Adam Bronson returns from his two Alaska hunting trips and talks about his DIY Caribou hunt and his grueling sheep hunt. The rest of the Epic Outdoors Crew gives updates on their field adventures including elk and Mule deer hunts. They also give an update on how hunters are doing for Mule deer and elk in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. They also talk about potential changes to Utah limited entry elk hunts. Josh gives an update on Devin’s Arizona elk hunt and a creature that stares into their soul. The crew also announces another binocular giveaway.

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What up bro? Said, I heard you can’t do that, right?

I left that in the last

One. You did? If you not heard that

Yet. John did. John did one one time and we just rolled with

It. Whatever. Hey everybody, Jason Carter and the Epic Outdoors Crew Minus Arch Ball. And who else isn’t here? That’s about it, right? Yeah.

That’s it.

Today we give him a day off. The rest was after work. Good. Great. It is a Monday. Why It’s here? Yeah. I, That’s surprising.

That’s not about a concert this

Weekend. That’s right. No concert.

I’ve been to a concert in a few weekends.

How’s it feel?

It it feels good.

Although you meet everybody you know at these concerts.

Yeah, I did run into a lot of friends at the concert, so, yeah.

Anyway. Well, it’s kind of weird. These guys got video cameras all around in here and it’s weird. Bronson. And then we find out we’re on TikTok. Well, tell us about TikTok. John or, or Logan or whatever. What’s that all about?

Oh, it looks like we’ve got a, a presence on TikTok now. Really? Yep. Yep. Bro, if you’re on TikTok,


We follow us bro. Who’s

We? Bronn. We watches TikTok. What? In a

While. I don’t, I look over the shoulder of my daughters or my wife, but I don’t own the own the app or whatever.

Hey, they say there’s real hunters on TikTok. TikTok. What kind? Doing tos.

What kind of hunters?

It dancing and the tree stands or I

Don’t know what they’re doing. So why, you know a little bit about it, obviously. What is TikTok?

I don’t know. It’s short videos is all I know of it. I don’t have a TikTok

Attack. You do anything you want, right? Logan doesn’t have a headset on. Suppose

It’s gotta be appropriate. Do

We need Logan to tell us what TikTok is?

Probably got some filters. What

Is it John? How would you best describe

It? I don’t know. I don’t supposed to. So every, anybody over 30,

John Lies

Doesn’t have it. I don’t have it. There’s

A lot of older people on there.

I know. Do you have

Tick to I had to hire somebody just so they, they had

TikTok. You don’t have the TikTok

App? I have no TikTok app.

Who wants China?

Who? Who wants China to have all their personal


I guess we do here

Com giving her away

Because Logan Logan’s given all of all the Chinese everything we got. Right. Logan,


Many followers do we have on our TikTok? We’re

About 2,500. 2,500 followers in a matter of a week or

Two. Yeah, it’s not too bad I don’t think.


Who danced? Who danced? There’s J

Probably Logan and John Jingling.


You guys dance together?

We didn’t dance.

Do you ever dance?

Jingling and jingling.

Why would we wanna be on TikTok then? Well anyway, I guess the kids are

On. So apparently TikTok is the number two search engine in the world now. No kidding. Yeah. So you got Google and

Then TikTok. Well we don’t wanna talk about it too much cuz if this isn’t the new way to reach out to everybody, we don’t want our competition to know. And we know our competition listens to every podcast. Every single one we know know for a fact how y’all do it. All right. So anyway, Bronson, you smashed a freaking giant body doll Sheep with the new Red Rock. Tell us about the Red Rock and then tell us about the sheep. Well

It was the maiden voyage. Yeah. Shout out to Kurt and the guys at Red Rock Precision. I, I’ve said this before, but my brother and I had one built, We went in ha these Well what happens when that happens? One of he gets the gun, right?

There’s only one who got it. Who got it. Yeah. Aaron. Yeah.

So basically,

And that’s not fair cuz he’s the younger brother basically. Younger brothers always get last well

Don’t they? They probably do over the years. Yeah.

