day. I mean, we’re, we know people are in the field are leaving. We’ve had emergency stuff. We’ve had hell, I took another call yesterday from somebody in Alaska guide, got back to base camp and his spot and scope port and then his pack fell out somewhere.

And so you’re at the end of the hunt in Alaska. And you leave your scope on the mountain. Are you going back?

Well, no, they had no idea where it could have fallen off. So like you can’t backtrack that.

I just know how physically beat are by the end of this.

No. And it was, I dunno, it was this rough skew. So I know that’s what they bought that they replaced it with an 85 minute ATX

Well, this guy actually broke a pair of fifteens in the span of companies, you know, down and out for, for a week plus they’re going to be with the backlog. So anyway, they were looking at grabbing on another pair, but

Well, yeah, give us a call. If you need something, if you need something in emergency, if you just need something, call us and somebody will be able to take care of you.

You know, I listened to a listen to some podcasts this morning. I just re no, I just think like I’ve been glassing without using my AirPods, you know? But, and that, it’s kind of nice. It’s nice to listen to podcasts or, or whatever. Just stuff with glass. You can just get into a groove and you just do. I don’t know. It was

Maybe we’ll have somebody tell us, maybe that’ll be a contest or something. Josh. He got a DM us about what is the best glassing, soundtrack or glass for big bucks. The best song that gets you in the vibe.

We’re posting a selfie of you and listening to something while you’re glad.

Yeah. Blast, but you’re not going to hear the bucks snort 40 yards behind you that you’re looking forward. You’re not gonna be

No I’m 1500, 1500 feet on top of a cliff. There’s some times when it makes sense. Yeah.

Well, you’re not going to hear, you’re not going to hear the golden Eagle just about to latch onto the back of your neck is he’s approaching it. You from a hundred yards above,

Right? That’s right, right.

I had a, I just remind me, I had an incident with that over the weekend. This weekend. I have to tell you guys


Tear down

Conveniently. Was it, was this at the warm Springs?

No, I was camped under the one and only tree I know of. And I hear this it’s three in the morning and I got there late and I was like, whoa, what’s that? And it made me think about what you said about those. Kyle’s making weird noise and all of a sudden it was just this like contrast. I swear this screeching loud, deep, just, I can’t even, it’s just watch this dinosaur show and watch the tear dactyl. So that’s what it was and it, and I’m like what? The freak and I sleep. I have my pistol in a pouch. That is the one. And only time I have ever even thought

Grabbed my gun. I

Have my gun. And I feel glad I have it because I didn’t know what it was. And it was close

To shoot. Did you shoot?

No. And I have the,

Are you in your tent? Are you, are you an open air or

I am in a coffin, basically the tent, the tent cuts and I got my light bar on, so it wasn’t like a headlamp. I couldn’t. So I’m trying to see what is going on. And all of a sudden I hear on the ground behind me and there’s a rabbit. There was just, that’s

What it was.

No, I don’t want,

Do have

Been some type of an owl that was just trying to get the rabbit. Never heard anything. Like

There’s not a lot of birds that scare me, but ALS or mediators man, they’re legit they’re mean

Well, and they’re out at night.

So it was, and it was

The only parish within 10 miles. Right.

And it woke me up like scared me.

I remember back in my gamey days when we would go do some patrols down at lake pal and we went down and I guess up the San Juan arm and we were going clear up there and it was starting to get dark. And I remember we were trying to find them just a place to camp. And it was just so Rocky around there that we couldn’t find a Sandy spot to pull the boat. And when we finally found one and we, as we pull it in, we, we stopped there and I got looking on, there was all these weird little tracks around. I’m like, they’re not deer tracks, but it’s something I couldn’t figure out what it


And so I’m like, this is anyway. So I’m like, this is weird. But anyway, we were just trying to get, find a spot. So we hurried and walked up and it was about this little 10 foot Sandy little path and then a flat spot. So there was three of us that are, we set out our cots and stuff. We were just sleeping out under the stars. Well, all of a sudden in the middle of the night and I had like, it was when I was a game warden and we had tack lights on our pistols that you could turn on. And I just had it. My, my duty belt was just sitting there at the side of the cot, same kind of thing. And all of a sudden in the middle of the night, I hear like roughs rustling of a chip bag.

I’m like, what in the world is that? And we’d eaten and didn’t like clean anything up or whatever. It was just kind of sitting out. So I just slowly reached down and grabbed my pistol. Cause I’m like, well, it’s got a light on it. And if it’s something big and nasty, I can at least pull the trigger. So I turned the light on and shine it. And it’s one of those freaking wild burro. And it’s got its face buried in the chip bag, the chips. I nearly let it have it. Oh man. Like spooked it. And there was a whole herd of them. I don’t know. Anyway, come to find out. Then we were camped right in the only trail where they could come to get down to water. So then the whole rest of the night, they were just up on the ledge for all night. Just doing what donkeys doing. Oh, it was terrible.

I’ve been there. I’ve heard him up there on the Navajo side. They’re annoying. I can’t camp up there because of it anymore.

Well, we talked to some guys just there, there was a houseboat that was around the corner from us and we actually checked them. They were out fishing out from their houseboat. And they told us that a couple of years ago, the first time they ever went up there, they’d camped on the beach and had some stuff out there and they left for the day and just left coolers and stuff out. And they said that those wild burros came back and knocked their coolers over, knocked their food over like eight worst the bears.

Yeah. It’s probably lunch meat.

Yeah. They’re like, don’t leave anything on the beach. So there you go.

And the owl’s have been known to attack people. It’s a fact.


There’s a big murder case out there to murder. They think the guy pushed

His wife down the stairs where Zion? No, where? I don’t know if somewhere so the stairs, I thought you meant stairs. Like angels, actually an Al hooked her and tried to get her hair and she fainted and fell and died.

That’s a whole long story, but

Wow. Okay. Well,

Do you remember in Arizona when I was scouting for my desert sheet and I had a, I had an Eagle eye on me talons out on me, three feet from me. I crapped down both legs. Like they’re no joke. I mean that wingspan, I felt like it was 10 feet and I was like, holy crap. I’m I’m glass in. And I’m down in the rocks. And you know, I mean, they’re just picking off doing whatever.

You’re a pack rat on a rock sitting there. We’re just remembering when you put your AirPods in there and turn on some Def Leppard or something like that, you’re not going to hear the Eagle coming up on you. You’re not, you’re vulnerable. You’re vulnerable. I don’t like it. I like to hear stuff takes away. One of the census takes away one of the senses. So, well

The multitasking, what? He’s podcasting

Podcast glassing

And sending me trucks on

it’s an old six Tacoma.

Okay. Well

Thank you.

I do think, you know, I don’t know Bronson you’re you’re getting ready to go to Alaska.

Yeah. Yeah, fuck. I’m trying to make last minute rain. Where did my little food shopping kind of weird? You know, I I’m gonna admit another thing about left my freaking tags and my fricking place at my house. I had, I remember on this first trip, I’m going self guided. I’ve got caribou locking tags Wolf. Well, usually when you go up there on a sheep hunt, you get, there you go with your outfitter, either the game and fish, or sometimes they’re an actual licensed agent or you go to Yukon, you don’t need to buy them here. I just about left them last. I mean, imagine leaving those. I mean, when you go into there by yourself, I don’t, I’m not, haven’t done it this way before going up there and hunting on my own first and I would’ve left my caribou tag in Utah, that would not have been good.

So anyway, there’s reasons you make lists and you don’t pick up your tags. I had do that for lower 48, but I just, I just haven’t been doing that up here and back in my backpack. And what prompted me is I needed to get my boys tag, make sure he had his. So if he goes out and chasing bucks, while I’m gone, he’s got his stag. And I’m like, oh yeah, there’s this tag. There’s my caribou tag right next to him. That’s how freaking stuff happens anyway. So make lists, if you’re getting over 40 or 44 and a half, I’ve always made lists. No, I’m good. But I’ve gotten, I’ve gotten lax because I pride my, like when I go shopping for hunts down here, I don’t even make a list because I just know every single thing, my memory, what I need to buy grocery wise.