I don’t know how the brother thing works. I never had one, but I’ve just, I’m,

They probably do. But when you want it then it’s a pain. We live four hours apart and yeah, I don’t know. You’re not gonna ship it in the mail and do anyway. You just, you want it and you want to use it, you wanna shoot it. So anyway, basically said, Hey, let’s get another identical one built and let’s split the cost on that one and then we’ll each have one. So anyway, this was the maiden voyage for the six five PRC version two for me to take. So this one’s quote mine. The other one was his, he’s used it on some of his hunts already. But anyway, took it up there first. Broke it in on a caribou my brother came up there with with me. It’s in a dry area up there. Got flown in, dropped off. Awesome country. Tons of glass. More country than you could see. And you could see further than you wanted a pack. Let’s just put it that way. That was

Walk or whatever. Yeah,

You could walk, you could walk, but you just didn’t wanna walk super heavy on the way back. So you, you self governed a little bit. Yeah. But after a few days we had the feeling of kind of what we’re seeing there and and found a really good bull and a group of bulls and decided to lay the hammer down on him. And that was a lot of fun. That was the first, first, well first animal, I pulled the tree ground. I did shoot it a couple of times after we flew up there. Done a little gravel road just to make sure it was on, on after the air, air, air flights. But anyway, had a great trip there, brother went home after that, after we got back to civilization and, and I had a couple days to burn in between a doll sheep hunt and then yeah, went out for $4 sheep hunt. There had been four years since I’d been up to Alaskan, so I guess, I don’t know. They tell me that’s when it’s time to go back

Every four years. You can go anyway.

So anyway, I was back for that this time. Decided to do something totally different than I’d never done before. And that was be very last sheep season ends up there September 20th. So we’re basically hunting the tent to the 20th. And that was, that was different. A lot of daylights, a little bit shorter. Didn’t necessarily have worse weather. We had some bad weather periods, but I can’t really say it was any worse than the August periods cuz I’ve had terrible then too sometimes. So days were definitely shorter. It was definitely crisper and cooler leaves were beautiful. It was incredible from that standpoint. And yeah, the Rams were haired up. You talked about that. They were, they look a lot different in, you know, well I killed my ram the 19th, let’s put it that way. It was down to the wire. They look a lot different there than they do August 10th in Alaska or you know, September 15th, or sorry, July 15th in Northwest Territories being home, a short-haired summer, summer ram. So that was a, that was a cool edition. Killed a cool, cool wide flaring set ram. And anyway, one shot, four 50 yards. Put him right down Red Rock, happy with that gun. It’s a T driver and it’s light. I got the kinda their sheep version of that with a couple slight modifications, some, you know, stock wise and things like that. Got it. Dipped in the ku u verde and shoots. Awesome. Six five PRC 143 gain grain e ldx.

That’s awesome. Well, anyway, you’re back, you’re probably in cheap shape right now.

Yeah, I come home and I am, but I’m, I’m gonna to get in mild deer shape, which means I’m gonna probably get, you know, eat, eat camp trailer food and fat up a little bit.

I don’t know, I feel like I’ve gotten in shape. Yeah,


Can. That’s that. But, but yeah, you’re right. I

Have it’s d freeze riding

In those on the ground. Freeze dried. A lot

Of freeze dried. How many days total was your sheep? Well, I, I mean it, we, we had one more day to hunt. I mean we, we killed it on the 10th day, but I mean technically we had the last day would’ve been the 11th day if we’ve killed one there. But usually only hunt till probably half day or so the last day. Cause they got get you out of field, you can’t work or can’t hunt till dark that day. So anyway, killed it, you know, in the evening, five 30 or something like that on the 19th of September. It was late. There was no time to spare. No. And we had hunted a lot of country. We had moved a lot of, a lot of different drainages looking over, a lot of rams looking over for one that was old enough and big enough to, you know, get us, get us excited. My guide and I, and we finally found him when we figured, well this is, he’s a different ram than I have. He’s long, big, wide set, 38 plus on both sides. Different look and ram than I’ve s shot for sure. And good mass. And I said, well we’ve earned one this week, so plug your ears at scope


Dying. So we did mention the podcast that you’d

Been in, in reaching us and that it was gonna be a grinder.