And my wife’s like, how do you do that? I’m like, I’ve done it hundreds of times, but Hey, you live with, leave a tag and you go up there you’re you got a problem. Cause we’re getting there at night and we’re at an airport about 150 miles the next morning getting picked up. I’d have no place. If I didn’t have attack, it would disrupt the home flying. It would be bad, but I pay the bill. So anyway, so yeah, we’re getting ready to leave Carter. And so we thought we’d do one more podcast with most of us here. We tried Wyatt.

So the podcast did you end up like, or Devin’s usually got a few openings. I know there’s a few guys out there looking for something to do here and there, but I don’t know if you guys have,

The only thing that’s happened today is it’s it’s dumb stuff. Confessions. That’s all we, that’s all we done so far and you’ve helped some, some stranded tourists. So maybe you ought to go back and look for those Chinese folks. Maybe just some company out there on the glassing impart. Maybe some, maybe. I don’t know. Maybe. No,

No, no.

I might learn something. They probably make some of the hunting equipment that you’ve gotten your pack.

Well, yeah. Oh wait. We’ve supported them. Plenty. No question. You bet. Talk to her about,

Yeah. I don’t know if we try wide again. Cause it’s it’s, it’s a Kyle that’s that’s bender. The set set the trap off once he’s been called

To a

Lot. Yeah. He


That he hasn’t even went out there. He doesn’t even really know. He just, he knows something’s off. But anyway, Archibald, tell us about your weekend. You did, you were out hunting again, but you also help some, I think it was a past client of yours that had some of his nephews or relatives that had some antelope tags first where they both first-time hunters.

Well, the one was kind of thinking, do I is hunting for me? Kind of thing. I did not know this until yeah. You know, I, I didn’t really know him, but then the other one was 15 that he’d killed one deer before. I’ve never had a dad open. I always headed out there anyways. So I said, well, I’ll catch up with you Thursday night. We’ll just hunt Friday. And then I’ll continue on my way and got lucky. And we had two dead bucks by 11 in the morning was all

Good. Yeah. They used one of them. I know you told me the story or maybe everybody won. At least one of them used your gun, but maybe both. I don’t know. Yeah.

I had, I had a little, my little antelope gun in there and it was so cool that, so he was, we were all together and he,

This was the first time

Go laying here. Yeah. And we glassed him from like three miles and got in there and it was, it was just cool. Cause soon as I said, oh, get down, there’s a DOE. He just starts breathing, you know? And it was cool. Like he was buck fevered bad. And then we sat there and waited and waited and the buck stood up moved. And by that time he had calmed down and just smoked. It made an awesome shot. So it was, it was his big game. Anything. Yeah, it was pretty neat.


So that was fun. Then I continued on, went to look for a specific deer. I,

The one that we talked about last podcast or two podcasts ago, the one that was on one side of the Bush.

Yeah. I miss him miss, miss judge, the yardage. And let’s see. So that would have been, I hunted

Kind of alone. So it’s both hunting and loan is you see a buck and then you’re kind of, you’re on your own to get in there and make it happen or Zig. And so they got a zero.

Exactly. And Saturday morning I decided, okay, I’m going to get in there in the dark because yes I could for sure. Probably see him if he’s still around here. But at that point, you just out of time to make a move. Right. And the afternoons have been terrible just because of wind issues. And anyway, so I go into the thick of it Saturday morning when I see hardly anything. And I saw his one, good buddy was all alone in a weird place. And I’m like, they’re, they’ve kind of separated. It’s interesting. They’re just every buck that was with him was separate.