Yeah, it was.

I just, it

Was a little different than the one in August. That one was the first message you guys got. It was like, Hey, I’m coming home. Pretty much went good. We

Shot all the rams. We saw both of them.

That’s right. A little bit different than that one. But, but hey I, I got to see a lot more country that I, that I hadn’t seen before. Parts of the area in this outfitter specific area that I had.

Some of which you probably didn’t care to see, but you were

Grinding. Yeah,

To the very end. I guys hitting me up, up like, like do you realize Tuesday’s the last day? Yeah,

I do. Yeah. And he knows that too. Trust me. I’m hearing from you. He knows the clock’s ticking.

It’s hard. There’s a lot of sheep hunters, a lot of these sheep hunts aren’t, aren’t necessarily successful. You

Can’t, you just can’t get in hurry. And sometimes you can’t make it happen. You just gotta keep, keep grinding through stuff. And then this ram actually, when we saw him a long ways away was with another ram. We thought the other ram was the ram we’re going there to maybe, you know, make legal and kill. But he was too young. He was long and, and up and comers still. He wasn’t over eight. He wasn’t eight plus. And, and the other one, one I killed was, and he was kind of a low set wide ram. Not really a full

Curl. It’s hard to judge. Yeah.

And you know, was always gonna kind of look like that the way he was built. So that, that also made me, I’d have felt really bad if I’d have shot that other ram. And he was legal by length, but he ended up being seven I, I wouldn’t have felt good about, cause he had, I think he had a lot to get. Really got great, you’ve got more. Great to give him two more years. Plus he’ll be just awesome. He’ll be, you know, 40 plus in a year or two. No question. He’s a great man. So anyway, ended good. But I was up there a while guys. Thanks for holding down the fort here. Whatever’s transpiring. I just go to lunch today and it feels like I’ve missed the birth of children and a lot of other stuff I don’t have. I don’t know. Hey,

There’s stuff

Been on.

Who knows why. It’s probably got one on the way. Why

Not that we’re aware of. A lot of stuff died while I was gone. A lot of hunters having success out there.

And a lot of grind hunts.

A lot of grinders. I heard it got really hot. I had a lot of rain. I had a lot of rain. Lived in rain gear, went through all my gear. I did have a couple days back in Anchorage, I did some laundry that saved me because have to use it on one hunt. If I’d had to use the same stuff for another 10, 11 days, it would’ve been rough. But anyway, it was a great experience up there. It always is something different. You gotta be prepared for a bit of everything and yeah, glad I was able to bring a nice caribou and a ram home and decked out from head to toe and cue you gear packs and moved gear, gear chewer, everything. It was

You owe your life to, to cue you.

Yeah, I, I could say that but I wouldn’t want burns to think that. No.

So you don’t want burns to

Cause then he thinks he owns me. Yeah,

He already thinks that. But then you’ve just

Galvanized it. That I’ve galvanized it. So about Q you makes awesome hunting gear, you know, from layering system to insulation to Yeah. You know, zip off long underwear. Those things are money because you need ’em in the mornings or to sleep in and you gotta get ’em off quick when you start hiking and you don’t have to take everything off, you just, you know, drop your pants slightly, zip him off and put your pants back up and you’re good to go. You don’t have to take your boots, skaters, everything, B sock get put everything back on again while you’re freezing to death. So those few things like that are just awesome. Down, super down coats. Rain gear, of course the pack was awesome. He used the 7,800. I call him pro. So anyway. Nice. Got a lot of blood. I need to, need to pressure wash it.

How was that caribou getting at home?

It was a little skull. Might have been a little dry. I left with, with the expeditor there to get wrapped up and ready to fly home. And it was when I, when I got back it was ready but it was more than ready.

You had some critters in

There. Yeah, it was. Put it this way. When things hit St George, things are ready to be, those guys were eager to see a smiling face at the under end of the oversized backwards door because they wanted that thing out of their possession.

Are you eligible to fly again or they kick you off for,

I dunno, I always thought those were in like a, you know, belly of the beast down there and it’s like zero degrees Celsius or something. I don’t know. I don’t need any, I don’t need it in the, where the cabin. I don’t need it. Where the biscuits in pop are where the

Critters still alive. Oh yeah.


Tardy, they’re hardy. Not much can live in the belly of a plane. Well, but anyway.

Well when I cut it open at night and the gravel in front of my house, things were live and well it’s

Removed. Okay, all right. Well good.

But made it all. Made it home

Good. All trip. Wyatt, you’ve been out and about. Yeah,

Took, took a few hunters finally got back. It was on the San Juan hunting elk here in Utah and the pots are gone right before that. So

How awesome is that?

Yeah, Cherry picks the top, Top of the top for both delle. Right.

He likes the top of the pile whether he is applying or hunting.

Yeah. But been a little fortunate that way I guess. Or a little spoiled is what you’d call it.

Yeah, it’s nice

They hunt those units year after year.

So yeah, you guys did really well. It’s a good elk year, huh? Yeah.

Seems to be a really good elk here. Seeing a lot of good bulls being killed in the state of U. Not only the state of Utah, Nevada, Arizona.

It’s crazy.

And seems to be on fire

Really good.

A lot of deer hunts coming up still, so I’m sure they’ll trend the same way.

Hopefully they trend the same way in my department, but who knows. Who knows? Josh, you’ve been out video in arch ball. He had a Arizona elk. Yeah, Nevada deer.

Yeah. Killed a good buck there in Nevada. Want spoil anything with him? I’m sure he’s gonna want to share vast amounts of stories when he gets

Back. Let’s get the truth. Well if you want to go ahead,

We better. It was pretty quick. I mean if we just wanna boil, boil it down. I don’t think you wasted time at

All. The only reason I went with him was to try and be on half of the stories that you hear come outta his mouth. Oh,

I know. Did you, were you chased by a Turkey?

No, but no,

But I tell you what I’ve, stuff happens to happens.

Yeah, we’re no kidding. We pulled up there that night and you’ll have to hear his story too. But it was the weirdest thing. You remember the screecher story in the tree? We all kind of determined it was


Bird now of some kind. We’re sitting there glass and just, and it’s as quiet as can be. There’s not a soul in this valley. And we’re sitting there and we just, we just found those bucks and we were sitting there basically just watching them till dark to see if we could pick ’em up first thing in the morning kind of thing. We’re sitting there glass, just he and I standing there not talking, nothing. Both of us just standing into the spotting scopes and all of a sudden I hear this, I’m like, what the heck was that? And I look up and there’s this owl and it just dive bombed. But you know how silent they are, They’re hair or the wings are all hairy so they’re quiet. And it came in and then it went out and circled and it turned and it was like had its head eyes on us the whole time. And its head was turning and it comes back over

And my guy bombs us again.

Devi and it

Back the time

And it’s just like looking at us and all of a sudden it just makes this little R

Sound flies off.

And he’s like, that thing was looking into my soul.

I don’t know what

It told, I don’t know what it told him. I don’t. Anyway, we got video of it. We actually videoed it cuz I was like, what the heck? This is the te doctor he was talking about. But it was the creepiest thing cuz it comes in and just like hovers and just stares us like looks the threatened

Face like speedy. They’re giant. Yeah,

They’re like that big. And it was head

Was just, they’re yellow. Yeah, I hate

Owls. So just things like that. I don’t know, it’s just stuff happens to him.

How about his sleep habits?


Might have to let him defend himself. Not a few of these topics. When it was in Arizona it was hot. And the best part,


Best part was he tells me he went down a night before and he told me, I’m gonna go down and get us a good spot. Lots of shade, all that kind of thing. Let’s just say when Devin looks up pin trees and I look up pin trees. There’s a height difference there.

Tall opinion

And a tall

A five foot eight. There’s

A difference.

11 foot eight trees is a tall one underneath.


And we were camped in the, the shortest opinion in juniper trees I’ve ever seen in

Like this space sapling not a, not

A shade bush inside. How much

Sunscreen did you go through?