I saw him for much longer,

A couple of Friday night bucks on the Southern Utah that were rubbed like the 27th, 11

A little, a little bit close, but so I never did see him that morning. And then, you know, we have that long a day, just time. And I got out a little early, it was like five something still like 90 something degrees. And I glass up a dough lay in there and I’m like, oh, I saw deer. You know? And all of a sudden I see this big bodied deer going through this thick stuff. He was moving. Like he was out in the open, in a weird place. Like I caught it was it

Just stretched, standing up. I don’t

Think so, probably. But he heard my truck. I get the scope up and this is what’s for my truck looking quite a ways away. And I had to drive up this road to come and got closer, but sure enough, there he is. The buck I’m after he’s going through this fixed stuff and he’s moving like, like he knew, he knew he was exposed in the open

Washed and

He pushes through this thick. I watched him like forces body through this thick stuff, pops his head out. It looks right into my soul. Cool. Yeah. He, you know,

Just watching

His chin and antlers is all you could see. I got a little video of it, but it’s like pretty awesome. And it’s the thickest little patch for anywhere in that whole area, but I’m like, all right, buddy, I know who you are.

Like you made a mistake, dude. And anyways, so I get down there and the wind is actually, okay, it’s been real concise. It blew, it was really windy that day when I get there and there’s a fence line and then there’s that thick stuff. And it kind of does like a loop and there’s this bottleneck just, that’s where he’s going to come out. You know, he’s not gonna want to jump the fence. He’s not going to go through that thick stuff. That’s where he’s going to go. And so I sat up there and it was one of those deals. I couldn’t stand cause I was too exposed. And if I sat down on my butt, I can’t see anything, but the leaves in front of me. So I’m like sitting, kneeling, sitting Neely just for hours, you know, waiting, waiting anyways, it was brutal. Mosquitoes and bugs.

And anyways, he finally, he finally comes out. I’m like, this is going to happen. You know, like he’s at 150 yards and feed and feed and feeding and I’m losing light. And he finally just, he comes where right at me, it looks giant like holy cow. And I’m trying not to look too much cause you don’t want to psych yourself out. But just like bottom line is I’m not even going to draw back till he’s right there. And I watch him and he was kind of on the move, like coming good. And all of a sudden he just like stopped. And like he found this Bush that he just, he

Just, he remembered that tastes

Good. He just like, Ooh, I like this. And he like, it stopped him in his tracks and he turned and he starts eating and then he’s deep in it. And all I could see his antler tips and 70 yards that’s, that’s where he was. He died. He didn’t ever tell dark, he fell

Off 40 minutes, whatever it was.

That’s the first time I’ve seen him in the afternoon. Not just like on a mission from his bed to where he wants to feed just on a March.

So you’re down there in a crouch, crouching tiger, hidden dragon,

Hidden dragon. And so I’m like, all right, this is not going to happen. I’m not, I’m not, I don’t have a good shot. And he it’s dark. It’s getting so dark. And so I tried to get up to walk away, man. And I, I was rigged up and I had those little, like, I have these, I got I’ve had them forever. Bare feet are like, they’re like fleece look like bare feet. They’re all fuzzy on the bottom. And I step on the grass and I just feel, because there’s no grip, I fall hit the ground rolled down this little wash. I was bad. But after about

Buck, didn’t blow the, you know,

He, it was so dark and yeah. I mean there’s coyotes running ever been about a hundred yards in that country. It’s insane. I saw a lot less fawns telling you they’ve been work


There’s like a dozen doughs in one group, like Buffalo, like back to back type just late morning, all in a crew

Packed in the three fawns and

There’s only four left. Yeah. Like literally four fawns. And two weeks ago there was twins here, twins there, every DOE had a fawn and now, I mean, they could have been bedded, but

They’re big enough now. They’re not doing that as much.

Yeah. It’s I think they just put a hurting on him, but it was close. It was so close.

Well it’s bow hunting, man


Has to happen once. Yep. One in six or seven, whatever that is

Evening out of it spent like eight or nine days. I’ve haunted him that I even had a


A play.

Well, that’s good. I mean, that’s fun. Yeah.

I think we talked about the successes a lot, but it’s nice to hear some of the, the, you know, the reality of it, of, of hunting and it’s not all, it’s not,

It’s all Instagram, not all dripping the grandson.