Not enough. And so we just, yeah, in the afternoons honestly, you know, you kind of have that hour and a half a morning, hour and a half a night where the elk or bugle. And if you’re not bugle you couldn’t, you couldn’t glass ’em up. I mean, we left spotting scopes in the truck, couldn’t even physically, there was no reason to use a spotting scope. There was maybe three places you could have glass from. And it was kind of pointless to have me glassing him go hunt and get you back in time, you know, on something. So anyway, it was hot during the middle of the day. So we migrate to the higher country. It was about 15 degrees cooler up in the ponds and take our cots up there and our blanks and pillows and have an out


Stuffed animal eye wear. Yeah, my wear.

Awesome. Anyway. Good stuff. Well anyway, sounds like you’re right in the middle of the elk going crazy. Yeah, huh. Was like even maybe the first day would’ve been the best day kind of thing.

Oh yeah. With

These early

Monsoons. The, the moon was, the moon was not quite full and, and so we had some cooler temperatures, that kind of thing. The elk, they definitely, that night it was a solid three hours of bugling. You know, it was kind of one of those, we got up there, it was like, well four o’clock they were going and had bulls come in, called some bulls in, got some good video of it, that kind of thing. Had a big bull come, come in. But he just couldn’t get a shot. And then after that it vastly changed for the rest of the days. We, I guess the next night we did have another bull come in really, really close. Three 40 awesome bull. And I mean, he came in from the wall away when he finally saw me there, but it was almost dark

Evan’s picky.

Oh yeah. Yeah, he

Is. He didn’t even draw back, I don’t think. Right on that

Bull. No, no he didn’t. I mean the, the, the big bull that he’d seen kind of war sealed his f Yeah, yeah. He was


Right off the gate. Yep. So anyway, it was, it was awesome though, on bulls every day and it was fun. Just lots of hiking and walking and walking and walking and walking, trying to catch elk and you just can’t do it.

It’s hard. No, you can’t catch him. Yeah, it’s


Gotta be in front of him.

Yeah, no, it’s been good though.

Pretty awesome. There’s been a lot of big bulls and a few big bucks taken. There’s been pretty legit. Like Nevada’s even killed a few good bucks,

You know. Yeah. Wyoming high country

Had 50 outta Wyoming. Why? I mean, I mean we here a few things that are alive even like, it’s a pretty good year up there, seems like. Yeah. Don’t you think?

I I would definitely agree with that.

And these bulls, there’s some great bucks being taken here in, in Utah and then the, the Bulls in Arizona, bro. So we had a Oh yeah. Client kill of

Six point. That’s just to die for.

Yeah. To die for in Arizona.

You’re seeing more about that in an upcoming issue for sure. It just stood

Great. Bulls on a New Mexico too, had a, you know, first week archery hunters kill a couple Good, great bulls down there as well. First and second week. I guess

Why it’s got a great a, a big decision to make. He’s gonna have an antelope punt and an elk hunt going on at the same time.

A different states that’s

Gonna give the antelope punt is probably the lowest priority right now.

Right. But you’re but you’ll kill a giant there. No doubt. You’re lucky that way. You

Hopefully can fit ’em both in though. So,

And then the elk is only a five day deal, right?

Yeah. Short rifle quick. Yep. Rifle elk.

Those are over before they know it. New Mexico, but hey, that’s why they can generally have decent numbers of tags on a lot of their units. Right. Don’t hunt ’em in the rut

Either. Yeah. Short seasons.

Right. All right, well that’s about it.

Jason, John have, I’ve

Been grinding, I’ve been grinding on one or two specific bucks and just, just grinding. So anyway that, we’ll see how they turn.

I’ve glossed over it.

We’ll see how they, we’ll see how they turn out.

You have been in enjoy.

I’m in better shape. I’m in better shape than I want be in, let’s put it that way.

So on the magazine front, I just wanted to mention that magazines for October, November should be in the mail today.