It’s a game of decisions. You got to make the right decisions. And the deer also has to make the wrong decisions and he made the right one that night.

Yeah, yeah. Eat this Bush. Some

Sunflower looking thing. It just had


Tall. Yeah. I mean, I could only see like the top of his back, his neck and antlers and he was just going to town and they’re just, I don’t know if he liked it

Well lives another day, but I have a feeling arch. His days are numbered. It’s thinking you’re going to Zig when he’s six and it’s good.

Well, and one thing about it is I’m trying to think how many times maybe not even stocking him. I bet I’ve only stocked him 1, 2, 3, maybe four times. Like actually hunting him and not just getting into position. But now that I’ve gone in there so many times, I know it. Like there’s, there’s come to find out there’s this wash that goes it’s perfect. And I didn’t know it was there Saturday night. Quiet. It’s like walking on a mattress.


And it goes a hundred yards. So if he’s, if they’re feeding this way, you could literally hunch down and run 90 yards and wait, I had no idea that was there

You go. Yeah.

So it’s just like man,

Part of the elimination of six or seven stalk. That’s what happens on the,

It is. And every stock you learn a little more, a little more, a little more. I can cross the fence here. I can, I can hit this washer. If he’s going this way, I can get here without being seen. Like



Yeah. Pretty awesome. Well, we look forward to an update. Well, by the time I get home,

I hope you’ll be dead.

You might have him dead. You might have an Arizona elk dead. You might have a bunch of death and destruction.

So man,

So it’s about ready to open up here for most of us, a lot of us. And a lot of you all probably know Josh, you’ve been hunting.


Spike elk a little bit here and there. And he got archery deer too. I guess

I’m trying to find some. It was funny. I actually about got ran over by a bull on what it was it Saturday morning. I think it was, I’d hiked up into this fog before dark, before light, I guess in the dark, got up there and was just kinda sitting, waiting. And I could hear behind me. I was like right on the tip of original steeped in front of me and steep behind me. And I just walked up and I could hear a couple of rocks rolling behind me. And then I could hear kind of some huffing and puffing. I was like, oh, here comes somebody else. Cause that’s, I’m sure how I sound when I’m hiking up a hill and just sitting there waiting and kind of caught some movement out of the corner of my eye and this like 3 30, 6 point bull comes cruising.

I mean, from here to the table outside, it was 15 feet. He had no clue. He was looking back over his shoulder. Yeah. And he kind of came up. He was, he was running pretty good. And I was trying to get my phone so I could get a picture or a video or whatever. And he was just kind of came up and stood there for a second. I mean, I could have killed him, like if it was a spike or a giant, whatever it was, you know, like a giant bully. Cause he came up and stopped and turned and looked the opposite way. He was like 15 yards right there. I was like, oh, but anyway, then he cruised off, went in front of me, but then I watched some guys come up and he was actually pretty funny. They came up and they walked out and kind of the middle of this bowl that I was trying to glass.

And there was a Ridge that little peninsula that kind of sticks out and they walked to the edge of that and they went out there and I don’t know if they, one guy had a bow, the other guy just had a spotting scope and they went out there. It’s kind of sort of glass. And for a minute, then the kid decked, like they’d seen something. So one of the kids, he had set up a spotting scope and they did that. Why backed off the Ridge and hiked back up around higher. So I could get a little angle maybe to see, cause they were glassing on an angle. I couldn’t see some, I don’t know what they they’re glass. And so I walked up to glass back, same similar direction they were. And I never could pick anything up, but they sat there for awhile. They glassed for about 30 minutes. And then I watched them for about an hour and they both had their phones out, just sitting there


Almost an hour. I got some video of it and I’m like, I can’t because I don’t know who they were, but I’m like, I’m sure somebody recognized them, but I’m like, oh, they were both just sitting there. I couldn’t see what they were looking at, but you can just see their thumbs going like this on their phones for about an hour.