Okay. So the big thing is October 11th if you’re applying for Arizona bison, it’s time. Yeah. And we’ve got the EAG is out, of course you all got it in your, your email as well for a link for that. If you need help with whatever you need there, let us know. We will, we do have people in the office. So anyway, we’ll be able to help you with that. But then, like John saying, you’re gonna get something in the mail as well before the deadline. But you know, if you need to be applying right now and you don’t have it, of course the EAG is up.

Yeah. And if you’re a member and you have, have not looked at that emag, just log into your account and it’s right there.

So one

Of the first things that comes

Up. Yeah. If you have problem logging in, call Wendy.

That’s right.

(435) 263-0777.

Yeah. 4, 3 5. Did I say this? That’s up. All right. So let’s, let’s talk about these fury five thousands that are coming. We have a pair of Fury 5,000 ab Huh?

What, what’s the ab step for? It’s my initials

Ballistics, the

Applied ballistics. Okay. It’s got the

Ballistics in there. Me

Got your name on. Yeah, they got your name on. You’re good.

No, no. Wondering if you’re all right if I mention it. Yeah,


It out there. So anyway, we,

They’ve been, they’re breaking loose. They’ve been having a hard time supply chain over the last year so that theyve been announced maybe

The, maybe the absolute toughest back order, whatever pre-order item we’ve ever had. Like, like years in the making feels like. So anyway, if you’re interested, give us a call again. (435) 263-0777. It just wanted to jump on here real quick. Give kind of an update. We do have, you know, it’s kind of a fun year and already looking forward to next year.


Gonna say it,

It’s new plan in October. New place. It’s not even October. Throwing it now. Yeah. I’m not throwing it hotel, but good.

The big ones aren’t playing fair. That’s all I’m gonna say. So

Yeah, well we’re, we’ve all got a lot left. It’s kind of the time. October early Novembers

What I think’s frustrating sometimes I get glossed over by mul deer and really I should have been hunting elk. You see all these big bulls dying. Like we knew this was a year for elk. Like we knew this, you know what I mean? Just in our gut, you know, just a feel for it. Yeah. What, why, why didn’t we put more emphasis on that and do it, Why it’s doing and going.


You know what I mean?

Well Devon’s something about the brother. Well his own tag and then he’s with his brother right now. He’s, he died so it’s probably

Giant, giant Bulls killed this year. You know, it’s, it’s funny, Devin and I were talking about it, it’s pretty interesting within Utah. You know, we’ve always had our rifle hunts during the rut in, in Utah and I’ve never thought too much about it other than that’s just what you do. You know? And we were down there just grinding in Arizona and all of a sudden you pull up Instagram and it’s just like deadbolt, deadbolt, deadbolt, deadbolt from

Utah. Yeah.

You’re like, man, that’s a kick in the gut when you’re down there trying to get less than 60 yards because you can’t even see that far. Guys are pulling up on a point. Well God, 800 yards knocking

Down for well the archers were struggling in Utah and all of a sudden the next day there was dead bulls everywhere. How does that happen? Yeah.


That’s the worst archery hunt over called

Next day gun caught left. Yeah.

Which will be interesting cause

They’re by the way, gum powder lead by Miranda Lambert. Throw that wrong there. That’s how it happens. Yeah,

That’ll be, that’ll be interesting to see. They’re actually talking elk plan for the next seven years for Utah this year. That’ll be coming up. So it’ll be interesting to see

Whats and and uhers

If anything, hunt structures or anything like that. So that’s, that’s what they’re looking at. Pretty hard. Oh yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s crazy When you look

At that, what are they looking at, looking at doing away with it?


What you’re talking about


Altering the season. What do they really, I mean give us some layman’s

Terms. They have their committee. Well they just, they have a committee that, that meets a bunch of different sportsmen, landowners, that kind of thing. And they have these committee meetings. They had eight or 10 or 12 of ’em, whatever. And then they,

They made the formal recommendation

Recommend to the division. Yeah. They have, I don’t think it’s been publicly formalized. Yeah. Yeah. But they make a recommendation that they say we’ve talked with all these people or whatever. And then they re recommendation to the division and then division comes out with an actual physical recommendation that goes through the rack and the board. And I know Justin rifle hunts outta rut, moral archery stuff in rut, that kind of thing. That’s gonna be a big fight. Cause you’ve got a lot of guys sitting on a lot of points. Well,

And it was never intended to be speaking of sand on white growing up over there. I remember the first time they had a hunt, they gave five tags. When you, when you have a first hunt, like give five tags. Oh, let ’em hunt right in the rut. Let make it be awesome, Give, throw ’em a bone. It never changed. And that happened everywhere. Yeah. Five tags grew to 10, 10 grew to 15. Then they said, okay, let’s give five archery tags. But we’ve already got the rifle hunt right in the middle of the rut. So we gotta do archery before that. But it’s kind of earlier than the rut. But that’s the only place it can be. And then five more years later, let’s add some muzzle loader hunters that has to be after the rifle. And now, oh, we’ve got more bulls, we gotta kill more, but let’s do some in November. And that’s the way we got more

The points and then the points become valuable. Yeah. Because now I want my once in lifetime,

I haven’t had my turn. I’ve been saving, I haven’t had my turn in the rifle

Based on this season structure. Yeah.

So that’s how it happened is newly instituted limited entry units in Utah. Even, even a lot of them like Boulder Mountain with Sal, they were any bull hunts. Yeah. They were any bull. Yep. And when they went spike only for general season and limited entry, it didn’t take long for them to produce really big bulls. But you start giving the first hunts period in the rut. They didn’t start with archery muzzle, un rifle. They didn’t start that way. They started with rifle tags in the ru I was, I was alive. I remember it. It wasn’t that long ago. Yeah, it was like late nineties or late eighties, early nineties. Ron we’re old. Yeah, I know what,

That’s 35 years ago. Okay. Hey. Okay.

I was 14. Yeah.

Old enough to hunt.

Keep going.

So anyway, so yeah. Well the reason I know was my aunt Drew one of the first, first five tags on sand and the first year they had it. So I just, I remember how it was, I remember you just went from nothing to, here’s a few tags in the might as well give it to ’em. Right in the rut. They didn’t have archery, rifle, muzzle, all that. The archery and muzzle camp got added later as they had to add more tags. They didn’t wanna just put ’em all in the rut, but they didn’t at that point move the shift the rifle on

Out. It validated from the beginning.

Yeah, it started, they took the, the nine days or 12 or whatever and the peak of rifle right out of the get go from the start that that was carved down. Yeah. So it’s just been, everything’s been added to it and you’re left with what we got. And like, like you said, the only problem now is the investment. Some, a lot of people have 20, 25 years into a system that they haven’t cashed in on yet. And now they feel, you know, like they’re gonna get slighted. But I don’t know, just gonna maintain quality, gonna have to do something and give more opportunity because we’re, we’re limited on the opportunity we can give and have in quality as the way it is right now with hunting.

Or people say, Well, look at Instagram, you tell us producing more, it’s fair share, it’s working fine. Everybody just keep going. So who knows,

Who knows how it goes, Who

Knows. We’ve been talking about this for years though. I, I mean, you know, it’s needed to be addressed. That’s, that’s our gut feel. So guess that’s happening. All right, well we got anything else,

John, Let’s do a shout out to St. James Sporting Properties. Great sponsor of ours. Long term sponsor. So if you’re into in the market for a ranch or sporting property, checked out their website, it’s sj sporting

And good dude actually put a client on an absolute giant off his own ranch. They just sold him the ranch up in Montana. Like

Yeah. He til the giant, he sent his pitch picture. Yeah.

It’s unbelievable. Like, Yeah. Anyway, he knows what he is doing is on top of the game, one of the best in the industry. If you’re looking to buy a ranch, sell ranch, whatever. I, I wanna sell my house through the guy. I mean he does. He’s like, he’s good at what he does. So anyway, give him a holler. If you’re wanting a ranch, sell a ranch, whatever. Want a good hunting property, hit him up.