Packed up. I was hoping they were going to start having a photo shoot or something. I

Was like, this is going to be

Cold. Yeah. But anyway, they were at their post and they cleaned up and hiked off. But that was about all I saw. So

Well it’s, it’s happening. It’s hard to believe Archibald. You said it yesterday. It in two days, it’s September for summer’s long gone and it’s, it’s all coming here real fast. And we’ve, we’ve got a lot of tags here between us in the office and we’ve got, you know, scattered over about what three months, September and October into November. A lot of us going into like call her out on that. So all of us here will be in Colorado.

The balloon and few Leafs changing a little bit here and there on that higher stuff. And so it’s it’s

And I don’t know what to bring. I’ve never, I I’m going to be there from about the first of the 20th of September in Alaska. And I could go through a lot of clothing. I could go through t-shirts for a day and I’m bringing my down pants even to put over five minutes in a situation last summer to winter time, it changes over night. Sometimes I expect to see snow during, during this, this time of year at times. And it’s going to be interesting. So I may want this dry. I may be begging for dry Southern Utah later when I get back, I know I wasn’t gonna get back from the Yukon. We, it was nice to fill just dry air and your, and your gears. You know, if it gets wet, it’s dry in an hour now or two. But

The only time I went out there, my biggest thing was the sun. Like when it came out one day, oh, I just was like, oh my gosh, it feels so good.

It’s like 60 degrees, but it feels like 80.

You have dry stuff out. It just feels so good. And then I just want it like a steak, like meat food. Cause you eat freeze dried. Yeah. Well I’d had some Snickers and I snuck some Oreos here and there, but I wanted meat and we went to camp when somebody had a doll sheep there and we cooked some meat and I was just like, dude, it was you crave that food. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me.

No, it doesn’t meet meets mine. So I have to bring jerky like more jerky for some reason. It’s me and me too. And I think it helps you be not as hungry when you get, you know, you get some meat in your belly versus just all carbs and

Well, if I did it again, I’d definitely bring jerky. Cause that’s all I could think about. I just like, you know, I told her, I’m like, you know what? I’d give for like, like a meat sticker, like a

Can of Vienna sausages.

It’s not like you were packed in. You could have totally brought it where you were.

Maybe. Probably. Yeah. I had a little, I tried to kill a little bird. What do they call the ptarmigan? It wasn’t a, it was a grouse. I was like, what? I’m going to kill that thing and we’re going to eat him because I wanted some chicken or something to just, I was,

I turned it in from a moose hunt to an episode of naked and afraid.

I mean, I wasn’t going to die, but it was for just selfish. I wanted some


Protein, real, something to chew on. Yeah,

Go ahead.

I always have to do is have something like that because even when I’m, I don’t like packing lunches and stuff, but I just throw a whole bunch of granola bars and junk in my pack for the day. But you can sit there and eat it all day long. Wouldn’t tell you like bite into a piece of jerky or something. And you’re like, okay, now, now I’m feeling completely.

And why? It’s like, you’re going to kill that bird. I’m like, yeah, dude, I’m starving. Well, not starving. Just I want it. You know why he could eat pop tarts, water snacks, and a fruit snack for weeks. And he’d be like, no, I’m fine. You just a hearty guy on that way.

Well, let’s try him. I’m going to try one more time just to see if we can check in with him. I know it’s midday. I know he’s not hunting right now.

He might be on the whole three or something out

There that could be, Hey, maybe he’s tracking.

Well now at this point, I’m just starting to get worried.

I don’t know where it’s been

Base. It has been

Well, he even, I mean, he did hit me this morning about some optic stuff.

Well he’s alive. He’s alive.

Okay. He’s alive. Yep. So John, anything that we haven’t covered that you’d want to go, I guess, go over. What do you got on your schedule here?

No, I think we talked about, you know, some of the things going on in the office from optics and everything. We can take care of you, whether you’re a member, not just give us a call 4 3, 5, 2 6 3 0 7, 7, 7. We’ve got, you know, amazing prices and we will take care of you. We know the products inside and out. So if you’ve got any questions on, you know, Hey, I’m looking at these two, you know, two specific objects. We’ve got some advice for you, but, but give us a call.

I’d say too, don’t wait. You know, I think it’s one of those things, oh, I’ve got to hunt in November. So I’ve got to get a scope or whatever, you know, we’ve seen Swarovski had to shut down for a bit so they could do some computer swap over stuff. So I mean, we can’t even currently get something new. Luckily we knew that. And so we ordered a bunch and had some stuff, but we’ve had stuff as well, just random stuff, stuff that’s been on the shelf for a significant amount of time. I would feel like, and all of a sudden, a guy calls up the other day says, Hey, my buddy got a turn back tag. You know, you talk called him up and got a turn back tag. And it’s something he’s won. I’ve needed a pair of fifteens for awhile. And all of a sudden he’s like, okay, we need them next week. And can you overnight them? You know? And so, and then all of a sudden, another random person called in and usually that’s like, okay, we have three of those on the shelf. We’re good. And in a day they’re all gone. So I guess my we’re ordering more. And then also we get two guys call us up the next day. And it’s like, what in the world? So now they’re waiting for us to get them in, to get them shipped to them kind of thing. So it’s just, don’t wait,

Streaky. I dunno. It’s weird stuff can sit on our shelves for four months and then you’ll sell four or five pairs of the exact same thing in three days. And you’re like

All those straight scopes, you know, those guys,

Those things are the most underrated piece of glass,

Piece of glass. Yeah.

But no, I guess that’s my advice. Just don’t wait, just get it. You know, you’re going to get it. So just get it coming, whatever you’ve got to convince yourself or your wife or whatever, just pull the bandaid off. She’ll she’ll eventually forget or do something else to forgive me, but just get it coming because you just never know what we have. I know I’ve talked to a couple of guys even last week that called and got some price and stuff. All right. Well I’ll let you know. And on then all of a sudden they call back three hours later. Oh yeah. We sold that. You know? I mean, I know you have to make decisions, but anyway.

Yup. Get it. Get it. While you got just like gunpowder, right? Archer ball. When you see it, get it.

You guys laughed at me when you, yeah. You now you,

Well, I didn’t really, I

Thought you were joking when you said they had each 1000 over there. I said, let’s go there.

That’s not a powder that I have any affinity for or have ever used just because of whatever guns I have and whatever. But when I said that you, you looked like it was black Friday at Walmart in your eyes. That’s what you were, you were ready to be off, man. And I don’t know how many times we, we visited that establishment under different pretenses and aliases

I wore a hat,

Gladly awkward going in there grabbing two kegs of gunpowder and acting like it was for me. I’m like, well, it was where together you say all the time what’s yours is mine or something. Especially

Where she just walks in. What? Straight third grabs two bottles.

What’s it like, what are they going to do? Bad place. What’s it

Hurt? Was it, was it

Why it’s my fault got grilled. They kind of got questions. That’s why I’ve got questions. She wasn’t didn’t have a poker face or something. Carly went in and they’re


Is this really for you or something? I don’t know, powder

Or something.

Well, you don’t need it. I’m going to pass anything. Background check or anything to buy

Proponents, give you money for your product.


We didn’t go crazy. It’s not like we’re reselling it. We just, I needed it.

Yeah. But I’ve been, I’ve been there once or twice. And the next time I was going to have two different shades, a hat and a do rag, hanging out the back just to, just to look different. I was getting worried.

The gunpowder, get out to

Get it in a rush.

I don’t know I was starting to get uncomfortable, but, but Hey,

What was the more awkward part for me was going in there and checking to see if they had it. That’s you walk in, I’m looking at the shelf. Oh, there’s nothing. There you leave. And they’re like, who does this guy pulls off a hoochie

Mama blows it a few times.

Once a bad powder, doing something.

Look at some

Obscure progress,

Leather, leather gun holster. As you’re walking that Datical see ya.

How elk, lures and lotions while you’re squeezing it.