And also give a shout out to Hoyt Bow Hunting. We’ve all been shooting the new Hoyt RX sevens. We have, this is what we are, are what they have now. Josh and Devin have been, I need to be, we still have the RX fives phenomenal bows, but they’re

Awesome. But you had your clients, one or two of them at least one of ’em had a seven, didn’t they? Yeah.

One of the,

I said like, don’t even just throw your other bow away. This one’s not believable.

Yes. He said, it is unbelievable.

It’s hard to believe cuz mine’s up pretty unbelievable.

I don’t want to, It’s amazing how fast he shot that or how fast that arrow was flying at that bucket. It was, it was amazing. Couldn’t even see it in the binocular. It just, geez. One hole blew right through it. Awesome. Bows. I need to get shooting mine for Wisconsin whitetail.

Go on. Why you’ve got a lot coming up. I forgot about that. Busy. Next 30 days is busy. Yeah.

Yeah. I’m gonna do that next year too.

Yeah. What diversify. Yeah,

Because his next 30 days

Look pretty light.

My next 30 days, it’s two months like it freaking grind and I’m tired of it all. Well, is that all we got, John? Are we good? Everybody’s happy. Hopefully everybody

A batch of Montana points coming up the end of the month there.

Take it

Away and also have a Wyoming points application end of deadline and up end of October. So

Remember in Wyoming, if you applied for deer, elk, and antelope and we’re unsuccessful, they didn’t give you a point. You’ve gotta go buy ’em. It’s, it’s dumb. I’m just gonna say

No matter if you applied it or not, if you wanna apply, you gotta go back and get it.

It’s, it’s crazy. Hopefully we’ve been saying that and preaching that over and over. You still gotta go buy it for those three species, for the sheep and the sheep and the moose. You had the option back when you applied to, to add it and they took it from your refund, but they didn’t do that on the deer, elk, and antelope. So go back and buy ’em before October. What, 31 think it just, or is it November one anyway, end of October. How about I use that round number sometime it’s November one. If it’s a weekend or it’s a Monday,

Huh? It’s right. Right. All well sounds good. Hopefully everybody out. There’s doing well, having good success. Do we want to give away October 30? Do we want to give away anything? Where’s our giveaway pile? Yeah, I think we got, Josh got

A pair of vinyls over there, but we got like two cases of original monsters full sugar in there. River the only person I know that

Drinks those 25 and under because sugar change,

Full sugar, full caffeine. But what, how are we gonna give, let’s do the rate and review again that, that worked really well last time.

Oh yeah, go ahead. And we’ve got a pair of diamond back 10 by 42 binoculars here. Still a lot of time left in the season and you need those in your life. So go ahead and go on and, and give us a review and a rating on our podcast, on whatever, whatever podcast platform you listen to. Go ahead and go give us a healthy rating that you approve of. Let us know how much you, you like it and it helps boost us. And,

And then to enter you take a screenshot, DM it to us. Yep.

Take a screenshot of your rating

Slide into Josh’s dms.

No, not mine. Epic.

Epic unders

Would be

A better place. You talking to Josh if you wanna flirt with him, go ahead. Do

Whatever. Not the only one that holds that account. So

Don’t know Logan. Logan, you’re single guy Logan talkers out there that want hit up. Logan, why? Go ahead. All right. So anyway,

Do that by,

Let’s just do it by Friday. Okay. Yeah. Give this sucker away on Friday. Sound good?

That sounds good.

Friday, Friday, September 30th. All go ahead and give us a rating and screenshot that. Show us your rating or your, your review of us and we’ll

Get you in. Okay. DM

It on Instagram, make that

Clear. Yep. DM

Us on Instagram. Pretty easy. You don’t even have to buy anything.

Thanks to Vortex for helping us out with

That. Yeah, we appreciate y’all. Appreciate vortex. All right everybody. Good luck out there in the field. We got a good grinder of October. October’s the toughest month.

October world freaking kills with grinding.

It does. It’s tough. It’s tough to kill stuff in October, especially mild deer. But hey, gotta give her heck, most of the rifle hunts happen in October, right?

Yeah, that’s right. So good luck everybody.

They’re gonna be some big stuff, hit the dirt.

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