Anyway, I’m glad some of those days are over lots of, lots of ammo on the shelf these days. And hopefully you’ve got all what you needed and wish you luck everybody before we leave you. I want to give one quick shout out to red rock precision. I’m taking a new guns, kind of interesting. My brother lives in Northern Utah, closer to them, which they’re in Morgan, Utah. And so he picked up my new gun last week. It’s ready to take on this Alaska trip. Aaron shot it. Ready to go. He got all the dope loaded in his range finder sent it to me. I got it in mind. In fact, last night we called each other, even though we’re a little bit different elevations and air temperatures and all that. I just, once it’s in, cause you know, I want to use it at my house and we’re hitting range and he’s outside his house.

I’m outside mine. We’re hitting ranges. Cause I shoot MOA and I’m shooting it all out to 700 out 700 yards were within 0.1 MOA. So I was just like, that’s just a good feeling that he had it there. And yeah, you give me the numbers. I put it in mine. I sync it and okay. It’s tracking. We’re good. So the first, literally, probably the first time I shoot this gun might be at a caribou or a Wolf, but I mean, that’s a little weird. I’ve never, I don’t know if I’ve ever done that in my life. I’m a little bit apprehensive about it, but I guess that’s where it’s going to be. You might be hungry enough. You might be hitting a ptarmigan first


At you

When you, so like when I cleaned my rifles, I’ll clean them. Super good. And then before I hunt, like I’ll pull off the road somewhere in the desert and just shoot it at least once, probably twice to dirty the barrel. Do you do that before you?

Yeah. Yeah. And, and you know, he, it was clean and then they, he only probably shot at four or five times. I just had, he just left it right. I’m not cleared

Again. No,

I mean,

It was clean. I would always do that.

I used to do it one muzzle loaders. Absolutely. It’s even, probably more critical. Definitely the muzzleloader but anyway, absolutely. So yeah, hopefully I’m able to send a message next week to y’all about we’ll be watching BBD. What might that

Be? Awesome.

I hope they’re all right. They should be all right.

You know, at and T or Verizon, doesn’t have some dispute while you’re out there.

Well, you know, you both have one days I’m with my brother and he’ll have one, so I don’t know, but yeah, whatever happens, I mean, I guess yeah. And get the word to y’all that we’re alive and well and eating. I do have one pound of jerky in my pack. I sort of did there last night. It’s going with me because this is all us, this 7, 7, 8 days. It’s like, that’s another thing I had to pack my food and I’ve done that before, but not on, not on a trip up there normally go there. If you go, you know, we don’t have enough time to really do much shopping there. I didn’t want to all, and you don’t want them to be out of certain things too. So there are certain things you can’t be out of. Like, I can eat about any candy bars and all that type of stuff, but there’s certain things you get, you get there and it’s late at night and they’re out at mountain house or something like that. You got a big problem. Yeah. So we’re taking the bigger stuff like that. We all got, so got a few cheese and tortillas and things like that. Won’t buy fresh that if they didn’t have, you could still survive, but doing some of that, plus it’s heavier flying in the airline burst and all that stuff. But anyway,

Well, I’m just going to be fun.

It’s all. Anyway. Good luck to y’all everybody and yeah, he as well listeners and yeah, shout out to red rock should hopefully have a pitcher. I hope. And then I’m gonna have sheep after that on a different, different excursion of course, with an outfitter. So hopefully I’ve got a couple animals to bring home and get caught up. Archibald might be up to about four or five by the time I get home, it’s going. So his days are that Buck’s days are numbered. So good luck to everybody out there. Anything else, John? So I think we’re good. So give us a call at (435) 263-0777. If we can help you with any optics knees or anything like that last minute or a want to consider joining our service, if you’ve been a listener and just haven’t done. So, so hope to hear from you, good luck to everybody and they pick out doors. We help you reach your hunting dreams,

Whether it’s helping you to develop a long-term application strategy or finding the perfect outfit or for your next time as a member of epic outdoors, you’ll also receive, do you have the outdoors magazine and have access to the best hunting consultants in the industry, online tools and more to join epic outdoors, visit typic or call 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7.